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Episode 831 - Randy Newman

2017-07-23 | 🔗
Marc believes - and many agree with him - that Randy Newman is an American genius. One person who's not so sure is Randy himself who, after half a century as a recording artist, 13 solo albums, 23 soundtracks, six Grammys, two Oscars and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, tells Marc he still doesn't think he's done enough. They talk about Randy's early albums, his struggles with songwriting, his film scores, his latest album Dark Matter and his legacy in American music.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the placards, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck em ears, what the fuck a ruse, what the fuck good debt ex what's happening a mark marin. This is my podcast w t f. Thank you for free winning in for making the choice hanging out with me and my mind and my guests, and my mouth and my, weird lisp and the moving lawson's in my mouth on occasion I gotta get off him again. I think my body that turned on him. not having the same effect anymore. Randy newman is on the show today, and I can't tell you what a honor it was for me to have him in here because I I love him. I love his work. I've always liked as a person. When I was a kid
I have. Obviously I don't know him. I didn't. never met him before by tat, but It was one of the first guys that really blew my mind when I was turned onto his music. By a kid I used to ride a bus with, and I think I had the first records I had were good old boys and sail away and I was- must have a junior high and I was just sort of like man. This stuff is beautiful. It's poignant, it's cutting it's funny. It's I just I loved him and always have loved him I used to appear on letterman and he was hilarious, and I just tell you for years I've been trying to get him on the show and you're going to hear it today. I think I managed the fat boy ness. This was not a if you an all out fanboy interview, I was engaged in interested in and he you know, and it wasn't just me being beside myself yeah man I'm all I'm out there.
doing the comedy, I'm doing the new stuff. It's funny! There's a comedy boom. People like what's happening wiser comedy boom, because when people are, terrified of the end of the world. On a daily basis, ten do us seek some relief and distraction, Why is the economy so good? Still? Why is the stock market so good? Because when a concerted fide. We turn to stuff all my, god. This is horrendous. I need and some new shoes I need a car. I need a. I imagined, the the I someone should check the traffic on the free porn sites. It's gotta be out of control. Some people turn to god. Others people turn to stuff shine duff moving, stop things that there and make me feel good. It make me look at myself and go yay things that go fast and to get me away from this very
in my face existential panic that is founded in reality, not just the the. At the ingrained business of one's mortality, but David have it in your face every day and in the end of somebody else, but you no fucking control over yeah. Yeah that that'll lead you right to your dick. To the store right to the ice cream pie right to the comedy club right down, amazon bright. Whatever that's is that's the way the american economy works, holy shit, I can't deal hey. Will that thing may. Feel better. How much is it you know it also. This is exciting this again, we're exciting, because the book as as I've told you, we've got a book coming out in october, called waiting for the punch words to live by. The wtf podcast and I
I kind of want to give you a good idea of of what the is about, but I also want to say that there is already feedback coming in from the few copies that are out in the world that gave away at book khan, and some people have gotten hold of it. It's real compelling and powerful and I'm very proud of it. I can one of my favorite books is: please kill me the uncensored oral history of punk by legs, Mcneil and Gillian Mccain, we wanted to make something as good as that book all rights away. For the punch is actually a deep dive into summit. was common themes that come up over and over on this show relationships. Failure, success, addiction, mental health, parenting. Each chapter is a different theme and we have conversations with more than one hundred and fifty people in the book We've all been on the show all chiming in together about these shared experiences and de as it was. It was a hell The thing to wrangle Brendan macdonell is the genius of the editing they'd be compiling. guys got a memory like a steel trap? Is that the way that does that
saying, but anyways what I wanted the example, and I think this work in it after on relationships, you ve got conan o Brien, no brooks Carl reiner and rob Reiner all talking about friendship. These were four separate interviews done over several years, but the way it's arranged in the book? It's all part of one big conversation right. So take a listen to this. When I came out to LOS angeles, I met all these. bull eighty five and eighty five I came out here, but I ever overtime. I met all these people and it's the same cast of characters. Yelling ever One just keeps popping up and it is fun: that you are assigned a set of characters when you're born
and is showing up in your life, and that's just how I yeah. Oh it's you again. I really believe that some there is a force in the universe that has a sense of humor. These things are just too yeah, it's beyond coincidence, yeah and then sometimes called reiner yeah. I get I get girl to come up. We spend a lot of time with him still right. Oh yeah, I almost almost every other. I mean it's a week. I will be a girls out here. Call loves, More than anything what he calls release that we do and call us so proud that we do them only for ourselves. We don't do them for an audience. We don't have them for another busy trying to one up each other yeah we well. We we try to. The amazing china with where we're going with our minds yeah and we're still pretty good at it.
as you sit and hang out for an hour or two while about three or four oh yeah, and sometimes he while we're watching something, that's not terribly as you fall asleep and I won't wake him because he drives home and I'm saying he'd, probably better. He sleeps here then falls climate yeah. It was a suit behind the wheel. What was that thing? He told me about movies that you you like watching movies with certain phrases. Oh yeah, that's true with, and it's really it started with the born. You know the born three series: yeah and those phrases are secure. The perimeter lock all doors and have some abroad character in the movie says, get some rest. If those. If those Or in the movie that movies are good mood and, as you get all the sea people as much anymore, no that's true, and why do you think that it is high time and I think it has to do- I really believe they all that whole thing they
stay where you are born alone, you die alone there that bit yeah. Well, I think what happens as you get older? You start thinking about. Ah you know that add me and also that you don't want to spend any. time with anybody. That's going to annoy you or make it on, double as you get all your real or realise that there are more and more people that annoys you I saw you will limit your your world keeps narrowing and getting narrower in this area. That is subconscious wherever a conscious, where I think it's unconscious. I dont think its. I dont think you're consciously saying I think I'm blue narrow my world now know you you think you know I really liked that person that much so why should I you know it's like it's like when you're young you'd never leave a movie theater until the movie's over I now you go
I don't really like. Why do I have to watch the last hour of this piece of crap? If you know, because I have such a limited time on the planet and now with the with phones and computer? it's like all the time is eaten up unnecessarily. Not yes and as an you and you fake you, u trick yourself into believing your words are actually if working or communicating with ripe all right, I'm texting, I'm emailing, I'm doing you're not talking to anybody. now king- to whom the computer right in that in actually talking to people, is like it's like what you are now. It's a becomes exhausted. My six of us, if you could tech somebody tat, there are boys. I thought that got all happy that not everyone talk to a mere, so here's the thing tat you look at this show like friends, right friends, the show, friends and and and you ve got all these people there there ere, I guess they're twenty something and they're hanging out right other, and I guess that's what you do you go in packs, but when you get into your you're forty
you're right. You don't do that anymore. He got kids, you got kids, you hang out with them and then, when you get older, you don't have that hey, let's, go and hang out to coffee. shop deal do maybe you get one guy yeah, one guy, I'm? U I talk to you that was at the house. You grew up and I think tat, and he says you hangs out with male every night melt bell and my dad. Every single night really every night air of jet virtually every night at their summit in its wonderful that they have each other. They met each other when they were in their twenty and when the euro, the at o, shows and to have that kind of bond and that bond to stick and they make each other laugh. The adjoining others. Company they both lost their spouse yeah recently, so they have that and they say that the euro, they watch any movie that secure the perimeter in day watching that was caught in a brian millbrook call reiner and rob reiner as you'll reed in chapter four of waiting for the punch. You can order your copy now and starting today we ve got a little bonus for anyone or pre orders.
But when you send in your proof of purchase, will send you special waiting for the punch book plate signed by me that you can stick right on the inside cover just go to deputy of pod dot com and click on book at the top of the page, click on the cover of the book anywhere on the site than pre order. The book to get your signed book plate, dig it you're good. all right. So also. I forgot to mention that, as many of you know the guy Martin landau died. Last week and I had one of the most amazing conversations with him about a lot of things, but acting alone, there was very helpful to me, and I'm going I'm planning on planning unrealistic to it myself. If we get picked up. the season of glow. We haven't heard yet, but I just want to. I just want to make sure that I'm engaging as as well as I could be, but
we can always into that episode because we'll keep that episode in the free feed its episode, Seven, seventy nine and it's a great car question about acting about film about life. In it it was a he's going to be missed, lived, a good, long life. So speaking about good long lives I've been doing as opposed to going to vancouver, as I've been lacking into my life doing work around the house. I cleaned the garage, it's clean, vacuumed, it did. It got rid of shit organ a lot of papers went through stuff, I dug up an old. It's what you call an eighth step list: in neither recovery jargon and the programme twelve step programme, and it's one of these things where you make
instead of all the people you have harmed and you be in you're willing to make an immense now. Many of you have heard me make amends before you know on this show, but this is one of the first. swiss, I ever made when I got sober almost eighteen years ago, it'll be eighteen years. August. Ninth and it's just very weird to see this I don't know where was it was around? It was here in a pile of papers and threw it out. I thought I threw it out and I didn't get to a lot of a man and some of them. I don't know if I need to make into. I just was going through its eye and I just which is go through a real, quick ex wives, yeah kay the others. Those I did. Do those pretty effectively my brother, my mom, my daddy up, my ex in laws out standing. I should do that. One amy yeah, Devon good. Sarah were good, gale good Alan ye, I am a queer, would have to do their janet. I can grow
hey, Kathy, we're, okay, Bob! I don't need to. I dunno you anything ralph. I think we're all right gary. I don't even have your alive ooh, here's a big chunk, a big bunch of teachers, Mister ross, mrs block, Mr Sanderson, mrs Randall. Ah, mrs weber, mrs croco, MR clout and yeah, I was difficult. I apologize sorry for making you cry, mrs weber, bro, I'm ok with Adam sandler, pending cliff dude. I know it is about this about some party that happened in a hotel room. There's a bunch of us I think I made out with your sister for ten minutes, and I don't know if I owe you an apology, cuz. I was sort of a two way street, but was probably inappropriate, but whatever long time ago, hope everything's good with you calling to make that happen. John stewart add another that that's that one I'm just going to have to live with amy yeah in college. There was
dinner you made, but I just had to go see that band and I'm sorry I left early. It was rude. It was rude. John yeah, I'm sorry. I broke all this stuff in my kitchen around you in a menacing way, but you were fucking my girlfriend, okay, now that here's eighteen years is a great one on the list. It just says and says, I should put some dates, their audience, throughout the eighties and early nineties. I'm sorry I am sorry you're right, you're right. I it was. It was hard for all of us audiences. There is one other guy in the immense was a mention. Where am I just went by that Brian junior high yeah? I'm I got us both suspended I should have done my homework and studied as opposed to cheat off of your paper shame around that that shame those a lesson then it was.
an incredible moral compromise on my part. and I'll never forget it, and I am sorry I hope everything worked out for you I personally enjoyed the few days off, but but that was that was bullshit and yeah. I feel at okay, randy newman one of my heroes. and I've been trying to get him in here for a long time? And I just I was just so excited to talk to him and he was- and he came he's- got a new record out called the dark matter, which is great. It's gag. It's like a real randy newman record from back in the day, it'll be out on august. Fourth, and also I guess he did recently- did some sort of trump penis song. I did not he this this. recorded a little while ago, a couple weeks, maybe- and so that was on the radar. Yet, but we did talk about how he would handle the topic of trump in one
songs as he is a great satirist and a very bright guy, sharp I love talking to him. I it is the first time I've ever done this like it's got a representative, but because the conversation we had, I to her after and I said, hey, you know I don't know how busy he is or if he gets sad or if he likes to hang out, but I'm always available I'm around if randy it's too heavily You're something I've now done that before and she's asleep We said she tell him, but- what is that mean? I felt kind of stupid for doing it. I just I am so much as I do. I do I make this your thing, you're married, we buy weekly, something just said: randy over some food. Just talk for an hour. Maybe that dream will come true. I don't know, but I do know that we did sit here and talk in the garage while back and I was So this is me and at the end,
the brilliant randy newman I'll. Tell you something. I've been holding onto a story for years, and I don't know if it's true and it's about me and it's about you and I'm going to ask you about it years ago, your friends with lorne michaels. ass. An years ago I I did. I was on conan, o brien and lorne michaels, a guy for named Jim biederman. Remember Jim biederman, very vaguely. Yeah Well, I don't know, I guess. Lauren I'd come up in conversation between you and Lauren, because I'd appeared on Conan O'Brien doing comedy, and I guess laura. Was not quite there sold on me and Jim biederman brigade to me that you too Lauren. I was ever besson, oh, what our big sour. You haven't. I visitor yea itself, like a word I might have used talking to lorne yeah, so
oh good, so there might be credible, I'm not asking you to remember, but I just want to do. I don't remember, but yeah, that's possible good. Make out. I was a little less praise or or criticism. All I know is found for business from our seas and our yet where'd. You go your grandmother yeah there's only a but that's one of their all pejorative in some sense. You know what a beauty yeah well, that's the language is pejorative in a way. Yeah father used to call me things and the only we've got that LEO rosten book and yeah, you always enjoy seeing him up and he was calling me a little shithead and a cause. They were we are trying to fool yet yeah. It was their way of communicating. It was a way of affection, possibly yeah, but you didn't grow up, which wearing a law now, but they were there. It was there. The germans lying on a great yeah, not not like great amount. Vienna I wasted.
to the the new record, the whole new record, and I enjoyed it very much. I get and I'd like to think that, because I've been listening to a lot of your records recently cause, I knew it was going to talk to you. I had to refresh a lot of them and it seems to me that but the ones on here are very reminiscent too as style that you've kind of carried through from the seventies the white guy, like, I guess one question I wanted to ask: do you prefer the past or the present president? Okay it's, I never believer that things were better, even the even the stuff about music yeah that seventies were better and you know Sally life was funnier and write stuff. I don't know about that thing. I think it's hard to judge or mean you gotta watch out for the old crock factor, which is why would you things were better. When I was a kid, so you mean yeah, yeah yeah, it's not a valid where judging
No, I know I'm up against it. Myself, I'm fifty three, and I wonder about that when I find myself saying stuff like that, but then I start to think other other ways. I start to think like Alice if rock n roll. As we know it started in nineteen, fifty five when you're closer to the source in there were fewer people doing it, everyone you, I knew each other, maybe at least it was a little warmer little more connected it. I can't I like it better. You know now release stuff, no, oh yeah right, but I d necessarily completely trust my affection for it. The music, has lived since the seventy yeah and that there are some, people on the road, the seventies yet from the seventies. Maybe it's an indication that that were sound,
but yeah, and also that it represents something to a certain, a bunch of people yeah who needs something now, and it is a big bulge in the population to the baby boomers, yeah, yeah and they're they're they're, seeing the light now yeah. So so maybe they need to tap into what they were, maybe a little bit and also on this album there's a a kind of unique song about the kennedy, brothers, yeah and what I'll say is You have nothing like that. Maybe some of the compulsion to to move on cuba was about a lady, celia cruz. The way it is. Did you pick that? Did you glean that, from
story, so you made it all up entirely. What I am interested in is the relationship of brothers. That's why I call it brothers yeah the older brother kind of teasing, the younger one for his excitement. Bobby Kennedy is gone. You know we're going to go and we'll march to Havana, the people will march and the people yesterday will join them. Yeah, and John has all the peasant will join them. You know I like that that they have this dynamic. Yeah, the you know the older brother. They sing and bobby judges sing, harmony,
interesting to me that that you have these like that, there are most poetic vignettes, that kind of just float. You know it to the music and date. They know a lot of them. Don't have specific definition, but that makes him even broader and bigger and more mysterious and powerful of egg. It hopes that this one is, in that other voices intruded on things. You know the first song. Is it a song about science, verses, religion, moral, ass? Yet- and there are two or three voices, at which I I've never done before. I do right songs that are in character, where I'm not the narrator of the song, a lot of a lot of of it's mostly my style, whether it was shyness or whatever it is that did it, that's more interested in sort of a parent, personnel. Let me ask you: this was your very first song that you wrote and performed on record was that you
gridiron gridiron golden boy. No, it was one of those things bitter guy jackets that chick it's a long life. summer, a summer song yeah. It would be a sixteen. tina, don't know. I got the idea. My father wrote so he was a doctor, but he wrote song lyrics and so he'd write a christmas song, it's christmas time yeah. It was like holiday in the bing crosby mn, yeah yeah, and so I wrote a summerslam was like that. Actually, the first one I wrote they tell me it's summer, fleet fleetwood stood it yeah, but so that would just give me an idea. So I wrote at a why I wrote a foot also song. I don't know yet to me it was like a kind of what an embarrassment, vietnam pight, no the plight of the sort of the nursery sensitive, gown yeah- I don't
I was rooting for them or against them, though, and well. I think that, like that comes through to the ride this weird balance between sympathetic and critical, yeah. That is an offer. Little bit of grey area, it does so what we The first thing in the south of the multi voices you I'd like a creation, is a scientist scientists than a narrator and the end. There's somebody sort of intrudes on the thing and says how that I talked about the actual about meal but yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. So, but that's something! That's fascinated you for a long time, hypocrisy and that you know power. Stupidity sense! Yes, yes, and insensitivity in general people who don't know themselves very well and people
or in sensitive, the effect, their words or actions beheld on others? We were all living in that we are aiming as I will. I listened to a few words in defence of our country that was wet two thousand and eight, and I'm wondering if you shifting in your point of view as much more appropriate. today now and who would have ever believed there be a worse administration than in the bush administration. Oh yeah, because it was didn't, seem competent to me, but this one is bad. Dwarf, said yeah and in a never a dull moment in the wrong way, while you're there's that famous saying it's a curse to live in interesting times, yeah- and it is you know it's too. It's. words. You know he he'll! Listen to that, but the mayor says and just not under then that the mayor was saying you do calm, you right things under control right and he says the people. That said, we should be yeah yeah. What are you gonna do, don't feel lived,
yo many interesting times right, not like this one. Now, of course I do and any of us hell, but there certainly like if you We don't, if you don't mind, going back through it, but even though even on good old boy, two, I think was the first out my head of yours- that you have. There were still this tension in the country there. If there was racism there was misguided people. There was a you know. All this stuff was still there and still you know kind of hot, then in the seventies, and you are able to your address at with some empathy, yeah yeah I mean. Could you address this with empathy yeah? yeah. Yes, I could I mean you did it you did. I have a. I had an idea, yeah that you could write us song coming of a for a woman for ivanka trump nea saying, dear daddy, you know I'm writing you. This letter accuses things I could never say to you
in doing all the requisite or almost praising of him that you have to do. I know how wonderful and brilliant blimp of you are and and and how everyone loves you all the people that just was wondering and she'll say it. What she could say it in some kind of way were. Do you know what real is to really know. What's what what's going on right, if you could do it you could do it like that, like I'm, like lord, you know, or our to do a song very effective one like that? I think, are I write it for laura I dunno! Well now anyone can write that, but I I I I didn't I restrained myself. I didn't want to have an idea. I liked her I'm sort of fascinated to have written that song, but social. You know about class shocking. You know MIA right and no ones done. No one did it. It's like there's subjects that people
just how giant ones that they haven't covered, I don't think like Genesee. at some seventeen narrative about that, worried being worried about how you look right, which is dammit. You know when you're when you're teenager yeah, but I can't think of any songs. About, but that one there's more but not much. You know the mostly love songs. He has been always and there's a good reason. That's what people like you mean pop song, yeah yeah, yeah, any kind yeah of songs to fulfil a slightly different right casino. They have the populace dry in back in the day. Anyways right they did. He had a lot to the wall. Blasi aim the others. Doesn't people
worrying that there are yeah. I don't know what collective it is. Yeah yeah, I'm glad it's there and I'm glad that the passion is still there and that the forms still exist. But do you ever come against that up against at yourself when you're writing songs? Do you think like well who's this for? Well, I I I've thought What are some of my songs are kind of weird. I thought what the hell was. I who the host Possibly life is like I got. I do it that way: you're weirdest songs you like what's burned down the corn field in that regard that israel gluing we're, but that's that sort of about sex, though a little bit in always, ok. Well, I just I bet you. It's weird like article is more of an existential terrifying thing, like the guy on board of the board of the exact limits, oh yeah really- and I think that those like those shorter sighted subject that one yeah
is because it that's where it all have guided in the boardroom is we're all the darkness but like guilty is like it. That's on the four stands that It makes me cry every time I listen to it because I personally can relate to it, which I dunno too. You can oh yeah being in the wrong place. We know that high but that line it's like a you know it's going to take all it takes a whole lot of medicine. For me to believe that somebody, absolutely oh, my god, you did you clap when but without nobody was it. I was- did because was exactly right, the owl about about but take drug taking drugs about. We know it's me look at the bottle and you don't know what's going to be ahead of you, but if you look at the bala and forty five minutes say well what I know you think
work out right right right, it's bad! It's always bad! You think you're going to do that at that moment where this will fix it yeah. I don't know what why I think that was the broken, but yeah when I wrote it, I thought will thus that's that's right. where you going through it all at various times, yeah you know, but but but yeah. I do know it yeah yeah! Well, you certainly that's one thing: the seventies provided everybody was to be surrounded by that in it did in individuals like you know, just people dropping from dope or booze or whatever that was followed yeah it and you'd run into people that really were crazy, much more frequently and Sometimes you didn't know they were crazy till two hours you talk him. He had the they lay down some pretty good tracks like
that sounds great who you talk into annual worry you hook. Meanwhile, you all the time you're worried about yourself right. Well, that's the whole world is a is it We ask you that, because it I get young listening to stop. You know all the way through. You know again wait: where does I'll tell you and I'm embarrassed to say it that you you know when I was poking around just listening to music, which is what I do when I talk to musicians. You know I don't. I don't think I ever listened to to Van dyke parks is a song cycle yeah I like until today, and I always knew of him because of the beach boys still sure Did that you know I was able to sort of identify cause. I was in a joint and newsome recently at her is very yeah, but that the orchestration that
that seemed to be the area you guys were working in where the hell does that. from I mean know it's like a branch of homo safety and that didn't become homo sapiens, homo robust weep. I think we thought then yeah that maybe pop music. Could go in that direction. To like, like you, The drum was almost cheating where move things along. You know it comes from. but does it come european music, classical music to some extent, but what about like copeland while you're he's composers, gerstein right and cause it's an american. Where I come from your eye, a girlfriend,
Enjoy an elusive comes from two right right. It's it's rare to hear like it's still rare, to hear it and when you hear it, it's uniquely yours, it isn't that kind of context. Just a lot music yeah yeah part of it might have come a while from cope listening to copeland or or gershwin, but bright, not consciously yeah, but movies too. You know my three. My uncles were motion, picture composers and I thought it will. That's what I do with music when I, I grew up, I mean it didn't, look easy, but yeah he went to their studio, elway and sometimes yeah when they had orchestra said yeah and they weren't ducting and that's a big, I have to have the I have, in my ear the sound of a really great orchestra, the fox to the orchestra. Fortunately, for me, I've got it yeah and it had an made an appeal,
right. I love the sound of an orchestra. I like it almost too well for pop music. You know, I mean I think I've torn songs up a bit just to be the arrangement away, I thought, was rights. Why could put it in a place like? I did not refer record. I made when asked to make orchestra very big. He added same this one's about his big record year, some similarities between the first recorded. well, not really, but yeah I mean the the first record is: is it not only as an orchestra, but you you don't separate it much. I mean they're they're, all there a lot of the songs right there there for five of a mil yeah and- and I I was listening to that and the sort of drop off from that to a two to twelve songs complete, but you just stripped it all down because
didn't sell my end. It was all it's all been feeble attempts to try and do something, a lot of people liked the first one like I don't know what it's sold six thousand or something, if that, really that's that's last. We only I dont know they'll get those one order I know, but who is trying to and the second one. So I got rid of everything think I'll. Try this you know, do pop music and that's what I did and even though it was an evil mind process. To make a decision that way, I wrote all right yeah, I never let that be affected yet by by any kind of considerations, but you know whether I liked it but but the thing is it, but you even venturing into pop music, like in in the past year before it seems like the you made the first album you dad. He had plenty of experience,
the ranging you'd ribbons it on you. You know that a little and not much with ranging done out. I was really suddenly I was in there with the orchestra yeah and you know, orchestras got some weight to it near you go like this bum and you trying to go this fast and the if the download you feel it didn't come on, come on, come on, come and watch what you do is eventually. I found out you're shorten up a little, but but you can feel that ball well and it was a. I ended up doing a song david, the fat boy that goes beyond his friend and they were slow. I hope so it was like I'd be like yeah. It was like a built on a mountain I couldn't climb. did the dragon malaria. The thing I couldn't really, but also it seems that you throughout the of the non orchestra stuff in those those few albums and all the way through you have a propensity to swing a bit yeah
You know that you like, I would imagine sure, do yeah in a there there's a trick to to get an orchestra to swing it seems like that's what you're saying is like. How do you get that and do it yeah allow, particularly in this town sure it is hard, was hard getting strings to shuffle to right, then right, and but you can do they do it yeah someplace laptop on places its ain't. You know it's tough in linz, Austria, but they cannot to adhere yeah, and I really do another thing that I love too much is shuffles drummers hate him really yeah, but will the item if it makes a complicated right, because there's not vain can't all do. Where did you see that it was absolutely sure Actually you can but
The movie was about the drummers. What was the name of that thing? You have whiplash whiplash yeah. They had a scene where they had a guy who was supposed to be bad drummer yeah and he was doing. into a fashion of it. So it was this that did it. It was very same attempt at being bad. I mean nobody four year old wouldn't have been that bad right right, but they are drag and the fast shuffle I yeah or at least I'd like to think about right, but the slow, and that is real. It really does yeah. Well, I mean I love it, dunno, why you know, if you are using new orleans well, when I was while I was like a baby and then I go back in the summers till I was na. Wai were what got you there from her mother. She was from the area, so that must have been something I guess it was: I mean You know it was hot and there's the and the river always has meant a lot to me.
But you don't remember, music, everywhere there an specifically remember walking around in the quarter and same wall at four or five hundred yeah. I mean talk to have it like a better relationship. Music than I am yes, not something that I ever loved exactly what Really though I mean I don't know I mean really that's really good question because up compared to them. No, but it was always work to me, I felt felt you know us, because my family felt kind of wait on it and just in his heart, at you had working musicians in your family side that that was your profession were pretty grim about. You know I'm even my uncle alfred, who is as good as any film composers ever been idea. Even he had a good and see him out like and yeah? What are you doing?
it was a robe or something yeah and he'd say hey. What do you think of this play me? Something and I fall. That's that's good and he said things like you know. He was like talking himself into it. He'd say. he said you know a thing sound good on the piano playing on the piano they'll founded in the orchestra right. I said yeah, but you what am I going to say, I'm tent yeah, but you took it to heart. I took I remembered it. I think, think that the differences is like whether you think you like music, much as other musicians or know about it as much as other musicians. It seems to me that you know you musical style and, more importantly, your vocal and poetic. A phrasing is, is unique to you and end it as both of them are but you'd like to Its arms I'm going, I you holding, I don't even like randy, you like to believe that, but I
for of written unless I had to what you mean to get it or dunder. Oh well, coupled As you are aware, you have to make a record. I ran out of money yeah but writing songs on assignment for something or a movie doing a score for him right here right as a deadline right, I don't just go in there and I let sir like this idea. I had about the girl fond vodka, yet a funk floor men. I have that idea and it's all that's great, but I sort of drain myself till it ass little bit. I didn't go in their work on it. I didn't want to, but might you like when you're bored yeah? No, I I know just that talking to you making me conscious of that, I might do it just cause. It's a pretty good idea. What, when I just laid it out there, I can see where it could go
Easy, but you never see where you're right, but you were never like you. I know you're here, you're you're being self effacing of no I'm. Not I'm not about that. I'm not, I think, is an indictment here. Why, like rama personally I am, I know, and are also very prolific guy, that never seen or thanking you stop working at you glad to hear that. I think I have it. I don't know I don't want to really get into this, but I don't think I've done enough, but ok, the new record new records, I'm satisfied, it's it's good! You know I mean for to be doing good work in pop music at my age is is, is not usual. No, I I think that, and I think it's great get a return to form in away sound like the same guy as all the other ones to working with you will. You are the same guy but like I like, ok, so it's go back to this shift to eat. You know day this
from from the orchestra to saying like I'm going to make pop music and then you pull in ry cooder and you pull in that those dudes from the birds yeah and you kind of doing a thing where, like there was you, you seem to be part of movement of of creating a new american music you know long with the band india, whoever elsewhere and at that time ledger grateful dead. Maybe I don't know we always around the date when they didn't get to tell a little later, but you know working with rye and what you no matter, how much you I think you don't know or like music I mean you were bringing together something that was unique. Yeah ud do that stuff that they're, certainly part of them.
can you sick and I am to it my as a writer mia. That's a nice thing to set for us to say I've never thought up thought of about it, but that's true will work on part of some kind of way. You not influenced the lot of songwriters. I think it somewhat, but not to be so foolish ass to do I write songs in character. The way I do right, it's not like come on boys and everybody followed me out of the trench right, yeah yeah yeah people will do it. What writing character neil young. Does it occasionally right, but but nobody does it much I talked to you. I was sort of blown away as I had nick low in here yeah and peace, love and understanding right, but he wrote the beast in me too: the upper johnny cash. You know and when I there was the first lesson I learned about songwriters were like I really got into my head. That Nicolo was the guy in the beast in me, though, like
not right. So I guess my When is, I think, a lot of you guys writing character, just it's just just a step away, all the it's different than they are, but it's not it's usually, aroma will now necessarily when the globe- it's usually the romantic here le petit may not be a romantic hero? He may not think of himself real down here yet very does when he right songs, I mean that's. What he's right right right off Well from that angle, though he he you're saying he as a songwriter is writing from a point of thing, not all no, no, no a lot of it. It's also in a very american sense of long he he he came and did the like run rock and roll hall of fame. He came in he and Jackson Browne Jeffrey kinda? We did ilo valet vieira everybody and when he first started singing, he didn't sound, solid work, but then he figured out how to
petty would sound. I great yeah, it's it's it's a sometimes it's. yeah yeah yeah, you yeah, the national anthem and will be one way you can know that is by no one who that guy is china's yeah he's gotta do yeah yeah, but you know those guys. You have oh yeah yeah that Bruno. He knows sure. Yes, yes you're right, but like also that shift from orchestra to that first round that that freed up your voice to see MIKE on the first record yeah, that's very wise, you'd say that I mean I kept wondering about that. I mean it. It does sound. stiffer, and then I thought after that I said, do I have to always do this. You have one after have to always be right right right, along yeah yeah, then the next one, the same which is half and half man that record you must do. I do you don't you're not
these guys assorted. Why guides behind me, nor pretty good? That's a fuckin ran record. It had that record and bad lover. I think you're, the best songs wrote and mad love me and, like I, I wish that stuff was that stuff seem really close to the bone. Man is good. I don't never. I never that. Let me think like well, there's great nations of europe yeah, but the thing about about the goods. I miss you yeah that that's a really love song for my first wife while married to my sack right, was there ever was a comic. I know once you start talking about the ladies doesn't go well, it doesn't go. There's towns! You can't play it like that where you have to say like look. Let's just keep this between us. No one record this. when tweet than I did this on you here. It's like in a certain point, your life. You think that somehow telling
girl about other women. The experience you've had will matter, they'll think you're, better, a better fuck or something yeah. It does. no idea what her more than me that they're, just too smart, you learn that lesson again in two thousand and nineteen, oh no! I it that song the enemy was about writing right. It was about sort of so this is what is told her yeah. I told them both spear. The first one is bad, the second worse know what I told you it's about? Oh so, weird pretending to be sort or being ruthless. Riding up take a song anywhere. I can get it and I do think that would know
some point you gotta defend it like you know I actually had to tell like The only way. I learned not to do jokes about your specifically the relief ship by men was like going publicly through a divorce on Working the whole thing out: onstage yeah yeah. I saw you doing that who did yeah on t v yeah no at a comedy club too and on tv, and it was not. It was not comfortable material. I wondered it was funny. We write right. It was funny because it was so fucking painful but to the women it just gets it either So he said to women. I said: looking over, it's gonna come down to you are the joke, it might be the joke it might. The joke. Might wind feels good. say that I have been reading matter. Hold the writer alleviate, that's what I did with his song writes about faking to do that. We have tried to get wailing you and write a song we'll have written about my kids.
You have right, I have something said. Sometimes not you know not directly right, but yes, I have, but written about the father and son relationship since it for a long. I have it's amazing even now. I got me it's sort of amazing that other writers, don't branch out some cause they're, so many subjects you know well. I think it is about emotional risk on some level and being misunderstood or being understood. Both of those things could be go wrong. I I the way you feel about a job here that it's worth almost anything rash issue. Since that is the way I feel about us all. I mean it's always how I've judge myself. Melissa flawlessly yeah that you have the emotional integrity to do it yeah, but you don't want to wear that
like a badge light now, like you, don't want to get away, we all do anything. He went to get away with it. You want to do it, I don't care so much yet what happened If the concession I I made was like you know with is a recent joke. That was about the relationship. I'm in now hurt her feelings and I said well I'll, just move it back. A relationship said this girl. I used to go out, that that the thing I mean now just a change attentive to change with a head still the same thing and then you wonder is it is funny were, of course, of course, if I'm not dealing with it in the present, is that, as anything as is it is you know if I push it back in relation to it's so important? I don't know I've never been able to disabuse myself of the idea that what I was doing
was very important to me not to the world I mean right. Am I never thought that music is going to change the world like in the seventies and stuff? I always thought that what madame a war yeah had more to do with life in america right anything. Anybody any great writer was writing right. right and neil young was doing at the time of the ever was right and well that right what you why, I guess it is sort of the lofty pretend is crashing down on his now that you know all this introspection and and ask expression. War would fundamentally changed the way the world works and never believed you never did. No. Never. Maybe too much so I mean I would like your initial two believed tat. I was, I mean,
the hippies and all that is is so benign and such a a good ideal. Peace, love and understanding. You know, that's a it's! A great nasty song, but a great one, yeah, not but a great one and a great one yeah. I know I never never believed that it was working but things will get better and that music would transform anything but ye may he just believe that will clearly it was bringing people together and Maybe you don't seem to have their heart in the right place, but it didn't facilitate action necessary though I don't think so. I mean, sadly, why think that that, though the the wave of vat is crap, Now, do a degree like, as I've done, a couple bids on stage where I go, you know why did we lose and then you say I say
what have you been doing for the last eight years? Are you just working on me? That's right and that's the legacy, but that's what I've been thinking about this thing. There isn't a way it's the legacy we ended up with right, but the people who voted for him they're, not as bad as he is right I mean, would they have him to their house and and guy like that or or be friends with them a the bowling team or on? I don't mean that in a pejorative of way bridge to play bridge whatever the fuck. You know you want him to do. They're, not racism. You gotta, look it up. That's that's bad I think the narrator of right newman says racism is bad, but narrative Did the narrator of your song rednecks yeah, that's that that is not changed. You know that no, it hasn't changed. The only thing is that
everyone knows that the north is justice almost as culpable as the south in in in in treatment erases, a lot of people don't want to believe it, and I think a song like that that you know when you put in your the last you thirty seconds of that song is pretty hard I'm pretty sure that the guy wouldn't know you know what I mean actor and writer, I I did it anyway. You had to cause. That was the point that balance that's right. It was the hypocrisy that they had to do it. It's interesting about like in terms of how you approach politics in the songs like what political, science or or or or but more like, there's something beautiful that the one time I've listened to like three or four times in the last few days is mister. President yeah really yes be like well. There's that swing thing again but but it's just the you know we get it. You know like the the narrators like we understand who you are, but can't you can't you just throw us a bone. Can't you just see us this.
Now deeper than but that's right, but this monster saw in and now is using it near to a bad end, but but the sort of vulnerable plea of the working then have pity on the working man you can. You can have your place, but you know where We're dying out I, and he says I love steelworkers, and you know what that means. It's just like he saw clark gable. Its bird. You know that movie, I loved you and engine they they applauded him and they were happy to see him. I think he sort of knows he's not good at anything. Member Nixon. He s pretty great at foreign affairs. sure or shit yeah right in this guy. You know he's a great negotiator, great business, but I dont know. I doubt it
now and I, in the narcissism, will never enable him to see. No you they did. The tremendous risk of the true narcissist is, is the break in the narcissistic bubble? So, like is at the core of that is just a few tiny thing very sad landmine lately and is narcissism and the actual pathologists yeah. I think they down they they downgraded it in the dsm yeah well, my father that he should be happy about that input. I really I did because he was sick to really laugh yeah. He did he did well. You know he's a he's. A fortunate hybrid he's he's a total narcissist, but he's also
impressive, which looks like self awareness yeah, what a depressive about himself or about both himself, but he, but you know the vulnerability of being depressed, is kind of a trick of a you know. If, if if a narcissist is a depressive, it almost looks They they're capable of empathy and things when they're depressed, but does he thinks he didn't live up to his potential? I don't, I think. thinks that and the thing they always beat you over the head with. I don't know what the hell he he just a. He was a he and not unlike present. He was a bit of a sucker and he was a bit. You know he liked. Being you like hanging around tough guys, and you know he was a doctor, my father and you know, and he got my father too. He liked and and that's what happens. Let's be a tough guy to know that got in fights how he did yeah a know, my dad was not a tough guy, he thought he was but he's artist. He got a wind, you know what I mean, but your dad was a scrapper yeah. I mean he'd steed, there was a lot of yards said the was going to smack this guy it a allotted
add, but there was all the times when he did oh yeah yeah. He had a terrible temper. What a la brother- and I remembered he was leaving the parking lot. Restaurant. We were kids and the kid gives me the key and he says thanks Sonny and the kids. It's not yours son and where more than liquid didn't say that right, yet you have my father, took it badly, nuts, opened outline a bit collect him. Then you will have the first. I just you know it's just with a round, and he followed bob steel cowboy cowboy movies
I just got right in there like yeah, like get as much done as the monster golf course in the box and get as much done before you go down as you can get below. How many you just got one brother little brother, yeah, yeah me too who's the doctor, younger, older, younger, oh yeah years, minds younger, will be nice to him. I dunno are you know where work painfully somewhere. I mean, as time goes on no matter what we go through in a we can back to the notice when you know that I've, what I've noticed about friends, in general is that you know there are guys that you see after not seeing them for twenty years, and you know that guy and then there are guys you have to amsterdam and twenty years in your like who the fuck. Are you your brothers? Hopefully you always know them yeah your mannerisms and everything he thought like me, the look of their back. You know something that I haven't seen my back in forty years right, but I mean his back looks like mine,
during their way, they move yeah very familiar to me very familiar in years. No one else. Yet in your genetics, yeah yeah we're we're tight like that. You know, I think, there's that detention of you no success, failure, whatever the inner things happen, and you know, shame of that plays into dynamics. But you know red blood can happen, but, like this legacy, Talk about your kids, like you know, I feel, like I remember very specifically, enjoying you on the original david letterman. Show. Cuz daddy would have you on a lot and was a god I've never what year was, but there is always a great day. You very great timing. You know, and david day asked about your son. That I must have been the eighties older? When was in the punk said devil that ones you I'm fine, but the other one is sorted gone back Never bad, I mean they're are all very good. How many you got, I got five five killer
well, a girl with a friend of mine had the same kind of thing happen, and he said you know if the girl did board. First yeah would have thought the boys were retarded because there's no doubt that they're superior, you know, do you have any kids, Oh, I avoided that somehow I think it was smart. I don't know I. I think people find a way to join it, but I, I think, a the fact that it was never at the yard. The front of my brain to do and I've been married twice must mean something yeah that there was protecting me again, some of 'em up anxious worrying selfish pursuits. It is that serious, a choice that should be to people. You know I mean either do it tat you should do it bloodier of york yeah. Did you make that decision in that way that, in the first instance, I just didn't think you would be otherwise
everything I knew right was family right. You know, and- and so I always thought I'd be part of one and and have my own and both my wives were. I thought about what kind of mother they'd be kind of, oh yeah and and and they both were were great yeah yeah. I think I I think that my relationship with family was more like a you know. Is there any reason to continue this I never quite felt. That way I mean I had problems with my father, my mother, to some extent. But what did your mother do. You know she was from Louisiana and she was sort of a southern belle. I guess that down there merit murder and she couldn't sort of
overwhelmed down here by the speed. A thing in the south of those towns on the gulf are slow, yeah, galveston and new orleans and mobile and so she would be getting to the pronoun of a sentence, and they were and you know so, if there was some degree of which never became a fully sort of expressed person that I that I knew she was very proud of me like when I pitched in a baseball little league. She would keep a box score and it was a big thing to her and then
she when anything was about me in the paper, she cut it out yeah and I wasn't very gracious about any of that kind of stuff. I mean I almost wish she weren't at the ballgames and yeah. I just wasn't as nice as I should have been, so they didn't stay together. They did oh, the depth or more. They didn't stay together. They didn't watch this. They watched the same show in different rooms right, but they stayed together. Oh yeah, yeah and most of it here, Allah yeah so all pr! So when now, through the course of the career a you know, you did a lot of songs and a lotta songs of people covered. I mean Jesus like I think everyone has has recorded Think it's going to rain today at a lot of people though, and they continue to do it is that is that, would that be called an american standard at this point? caught. You know, maybe I mean that the that's really decline in standards from all alone, but the telephone by just for our stance
Others seventies. I don't know about that. We, I don't think so, but But back then were you. What was your relationship with the record companies? You, you know, did you do you? Have your publishing does indeed still you every time that happens I have a I a certain point like past some date. Up to that date, I think it's going to rain. I don't think I have any of the early first record. I didn't. I was with a publisher, I think, oh really, and then I get. I would advise anyone now, kids publishing sheriff. Why mean give record companies are barely holding on. I think in the autumn way they really are the, but they try and get that and they get performance money now record companies. They will that's. That's the market reform until march, unbelievable yachts write it down where that's where so the wreckers if he hadn't I'd like to be excited like oh, I wonder what it'll do I mean I don't guess. It'll do
anything you know and end it's just if my price goes up by two thirds, those on the road right, that's the accomplishment. So by what about the relationship with with any lenny. I knew nuisance. I was one year ago I say orange warren because he seemed We are the relationship that you had with. Him seemed to really carry you through the first. You know decade or so huh the whole time yeah. He was the first personal playthings for since I was fifteen and when he he was with the record company. He I never experienced add record company stuff cause. I was protected from it by him and he was where he had music as a kid or how'd. He get into cause. He's still he's still at it right, yeah he's still at the warners, and you know. He got into it, his father,
the violin violinist in the fox orchestra, and then he started, she met him through your uncle. I met yeah through. I was the only one or two, but he was friends with my uncle yeah friends with the family and and he was interested in music as a kid you know, jazz and stuff. I remember lenny niehaus house and he had all that stuff and he ah his father started a record company which became liberty records and when, when I started writing songs. I went to a couple publishers and- and they sign me of that at that company here and then when I at liberty, people heard that yet at liberty, records Publisher, yeah, and then people heard me singing on the demo and couple Lenny was warner brothers by then and an m.
and mourners offered something and I went with waters with Lenny. He stared what he manage vans. Are he just produce pan lose them yet produced in other, do be brothers, gordon lightfoot, oh yeah, they were pretty ricky Lee was made, but really I was you he would know big. He had he had a You know, yeah had the wall. Why he was doing that wasn't his main thing. Rightly like, but early on, were you in a band? No, never was No, I never was. I wish I were you know, could have played well enough to play with an orchestra, or I do it because I wrote it yeah, but but I almost wish I were in our band because I have trouble playing in time when I do have to play with even at I got that rock and roll hall of fame thing would do, and I love LA
I do it by myself, which is where perform. Usually, you drop an eighth note here. Dear there area you're in seven, eight and and four four four four. With them you know they were looking at me. You know, whose strength I say to my good, get thrown out policy, because I can't play the god. Damn bear my own fault, but I bear once ass the jimmy killer, where he asked how do you? How do you follow or anything you know what he or she just watch his hands? so it's not exactly you know. I got my own time. It's it's not standard. That's a good drummer he's a great drummer yeah, so like I actually I just I just remembered that I was going to tell you, I saw you when I was in high school, but you know I got turned on you by, for I got good old boys because my buddy in seventh grade's hippie dad had it and we used to listen to it, but then I went and saw.
Because I was a huge fan of sail away and good old boys, and I must have been I it was, must have been like seventy seven or so albuquerque. civic auditorium on the little criminals, tour of only played there once in the and that was it that was it in. I remember because you know there was a strange protest of of little people and a few of them, but I remember I hung out, hung out because it was you up there, and I know it in end and you came out and said: hi yeah, yeah, I saw you then- and I was like so so thrilled that you are a decent fella. Oh thank you very much did I fall. With you when I had the for business now, at lunch. I was so happy that you noticed me out, because I've been such a fucking recommendation for lawn, well yeah, because, like I I didn't know what I was and I said well, the bag is randy knows I'm a prisoner. I can remember that you were, I don't remember you being particularly cranky
pray, you know a yes all that mean. I know your wife. I was definitely that so I go in also like you know like it. When I I found your song on the on the soundtrack of the performance with that with right, it was a long black long gone gone, dead, train gone on to you just sung it that jack niche Ian Ross titled then replayed it yeah, I played it. Yeah in rye, was in there too rye was in that too. We were the rolling stones to honor that memo from turner. Do we do the have I think a general yeah yeah or on one of them yeah that memo from turner cause. That's also, I that must be you playing yeah. I think we got it back yeah when I found out record a mite dynamism, morality, newman there and everybody knows this design his record as true, and you play with the star like with the stones. That's like a highly thought of movie now, no, not with the stones they weren't there, there a rough track of it. I think we did that one again if I had them later. You had a good
begin. Now they had that there was there. Celia did ye. Still I used to friends with rights. Yes, I haven't seen him in a little bit better, but still still friends. Now at that time, in the seventies when you were hanging out with those guys and the guys from the birds, and you know whoever else was around vandyke the eagles. Oh yeah. They were only in front at very early on. They sang on one of the records right, a few of them yeah. I would was be part in the orbit. Oh now he was out in the desert. Hardly anyone knew him. I dunno whether cooter knew him well yeah. He was just in that first incarnation and yeah and he'd make you know his records and, and there was no, the desert yeah? as I knew, though, that may be a misrepresentation of thing, but there would be people who norm would call say yeah don
after dawn, they never said. I talked to don right right right, but they'd call me a don's got a new route, as it done was that like like? Did you like what he was doing doing, yeah, not always but sometimes the trip right yeah, but that was is very glad he was doing it. Yeah yeah, that was your world there are other worlds. Not really I mean other worlds, and this was just recording world socially, I didn't see, there were looted. I see often sal Valentino, who sung with a bow brambles brummel yeah I'd, see him didn't they do some of your songs, yeah yeah. Did it a couple and that, there's a good guy, yeah, alright moving into into like ours. We can't cover everything, but the two songs you gum like. I want to believe that it's money that matters and yeah it's money that I love to have represented
sort of existence oh battle and realisation on your part yet thereby How important money is? I mean someone said I don't like in that song, how you criticized people who work for the radio in and have backpacks. I saw my criticising him far from it. You know I am all for it for stepan stepping out of the race yet yeah. It's just that. Since I write on a lot of subject. Money is really important in the world and would that it were not yeah but I try not to make it important to me when I write it isn't right right the weather, the rest of my life is clean. I don't know I mean I get you need it. I went and played for a company company thing recently is that you just get in and get up no yeah, but I did. It
think it, neil young, who hates any corporate thing at all, but there I was this on plant and they were just shitty. I just had to put my head down and then add thicker money and every time I ve done something just roma I got screwed like a festival in baton rouge with rain, and they didn't pay and it's just as likely or you get punished for the evil. He just Now you ve mentioned nea, like three or four times you have near here. He some right, you some any stayed good, yet you know which is which is not you know, there's ups and downs like for everybody right, but it isn't like he did his best work at twenty seven necessarily what is it what's interesting about you and him he's? A bulk of your work is not beholden to time that you it's it's a unique
You know maybe some production element. I come and go just in the eighties rhine record, but but you know but but you and neil young song from fifty year forty years ago, and it don't go like that so sixties. You know that you from You know from your first album on there's nothing, that's tied into some kind of dated motifs that that our pop music. Oh yeah, that's good! That's good! That's that's! Some time with I didn't do a mambo record in this beast. but you've incorporated some mambo elements. Oh yeah! Definitely on the new record, I think the crews thing yeah. He was the queen of the mamba yeah yeah. So when did the soundtrack start did you realize that you were going to follow in the path of your family to your uncles to the early seventies. I did the first one that did a movie called the who tells the name of that thing hold it. Oh my gods.
The town quitting smoking. I can't blow the van dyke movie, turkey cold. Turkey did that norman lear. Yet director the challenge of of was with cold turkey jesse you, it was socks. Now there was a score and yet there was once a limit. It was the challenge, was writing for orchestra. Right was really scared, me yeah. They had an orchestrator who's, great famous orchestra. He was jerry, goldsmith's, orchestrated arthur Morton, and I was loathe to suggest, as I didn't I'd write something and I sort of let him orchestrated, and he said well give me you know, give me some ideas. You know the orchestra later and towards the end of the picture. I did some stuff and after it I always did it mostly, but I mean I was.
because my family, or something and writing for order stirred it you're scared. The shit out of me what's rank job in a way I right yeah. looking at your weight and it's a lot of people looking and and but, like my uncle did what he said was true that if it sounds, it'll be okay in the end but like it seems to me that, like the natural and ragtime played to your strengths- yes if they did, I I dunno why? Well they don't make movies like that anymore about eight animated ones in a row, yeah there's gotta be a lot of record cars. Three it didn't and places that I never have had right. You know when I have assignments yeah, you were you can't say shit. This fucking, damn condemn right. You know you got a friend and me at silently used car salesman and in if I wrote that right, let me, but I I'd like to bus myself out of that box. I've got myself in and just right
straight when somebody limit from the second picture. Now those who, like the strangest things right right, I'm getting further and further away from any mainstream and stuff, I'm doing right now, yeah. I mean, but that's it's sort of like. I wonder if that's bittersweet to you that you know all the grammys and the oscars come for the cartoons yeah. Is it no no I don't know, I don't take that as well. I don't think not like you know you, oh yeah. I wouldn't like to go to a nominees for like album of the year or something heroes, times yea, but I know I knew them. That's not comment that that the ito awards or not it's easy to say too said I, but I actually really do yeah they're, not a measure of anything that I accept. This is There are measure of pr yeah. Very
It is very often yet, but those song is where the songs that you did for the animated films were not there. Do they weren't to come. mozilla grinding new in town they selling a year they do, but the lyrics are what they wanted right was they want to emphasise. The friendship saw a set of four times nl with another job yeah. I'm glad. I think one of the things that I Confident about that. I do best is right to assignment yeah, and if they want a albanian waltz about a goat herd, I could do it. Yeah do a little research yacht, pull it together, then just do it with a well. I mean it's it. I guess. Go after your own device it still seems to me difficulty to believe that, like you're, given all the albums that you did outside of the soundtracks that the you know, you're compelled to to write, songs, whether you're on assignment or not or not.
You can do I, I got a record coming out. That's why we're here, yeah What do I mean ever? But it's like you miller singing in the rain yeah? There was a montage near about their careers and when they started their careers, they were in low form of burlesque and they're blood. All over this yet that that other thought that removing arising in the one they're they're doing a review somewhere ST louis and their little slowed down by the time they're in the ziegfeld follies You know at the end of this month us, Barely moving around just little gesture, newman sings greatest hits it is, but I mean in the seventies I put a thirty three. Search for records. I don't know leave all been like. Ten years apart, I mean it's
and there's no reason for it as well as doing movies somewhat, but still yeah. I do feel compelled you know it was the way I feel compelled is I want to do. I don't want to like be a say. I wish I'd write right written this. it's stupid, but I do feel that yeah I mean you did that the faust project yeah. I mean that the word that wasn't it I meant no I'll. I enjoyed that. Yes, there was so much different stuff going on people dancing to stuff, and it was always something to work on and it wasn't constructed as what would you call it? Is it a it was constructed as a broadway vehicle,
yeah. I got a musical was abusing Austria, vs butter, and you know these critics like the score and and didn't like the book and that the meeting I burgess what yeah yeah I personally I like it here- the story is was of the it's great oh, I love all ass, a low stuff about Heaven and a written. A number slows were got heaven in Gaza. god talk, I had seen in Luanda your neighbor character, yea, really as they got all you know, the devil's like gods. Death is completely clear. The devil's like terms dolphin. He doesn't understand how this guy can beat they couldn't comprehend what I was getting so didn't.
didn't we rarely times didn't get past Indiana. Rarely chicago, and what did we do in san diego and in the sugar going era was an into the album of good with vigour and at, but is at something you still want to do a musical now It was on welcoming atmosphere really tough and was like come on. You know right what seems like not I get everything else. It's gotta be spectacular if everything's a superhero split, I don't know what it's gotta be, but they've got this. Maybe things have changed with something that's genuinely funny of book of mormon and and and worked, but the the form of it. You have to have a big opening number and in certain there's certain forms that you have to follow right now with a book a mormon had that are not yet funny. I guess you yeah you. Should it's really what musical comedy should be now?
Did that did anyone ever do like a big guy like a musical based on the songs of randy? Out of that goes? Drugs yeah, I don't know you know problems with it, but it was noble efforts and yeah in each case night, one of the present day I recently got into in sort of a compulsive way. A couple years ago is harry. Nelson, and yet He did that amazing record and death of your songs, flight of the thing you know it to do it for someone who wrote as well as he did to do an album of nelson plays new media, and did you were you guys, friends, yeah, he was kind of amazing guy right. He was need one guys that had these problems,
but he had a low opinion of himself yeah. No, we all did to some extent, but he really did have a voice. So hot hellebores, oh my god, and he he he really really could sing all of a sudden. We were close yeah and then all of a sudden. I never saw him again yeah. Well, that's what it was booze yeah. I could do it. you know your brain switched up. Thinking about that. You know, there's a reason why alcohol came down through the years rather than something else. I think it's like a powerful, powerful thing: oh yeah, it's always in and it's a bigger deal than maybe the other stuff as well yeah, It's like it's the real jekyll and hyde ship man. It's a real kind of personality changes say, and it's I know why, but it's it's the most accessible thing you would think we'd now, but
some about our god. It always it's at both when cloak was in big Echo is new, yet people don't want to be spent up. They want. You knew either heroin or alcohol is coming both brightly Riah will those are the ones yeah yeah it's fucking way, if you're lucky. You have dodged that, and that was not something that compels you that much now, though, yeah, because eventually it's just you wondering if you're going to die up there and wondering how you, why is you're, seeing someone from fourteen years ago if I mind if I come over right, exactly do I get them out of my house in long beach yeah, so this the song you there there's a song on this new record too. That seems to be about.
Son. Is it which was wandering boy not directly sweet, sad song? It's a very sad song. It's about. to go to you lau up here in community some way yeah and new lot of people say from Cleveland, yeah and they've have parades. Parties and but they wanted to be out of cleveland yeah, but they did have that yeah and I'd go to this one place one hot guy's house in the neighborhood every year and then I'd miss three years. Four years and you'd see
it yeah that I and then twenty years later say. Well, I say oh yeah, I see what happened to so and so and there's that sometimes there's those polls yeah. The kid was, as you said earlier, fell out, yeah and that I thought about that and how it would be. If your kid had, you know we're the homeless people. You see yeah right on ocean avenue and downtown yeah. So that's it as long as yeah yeah. It's I get it's it's one of those gut punchers. It does work that way, yeah in in person yeah, I mean I love your songs is sort of like that. They leave that space to have the emotion best of them young. in the other song that, like I was obsessed with it, I don't know where it came from is a you know. Last night I had a dream.
We're in it, and I was anyway yeah yeah they're, just funny yeah. I like that song, there's just something about honey. Can you tell me what your name is? It's like it's very seventies yeah, but it's insulting and weird yeah that you know you know the because of what my mind goes like whatever was going on in the barn was not good and there are a lot of men and she didn't know you. Why do you think that was seventies because of this vaguely psychedelic already other than yet another that somehow we met in the attempt. Second racket I made a single of that song with for electric guitars me thinking that'll do it had it's really one of the worst records ever made. That's okay! I get key backtracking, but was sail away. Do you see
Do you see a girl boys and sail away as as concept records and away like our they whole pieces? Good old boys was almost the whole piece and was a whole salt. The one yeah part of was about you along a bit the kingfish yeah and Louisiana. Flood was twenty seven and about the guy Birmingham than I thought? I had the right another song to explain the guy after ira rednecks Birmingham yeah, so I wrote marie and Roland yeah. So it was. It was a bit of a concept sail away. No, I don't see it as such always felt like so away was some sort of weird kind of like you know. This is america record, while I'm interested in america very much yo and and written about it, trying to think what was on their god songs on there and yeah yeah, it was yeah, yeah,
it was a god song. You can leave your hat on yeah memo to my son, yeah yeah yeah, I like that burn on yeah yeah. Cleveland, the river yeah yeah, now D, do you it were these things that you are sitting think about these things that you drove past the river. I saw you in cleveland on fire yeah. Oh, you did tv, yeah, scherzer right right, like our president, a television, the the. the flood. I read out yet irish motives in my family railway do stuff like that, and I read a biography you, along yeah, that was good better than all the yeah yeah, and you can leave your hat on that one got some traction to right: yeah it did, but it got wonderful one did it like a sixth higher and the baby
in all the way up like the right in thinking that you, you're a little more menacing and then and it becomes a sort of souls on re exactly, I mean I liked it the way I do with cooter. You could barely hear me so yeah yeah, yeah yeah, but the success it had was when Tom Jones and Joe cocker took it up yeah Joe cocker, it's in the moluccas, interesting. The tone like, I wonder how you experience as like, even with like a yard, I talked to Springsteen, which was kind of a media about, but like if you hear the original version of born in the usa. The verses that's right, like you know like had when you have a song that goes out there. You obviously want people to play the songs, but when they do something that it is contrary to the that was something he did on his own. I don't What the reasons why I didn't get into specifics with them, but the folk version of born in the usa is a dark song. It is your roof but like when he was once one else does
what you just said: they did your song. Is there a moment where you're like that? What are they doing to my kid? Well, I'll tell you it's not. I didn't mean it as celebration right, but No I I saw was realizing that people know, I'm not, you know, did a tap on the shoulder. No, that's wrong! Yeah, yeah yeah, it's a much more dark song. It's not! I mean that's why it stopped when people would say geez the great song that I would say. I don't like that one much because it makes you think that you think there's stupid or or yeah you. Never you can. I learned that the hard way just keep your thoughts to yourself. Put this one. You learn the hard way right. Yeah, oh yeah, with that song while you do in that zone yeah. You say that to three dog night you would have been a few bucks a litre. I tried to say it and stopped. Oh really. Well, when I heard the record, I said you know, they'd had a.
Number one records in a row or something like that and I didn't want to be responsible for them not doing it, and I was call him if it will, maybe it isn't don't release it as a single the mama told me one can do, but I was going to call, but the lenny stopped me or someone did react just let him do it. Let it let it and it was a big hit right. It was It was the number one number one and number two. So what are you doing? Yeah? doing with yourself now go on the road yeah you like it yeah, once I get into it, but people come out the happy to see india they're happy to see me. I think you know They come out better now than they ever have. I think a really. So what's the audience, mostly pseudo intellectuals, yeah, the audience is: what's the angel of forty over
already but with more a twenty year old than I've, I've seen now yeah in thirty years? With that see, that's the view The thing about music man is that, like anybody can come to it at any point in your life and its it, you know that you never late to the part. That's right! You not think that is in the I'm always surprised when it's like a festival and I've been the last act and some festivals, Ed and there are people packed out and you drive by men they're just packing up to go this before a guy on, but I mean it's just amazing that people hang out during that yeah sure ma'am cause. I don't think I'd. Do it all yeah, I don't you know like I. I say that when I perform comedy. Sometimes it's like I dunno how to have a good time. I'm not sure I would have come to this yeah. I I I sure I wouldn't have, but the because god is a god they do and they're right it's better than just you know,
eating or sitting home watching television. Maybe I get my she wants you to revive record. I don't know, there's no point to it for me I think it's not not when I was at one and I think seven year, whatever recorded bitter end, yeah cited lowly at the top in front of about four people and the third world, those it was friday and saturday at three shots, you're sure both nights or oh, my god Recording your live albums for people on the third show at saturday. It was about that it's only the top, but those are beautiful moments. I think yes, Sophie. Those are the veto. The awful moments sometimes are the things that you remember most and that the the not so awful right at the the are beautiful moment sure. I wonder what this the four people felt we saw him once once did two other guys is the best. we ever saw you can hear
of on line at me, I hope this was a good experience. I really enjoyed thanks, randy amazing, an amazing for me that I think back on there's a few that I think back and I I'm just so glad I had that conversation. I had that opportunity to do that and that, we got along randy. Newman's new record dark matter will be released on august fourth, soon coming up So so that's it. I dunno what what do I do? Next? When do I I to albert, brooks by the way vice. algor supposed to come by, and yet show soon so hopefully that'll be before the sky catches on fire. Anyhoo, don't say that anyhow,
I haven't play guitar in a while, because I think there was something about playing with musicians and doing the work on songs that, We diminished my my my confidence in myself. I cleaned everything up in the garage and I've gone through a lot of petals and boxed a lot of stuff, often maybe I'll just to noodle for a second like, like the old days like a few weeks ago, and
the, blue marlin.
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