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Episode 816 - Senator Al Franken

2017-05-31 | 🔗
Marc travels to Washington, DC for a conversation with his old radio co-worker who now happens to be a United States Senator. Al Franken takes Marc through his start in comedy with Tom Davis, his fifteen years at SNL and his emergence as a political leader. The Senator works through the challenges of the Trump Presidency, gives his impressions of fellow Senators and explains how his career in comedy helped him in politics.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the voters, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck in years, what the fuck it Alex what's happening? I, mare, and this is my podcast w tap. Welcome to it I imagine a lotta people tuning in today for the first time because of my guest senator outbreak in from Minnesota yeah how Frankie The hilarious, our franklin and a very decent and engaged in active, senator a graphic senator from this data minnesota. Mr Al franking senator how frame Can I talk to him in d c and I know I d or to an end because its I used to have a conversation. I don't have a lot of. specifically political conversations here on the shy, did talk to a president president, obama. But this is,
The first dumb senator think this a first sitting senator I've had on I, these diverse senator I've had on at all really india and excited about it, because our has a new book out and it doesn't. It does inherently scores of we mean we talk about politics only because aus book debates, a memoir, it's it's a memoir. The book is a memoir and it's called out frank and giant of the Senate you can get it now. You get books but yeah I go and I've known our long time. In some degree, we were at air america together, but also as a kid, huge ban of Alan S. Now and Any time I saw him appear anywhere. I thought he was hilarious. He is hilarious. He eyed I wait for him to be. Funny get him and I want- and I just wait for it to be funny- and I remember when when he became a senator outside our boy
now he's not funny any more any so specifically funny and this book china, the senate, is funny and its. It goes to the full can I talk to you about a lot of different things by talk about his wife and I talk about here is, evolution comedy I didn't realize you started as a stand up buddy. No, he s dead time at the comedy story. Didn't know about the euro, personnel from his point of view and how he evolved out of that india what service is all in the book, but he doesn't give short shrift to his comedy career and what implied the time he was in it, and also once you became a cat percent it and then what became a senator it threads through it all his comedy career is important and does become for fourteen. James liability, but he d, doesn't it hasn't dismiss it needs very proud of any should be because he's a abroad committed mind, but it's us
important to have AL there. Thou in the senate at this juncture in history is very important because A decent guy- and he he believes in american decency, and he believes in helping americans in a real way in a practical way, and he talks about that and I'll tell you this book. If you read the book It is almost a primmer fur to get into politics, and I it's something I think we should all do. I am at whatever level we can believe me, I am guilty of being disengaged lazy, even apple eric at times but I do what I can so beat before I get to or into my rambling cause. I I do want to get down cause. I know people are here to listen to our cause. This is eyes rare sort of our along chat without, but I'm gonna be doing it again,
I'm going to be interviewing owl in front of a live audience tomorrow june. Second, at the book expo in new york city at the javits center, the following day me and Brendan Mcdonough will be participating in the book con in the same place, the javits center during our stick our books, you of your in new york, come to either above those events, so fucked I dont get into fraid much of the policy about tell you, man. The others real heroes out there. some real heroes out there that some of them are giving their lives to Maintain decency and an in law in order to some degree and the pursuit of truth and dumb Creasy yeah by rapporteur gets beaten up, and its celebrated by certain people. You know that's not that's not american there's there's a theirs. type of belligerent immoral via will fully ignored. Proud. We dumb
drain. Behavior going on now. It's not stop political, it's not american, it's fun, in crude, and it's just dangerous. Why you proud of that. So There are some unsung heroes. The journalists right now are taking up a lot alive. of their wives and energy to provide a check on the government that needs to be there as we don't have a lot of outlets, there's got checks and balances, and you know to be there on real journalists who are just working for truth, it's weird man, this brother, Nancy is probably the most transparent presidency certainly in my life, just by virtue of journalists doing their job. Ministries does not wanted to be transparent and its, it's where we can see right into it
I do want to say you say a few words about these people that have stepped into the fray to protect other americans from hate and violence. You have two people died in in portland doing there thing: one guy was injured, doing the right thing, getting another american from a lunatic, radicalized by white nationalist american white nationalists. We gotta get each other's baxter. as you are those who believe in america in the eye, You have tolerance in the idea of mercy, the eye- of charity. The idea of everybody having a shot yo I'd, edward, being a free life in their dream of of diversity, of the things that make america interesting and great and strong. Those of us who believe that new are at odds with the belligerent, immoral, violent wilfully, ignorant price
we dumb anti american forces that just steam role the the evolution and progress of democracy so you got you might have to get dirty might have to step and you might have to speak up. You should, but think about talking now is you he does it and he does it from the united states Senate. We all have a part to play Oh part, is the little bit so. After reading else book, I laughed ike I'd. I grew with him as he became a civil servant, a senator who is deeply rooted and believes in helping working with the people of this country in Minnesota his state helping people that have less or do not get the services.
Needed and in ways the poor, the d a disenfranchised he does. He does things that a d inter progressive democratic Anybody american should do here, storage, those things and obviously now the the government is tilted in directions. Highly polarized, so he's got his work cut out formed by the interest thing about out, you know got endurance, he's, got persistence and he's got drive. And he's one of the most active members right now, the democratic side of the Senate, in terms of seeing him speak up in and confirm, like to watch him deal with that question. Jeff session centres, she is during his confirmation hearing. I was profound, an amazing thing that led to the ultimate refusal of sessions in this sum, investigation into the administration's collusion with russia. So you know government, as is exciting and- is challenging and
to be cut out for it in you, gotta stay in it and you gotta believe in it. frank and does and I am proud of him, I'm proud easy! A! U s senator and you know it it's amazing- to see somebody revolved out of show business and to were you'll find his heart in look service and it was great to talk to him. This is me and I'll franklin. book is called the Al Franken giant of the senate, and it was. It was great. I was able to sit with him at his chief of staff. In d c and d. We had about an hour and then get out and do some things senator thinks So this is this. Is me now senator out the
we just like the one behind me sure cause I'm very eh. I need a pivotal. Thank you, young man, yeah. I still do voices, oh that's great yeah, even though I'm funny hours, Yes, good after five years, So let us be honest with you senator I can't I Didn't quite finished a book? I am about twenty two pages shy now zodiac, but at the end, is there some practice Well, the solution to all the world's problems that can be enacted quickly is is actually on the last page yeah. I knew it would be there yeah. No, thank god. Thank it's all a word or are going to work out. I want stay out of ever told you, this story, lantos, distorted sure. When I was a kid
There was a. I went to a camp with a kid who's or whose father worked at NBC, so I must have been fourteen or fifteen he was going to. I was big fan, now? I wanted to me John bullshit, so he set up. Might my grandma goldie from new jersey? I flew into I was visiting her and she took me to NBC. Okay go away, mean goldie. Where we went up to thirty rock. We went up we're going to meet John belushi. We go to the waiting area and we're waiting and some guy comes out with a big jew fro in glasses. It's you yeah and your giggling a little bit. I don't know what happened just beyond the door. You came out of her, but do you like it at a comedy, show yeah, so it could have been a good bit. Someone says something funny right: yeah. I wasn't implying that either, but you said John, so that he can, he can't come out. So I was sent in the area of I'm sorry, it's our and your fourteen vs, like I'll, tell the fourteen year old kid foolish things, I'm twenty years. As you know, warmer
been whatever. Seventy seven. Ok. Well, I make sense assure the egg was moody, aurelia, yeah yeah, yeah I get in and out cranky here very great. I mean he knows. we seven I'm sure by then he was doing too many right right and that he was killed, this moody albanian, any yeah. But one see I don't love. You know this, but people who are addicted to drugs get extra moody sure when they don't have their drugs or the horrors laptop or something like tat and familiar with that, I remember actually wants I think it is probably the next year Kate jackson, I think was her hosting added- does matter who's hosting. But he was really in bad shape and in dress rehearsal, Jim down, and I had written a peace and John just
terrible in it and didn't know his lines right, so I said the downy between dress there. Let's go to johns dressing room and just run the lines. william and Jim kind of was reticent to do it, because what was she was on the good mood go in there and then I go John. I notice that you were unfamiliar with the lines and the sketch and he's just get out of here. he put his fist up and, and Jim looked at me, I went he's not in I just I just looked atoms. Are you actually hit us he's? Just and do that he does not convey it. I said I'm john hunger read out: three, the lines to you. So when you say them on the air they'll see familiar to you,
when the first one I've actually so that's all. We did. We just kept running the lines, but he wouldn't, You are right, but but downing I would just did this cat, for him, so that when we were there on the air with sound familiar to and did it I got it was better. I think we had done. Eggs are job, so I didn't know a lot of things in the arm. I do comedy- and I use the word I know I work at the comedy store and I saw a frank and in Davis on the wall at the comedy, so I never really I knew you must have been there at some time, but I didn't the whole arc of of your committee career but like before I start Like you grew up in minnesota. Now your father, we hear what was his business. well, he was a printing salesman for the most of the rest of his career. He said working when he was sixteen thursday died and he never even graduate high schools. We never had a career as such, but we
Move to minister went out for years all because, moved a little town Albert Lee, minnesota rather minnesota to open a quoting- three and my grandfather, my mom's dad had equipping factory and we moved abrogate open, quilting factory and it failed and a factory makes quilted fabric. russia's for any use, any user lines. You can make bedspread thy ferry lines when our coats was made. What it was used for in those days and the we failed after two years and then we're in well that we moved up to saint louis part, minnesota the jewish suburb sort of twenty five percent jews, but any religion oda. That's now were a very jewish, but in that right I'm not devout role at this was called saint jewish part.
By the light for people yet and us out an ice people of minister allow. Now we color that ourselves. Fairness is twenty: five percent, jewish, the town, the suburb, the suburbs, and that a minute It is a status that is very good we moved up there, but when I was like I dunno my teens or something when I finally thought about, I said dad: why did we move to and why albert lee briefly, I said: well, your grandfather might might there. with a new yorker and all said, inhaled a pipe throughout the attired alive Your grandfather wanted to start an open of factory in west and the railroad went through our but Lee, and I said why ok whited fail it throw out badly, but it wouldn't stop it that was funny use of terrible best span, aided nobody you now and then he became a printing salesman and he was
swedish guy you know it's why I listened to Dana and to ever heard that one and Springsteen and I know that you have a difficult the relationship with your father and Dana. Of course, did they yeah that thing that yeah and I'm just that my dad was the sweetest guy and he was very funny, I'm really lucky yeah and that's why I think that you're, probably a sweet, more grounded? Fellow, I I like to think so. I really wanted to be a dad, be always because my dad was such a great dad yeah and you know, and they don't have the absent dad, either emotionally or physically chip on your shoulder. I don't have Certainly don't have that chip yeah. Now it's funny not wonder by am, but I don't have my dad was such a sweetheart, it's funny because that train. Think as you actually worked on, a dissolution later in life around there, and the arab world are being called cap captive, shipping yeah, which is the railroads and joy
I came a monopoly in this country. Annie do and so they kind of can not ship or not ship. Your stuff as is really affect you, gotta pay them to stop there yeah, and if you want to put a complaint, to the surface transportation board the auditors who oversees the railroads it used to be like of money like twenty five thousand dollars, and david vigour senator from Louisiana who he and I never saw I'd. I anything we worked on the thing to get down the three. Really did a file, a complaint for three or parts of your grandfather had opened a business after you fixed it. We might have been able to file a complaint. Get an ice might have grown up now. Briefly that right and get those quilts out to the world.
Yet poor thing, quilting fab, I'm sorry power, that is, I've. Gotta get her stuff right when sputnik went up my parents Everyone was petrified you're too young for this, but when sputnik went up the russians now we're ahead of us in space and had nuclear weapons right and so everyone was petrified. My parents marched us into our living room. Sat down said you, boys are going to study math and science, so we can beat the soviets. I thought that was a lot of pressure to put on a six year old and which I, but am eyebrows eleven, but we knew we were very will be hit sands, and so we say math and science, and both of us are very good at it and he got in the mit is a first and family go to college and he actually graduated with a degree in physics, but he was disgusted I, the vietnam war and saw the light of what m I t did with its physics, make stuff to kill people, and so he became
and anywhere activists and was jean mccarthy's photographer of aids. We traveled with them and the way I am in fact I went to it when I was a junior in high school. I went to Milwaukee to watch him, the watch, mccarthy and and swear? I sought Nixon on that trip and l b J dropped out during the trip, really yeah wisconsin primary Anyone highschool yeah will you it's. I did about politics yeah they were well. I was you know I was very against vietnam right. What got us is, what got me interest in politics was the civil rights right and we watch the news every evening. It was either cronkite or Huntley Brinkley. We sat and we sat in front of the tv with trade tables and
and a debt as a family as a family, and my mom was a great cook. We didn't have tv dinners, we had really good dinners, but we watch the new, and when the civil rights movement was happening and southern sheriffs with demonstrations put billy clubs and fire hoses and dogs on demonstrate is my dad would point to the tv they now jus can be for that now you can be for that, and I was of that was a very big lesson. Witches politics is about justice. My dad had been a jacob Javert Republican, a liberal republican. They used to be such a thing, and haste switch to ban a Democrat in united sixty four, because berrigan water was a nominee and he had vote against this rights act. So some rights movement was the first thing. I got me really engage
in politics a family. Deciding fact well was: My mom had been a democrat. Also was my dad, so at the point when you feel like you as the sixties, go on and end things give very heated and poor rise in the country in young people or you know, protesting and everything else. when you initially started doing comedy. Did you have heroes that were fighting the power was a part of the intention that you thought this was the best way to do this. Now, just like comedy and we like satire and so Tom, and I this Tom Davis men hi, go on. We started doing lacked and we did a lot of Nixon. We just thought nixon was hilarious, and so we would do so much nixon that if Nixon was talking, Kissinger Tom was Nixon. Yet if Nixon was talking to David. Eisenhower has sent us a son in law, I'd be Nixon, YAP is Tom.
daring there. He will aim. Just made sense are both of us did Nixon interact. which was stupid if you think about it, but somehow it worked and he started when you in high school, the two yeah yeah we star in in chapel yeah. Oh really, here's the deal that prep school year I went to public school through. The end of junior high. My brother goes to mit so my parents, who think education is everything figure that now he's gone to college he's the expert on education yet So my brother unbeknownst to me cause my parents call my dad. Says Alan should go to harvard not mit here because, everybody's, a walk in a nerd here, but the wants and nerds were best. Prepared here, want private private school there much better, prepared so
I didn't hear that I didn't know about this conversation till years later, but my dad comes to me. While waiting does alan- you're going to take a test for a school for smart kids. I go well case markets that sounds good so I'm at our town's, okay, yeah, and so I go to the campus there and take this test with a beautiful campus, and a few weeks later, Alan. Yet you pass the test for the small school for smart kids, Zayigo kay and, and I've gone. You know I've been from first great on with this group kids in public school. I kind of like the idea, but again obedience on so there about a week before I go to the school. All I did they haven't. Ambassador show me around and
I want to say the kid as he was from a kind of one of the old families in minneapolis, but he was not a smart kid it was kind of a mouth breathing area. So this is them. Was rio already ended on her, and then he tells me you know you have to wear a coat and tie. I go I while as weird ok, I could do that you have to play a sport, Ok, I can do that. They have soccer yeah, ok I'll! Do that you. We have chapel in the morning chapel chapel. Happily ngo area, and it was a school founded like ninety or one for prized and boys, yet so but I didn't know the boys part until he said other in all that we have a sisters. Were there no girls and I go what a girl. So I go down in the parking lot my dagger saw. How did you like it, and I go I'm not going I'm not going here goes well. Why
they're no girls than it does now. Well. We ve paid the deposit back back, and so I go to the damn school because the deposit, and so go there and the sun in chapel yeah and there are all these protestant hymns, mighty or is are gone and anne and onward christians and I dont seeing them as such wish and I we didn't know them that. You have them knowing him. No one, you can figure amount, so I'm just not, but this week in and we get our first test back from math have teacher had given sir, but just a test to see how, where we were, I was really good at math and science is
The intention still was to be the soviets media and I got the top scorn on the class at the school for smart grids and so he says mister frank and would you stay after class and I go ashore and I'm thinking he's gonna say like it's great avenue my math mind here or something like that basis to me. Instead, everyone's laugh, I notice you dont sing the hymns and I go. Oh boy
yeah and I say well, yeah, I'm jewish and I feel, like you know, maybe be like sac religious yeah. You know I just was trying to think anything air and he says: aha, do you want to go to a good college? Don't you wow? Oh yes, yes, I do, and your math grades will really be important for that one day and I go yeah. I'd sing the hymns he said so like the next day and chap Andras guy onward christian. So I don't really care here and actually I kind of like fire sure am and the here's what chapel was the apples became my comedy career cause ass at the end of chapel, there'd be announcements and Tom Davis did an announcement with
Some other students, you knew him before that right now, I didn't ask for me: I saw him in chapel yard, was hilarious and so after tat, well he's a year younger me and I after chapel and went up to him and I went you're really funny and a sick. You know tell me about the announcement said. So what it ended up was that when Franklin Davis was born- and we is the chapel announcements. So chapel is like the best thing that ever happened to me at the beginning and tom and I started doing do you know, started doing every announcement. People wanted us to do announcements as a team thing as a team, and we did every you know every influence whether was laurel and hardy Johnny Carson or whatever we yet and we did parities of things a member we did like if you gotta homecoming europe. Now, if you don't go,
I'm coming eels, women that in the box- and I was cool hand hook, or something like that. I was the hit of brother Martin. That was my abs, a bad strother. Martin struggle, Martin hosted the damn show, you know: did he yeah? He was use amazing actually in its searching. He may well right yeah how what like first second year, somebody like that wild man. I think these are first host actually did die However, I am very well when you do show yeah. I guess this is so when you do show, is weird when you're on this planet earth right that people die when you're old enough to know people who died out. So I was rather was the first, die when the show was still lie there. While so, So when do you start like youtube? You work with Dave, obviously, during the summer and stuff in when when does it become a thing that you can make money at? When do you start? Working in italy made money fairly soon we worked at this place. Called the brave new workshop
without a guy hippy coffeehouse kind of little sort of that, not so hippy very many yeah. I am at the time and just a just it. It was an improv based comedy clovers, like third city. It was like second city with second city because they were new york is nineteen. Seventy. This is sixty eight sixty nine rights- are going there while we're highschool. Was there going right they would do a show, and then they do an improv said just like that and said he I and they were actually trained by dealt close. Who train the seconds the grand wizard of improv exactly, and so Tom and I just kept going to the improv sets which were free. So you go there and we start to get to know the guys and they had the equivalent of an open mike night yet and they would let you get up on stage and
met, dudley rig, sue. It started the place and deadly watched us, on a monday night and said you guys are great and we start doing. Chose there like to manchester hey you do as he had to say. Then he suddenly at two visitors were introduced. Scripted bits, yeah yeah, like what three or four bits there you go back of the other unopened midnight. We did. I We did our worth greenhouse gas right was a tragedy catastrophe highlight tonight's news after this message: well, the stock market close today, for good and now with the weather barney in our own murray, vow temperatures up to ten thousand degrees I'll call you tomorrow low of three thousand: don't get one thousand brows yet you know I mean it was and it killed it kill and it was yeah. It was a local news show and that was actually part of the package that we submitted,
ass, an owl later later in, I guess in seventy five. So once you working? How do you get to allay? We will what makes you say hi to allay you did we had, from many hapless daily. Kids, don't do that. We were eighteen, nineteen it now it was all we are older. I was in college, but now I think it was my before my senior year of college and We were doing chose during the summer at dudley. And getting paid- and I was so again on the street through further city? Might suburb said jewish parts yeah and and Then we decide pat profit. a really really funny rider. He wrote the police academies, wrote one of the writers and naked guns, really really funny guy joke guy a joke. I yes
He had been started. Do stand up at the comedy store and music while you guys come out, and so we actually had a friend who is going to the moyne a week right in the morning. The Stuttgart lumps out and got a ride. We got a ride it's a sacramento all the way, all the way to sacramento in a truck with a guy with a family guy. Now is one guy here figured he needed some help and wanted to go straight through. and I remember he had a hole in the under an floorboard you can say it's throat. No, no, no, no yeah, where you went right away, know the guys name the hole in their throat to get you guys. Yeah. That thing. Can so buddy at home. Floorboards on passengers rights and I mean
him sleeping in the back and tom, insisting on driving while we're going over the mountains and was freezing right yeah. I was getting all this really cold anyway. That was going on for the comedy store and then it took us quite a while to get from Sacramento to l a right. But then We slept on a couple, couches paths and we went up and difficult me store, for maybe it was actually first sammy. So this was an x the two seventy one set, so yeah yeah already biodiversity to write, so he or she took over the store, yeah yeah any you're, always air like what was going on there. Were you when you got there. What did you see any? If I can't remember charlie flasher started, and I just an try. Manette then africa by went back premium see store at while primacy That was only just a few days out a few days and
enough, so that we kind of established ourselves on the united people out does there's this team franklin Davis comedy Billy s out there. We went out to harvard for my last year: I'm came out for the for the spring to Boston. boston state in my room and go down on weekends too. They improv work, the improper bud. Freeman was there and That was weird like Freddie prinze, the untouchables or Jay leno would come to right. Jay Leno came down from from Boston. Actually when we did too and coffin, he saw Andy Kaufman there, yeah man, you know kaufman was going and then after college bomb back out two colonies. Door, and then we are for the Sami midsummer transition, and but then I was gave cap one staring at him out Jimmy walker, the Jimmy walker? Yet
there was in new york to an end, so you know all that era. When I was the very beginning Jimmy walk over the he went out there in them, but open the place in in down a male rose. I can save. You know what I found that place for you did. Was the ash grove and there were the pitcher players, who were an improv group come down from San Francisco bought. ash grove and then fat there was failing, and I knew that and we used to perform their with a credibility gap the harry, sheer, might became dave lander and there are great and we'd perform that the old ass grove. And then, but they were folding. And then I came out time and I came out here, a gig in new york or we're doing. Improving the oregon bud said: do you know any place in a way? I said: yeah, the old age group there showing that and then no finder's fee. Nothing
Why don't you remember you tell him he bright. I will remind I'd how you'd I remind them, so you connection. If you deal with Mitya your deal with that night in iran at the appropriate time. I want how good for you sail So let s try to your grandfather, damsels. Since the summit, I have not tried it, every time you can always go back. I know but also how are these Dana lane and then that and then in what? What takes you to the essen out tom, and I are doing the clubs Where did you deal with committee? That did you doing here? Thou admits, in fact, we are therefore the strike right. Member One guy paid me there when Steve le big yeah yeah boy that was terrible, that's taking comedy to serious yet jumping off the building, You were there, though, during that destroyed thing, where you at meetings that united, not by the strike Tom and I kind of move gaudy at our doing gigs at the ice house, sure and other places, and also that we got it,
agent in the mid west and doing colleges in the mid west. Four five hundred a pop, that's good, yeah. We went around volkswagen ban and how and with the act there was, I have an hour hear me like that. now we really joy do in air and we're getting paid we're getting paid, but it was we had. Some of these are weird that we're gigs here, just small college turn midwife exist. Those kicks the concerns. They can do those again. If you want, I emailed they were. It was a lot of fun and but we move moved on from that. An arm and the u s ear: when does the dead start, coming india allow right after we moved away from from harvard from Boston, that's one that yeah, but Tom was a dead at any time. Introduce me the dead,
and we just love the dead, the island we just went to our concerts but you really stuck with it. I mean he stuck with the dead along time. I'm still, I still all my on our official car in minnesota. I drive all round the state yeah we have serious there. I was in a serious twenty hydrogen. Yeah. You can hear like ninety versions of the same song well, but they have like an amazing repertoire of music put right now- and I know I love the dead- I you know, if you have a brain, can you know connect with it? It's it's a real joy to have that I was never a series. Debt has our nano non trade really. I I like the dead, I was in high school a little bit, but I in college I too roommates it we're dead heads. I saw him in worcester and eighty four. saw when you get it. Oh definitely, I definitely get it. I why just watch a documentary they sent me screener. That urine complete we get it. I just never could commit to full lifestyle in the documentary
I don't know you're in the document. I don't mean. How am I in the documentary em and how my in that, though, your great you're right I was here- is actually a great, be it's a swede documentary and, It was like, I find myself, get your very choked up about it about not just a dead, but when I see the what Music was like, then, in any sort of community around it and in where world was like, then we're all guys. You get sad think what it was then yeah and I and I feel like I miss most of it- I mean my primary years. Were the seventies and eighties you, I thought you guys had the the beautiful time, but it was a rough time too. I guess A little more fun, though, is to talk about us. Now you out you, how do you get the gig? We submitted a writings have that's how about is very odd- we were the only writers got Gigs- did that lorn hadn't
and we put together a writing sample, which was actually quite short, but they included the world war three newscast and included a commercial parity or or a sketch. I think it was it was. I think now that I remember it was us a parody of sunny and share, show and which was a really one of the few members? Are our asia said once you write a writing sample not for an hour or are they just because we wanted to get jobs? yeah, ass writers, and so there was no. only existing shows calmly rage at the time of its nature, which we just went right for the carol. Burnett show, which was a really good show, but we were generationally just wrong and then sonny and cher, which was
yeah, and so I think we wrote a parody of that. But we said were not we there's no, show on the air we want to write a sample for right, so we wrote for a show that we'd like to see so this had a news cast commercial parity, a sketch. and a film little film peace that was in your package yeah. The design the show is that it is always exactly what s in areas where it is yeah I mean we and was like fourteen. How long was I wasn't long ago there was a early wait in the shower where the show is popular and people would send in submissions and we'd, actually read them yeah, and that then, very soon we stopped doing that because someone sued us because they added a piece about the cia and the sea It was in one of our pieces and I had secured like what ok cannery basis, but people would like
right, really long things and say and call mom go we're. Sorry, we looking for a distinctive voice or something right here. You ll be nice and they would go I'll send more now in our now, and we had a very short the thing you have to pop right right and you did so and we need we got the job we want to perform gimme with learn that what was more like as it is a young man at that time when they are just starting the show in some ways The same I mean I remember the first time I met him. I just thanked him for the job yeah, of course, in the area, and I don't do long hours. Damer enables guys, but he was, I think, more hands on in the writing. In those days
We had a long pre production period and lawrence theory on lad was that we would start writing stuff and a kind of a group sensibility would emerge and right right out. We get past the old stuff. We are writing or something I may pick people for having a voice. Oh, my goodness, Hugh was not gonna, start right like like franklin Davis, were also what he did. What he had workin laughin and laugh in the writers would be in a building somewhere off lot. Material would go to the lot and they do so in the writers had nothing to do with the production of the material that's an owl. What lorne wanted was the writers to produce their own pieces and that, I think, was crucial yeah for ad the way we all work together and, of course, the cast wrote like people like danny wrote and it must have been a
I asked it was really really fun it like exciting and, like you know, the one thing people asked me: the most is being a senator as much fun as working on Saturday night live and the answer is no Oh, why would it be in our but being a centres best job I've ever had now? I blame that when we get past the comedy, but when I say that, why would it be the the most people asked me also what was most the funniest thing or the moment your rimmer muslim, Sarah or alive? m m them. There isn't a moment, but what I remember the mouse is rolling on the floor. Laughing yeah and could have banned the danny come up with a new character. Jim downy, writing a wine or going on a rift or any of these people. Gilda or light bell or
my goal or conan, or these people I work with. I worked on the show for fifteen season after the first five left for five and then I came, the lord again writer and did those ten and the the quintessential moment of joy from that show was tuesday, night or wednesday more, rolling on the floor laughing, and that is there's nothing. Quite that being around that many funny people were consistently funny who are always surprising, you're exhausted and you ve been going added niches. Hilarious, unfortunately, were not exhaust. Now
yeah it it it it it and I I I used to say cause you know. I write in the book pretty frankly about the fact that there were drugs insurance and that I did. I did acid at the grateful dead concerts. I smoked dope. I do have snorted cocaine, but I only on those tuesday night wednesday morning things I only enough cocaine so that I could stay awake to make sure that no one did too much good for you, yeah you're. They let him sponsible, you lean towards cargan nasa mediately dirt. I was very I'm very code. You didn't you didn't, go the other way dependent at heart, yes exact words, odd question because you know there are people like you know our crime and certainly jerry, and he watched his documentary and it really talked a lot about how YO acid you know read sort of configured. How
look at the world. Did you have any experience like that where you were like with its outside. It is doing it where you're like. Oh, I see it all differently now I dont think it gave me a homo view, but I know when I was when I was tripping ice had one but I don't remember something like that at all had sure it only again do it that my chosen likewise by I would do it for dead kind. and I remember doing a lot of thinking during the dead concert- thea and I remember literally working out sketches area here, I would merely like to go to the show and I'll write. You write it man, so I think that you, you and Tom's political stuff was very cutting. endeavouring had upon should definitely had you know that you know you were you were speaking truth, the power we were doing satire ok. We live on a website.
Ok, I'm not I'm not you look, I'm I'm, I'm not gonna. Do it like you know, but there were the actual conflict in the other story- that's in the in the world, history yell about the kissinger thing that they? You know that dead, drawing to come to the show. Oh god, air and there you know in while the rolling stones running the show, and he I guess what tickets for David Dave again idiot executive yeah, who became a tv negative. And I once met Kissinger years later and he and he was like a dad cause. You go like bell David now is over whatever he was? Well, yes, daddy, and I wonder if it if that's a good place for like while he's just a dad wondering if that's that's the hardest thing. Isn't it like you? You know
Is he even in the book? You know you talk about relationships with sessions and n and mitch Mcconnell winner that year, and even when I talk to people it's like, was he just a guy while his actions, wife, Jeff sessions, wife, yet knit a baby blanket? For my grandson, which is his favorite blanket was- like he's moved on, but I mean it's hard to hate the guy that, but now it'll work it up man and that you know I mean what what in the senate you sort of. Is you end up liking people? You completely disagree with, and I and you don't want to unfairly demonize someone who is you work with as your friend
on the other hand I was able to fairly demonize him in the in the hearings, because I felt first of all in the hearings he hit it in the materially submitted. He was asked to submit the ten cases that he was personally engaged in the most important cases he was personally engaged in and he submit and for those were civil rights cases, and he was not personally engaged in them, so I kind of grilled them over that the man it turns out also that he in answering a question that I
asked he misled. The committee occur howth about whether he had met with the russian right and that and then he ultimately went on to recuse himself, but he's still got the job, not only that, but he still weighed in on this firing yeah of of commis, which he should not have been involved in because he had recused himself here on the russia investigation and that Call me, I think, was involved in that yeah and pressure as why he got fired. You know every day, an affront every day and every data here yeah so so like I'd, so I know truth to power just satire kissinger by
the ultimate kissinger. I think the story that you're referring to kissinger call for tickets for a son and they the you know the NBC switchboard operator call us Adam said we are. I have Henry kissinger on the phone yen or maybe it was someone from the news division, air and he wants tickets for a son for Saturday night. I said well tell him if worn for the christmas bombing he'd have the tickets and they should. Why can't tell him that? Well, then, you know tell him, and then I said something bad it's it's the ever, so he didn't get the tickets, and you know he was, I guess some had some relationship. Obviously, with NBC news, I was out of values, we understandably beer but you do give it. Do you get pushed out a saturday night live at that point when Lauren laughed, we all laughed and we were label. You know in a way we were stupid
but in a way we had done five years of the show. The fifth season was a little harder than other seasons, because we lost both baluchi and accurate to do the blues brothers, and I think we are tired, as you get at the especially the as the season yeah. You know when we get together when they get together. Now at the beginning of the season and during the end of the at the end of the summer, Look the best you'll look all year and you get worse and worse all year. Yet by the end of the year we just said you know what yeah that we did five years, it's good, and then We never got up date. oh and then we wandered in the wilderness, her fight of fear. Then we came back And the reason I finally left the show was, after doing fifteen seizes the show I sort. If I wanted to do to be the update, agar her I am in retrospect, they made the right decision cause. I had
was wearing my liberal, biased my sleeve and what down Am I right about downy as a kind of the greatest political satire? around the show and had a writer for years had rider and also just a brilliant brain. guy and a conservative he's a very thoughtful conservative- and I like to think of myself as a thoughtful liberal, thoughtful I said and we wrote a lot together and we did not feel that the job the show was to have a any political bias, we thought the job the show was to write, satire that was smart and funny and Jim had this thing, which's a reward people for stuff, but don't punish them for not so we're trying to write stuff that everyone could like we had a few actually new politics that maybe you could get a little bit more out of it and that you were
those people that you were rewarded would always come back here and watch us now, because, while ok, they referred to the humphrey hawkins or on the internet, and so we did, We felt like they're just too many people on the show. and also, I think, worn felt this way that the satire on the show should not. B. We obviously most people on the show as your typical new york hollywood liberal bias, but that was not the jobless shut murphy brown could do that. Diane English created that show a kansas bergen was murphy brown. They could have a liberal buys they could do what they want to do. That was the nature of that. Shall we just had too many people working on the show to represent everybody's view, so we were kind of studiously and an gemini would check each other. We would keep each other on. What's eating
I like that. That motto is helpful in politics as well. We can take a drinkwater. Okay. Are you going to give it to her? growing up we'll cut that out. Why, don't worry. I just wanna does attacked by update by a time ninety five, came around, I had done serve outside the show. Romania movies, yeah yeah, but my the plo stuff. I had done really show that I had a liberal bias, and so I didn't get up and went to norm norm mcdonald. I think that was the right decision. I thought norm was very, very funny here on update and but I was miffed and if you know what that's like to be upset and angry and filled in fact over
I don't know if you know now. I have no experience with that bitterness. Well, let me tell you right on why, anyway, so and I was miffed- and I just I left the show- and it was you know it was hard to leave the show. The show was a very safe place. It was very exciting place to work, and so I know exactly your target, you mean veal like you, were pushed off the air by a sort of No, nothing ceo like I! as an air america the I know their feet. Saddam enumerate interrupt all now. I don't know. I think that way at all. You sound. Actually I I'd I'd never became better now, but it sounds like you for a while, and I got through it in I work through at night. I found what you thought I mean they probably felt at of at air. America is that you, What good in the audio, medium
They have real insight and that good foresight on our work in the atm who'd. You didn't get better, though you just now it it. Actually. I didn't, and why bode too much to the show first wall and secondly, yeah. I didn't really it it. It lasted like a week and again you can there's always an attack, it might happen. It could still happen. Get update, yeah yeah. It was my dream yeah, that's my dream. You know george burns jelly with a hundred year yet and I can certainly serve funny, I'm sure you're funny all the way. Through all the way. Do you talk to learn, yeah, yeah, yeah I'll, see him. I think in a couple of weeks, dear we're talk about a his decision to put trump on during the campaign? I did not talk to him about that yeah. I think I talked to him maybe about while I was a bad show.
I made it like me: will you guys you close and euphoria. Yeah, that's good air, so now its duty, politics in cars, like the one thing I love about the book, is that you know you don't pay short shrift to the comedy, but you know when you get into the politics and someone could read this book and and be inspired get into politics like you know you feel that, like you, need really go through the the process of of deciding campaigning of of learning and in india and the tasks of it, but it doesn't sound even though you make jokes about it, it seems I carefully age nor that even the bad parts, and that it seems, Think people should and could do well watch it and there's different ways to do it. You don't have to run for the senate who can get involved in other ways. You can go to town hall meeting and ask your, absolutely is just a little bit just getting. I voted for this unbelievably bad health care bill.
Or even do a million things you can be an advocate for any. You know if you care about mental health, if you care about climate change, if you care about housing, if you care, there's, there's a million things to do and they make a difference to us in the senate when advocates come and and Bobby you. It makes it makes a big difference in its also something you can do that that you can also do your other life too You can be involved in politics. I think a lot of people detached from it because it they don't see how it plays into their wife than I have time, but it seems like you The relatively active in this area have a job and stuff. we, then I actually, when I was a comedian, did I mean the easiest way for me to help was to campaign for Somebody near an unusually I was fun razors, but sometimes just campaigning that was Paul whilst known. I did that the most for Paul Paul was
this very, very dinah, dynamic, very progressive centre for minnesota, who died in a plane crash right before the two thousand to lecture like eleven days before is horrible, and that's in its his eat that I ran for in two thousand and eight, and was he I. I know that ye speak about him a lot as a friend and as an inspiration. As you know, a personal hero politically, but
had you decided to to pursue politics. You know before that relationship became no. No! No! No! I I you know I was in comedy and I did not never considered running until pawed paul died and norm coleman, who I then went on to get elected eleven days later, gave a interview to roll calls that first profile of him as a senator, a lesson six months after Paul died and he said to be blunt, I'm a ninety nine percent improvement over Paul Wellstone and I read that ah and I was working on lies and lying liars who tell them a fair and balanced. Look at the right at that time, and my reaction was hmm. I wonder who's gonna run against him
and it really is, that there was no anger in the home there- that it was different language in the end it was, it was a thought I was a liar yeah and there was the thought had different language and so who's going to run against that jerk right, except that probably was sure. So that's when I would you now, and I realise that looked like I'm gonna be an empty nestor. Next year my my son was gradually high school and, frankly, I moved back the minnesota and I got this radio get this air america thing: oh yeah. What happened to that Well, it was under financed, and I think that the people who made some of the decisions made some wrong decisions. Several yeah yeah. We had jerry springer as a hose yeah.
wellpoint, I think I I had wanted a very different thing. I was kind of the flagship show at let's say we had some very, very good people. Rachel maddow was, I was a host and you know Janeane Garofalo and we we had some very good, but I wanted to do sort of a little bit of like an npr but that that said where progressive. So I like wanted robert right to do in our business. Show every day like marketplace where gradual, a progressive branches- I kind of wanted, but it became every parent very early that they first fretful didn't, have really the finances to do what they wanted to do we have a crisis like right out of the gate was insane. I was there and so did my show ran, I did
I show- and I stayed out of You know you're going to go run for senate when he started air america. I thought I might yeah. I thought I might because I was post reading the coleman thing. Yes, why move the show back to minnesota? in point- and I really you went back to miss with the intention of I went back early enough to be able to go around the state, go to being feeds and that sort of the organizing way the dsl democratic farmer labour party does things amiss. Are we have been feeds and they can be burger band as are the wildlife risers yeah like that and to see if I liked it the see if I liked actually doing politics- and I had a couple of years, to see that and whether as good at a mean meeting the people,
we were just meeting people and hearing what they were thinking and the and trying I was watching. Amy Klobuchar run for the first time for the Senate and watching her as she was nuts in two thousand and six. She ran and won and she went if I as she went to pretty much every bean feeder, burger, bash or spaghetti dinner, and if she wasn't there, her husband and daughter, were there if they weren't there, her father was there his beloved columnist for the star tribune, and if none of them were there I'd be going like. Am I in the wrong place? You know, and but I I I I caught the bug- I really liked it and it it because I was speaking at these things. They got more people to show up which helped the party and but very often these are fundraisers, and why notice in the book that you know there there this transition? From being you know a performer from being a guy. You know we
to be light. We like getting a laugh- and you know as per year, of his any of us might be that the I imagine that the the the depth of your empathy. Which I'm sure you have obviously any any ways, and also that the sense of of justice that, when you, start meeting constituents. You know on a personal level, cause you you're, you know you you. You share some personal stories in there that I mean, I think the real shift of of one's heart into really committing to politics has to be Some moment where you realise that these are individuals. You know with real problem said that that that should be somehow. Dealt with why I realise that already doing the radio show. Of course I was talking about these issues yeah, and so I would have wished worn on site where middle class squeeze right. Here I told rwanda you write about, but but but but without a careful but the differences,
As you know, you can hear Elizabeth Warren say: half the bankruptcies in america caused by healthcare crisis. Yeah is different. When you made some Howdy who and and going round minnesota at that time. In a cafe, I go to VFW that there be a on a boat bore. There be a thing for a fundraiser for, women who had gotten sick and didn't have insurance there are actually gone through their camp. So it was very different here. Seeing that and hearing that from people in your hand. So I was just got more and more motivated. Do the job it's funny when I first got back eight when the first people I met with was Jeff blog it who had been paul, well sums campaign manager for all his campaigns, and he
send me, while as an exercise, you should write like a five minute speech. There's no jokes in it. And I went would you do that happening up? I have I live a man, that's He was right, of course, but I was- Dela comedian, in one in two thousand and six when I was going around the bean phase, I'm still looking you're doing. I was still being funny killin bought. I didn't realize that should have been a single than me that oh, the comedy is gonna, be a problem a bit and I learned to- de whom arise my own material, but they put everything I'd ever sat over forty years of comedy through They meaning the republic, gas and, and my opponent norm, coleman, three,
The d him arise, the auditors fifteen, knowing our machine bill was It also clearly acknowledge it. Take the humor at a very every joke, I'd ever told, and it I try to indict you with. It has been yeah. You know amputate it's satire, so a lot of uses, irony, yeah or hyperbole. Right And when you rob something of its context, it can look pretty bad and did that they did and that was sort of the theme of the campaign against me. He ain't in you talk about it, that sort of figuring out how to counter that that yet there was a moment where two too, to diminish their power, moreover, that that you realize you thought, was a liability initially to to be having gone to harvard and then then, some point you realize I did- I focus group here- in the focus will be found?
that. No one thought be. comedian met you're smart at all a successful comedian knots are you not? I went to harvard. He must be smart be smart enough to government work and say that was you know really weird, that it was kind of the first time they realize it. I thought I'd have to hide the fact I went to harvard and away least play it down as much rascal turn out. The exact opposite was the It also shows that people don't really know what goes in two making coveney by that. It's still the try head. I won't say who the center is, but I I the first time I got this up to speak in caucus. Harry Reid deserves just there for a couple of weeks.
and Harry said. I want you to get up and tell about who you are yeah, so I spoke for about ten minutes. I got laughs, I got applause and a standing ovation I went to my table as it were had been sitting next to centre was quite senior and the center said to me. You know one when you first got here. I thought you you be stupid. I said Why am I am the senator said? Because you are a comedian? and, I said, actually comedians a really smart and and the centre said. I think that now the really I think, the stuff they talk about really dumb, really stupid, and I went ok forget it. We can argue this one.
There are moments you you knew. You talk about the book with senators it we know who we know once you like. It told the broader crawford story out. Yet with with the eye with their national is, and this is the five days I got there. We saw the sort my or hearings and what a dream well the questionings. She is she or is she. She said that she become a p. She had become a prosecutor because of the perry, mason show yeah, and so I ask you why you become prosecutor watching a show where the process peter lost every case and she said why Really perry, mason lost one case, and I said what was it she said. I I don't know, and I said then the white house prepare you, which is therefore taking prepared a guy and then back on a laugh which I, u that had repercussions
which were stupid with people. Why did he do a job? And I am, but rather that questioning we went into this as this closed hearing on her arm the f b. I bet back ranch and that that now we do every time, because when when they did on clarence Thomas it tipped off everybody that there was a problem. so we do these are just perfunctory now, so we go in there and the internet just went nuts, perry mason and what casey loss- and so we walk into this- we are at a normal hearing room where a bigger every room for the spring court confirmation hearing Tom kilburn who from Oklahoma comes aenigmas, actually perry, mason last two cases. M m sessions. Goes, you know what I like dragnet.
and then the coroner john corner taxes goes, I liked highway patrol and I said you know- I worked with broader crawford now. These guys, don't know me, and I felt serve- will like that kid at school, outlying right and so I said, I worked with broader crawford. Broader cropper was a star of highway patrol, also one the asker for all the kings. Man was a great tough guy actor. Every all republicans, everybody turns me. Will you with broader crawford. I go, yea hosted the show and an ice tell a story about that, and everyone's going like you really worthy of vessels and the echo yeah yeah and it's so that was like my bonding moment. the republicans on the judiciary committee. It was funny because even now, like that, that moment with,
with perry and during his hearings with the couch moment. Yes, that there was a moment where you had to fight making the easy gesture, he threw you a fucking softball and now I'm being self conscious about saying fuck Why don't you or your own shit? I know that's funny. I did that to you did yeah that's very funny, and then you had to just ride it out. I do that, but the timing of writing it out turned out to be just as well yeah. Then you learn some timing, know what he said was weird actually had perry. Surprise me he's very charming guy, and actually he has been governor for the longest of any governor in texas history, and he knew a lot about how to pull levers and ran as as the governor. and governors tend to have the do real stuff so we had a really good time and you say, chair.
You are now, and I was sitting on a couch like I am now, and we had a really good time and are our meeting that before you know, are before the hearings we met my off and so he just May I actually I don't like it was nice meeting. You did you enjoy meeting may which no one says by laugh a man and he said well, I hope years much fun. At the day s there as you were yesterday on the couch- I did and they got. Alas, I mean it is stupid what he said. do I got himself and then
anna caught himself, and so it is, he said. Can I rephrase add- and I said, oh dear lord- pleaded, it's funny yeah. Well. This is the weird thing about it is like even when you're talking about it and even when brendan- and I are you know going over- you know whatever happened over during the last few hours in the morning of this president, and this is really all, all kidding aside this. a very, very disturbing yes areas, time why any hits in so many ways in its hurting. So may pay for this, health care bill. Incredibly awful, it is
got gone round minnesota. When does the first generation of this bill came out, that was scored as the twenty four million people losing their health care, but also of cutting eight hundred and eighty billion dollars from medicaid would be devastating, and I went to rural hospitals and nursing homes and people crying at what the effect would be of the health care provider say my mom gets her home healthcare through medicate. and if this goes through, she will lose that and both my husband and I work I dunno. What we will do- and there is you know story after story like this is terrible, what they ve done,
and of course it was to give a nine hundred billion dollar tax cut to people at the top. People have earned two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year, more we'd get this huge tax cut, but all this stuff across the board. like everything there doing yet cutting everything, deregulating our climate and feel it. I mean that the south of these nominations for cabinet posts or just zero nominations like the opposite perspective that was banned in doing what he wants to do, which is to undergo going over me, I think, is also pants. He was in charge of transition. So. I think a lot of those people are people. A pencil worked with mulvaney the last person. You'd want and at the end
be, which is the budget office. What was a freedom caucus guy? pence is pants. Has an ideology trump doesn't trump is about from so pants- is about this kind of tea party right So now all these relationships that you you built in the senate you see these guys everyday needs. You guys, you ve had a laugh with these socialize with the with with mitch machiavellian you know when I haven't, I Shall I m only the extent of their is a a spouse dinner right every year. Me I don't. I say that I socially said: I'm not gonna, write cliches right in this thing, like no mitch, and I disagree with each other all time after a day in the senate debating each other, we go to dinner and he
so hard that milk, as no that was a jack that was a job I dont such matters, an app I may I see your frustration, you know when you talk publicly and I obviously that this polarization thing and unused speak a little bit in the book about how their there there are two conceptions about you know what I mean could you be in and how it should run. But then there is crazy and then there's evil right of free fair. in your guy that that you use your diplomatic you you like to be like you have a codependent streak in you that You know that guy, like you, that without that they could be used. There is good now, none I mean there. I talk about going to Helen on, which is for nobody. I mean there's a good part of it. There is a good part of it. I guess so I mean you have to it is if you are aware of it and writer right, but Does it does make you connect with people anything so yeah? I guess so. So what do we do? Man? I mean what,
What I'm working hours! I can't I'm here for your listeners. Is we talk a little bit earlier? There are a whole bunch of things to do. he's marches main, it means a lot that that women's marked day after I was it. Was there a very important and the continued going to these town halls very import but also just working on issues that mean a lot to you, whether it's the clean water or you know whether it it is your mental health is something that I've been working on. Since I got here and I've had some achieved, Does that mean me a lot to me any kind of issue that you really urban. When I brought this up to audiences ram minnesota, there's! No how many things people really care about, and they they respond to that, and I I it's it's
I may be in a in an advocacy group and be a foot soldier, but it's not long before you become an officer and dry and job and become an important of it. I guess like you, you know, I remembered the beginning when, when it first happened, the event of him becoming president they alone the election than when he took office. In all that you know weird, canada, fascist theatre, It was going on that speech. Was they american carnage age was, I may I as you know, is in migration. Thou tromp, so is a tough day for me, but at least I
had to be kind of far enough away and behind him they couldn't near going to the state of the union address or the joint. That was hard because I was like fifteen feet from him and in that chamber yeah and the whole government. Is there the speaker of the house? send the vice presidents are behind the president and all the cabinet. Is there one and the spring their joint user there and every member congresses there and When obama would do these events. I really like I was. I felt, moved by the whole thing because of this.
this really smart, thoughtful, dignified, heavy duty president and then that this year sitting there with trump there? I really thought as an aid age, and he was thus we're just yes. Yes, he was a sketch. I just felt the whole office in a way has been cheapened sure, and we see it every day every day, there's a new front, and then, every day after that were saying that the story they put out was wrong and that which is why after lie after lie after lyin, thou all that is, upsetting the me as an american and then but I'm got a role to play. A forty eight in the senate and you're doing a great job.
Well, no, I mean you're you're you're you're speaking up you're, taking people to task here, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing in a very. Focused. I think that the act Whoa showbiz training, the ass health area, Oh I'm on the judiciary. Committee- I am one of the few people judge Gary judiciary. Is not a lawyer, but I can frame things and I I think I got. I think I ve learned off from doing comedy. I think in comedy comedians a good editors. Realize what works, what doesn't work and you realize what you have to take out right? and so it lands. So it lands yet so it lands, and I have a lot of people and colleagues coming to me. Like your stuff lands, they don't say lands but back.
But an- and I think it has to do with having done done. Stanhope ok, was then to question so You know. Obama talked about this too, about incremental change that you know you know. Any progress on on some level is good progress. So now we're in a time that you know is is not only doesn't to be progressing but is you're, taking us back a jury. to evoke yet, but in some cases take us back me up. Do you see healthcare thing with betimes back It would be horrible. Now, we'll see what comes the senate. We been asking. We just had a hearing. Today in which all the Democrats were basically asking Lamar alexander the chairman of the committee, whom I respect to have be dealing with with healthcare, have hearings, adieu process, the way was in two thousand and nine
Do that instead of the have this twelve man, literally twelve man committee meets behind closed doors and come up with something we need a public hearings. We need to do this in the right way. Are they gonna no I don't know, I think that is so low jack that we should do and it is depends on Mitch Mcconnell, who I say one or two. nice things about and because there are one or two nice things to say about him, but he's kind of a little will cynical and if he thinks that this is the way he should go and get away with it. That's what he's gonna do so you what you can do and what you're doing is is chipping away,
trying to make the senate work in a bipartisan way around these things that you may not agree with, obviously, but it still needs to work and do you have anything in the book? I kind of make the case for actually try to make progress all the time and Now this is going to be a period where were fighting bad things from happening as well right do the other. Do you have any do have hope or just persistence both above I have you know, but sometimes I I get a little down on what's going on because it is. You know. I just think that presidency here has been devalued in a way that is his is a real shame. and spin devalued. So much that people talk about me running for president an egg. How do you feel like it know? Who now, but I mean
and like all I see and entertainer can be. Who had? No excuse me marry you never think about it. Now you don't want the job I like center. I like doing that. I like that ain't, gonna wanna Peter principle, myself into now. Oh good, codependent press, with that I mean, but that's a that's, not a that's, not a bad thing. You know, if you can feel nobody's paine s diary for luck, a barrier to the guy. Now you go, I been here yeah. What did you say? You will see what happens too long it off, but I do know this that I did this job where you get stuff done, and I've gotten stuff done on on mental health on healthcare on a you know, an energy on
just media mergers of fighting back against me, consolidation of people ask me if I'm going to you know if I'm going to be asked to come back and hosts snl The comcast people aren't thrilled with me back do it you know, I asked the war and I said well: ok, I gotta be in new york, the twentieth and that's all, a show. Lasher? They have this big party earlier party and, I said, It's ok. If I go to the animals as long as you don't yell o brien roberts, his aunt a cop, it's like? Okay, if he does yell at me, I gotta gotta check back into the to see how that goes. Yeah thanks I can centre of rank and well really honor to be on the show there on the pot gas? Rather our thanks and thanks for doing it
I knew it had to be a wednesday or thursday. Friday. Right is angle. Yes way stands for me and I d say: I'm glad we were able to make that happen, the marriage. as that was the funny and and engaged and in very active a believer in democracy, who is doing his job and loves his job as a united They'd senator now frank and have enjoyed that I am looking forward to some time off after this stand, to new work I'm gonna be taken the summer to, I have work sums. I ended up at my own pace and to do the podcast, but just to to sort of not lay low, just to figure out. You know who I am and where I stand, and what I need to be doing to to move things in the correct direction. little soul. Searching is be a soul searching some no guitar did
I'll be ok with their rights fight. The good fight get him boomer lives, one
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