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Episode 843 - ​Warren Hutcherson

2017-09-03 | 🔗
Warren Hutcherson and Marc were getting their starts in standup around the same time. Then, as Marc recalls it, Warren was suddenly a television writer and wasn't on the standup scene anymore. Warren explains how his college-age writing was responsible for his somewhat accidental entry into comedy, which led to him running the network television gauntlet, navigating the conventions and biases of Hollywood on his way to becoming a writer and showrunner on programs like The Bernie Mac Show.

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Let's do this hour, you at the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck nics what's happening MARC Maron. This is my podcast wtf, welcome to it, how's it going but before I get into anything I just need. I need to do some self promoting my new special, my stand up special on netflix to real, that's what premieres tomorrow september. Fifth, on netflix, added to your queue right now, so you can stream it as soon as it's available very proud of this. It looks good it's tight at it. It really is a good looking special shelton. It amazing job with the direction
and all the people want to the people Minneapolis again but are proud of it. So yeah tomorrow to real minute, netflix special will be available. dig. It did I mentioned today on the show. I have a comedy writer and comedian. He was the comedian back when I knew him now he's more of a comedy writer warren hutcherson who I started with, who had been, to talk to you for a while cause. It is really a funny guy. I just haven't. We had not talking, I probably in fifteen years twenty years, what happening. Is it hot? Is it where you are- is it hot and horrible? It's hot as fuck here, but it's weird In these end times too sometimes take a minute to appreciate the relentlessness of the fuc whether I'm a little weird I enjoy a bit of desert heat? Sometimes I know it's a little bit much here. We're not quite
as her, but l a is kind of a desert, but I I kind of like it man, I kind of like one hundred and four degree temperatures, because, given that- I don't do any drugs and I don't partake there's something about that. That feeling of being baked, walk outside and euro like immediately dehydrated ever- slows down? You can feel your heart slowing down, swear doesn't even have time to build up before it evaporates and it's kind of it's a bit mind altering, I don't know if anyone else feels the same way to people here. They complain about the he constantly does get hot here during the During the summer months, I guess it has little relentless weather wise. I guess really, what I'm doing is kind of rationalizing the fact that every in day seems like either the beginning or the middle, or maybe close to the end the world ending. That's the way. My brain
Why not connect the dots? how to connect the dots you can connect. Global warming, dots. You can connect the the nuclear armageddon dots you can connect the biblical end time, dots, it's great that this president facilitates is poor. to connect all the end time dots every day, out here the allies partial, fire, that's the other thing. The fires are here that there there I am not even sure how close they are to my house. They are kind of close, but I know there are people here in l, a literally just going on their roofs to watch the watch. The city burn, watching it burn. I dunno we're going to have to evacuate. I think it's still far off from here. I don't think I don't know at this point, how many homes have been swallowed by flames, but it's season in l and that's just something: we've grown to accept it's hot and it's fire season.
That's the positive spin. The other spin is. Is why god this? Is it the A has arrived his minion, has come and the evangelicals are working with him. It's time to follow the instructions of the last book here it comes, just need to clear that temple mount and ready for ray rival of the great one and he will lift us all up right in time for the brush fires to just ingest doing gulf marin's house. That's that's! that's actually in revelations will be lifted. just in time for the brush fire too golf marin's house, maybe I'm personalizing it I don't know. Maybe I gotta look at it again. I haven't I checked in with the cryptic poetry of the the final chapter of the the instruction book for how to get to Heaven, but perhaps I shall maybe mentioned. I am not trying be morose people not trying to be depressed. I'm trying to have a good time, I'm trying to sort of like not to
get hung up on dark futures or or lack of or lack thereof and try to be in the present enjoy myself and oh, I know your wondering. I know what you're asking yourself mark going out. The nicotine did you back and go back. Did you go back? Did you give in to charm of the need and darkness and perverse molly. In desire that is compulsive addiction. Did you give into at nope nope? I did not I have not a did not and still will each got, the soul which got the skins gives, but not too bad. bad? It's more of a mental thing. Now I guess it's been: what is it about a week solid. We, can the day, maybe a week and a day the physical need for caffeine and nicotine has passed and I'm feeling better. My guts are
better. My brain feels better. My She is better if you call me having more energy yeah. So right now, I'm just kind of focusing on rebuilding my gut bugs. That's my new project, I'm doing a gut bug project It's just that when you eat and they can you drink all that caffeine is caffeine, a diuretic and also is it poop erratic. and add the nicotine Synergies are made with one of the tall man at all that the serbs orbital the laxative affected to some degree. So you got your kind of fucked up on both of those same so I've been probiotic king by eating. Came she and various crowds. With the occasional probiotic shot of four hundred and fifty billion acidophilus monsters, but then, like now I got this brain thing going on about my guts that amanda
lady? Who trains me? She told me that pre bright, a pre bionic. So now I get. After I got off the nicotine. I just dumped a bunch of those are those bacterial bacteria. stares into my guts, because that's supposed to be healthy, but apparently they need to be fed and what they like to be fed. is a ams that aren't hot and hikma and some asparagus. I've been focusing on feeding the new bugs in my intestines, the stuff they like, and that's that's that's home maki occupying my time, poster nicotine. Just concerned about the kind of living environment of my. Besides that new project, my gut bugs apparently, if you got you've, got bugs and check the rest of it falls into place. That's the theory, that's the theory. I don't know Warren Hutcherson is here
we talked for a bit. I like I said I haven't seen him in a long time. He used to have this great jokes about his dad and about to be in I about things I just and see I always had a lot of respect from his comic and I know he went on to write the beyond the writing staff, the Bernie mac show and other stuff- and I don't know things just came around and we were able to make it happen. I you know. I talked to his eye. He is, I think, his wife reached out to me and I emailed her and then she contacted him yeah by mean in the house I mean, I think, just down the hall, but none the less we sought to warn hutcherson now about. thus so worn like. I don't think I've seen you in a decade possible. I think, is made me more good news. Maybe we ran into each other here, their quick, like once or twice a but you know back in the I see all the time
yeah, none a long time always liked you always liked your stand and you know- and I remember at some point, you were one of the first guys that I realized why. Why guess he's, he's just writing now. Yeah like there is like you know like you, I used to love the bits and then all of a sudden, it's like a warren, got a job writing and I'm like that's something we can do, because I don't want to do that. where you know it. You know what we have and I think this is a thing you realize either you committing the slowest suicide in the world yeah or You found the other way, found you found like you know what I was working too hard is something else and, in and now I got this
What I know now and part of me. You will pardon me when I say I think it's a practical decision, I'm not condescending it at all. No it it it it's it, but that's the thing! That's the slow suicide and right once you decide, I think it's my philosophy right want you to. to do, stand up and once you do it, and then you become like good at it, and you start thinking. I think I can define myself very up and right And you you sort of slide into the writing, there's a new definite you. You got a sit down and go okay. There's a new definition now now nodded. For myself for myself that you can't they end up and right right, but to be just a writer now which is allowed to stand up to go well. What are you doing in here like while unum rightness, em right net and then the stage thing is gone
but as you get older and even as you know, before you get older, I mean there's fewer and fewer stand ups that are going to be like that you pussy what you know. What I mean like in unless you have that guy inside of you, that guy is definitely inside of me and and and pussy is, is a nothing Isn't is a charitable way and the things the things that I hear from that guy. I would love it I'm like. Can you can you just stay? It was it can I can It really is creative. Can I just well he's created what is he's he's consistent because I'm I'm letting down everybody by not doing any cuts and upper lot of thing, I'm tearing them destroying the race. Yesterday, myself by being around letting my family down. You know it's just all kinds of stuff he's very active he's got a he's on stage what that guy, that guy in your head. What is the thing like when I was on stage? You could calm down and just go yeah. If you know these people, whatever he had a voice yeah
but now he's like. Oh it's just me and you colwood, and this is what you want then right. You just want me to fuck with you cause you ain't even going around doing nothing, yeah, that's a good question of where do you want it like you know, when you have those kind of feelings about yourself and those patterns in yourself. I was just talking about this to my brother. The other day yesterday sorry liking. You know you circle around the end up in the same place emotionally psychologically, you know where you beaten the shit out of yourself and at after. Certain point you're right, while some party, you is comfortable here right. Exactly do you know it's not healthy. It's not good. It doesn't lead to a good place, but but something in you is used to it, but you're good here yeah. So what are you bitching about just shut up and be here, but that's it the acceptance thing and that Things like you know in your heart that acceptance is the right place to be, but then it's like what am I sefton now yet lie, except in the best of myself or
have I given up, and I think I could do another level by going. Ok, I get it, but you know it's still shitty. It's the ownership and it's like life like look outside us. Maybe this is is a comparison. This fair, maybe it's not. I just did the thing of fifty four. I think we're both fifty one, fifty three fifty five september and I'm fifty four not toby, but I'm the kind of person who just security for four I'm just jump in a I'm sixty three, but it's quite common. If I'm working here so yeah, so fifty three, fifty four and october, I just did my colonoscopy cause. You know yeah, you gotta do I did it last year or two years ago. I did it and and so, first of all, at a number like he's a deal like my daughter in my regular doctors office. There's a guy who does it Oh really, you have to go now. I went to
some weird sort of like a place to doctors. You will note, as outside year we went to a play out, but I mean like the fighting at the go, find a doctor who does right round the doctors rate over the edge like I did it. I said to him: I am actually fifty some fifty one year, and I know that at fifty m supposed do they advises. Do this thing right owes. oh yeah, you fifty one shore. You want me to recommend somebody in say yeah, please, and he goes as this guy next door immediately. You go. Is that a real recommendation or you just help out you sweet, mate right and then and then like I said, I just did it. I did it like three months ago, so that means you put it off. It took me yeah that long to get what was he didn't want to see the results you didn't want to have started your agile okay. I do I probably both, but it was more results and, and then
and when I got the results when he says yeah, I got the paper and he says yeah you're good for another ten years right yeah said immediately as ten years for that gonna be retains its all right, yonder. They already idea, I'm already covered up in my brain- was why ten years is a bad thing right, as opposed to I'm clean for ten years. So I m saying like that in what we were talking about like I, I don't know. If I should go, can you just be set what you, where you are right now and not be so worried about ten years from now or is it legitimate? You know I feel like in this case. It's it's a case by case basis, in this case we I mean that's a weird way to go with it. You know what I mean in the sense that, like I I know people like that. I am very anxious in the moment. but I think when they told me I had you know I didn't have eight to ten years. I could I'm good wiped out. Well, that's see what I do is. I will that's off the list. Let's check out
oliver house, which would which the other organs are going go. Something else could that's right that that one's good for now that that part of me is operating fine, but let's do it. what do the prostate again, but I out figure out what's up with that yeah that was might get into that some my I get more arrogant about it because I feel like yeah, I pay my my ass is clean, live they they better be clean, yeah right, then I'm going to be like that guy in my head, it'll be like what would you prostate? The ass is clean. Look at you, you've got to grab on to some cancer institute with a you know. Thank you, mister as whole right arm, sarah, how fucking I can go where you grew up with it, because I remember the the early bits and the defining bits and the fact that you're still thinking about this stuff, you know and without a release valve yeah is a is, must be a little hard to handle that mean that must be a source of some of your.
Criticism that you beginning when you were doing jokes about your father in your grandmother and the unique sort of a set of circumstances, Grew up in ideologically right, You know that you wish you had that release valve so now, you're kind of. A string Oh yeah! No, I mean yes you're you're you're right in the news it's deeper than that. What I realize is my release valve was of some fake oration. If I up she's, a fake, some fakery, isn't it. I was. who is not being as honest as I could be in your you're doing comedy you know him, you know you can't you could programme to that end. I know, and I think that's why com became my thing
and that's why, like I'm saying I now, I'm torn between comedy and history of move, maybe I'm that torn maybe I'll figure out how to weave it all Where did you grow up? I grew in baltimore right I grew up in baltimore maryland. I'm sorry that, just for your listeners, I grew up in baltimore city, so Anybody who goes all I grew up in baltimore and then they say, yeah pikes will arise. Town is all little area now. Yeah Baltimore said, and I mean son it only totally means my point of reference, the wire that may Add the wire is for the most part about the part of almost. I grew up and like it how how big was a family, my family, pretty big,
put it like this. My mom had three older brothers and my dad had three. It was alive and he had three sub here too old. There's an old assist. Yes, oh both both for the babies are the family right, but there were three set and everybody was around everybody know my my mom's oldest brother uncle ever it was crazy. he was he was army. Vietnam. He died in, he did yeah it's, they died you killed him. He he's expired. We there was, he was heat, as I remember you know. I you deal with kids memorize, but remember he.
really a good uncle and he was really nice and crazy, which is what you want. Sometimes from a good uncle in one be between tours or before he went yeah. He come home between tours and and I mean I'm sure I known before you went, but I was reeling right round me, a book me and my cousin, his son, my cousin everett. We both lived with my grandmother, my mom's, my maternal grandmother for a while and so yeah and there and we lived in the room. It was a little. It was public housing and there was only two bedrooms, so so at one point I mean we're all in the same room and then it won't, but then my grandmother, who she is and she just moved downstairs is like a little was a huge staircase and she just basically made the
That was her bro. I knew any room in your cousin lived up. There me and my cousin lived in one room and then the other room was like when my uncle ever came home and sometimes uncle rich uncle uncle will and where was your mom? Where was she? She was gone, my mother and my my grandmother had a really contentious relay, yeah. My mother, had a contentious relationship with a lot of people. with my mother is a very loving person, but an end is so much about her that I'm No there's so much about me that she's responsible she still around yeah yeah, absolutely good, but she's. She does I guess it that that really kills museum. She and my when she talks about her mother me, I remember the alike, they're. So the same person that I
I hope I get some day before she expires. She sees that She sees the rise. You The daughter of this woman who was fighting, the things that you were fighting except she was fine, some twenty years, surely item before you mia that blindside people, you know like the the the parent you fight the most if I, the one you're the most lie wholly like that yeah, and I seen that. Oh I see it with my friend the I'm here. Am I yeah my mom cause my mom. it's about like sometimes when she's there's like four five, like consistent stories at my mother, yeah, the one of them's about when she got put out with her mom just said. Get out. I don't want you here get out of the house and then she said, and I just I was outside and I was at court and I was crying and begging. I was just begging her, please let me back in please
and she said now was like, like in one thing cause I used to live with her like it was clear. My grandmother had a lot. She was an iron rod like this. Is it yeah? I have declared I've made the statement and that's it. It's not changing right and so my mother was the issue talks about how like how terrible she felt now humble chief an abandoned. Then she was a marine. Your mother says get out of my house. I don't care what was the reason? I'm not if it is never been a very clear yeah. I tell that story is never oh, and this is because I had done this, which means, to me, when you don't people, I'll stories. Oh so you did so. Results, something that even now you go, that's the missing part is having some somehow. This was useful right, but I had it
yeah? Well that that part? I would I wouldn't go that far right, but you should have. No right, are you sure, know you're dealing with right, yeah and So this happened now. At the same time, when I was home, I seven certainly after school, My mother had this whole idea of how I was going to live my life and be this different. After high school person asked after high school and after like I, I joined the marines and then she was like that's not happening because I was seventeen year when I graduated, and so you know you gotta get apparent, you gotta, you can you? Can you go when a recruiters like okay, sure, let's take this, I'm gonna get your mom to sign and she's. Like that ain't happening I seen embargo was like I've seen what they did to my brother, both my my oldest uncle ever died in vietnam uncle ever was army uncle. William was marie.
the marines were so impressed with him and it was the sixties and there was a whole need for negro officers that they sent him to annapolis, they like. You know what we want you to become an officer, the academy, we're ok with you and officer yeah, so they send him to the academy and then he goes back as a captain, but nikon around the time. The war is the and the war is over and so like I grew up around. him and I had a real. I admired him, yeah, there's a lot of stuff about them. I didn't like that much, but I had a real admiration for him as a man, This is a thing you go out, and that was why I was this started with you talking about my act and my dad. Of my talk of my dad? My dad is an amalgamation of a lot of stuff. Is he a real
my dad is a real person as the things that my dad did, that that truly influenced me are things that do that. I still kind of work with on a in a quieter base, because you're, not a dad, I talked about stays, is very much in your face and loud. That's that voice in my head that I can give him credit for by. I think my day was wanted to be a lot of things like. I think I think that my dad, if you were around with me, the emotions are so weird. It was a weird thing I was going to say. I think you will be proud of me. I know that I never really thought of that, because that what I did when I was doing: I was doing stand here. I think he would have really been like somebody to brag. About that, and he wasn't around already know.
My dad died, my my dad story in my world. Yeah is, is pure com, some of it horribly funny. I think comedy now it is the guarantee of the age while major energy and on the w e f b. I guess the f being father ugh I remember early on, like my my mom used to date, this guy Clinton, yeah This guy taught me how to play chess right. I didn't like this by the time I didn't like it on behalf of how old we sit around nine or ten, the deal was Clinton taught me to play chelsea and one day my dad said he saw it. I was there was a chessboard at that house
yeah and he said. Oh, I dunno you not how play in ice yeah sure. So he said. Let's plays. Are we started to play a game of chess and his awful yeah? So you know his leg: that's a movie or make it, but then a god, The point I think, like you moves in that. I thought I dunno. I don't want be. I do I don't want to beat my dad at. I don't want to do this here so start I would like. I was like oh okay and I start making like stupid, move right. and then and then he won and he was like yeah, he said. Well, you know I can help you out. That is a few things and I said: yeah yeah, okay, So that was the dynamic that was kind of the thing like. I was like I'm protecting him and he's, but he's a good guy
Is this thing like later on? Once my dad came to me this stuck with me for years, he came to me said you got two dollars and I did yeah. He said I need two dollars cause. I just need two dollars got. at. I got this fifty, but I don't need to be out here in the streets with this fifty dollar bill right. What I could use two dollars to one dollar bills. Say here's what we going to do, I'm going to give you the fifty you hold on it that you give me the two dollars I want to be back in about an hour and a half. If I don't come, If I'm not a man of my word yeah, I don't come back here. an hour and a half you keep that fifty dollar bill right cause at you. You gotta be a man. You are a good That's a good deal right here. You know, so I gave him the two dollars. Even think about it. I guess until like maybe
ford, maybe an hour like an hour into it. I'm look at the window, I'm to get there. Okay, yes, yes, I will come on fifty and then he came back he he, back within the time limit and he gave him my two dollars back and I gave him his fifty dollars back and but then for years I was like that my dad is so there's a lot of integrity. That was sieved, so might as an honest guy like he gave me fifty bucks that I could have. He didn't stick to his word. right, I dunno, I think I was probably in my mid forties before I thought really do you really think the two day let you keep that fifty really come back like two hours later is a hey man. Listen
I tell you what I'll do I'll give you three dollars. Would you give me my mother? You know, but I don't really ever know might be because this I am to me like I take a very hard line about you know what no I said it was going to be this way and so I think some of that is because I'm still clinging to that like childhood thing like that, that's what I I always remember him in so you know we catch up and we made some things he started. I said I gotta start exercising. I'm striving to be real, scrawny kid I sam. I need a bulk up near you, and so are he would send me the exercises he's found like you know, inches stuff, hey man, you are good to talk to. You could see right six months late, I get. This call is in via saying he's: got cancer die, yeah he's almost dead
it now and then never came up. Never came you knew he was a nose six months and you know I do for me thinking thing in back Look at it like, because the call so I did so now. It's like okay, so like he gets his diagnosis and it's like. Let me try to tie up some loose ends. Scott does kid. Let me go talk to him, and so you know I was just like quit. Okay and my aunt, my uncle his brother calls me and says: yeah your daddy, you gotta you're, going to go, see him go yeah. Yes, I go to have yea. I was a little pissed. You know cause I'm like
What why? Why didn't you? You could have adult about this, but I yeah really I'm in my head back and forth. Guess he didn't know why? Why talk about this thing? That bothering him and he wants to know what what's up with me, and I guess he wants to know that I'm going to continue my journey and be okay, go where they. Let me in its intensive care. Nea was only a few people allowed any area, I'm his nurse. Let me in and I go in and I like I said I got all that my hand disk as being ravaged. So I know he knew he had this. We are now it's like look at it, so right, thin and weird, and I was like the hamburger icon or to say to you, man, I'm like and he's not conscious. It was just as some kinda mad, but don't want to be mad cause. I you know, I want you to know that I'm her, you know and and nurse taps my shoulder and says. Fishman said when she goes hutchison, I go yeah. He goes over there,
combine a token to the rooms and they go away. But it's the same thing when I go over to the bed, as she pointed me to where he's not and he's always unconscious, and an unrecognizable was still like right. So, like okay yeah, I can't even work. self up to what have you and over. There is scope, for I run the air hersel and then, but there is a, was it that's all that was in latin. I don't know what to eighty yesterday. I don't know if you can even hear me and I'm looking at the you know, there's a higher living area very like as anything that's His show that there's a hint of recognition to the fact that I'm even here and I'm like no- I don't think so. You know
and I kind of patted his hand. I said well, I came by you know, I'm going to come by again and I laughed you know, and I think, like two days later, that same uncle called help and we have issues movie at issue we're very cool here, but he cause. This is what he does. He calls me up. You know your daddy dared now right leg kick. Oh no, I didn't know, did they just passed when I guess the he they, the hospital had his not bridegroom, and so on it has happened and he was like yeah. Well, that's that's over. So the deal is and where he is the dad on stage came from so then I get this We is call basically like well you're. Eighteen now this is march actually just turned eighteen in october yeah, it's march and ah you're the executor of your dad's estate. You have to bury him, you have to take care of all these things. Yeah.
Yeah. I call my friends who all had theirs, except for one who I think didn't want me. Everybody. Obviously his dad were here they didn't know, his day and they were young consoling, but lead didn't really get it gives in. It was a whole thing like do you know who talked about your dad agraeans and I got it all you were you upset I guess I dunno you know when the one group I had liked three friends who kind of took me out of drinking, so he got la and we were shooting like thunderbird, right and jack Daniels and we kind of hung out and it's actually a graveyard, which is ridiculous, and I drank I basically drink all night without nothing mere. You know. I never didn't. Remember feeling only remember like that night and then the next day to the next day I went to get
my uncles and I was driving around near and they were like. You were drinking last night and I said yeah it was like what do you think that you're pretty steady yeah I mean I guess on some emotional, I was trying to unnecessary that feeling that I did like. I don't even know what this feeling is but it's wrong area was ill agree. The aid was it s. Sort of like didn't have an effect that he thought it should. Yeah yeah you know. I remember years ago I went to see a guy who talked about vietnam thought he was a. He said that he worked in the er. He sorted body. Part right said that this is where I worked in life. Whatever the field hospital, where I had a den of fire, this body par goes at this and he said he said I drank to paint a jack Daniels every day. Every day he say I just
that to get through it? Is it and I can't there's nobody that can tell you that they ever saw me drunk? It was like just that is what I needed to deal with. What I was doing right and I think that that drinking on that night was what I needed. deal with this thing like all these. I would never going to have a discussion right where now, does a moravian things with that are never gonna happen right for me right dad and- and I guess I'd, always thought of stuff that away because he existed, and I knew where it was right and it was like was some we'll have a relationship, but now that's not the case right. so yeah that was that was. Already a debt. So when he's got, comedy. Comedy I started writing com. What happened was. I was in This is another I don't. Maybe it was my dad, maybe
Basically, we didn't believe in loans and believe in lounge, so to go to college. You got to you got to work for a year or so live on some saved rey and so and at any one ago, when I was like, I don't see the point is I struggled for the last your high school, not academically. It's is this about, but anyway at munich college of all, more men, a guy who wanted to do come. We want to be partners near. I had no interest any more in hard news, solid things. I was all about features as a feature writer for the car. newspaper, so you'd be a reporter. I was actually in school for nursing and was going be a nurse and then what did your mother put you out already yeah she had I was going to I was out. I was out Is that a hostile thing really totally a is absolutely asked if she was. I mean what would you not about it? She was mad that I was in living.
Which I think was exact same thing when her mother, like I, had a notion of what you would be like as an adult, though, as as as a young, adult and you're not living up to it was just like I, I Like I said, I wasn't really interested in the college thing I had a job like I went, I got a job immediately, outta high school, and but I was unfocused right and she was like focus here. You gotta focus and the way out of this is college air, and I was like a muscle, shrewd colleges for me and The way out of this system is over numerous parity river. This is ok, we're all right and went away for love our than pharmacy had started, as does the clerk, but then the guy train, he's right. The pharmacy so yet way. Ok, but that that wasn't your future now,
but it could have really. There was a whole deal, I kind of gone into nursing. I was like whoa, I could go on pharmacy or I could be a pharmacy tech B. Pharmacy techs are actually do the work. Yet the pharmacist takes to credit. I do, but it wasn't necessarily something you want to do with your future. You're just doing a job right, now, but it's on my could have done for money and been fine she wasn't having it. She was like dude. You got to follow. You think A bit like the your parents did at thing of light. Find yourself when you go was a murder myself. That's not you, though, so anyway, I go and she won't okay and I meet this guy and guys, like you, know, basis, I used to joke around the eventually went to community college and you're right. I go to community college and yeah, I'm writing on the school paper, because that's more fun and I enjoy writing your mom was happy no cheese like
if you're doing some more stuff and we weren't taught this is after I got put out so we're not really communicate right. You know what I do. I do and right now she doesn't care. She probably cares, but I wasn't trying it and came back around them yeah totally, but yeah nah. I go. And I joke around in the office right. I joke around a lot in the office of the news and this guy goes. You know I'm thinking of going to this comedy club downtown, but we might, it might be better off if, like we're, partners want to partner up- and I go yeah sure? Why not? You know whatever what the hell starts setting two times and he's got a schedule like let's get together and write you crazy. This is this suddenly to school. Again do you understand where you performing as a team know? This was a thing. Unlike you, you get wyoming community college ray ray cause, one.
and this is a last ditch effort yeah. I didn't this. Wasn't a planet yeah, so he was likely. I really want to do this. I go here's. What we'll do then Why don't you run tell me some of the stuff that you want to do and he he goes through some jokes harp, a horrible. Were you a comedy fan? I was a big fan of germany and anna and I say to the sky: alright, these I fixed these jokes for you or do you just go up or the outright I'll? Do you you and I are going to work on you? you're writing right, and but as a team I don't know so we go down and it's a big. I should open mic night. He gets up people like wow that eyes fun with your joke, somewhere. We live with the derivative of his ass. It were his couple his premises year though, but then my jokes and then.
And what we didn't know was the whole notion of light workin out a set work. I retain right, so we base I like what we did, those jokes and and next week we went backward all new job right in and again and again and again muster and press the open mic and there you go not so much the open mike, as was certainly the club on right now, so they were like cheese ziska about. yeah yeah! Yes, when did you start doing it on your own? I guess about maybe two years after was really a marrow. The deal was they didn't know who I was sure that they didn't know. I was writing air off and arm, in one day, and we started out a writer started out. A right is actually but get near as well. It's I started out. You knew enough to know that I started out to say I was saving it's gaze with the bears. But it's interesting, though, that you are a you are approaching jokes. You know you had a sense of it, yeah exactly yeah and and a sense of how to act on stage. But then the thing is how I started out.
And other people right, because After a while, you know like after after the showing you sit around you talk in people come over and I was started help another people, yeah lagrange should do this not a thing you do with an airline you could, and so they are like this guy's funny ray and then it becomes a thing like we kind of went out. We would always like hang out after the show. Right is always like this, the we're the calmer with a comedic sure more and they started to get. It hard to go one on one when you with the two of them. This is the funny guy right. This guy is not so fast or funny right. we know anyway, okay, so you're, right in his stuff right. Oh okay, we get it here, and so then there was the city. Why don't you go out with a deal like we're hanging out with you funny and blah blah, and as yet? No and and and finally I make this they go like there was one day to come.
We got guy. I should first the guy who got me he's a drug dealer and they used to. Common issues like the weird thing like I didn't know the drug deal here, but a deal was he would come and then he would disappear. Right, come over mic night disappear weeks and then then come back and be in the same place near like you think. If you went away, you thought about something or I came back right, but so was, is he doing comedy yeah yeah he going to stage and should be like Cisco ragland? And then I said if that guy ever comes back, the data guy comes back, how on stage because I I can't stand to see the audience tortured by that right and he comes back here and I went up as fuck the arrogance that went over so much eric because of everything I just tell you
in my head, I'm like I'm, writing jokes here for that guy rattled for this guy, as like I'm constantly coming up with tags. As lies, I got a right right, five minutes. You know what I'm gonna get up there and do five minutes right. You clowns here I'll show, you write saw nothing. You gonna stays like oh, it's it's a, from where looking out at the people, looking back you with the expectation. India is an idea. I mumbled through some stuff. I got nothing as no love here and then, and I turned night at tech, some people I mean I call it attacked. I tried to talk to some people in the crowd. A heart is pounding it was off air for us all and what happens when you get off, and so I get off in site. That is awful air. That is the worst thing ever
I gotta go. I disagree. Well This is my thing and that voice in my head thing is then I could forensic with it. I got to figure out all the variables that doesn't make sense to me. I shouldn't have like all that other stuff. I thought before about how I write for everybody else. I do this and that so that shouldn't happen right. So what happened- and I quote- I wasn't prepared obviously saliva for pay, but then all of those things from it sets suss out all the variable year. I gotta keep going back right, you got. If you gotta master this, you gotta have the exact face right and then I had a girlfriend at the time was like one hundred percent behind actually in the army. She, like I had that was my millet, connection the eyes like you're gonna. Just not do it again, and I am I maybe is best for me I do agree, as I gotta know you. I don't know that guy and I see you're right. I went to again, I gotta do it, I gotta kill it. So,
so yeah and then I had a whole conversation with Andre wacker. Look: here's what we got to do, cuz I'm going to keep writing for you. But obviously you know we got to differentiate so Let's make a decision like you like he's very political, we're here. You, like you, light the political stuff. Where am I right there? A moray? These jokes you were in the number right, the more light hearted family junk here. For me you know: all of us all in the name of last year, and he said I call for like a couple weeks and then he got to the point where said. You know what I think I got it. I can write mile variety sphere and internet free.
You know and then the only thing that I did make sure of like the never step on his toes like google like if he got up was on premise. I go okay, I'll leave, I dunno, but but three now you're doing it yeah, I'm doing it and now without that anchor year without being constrained, will like working for everybody out. you know. Suddenly I seen it in a few months. I'm emceeing, then I do a commercial like there's this local commercial. These people combine a see us here and they they hired me and a couple other guys from the club through these commercials and then and now I'm not like to go out, go around and walk around baltimore people. I got it made up for car dealership and had made up the reverend mitsubishi sailing for light up. It's the retrograde mitsubishi. That's that guy! You know, and it's it's I mean it's great in the city, it's just like being a local, sportscaster, sure you're great in your city, yet you step up
twenty miles out. Nobody knows who you are. Nobody cares here. So I start doing that. Then I start getting book and didn't even. I had a people to book me. People called dan rose cookies. Railway, like dame had a phone with the way I was working away. I had budgeted my money and I was like. I don't need to pay a phone yeah. We'll might no everybody. I know I just go see him so few. Did she had to kind of hold yourself back on Somerville? You know from the beginning You make a mega heart or you make it harder for myself. I am still and that's the thing where met now becomes. doing or I started doing it again right and now I gotta stop right, because now I'm back, then make it all about my kid and I'm, like you know what that kid doesn't deserve to have me go yeah, you know what I'd turn my back on comedy, because you need me to much only I got.
be home and take care of you, whereas there be people to go what a hero isn't really what a coward they my on diagnosed is the most true thing where the, but it's that clearly like cerebral palsy in nonverbal yeah he's not mobile. You know it's not his limbs, don't obey his command. Aha and- and I mean there's a there's- a host of things to deal with right and and he's also in my estimation very smart, very clever and the thing I realize about kids. If there's
anything about them. They absolutely cannot come if you're paying attention to them. They're here to help you, I think I really feel out or I I feel like, if both of them. I said this to a friend of mine. I said you know what I realized is nothing. I say to my kids: it does not one piece of it. I'm talking about a ten year old and a seven year old, there's, not one piece of advice that I say to them. That is not absolutely intended for me Absolutely no! You use some circumstances change, but you know you go look at who cares what the other kids in your class think about you what's important is how you feel and what you do, and you know like you, you had an argument with him and then look at often miracle Well, really you want to tell yourself that telling yourself exactly, you know what I mean and so do, but they make it more
concise. They make it more clear and in the end this is the deal with my son feared all the stuff that we talked about this this stuff, that my son can do or that he doesn't do because he's a ten year old boy in a wheelchair that people have fraction form right, and so, as I'm constantly saying to him through, you have to stop relying on that. I know because there's going to be a point where any day he goes to the school with a they have a they have. Thirty percent of the kids have special needs, everything all alone- the spectrum we especially not to say spectrum, because that right mean that leads to in Kansas additional needs, but everything- and this is what puts in a place where I'm like, I'm, like, I guess, any other parent. You know you want your can If you want to say to your kid, you understand how lucky you are to understand what a great opportunity
Is there any way my kids yeah? I totally get it, which is why I don't talk, which is why I picture he yeah. He does this. He he'll start crying and kicking and ah and ogling his deal, and I've been doing this for four years now, like. What do you need? The Chinese? Yes is, I you can say hi you know so instead of you trying to make your mouth wrap your mouth around the word. Yes, here's his deal when you want something If I ask you something in the answers affirmatively they, the answer is here, you know I I'm going to write down all it seems like I'll educate your teachers were going to me. It's going to be your language. You know you're going to be saves language based on what he can based on what you can do raised on me, seeing what you can do. Did he get it? I think he absolutely gets it. Does he do it,
Oh, do his were unwilling to do going to scream and cry? and you are going to figure it out. Like everybody out there. Infants. Do like this. I say: damn I go. That's what infants do the they they cry. The parents pick them up they say what's wrong. Are you hungry? I got to go to bathroom. You need to be born in in day figure it out eventually and then you know in the kid the kid get satisfied and then they get whatever they out they get out of that is like yeah, okay, you care about me. You figured out yet area after another, any hopes they desire. Try to do so, and this is what is so that we have that covers a sink icily, but at the school they do have to jump, did at home. if he's in class and he starts screaming the teachers got to figure it out and, and sometimes she just there's an aid that goes to the bathroom and I talked to the aids and
what happened and go, how like you start, screaming, and I said it sound. they describe the data travel. What was going on advisory if they were doing man here I'll, say! so what happened? So you took him out and I said yeah: what's up, we will have to go to the bathroom and then it stopped, and I do let me ask you this: does he stay the minute you walked out of the class for the day start when you got to the bathroom and then I'll go oh yeah, you know he like as soon as we walked out of the class and also any didn't go to the bathroom. And I do you know, he's just kind of sat here at he said that I got them up and it we went back to the class and he starts screaming again. he is why do man? That's a boy, exactly ill, do math and you you do this thing. This you infantile, behavior, you know, there's be more,
you gotta get more credit fear add, is gonna, be more sympathy and then I want to go in one go I say domino looked it did that dad sympathy, Gozo I trust me when you are a fifteen year old screaming like a baby in the corner, people gonna shake, as am I please, They kill us, as you know him this umpteenth. I'm telling you this all the time and tell them all the time. So this is the struck home on. This is the beautiful shell and at the same time, like I'm saying to you, have these long conversations with him in and I go and look in a mirror and go really do really yeah. He just had that you shouldn't he cried and scream, and now I'm rain very body eleazer guy. I need to get myself to get him back. The state everything You say in your try so there so that this is something that even if you every day
I mean in the kazi ignore me all that is in my head is present. Reiser, let's go back so ok see, do comedy eventually moved to new york. Where I met you, and yet we do in those shows that I did carrots comedy our the evening at the improper or get those first break So when is your first job boys, you go to snl dot. The riding- that's right in jail. Cuz, that's how long we were you in comedy. Then, like five, like sixty seven years, six. It will I'll tell you this year, embrace. There was a show it s. Now I remember Jordan. Is it Michael Jordan? public enemy a year, my that was my ten year reunion ten year high school union I thought it out as I was like okay, so I started. I graduated seventeen. I started colleague twenty two yeah, so I'm twenty. But now so survivor. Five years from when I started your as a so now
point where you like this, this comedy life. Look. So you know why not take that gig. The deal with the snl thing was a miscarriage. yeah. I basically you know. I word I'm from baltimore, I'm used to going up and down ninety five right to do my gigs every once in a while. I go west, never came as far as out here doing the jersey shit. enjoy, did jersey and never at I d by region at a ball, did felicia by didn't do boston should until I moved to new york right, I was too looked Chillicothe your high oil You know prattle and presses burn. Haven't I lucky again, at the point where I was headline yeah, and then I got to the point where I realized the only thing I like about headline: it was every once in a while there's a nice small crowd to talk to. I can, I can say, like one quick story he added a one time. I realise this is what I love to do, but this is why I love to do with these people. Need me in pan mere in alaska.
yeah, I pray offers Juno, someone is towns and the cities and the wii to it. Do I show think we're a full week and we we know then fine a week was fine. Lasher air, six people, yeah fest, show the week two couples year. While for me the pattern as I could as nautilus's and six black pit or six black people of alaska, aha, Yeah fountain is show and like yeah pattern goes up. When he does his thing, he does his patent thing and he's fine and they lie they're very respectful of him. You know it's like patents like if I was a superhero juice would come out of my fingers. They just go early patent, yeah, yeah, yeah, and, and so he comes, he sits down and goes man. I dunno what to tell you good luck and I get up and I start talking to them yeah and then, as the guys call two couples and two
in answer to you guys like when you came in and you noticed the crowd wasn't filling up around you did. You did think egg, it maybe we shouldn't. Oh yeah. I always wonder there and they said the sky said whoa. This was the last night near you. So while we made this plan to come here and we came to see you have opened now, the french is on it now and like everything I'm just talking to you about, like the o, like I'm responsible for these people, this is a community that these it will have always last. I have no idea what they live here, but these decisions by prayer who came to see me and then- and then this this this these people's our common it. Loud and the deal was. It was some wedding at another hotel across street yeah and it was so crowded over there. He decided to come over here right, it doesn't look like a comedy show
like one guy stays talking to his friend the so that I got to deal with them right then I start I can about them to these, be whom, like me, see now. That was us that we are all in all these little black river and I saw a laugh and then I like, I think I did. I have act, have cars here. Those people- and I was like this- is this these were the word here. And this was years after I couldn't figure out what the hell that's now so as now was, money wise. I was like money going in new york is expensive as hell near and adjust just gathered up, where the hell is my money, I'm very good with my money here and it's leaving it's going fast, and I think at the point I was doing snl I was doing I had catch, I emceeing catch on sunday, night and tuesday, night catch rising star, like really nineties. Yeah early night louis for Andy can hire,
and I was still working around. You know, I didn't understand what the hell's up with the money, and I realize yeah, I'm and toilet. If I get the gig I used to have every year north carolina. I should from baltimore to north carolina rights are now you're, flying no I'm still driving, but I'm driving down draft first time doing the new jersey, turnpike and then I'm going over to brave and east tolls. I'm spending more money, eaten food. New york discovered through that am tunnel. Is five thousand coming in everything is two dollars more than it is living in ball? Most everything is crazy, so you and your dns out, what an that's. Why did s it s now because I was like this is a steady paycheck. Who is the casting the calves that cast cast? Was Dana Dana was kind of is egg is not right to say in decline, but mike was definitely in ascendancy. Yeah
so Dana and MIKE and phil hartman was stellar individual who was update up. There was kneeling beer, Kevin kneel and was his name. It just dense miller, jittery aft and in the boys and sandler and Snyder in Spain could cast yeah and Farley? You know a thing already do, but yeah definitely a good group of people and the year after me, they hired alan clay corn. Timmy higher, and this was a thing like TIM between TIM and chris and Ellen, yeah, probably the most until now, yeah yeah. A gone down the road of blackness right, but it was making me crazy. Sometimes,
You know, because it was kind of to me. I was like this this. The what's happening here is. in living color is winning emmys so lorn hires chris right who caught a came with an audience cause people already nuke ready it an absolutely need s so I got there, unlike in that particular show, I'm talking about with a with chris and and and Allen and Timmy I like the next week. We we wrote this sketch because it was was michael, Jordan, it ah public enemy, musical guess, spike Lee came off and did a guess in on christmas. I did sketch nat x in jest Jackson came on because that week two people die, Al Davis died that week and and don T soon die near an african.
This is now god bless him forever AL. I can said well, you know we should do. We should get Jesse jackson to come on and read an obituary. Everyone writes something for DR seuss, because of the rhyming yeah, and I was like wait out, Jesse jackson, he gonna do that man are you kidding, he was on a plane If you send a plane for me, he will guess his son played football and some colleges that send a plane, I'm going to be here, so we did that that Well, that show was so many different things for me. I, the the best thing I remember, was just sitting on a fire escape just me and chuck day just to talk yeah, just just shooting it right. And talking about miles Davis and it gets Lorna come to me he had assigned me. This is like miles Davis just died. Can you move write a little something in a little somewhere? what are they going to say
how long is something before they go just you. Why don't we just just one minute of silence, a something like that for twenty, so he did then, the next week we wrote the sketch. We like the the the opening monologue was Chris and Alan and tim, and I'm just going, ok last week was part of the black satin him night. Look if he'd know with the with the three of us plus public enemy, plus my what jordan, plus jesse jackson, plus vitally n, and we wrote that and then Lauren decided like kind of the last minute, and I don't do that- it's like it
his thing was he don't want to serialize is shown and it's valid yeah. Ok, I get that he didn't want it to be like if you watch that show- and you go oh, I wonder what last week was right, but then a part of me go that actually sell, and now people will have to go figure out with last week was, but that that place- and I call it that wait- yeah who's not to me, is like this place- is not really conducive to just being creative and funny. It's very crude nuisance to be in a competitive year, and I didn't come here for that
right? And then you know when I think back on it, it was kind of being competitive like so. In the end I go to lorne, I think directly into my second year. I go, I'm writing stuff and, as I love Chris, I love Chris. I love tammy, but honestly I don't think either. One of them knows where I'm coming from some time, but the things I write and any dunno if he acknowledged that or not he just listened, and I gotten fed up with the arrows thing for him cause I felt like he was under served under utilized to him out of tim, yeah, I said it was Ali's fiftieth signal birthday and hurled his thing where it started out. I wrote a whole like slow roll until they get to a peak and basically at the peak it was like him calling himself the greatest feature play of all time:
Admittedly, I'm the greatest of all time here, Brianna, I don't. I don't care about. No, Chris rock, I don't care about it. It's just the percent, in everybody's face, Tim meadows came me and at the read through people up here and in I felt like the more the closer we got to air yeah dude started. it just got less and less appealing not like the words of it, but the commitment It seemed to be light like even to the point Jim Downey said I dunno. What's going to happen with that, Pia cause to me is like adult would say that Timmy Timmy's run through his his read through performance at peace. Here was amazed. Yeah everybody will look at ten yeah and then it was like huh and then go and and go slight hook like I could have done. I shall go to Lauren. I go, I'm not
I I know you got your thing: I don't on a b a clearly on that same make me a member to cast and right. You got her, I'm not even saying make me feature play, but just from from the time, I got to write something that I know I can do right and he I agree, but the gym has a real issue. If I take the riders, when I make riders of feature players or performers on the show asked me says his show. what I don't want upset Jim. I love him and this this whole thing about how he blamed it all on drawdown, right, okay, cool and I go to leave.
I had to like the like. There are clicks there and I can't pretend I didn't have my little crew here. Fifth were like the younger dave, Mendell and Steve koren were my boys yeah and they asked like what they knew, what I was going to do and they asked what happened oh man, is he blamed it all on Jim and it's like cause, then laugh and say: go talk to Jim yeah. She talked to Jim and Jim, says it's ok. Then you got it so at leaf. I say to them: aren't 'em out, I'm I'm outta here and what he say as he had talked to Jim, but come on man yeah. Ah the ne
events me yeah I'll. Let them convince me that if you never talked to Jim you'll, never know you gotta talk to Jim year in side tops I awake to talk to Jim. Like here's the thing this was the crazy I've heard scan a million times better, does a dysfunction. There was a huge dysfunction air about the time yeah. It was a work ethic like I used to get to work at when I worked at as a no ear. I usually get there ten o'clock because somebody told me those were the hours right ten o'clock in the morning. Ten am yeah, so I left home every day. Ten am get there sooner. We didn't start work to like six sony seven pm six am so what were you doing all day? I was hanging out nose talking to and as the other thing like, it wasn't like, I would ever say I'll, just leave and yet wait until somebody because that's what would happen right, like just not be there and they'll say: hey call me when, when this is real may and yeah. So I would I out with the office staff they
those guys love me at a good time with them here, and I think that was I think, like they didn't really get talked. You know it was a whole hierarchy here and then they've got crazy because then are soon. We start work at seven am tired. Well, all like you know, we're going to go from like seven to two to work on a so yeah around one thousand one hundred and thirty one thousand two hundred I'm getting drowsy those off and then they'll be summarized Jesus war and issue It was like a saturday live, so the the initial assumption, as he's high, but it was like people knew. I was pretty straight girls like nah. It's just. What do you do when you can't? They have an early enough for reasons that love Jim downy. He knew Jim was like a scamp break is when you sister the eggs, you know, since
whole reason we started. Seven is because you didn't hit at seven o clock. Did you talk to me about that thing? Psycho talked yes, but the reason I bought that story out there cause my meeting with Lauren was supposed to be at nine p m. I talked to Lauren, maybe two in the morning. So I walk out along and office and an I say to James assistant, I gotta talk to Jim. The outlay of this conversation is tomorrow, It's because he's still here. You want to wait a half hour. You can talk to him now. Okay, will half an hour becomes four in the morning yeah yeah, so I thought Im is a thing now. I'm tired, like this is some some stuff, and I say Jim yeah. Well, here's a convert. Tell him the conversation I had with Lord chief justice laugh laughing my lord. What do you know how many people look beyond puts on? He said: okay, alright! Well, then, here's a deal
yeah. You go back to lawrence I'll write it that me to go back the lord and you tell him that Jim's fine, any good and you can do whatever you please. I love it. If you camera. Yeah! That's fine with me here Jim's office officer, I left Jim's office and I looked at my boys and I go okay now like I've told him yeah and I was like I I gotta go and then the weird thing is that I talked to townsend home by robert Robert townsend and he wanted to start, this show out here- was doing and he kept calling it the other side. I have been living. Colic is at this point. He and Keenan had had their big fallen out. So Well, you know he asked me about snl and what it was like and how things worked, and I talk
about that sort of back and forth and he goes dude. I'm going to use you as talent and right, I'm. Basically I'm giving you what you want on my show. So I say, good love it and that's where you went I so I can yet moved out here that then that was a time when Abby was like What no Bulgaria. It was like the way you gonna leave esa now. Would you established, jog, jog or not yet to go to fox cause. That was a deal. It was as a fox show when this was at a point where fox didn't even have a full day, is worth the programming right to work with Robert townsend, who you know he had at partners in crime stuff, but you know who's not a proven entity, and they were everybody was against it. I was like yeah, but I think you know just creatively.
This is gonna work for me, got you out here well and but there's this thing that was like. I'm still in that place like I can ride a and, but I'm a performer that was always my thing, so it was feeling that he was. He was hitting that note but then what he would do is like he hired all these risers, like we added a nice little writers, room and we'd turn any the sketches. And then we'd watch the show was filmed and we watched the show. ending go. I don't recognize any of this. Did you write that? so it is sometimes you go away. I think this is my scarce, because I wrote a sketch about a cafeteria and here's a sketch that's in a restaurant, and I think that this is what became of my sketch so talented this thing where he would just rewrite every year, based on what he thought right, best rice catch and it was not working.
Then the weird thing was: I get this call from fox executive stakes. I come in well over in ego. What do you think is working about the show and, as you said, great writers, amazing, it's a good group. Ah, I think you're, the only one I gave him a whole long line list of things that are working. I said what do you think is network and I think you guys got to talk to robert and sometimes he's maybe a little in his own hat, he's only out too much to say, I'm sorry, the question was posed as what do you think would make the show work better and- and I gave him this whole thing like you know you got to do this number one thing talk to rob, Muir, Amigo. What else do you think would be the shower wearing? Oh, so you're not going to Dr Robert okay. I don't know, and they say, look, here's a thing that shows nike and we were getting rid of the show, but
and then I think, back in these days for fox it was like their of new franchise. Yet so why? I'm a guy who wrote couple years years on snl and I work for fox now yeah. They don't want me leave in right, the fox farm to right, and so are they like whoa, you know, we know that you have friends on in living, color yeah. You know, I think you know some people Martin, we have the show called living singles out those out at me. I couldn't resist and like to just tell me the three black shows you have on your network, not take into account. I just came here from now all cars in his own thing away. married with children would love you. We can set up a mirror and I wasn't as I I get it just. You gotta watch that I mean that then this is. Why am I shouldn't have
right there. That's where I was so you know I amaze you with those trying be part of a clique some like well, I don't know anybody living single and of of all of of those shows that one you know I'll even married with children like there's a barrage of jokes, and the only new thing for me to learn is story. The and his living single thing seems to be more along those lines. Can I go over there and it's woman yvette Lee that the time you bethany Slaton and she did that but we had a meeting and I also like the failing beyond this point. Your new york comment yeah, Was it good the club on it? I'm just I'm getting really fed up with the lies and all this nonsense in the business and are a target
and he says well, you know we started like we're on show number six and I use dad this guy here. I just wanna one black mail me eider on a show and test. Honestly, are you hiring me you looking at me because funny guy in the funny talented guy who you think could fit in here. Are you just talkin to me, because I'm not the black guy and you need it on the black guy? She goes. This town is full of funny, talented writers. The fuck wow she said, but a funny, talented black right and I said I got number respectful and I appreciate You know you could, I got you know to have a bit of asked a question before I got all my god. No, we totally respect not just like me with the lies a year so um. So
and that was a thing like I learned. She says she and she's big on story structure is like I might not always like the stories of worry went, but I for his like setting them up tehran, things things to a different place. I'm like okay, this is sitcom story structure, I'm learning something here and there would be days felt like I mean I was there almost to the last season, but it was the only reason I wasn't there last seasons because I sold dish I sold my own show to NBC. So it was like I gotta, go It showed how many they do. Ah, how many of your show I mean that both echoed it was come called built a last year Our desire for a show can do did I think we did a, but they aired maybe three that was the first year. I got home now a minute fucking heartbreak. Yes, Yes, although when it was
honestly to data that they called to say we were done. You're cancel I had already. I was on my way to new york that I already knew that call was coming here, but I leaving that day I only hang around the offices right cause. I had to go to san francisco to do my half hour comedies. So I was like Maybe this is what it was a is half hour I always knew and stand a year fair point. I was still. I still have my stand up, so I did. I did live in single almonds until I got my own show until I saw that chair I mean I created that shows. We're royal watkins? I don't you giant member him of the hour. I he's good actually don't real good. He and he's got all kinds of stuff happened with Kevin he's not we'll do so I did he show and we got cancelled empire The thing that made me crazy was, I ok. I got my own show on, but I wasn't a show runner near.
And so thou say now that the next thing is just like when I did calmly, as I o k, why didn't network all right now the variable is, I gotta be in charge of the vision right. So that I never really got the vision out with that. So now If I'm going to make this damn thing work I gotta be a show run, and boom what happens robert townsend cozy, because he had this show on five. Now it's apparently he had a they need a show runner. I talked to his partner, his partner and I had a better relationship. This woman, who is like the partner in the company here, stretches she's a genius. She she wound up working at bt, still a genius. Even though now we don't talk, but she said she was her name. Her name is Lorena jones, ok and, and this repair in her parents she's, like you know, we need to show real, so I go over there.
so now. I got show rider credenza, okay and I go from there and imovie shows hey. We need a show runner. Can you come over here to help in there. I helped the woman who create. it the show yeah and I even said, whoa there's a lady there who created the show? Why do you need a showrunner and a Well it used to be in her. She was a partner, yet her nepal, I created the show in our park, is leaving to work on another show and she's never run a show by herself yet, and I ok, so you do there, but then I do that and then I see how to networks how they undercut show rudders. They all You know I basically kind of watch them. Try to devout nutting tragedy. well you'd heard by just by bringing you in will bring me in, and that was a thing like. First I had to make it clear to her. I'm not here to honestly, if I can help I'll help. Where are you want me to shut up and get out of here and just make them
because I'm here I'll be that guy here so she and the new staff felt the same way like who's. This guy right in F was intimidating my thing, as I know I'm fine like it, they would be theirs episodes of live in single where I've eighty percent. Jokes. That's me! That's me as a story wise, like I said, that's that I needed my help at this place. You know this funny people they got it good, jokes and they know story and I mean do there was there's a woman who I worked with was a harvard mba. She's. Writing. Jokes, malaysia, near and in a guy who's got Two degrees he's got an english degree from Stanford and journalism from columbia. He's working at militia, and the point would a fire to show run and on the shore and now I'm their boss. And it was like a point I do, and I should
it was, but then I was like, but you know what they shouldn't be: writing comedy for them, yeah, better, jokes, but soon I got that and then, if you talked to my wish of fans ruined the show that so we went down for that. But then. I left moishe was coming back. Is it, as we were told me, she was coming back me and my agents dude you're going to be in this position. You're going to do this and that another thing- and I said I can't do this- it's just crazy. This show and his people adult I like brandy, and I liked her mom. Her mom was getting getting vilified in the press, but she was cool to me and I got what she was up to. I can't I got a niece something else and in Larry he called me Larry Wilmore had
we had a mutual friend year and she said Larry would like to talk to you. We met in pasadena year and at a hooters, that's totally lair so he met there and he told me Bernie told me what he liked about it and everything, and so I call schoolmates, I said I want to do the Bernie mac thing and it was a say, was like esa now all over for them they were flashbacks and right. They will I would but but more just common back right foot. a full season dead bernie, acting is an experiment and fox might not do it, and I was like let's do the bernie mac thing and then Moyes she got cancer. I had already made the jump, which I think I think larry appreciate that made the job. He was showrunner yeah she'll run in the creator, and that was a deal is like I. I decided I'm going to be part of this thing. for motions blew up. It was laden
it wasn't like? Oh, I can't go back to malicious. I hey do. Can I add that job of yours like I, want this job instead of that, and now with was working with Bernie good, that made. I feel like that was the best work of ever done and especially since part of my fed up in this and economies would Whittemore issue was like ok, I learned sitcom story, structure, media, but I'm sick of it I'm like? How does anybody at home, who watches for two years not know where nobody stores are going in Bernie was like We are not all those israel, nobody stores is greatly at o anyway, as long as we go somewhere funny in some way. That's emotion, they satisfies like we when we get to the end, if you look back through it emotionally, wherever Bernie was wazir, of course it went that way as opposed to like structure is where we set this up, and he said this, and that happened sure you
he was driving it totally and I- and I love that and that was all in larry- was like yeah. No we're going to do it this way, He was amazing. Sarah was amazed. Bernie was amazing, lead that that the first two years of that show that was like all amazement, and it was. I knew it was what I need, because it was. I got divorced, almost fear and in Burma the in in a way I was living. My life like at Bernie, was like a a bought me back the life. You know what I mean and, and then you know and like I said the first two years were amazing. It was the last three years which honestly the last two years is one I was running the show yeah but pale paled in comparison. You were there the whole time I was there from first she was the pilot no, but then from first episode, the last episode I was there where you talked with him: Bernie, yeah, yeah, yeah and in in in yeah
I like, I love her and Bernie. I know oh, I am sure I did escalate into jon, because somebody told me John mentioned me. I think the people that I came out, the people that feel the best about me here in l, a gentlemen, when jack and if our regularly- generally, however, is you know I feel First of all, I have to do John so many times to so many people, and because I really feel like he's like my little brother, just the age wise he's younger than us he's he's been so in your face about things and people I was over, Fucking John ridley not going to hold on a second hold on man hold on hold on here. This here's John's got a point
yeah. We don't have to agree with him right now, but he's got a point. You know like he was not a big fan of going on strike, so people liked this fucking guy, but I haven't Bernie, where the guy john Bernie and Larry yeah, I mean Larry, I felt like I felt like John, was, is close to a brother's. I'm going to get Larry was the best mentor ever and still. Listen, I'm, like the glaring It kind of guy like he's like that, professor, that I go to did it, as did you that action at my goods, if his as it anywhere close to what you are trying to do. You know and and and and he's also the kind of glare is definitely the kind of guy who does not suffer fools gladly and I'm like em, but I'm for carnival and Bernie just for a average bernie actually reminds me of my uncle everett. Although I don't doubt he's ever had any live grenade but just
full blown about life, they sit the thing is now: I'm taking care of my kids I wanted I yeah we couldn't get into it, but you know I think you can get. Some of my thing is like to be a good day yeah, and so with my kids am doing this whole thing like a family first year, I'm trying to be good debt and by my standards, not somebody else's fuck standards. But this is what I decide a good is, and but then there's those times. When I go, I think I'm usenet excuse. I gotta. I can be a good dad and a creative person and be out here and show the world who I am and maybe get some respect for. My daughter could care less about, but I love so much I owned it once about my father. They just was just gonna emanate the at the shoes
want to like this last summer, camp slash summer school thing. Instead, I made they got black cardboard black construction paper. Put they splatter white paint on it. Yeah it's going to be the star to put his words, paint paste, a rocket ship in the nasal picture, her hair and then on the side that the teachers had written. You know I love you to the moon and back happy father, so she does hers, love you to the moon and back happy father's day and as she writes over in a corner, but not really next axes and she says Aaron really, but it's like she doesn't want to be fake, and so she has echoed her her look at it. She says I had to re not really as it could. You don't really feel this way right as he you don't know that expression, love you to the moon and back right, yeah. Well, I said well, here's the thing, though, like just tell me this year, cause I'm, I'm not my grandmother, not beaten her age because she's not I'm me
and I want to learn who my kids are and I want them to be who they are and I'm just going to guide them when they need guidance. I said how far do you love me just now than at the in the morning back and we that we just came in the house- and she showed me the thing and she goes. Oh okay and she looks around and she says okay, maybe from here from where we are in the foyer and she walks. I, like the that far and the the living room. She looks out the window. She says, probably from over there, where I was to like the back at at house. saying that somethin daddy, you doing you dear, which is well like that's what I got allow myself. The debt is like the moon and back who every body in the classroom said that without even knowing what it means exactly, but from this foyer to that house across the back of the house across the street, that's mean,
new baby yeah, that's reasonable, so yeah! So I'm all about that- and I got a couple projects reckon on, but as like I'm phil feel like. I got a wrap it up and then I gotta start doing me again, because I can't I can't leave just go away. Even I feel like I've gone away Well, I feel like you're back, thank you and it was nice agony, but ask good talk and banks man. Thank you so much There you go that was warren out. You sent a guy started out with very funny. Guy is life in show business and his life and life the book, our book waiting for the punch. you can be pre, ordered at wtf pod back on and at mark man book dot com, emailing all the people in the book about them getting the book. Obviously I'm going to send them a book, but very nice. It everybody's getting back to me, makes me
makes me feel like people like me: alright, I'm just going to play, I'm prepared to car with no effects that seems to be. People seem to enjoy it, but I got two people. the two guys if emailed. So yeah, just a strat into the dirty old man. Fifty eight deluxe kind, cranked
The summer waves.
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