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Episode 805 - Walter Hill

2017-04-23 | 🔗
Poor health kept Walter Hill out of the Army in the '60s, but that twist of fate led him into filmmaking during the tumultuous end of that decade. Walter tells Marc about being there for the major shift in cinema during the '70s, making his own influential films like The Driver, The Warriors and 48 Hours, and working closely with actors like Steve McQueen, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Pryor. Walter also explains how he helped kick off the Alien franchise.

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All right: let's do this, how are you what the butter is, what the port bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck stirs what's Putting I mark mare- and this is my pod- gas- got some very exciting news that to share with you. Don't freak out it's a not married, not there's no baby, but before I talk to you Walter hill, the director is on the show, which was pretty fuckin exciting for me, because why I like Walter hill, I like a lot of his movies and back when I was young person I was excited to see his movies when I was young I guess I would be, I would have been in high school. yeah, I was a little high school film nerd member being excited, too, were to see
walter hill movies, but I'll talk That is what it. What I want to talk about, big news to now I now you can officially reorder waiting. The punch words to live by from the w E f podcast, it's the w g up. that Brandon and I have been working on for the last two years and I'm holding it right now, I'm holding a galley copy of our book and your book. Soon to be your book and all book of all the people that that were part of this, It's like how can I explain its not just Collection of interview transcripts right, we took quotes and stories and conversations for about hundred from this show and create sort of eight a running narrative about life. You can go to mark marian look dot com or just go to w e F, pod, dot com and click on the book on the top of the page.
to pre order? This amazing thing I couldn't believe it when I read through it I mean it's just it's it's so fluid and so exciting to read and to be honest with the eye. really remember a lot of the conversations I have here. They were, some of them were a while ago, and I really only I we listen to them in real time brenda the guy that does the does the polish the cutting on the thing now ways organizes at each chapter covers like a different topic. You got childhood relationships. actually success. Failure stuff like that right, so we together that way and what we trying to do by weeding out these conversations together. Is that just make it feel like, like everyone is part of this big conversation, it sort of like a guy. To life, give that possible I think some you feel that way about his podcast a a number of you now weird thing about it is like I said I read it
when we were added eating. Obviously your brandon did data is. It is how say a lion share of the work on putting this together, but The weird thing is, when you read all of these things together, the impact is it's like pretty powerful, it's funny, its tragic as joyous, its heartbreaking. It's it's really strangely profound and were very proud of this book. I was just astounded because, like I said before, I have these conversations by don't my process them in the same way that you you do when you read something you now and it's very sing to read pieces of conversations that were spoken as opposed to written you get. You engage with this in a totally different way and it all works like it works together. I couldn't I couldn't it down, and I was the one that had the fucking conversations: it's a nice big book, it's four hundred pages, long theirs while new essays in it by me, John,
Oliver wrote the forward for us very nice of him. And if you're a listener, the show it's really the best possible physical representation of what we do and that's how we feel about it. Also talk talking, bookstore, on june. Third, I'm to be at the book con in new york city with brendan mcdonald, Michael a barrier and business bar and producer, and and this that will be the first public unveiling of the book and if you're there to see us talk about it, You will get an advance copy, go to the book cod, com for tickets. If you order tickets now, they're still doing an early bird price and it still early enough to get the tickets mail to you, so on that. Now, if you want to see us at the book on and get an advance copy of waiting for the punch, that's the book. Con dot com is fuckin us.
I, like the cover you, this whole process was really a pretty amiss. Jeanne thing cause. You know we ve talked to so many people and your brendan, like I said who has an incredible memory and is a very skilful put her together of things man. It's just that it's very exciting, Oh some looking forward to you guys getting it now, you can go to mark merom book dot com or use the book link at w tia pod dotcom orgies, go to wherever you order books online. very exciting, oh my god, so I was in portland and I did three Is it the aladdin I the latin and I'm trying to work out this special and it's coming along good. I tell you the the part of the job we organise and pull things together and nepal
things up, it's its exact. But it's a little tedious and I have to be careful that it doesn't suck the fun out of it for me, but it is by the job and I'm trying to hone up our home down or honan on or hone a that's, been running an hour and a half an hour, forty five minutes, and that leaves room for a lotta improvising, but for networks, a kind of one about a seventy minute thing: seventy five, minutes all in for the special sat by about seventy it's a stand up, so I have to trim. twenty five minutes- and it's not so much at a more attached to bits, then there's, but it's like how's organ going to flow together. So now Finally, you know I spent a week away from this bash one of my. Maybe I should dare tightening up a bit so portland was very helpful in in writing. We do. Then the audiences were great that aladdin I've worked there. Many times and I always go back their seats about six hundred soldiers
three shows and the and says we're just back an amazing I had a local comic open open for me, Barbara home. She did it a job- and I just there always I love going to portland, even though every time I go there. I direct in immediately connect with some sort of pervading old, I mean darkness set, I believe just measures under the entire city. I dont know what the apple these are, what the spirits are, what their kind mildly aggravated about, but I always there and it's not a negative thing. I'm not saying anything negative about portland. It adds to the charm the weird old timey darkness is constantly sorted engaging with visa the at their feet, see facial hares and coffee shops and artisanal occupations to create an interesting, but death heavy by man.
This is how I read it. I have a poetic experience. Every time I go to portland generally have some good coffee. Some good But you I walk over bridges and I'm, like men, Some here man, you're sutton, going on here and indeed never goes away, but tat. I I feed on it. I think have a good relationship with the portland spirits that just lie, beneath the city. Maybe so in the water there, so yeah. I was at the portland airport today and I had a for a moment. Yes, sometimes among punchy, unwell, tired things are a widower. Shaky around the edges. You're grounded drugs anymore site. I have to exhaust myself in order to relax in that way, but some it was this. There is still something happening at the portland airport.
I am, I want a main area and there was a guy playing classical guitar. It was amplify, but just a man sitting there playing a classical piece on an acoustic, classical guitar. It sounded like that I don't know the peace, I would never know the peace, but you know I'm saying sounded like a guy playing classical guitar. He had it perched on the wrong knee feared a regular guitar player, but it looks more disciplined yeah everything about playing classical guitar. looks, earned and and he's just playing, and it's pretty notes nice, it's classical guitar, music. It's ok it was relaxing, but, like I didn't know it we were was coming from first and I look over and I see the guy just over their off to the wherever the side sitting perched with his guitar and his guitar. They obviously allow entertainers to pay in the forty eight there at the portland airport, but what was being
For there was a little boy, I guess he's around two I dont know I dont know how to read deck jack. I don't have children of my own, but he was a little a little boy pride. That too he was walking standing. You know, look like he was excited me standing up by you. Standing there in front of this class, who will guitar player just entranced. You know just like in your could not shift his eye like just hypnotized by the classical music, this little kid you know who's got. No preconceptions got no understanding of what he's watching her, what the sound is or what it's like. Just complete engagement with this beautiful elegant. Music and- and I was completely fascinated and engaged with the kid watching the guy play doc. I was engaged in fascinated in almost
like way watching a child who was engaged in fascinated in a childlike wake us he's a child with a classical guitar, where it was just so beautiful to see a kid that innocent so taken with something so elegant in and beauty when sounds so amazing, and then I will, over to the right and there's his mother. Also fascinated engaged with her. kid I'm assuming watching the guitar player. While he was fascinated and get engaged and ass. She was smiling and then like, I started to think I I, there. Am I being weird right now? No, no. I didn't want to look weird, but I couldn't stop looking at this kid looked at the guitar player, cause. He was so into it and then everyone every once in a while. He do a little kid dance that didn't quite match up with the music, but I think it's just an excitement thing and all I could think was This might be the moment this kid, my yeah this
be the deciding factor of the future of his life. this moment right now be wiring, something into him that may guide, for the rest of his life I don't know how am I going to make? assumptions, but yeah, maybe he'll become a composer or a conductor or at the very least a guitar player. I don't know, but I felt it was happening that there is, there is a some sort of deep discovery going on and very happy. It was that and not something a screen or maybe a puppet show. It just fell deeper and like it made me made my morning really. And like ice ice. I witnessed the moment where he disengaged, but he was locked in four like it. couple of minutes. You know That's gonna rare for kids at age, and I saw the nice on get distracted with nothing to say,
something it went away, the circuit was broken, but I think something was delivered man. It was suddenly see As a mere thinking I mark, you should have a kid so Walter hill I'll tell you what I remember most like outside, of seeing warriors when it came out, which was what year where? Where was I in my life when warriors came out in nineteen seventy, and so I was in high school how fun Great? Was that I do the movie holds up like at the time was fucking great can you do dad warriors come out. Come on, I did eliza. He was so active in the seventies and he wrote the getaway, and he mackintosh man, the thief who came to dinner a door erode directed heart. Like I, there was a lot I learned in all I talked to him about, but he was
guys will mean my buddy Devon Jackson were just sort of young film nerds doug him? We dug walter heel. I remember when the long writers was was come. out we're just like. How can this not be great man, Walter hill, all the gene his gang, but it's all brothers in there really brothers in real life, southern comfort hours booth. I was excited about that. He did forty eight hours. I mean I don't know man he's either from the old school and it was just a thrill to talk to him. I like talking directors, his new movie is a sort of way It's a messy trip, man, it's it's called the assignment it's available on itunes and video on demand to smash your movie and he's very aware what it was and what it is and how he made it. Why you want to make it that way and it's a a vat genre which I don't watch a lot of. I think it's pretty pretty pretty disturbing and dip.
and a good. You know in that way that this last, your movies are, I guess you called slasher are doesn't matter, you watch. It go watch it. I didn't he I not even realize why talk to him that he was a that he directed geronimo, which- and I dunno like it's one of those visa, like I John million, wrote it it's a very big movie, with their jason, Patrick and robert divulging hack images he's a real deal director and it was a real honour to have him. This is me talking to walter so your movies. When I was younger, I was I was afford, you move is a member twenty funny I over him and I'm like shit. I remember excited we were for that day for the long writers as great movie. Thank you You start out here I mean you grow up here.
I'm from now I always say long beach, my family worked and lobbied shut. I actually grew up in bell flower and went bell flower high winds, but nobody knows where belle flowers and worries bell far demonstrated solve it. It's basically hindereth long beach allocation was down there and in you just stare at what was your family in the business was any known, and there they were my friend he's been in southern california, a long time since the cow voice. Now my mother was born downtown, los angeles, the back of a grocery store, her parents owned grocery, store on She was born slaughtering, vermont, ah downtown. Ah, they moved into the law nigeria grocery store, didn't do terribly well gotta that regular ragged yeah worm and my father His father was a wildcat oil. Oh really
and he ended up in the signal hill area of long beach, which course was a big oil field back in the nineteen. In the nineteen thirties no kidding. I didn't know that oil white oil yeah it was. the wonderful to the world at that time and So while he was the guy, machines. It was a drawer and then he became an owner operator. You know he always said as long as he wasn't drilling for his own for himself. They were all big winners were soon as he drilled what zappia. You come from a big family, no brother, my folks had two kids yeah I m going to show business now He ran the transportation department city along reach for years. If it does
If it had wheels on it or was abode in the harbor yeah, I mean buses, police cars, fire engines, no, the lead here. He was in charge. maintaining and purchasing for an essay for the city and observed Socially enormously useful job and one that I probably couldn't handle every in the day, and he was very good at it and he, finally, he retired a couple of years ago. Oh that's good! Have a good life! Retired yeah he's now devotes himself to the sports page and relaxing yeah, so how'd you get in the pictures. Well, Robin told all this story before. Obviously, but I'm curious about the era you neither I don't get the opportunity to talk to people about. Hollywood when it was sort of a small town. Well, I usually just say you know: I've I've flunked, my army, physical. I was supposed to go into the army. I got out of school, but you wanted to go
I would certainly willing to go out and the bride, eyelids childhood asthma. So they said last. Second, I'm nervous gagging geike him, but we were all standing there. He asked in the end, the wrong guy comes is Jesus Christ or not continues to fuckin forward that gonna take us to fuckin fort both louisiana Oh you're, on a diamond, you have no idea who still worse, in place on earth really awaited orbit and but after you done with basic at fuckin, fort poke They play put your right into the light artillery it's the these were the laboratory comes out of lighter during what are we here is the ices. That's Everything about the infantry exemplary after we're all take aware
times heavier pack get em like the fuckin mortars around in the fuckin mortar shells, as is the worst thing in the army. Oh you know his oil mighty poker. yeah for the reduction as well and then you get to the last table and the doctor says: well, I don't think we're going to need you services, MR hill, and were a childhood asthma. We don't want to knit a lot of allergies and cetera so we'll make you one why and so you probably dodged a bullet literally a guess, so anyway. I was at liberty, I thought I might get into journalism somehow. But two through a series of kind of accidents and small, I got a get connected to were people, making no education will films
and suddenly- and I was great phantom mood- I just never- could imagine making a living to have don't move really and another movie stars and I guess it seems like a far a strap long. Beach was forever the from from from all though your movie trial as a kid, oh yeah, yeah yeah, knows my brother night every weekend for movies We favour its well. When there are clear. I guess I liked the western is the best we oughta it was. I think I was pretty neglecting. Can I'd take steps on saturdays. You saw the first run movies and on sunday he went over to thee the other theatre that that should be westerns. Ah, there so. We we saw whatever came around and see you aren't
so locked in the yard, favoured directors necessarily right in what a direct did. Sir. I knows the last credit but too but love through a blood the whole experience in air. Yet it was like a religion temple or somebody you went in and they were gods and they were larger than you know. My kids get cheated out of this. They have you know you couldn't miss anything in the you know You weren't gonna, come back. You will see the movie again here, so you know you had hold a p and yahoo onion either took food with yahoo or but weren't, gonna, because anything you missed and now, of course, you know and the size of the screen was enormous. Huge and The experience was very special, but now you know they they buy them. The film and they can see-
but a dime. They want watch on the computer watch on the computer. They can know and some needs not bigger than their own and their watch an and also the road runner. In slow motion. They guarantee sideways. I do anything they want with it and if they think they are some notice right right back in the I think that has diminished the specific powers. Of the movie guy experience. The unrest said, sir: it's dead, taken away the magic of it so much. He adds its, nor it's a shame, The way I think the magic is leaving everything slowly I suppose so I do believe like I do think The human beast has a trip. this need for energy for stories, entertainment. you know I believe you go to the site
was village into bad, not not that I have, but there's an aerial on the my house and therein they're watching I love lucy, resulted in an so there were obviously living through a time where the delay system is changing and where the, where the story, Being delivered is changing and neighbourhood theatres that I grew up with them in there and the sheen in here there's a few around. I guess the tarantino is doing something with that new beverly and the other some of the higher end theatres are good, but you're right. I never really thought about it like that, because lately I've been thinking just for myself when I watch, something my avoiding something else is a distraction and my doing this as some sort of Pseudo druggie experienced detached myself, but I think that there is a
within it's an emotional journey. It's it's necessary, it's sort of ford, it's sort of it's nourishing to the soul. Well, you know we. We have to somehow get our imaginary lives and at some kind of wish dream fulfillment right I'd. Never it's too deep for me, but better idea, for you. I always hear the story. I like a good story and I dunno it's something I always say the you know. Everybody has three lives. There's the you know you and I meet today. We are doing this and I present a certain framework to you. You certain framework me or public persona than we have our private life. We share with people there very closely, as usually a mere family. when we drag through it. We are dragged in any of your secret life, of where it sits. Your head and its
and you basically share with no one- I think, just glimmers of bed the safe glamorous. You haven't got down right, yeah, and but I think that that that part is what needs to be satisfied, the eye the stories in them. I think that's good, that's good way less. if that works for me, so you may you're making their educational docks Well, I never did I mean I, I just worked on them and in what capacity died in research and then I wrote parts of them but I immediately said to myself what the fuck am. I doing. I don't even like these movies are basically people sitting at a desk. You know, or as they used to say, writing with either the vote, the company. it was an offshoot, averred, cyclopaedia, britannica movies. They used to make these sixty millimeter films flowd. So
the animal tat in dumb I'm suddenly. I was in this environment, of around four making an I somehow. Within a very short amount of time knew exactly what I wanted. I went from zoo oh understanding to I wanted to write and direct movies out. I thought so you gonna do you can make the connection now they young you're little behind the scenes right, oh and it's not his daunting necessary. I was a good reader about films. I was dunaway good. viewer yeah and my tasted dough improved alive. in some ways in the last in the next few years. From the time I was, it may be, Seventy one voice that was a mark was the indicator of that. I think to the forum what we used to call foreign films they were coming in. They were coming in and I was a great to have. I loved
curse hour and I like to watch buried button yeah. Hopefully, in years of or something like, seven samurai guy of like samara, rash amman is of both the all time, less sure, rightfully the diane dough. I think when I really started to work it go on. It was somehow. I would never have to find me I own marie. I thing I'd in which already sounds pretentious, but was to somehow I always wanted to action. Film genre films. Sure but two and of inform them with what seemed made be this new vision coming out of european and and asia that There was a less melodramatic girl. They were smart movies smart little more than meets the eye yeah. and they were
Do you curse out, could do in action movie yeah. They were so good that they were even called action movies. They were dramas but they were done with the superior intelligence and greater visual styles, seven more advanced editing, and so that was to me the paradigm to be kind of reaching and then some of the directors I fell in with the most particularly working with peck and buys boats in ocean. That yeah? He was everything else. How did you so? How did you eventually make it on two sets in an and start young engaging with the film business well, I became a an assistant draeger I was while I was trying to the living as a writer outright at night, but I gotta go busy of. While I at first an apprentice assistant draeger, what we now call protectionist
justin, and then I got into the directors guild as a second assistant react, and I worked on a number of films. I worked on a bullet until take the money and run in take the money run, the woody allen movie here. What is first film? I was the second really that, must kind of funny, because they were all bits in his last, it is almost there. funny you are, he shot allotted lot of. We shut the movie. This summer, nineteen sixty eight area in san Francisco must quite a wise and it was like the country has fallen apart pardon we were on the streets a lot of the debit woody. Then now I don't know what they. evaluated, the film they had when he went home at the end of the summer. Then they shot a lot more in new york. They shut lot more
it says, is that it was a fake documentary right in my record day, they were given the virtual start, Gus stark. Well, I think his name was yeah and of which was a play on the stark weather a real restraint, harmonious, colored, yeah yeah and he was fun to be around and in black bullet. That's all other referring take their shop aunt. Em just got you didn't anglia now I was up there from better part of ear and then I'd took off after bud started in February. Nineteen sixty eight, yeah and we up with but eight weeks over ethnic Yours like who dragons alan periods. india and we shut the chase right at the end, so how's the chase and establish the modern card. To answer. Did that now? The french connection, I guess we're yahoo big ones, absolute, and then they take the money.
was shot in the summer of sixty eight and then I took the fall and winter often state up there- and I started writing with I- had enough money in my bank account take the time to be that I could now. Are you reading scripts? Just stuff you do? Did you do television is well at that time? I never did yet. I did read. Of course I read jobs. I had said complicated notions about all that one I thought well. Christ and a guy can do be sure that further by an the arrogance you of youth I also was somewhat distressed. It seems to me that almost all these scripts seem to have been written by the same person
There was a kind of uniformity of style approach to screen. Writing that made it seem like it was coming out of some big machine tat. Occasionally that that's it. guinea thing you'd try to generalise about this business or something like that, and I think there are exceptions. I think everyone is trying to do it makes money so if, if someone's are particularly gifted they're, just gonna format and also they were not particularly reader friendly, so I taking these, as my watchwords tried to resist the one I wanted to kind of make a mark with my scripts, I link and yard. I wanted to give them a certain style that that involve the I thought they were almost all overridden and all melick wait, two melodramatic too much information on the page here and also because
I had worked on movies. I knew nobody painting a goddamn attention to discover new direction in a whole new when the new seem less so listen. I don't mean to me: there are a lot of very talented, very hardworking screenwriters term had worked for very difficult people. Yahoo and dove and understand the full spectrum of that type d. Ye ask, though, the wide there I forget they can't see me here. The ip address bizarre is good. I got it right away, so what was that? give the ebro well, the first gripped. I wrote that became phil might I sold western that did not get made and then my problem was, I never could finish it. Yeah, I'd, I'd, much written twenty scripts and never quite and then I'd Farley said. Look you know, if you're going to do this, you better be finished, the there was. If it wasn't, a fear thing was it just to like. I. I mean I used to be like that and then it's something weird
something weird about finishing things they described that may have been part of it. I just attributed two were I had written myself into a box right were painted myself in due course. Did not end it and just the strategy was wrong or I've velvet, the it was headed in wrong direction and the only way to finish it was a kind of compromise in this and what the story was wooden even accept the comp my other idea. You you build up all can serve very complicated reasons for non performance I recently as a lot of very, very solid reasons for your failure and that's that's. Some people use their imagination exactly so I the buckle down moment where we better service and luckily
Once I really started finishing scripts, I yeah I started selling almost read or write it a living at it right away and then the second thing I sold became a movie was called hickey bogs with Robert culprit, kopen bill cosby, and I did a couple of I get hired to do a couple of rice than I was hired to write the getaway peter by Donovan hired me to write to get away. I talked to him you didn't, I did his character. He is. He is indeed why imagine at that time. Judging by my experience with them here is that you, A very he not an unlike you're talking about he had a true respect for from the media, men and the power film in the John remove ie, because is very adamant, did not necessary we being connected to that generation of directors that he came from because he saw himself as a guy that do
wanna necessarily break the mould, but wanted to make amazing studio. Pictures. He saw himself right, I think I will speak for me out. It is Continuing the chain of great directors in the tradition of. LEO macsharry and joy for your howard, hijack leon. Raw wall should cetera and dub. He did not feel d, this great hush of nineteen sixty eight and the need to. swing the hammer and smooth the cement idiotic at all aside, yeah, go on to some new plain that was very much. The fashion did you and I was probably a little more of peter side of the argument. Then a hot and the other side, but up
I had. I really did have great reverence for so many really good directors of the past. I you could see that times were changing in the shirt something was going on and he weren't going to be able to my my feeling was that you were not gonna reinvent the cinema that was insane the high. It was a lot of the talk at the time. It's hot, two. I think it is hard to imagine how crazy things were paid back then, but I, We thought that gene reveal making, although it was gonna change could be redone done in a way pauline things inside out and mixing genres and that you could make them fresh and the audience. Would grab onto an
and you know if you're working here you have to be thinking about. Am I going to be able to find an audience for us cause? Otherwise you don't get. You don't come back to the party right in those days. You know the means of production to use the great marxian turn The means of protection were totally held by the studio yadda. You had to cut it somehow: I'll get into this club an and function with and it was so well. You know what's an audience with what are they went? Well, there was no expression that is from the story. you can tell a new story yet put the characters in old clothes? And if you can tell her old story had put the characters and new clothes, because I've never yeah old clothes, old story, dead, yeah, new story, new clothes. nobody knows. No man can attach themselves to rise to far new story, old clothes, new story. I'd be in business or old story, Are you sure
You might be embarrassed and then it turns out there all old stories in new clothes. Well, yo and what sir says there are only two story: the example which, when you boil them down and what are they the crucifixion here and the odyssey. Ok, that's probably fibre spray, or did they give anything, doesn't all within tat. You might So save you make categories wide enough for everything of shirt. It was interesting. You said that so many people here that this vision that they were going to reinvent cinema, but what they ultimately did was just expand it he abroad an audience right I mean the sixties did something I mean that it didn't reinvent cinema, but they certainly he created a shift right, absolute yeah there was a paradigm shift the duck. Instead, retelling tellin there were so many loved frequents french connection. Bellies movie.
Just the indian was such a europe. yeah yeah the technique of making the fellow maddy the approach to character the pop I envy you know. Finally, it's a really good example of new clothes, story except he, but there was a new indiana, much different and very adult and still trying to figure out what they all happen and the whole approach to character had been played. you'd, never seen a cop like that, with the getaway so start that would Peter and then how does your mitterrand's steve had a separation mcqueen, a nice guy, you, nice guy, did I liked safe Ed I he was served. He was very wary personality yasser aware the pitfalls that can be followed an actor heap. He saw him. So very much is some. It doesn't say
kind what I am about to say but have died. I don't mean it that way, He saw so very much as a star yeah and he thought The star is being as most people did in those days not more than being an actor and he felt his months abilities as a star. He felt his responsibilities too is ADI right, and they wanted to see win right. They wanted to see him be right, dirty himself up. Well, it wasn't going to work, be what he felt the image of mcqueen was high and they didn't because he was not going lip his fans down out He would justify a lot of things in terms of not an oecd utterly. The idea
he was a very generous actor in some in in the sense of he didn't care that much abuts taken the dialogue, a he would quite often give dialogue away, and he was certainly masterful up at does say, We don't need to say this and the area we already subtle actor He also. He was a great No, he he understood his power. He could dominate the scene with a look yonder or just a simple gesture. You know he could somebody would be talking away and he could just reach over and grab an apple and start to peel the apple Right now, some now some might say that cheap waiter upstage and should say you know it's. It was an absolute reflection of his persona and who we plain in that particular film lurk both can exist those interpret area and
but he was a wary personality. He he didn't He didn't allow. You know a posse to build up that. So many of the very successful superstars do yours. He was not. I like that he was. I think he was really it at most comfortable around his friends that had to do with care. Cars and motorcycles yeah. That was his thing. Yeah well, it was, but it was more than one be emma, he had a real fear. Tremendous got instinct for mechanics, making something go faster, Was that throw made him good for the getaway? That's made, it made him very good for it and he filled it right down to the essence of it yeah he he Did you write of oil? Is all your work and with peter on it. For you, right in your own script, for it
well, he observed and adaptation of a gym thomson novel axioms, greyhound just they eat it. Just passed away, did not know been few. Your has your here and of peter was directing Barbara As I said in the what's up, dark, nea and steve decided that he couldn't wait and that we had to get rolling so there encouraged me to quickly finish the first draft. She did and Sam came in sam agreed to read the script, and, will it work with Steve again they had had a somewhat expire,
z relationship are not junior bonner. I think it was ended up, but they had great respect for each other and doubt, although the steve, through a magnum of champagne, it SAM's head story conference. I actually was not there, but I saw a hole in the wall of the railing. I can rent it out? Yeah I have you know, is one of the few times for sam really was he said, motherfucker would kill me. and how can so when you did the getaway? Do I would not it sounds like you were pretty engage with all process. I mean we're yawns It is well I got called off. I was gonna, be on said, but I got called off. I had to do thing for warner brothers and I went to in ireland. Work with John Houston, honour, scripted, Paul newman ended up.
paul new and holy shit. John used now must have been something it was ass, though the experience was a lot better than movie movie am sorry to say which We were there. We had ended up being called the mcintosh man I was sir. It was called the the novel. Was the freedom trap term, but it wasn't a terribly good movie. I like know I liked working with that's a lot of fun with with with some like sam. As you said, he tat he had some influence on your approach to film making cars. I I think, like I love peck movies, and there was a period there. My life right once a year, I'd watch about five of them, because he come from the old studio system and Emily broke them all right absolutely and in there is something that I can see by giving the getaway that the kind of yo, exploring the emotions or that you know the possibilities of male characters is something he was really good at and I think that that characters aims in the get away. He always a thoughtful kind of intense.
yo allowed under the surface kind of guy right I mean did you really pick up from San well? more than any other Think I understood through the amount committed you to be the way you were doing, the YAP he'd a demanded. He was rather his personality he was? He was not z, fella to be around me. Who always somebody said, I know exactly what they meant. It was like. in some movie, except only he the dialogue and you didn't, and they were kind of odd pauses and interesting. But we got along well. I certainly like he knew how much I admired him, which is always a good start. I oppose it. He smart director man as he was very. He was very smart. He was his own thing, a worst enemy, but damn.
I dont think that get away is his finest effort. I think it's a good move. We ended it did very well. Was the most commercial movie ever made the but he was so. I really think it was the last movie he did where he was fully in control of his william that he that his drinking hadn't gotten outta hand. Yet we are certainly drinking a lot he apta, but I don't think it got to him on the found the way it did, but he was a very complicated
yeah and he he had a and he was constantly searching for those, not loyal, and do you know there a lot of that in paranoia and yahia to me and and alcoholics kind of mia paranoid personality, the something that I observed a great deal in my own family, so he avoided it. I never wanted to be salmon. I never work. We will always friendly. He was there encouraging me after we did? The movie he'd call me every once in a while. I'd call him every once in a while. He was very encouraging about me, but first he would say
You sure you want to get into this shit, I'm in the bud, dare by directing button, but he was a very encouraging, but he was tough, nea and indeed say. Sometimes it's it. What the fuck were you thinking of as we have about in many ways: darted direct india they stay in touch with them oh yeah. Yeah then model but we are where we were not close. It was just never, The work that way, I'm not hang out kind of guy in dumb he wanted more than almost anybody could give. You didn't hang out with anybody, except he added a small coterie of very close yeah very devoted friends right and they would drink together. Almost every night, I'm worn oats tell me
is that you know everybody always thinks I'm one of sam's guys. He said I can't he said I love him, but he he's. I can't take it. He said you know those fucking guys they just they get in trouble every night, no larger than that yeah. He says said you know I the old, so was the first movie directed. I did a movie called hard times. You drove ransom, Charlie bronson and Jim clocks. Your movie, that's right street fighting back in the thirty. And how do you feel about down? Well, I I lie yo It got me go on me. I added the movie was well received. Ended did pretty well, so it catches, it got me started. I was very I liked the movie I thought charlie was very good at it. I thought Jimmy was good in it. Yeah charlie and I had a problem in postproduction, his wife Jos, in the movie, and he felt that I had done
not been prickly kind to her in the editing and does so charlie, and I had rather sharp break up on that again to a fair fight. Now I d give me, but but- and I didn't seem fur but certainly destroyed our our relationship with and asked me? Why did you ever worked with him again? That was it s, sort of visually speak So in the end, then you then you sort of on your way, and you do that you do the driver which you work right only a few times dinner well I had written. I had rewritten a script called C4 came down, that right added, but he and I really know each other then we'd mad, but two. Then he, yes, he agreed to do. The driver driver was my second film. It was somewhat experimental in nature in
probably had I not been making another filmed time it came out, would have drop me out of the business, but it was a complete financial ruin. it called failure in this country, but it was about what it was sort of. It was a respected film, though I mean a guy had found an audience right overseas, or it was a. It became a yeah it it did like a cop movie year in it, slowly has built up a reputation in this country. I am happy to say of edgar write. His just may made a movie called baby driver. That is in some ways are really riveted reviewed it he's a great guy he's, a great and very funny with good friends with edgar and I sometimes hate to think what would have happened had I not been shooting the warriors when the driver came out because the reception to it was not very good at
the ugly the dosage studios would send you reviews they would collect them over the weekend. Eric I get in the american reveals its crisis by the size of my phone book came. yeah, I got one good really. I got one fuckin review. There was any good Dave girl, member, very well dave her in the chicago reader, but a beautiful reveal. He got it. Hey at the end, but it was actually very well reviewed in Europe and it was did well Joe you got it. Where did well Japan, and what do you think that Why wasn't me way like if you were to look like really consider it at that time? What was version, I mean
well, I think there were several things I think in the first place, I think the movie just stylistically wasn't particularly audience friendly. Ah, it was a rather abstract way to tell the story. I think also- and I I have no, I think ryan is very good in the movie. I thought he did. Everything is as well as I could ever hope. Yeah and accurate could do with the part. As a writer director, I was very pleased with ryan but I don't think the audience accepted him. I think they wanted the guy. That was in love story. Why they want you, they didn't couldn't accept him in a grittier role. Now they they they didn't. They didn't accept him in the steve mcqueen role. You know, ryan I think that was probably had a lot. Well I suppose you know he had done his previous film had been. The cubic
by our very londonderry libya and that head. I know it's not an easy movie, it's not an easy movie and it was at the time perceived to be not a success. Of that eight I, like ryan, and he He like doing the movie. You know he had like driving her. He was very physical guy. I like it. at the apiary, but he ryan was good boxer and up he worked at. He did he. He fought three rounds three or four rounds with Joe Frazier, a real yeah getting well. I don't know Joe was so you know turning on this beam by still Orion, look quite credible. You know he had. He had the move, shirt sure they knew how to do it. He knew how to do it yeah, but the war there's that was the one that mean. That was the one. When I was a kid I we'd when we're like what the fuck this is, same where guy still remember: it
the power of it. You know it was because we Why don't? I don't know how much we knew about new york at the possibilities of that, but the cat students in everything was just sort of. It was pretty spectacular movie with that guy's name that little guy, he shows up in spitefully movies and stir well. He's scared journey was luther and David Kelly eyes. There, David better Gallagher, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah great always wonderful actor. Yeah we ve gotta worry the media. That moment that is often quoted. I have to give him the credit for women. the car was coming on ice ideologies crisis. We need, I say, You know you see, I'm we. I know I just do a reaction. Is it thanks they will. They wanted me to go right here, check this,
and, as I said, to have think of some fucking thing to say I don't care sing dorm if you want to, but you know, make them know your presence and taught them, and so then I went over to the camera. We were getting what he did do on the next year and then I came back and I saw him of the corner of my eye, so he jumped out of the car and he ran under the pier and he grabbed some old beer bottles that were there just yeah trash here and he ran back into the car, and so I said, okay, ah, it is ready to shoot. Okay, then, let's rehearse one more and then we'll shoot action, as does the clink england clean air, and I thought this is what a real director is about. Is you don't get it middle of this yeah, just just shoot it yeah and dead, but that was very much. You know. As I am It was in a way, it's kind of would direct
do it's what actors are supposed to do you see he deserves the lion's share of the credit. Ah, but at the same time I created an opportunity right sure and- and I was open to something that wasn't in the script, and so I give myself a little I'll give myself twenty then on them and what was the basic where'd you get that story. I mean like those guys with a baseball bat in the make up. I mean obviously yo. I have been to new york, and I you know if that, if that world existed, it was outside of my periphery but yeah. For some reason you wanted it to exist. Yeah it was. I wanted to do something. Good was little, It's sigh fly a little bit. Futuristic but at the same time it had to have the crack reality riot and it's almost musical and some ideas yet costumes here and I just thought of it is. It was crazy place and I wanted to push the ira
There was a scene, it was from a novel by saw yorick novels meant to be. Fairly realistic and it's kind of trotzky. division. The I would say again. But there was a scene: in the novel where one of the characters is reading a comic book and the comic book is these. in a fun story from classy, greek literature and but it was in a comic book. In the end, the characters the book says: hey these guys were just like us. You know they're running away from, and I and I said to myself: that's how to do the movie. Do it like a comic book? Do it do it weird and strange in the eye and let the greek stuff do if, if it's their prey, my wants to see it, but I think really, you know the.
Why did you react away reacted? You ask me. Yeah because I think it was not. You are not unique in me You know this is really something and I think a lot of it was real. It was a movie where, you're. They had made a lot of gang movies before and right, I'm gonna business, but- what was different yeah there we did was we examine, it is a social problem movie. Hitler was just took it. You amplified it to like it out yesterday. The gangs word a rational choice for people in survival situations, and also
gang had their own personality and there are so many of them. You really your excited to see what the theme was and the movie didn't suggested. It was tragic that these characters, we're not gonna, become lawyers, lawyers and writers and graduates, graduates, etc, have accepted them on their own terms, it wasn't a societal problem, they were their own society, that's right and- and I think that was a very different thing at that moment now now it's very common So I guess, but there are still never I've, never seen anything with that. Many gangs, just at each get yo took that old fifties riff of territory to this other agree like they were all the people that had territory, but there were so many gangs and they were so specifically different through their you forms and an you know their their approach to being a game and the warriors were sort of a throwback there like a classic you're. Just a vast right kind of game. and the other ones, or a sort of spectacular,
in any area just created there, yet somehow different. They were the simple crying. Oh just a few internal problems, but basically Young James remarked yeah. He was internal problems. On top of internal problem who, who elected you, war chief yeah? That game was a. I had the harsh voice, yeah remarks very good at it and he was wonderful for me in forty eight hours and wonderful for me and several other films. You know js Jimmy's, a terrific actor. He really is mad cow, very intense, very focused he's. You know, he's he's hasn't and he has now an easy road. Buddies he's yeah is a tremendous talent. I love it and the that started. The role there warriors any go. The long writers and get out we're just so thrown back into the brother thing, the casting other brothers carotene with the quays, christopher guess
in his brother and who is the other one, the other big carryings quaid. the teachers oh yeah. It is. I got a chance to make it wasn't. My first western- and I was happy, is a pig shared. I was just love making love. You need have no horses. I was it. You know I'd I'd, always wanting to make what he asked and I got my first first chance at it. And the casting was your idea. No I'd love to tell your was, but James cage had been in a play, some off broadway thing where he was play jesse James, so he had the notion that it be good doo, doo, movie where he was Jesse James and he went to stacy and said you could be found. I think he said we ought to admit they had all these friends and they said well, you know these guys things, were all related, the yunkers and yeah.
the miller's, and they were all related and they all came from the same area in Missouri. So it's really midway Yeah yeah. It says I said green western, and so they Well, they got an agreement among all the have all these brothers and they got to TIM Zimmerman. Who was an old friend of mine and tim brought brought it all to me and I said well, I think we got a lot of work on the script here. As I always said, you know, we never really worked the story out very well, but there's a lot of good scenes and does the characters are good near now, get their good actors and react very good actors. And then and then, like southern comfort. I remember that coming out his powers, booth was so in time. Some menacing. I don't remember the story, but I remember being scared of the swamp
it was. It was a tough move to make a small was unforgiving and yeah powers and keith s o er. The leads in dough they, both very and and in an and than the huge forty eight hours was a game changer for four movies in a way. Well, you very and I think the of he has for good or bad. I think I I always say this about that. I'm sure there are better movies than forty eight hours. I thought it was a really good one, but I've never I've never seen the movie has been imitated more. I mean it's just well that that the are taking the good cop, Cap thing to do this, this area of comedy where you dont, remove the man ass. You know the stakes are still kind of high. you know was I I don't think that was done very much. You know I I notice not long ago I rewatched like freebie in the bean with a con and arkin that
There was a time where these movies that were set. we comedies there were stole out by is a pretty high body count You know, and I just thought that that that dynamic between the two of them there was a real, I always said: look the. Are we going to make it like a real, tough thriller, yeah? Ah, and if you accepted as an action movie, it'll be very funny yeah. Ah, if you try to tell everybody, it's a comedy they're going to get low mixed up and down and outside. I always everyone making it. I don't play a joke, don't play jokes in others The euro will be very it's in the attitude in character, certainly had eddie, I mean, like you, know that guy eddie wise dressy eddie wishes. There is a perfect moment for him to make a debut view ass. He was coming out of Saturday night Ivan dough. He did something
that there had been a series of people coming, I've saturday night live and having great movie careers instantly. The baluchi bill murray reactors enter at dan, Aykroyd always get it need fabulous crews, but what they had done was they had jumped? from Saturday night alive to comedies yeah any jump to a very different kind of movie. which opened up a whole new world freedom of choices. Here he could make movies bill for his beverly hills. Cop would never have happened. My hat. he just done a conventional comedy right as his debut around my opinion. Rightly book he was able to go eat that gave an edge yeah yeah just be abroad comedy. I know he could credibly yeah carry a gun. Yeah have tough attitudes, mia centred centre, which at that
that dynamic between him and nolte was too much. Nolte is too much he's something else man well you know he he was. I remember when he's the only guy in the world that calls me walt which I don't like, but I quite happy to take it from him, but he do. I came back from new york. I had gone back there to meet eddie because he was shooting yeah saturday night live, and I said I'm going to go with this guy nick, and I said you know he's it is going to be his first movie and he's he's tremendously talented, so he's not an actor. He is not going to be, maybe you'll be an actor but have done the movies over her eye and can need your help, but I'm gonna taste this neck. Ah, it's gonna be like doing a movie with a little kid or dog you, ve gotta be good every take clear because the one take
is good for Brenda yeah, that's not fair, walt god dammit I want to, and I so that's the way it's going to be. Did it turn out that way? I mean Did he well? I've been ways you didn't anticipate dumber one nick was good in every day. you're dead anyway, I eddie was not good and everyday. Eddie was all over the place area, but it's the it's the old thing, you'll use. Good. What bright and use all over the place in that he wanted a rift He was just he was not comfortable, is an area in a rise of very different world for visa, and but you know he was seized- luck the guy's, an enormous you had an old down here and there, but nick was good it will. You know we always I will read it in the movie. We always said at any time eddies and troubled cut neck yeah, because nick was always doing something. Interesting theory was always right and in character, and here at home,
he's in there and they loved each other? They they dig oh yeah late. They got one great, you had nothing Like I don't know he some he's he's always interesting. Tat will you wrote that one in It- I am I wrong and noticing that, like there was some, did you start to sense, I don't know, and you know who you used to send him a tiger fur or your own sense at you. You were. There was a style that to your movies d. Do you believe that in writing and what not remember that debt. When, when remark comes out of the smoke almost like, I remember there was sort of via that you know you could see it. to fire. I can see in the new one. I dont know always know how that happens with director. Well, it's part of the job market. I mean yeah yeah. I do we work very hard about getting the look right yeah, It's always a little difficult. I mean that's two thirds of what you do.
the people are always in others, famous story, tat story, william weiler, who is one of them for five, probably historically most successful important directors in the history ali when and he was always known as this fabulous director of actor. We added the performances and wilder's movies like I think he still is. The record of most nominated performances and things like and they the young actor. That comes over to him and said, sir. My first day, Mister wilder, just like no, what you'd like me to do in this scene and eats it fuck you get in there and act if I tell you it's good or not, if I don't use it, I'm a movie director automatic goddamn, acting coach,
get your ass in. There was the hour and now that's it extremely example, but there There is a kind of a lot of people think what a film director is is is closer to their conception of what an acting right. I think that's right, yeah, you're sitting there talking to the actors about well. Do you think that maybe if he was motivated to do this, writing based on whatever he had you know it's not like you know, you're. I was always very taken by how often actors in discussing working with great directors, whether was hitchcock John ford or our archer or many many years, the one common thing? They don't say they never directed ever doktor right, he's put the gamblers up web
We were pegged by you. You ask about back about begging by me about seventy five percent of the job is casting. He said you cast it right, then you just you gotta, shoot it and shoot it in a good. way stage. We are your pain for them to do the thing that they do right. Yeah he's at its ghastly near at hand, so but italy jew in two of its more complicated now like it. So I think I really think visited actors. Director there's there is a shall we say a natural tension between the two aha crafts actors tend to believe that they can play anything. They there there's they're, not often given enough of an opportunity for the breath, there are, and directors tend to believe that if you seen the person do it before they can't do it Brian and therefore
you didn't want any fuckin mistakes, certainly go out there because the, but because if you make a mistake and ghastly the price you're gonna pay is very high yeah. So if you ve got, somebody can't do the part in a reasonable way. In the way you want to get them out here, and I think you, you know the really The truth is there, both their both wrong actors camp play. Just anything he added. They do have limitations. I think they're right. They can probably play a lot more than their given a chance to write a lot of time. right and the directors wrong there. They are too limiting It often, although there is another, Is he again retargeting cliches? Yes, my fault, but dub. Since during the dark in here, but. Some of the young directors now want to cast against the tide.
Yeah so well in, in my estimation, often foolishly cast so far against the type that the part lacks credibility and thereby giving examples and I want to hurt you boys feeling smooth, but is that part of it? Is that an ironic position I that they're taking I emulating pay? You know that that's the defence, the albania for visa, so how did if you like it and also like I don't want to just say. Obviously we can't go movie to movie by, but you did work with. prior andrea. You work with murphy. Work were prior on bruisers millions. How is that experience? Well, mixed. I probably I was, I think, my when arrogance I had gotten I have the feeling that I could get laughs when I wanted in movies, because we had good does. There was a lot of, humor and the warriors here and the nose lotta, humor and long riders,
and of course, forty eight hours head sure, o but you didn't write that as a comedy forty eight hours, you just thought you you are you shooting at it. You are right in australia, thought we'd get get lab yeah. I just didn't want to play a joke right, but so I I was presented the idea of brewster's millions. I saw that okay, I'm going to show I can do this and yet to have pretty much straight ahead comedy and I, but I think that was part of it, the the other part of it. a lot more positive than that which was, I had a tremendous respect. an admiration, I didn't know, aim for richer, nea and richard at that time had just coming baby had only done one movie since what they, those close to him, always said his accident ensure, and so he was.
in a fragile state of mind. I may add: tat was pretty much constant with him. He was usually either very defensive or very agitated, and But the experience of richard felt that if he didn't take drugs, he probably wasn't funny yeah any also felt that if he took drugs he die tough position. That's about is tougher position and in the problem, is compounded by the persona of John candy, who is in the movie we an enormous part in the movie. Wonderful guy, yeah, wonderful guy, but yeah John was one of these guys susie
to the stage door he was on and he was funny and he loved being fought the crew, and he I need knew everybody's name here and an he would make jokes about. You know your family and their head, he just learned and he was always on and he was just loved and funny a great guy back and very good movie will richard was not an outgoing verse. Richard was very much was very much a performer when he performed but he was not a funny guy just south off in and he would stand a hunched over. He spent most of diamonds trailer, but, but he We would be this can hunched over watching candy gettin. A laugh, yeah, get no laughs with them and they never once around him. So sad, he he kind of try to turn something on with the crew yeah and you could feel it was just ok,
the day I could feel competition and yeah and people would try to laugh because lake and richard would realize they're not really laughing and laughed it off me as I was like yea yea yea, but the farc sad sad. So, but richard liked the movie- and he he'd told me several times that and as years went by and he became very you know, it was one his favorite. He felt I don't think is his best by any means, but I I know why he is because the movie took him on as an actor. He played a comedic a you know. It was. It was a comedic lead.
An active yell right and an he liked that he didn't have to be a low comedian. I guess is right only and have to be the guy and he didn't have to be the yes in and so he had this enormous LEO warmed spot in his heart for the movie is where I used my grateful to that transition pay I think he grew to trust me. Gdr, diy was again a very wary pre out here and he you know I was always bring straight with him. I think in odors always moments where you probably or feathering the truth here, but but but I liked him alone. I certainly I had gone respect for him and does so it was picture did well was-
terribly well received with picture did well and then it became This other thing it became a on tv. It became this. He can be enormous success, haha on the kids loved it. Oh yeah little kids liked it and was so a second, why good, yeah how'd you get involved the aliens franchise I was sitting around the office one day and a guy. I knew mark haggard literally handed me a script through the windows a hot day. Yeah window is open and hey mark say, been looking for a confined the officer, and he said once you read the script and I read the script call him. I said you know it's not very good but better
I think something I and my partner, David Giler read it and David. I remember it was a when the democratic national convention card house carter was gift, giving his speech Adam and David called me, but ten minutes into the speech, and he and he said written the script is the one who gives a shit what's going on in the convention, and he said I read this gazette He had this terrible and I should keep read here and three minutes later. He calls back because I think it was on page thirty, five or some aces. As what you mean. We ought to see. If we can get this here and it was the chest burst precision, so we have this notion if you're gonna take the script, turned the script into a solid something We could get it on that.
you treated a b movie like in a movie made it real slick, air out that it would could be a real commercial movie cause the frame, was there and you like the egg, laying in the stomach thing. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. That was Then instincts were there, so we did the studio and actually already seen the script in past. Now they gonna believe that we wanted. really area they did and now and then game on track to get it, oh and you did a pass on the script. Yeah I did several. I did several passes. I'm the the lead character. Woman worked out. Several things than David came back. He had gone off to hong kong with his girlfriend and
David came back than we did a couple of drafts together. by then the studio it read what we were doing and they were they were now- they they they. They kind of saw what we saw here and then so then the hunt became a first. The hunt became. Who was the filmmaker going to be, and we offered it to about thirty five directors. I didn't want to direct it myself. I didn't think I was really going to be good at the kind of model work. Yeah effects work that right and then this does long before the c g I revelry at all aperture and I didn't think I was either had the patience or or the technical expertise to pull out
and so we offered it out to buy thirty five directors. I think they all pass it's now this and then we said Robert Aldridge and aldridge called called us over. Incidentally, I think the characterization of robert aldrich on this thing that they're doing on television now is a is an outrage and a Travis which won the feud. Oh yeah, daddy, did you know Robert Elrich was a trump is man, courageous man and the idea that they're doing this to his memory and what are they doing to aligning watching other in a week.
I second rate director who didn't even develop the property, which is an outrageous lie here and there presenting him as this week, vacillating person that does whatever the studio wants him to do. He does whatever the sleeps, with the leading ladies dude make the film go a little smoother takes orders from the actors on the set. I mean it's especially robert aldrich. This is one of the toughest guys in the history, the gill and they just took a liberties. They took leave humbly, take their taking unbelievable liberties. I just I that everything is all right was the pressure, the directors gill for a couple of terms goddess every director in the guild is indebted. Robert already got the greatest breakthrough. Contracts have been locked up,
for two weeks with lou waterman slugged it out and got the greatest advances we ever got in our creative rights and react, minimums, etc, and two too Do this to the reputation of that? I am all for the first amendment. you know. I don't wanna be a sensor area and I want to say that you can't do something, but I think to do this to the reputation of a guy that didn't do anything would make really good movies and gave his whole life to thee. american film area is to me without purpose and shameful yeah shameful. I can't see that's just a service, a story. The ended servers, the story in a child- usually melodramatic way in my
It's a shame. I wonder if his family's pushing back at all or well. I have his daughter called me as matter of fact this morning, I rarely. I guess it's one of the reasons I'm heated up about yeah yeah they're in great pain over it. You know it's a shame. Do you know it's millions of people watch this? They, You might be there only exposure to this guy you're right right it's gonna be the memory of robert aldrich to millions of people who, otherwise don't know, but his career ryan does not just thickets, it's it's not illegal, I guess and all add, but it shameful. I think I'm going in writing. Somebody ought to say it. Shameful reacts, argues them you're, the guy. I guess now? I'm the guy and they're they're calling him by name in this in the militia. That's too bad! It really is sorry what Well, you will you he had the aliens, oh yeah, and he said
The I use it. I liked it was duffle guy yeah, and he said I like the script. He said you know it's a b sc, he got the you got the the monster and you got and yet a patrol movie yeah. He said you know no end. He said, do you know he's a I? I know how to do this. Said, though, by said the movie will succeed or fail on the conception beast. We gotta come up with something really unique and any said is it I dunno just off the top of my head. Not be a good idea, but You're really maybe get like an orangutan and shave it and we got a guy mighty that's where we hadn't thought, oh and that Now then dead train this autumn. vision and we just
because you know you shouldn't say it very much lobbies and some it's gonna be really weird range, and so we owe I thought really did a wonderful job, Bob agreed: do the movie within a had a movie come out a well heaved hid, couldn't shoot the movie in england worth movie, where fox might make it because he couldn't leave the residency, the directors great right right. So and on too ridley who'd David had seen the duellist at the can film festival and was very impressed with it beautifully shot. Sound work was great so readily like the script. he came over and loud. You give from a shaved rang attained to the air geiger stuff. Well the I guess I wasn't kind in my assessment of the original script with the fellows the wrote, the original script ya head were familiar,
with giggles work, gave work. Sorry, I end they showed us the pictures and then and the picture books of of giggles work we showed it readily and really offices islands or sylvia and show it from there. and you are, you- are involved with all of the media, indirect, the first one, but obviously a big part in the script and then add pretty. I was involved in the first three yeah, I'm listed as one of the producers on everything since but fox, and I got his usual yeah. We got in a fight with the studio and we negotiated settlement yeah, we're still listed as producers by their insistence, but we
still maintains motor ship in the franchise, Jim Cameron direct right here- that's right, yeah I saw Jim just monday. Sadly, a bill paxton's memorial, he he unpacks them is in here two weeks before he passed talking to me, I ruined bill at my doctor's office with some irony. I hadn't seen bill in a couple years bill. Very good friends. Great guy Wonderful got yeah yeah you're here you're a moment with him was wonder. Oh I'm so happy. It happened, then! Well it it really got the essence of him too. I mean okay, that's that's the way. It was at great good to hear yeah, sweet guy man just a shame, real sad. I want it like. I, like, I really like the movie geronimo. I now want to tell you thank you. I don't know where winter, how did but death I well yeah not didn't do well for a couple of reasons.
But he had done you know I was. I was very pleased with it. I thought the accomplish what we wanted to near a compilation. Does I thought the story was moving one here and do I thought the camera work on? It was, done and I got looked beautiful, either right, good score. Wa. Why are formed he's great? are you friends with him sure how's he doing he's doing great? living over there in santa monica gagnon and though he tours and air in all haste, the wizard deca- eight, maybe
most talented person. I've ever worked with, I mean I, I always say that about rye he's, you know he's he, he lives wonderfully inside his own head and and he lives in this world of music and he's wonderfully adaptive of taking the strains of great american music here and then making it. Uniquely his one year and he's a joy yeah he's a joy yeah he's a real real gift to music. I you know your needs. There's such a huge catalog to sort of like get to know him through I like that movie jason Patrick. I was great magician, good in emilius, as it is doing something about that guy. I don't know him, but ever since I saw documentary about the making of apocalypse now and they. You melias yoni like frances had can
it's as it were, making the first film to win the nobel prize in there such a swagger to his writing? In like I just I like that thing, always wonderful red rose, they did my generation of screenwriter. I think good. Do John John scripts read the best. If you wanted to read a script. Yeah John was the absolutely them most powerful store, dollar, he wrote beautiful scripts air. Is he too? Has he done he's got health problem. They have prevented him from working in the last few years, ah so now that the new one d get up to speed the assignment. De I hear you already little trouble with that or no I guess the movies been attacked
I have roundly. It's also been defended. Yeah, I hasten to point out, but but there are people that felt the movie traded. ground. That should not be examined. The movie was roundly criticized forty, who was not had not seen it was even made, but the subject matter was perceived to be verboten by several people. When they didn't want in the first place. It is not a movie about transgender in our, it is, it is, be, I'm sorry, have you seen yeah yeah yeah. Well, it's a. It is a movie that deals with genital alteration and do given itself clearly a horror, trope inmates it it's over. It's a revenge, Ziad comic book. It's a take
You know something creepy, there's a lot of elements in there that are very familiar to everyone, but that turn that bizarre, turn of that script. where this vengeful doktor neo gets back at the man who killed her brother. In this bizarre away, is it's like you can't be seen as a rule connected to reality on some level? No, I mean further and I don't even negative disservice to either characterized the male or female care. Well, I am a great believer. The dove like where why? What is the fundamentally the most important thing that any director story, teller can have met. His sympathy for the human condition is, is ultimately sounds Grandiose but yeah, it is the fundamental now you may approach it through me. Different ways, the approach it through comedy or serious drama
or irony or car, but I leave both in the movie pits. a trained medical doctor, who's, also an intellectual who has a agenda. And has a tragic past herself against the lowest form of criminal. Darwinian survivor on. Do you wanna go back since favorite raises food chain jane. They don't come any lower than frank kitchen, and these two diametrically opposed types are thrown up against each other. In a double revenge thing and movie. Finally- seems to me shows sympathy and elevates both characters yet again through a comic book format. Yeah graph. It is graphic now that the term I call road.
It started as a graphic novel didn't start started, a dennis, Hamel wrote a script, wrote historian script in nineteen. Seventy seven yeah and I read them- and I was a guy- does, however, an idea end up, I didn't I didn't do a goddamn thing for fifteen years. It was then I option did and I co wrote a script which I didn't go right. This and I never really do anything with it. I just abandoned it and gave these story back to dennis and then another ten years went by and I was stumbling around the basement and IRAN crises original, and I thought you know. I love this. This thing,
and suddenly and it's one of those holding any by ever. Believe you, when you say, had been here within about an hour I added I figured out How I wanted to do it, and now I knew certain things I was going to get a big budget I wanted Neo nor I wanted to do a comic book I want to do. It is a kind Votes somewhat larger version of one of the tales from the crypt react that I had done in the past, where you take nasty people or pit them against each other and leave them and chastened condition via, and so I think the film accomplish that I I've seen it with audiences. They seen it seems to play very well yeah and do, but I again. Ah, the movie is within a certain off center,
man, it's not very realistic. It has nothing to do with transgender andean dub. It's kind of way. There's a lot of there's a lot of would be humor entered as well as yeah, the little love, especially the stuff between scorning and shallow antonia, again where's the graphic novel come into this. You wrote one while I was in an. I turned the script in when I'd finished my version of the script here I gave my agent. He had well Jesus Christ nobody's gonna, make the and the great and good news yeah wasted will like I was I was on my way to munich. They were doing a retrospective of my movies.
The munich festival. Has it all your way back from munich? Stop in paris said. I know a producer there. Maybe he'll go for it. He's kind of an odd guy. He'll go for the chance, yeah go for it, so I did I stopped embarrassed and while I was in paris and and it turned out, he was quite right. Yeah, the french producer said been said. I decided to back the movie as long as I promised that I would make it very quickly and very cheaply yeah and that we got some kind of name casting in it. And at the same time I saw I had written another graphic novel a year or so before a gangster piece which I had which was published in france, and so I called up the the publishers and said I've got another one here that I think probably make graphic novel they agreed and so have Simon.
Previously. The graphic novel started hath been put together and he used some elements of that in the film from comic panels and yup yeah. Absolutely, and I and it was it's definitely a a genre piece. It is indeed yeah. Who is? It was in another sort of was the concept to to take that sort of thing movie, vibe, vibrant, elevated, again,. de as I'm not even sure, elevated In writing. It is the euro zone. Is somebody says this is low, and this is a word I say absolutely. It is yeah. You know, that's that's part of the fun of it. I think, Michel's very good in it. I think securities very good and very probably acting and Emily.
michelle that's. Her name was joey reagan, yeah yeah, she's, great yeah. As usual, everybody told me all she's, you know very difficult, you don't want to cast her and we met for lunch, and I said everybody tells me not to cast you because you're so difficult out, fuck them, and so we talked about. I liked her right away. She's. She really is a very. She comes from a very hard background and she is a real off the streets groans at the end of the lunch she stood up and she said well said I dunno who the fuck you're going to cast this thing, but I'll tell you one thing: guy or girl, you're, never gonna. I awaken handled guns better than me and she walked away and she was right, I of course cast and and how do I shoot? I'm like yeah like quick and fast way? It was an all digital, oh yeah yeah. We didn't use fail me. I was it's it's digital well,
How do I feel about it? I've always I'm not! That was directors that likes lots takes here so that wasn't. Definitely a challenge, but at the same time, in all I'd like to add another five days or sure something like yeah and other, neither so the money you asked think you could do you know movies. Is he then in the end you know they're, never everything that you want them to be yeah. They have problems here. Do you think he could have done this? A little better? That's happened or you know, but I I certainly think I want to do something very neo, nor I wanted to do again within the graphic novel framework I want to work. We women, so many of my films. People
say, yeah very masculine director and will add. So you know it's that human instinct, that whatever people say you are sure. the I asked the tourist route and there it is the less nobody makes movies it. Please everyone. the outer there there's that's just not in it And- and you should never complain- I've had a very lucky career. Don't ever complain about this to the there's. A great quote that I probably going to get wrong. Yeah Dr Johnson, saying that that we we come uncalled into the arena to seek our fortune and hazard, disgrace and that's exactly right? Nobody asking you here, you came into it. You play the goddamn cards, your dealt in. You take your chances, yeah. I guess I come and necessary outlets right in you. You know you do which, again with what you got
you take it it's an even whether it's from store I mean warriors guide. I mean that people are getting killed right, yeah! No, we know that's right. You know somehow, where they always say the same thing here. The the the biggest trick is to stay in the game and I've been. I can't believe I've actually been a director now for over forty years and I've been making a living in
the town for fifty years showbiz showbiz year. And what do you got coming up? I have just the option: optioned a play that was off broadway, another female lead becoming a director of women and I'm working on that script. With the author of the play, what play it's called bethany and it's laura marx is the m, a r k s nah, not like Carl, and is the author of the play and we're it's a psychological thriller I guess for lack of a better. Oh cool excited about it. Yes, more great was certainly a greater honor. Talking talk, india, Mister Hale, Well, thank you again and thanks for the day bills memorial, they they played summit.
Oh really hard golly. I think they asked us it s my eyes to them. Ass, it was, you know it, it helped in form, and it was It was terribly moving movingly, the service for those of us that knew him. He was a very special person, while I'm sorry for your loss, and you know, and then I was a. I was thrilled that that I got this in that time of them- and I honoured that they used it well, I think it so Your show with him is going to be in a probably the most fitting to my dear do those that want to look back now, you mom guy, I I provided that sure great talking to you. Thank you that was exciting right, we'll hissed, Before you, what What an amazing life you gotta deputy, a positive outcome, swash tour. I've got it more dates coming up, madison wisconsin this week, Milwaukee many
was this saturday for the special, then, a little later in a few weeks after they got philadelphia, And Washington dc those good, the area and the area gotta devotee of baghdad com, slash tour for that gonna, w tia. dot com to pre ordered a new book waiting for the punch words to live life. The w tia podcast like play some dirty guitar. I brought the that the the magic in government out here plug it into an old thing. The
and the yeah. bomer labs.
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