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Episode 846 - Kathy Bates / Graham Elwood

2017-09-13 | 🔗
Kathy Bates hammered her way into movie and pop culture history with her Oscar-winning performance in Misery. Kathy tells Marc why acting never seemed like an option when she was younger, what she learned working with colleagues like Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Tandy, Mike Nichols, and James Caan, and why after decades of work on the stage and screen she decided now was the time to do a show like Disjointed, a three-camera sitcom with a live studio audience. Plus, comedian Graham Elwood stops by to talk about Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary.

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The alright. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking, what the fuck next what's happening? I MARC Maron. This is my podcast wtf how's it going I don't know how long I can talk, because I have a she's in my mouth. Stitches in my mouth have like four I stitches in my mouth right now. in this morning. I tell you about what happened or what it is, but it might gross you out. So it's ease into it. Let's ease into it, I'd like to er say hello to everybody down in florida. If you can hear me, I'm I've been getting emails from people who are listening to the show. Taking their mind off the the way for power whatever. I appreciate that I hope you're. Ok, I hope everything everybody made it through
down there now, the horrible repair Restoration and rebuilding and just getting back to some semblance of real. for a lot of people a reality, normalcy just day for the people's gonna going to be along a long stretch It's going to be a long haul. I'm sorry! You went through that. My others back online line heard from her she's down there and in the hollywood area and it was intermittent the hearing from her and wondering how she was doing. I never really texted. I don't text her that much on purpose I don't initiate many texting with my mother, but I started during the the, Mccain and- and there were times where she wouldn't get back to me and I was concerned, but it worked out and I'm glad I'm glad she's, okay and that our home is okay. It's a little messy around. Where she lives, but I just
I hope you you're doing all right and in the struggle ahead is not too hard. If it is that that you know you got a lot of support and help to get through it, okay, that's what I'm saying, and I'm glad you're. Okay mom, I have I heard from my father. He was nowhere near the hurricanes. He's a he's mexico. By might be mad at me. Again, I don't know you, I I I'm a little hard on the old man in the specials occasionally, but I thought it was Deering enough this time I I'm fine with them, but you know they they're going to take the head. Sometimes the folks take the hit in a comedy and again- I'm astounded and grateful and and happy, you're all enjoying the special too real on netflix. So much I do. I'm excited I'm excited about it. Makes me feel good, getting a very nice response. As I said before, I'll keep and you can watch it on netflix, some people
complaining that after they watch, my show it suggests the Jeff dunham special. I have nothing to do with that. Certainly I did not tell Netflix look if you're going to promote me and people watch me first make sure Jeff in the puppets get we are sure of the andes yelled at least people may be made just have that special start right after mine for Jeff. In the puppets, I did not say that I'm not going to judge anybody, but I just want you to know. I had nothing to do with that with that being a sort of piggy. It does refer people back to a to think the pain as well on netflix and you can get the epic special on, demanded epics or you can get that more later. That's the special in between think he pain into real. You can get that on itunes, so enjoy all three mark marin specials and soon enjoy the w E F book. So it's wrong with my mouth- the hurts my mouth hurts. It did definitely hurts we're going
at purdue before I get to my mouth and we have. We have kathy bates on the show today, and we have a graham elwood, is here to fellow podcaster, to talk about his podcasting documentary my mouth yeah. I went to the oral surgeon today, cuz. I don't know. I don't think I ever had one of these things, I've been on the show. If anybody get someone, I talk about them, it's right, nobody gets them. I'm you go. mucocele like, I think, cousin my bites fucked up in front of them by my look funny, it's basically clogged or crushed salad gland that can no longer salivate, so just kind of fills up like a blister, then pops and fills up again just sit a never ending process. He fills up again, gotta get them removed. Why went and I- and I just To be a quick and easy thing, but they said this grand, I guess was huge and I just thought I didn't know when it was going to stop-
took a lot of meat out of my face inside sorry. If you're eating. they do a local anesthetic right and- and they just start going at it and there's an assistant. This woman is pulling up my on my lip. Why the doc doctor gooey is his name not here in past the he's cutting away on my inner mouth and it's gone on for a while, and you can see god I can see no bloody things being freely impose. helping out and my periphery, but then there are small talk he keeps going like you, okay and I'm like yeah, ok, okay and then can you went running today and Are these like? Oh, no, no she's she's been running, I'm just asking her and I'm like oh okay and then she's right now, today? Maybe I'll go after her and then like just you, It's like. Oh, this is a big one and I'm like air with me. Are you talking to me? Yes, there's is a big one taken on my go kay: okay,
and I'm not talking about one, then these two I keep talking to her about. can I like your new cards works like a good car and she's? I give his better in the parking lot here. Is the unwavering I'm awake. It was like, I can understand the chits when you're under your full anaesthetic, but I'm right there I mean I nice stacy, you guys are talking, but the don't, don't pretend you know, hoddan my mouth up like you, at the point where I'm like you, I I winterized like. Are they just going to start being like this guy's, an idiot? Isn't he? I know he looks like an idiot. He says it's on tv. I dunno. If he's really on tv, Nana's mouth is a mess right cause I it was it was that guy like I was I was on those moments where, on like hey I'm not invisible. I'd like to be The conversation. Thank you. So I don't know. What's going to happen, I don't, but I have five stitches and hopefully everything's, okay, because they send them out for a biopsy and you, okay. So we'll see?
I've good things going on in my life, but they're just right. Just like right, when you get a bunch of good things going it's I don't get too happy, be afraid of this, so a grandma would he's making this movie for, while its ear buds to podcasting documentary, now available on itunes, Google play amazon and many other on demand platforms. I seen graham in a while. and this was actually a lovely conversation with grandma about the movie about other stuff. Continued into the house where workout heavier and more intense, but we left feeling of aid and andor that we had bonded and that you know we understood each other. Maybe in get a green, maybe glean some of that from this discussion. I didn't the the one in
was this. Is me in a grandma with the graham elwood this this motion picture has been in the making for what seems like a decade. It absolutely feels that way. It's been three and a half years, but every documentary is a hey man yeah they take time. What yeah I mean we. Why I guess this is better, because the first documentary I did about telling jokes overseas to the troops in Afghanistan, what was that cough? Laugh, Ghana stan did what happened to that, because I know that what's his name, Jordan, just meta yeah he made. I am battle, comic, aren't you in there now want to go. Jordan laugh now guy, but yeah, so we yeah- I did laugh, live that took me. God took me.
I've years or something like that, the auditors, so this being three and three years is, was of a more work. You get left, ganis and yell actually live gas and so comedy dynamics whose distributing your buds is also distributing laughed. Ghana stand. So earbuds is available now, on everything in life can still be available like on amazon cuz. We were just selling it like at comedy film nerds for a while for several years, hard copies. Yeah we sell downloads, then comedy dynamics goes graham. You want us to sell your other film too, and I'm like why I dunno I dunno. If I give up those twelve downloads a year, we're selling a company filters, so we we put the infrastructure in on site
we a pay site for this. So I don't know if I want to give that I still got a lot of envelopes. Yeah, I'm a senior! I got padded envelope. What are we gonna do with those now I know I got. I got this adhesive labels, your uline got thousands of them. We have big plans. Those big a goddamn catalog from ula we're were going to go. We were a bundle. I know this is going to be this. Everyone wants to see a comedian crying wars, a lena so in other words you're going to like I take a load off your back. Yes, so that maybe we actually ever that break even on the year on the left. Amistad. Now I remember when we, when you start in this, it was that it was at the park gas festival with second, your valet pod fast, we started. We were like Let's make one. So we are decide we're going to do a kickstarter. So we're like, let's get some interviews for like that of the re
oh yeah, I roma. Thank you. So we still interviewed some people at that. I think you are one of them and then we funded it there. started we raised one hundred and forty grand a real for the kickstarter yeah. We did it the kickstart yeah yeah, exactly kickstarter real. And we raise one forty grand that was february of two thousand fourteen. And then so then we shot that whole spring and summer and then that third year the festival that's where we got some other interviews with you as well, but we are of use with you a two to two staples in a where did those row was, like you know, you're running the festival and you and see me running around nine hundred other fucking people gone. I make we just. Do interview mike. Who are you? What are we doing away, but it's nice. it's like these guys. You set up the room but like they period there. I couldn't differentiate,
yeah, it's like grandma's. This is this any different than that guy over there yeah this guy is. Is everybody talking to his iphone? Four people are going to listen to it or, or is this like a real guy with the real thing? I remember that yeah cause we have that we have the at the festival have the we caught up to the lab so anyone you can have a show that you do whatever and that's a cool thing. So we you know comics familiar but I've. U yours. Walking around walk around the room. Do an interview is at your vague, very gracious so that there is always someone who's like right as it yeah who'd you end up talking. Do we talk? Everybody you know is really I gotta tell ya. Making making earbuds was such a cool journey. We interviewed Joe rogan, we interviewed Aisha tyler, we talked to todd glass and we you know we wanted to show the connection between pod, castles and fancies. You know, you know that's out Vavasor rejoice must be applied. Castor was always supposed to be about. The pike asked her on the fans related. Just
podcast, while it was initially going to be about podcast air and then we're like well, let's because you know gotten the letters from fan. I know you got me through a tough time, yeah yeah so track, some of them them down? We did and then we also wanted to get the sort of big moments like we interviewed todd glass about coming out of the shelter and why he picked. This show yeah, instead of comedy film crew, to use the goddamn downloads, what an asshole the fuck, because we're better friends come on have, but but no he he he made some great. I gotta say I learned so much from the pod. It sounds weird because people would would in the? U I e, should your rogan would articulate things. I got him, that's right you know, like you said you gotta, show for people like pick a time and stick to it because you're like people are starting to. They start to count on you right and you're like oh boy and yeah. There is alike, oh god, we've got to be at least something day so and then you know when tata,
about the coming out thing. You know I was like. Why did you pick a part? I think I know why would he say he said You know he said like if I might have on doing a four minute violence panel, unlike jimmy kimmel, that theirs environment to do that and I'm not big enough to get interviewed by Barbara Walters, but I I think he wanted to get it. We are one and done like he wanted I have community to know, like, we, the comics and everybody. So I have to email every year. He just he wanted. He wanted him being out to be out there in our world right, so he wouldn't have to do any follow up. You know, there's this done one. Ass? He does yeah, I'm sure there's some truth to that so too I remember, I was working with him in vegas before recorded it, and I like in the car- and he was like, I got summed, and I I go you're gay and he goes ha. I I go yeah. What fight come on
use hedging. He was acting. You like you, didn't like I've known him a long time, but you know like a lot. Did you know I yeah mean you go in there. I went on the road with him of ireland. I guess it would be a guys. Complaining about his wife or girlfriend or trying to get laid right now, Why what's actually neither one of those things and there was never a oh. I just met this girl. I got this crazy thing and there was none of that. So I was just like oh he's, probably gay and I didn't give a shit yeah right sure you know, but he didn't bring it up here, but he didn't bring it up, cause you to bring it up. I didn't bring it up, but so then the car, and he yeah I've been talking to mark, I think I'm going to go. you know. I said to I got I'm I'm a straight guy. So it's easy for me to go out to say it. Who's gonna give a shit. What do I know, but I said I think you'll just be happier once you say it. The average and any and he says it s in the fell, because you know I felt lighter and goes I dunno what the fuck mark does, but he just knows how to interview people and just make you feel and
and then you guys were very cool. You know we use some clips from it and yeah. This is that good stuff you're just the way you are. You went into it. It was also so I was really get gate. Who asked? Did you talk today? Vanity? Yet we talk. Did we after Dave, anthony and greg barron about when they were doing know. Yet how can the roman Greg Greg broke his sobriety and, and that's in the movie. Oh yeah, did he tell a story about the dog fills yeah? Are you happy? So that's out there, We got that done. I got a lot of really heartfelt things. I mean hardwick The story about interviewing his dad and then, like several months later, his dad passed away and the response from the podcast community How about that was really powerful.
and then you know we had gilmartin talking about mental illness, sure and then got a lot of. We just set up some like fan interviews. We call them. We just like at the improv or we did it. Zany is in Chicago. He just said you know we're going to be at this theater for a couple hours come by. And each of your shower of shows in general, or have that were we just to fans just told the fans come by and will interview for ten fifteen minutes and all of a sudden. This is the thing that changed while shooting that we weren't anticipated and talk a little bit about mental illness with go martin monsieur but pants aren't showing up and then telling us camera. You know I suffer from depression. bipolar or whatever- and this is how podcasts have literally helped me or save my life or whatever, and it was like, that. I wasn't anticipating right and you know there's an interview in there with a woman in sydney, australia cause. We went to Austria and Japan really yeah movie yeah, you got
Watch it mark you're in it you gotta check. Sorry, I didn't do my research. I think it makes for a good at better interviewed by the news. You explain it to me away lemmings only refrain reframe it great. I'm in this, which is must be good, must be good Yes, it's the glow of podcasting documentaries, which by way I loved Well thanks. I love that every wrestling fan I'd never been. I was in that era of wrestling yeah. So all right, so you go to japan. You talk to people we cannot we talk to so. As I was gonna say: yeah, a woman into australia came in off the streets, didn't know her and she just talked about how she was in like an abusive relationship and you know you're podcasting helped with their ptsd.
When we interviewed you know there was. We did exactly that. The point is like just the constant companionship, the the talking to about the people talking about themselves on podcast like cause. It's right. There is something about your hearing. Conversations about well she and about struggles and all that that really makes you feel What would you find after talking to so many people was the was the thing: was there one what's that? It's all! It's a lot of things! It's what you just talked about us that it's the real conversations that her had, but also the the technology and how their delivered. Because you Most people are listening on, like your butt, so yeah, so we're literally walking in someone's oh yeah you're right in there it's different than like If you're in your car and you're listening to talk radio. Even if it's a profound conversation, it's still there's other right. You got you got other things are open. yeah yeah yeah I that was it in the the way I mean
this. They again, I learned so much, and I am not just on not just saying this but like when we when we and post is when you interviewed obama right. And that interview I listen- you know I I don't listen to a million podcast busy whatever, but like that once into any We all know what it was like a cherry pick this one here and there the music and myself talk like all I do is talk. I got to listen of more, but it oh obama, interview, then we and again thank you for giving us a clip to put in the movie was to that I was like god I feel like I'm hanging out having coffee with the goddamn president rios crazy it was like. Not that I hadn't listened to a podcast before, but I think going back to your initial question of the thing that the fans resonated. Is you
you'll, like you're, just hanging out with humanising your it's totally human, because you know you Well, I've got a million tv shows. Tv is very slicked up in its Oh yeah. Never any did twenty years five minutes spots, eight minutes fast as I it's not it's not give. patient of any you get it's in your get. If that's all you care I can't get it. I get a hit, get geiger, laugh in there. Let's say and then get off at cycle. If you really want to see me stretch out that I got come see me to an hour now you know right, then you get and then he and I ve been doing so many favors of those not just because of some yourself restricted, there's no one's going to. I got to see that guy though they're like that guy, they seems uncomfortable like I was in some clothing that he never normally wears. Who just bought that jacket that I'd never wears a jacket. I stopped doing that. Yeah shown up shows with new clothes. I just was like fuck this I know
It's because, like I look back on it, Ninety percent of the decisions I'm like. Why was I wearing that? The fuck was, I thinking I thought so big to going back to the bad guys thing like we get to be so authentic doing this. That then, when you go like I I had some audition for something and I heard some dumb shirt. I was like fuck. What are we doing? We get to talk about that idea. I knew a guy. Some guy, I just met a neighbor, was a clothing designer and he said he would make me as a pants and a shirt for conan and he made me pants and a shirt and I wore them and they were fucking ridiculous. and I'm like this guy made these for me, the the material the shirt was like it was- is almost like it's some of the maker like a. No shade. It was like this thick look stupid these pants. They look like rock wham pan am I. This is great. This guy knows what's up and am I
your trouble neighbour, union notice credentials are his girlfriend, came were painted your house read by his billy's goose girl from with some sort of interior designers. we in my kitchen horrendous I don't know what the but I did it and now like yeah, I can said anger here on the party, because you ve felt an you felt this we aren't like, if you're wearing it's just a human thing. If you wearing clothes you're not to what the fuck is wrong and then comedy, we have to feel so comfortable. At least I do. I got to just t, shirt and jeans and something I'm in some collar. Shirt. I just feel like a fuckin robe, weird man, I don't like it. I it I feel, like I don't even really own a suit a new suit. Like up. I got one from a sponsor or whatever it's called the indo shino or whatever battery warning yet, but I don't do we the reason aware wareham is it
I guess you're talking about. Do you a suit that I have a super, a new one? It's to know it's ten years old, it's like for men's wearhouse. It would look like a kid on picture day like I dunno. What am I going to wear fucking suit and then, if you do a show where you gotta wear a suit like if you on a regular show the nobody suits, yeah they'll, buy you a suit, I swear to god, dude five or six of the suits I have are from a game. Show I hosted in nineteen like vh one games. You never mind the buzzcocks would shot thirteen nick, no one, thank god I was it was like nineteen, ninety nine I have them, that's what I get I hosted two different game shows back then late nineties and I I did three hundred episodes of tv you get to just do any of that. yeah, but it was all like you know. The first year I did strip with those. Are these like bowling shirts with flaming sometime and it was just like those are out there.
Way out of, then I did this show cram and I was somebody posted a video of it on facebook, and I was like oh my god, like khaki pants or some awful haircut like this is a this is a design I was so didn't do dirty. No one has video of that thing all doesn't even exist mark we gotta find it. I try. I am I Somebody find copies of. Never mind the buzz cox, which is a british. Oh, I hosted the american show it was during the the brief reign of when Zach galifianakis was image guy for vh one? There was this brief period right where he you like on buses and everywhere else, did this weird games talk show how would he would like go to grade school? I member him doing all these weary at weird shit and then the other, but the other show was my show and I need understand. The show I understand
bruiser. I knew nothing about, but I did get some good suits and I was violently ill during the entire time we shot how many episodes you do like we did like thirteen episodes and they were game shows we could do like two in a day. Writer was like a week or so a week or two of the shuja, but I just had diarrhea and as like sweating, and I was like My weight was way down like two thin and like a the suit starting to fit course so they're all baggy on to fit fits all right. They were while the suits don't fit me now cause now, I'm like regular weight, a burberry suit, I think, still holds up. That's the fucked up thing. It's like I wore that. I may be my last watermark I kept wearing fuckin suits when I you'd only do it on letterman that someone he had to do it on I never got any of those shows. So I just was like I did. You know everything I did was like ferguson or whatever, where I just I I think, and I think I wore
When I did do those shows that was when I was doing the game show, so I would wear some ridiculous yeah bowling sure this is good. I think someone bought a former yeah. I didn't. I didn't dress myself the first, my first one and I went out and bought a calvin klein suit. That was shiny. The fuck was, I think I shinee we're in a fucking shy. Unlike this works cool It's just not to be. got me. It's so stupid. Oh god, I I like my hair was all sort of spiky yeah. vince varnish kind of linked up and it was how to make up. Think I for podcasts, all god I mean it's just fantastic So, okay, so the humanization thing how people yeah it connects people, so so this is really like a kind of an march to the the not only the medium but the fans and what it does
it's more emotional, I know some people, they hear podcasting documentary and either they start getting bored because they think I'm just going to talk about rss feeds or something like that. I really wanted to show the human connection, and I wanted to show how rich us, as all of us, like people who, especially in l, a were like comics for a long time that that embraced it because of the empowerment of it. But then, like the fans and the connection like you know, we had a fan comedy film. Nerds is one housewife from Japan and we would talk about her on the show, we'd call her yeah japan, yeah and then, when the earthquake hit there, all these fans reached out to her twitter, like hey, are you? Okay? Are you? Okay- and you know she tells us the story of going through that- and these fans listening to podcast when You know they were like. I just had some podcast downloaded on my phone. The power was out and I had to walk through Tokyo for eight hours to get home cause. Everything was down and your podcast, if you're just like all the stuff or you are really just
chris Manzini, talking about getting mad at a transformer movie, is like matters to somebody you through yeah quake, like re yelling at Michael bay, for being a bad director, and that does it's like it just takes people's mind off a shit, yeah yeah and it was So literally not now are like friends with these folksinger, it's it's, it was. It's been the coolest journey, not just by you, know, podcasting and doing the l, a podcast and then the movie or buds is like it's really at it's. It's it's. It's changed my whole. A view of of the world and a lot of ways. I ended the war zone when the first I commemorated took as being in war zones ass. He changes you, but this was like you know I didn't podcasting would matter as much right like we're doing a bunch or tours was scott Kennedy, and I rack enough of an officer said to us. You know: never you guys come through the fire basin. Do shows the suicide, traps and while really oh yeah, so Just always sort of
put the war zone shows a sort of up on their own, like nothing would attained, be that powerful and then doing documentary I'm hearing. People tell me very similar stuff of like your podcast help me. I was gonna, kill myself and I I loaded up a bunch of comedy pod guenaud like and you're. Just like yeah. I get some of those. Are you don't know whether like I am I supposed to? I know how do I what do I know you, like you, It's like, I was gonna, that's fine! If it I'm about to. I you know you're supposed to do something Look, I don't know like one time. We call the police but there's no way to track where the person is in, but you know a lot of times. People just need to write it down but it is nice. It is great, it is a community and it is like it does do something. You know what I mean it does help a lot of because everybody is so goddamn like being separated now and isolated in a weird way,
and one glad you did it and by the time I put this up, I will have watched it fraga and say We get moving their job with it. It's gonna minetta like reverse meta yeah. This is this was great. I'm saying this, as I'm going to watch it? Well, that's good! We have to go back and edit go. Oh boy, elwood made of or can real He made a real silver drop this year. Then afterwards and my man was I wrong. That was me, made projecting the best known yeah, I'm glad you did it and I'm glad to be part of it. Yeah man thanks a lot. It's it was a. It was a cool thing and again, like the wizard available, tunes, amazon and drew out everywhere, like video on demand you're here also, your buds depart cast in documentary, thanks, graham,
does grammar me. Does I don't know? I guess that conversation changed everything ver you I didn't think badly of graham, but now I feel I feel I you know who it is. A nice nice talk, nice connection, the movie earbuds, the podcasting documentaries as us, as I said, available on itunes, Google play amazon and many other demand platforms. I'm sorry about my mouth. I got fuckin five stitches in there, alright to have a guitar pick out here. That's not for now think about that later talk about kathy bates, now kathy bates. opportunity to talk to kathy bates. I took it obviously she's a great actress and I've always loved her work. And I found her intimidating both on film when she came to my house so you. Might you might hear a little that I just I was right, kathy bases
Nervous if I gave you bates, but we're nice conversation. I should tell you about her new tv show it's a comedy series called disjointed. It's now streaming on netflix for ages thing. It's like as a traditional three camera show. with that they shot in front of an audience a jar in when I watched it the audience. I'm gonna tell Cathy that ok, so this is me and Cathy bates. In the day nice to see you nice to see you take. It is a joint situation to be an interview today be interviewed in now how good it's happened before you give acclimated to the new media environment. Oh yeah. What way back back to where you back in the day. I remember doing a radio thing before I was
famous, I don't know why I was doing a radio thing in my hometown, memphis with carol Burnett, and she was like why doing an interview with this person, I think I was still in high school, so that's the only memory of it. You have yep that was carol Burnett at a radio studio, and you don't know why, and I have no idea why. I, I can't remember where you are acting in high school. Would there be a reason that we don't know- or maybe it was after? I don't know everything back. There is pretty foggy, so does it? Is it foggy yeah? It just starts to get hazy it goes away. I know what I live in the moment. Some moments vanish. The ever try to get your fine things back there I find I do. right now I'm falling asleep. Sometimes things will pop up and I'll. Think of but
yeah I know where you'll make connections between memories, so yeah yeah yeah just rewrite them. Oh that's what that meant. Oh that's what that person meant when they said right years later. Is it so you count? You come from Memphis yeah come from! this tendency I was born. There are nineteen, forty, eight nineteen, forty eight do you have good memories about it, some good some very difficult. I mean I think one of the main main events in my life. was that I was born very late in life. My father was in nineteen hundred. My mother mother was born in nineteen of seven Forty eight yeah yeah, so an especially in those days in the south, because the south was sort of like years behind the rest of the united states.
And very very conservative and- and I think I remember my mother, saying she was embarrassed to be pregnant at that age because they meant that she was having sex at that age I know I mean the whole idea about sex and then you know, then you fast forward to the sixties rose when it the sexual revolution. Here they have a kid who is like all for it and they're like what what is happening. Yeah. You went to a hotel and listen to guys play folk music. You sat on their bed, then they were in the
friend cherry screwed. The whole thing up for some reason: she put her person out of the car when she was getting in. So it fell off in the middle of the street mats how they found out. We ve been there through new, where these are always. We met a christian camp. It was in Memphis memphis here, so you know. Wasn't it wasn't easy for either side a minute. We was really like growing up with grandparents. My sisters had grown up by man and of their over near our younger fifteen and nine years older than I am a while. So as a whole, they were really the fifties generator and I was more than sixties and so was a real. What was- now people in the country. So you can imagine what kind of upheaval it was at my house I can yeah. I can imagine it like sort of like when you're fifteen, it's like the beatles and everything else. Yeah exactly I mean my mother was cool. She says she she loved music and she thought I should get a good
and so I remember we went to sears and bought a twenty dollar silver guitar. I hear they're still actually pretty good and I didn't know anything about gauge strings ernie. Neither therefore, I really heavy, but I taught myself how to play yeah I loved it and it was great and a great escape for me to get away from them. I can't agim with the south. You know, because the south is still a little on, in a lot of weight in a lot of ways. Yeah I mean I know my mother when she was dying. She was provost probably, and was it probably have been a ninety seven, I'm not sure she was set in a coma, we thought and we were at home and says some of KEN burns music from the civil war and she fine until they played the battle him of the republic and she stood it shaking up world now. Yeah so was That's the kind of
me. You know when I wanted to go to new york as it you didn't go up there with all those yankees, so are still very much It ends in in some ways. Look a lot of people have been writing about that nowadays that it's really the civil war is still alive and well yeah. It's evolve clearly, there's a bit of that going on it's a it's a little frightening, but I I am gene that you know these, not these kind of rich stone in countries. What that's that that that's just going. there. It was always there and every once while it gets more voice than usual. Well, I felt that, I ve that you know once education was, I mean when I went to school. We were segregated here, my fur I had my first african american friend when I went to college and college southern methodist unit. mercedes, Dallas, texas, and so
I remember always tell the story about taxes when you, when I went to open a bank account there, that you could get either set of dishes or twenty two rifle shows like who? I like to think I didn't get either one, so you can get the no! No because I I the only thing I know how to make as reservation, so the dishes would have been wasted on me. I knew how to shoot a gun, but I figured can dinky wouldn't use it on a campus. Now, did you grow up with guns my dad slept with a forty five colt. I think he had it in the army way back when and he that by his bed till the very end yeah yeah does your in your family did? Was there like a did? You have was their generational history. You know with this. Although the idea I had cousins that were in the civil war right, yeah. We had a newspaper article about we had cars. Is that the yank These were were in sky.
Gay Aosta hotel Memphis, and cousins of mine rode, their horses up onto the porch of the gal, said they're out the yankees out, and then one of them fell off his horse. The other one ran back and pulled him up on his whores cinnamon yeah, we go way back and actually I'm our families from I was a member of the children of the american revolution, so my mother, is totally into genealogy so yeah. So you know all that stuff yeah, most of it I mean my oldest sister, has really all the copies of everything, but it was a big deal and that was a southern thing, daughters of the revolution- it's like me and now and now I'm realizing. It was the whole ethnic thing sure which I didn't it. I am american aristocracy or or the the legacy of the original founders that since we weren't really the original ones, and I didn't find that out till two
berry my hard at wounded right, even quite framework. The way he asked you liked what was Kemal iris recently set, it will give you you're, not native american urine the grand rightly again. So how did you You were when you were growing up. Did you like constricted when you went to southern it is for you I can finally out, but that's dallas, if not yet well, it was. It was indeed or department, though so that was a home other thing did you have to our vision No, you know it was. There was a really was. I didn't have a clue, When I was in high school, I remember my senior year. we're talking about. Where are you going to college, where I'm going to apply to harvard? I will apply to mit and I was like what I don't get it, you know, and they said no you've got you yeah. You said you have to figure out where you want to call it to go to college and so They had somebody from s you coming to talk to people, the library and I thought well, that's that's convenient went up there and- and I assume that sounds good. My father nearly had a heart
Why would he why it's so fucking expensive? We didn't come from a lot of money. Why did you go to state school, yeah yeah? No, my mother wanted me to come back. I didn't get this, but my mother said come back with an m r s which, at mrs o yeah I did the same thing. My father always said, will get you two years of college and then now you decide if you want to keep going, but what the was. I went to I went to the school of humanity's. I done plays an eye school, but I just didn't click that you could that I could do that for a living, a jew lover, though oh yeah yeah, that's where I I felt at home really yeah. So what What happened was I was there for orientation and I don't think his name was kermit hunter. I think he was dean of the school of humanities. and we were having orientation and he was giving a speech about how this was
going to be. You know the beginning of what you love to do in life and suddenly the whole playing field shifted for me, haha and I got very excited and I started asking him about the theatre and acting and he got so exasperated that I kept interrupting him. He gave me my folder. He said in the wrong school go to in the hall door on the left course. It's the last door on the left and that's where you belong, so went down and I opened the door and I was horrified I mean I I was so conservative. I had a little like I had my penny loafers. In my I dunno a little. You know: shirtwaist flower little circle, pan my hair in a bob y'know, and I look in and there's these guys that look like you are yeah. You know, and I was like what so I was so nervous about ne just felt so different. I changed my major back and forth like two or three times and then I went to see
I play, and it was almost like they said later, like when gurus touch your solar plexus. I saw the play and I saw this wonderful actor and it was just like poe and I said in the add me. It was like I'm I do this. I don't care if and my name whatever it is. I have to do I'm going to do this and from then on it I had just ended in clover you're, all I am yeah and that's where Beth henley studied and she did crimes of the hard we had a great group and we went from having a little theatre up at the row. And it to having a huge, theater and and bob hope gave a lot of money words. If this was in dallas- and you know they had all the latest. Ladies you state involved. It is at all when you were there all. When I was there, I saw data and you did undergraduate and gradually no graduated a semester early cause. My dad did have a heart attack actually and but had gotten extra credit doing theatre up the coast from here,
santa Maria the John Hancock center for performing arts. So we got eight hours credit each summer. So I had enough credit to graduate a semester early and I went to can mean a bunk, friends, and after college and with it. So do you remember that what that first play was queen esther in the yellow, so yeah and the actor I saw was garland right, who was I really brilliant and he actually directed jack Hefner's play vanities, ah off broadway and nineteen, seventy five, which really gave me my start and then he went on to to replace, future lay at the got three theater and has since passed away anyway minnesota. They have good, see a good theatre. Seen up there, yeah for many many years yeah, it's a very you, know, kind of rooted thing, yeah, it's serious, the yeah yeah boy, I mean so you do this. All this work with what sort of sort has a lot of hippies?
round, oh god, yeah beards. You know, and and the teachers do no no, the teachers, pretty conservative. Also, you know Niemann marcus wasn't far away, and you know you had copycat began as their who were alike d to the nines I couldn't. I could afford one cheap outfit from neiman marcus. You know my parents really aren't you a narrowing for like a hey! I literally we went for dinner, while the sorority that wanted me to pledge was the only sorority that played touch football on the quad, so that wasn't so excited. But I remember walking in that first monday for dinner and all I could hear was fifty girls just talking at the top of their lungs and I I've. Never. I grab the president and I'm like shy, but I grabbed the president by Hannah hand yanked her in the back room, and I said I'm out, We have a lot of girls that are in theater, I'm out
be here anymore. I'm sorry and I let cause I knew I could not. I could not be in a room of the girls screaming at the top of their lungs. I just couldn't limber tend to sit down at dinner. I mean it. I would just I just take the knife and slip you wrist do you have? the thing. Where are you sensitive to sound or was it just that's out? I think it was. it's now. It must have been that sound, but it may be a knee jerk reaction because I was in girls' school for a couple of years and the fun thing that we got to do on weekends was put on our hoes in our panny. You know belts and whatever you call him and golf for tea parties from turn house to the net so maybe I developed an allergy at that point. To a lot of women? My god, I just can't. I can't do it, I can't do it it's just it's not even you can't even hear what they're saying right is just to yeah, it's like geese in a field
when he moved to new york. It's like you must be. What years at it's gotta be like new york in its by grimy heyday, that's right! Nineteen! Seventy theater was dead. What it was, I think the city was was there now you have it was there were so many derelict buildings? We lived on the upper west side what did you say? You had done some like what was the theater? You were doing up north here like when you'd go away from school during the school year. When were in college and you'd go get those other crew. Oh, I did things they had a wonderful program. They had a wonderful state of the gave a money to do this. They had a beautiful theatre in the round. They had the best education reserve. linda sand, santa maria at the John hancock. Center and we went as apprentices and they had. We know actors who were professional actors were coming in here, so we got to do all the classics. We got to do Chekhov we got to do the greek theatre, we get to do musicals and it was just such a wonderful education, wow
do you remember like you're, like did the teachers at you had at that time as it as an actor did, did they make an impact on you that lasted. Oh definitely would you feel, like you weren't most of what you learned there. Yes, I mean we had a teacher in college. He was the head of our department, DR hobgood. We called him hob and they were very what I neglected collected. before, as we went from just a regular college. You know theater arm and which was also go once every monday Wednesday friday to a proper conservatory by the time that I left, so they had movement, voice. the whole nine yards battery while you were, they all happen. While I was there and it was from these rich. Ladies, the oil ladies in texas, who were very involved in the arts, and they were very supportive of the campus, the meadows art school, and it wasn't just theater. It was everything you know: oh yeah, it was a huge complex and now they have the eye, but I think it's called the meadows museum. It has a large
collection of spanish art outside the prado and then the bush library. Is there. So you said what did they make an impression, so hob would be the first one. I think when he sat down and said this is going to take you fifteen years. It be just like Would it be a doctor or lawyer? You got to learn your craft. He said said: you've got up, you know in turn. You better go out and develop you're. You know your fan base, but in policy right to the day, so fifteen near say that time so you're a couple years in when they bring in movement they bring in all that stuff, the layered yes order of multi tiered performing our this right training. Yes, You did all that? Yes,
we did. We did even fencing and I was just going to say they are offended and saying we had one hungarian fencing master, but we didn't have many places to do it, except in the law quad. So that was kind of funny, but I remember when I did one I fought with Andy traced her, and I am I do I cut his shirt. oh yeah, yeah on his arm. It was like cool, isn't real real, so you did dancing movement now that they are so wizard. Why did you do like me, ask work and all that kind of stuff? Oh yeah, I remember when I was up here. We did greek theater and sculpted a mask for, and you did all did, thanks, you did practicum, so you did sets and costumes, and you learned everything so real history, theater history, you know all kind of stuff I loved it. I loved it yeah. So when you go new york. What are your expectations? They were very high and that was that was some kind of a mountain to fall off. But what was
well. It was like terrifying. I'd, never been on a subway and those seeing the subway come in was just horrifying and, and I just didn't it took me such a long time to adjust to being there. You know, I imagine, because it's really grimy at that time I just watch. I watched the first episode of David Simon's deuce, the deuce, which is this James franco thing about paul One thousand nine hundred and seventy one in times square in nineteen. Seventy one and I have big memories of it. Cuz. I was a kid when we visited, but it was filthy and ski okay. Well I'll, tell you what we did. We took those less causes and turn them into theaters. You did wheat, we created, theater, wrote the lions. Company play to rise and all these different groups now forty seconds should not remain mere. Norway were thrown on air in their yeah. That did the we that whole thing that when fact we did a polite vanities that a mention in at the beginning we're getting dressed in some olga stuck his head in the door. Looking for
the burlesque we had we're doing a play here. You know, we gotta these cold rooms. In rehearse, then we will have it happened and have that evolve like what was they haven't that come together that the movement that what it is that the did just sort of organically. I mean I think you know, came from college for us because garland As I spoke about, we we ran that department. he and jack they they just. Let us run it because he was so innovate when he directed so many wonderful product, XS yeah, he wrote and they go to new york. They'd see the great plays and they come back and do him there and they were their full, and so the same thing happened ten, you dad evolution. We did he's a call sidelights, which was of a little no novel by collect. It was beautiful,
Well, he did kafka, which was about Franz kafka. He would then, and- and they did it in all these different spaces along forty second new york, so he came back from so you knew him from Texas yeah, I'm back. They were all. We were all there. It's all right, sir. You were so. There was a cruise the other is a whole crew. We were alike, call the texas mafia, but who are they who were half an hour? You rode vanities, garland gale foresight who worked for a milliner, very famous costumer milliner there, who else roseanne gates, we also shared an apartment at roseanne, became an agent and then we all or supported to buy, going down to the Humana festival in Louisville Kentucky, which supported a lot of that's where Beth play open and when I was in the original area. Em so you're all new york and so like. I would imagine that at that time, doing theater in those spaces was thought of his pretty experiment,
right yeah. We really had free rein to do our own or your cat hours. You can go in the whole unhemmed my nose in hungary, I me I'm sticking my finger at mine They were more the ones that were really engineering right. I was just lucky to be a part of it. You know to get to be in the different shows and stuff and me we do crate, things like jack, had that one of the first place that jack wrote before vanities, we all casserole and it was about kid who's been to new york and he comes back to his little town and they exist. same thing. His his family just doesn't get him here, Well, we had no place to perform it yeah right yeah, so there was a performance going on at one of those little things there and so John are known who was also in designing. He was one of our group. They made a quilt yeah that flew in right before the other, the other set us
the other set right, so we could perform in front of it. There were always ingenious ways that that they came up with to do things for little or no money. It's sort of great its grey. As you got that training doing like big theater and knowing the ins and outs of all elements of theater, and then you take those skills and just apply them to whatever space yeah and harbin and jack clay and and Clayton car I should so many of the professors there were really responsible for taking a seriously but also giving us the scales to do what we needed to do so, the your first broil. When did you start doing film on television? well. Actually, the first film I did was with milos foreman. He was in new york and quite a quite was sort of an odd thing. There I mean gale I mentioned yeah, who was one of my roommates and the milliner as she was also a gourmet cook, and she was friends with John, where the playwright, I know that guy yep and
our own yap, yeah and milos making his first american film and apparently he got into a really shity deal with one of the big companies and ended up with no money and had with another company, and so he got John down there to help him write that rewrite the screenplay and and they had no money, so Beth used to go down there and cook for him, so my nickname was bobo Don't ask me where that came from, but so they were, looking for girls who had written their own songs, but I never had them published and stuff, and she said- and I said you know anybody and she's no bobo does so went down and I didn't know who mila was so. I didn't wasn't nervous and I played him my song, which was about loss of innocence and everything, and so he put in film and Carly Simon's in the film it's a wonderful film, it's called taking off and it's a girl who runs away
from home to be in a rock band, and it's still so current. It's wonderful, it's hard to find it on cd, but it's worth it's around, though we made it one thousand nine hundred and seventy. I think we got made five dollars a day or something, but I loved the. What bruce buck. Henry was in it lynn, carlin I mean it was such a wonderful. It was which smart take on an amir. in life and I have time yeah, but it was also it's about. You now live in the dream yet, but it's also realising these people were so worried about marijuana and rock and roll a name by the guy. Over and he's making millions and millions of dollars and then they suddenly get the perspective on and it was how everything was changing their right right, yeah, yeah, yeah, the business of being yeah reappear, yeah celebrity versus the and assure that's what happened at that time: Am I guess after the sixties, after that, the real social Men died became mainstreamed yet but were used
founded by you know troubled people and drugs and weirdos and freaks and rebury insulated with the working folks. Well. I finally got a job at the museum of modern art. I went. I got jobs as a temporary YO secretary secretary thing in the museum of modern art. Has their christmas catalogue comes out of course, and you can order all these cards and stuff, so they always hire a lot of attempts, and so I got in that way They asked me to stay on and I used to count the money that they took in oath and I met this guy phil feel about it who worked in the mail department. Honey was a wonderful guitar player, so we pump all together and you know that was fun. And but we tried playing the guitar together and go. We went around the fat, black pussycat and a couple of other places. You know, but I was nearly ass, a provision on the guitar as he was so used to say, yeah
yes, I did, but I doubt I can do it very well now, although you know with my show, do sing a little bit on our show, design only joined it yeah and actually Chris Martin donated they got a big day for toys. That they make now in and you can look it up online on their their website in the front is covered with all of these marijuana things. Oh yeah, it's such a beautiful guitar, so he gave it to us to use for the show, and it's so lovely to play that I started getting back into it. So I see you play. I do play yeah I've kind of played, yo, ITALY, all my life. I don't I never. I don't really play out that much or anything, but I like to do it yeah it's great. It's a great thing to have yeah- I it's like meditation, really yeah. I I'm I'm starting to get back into that. Actually, I I bought a collings acoustic, but then I also I found thing I love to buy. I love to go to this shop in new york and- and I found this really cool, gar
Tar called the moonstone ego ipod beautiful pretty like an eagle yeah, really really. Electric oh yeah yeah you can get it I got it with a printed in river. Oh, you know your general, I'm right, I'm ready man and ready grew up together and now, as a group I'm putting to is the disparate groups that are in my head and my fingers them all together. Yeah, did you continue to study acting or did that or or that you were done when well under new york. You know that's interesting to because after F vanities was a success and seventy five angry about here, those your big brake on fear yet- and I and I came out here and I just decided that didn't know enough yet about what I was doing there and I thought that it was the little shall out here. You know that I felt to due to business now it was yeah yeah. It was something I couldn't perceive, but that part of it I
but I remember testing for three's company and it was just not my my thing at the time to hear I am doing a sitcom, so I have to eat my words, but back then I really felt it was the wrong step. Cerro. I went back and that's when I started working in actress theatre and I felt like I needed to continue to evolve is as an actor imagining that you practice what's actor theatre whose his hunger. Is theatre of louisville was john juries company, okay, so that's where he started yeah and back in the eighties yeah that message in new york as well. No, that was in the early eighties in Louisville Kentucky. Oh, when did you do a straight time, Oh straight time was out here. Actually I did that in seventy six. I think I kind of like that movie Neither was a great movie great right, like I watch not too long ago. It's it's very kind of a tough story. I know, here eddie bunker? I remember him coming to the set. He know it was his story. Oh- and I remember, was the first day that he had never been wanted by any law enforcement.
in his life. I remember him leaning up against the refrigerator and then he was just gone and his cigarette ash got longer and longer. So I guess he had. You know doing a little celebrating the little We only did a healthy eight days celebrating and how much did you talk to Dustin Hoffman? At that time we talked a lot yeah. He was great yeah. He was he's really he loves what he does and he I remember him taking me by the hand and saying there's the camera you know but but I also remember being on set with him and they turned around to do my part when this dinner table scene- and I got really nervous- and I the presence of mind to say to him, I'm really nervous. Why do you now and he said Can you here, oh and setting up the shot as away poison, one of the basic guys in the world and said no, and he said well, listen, so I started voting sing on what was on and
Now. It reminds me of a very famous quote by Constantin Stanislavski, the secret to an actress. activity is the object of his concentration. So I in trade. On the other actors, I concentrate on a proper whatever. It is an that's my focus, that's where I get my career Tivity like when I worked on friday, green tomatoes, jessica tandy gave me my performance, you it's a high wire act and when I was sitting there with dustin when I relaxed he knew, and he said, that's it You know I mean he's just so supportive and I did a little movie with him a couple of years ago and he we remember the the audition that we had together. You know and yeah. Well, it was cool. It was so good cool to see him and we have done enough tiny thing, dick Tracy and he had just won the academy award, for? I think as for rain man and
up all night long and he had to do all this makeup sure and he still and he had he had his hand, the shakespeare of martin merchant of venice, and I thought she christ men, this guy he's. All he wants to do is be in it. He just in it. He loves it. Oh yeah, It was inspiring yeah yeah The work was somebody like that that you ve admired you see what they're really like when they are dealing with the craft with jessica, tandy or people who have me train, their joy in the craft for years and years and years it inspires you to keep your light bright and you know and keep going yo the craft again. I guess it like. I've done some acting recently and it's it's interesting because once the a go on there's a lot of downtime in between cameras going on a going off. So to maintain that guess into really look forward to that moment. I mean that's what it's all about. Guess you don't socialize, no socializing now
well I mean I remember hearing I don't know if it's apocryphal or not, but that when Daniel day Lewis did lincoln that he had everything closed off so that he could stay in that, because you can't just turn things off like that. You can't you can experience it yourself and know that if, if screwing around with somebody and talk and everything you can't you can't get in it and austin used to always say you need to be plugged in you know and you need to stay plugged in and and you you're you're working you're, not there Now, hang out with other people, and you got to focus on as you must not just your lines. It's just it's how you I have seen it who you're working with it's all. You want to stay focused, it's characters all of that stuff. So what do you do in you're done when you're on a set and you're not you're, not an ally? I I just talk to everybody body have a great time now. No, no! I try not to yeah. I tried, a corner. If I have to-
Can you do that like when you got like fifteen twenty minutes before you shoot, to do that. But what are you a weeny or something? You know what I'm asking you I'm asking for my own advice. Really yeah yeah, because I gotta am I gonna shoots of that. In october this year in season of a show? So when I talk to actors, I'm always curious as to cause, I I come from comedy, not really an actor trained actor. Any twenties your focus when you do comedy well, I just try to be as present as possible and and do the material and connect with the audience there. You go your audience. Is this the secret to your creativity, we're right? You know how to do that. Yeah. They just put the substitute the person here where we know that we examine the viking like what- target, as you set like the union between takes? Yes, sometimes, like you, try I innately try to stay in it, and I think that you probably do too, but, like I don't for myself away, I mean I kinda do well
depends you now if I did a very difficult scene and primary colours, and I worry that that's great well it. There is one thing that was really really difficult, and I closer myself away for that. Oh yeah yeah, one which you well. We did the scene in the truck and where she's getting ready to commit but we don't know yet and we had to break it up. We had to do the interior on the set, and Syria in new orleans a month later, so that was kind of tricky, you- have to do it from a bunch of different angles. So I really cloistered myself and it was might nicholls who I love so much in on me. Just god rest him. I wanted to do super well and I it was an a plus production and I am not that you don't want to do everything great, but It is especially important to me with that caliber of work in the script. by Elaine may and and
emma everybody. It's just. I I wanted to rise to the occasion was a wonderful part and wanted who is right or yeah thousand member. Now too heavy sea needs a very heavy seeing her so that I like you've, worked with a lot of great directors yeah lucky. I've had some bizarre directors and bizarre projects. I mean look back and it's called making a living here now, but you won't even with all monroe early on your right and in in was that I was at home, he god rest his me. He was a real character. He was tough. He could be very tough. He could be very caustic. You know he knew exactly what he wanted share was in the play with sin com. For if the area and he he thought we were going to do, play at night and shoot the movie during the day, and I I just set, are you out of your boy? mind. If I said I just, and he was very upset that I was against it by
at the movie and for weeks on round stage and just you know it was punishing, but that was after the play was over, so do. Did you are too young people telling you what you are dailies and you can see yeah. You have a big party in shoots, a french hours. You know and then that no break for lunch right, but then he has quite a spread and y'all go in and watch. I was kinda funny. That's nice right yeah! It was very fun. Oh good good! Did you? Do soaps very very early on. I did what you we're starting to new york right yeah. You know it was okay, it wasn't my cup of tea, good yeah. That would be a whole different career yeah. I wasn't pretty enough, but just? How do I go occasional episodes where you do this stuff yeah? We just did you know. I played a dyke in prison with the greatest adam you see now to say lying? So, ok that well she was love. Is she a yes, she was dying, he was in prison and she
the nemesis of erica. You know Carrabba's fucking hot in here? Alright, alright man, okay, so Okay. So let's talk about. I just read something about: he won the oscar for misery, big career changer right, I mean I remember going to a party at I live now, or from ned beatty. and I remember gnawing into his house in the men and I came to the door. He put his hand on my head, like a preacher and when he'll hear Well, because you know after you win an oscar, you never work again. I think that that is changed. But yeah. It was hard to get a good part after that really yeah. Well, that's great well, you know when you think about it, though it's very unusual for for a woman to have that kind of a lead in a movie unknown unattractive billy fucking nuts, india, you know it. It's very. I note your unusual to have that selves very lucky. The I just read something that bitch
stephen king, that your character was of a physical manifestation of his cocaine addiction. Are you serious, that's the guy had a process that, although a red read the quote, the question is Stephen king was I am trying to comprehend how you lived this whole secret life of a drug addict for eight years, all the while churning out best, bestsellers and being a family man, and he said well. I can't comprehend it now either you do what you have to do and when you're an addict you have to use. So you just try to balance things out as best you can, but little by little if the family wife started to show cracks. I was usually pretty good about it. I was able to get up and make the kids breakfast and get them off to school, and I was strong had a lot of energy. I would have killed myself otherwise the book start to show it after awhile. Misery is a book about cocaine, Annie wilkes is cocaine she was my number one fan. wow wow. I think, liar liar pants on fire, because I
in their resist an article in the guardian about him, and I remember he referred two annie is scheherazade aha and then he realize he's shahrazad having to come up with all these chapters every time for her and that he also looked at her as being a be like a queen bee So maybe all of that is really fucked up sure cocaine. Sure images yeah that change. Will you see her in wrap my head around it? it's kind of hard right yeah I got it, Do some thinking about that? Why was the process that working with Jim contrary conjure con he's he's one of the funniest people? I've ever met in my entire life here, yeah funny great guy he's he's doing so well, these days he was he was. He was the worst thing to ask Jimmy to do was to lie in that bed
We wanted to be up and around the most the most. I think he can do every sport in the world and so they actually hired a guy to play basketball with him so that it could keep him active. Keep the luxury hated lying in that bear, but my mother loved him in the movie. She said it look like he was watching a snake you'd like you just like he wasn't sure where she was gonna go next. What that was one, those great to see him work like that yeah like that was one of career, changing you ever saw him like. I know to be their vulnerable in that you know out of control and scared if elector here, I always loved him yeah, especially they get older. They seem to have es invested in the image yeah and they can kind of work, yeah differ. We will see that's what I like about working is an older actress and I were in that's. Why sort of more than one reason that I scoffed at age ism, because let's go
The more you do it the better? You are, what did MEL Gibson say just when you have it figured out you're, not good, looking enough to fit you know, and but thank goodness you know on shows like american horror or whatever right. As always, we and our loves movies. Actresses, you know, but actresses, really, wonderful, actresses. I think one of the people that he he interviewed first as a young man was Betty Davis. Ah and of course he did that wonder, well feud last year and you had a part that right, tiny, tiny, part ii, and but I just thought, Jessen and I thought sara I mean uh Susan were just wonderful, yes, great yeah! I was crazy idea, but see being older, like that? I just think it's like good wine yeah. Why? what? How are you not going to get better when you get comfortable and you get deeper in your wisdom- is different in your whatever you go who is wife in life kind of informs. You know your craft and how
You stay humble and don't become a monster. No it's just too! If you got to the. If you get to the point where you think I got this you walk through. I am emerging. I remember shortly after misery, doing a little think of her shelly de la for her children's children's programmes. And I asked her something about the character she's while I use on an academy award. I said yeah, but not for this part and you know to me: you gotta start from scratch and, yes, you can how to play your instrument, guitar strings pretty good, but you still got to learn this song and you got to figure out how you I deliver it in bright. You know, bring it into being and all of those things and you you start all over and it's a mystery. Otherwise, if you don't look at it that way, just getting on the service you just sitting in the plane, with the blocks on the wheels is every relationship with a director different. Yes, it's like veterinary medicine
Actually, I think directing is more like being a veterinarian, but for example, on misery? Rob helped me with every vet every bit of Reiner did yeah, well, he's an actor and he's a wonderful. He the great ear- and you know he's he's just he's a great communicator and and and buttons times you're out there on your own, and you know I kind of general look. like you're you're in a space pod you're out there in space and unique houston, I mean you guys, hang and I need help you and and but other I am sometimes you got it and you say directly. Can I help and I said no- I think I got this out. So I guess it depends on the depth of the work that you're doing in rome in other john run, then the what's expected of you, but but like something like a tight kanak, which is like magic hall, mostly in a studio where I know it was actually they built a seven eights replica of the ship along the certain baja.
out there in the water? No, no! No! No! We were up on the the the promenade. That was the trip. The first I'm going up in the elevator and then opening the door, and it's one and twelve in their costumes walking of down? I couldn't see the cameras at that point and I because, is visiting the sad and I was like holy crap. You this is real. I mean everything that he did was amazing here apart, I don't know, I think they offered it yeah. I can't remember: yeah amazing pretty amazing what he accomplished with that movie the end you got a grip on For you, it was a good part, although I was upset in that the real molly did go back for swimmers for well, who were in the war and the meat swimmers, may Adams and ended up they pulled Diana. She gave him her fur coat so It bothered me that you know the license taken that I get the guy to go back so
sleigh she was quite a hero, so he s review a been a negative way so often happens, and I don't like that. They just take a character and they yeah. It takes the character and instead of expecting what they did. They it in service of the greater good with lies, the film which is which they are making a film. They don't really care about. You know who's going to look up. Ali brown and say: oh wait. She gave somebody her fur coat, the bodies gonna do them yeah. I want them but it's sort of horrible. I give the family you know like because as the biggest movie in the world, because so much now you know, reality has become movies. And it's a lot of young people especially get their history. They think. Oh, this really happen and you go no know. This is a movie here. I know you direct, but
you won't do that more? It doesn't look like you, ve done. I would like to you now I wanted to get back. Actually I wanted to do a nap sewn on american horror story this summer, but it conflicted with destroying it so oh and and ryan, is really made a pledge to hire. More women directors in more women on the crew. Ah, he really feels that there is a discrepancy in which, as this american horror story yeah and his others, you know american crime and stuff like that. So he's going to do What have you directed you done if you like? I did a cup what movies I did. One called nationally, which was about Dashiell hammett lily? Now, men and samuel shepard, sam shepard, just passed away and Judy Davis. And how she's using a bee interviewed her? Now I haven't seen her in sooner so it mainly my my my most fun directing was in six feet under I directed about five at the
is that so I learned a lot working on that there was such a great look and show. Wasn't it theater actors- oh yeah yeah- who who producer, who is a salad bar, so Alan pool, was aaron ball and Alan pool is our our era producer on set he's fabulous to work with we're, still friends and that's great and theater do you want to do it anymore? Well, I kind of feel I'm getting my fix with doing disjointed Surprisingly, cinema live like alive or the end. Acting, I think, there's any. I know you have a big following. I would just like to put it out there that this is not a laugh track. It's alive audience yeah. I it was surprising to go on networks and, like a first, I thought it was in effect by court. What's the angle here with I have and I'm like holy shit, they're shooting. For me. That's great! You know I love I. You know I mentioned working up in south santa Maria way back when and I have to say the first night I was sitting in my little chair, ofa off stage, while they were shooting
it just reminded me of the days when I was there Lying in the monetary watching shows you now and learning, and I just everything just really max. I don't know why it just feels really like home for me so in in both ways of working with young. actors in seeing cars that you know the craft itself evolves. So when you see the young actors who are really much more minimalistic these days, yeah yeah and how's that, like what do you mean. they managed to. Used to bother me because they don't really speak up, but every thing is much much more naturalistic, even more so than brando, or I mean it just- gets more and more really yeah they're, just more it. it's rare, to see them really bust. unless they are given the opportunity. Let me depth can just crazy
burst out and do all these greater eric. You know- and I'm sure I can think of other guys too, but you goes off can go exactly pretty good actor. It's kind of great but you're working with young people, and I love working with them in a great cast and also Nicole Sullivan, who I love them anti v and she was trained shit wit to do shakespeare, and she's a brilliant comedian tone bell, whose wonderful stand up chris red, who is also wonderful, he in betsy, said our, these guys, especially tony travel. All over the country and do their act, I don't know them, but you will hear This shows like it's a it's a stick. Show I mean it's jokes, I mean you, do you and jokes, its joked, a joke and the key it is very well defined. It's about we, but there's. Also these weird sketch elements commercial parodies.
Animated my head trips and stuff yeah, it's kind of it's it was there it. It was surprising, show whacked yeah, it's different. It's out there and I think also you know the first ten, it's it's some if it takes a while well to find our footing. You know in a new show and bring the cast together and stuff and by law stan, I think we're really fire and on all cylinders. You know in the next ten that are coming up with you shot that are coming up in April, are just off the charlie, oh my god, that some other cast they are coming in to be a part of the shower. Just I mean it's so exciting. I can't wait for people to see it. We're waiting to hear we get picked up for another season. So all fingers crossed they're gonna run all the ones that you that have, oh sure. They win, they will so. This would be how many have you done to that, just one of just one but yeah the second one or well. Calling it one season so we're doing ten now and we have an airing ten now and they'll air ten in April
twenty is one season like regular tv, so I show Yeah, and the likes of five, it's so fun, and it's I mean it's I've never worked on a set like this, where it's all just it's just cooking and everybody's on level. I feel there's no like back biting or ninos pressure, which is just. fine. You know he had a great directors. Jimmy boroughs did the pilot and and richie. It has been working with us he's great and you spin jamie widows. We met some wonderful directors and I saw I want more so outside of the us. at the tv show. What what are you doing movies to I'm getting ready to do a movie called on the basis of sex and it's actually based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's earliest, is and how she you know
to school or husband and of her life up until when she begins her trying her first case before the supreme court allow I'm never It's a great story. I don't know anything about it: I'm playing a person door, canyon, who was very big in the asia you in and and of wonderful lawyer- and it's really, I was studying last night that it's three lead the fight for women about. Becoming recognized an esa as as equal im in and the thing they use this was the jury system were women obligated to serve on the jury or was it a privilege to serve on the jury, interesting, because women really- and this goes back to my parents year. If my mother had wanted to leave my father, she would have been able to get her on bank account you in a been able to do. You know that
This add me other I made they were really considered the heart of the home and they needed a man's protection and that patriarch all sure is something that we are really still fighting. Firms have equal pay right, but Felicity Jones is going to play ruth bader, Ginsburg and armie hammer playing her husband, mimi Lee is directing everyone should it up in montreal, I'm really excited about it. my mother being born in nineteen o seven and going through. All of that doing, the research has really helped me get a different perspective on her, point of view: being a woman going through those years. Right answer what was going on yeah in that yeah, another part of the world during that time, yeah ha. That's amazing! That sounds like a great story. It's a full story, and how is your health, my health it would be better. That's great. Miss I'm just so lucky. You know I recently went for a check.
and- and my doctor said I haven't seen you this healthy in years. You are great thanks. I've dropped a lot of weight, yeah and I've got a lot of energy and and so what were the battles? What what did you kick well it was gradual. It was over a period of a few years. I got really really heavy when I was doing. Harry's law was miserable and I I just and then when I got breast cancer a few years ago. I I guess I I just started slowing down an in So what I was eating and I stopped eating the junk and I cut out the coca cola and stuff, but then the thing that really Helped me is, I realized that this might my niece told me this, and it's actually on the internet that there's a biological that happens when you're eating you sigh at a certain point after you ve had
a bit of food near there's this involuntary deep sigh near it happens to all of us here and it's our brain, telling our stomach. Okay, we ve had enough yeah and that's what I do and if it's, even if it's two bites, I say: ok, I push it away. So it's not time to plough ahead. now is not the time to plough ahead so to speak, and so and then I you know I earlier on when I was doing, then I left the plate. Their thing I ever get hungry I'll eat some more then I waited maybe five ten minutes and I didn't want anything what's good, so That's what I've been doing, and now I realize it's called mindfulness and all this other giraffe, butt and so that's what I do and the other part of it is consistency, you know, and that's what's been different for me- is like this last year doing a showcase craft craft services is always there. The person who didn't gained ten pick up his. Oh you do. You will show you how the line oh yeah I held. It was the first time in my career, and I dont know why it's been so late for me to get to this. But
greater late than never and cancer free for a long time. Yet it's great yet not Joyce knock. Would that's great why so happy? We we we talked. Is this it. No, we don't what I'd like to talk more. Do you want to talk more? You know, I want to say something and I pray for you now know I prepared for it as score. As I thought you I thought you might get into what's happening. You know in terms of politics stuff, I'm ready, so I've really stayed out of it. Yeah right! but after the last few days with the data- the decision with Daca coming down. I would like to I know you have a lot of listeners and I would like to send a message to them to to send to their there representatives you're to congress and do the resident here, and this is from the murder of merchant of venice act for seen, one the quality of mercy, and I
going to try to do it like a british actor here and I'm going to even tell you what it means cuz. I I bet a lot of people don't understand shakespeare, but I tried I've had in macao and sat right well on our right, polite, more students, because he can he gets it. So I mean I get on our agenda and I cant do his axe and I don't I love him. He's brilliant talk about developing your craft laundries talking like I don't. I always register chick shakespeare's difficult from it are well on our way. I can give credit to. I looked up. Also, no sweat shakespeare which is online and it, and it tells the translation in modern day. Okay. So I'm just going to read part of it. This is what I'd like to say to congress and the president.
the quality of mercy as not strained. It drop it as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath it is twice blessed. It bless him that gives an him the takes tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes the throne admonish better than his crown. His sceptre shows the force of temporal power they attribute to all and majesty wherein death sit, the dread and fear of kings, but mercy is above the sceptred sway. It is in throwing in the hearts of kings. It is an attribute to god himself and early power did then show likest gods when more see seasons, justice, ok, what that means in everyday english. Again. From knows what shakespeare The quality of mercy is not strained, it drops
into the world, as the gentle rain does from Heaven. When you say it's not strained, it's not forced it's free, it's doubly blessed because it blesses both the giver and the receiver, its most powerful when granted by those who, hold power over others, it's more important to a monarch than his crown his sector. shows the level of his temporal power, the symbol of awe and majesty in which lies the source of the dread and fear that king's command, but mercy is above that sceptered power, it's enthroned in the hearts of kings. It is an attribute of god himself and earthly power, most closely resembles god's power. When justice is guided by mercy
I'm just like sick every day of what's happening and and an it's just heartbreaking and scare, an awful one eye, and I I hope that something like that could get through to people. I been finding way trying to find a way to not buckle under that fear that many of us her feeling now every day I read them at times I read all kinds of things and it's almost I don't want to read it, but I need to know what's happened. Anger and ivory rate have resisted talking about political views and anna and then an add on a win. This came to me I thought that's what we need is mercy. Look at the the mexicans, the mix. An army coming across the border to help people in texas. After that,
Horrible rhetoric that's been slung at them in their country. Look at what they've done. What they did to help Immigrants did to help rebuild new orleans. We need to be merciful to one another and be compassionate cuz, we're all. In the same boat, you certainly are, and it's just like again in the polarisation in the intensity of the rhetoric, is so brutal that like when you just go out and get to see what other will do and see who they are and what they're made of and really you know, then that's where you see it. You can't be distance from it. I wonder I I I once bit that went. Act as amu, I was given an honorary doctorate and an mba is an honour to meet Gloria steinem, who I've talked to her she's she's amazing and an I gave my speech and I could only talk about it from my point of view and it at the time that bush was going into the middle east and it was really scary and my mother used to always say you know you you,
judge someone until you walked in their shoes for a moon. You know, and so I talked about that in an afterwards. I ask your eyes did. I do ok and she said it was very subversive. and I said why and she said, because if you can empathize with someone, it makes that much harder to kill them. Thank you. So much for your you're welcome all right that went pretty well. It was an honor to me kathy bates. To be honest with you, I want to play our, but I gotta find a pic the
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