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Episode 825 - Kia Stevens / Chavo Guerrero Jr.

2017-07-02 | 🔗
It's a tag team match with two of Marc's GLOW colleagues. First, Chavo Guerrero Jr. stops by to tell Marc what it's like to be part of a wrestling dynasty and how he put his lifetime of experience to use as the behind-the-scenes trainer on GLOW. Then Kia Stevens talks about going from social work to wrestling stardom and how she was able to play the character of Tamee, aka Welfare Queen, by drawing on past incidents of dealing with racial stereotyping in the wrestling world.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck it creates, what the fuck publicans and the what the fuck next, what tat? mark mare- and this is my pod- cast w w s holy shit, what's happening to me. Is it the status? Is it? What is it? This is my part cast what fuck, no the, what fuck wow brain skid cheese is what is happening. I can. I can do this welcome to the show. By the way, this is independence day, and the fourth of July is tomorrow. If you're listen, to this on monday, and I do every year. Obviously, where I live here in highland park.
on the east side of LOS Angeles county. The fourth of July started weeks ago. So it's a slow build where, where where where well prepared here and island park. what's about to happen, go bond up on my roof for a little while then going to go over to my buddy dance gimme gimme records hang out in his yard, I'm going to bake some stuff going get back into the baking. What's one specific in it's a homage. At this point I make happy bread from ngos the kitchen in new york city, which is no longer with us and jellicoe kitchen, is passed. Its moved on its no longer and this this brick of brown rice, oats cornmeal apple cider is a very specific type of bray. I wouldn't call it a bread. There's! No real leavening, rising or or even bay in powder involved. That is just a a brick that slices up and day I make it with that. There's a meter
tahini spread that goes with it. I found a recipe for it. I honor the recipe of the late great Angelica kitchen in new york, and there is a lot of of transplants at this shindig I go to who I know the original hippie cornbread, the hippie rice, brick, the brick of suppose it health, that is in jail, get cornbread song and me making that I know what you're making can have some meat, You know we're celebrating the Hundreds of america and at that as different meaning, I would imagine for the people of this country tomorrow. very different. Ideas of where america is going and what's happening, what independence means and what democracy means. Some people are going to be celebrating and excited about exactly how things we're going. Other people are going to be sort of scared and thoughtful the way whether you're eating in celebration
knows: ribs eat no stage those burgers those dogs, those brats rewritten dead, swab salmon out a piece of cedar. You some people be eating out of celebration. Others are going to be eating out of terror and fear, and just make it go away for a second. Those are the two approach is the grilling this year that you can grill for the the glory of america in its current state or you can grill for the complete stenshoel panic that you're experiencing in that shit away either way enjoy it blow your fingers off. Of course, that's that's always good watch, your kids with the fire and the bombs, and the young watch him with that, watching with the lighters. Ask him where they got whatever they gotten try to assess what can you do
for someone loses an arm. It's not worth the fight. Today, today and for christ's sake, be careful with your guns. We're in mind the occasion when there's a habit to shoot guns into the air and you know that bill is going to come down eventually, as it did My back windshield years back that was on new year's eve, so yeah go easy with the gun play. If he could either you know the violent kind or just a celebrated kind, were you just blow a cup? rounds into the air, because those bullets they come down, they don't enter orbit and forgotten country sakes don't play with the fire farms too much unless you do it safely, our don't shoot anybody for for fuck's sake what not do that on the fourth of July. Could we not do that? I god today on the show it's a double header, We have chavo guerrero. as a he
is the trainer on these for the for the women on the show glow, which is what I am on, and but he also carries a legacy. it comes from a wrestling dynasty companies like a third generation wrestler and by doing the show he was actually following in the footsteps of his uncle mando guerrero who train the women on the original glow show in the eighties kia. Stevens is also on the show kia. asos under the name. Awesome, kong and karma a professional rest or who actually at the other aspirations as you'll find. In my conversations with there was great. She was the one action professional wrestler in the cast of the women of glow. one of the things that's great about talking to the people involved in the show outside of sharing with you. What the business of show business is about from the ground up from product. From acting from in this show, your training. also wanted to talk to the writers. And the creators
Find finding you know is all the things that are involved in creating entertainment product Also, this is a it's an interesting time in culture and yet know for someone who didn't grow up with wrestling hard not to compare a lot of the tactics in the in the media are going on now to wrestling tactics are present it is one of the greatest heels that's ever This did really, unfortunately, he's in a they ve most powerful, position on the world, and yet a lot of times you that heels and entertaining guy and he's got entertaining attitude and some people watch assuming they love the heels they love the faces, they want their heels to get there come up, and but they want they he'll come back and fights are more and be the ass all that they are and I I don't know, I think that in this particular wrestling match
A majority of the citizens of the united states of america will have to be the face. See that pans out on all levels: but the other sort of monarchy and universal doing this, the sort of good and evil the simplicity of it, the spectacle of it, the execution evade those emotions that are grounded in the story, but also in the dichotomy. The heel, the face. That's it. You got your mid meal. People that go both ways kind of deal, but it is honest, and I've been enjoying talking to people involved in wrestling and I guess it's never too late. Never too late to become a and of wrestling once you get it. so? This is me talking to the legendary chavo guerrero, bro, chavo guerrero, Jr. That's it
and sorry about your dad man. Oh thanks man, it's okay! It's good yeah! It's a good! It's a good thing! Man we are for you go use. I you listen to don't know my dad passed away about about five weeks ago six weeks ago, two months ago, somewhere, it was good man. I I got to be my dad we're pretty close yeah, but I could have gotten a call in the middle night. Him saying you know them saying passed away. Last night was ill. He wasn't he when for a gallbladder thing yeah and they found liver cancer so and it was It's that faraway stage four and he's like what are you talking about? He goes you've given me like alamo how many scans near nothing and all of a sudden, liver cancer stage for an operable add five straight weeks with a meal really it all. I will give them a lot, so it was good and a lot of said he was a hero to many yeah, for sure sure man with the wrestling patriarch yeah, he cut it was meant to. Guy was the degree of heat.
grandfather. Russia how crazy, how far, how far back, how many generations three year, the third three generations, but it gets goes at both sides of the family. So my grandmother met my grandfather cause. She went to see her brother, who was a famous wrestler in mexico in mexico. What is that traditional mexican wrestling? Did that predate the american obsession? How have a ghia for sure in america was still kind of very carnival lee asked, I can't say that yet I got a gorgeous george and rice, guys yeah, but who our president modeled his career after yeah if we could get into there, but in the the co. These It became more superhero ask they started doing movies in that kind of stuff, so there was a
famous renamed l sancho on my dad's godfather, actually and my grandfather's partner at the time. For that with these guys were they would do in the mask. So nobody did. The masks amiss go and this one guy else onto did the mask and the studios, the mexicans, do you saw the potential in it and they started him it as a superhero in all of these movies, so he became popular that everybody started, adopting that mask That is where the maddest our last came from yeah, so that our family doesn't do the mask, because my grandfather, and if it is so, we kind of we, worked against it. You were were too pretty. We don't need to do it, you know, but there was a generation of mexican wrestlers at some were masked and some were yes and now most of them start off with a mask, and then they end up losing it, and I did did that play into the heel and face thing
We have the mask guys where they always bad. When they know some that's goods and those bad. I didn't really really mattered and everybody was it like a clown face it and one have their own unique ma. You have you, have your own unique mask? You everybody has their own, that's only their unique style. You know, but now LUCA as a brand is, is the mexican wrestling its collegiate leebrace here. That is which men can wrestling called. Let's call back free russell arrest, free three russell, but you know any time you say now lucia. Yes, that's me instyle ricin, although they are good mattresses, do a lot of like acrobatics and it's it's very flippy and up into the ropes and all the different said that too I've seen sort of a resurgence in the last decade here in the state yeah everything's continent kind of like Emma may, is now to where you kind of have to be a height before when Emily started you were
or puncher or you're a guy you're a righty. I will now you're a hybrid of everybody of everything you know yeah and that's. What wrestling is now like. American wrestling is definitely any any like high flying moves. You see that's lucia stuff here, any real, strong style, painting stuff, that's japan, style and really yeah. I need like real technical mattress in that kind of that's kind of like. european style and then with the american entertainment right version of it? That's where you gonna get with what is now, but that is all these all these disciplines are talking about our professional wrestling so that it is a acrobat ec, theatrical, scripted, yeah
I match yes for sure, for sure it's our main object is, is entertainment right on a great show, a great match, and all these other areas where you talk about japan and Europe, they had they. They have been evolving styles. For the last, however, many years yeah yeahs the wrestling was in france. It had all seemed to happen around the same time right yeah in the early twenties, yeah yeah. That's when it all started, and it was really kind of at first like a steak, a carnival type thing a carney and then it just got bigger and bigger. And then then you got people. You know that kinda, like ba boxing start boxing kind of started with just guys bare knuckle fight in one yeah, yeah we're out to get around them and then eventually you got to the you know the rules and the big stadiums and that kind of stuff, but still you're just dealing with in terms of how the outcome of boxing matches gonna go. It's it's just the odds of the the fight, record of the guy like right, you didn't know, phaser, actually beating the shit out of each other as resource our tools. Sure it's did that we have the luxury of being able to put on the great show I mean.
Moma in boxing, although I love all that you know. Sometimes you go pay for a boxing match or a random. Imagine it's you know over and over in a second or it's boring as heck and you're like blah. This is where I am know how many times I've yelled at my at my tv and yelled at Dana white for the the ahead of you have seen say you owe me fifty nine ninety five jerk yeah you do yeah with rescuing. You know it's going to go on for a while, so yeah you know it's going to be pretty good, so weird did you grow up primarily appear in or in orange county. Am you from EL paso texas? That's where families mexico city, but then know Paso texas, but we grew up here in orange county and not like huntington beachfront value in your dad grubbing up ass, he grew up country where he was on the road and when my grandfather was a wrestler he western everywhere. So my my dad group
almost like an army brat just kind of all over the place and they settled in EL paso, and that's where you went to high school at year and then came out here to mean that the olympic auditorium los angeles, and so when your dad was a like at the time that your father was huge in wrestling. It was still sort of a special world. It was in like mainstream entertainment. Was it and yet it was starting to get through like it'd, be very localized. Now, like the we say, the w w E's territory is is, is the world now, but you'd have diff, territories like my dad? Was the less angeles territory which was caught a blessing and abuse hollywood wrestling, and my people like free blast, ease, start came out of their rights. paper and- and you know my father and then others of course, and where were they wrestling at the olympic auditorium? The old olympic auditorium is now a korean church haha, but it was built in nineteen, thirty for the nineteen thirty two olympics
the size of it comparative to the big staple centres and stuff. Now it's relatively pretty small, but that's where they had huge massive bouts and you olympics and stuff are there so That's where he would? That was his mean the home of? Did they shoot a local show there like where I grew up in our kirkhi. They added the civic gotta, drawing him so Then they had. There was a do. They used a hosted on sunday will do with a white beard and white hair and he'd be the guy in exact, same thing here and every every basically territory. So you had, here in california: had the universe, the same san francisco territory, anxious territory, but yo text would have your five different territories. The Dallas paso said tony o houston territories. They all do the same thing and they have that they'd have a weekly matches. They all had weekly matches. They had actually public guys russell dinner if they were three hundred easier, more three hundred and sixty five days on the year, so on road roma of no they rustled every single day. They would be
It was like my dad would do here would do less angelus tv on Nina whatever was unmanned monday out I'm getting these days. We on Monday tuesday would be the inter la wednesday- would be you know. Let's say fresno thursday would be san. Diego friday would be san bernardino they make use of matches. Are you never knew how many people are going to come and will never you're? So you had one tv show yeah that propelled all your life of ants ha tip, We wrestling is a live event. Business user tv show. What are live. Basically, that's kind of a coward, it's kind of done via, and these guys got like you know, having you know worked with you a little bit on glow and also like not growing up being a wrestling guy or like you know. like John darnell in the mountain goes: wrote that beautiful song about your dad right right right and because you like, he was a kid who had trouble at home and you know wrestling kind of elevated things and, and who else was I talking to us?
I can too Aj Lee. You know she was one of these kids that would watch wrestling, and you know she also grew up in a in a painful childhood and and in her mind was like I can be a superhero. It was kind of like kind of like what we are. I mean that the portrayal of superheroes and then you show that I'm doing luciani round really comic book super. Was told him. We were the way we going to write comics, and well, I didn't write that one, I'm that was written about me when you gave me yeah. It's called the warrior's creed by on by latin lion, forge comics, but fabiana Senza, who created deadpool yeah that that move. The third comic and the movie I like that movie wrote that book too he did get
I I sort of like that movie. I know I was never as a comic book guy much or arrest. One guy was always me. It was always Rock'N'Roll and shit to me, like. I love that too yeah there's a crossover now and I just knew that there was a world out there MIKE what the fuck is that, but I never went into it right right, but discovery everyone's covered in blood all the time where they yeah, they always said the blood. You know read equal equal, green, a lot of times they always bleeding, and the fake was no, never fake, always real blood yeah, always real blood either two ways to do it, there's either the hard way, which means you straight shot and mushy open, or they sometimes new, a little because cut job really yeah they'd cut themselves, sometimes certain at certain points. That's that's hard to do because you got do it, watch. It does not like is of a cut, and then you do it. It's still you doing era, people if they see you, I always say russet like magic. You know you, you see Chris angel,
yeah. We know it's not real, it's an illusion when he floats there's float and you're like, oh, my god how's. He doing that. What has he doing that he had as soon as you see the string you're like oh, okay, yeah change, the channel yeah yeah russ is the same way. We are They know it's not real entertainment, but if we can get them to like go cop was a real, but these guys are really been being the crap I, which other guys are real. But as soon as you see, the string, which is you know, pine sure. You know that those the typical wrestling all or whatever it is that change that's something we never let him want, and I think also people appreciate the the choreography of apps apps like if you do a good job with one of those move. Even though I know it's a move or go out of the goodwill, yeah sure absolutely sure I've seen all your guitars around here I am I'm I'm only an aspiring. Are you aware I'm new to it? Yeah, the I I I'm not I'm not great at it, but I I seem to acquire guitars as awesome, and I and I like to play, but but like okay, so
So when your old man was doing it, it was a hard life, but then also the fact is that whether people know it's it's stage or it is it doesn't matter, there's a narrative and there are characters, and there are people there every week that they know they know who the rivalries are with, and you know some soap opera for men, so we call it yeah yeah, but but also there is physical risk and there is these guys are beating the shit out of themselves for sure we've been we've, that's a lot of what men are really big fans of our sir Jackie Chan and jean claude van damme and chuck norris, because they would see what we do. You know three hundred days a year with thirty years, different opponents, never really rehearsing, just going out there and doing it, and they were kind of like in How the hell do you guys do this? every day on the road and just due to different match every single night and they take them?
they'd gone on, set and rehearse it for for two weeks ago. They're, like I don't understand, you guys, are in it, making the bread you gotta make the money put on the show, basically yep. So now at what level? What was the wrestling world? How did you're like in your father's time that he was a big star? What does that mean? At that time? I mean how big was the? Pretty big idea. We anew were growing up in a special family. You know the bureau family, you know it. We could you grow up. Being? You know, taken care of and setting out a grass in that kind of stuff in or not that I was, but my no spin around that that You mean a celebrity type thing here. My family was: it's got a normal to you here, as I'm older now you see it can of really appreciate it, but, like my kids would mean did play
be playing video games and playing me and they'd be talking to their friend they're, like five years old, say: hey, which one is your dad and they just kind of thought. Everybody who's dad was on video games and they're like different like what are you talking about, but it's not a video game could make a good living your old man yeah. You know what they made good limit. Good livings wasn't like. It is now much better. Now it's much bigger and you know Brussels make a lot more money. Back, then they d they made good money, but it's you know you get hurt. Then you didn't get paid. There was no union there's none of that. Stuff's right and slimy promoter very slimy view that you are sure I think next season. If we do and I'm going to evolve into more of a cause, the funny thing about that character for a and was told me that, like your guy, don't know nothing about wrestling like perfect for you when you re out exactly now wearing a learn about it, and I wonder how they're gonna go with that. I wonder how cause like I you know. I have the disposition.
But now I gotta be educated cuz, you know at had the beginning of the series. My dream was to do a movie right. I had a misunderstanding. What was important about wrestling, so I hope, as seasons go on. If they do that, you know, I become more entrenched in the wrestling yeah that would seem to make. Nstemi, that's insane. He sure, but I think that's the way to go, because you realize we all right when you were a kid you didn't, it was just a natural thing that you are going to be a wrestler of the russian in the backyard literally, you did. I had a wrestler in the backyard and we just a family business. It's what it was sent me. My grandmother took the t. You know she will help, promote it and took the tickets and we would sell programs and other people. Speed concession stands as a real roadshow. Each jacket just like it was like Europe. rock and roll fan, like being like.
Rock robert are all different different venues. All the different times always have it's a family affair and emerge the the every sell everything their arrow family that come into town yeah. Basically, you know yeah. So when did you start doing it professional? I might the first actual matches when I was twenty three, so that was in nineteen, ninety three or even restaurant in that ring in the backyard. Since you were a kid, yes for sure, uncle. Was your your yeah eddie guerrero? He was a wrestler too, you know, so he was only three years older than me. He was one because I had other uncles that were also oh, but he was the closest an age to me right. Like we drop his brothers patiently. Ariosto rests on in the backyard
camp out under the ring you know like I was our tents here who would take off the top rope so that the second rope was our top rocks were small. You know yeah yeah, we just feeds such as. How was we just lived in the in the rink and what so? You were twenty three and what was the wrestling scene like then, because it was already changing your thinking. The whole hogan years was probably in eighty three for me ass by when it really got really being right. So by ninety three I was, it was massive thing. A rustle mainly is already happened, that kind of stuff on your gun and for that youth I think I don't know. Are you so naive when I got into it? I kind of was just like. Oh okay, I'm! How are you naive? You were you while you're here you want to be around restlessness yeah, you know. Look I'm out! I'm a Basically look: I'm a small brown guy in this big white guys world yeah. I was, these guys are massive. They weren't, you know six foot, aid, five free and pound sunrise, I mean I grew up. I was you know five. nine! On a good day. He always waited a hundred fifty pounds, and I was
my friends ham would be a wrestler and they'd be like yeah right, yeah, you're right My family was like you just use too small and how they have been with eddie my site I have my size, so you guys are booger of the both the same size, our whole family. We just kind of made it. I dunno how way, but you are coming up at the same time right yeah, yeah you and eddie yeah. He was about these he's three years older than me, but about five years older or me, or six years older than me than in the wrestling world, and and he did you guys, get involved with vince in that crew, not until not not not till we got established for awhile first, we first started wind up this other ted turner owned a a rational musician, also called the w c w world championship wrestling. That's how We got introduced, basically, we rustled in mexico and some other things, but then too big huge organization was w c w and that got purchased by this man.
im from the wwf at the time and then he acquired my contract. My uncle eddie had already made the jump to them before yeah, and was he big on that circuit, a yeah, absolutely one of the biggest he he wanted the biggest and did you see like did you when you got in what was your relationship with that? He did you guys wrestle together did yeah we're. We're did have pretty high. I mean I consider myself and from what told me that- the time we were probably the best. team in the world yeah. I think so I mean there was other great tag teams out there. You know, but as far as every, as far as the neighbor do promos, entertain and and russell and fight and fly and yeah do what I do everything be good guys be bad guys. I think we were the best time what year was that
We started in two thousand and three we had about a year run and then they broke us up to become singles wrestlers and by the bow. If you knew each other, you definitely had a a family language. Yeah we'd been doing that our whole lives. So when people, when they first put us together, they're like holy holy shit, you guys are so good. I'm like well yeah we've been doing this. Our whole lives. We didn't, we never really had to talk in the ring. We just knew each other was doing in right. Right like it was really like a Accents that I I I would he were. He left I would start up right pick up and vice versa. I just broken communique, yeah yeah, it's very it's it's a mean you, it's deafening did Then you know been on stage as far as I stand up some sure you, but it's the same. It It's this sixth sense that you feel you get. You become one with your partner and your opponents in the referee and the crowd you kind of you've feel what's going to make them pop united mean it's like go up there, like I said
the fans is to to two. Children to babies, baby a baby? If you leave bay of your kids, you you don't and crying you don't know, if the coin is a dirty, the guys who burped as sleepy does he hung his hungry hair. He had to figure out, what's going to make him stop crying here. Well, fans are the same way you get other day. They want to be entertained. They just don't know what they want. What fighting here? Do they want rustling? Do they want brawling? Do they want to laugh here? Does he want her teammates? It's just you don't know they don't know, you have to feel what they want and and honor and you can and you can and you you improvise, absolutely yeah, absolutely yeah for sure, and you know when you need to get a laugh. You know when you need the actual ship or whatever yeah sure. There's times when I just I'm. Faced If somebody I can do all this is going to be easy. They they have they're going to come and every and anything yeah and there's times when I welcome the strong, lock up boot that in work really add owed astride the stray russen, thus not gonna, get him ok. So then you gotta start.
feel remind you in the match, feel that you haven't you talk about. It means it out there pretty much now I'm kind of the leader when I get in the ring most part so I'll. did you just listen to me yeah, really oh yeah, you do it now I still do it. I have another show called luciana ground that saw on netflix now also the first one, two seasons, that's really done well, so I Tell on the show by that show also. So I Russell rustle days a year now a rustle about twenty five thirty days a year.
because of age or just because of like didn't. He got tired of it's a combination, everything I don't have to anymore before you russell, because you know for for money. You know now I got a bunch of other things that I'm doing you know, so I don't have to rustle all the time right now, I'm in between shows I'm picking up other wrestling shows and wrestling sign, but usually as a guy who is a consultant hands on trainer and right in that in an occasional talent. Is our yeah yeah for sure, but, like was any of your decision to kind of ease up outside of financial, as it did obvious. We took a mortal toll on your uncle first year. Was that what was at generation like out it? How did he passed away so for sure that was a definite reason? Whites to back. Yet you know that you can do this for every you can. We say you can borrow it for a small time and then you gotta, give it back so when eddie I bet was grown up in that last mile,
my father with you, either my father up in the wild west of wrestling near the wall. it was the seventies eighties. That's the same as hollywood Cocaine steroids? Nobody you are. This was bad for you note. If they did, they didn't listen. They just was you know just they could tell by their behavior yeah exactly you're on the road and just just changed. You know so eddie grew up on that. On the back end of that, but he really grew up when prescription pill got got bigger. You know my eye was ass my day, Kay men. How come you never got? You know involved with with prescription, was I encounter snapping killers and he's like what that, for that was legal. I wanted the illegal shit. Who is a feature eddie? You know I was trying to do the illegal stuff and was doing well. The prescribed by doctors should be fine, so you know a lot of pain that we have your trying to get trying to keep on beer is very easy to start saying. Well, god,
the injury. I need a pill. I've got a breakfast measure exactly on my fingers. Will yeah yeah hey, I might as well throw it out and hope that too right right, so that is what really got eddie now he'd been clean for about three four years when he passed, but just damage the heat already done: scar tissue on his heart and that kind of stuff and and pounding and been on the road, and you know we always say that, like europe, russian, you kind of like a cup of coffee- the media, if you have you put to sea on the counter and beat the crap out of one and you leave one normal, the one that you beat he's. Gonna is gonna, be faster and the other one kind of like how then
as you know, the recipe are bought resting buys are so when he passed away. We was it wasn't. Shocking re was shocking, emmi for sure I mean I was with him in a kind of I was one. If you were found me out. I basically datum arms really we're out on the road we are on the road. We are on the road to gather yeah, we're minneapolis, we're getting ready to Russell minneapolis, a super show for w b and then we're goin overseas for a tour. and you know we just can it be on the same flights? I would he live in phoenix. I was flying in from my oars airport I connect in phoenix and like a weed promising flight we broom together we are getting a hotel, the same place, and Then we near we went our own hotel rooms and he he called me was a man. Can I talk to you, men like yeah sure, what's going on like a hand, just adjusting talk to you, I was like alright hold on a second, I go. Let me give you some stuff. Do I go downstairs and Similarly, I do not I'll come up, so I got done with with you know,
it must have done and I give him agreement, will ruin and goes now. That's ok. no matter coming up, he goes nah, I'm ok, I'm cool, I'm! Okay! Alright, I got a call from the hotel manager and you say: hey uncle didn't answers, wake up call, so we went and on his door. I'm going to call him like you didn't answer on the like of which we found a piece in the bathroom ass in the bath and was going on my feet thought was can't relapse here, you know, that's my forsook lay you know, you find sure you find people you drugged out. on the floor. I can stuff in it. but quite bitten, russen back in the day, so I'm thinking how many had a relapse. So we went to his room and I guess they tried can a door turnovers door that the the black was on it, so they could latch off. I came in here face down in his in in the bathroom there, so we picked him up
like what this just isn't right? Sorry, beyond the whole deal and now he died with their my arm and was crazy. What was it They set a heart failure. Three years old are all oh god, yeah right. Thirty, eight years old and and it's weird because you got people that just abuser bodies until they're sixty years old here and are fine here. Thirty, relatively relative, yeah yeah but yeah they live yeah factors add around thirty eight years old and I was crazy yeah and it was a big shock to the wrestling world yeah. Oh yeah, it was terrible for sure, I'm glad you were there. No no, it was like just the thing simply women had dad. It was a gift, I got to spend his last moments with them beyond. He didn't dying in his wife's amorous. Kids. Aren't you had to find them here is yeah? Yes, oh it was. It was a gift out anyway in that moment did was at like sort of like I don't know. If I can No man, you just keep going. I just like liking this Mcmahon. We had a huge meeting, and you know
the hotel room and the whole before we release. If the press in everything is that what we do to me, which must have the super showed, do we cancel the show? absolutely not. I go Would he is a show must go on you. Don't absolute, not he'd, be insulted that you'd canceled the show in all of these people who pay their money to see us perform were turned away, You know my way or grandfather always told us that you have these yet these fans it They may not have a lot of money and their choosing spend it on you, you better give them their money's worth put on the lunch I put that show on so the show must go on and then you announced at the show. Yeah vince was was pretty pretty good to make it Should we shall we denounced it right there, I'm it's a day of for fuck yeah, that's right! There live tv that is that is the day that he passed that you're on this newer on tv five hours, six, before we actually live libel? Was that crowd? it was a sold out crowd and the place that mean it went
of grief elite. I sure you know there's know, there's a wrestler right now and I believe it's think such thanks, I believe she was at that show, as as a kid wholly up, in any great sign, like I love eddie before that my fear, Russell finds out he's dead that day, with a sign like what the heck. So that's reproduction, pretty touching pretty storia she's a rustler and w, trusting that and wrestling has become rescuers yeah. It's tough man to stop I don't know how they do. Is it in the business and just come an outsiders step in it's so much it's so hard and politics and just learning how to be a recirculating. It's funny, though, that there is a way to become I agree like when I talk to age. Hey!
you know you go learn how to wrestle. You know you get into a local scene and you get the gym and you know you start plugging away to add to sort of like open mic level, and you have to make a break here is the same thing: it's it's hollywood you're gonna break in and when you go acting classes, and you know you can try to get a commercial here and there you just keep learning your craft when you go waitress on the side. Right to same thing would be Russell you to bounce that are bouncers to somewhere or they. You know they work in a gym and you make it right and they do the small matches. That's it and have to you know, someone goes like holy shit. Where did that guy come from exactly so big like you know when you have to do something like be a year, the train or on go out right, I'm coming into this world and talk talked to wrestlers as a guy it doesn't know much about wrestling and I talked to punk and I've talked to
Well, cabana now I've talked to Agee. I've talked to foley yeah. My producers was a big wrestling cure cancer. He keeps me in a you, know a buoy and we did a stick with foley back in the day on radio, where we basically did a wrestling script on the radio awesome he's great where he kicks someone's ass and people like we're. Listening like what happened that day, we a was a political show. So you know mc is this: liberal guy. We had this conservative guy come any say, wanted you it came on and we we staged this fight on the mics and then we we played it so it sounded like MC was beating the shit out of this conservative guy who was like oh hey. and we ended it abruptly right. I come back hoffman style right here when we come back roic, while that kind of got out of hand. So let's just go on with the show. We got all this mail from. People like that was in writing. You heard the unites agree with him, but I don't know what happened there. I ran the day. It's it's. The whole rested thing: if you, if people ask, is less than real is risking fake. If he's It's real than this
the argue with you. No matter what is life? No, it's not real. It's fake. They do fake punching. You recites. If they said well, it's not totally fake. I mean they're falling right, but so no matter what you say, they're going to argue with one. But the weird thing is is that the emotions are real. Oh yeah, if you again doesn't matter, you know that you know insane it's a sport right, it's wrestling right, but you know the the idea. Is your suspension of disbelief and to get involved with these characters? Sure it's a it's it's it's I buy compared to movie all the time. There's there's movies out there. We know it's entertainment, not a re, it's not real, but I leave that fear. Sometimes in my car, like that yeah yeah, right yeah, but then there's some easy walk. I I couldn't care less right right. The same thing: there's wrestlers, some wrestlers that are so good at pulling your heartstrings and their some new. They just third did yesterday stoke atm right, so the ones that can continue as yet there is no one here. So how does the job on glow? How did that come about? You know? That's kind of when I guess
to know the real glow girls. Yes, my my uncle monk Amano was actually the original trainer of the original grow logos and then the one thing that's true about the show, even though to its, it is almost all fiction, but based on the original glow idea right was there and he really was conceived as a tv show right absolutely it sort of make some money off of the wrestling craze right right, yeah. Nobody had ever girl. Women were in racine, but you know very like a special attraction. Basically, there was never a woman's league like a second stage thing like now we're going to have the ladies come out: yeah, okay, now and then a midget would come out a rational person. We call them adjusts on on wrestling because that's just the way it is yeah but or ordering over. The gout Russell bear the actual attraction, so the whim would come out, especially trashes for them most part, then this guy put together the the no glow, this woman's league- and it was just all women and from all
I really like the show, is sort of like a honest in that they came from a lot of different types of live yeah. They were dancers and actresses battles yeah, the same on our show, so bad Equally, I heard that they were jenji Kohan. The objective brewster was was in the show, So I was like oh man, I gotta get you gotta get in the room with her yeah, so I I made a couple calls and she was at. I think she was a william morris, so I pulls the strings, and you know nothing happened, yeah, nothing, abedin! So no cut, no connection. I was like okay, whatever so then I end up going on vacation with my family to lake powell and get the boat out we're here out and I get a call from, this girl named Shauna duggins just happens to be the stunt coordinator, The show called glow, Mariah and she's like she. Guy was referred to you by this other, lady wrestler, that I talked to name eve torres and, and I
with her on super girl. And now you know, and unlike you gotta, be kidding me the hell out here. I was trying to get in touch with everybody in and they in contacted me right. So China be awesome. She is. She was corner but realizes she didn't know wrestling that she needed. Somebody who are actually was going to do the rest yeah to come in. They interviewed me. I had an interview at at. geez tat. You re a town, gags, coralie and ways the crowley report I mean I was there was between twenty people, room yeah, so We were in there and then I was one of the last ones interviewed in and helped that one of the riders thing chris over dears role play and he actually wrote a play called the legend had deity or something my eye and it was based on me yeah it based on this wrestler that was That was really good. He was so good at making other people look good that
he was so good that nobody can make him look good. So he's stuck in this role of making everybody look good. All the time be a category about media, so we went and saw this play so he was a writer there. So I'm having this this interview with we and carling stuff- and I see this guy sitting there in the wreck. Somebody wants to say hi hey man, I wrote that plastic. Oh yeah. We met right and he's like yeah, so I keep you like man. You are grade, and you've probably pulled me over, so that was like alive that that helps you to be acceptable. Twenty bucks outdoors but yeah. Who else are they going to get, though I'm someone who the hell are those other people? I dunno you're, the guy gas man I dunno I'm trying to be so they hired you. They hired me and here's fourteen girls that don't know anything about wrestling except for kia based. You know. Basically it was tendrils at north. Don't anything about wrestling and then there is these writers and produce and, I do know know anything about wrestling. There's the set designers that don't know anything about wrestling. There is all this stuff and I'm like oh shit, so might by job
broaden very fast. Yet you mean I was having meetings with the writers and actually they are running scripts by me in terminology by me, I was ordering the rings, I'm like oh and can use that ring. Why not and that's a boxing ring is totally different. No, I mean set design. Where shall we put the ring? I mean wardrobe, it was crazy. It was your credit now producer. Now yet Hopefully next season we'll see what it sounds like it should be. Let's see, I gave him one for free, so you know what I didn't even know either and I just came in and really just so you got him into train these girls in any new, put some choreographed together and then shot took me under her wing and I was able to see what a stunt coordinator doug was. You know behind. We also had to make it legit yeah for sure I had to make sure these girls didn't get hurt, but the ring I remember the one the ring broke that day: yeah holy shit yeah we have, we ran to that and make one of the rings posts So what happened is that when we, two rings.
the actual hero ring called them, bring the set the set ring near they wandered lower for camera. Why? So, instead of making new posts and make an enduring, they actually cut the present world an unrivalled him down my guest It twice austin alone of jordan. Do again so when they welded it, they didn't will occur clearly and that they are brought yeah the head hit. Did you hit that guy's name John John John morrison jogger, who knows names to an image on the ground, but he's one of my good friends came in as one of the trainers on the show scene with a mere yeah and he
you know he's a pretty big guy and hit those ropes hard and he busted out at times everybody freaked out every freaked out one of the the thing jackie thanh one of the the actresses was cry and try to like oh shit. Here we are straightened out and made the new ring yeah and what was a cat? Who you who work with you the hands on dude? Oh marty lie ca. Marty was his my head referee, Lucien the ground and work with him, the w b in other places. You two guys were like the pros you're, like the the the authenticator yeah for sure, will try to be you know. So what you know how did you start cuz? I missed all that you know I came in and they I ve, been training for a few. We light so like when you have somebody like kia right the professional wrestler kia rustled on their name, awesome kong yeah, who was our? Was it when the best brussels in the world? Big big, stud of girl, yeah and She comes in and I'd always known her at this congress killer year that she comes in she so nicely high life. Hell is this right? So,
I get all these girls that have knit never step foot in wrestling ring, A lot of them do not rushing is alive we're taking. They never done a sport in their yet you know I mean lily. I would like to make a second. I we all did he done any sports. I feel things soccer massimo d like well I did dance yet. Another was like I was in the shake spear play and, like all my god, what would happen is that every one of these girls became the wee wee. I I really tried and and shawna. duggan's in helena a barrier, other dunghill, really they tried to tap into their like their inner athlete there, their their inner strength. And every one of these girls stepped up and became so good. They even falling in love with wrestling we're doing, flips and falls and and your the ropes and all different things and Funny story about two weeks in where I'm training them and we've been trained for two weeks, yeah and I
something like okay, so just you know cover the person and you know it, then that's how you win their like what and I go but you know how to win. He noted in the like, and I said hold on a second everybody. Stop practice hold on. Stop stop stop Do you know the rules of wrestling I just assumed he did and they're like an know like. Why didn't you will tell me they didn't know how to win. If you can get disqualification fired or tap somebody outright? It's I had have stop everybody and explain the wrestling rule. I just didn't resume hung up on the choreography and the move yeah. I assumed you know that that basically they knew and then then then we got grow up like my alison, Alison brie who's, one of our leads and she didn't really nothing by rustling but became swirling. Really good has really great. She,
he protects rustling. Now, like somebody did an interview and somebody was like. Well, you know the brussels fake shit up. No, it's not it's, not all fake and she said they're protecting an mri or girl, so these calls actually became like rustlers and fell in love with running. I get a from still all the time saying: hey Can we really miss? We miss meaning the ring yeah, that's beautiful, because I got think that if there is another season, there's gonna be more wrestling. happy, because this the first season is all building up here, to do that find their first match right a while roasting, get in rio. There there's only you. I don't really. I think in the final that more for five matches and if they are here and and it's it's be interesting to see. You know to get them back in shape and then to get that. I get going again doing some netflix guys asked me like in a workout, you know what are we from here. Have we did you teach them everything? I'm like? Oh, no,
I taught him and I taught him this much week. I got so much more my bag of tricks and I hope I can the next season that, like you know that the matches become the sort of at least in a half a season that we move towards yet angie showing town and stuff deal with. You know the real coyoats seeing me evolve as a promoter or them as a manager, sure and then you're dealing with promoters in attica. Admin get you in the re right at the outset. We also be at. I have to get it but dad, but so so you feel damn you, so them really got. They became sort of bottom level, wrestle yeah, abso I'd. Never I wasn t it to have a match a rustle mania. Now that teaching them to adopt on camera, to look like what you're doing in a scene right, but the same time I had to make sure they were safe right in the ring. So I really did train them from the ground up. We learn how to roll. We learn how to fall. We we probably didn't hit the ropes for the fur,
two weeks we are really. We learned the basics cause. If it's just like building a house uses terminology if you beautiful house, but you don't build a found good foundation. We're at the house is going to crumble. I don't care how good the support beams are the same thing when the wrestling, if you don't build that basis, that bass back that found in the which is protected, protecting yourself and protecting your opponent via then you going to get hurt so amazing cuz. Why can't you don't want to eat? When I talk to you now that you that, if you weren't there The legitimacy of the thing might have been hurt. You know in the sense that you know the fact because I know who is in carly and I know the id and it seemed like a good world and they are a playwright right. So, but you know just the fact that you know of the nuts and bolts so liz and carter Lee our other executive producers were so awesome in the fact that they actually wanted to be true to the wrestling world and they want to insult anybody know they want is even though they didn't know totally by russian. They didn't want to
turn people off right, so you know I had nor had different talk to them and they are really cool and let me look at the scripts and kind of you know give my suggestions on what to change what terminology to change which different was a cake. It's like can't say that because you going to you're going to turn off turn the rest, community off optical, so how about anything that made them look like they didn't know what they were talking about. Yes, different terminology, but, like they'd say, oh, will and in those in in one of the scenes, their talk about russia mean fake and you just can't say it like that. You can say sin or say to work or some this. But if you say that wrestling fans are going to go like you I we know we're stupid yeah. I know we do we choose to believe. So it's it's. It's want to turn anybody off right at line line. So they are really cool and changing terminology and changing changing wording, changes sentences so a I I've
I was really proud, I mean my name's attached her too so yeah. I know it's not my project here, but yet, if, if the racine, where you're the resident the ones are going to look at me, racing rules could mean se java app you suck yeah. You know, I'm like I didn't write. Is that I'm not the boss, but it doesn't matter the point the finger somebody so We, hopefully I'm really proud of it. I think they're going to be super proud of it too. So if hopefully they they are any point thier mean delay area Andy. So I am glad you got. I was other stuff gonna yeah man is. What will you known to have you? I have to diversify a little bit, you know you have to you, can't just be an actor. You can't just be a guy, you can't just be a produce. we kind of got to do everything and then also there's this amazing learning process for you to work with sean and that stunt stuff was kind of amazing. Huge is huge because you had to show them a little bit too right, yeah well well, when they had to do the stand and stuff and didn't take the hit the yeah for sure. But these girls were there stunt girls, so they ate translates for sure they
They knew about what they are doing. They just didn't know they knew so then we fall risers of that there should not form yeah and their gymnast too sweet area. I was able to teach them certain move writer and things, and they therefore greatly. like the whole thing that the whole coming together of the team and when I see all you guys working on it or that see the matches and even the stance I get that a very emotional because it so it's like you know it's we'll share yeah. We know we were pulling for the girls and we were. We were watching like bases or coaches like when they hit the move. A hideous scene right were like yeah, we high five each other. That was crazy awesome. You know, and this is what I'm watching you know on camera and seeing the scene of a sea of a translate good in the scenes he have. You know that aka the camera caught that but the symptom hurt these calls are breaking their necks, like, oh, my god, they're. Okay, how can you you don't shitty one thousand and hurt yourself yeah exactly you know daddy or any of them? Yeah absolutely, and hopefully we can go back and do more in it. It was certainly an honor a year working with
entirely love is rapidly java, guerrero, the deal from family of real deals, kind of story, but also an amazing story about the process in about. You know wrestle what it takes. You really cool. I did array radio show. I did Jim Norton, Jim and sam show in new york and I did it with Alison brie and sam who's. A huge wrestling fan was doing the interviewing of of allison and he loves, He loves you have to go out, but he's wrestling fans have that's a good sign, but one of the indicators, one of the amazing things java was able to do and it dawned on me when I did that when when sam was talking was that he was watching the moves at the women were doing and they were launch into a move and he would watch that move,
they added on something that had been added on post nineteen, eighty six if it was a move that didn't exist in the time The show was set in? He was going to just abandon the whole series. It was that specific. He was like. I watched a movie. I thought you were going to go into this other one in and out, and you didn't and fair. god, because I would have had to stop watching the chef. That's hardcore wrestling fan right there and we wouldn't have known that and if, for for job being on time, the credibility of the period and the credibility of the process of wrestling we would sam and brown. If you are the wrestling fans, but we did not kiss when's is my next guest, and this is a pretty insane story. It's a great story and she was great on the show and she's. An amazing professional I swear as well, but it's goes to a different place at the end that yeah there's a round about arc to her career and in what he was thinking and I was glad that
It made time to do this. This is me talking to to KIA Stevens. As you know her through, her persona is awesome, kong or karma, but this is a I nor is key ass. I went ahead and talk to key. At the you now he would from the real glove. Yes and you knew her from the real Glenn. Like you, I watched her from the real glow, Really when you, when you were a kid hollywood and vine, they were so. When did you do you watch the when? How old are you when you first saw it as an eight and a half nine, where we where'd you grow up in Carson? California, where the hell is that that's next to compton and long beach, okay, and that's a that was that was the childhood. You were there watching glow watching low.
santa claus. To make me glow girl. Did you really yep? And seattle has asked for it to make me a glow girl, and I asked for my barbies in iraq or man and I got the van and now you're goga now and we'll go that way. It's running cause. He is like the show got canceled like really soon after that christmas, and I was like there is a santa claus. He is not real go screw yourself and but the magic is real. I I confirmed the magic. Israel So do you remember wanting to be a wrestler at that age? eight or nine yeah, how many kids were in your family three, says you, and what to what older sister younger brother and my younger brother would torture me cuz. He watched all kinds of us
he's the original wrestling fan in the family three years younger, but he was the baby yeah souls like you know my mom's, like don't touch my baby, so he got to torture as well. We can never reciprocate, couldn't beat him up now cannot beat up her son air. We couldn't beat up the little plans and he would practice moves on me and the Always every saturday he would put me in the camel Clutch- and he would you know, he's younger, so he'd wear like dirty under rules where the superman was light black, but he didn't, they didn't sell them, like you know like yeah. This is krauss and I have to wait till my mom came in and I'm like, I let the girl go so so it was in your house like this kid is he still wrestling fan yeah yeah somewhat, not not as much as I am but yeah he. He knows his wrestling history and whatnot. Well, the weird thing was is like I don't like I, you know I certainly respect and appreciate wrestling, but having not grown up with it or being a fan of it. When I go to rookie, like your
a pdf pager, something like who the fuck wrote this some fat like. I do know that we who are readily with big nobody just a rabbit whole of it, like this guy's talking about things like deep wrestling like these different. You know Souci agents, variations where you were matches, you d, like it had to be either somebody that works for you or a real fan, real and there are people that come unto me until and no more about me than idea and the right you like you know, parts of two thousand and five that match what I'm like young yes, I I so remember that, because I was reading and I'm like. Oh my god, I don't know if I can go this deep in this stuff like it was intimidating, but I guess, like anything else, there are people better, just obsessed with it yes and you're like one of their heroes I am actually one of them I was so obsessed. I became a wrestler. How to have abscessed. Were you when you were a kid? Did you go to matches? No, because
in travel much took on the west side. You know we would go to like closed circuit. junior, you know the viewing yeah present so much live, live tapings however, still I obsessed over it and then I took a little break. You know my teen years. I got into other things like you know, new kids on the block and whatnot the regular. You know the regular pop culture and then when the ad, you'd era. Came around explain that to me the attitude era with the lie: uncle Steve Austin and the rock and triple h when that, when that popped up real big in the Monday night wars between w w E, I and the wcw then I got reimbursed and wrestling also as a grown up kind of as a girl out. What is attitude Europe stand for? Why do they call it a big house like backing,
and it was like they would cut. Miles and not give a fuck right just like really raw, promos you go. It was like not as campy so so that that's what got you like back in it less because it was so raw. It was so rob who your favorite guys go, see: Rossiya mick foley and the ross like I at the time I was a social worker and in my office it was just min insync, the in harry potter. That was so you were social work. It is you, so you stayed social work in college and became a social worker. He s real yeah that I didn't finish. My degree right, like are had to be was like six months away
Yeah and why I was like six months away for two years. Yes, it is that our really lie with no reason a rush towards me. I throw it away like what is what I'm fascinated with social work. Because I don't talk to many people and I don't know what happens there Do you work for the city then or have the world? I worked for a group home called ST anne okay, in los angeles, and I start off as like a social work. Counselor actually moved to their act. I became their activities director what to do fun stuff here and so from there kind of went sigh is and got into the more really social aspect of it too design. I worked with pregnant currently majors you and now you know they made Are we now and then ground might find activities for them to get away, get away from it
and yeah get away from the kid or how to bond with their kid on an activity for very low budget. So when they graduated out of st- and they knew to do that right so that, so You are actually at Saint anne's. Doing that, like you, that was where your office was yeah. wow. How long you do that and did that for three years Was it rewarding it's very rewarding yeah yeah, I loved it to see the kids grow up and to see them, learn life skills, yeah yeah, and they would come back and say hello once they left same ads and they're doing really well now, some of them on facebook. They find me in there doing really well out, that's great and why led by wrestling was to too much of a draw for you. Yes, I mean just in a working in a group. How yes drove lived their rights and their At times we had a separate fights and chairs are flying them like shit. If I'm going to get hit
I wanted to be. You know front of thirty thousand when its group home there they're there, because would they they've been put there by the state or they had drug problems or what? How does that work with a group home? Sometimes yeah. You know. Maybe they were in a regular group home. They got pregnant, so you you know we go. Maybe their parents, like we really old school. Instead of the convent, we got him. know because we were like a catholic related organizing. should we are. We had sisters, women's run round the place and staff, and I shall now to sister if nuclear, yes, we are all types and it was so odd because we got a your own once pregnant and slight was like what and her baby daddy was like forty Some then really owls slide you. Now he go to jail back, I know now, and it was so hard to keep them mean. Ok,
the sign out to go on leave, and sometimes he likes be around the corner. To pick her up get in you like you, it's ok, though, sowing sow in your head and she lies. She just turned eleven like two weeks after she got to us, but when we got her she was tiny. So was she able to have the baby? Yes, oh my god I feel, very grown for her age, but she shouldn't have mentioned ten years old, but she has grown up in the system. You know so it It's amazing how grown up you have to be when you grow up in the system. Why did you start to understand why a guy like that doesn't get busted? They worked on it yeah yeah, you didn't happen. Tat was gone by the tunnel and see that little we don't know we don't. You know how that battle ended in now, so you were there like three years. What made wrestling like a practical thing,
like how did that? How did you realize? How did you decide like? I can just do this there's a path. It was like a joke that went over really really our new, like it have you gone in an open door career. I because once I left same and actually went over to an organization called ellie shanty and headed up their youth program, and then I had my own business. I went on willow fortune, one, my ten grand in those like. Ok, wait. You wanna we'll work. I want a little forced the the video that I don't I'm sure, a b c or whomever it does but yeah on second generation, because my mom, when I was watching, do she did yeah she's like a legacy. Unfortunately, leg jeans I go yeah, her mom was on now We want these around here. Did you tell a path that I did
at atlanta. They were great, I didn't get to the last round, but I got enough money to be very happy and I do while a vending business and then so I was doing very well and very young age. That's interesting! I know another guy did that vending business him and his brother did it and, like I think, in philly or somewhere, you just you bought a bunch of machines and how? How does that work? You just go around and say. Can I put a machine here? Well, you can find a company that more contract plan a contract for you and then they'll supply you with the machine and the contract with a business a business park. is somewhere and you just go in every so often and fill up the machines and collect your money and you're doing good with that, if I'd stuck around with it and bought more machines, I would have done really well, but I, by like three machine, he's in. I did three machines and three machines and they being pulled well
two hundred dollars each a weeks which was fair and then I had the headache up. Ali. So I was doing very when I went on to jack ellie shanty was our innovation and non profit for like aids, awareness, ryan, I headed up their star programme, which was somebody something about hiv risk in the youth poem. We'll go around to the schools and talk about Hiv risk So you really who you really were out there, helping the people? Yes, I'm all about community yeah, my house burned down twice when I was a kid and we got a lot of help to rebuild, and I learned from that. Your house burned down twice yeah the first time was an electrical fire. My little brother burdensome tolls. They turn on the fan and the fire started in law and it's horrible because you don't see it, you don't see it happen in my house when I was a kid, the whole host of sleep we had just returned from lansbury farm real late. The night before and all I knew was: oh,
one minute, and then I was sitting on the curb the next year, so I knew in the houses on fire. Oh, my god, the next time my my play, my my god brother was in my room of course and was taking a nap, but he decided to light my pom poms on fire and if you remember, pom poms back in the day, they were very flammable, so you lied and I mean just went up and it burt Only my room and all my cabbage patch kids, dolls and and my barbies and the rockers Van went up in smoke. and then in the house got really bad smoke damage, but by god's grace no one died. Good either time either time so, okay. So how does the joke of wrestling start? My brother in law was watching mtv. and there was a show called the tough enough air and was like you know. If you want to here, be wrestler. You can come and try live in the house like the real world, basically again at the end who,
is less damning gets like a w w contract, and you know this is back when computers in the air nets kind of new year and he's like. Can you get me the application? They said it's online, I dunno what that means, and I'm like. Okay, yeah download, if I download one for myself too, and I feel it out it shits and giggles. When I send an m- and I get a call saying- hey come on survey, is we have this big audition and I go out there and I this line with thousands of other people, my getting the ring and there yeah. I know you're too overweight to ever be successful in wrestling, and I was like what. I did not drive my kia. Yes, my name is kia and I drove the I didn't drive my kids. Those mountains were you to tell you that I wouldn't get out the ring as a male. You somebody else's asking somebody questions cause me and my mom and my best friend, no some, my last logic, no citizens more questions than needed. Like shoe shit, oh really yeah. So then,
so that gave you this as we wanted revenge. I just wanted to say no, you don't dismiss me like that's what fire got put on but, and another friend of mine said: hey, there's a show. You know if the weights, the there's a show discovery channel called body challenge here, and so it was like kind of like guess loser but right before the biggest leah around. And so I was actually too big for them till they were like. You know what you're bigger than what we wanted to work with, but you are so fun and bubbly We want you know we're going to take you on and no just look at the world in insult or a compliment, but a lament, and so they found him. They knew what I wanted to be a wrestler and found a wrestling school out in san bernardino school of hard knocks and I started training there and they set up a wrestling match for me at a famous place
who are not yet in the wrestling industry. Yet very respectable school had by Jesse Hernandez agreed before, I go on now, it's like I like that. You know your your avenue is always the through being a contestant I had a crawl while aimed at scraps in the winter and grand and wheel of fortune, and I'm going to be a contestant on this mtv thing you put that together, then there's the other angle than a whitewash or a trip to hawaii go going. I love it, but but this the school. Ok, so it's a respectable school, the guy's, a real rest, or is it a failure with a league is well? Why do you do they? Do that is. How could I do do matches empire wrestling federation eatable, latvia, their fill it resting federation. They do all kinds of matches, Oliver, so the california. So when you get there were then reaction.
skeptical, because you know I'm I'm brand new to wrestling and when you come into ram your testing and I'm sure, like this contestant on this show- and I got cameras with me and they're like oh here's, this bitch with a big head and she got cameras. She knows being snotty, but I don't think at the beginning I don't think they thought I was taking it seriously like I was going to be this fly by night person write that and once the cameras is gone, I was going to be interested in wrestling anymore and they probably thought, like bullets will get promotion for the schools. So why not do it? You know and it and it did, and you know- and they still put on the company's doing great to this day it'll be laugh, and so you stay there and train though you didn't you shot with the show yes, and how long did that go on, for that show did did. Did anything come out of that? Or did you lose the weight you wanted to and then lose the weight? Then I wanted to, I got very fit. Then they they had set up a prize, meaning what china may she rest in peace at the time.
she was going back and forth to japan. And so I went over to the new japan da Joe it to meet her reserve that was in west I was like in santa monica west while sandwich waiting. I ok so I like to its back of him. So you train, for, while you weren't had a rustle YAP matthew months, only two months I you are. Do you earn your basic moves in what do you learn? basically knew how to run the ropes ear, throw clothes. and, of course, our foundation of taking bombs falling in right right sure. Ok, so you knew that. I knew that so China you, you met her or a man. I lay I like. You know for the assessment of the shell right knows. Why are you here? You know
It was so funny because at the time I was a real big, lead, a fan and they kept trying to make me say that china was my number one and I was like no, but I'm a really big fan. I like china, but they're like, but if you could just say so, when you meet her, it seems like it means being more, but it did. I I would. I put a huge o lover to death and since she was doing that back and forth. There was a woman's promotion, all japan, women and All women in japan was in the 80s early 90s. I mean just a magnet for wrestling vat for wrestling. Now I get it by all the general as winners pop culture like guilt, was it's like a japanese national treasure, okay element in the end, they had an office in l, a no ok. mt job guides and talent show that they had right and me and another friend of mine shall we try it out and she,
years and years of experience, and I just went just to figure out how you know right what you'd one dry up chose me. And I think mainly he chose me because I didn't have experience and they could train me, I'm all me the way they want it to, and now I have the stripped down any bad habits I developed rising, If they saw the skill they thought they saw that you could be a character that could do the thing. Yes, I mean cause. I grew up in high school The chair leaders, I know how to base very well and that's very important. Rigour was that we would like it if you're in a throw somebody or how to hold them up in the air. I know how to hold somebody of an airline dropped upon her head. They get that ensure leaning wrestling, lay a big dance, a big like slammed area. So I knew how to do. Then they could see that foundation in rank. They chose. Bring me on and work with me and go to japan. I go to japan and my job. Let me go for a week at the
at the l, a shanti yeah. Okay, so you go like they choose you, you go to l a for a week and what are you going to japan for a week? What do you do and it's it must be amazing. Dirigible it was. I want to go to japan, Japan very merry. They gave me some tapes of japanese women's wrestling in those wild. I was a different it's just so like in and out in america. You can go like twelve minutes in the first three four minutes, you're talk and engender jabbering here in japan, we learned bell too, your five year, humming forget twenty thirty minutes you are going at it. Hardly you know in morocco will each other
selling a lot in Japan they'll hit each other and get right back up and started clawing at each other. So it's really about the the fight. Yes, I mean it's not shown now it's about this and you know they were port cafe, which is like how we separate to the match: from the viewers? Mia is alive and well in japan, like they report on wrestling in japan, like it's, the sport like right next to baseball and basketball. They report on wrestling that way, so so didn't into the culture and nobody sits around going yeah, not really gonna eat. You know they kind of ignore the right write. Scripts script of it. Yeah so are the are the characters as defined there as they are in the states. Like I mean, do you like the like the people there, their personas? Are they a as you know,
madigan while define some are near some arm. A most are filled with the fighting spirit. Oh yeah yeah, just all about the fire care. Can you get back after being slam down by a personal? size, whereas that fire right and that that's what it is, and that's what's driving it not. You know not a ridiculous persona, not ridiculous, not now not driving it, but you know you have a few which makes it still fun. You know. So when you get there, you've got a limited amount of experience into what transpires in what may ultimately makes you decide to to do it for life, and let me see it We are because my my first resting name was vixen that was from here, was from here and I wore black leather excite just got a big boots and a bit but ways yeah, so I got to japan and they want to name me amazing.
in and know how I feel about that isn't what it needs and what it implied in american culture. Like I don't know if y'all know what that might mean in america, so I had to actually this. This happened before I even went. I wanted the dojo newsman, dough, Jonah, lay and one of their wrestlers since gay knock em or whose a deputy wrestling now was like amazing gong. He points at me and called me kong and I'm like what the fuck did. You just call me ray What is this? What kind of racist country am I gonna do and then so MIA a magazine article saying no, we may mean you're making long them. Like. Oh
hey. Are you really getting into yeah without even asking me or anything? What is the the the the history of the name was or what is it? What does it mean? Japan? Well, you know a demo, it denotes strength more than you know a racial slur and there is a wrestler named aza kong, who is extremely famous in japan and just but at the time I didn't really know about Josh's ground and aage. I didn't really been immersed in japanese women's wrestling rife, but I went home and I thought about it and so on Nwa song came on right? Well, if interview way can nigger with attitude, and only it you now right it can be awesome or amazing, kong and one and make that may mean thing yes, and and so when people hear amazing kong, they fear and they respect that name. Yeah. Does that
right right, right, there's no invocation, there's no obligation and then I get to do. If I get to a place. You know if I'm famous enough, I get to a place where I get to help somebody else than that in dermott was worth it right. and you did it you you, you pulled it off. Yes, yeah! It's so now are you folks, supportive of this all adventure of you entering in becoming a professional wrestler? yes? Well they're, supportive, I have everything I do, but it's always like he is on an adventure as I, okay, okay, so now she's going to be a wrestler y'all are for sure going to be a wrestler with what else are you going to do and you know I can jump on the plane next year. Cuz you're always end is running right, but this one stuck once that, so once you get identified, is awesome kong and you accept it. You move to Japan. Ashanti, wouldn't let me go a second time and I had no. This was just for one show
I had no like real security. Add some savings realise why for six months What to say vending machines are gone, vending machines. I sold my vending machines and I just sold everything, but I took a chance. I said this is what I want to do when I have kids. I want to tell my dad something: wild and crazy when I was younger a after an hour in this business now I can always. To answer so why not take a chance and spend I was going. My plan was to devote five years and immerse myself in everything wrestling and see what happens after that, and and he went to Japan. I went to japan and became a huge wrestling star. Yes, awesome con, an amazing con and amazing kong layer, awesome kong here, but kong style kong couldn't shake Let's not now, have to assume that you're
an anomaly you're like different. in japan s leg. You must have been sort of historical and some level, the ad syn you know I was half black year in and have to happen, ease but I mean I'm a darker shade of black, so I mean I came as a heel heel and it's funny cause I, for the sweetest people, who just care for me totally out there, but they would do the most. They were ass the most stereotypical stuff still only like I'll figure. stand down all black people are about what we did on glow almost beyond why you know they were like king dance, you on the ring in your dance. You know so for how many years, six wow six years
I thought, only safer too, I was like I'll stay for two in a near like a champion you're like us, and you do, of helium face here, phase and tweener. You know it was just you know, wieners or what is in between a really get all depending on who you face. You know if you're facing a certain kind of face or a certain kind of heel, maybe you're in between just because of the size difference into like you're almost case by case, but if you're facing the favorite, nothing. You are seriously the heel. Yes, I was it and how did the? How did the structure of the shows like evolve with? What's there a staff of writers? How do they do it there? There is now these staff a book or the malignant really right much there was no scrap. Now you just you know. have the line up, and then maybe at the end of the show somebody a promo that no enticed
but to come to the neck? Show ok now I next year next shown gonna challenge you for the bell, but mass as intercourse. As in america, with all the storylines. We have american, not ass intricate, so wet, but not real, so be I guess that goes back again. To that the the reality was it was about fighting than career so you know like you're, not you're, not necessarily following the line of like a character through the years like right, You have a care. If ever I was just peace. Yeah which is what is why I got really good at telling expressions on my face cause the first six months a year I didn't beat that grade of japanese so had the talmud story with my vase lemme history, that tuna they like kabuki theater, and why I like a nokia there. They yet so view japanese tat, I yeah yeah yeah can do it around say I have a speaking
as the eu like a first greater than that of conversations zoo, sassy furs greater so I'm it so what makes you decide to come back? It was time like something something just said: get up and go, and there was no reason for it. I was doing well right, but it was like you know what no get up and go and am glad I did because barely months after I return, my mom got sick of cancer. and I took care of her and barely seven months later she died. So I feel very blessed you, Why did I wrapped ever came back on time beginning, therefore, I could be therefore- and I moved on to tee in a kind of right away, which is total non. Stop acts. impact that and that a week that's elite That's like the second biggest lie in america. Right now
if you'd have leveled up Debbie, okay, you know, and that opened a lot of that door open and I went right on in and they started a really wonderful women's program there, and just really elevated my profile in america, They change you to amaze awesome con awesome. Con you know that he to own it right, That's the only reason I got amazing was fine. Amazing was fine, but their awesome maisie scraping while they're like doing the tray marking the badger picture, so you don't own your name now I do not. The reason for that is what like. Why do they own the name because it's their company and they ain't they? can use it for video game, yeah dolls or whatever the house? Yes, anything in trail. You right, if you leave o ye, leave witches
yeah with your old name, with original name yep, with the urge on them a lot with it. Who knows nobody so, They had didn't, have a big women's program, no, not at all it was tell me about six hours. exact same time, they started this really big. its programme, any in a gain, traction and the women's program at that time, was like the the large it's rated on the show and it just guarded a lot of respect bans in just got bigger and bigger, and by this time you ve got moves your pro. yeah I'd. Do it now I'd do it and you earned all that in Japan. Learn it all in Japan. Did you have tricks that they didn't know? while the girls knew their stuff right. But then you know we all shared and traded secret that we all picked up. the years oh yeah yeah cause you know, like I said in Japan, you hit hard, you go and I mean you go yeah. So I came in and like pay and the girls go. Hey
So you know we can like up a bit in make it look just as powerful. Without The actual impact, also you don't want me to actually punch innovators gag, do that. So Can you actually punch people in the face? You know we ever gonna hurt me. It was a little bit more hard. Hitting limit. Is an american non little a lot more hard hitting them is in america. Still still, and how long do you stay over there at ten? A m two years, the first time a year, the second time. Why why? Why do you move around so much? I have noticed that looking at your history, like there's a lot of matches, there's a lot of moving around so like what happens I mean you know me twice: you don't know to answer anyting in Japan it was Japan.
making money, but it's not america. America is tiene oak okay, money? But it's not to be right, so your constantly looking to elevate yourself to get into the big league to get get into to where wrestling is going to actually take care of you, because you know you have a finite, in years to do this right and then once you're done. You want to have a nest egg, so you can, enjoy life and he'd like to be able to walk. Yes yeah that too yeah yeah, and you don't want to have all your Oregon's fucked up and everything yes exactly hard. It seems like it's difficult to take care of yourself. Yes, it's very difficult because it's brutal, it's extremely rare well. The falls are are extremely brutal, so the chase is really to get to the Debbie Debbie. Somehow, somehow that's where the money is and like when you're doing something like a t n a y. Is there after you know. I keep nina what cuz you like. Your sister
make I mean you know the big game is that you want to get on letterman. You want to get a sitcom or you know you're going to do your your stand up, and keep riding and in keep working, but you're waiting for break So how does that work once you're, a pro wrestler and you've got some name recognition? What what? What I have to go through. I mean yeah how many after Tiana you went where your team. I went straight to dublin, be ridiculous a few months of my non could be clause then I went there also did so it happened for you. You have to go. Do weird dear sad matches in the middle of nowhere know how to do that to you. You know that not all laws it as the independent circuit. Yes, independence, argue attitude that, because my non could be clause that you just can't go from us to another big television show. So what what is an independent circuit like we're? How do you find fighting that mostly
I find you, you know if you are you're out, yeah go good, there's another one. That's really good exactly, but you know what you're walking into your. What is it you may renew? I mean somebody, I one nine major that make up the difference in hot dogs. oh man so, but we're not gonna travel well leave they met, they always my basic requirements. I have safe ring sums then we shall. We do It's a that. No basic requirements was usually a air ticket and a hotel in station two in front of the venue, so you didn't know whether venue was or whether the ring was anything or whether there was a ring. Whether there was a ring or is usually there was a ring or whether it was safe or not. Now it was just like take care of yourself. You know sometimes be the boards be worked and you have like tp. In the middle
can one it again. Crowds were hit or miss are usually good crafts Usually if they run someone like me in the hand my they would draw pretty well yeah yeah. It was funny cause. Sometimes they would draw these independence shells or draw better than when tn they would go out on the road really yeah like what's up with that. Maybe ticket cost or maybe promotion, and also I I bet you like, there's a lot of wrestling fans that prefer independent, like punk, rock or fuck dna daily yeah. That's where it's happening. That's where yeah it's raw hey! So you did for a while, and then you get your w w e break. Yes, I was in boston at the time and I drive down there just thinking I saying you know I'm kia hello and they and we that day and it was like a dream it just like floating on air. Yet
I was just happy just to walk in the building and say hey yeah. I walked in the building over there, but they knew you yes like. You know your reputation preceded you and your skill set proceeded. You wasn't like yours. Some green horn. That just came in and they didn't know who is this woman? Now they they knew me from t n, a and and the indicator second, because girl, I never sent anything to w w E wait now my non compete clause but girls, independence. Are that I face when they since then they we are best stuff it right in their best stuff. You was one may at the failure of the workforce. And yes, I think you girls, so, If you get hired and it's like it's a that's, it's a dream come true. It was a dream. Come true! You're, going to fight under amazing kong. Now
We came up with a different now because cause dna and amazing dna and awesome kong, so yeah, let's see malaria, they were like if you had a magic wand. What would you want to be? Your house tell me, the wand I came up with the name karma. I came up with a bunch of different good name. Thank you, yes, but it could go either way. It could go either way right. Definitely, and I live my life through karma. I sternly believe you get what you put out there. yeah universe, and it was like eight may I submitted and and some were ridiculous cause. I was like it's wrestling so they're going to want like a and I'm like their first, oh new girl. So maybe I should pick a name that initials of like pb w how about parsa be wicked.
Yes, yes, merciful, yes, genius as well, and that way some ridiculous wording w like a big, for me as it s now. I'm sorry area old white man be viewed very warm and that's what it that's the the of radiation yeah if you're texting or you please be weeded out buried of one guy. Zalm, lying like their first big baby. W d you ass, you know maybe they're gonna want me to be like That's not what they wonder like hey. What do you want and I put caramel caramel last may it was like a throw in yeah. It was like oh turning, your listen like two minutes, okay hm ah karma. Yet I felt spelling each cause. You know they like to trademark shit, so here yeah and then in vince picked karma, wow yeah, so How long before you start fighting
about two months now. Do you have to decide a month, late, asides, outfits and stuff they wanted me to date debut very big and Sarah had long hair right. You said, like madam, ran, like signature bray, yes, smile raymond's, yes, yes and so they want in a nude and not a new look but kind of us. you know, kind of similar kind of recognizable but different, and so the fantasies just in new york- and we made this kong- I mean karma, sutra and or gear bevel gear. and I idea view and for about four weeks, it's just this massive debut at first they did like vignettes. of mealy breakin party dolls and people like side in their yes and then I d be, and I might kill in it and then the stick term blue ocean,
yeah really term blue rousing for war that way time. How was she was four weeks in for weeks in man we know that goes into audaciously. Congratulations on lie! one thing you know evincing man with go and evincing man say: hey. Money. You just put me that Do we have to take nine months off? Man could have a baby. to do do that, it's it they were very supportive. Some people, though, congratulated me, and it was very obvious that well congratulations great fucked up,
But you know there was never a question as to whether you would have the baby or not. For me now yeah, you have the baby I'm having the baby yet sorry. so with the man yeah so good. You met them dan, yeah, good guy, yeah, so, okay, so so right at four week mark the. When do you take the do? They didn't stop there, yeah, really. I do like cause, they don't wanna put any more money and because in three months, you're not going to able to work or right, we do a a with me in the ring first day, I'm crying! The next day I cut have promised nine a dot m babies, baby I'll, be back. Thank you for not, but it was. Not meant to be lost the baby and that was emotionally really
soul, crushing to this day, it's very very highly when we filmed episode. Two I was very like I don't know. If I can be right now. This We owe it will. I would have an absurd to morals with the ketchup snake. I really know. I know not what he knows, but this is why but watching it, we had three meroz funding is how all laughed so hard was a lot of stuff in the show that, like I imagine, for me being the dick that I am on. The show is all different by some of this stuff that the women go through his light. Fuckin. Yes, yes, real yeah. You know I mean I'm there but like like I wasn't going to register a miscarriage in the same way so yeah. So well how long into it before when that happened about six months- oh my god, yeah, late term handed the lower and everything was very common. stations in you know, hospitalized in and out
couple of mine blood transfusions it hard here. So it took me a while to come. I came back that january at the royal rumble, and that was last time. Anyone saw me arrogant on whose choice was again the companies. I just, I think they felt I wasn't in the shape or emotional space. I needed to be to be on the road and they work. They were They were yeah because you you're just so a broken. I lied very rural him out. How did that last three years now boy and you tuesday, but three years of very just I'm run out from the world, don't onto me, it'll, be sunday, but right now I just need to sit here work at all. I worked, but it was very. I was on autopilot right. You know she gotta eat here, but I was the model autopilot. I didn't
socialize, but I would go to mergers are broke. Yeah does go to my thing, income at home, and that was because, thankfully, with wrestling. you only have to do it. My maybe five six times a month to keep things afloat. What what sort of gave way that enabled you to kind of start functioning again. I think one. You know, your body goes to changes it the hormones in the post, partum calms down yet. And I'm Dan and I were on a good foot near and we had moved and so we're in this and spain, and oddly teenage came back into my life. Gaming causa hey. We want you to come back and I count Well, ok, really do anything I will
as long as it's fun I'll stay as long as it's one year, and I did. I stayed as long as it was fun and once it wasn't fun anymore us I was gone. How long Therefore a year almost exactly but get out of the energy and hold on all that year with such a blast, graduated edges didn't care one way or the other one. You know. Maybe this is my last year in wrestling have some and right and then deuces, kia, yeah and So you you ass, did you you stayed a year and then it got not fun. I got very, not fun and then what happens I eve and two months later I get a call saying: hey, kiev is script about glow and I think you should read for it.
If Brian witten steam he's now my rep. He was a friend of mine and wrestling in the back of my first team a days and now he's a hollywood agent, and he gives me laugh, he's like this is part and it was for cherry actually am, and I didn't get cherry and I was like. Oh no he's a boy, we wait, there's more there's this other part of the liked, your tape that they want. You know that we're bubbly came up again and they want you to read for something else and I'm like ok and I was actually on my way to Japan as the time to do for michelle fraga aiza her then anniversary, and I'm in the I'm in the airport in them, written aside airing laying and we put it together and send it in and about a month later they can say yeah. You got to me and I was like ass. and the rest is history and the rest is history,
Well, you did a great job. Thank you and I think that, like you know, we had that one big scene together that you're nervous about where you come into the office. Oh yeah, you remember that yeah I do know is that you're. So good thing I was nervous too. I was nervous the whole time kinda, I didn't know you know like I doubt, as you flow like you, you watching you are sam. Sylvia became a guy pretty good, yes, but you were gone I mean everything you did was great and I I like, even you know, there's a scene there there's a brief moment where you know when you take betty's baby. There was just so beautiful. You know like you like. It seems to me that whatever experience you had, you know performing. You know really enabled you like. You were comfortable in your body and you were Recive and your emotions were right there, all the time. Unlike you know you, you knew how to act, if you knew you did, but you definitely did think thank you. I grew up and being one of a million talking about that, no, he didn't my mom
was the actress a really and then later transform behind the camera and, well that's why she was all she knew what to do to get on with watching. She was an actress and dramatic. Oh really, yeah! She actually did a movie. She starred in a movie with americana, a glow girl called provoked I grew up going to additions and our got a principle part, but I did some back. They were kind of extra work today would like background work. My brother got some principle starve blood yeah, upon sets out. You knew it to two drama and I was a drama nerd and schools and plays and what not tire it's always been, and I like roof, thought wrestling would be my way in to entertainment, fifty in effing years, but now I'm finally, a principal actor on the show but that was so in your mind. I was part of your regional intention. Wang. How we wrestling,
you know my mom always wanted to be like that star, but she put me in a mom first, india were kids royal and I thought you know how I can get into wrestling. I mean look at the rock at the time he was doing right I got into wrestling, he was doing the mummy and he did the scorpion king also you that was a possibility that was a possibility and and then stone cold, Steve Austin was on like the chuck, norris whatever nor is there another twenty. I got the that get somethin taxes, re ass, yes, and some like that's up yeah and then you just got taken away by restaurant. I did mad and I mean it was like it was just like very comfortable and I knew how to do it. In my sleep, like I said I was on autopilot during my depression cells, Well, yeah, I know how to fight play fight so yeah. So this was a big break. You know it you know you want you with this part of the goal. Yes
it wasn't like you know, we took her away from wrestling now as long so it sad your mom couldn't see it. It's very sad. She would, but you know, listen. Kali Carly were great, they put little now stern show like on my head sean back with some things as she did or rude yeah and she a later became the contestant Coronel. For family feud. So we put near that I was the audience coordinator for family feud? All the time so that that was very sweet like like me and my sister were like gosh. Why she, see yeah.
Now. What about your dad? Does he? Is he partiers the thing? Does he my father lives in pennsylvania? Well, I have two fathers that my biological father and then my father who raised me who's my who's, my papa. That's my daddy! The one who's married to your modem mouse, yeah durant. That's my that's! My dad daddy's girl he's in he's. He moved to pennsylvania after my mom passed with his new girlfriend. It was really weird because she looks like my mom in very weird way and was like gesture, and my mom's close. I'm like teddy Sheri Dillon g louder like he loved her, so we we we kind of got it we're like. Oh that's, my motto, stuff! Oh, wait! That's right! Your broken do. Go ahead, go at it! Here's the jacket! Is he still around yes, my father is very wary. He checks in on me how the disease is. He excited about the show yeah, I call them we were. I was on the way to the premier and he was a.
Davy. Oh, so you want to use our new commercialism peering out proper ads. Wait worry about the biological dad you ever find that guy. Well, you know I very yes, where he is. He knows where we are very close. I was very close with my you know. his mom and his dad and my grandparents. He was just not part, Reilly maddox me, a debtor share, so you know worry. Is he had already is here now? That's enough! That's a sinner! Well, look! I think I think I'm very excited for you for the oh, and I hope I hope we get in another season because we're fun self and there's so much more to learn about so many of the characters. Yeah, you included, that's the most. exciting thing about the possibility of another shows not not really
The job is much like what had what am I right, I'm in love with the rest of the world like what happens here. Whereas we don't know, we don't know all of us now. None of us know why I think we'll find out pretty soon. Yes, sly got a question then like was there like when you were when we were getting the scripts? Was there Why did you have any similar issues that your character had with welfare queen? As Yeah be named kong. It was like okay, lover's lane and then I had a problem we have in this like what you know. What do you do with that sell you? You applied the same sort all eyes by this same sort. You know only in their own its main issues. I am on it and get a last. My people there is great right. Is it really plays you know, the weird thing is: is it that so much of it? and seem that date it right that the She's still persist her right. Seriously mean think about you more now, yeah yeah, we still got.
things play into the stair esteem class themes: race, the man, a aids. It's really cause? I know that when we were shooting it, you know we were there. The night of the election it was like, as that set was just devastate yeah and Much of it was written with this sort of swagger and confidence of of heading into the first female president show and then now that that did not happen, and you know the opposite really. Happened of everything we had gone comfortable with I, I sadly think that the show means more. Yes, do you know. I feel oh, I feel that definitely wild sad, but while SAM I'm good, yes sickness suddenly clean well, what good. Well, I hope to see you in a couple months yes mean to work. Thank you! Thank you. That have you never know how you're going to arrive where you
be if you're, if you're lucky so again have a safe. Fourth, do I need to play guitar, idea I'll. Do it actually tried be careful way boomer lives. Hmm
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