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Episode 804 - Amanda Peet / W. Kamau Bell

2017-04-19 | 🔗
Marc is a fan of Amanda Peet when she's playing funny, quirky characters, like in Togetherness or Brockmire, and when she's cold-hearted and mean, like in Changing Lanes or Syriana. He finds out in person if those two sides of Amanda come to the surface in real life. Also, W. Kamau Bell stops by to talk about some of his projects and winds up talking with Marc about pretty much everything going on in the world.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck him years, what the fuck is delicate? What's happening, I'm compare, and this is my podcast w t an institution. I decided that, like a tag, it's an institution, my podcast w t F, it's an institution I don't know what it is its banana, while man, eight hundred episodes just a couple of episodes, go two thousand and nine I can't believe it big shouted, a big show it's actually it's almost double had her. I would say I have a w kemal balin and he came in disorder. Talk about his new book, but an end up being a nice long interview. A bell what a relevant stuff annie
he's been on before so we usually do the short promo interviews. If people stop by that are friends of the show, but it just ended up being good, so it somewhat full interview and that Amanda peet is from her new project. Brok Meyer and I like demanded peak hours, darwin. She was mean in things and then did that funny thing. What the dew places I called in togetherness. It was called. I just remembered that, with the help of hitting stop googling it and going to her wikipedia page Do I don't do face? But card wait all pulled away from well, because I think it infringes and annihilates our capacity to process, as opposed to just react either anonymously or with a silly name or with a sneer of numbers combination of them know
I says you got a process. You got a source, you gotta way and balance and think things through just like yeah here's here's stuff- oh god fuck it here here take a little this all your bad You're, someone that I mean that's good. but it may be all those reactions aren't necessarily bad reactions, but but let him again. Where did come from why you feel in the way our? What does it mean and how does it viewer, others. There is an interesting question how about that one? How does it help me or others may be both same time ha. How does it before get there are some tickets for some I chose coming up, I'm in and oregon at the aladdin tomorrow Saturday. We added I can show Saturday there are a few tickets weft on April. Twenty seventh apps theatre in Milwaukee there are a few tickets weft.
the orpheum in madison wisconsin. I believe there are a few tickets weft that's on April, on eight april, twenty nine two shows at the pan stages during a netflix special that I think, I'm for I'm pretty sure, I'm not as freaked out as I usually on which our nose is. If that's good, I full beard and for a thing now it's going to be also for my special, I guess, and my hair is really long and I've gotten to that point where I'm afraid to carry cause. I dunno, if it'll, look stupid and the woman that cuts my hair is working on a movie, song to be harry and pretty ready for my neck weeks, taping minneapolis, the mirror, theatre in philly on may twenty and the warner theatre in washington dc on may thirty and also folks worst enemy cinema. This is general this. General advice. When you go to buy tickets to an event, don't you Google, the name of the person or the thing you want to see and tickets cause you will be,
taken immediately to a scalper site go to the venue site and get linked through the appropriate ticket sales mechanism. I get a lot of emails from people saying to me, like hey man, two thousand dollars for tickets fear show in portland a little crazy. Unlike what the fuck Are you talking about goat the venue site get the appropriate link for tickets, don't be duped by scalpers, and think that that's what I'm pricing my shows that come on man. I'm a third need a forty hour. Take it folks are right and I DR try to keep it that way, ok you know when I talk about like I tour whatever, where my day to day or so that the process of our country slowly, swirling downer soon great On some days depends
level of panic, but but aid makes me rise, like you know what I It's my last tour or whatever. I think what I might need is a little time off no time to have a life other than just tour. In doing this, you know the times, and I dont do a very often I mean what what have I been doing lately. Well, we went out to dinner with another couple, the other night for the second time in three years, I just work and why in work and to become very small I need to get out. I needed I need to do some adventuring or or, at the very least, some just some fun stuff somethin. You know I mean, need a break. that is wrong. These luxury problems, whatever I got new boots and I'm good at it seriously, I'm fuckin good and I'm back in the
it's because I loved jewels, whether from vancouver. What I told you about him: they fuckin rushed him and they sent them and they put so much love and attention into these fuckin chelsea boots. They send me, like you, get a box of fresh with that fresh, whether smell and they send it with a little shoehorn and some boot cream, and I took him out oxen, and, like oh, my god, do I want, of them mounted or do I want to put them on my feet and they measured my feet precisely and they were into making these boats and they sent him in holy shit. Very there. So good there's so guy they're, so good and I you know I don't deserve it. I don't deserve this treatment, but I'll take it I would have bought the boots, but I'll take em. I do I do yes. I should sleep, an m which I did last night but yeah, that's the nature of new boots. Sometimes it's the little things on your feet that make
good so w kemal bell is somebody that I've known a long time and that I knew san francisco when he was a just a youngster doing the comedy at the beach of things. I was an old stir. enjoying his his work and friendship, and we that you know you don't talk to each other a lot, but after talking to them, today. I realise that we are working a very important to each other, and it made me happy he's got a new, come out the awkward thoughts of w come out bell that that's actually, out on the second of may Emmy nominated cnn show united shades of america's launching its second season on April thirtieth and in hurry, hurry condinfoo, who, having talked too in a while just re, launched their popular podcast, politically reactive and he's here
he stopped by, and it was great to see him and I like to I like to talk about. You know real stuff. that requires engagement, processing, thoughtful in action challenge that kind of stuff human stuff that talking about things that impact all our lives, things that seem to be tricky for some people to talk about. I'm always happy to to have those conversations in this ended up being one of them so. This is me and come out bell talking so come out.
it's been awhile, that's been awhile. Last time I was here, our supers had just gone through a hard thing, and so, when I came here, I was heartbreaking. I remember oh, the oh, that's right was at the show. The show had been canceled, but I had just had a meeting with a good f with effects, whereas, like I thought we were going to, it was the between the first and second season and I went to fx. I thought we were going to celebrate the success of the first season yet, but it was like it was to india, me for the lack of things for the four like there was like a really like you're, the guy called myself into the principal's office, so our appear like well. The thing is is like you, I feel bad about that tat showed in fine sporting and that you were having our time. Five, your footing and I I I was hoping the best. With a different idea. You I could tell you, are like I get the feeling you like the language, yeah, but no it's like it's a hard thing. You know to be in a db given a big opportunity and to to honor yourself, but you know not
I find your footing in that particular format, and you know I knew you just had a kid and I knew you're a good guy and a smart guy and your heart was in the right place. Anyhow, for about an hour, I felt bad and I was yeah. It was clear I was like I thought I had this idea, I'm going to. Let me with effects it'll go, do mark, show it's going to be, and I was like: oh it's really about how it's not working out, but what what did shift in outside of just the immediate responsibility of having kids sleeping on the floor and eating cat food yeah. I mean, I think, the failure of totally biased, really sort of challenge, because they will. I thought when that got guy cancelling. I think my crew might be over. I legitimately thought it's done and then sort of if we got if we were to stay in new york with the big shift, was ike moving back to the bed. rise or to choosing to go. Ok what I'm going to have in show business, I'm going to have to do it from the bay area cause. I can't moving to l a I can't live in new york, my wife was praying with a second kid we're not doing this here yet so it was like making a choice to
really choose my family in my life over showbiz and letting showbiz fit around that and then and then like. How did the the the current show evolve? I mean like how long of a time was, because I I I So it was in the the the the the position of your people would project personality onto you like you know what they do is eight had you in it's like, oh you're, the edgy black guy you're, the smart black guy with me. It's like he's the cranky angry jew, but really what they didn't know is sort of like I'm not making a choice about. It is clear that this is not about a personality. Now, what see, and it is for you to be around the anchors like they like. They are put, not they're playing characters, a lot of them and they have a person your outcast, your dear broadcasters, there all day, and I mean I do it well like some of them are very natural at it, but it's funny to be like. I don't really have that. I'm still trofeo over characters. When I sit in those places. Well, that's the thing is I think what happened with the new show is that you you are able to buy it. aging with other people and and and getting out in the world like people
you and I I will draw that comparison because you know my success came from conversations is that you have that's what we're about. You know where you know where we're funny comics by eat, you know, is thinkers and as people that makes sense of things it for engaging its Therefore every body I do yes, I yes, I should not be looking into a camera telling you about the news that and I'll I will never be doing not again. For me, it was like the show came out of I was after the televised cancel out. Do you know I thought my is over and Ariane, my manager and agent like people want to take some means with you in there also to news outlets. We are surprised by an cnn had been an idea for a show that point all blackmail, white america, yeah for black, I go america to wipe places met, seems like a sort of separatists.
well, yeah, it is, it is, and I was like I would. Is it the nineteen nineties mtv so I was like. I don't want to do that. So I said I would want to go to lots of places on the wipers ryan, but the pilot was really what brought it home was. The pilot was with the ku klux klan. For the united states of america for united america, like we changed that they changed the title, the united states of america and we shot the pilot and I sort of was like okay, I'm gonna move back to berkeley I'm going to go and I had another choice: to get a job have sort of a day. Job F this thing and I was like, but it would have kept me in new york and it's like. Ok, We know that would have paid more at the moment. I have to go all in on this pilot cause I'll be able to live in the bay area, so I did what and it worked out, I mean it's is worked out far better than the us, my career and it, and it feels like a thing that, if, if seconds using goes, I think will be here for a minute its define that you you're getting an audience. We are getting audits of the youngest audience of scene in which is sixty seven votes
because in theory- but I do I drawn up on the scene and who was an early watching cnn and I think it's they learn that its great for me to be seen and because I'm not really competing against other shows or there's no other a bunch of shows there. It's me bore dane LISA, laying there's like a handful of people. Why I find that term these cuts that, and you know if it's at what what you're doing is a few work, but also the sort of town hall format in is inappropriate. Use of of media and unnecessary, because what I was going to die in the kitchen, yeah cause. I try to read my brain around this, that you have. The polarization now is so extreme there young people, you and I know who whom may or may who are our new coworkers and friends who we know You know our lives, or known a long time are republicans or think differently than us. You know, there's when in those kind of dynamics theirs
a reluctance to talk about it, a hostility that wasn't there before and in an empowered. narrow mindedness that I dont think is sincerity. The real spirit of those people. Now I can tromp, has brought something out of a lot of people. If we can name names- and you know there are there comics that I knew that I am. I get some friendly I don't know where it's like. You see It is really about a lot of times in social media stuff. You see from people were I like. That's, who is that even here, you're you're, saying that, but we ve conversations you know. So it's really brought a site. people in emboldens and people who, I think has some ideas it they weren't sharing before the other. A group of people that you I think we're talking about in terms of people we know are there. There are many amount of people that even given the the situation today, are our relatively detached from day to day be a
go goings on that once the election is over there, like our, I will that's done my guy one and in their living, their wives and checking into the news and whether its propaganda news or not propaganda. That yo goes on both sides, but the other side has a very strong propaganda presidency. This, yes, but but you know, I think most people are talking about in some of this stuff outside of the your life trajectory in the book that How's your mission in life is how to bring people together and how do we yo yo transcend the. Awkward moments into proactive moments yet, and how do we not think that I mean what book is called awkward thoughts w kemal bow. Yes, yes, if there's a wet with what was the incentive like where, as a framework for that when you started writing the book, what where does echo back to for you for me learning that the feeling of I've I've? some level as an only child who moved around the country lot. Who was like us who is like a tall black, do who did not apply basque
I felt awkward all my life, I've, always fellow we like out who didn't, listen, a hip, hop who didn't you know. I felt awkward is the way along. I didn't I just I just didn't even know I was supposed to play along. I thought I was the only child in my bedroom watching late night comedy. I was like this is what we do right. This is what black people do. They stay up late and watch their network and so well, I've always felt awkward and I think we are taught to run away from that feeling and I think there's nothing more profound and sitting in awkwardness and moving through thank guided. It's my life's journey exactly again learned from it, and so for me, the book is about moments in my life, where that awkward moving through that awkwardness has led me to what I think, to better decisions and to sort of go and not to just sit and go. I guess what it is I mean the car was issued near. The book is about me going like there's. A version of me would have been like. I guess I just stay where I'm at with this thing, even though does it feel right rice was like and it was awkward to call you because I was like. I don't even know if I know him like this course yeah. Well, I appreciate that you answer we talked about so I talk about the book like moving through them.
would have like it, so it was going. I don't know I'm like that in this, this thing is broken org out better, got me to a better place in my life and career, so but that awkwardness is weird because you know I have a too, but I track it to you. It's also that the aids I dont know what your relationship with your father was imagining things right, but you know the detachment emotionally were yeah really set me. It made me uncomfortable because it in disabled my ability to really have a complete sense of self. So with that craving and with that, need your mind. The connect to relieve that awkwardness and almost sites at in times of my life to almost become different people or to use other people to define me yeah yeah. Evolved into what I do you in a good way by. what time like. Looking back. I don't have a lotta regrets, but it was not tat. I was not in the best place why there for me. I think that
it's sort of a rub. Actually, my dad was like. When are you going to send me the book? I'm like? Maybe never I mean there's a lot of talk about my bad than good ways, the book, but there's also some painful stuff. That, like is the hard part about writing some that are more issues at you go. This is not my story to tell, but I need to tell a version of it. I have to figure out which somebody tell there's that moment where you like. While this is my life as well and I felt like I was pretty realistic. I think some of it might have been unnecessary yes, but I I refused to admit that it was spiteful that I was trying to avoid the unnecessary part, because I, like, I think we're in a dive relation with our dads. I have two kids. I want my kids know my dad my dad x, you have a better link. It now are elizabeth, better. The older I get like a lot of the books, but how I didn't group- my dad around values in my life, but he wasn't like. I said I was a costly and a surfer surrogate fathers to that's it yeah, so there s. A lot of them came through comedy and through other media sources, and you know so yeah, that's it
in comedy you get the surrogate bother, you get the at this sort of kindred spirits, and then you get the this sort of trying relationship with the crowd he has threatened all covered. It's ok, you get the reenact, your family dysfunction, Clearly, every night untidy ratios friday to she s at a drag people through a yet, and so for me, like, I think, that's the point about the book to targets. When I talk about how, like I felt like yours times or my dad, was there for mere did understand vienna and on some level. Like I said, the older I get the better gets and also having kids will help smooth over a lot of the sins like. So, if my dad does like the book I'll just take my kids out there for vacation. So, LEO has evolved through the child's thing. What is the journey as you know, come out adult with children- a public profile. That is provocative and and you're not confrontational, but proactive what what what did you find going through your life?
Joy. Your agenda reveal itself, for me a lot of it. A lot of the book Chris rockies to say I sort of I would rep the barry harder than represent. Rep Brooklyn, like the bear, is a big thing for me, so I think I move back there like I've through the baron. I with the bare courtesy but people, I met the barrier like people. How broad my perspective and there's a second book where I talk about one of my best friend was Well, for that day, that way, that's why the bay area was invented. I dunno, if it's doing that anymore, but I think it was certainly that's what it was. Therefore not bear. Has to fight to get that back in and talk about that in the book to that you know. For me, it was like if the funniest of rooms are you like what is that person doing? Who is that? What I don't and then sort of sitting in there and sort of talking to people that helped broaden my perspective in a way? so help me led my down the path of like ok, I'm not going I'm not gonna make it in show business by going to the punchline into a seven minutes. Every sunday I like that.
and I'm not going to make it by moving to l a I just knew that was going to happen in new york. So for me it was like the freedom to sort of pursue my own path and then therefore that went to he buys got cancelled. There was a it was a gut check. I got to. I got a kid that kid on the way I'm living in an apartment seven thousand dollars a month came up, like I don't know dont know how to do this, but I guess I should stay if your gear really sort of going like trusting that, like that, would I in the berries. If I pursued my own path, it was going to work out to some level. I didn't know what was going to work out, but really trusting what I learned. The berries like now to steer a thing. Do your own and then you one at well yeah the history of that place, intellectually, and on civil rights sort, the the big thinkers of of social justice. Ye are yet the sword. There was a the environment from even before the sixties, yeah, you know, was a sort of like embracing weirdness and controversy employ
progress. Then I move there because I dont your pride read books about the bear from a comedy seem perspective. It that's where a lot of companies went to find their voice or logic comics sort sorta! That's why I went there yeah. I was like I talking about that too, like the idea that, like you, know whether it's like you know, that's where Larry its arrested. That's where you know robin, I think there is like the one she had a in berkeley right when We went through a thing: yeah yeah, I think we're doing experimental theatre panther exactly so the The one thing I know is that it was very. It was not confined to punch and that you know there was this sort of like take it out there yeah, you know what I mean: go ahead, push it. get out there and I think it's probably. It was probably it's probably only gotten back now, when I got there, ninety seven things a sort of the boom. If there weren't a lot of their alt rooms, weren't really there, and it really was like it's funny. We would sit in the back of the punch on sunday night and be like what makes us front, then you know, like you know, like
dayton ohio on some nights. You know what I mean, and so I think that now the bear I think has come back around, but for me it was like I had to leave the clubs to sort of find that thing you talked about is like take it out, yeah. Well, I may I saw that show the first woman show no current. Yes, right, you or birth is burnt the border, but yes your mouse. Is there now. I was very that was a very big, wait for me when you came out yeah. It was like I gotta do this thing like I mean, like I said I dunno we haven't talked with a lot, but like I've, been I've been a fan of yours since way before I knew well, I think, we're very we're very similar in our approach to to stand up and to thinking in a lot of ways it? You know that you know we. You know the journey, been to find ourselves not to get away from it. Yes, yes, absolutely, I think that's although, as I find myself, but I'm not funny well, that's
going to be what it is. But what the hell believe me, I'm in my garage, yeah sorta came to that sort of like I got more to offer than me guy wrestling over jarring jokes and the poetic turns of phrase. Yes, and this is where I found it, and I did a couple of one man shows but like, but the problem is: is that you're, always judging yourself against the success of other ones, and then you realize like will those ones are like these to queue, yeah. You know it's like you there's! No, because the thing Awkward moments is people like you and I may say it's always. gonna be awkward, yes, that guy here, just the fact that you were were were painfully. You know trying to be present. Because whether we know it or not, that was our journey so like what I say you know in general, is that I'm not
everyone's idea of a night out. Yet I guess I've always respected that it is not for everybody in any way it till we while they get there, but the generally the people that succeed in a big way, our most people's idea of entertainment I read written the book about that, like it's weird to me that me and Kevin Hart have the same job description. Yeah he's great, but it's just like that. We're sort of like both this thing comedian will year in the inn? In that's like that, that that is the sort of strange difference is I don't know that I ever set out to be an entertainer. I think that I saw a stand up as some you, no kind of like it was like if you you can do, whatever you want up there as well if you were and what your territory is and who you are up there and it with some how the platforms I and my true the ice cream, the person, what am I gonna, do I'm going to write, poetry and I can take pictures- am I going to make a painting? Am I going to write a movie now cause that stuff that takes time
It involves lots of other people Yang again, like you gotta work for months zigzag way, you know get immediate response. We I can write a thing down right now, go tonight, I'm going. I did it. I work today, but it is a good one joke out of this. I fear that I, same way that, like I'm doing a lot, thou art like the book, and we have the book that it required? A lot of people like an editor and illiteracy is road at this age. So I found at some point point elsewhere like this is all right. I like working with people yes, we people, I respect any you get into bigger ensembles, but either as an actor as a you in a production capacity or like this is awesome. Well, I think that's the key thing people you respect and I in the book I talk about this- that part of the private totally bias was that there was there were ghosts in the machine and people that I was like. You were not doing the same thing: variety. With the first season united shades. We we changed the the a lot of the production staff, because I was like these people aren't doing the thing I want. So I I've learned now that if I can't I have to prepared to walk away if it's not the right situation and that that is
when you get to a certain point where you like to eat gotta, say no and you do it properly. Yeah, you know eat. You know there'll be feelings her, but you know it's the nature of the game. I remember sometimes I feel like, Like I said to my wife and I have to make a phone call, I have to have a diva tantrum, like to choose to have it answer my now for this person here, because they haven't heard me other way like I have to sort of like it here we go like in a way that I'm like. I don't want to do it this way. When you aren't hearing me talking too much it's much more, it's better, but less. The results are worse when it's just a it happens, all of a sudden. Yes, I like it's gonna get. You can use it like a chest move report, my queen where'd you right out of like doing like this and I get a droll by failing losing originate. I know that the person think that's happening if you now want to control right, but I can pull back anytime so now. In wing you yo totally biased, and now this new show, which I think is part of the same marked, I think you're always been trying to do the same thing and then now
son having a family. Now. How is that affected? Your thoughts, you know about you- know humanity, culture, race. I'm you white gazettes big deal, and I don't have that experience and you are now the guy racial situation, I'm an arena and interracial situation. You would think that they re what relation we europeans are right what we call them mixed race now that need say my eyes are teaching the new term and my x ray. Am I an old man? Did I say something bad or do you just say, but I just you just did like the thing where it's like colored is that a negro in our sex know what I'm saying like nineteen sixty like what it was like nowhere negro now, so it's a mixed race, mixed race for people who and people who are because it sort of requires you could be more than just biracial it and create it's more inclusive, I'm sure we're all mixed race,
Okay, be careful yeah, I'm slow to answer flown out to get ahead of me. There's the problem with white guys, yeah, alright, yeah! No, so my daughters are mixed race. You know, and I think the big thing is teaching them. What like my oldest daughter, who's, five and a half at some point like we always books is a big way to do it like you always have books that are just books, kids, books and ya, books that are about mixed race families, which, thankfully we can buy books about the app now and then, like learning that my daughter know she's black. She knows she's half mom and half dead, but she knows that that makes her black. We have had explained the political implications of that or why that is. But she knows that she is a black person. She is white and black, but she knows that means he's black, because that's how palate that's how america works. My daughter at one point we were talking about skin color. She was like three years old looked at me and she goes dad's chocolate, colored, I'm peanut.
I colored the almost oatmeal colors. We acid and her mom feel bad. That is not a good note. Nobody likes oatmeal. She was real excited about it and I killed my daughter grow up thinking. She's peanut butter yeah, but then I'm also she's going to be in a really bad situation at some point. No I'm not gonna be the butter. They are not one black, why people s I can work out for you. So I think there's a thing about what you d find yourself as and how the world sees you as a person of colors, important to know how the world sees you cause, it's literally it's about survival at some point yeah, I can't be surprising couples you over, don't you I know that my dad is technically that I'm only half right. It's not they're not going to work not going to play. She is, but because she's mixed race, I say she's black and mixed race. She is both those things right so in in in terms of Your evolution has as a human. How? How is that fact is the way you interact with other people would mean in terms of the
rotations. You have. I may I guess it's that those things, intellectually, you always knew, but I mean I e in terms of like having to acknowledge that the the the the quality of life it struggles, air or obstacles that people are going to come in contact with the day. You have these, kids, or mixed race that they have been late there either some things that are going to happen. Yes, because of that yeah. So what You have conversations with the young people who were yet. You know in that. That's the fucked up thing is that in a most, why people and I would mention some black people you have given that situation are always gonna be like well, you know you did it to yourself
I've heard that, as I've heard, the eighty vega eighty problem I have is because I'm married to a white woman like well. That's what you get for married, a white girl from Iraq, the effort for black people yeah. Actually, that's that's more of a black way of saying right, right, right, yeah, that's more like me that white girl, and how do you respond to that? It's funny. Once you have kids, it really becomes easier to let a lot of shit go like that. Like I like, first of all, you're dead to me. Now, I'm not. I don't deal with this as a as a topic of discussion, I'm not going to engage with you about my family, like having kids. It's like what you know. There's there's like people that I need to be concerned with whether or not they live like our daily base right at so people when they try they're trying to make me when they say that, and I'm just like that's what I get for man. Oh white girl, like I'm, not going to engage with you in that discussion, cousins, ridiculous. What we because anything go at once. Just talk about your wife for a second we're gonna get out of that go away. I don't know we have had on this day like that's the way it would people do that,
we go. Oh, don't talk to you again. Okay, I got it just sort of like yeah being married is hard yeah exactly in the shower yet but yeah, that's the the having two kids! Five and two is hard. I don't have time to take on extra hardships that aren't that. Don't then, are you having pressure from the community, and you know I mean I get it. I've gotten it in the Barry because there are, even though the berries so open rubber, blathers people there, who express your black guy, who ostensibly is talking about racin racism. Why why you gotta talk about all that and be made to a white woman, because I'm a person yeah cause, I like you and that's other's work. Love is a funny thing. I love a funny thing and I don't feel any need to explain why I think you could get to like a really. Why are you attracted to this person but are expecting, but I also do that yeah I expected, but yet good luck you know. Color winds are fucked up. They are, but I don't feel bad about the fact that, on black, like I'm not like russia was worried, you know what I mean by tat. There is a place. You know
in the hard in the mind, Where you can you transcend power lines, the other and in that is ultimately the goal right of in on some level in terms of being human, in a human that that that at some point it should not be the difference I mean. I guess I think I get. The word transcend is one of those words, I think, is a problem because, like, for example, when prince died or another word for you figure it out. Meanwhile, we invented today, okay, but the like, because when prince died, people like he transcended race was like. Why are you taking that away from him a blog, and why you like about tweeted, though, is a David bowe. Transcended raised me like that. Like there's a thing about like wanting If he really did she just say he was a black guy that everyone likes exactly that. That's what they say that black guy was all right with everybody. You know you can't argue with that black guy and I think that, like that's, what we're going to talk about like these are differences that exist. I'm happy with
that I am who I am I be wanted to talk about it, and I certainly not like the liberal perspective like as a black man. No do diminish yourselves. May I call you so black variety human? Now, it's not we're not very they. I don't know that we want to get there well yeah. Well, that's that's sort of my question because there it wasn't a question but like yeah, I'm I'm sort of like being a sort of very mindful of my words, so my tongue, I might read it. I get it. I with my where, where my my dubious sense of race, maybe MR understood, but I know what a much arms is black friend I'm. Ok, I know, but I dont eyes, we don't think of it. That way by, like that, these type conversations that I don't have them and you can have two white guy speculators who deal out. I want cable news, but yes, yes about rare, but but the weird thing is It not. Unlike any ethnic group, hang on,
as I am sure it or my dear rings. Acting at that There is a lot about. You know, cultural black identity, that that is beautiful in the same way, we're jewish or- or you know, in the way that the the gay community defined themselves and in the sixties and seventies that it it was important for the strength of the people involved to have a cultural idea. That should be respected and in it is different nothing wrong with that. Not I wouldn't know This tragedy realised that you're speaking as a jewish person verses when you speaking as my try to hide it all time that people to see no matter what it's pretty, you don't get it I would, but there is also part of it's like you're speaking as a white guy that you get to sort of that there's a sort of frat of whereas the thing goes with people of color were often sorta. Just the color like you get to sort of go or maybe most amusing himself mark, but as a person colliding things
I have learned in the book as like the writing. The book downwards of words is like. I have to be very careful about what I'm talking for myself when I'm talking for black people, because one thing I learned from she's a show warning you weren't talking for black people, yeah right. I did I note on africa yet like out. I would really stupid jokes about well black people. We all like salt and every black like why you got to say we are now I I can argue, well. You know the high blood pressure, but yeah you're right. I should make that joke about eyelike, salty salt. It's easy for me too, fond of those troops to so the second season. I I think I did a lot of owning what was me and when I think specifically was interesting as those tropes. You know. I e it sort of the weird thing about about community stereotyping within the community, where that yeah he he then it's funny. by jove, but then you know- and that's all I'm saying it in europe b t there might be a different reaction right, but now it's sort of like why you gotta tell my secret yeah or why you gotta, why you gotta make white people once again think we're monolithic yeah? Well, I used to have that horrible problem.
Jackie mason and anything sort of like a year when the new jobs like Well, Gabriel, all jews just want to sit down May I say exactly, but it gets the boy like the pretty regular If the greatest of all time- and I remember he had a joke that was like when white people go to break, they leave and come back when blank will go to break, we take a break, and that was that we first of all it's hilariously said it was like. Well, we gotta be taking a break like yeah back in fifteen minutes like that, but I think that some of that stuff is based on reality. It's the nature comedy but also eel. It does reinforce things yeah, for you know, for white people in this particular city,
patient and Bernie mac was doing it on comedy cause of that I'd like to make it known that you came early today. I did korea today, I was very early today. Yes, after I'd been up, for, I do think some of my job is to actually physically like bus stereotypes like what I hear all the time. It's like. Oh, you are so much nicer than I expected yeah, because I was six foot forward to and different black guy. I get part of my jobs be like hey. Everybody has a go at this sort of like let people part of my job on the show, especially when we go to like you know. The white privilege conference with richard spencer or appalachia is just sort of be a different, what they think of black. I know what they're black, as in their head into sort of activity, not be that black, I so we can have a real conversation right right, so all they can leave if they have any hate in them at that time. The moment you finish your conversation is that the worst it could be like he's a smart one, yeah exactly yeah, and I mean that means that I can't walk in a bad mood like I can't walk, and this is where you don't get to be a person. I can't walk in, like I have a little bit of bad news cause a black people.
Anger nowadays it ass a man of the white man yeah? Well, that's a given your ear, but sir What do you want people to walk away with? I mean what what's the journey? Where did it? Where did it land? I I think that I mean it's funny that this book was was sort of pitched and written started to be worked on before the election happened, but I think the one thing the election is proven and it's because it's not about the right. It's a bright america is in desperate need of confronting it's it's history of oppression and hatred and, there's. No black donald trump adjust the pimple that rises to the surface, and now it's like, if anything that I've been saying you realize lately, is at war I call on the open now you know here, but for some people still not on the open there still sort of wanting to be ok, they cycle. Probably I have friends what we want. We all these as bad as every prisoner republican president is just the same sort of play, but it's me
I think, is like we have to stop wanting to settle into okay and actually have the conversation, and a lot of it is with white people. We've talked to his last time. I was on here that white people were like shocked by the election, a lot of like why people on the left is like stopping shop targeting engaged in the carnation. Well yeah I mean that more. That's it because I have been doing this been on stage when people like how did this happen and you go What have you been doing for the last eight years? Working on me yeah? Exactly that's exactly the thing we! You know that the bubble that we hear about- and I think that this has popped the bubble, but I don't want people to sort of people want to construct their own bub. again quickly, like they just wanted to be okay. Well, I think that was one of the the the the downfalls of obama is. Was there was sort of like we did it yay? We did it. We got one in yeah. No, I I I I haven't worked on the beer, but I was writing a bit about the idea of if you were able to obama on the first he was in office. Like you see, no, the next president is donald trump. Here I feel like you would have changed the entire
He was president like I feel like if he had known, but that was coming. That he's a thought. I think you I really had a lot of. He really trusted american away. That proved to be prof, I think wrong and that he thought well, I'm going to do so. Much good work. I will and the baton to the next. But like I do like every day have have some hope for the country. I mean an eight year. It has your what they stay. Sort of sardonically no about getting woke Now we're woke where work very well now you know we annex they work. Now we have to try not to go to sweep out of sadness and depression and frustration.
Exhaustion like I was woke all day long yesterday it was horrible. I always turn off my computer. I will awoke since january twentieth. I don't know how I need to get some sleep yeah. I think that's. The biggest thing he's not be exhausted by the by the nonsense sort of getting caught up in the daily, but, like you know, I stop I sort of stopped paying attention to all the news alerts on my phone at some point cause like you can't there's. This is all most of this is nonsense. You have to really makes you focus on the things that are actually mean something and actually have are about real things them it's fun. It's really fun at the word, I'd say it's funny get caught up in. I shant spacer nonsense. But it's not as desired I'll terrifying. I mean I do. I do May I guess it is allowed to go back to being a dead. I definitely look at my kids like ok. We got it that sort of the motivation and also the scared I go. It's gotta be better than this for them right. You know he's got this quickly. I kid past of it
Good luck, tribe! Still, president everything you're twenty a you know you not! I didn't realize fully, and you know the first few months of this presidency were were I you know. I was writing I gotta, get out you know and as a childish reaction. Yet you know but but it will not understandable right. The traumatic event fighter via, but you but you know you realize how big the country is, but also the one thing I d really realize was just how terrified and angry and completely disoriented, a large enough. if people were with the obama presidency, like that on a day to day basis, they were like. I can't believe this is happening yeah and he you know, I it's hard to be empathetic and to see it as, like. You know an the the backlash, yo, eb being a where you're coming from that place.
But but there were a lot of people I dont know there. I don't think you're a majority, but there are a lot of people that were like, for whatever reason it's more many people in this country expected, but for some of us it's like yeah yeah. I mean you know that ada I mean it's a testament to obama that he got through it, not live through it, but actually got through it, and the fact that he had to spend like several months like a lot of time in his presidency, was spent talking about whether or not he was born in this country. Like that's crazy and I think a lot of people sort of let that stuff go, but I'm like every person I know, is like that's an indicator what's going on in the country that that wasn't a fringe issue that bubbled up to the to the halls of congress in the halls of the Senate, whether or not this guy's born here, and and and for me it's like the it for last, why I feel like the biggest group perfect, it's like white women were like, but I thought we were all in the same year. I thought you know
quite women, like my wife and and then like white people, who white people of all genders who were like I had no idea, was a spy yeah. I don't. I don't know where he led me. We need to keep awake gazelles. We were like hundred. They like to start working Amelia yet, that's right, yeah, yeah and in it, and I think there was something with it that my sense of young, the black community in reaction to this is sort of like now. He knew that yeah and, like you know, I wish you see. Our plays out I get too loud, yeah. Well, I think the the thing that I hear there are a lot of the people. I talked to like our friends friendly with Alicia garza, who is one of the founders of black lives matter, and she regularly talks about the fact we can't judge these people who just woke up today. We have to invite women here, like it's real, easy to be like. Oh now, you're woke. Oh now you want to go now. You like to march year: oh now, you want to go to DC, we be going to dc for a long time, but I think that's always been the way it's been at these junctures that I, I don't think
that you in the fifties yeah that there was, this day a torrent you're, just like a never ending wave of white people going down south to march, like I do think there was plenty of people who were your good hearted that were like I dunno. I look pretty bad on T v. Well, no, I think that's true, but I think the thing we have to do- and I think martin Luther king did a good job of this and not that I'm trying to use him the way every body uses him, but the idea of like you have to just invite them in and work on their fault for their their their faults. Later go before you before we let you join. The movement needs a lot of this right. Now you have to do these things. Are we need you to do these things? It's like none, come in here come into the room. Yeah. We all need to build the coalition we have, we will fix you later suspended. The black test suspended the woke desk because it's for sure, a lot of different groups that have need this has been. We had to spend the woke tests and sort of on the do on the job meaning of weakness, I'm very happy for you and and congrats on the book and in I hope the show keeps going in there always. I could see him yet
and again marked. Thank you for being. A guiding force and also I can look in your face and tell how do and if you do not you are men can keep it up? Thank you. And the that was nice to see come out. As I mentioned, the book is called awkward thoughts of the awkward thoughts of w kamau bell and his show the united states of america. The podcast is politically reactive, lots of stuff going on so that we get. That was fun. It was engaging. And dumb. I learn things and I said something's, almost braun. How is that not a great time? so k to be wrong tat France, is important too rents is important. Tolerance is important. Amanda PETE. Is somebody who I you know
I like her and I like her acting and I'd like to eat I've, weird sort. the thing I've, seen and heard that, where I've really remembered her voice been these smaller parts where she's not so nice, but tat but man you so funny in togetherness and This new shove brok wire sounds great, and I'm I just happy to talk to her and meter. I always felt like would get along, and I believe if we did, I feel like I wished I was trying to. detain her during this interview and that I think I might have achieved that But do you decide Amanda PETE, charming, good actress, sharp? I enjoy talking to her. She is currently on the new show brok mire, which airs wednesday night on. I have see we had hankers area in here little. They go to talk about it so this is me and a man of peace
so the baby's out yesterday turns out. This is a big dress, is what we call a smarter. We I nor smart is yeah good you have, I think my I think I have a smarter salesman in my family back there somewhere back there. You, I think my boyfriend yeah around now. Besides, your key, my mother's boyfriend still is in fabric. taking a seventy hisself fabric is very vague, yeah fabric. So where do you come from a new york city? Really the hope? yeah. Well, what do you mean the whole time, but I mean you're like you're, a new yorker born and bred kind of deal or an inbred, except for that my dad took a job in london when I was seven so I lived in england for four years yeah Seventy, nine nineteen? How old are you seven to eleven? Yes, I remember it yes m avoids. Would you dad do he was a lawyer, constant lawyer, so
not you weren't, to engage with it new, just a lawyer that yeah, I sure, wasn't too engaged in corporate law. I still don't understand what he does He still around that's filling in your mom and my mom is still around and where she do, she was a social worker. That's that's important yeah, We engage in that. We define that impressive, well yeah, because she would come and say, like you know, Why peed my name on the wall? you know and as you wish board of children and family services, so I was like who's that anymore yeah. I was like oh good idea. Let me take some know. How do you do that boys are so lucky yeah? Do you have siblings? I have an older sister. Was she do she? doktor stable, good blood. This year I am a little bit of hypochondriac. I am you. I've gone over though bit yeah, so it's good to have the sister
he well. She is basically under the point where she's like, if you fucking call me one more time, I'm going to blow a gasket really. Does you got to that point like twenty years ago, but ah. I'm a contract? I had terrible summit flew. I was bar for about twelve hours straight and recently is lacking. last couple of years- and I called her eventually and was like I- I can't I can't I think, there's something very wrong and she was like. I can assure you, there's nothing very wrong. You're, just you know freaking out, and they talk a lot. Like public health, and here we go to the emergency room too much and how rich white people, we'll go to the dire too much, and so I got an attacks and I went to see ears to the emergency measure and I didn't tell her right. Has she was like just you just have to wait it out, and but I am a quicker, and so I
taxing. I went and the young doktor came in the room said, and she looked down on paper and said: are you man to peat- and I was like oh yeah- really really? eddie, I'm fucking shitting and barking, my brains, and you want like what an autograph you want to talk about which your favorite movie and she was like. Your sister was my teacher order, the resident and I want to tell her that's why really you found it. A promising you're, not gonna, tell affirmed here because ships so angry at me? Fear I don't. that waiting it out she had I've learned to do it. My father was a doctor and I had a long history of being ipo contract. It's I don't know I dont know how to track all the time, but I I tried away, things. I've gotten better at that with the blemishes and what not yapping set seem suspect the mouth or on the skin by united fight by
inside my mouth, uniting autumn magically automatically have to think hey, that's mouth cancer rates, I'm just poking around in my mouth for no reason which I pulled back from, but by guy I am able to go like I might have bitten my cheek. So let's just see if that goes away, yeah. Needless to say, or how I can get better at it. I tell a long story what happened was an embarrassing urologist episode, but but I drove by this by that I do go the doktor yesterday in somewhat of a panic, so I fight, I doubt that it gets worse when I'm freaked out about other things. Was it like just try like general anxiety or others more that's going on, but, like I had a skin thing right here, and I'd shaved my neck, I'm really! This is really turn out to be. My interview you did me out, I'm just grown is after a role and
and but then the next day not really bring together. I saw this way more here that was all fucked up like look again it kind of had purple around into my? Oh, my god. Finally, the bad things happen. moment, melanoma go so called out. Thank god have good health coverage. I went in and ass time went on? I arise, I might ahead it with the buzz razor and it was just a skin tag and who, of course- and it was but yes if it was nothing, but she burned off a few other skin tax I'll get stuff, we talk about barking and shooting I thought. Maybe I kind of anti upward skin tags. I'm really glad you did but tat aside. Let's talk about the manhattan that Amanda p grew up in. What do you want to know well, I mean like you're like a real new york woman. So now both you folks jewish know, my dad is about his jewish as night.
don't know where we're going with that new. Almost anything happened yet and my mom is you know we really really german jew yeah, which was I mean. Do you germinated christmas tree high a couple christian trees, but I know you're, saying yeah, but you're dead. As you should know, this was in the fifties. You know no, my dad is not. You should all he's an atheist and we didn't grow up with my family relations now, but you did grub like in the city like when they city eleventh and fair. I was born in your hospital and I went to manhattan friends quaker school, on sixteenth gee. I would right there did you like literally right there at six, nine and regard for us? feeling. Third in the coroner building yeah, I love that building good with the doorman yeah via the greatest, Never a weirdo building is a weird yet
because it was his all pre war kind of oh yeah, yeah yeah, it's a great building. I bet you regret that you're not in that building, while idolizes grape. I know I know I love due to buy but like I have no idea how to buy things. I have that much money, but I just I understand how it could cost that much money when they started selling them, because it was like a rank and file, and there were some freaks who live in that building. Man like there is some like real old school. new york, weirdos. The thing he would have had to do is buy to break a wall down to me because those were smaller units and we need new, though slightly new york, unless you're like a chameleon. So what is that school down there? It's a quaker school, but you didn't. You were just a good school, though you weren't there because you're a quaker. I think my mom thought it was a in yes, it was kind of a hippie school right, when you want that's. When I went and my sister went a field since she was a really good athlete and she was a tomboy and I was so sweet.
artsy one roy. I went to friends relating it's like a really fancy school, but back in the day it was why am, I just know, was okay. What is it? First, you six. No, it's all the way k through twelve, no kidding yeah? I just know was like a private: can not montessori school but like a good school. I guess so every kids went there and stuff here. Then it wasn't like that In the day I swear to god. What were you doing, finger painting and yet paper machine? My husband makes one of my grammar he's like what did you learn their the I How long did you went all the way through? I went all the way through in that little place from first to twelfth, except for when I was in london, but yes starting in kindergarten, all the way through twelve grade thou. As my place, where I work like, were you one of a small bunch of people that stayed the full run, yeah media pictures, ass. You know as seniors the matched the kindergarten with her really how many really made it through public there like five or less right that state the whole time. Do you know those people now
really darting q intention anybody. What are you a month? Yes, No, I just wasn't that close with those particular people. Will you put your preoccupied your me? You ve got thing, don't. You have like five, nine ten kid: how kids you five nine ten kid ha! Three! That's all ass! It is. same where'd, you decide on three workers, he thought o b cute cause a second one was so easier, so goddamn, even such an angel. She lord us into this weird stayed where we were like three so cute here, and it is but she was exceptionally easy backyard back they may have any other one yeah. Maybe she convince you to have a third one, no, she just by her angelic.
How you thought like. While we really struck all wine, we have another one is another angels and asked him what was the first one doing she's and hostage in her own way, but she's not as easy right, and this more was the third one he's been in between them and it's a boy. So we were lucky because we had two girls and then we got a boy. You got the boy in that It's only like two now right, yeah yeah he's two and how how's that going. The two thing: I don't have children, so I'm just trying to act like I know I'm talking about. Yes, times, I feel the same as you who probably aware I act like. I know what I'm talking about you, knowing when I'm an apparent. Future night, not as much apparent eat your conference, but like one of those parent back to school nights where you go with all the parent and especially now Frankie's older if they start talking about math or some
I just glaze over, do change the subject of paper mache exactly and when I was in school yeah. We did a lot of crafts. Why do I I get insecure, and so I just try to look normal. An act parental, a normal, but really inside I'm just like a big loser who like couldn't make it passed out of the game and took algebra. He's so bad emma. I was bad. It algebra by thy are often being about then o d. Why, because like I wonder what here to no oh, I know, there's a few yeah yeah. I wish I'd without more interest in chess. Don't you leave? No, it is known no, it is nobody's. It is not going to put the time and I You have to be the best. Why can't you just enjoy chess it'll put you in a flow state, which is very good for the lusaka, where now I mean I'm, not a chess player but flow state with that
recently, I know I can upload. It is good for an erotic people who think too much because you do guitar okay. So there either I do that. And you know it'd be like another thing like that that sometimes I'll cook something's me to creating is a good like to keep them. Dirty dishes out of sync type, a deal that kind of thing: organizing yeah yeah this right now. This is the great is bordering on a sad to me and needs to be dealt with. I have this dream of of just getting rid of fuckin everything. Don't you it gives. This is very special. I know I know. Maybe I just here, the house down just have this a weird lot with pipes digging up in the garage no eye to its go by Have you before when I was I was when I click on it. What do you know that
always wonder about I like how would I parenting fight the kids? I can you help me with your homework, not a chance what I already nothing. So, if I see shall say Mommy mommy and if I see it, it's math, I walk over and then quickly pretend something distracted me It should help to combat I'm really busy right. So she just on her yet. I don't aware or I'll make I'll make it into like that. You know like I'll. Take a stance about it like une I'll, see that its Matthew something I can help her with and I'll say: don't you think you need to do try a little harder on your own. You know I made her later being. We dependent on yo hurting my approval when really it's, because I'm fucking terror
by that I have no idea what she's fucking talking about long division when's the last time you did long division, that's what the squid in the thing in the thing yeah and apparently they do differently. Now I had to call my sister. I was like in the corner calling her as if it was like. No, it's not about a sickness that division two. Things. I call her about math and how do you carry the line in the remainder thing reading where they don't do it like we used to do it? What the fuck and jellies dislike wow haven't, but de retz, what she says, I mean it's in a loving way, but yeah, but don't Have you ever thought? If I tried to re, engage likely it's in the book living on innovation? Will the kids got the book right? So you it's gotta explained in there- I may be really honest with you right now cause. I just feel like it. It's too, I'm telling you shoot her level of math just became You heard what great forthright
you can't talk, you're feeling, sorry for me, as if you're in a different boat, I don't have kids. That's why I'm never called upon like that? the point. The point is you're thinking, it's silly that I cant do. Fourth grade math note. I probably you nods, not necessarily you know what I was trying to do is be empathy with the sad moment. Ok, that you made this admission. It is the aids were its vulnerable place. You know and I'm united unhappy that I was here for you to think you did to kind of decide to say something so truthful and and and sad that china our trying to make this a safe space thing. Nanda weight. Can I tell you, one thing has compounded. The whole thing is that They told me some time ago. Maybe a year ago me you little more that frank. He was quite good at math and in parent teacher conference comrades, I started laughing and saying wealth she doesn't get it from
because you know my husband, whether there he was away shooting somewhere and and I was like I hated math and they said, don't tell her. That is important because you're, a girl and she's a girl- and you don't want to go around saying you don't like math grow- need more stem girls. Yes stuff, that's them! Girls! Yeah, you know, stems science, sometimes helping no, its, not stem cell. Can you look it up, stem yeah, what words damn it's as appliance stuff, it do with women in science and technology, and I do not know exactly how each letter, what ok, so it stands for something yeah. Ok, ok, stem education. question: is that what it is size Gee engineering modalities god thank you that so deeply satisfying, isn't it I feel better. I do so.
but you, but still going back to the like. I do have this idea that, like if I just got myself analogy, protects book, I could take another crack at smoking crack, but do you gets because we're not capable just because as we glaze over. I mean is a lack of discipline. What is it I think it's both haha, I mean speaking for myself. I can't speak for you. I definitely think that as soon I see the number and the numbers in the hut, radio and then the the law division fry and that number big number here I go blank you just for ages, if I were now at Bearing does this have on my life. No, but it's not it's not a thing of like that's, not important enough. It's just you too, dumb you're, not gonna, get no you're, not gonna, be able to get in there suggest just to
leave that like I'd rather go along I'd, rather go with this sort of like well. I can probably do it if I applied myself, but I'm not going to oh my god, you're, I'm certainly smart enough to handle long division, but I don't know I don't need to now waving it? I'm into that. I like that in a minute try ban on, Don't worry your kid now just a day. What about? peters and things for me. Yet matthew, history, tutor recently, so. We do not have the internet your house here, but that's not how had a history to overrun role now what Just like your like. Why are you? What were you woke up one day like I don't know enough about yeah really for real, so you hired a history tutor that is correct to learn. Well, first, I was going to start
with world where one ottoman empire how everything was divvied up, but then I realized boy, no fucking nothing about before that. So we ended up going way back to like mesopotamia and stuff, and Oh the fertile present in latvia, not none of which I really remembered. So when on for a little while how long like a weekly meeting yeah, you It was more than one where their quizzes know. That's a good thing and I didn't have to write an essay. What is better than that? It's like it's all. It almost felt it really felt almost like. Not fair right what did you get caught up? No, I don't remember anything again. Can time around that's recently, ITALY, nothing stock, not billy, but I
we're thinking. It was interesting, ino time shirts going. I might go you out of your great and now I look back at my notes. First, I can't read them Khazar, taken measurable with your history, your right so and nothing has changed for you in school. Well, I. I get to say that I was interested enough to hire tudor on it on a podcast with you, what were you doing in school, where you just being a mean girl or were you having fun waiting redemption skype, vibe let the Tell me I'm wrong. You're wrong. Ok, yeah would just be busy being mean, and so I didn't concentrate. What were you doing? Daydreaming
The one hundred is no reason get defensive. No, I'm not. I swear, I'm not. I've. Seen you playing relatively emotionally shut down people that were kind of mean manuel detached, and you know I may be that may be. I made assumptions I hope I'm not mean an in school- I just was you know- I just probably I probably had a d h d, but they didn't have her back then now they just called people like me just like people who were like diverse and paper matching right. are they were like a motivational problems on mode? yeah, yeah yeah, so worried parents guiding through this, your mother's social work, your father, the corporate lawyer flounder. in paper mache and oh no guidance, no where's your horse were tutors were lined up. Our really tests were, Can you help psychological task here? Hole in seventh grade
she, you know she was an analytic training at upturn in york, cities as she was in the whole eighties psychoanalysis. right when you kids out yeah near so so, in fact, when I went to a shrink when I was there Tina he was an analyse how he, like you know, you are very good candidate for psychoanalysis, sardinia and why happened in ireland into. I wanted to say: go now that thirteen you have that work out What's up Well I mean it was both good and bad. My mean everything was pretty fresh yeah. You know me. Well you tried it really going on. Yes, that is a dead that that we were. I mean I remember going to one because our seventeen in school and they brought me to her the first kid pest Andy? He just brought me into a room with a table in the rigid milly. The board game here, anyways instead,
want to play, and I'm like, not really brought me to the more a kind of a more serve open approach. The therapists which was sort of like ashes, talk man, what's up, you know not. I kind of like I'm going to evaluate you and that guy is how you do this board game right now that guy was good. There was group, and you know he fell in love with it. You know suicidally, depressed Oh yeah. I know what that's you know. I mean as romantic. I was young, you know and the sensitive data savour now. I just can't do what I tell you. I just learn that two years ago- oh yes, that took awhile metaphor, that's a tough one! Really even do that now, How are you marry her? Just over ten years, I had my tenure awhile needed for I saved him. You did he still in trouble
here. What does he do? He? My husband, is a writer from in television? He does both he's a novelist and then he runs a t v show which one it's called game of thrones, not a big show it is people enjoy it, they do seem very conflict you must be very busy he's busy. Even dare to me. That's like math I approach games and throws right now people are like you haven't watched them. Like I don't even know. I can't start to beginning be like the rest of my life. At this point yeah I hear you that's a good gig. They make a more does it endeavour they the we at last that question many times has it ever run. This is the this coming season. We're gonna shoot in august september. That will be the last season. Are you in,
now the more you say we cause. I hold down the four while he goes to do it with the kids know. What's going on That's boring, let most worrying idleness. I don't like you. I wish I knew more back aims, but I'm we're sitting you and figure out how the hell am making one of you in the universe? How come on now I just am interested in how you evolved into this actress person. So you'd, just fucked off Kate, twelve waiting to go off. I tried really hard and I went to colombia. We must have done all right, then yeah. So what happens white way? When do you find your passion well, When I was growing up my mom, I did a little acting class in the basement of church in england, while my sister was playing baseball with my cousins, she was a tomboy. I think I mentioned that, and I took this little acting class, where we would all you know pretend to be a sausage or you know I love
you baby, but I just can't smile felt. Some does reactions yeah. They were like we're just exercises. It was very good for someone like me here and then, when I got home to new york, I went to each be studio on bank street rude again with teaching this before college. This is before college. I took the teenage class there on sundays every sunday for two hours with outta hog and no with her one of her put his hand then junior year at columbia, addition, food huggin and I started with her for four and a half years and when I got very serious because I people had head shots and I was a quota headshot hulu so you were. You were just you learning how to do it. You aren't like looking at the career element, your becoming an actor who here, but I was starting whence I was inuit has class. That's when I started thinking wow, maybe this could be what I wanna do I not just like aside thing on sundays. I don't know that I've talked to maybe one or two people that maybe
took with her a little bit, but you study with her lot yeah and you are good cause, you're good. actress so yet a relationship with due to hug, yes, she was a method practitioner she she has. This book called respect for acting right and then she roach- for the actor- and she puts you through as you go through her course as you go through these exercises that she kind of made up better? What does she come from? Who does she caught from she? She's? Not a group theatre person are well known, like her own fancies, her own thing so what are you earn? Are you going on sundays in your with protege or her her, and but your young So what would you learn? What are these different? So that was an impasse class, so I wasn't doing outta the exercises in that class. I was just doing. Improves every sunday with other kids were teenagers sphere you liked it they're weirdos yeah, but not enough We comedy and products like went on our now following you never placed it goes.
comedy both non, never occurred to me to think about comedy verses drama until like five years ago, I mean just never occurred to me to study and it's better, if I don't think about right, but everyone involved right. but now you're becoming a funny person, your ears. I hear you. I got enough. Anyone told you that, but your evolving into a funny person- and I I think I was the original intention. Well will be the first movie I did my break. The movie that was my break was the whole nine yards within that wasn't a first movie you did, but that was my was. I know right without right. Bruce well essen ladder goofball so that I can get a drama after I did. That really consent. I was like she can't do drama she's just silly, so the pendulum has gone back and forth again, but you can do both well, I like to think so, but you know, but at some point though you have to like is sometimes it's not bad.
be funny because degree phonies harder and there's not that many funny people that's my belief. I mean, I know. A lot of people can fake their way through a drama, but you can't shoot that you can't fake your way to a comp, Unless someone really uses you properly life daddy, that's funny at all. For funny people rooms. He would have had a look he's like a tree like maypole for funny people so telling you exercises so I can understand like to do a couple with. will the better ones the one that, Think about a lot. That is an issue which book is talking on the phone and the reason she assigns. It is only for you to get used to what we call the fourth wall survive. You won't feel afraid to look out, and yet you won't look out for reasons of one.
to me presentation on out there to engage with the audience in that way. You will you want. Able to look out in case there's a part where you're like look at those trees or right right right right, but not audience related right dear. So what you do is you she makes you go home and you were hearse talking on the phone to three different people and three different people have to be as different as possible and what years was to learn to do is face out and not be afraid and you're, also supposed to learn how you change and your voice changes depending on who you're talking to so these were so some of the funniest shit I have ever seen in theater, really people talking to their agent and then clicking over cause. It was in the time of call waiting, sir and talking to their mom, so they'd be like
No, I definitely am available for that and now do I need to read the sides before I go or I'm so sorry can you hold on one second, hello. How can we allow One thing is clear way back you with a gloomy beaucoup. Just like other people do it? You just can't even believe people are. This is how people really are right. People right people who really got it. It was like I mean the best, the greatest theatre rule ever as our interests I exercise, so you have to manufacture the other side of the conversation. That's right, do you did you do a lot of theatre then? Were you like? Is that where you started, would you say you started in theater and why I did a play my junior year off. odd way, and then I did a play, a jewish rap and stuff, and then I was doing commercials and eventually scott alone order, which is sort of like the that's wretched graduation. That's the moon.
Here you go, we ve run out of people. It's your turn the clock back, we new blood. Thank god would you play patty hearse character who, as you know, like brainwashed stockholm syndrome, tape yeah how that go. It was. But yes, I thought it was was that your first row on the first throw on t v, I'm pretty sure you donated seinfeld We are shortly after that on Wednesday, very nice to me, but maybe he was in a bad way without, like the first susan now was he was see, was signed. It was signed. I was very nice to you. I don't know him. I baby. I was terrified cause. I have horrible stage fright and still yeah. you're dealing with live audience anything life If I'm going on, you know, like Dave letterman, I had to take his annex. Sometimes reassure you
well. How did he hanno you? He was great me yeah, but I loved him too much and when you love someone too much it's important to take his annex. Did stand upon their right four times or five times, but I didn't one sit down talk and I was right as just is I'm gonna? Do I got is right. There feel like this is happening. Yeah, yeah, yeah, annex one to help Then I would spend my life on Zan even used ricky yeah. I can't dm one. Those people gather the ones annex b, b like why not live life like this. It's a good question. yeah sure I've asked myself that question many it has a you. Do the law and order did the law and order, and then I sort of started working on things like I felt in her little thing. It was a nice are testing for things that were a little bigger and then eventually I read with bruce willis and he chose me just
completes anonymity. I would just some girl and he was like that's a girl. I want wow I was no. I was doing like law and order stuff, so he basically just he's a guy. day he he's the one yeah and you tat, he was night. We had a very good time if others do not if the people in that that thing people liked that movie, it's a goofy movie yeah. I try to tell them I'm not going to take my clothes off and he said well we're going to go to someone else. Then- and I said okay, how long You want how much tits do you know how much they end up getting more than makes me comfortable now to think about, but really that that happened in the audition that question no. It happened after they gave me the offer. They said you know. Let's start the deal union of a lawyer. I didn't hide, and no earlier I would just like you were gonna, get paid for this cause. That's when catch dick like ice yeah and yes, there are like you need a lawyer.
to figure out how long your tits are gonna be out. so I hired a lawyer and regains who specializes in that did you have to ask your dad, germany, friends, who deal with tat time? I got an armored tat time. You have made no he's that wasn't his forty four year marietta. The no, I remember being like. I need a lawyer too, negotiate. Then I had to find an entertainment layer, visa and so, but that was right after you got the part they they dumped on you, it's like you're, the one your boobs are up yeah your boobs are at and I was like that is so accessed and if you really want me want me for my performance, does it matter if and they were like? No sorry and I'm was like we, we we, we ok, how much too, Where do you want my ass? What everyone tits and ass I can and seen in a long time. But I guess is not good. I think there's a line there, but it bereaved
they made me, go to a trainer ray they did what you mean. They looked at your ass and said. Maybe we ought to yeah that's entertaining fun, but was after the character, though no nice try. But ok, but as it turned out, was kind of a goofy character. So there I was kind of protected, so I took my shirt off but then He was so weird the carriage I play videos kind of I've. There were some section in how quirky she was right, how wasn't completely sexual eyes? Now right was weirdly. I don't have a clear memory of the movie. I understand the prior by have one about as much as you have ok accept viewers in it, but I mean if you were watching it like night. He saying I don't really know how much time, I'm not sure either by believe I've watched I'm comforted to know that you don't that you don't
Well. That's why? I imagine if I would be pretty commander I'd, be like you know, and it has been wonderful, I'm going to get out of your fucking creepy garage. Now it's creepy. Yet now it's creepy in the scenario that we're just discussing not going there it's it's still a nice happy warm place and then so that you felt that was your break didn't was might break you. How do you know that all the son you I coups at like steel executives, wanted to have general, and things like that. and then right away, I kind of went around them. following door of hull wooden sort of aid? saving sold and then I couldn't get arrested for awhile. yeah. I remember that movie jason, eggs in the air, yeah, brilliant steve on and jack lack end. I can give morning anything girl the right she has what we have to go back into cycling.
After this. This is what no you're not you're not in now know how I don't believe in it a really. I don't believe in psychoanalysis really what's up based on lakes, look at me then work yeah briefly. like your sort of you were given short shrift in that movie, like even about the work with her you just and I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just line on. You can only be as good as the part and if you continue to play like you know thin roles right where you are disposed to be in I've talked about this, but if you're supposed to be lovely ruler- or you know seductive here- it is people start should wonder whether you're really and act, whether you can really at the ivy like? Oh you, sound natural. Your voice doesn't sound like this vote, but europe I have no idea what you're capable
We are just like satirizing, a propping away or just eric and ok. Ok, she's, like she's yeah. How do you do you can sound real run? She doesn't look down the barrel. Great layer We can use it for that. Little thing but see like, but it's weird, because I mean you're if you did other movies but lightweight For me, changing lanes was a great performance, you're just very sweet, but thank you and in syria, another kind of detached, weird great performance. I soon like you, when you're kind of like man, she's cold blooded one day you but I watched you like all of togetherness and is really waiting for. That. Fuckin really internship that urine with we're gonna go there. I know you worry had to what's echoes zack deem this is this. Is this
this is why our back, I love like ideas and do plaza Melanie melon he's been in your marks, but- and here we wanted steve He was too broken up about the series ending that can get em. and then like your character. I want to do. I wanted that show to last, because I needed to I needed that to happen with you and steve me too: god damn. It was a heartbreak for me. I felt like they really. pass me the ball, the honor. Let go ahead and you know dear weird thing: yeah they very very Customers knew was his yeah they're just like role the cameron go like so I tried really hard, They like, we would even say, go off the rails, us you know, so I tried really hard as I love them. So I was nervous to if I kept it too tight, I feel like they would have in like manner. You do not change
answers boys. We can talk about that. Other thing that that huge stem no stem we covered we we got to the bottom and no no poured in it's important. That teacher was right, but the errand sort oh and sardinia by that and that guy's notoriously intense, actually lacks magic, word, yeah, but you're and in studio sixty and that europe will just like that the huge shop yeah it with with gonna. Be I'm sorry Ok, what do you think I wrong with that that yosemite? in a couple of monday illegal and that the illegal and it was about a sort of based on like behind the scenes of s, an owl kind of deal, and there s a kind of made their own over with thirty right now it happened. No, no I'm not opening my mouth and who, I think.
we're a little bloated with our own blowed. Now of us from top to bottom, oh yeah, maybe do important may near overly confident and, Erin can write the shit out of me. I agree both for good and bad as such ricky bit a business as an actor TIM Tim manages. Writing I. Camelot, young attitude. I find him to be my pleasure, we are to get those seen foreseen scene as a you know, adult female accuracy. I don't I would if he said, I'm gonna do this thing, but I haven't really yet I'd say: where do you want me sign right? yeah he's a ease of incredibly town to guy. So what what's this news? I talk to hang, you did. I did briefly. I come here I'll meet you and leave a fucking funny. He was doing stuff. That was yeah really hard for me to
behave when I was in frame in terms of not laugh, you I mean. Did you make we made? I think we made eight in like three days fires. Yeah you hurt me and I have a shot. I see I know You do my twelve page days, fifteen parameter any sure I wrote I would there were times when I wrote some dialogue. You know and taped it to something because I was like I don't know which episode this is. I don't know which seem. This is tricky baseball jargon me No way, no, the idea, high vila, we're like all this baseball talk. I mean I, you know no a little bit like Frankie's math homework, but you gotta yeah, it's weird right when you have deduced stack, shows up in you're going out of that was the hardest. for me, as a novice actor was too. Figure out? Where was I this before this that we shot three days ago, and then we,
That, however, show and between this one like where, how do I I don't think I quite got a handle on that. So What now in terms of writing, are you gonna write? Another thing, I'm trying yeah, it's really hard write everyday, I was writing every day, a man. I thought I was ready to go out with this play that I'm writing in men. david and dan's friend craig he then who's a rider. He wrote the hang over movies, he wrote identity, fear, theft, urinary yeah. He basically told me that its socked, your poor yeah, and that he be some out of you We have this right now and he didn't it sucks, but he was like you're in I want to tell you what he said. He said your circling, something really good here, that's not you sucked yeah, but it was so horrible know. Won't you fuckin side. Are you on a man, I'm sure?
Craig Maison said now trying to get you working again. Continue. Writing and I think what he is saying is that term these things you can't you know This is really good, but I think you can go a little deeper. Doesn't it something feel, like you know, you're at the piano some like omen a marathon, I met the I pass, the twenty two mile mark and then someone's like new. That was a twelve mile mark. I was attacked. I know I know I know the feeling, but I think this it seems to me that for people- gas in the ways we are like that, damn you know: why is wanted. Milk. We just want to be, told we did a great job every time and enough. If, if their people like it was ok, and it sort of Michael. Why should I do anything anymore because, like if sensitive in your creative,
get the ear you can easily be derailed, if you can't find it within yourself, specially if, like the thing about acting or about my doing stand up. Is pretty much? I don't understand how you people do it well, I mean, The point is that without any sort of you you know you get a lot of tries by any if you're doing film by, but none the less you sort of do it and then it's done whereas liking a writing. You know in a vacuum where you don't know if it's make it to where you want and make it. You know. If it's going to sour, it's ever going to be onstage and it's all you yeah. How can you trust yourself? You know to number one, no one, it's the donner good and then how can you as other people when you want to see it and then, if you one bad note: how can you not spin out complete
well I'll tell you something you know my husband's a very good writer in his partner db. Waste is also very good writer, and so they I go through a series of drafts with now and then at a certain point craig may then the evil dick is the gatekeeper. So before I go out into the world, with something or go to craig maison, because he so brutal after you run it through the game of thrones machine game thrones mill in you take formation in and then we form even new, tell him that like well, you know knights and things with swords have sanctioned, it's been coordinated, yeah going to go against he's like you're, really listening to those pussies give it to me. So I can tell it to you straight well, right, guy, your husband's of clothes, you haven't you,
is really brutal. My husband really here on you know where your creativity about my work, you know his eyes, a lazy, we re. I don't believe this is an unknown whenever I saw them coming. and bade the way I don't want to see a coming. You know this feels like expostulatory cut. All of this is not funny but it's funny, but it happened. I don't care cut it. like you, agree and another play out in the home life, I like it because it makes actually feel like he thinks I'm in the at the table right who actually weird Lee it's a really big weirdly, even when he's criticising its weirdly, my ego is ok, eggs. I think I really do feel like he thinks I'm up He was not so exciting to me thy. I So when we get out show business worrying, do what's your dream, what were, if you really don't have to do shovel,
as I am to be me, a grandma. Oh can wait it out I'm just gonna make real have another tutor. How about you What am I gonna? Do I'm just gonna stop and find a place somewhere? isolated or away. Why? because I do not like people, nor do I do but, like I just need some space somehow or another always becoming like new york became like that, I'm just I'm feeling kind of fucking night. There's too many people it happened to me in new york, primarily because of the subway, whereas literally people touching you every day, you have we're meeting? No, no german things. But now, when I get on the highway here, I'm like fucking snow getting out of here, You know this right. This is fucking nuts. What about so? What are you thinking? Minneapolis, like a small. Seen magical new mexico,
I want to believe that I can get like a nice reasonable place with a little property, our space and just sit there and be like I did it? That's that's. The plan but can you really? I dont know? What can you I don't know? Do you think about it yeah, but I think for people it might be like the tree falling in the forest. Thank link. If you can't what, if, if marin falls down in his house in new mexico, nonsense, is yours you're far more like? If you do something or say something funny we I will well then just watch me am I can't leave you why me? I don't know that I have to completely disappear. Okay, but I I imagine that, if I did for a year, I I don't think I'm not Dave chappelle, it's not going to be like where's marin when's that happening again. It's definitely going to be like, whereas marron for a lot of people right, including that psycho out there right.
Brought to my how yet- and I hope you can keep this part in the podcast can I didn't occurred. to bring him up, but but even if your life nothing. He worried her on. He works for deep. He works for david and dance. I realize, runs yeah he's a game of drivers and he he invited him he's like psychotic glee he's your it. Ok, Well, I'm sorry to say I don't think you're it, but I feel it on his love for you kind of why you left and right. I think I handled it all right. You know you D, great idea. I didn't let him in the house. So what would he be doing in there? Looking at your shed taking pictures of those good call on my part. If you I gotta get somethin, I look around it's gotta be something in here that can give Ethan right? I do for you even were talk. because you know he's gonna, listen so could be right. There were nine.
Were you saying about getting out now that we're talking about it and I'm thinking freely? I don't think you're mean by the way I I I threw that out there for you to to say like no, which you did not really completely can be a raging? Bitch, ok, there's ask even occur the guy on deck, this psycho stalker, my dad, whose pay thing Well, you know it's been great gray. Talking you it to add a blast. Did you really? Yes I mean I was fitting in my shmita. Are you really yeah? Is it hot? Is that a good thing? Yeah? That's, usually a sign that we gotta stop. Okay! I, like you very much, I like you too, and I'm glad you're doing funny- shows an I I've liked your recent work and the two things at I'm obsessed with, where you're kind of the one in changing lines. I gave my one everyone, one watch a arriving as the best recovery.
Granted movie that I've ever seen Do you, member who wrote it it's gonna? Be awful that I dont, because our help Although good, oh good, I would she be like I'll. Let you hear what chap taylor and michael talking ok, sir. Do you remember who wrote it, Are you really doing this because this part has to be in there? They were. You were gonna, be so sweet but you're gonna. Let me do that in the best person ever, Do you want trade or you want to do it well. I want this whole thing to be rich, can act. Oh ok, the doom, do you remember who wrote it it's amd chip are and tackle token tumble. Turkey takes up what's his name. Michael token. He wrote the player wrote that the great issue is great yeah he's friends, Dear emory wrote it. It was michael talking. Oh he's great, he wrote the player and some other ones, and I like yeah. So, let's see if they
guys in my house. Ok, let's go, then. I doubt was me and Amanda pete having. ice time. There was a nice time is a nice afternoon. We had again, dvd pogo com, so ass to her, for the tour dates, use those links which take you to the appropriate ticket vendor and yeah see out their sorry, no guitar plain today, it'll be ok, he'll, be ok, no, don't get upset, I I'll play again, probably not monday because of year I'll be a recording. You know what I am going to Burma,
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