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Episode 801 - Anne Hathaway / Aimee Mann

2017-04-09 | 🔗
Marc tries not to fanboy out too much with Anne Hathaway in the garage. While he attempts to keep it together, they talk about her path from party girl to motherhood, the lessons gleaned from messed up relationships, dealing with the aggressive anonymity of the Internet, and the real monsters in her new movie Colossal. Plus, Aimee Mann just released what Marc thinks is her best album, so she stops by to play one of the songs from it.

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All right? Let's do this, how are you what the fucker is, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the protesters what's happening, mark marin this is w to have. This is my pod gas very exciting day today. You want me, tell you why I'll tell you why? Maybe you don't know this about me, but damn today, and Hathaway day an hath away was in my garage also idea. I don't want to give short shrift to anybody, but Amy man stopped by and played a new song from her new album. Also today, coming up shortly. Delivered into your head, but tat. For those of you who have been with me, pre w e f back to a break room live days somewhere
the two thousand seven two thousand eight area, one my life was falling apart. I was working in new york. and I was a shattered emotional mess doing this, streaming. Video show that no one watched for those of you who, who knew the show how you doing youth Nineteen hundred and twenty four people, but Some point I saw rachel getting married and that say a jonathan demi film. I believe yes starring in hathaway. An eye So taking with her performance in with her that at that I developed a kind of. or maybe maybe was a little bit of an obsession? I admit it was a while ago. I think I can meet that. I, tell her about it. I will be straight with it I dare, from that point on. I just love drew I loved her work. I loved her and-
became sort of a running theme on that show for it the idea of her, maybe stopping by to do an interview on break room, live the older america studios on sixth avenue that nobody wants could not have been on a radar at all, but I ain't did that. There is an outside chance that it I now I dont know really what's going on out there in the world around this particular movie star an actress. and half way, but I lover and I'm a huge fan and I believe she works hard and she does amazing work always and I- and I also believe that, if you don't like or especially with some sort of strange intensity. It says more about you, there's something wrong with you look within I guess I'm just telling you this, because I excited to to have her here and that might read a bit. I'm not.
One for hiding the fan boy on occasion. but it was. It was great to meet her and talk to her in the new movie colossal, Interesting movie, I d think all thing I watched you once and then I had to go back and think about it more at home. her. I don't need to tell you as I said, a man is here who this She plays a fucking excellent. I I personally believe that her new wrecked her new record mental this is her best record- are you know, I'll, tell her that to tell her that that's one and to do so just got back from denver and bolder me and the can original that is deemed el ray. A couple shows yeah I like travel and would deem because we like to do the same things we enjoy eating food now, we're both relatively healthy, but his is he's different he's got d
you know I was almost diabetic. No sugar, no starch thing, and I the no meetings, I have high cholesterol, but but you know, and the same ball park we both like vinyl and Here we will go. Look at clothing. We will go look at genes, I shirts jackets and bag. so, as I said, that the crowds were great, and maybe I didn't say that, but I am saying now him I I actually a widow filled with, Tingley nervousness just the reduce the hathaway show it's fuckin ridiculous. I'm a grown ass man. Ok, I don't get it cup ideas. I am in a healthy relationship with a war for women who paints and she's married to a nice man and they have a baby. This is This is a kind of residual remnants of of
aware of the right right has crush. Ok, said it right, so Let me talk about this, because this is sad news. Last week we lost it a couple of comedians and one it, but it's always tragic. When, when people die, but one was was just starting. Come into her own and in you know I was just it was really shocking to me in and jarring, because when I was in austin, this is what week ago or so on April. First I will with this woman. Her now was add we will shown to lester and I did not know her. I was sent a few. videos of people in the austin area. I looked at like four or five different comics and without
The doubt after seeing like eight minutes said, I was like that's her she's authentic she's real I her on voice she's talking about her life, she's hilarious, I booked for that shown. I met her on hogy on April. First for the first time should lovely person sweet person, but you know, this deep. You know when she gets up there and she talked about her life and she had health issues and she talked about them on stage. And I had the same feeling when I want sure live as I did when I saw her on the video that that you just do just that comic. You know an honest comic, an end in authentic. and that's really the best kind and it's a great loss to the to the comic community, have been great to see what she could have done with her. While she was getting ready to do a comedy central special unknown, just and sat in hand You know my heart goes out to your family and in austin comedy community, because she was
than else- and it's really sad- That was really shocking. In and also tragic bite but ninety one is not a bad age to die at. If I can lichens cynthia that's a good run. I d Rickles is dead. He was old. He was great. He had a long amazed career, a rich wife and, and he was I never got to talk to him, but I tried, but he was really want. Is really one of the funniest people, He was one of the guys at that planted the seed in my brain that I think ultimately lead me to become a comic quite honestly, because I remember watching him when, I can remember watching the money. It was like an hour special when they used to do those like variety shows, but it was our special and I remember these weird lines like I think the guy dick the gimmick was. He was on stage he was talking to someone in the audience, which was all also him dress. Like us, nook. And I remember that the line was not,
who did that come with two pairs of pants and a yo yo, And maybe I don't know why I remember that put the it's it's hilarious idea: it doesn't even makes sense, really defend this amazing timing and intensity at this intensity. That was, I barely hiding this rage and of was to me and everybody who have done that that made him very endearing. I mean I used to I used to love watching them on the D martin roasts. He was so fucking funny so fucking there's one line. I remember where there, on the day s a the dons I of his at the podium or just further down the days and Jimmy stored at that point, is all the older man and don leans over, looks down and Jimmy Jimmy. I spoke, the family you're doing fine. They I just love the guy and sad but he did a little good long. A good luck! but I got it. I gotta be honest with you. You know today
don rico's is being insensitive or incorrect, somehow is a is a real real failure to kill two wise improperly, and if you think that you're fuckin hockey, puck here's the best, if not the best, The generation I loved him. And I am very sorry- I never got to talk to him- we try to bit. We tried Amy man and I go way back. I've been a fan I have been a friend at different points in our lives. I have not seen her in a long time. I was thrilled to have her on the show and ketchup and when I got a copy of the new album, I was like holy shit. This is, and amazing she better, but god. Goddamn guitar and she did This is me and Amy man and she's doing a song from her new album called mental illness
to available now, wherever you get your music stuff, namely man. I don't think where I would even avoiding me have you been wandering around and I the I don't know we don't go. We don't first of all we're not in the same circles, because there are, there are no circles. What are the circles? I don't there's not any any more there's no circles there, there was a there were some circles for awhile and then some concentric circles and then the center broke apart and everybody kind of went their way through. I had kids and got jobs or something I dunno. There was a time where people hung out maybe still do I'm not one of them they eat. There has to be a place to hang out and exactly to be you're. You, the yard, which was a long time, are our backyard. You still there in the
accurate, no in the house and that house yeah the backyard looks great. Does it yeah you should come over? We we totally redid, it looks fantastic I'd, maybe have all come over in the summer yeah, and now that I'm old it'll be less awkward and make the steak tips sure, oh, my god they were so good, do do whatever I'll do whatever it'd be nice to socialize. Are you a hermit? Now I dunno? If I'm a hermit, I just don't know where people have time to do everything I mean. I don't know where. When people say, did you watch all ninety of those things I'm like where the fuck you get to and I'm I'm self employed, but I still don't have any time. I got a couple of hours today, so I went to the doctor and I got some skin tags frozen brakes. A c when, as you get older, your wife is more occupied with just maintenance, yeah no medical snow, I'm totally with you. I like. When am I going to find time to get that dump blood test, so they can check my cholesterol sure, that's exactly what I'll go. Do that and then, when you find out the results and they're not quite right, then you have a project here. It's like how do I get that down? What do I gotta eat? Yeah yeah shop, for specific things. I guess that steak tips are off the menu for now. They are often many dammit, god dammit I bring this up. I know I have
kay without eating either I found I didn't eat them. Much read me to begin with, unlike in it's kind of nice to eat fish, it makes me goes. He has another thing I do now. I go to fish king in Glenn dale. There has fresh fish in a service the armenian community in people that need fresh fish. So it's good and I at a guy there who I tip and he takes care of me and gives me good fish les. You grease the fish gas, your school, you gotta, agree it's official guy? Stick! It's nice! You have a very involved and intricate life. I feel so yeah. That's. Why that's why you're not around backstage hitler, I'm a lunatic who likes to shop at three places for specific things. Where do you shop? What is your process? My husband does the marketing and oh, does he yeah? He does the marketing and the cooking mister pan goes out and does everything. That is the only time he goes out because he is a hermit. He is a hermit yeah yeah, but I'd put this record that must have taken me some time I didn't like. I don't want to talk out of school or be weird or not know, because I've listened to. I
say them complete. Familiar with everything you ve done by this. Like your best record. Thank you. Do you really love his record, I'm really thrilled with a circuit, and part of it is because it is it's the record I would make. If I, if I didn't care about what how people received it, it's the you know, acoustic sad. Pressing songs about that. kudos. I know what I mean I dislike her. I've listened to a lot of your records at different points in my life, but for some reason I put this one on the other day and I'm like what this is like. mature kind of stuff that she I should be doing. Thank you and feel any of the you know. I like me thing here I know exactly as it is exactly right, there's I know you're not going to buy it. We all know that so I'm going to just do what I want to do, though, but some of the songs are great poor judges, great philly sinks is great and I went through a once in a one and a half times roller coaster, a lot of the themes, the Amy man themes, thus trot.
codependent relationships like I love this. We love it, That's where we're in one of the things we have in common of of dams, we're so Abram, I'm kind of level, I'm good area in a pretty level thing. I know I'm not not note, no crazy! Lately, it's hard to believe, but I've kind of got what I mean I I dunno it's I don't even know if it's a, I wouldn't call it recovered as much as exhausted yeah at some point like it must be a relief I'm assuming just to write about these things and reflect. I don't know your life, but I how insane you are a sandy. Ok, it's. You know they're, always still. Everyone's crazy is the problem and there always crazy satellites there. There. You know that they that that orbit, you for awhile only put another way versa. How much engaged drama the
there's crazy everywhere all crazy but doesn't mean you have to do the dance. Yet that's the work I do is, how did you know how the boundaries. What is the boundary look like? Where do I set it? What is setting it? Look like it's all that so I know you're exhausted disagreement, centers. What I mean. I think that's one of the reasons why I don't do much. It's like there's your boundary yeah, no go yeah you're, not sorry, not avail altering in their decline that resources not available right now. I cannot be your battery, or can you be mine, but that's good, I guess But now is this: called mental illness and I'm not a rock credit in and I you know- and I have to struggle to even into where ex, because I'm dumb melody guy and riff guy, by listen, do album but easier. Is there an arc is our theme is: is a because something mental illness they did. You see it as a whole piece. Khazars, nice, manageable, number of songs on here, Amy, then the highway
so relieved when I would she d in my car, my oh, my god, is the less on. Why do you not ninety songs on this evil? Is nobody wants ninety songs? Why did we Do it by talk because you do they're trying to giving their money is worth. I don't want. My money is worth now make. echoing what just under my mind, is worth our eleven saw. Yeah yeah did the door there more we're a couple more, but you know I fight felt like this, that these are the ones that made the grouping mental illness grouping some of them there was a couple there were like me: there is a song about. There is like a murder ballad, which I got enough. I guess requalify pure a murderer valid it is it really fit and like all time, he married or value from that? From the point of view, the corpse of specific murder no to stay, put
be needed out. Creepy thing that came to me. I don't know well in vain. On some weird folk euro you're trying to create now is gets coat, was called a skull, swanny river, and it was just beginning to set this image of its really do it's beyond depressing, how much of a corpse the bottom of the river alone. We like the sultan, muddy added. They have of asia anywhere that didn't make. The record wow without savary, drew the line every letter to dance number on the right. but wait what what? What about the theme did? Did you feel that there is a theme or is it something you kind of put on it? On the end, I thought I like. While I was writing this record, or just before I I did, I was having encounters with people. with that. There were a little more specifically could be classified no not just sort of everyday crazy lonely apple with real mental
things like most people in your wife or just people at the store people be people young people, I intersected with the anna, but yet its wild. When that happens it what's more, while this, when you find out so you know, four years is like that day you, like oh shit, air, dear much, more fun, How can I ever imagine here some of that year? like our you're taking lithium? Well? Why, in like no judgment, obviously has real, because you and I are about your crazy as we can be yeah, but It's good they're medicating if they need that, but you just didn't know that that person was yeah. The polls were separated or rather it explained some stuff sure sure Why should explain that d? This could have been a lot worse. I guess that's what highlighted I need some medicines like thank you I heh that the answer is a lot of questions.
Is tat a lot of energy like didn't, say very much and talk to your very creative, always not doing it with him right then, if that still happening, if you still up for a few days with the big ideas, What is this thing? You did? What ted leo TED and I had- or we still have, a ban called the both and we made. recorded a record right after my last wrecked. My lesser record was called charmer, and we he we went on tour with each other. He open for me the only big really good friends, and I was the first time like that. Recently yeah yeah, I mean it was a couple couple three cause you guys are same already people here. I knew I knew him and I knew his music, but he was doing a solo thing and, as I was watching the solo thing, it was like I, if I I feel like, if I
we base to this. It could be like a sort of some heard. How do I would sound awe and- and I was really eager to play- base again and that was superfine and it was there, and I also I think that I'm I'm really in the mood to collaborate with people. I don't have that, like I gotta prove that I'm a great song writer, all on my own, every word has to be mine, and it's really fun to collaborate with people in your plane base? Yes, his base and he's an acoustic. Yet now he's an electric, oh really, and when, when we tour, we have a, we have a drummer's power trip before we do a lot of shows. Just the two of us and you're writing together as well yeah have you recorded yeah? We did an album called the both the both. How was that? it was I'd, love it now. I really doubt now, but I gave him now or to behind I d mum plenty behind like tat. I knew years ago briefly in
nor can I really really listen to his stuff in a long time, either he's good pop guy he's a great. I mean he's a really gets our writer and his guitar plane is so interesting. Piazza following is so interesting, its melodic, but it has this sort of pankey thing that feels like it's a battle to fall apart behind a really interesting way. so yeah, I'm I'm real, I'm really into him. You know so it's it's fun to do a power trio with wow because he can hold up his end yeah. Well, who are the people on this record? Are they your your regular crew or jonathan cohn is is on it because Jonathan is does a lot- is like a will. We couple song see other real erode aside with this guy john roderick, whose which Did you write what Jonathan coltan rollercoaster is an patient zero and Why am I forget it? Oh good for me that so we is that both a guy the same guy from
which song you've ever written, the the the the dry drunk. Who now is just a now. It's like sex and love addict right that guy a recurring theme, so there is a through I. You know these people are endlessly fascinating to me really really that's a difference. Return. Your me my ass a nation. It dear wanes, you know something nice to have it a bit of a distance. Instead of my well. Sometimes you just sort of like again really hike I can't do it anymore. They become easier people become easier as they become more predictable, but that implies like if you stay in those kind of engagement, so that employees- something about you you now. Oh slowly I find myself in the same kind of dynamics are run over. I mean you know what you have to look at it like peers and
opportunity to practice, or you know I'm going to here's this guy. That knows me one way and act totally different and see how that goes. Well, all that didn't go well. Now I'm back in the old shit yeah I mean I just you know a lot of is like practice, like ok, world prices in boundaries and said sometimes the boundary is like I can't do I can do you know why I can't know you yeah yeah, I can sometimes there came an open emails. That's ok! I boundaries are do this. Do anyone darrow in montenegro that one right away, thank god, like a like with texting in that kind of stuff. I don't know happen, but I just became on those people that goes you my tax like holy shit. I didn't answer that. You think you answer it in your head: yeah, oh yeah, okay, I'll! Do that and here's the answer. My head doesn't inches, sits there for a weekend and I'm sad and also elevated and excited that I'm one of those people now that I'm the person you contact
and a week later I'll be like. Oh, what's up, yeah you're gonna, fucking asshole. I think that's probably good. I have that like. I could answer this in thirty seconds and you know which is terrible if you're, driving or doing anything or if I'd have any kind of life that I needed a week to tell you I couldn't come over. Yeah So now what happens now? Do you go out on the road going out on the road april? Brutal twentieth? Two may thirteenth, with this band, Ah, it is pretty much the band, but when you go now defined heavy like heavy dia these fans and invite sort of aged with you like these people they re coming for twenty years. Yes, I, like you, I go up here, the other sometimes, Some die hard, France. It is nice right away any see your own mortality reflected in them. I think it's a truly sweden. I sweet people, don't like how are you not sick of me right, but then you get it.
challenging because they can. But then they say sort of you know they say they're slightly passive, aggressive! Compliments like no it's it's! different than the last one yeah yeah. What do you mean? No? No! No! No! It's not it's good high value. I like it. I liked it nice to see you to watch If you play when you play songs from this record, this will be the first time I have ever played a song from this awesome gimp. You can try it out, I'm going to play the song patient zero cause cause, I sort of know it even I think I'm, I think I'm gonna get take up. My lear cribs eat just nokia. Jane, as that would retire book of everything he's ever written to yeah I have I have got somewhere. I knew there, it's a little haven't ass, we get older and you get to pull them Why why, with its chance swell you just dylan it and just garbled way through things here,
It's the shut down would set up. The.
landed here are to think strained to win. You girls encounters day and stern with your true in some respects to think
the they start clapping too soon and hers for big thing so good. I like I really. I really love this record, my very happy for you. So what is right with something like this this album. When you I do a single. What is a single on this one in your mind, and I do know There- is a there really isn't a single. I have a a couple of songs. I made videos for cause. I just had ideas for videos and doesn't work like that anymore. Really, yeah this song, it there's a video for- and I just made a video for the the first song on the record good snow can now cascade down question cause I'm trying to be more lyrically sensitive. And I know that, like some of your poetry is poetry- and you know it means what you want it to mean sometimes- and you know you get whatever emotion you get out of it, but what what is a goose, no count? Well, it's
dumb thing that really existed only in my mind and I was going to replace it with something but agree. I think of a thing to replace it with me, I feel like you- will relate to the silhouette. There's a cat that is the boy sir friend of mine and the cat is, often in their instagram account and dumb and she's white and buffy and I was on tour and feeling really homesick, and I saw a picture of this cat with its little weight. Fluffy snow, co. Snowball like faye right, and so I was writing the song about being, homesick and sort of lonely, and it was snowing. I was in ireland and was snowing and depressing and and and and I was no, but I couldn't figure out what to replace it with you know. So I just was like fuck it. I'm gonna just have to explain it every time people ask do you think people will ask they, they already had. They ask goose,
because nobody would- you can imagine what it is as though you like a snow cone that takes you somewhere and the like. What's a goose, a goose now bear and do what do you say generally of other than just that came to say: hey wolf, don't fuckin, bother me at its poetry, man I get to have some kind of leeway means I allotted to me: it's about a cat, so I'd only the video about the care they kept cat, the cow that that is orleans averages in the video. What a good turn of phrase with smart, wise stuff on this record work nice in holy shit. It always amazes me when performers come in here and just knock. It just kill. With the one take business marrow I can't get through a whole song around my professional musician. I do for a living and just when they lock in when especially amy in this happened twice when she walks in like, oh, my god, I'm just sit near to suggest
im trying not. Directly at her in all of the amazing, sound and singing shit. She's great the record is called mental illness, so here we go This is an hathaway came over here. it's in sat in here right over there, The new movie that she's an is colossal. Playing in new york and allay it opens in theatres across the country this friday April fourteen- and I think I kept it together during this interview- that I'll preface it with that And that I think she's great for real this is me and an hathaway
I mean I know going down, I've worked in, go I've been the glen. Do I go to go and they are sometimes there's you're goin down. I like bad enough. I would just blanket. We say I like window was why things do you think we like, like geographically cure I, like northern california. I can go blanket on northern california, generally speaking, washington state along the coast. I like new mexico. Why am I talking so much? What are you I like northern california? Ok as well, Ok, I gotta blanket one. The ocean really blanket love. Those yeah, I mean I I I don't think I can live without it, but I don't find myself going there. Much dvd sounds like you. How are you have to know it off?
since sixteen I do. I do the day, go I'm goin to the ocean, or I can allay because an extremely pale. and the amount of lake stuff you have to bring with you just is it is just irritating when I had a trip with a little on the trip itself is irritating, but when I'm on the east coast, I make it a point to go to the beach alot. Are you ever you long beach? as very park we as very positive into I gotta, keep me new jersey. Ok, how do you like the girl right yeah well, I was born in brooklyn the reason it you see new jersey, unborn, new jersey, where jersey city, of having jersey income with people, I'm from melbourne, I'm trying think we're milburn aids, because I will I got out like six, but my grandparents, I got in your really here, my mom's family pompton lakes, which
by wayne morris county yeah, I played soccer against all of those towns. Really, wouldn't you reboot, your big sakharov were growing up. I mean I wasn't very. I was exceptionally mediocre, but but I did play a lot. Yeah yeah, my dad made had worked really hard. Can they employ clearly he's succeeded. It's like a little bit by now you really hard as a lawyer in manhattan and I talked him about a recently and he said I made a choice as a lawyer that what it meant for my career. I was always gonna be home in the weekends and the best way for whom this man? time with all of us me. My two brothers was through
walker right and he would ref our games or coach is an involved parent, but I don't know that it's something I would have chosen. If my older brother hadn't met my older brother's, really good at it, that it's something I would he doesn't play as much anymore cause. He has a kid right, but before he had a kid he was he was playing in like a grown up league, so it stuck with him yeah like those dudes who play hockey. Yes, yeah. Do you play a sport? No now. I think I think I'm physical enough. I think I can handle it by damn that great with competition, I don't. I don't like to lose and its everything's very life and death for me you know you do you like it It's like I'd, rather a really immature, but I'd almost rather forfeit the game. did the humiliation. I've have gone to a place where I can play like parlor aims at parties like I'm, I'm no longer an unpleasant charades player, but I am, I'm I'm a brewery when the talks
yeah, that's not how you play yeah, I know I I I think I have become of I've made friends with my competitiveness, but oh, but deep down its savage yeah you it's it's good to be competitive, but at some point important to learn the lesson of losing like a person that it's not be. You know it's doesn't indicate anything about your being. If you lose you're right you're. I remember you no going back to sacrifice, secondly, losing a game and crying right and I think the talk about is whether people I dont have kids, but I think that the most pardon thing you could teach him is how to lose with some dignity, so they can at least enjoy life yeah.
And- and also you know, because I'm talking about myself, I can say this year. I was crying because I thought it reflected on me and a rapid and think about my teammates. I was thinking about myself. It's a pretty narcissistic to walk right is longer, wasn't like I did it, I'm the one that lost again. I could create that narrative, though, where I was a pretty self absorbed teenager shockingly, not anymore, it ain't ager I mean I have but I am apparent now so I feel like I can't that's of absorption does really have room life. Aha, how's, it goin being apparent. Myself absorbed irene legged setting outlets You're like a new parent ever knew tat night. I go a year older, some while so you like in it there's a whole new world. Have when did you shoot a movie like right If you had a kid pregnant four months pregnant, we made this wow, that's crazy, it was it was. I was really happy that reaction, my director hat when you so well
like I called him in, and he said you know, Oh my gosh! This is amazing. You spent five minutes just just being happy for me. then he went away wait a minute. Does that? What does that mean for the phone? Can you can you do it and I said well I'd like I like to do it, if you'll have sweaters you'll be wearing well, and he said your characters are drunk you're bloated, it's perfect, yeah yeah and it it actually does. Work really does read that way and it was fun ate. So many muffins, really oh yeah, cause you're feeding the kid to think. That's one of the fun parts of being pregnant right, absolutely this movie, I watched it on I watch on that. It might my tv report. Computer into the tv old school. They had now have apple tv that you just do it, but for the button, but nonetheless I watched it, which is good right that you, watch dear, I'm so relieved that it did cross my mind coming over here, how difficult it would be to talk about. It was difficult to talk about anyway, but but don't you, why do people do that, though, because there's times where I've had people in that have done a lot of things like I can't say, I've watched all your movies, but as all
reveal I'm I'm a pretty big fan so too to the point where it He got a little awkward, but you don't even know about junk. I write. this movie, is one those movies. It reminds me a little like when I saw unbreakable, where there there's something more to what you're seeing and I couldn't really together until after and I think it runs deeper than you're gonna get just from watching it passively, I would agree with that and you can watch passively. Of course, though I did and then there is that sort of thing works, I must regain nice twist does worthwhile. for the big choice- did the end. Our second resolve itself all holy shit. She went there to do that so pierre. Did that deny away anything. I know I'm not! I'm breathing a lot easier now jack you, but then like in thinking about it and talking to people about it, because it is a peculiar device. I mean like this, the narrative devices where the fuck that come from yeah,
now when you read that what were the discussions you had with the director and writer, it was just a love fast. I just I didn't. I know I should have had a more rigorous process for a vetting process or something, but I was just so in I was just just what you said like the where the fuck did that come from and quality to air, I felt so refreshed by the end of it at me. me laugh and it was an end. It reminded me of the sort of movies that I dreamed of making when I when I started. You know. I don't want to complain about my career. It's been amazing yeah, but I I've I've sometimes found myself in films that I'm just like. Oh, I would have seen this, but I don't know that I would have been first in line to see this. Oh yeah, I know yeah, and this one is something that it it just. I felt really represented my personal sensibilities, the movies that I like. I don't
movies makes sense for them to be enjoyable to me and the fact that this one did make sense that there was a threat that went through it and it was so creatively while ambitious and a yeah. I just everything about it. I love your muddle and her. It must remind bowing to read that thing a with that more like. Why wait why I'm in the playground what's happening with thou aspect of it was so much fun to that. That was one of the things that that drew me and because you know, when you were a kid and you don't know you want to be an actor like as a thought. You know you're king. What is my career path wherever you are on the playground and you do see citys around you, rode do see imaginary villains and they do have capes in and you do have to figure out how to get that stack of boulders to fall in them, and you see all of it. You and I It was so making. This was so much fun because I got to go to a playground and do that again, but what it implies. A bow, the the
range sort of anonymous, bordering on cowardice, of having personalities online out in the world. Doing destruct, things that the metaphor eighteen resonate till afterwards. I think it's in there to you, you do fisher was it did you have those gonna conversations with the filmmaker. Like what it implied. Yeah yeah we're not just what it implied. What each of our experiences had been at the hands of the internet because a really allows a real active commerce yeah. He wrote it because he because he'd experienced some internet hate over something he'd, either centred or declare what does not show not at your big olano. Isn't that doesn't sell his may that odors other movies time crimes, ok, uncle extra terrestrial and on itunes, I believe you can, via a bundle of his short films, called confetti of the mind ochre and those
What convinced, because I read the script and I loved it- and I thought wow this is, you know, like I said so ambitious, but can he pull it off because that's important thing and some of his short films look like. It was just him a buddy an iphone and an afternoon and their great right and their clever and their entertaining under screamingly funny So he had you had a conversation about internet cowardice and hate well, yeah. I mean more, I say cowardice, has usually it's anonymous. You know it's. I I don't remember which one but one of the guys who are one of the creators of the internet said if, if we had had any idea where this was going to go, we never would have made it anonymous. anything seeing it, I could see why asking this happened, and you know I have my own experience with it and I can't help but think that were all.
Growing up together in this moment and we ve never quite had anything like this- the responsibility, the access, the protection, the anonymity on that billowy to let our aid as unchecked as we wanted to go. We ve never had that before and actually having a real conversation about it. People's reactions are genuine people that are into it. People get who get high off of hurting other people. It was the feeling that I had about a culturally going into my conversation with the director right, which we had right. It's weird because what happens reason why people a lot of times attacked- and I was thinking about this today- that As I told you, I just did devereux pause podcast. I went over there earlier today and he says hi and he just dying yeah. He said ask her about the laser duty thing that I heard that might happen because she's so like them, and what about those well, first of all, that's that's very, very elevated company and it might happen really
happen. It sat there. What's the angle, there's a script under way. I can't tell you it's too good. It's not gonna play I'm a duty, real duty and you of her god. Yes, oh my gosh. Yes, I had or her. She was one of I think she so brave. I think shoes the woman who, if I think, Judy garland lived today, we would have seen a very different version of her none none, none, no less of the talent, no less of the feeling, but I think I think that both Judy Ellen and Marilyn monroe and a few other women from that period, they thought they were emotional geniuses totally ahead of their time. When you look at their their level of inclusive. He. They didn't see that in particular care about gender, that in care about sexuality, they just loved everybody. They just wanted to be loved so they loved everybody. So that was an in? That was the thing that did its vulnerability. Almost
Certainly I mean I mean Judy garland was so achingly vulnerable and also allow apparel, and so right I don't know if you ve seen a star is born lately lately, there's a scene in it where it's it's a it's one hake and she did she's kind of three or four minute monologue and she taught she's talking about her husband in the in the film whose whose an alcoholic- and you have to remember like this before there were rehab split, the term attic, I think, even existed. I mean you know. People were just poking around in the dark trying to make these things you likes to have a good time, that's what they called attics hats. swaying in the dark, and she has. This monologue and I saw behind the scenes of of it and the making of thing here and george at cooper, I think, was the director and he went up to her and itself and its monologue about addiction, but without being called about addition. He said you know what this is about a rule and she said he. I do ok rolling and she just gives.
my favorite performance that anyone's at all due respect to morrow street forgives gives, like all my other favorite formulas, it's the best acting, I think one has ever done in that scene where she goes with it and then their legs, waiting for you on set, and she like leaves the shot and goes out into the background of another shot and just starts singing and dancing it's crazy, showbiz, oh my god and and that level of strength in the stories about her. This one won't be in the movie, but she was so she was so much pain and she wanted sir and she needed help so badly and their people around her who just didn't have a within themselves to give that space, and I don't if it was great- reed or fear, or both her, what denial made, yeah, that's a really strong when two very very big possibility at they pull her. She tried to commit suicide. They pull out of the hospital cause. She had a show She sang she's, begging them not to take a threshing, anita rest and need a brick. Don't do this? Don't do this? Don't do this and they're saying you're going on her mother was in the car with her and then finally, she asks for a mirror.
And now I must say this a second hand are reticent, bookseller apologies to her children to grow, and that is not true, but the over the mirror and so sheikh she can do her make up and she takes the mirror and she smashes at and grabbed short of glass and starts cutting her face. Oh my god, if she didn't, want to go on and they got a doctor to the theater who stitched her up in the carpeted with her hair and she went out and she did a show how long was I before she died twenty years that will serve as a guide to live in that year, and so one of the things I want to do by the way I feel like. I have to say this because I just told a few, you know tragic stories, I'm falling into the habit that people have with her, which is to focus on the aspects of her life that were tragic. One of the things that I want to do with this worry and and the way I want to tell the story. Yes, I will show that she, artist the great mom and is that that aspect of her
always. You always say that after you talk about all the things that the heightened levels of tragedy that that that affected her in her life she was the sublime artist she had such greatness inside of her and her talent saw her through so much and I don't know I and she was a great wit people. Dont know that about issues. Funny is anything the matter, so yeah I'm really excited for that project. wait a long time coming. When did you when did that start too sunday with you, because you start acting pretty young and I mean that was really. I think when everybody saw her was what was it. As are the mickey rooney movies, where I mean she must have been very young and she was playing young. She she had a lot of Andy hardy movies and then she got cast in the sort of oz and then she was sort of. I mean it was such an awkward time because she wasn't quite grown up yet, but she wasn't quite the little girl that people wanted her to be so she lived in this uncomfortable place for her, I mean for much of her career honestly,
And when did you? When did she start to resonate with you? Well, I did and for there is this need for television? restoring Judy Davis? And she said she just incredible Davis's great she's, amazing and there are other they odyssey they went at without should get to the point. The surfers addition to play here you d garland an ape man was this. I think it goes like this yeah, maybe fifteen. Sixteen and Cassie young actors named Tammy Blanchard, who just I mean that, should there there twins in such a good job and I was kind of when I started to really get into this story, because there is a lot of backstory stuff that I didn't know where you seem to on some level. boy did cry burn mode. As far as I can tell publicly up locally yeah, but none. I aggression burn like all of them. The behind closed doors. Yet I think I just I'm just really lucky I went to ask her for a few years and
I think a lot of that stuff adjust chalked up till a college. It'll you didn't lose control necessarily have you enjoyed it and what and what was your thing I mean: when did it start high school known and I was I was to learn high school. I was pretty righteous about a two hour: yeah yeah yeah, I'm drunk girls, are bad news no, no, not even that I just it. Wasn't it judgment of other people. It was a wave of creating some kind of control and my own sure, so I didn't cook anything or drink. Anything till I was eighteen and then you know how it is when you don't do it for a long time. Oh yeah kind of go a little harder to read yeah, but it took I mean I remember, I just dropped the thing that going to call me down sees me. I came say that it's a thing that I have totally resolved. I think you know that the word drinking beer there, the break that I got to take.
I was trying to get pregnant and their argument in them in a breastfeeding. Here it was real gift. It was a real gift it just kind of learned how to bring it all down and be present and- and honestly, like my I was talking to someone today and about motherhood, and they were just saying you know you seem to really be calm about it, and I said the the fear. The anxiety was that I wasn't going to get pregnant, and now that I I have, I just feel like I just get to enjoy the rest of my life, so I feel like because some of that anxiety is tamped down and because I don't want my son to have an impaired, mom wrote. I think that that's that's, I think I hope that's quieted down, but I mean you talk to anybody who really knew me and my twenties there. They were it would tell yo while girl really here I just didn't edges I think it was so incongruous to people's idea of me that never really got picked up in it. than ever and it was never it's dramatic. I think it was like a lot of people sure where I could drink a bottle of wine by myself every night sure your sofa yeah, oh yeah, I could yeah
egg at rope. Someone else to help me. I drank most of it, nor I believe It seems like you're able to manage your life at least professionally, I am still go on beer and it's going well. So that's good! When did you start? When did the acting start? Let's go back and then move and I want to talk about their vulnerability. The marilyn monroe judy garland because, like I have, I said in a report Walking out, you know, a bow like I know, there's been a lot of attention paid to you know, people who are you strong opinions about what you one way or the other, and I to him. Why lover, because, You know when you can but be vulnerable and all your performances when you can see that, would you do is the consistent thing with you and it's an amazing thing. Thank you. That it doesn't matter what the character is. It's not that year necessarily coming through because you're an actress by that thing
that vulnerability that humanity always comes through, and I say that there is a person it's going to be moved always by that and compelled by it, but it's also bully bait yeah. Do you know what I mean it's just totally totally. Your vulnerability is like chum in the water to ask. Oh, that is a great line. Oh man, good lifting that and saying it in a movie. Do it. I don't even need credit, I'm glad that about you, then the special thanks is heavier. Just as I say, I don't know what's wrong with me. I, like this type of I don't mind if I do know, lady here was what was happening to you and I there's emerging earning ready, turnout at alai. There's nothing I can do Ricky. I can turn the iran only. That is no reason for me to ask that I, like hot stuffy room. I don't know what's wrong with me. I like it. I jumped eyes its relaxing. I agree it's like the human cause. I don't I don't do any drugs or drink anymore like, but in the humidity like one
lived new york- it's horrible, but it's your so dead There is almost a replacement for doing drugs, yahoo, exhausted, yeah. I think that's why I like the ocean by the end of the day you spent yet without doing anything yet at the sitting right there, so, ok! Well, let me tell you the backstory that I have with you, because it's it's sort of out even of its a great story, to tell you, but after I saw the white rachel's getting married. I was glad when did they come out with two thousand seven? Mr president, right I was doing a show in new york. I streaming video show at air amerika. You know I was in the middle of a bad divorce. I was shattered in doing this daily. Video show a political show most we, but also whatever it was just a dream. that nobody watched on the computer and When I saw that movie. I was like so amazed by you and by the movie about great performance, but guy
sort of like I start by giving an hathaway knows about this. Show and like I was doing it on the show in like two thousand people watch and at most on any given day, but it became this recurring theme. I wonder if I could get her to talk to me if she would come up, but it went on for months and of course it you don't you didn't know anything about that, but I always this recurring theme with me that, like some day Dan hath, where I have five across the table. The two big day, so what happened was with all that kind of like going on every day, which wasn't all that but out it was on my mind, but it's a real, but you were gone through some real stuff sure, but, like you weren't going to solve it, certainly not, but but I think that my intuition, that maybe you might doesn't seem to be that off character logically well, yet so so anyway, I'm so, and what
I'm this just amazed and flattered by everything, you're saying and I'm fighting really hard not to leave my body right now. I'm fighting really hard to take all that said fisher, sir. What happens in new york right and one time just walking was bright. Third avenue is downtown, that's I never went anywhere but downtown, and you just walking you're just walking by yourself and I from your being a mid level, celebrity myself that there's nothing I could have you like if I, if I did, have I contact with you, but there was no way it was going to register as anything to you like, because either one for trying to call on you notice. The other eyes widened just a little like, even when they're trying to keep it together. There's that, like a like a half a centimeter like oh shit, yeah, you can't it's involuntary, so I imagine that happen, but I saw you in after talking about me, I'm talking to you, there is nothing I could do that. Wouldn't steam, like fucking creepy, a you could have said jersey,
well yeah. I wouldn't have thought that, but I would have turned out. I probably would have been more like help. Yeah and you don't understand- is the only one that can help me for the record. I would have hugged you. I would like the air they. No one would have believed it. I would have her I would have liked. I feel so much more comfortable giving people hugs than I do taking selfies yeah or you'll, go your way this only unlike its quicker than like what we becomes a chore because you seem like a good person in terms of people that love your your fans as it is. You wanted. They know you in a certain way. Whatever information out there there's a lot of information about me because I never shut up and I talk but but they They have this relationship with you that their walking into an you- you don't know you don't know now- they make it go either way, but here sometimes are sort of like well. Let's catch up
well going to tell you where I hold it, and I didn't always and I've gotta say I I I hope I wasn't a jerk to anybody. But in my head I was a jerk to people a lot for a for a period of time and- and I just woke up one day and I just became so deeply flattered by it, and I just saw it for what it is, which is just it's just some giving you some of their energy in a nice way right and is really not that to stand there and exactly be gracious yankee. Yet, oh, my right, I mean of its if it's motherhood or just growing up a little bit but people's time matters here you can do whatever you want right that you choose to give it to me either led by watching my movies are in this moment by telling you that I make you feel good shit. That's amazing right, no, that's great, but then then comes the appoint words like I'm not done yet.
If it were exactly while power are, you seem to be doing really well now, I'm good yeah, the other time. The time will did turn into crystal. mill oh yeah, yeah yeah. No, I got through all that yeah I mean it. Was you know I it it didn't need me and I did yeah but, but knowing how things work out, you had your problems. Yes again again and again and again, MR will still looking for them. Finding me but you got a good one. Now was very problem. Now you got your relationship now I get relationship now so like ok. Well, someone you talk about. Maybe what? What? What did you have due to you know, sort of recover from some of the bad ones. Like what did you like? How did you read sailed out with yourself. How did you figure out? Who you were in that you know, I'll tell you the moment,
dating my husband for about a year and and I knew it. I knew he was a good guy and I I intuitive, but I hadn't absorbed and an owned, yet that that I should be grateful to all the bad relationships, because without them I don't know that I would have known how to appreciate my has right, I think I might have said all he's a nice guy, I'm sure there's lots of nice guys out there Because I knew for a fact that there are actually waymore, not nice, guys out their me my own experience that this guy was rare, and I should be good to him and about a year and to our relationship as as, as you know, I think, probably happens to most people. I started by my real self and the same stuff that had happened with the bad guys showed up. right so, unlike like it wasn't all them, it was. It was a little bit me and I remember this one moment I was I was you know, thinking has been talking to him and honestly five, if I'm being one hundred percent on his knee noses. This disparaging him in my mind
and are not being kind there, and who I am now, knowing that he is my husband and father of my child and the king of my life near reached back in time and slap me set myself upside the head and said: hey honey. This is the one that you do that, where our aid you have it I see you either never have a guy this good again or you grow up a little bit, sir. I and I just went out Ah, my old be asked is not going to serve this. I have to figure out a way to be better and I was really up with him about it and have always been up front with him that you know I don't really deserve some in this great. But if you're willing to hang with me I'll, be my best but you always I just that best self might not be good enough for what you could actually should actually have. I like that. Even in these self realisation moment your undermining yourself
as you know, by going to work out how the just wanna, beyond as some kind of shooting and over I'm kind of shitty, I hope I'm not always shitty, but there's a chance I might be, could get pretty shouted in there's some shitting as in here right now, but I am aware of the shooting. I am aware that this is a really important first step, a number of those people that doesn't think they're shitty, No right and that's a it is an important first step, because you know that self awareness and in the weird thing is, is that what you realize at that moment is at like. I somehow am am part of the sabotage yeah absolutely and I guess I've been saying on stage lately that you know if your emotionally fucked up you, it's not gonna get fixed like all you can do is learn how to shut the fuck up seymour. that. Why mean that like? For me, I don't know what your trip is, but like I'll say things that are hurtful sometimes I'll, get mad a rage out like when I feel hurt ormond. violated or in defensive
even if I'm making it up like a woman, I'm with now said recently when I was your she did something that you know I registered differently, and there was nothing said but, like you feel, go buying them. I think I know what you're doing and I I feel you know, like the I start, having this conversation she's like you're, at whatever conversation you having its you're having with yourself, cause I'm not losing right in sort of enlightening and there it but more about it is, is just that I would lash I'll prematurely and it was. It was really about fear being intimate being of trusting someone. So I would pre empt that by being a dick sounds familiar right. That's what I so so that's what I mean by shutting appetite, don't say the thing that you know happen, you're, take a walk suck it up. You try, Actress do anda eat something, something start their start. There there's a couple things that you should try. First, what do you want
one of them. I mean the one that I want to say it is inappropriate to say we just met, but if my garage or in here I tell you what it is really of course, every year, that's right when things are about to get shitty its that's the tiger, I that's foreplay, try it they were fighting or what that's like it's gotten pretty weird to like would make us like a lot of times. When you're am at the most intimate place there and I started going, I start picking, you know I wasn't. Why did you see what happened this morning? You know I get your bed and you should be like in it feels intimate. So then I start like this and I start picking a fight,
and she said to me. She said I I get it. This is your foreplay and I'm like I wish it wasn't healthier. I know of I wish I was more healthy. Really. We have regular four of way. Why why? Why does four away have to involve me almost making you cry, trust deeper, you're going to get there, but the other thing I was going to say one of his great advice that I got, which was you that you set your timer twelve minutes and you write everything. That's on your mind, just everything you just get it and at the end of twelve minutes, you burn it. Oh really looks like that's almost like magical ritual yeah. It is actually there's something so wonderful about all this stuff was literally Wang. You down keeping you couldn't see straight you're ready to be mean to the people. You love you ready to forget who you are invariably like on the edge of a sudden it smokin ash in a moment, works at forks for me, great, really, so our so I have to say, though, sometimes
be onset, and I feel myself working up and I have to go outside the proper rights is there. I have to find a way to burden kramer inverted without getting photographs, or that we would make of words. You are you. Are you the tabloids like? What is she one is that which I am sure my feelings? Okay, I can't eat them, I'm unsaid! That's it it's hard not to eat answer we shared. That was one of the things I loved about this movie cause. I was pregnant. I was like it all works yeah, whereas grad services, oh man, I hate more than the boys on this one, that's more than the gaffers, oh all of them, wow rate hit the last time I had this much fun on a set eating was rachel getting married because my character, I decided only ate white things: oh yeah, I just ate carbs and carbs and carbs and carbs, which one word that that come from that like those what let's talk about that cause, you're an actress and you're great one. When did you start doing that? Acting? Well, I mean I was
my mom is an actress, she's, wonderful actress in an extraordinarily lovable one answer: grew up watching her. Do it on stage yeah. So That is something that you, you know do and I knew tat occasionally there would be kids in her show you chose, and so I would. I would ask my parents: can I can I do that, so they lakes on me up for lessons and I in new jersey, the state- or maybe you actually even know it. I don't know the paper mill play house. I don't I don't I think I was out of horror and theirs wonderful, woman there, whose since passed but just changed my life in her name, is making annie yeah and she was just exactly the teacher that you want to have you're like a slightly too loud slightly too energetic kid near and- and you know I I I I was in her class for a long time. I did the theater camp that she had during the summer, and then a paper playhouse ellery. At that point, that was probably- from like nine until about twelve here and there
and I had taken dancing lessons since I was a little and then I got asked to be an extra in a production of gigi with gatt Macleod friend, you have about loud and lily, unwanted and tyler remorse, yeah yeah and that was fun. And then I got two addition for another show they were doing and I got like the tiniest part you could have in it, and I am one night I got to go on and one of the roles Andrew steadied now is pretty cool There were a lot of other kids in the in the show, and some of them had agents yeah, and so I reached out to those agents. When I was about thirteen or thirteen fourteen yeah, actually who's representing you, it's a real conversation, theater kids have and so and I reached out and a couple of them called me and I went and I met with them, and one of them said: let's do a trial period, and I book my fourth audition and then didn't book like the next hundred and fifty once they get me out. So you got him to the rejection process. Oh really earlier,
crush you the time only part of it, the here's, the thing it's not about whether or not you get crashed view about whether or not you stand up again. So I got crushed alive and sometimes and me my mom, I think told people magaziner something a story about me having on the floor when I was fifteen years old, because I've gotten like my ninetieth action in a row and terror. Le pen ski had just one and we were the same age and I'd at I- and I would just like seeing other people are accomplishing things at a high level perfection ass. I used to be anymore all right. So what back to where you get cast in the princess diaries. If lucky, I ask your kid. Ninety rejections things are going well, I m not more than nine it. I would just add that was a streak.
And then you can then I I I I took an acting class at the barrow at the bower group, when the barrow group is a wonderful off off broadway theatre company in new york, the my mom had taken a class at she. When I was about three had done of production at summer stock of of ovida, we ain't, she was the matinee eva plastic still have a vhs of it. I just don't, have a a player and brought them both to store with us. They are, they are. They are still with us. They're still married and they're still really and and so, and so one of the dancers in the show and an amazing actress by the name of le brock. She my mom, had recently reconnected and said you know my husband and I have started this this acting school melhem, so I want I want to take the class and answer she went to the class and just raved about it. And I have been trying to find an acting class, and I wasn't having much luck.
and my mom mentioned it to to lie and said, Annie really likes the sound of your class. Can she commonly it was like our? We don't really accept teenagers. She will bear the time. I was fifteen okay and she said we really don't take tea jews and my mom, you know the so great is the coffee they make sure you won't even notice her age and this and I think, as occur. See they. Let me audition and I worked really hard and I think they saw something in the rock material and I got to join an adult acting class. It was not not for like adult actors, the porn way, just anybody, and we're. So so, but with real adult acting people, professionals in new york pagoda what would have thought that I my brain goes there. I drew near the government, leaders, thirteen and mail, so my aunt. So I was in his class with his unbelievable actors and after I did that I felt like I had. I had taken a kind of a leap for and I went to my agent who had been with at this point for a few years, and I said I think I'd like to to do movies, like I think I'd like to start auditioning for movie
see other cross my age in them. Did you learn anything in that acting class that you still use o my god yeah hours away? Ok, one of the ones is, if you have something where it's a bunch of like adjectives or or mr ernest describing objects in korea? Imagine them like a grocery list so we will try to imbue each one with feeling, but it there's you stop jack's. You know your derived doing it most timber. Thinking of something else, the other one which is so helpful is when you find yourself acting like you, find yourself aware that your perform just stop, have a conversation and when you feel like you're, actually talking the somebody,
say your line when you feel yourself actually relaxed enough, then you just slip into it and you bring the whole thing down to the level of when you're you're working on it non the middle of a play. Now I can't really do in the middle of a movie theme you can do another take, but he one of the things that are teachers south bearing on who's who's, Lee's husband, know. That name. Is that he's not he's an actor he's he's an actor in new york. You've you've seen it if you're sure you'd face you'd be like that guy here and he address any such a good director to end I really am telling us. The most exciting thing that happens on stage is usually when an actor forgets, align, yeah, suddenly everyone's right back in the moment, and nobody knows what about to happen in the actors themselves and that's the moment when great stuff happens right. So I did, and I ve never sidetracked per second. My mom was in a production at the bower group, calls a sonnets for an old century, and there is this
if she had a monologue in it and she was there and one night. She went up on her lunch and she could remember what the next line was, and she just remembered that thing. But don't panic everyone's, switch on everything's gonna be fine, and so she just held and looked around the room looked around the rooms. She said it's going to come. I know it's going to come and she said I'm not going to do anything until it does and just stood there and right when the audience started to be like what is going on. She remembered the line which was I like to take my time. And she used it and Jews in the reports and that went on So here I said I'd like to do move easier, my agent setting on think you're ready for that, but maybe should go delay for pilot season, and I said what's that Yeah and she said. Ok, maybe don't go to allow your little green, but anything that comes through new york. We're going to have your audition for and one of the things I auditioned for was a show called get real. And I got it and I got and they asked me to come at los angeles. It was the second time in my life. I was on an airplane for the first time had been when I went to disneyland a world when I was nine right and I
I got the part and I live. I lay for a year and then german come out with you No. My older brother came out with me for the first few months and then my mom, my dad and my aunt took turns, and they would one would come up for two weeks but In hindsight, we all think that's insane yeah. Someone should have been there. Yes. Well, we were. We were out of respect for my younger brother, who was who was quite young at the time. I think he was like eleven, It would have been really disruptive to move the entire family shirt for my dream. We also we got picked up for thirteen episodes initially and we never. We never had good rating, so we never knew how comfortable we could get right. Sir, given the givens I know why we made the choice, but just in hindsight knowing what we know now, knowing how tough that time was, I don't think we would make that decision again. well what what happened for you out here in a way in terms of lights, where to me that already at that point I mean you're younger than me, but
it already that an acting coach could tell you you're too green, to go out for pilots. Even if you don't know what it is and your fifteen that you're around you know they like. You, should be jaded, and you should know about this, And- when you came out here What was your experience in hollywood? I mean I was a senior in high school, when when the show got picked up, so I came out here, I guess it was like spring break of my junior year and then I got picked up and I I came out here senior year and I had a private tutor sure, and I had been it. You know no okay, students, pretty pretty every year up to that point and something about this teacher whose name is buzzy gone. You just opened just unlocked something you suddenly. I could do things that just was unable to do by your home. I could speak other languages. I could you know Bab, remember details about art, I just might she the way she taught me revealed to me that I actually had a good break before that. I didn't really and the saying a fear thing or what I just think it will have
I natural evolution. I think the amount of energy, and I think just having some one. I just think it was a great. It was a great, privileged gift to be able to learn at the pace that I want to learn at, which was to say unease and some things I got right away. Other things I got way slower than everybody else and to have somebody who got to know me and got to work with me. yeah on that and she just I mean she was so cool, like you know some sometimes like if I had a day off from from shooting cause. What I did most of the time was work that if I had a day off from when we go to a museum and we would just exhaust the museum and would read all about the artist in that period and it was so cool the way the show ended, and I went home for the last like six weeks of my senior year I went on a couple of additions. One of them was a a for a film called the other side of Heaven which sought new zealand. I had a twenty four hour, over, in los angeles, and I wish for the princess diaries threeg
in that new zealand movie and you audition for the princess diarrhea, and he got it and now is a big deal then the old man that was really big does the big break. Yeah it was. That was the the really really. It was unusual if nothing else had happened to me, I would have had a great career cause. That was like one of those huge like how how Harry potter level things. Wasn't it only not quite harry potter, but I mean at that time he had a big in it was a sleeper where it was labour and people were shocked at how well it did and anne and from my experience it in, whereas I mean there's a lot of it for me, I
work with someone they have kids and all of a sudden. They have a daughter who turns seven and it's a whole new thing and suddenly, like I come into focus- and I was just like another adult to their kid and all of a sudden, I'm something else. Yeah and I like that, like the princess diaries is sort of like you know, who'd soon for sleepovers, right, yeah, yeahs and the little girl cannon, it's so in the little girl canon, so that started in the garage where you can't go movie to movie. Okay, I got a question. Okay, I just saw- is on the way over. wherever I was from repulse voice from their work As I said I last year with her paw, you can go doing, I'm gonna go! I'm gonna tell you where you re real here I love him. He would be thrilled to have you on his part. Cast you kidding you boy. I think he is in the dictionary under that had been set up, but ok, This is just one question is I don't know god sometimes amiss things movies in broke mountain. Did you
I have him killed. Oh you've asked the question. I swore I would never answer. Can I tell you a story? Someone else has asked it to him. Oprah, oh interesting. oh good company, I don't get accompanying. Here's what happened so Oprah, I so I'm broke that mountain comes out, and you know it's this little. Any phenomenon, india and heath? God rest his soul and, Shell and jake they're, just getting all the attention they deserve and I'm here too, and somehow I'm just sort of being brought to every pressing. I think they're, hoping I don't owe that little girl of her at her agrivaine manager go. Thank you very much. Mr annual europeans, from eight just became very clear that leg they were the top ten are, and I was sort of lake and not quite there yet, but I still was going on doing all this press, but there wasn't much to talk rami about year, so it who is so we all go in Oprah, which is like just a threat. We as I'm sure you can imagine and we go. the show and open asked me a question?
I'm like oh okay. I guess that's better to talk, but he didn't understand the question and then it turned out. It was meant for michelle, and so it's just like I'm sitting there, I'm like. I have nothing to do. I'm just occupying space so than Oprah turns, and she says to me you know, ah so did lorene know. Did she know that jack was gay and it's Oprah and I've seen was sworn in myself as is way, can never be too rigid about anything. But I'm not gonna answer this question its oprah wanting under the question but and ANG Lee, if we'd just done a at q and a and someone had asked him that he said well, you know, I think it's obvious, but I don't think it has to be stated, and I was promised can borrowing lease answer. The thing is the one angli says it is different than when twenty one year old, aunt hathaway says it. So I say it and I offend Oprah, I have ever gender lugosi o o. Is it
and it's so I'm just not getting it like it's obvious to everyone here she turns and she's like so everyone else gets. Everyone else gets. Oh no! No! I literally have one thing to do here and I did offended all round, and so I just I kind of like I can't believe it, and I just said I'm so sorry my mother wants to kill me right now. I was disrespectful to your right and I later and how that a director, then I was dying to work with this, did he didn't like me at rio, you're trying to be china. Lake do the right things a movie and for my character in try a yams china be cools. As you know, I should never did you know. I can't answer I didn't tell open no, no no time has come. Time has come, and it's too
let this and go and to correct here. You know it's an opportunity for you to growers of purse. Is it because it is a new idea, rake you'd, condescend out I only verandah sent and as in the two o promptly, I god, where I, my god, and what is wrong with my inner compass, and let me tell you something if this is the biggest thing that we're gonna break it down dead on the show, is it this is like it. It's not like people like, oh my god, run to the presses the discussion was had you knew as a character. As said, do you look what ang said to me was she's a predator there? That was one of the biggest character notes he gave me a legislator ran with that we never an. I never have never discussion about what it was, and so what I did was I did some takes where I knew when I did some pigs that I didn't know- and I saw both of those in the movie- ok, so that is out of the oven except one.
so? It seems honest. I like I, I also am seeing the way, your your. I I think that you probably had the same tone when you answered Oprah yeah like like, like I'm slightly better than you, because you want to know, and you won't just let it be sorry, that's awful! No, it's not it's! Not that a look. It was. It was a question I thought driving over here. I didn't sleep for two weeks Why don't you need to get out of this place? Is this is a whole pile of mass? Is it Ok, why can live with that? Now I can't you can twenty one annual go home and giving itself a condescended, Oprah condescend mark man. No, I don't think you commented on the sunday. I think I believe or you're saying thank you good so it is still leaves it unanswered by the of net. It's just more of a puzzle. If anybody really wants you like undergo that watch, a movie and figure out which takes she knew
She didn't and also. The point is: if you know that that stands, that the point is that he either of them got to live a life that made? Then I get your point movie, but your hair. it is now we're talking. You can't know back, there's no way to brush it under the yeah you're right, but I'll take it. So here's a I'll admit some more things to you. I probably seen the devil wears prada like seven times. For some reason I love the movie and I love your dynamic with her and like it's a it's a guilty pleasure I'll. While I don't seek it out, I don't have a copy that I might need that night bad day or one hundred hop in when they said you apple tv, so click the button exactly by watching whenever its on. Thank you now, when you knew you're gonna work with moral streep of what was the first, the guy, the first
when the day you heard you your going, do what was your first feeling? I just I remember I mean I knew so I had been the studios choice here before marrow was, born isn't. This is real This is real dared roads around here when got merrill there. They thought they could do better than me so? I fell down on the list and they went to ate a lot of girls before me and for some reason, all those the girls who went to personally or their names their names. I knew their names. How do you get information in that situation well- and sometimes I ask sometimes I've I've learned- I actually don't want to know anymore, but in that case I I I I was just like well, we're going to now she's great and for some reason- and I think- and this is you know one of definitely not a predator in real life, that's bedmate chance, I'm not getting. It would be good and
for whatever reason in and I and I dont want to use words like fate. They all had no to this fantastic part and doubt I opportunity orbit moral streep and there's no, I mean I'm dead any sense- and I was like number seven or eight on the list like he got, turned down by a lot of people, and I was there waiting. You know just put my hand up, and so, when I found out there was actually gonna happen I was, I was beside myself. I remember I was getting dressed and I wasn't wearing pants you're ready to go away for I was ready to go. My friends and I just ran out like my shirt, half off not wearing pants, to make a nice screened. I'm like I got. I've got the devil, wears prada. Where was paparazzi that they didn't care about, and so it was just, it was just so. it was so happy and then, a couple weeks later, I met Emily and I just you know when you just meet someone you like, while you're going to be really important to my life. I don't know how- and I met my husband through her like many many years later, through Emily, yeah and and and then
marylin. She was just so unfair the more interesting word she's, just a real living breathing human yeah she's, so alive switched on, and I now make nicholls once described her as like in europe. simple spring visa and she's. Just I mean she's, all of those things and she so smart and she's literally So in the moment, so playful what how do you feel is an actress I mean I don't know, about how do you? How do you feel and that moment what don't you feel that moment I well, I will tell you forward to just seeing around her see, I was really looking forward to seeing the key ugh. If there were any letter, I wonder now and- and I remember doing the red through and and at that, so we talk about my acting class and the first thing that my teacher had me do, which was so painful. I
I knew it. Acting was hunting was like being really big and shouting your lines and being very theatrical here, and that comes very easily to me. Unfortunately, and he had not a musical it's a good thing to have in a musical in a big theater. It's a great thing to have it's just not appropriate for every scenario. As I have learned, and and so he had me say the first line, probably like twenty five times until I just didn't know what to do, broken down that I just spoke. It needs a great there. You gonna do the whole scene like that, and I was just baffled by the whole thing so I'm gonna get nervous. Some of the bigness kind of just becomes comes in, and so we ve been really nervous at the red through and so the bigger it's come in and raw like you know, it's a red through its this, no one's expecting can greater and then marrow just whispers. The first line miranda, which I had thought she was going to mean in my lack of imagination, laugh at lack of experience of self. I just thought she was gonna play like bark,
and do this and to do that and you know, and the fact that she whispered and every one in the room got silent, still and we all leaned forward, it was just a don't think ever forget it. I mean it. And I just thought ah really, and suddenly everyone got like ninety percent better in their acting and, and I just and then she cared so much about the look of the character she, worked harder than anybody on that movie and- and it was just I just remember The way she can make everything really still you know when she when she wants to- and you know that scene where all the make up off in your another hundred hours. I have never seen a crew more aware that some things about to happen and everyone work as quickly as I've ever seen them work as quietly as I've ever seen. The work everyone. Just nobody wanted to interrupt, and there is just such respect, paid in that moment, in the way people did their jobs, whose
currently in that's all that's the kind of thing you only see if there's nudity, you got that No yours like our emotional nudity and the actual is respectful, yeah yeah, an end they and, and they were well. You hope that people be respectful. I've had it both ways o with real nudity yeah, I had a really skeevy thing happen to me. My first nude nude experience when was that was it was a film I yeah, it was a film called havoc or, which, which is notable for being channing. Tatum first film occur, and there is a scene in it where I sort of pull my broad down and I'm trying to seduce this character. It's a very sad scene- and I was really scared about it, and we'd asked the the the whole crew to clear out. I had the whole thing, whatever it's called, where you no nit nit. Only the onset, yeah clues said. Thank you and I did the first taken. I did it and they are caught and I look up into crew guys had snuck into the upstairs and watch the whole thing
and I just remember, train be like on this. There's there's somebody upstairs and of nineteen years old in here, and he just give me the dirtiest miles on their way out of so horrible men, some some men. Yes, some men, sure crew, guys fruit, go a dirty. Crew, goes dirty crew, guys there's there's some good ones and there's some bad ones. It's not all julie, Andrews songs and meryl streep scenes so I thought you held your own very well in that scene and then that whole movie, but you went back to school, like you are already a working actress, he decided to go back to college or go to college. It was at two because, like by this, might not work out that or was it because you what you did two years at vassar and they switched switched n Y? U yeah, because your associate faced. All the time is left is to like burned all your bridges and embarrassed yourself, and you had to go to another college because I was kept left Lee I kept leaving. So all my friends had graduated
and university in poughkeepsie is yet another it is I mean I honestly like I can't I can't take credit for any kind of lake. I wanted to go to college and run myself. I wanted to work. I just couldn't get. I just do wasn't booking jobs, I book the princess diaries and I didn't book anything to follow it up. So I went to college I I was not psyched about going and it turned out to be the best thing, one of the best things that's ever happened to me and you transferred to an acting program or no. No, no, no, I was studying I mean I. I was an AP ass for long enough to declare a major, but I was going to be an english major with an emphasis on poetry one of those useful degree I did that ngos should emphasis on film studies were whose ever poet my oh are you. I wonder you question I wanna go to love roomy, my love iii, coming you my huh, just read me about a upon the other day that just for this first on her, but we have no, no I'd I'd, read some, but it never. It hadn't resonated with me. Thou on I've got it.
Love of lies our yeah yeah ferries. From flowers of evil- I guess probably, but but what is it school. My favorite coat was william blake yeah did you, paintings too Ass You know that coffee table book, which is the eliminated william blake itself, who is out there. Man, I'm just gonna, build my own mythology. He was out there in a way that I aspire to be out there like we want, blakey and out there I mean I kind of cannot save a kid and I had- but in the area where a ground ass a ground over the kid, a little that that's a lot ask it to take on. I guess her eyes coming around too is like in in watching you work with merle cause you're, both powerful, great actresses, but it seems like your approach, is fundamentally different. in that you, like you. I can't your moral street these. We weaknesses singular thing yet
yeah, like you said, there's always at that that that a kind of gum engaged with white thing at the core of all the work that she does to put these characters together, whereas why cause like, even in picturing that scene, is like I'm always consciousness, that one thing that you when you watch me report your like you are you thinking she's really amazing at this A year ago, you get locked into the character, but then you a holy shit. She can do anything yet, but that scene in particular, which is a good example where she stripped down, and it is an emotional scene and you've got to know things that you you shouldn't be their rights and that you have to be there for her, in that moment right in seems to me that- for you, like a eu.
very present. In that, in that particular responsibility, emotionally is like a eve pie. How did you deal with that? Just seems to me that your emotionally present all the time where's. He is, oh, I think, from what based My one time I had with her in the film sheet she's of them, but she is even with a mind. You know like when treatment. restart she she's gone. She comes out, oh no book, because what you do is you stating character the whole time she was very quiet and between takes, but but I remember a you know I I would just I I would be so nervous and I was so young and I just loved her so much. I couldn't hold my tongue all the time, and so now we we, I would, I just discovered nick drake, and so I wanted to talk to her about nick drake so she, you know all this very interesting. When you owe me to bring you a city in character. That would be very, very nobody needs, and then you ll remember this. You know a huge
he but european you yeah, I in the end there was a you know, venn diagram, there's a little bit of overlap. But that's funny, though, because that dynamic is he really kind of played itself out in the movie. But I remember one day we were stuck in traffic together and we were just filming us getting out of a car and go around the block and we're stuck in traffic and it just at a certain point. We had to talk like, even if I think it would be too much for her, and I started to ask her if she watched the daily show and is a dunster. It was hosting it at the times. You know such an important thing: and telling about telling her about it and if she's listening, and I think I'm sounding like really smart about the daily show and then I turn around like you know. I actually think you know in this moment. I really think Jon Stewart is is saving us and I'm just like quite suddenly so smart and she goes hmm, takes us really long pause. She goes. I think, Steve
colbert's and cold. There had only been the ship on the air for a couple of, and I hadn't watched the show yet- and I just was like oh, I don't have anything to say to that, so just just shut up, but the wet, but in terms of that scene dig to get your dear original question was it shot the scene in the in the hotel- and I observed the way, the crew, was and that level of you, no one silence almost has a tone. I just I remembered that tone and in that on that day, I intuitively just tried to listen for that tone mia and it was the right thing to do for the scene and that tone came back in the car and this time a new, that's what I want to do. I want to listen to it and I knew that Andy had come far enough in her journey that she didn't need to shout her feelings anymore and where I was in a quiet car with a quiet woman and she knew tat she would be heard at a lower volume, and so that was a trace of it get one united by the way. Oh yeah
Thank you. I I dunno where I inherited that it's been around for awhile, it's a really good one. I mean it wouldn't be great in a fight cause, it's kind of hard to get out and fight how horrible! I know I want to be a cat woman. I like doing that. Thank you very much. I thought it was very theatrical and you were big and I thought it called for that. Thank you, les mis great, just can do this thing. I guess that now musicals you like doing them, I do love. I really do love them, and that was such a big one, that I mean gosh and it was one of my mom died. When I was a girl, my mom played the same part that I played in it. Wow yeah, that's nice, nice thing to have in common and also with the I've watched the intern four times. I really doesn't, if you like your best paris weapons, what it what it, what I'm amazed that you know you are great but like I don't people really realise how what an amazing job he did bogdan area.
how amazing is he in that movie? I agree with what you one of the best things he's done, and I know you I agree with you. He was such a so delightful. So such a pro am you like about me. I didn't have to care and he cared so, my dream is just created. This warm wonderful character and I could tell like you'd be sitting in his chair. He would be bob, say you know it's time to work and you walk ten steps to his mark, any would transform into Ben. It was a subtle thing, but, every single take, it was really and you may I thought he built that guy from the inside out. I was completely different, yo from anything I've seen from him. I can knows how to do comedy now, but that wasn't really comedy and there is no menace to that guy. You know it was really like a stunning thing and he s just playing had a guy that I love to see the out. He was playing a really really in. sting gentlemen, yahoo, someone who it was affable, but had a definite point where you know I will go no further right
on that. I, like the idea, principles yeah there was a lot in there. I don't you know it's weird, because I always talk highly about them movie and I don't know if that's weird, but it seems like one of those movies that are people like well. That seems like a I go for regular people or older people who goes to that movie, but I was, I guess, a good movie. You know I've had a lot of guys like kind of a big league dude or even for lack of a word reclaiming work out yet come up to me and just be like I love the end in writing. I just think you know it's it's it's a term. You don't hear too much it anymore. It's a feel good movie, feel good movie and also the dynamic of respect between you two can is like there's something unique in very touching about it about net, not just the gap, but also that you know your powerful woman and he's sky the tat, a wife that is now
at neo or is being you're respectful and in not you know overshadowing. But then you know it becomes revealed that there's a lot to learn you just don't I you don't see it and I think the secret strength of that film is it's sweetness, and and and sweetness is something that you know. It's really hard cause. You got it wrong. It's trickly, it saccharine right, clawing, it's awful you, but if you can actually lake get like sweetness like actor yeah. That's the best. yeah, well you're a great movie star, you're, so kind. Thank you and then like an ego bath for me as it totally. Oh, my god, you can do that too often, I didn't know I was going to go. You know well, thanks for nice things instead of me and movies, and and and what I dunno I just like, want to go back in time and give you a hug on third avenue, nine I'll. Take it it's great talking to you, it's lovely, to talk to you, thank you,
as he hugged after I'm sorry, I can't outro show that was. I was mean talking and half way she did hug me after we took a selfie good selfie. I gave her a fancy mug I die. I fight We gotta talk your eye enough. I don't want my girlfriend get crazy, jealous even when things are not even possible, w g up calm. Slash tour go get their tickets to the things I saw there. when madison, Milwaukee applause for the special on the twenty ninth two shows and then fill in DC deputy if pod dotcom, swash tour of play summer, retard painting,
very much boomer lives.
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