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Episode 855 - Tracey Ullman

2017-10-15 | 🔗
On a list of the world's funniest people, Tracey Ullman ranks pretty high. But Tracey tells Marc she doesn't consider herself a comedian or a comic, but rather a character actor. The fact that she started performing as a way to cheer up her widowed mother means she's always trying to find sympathetic notes in the characters she's creating, with an ability to mock and humanize simultaneously. Tracey and Marc talk about her TV shows, her family, The Simpsons, and her brief pop music career that led to a friendship with Paul McCartney.

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All right? Let's do this, how are you at the placards what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what what the fuck? Next, what the rats what's what's happening mark mare- and this is my part, gas w tia welcome to it. Happy Monday morning, good morning I don't know when you listen to this, but man, I hope you made it through the weekend. I hope if you're hanging in today on the show tracey ullman is here. Do you know Tracy almond. You remember Tracy almond, I should say like that. She's always been Wing thinks she's got her second season of h b, o show, which is called tracey. Ullman, show that premieres this friday October twentieth she's done a lot of stuff, a lot of characters, a lot of things: insanely, talented human being that trace yeoman she's, going to be here in just a bit
My god I gotta get and sam pants sign, for I am pants. I'm a and nervous about sampan some shooting today today is the first day of shooting for the second season of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, glow and air. I quit contain ago out other things going on and quit coffee so feel will do we feel note of thick, and now I got it. back into the sand pants out the sand pants fit as I don't need any extra discomfort. Onset first script is a looks good I know where the season is going, but there are some things. Set in motion right out of the gate, and sir I'm excited. I'm excited to be gone back to work, to do the tv show, because now That means I can just add more work. I can do the tv show. I can do the podcast, I can do stand up and I could no time for anything else, and I can just slowly anxiously come on him.
Great plan right? We were, just up in the bay area. Brenda mcdonald, my producer and business part I myself were up at delete quake weed at the at the we're in the mission at the alamo drafthouse, which is, I think, mission theater do an event, a waiting for the punch event. The book, I think, is doing well, we it's, it's I know with books, but a lot of people came. A lot of people were excited. A lot of people bought books both at the new york event in the san francisco event. Try to fit in some more events. I think we're going to do one in los angeles maybe some of north, I dont know it's got a tricky because, as I said, I'm shooting a tv show I'm doing a pod cast. I'm doing so and up and I've got other things going on in my personal life- that I'm not disclosed at this point in time, everything's good, not a big problem
one other than the world is ending? Shit is on fire. Earths are quaking and people are begun hinged some days, man, I don't know what it is, but there's just a ripple through their culture where everyone just fucking hinged on the street. Yesterday was on this. We're, just people, I just you, walk down the street and you just hear someone yelling. It's got that distant crazy person sound just someone if there's a certain pitch, that occurs when the brain it craps out. That is its. David and when you hear it outdoors, you're sort of like. What's what's going on over there. What's happening wherever that guy's yelling, so I just I just like. Sometimes it just seems like it's all over the place, scares me I'm drinking from tee. So yet, but events? One great. I ended up in san francisco in awhile. I went up by Sarah, the painter, a lovely opening at the Tony Meyer, a gallery or fine arts place
her gallery up there. We did that opening thursday night was lovely, met, some painters, some artsy types, some poets, some thoughtful people, then, then in the paintings, or were spectacular than the We need brendan, and I do this event. He talks to me. I talked to him on stage and we take questions and that when great had some nice food in san francisco, as I have been, San Francisco a lot I live there briefly. I know I never know what is happening. I always feel I started. Realize this time that perhaps the victorian architecture, so many victorian structures that maybe it just feels fuckin haunted to me it would really put it together. There's a lot of chaos in riff raff and you feel like you're, at the edge of sanity on most streets in san francisco, not in a bad way. There's not. It doesn't feel there's a there's, a pretty bad homeless problem and there there are certain areas city that are nuts but dead. The entire city itself just feels like it's on
if you look at the way it sort of structured, there is no grid. Everything's cutting into two the other street and then the rolling hills of just homes, defying god, shake them down and just stood there just seems to be something there. There feels like a frenetic edge to san francisco, even when you get down to the hippy regions, which are now on fire, that was the other thing. very fucking devastating. Very sad, my heart goes out to anybody. Who's battling those fires of losing you know, homes and friends. In those fires, it's just it's just horrible. It ongoing and that you? U feel it in the air you could. You could taste it in the air in san francisco, you could barely breathe and was just disturbing and heartbreaking, going on up in northern california, with these wildfires just completely out of control, and it is really not it's really hard. It gets harder. In day out not to to lump all this stuff together, not to think like. Maybe
dude do. I need to read revelations again. Could it possible, I mean, am I where am I off about this? Am I being too practical by being a atheist? Is it happening? I know there are people committed to it happening, there's their resurgence, in a big way of christo fascism, which is you know always exciting, has a lot of support, not all the people not half of the people, but enough to make it very uncomfortable. The christo fascists they're coming up they're coming up and they're our president, who is a I think practically. In most practical terms, satan the evangelist have made it with satan to pursue their agenda and that two thousand, teeming, it's always been under the surface always been. There has been there for years, but now they got their guy. And who would have known it would have been satan. That makes perfect sense. So maybe I'm going to revisit revelations cuz the fires, the earthquakes, the complete
applied irony of the end of this governmental system every day, every day hard to transcend. Sometimes I'm giddy with terror giddy with terror. That's the approach! just remember at all times there is a very powerful. orson momentum of ideological people that are trying to put in place what needs to be put in place to secure their place in Heaven and the kingdom of the hereafter. So just now that the ep I prophecy element is intact and that too many more working towards arm again and it something they see needs to happen to fulfil their ideological and spiritual agenda. Yeah death is better than life to a lot of people.
they're looking forward to it, and they want to take a lot of us out with him so terrified and giddy. So I told you about san Francisco, that one well having a little problem had a gay? You know there there's so many things you gotta do to protect yourself and I'm talking on a technological basis. I just I think I I've out secured myself. I I got very frustrated. I try to keep my shit together. I'm trying to keep a a level head in general, I'm trying, I feel a little better without the caffeine without the nicotine of them being a little chubby. I think my anxiety is limited, but I had to get to. I had to get some line of credit approved, I didn't realize I had to do it. I had to sign up for something and they had to. You know, go and check my credit and because experian leached, the credit
can see. My identity was sold. My stolen a few years back some you remember that ordeal and because I filed a police report which go anywhere, but you have filed When you tell experian that you did that and then they put an alert on your social security number for seven years, which is great but I had to use my social security number and they asked me these series of questions from experience over the phone to authenticate and I can answer and these requests- it's designed to protect me what they did was they protected me from me, and I can I got to go down to the place where the passport, because I I out secured myself- I mean passwords are one thing, but these questions were ridiculous. I can remember my Michael landline number from twenty years ago, barely remember the addresses of where I lived. So I screwed myself but
My social security number is safe. I can't even get to it, tremendous god, man, it's gonna, get crazy. It's gonna get crazy. No three: three months I got to look at it like that. You got to look at you know when you're entering a fucking cycle of insanity like while I'm out in three months who the fuck knows what's going to happen in three months, anxious anxious, terrified and giddy my guest today, Tracy ullman, incredibly funny amazing I don't know you cowering precious goes in though she does character, she does impressions, but she commits man the second season of er, H, B- show which is called tracey. Ullman show premieres this friday October twentieth. This is be talking to the amazing tracy ullman, so you're you're, not
but you're, not a cat person. Really you don't have to like cat yeah. My daughter has two cats, but they just really mean to us: oh really, how family they like hub what do expect from completely mad and feral some beneath the sofa and he is avaliable with a yellow eyes. Yeah and the other ones go and just loves mabel in that sit. Just you know go round there. I do the up I feel sure I got traits and at the end and I d go supplied, isn't jumps, it means slasher slashing. I trust if I am not alone in it. For me, I know, but that you have to be, I know Why go home? My dog is just great may know, but that don't I don't trust that is just like a year. I get it. You like me that much affection for many. I find a disconcerting, but you know that's me. I got problems,
see you like to make a little struggle. Hence it's so obvious, you'd be a cat person just having met you just really yeah you can spot cat people and and all cats voted brexit. That's my thing. I would urge you not to me many one other than about european cats coming overtake him a letter taken before the old voted. I don't, I will not accept that I might see my cats are very poor, progressive you are eagle rock. and neither eagle rock cats are progressive, they're nervous, they're inclusive, but it takes a little while by guy introduced a black kitten into the. I got two old cats. You saw him on the bed or a pc about the black kitten. It took time it took tile. A while even there's a lot there was a lot of skirmishes and goes from this cat skirmishes. You don't have the old clarity prominent, because that's the side, I can't let him out, I didn't. I didn't. I got a cat for my son joni and it was like eaten on the lawn. You know that's the problem here.
you're one of em. I dearly outdoor cables swooped down there I am off it's me, it's hard europe's place, but it's all to the way the world works tracy. it's the ways of the wild. I lost a feral cat recently to some at so I just something I've been meditating. Your career and it's quite expansive. yeah yeah, do you I mean, do you look back? you you're, really. I mean we're almost the same age in high have not accomplished anywhere near away. If done when you sit and think about it. Do you ever sit and think about, like? Oh, my god, I've been in show business forever and that he is why I started dancing when I was sixty in its neck incredible yeah and you had. We had many shows with your name on them.
They always seem to involve your name as well, because the easiest way for the tv guide- and if you know me and my husband always like you- know own them, so we want to sell. I had just put your name on and why you're going to try and be mysterious and you stay married for a long time- and I know my lovely husband yeah, I lost my husband died four years ago. Know that yeah we I am married thirty years and it was good. Oh yeah was my fuddy was great made me laugh all the bloody time I've got his two kids, yeah and just at it you're my daughter, yeah yeah, so like him there, how will I should always twenty six at a minute? He stuck his dad really makes me laugh. Oh, my god daughter, my daughter that he mabel here with the cat shows make you laugh all she said: Larry fabulous at five areas, Joe business, no mabel when she was three somebody said the join me in that
twist like your mommy, because it now I want to be something useful, like a nurse she's very disparaging ashes and what did she do? Shoots wanted politician cheese. He worked to the houses of parliament. The five such use their both in Britain, she never got. No johnny Johnny lived somewhere there. He is working on James cordon show right now. He sent you helping out on that. Are you james has been in here. I've been off. He's he's a an excitable. Excited. I got a lot of energy, it does make plans for a british boy, it's very confident but he's in there. he's doing alright to my son yeah. He is he's, come over and he's done it back that the car karaoke thing that that that's the star of that show. That's those small premise: isn't it it's been very entertaining it's so great. He gets people to be totally natural and admit stuff and talk to him that in a way they never would be here in a
ouch as if you form in the car you mean or why yet no there's something sweet about people singing yeah and elton John, and you know it's the best interview. I've seen him given a long time and I think he's he's he's really learned. to listen to people. Did you know him in england not really. I was in into the woods the movie I was a little had part in that within a week, sports in that even on tv presenter or will after was an anchor yeah him in their history boys at the national level and in one man to governors which I think really attracted the attention for him to see. Bs like mecca, but your art and politics ye ass. She was she's, really passion about politics. Always was. I took it to the house of commons. Was it seven and she looked at the house of lords in the house of commons and
in there with the real people with real Hafela commons, l, yes, she's, always saying by profound things: all mabel and the like. As I watch, I watch it, and if you doing tourism may- and I can- I notice something in watching a newer thing like all the way, through your ability to mark in human eyes simultaneously. Is the real gear of prisoners are not nasty actually going? I people, I call. It was a tough time to impersonate tourism may, but you'd have debated you made, if sympathetic. Somehow I am a and that's not a bad thing. She's like it, because I know that sort of english woman so well, you know sort of talks
I do know it's all very well, let's just get on the shell way and she's a vicar's daughter from maidenhead, and I know exactly where she's from and my sister's the same age as and we grow up near and you couldn't be more different meal, Theresa may and at yeah she got a bit of a hunchback. She looks like a sudden. She looks like as if nosferatu and oscar wilde had a child. Oh it looks like the vicar from the bot just a chronic. Well, if you hear from a novel and it's just dickensian looking, I mean it's, but some are the man that plays my husband and his philippines is wonderful. We had a wonderful day being them and knowing how been pain, she must be rotten at wuwt, shot at just after the election and that terrible grenfell fire and your thought can I do this. This is summoned so much suffering this woman can go through and then tracey, ullman, impersonate primetime. If I were alone you know, but then we did it and it was just fabulous farm and I, but I know she needed it,
nation needed it. You showed up the as far as an american who is relatively ignorant, or at least disconnected from the new wants, is of of british politics. I don't know what you're all going through over there it's rough and it's brexit was for me it was just awful. because at that moment you realize that you are surrounded and did not know necessarily the disposition. or ignorance or or contempt of your fellow british people, just a bad mistake for David cameron to call a referendum he didn't need to do. It was to silence his back benches and los reason, Then it was, I mean I love being to european. You know, since you know, we've been in europe, I don't know. Maybe I remember before we went into europe pretty crappy we ate spotted diccon think what is spotted dick sponge pudding with raisins in it, and it great thing: society. I would like once again to dig a young
so scared we might go back to our old, culinary habits in england. That's that's my concern. I'm in love, it's been great. Having the italians and the french, then they bring in all the great food. You know with the food level in england, went on And- and we can all get on that tunnel and go to france for lunch. Do you think they'll that's going to go away, they think pissed off with a sum in its old, it's a weed feeling psychologically and special? London is the big city in, but we do not yet summits here in a real man, I'm an american to hear him home to vote. No them burn. I got that breaks. It got about eight o clock This is not a one way when I want something bizarre, what's gonna happen hit when I saw the brakes vote. That was when I realized tat. This guy can win you dear. I did. I get likened to that. Seen in god, to where Michael corleone seized a guy blow himself up and he says to leave strasbourg. He says I saw set. This guy bore himself up in
in strasbourg, as was at medium, he said means they could win like there's a moment there globally, where you, like, the momentum. Is there yes here? so what's happening there now what's gonna is it is it just? Is it tons of negotiations, and you know, in a new tourism, make holding and yet I was at a minute asterisk. You think it's gonna not guide room. Just I hope no, I mean I think, it'll design Having done a mess, I don't know I mean I think, will be begging to combine various lie. The is right there just stop talking about it now goes away and then old ice flax. They felt for all those people that work in the city. You know you says big hoardings everyone with young people with bird the bags on bicycles waving. It's always like young professionals coming to london, buying lots of flats and shopping, a lot and drinking organic coffee, ain't going to come anymore and once all been at financial services stuff starts to collapse in the city, everyone's going to really panic. So I don't I don't know it's a it's
going well yeah yeah, and are you living there full time now pretty much yeah? I am a, but there are, there are still good things because cause I was just there and I don't know a lot about it, but, like I always feel when I'm in england or when, I'm in london, which I'm not there for that long ever that, like this place, has been here a long time, it seen a lot of stuff, good and bad, and it just seems like the people are pretty tough about it. and that it doesn't feel like. I didn't I didn't feel, but then again I was just going on. You know whatever psychic, bye. Bye was getting it degrades the hidden. You come into long.
Trying to remember. I stay right next to the the big park there too high park in a fancy or tolerate network has read me I'll, be there in the centre and lay fan. Theirs is anyone galactic luton when they have dots tournaments and protects you standing in the nice bits? Seaward than our ever them you're in the bubble here or in a bubble out, you know my daughter, having looked in politics for years, you know she was out in the rest of the country. She could see it coming you it's like. We do get trapped in these big centres. And I only had three days I should have. I should have made some plans to go, see a dart tournament. I'd love to see americans like how many kilometers is it it's like I don't like kilometers and but when, where'd you grow up. I grew up just outside and in the countryside ready the green belt area around london, Jim com,
as ponies and a cockney, oh in a real londoner actually, but you were born in where, in your garden and like slouch, you know they set the office. The original surveys office know that roundabout. You said the beginning of the show that they knocked my father's shop down to put up that piece that sixties crap. So I was like you know from like fourteen miles up What london would it be considered like a suburb yep of london and we're? what kind of shop did your dad have their mom? He was, he did everything he was a. He was at dunkirk and he was in the polish army and he came to london and he never went back after the war and he was a lawyer and an interpreter and he set up a big shopping on them for all the polls that came and made their lives there and he wanted
Joe, you went to johnny you give on it. He was life. You went to John one if you wanted a beetle suit to John, and here is the boers conduit he was. He was english culture yeah he does. He was fantastic. I guess he was when those guys it was sort of like the mayor. yeah in a way like to have that community, like everybody knew him personally yeah, he that's what he my dad did and he became a lawyer. As well was a life in the end. What are we going by everything here? He'd like air and were in what it so that office at a level was his law have yet you know we had like an often like it was a shotgun everything at the meal suits in there. You, don't you won't wait. Do you want a drink it? Because you got to john you. You know we had, everything you made, maybe dance on the counter for the customer, my tricks you, she saw tat with a star and out suits and hastily
after the naughty guys that had been in the desert rat suit gonna bit crazy with the sun live in the back room, was quite rats in the verdict. Guys that had been in the army are lonely. Show me that where there is my man, MR de Gaulle, she was completely crazy. Hate me felt sorry for me still live in the back back room, and kids would be talking to MR she was completely mad. You grew up with yeah, mad people that sweet sort. My grandfather owned a hardware store. It was always there was always people there. You know it never just seem to function as a place where people bought appliances. They needed advice, they needed other yeah. That was how I remember as a kid my daughter and work. How long was he around died? When I was six, so I my mom, I know so young yeah was I had a heart attack heart problems. then my mom kind of didn't speak polish or couldn't carry on with the whole business, and so she,
You know where we are about Chechnya is a londoner, her. She was serving ass, london, girl, she no keep be the concert and more job or change came and went, and my mom to various things and work in various places and odd jobs. Yeah she'd, working laboratories like that tested food, and we had staffing own bring food home and tat legally we'd be eating, it would be. No. She thought was all right. One like sport loaded is combat. If home and me and my sister been eaten it in like three days and then she went. Oh girls don't eat that it's unfit for human consumption. I've just found out when I was a bit late now, mom Would you just brought it home to me? I'm like what they don't need. It is that she was crazy hilarious,
she still around no new and an orphan. Now, I'm sorry, it happened late though yeah she's he lifted So when did the? When did you start like doing the show business I support my mother's windowsill when my dad died and do the tracey ullman show is to pull a cut maria yeah. The original phrase was the original tracey ullman show started in my mother's bedroom and she was sad. She was on the bed, she would sit on the bed and I would just want to cheer her up and I would in person- eight people and put on a show where her negligee and how I pretend I was Edith, piaf and singing. Pretend french if she knows you can watch hulu Sava and she got all his knee amazing she's never learned. She can speak another language and she sent a letter. stupid things
as the actor nice to be the tender I was in a documentary and my husband was in prison and I had two kids not being beaten up and I subdued dramatic stuff and where'd you get that information, not ken loach films, did siblings yeah my older sister patty who it was her show originally. So I'm a spin off shall always says like listen. It was the paddy omen, show let you have a show on the show, and then you spun off, for what, for your whole, life was a spin off of your sister show. What does she do? Patty lives here, she's lived here for a long, long time, she's an accountant and a personal assistant. She worked in a franken stuff. So that's interesting that you started entertaining because your mom was sad, yeah, yeah yeah. I know that feeling my dad was sort of a depressive
want to try to help them out, get a little chuckle. It's very rewarding yeah to get the your parent to laugh, really was yeah, and that was my fun too, to put on a show yeah lots of kids like putting on shows, and so I did and you just always, the in person You were just a natural thing, or did you find impersonate people in our village like there was a woman that lived opposite us call any cox and she lost her parents in the first world war and she. Never wellington boots rubber boots and a wooden woollen hat and her nose dripped little bit towards a little drip had lot of cats by the way march was a cat person with her cats caution and let them in england it wasn't a bloody great coyote going to eat or pass. You know no hawks. This was burnham in the sixties and I would impersonate hundred calls that my family knew who she was. It would just make me weep with laughter
in boots set was always people I knew in people. I sort of were poignant to me, like any cox was sad. He may I she lived in a little house with no electricity and you know have fields had died. As I said, and chooses like this virgin, but you are never being mean. No, I just lots interesting that I don't know if I thought about it as clearly. I did when I was watching some of your stuff again that at that there's a difference between funny somebody in honouring them. You know in a way tat. I do with it without ever gotten to mean it's not been me and I munich push back here. I'm not going stand up and not the socialists. I mean some common social satirists was partly wonderful, but I dont I really am a character actress. You know, and I'm that can you know it makes people laugh some of the things
I do and I'm not a commit am not comedian. I'm not call may come to us no way. Do you improvise within these characters? Oh yeah yeah right so I mean You know you do have you're, not you're, not just an actress are promise. You, oh yeah, guy, all reverse it yeah my big breakthrough lives and on twenty one- and I did a improvised play the role cotton in london and it was a brilliant, better make up a allay here in a few weeks, and I swear I loved doing here. What was that about was like about club acts in england we had to the four of us: were we had to improvise everts fourteen weeks to nurse figure out, be no club acts? It was back in their digs at night talking and it was and it sounds pretty dope, but it was really great. Was a big hit? Are the clawbacks I was like a singer was a born again christian singer called beverley and sparkly frocks, and I forget home pray with everybody
done a lot in the christian care have a high. When you done a few, I saw one a fairly recent one: the Well, the one with the the the nice they eat that no homo thing, oh god, yeah. That was like birdie godsend that was a while ago, yeah it's the suddenly there it was fanatics are fun to to do impressions yeah I just yes. They are do you dare sometimes sometimes like I I I don't envy them but like they're they're, the way they're so sure I wish I was afraid. I know I mean I guess, that's the big perk of having very narrow minded beliefs and, and- and you know it's easy and maybe yeah yeah. So
wait. What happens after that? The royal court thing it's kind of like poached to do like a poached, I mean I just got offered a bbc sketch show with a couple of guys- and I remember saying- oh I don't know if I could do that, and we know women are was just the butt of sexual jokes. So do I haven't, got big tits and I'm not blonde, and I I you know cause all. They was in england that taught at that time and it was like benny Hale may be legally really big, tits, zoo, Betty's pinching up on that and that alone I am mister. It was that ordinary and only one c python They had one girl in it in the true cocaine, call somebody who always played the sexy nurse and there was a winning nicholson like america, where you had guilder ratner and banana lucille ball, and you know we were very behind, but you are great
stage actresses Duty dense and re maggie smith. They all who I aspire to be well, I'm when I'm old, oh, my goodness, I did their best right as comedy shows there was no, calm come origin, not unlike the rioting, show with a woman that wasn't heading it now, so he fell like him. Didn't you can do anything, not benny anyting they show that I heard up doing after the data was great and the and the dead the producer was a guy called pull jackson, who. hey kid figured out that there was a lot of young people in london at that time, like dawn french and jennifer Saunders and hugh laurie and stephen fry and enter the call stripped, he realized his whole wave of younger comedians and that you know what we're gonna fit these,
tv form year was is this was like the early eighties ass, it lasted, he was granted heeded the young ones, you know, and he figured out. You know that less like only way. Oh, yes, he was deaf anyway pool and he was he was at the bbc, but he dino he just sent all the old or false. The bbc. Listen we're gonna! Try something very, you in ninety yeah yeah. Stewart Lee round then to yet still it was there I was very helpful when he started doing before he quit and then came back yeah. He did. He like did stand up and he got sick of the audiences and then he's like I'm done, and then he came back. He's brilliant and alexey sale rick mail and so, but that they were very much stand up comedy I'm going to say that mom and I still don't know jennifer because I really did a tall neighbour amazing. I saw them, it is clubbing. So how are you still owe, my god? This is
Is the this year a few cars they came on? He pretended to be like american girls talking about tamo, shatters and stuff, and they were just so ration weird wonderful, they women in any way funny so your organizing Annie. I hear and stephen you still have our stephen for friday here and there they had enough to carry out like a wish. I knew like I wish I knew more about like I always say this. Why talk too, to british performers I like I don't know enough. I don't know the hits we have been having grow up with it, but everyone talks about, like certainly stephen fry, would such reverence like an easy genius. And I'm sure you'll break gonna watch at stuff. What was well that was it's that was that club back together. Their stand up was at different. Is any record it that way? it may be, is on there for it. When you have had a fine lorry, I'm not sure, but he was in that traditional. If the real genius and generation before was peter cook, oh yeah, right right, political candidate cook was a genius. I mean he could write. He was just he.
Beyond the fringe. With Alan bennett and peter I mean Incredible were our own actions and fit and everything that he was late. Just before me, caprices before they did programme, could not the nine o clock news and ears rowan and mouse math, and it was really really funny. I really like We never had our own some such do not live, see what I did when I first came to america. Was, I didn't work straight away? Jim James Brooks bless him. He told me he said you can have a baby and dynamic I do show he said, go to the museum of broadcasting and watch all the american stuff from the late forties fifties and get a grounding in, and so I watched your show of shows and imogene coca and illness ernie kovacs, and I watched all those shows that had been
You know a format that had come from england and vice versa. I learned so much as to sit there every day and was born your mind. It was amazing and that's when I, as I say, realize how incredible the women brooks told you to do that. He did but before that you had this whole. Like you did, do you did a show with french and saunders right? I did briefly yeah. It was It was a three day was more girls on top and it was at the nomadic and Google ruby wax and it was it was like the The female young ones cuz the young ones with you, know that written by Ellen alexa, did that last. I just did a year because I was having a heap They went her ordinary long that yeah I was married, like I was twenty ellie to interrupt. You meet your husband. I he was producer militia would show. Oh he not that one he was. I see his name on the credit. Something can't guy doesn't know stuff, He then he sees all me on television and just did that class. It I'm gonna marry that girl. A really interesting
where will did you see on that one italian. You don't remember, there's he just said he would sit in his flat. He used to live in america, though in the seventies he'd gone over, and with the crazy seventies used in hollywood in the seventies. He had all the good story. He had all the parties with Harry nilsson Kirk and robin williams up. He bought Spielberg's old. So, in a tiny little, the house before you met him before he met me. Oh, he was a buggy was always playboy. I need rap and he he's one of eventually, and I realize it was time to there is no other net go back to yeah and at least ferndale a friend who says yeah, you stop them drinking smoking doing drugs, he basically ruined allen's life that he was ready to be ruined yeah, but what how where Where does the big music career fit in? That was blimey, see I've done everything
Oh yeah right I was, I got to be so this sketch thy did. That was turned out to be really good because pull jackson less do modern stuff and didn't make me do be the boats one. I won't get loose our three of a kind of rabies with fabulous black committee Lenny Henry I could David Copperfield. It's kind of work too became a Saturday night show, and I could so. I was like the it it was popular very popular? Eighty two eighty wanted and I'm members just sitting in a head one day getting my orange extensions. on my head, because that's where boy george used to go and
when lent over and said. Do you want to make a record? My husband hasn't record labour code stiff those opinions? She was wearing a teacher. That said, if I stay for eight were therefore I said if I can get one of those teachers I absolutely will, and they had all the like, punk rock man, we recall, is labelled ready to renege on. I don't know it was my eye. I mean if it was the cruellest labour there's a yellow by you for a minute. I hadn't low I'll drive backing tracks. Madness is really a song. You know, I admit grow in here yeah so and they had evo in america, and Lena love and elvis costello and just as it was really a cool label. That time I was a sort of light commercial pop wing for a second, and I had a lot of hits did somebody. I was never the real deal, but I mean invent. You I mean
you who is right and that what was the idea, her steamer call the late great customer call who amazing songs herself, and I I just loved her. She was and she'd written. They don't know away wonderful solomon she'd released in dumb pretty well, but I just was obsessed with doing again. I meant, because I was me and I was you know what you like to laugh and I like dressing up. I would just made it over The foe early sixties, fun the area I put on by tat, be hives and purple many sky. in due course, the videos and all men, the right bad puma call me and my video, and because I knew him and it was cool, and I got him to sit in a car would mean so I would I had been out. Kirsty was the real. day or similar- they re an eye, but I sort of flashed it all up a bit. and it, but it worked and and had like. I had great fun for a couple.
A couple of songs. I dared yeah had some really big hits in europe, and then I had a big hit here with they don't know Oh yeah, that's her, so she made money share cursor listed yeah palmer gardening. How long you been friends with him? How does now long time? Well, I at that time as well was it I did little par in miss movie. He d brought I regard approach here, just kind of man and he never a company He knew from the from the T. V show yeah and he was just yeah. We just got to be friendly, linear and him all I was. It was just magic. when I was five, I remember sobbing, in that my mom, my mom got tickets and was sobbing and being so overwhelmed with feelings. A five year old should never have, and if somebody had said to me, then don't worry. Tracy you'll grow up and you'll get to meet. Paul and you'll look to kiss him actually in a film, and I would have been like silly
think I'm going to explode? That's how you saw them when they were where matching suits in every gang people were throwing dunks at the stake you know I could hear them other like stuffed toys and could go yeah scream teaming in your mother, was a fan? Oh, let's that's why she got the bloody ticket she she loved, but you can remember it. I remember that constant just being, very frightened, actually, wasn t happening here. It was my five. It was really frightening ma. Am we might voice for an item would think it was younger than me even light, for he would even set up closer taking, as it is too little small children disagreement, girls. It was horrible. I can imagine what does he really watched some those foot, some of the footage of the stones in any of those and the beatles to like it was just something just unleashed like you, I get you never been unleashed before. Just
young girls going crazy, going crazy and there they are up on stage with two amps sun, if it were the size of a kellogg's corn box, you no one, can hear them got distressed five year old in the front row. You know it was you tell papa I told you remember the show. No, but then I did get some energy lovely fellow NICE always been bump into him all my life, and you know I just feel this privilege to know him and he's lovelady. He gave johnny at my son a plaque trim when he was like three words it's a plectrum for a guitar. It's only guitar now and he's just a lovely man driving up to your house. today here it's so nice area hand, this little bit of time forgot there still like an ad in a window with the beatles in four soda bottles.
Yeah. It is when you like, Y, all extremely negative sign this area that must be at a hipster store. It's no real! Nick! No by hipster round him come on gonna leave the bank. Your thing, I don't know where you can you come in a time machine. I thought maybe the streets of europe. It was from nineteen sixty, so so from you Why didn't you did you was your point where you're like? I can't do this. I mean I was just lip sinking my way round europe, I sing into a hair brush her laugh here, I'm other thing on some dumb, pop show in holland, and they would just sort of introduce Michael hello towards the ornaments. He anxious crazy. You know that sort of empty fills the streets hello
tv and then if they were doing shock practical to tactics and they put a live rat on my shoulder, and I just thought I just stared this guy down for you I do in this any more users who are held in my career here for You ruin the fun for everybody way, What was your I've done it? He was a tv producers are. What do you think of it from the beginning? Whether you are easy always said about me she's, a nice did learn my train. He, That's why he was best friend, oh really, and they would he'd make Peter cook love me. I'm in my house he was just hilarious, he's brilliant, so you knew peter cook to a lit briefly. Yeah cause he used to come and stay at my husband's with my husband. they just the ifs really funny. So you re love. Why did he was my biggest fun here and he just you know, and because of him I
to do a lot of shows that we, you know produced distributed. He rightly raise the money for them, so we didn't. We could always venus stallone. The catalogue now will the shows you did. As I said- and I we thought we would the does- he live at london besides, like your kindness yeah, but do you think the mute it was some sort of weird kind of like she's guy get this out of her sister s said a like the couple at the end one s and then I remember I have to sing- are the worst thing Marcie. He bought me to day the tonight showing allay andor. We Carson, Ah, ever that yeah over the rainbow colored curtains, and then I thought our Duma lip sinking I'll do only in a very bad us and they said, while this is doc, severance and member the ban on earth in russia and you can sing live and dockside had the musicians work up, aversion, all boy like a scoop,
Do they do in the pack targeted by hit up by an oh, so I went on with cause. Oh my god. I thought I could just do my you know mccauley bashir had to sing it like in his jet jazz docks, for instance, did you pull it off? No, it was appalling, even my husband who was completely tone. Deaf said I sounded like a wounded horse. No, it was probably the most humiliating dreadful experience of my between that and the holland experience. So dumb with pop songs was johnny Nicea. He was terrible. I'm he looked at her with his cold little. He had like. I blew that little birds, and he me are so he you do. A poetry, show england holy smoke totally totally wrong. I would know, and then I found that my tongue had stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was a most awfully expense. I did get
go back on the show. A few years later, on, like thanksgiving giving night, watch, burns, yeah, and johnny, and had the most wonderful time and I know that sort of vindication where I got to say two of you were horrible to me. Johnny, you asked me if I did a poetry show and I felt so stupid and then we had a wonderful time went from being the worst thing ever to one of them, is things any remembered now I probably know, and I made fun of dogs average. Then I did the whole thing. George burns was one hundred and ten. He he know the ship he he went on first, and I was it'll come into my dressing room and saying hello, george big cigar. I'm really old, so I'm going beyond when you come on cause. I might die like that, and I would oh. I would hate that for you to die beside rejoice now so I'll be in my little car going, don't you worry so he did tell me he was too old.
that I am from. My dad is classy that he knew enough to know that that pan it was either way to feel like it was impolite. Has I He told me that cause they all. Everyone needs to sit out there together, yeah yeah. I couldn't I didn't blame him. He didn't know his name, but but still very polite When do you start to? How does the first manifestation of the show happen? yeah american shows I came to. My husband? I married the first one was that the tracy on yeah- and I met to my agent out here at the time with a lady called Martha the trailer I see them, she did that thing where we'll start at the top yeah you can go see this mangled Jim brooks and a name will go down from there we'll see if he how a lively wanting to do a show in the anti scott when she american, like at that time, like cause, I've talked to him and yet this several people have great things to say about you won one was
who I had a long talk with him here and and the other one was a Genji yeah. have you talked about a lot of people by like with you she went up, and cause you. I guess she was a young writer on which one tracey takes on yeah yeah, but the but the first one was on fox. So how? if you get Jim Brooks you know, the sitcom guy, who is due. It had We really do you. I don't know. I just got lucky just I wouldn't say when he just like the thought of doing variety show and he had some commitments at fox and he just he just stuck with me- were amazed. He's a genius he's tough he's tough he's really really hard to work for him. He needs he. So you know it's painful. If you don't get it right and you care so much about what he thinks and he put a great team together, he put together medical, heidi perlman, a great writer and a wonderful guy called jerry belson, who he was just the funniest.
This man in the world when heat he'd been on the dick dyke show in all this is an area of year, but so funny, and so we can hear among we got off ass any nomination and he was always bitching. I said he was only when it's I first nomination in color honey and he was weeks ago. Not he came to l a and put an ad in the in the variety as it a jerry, belson phonies money. Not only no money. You know here. That was his. That was his thing and he was wonderful to me how did the show come together? What was the pitch? What that means doing everything just singing dancing me to encounters me dressing out meet. You know you are now a reserve. Centric ear was sir the lorries, but we love things at you show shows we Do you know had guys that remember that
Yeah like did their type. It turns we have MEL brooks on the lot and he come in and do sketches with me and Steve. Martin came in and did a sketch remain, it was like I was so shy was like really bizarre in esteem. Martin wanted to come in. I was like he can talk to me or weak as he's kind of an old guy here, and it was let you know like tracy to take him to a room and play your records and then on the night. He was just amazing and we did this great sketch, and but it was a very, very frightening rollercoaster ride of a show- and I just stuck at it and just did tried everything I wanted julie kavner and that show ran was how many did you do like fifty to no more than like three seasons? I think, and being repeated or shown anyway, because there was so much music and I think the music clearances guesswork
pensive yeah, and that was for fox the show for folks just you and married with children. That's all they had married with children. What did I say? Mr president? Madeline Kahn was in the show and george c scott was to something package do cousins, I mean it was yeah. It was and now to like it became this huge thing that was the very beginning of it. That was the beginning, and how did it end with me and it just was. We won some emmys we were very you know very well thought of and then the simpsons spun off from the show, which was that's what people remember it for which was incredibly remember when it was all that guy. I know I that there was some sort of cultural kind of like. genius lady here now Is that what they all gm not start to be an interview magazine right, a correction and every time you go working in checking with what you are doing you? I I don't know who she really is now, and then people
but then there was a room with. I was somebody from Texas and I was just sort of impersonal real. Yet I was really from tat. I dunno, but yeah it's it was. It was pretty cool. It was sunday. I was there and I got tons of office to do things and I thought well, I'd really can do these characters and I really dissolve into being of the people and that's what Jim Brooks understood. You know he's the sort of thing I was a little He too sellers at one time, and that was the biggest complement ever did. You are yourself? Oh yeah, you like it because I met as somebody who grew up in britain. That was work. He was the guy. I mean he was genius and to be they know. He really was like. I can't be hard to even explain it. Just like the early. You know comedies that I'm all right jack. I mean we humans from doctor strange and the pink panther, the early english films with him, but betraying people throughout the class system in england. Fascinated me because that's what you know my my
the whole thing about the class system. You did a whole fake bit of a series of shows about the classes yeah. I did a show with Michael Palin about it and we played lots of we yeah. It was phillip island sweetheart. I guess it in in in a comedic way. Is that you guys admit that there's a class system in america. Everybody thinks they're. You know like just about to be upper class or their just poor, and then they raise our contact, and here is more about the money and that our idea of their journey we has been. No one talks are now. No, but in england it's sort of like you know, that the delineation age, how totally mean it still perpetuate because, of course, in the top right?
alright, then eton schoolboys, and I away at cameron and boris Johnson and Nina George osborne. It was like eton reunion in downing street a couple of years ago and know that stuff that drives me party and my husband was a working class guy. It just made him nuts but the effort to work, but there seems to be a continue, or maybe I'm projecting, but given the class system that it so entrenched and it's been going on for so long is still. Is this weird acceptance of it reverence of the queen yeah, no matter what and and you just kind of suck it up and that's who we are and told them his brags about, and then you really know what's going on, and I I've kind of got a grudging respect for her now she's in her nineties and she's done an amazing job but the rest of it and what it stands for. It's like. We pay people, millions of pounds to be, better than us. You know I just don't get it done in italy line yeah and then people meet MC are out five miles less
by a marvellous? You go work as their up in scotland in range rovers shoe in things owning over fishing rights. What doubt scientific nastier back they marvellous you don't why ike it's nothing I never got it. I get it. I guess. I dunno, I I it's it's historical, I guess I I mean. What else could it be? We ain't? America loves, it mean it's, not tourists. It's it's wonderful. You know people come to england and they look at the palaces and the collections. a history in the tower of london and the beheadings of the orbit henry, the eighth, it's fabulous, but I think he people living actively in these places anymore. We might just as much money showing everyone around like rice, a growing mono boy somewhere get I'll get you get the queen, alas, apartment in nice timeshare conduct on it almost trumps, golf course up in scotland gina. I remember I was there doing right after high school. In the end, it was charles in dianas, wedding lawyer, and it was easy yeah
and I do I didn't know anything about it. I just happened to be there and I was, I think I was in france and at the whole world was going nuts I know, did you ever meet her yeah? I liked her. I felt sorry, for I thought she was trying to you know do something and she realized that you couldn't sit around and do nothing and, as I say, shoot things up in rank with range rovers in scotland to get out meet some folk and go hospitals and stuff. I think she earned. kay. I liked her, for it was a tragedy and they were so mad about that in a way worthy audio, but it's all so papa. It sells all the papers. Is people That really is why they love it. We're whenever gonna be a republic, you know we did get rid of amused go here. We killed him. the first and we had all of going well for eleven years and it will jointly doll. Evidently he wouldn't do. what of music, and then we got charles, the second, in with his long hair on his spaniels and all his mistresses, and it was fun again. Vina said we did do it, that's what keeps it keeps the spirit up
if there's sort of like the royals, have got to be crazy and fun that just more interesting and better than us- and I don't know that's so like the simpsons- that was just a series of interstitial stuff. Yes, grinning came in and he'd written is law. in Hell. I members, member those young in vienna shops on moroccan heidi poem, was a big fat I remember coming in a meeting him and brilliant fellow then he created the simpsons for the show and seeing the first drawings of bar eyes with blue hair during a national, like you have a lot personally, I mean and they just off they went and I'll get. I s become. Stoning. Did you get a piece of it? I get tiny piece of it. Yes, mark can, after keep me comfortable, and I know it's doing well, and you know this
less seem sins, but far more no binding the levant jockey nepalese shots and- and I go Johnny just paid for the holiday kid. You know, ministers everywhere? It's like rico cook it when it's fantastic yeah and it keeps going it keeps gelling. So alright. So what happens like I get it's hard to go through your whole career. Obviously If ever I try bids Many really classy stuff. You know your film with merrill street, but has I was a pop star. I got cost in plenty and that would be less venus era one you can I can you can be SIRI. I can be serious these are desert border, I'm a thespian. That was what I and wonderful time doing so Was there a point where you got tired of tv and just were like? I got a guy. Gonna have never been taught of tv. I like tv, it's great swear. My strength has been I've done a few movies. I've never had a very successful movil
of being a part of them, but tvs, gray and you're gonna be better now, and we now need man. You have won the next week is. It is not very good. Ok not sure next week and it's like site, my movies take for fucking on and I just sit bury their offer. You never know when come out. You don't even remember what it's about, but it kind of comes out so wet d, h b? How did you shift like all finished fox show, and then I had some great respect and interest from people in the crystal Albrecht Michael Fuchs was strauss yeah and they done the show about law system in england. Would you like a pale in a native thought that would be a good format for american men? I took on new york and I would take on a list of subjects nuts, the h b, o show and they were going and they were themed yeah yeah. So it gave me a central theme, and I just were you may thy angie? That's when I met Genji, she does she'd been,
working on. I think friends and she was like the dinner. She came in with a tight jeans and she was always very cool. Gen Gina she'd just been playing yeah. You know cards with hispanic guys. the boardwalk in venice. You know she was always that had she had like multi ethnic friends, he go while Genji and she was just and I just felt a bit like a head, MR stoiber where's, your script where's your homework arm. She take about its I'm turning into homework homework, but when, when it came in it was just or those who have that work on those shows like in general, with the writers, when you were doing characters they come up. Would you come up with the characters? Leah pitiless can up and characters and then and then they place it or even then, you will find a way to applied internet show and I had different different groups, have Genji my young, my kid you're, lucky girl, parenthood with easter, did a golden girls and had done I hardly know humped burly in reserve.
I forget her name, Gail parent and then their a la frenais and dick clement, this english writers, who they were I met, had lots of george Mcgrath and justice, various group of people that were very diverse and eclectic, which is what I do and and some were better at writing for certain characters, and there was some characters. I could just always write myself and, and we would collaborate and I'd work with different people and it just all came together and would there be? room for riffing improvising, tightly host site, thirty percent to me on the day spontaneous and happens and yeah, and so All these are like shows. You did here to go back to britain back to the bbc was most men like going to like it. Like you were a kid again. It was funny, I'm nice because it saw it entrenched. Isn't it it's like. It is what like there's an old
yo there. I did add some sort of radio show there and you feel the history. If it's what I'm thinking, if it's the same buildings, yeah there's the radio studios are still there. All the tv stuff is gone now the studios and but I wanted to. and more time in england, after my husband died and be near my daughter mabel, who is just the power source and just amazing and so and the BBC said. Would you like to come in and talk about project? I thought my god hadn't been in for thirty years, and I you know I thought I was going to get back in the build at what what what renew the old fellows with the that it was a fellow with a bow tie, robin nash and he fought in the second world war, more jokes about traffic Therefore, we want what my but a major new. That's. What's up, I thought those guys again on just sunk and I went in and its now run binding, credible woman. call it more haha, and I was a young girl called my family more and my handwheel that she had a welsh name and then they just said dinner. Would you like to do a show about modern Britain, I said yeah, britain so great right now,
melting pot model likes multi ethnic european union and this global hub year later we vote bloody brexit, but but I did it knowing the hbo we can take as well, but you I said I can't just do things about england, so global now here and I m so I gave it go again. You know you got a crack on and do it and found some fabulous writers in its it's been a joy ngos, riders gallery, but actually the guys that right on wheat, Malta was mandatory and each year kevin sessile, Andy riley, george Pritchett. Particular they all right on people and an eye, but their english sounds funny. Show that great a great is really good team. So, and it said
It's come together and I do impersonation now to never really is to do by re list. Are you a guy there's a difference? I never raiders garrisoned asians. I thought so away its benefit nautical site. I did you do damage. Should you do a great players, pressure, and she so well thought of that she can shoplifted. Nobody does anything about it. And so in a way I was stealing from the legend that is Judy Dench and growing camilla refer knockabout. You know that was that's your wagon Angela Merkel, has been a big hit for me. I just sitteth imagined somebody she probably isn't and rice been hard to read her. I such a sanction. This success and she's a big six point. Six and the thumb you don't love you caught is always trying to win or to smell, has sixty mosque, and
measuring per assemble desserts amongst all men and she's wearing a beige suit she's by sex bomb. So that was my premise for her that that's the pin problem everyone's trying to really shut down. You know What's going on in america, her laden with mackerel in france and jam gently together getting that I think, of them, americans much more wareth of of her. Oh, I just love brigitte max. I want to be her and I love the way trump said you look great physically Oh she, how about you? You do millennia to how we did melania like as a westworld robot that the russians have sent in years ago what she was she was the early low buttons and now you know she's like space station. She needs to be dropped in to see but they're trying to keep her going the purpose. I need the information, but she's really old. Now they need needs to be replaced, so we keep having her coming in for retool.
It's hilarious now and they're all available on h, b, o now yeah they get. I based the first seasons on a has been on h, b, o on the second season will be on off the bill. Mall show in october and you got for Emmy. I did again is no one. I've got seven me yeah, it's lovely succeeding, yet My name is still doing it. There are, you know you never gets all winning awards does now it's it's lovelock is. If you wanna, both people love me, I mean is like the top. There is lovely you do do. What do you do? A much stage work? I do stand up or stuff and I but I have but about acting. I have done plays at times, I'm just not on eight show a week person here I find it. I find it hard you done visa stand by me. I am done much theater and I just did my first couple of tv shows in that you now have a whole new like a
Why he realizes stand up. Is that maybe I didn't get into this to work? because, like you know why I loved acting and stuff, but there is a lot of waiting involved, where your kind of like okay, it's about to happen, or even worse near. I know, but I love doing it. I loved the like. I did my own show for four seasons, and that was great and I was very busy, but you you work your ass off and you're wearing heavy makeup. Oh, why can't I have to imagine that some the bits you do you're in the chair for a day, six hours, once now there's no make up? I will do any more. That takes one two hours and they have to be pre painted in in a ready to go. I get to go, stick it on me in the morning and then I would, if in them for more than fourteen hours. I start to go a bit nuts. It's like she belonging is, like you know, yeah buried alive and there's nothing worse than a member, the crew, walking all students and saying
ok, okay, they're in there and you covered eating. So I can you stupid sawed. Why did you mentioned that there, the old k in their help me giving up and I'd be in a fat. You know with a oxygen tank thing, but would be to keep me cool and the you know the wig, and that and you think, oh boy, why am I? What do I do this for and it's? But I just love it If I try and look like me, what's the point suddenly and I'm still doing it and I still love It- I am now doing more because of the politics seen. Actually people really want current. Stop is no good. you in a show, and six months later, the piece of wood islam, Abdullah, theresa, may or melania trump coming at you know it's gotta be like Saturday night live a little bit. We know we yeah. We should we've been writing stuff lighting on and shooting on a thursday, and it goes out on the saturday so yeah you have to because the news the closer than cycle and people's attention span and everything. So it's kind of exciting working there.
Wait, but where was at peace said I saw I watched her teresa, I mean it seems, like you did, their their long form pieces are not sketch pieces there. You know you give these characters time debris yeah yeah cause, he saw it. I have to in order to give it some depth and to make it really hit nine. That's good! Writing! I mean you're, not just going for some weirdo. No, we quick, cheap in person, Surely I may know. I really like to know what the underlying stuff is and yeah. That was what that, got to mention within that sketch of the sub stuff that had never happened yet said enough. That was. No, we have what I like to do yet. Was that worry and no laugh track and stuff and are not much better now now so what we have? I'm back, you know why do you get lost in characters? Do you know what do you find? I mean you seem to like yourself. Uncomfortable
there's no reason to be so miserable losing comedy I'm in I've. Some bleak things happened to me, but I'm certainly I'm pretty sensible. But you're not getting lost in characters, because you can't, because you can't stand that and now I can't seem to snap out of it my family, be like she out of me. Yeah now! Stop it. Certainly you up is here too or what I not any more. I I don't live in l a and I love coming yeah. I just come back in and see my son and because I'm in england, mostly in you, don't you tend to do you come to allay network medical or over, If they don't know what to do about preventative medicine, they know it's like what, if you haven't got flames coming out, the top of your hectic. Don't need to see me. Do you hear you can you can feel like weeks like
in a minor medical applause. They loved him such big business area, where I also get the guilt coverage. I do go down above her saturn during its like. that's a recreation. Why do you have national held here there, which is fine, but here you can really make a week of it here. You could really make it to my age. Leaves is always today gives all maintenance in out. So you got a lot to speed. You know it you gotta exerted on Wednesday. I hear one glad your well. thank you for doing. Well, it's nice to talk to you. I think that was good. You feel good about it. Yeah. I was nervous about it. So I said why do you not like talking to girls? I like talking to girls, you like talking to talking we buy the animal, a type that you know now. What happens to me is that, because I put so much reliance on the conversation occurring, they dont really do a lot of like straw
sure all questions so like I always get nervous sort of like what. If what, if we don't talk, what if it doesn't happen, I really am from some developed spontaneous If some can anyone any visible, stapleton dull and doesn't talk back to you when I know I just talk at nausea, forbidden him at a crap, I was thinking I may just like think they just stopped wonder what hasn't used to happen. What sometimes happens is that people expect to be interviewed. So if, if, if Someone comes in here and they're just sort of like okay. Then I'm might oh, the public is sitting behind that. I don't anyone in I them I dont way when he knew your, but sometimes it takes like fifteen twenty minutes to find thing that had just opened it up like something will open it up. Do you know what I mean yeah yeah, but you don't know what it's going to be. You just don't know. What's going to be like you, Had people come in here like john c reilly literally comes in and goes I don't like doing these I don't want to. I don't ever serve mystique about who I am and thank god I used have a
an painting in my house in my house, and he just went on clowns, for like twenty minutes and my thanks four clowns and that he loves clowns likes clean? here too, I would just like a ways: a talk, yak alone when it's gonna happen yeah, but now I like talking everybody. I've never had that big of a problem. I like talking the girls, it's nice to talk to women. I dont want disesteem like I have a problem, not some by some colleagues s demands. Some gagged. May many, the like women? Will they done light women specially comedy? I think in this summit will boil club group. I think that's true, I believe, that's true, but I think that they ve been proven wrong here. I've got you may be needed reminds me, wealth great time for girls right now. I'm in is like me, going on about reminding myself here about carol Burnett about lily tomlin, about gilda Radner, about lucille ball about gracie Allen, george burns, wife, Julia, louis dreyfus, the genius amazing. I don't think that people give carol
or net and those people enough credit. Really I've wanted to talk to her. I am really tomlin. Look I've. I've tried I talked to Julia louis dreyfus, so endearing in so loved and so and then so to me and some of the sketches this a fabulous issue. So sad yeah. I know I know and to talk to her about her time in the CBS law and how she felt like she was the goody goody lady doing her show and the smothers brothers next door were like smoking dope and saying we're the bad boys and got to talk to her about being on the law. At that time, it's fabulous, Do think now that the this sort of boys club is diminishing a bit? Don't you hear a little bit cost what is your so many great shows like insecurity and other great show all yeah she's love her. I gotta tell ya: I love donald glover in a disorder in atlanta we had great, but one that is a great. I live thing on some bushes. Everyone can
It is real good day his great. It's crazy, funding be yeah, they do. wait. So we got a five, a woman in late night. Now it's a bit much. We got samantha bee and that's great, but will be nice to see That's true! Yes, we can't key at the women in daytime given away hedge rise and talking about varying cancer. I mean less. Do some late night shift ice? I think you just pitch for your. Are you ready to do it? No, not no! Neighbor, well, I'm glad that your show's still on I'm gorgeous. Thank you that was Tracy almond almond. No tracey ullman and, as I said second season of her h b, show tracy all show premieres this friday October twentieth. Please go get the book. If you haven't gotten it waiting for the punch words to live by from the wtf,
gas by marc marin and brendan mcdonald, bunch of people in there hundred fifty hundred and sixty bits and pieces of interviews, themed, beautifully, contextual eyes through chow. There's that you can all relate to the good work you to get it at a bookstore books, go to mark man, book dot com, so there's that in noodle for a second, and I gotta go boomer lives
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