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Episode 835 - The Lucas Brothers

2017-08-06 | 🔗
Keith and Kenny Lucas are identical twins and Marc is freaking out at how similar they are. Well, freaking a little bit anyway, but only at first because once the three of them get talking it's hard not to be taken with the Lucas Brothers' story. They talk about their childhoods, their philosophy-based education, their attempt to go into law, culminating with a mere two-and-a-half years in which they were apart, and it almost ruined them. Thankfully, as they tell Marc, comedy came calling.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fucker is, what the fuck bodies, what the fuckin ears, what the fuck nix, what the fuck rats, what the fuck publicans how's it going on mark mariners, might pod gas welcome to its called diabetes. Thank you for enjoying. Thank you for joining. Thank you for being here, get a lot of emails from people who were watching me on glow and apparently never knew I existed, which is fine, not complaining. It's nice to be des for a bull, it's nice to know that most people have no idea? Who I am and I'm being honest, I'm very ok with that, but it is kind of going to get emails from people who who see me, wonder about me search my name. And then they have like eight hundred nine hundred whatever. However many podcasts we've done, they've got my show. They've got my five or six comedy
Many records are going to have these the books, the two books. I happy that they have a rabbit hole. I hope then exhaust them of me. Because god knows, I'm exhausted by the marin rabbit hole. Is I'm living in it? There's a it's in my head: it's always open its it's! It's very easy door, there's no lock on it. Kind of blowing open, it's kind of creaky and blowing open and like what's going on in there, not again, not again today on the show I have the Lucas brothers, which was was pretty pretty great. it was. It was a really good time, Keith and kenny lucas are identical twin brothers that dress pretty much the same, and it's very trippy to a to talk to them. Both at the same time for over an hour its aim, and I mean trippy in the real sense of trip you like what the fuck am. I cadres to you
But I I didn't know what to expect. They've got a new special on. I believe it's on Netflix yeah, it's called on drugs. The lucas brothers on drugs, and that said, doesn't double entendre is, is that the right word on in terms of a paper on something and then also on drugs like I'm high, but either way. I didn't know what to do. back. Then I had a really good time with these guys, so that's going to be happening in a little while also speaking, about drugs I am a squirrel. Unama squirrel in this happens every year around this time. you into this of us and on monday it'll be august. Seventh, I'm Wednesday august. Ninth, I'll acknowledge the day I'll, acknowledge knowledge, the into achievement I now wednesday of eighteen years sobriety for me Eighteen years sober on Wednesday,
throttle. Ninety anything did happen between now when I'm talking to you and wednesday I'll, let you know thursday, hopefully thursday, will be just another show and not just maybe no show at all like where's mark I don't know man, he couldn't hack it coming up on that. Eighty. Cuz sober anniversary and you just did palm desert summaries on desert hot springs with some do in a trailer. I don't know what the fuck they're doing, but it's not good yeah bring the mike's with me on that one on the the meth relapse I'll make sure to have the mike's with me I'll interview, whoever I'm doing it with not going happen. When people relax making a dark joke, but I do I do It is a difference and I don't know some of you have some sobre You have there know that that coming up on those those markers you get, I get like I'm irritable, I you know I should be going to meetings, but even now, like I'm sort of like you, have flocked to meetings, I don't want to deal with it. I just don't want to be in shit, I'm edgy I mean
yeah I'm having dreams, you just gets screwed. early man. I envy you don't realize. I don't want to believe it's true, but your brain fuckin knows I Three days ago, I had a dream. I mean this, I'm a longtime, sober ready. You know what we have granted. You know I do my nicotine lozenges and I get jacked up on coffee specially now that have a little downtime like I'm on my second pot of coffee here and I'm recording this before noon. Like you, it's not like, I'm, not activating the neuro transmitters, but yet these are things that are making my life on mars, born there in other there except a book, but dad that boost drug thing man So I have a dream. I mean the dream and it's it's. Relays hell man real as how just three days ago, coming up on my eighteenth sober anniversary. At a dream? It's just I'm just sitting at a bar and I just ordered my second jack and coke.
It's a familiar. Looking bar. It looked like a bar that the guy who you know I must in my dream it felt like I live there, I'm getting my second jack and coke and smoking cigarettes and would deem dowry for some reason, not blame and a model of for anything, it's nice, I'm sure he didn't have you no cajole me into drinkings priests. sober dude himself, very healthy guy, but for some reason it was me and dean and I'm just sitting there. The thing I remember from the dream is, that feeling in my lungs from smoking. cigarettes, you know when you smoke cigarettes and you've been smoking long time, there's always a little bit of a kind of a wet ache in your in your lung. and I remember in the dream that I had that that wet ache in my lungs from smoking cigarettes, and I was about to get that second jack and coke in I dream I'm thinking of MIKE man. I am not sober anymore. This is who I drinking right now and I am I gonna
going to tell anybody. What am I, how am I handle this that's really all! I remember the wet egg and wondering whether or not I would cop to drinking and also that that first sip of jack coke, who bad ah of blessed. go to a meeting, yeah yeah meeting yeah gallows, shivery ships that wedding that first sip those shivery, those shivery. So what I do, what do you do for a sober anniversary will here in the los Angeles area? They called him birthdays and you go to a meeting and get a cake and you blow out a bunch of candles and share your attitude and talk about your story a little bit and get a couple of euro old pals. To give you your cake and that's that you get a coin ideology right on time. Sarah
Painter got me a seventeen year coin. Maybe she'll get me an eighteen year. Coin cuz. I I just recently lost seventeen year coin right on time, on time. They just they just build up the coins and its funding. When you- going in and out. You know when you're, not quite getting this over thing and just start amassing coins they're they're, not you're, not a great indication unit at it has got a lot of these attempt coins, but you know, keep goin keep trying. and but what I usually do inappropriately. On my sober birth, As I I will email, my ex wife. who got me sober. I don't speak to her. She doesn't like me she I want to hear from me at all, but yet I insist sending an email to an address that I'm sure is on the other. Then she has one email year from that address, and it's me going thank you for getting me sober. I do that, despite the fact that probably ruins are fucking day but
You know that I I feel it's necessary this. I will give credit where credit is due and in a window, and without her, despite what happened after that? You know what I'm saying things your life life so Oh! So that's what's going on with me! Oh I had this other dream. Oh shit, I just, Remember the other dream, I think, was this house this nodded. alcohol related dream, but it fucked me up I think it was my house. It was this house and there was a are going on and I don't know, there's a lot of people there. Everyone was in costume, but I was, anna costume, but I was not asked how I usually dress. I was dressed like I used to dress. Maybe ten years ago and maybe that That was, I maybe I was dressed as me ten years ago, but it was clearly a costume party. I felt very out of place it was my house, and I was in costume and I went out the back door
here by the garage, now walk down the hill here and I'm looking down at the down on the hill there's a pond that does is to realize that exist in the dream. So this kind of eddie pond, and I'm just upon the edge of looking at the pond and out of the ground, just above the pie, this giant snake comes and I'm just watching to come out of the dirt like a jack like anaconda size like one those massive goat eating snakes, just comes, and just sweaters into the water. And in the dream. I made a mental note: don't go Two pond snake in I walked around to this other and there seemed to be a clearer water. There. and I saw a seal- and what was the other animal cuz? I knew the date the seal not supposed to be here in the hills violent park, in los angeles in some fresh water adjunct to a snake infested. and but there was another animal with it that didn't make.
it might not have been even been a water animal. Remember seeing the other animal being like that's in the water and like there's a seal. and that was all that was all of that one, the ideas I'm open. I do idea being at accosting, costume party and being the only one, not in costume him. That's happened in reality, but wisely, happened in my head. I sort of been doing with my downtime well yesterday the big day. I went to a box of wires and cords You know the one I'm talking about of wires and courts. I don't know they just build up and I act like I'm in the process of making life wider. So I went I was like. I got nothing to do the fucking world stinks. I get things are out of control, I'm terrified time. How do I make this? jabez, while there's that boy, acts of wires and cords that some organizing once your wrangle that fucker into into place
You go to you know these wires they're. Just that you don't know. No, you don't know what they're for everything comes with more wires and you need you by electronic things. It's like they come with the wire you need than then a wire that you like. What is this one even do Who knows how to use this one? Should I read something that does it do more? then I think, or is it for some other piece, equipment that I'll have. What is this wire do? Fuck it put it in the box survey, we have a box of these used was wires or wires. You don't need and then you got to go through it and make decisions. I don't To do with it, it's sitting out dec. Now I don't need any of them. I haven't looked at those wires in years and now I've I've gone through. and now I'm ready to throw them away, but put they still got. Twisties on him, and some of them are in plastic, they're, good, they're, new wires, do what am I going to take good to goodwill? It's not. You can't do that. I can go put them on the street. And just maybe be right on the box wires. And see maybe that'll why, throw them away, throw them in the fucking garbage
haven't used them in years and probably not going to use em. I look. Let's talk to them because brothers, as I said there are new special on networks, is called them chris brothers on drugs, and I I had a great deal of fun talking these guys it's funny Not unlike my first experience and seeing you too I drove anything you'd be here and there you both come out and I think the first time I met you guys are where the hell was that, like in portland or Chicago, where the Austin Texas had a festival. Yeah right and I thought I was tripping like I couldn't quite manage that shock, shocked, shocked the perfect I was overwhelmed. There were two year very well
find humans, both fashion Y and appearance, wise and I'm, like I get it, I'm going to have to take this in small doses. It's rare, it can be overwhelming, isn't it possess some media, the all life as it does a twin at birth. Yes, but I guess you like candlelight, weird and special at the same time right and you just sort of live with it had become so, it becomes a part of your good. Yes, as I refer to as a twin right yeah, you don't you have an identity of individual. I sort of this even me, my our mom causes kenyan keith. He did. He say Can you or are you always always a dual? Always he always came in a pair of always never know. Mom didn't pulley the aside and say like know, you're the good one he didn't. He did a good job in like treating us. As where I was? I was two minutes or so I would get on the older twin, but am I come up with that's like that
joke right, yeah, yeah yeah? Do you have other siblings yeah? We have two younger brothers. Are they I I it's so funny about to say normal yeah: they they are, they are they're they're younger yeah. So but I these twin questions, have anything to do with anything other than curiosity sure. What often do you meet him. You know I got in the world, the guy's part of a club. It's like the Do you have a useless man over there? The festival do statical anybody, but when there, the fascinating, dedicated to twins. So I get on some small level. We twins work, but I mean, but that sort of odd, that year ear you have this specific
with right, yeah and that that it's unique and it is a it's. Not it's not incredibly common right, but you would think that you know your what's the opportunity to meet other identical twins and like I'd love to the support group of africa- and I never dealing with the issue, the way they are misunderstood by people. We just met a pair of twins, the kaplan twins, they're girls and they're. Our first twins ever met in hollywood, yeah like best friends. Now, like we love you guys, thank you guys for understanding our play It doesn't really apply. This is just an existence. That's fairly unique black twins, black melt when the careers Blackmail twins are like a yeah you're like you should yeah. We should be putting the bible we're like america. We should be placed in the new testament but yeah. I like that. You've done that research. Oh of course, yeah. Of course yeah mean you gotta stay abreast. How rare? What are we talking?
a million more than that more than that, I'm sam one, and maybe like ten million wow yeah. I guess one in ten million something I dunno. What a twins group would really talk about just like a bunch of people at the end of the rubbish going like we just like to dress, or do we have to split up yeah? Why do we have to split up? Why is it ok for gangster dresses like an ipad honestly, the dress alike, is. This part is part dislike, because no one else can do. It is almost as I will not like? Why not be a centric reality, way that more eccentric than just being identical, twins yeah like Eli, he he he wears a lot of things that I'd like to wear. So I was like fuck, I'm not going to change it
I would wager it's a lot easier to. I could never have his clothes like. I don't have to think about my own shit. That was like a stylish guy wore blazers and a lot of work. Yeah. You said you don't have those conversations. Are you wearing that you're going to fuck this whole thing up, because there's no way, I can wear that while he tried to change of his wardrobe you like now, I'm going to start wearing like toboggan. Hats come on america, then I don't want to wear that not in the winter, so you have to have the the go. Asia we find a middle way on the head gear and when things get really tense, you've gotta threatened something. So I out threatened and shave off my beard like I'm like no, you gotta pay extra if you are going to take it off you're, going to be all alone taking it off but like? Where did you guys come from? we reborn in newark, new jersey, really my roots are from the Elizabeth.
ok, Elizabeth wide me, I was born there, but my grandfather goin has borne jersey city allowed to do so. It is right that the aids all right there shit. He pointed out that it is right to gather a club shared as it ignoring elizabetta lounges benda. You got any less than ours are familiar. We spent a long time in nor coming we from one into a team. We we moved around a bite and we live in What carolina for a bit, but not part of north carolina high point- I don't know where that is it's in between charlotte and and once winston salem greensboro near greensboro, but your your jersey, guy's, dirty due to an end. So what kind of what's your your mama and they never married Now the day they were together for like eight seconds and then that was a release yeah. So it was a miracle. But what about the other siblings
your half brother see how got it so. Your dad's gone Yeah I mean he went to prison when we were six he still around, but we don't really have much ever really know but but by your mom did, or how do you know about him at all? They took they took us I see him in prison when we were like five cause. I don't want to go man. You know it is what it is yeah the I want to just two home and watch cartoons. I guess I'll go to prison on a saturday morning. Wait what was his reaction with the two utility to look at the say: too concerned about prison. You didn't have a moment. The odds second irving news ship there may not go in it. We tried, but it's hard me like you heard of, is something stand between us at him, which is present
Yes, there is not there now yet out in the old three or four four, but by that point we were and what about your mom, the the new guys he or did he ask like your dad? He was a stepfather in every sense of the word census, bad horrible news, like terrible weather, the greatest do they got divorced yeah. They got divorced when we were like fifteen. Was he shitty to both of you? Equally, oh yeah yeah. That's the thing treated as equally true to the great I'll give them that yeah icu Abby? Do though, if one of you fucked up it's like, I don't care both pain, they do they fuck the boys out when I screwed up so I apologize, berrien hatchet. What was that about some bullshit? I was just. I was a bit of a wild cow. Oh yeah. I think I starved for attention, so I would do things like I dunno. If I stuck my middle finger up to my t So once you get home me where he is your first active
the coward as fuck yourself, everybody ratted me out in, but my stepfather didn't like that, and then did you guys have to have a conference. It's like look. If you're going to do the bad shit, I'm going to take the hit for it we've got to talk about it before and after you decide whether or not it's worth the risk you should have given me more prep, I should have man. I just trusted to judge that she didn't so so. Did you guys go into the city a lot yeah? We are our uncle our godfather. He would take us to the city all the time because he would do business. There would just drive there and I remember going over the line. I have an intuitive out of the holland tunnel and I would see like the the building that was seven years old and I was just like holy shit. I'm amazed by this was that fucking, citing enables excited so you get enamored today. What is this in and you just over wound by their because normally ghetto terrifying scariest is like, but when,
into new yorker, some totally diff everything that goes out. Yeah yeah, you know like how could this be a get? A look at air out of people and fit in, like I remember doing that job, because I was, I was a kid too and I I was in new jersey from like one to like six years old, but my grandparents, every the whole family was always there. So we I, when we moved to new mexico and I'd, go back every year. But when your kid and whoever drives you in whether it's the bridge you're, usually it was the tunnels or lincoln tunnel. I want to hear lincoln Y o y to harlem. So, like you go through the lincoln tunnel, you come out and it just sort of like it: It's over wellmere, amazing home in every part of it like you're, just working out the window. Where does it andrea building? Is that you see so many people is fast pace here I mean the bill yeah the mystique of new york yeah, you you instantly gravitate toward so when did you guys start like a being funny from the ghetto from day one where you like was created? You know like before
immediate humor, comes from the sort of being alone in being being able to observe the world so like we started observing the world, and I mean early early like we'd like because we have really quiet kids I like where he got there, everyone was sort of baffled yeah they're they're twins, but are they are they? Okay? I thought we probably had mental. We never talked barely. in school, but when we're together yeah we will create these fictional worlds and, like it was crazy to me, like you like, no one doesn't amber you guys, like imagine that, like you,
like no matter whether you talked or not. Like I imagined at every level of your you know, history. There are people in your classes going like oh yeah. I remember that and that's what you'll say. Oh those guys, never talk, I think there will be comedian and we didn't, they wouldn't have guessed and we didn't think we would be comedian. But what was it like? What like? How so like, because you guys have this thing where you Will you didn't need to talk really cause? He always had each other. We anyway wasn't precisely like you. Had your own world exact. Only to make friends right and you, like you, protect each other the same yet you? U pry, could get away with things that other people couldn't totally narrowly. There's gotta, be that I tell me the one you know girl story of wet
if the girl or we we did trick the government, the government we we went, we went bigger, oh yeah, like the limit at chicory. We wanted to do things that go against the system, so he took my my driver's test for me. oh really yeah. I did not take my road test. I had no confidence that capacity was tired of hearing them, complain about it and I said I'll do it, we did it. We nervous know now the first time I was super nervous, but I felt my first time then I passed my second time with flying colors and I'll just take it and then, as I kept failing enough, alright, let's just so this everywhere days? But do you let him drive now you can go now. As we drive the first time I drove, though I got into a car accident, which makes a lot of sense. Since I didn't know how to fucking That was it that was, that was the big scam, the yeah we never. We never trick girls, because I mean I think it's a crime is a crime is, isn't it
well. I would imagine that taking the driver's test on Sunday. as against the government funds yeah I can. I can spend that and say it was like activism like that system, giving my brother my brother to let him get his life they already took. My father will give him my life. It is good that was good, that you don't have one those horrible. You know duping the girl stories. I just don't feel right doing it. I don't remember what those stories are. Usually their usual like a girl, thinks he's with one oh yeah. I knew your beard issues with both the tag out and then with right right. I think that you had a light, would have you don't like the girl would have? What have you don't want a day? What have you just it'd be a decent human being that hurt people at that hour to be a super villain, only use my powers for good will. Okay, so I get out which ones candy and key kid in Israel
I never knew. How does it black that when one people ask you that wait? Wait wait. What is the identifying care as you, like, I'm the one with the what I am more depressed, because you can see it. There are yeah, I think so I would say he's more depressed, I mean I, I have my stage of depression, but I feel, like you know, once you have that when you plateau and have that breakdown, you sort of build yourself back up. I you're still so I I had my breakdown really lately, so you had different breakdown from breakdown and years was before my breakdown was in law school year, Keith, I'm Keith Yang. Okay, so you had a breakdown. Did you finish last no tell me, I don't even ask where both in our school they really you figure like. This is the way we gotta. If you are law firm, there's going to be like he didn't think of it.
commercial lucas and lucas you would like would come to you just to see you yeah it'd be technical yeah. We might be shitty lawyers, but they look the same. All those commercials would have been great. If you had an ambulance chaser, you can still do those commercials. The thing that we can still do that, Sketch right so, you got you go to high school in newark. So we went to three different high schools yeah. What for four four different eyes I started off a high point north carolina, and then we went to a few in newark new jersey and then we graduated from one in Irvington, probably the worst highschool injured and where'd you where'd you go to college. I went to the college of new jersey. Is a small liberal arts like real close to princeton? What were you studying? What was the philosophy that the satirize getting out like we get in here I'll get back around to it? Let's, let's
through the the separate depression and how you took care of each other like I've been through this shit. I know that you remember me. I did this already mad, listen to me and can understand my pain, though I can literally we have the same dna good, but so what you stated as because that's what we walk in here and you're dropping Spinoza Ebay, because I've been obsessed with the guy that got his books over there. I can't get through them. I always wanted to understand philosophy, but there's. language to it. You gotta learn first and there's a lot of things that got be. laid down, how things like phenomenon, being a substance to see a writer yet and like I just never got hold of it? I don't have the the the like. I would we have to nerd out and I'm not that nerdy know and like it always bums me out
cause. I always look at those books going like it's all in there. I can't access it like Roland Barthes. I could get. I can get the postmodernist, because they're kind of funny, like broach yard, I can get Nietzsche kinder. The poems are good, but, like still there's that it just seem like anything that you would fucking picked up here or here. I think I had that Bertrand Russell. Is he elucidates the theories? I think in a very clear fashion, Well yeah. Obviously you know you want to get it. You want to read through the original text, but but there's no point to read permittees. You can just read Oh just a name, or I didn't even know that guy but the edis at the end. I can't go back there, yeah! That's where I read. I read plato's republic, the area I read Aristotle. The ethics is that his neurostar to the indigo marketing marketing at the ethics symposium-
it still pre right, we can carry you, though craddy still carrying around the history. Nice guy. Did it in the bible meant a real live. We Bertrand Russell. Where can he right when it's a lot more simple fuck you hold on? I think there was Burton problem previous iron right there yet virtual day problem, the philosopher yeah, I was taught as a novice was like you just get that will get into it right. I think going to start with two. So I'm like this will it out for me contents. Appearance and reality. That sounds good. An m right. This, in chapter you get into like the existence of matter, my Ty yeah. You gotta love a lot. You gotta, like you got you and I'm sure you'll love it, but you have to like you have to it just takes patience. It takes patience, but it's like math man, it's a merry mathematical, because I took a philosophy, glass or logic, clad in in college. I thought like
it'll be good. I'll learn will have I've done this twice and I've talked about it a bit. I took a logic class and I was there for like an hour you're, not even our ten minutes or my. This is fucking. Math is math right there were proofs a lot of the amateur even ones is since descartes geometry is pretty much dominated philosophy despite the daggers with actress too I did all right. In geometry I couldn't handle, algebra could handle chemistry, but, like my senior year of high school, like I aced philosophy, there are pictures but logica. I think I was looking for something else. Yeah just like. I thought this was a logic,
as in that was symbolic logic, and then I took a philosophy class years later, as an adult at the new school and I smoke a lot of we are striking, I'm going to ace it now. I took existentialism in college, but I was distracted by can't. We just get to the answers, whereas philosophers like you know like they always concluded that. Well, that's not an adequate answer, but we're going to still speculate. That's the thing and dug it! I done a really dig it even more now than I did how it still holding on to tat some false beliefs in college now I feel like my mind since ever since doing comedy, but now like I, I moved more into the poetic element. Yeah yeah, There's a philosopher like the last we like you know, nietzsche's got all the good poetry and I move more towards art. You know lacking and poetry. It's like that's where we're like. I, like my girlfriends, a painter like this is how you interpret she did as what life is
What do we got a complicated with the lucky we but spinoza? What's his trip, because why we reference It comes to Spinoza. You know what I like about him is that he tries to ground the spiritual basis of christianity science, a he's essentially trying to shift a jew. Religion
it was the first secular do a jewish person. Here yeah it was a jewish thing. Let's, let's unpack this christian business, I didn't think about it on that level. Yeah, I didn't think about it. Yeah and he he's just like I just think is based on. Like I I looked at the hubble's, you ever really look at the hubble scope and you see the telescope. Yet you see the universe. I think his insights sorta predated that were he saying that, like we're all sort of from the same source, yeah and that time is unreal and that yeah there is objective truth in the universe. We just can't understand it, because our minds are limited, like our perceptions are limited, right, is so much we can see and and after looking through that telescope, I'm like holy crap, there's more out there that we just don't yeah, I can probably never can we can never make well. Someone can probably comprehend it in future, but I dunno. If we can,
Let me ask you like, like just on a practical level, see like when you when you say that to me, I'm like yeah that obviously the space is vast yeah like way, but you know how do you not? I I you know. Obviously I'm I'm pro science, but, like you know I I'm like, It had to change my tire today and you know, and that took two days of thinking yeah. So like you know, from there to I what about this universe survey? I don't, I don't know if I have the time for that year, not share that. It's going to help me right now. That's where I think, I think for me is like it's good to know that their someone thinking about things that I think about ahead provides pretty reasonable arguments like he says. Yes, the universe is deterministic materialistic right, we probably dont have free will right, that's true, but we
do you have a mine, then speculate? We have a mind that can go limit. That is a limitless line, can think about anything. So in that sense we are free. Rang, like weaken, were free to think about the shit, want to think a brighter. Oh, so you're saying that, like the case of this premise, is that the universe is just a entropic and deterministic, and you know everything sort of happens outside of us and we have very little control over anything. Yes, but we do have freedom of mind with consciousness. We have consciousness. That's another way to put it that that yours, shall I say, that's good right that behind all weirdness self awareness was only connection to the universe and if the universe is comprised of consciousness and is through us,
We want to know something more going on now. I guess it really what you do then, with all this information is just a nice sorted groundwork to tee to understand reality from yeah? I mean, as I seen it, we don't have any problem with reality. The idea of reality. I do yeah. I think that I think that we think that we live in a reality. but we actually suspended in space and the only reason that our earth is the way it is our because of the conditions that set by the union of short gravity. Where you got no, you got no truck with the fact that I'm holding a key element in extreme skipped. If you reduce debt to the summit, subatomic particles, I guess, but there is something there or yeah, but it's not what we think it is yeah, but you can't be engaged on that level. Every day, when you wake up, it's like, I want some eggs.
What does it matter what you eat when you break it down, but I think as a human, you just make certain assumptions and move on with your life. I mean you have to have to get stuck at that. or no cutting back, but you can also speculate as the beauty is a new measure sure when you want to annoy people with with your philosophical where's your way you one as the two of you ass, a little weight late Do we really know that Lucas got there lucas it again? Cuz you cornering one idiot. Like a way that happened
it'd, be an area, that's open to interpretation. Today, we're going to bring in three people that met you in college, but what does it mean to be an asshole? That's the question. You must ask yourself all. I know what I'm very clear here when the girl is crying yeah, the directive includes a deserter you're, probably they did so say the faggot. You still carry this through western philosophy. Odium finished spinoza found some scientific it. You know, what did he? What did he glean heat? Why are we talking about him when we came in out of it? You did much research, I think he's my eurasian internationalist. I just think that he got it right
some level where he soon that we're all from the same source rang and africa right africa from now on how to give citizens the new life it is negative, ripping required of that? Isn't it called the ethics has got the museum, its aim, So I get that and was like he was like banished from every major yeah. He got. He got a is not interesting than when you really think about those does a sort of cataclysms of of history and persecution, and yet you know that these thinkers, where, put away and, like it's been a very kind of like horribly, chaotic and and destructive.
As rosacea and by then everybody was pretty well civilised. I know crazy, but it was. It was church driven right, every ten est, the church of japan. if the state they're in now, even now the cataclysms continue continue. It seems like it gets more powerful, which is strange. You would think that you know with the advances of science and the fact that we have more information, well sciences in it's infancy and then religions been, She added with politics in the states and therefore sought. Yet religion has been fighting science since day one day, one gathering, whereas you as I go, progress on those levels is, was important to people who want to attain and maintain power right yet, and yet she had done and get all the money. Yet our man, you know you do whatever it takes. I dont understand I'm so unfortunate net. You I've got a lot of flaws. The greeting one of them here.
I don't. I don't have that one. I don't understand the logic of it, foregoing any sort of moral intent. Your job devising a rationalizing out of greed. I just don't have that one say I gather from god drug problems. yeah I got yeah. I got the other six seven deadly for some reason egregious strike me as like. Not only do you want to acquire, power and money, but it's something that you have to constantly think about yeah like if not happy, unless you have obtained this thing in the oven when you obtain all the material and aware you're still not happy yeah. You know and that's what strikes me as I don't great as such where, where, where does a mental weight want to look in the index of the history of happiness, see where she was listed? How many pages and now at happiness. It right,
if you give it a try- maybe maybe it's not for her. Maybe it's just just the power you just want to dominate other people, but the question of happiness. You know as comics. as philosophers and as an idea is it in as deftly I bet talk about. There is one two three four five six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve thirteen, four, oh really, sixteen! So it's yeah! It's and wait. Can you sum up at some of the fellows? alphago arc around happiness. I think the big thing for philosophers is that to be happy have to live virtuous life committed to reason to this data study of What for us for that in that of that's awful ass, that that's metaphorical nah the symbologist statics riot. It's all of be committed to to stand living, cleaned and living clean balance, shit yeah,
for new she again but arguing about it, play a debating discussing criticising everything, so being annoying being an asshole. What's good that you guys didn't talk to other people, much yeah, so you just have these conversations with each other they'd ever come down to, like you know, I'm going to hit you if you don't shut up because you're wrong about this metaphysical situation. We've we've gotten into some very intense discussions regarding the is it's crazy is really very heated because I'm more of a rationalist and he's more of an empiricist. I would say so he likes to say that I'm an extreme skeptic which I'm not more but looking more cautious, I quite eminem, will little bit more moscow. use capital alone and extinct kept alike. To make bold deserves like what, like freewill, doesn't this, or that time is unreal, and I would argue that there's not enough information. To conclude that I know what I mean, that is, an executive is that's an execution.
Well, he just showed you that you're wrong can do that, because I guess that proves that yeah shit. If I was going to punch you, I would have done so So you guys are so this all gets turned you get turned onto this shit in college. And then you're like in a way. I guess, there's a twin, you know conversation like war. What do we do with all this bullshit? You thought law there, because you wanted to be this philosophical virtuous, do yeah who were gonna? U no help I wish that was the the mode of thinking it was more. I was poor It was it was during background. I wanted to make money law was the law? What seem to be there
the only path we did like internship, a balance and a fellowship at princeton with professors, and we saw what the life would be like for phd. It candidates and we talking philosophy there and he is sounded brutal. We always hard to get a job, but you guys go to princeton. You should be able to get a job outside of and they're like. No, it's not no one's more looking for Phd there that focused on cant yeah, so maybe constant metaphysically. We need a doctor in here because someone help us now. Yes, I am a doctor and philosophy. You can't help it as you're going to think that way or is it a problem yeah who knows what was said yeah, so the the fact the the the the compulsion towards the law had nothing to do with the with the justice. No,
the point is that I'm disappointed in myself. It is what it is. What is just what is it? What is it beats me. I mean maybe some version of equality, but then you by what is equality now think, is equal treatment future in under the law, but even that united, that out of a civic type, a jazz yeah I was so of aristotle. Plato, said justice is just allowing you know the great his mind to rule the react. Philosopher, king get the idea that does in panama, and whether they there either in a relatively ineffectual over whom her renders hunger and ran out and out of gaza and enough. Yet the brown, the wiggle room on the best minds, it's the new
dear guy's a real prob? Oh yeah, oh yeah, they're, cutting any justify everything right! I'm the smartest man is the way it's going to work. You don't like that, put them in the yeah yeah yeahs, due to do with the bold idea, mussolini reserves, old ideas and uniforms that attended, not a good guy to lead to the hundreds and thousands of people will probably it's been going on since the beginning, the beginning, unbelievable. So all right, so you go to us How do you crap out there when you spoke, as would have been great teachers. Everybody would one day like you know, get high and go to the Lucas brothers or you know we still might do it since I have rekindled my love for philosophy, but yeah largest was the antithesis of how was he got thirty one I'll show. You still got that thing like we could still teach you have this
the lesson to be at all go way doesn't either because eventually get to appoint its like what credentials do we have to teach any. There would be illegal acts of socrates and give please sort- and I say to you some nonsense: yang follow you won't be street teachers. Are you like those guys you absolute we're twins doing over their guess about this issue and they were hanging out where you master was able to get to follow, and I think we can figure didn't, go well either everywhere for a bit and then it is very, very short period of time didn't seem to have the right answer. The agenda was like a little dubious. I mean he was talking about the black, the black white race war, and I think you know we're inching closer. I dunno he wanted to start it. He wanted to start, but he has problem with. It was already happened. The race war has been around since, since we got here yeah after I your war right,
just trying to modernize a by some very small, violent endeavors, a bit like a lofty thinker that guy mentioned so so you got to law school and you just were like fuck it nah. I was my first year because I went to n y. U I was literally right around the corner from the comedy cellar. What where was he was at duke yeah? You guys split up. We split up for two and have two and a half, no law. We share what how deco brutal it was real here man. That was the first time I was treated as an individual yeah, and it was a little shocking for me because I couldn't handle that damn I don't like being known as Keith like like- is key to this. If the guy you're talking about, I had to flesh him out now, fuck. That is way too much work for me. where's, canny or is clearly. There is a person that, always by my sire and what did
that when you went into your depression yeah it is yeah, it was when the you know, I didn't wasn't really feeling laugh. I didn't like the job. I didn't like what you both wanted. Different law schools and there were good ones, good ones, but I mean when you don't have your brother there I feel, like that's an alias for me. It impacted how I treated the career it felt like we were slowly slowly, just breaking apart yeah. I gradually felt that too same yeah and I was in a relationship at the time and I I could only think about my brother- and I I remember like when we would attack philosophy yeah, we would do it together. I have like discussion no matter? How is it is talking about make me so I am glad that I can say that it ended up in a happy ending right right now in the story of my. What happened is that you do separation, a parisian with a woman, and anywhere? You are alone I a free free free. Is
where you kind of can kicking around campus long ago, like you and like me anymore, I mean he's got that chick and I used to I started to dislike, lose myself into other things like booze and o railroad, yeah yeah, trying to find some sort of replacement that I developed a drug habit while in law school he did the same thing smoking a lot wanna and is trying to get my mind off the idea like travel in this universe. It you your mostly alone. The eta like I got so use other phyllis, the philosophical phil. Well as to be fucked, understood it intellectually, but in a physical universe, you like, but I'm not alone, got a guy lives exact, always by may not as a and we need to pull this shit together as the only way we we don't. We can fight the existential horror, yeah, yeah yeah the dread. Like you have all these thoughts in your
add, and they just stay there when you're by yourself. When I had my brother that I could only about it, I can always just talk to him sure get yeah and I sort of some fair. I treated him as my therapist year when he, but I did the same thing yeah. So there was mutual sweaty, It really matters. I imagine that there has to be some strange symbiotic ability that you guys have over other people in terms of emotional understanding to try to each other is always an absolute like you. Neither guy. I know, though I know the squire brothers, I think their identity, their wipers, our watches garb rather than we do, who, in the act of one guy like you, was that there was no definitive you know he's day the dead set up guy he's a straight men, just sort of like finishing sentences, the aging thoughts- and it was very you, know organic, odd, but it was really like guys doing one guy zach, yeah yeah yeah we're, but I think I think the argument that we can make is that we are kind of one guy. We just sorta splitting the fucking wound
now we're getting into medicine colossal. Yes, I think we are technically because we have such a shared experience right. But I think you want to get to the point where you can specify the two, see who you can individual some of your pain into it, that's distinct from his gripe. I have distinct pain, I'm yeah, I have a. I have a different set of issues right I have to deal with and I think that if we can do you yeah, I think so, So actually I think we we worry about different things. I mean, I think our depression comes from the same source yeah, but how we deal with it interesting different, so your vague and drink and you're getting fucked up down in within. North carolina new york city, which is he's already got the edge on his liking, the world. he's in a better place, I'm not saying it's, not it's nice, don't beautiful! It's just that! It's great broke out. You sort of like you again is that loneliness,
Sadly, in your mind, and you just trying to chase these things that you think will bring you happiness in and when they don't you sort of honor, you have a bit of likely to break them right, I think that's it. That's the thing about being in your head. If there are two you at least you can just jump into his head. You jump back and forth. Yeah have to beg yeah that that's right, it's been there since the womb, since they were doing that right exactly so. What what? What facility? I hated the reunion. Have. I thought about suicide. I was thinking suicide, oh my god. What the hell would he do I know that. That's the reason I didn't do it like fuck it. I can't leave my brother on earth by himself, so I said no, but I I still you know was it self a pity in intellectual exercise? When you look back on it, do you feel, like you were really there now it was. It was more self pity. The more I was
I don't think I was there yeah yeah, the guy was just going through a moment. I didn't know how to handle it. It was one of those one of those things. So did he come down and save you? I was actually in new york and but he did save me and he was there for me for what I was in. I've always there from yeah, and at that point I think he started to think maybe Well, shit isn't the path for us yeah, maybe maybe law not just laugh, but maybe the the circumstances have enough of us not being together, yeah and is having an effect on both the alright I was examining the consequences and saying to myself that, if being separate and doing something that we don't like leaders here, then maybe we should do something together that we do like a simple arctic day and so comedy I would go to a comedy, show all the time it was right there and I would just go watch- and I was like I don't think we can
I don't think we will be great at this boy. It can be it's fun. When we gotta hook, we gotta. We got an angle of comedy, so perhaps there's something there so where'd. You start new york saturday. Added jersey, you dropped out called the school and he he so he called me up he's like a do. You want to drop out, and I was like absolutely clear. As I dropped out and I moved up, I moved to jersey. He was living with his girlfriend at the time and she were going through a breakup because I told I didn't want to be a lawyer. I wanted to be a stand up yeah and she was like. Well, that's that's not realistic and I was like you're right It's probably leave but yeah they're good for you, my brothers movie, that I got my brother back he's cooler anyway, we can play video games this week with you. You have babies and what's your what mom mounting of this decision
Our mom has always been super supportive of anything that we've done excuses happy that we got out of high school yeah so like when we said we were going to do comedy for this. For the sake of don't come, she was like yeah. Why not? ordered us and she and I had to exaggerate together again, these wants us to be happy in that makes his happy he's completely on board. That's. Why did you tell her living a virtuous wife, make some virtue. Richard does not pay. I wish the rent so where'd. You guys started in jersey, Is he what was he? What were the first bits like what? What was the angle man? I mean, what were you doing more sketch? Did you think or was it, was rife beginning you had a dynamic world kenny started before So he sort of had a. I took some comedy classes in new york. Did you learn?
the things I did. I think I learned a lot of good things that I think the one thing that stuck with me always was a never never hold them. I call it. It's weird, keep the mic up. Deliver. Your points lies confidently. I mean either. I know that they seem basic, but well might court don't like, don't because they were comedians who would get up and you'll be nervous, and then you start like playing with a cord and like looking around or playing with, Will you do to make some decision at some points like is going to stay in industry? and what am I going to take that fucking thing outright and deal with that business? I like to do I dunno I like to play around with both of them. Yeah me too. it becomes a obviously becomes habit of some kind of unit. At some point you you're not hung up on. You know, what's going to happen with the microphone yeah yeah, you know I I still go off might sometimes, but I like to do it but yeah. The only thing I have problem with the tripod stands like that, one back there if he won those onstage or might not happen. You ain't going to fucking fuck you! You can have one that is attached to the piano and you gotta. Look that
I won't do cordless now, can't do it now. Yet its philosophical thing, I'm like, I don't believe in this magic. Weird, they don't fit in the stand right to have an illicit logan yeah. So but those stands will always bucky you're going we wrestling with one of those things during your active that, These usually of music venues using like know what do they call it? A fifty eight honesty. It's all in the with a wire know that I'm connected to something yeah. But did you learn anything about structured about why I think the big the biggest benefit of those classes is that usually you get to go on stage at the end? Usually that will showcase the big payoff is like we're going to do a night at stand up new york yeah I mean, and you know it it helps to iowa. We. When I came to jersey, we took a class. We took a Joe mater recent classic job, the teacher, Do you want just good guy?
dad, I don't you let your inherit from Joe to be intense, Actually rwanda, despite the you like be yourself here- have fun like just like, whatever you feel is right. I want that guy think he's a sweet guy he's so great yeah he's yeah. He also said, like you know, go personal ypres. Yeah yeah talk about the issues that are affecting you yeah when we first started without his observation and stuff, which we still kind of do, but yet we we realized at some point we had to get purse cause. You want to tell your story right, like you I think yeah because, like I imagine at some point, there's an audience going like what the fuck, how do you guys live if there is a stranger there in the morning go like do you want to wear these yeah, or can I wear that happens? It does happen it does
We were waiting its normal again, but it's nice. Normally they don't know. I'm for us is a very symbiotic relationship like we. We we, I see him, and I say this is what you should do, or they are. What you ought to do here is a back in forth this moment, like we can't wear the exact same thing, you know when we first started, we thought we had to be a little different, but as we as we're getting into it, we're like fuck it man lets like that was when linguists will you let the maximize dick, not maximize a gimmick but listen Let's take, it was largely a gimmick to avoid logical conclusion to see how sorry can go a. Why not because why not that's the intriguing thing yeah, I think let's intriguing, but also you guys, are thoughtful guys that becomes like I imagine that becomes the bigger challenges, once you realize like ie, you know we maximized a gimmick but
You know what we really have to offer is our point of view join either together or separate. You know where, where thoughtful, intelligent people that write thoughtful, intelligent stuff, so you know that has to transcend the gimmick that has to be this fry absolutely right. I totally agree I mean I feel like if we you can put substance behind a gimmick? It have a bad more of an impact, or at least it, because how I want us to be like stone is in the had stoner within the union yup against that you know like if you're going to be doing this together and you can be working. This angle, like you, know, you're going to be a punchline until you're, not that, if you in transcend that who knows I'm running the challenger dahlia I mean. Obviously we can transcend it in your own. Work show that in terms of casting in that kind of yeah, it's I'm it's gotta be like. Maybe when the thing fire falls out the building that do black guys at jenny, like what happened- I don't know
no new hollywood new. As you know, there s a thing like tat s on glad we have stand up against and of gives you at freedom that freedom to be you yeah, whereas Hollywood, you know they're going to the box, but but yeah so like, but so you started in jersey. You were at at Vinnie's club worry and whereas distress- and I did a lot of a small, a turn it around and is not many injury, but we realise quickly. They were already there when you started that their alternative was a thing, dessert bar shows bar yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, there's always like people who are just like taking it take some time off from like a job to do them, part time or when they weren't doing it right right but they weren't lifers yeah. There were some life there are always like. We've got to make them new jersey like I'll, do the new thing we but did you like Roger paul rooms and shit were those around yet the one nighters and stuff, no yeah
than was done. We were doing you ever do rascals erasmus with his gun. Now I guess, The ever did it now: you're camacho rooms- I opened my eyes- came a different generation in me, but you did you in his room? We did stretch factory once once during that time yeah and we did some open mics there, but we weren't really performing at performing a picture? When did you have an act it'd be a few days ago. I I think it might be still got some I mean we, we sort of had a connection but we didn't have any substantive, jokes yeah I mean. Maybe once we moved to brooklyn yeah, that's when we started the real okay, this is If you do still work as a community there, then the competition said yeah. You see people like him in the game. Who are you? We saw norman and Michael CHE and Kimberly barnett and everyone like lawrence. All these guys were there at this
ST lawrence MIKE lawrence and oh yeah, they were all there. At the same time, we went to this open mic cada, the woodshed in a leading bar yeah. It was fifty fifty to sixty comics and it was like those guys and they were just in two minutes- is the best jokes. I've ever heard of holy shit MIKE lawrence is kind of a joke. Wizard I mean he's a whiz at math: either he's a maestro them enormous My story, hussy arm mark army, Oh yeah, yeah yeah he's another guy who just like to spitting out jokes and you're like holy shit. This is this is real calm. This is if you're calm studied it tell school yeah hannibal like oh, these got the lucy K added like in you. I mean you guys yeah yeah. It's set the stage, but it's weird like you watch like I, you know I worked with MIKE and I remember it because he was represented by a woman who represented me and he was the first time he opened for me, you yeah, you meet them and it's sort of like where's this going how's. This has is gonna work.
The way he owns who he is on the ages fucking. It's a Did you just wait to see that guy gone front of them? home of people who you know are immediately as you clearly like what they are. Why is this guy out of his mom's house? yeah and then you just fucking. lower Emily's, fair with any at all goods. I repeat my time through. Second, oh yeah, you can just random all so that the italian you know that, like you, know, different different than louis nokias, louis sort of abstract buzz. I I I you know I always come back to a terrorist organisation. The other night was at rhine. Singer was out open in form but like to watch a tell and you know more than anybody else, you just and I'm not that kind of joke writer sort of like the idea of. Why should I even do that or marvel at its annual leave? As unreal might like that, I mean it's, it's it's you guys! You got
I wonder you like what we can't bugging fake through it needs three twin demanded a maximizing the gimme that has got diminished by some jokes picnic. Learn how to write in brooklyn is the place to be in terms of joke right, which is expert joke and it's a good community. You know recognize it's not as whole generation you guys come from near. We were all kind of. I don't know my my generation, you never felt when we were all comics, but you know and there was a community, but did you guys all seem to yoke genuinely like each other. I guess we did too I to I shouldn't diminish it. It just felt more competitive when I was doing it because the system was in place and all trying to get the same thing.
Was the limit last opportunity right? I think so, especially when I think I ain't even in hollywood. You know just like if you're gonna, but if you're going to do comedy clubs, if you're going to bank money as a comic at that time, you had to do the clubs sort of like war handles, got that thing on Monday night dissipate that doesn't matter yeah. We were kind of like you know. If you're doing he didn't do the free spots, we're supposed to stop after you open MIKE it's. Twenty five bucks yeah. You know the idea was like we gotta get the spots where you get the money you know and and work the club gotta figure out how to work a club and work for any audience like minded people are not being condescending. I mean I was there at the beginning of whatever alt comedy was child, but for me it was just sort of like you mean I can just come here and I don't have to do jokes. I can blow off steam and think out loud. That sounds good. You do that it gotta you gotta, give me some jokes.
yeah and I think that that's good yeah, but I also think there's a there's something great about awesome, not thinking about the joke and arriving at it more in spirit. The way, but I I spiritually that's interesting, haven't I remain a because we're, not machines here. You know what I mean, I'm not either, but I know I know, but like I'm curious, if that is, if you like, some type of being being that we're talking philosophy, what is the spiritual component? Okay, so I think you can come up with jokes in two ways you can do it like and in a way this I primary and it's just like sitting there. figuring out the form, We either, I think, a better way, not a better way, but the way that I've just grown accustomed to it's like living and then arriving at the punchline organically and like like. If tell him to breathe it out, riff it out a story in our dialect. The dialect yeah like a more a more experimental way of arriving well yeah because then like for me- it took me a long time to realize, is that once you
for whatever reason, whether you believe it or not, you're funny person right so like you can write those jokes and you go up and like I'm and try this and- and you do the math of it. That's right! That's symbolic, yeah! That is exactly what it is like. Okay, there's, the three there's define beat. If I take that word out boom, it's a math equation, yup yup yup and then you go up and it's like. Well, maybe I got a name that didn't quite work. The way I wanted maybe but yeah- and I I do that- I'm doing that a little more recently, just because I want to give myself a break from the existing. I struggle but like most of my job two written we're at like I got an idea. I go up there. I start talking about the idea and because of the pressure that, like you, know, The one thing I know is like I gotta be funny. like I corner myself and then you just wait for the muse like it going to come again. You think you do the thought and then you like it just
out of necessity? The judge, the funny thing happened: anything that beautiful get a better europe, because you don't or came from no liking of these yokes. You do for a year I get beautiful and then and then something also just add onto a word that come from yeah. Did you write that I'm my know, a cane yeah? I love that the idea that you, mine, I love it? Yeah yeah, oh to you, yeah just thought you're in you're. The beauty of the human mind is being terrified, yeah and out of necessity, which is that you're almost working with. crowd to carry on working with the audience, Yakima yeah yeah sort of right dear, and moments I haven't, I say germ like tat was the best thing it's going to happen tonight and is never going to happen, and I know that's the best thing when you do something like. Oh great I've never been there. I don't even know how it happened, but I know enough to know that is not repeated. That repeated, but every show is different. Every audience is different. I mean you never really perform in front of the same group of people.
No, I wasn't unless you do in those bring yourselves level one read again as they do in the same shit. I went to my eye. If you just look at the revenue, a fuck, how long have you been up man yeah. I know that feeling I was watching it last night I went to I went to the comedy store and I had not stayed late in a long I used the door there and that shift you know like I, I like going on early, so it's a nice fresh audience fucked up at, but you I stayed late till midnight and there's like this shift where you get a full room and then at some point the collectively for no reason like half the audiences wouldn't fuck it, and then it is a particular bringing up adieu and then have the audiences who it was air griffin like I just saw like forty people they get up in their walk in
he's coming to stage and I'm like this, we're really happen now. He's gotta go pluck and cold, this shit together and it was and a wild? Because I get that that that's the comic experience as a comic? How many times you ve seen that in just a dude or woman or to dude just sort of like working nine people yeah! That's what they've got yeah. Have you got a gm and you gotta work with what you guys are great? It's great. It's comedy prepare you for life, though you know it's always the same. It's like you've got the audience. You've got the market, doesn't matter if it's nine people or fifty thousand. As you get older get it, you know you have these amazing things who with find people with four people, but when you really think about it, you know if the stage wasn't there in the mic was
or is this you going to yeah people that you don't know random strangers, but things can happen in those those shows I have the greatest show. Ever it wasn't a joke. What the show will ever going back to philosophy philosophy, what are the necessary and sufficient, but it is in the you remember them like nine people is always the number nine, because there's too many there's the odd one out there that one guy was by himself. He was there all night yeah, oh by the way. Where'd, you go the coming. Storing, I guess I'm wandering around. I go right back into like. I am just shy of you work in the door, How can you like the muzzles their liking? You want me to see these guys. You hi things are looking to people. when I had this moment does
we live in the world we live in and out. You know ye may it'll. It's like insanity over there and just is weird. It's always been this vortex of get loose people for sure and like there's just some guy sitting on a wall talking to himself and I you know I walked by him twice and my god. It was kind of weird. and I get I walk out during the door guys I'm like who's going around the corner sitting on the wall talking to himself, and I knew in my mind that he was going to walk over there and come back and go to comic yeah, damn it was ok so long as he's not preparing for and maybe get a truly know me, I don't really strange boats are somewhat. When did you get depressed? I got the press, leisure holy shit, you kind of waited. I waited I waited. I was. I was too concerned about his depression. Only I put mine,
they had a full, but you must add a lot more assertive like you must have a bigger philosophical defence of your depression, yeah, of course, The years and yet at the end, I think it was just like coming from brooklyn and moving to hollywood. Yet it was such a jarring thing for me because how he wishes. The different parties is a different animal it's like it's a there's, nothing really like it, and you know and like anything and yeah, there's no real like you either a he there's no center tune, yeah, that's the thing it's like there's no cultural center to it is right, he says, is so infused with hollywood and I I love calif out of the business, but I love holly. I love the idea of yeah yeah yeah. I guess so I mean here like maybe I do now. I mean you. Ve got the better way to say that I love I mean that we want my stuff. They have to be by what I think
was different when it was a little more intimate like there is less options. The end. Now it's sort of so broke open. Where you know your people, like you, do a joke about it answer. I say like aids gotten to point out, if I'm over, someone can ask me if I've seen a show, not only have I not heard of the show, but when they tell me where it's on, I don't know what that is. Yeah the rest are to t v. They get that. That's true. If I get so splintered now, but there is the idea that you know if you do your creative work and you keep your shit together, that you can surface nicely, and I still a thing, I think- should go to meetings at our big buildings and offices with people, and you talk to them about yours
well yeah and you pitch things and you walk out gone like that guy's in charge of our future. Those three people are going to make the decision that it is so weird, but I'm the comedic genius. What do they know today? Lady Ruth I read about Spinoza, they gotta fill their schedule, found that in and they're like what are you doing this afternoon. While we had two winds, but we got the twins. That should be fun, so you start to feel you start to instantly realize I'm just a fucking body. I didn't feel like a commodity and that's what threw you through me. Oh yeah, I've been in have been trying to move away from that for so long with the last I wanted to Do comedy for spiritual: wasn't there the commodity was that didn't have any historical, ghost yeah that's right now I didn't need to bring race into it, yeah
as a good big of a failed, yet very like better off it over that you write, but maybe there's a part of it. Maybe that was a part of it feeling like you one that will later in life is not about that, but not only. but you also up against that you're. Not you not one black guy by type casting but you're to blame mightier than a different type of government does know their nerdy stoner and their windows knavery them. The implants are not doing a radio herblay thing now. You're doing this when things which they can do so the race into it and get the best of both worlds in his like this one yeah right. So how? How did you like? How did you pull out of that? What what how'd you how'd, you save him from commodification commodification depression.
This is fun where this is having a wheel and experience for better or for worse is us going through and experience, and I said I tell him like no great stories toe without obstacles yellow, even with the obstacles. Still, we still live in a decent story embraced at that moment. Yet nothing. About the the invisible and then and then shit, and then he looked he and he went alright yeah. Let's do what's that bit we're doing for later, but let's get back to do the weed mean a lot of it was actually our past trauma We never really surprising ya, never never really address grown up where we grew up in a sort of manifested itself in it in different ways in which law with comedy we just didn't addressed the childhood trauma. Willingly. specifically what I not without a fire. You know grown up. Poor Orono and an abusive stepfather year grown up in the
drug out o the death. I like to emphasize that derek we just I honestly, I just repressed it all. I never even I never talked to a therapist nodded. I was just like fuck it I'm going to attack lol, in attack. Whatever I do, I'm going to transcend, I'm gonna become success. Yet ryan knew when you don't achieve success, and you don't address your past trauma it almost as if, like Utah yourself worth to what you perceive as failure right, because you aren't, you already feel worthless. We as you grew up poor. You never really. I I like to this day. I still am insecure about it looks about, like you know my intelligence, intelligence. Everything like I'm constantly thinking, I'm not worthy yeah yeah and when you fail it, it's like it makes it is even bigger reactor
and it sort of like of course idea, of course, of again right, just what right meant to be right, evicted mode yeah, you start to put the second victim who can and you take things I think out of proportion. So how did you get him to that process of grieving or acknowledging the tramp? Kenny suggested therapy for the first time in our lives who, at thirty we were like. Oh, let's just talk to a therapist who, he is to say, we went together joint there, Couples erika I was there was accomplished and we will have an issue communication to excite now and I think it wishes. I hate myself, but I get to see him
I hate him to point him in the face and pint of mice, so much easier than projecting it onto an audience. Sorry, you got a guy. That looks exactly like I hate me, you yeah that's exactly what it was or is me. You hate me yeah great, you can have it I I meet exactly what it was So how are treated beg of you is that in a hatred that you have for yourself and then it beginning manifests itself when you- well, yeah cause you gotta blame somebody. You gotta blame someone. I can't blame hard to blame yourself particularly hard to take the responsibility for that you'd rather think you're getting fuck. Some
yeah, exactly yeah and that's very thorough paranoid, yeah and, and so the therapy help tremendously I mean it's art therapist, just tos like he wreck, we recognize the special twin therapist he's a child she's, a children's therapist, oh interesting, that she deals with like childhood trauma. Oh and she was just like. I never cried about my past. That was at that point where I realized. I never cried about grown up the way I grew up. I finally cried for the first time about it and it was very Yes, I felt like. Let it go. Let me go. Did you both cry value different times, where I grant times for asylum in our lives, were crowded together here moment only ship areas like all this shit we just kept in that you got a great test of our.
Somehow there has been an insane morning. Yeah they may you in a way it is now yeah, it's so funny with someone else around it. There was no distance. You'd have to call the other brother like a very large. It was nice that was grateful, the still goer yeah we still go It was meditating, more will read a more philosophy and realizing that you know everybody has problems, and everyone deals with their problems in certain ways. But yeah you got to recognize that this is a I dunno, a special time for us yeah we're doing we're engaging in comedy like it's like
and you got anything and you got this special, oh yeah, that's out, yeah! That's right! That's why we're here! Oh yeah! I just wanted to talk to you but like when did you? This is the first special that first have you done an album before so this is the first thing for the first big thing: first, big: what is it on Oh you get in it's on the big thing that is on netflix, oh you're, great in glow. Oh, thank you very much. I think I think it's yeah yeah. It surprised Nobody me included yeah, it's a beautiful ship. It is really for me. It's like it's all. It's all gravy on some degree yet somehow or another. I managed to make a life for myself here in the garage and and when I started did I'd. Let go of the I'm going to be a big comedian. I'm going to be an actor, I'm going to have a shelf that go all that and somehow or another out of his garage. It all come such a beautiful sea did try, acting not as me, and I felt confident
I didn't feel like. I was an actor necessarily, but I knew that I've gotten the experience to grow. drew at school were my own show, and I have see that a few people watch, but I knew like I, I was comfortable yeah. I understood the fucking thing, Do Ass amazing. So, when I entered this might not get how it works, and I would just got a focus on being this guy. Maybe it'll work may so they none of it was hanging around me other than the own challenged me. You know I got become this guide, the worst thing that could happen. The worst thing is that like people like nam errand, and do it on board that that was the worst. It would hurt me like a hang it on me. Now you have the showed him work out. You might want to pay tribute to get. The right is written me here. I went and got into a bad job act in its someone else's problem are fighting cultural phenomenon in your interviews.
While I'm excited it was a it was all like. I said it was like. I I'm open to it, I'm surprised about it in all honesty, and I hope to god you guys can get to this place, so I don't give a fuck yeah fast way that the key, I think the key given we are very hard to get there honestly, of course, anywhere acquire some like you know, obviously, look I'm not louis, I'm not kevin hard, but you, though, and that's it you're you at some point. That's what your realize! That's! What I'm working after I'm working for and- and it's like all I want to do- is I I just want to be like fuck. What and now you you got a guest or is various duration and like we see it and we're located is a guy who who went up against a forces that we have to go up against him in your persevering, yeah. That's it It was a complete desperation, but it doesn't seem and you seem like a courageous hero
rocky where that may arise from all those guys start completely desperate and terrified, but you didn't give up. You know in a movie about you, but that's the problem. Is I get a certain point like as at the earliest? Like you know, the teaching thing gets further further away than there is no giving up who's going to fire. You have you know like in the pride involved in like, like we always having you breathe without ignoring settings myself in my garage or I fuckin, hang myself in it. I guess I gotta go at great yeah, that's that's where it comes I mean yeah, but you know I feel better. Now I get input the time it had to work. I don't think anybody's going to say like that. Guy did deserve that. No, no! No! Not at all! Now it's just like yeah you once you live within yourself and realize like okay. This is my story. This is my life and I'm going to do whatever I can do to make it right make it.
I story and that's what you're desperate you have no choice. Yeah, you yeah! You really do have no choice either. I believe in any then what you know depending on when it happens. If it happens, then you've got to figure out like well. What is my life now so I I fought the fight all right, I'm doing what I want to do better. I don't know how to have a good time yeah. What is a good time, it's average human happy virtuous like well. I dunno the virtue like and then the agony, little work yeah. I got some virtuous elements. Some elements, not so virtuous, can be to work as I think that, if you like, I do not want to run on all levels. The other yeah they had such data is an ongoing dialogue. Did the aristotelian go to me now you want to find somewhere in the middle. We try to help you try not to hurt people and you you know you try to fight the good fight in that way. That you're, capable of any try to make sure you that some part of you is is is is honestly doing
for the right reasons and not selfish reasons. Right now, and I think that I mean you are living a virtuous life, I'm doing alright you're doing a great. And I think you have to you have to really like sit back and marvel in and envy like. I do sometimes you talk to Be careful because one of my most one of my virtuous liabilities liabilities? liability. My virtue is that you know if, if I start do good about me, okay and then I'm going to start being like mother fucker, you got yeah yeah, I mean, but that's it. You guys are doing a twin thing. We need more twins, it is and ought to be, that, guy again, that's fair. I feel like you can never become that person again where, at least from my perspective, it seems as if you're more at at ease Why? I think they re engaged me with, within with an empathy that I had shut down out of my own sort of spite
yeah that, like you know out of my own entitlement out my own self pity if you're consumed with self pity at or angry that you were. Your life did not turn out. The way you want is very difficult to be empathetic yeah. I totally agree because you know cause you, you you're, you know you're sort of this, like you know how you going to put yourself in the shoes of somebody else when you're, when you feel you've been thought that everybody should put themselves in your shoes yeah. I got problems here anyway, and then eating of that can lead to real real problems. Yeah you're you're, so me oriented right, oh yeah, possible to think about other people think this thing is like helped on a lotta level: spiritual APA gold yeah. You know moral, emotional, but ah, but I'm glad you guys got this special. So what d are you happy with it? No, I don't think anyone
is happy with their I'm happy that I was able to do it. We are privileged to have been able to do a special, but I am always has to be better. to do better than this. Like I'm happy happy, I'm happy, but but I know I'm hard on myself. I always wonder if you're hiring, that, I think is that when you look at when you think when I think about my comedy career, I think about it holistically yeah. Obviously this is the first special and presumably, if you do another, one should get better, but I don't it's not about that being able to work with your brother and that's true in comedy out there yeah, you know some people If you didn't laugh and it makes data is beautiful and stuff, it's just a beautiful yeah and that's it yeah. So you gotta you gotta fight that commodity. That is because the weird thing is is that we don't live in a time where, like a like everything,
in the balance. You know it's not make or break and there's a lot of specials to the point where it's like. How special are they really an end? It's just that like. If you can appreciate that you did that thing and it's good and you're happy not necessarily happy with it, but you did the best he could show and where'd you tape it with brooklyn, especially because to me. I don't need to be specially to everybody borg and I like it and it's what's it called undrawn drugs, but is not just about. I guess it's catchy. We acted out philosophers and I get that kind of honest yeah that might be one
decisions that in retrospect, I think people got that. I'm sure most of us only have to say it is about. You know was like on liberty by John yeah yeah I've made using yeah yeah. Like you know, this is clever lost on everyone. Knowing I get a comedy so personal like it's like, if you sometimes we we think about everything else, about personal relationship with the comedy yeah yeah and I like that, just keeps keep it there yeah what feels like if your collective hearts in the right place, I think the guys that leveled off yeah just regret a great time talking to you. Thank you. Okay? That was fun philosophical I enjoyed that. I get a kick those guys I get it. Take out of those Lucas brothers? What can I tell you? I do go to wtf five for all your wtf padhne to get on the mailing list. Pre order to book. Is there
I play play guitar with that new. Kiwi engineering pedal. I got that came with the extra I thing that I don't think I'm going to use unless someone someone- over here and tells me what the fuck is for all right. So I'm just going to know what this thing does it sounds nice, it's a it's! A double tracker But I m s double tracker from keeley. I don't know, I don't know and I'm not using the extra wire. I know that, but it sounds pretty. It sounds pretty.
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