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Episode 861 - Jenna Fischer

2017-11-05 | 🔗
Jenna Fischer came to Los Angeles when she was 22 with no contacts, no guidance, and no idea of what it meant to sink or swim in show business. Now with a successful acting career and a long-running role as the beloved Pam on The Office, Jenna wants aspiring actors to get the advice she never got. As she tells Marc, that's the main reason she wrote her new book, in addition to detailing some of her own true Hollywood stories.

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Is the all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fucker is, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the knicks what's happening, marin this is my podcast, welcome to it, how You are you, ok is everything you and your people are right, you right in this era of no good news vi. in horror and sadness, I hope you and yours are okay. As I said before, and I wanted to remind you, seattle, don't forget, you can come meet me and brendan this saturday november. 11Th will be at third place books in seward park. Doing a talk taking your question and signing copies of waiting for the punch that seven p m on Saturday November eleventh come on.
Seattle, I might go, get some scallops down a jos fish, yak down and pikes market where they do. You just sit there and get him we'll basket a fright scallops or fish boa chip pino. Maybe I could do that fuck, it man. to eat some bad shit. Let's do an email first. If any of you are under the impression that Better, I think I am there's a lot of good things going but there are moments that I don't feel without this guidance you have a problem with it buddy. I I you know, I get, I get emails to get feedback, sometimes subject line. The book event in allay? I had a very marin in quotes, interaction with you, mark the event in L? A was great. I've just started book and am really enjoying it, I've been a listener for a while now
heard a lot of pod cast his post from, but its put together in a really nice way, great work by brendan and you I had a pretty great interaction with you at the end of the signing. That was somehow exactly when I would expect from you in a whole areas way. She right there might ok, what's come in at me I was wearing a dodgers cap and brendan. Thank me for coming out to the event. During the world series. You looked up for a second from signing a book ass. If they went tonight. Is it over when my girlfriend and to explain that it was only game five and that the series would be coming back to l, a for game six and maybe seven you cut her off and said, though I don't care then went back to signing a book. It was. perfect, lovable, curmudgeon response. It's been making us laugh since sunday, and I wanted to let you know Thanks man Andrew it was a tone thing when I read that that sounds like I was being a dick, but If I was sort of I don't I don't, I don't care, I give us an idea,
May I assume that was like that, because if I was just write that fucking not care, that would be, it would seem rude to your girlfriend. From from the read but by that, but maybe ok, okay, maybe ok I'll! Let it be a good experience for you and I can take that away from you. Did I mention. Jenna fischer is on the show, jenna fischer from the office, and she wrote a book. She wrote a book The actor's wife is survival guide, I bet it was a very pleasant conversation I might say so. I did a benefit. for my loma. How do you say it myeloma, I think the horrible blood cancer that Peter boyle died of ray romano been hosting a benefit for my loma for the last decade and eleven years. Maybe this was the eleventh year
asked to go to come down. Do seven to ten nice tight one for the or for the good grace some money too, My wilma get fixed, cured, treated, managed handled, corralled who did out of the body but but it was interesting as it was me and Hannibal Burress Nicky. Is or was air rachel Feinstein. iliza shlesinger? my show ray. Is there a fred, willard robert klein failure, missin missing somebody, but it was kind of interesting hanging out in the dressing room. I walked back to the dressing room and was just fred willard and a very kind of bright blue suit.
Sitting alone by himself with no refreshments or food. Just that was the green room like whoa, hey doing fred seems wild. here and willard said he. I invited a lot of people so willards very funny man, a robber client who I've met many times. I've interviewed him that my problems with in the past. They even remember he had no recollection of meeting me, which is fine, but klein and fred willard. Are in their seventies well into their seventies, and whose income I think it's interesting to watch men in their seventies into and they've known each other. They were at second city together years ago. I believe but they don't see each other like. I realized something about men of that age when in each other, even if they have, but they don't see each other regularly when they do get together. They. They're really just the intern.
It is really a prolonged jogging of each other's memory. Like you know, it's really. They challenge each other to remember things that seems to be entire interaction after a certain age, as you can what's happening immediately in the present, it seems pretty quickly, but then it sort what was that guy's name from the thing? Joe? That's right, I at one point four: you what's it called and who is always a joe's wife Jesus which one which wife diverted, which are the three? The second one was that show oh yeah point for me So where did where do we do? That show that was that in that the one with me and you- and I think the other guy was there? Where was that? was that an albany beneath connecticut. Alright do I
The point: now it just sort of fascinating and endearing that day that that's way and it sweet. You know why, wouldn't you want to try to remember things that were pleasurable that's got to be one of the the great capacity if the human mind, especially in dark times, is to remember good things without being too nostalgic, you want to be careful of malignant. stalgia. You don't want to be a come were come by the beauty of a past that your brain reconstruct and revive as in mythologize, is to keep you engaged in something pleasant somewhere to go back to you. Don't spend too much. I'm there. Fortunately, my brain seems to be just riding in terms of memory anyway. So but here's the thing joining down. The note of that realization about older men getting together,
I wrote it down in my notebook klein was sitting next to me and he said with it. Sir. A paranoid, sir, bishops tone when he writing down like ours. jotting down notes for a new blog post, fred willard in. Robert Klein's interaction backstage at a cancer benefit I'm writing the idea down for a joke robert, you remember. Are you still write? Oh ya, has been a yeah. I guess I am I guess I dunno no problem. Can I in writing it down now? Mr Klein guns are bad. They should be managed right them
a lot of them out there lot of them out there. Hey so look. Janet fisher, is amazing: she's, adorable, she's, great she's, memorable maize in part on the office. Everybody loves her and I was excited to talk to her her new book is called actor's. Life is survival guide. It's got a forward by Steve Carell, you can pre. It it comes out november, fourteenth wherever you get books. this is me and the lovely jenna fischer In the tv that I feel familiar with because it's been on tv, I feel familiar with you because I've listened to your podcast. So at ea and also seen you on tv yeah. That gives you one extra thing. You probably know me better than I know you. This is probably true yeah, because you talk about your actual self. I do yeah the
Can you didn't die until it's weird? That's why I always wanted that sort of a hard thing to deal with. Isn't it people assume they know you from your character, it's weird, because I always It's like having an identical twin. and- and one of the twins is like really well known and famous, but I'm the other twin variety. So people are always coming up to me, saying PAM and regarding me like pam, and I'm like, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, my sister, but you know, what's crazy, John heater from napoleon dynamite. He has an identical twin brother. He does yes, he met him yeah Can you imagine what it's like for his identity like that? real like he. Actually, there is a guy, john who just like in vienna and that such a weird called figured character. es. Can you imagine the a of his life knowing his brother was like? What's a glowing up, what's been doing,
john yeah. I don't know. I saw him at the zoo recently. We both had our kids at the zoo and we ran into each other. Wasn't any one of the wacky big movies he's been at Allie boy? Was it the volleyball or no, as the other one escaped one sided blades of glory to grow, yeah, nah yeah, but that's where you met him yeah and then we kind of lost touch, but he lives out of town he's got like he had a family and settled kind of outside of the city? A little see one of those like unique and respectable people that made a little bit of money and they're like I need this shit kind of. I think so. I think though yeah I love. Those people just like you know how much I really need to not be here any more our. Do this necessarily it's kind of like I did it we're done. Where were you do that there are people who leave vegas early like I'm up
I'm out of here. I'm caution in no give baggage around. You can win more day. You can have more. I just break even amounts of money. You know the new go through that horrible wave of like I've lost every I've, wanted the bt him twice and then you ve got even point like I'm a guy style can't take it I add my atm fees into my dear into my gambling losses that causes me anxiety. How long ago, this horrible gambling problem, I had a bit of a poker obsession. Many years ago, you're on the show too, like didn't you through the celebrity poker showdown yeah. You know it is about that. Now was that filmed like months after hurricane katrina, And it it filmed in new orleans, so they flew us in on a private jet. The only I've ever been on a private jet ever ever in my life to this day to this was to fly and do celebrity poker showdown in
you are allowed ravage newark? Yes, so I land and a private jet. They load me into a limousine with all the other actors and comedians and then made drive us through my and miles and miles of devastation. I mean I've never felt like such an asshole. In my whole life, you like for real, like there's. The car right was silent. While I was in no one was at all speak and we hope your table ones you open with. I mean it's, I think. If you watch it, you can still see the effects of that in the game. Like we're. Just like our so sorry was your: where was it done at a casino? Where was it I was done in new orleans to begin with. They were probably trying to bring back they as you know, that's a good question and were ok. Look we're playing cards here. I don't know, but I remember driving through and just turrible. It was with the news couldn't couldn't show
me at. I went there later than that, and it was still fuck Geraghty factor. Just click entire strip malls gone now. abandoned car, I thought: how do you even clean this up? I don't even know how you did. With us now, of course, I think that with harvey and irma and everything where'd you grow up. I grew up in and I don't have to put these on right now. Should I put these on no okay, I'm going to have to seem to know how to talk to a microphone. Okay, makes me self conscious. When I hear my own voice, my own yeah, it makes me start speaking like and pr person around more slowly and thoughtfully and I don't want to do that fifty that, like in the middle because, like ten minutes, you like it get over to clearly, for maybe an emotional part or something reflection, you're having we should use the headphones. Our slogan
reflection headphones. What did you think of that and you're like hold on? You know how I felt were very, very sensitive yeah. I grew up in ST louis Missouri Not many people do that. I mean not many that I've talked to you. I think cam grew up there right now on him. I've been to ST louis. I guess I went up into the the arch you did I had a rickety elevator years ago. I did it yeah, and that goes up at a curve. Yeah says you and two other people know it feels like you're going to die if they haven't figured out how to get you up there more efficiently. It's a pretty american city, yes, william burroughs, I think, is from there I'm just throwing stuff out Why? What do you go back? All the time you do yeah My folks live there really and my sister and her family lived there. So I go back all the time, so is it? Is it? Is it okay there It's okay. I mean I there's things about it.
I mentioned that I like. I am always surprised that the amount of ample parking and that's not a joke. I really mean it like you can just park. If you want to go to a restaurant you just park at it is its great, but is it a populated city is one of those cities. It got suburban eyes and everyone laughed and now they try to make it hip again, so they built to muster answer. He will come in weakens. Maybe yeah. I never go into saint louis through, like where the capital is in the arch in that and when I go to a ball game brought, you know and they did try. They tried to build it up. I have a friend to lotta. Condo end was like I'm going to be part of the reinvention of the city and it ended up like blowing up and it didn't work out, sell it at a loss. It it didn't work, but now it is either a reserve sprawl down there by yourself. Yes, use it wise. You like no one else. King we have to happen. I am alone we Is that her down in visitor go a great place empty streets?
yeah. Well, Elway was like that for awhile. When people started moving to l a yeah, I know, and now it seems to be happening. It seems like it is happening right like more and more people are actually happening. I hear that hear it. Yeah don't know. I hope it is eighty people down there me to hear this Okay seems good, but then, like you, go one block too far and it's super scary of most cities right right these, but but I bet it, this kind of like is delay really. Was it ever meant to be a walking city? What are you gonna do down there? I dont know yeah that new york is new york. Like you know, you got to walk everywhere, it's what you do there, because the best subway and chicago like that. Exactly but down there. It's like it's four blocks, is true. Four blocks of downtown los angeles enjoy everything's.
I don't know, I don't know how to live like a grown up where you are you're over there near me, yeah I'm an insider yeah yeah how working, I like it. I like I drove I drove through glendale the other day going. I took a shortcut to somewhere it's great and I was like people. This is good. This is how people live. It's the best kept secret. I think why I think it's stigmatized. way I don't know just goin dale. I know whenever ten I say it, but I'm taken people. People react as if their embarrassed for years. Like! Oh, oh really, I'm like it's great, you guys are great. It is great and there's really beautiful parts of glendale. There are and we live within walking distance of a park and also which is great for kids, but then there's like this little, county area we can walk to and you can get licked stuff from a bakery and coffee, and I like that stuff, you're, pasadena, tuesday, pasadena, but I would now ask you how to deal with a really what's out like it. further away yeah, and it's like it's
It's hit or miss up there, it's like the wild west. I I I just think that the east east side, part of los Angele like. The back me too, and closer highways we'd get out. Maybe maybe if the ship goes down, we might be able to get out. You think we can. Maybe god are you are you are in part? I hear the two of you on the two ten and just go. You actual exit plant you just named riots, yeah go eat me, get away from work, the, however they're going to come, they gotta come nice. Go in the water, so we're the easier right. That's right, we're already inland. That's right! That's yeah we're going to keep going yeah and then it'll get bogged down somewhere. So wait. So now, ST louis, how many you got a sister. I have one sister she's younger: what's she doing she's a teacher she's, a third
are, you sure, would your mom do. She was a teacher shows an eighth grade. History teacher really, yes, and your dad did worth my dad was a plastic engineer. Would it do you know what that means? Yes, well, I do know a couple things when I was a little kid. His company got hired to design a plastic coca cola can so they were make cans out of plastic for awhile, and we had one had a prototype of coke answer. Environment can all the time all it. I was like a bit It was like a trophy on the shelf. and when we moved we lost it. We lost the plastic coke It's a bummer where'd. You move to. We just moved just to another house like ten minutes away, but somehow in the packing and unpacking process. This class- I don't know what your prototype went away now so would come over and be like? This is called this. The only one there is yes, I know and I used to freak out like when I would throw parties or something in my youth that someone was going to fuck with it or like open it or
Do you know what I mean like? Oh, my god, someone drank plastic trying to plastico coca cola. It was filled it was like, but the main annual actually some I'm sure, maybe some other guys had them to buy I never went on the shelves like it never made it out of the sort of you know, sampling process. Dad's company. He worked for that korea. yeah and then he also you know when you buy those biscuits in the freezer and there in that container in europe over YAP. Is his team invented packaging, and he was part of the patent for that I believe but they're. The koreans or are they are I know they're in the refrigerated section rights and there also not made out of plastic but for whatever reason, He told me when I was in so yeah those so so I know right I'm so we always had a lot of biscuits growing up. I remember that also so we don't get a placid areas, whether hand melting work here you see that Marshall. You know for the popping up
Give us a pills, very product. Wasn't it yeah here and in it just to see a cup? He wanted you wanted it. You want to do it when you get home dear. It's exciting, duds, you're pissed view, Don't hit it quite right, but it opens enough for not not a popup to fuck it. Yet you have to stab it with a knife or something is a bummer yeah yeah, and then you peel out the biscuits. Those biscuits are okay, yeah, so you grow up with those yup With the built in butter is already buttery and already buttered for you, but you will add more butter after act as well sure yeah. When did you start to this, need to be looked at as a warmer It's so weird, because I think that if you met me and my sister, if you saw a growing up, think she would be the performer cosette like the pictures in your book. Oh yeah, they're kind of funny yeah. as the photos in a book will show you. I was often in the background of things. Why don't we go up in the back of your kid? Did you
yeah a little I mean, but she's younger than you. How did you manage to get in the background of a younger sibling? I was just more of an introvert. I was just more of like just more cerebral more of a thinker. In my head way more and she was more presentation all and doing dances for the relatives at christmas and a happy where you yet linking me now. I mean in just always very it for my whole if I'm not sort of like torch, by figuring out things yeah, Then I'm I don't know who I am like. That's that's my default. I mean in in high school everyone else like watching, so Prisoners are allowed an I pointing out the subliminal messaging and advertising. That's keeping. down knows that? That's like I'm just worried about the whole world and everything all the time writers is. A lot of people are like nah. I don't know if we don't
By her I mean I had my close right, but I wasn't no. I wasn't like a fun. I wasn't like a time Gal I was more, serious, were you liked it? So you didn't hang out with the cool kids. I didn't, but my school didn't totally have cool kid. It's not really. I went to an all girls high school and it was amazing cause. It changed my life really, yes, absolutely just to not have been not to be I stirred and we're. You know what it was. I I had gone to public school, my whole and before high school before high school went junior high hated? It was definitely not popular. There were definitely cool kids and I was not one I was invisible- No one knows they went to school with me Why? No one knows that you're you're, you know you seem a quiet, quiet thinking about stuff, just trying to stay out of everybody's way.
I want to be cool, didn't want to be a nerd like you want to know, I'm there. He wanted to be invisible kind of yeah, just Don't notice me was my goal and, I to high school and I came, I e change high schools to my mom was this eighth grade. History teaches us like school, and I became friends with some of the girls in that class hurry great class when I was great and they were all going to this one catholic girl school in ST louis called next hall, and I said I want to go to school. them. I want them to be my friends, so I went toured and they set up my parents and ok. We love it and then I remember sitting in my freshman class and they like they made it, announcement that we're going to have elections for student government, and I thought to myself. Oh my god, a girl is going to be president of the class cause. It's all. We have it is the public schools, a boy was president, a girl was vice president and the boy was treasure. A girl was secretary. It was just how it was and that just like it-
exploded, my mind and then also at my school like being smart- and Caring about things and care about the world and doing well in school. That made you cool like a competition to raise your hand in class, if have the right answer, so if we weren't compete four boys are boys attention or what we were wearing cause. We all were uniforms really was like the life changing yes and by the way, like this person, who'd been inside of me thinking. All this time could now extrovert extroverted in high school. Guy in ireland or debt uniforms and the girl school loved it yeah as great huh. Well yeah. I guess it like. boys and it doesn't may like published with boys and girls can be brutal. Both sides yeah
but they were also guideline. No no I mean, like girls are gonna, give you she had. An boys are going to be like yeah you're, a vulnerable persons are sensitive, personal, different you're gonna, get it from just a nature of that culture yeah right, whereas everybody in a all girl school we have to worry form and you're in education is put at a premium. Great just gets all that other shit out of the way completely, and I had my little group of five saver life saver. I had this cool group of friends that were four of us to two girls were like way more wild and like smoke, cigarettes and smoke pot and stuck out of their house and stuff. and then the other girl who was kind of my best friends, really two sets of best friends who were then best friends she was like me, she was like into like listening to eighty per cow and saving the environment and that wasn't me, but we were like the sort of like silver
brawl follow the rules, girls and then we had like these other this other couple. A girls who are like the breakthrough squirrels way in name is an ice balance, but by what did you, I can have what you do, I mean. Did you say that oh yeah yeah? I mean it was like called like what he mean like you, don't have a curfew, they didn't have a curfew ellen and I had heard now by like they have occurred without boys Oh they dated boys, they had boyfriend. I don't have a boyfriend and tell my son. so you were living by carries. We completely tell a story is told me about losing your virginity. What was it like? You know all about it that when you're in high school they did, we were there. We were just a late to the and what a good story there, story to know. Now there was a bad with a huge. They would like the any section. My parents could have had with me. Would could not compare to like your girlfriend telling you to trust me. Don't do it just don't
waded out yeah sad, but I guess that's the way it is. Does friendships hold up, I'm still friends, then yeah wild girls with them. Well, girls, who have now of course settled down and have families and children and things back in ST louis. They all three of those gals still live in ST louis, and I reconnected dammit our ten year high school reunion and and cosette at college. We all went to different places. We kind of lost touch. yeah, but we all saw each other in our ten year reunion and we've stayed in touch ever since the ten year reunion yeah the tenure. So you aren't even a big star, then no had not been on the ten year. That is a bold move to go. as somebody you want to be an actress as a struggling actress and go back to your tenure. I couldn't do it now. I didn't go back until at least I had couple credits yeah went back. I haven't been to one since so I guess I'm that person,
yeah? I guess you are now like. Well now I've made. I don't have time now no way. I was gone to ten now now couldn't field the questions geared, so you doing comedy and what is that on t v, I'm not I'm not on t v. I wasn't going to deccan, do it yeah? Now I get it, I get it cause it's like. Well, Well, what have you done? What have I seen you in, I don't know: did you come to an experimental theater tonight's la, but it doesn't sound like It sounds like you would have had a good time anyway, because that high school seem like everybody where you had a lot of friends. You have evidence pretty yeah, but like it just a regular like I school to go back to that and to allow the people that never left to be to have one I did condescend yeah yeah good good call on their waiting, her bright yeah, so
did I get it yeah. So tell me about this thing because, like this book and it's interesting that you sisters, the teacher and your mom's, a teacher, because it seems that you have teacher in you yeah my mama beast flattered, but nobody I mean, I feel that it seems like they like this book like outside, like It doesn't seem like you're, like not going to make some money on a bestseller yeah, it's sort of, like only hope, some some dreamers out yeah, I've made zero dollars so far. I did not take an advance on the book. I I just want to have your correct that have not been doing it for money that I saw I wanted. I want to be practical and temper peoples, you know what it kills dreams yeah. Would you know what it is? I I I wanted to be an actress and I thought that if I college and I got training and then I up and allay it would happen.
I was like so nice. I was like an. All I needed to do with network. I just have finally much I know time parties, these sure, fictitious parties, mythical parties I would meet people who would then cast me in paying because the process of getting to that is theirs pictures and any right about being doing stuff in high school yap these low per day. But what was the the decision? Was it when he first auditioned were you I? fraught with fear, and you didn't know what you're you know like was like in high school and yeah yeah. I mean how did you know in my high school? We only did these big one. Every year we did a big musical and I can't sing so you could just tuck away, and yeah I could just be in the dancing chorus and so costumes and like hang out and wait for my turn to dance, and you know and like at chat and that's exactly what you do right. You just sit there and here comes yeah, don't fuck it up.
got one thing to do, My heart out, yeah, How so I senior year. They decided to do a stage play for some reason and I finally got who audition and I got cast as one of the four leads in it. This, madam enough shy. Oh, what's this all the timea comedy and about costumes costume, oh yeah, hats, with feathers and corsets and things and as a high school we did, we did in junior. I think we did meet me in ST louis. Yes same costumes same that time period I called. old timey. Maybe it was in the. What is that even a earlier that somewhere around the turn of the turn of the century. Here, yes- and So so I to be in that, and that was like the first like real acting role that I had before going to college, and when I went to college I didn't major in theatre at first, but I always
wanted to go to l a I begged, my parents, Let me go to allay out of high school. I begged them to take me to this lake weekend fair. yeah in ST louis, where you supposedly met hollywood agents and then so when I was in high school and that they would sign me- and he had done this- one play I done play- and I just was like, but I don't want to wait- I don't want to go to college. How did you know that It just brought a paper or something or something. I had not remembered that production of meet me in ST louis in a long time. I think I've talked about it. Do you have pictures from me? I used to have pictures. I had a. I had a big chest like a mustache with chops. I was the boss three pieces, with the pocket watch. Do you have to sing? Did you have a sano? He was in a musical to meet me in ST louis, oh what well I guess they made a musical movie of it original meet me in ST louis was a play and
but the reason I remembered his there's at some point were somewhat throws water in my face and and I come back out like I'm supposed to go out and I get hit with water and then I come back on set wet and most of my mustache had come off, and I back outside, not knowing that and they're laughing backstage, because it had stuck to the door. As I I just remember that. How did you deal with that? Was that like did that torture, you or was it like, did become some of the lore of the theater than like er remember when marx mustache? Nor will the weird thing that everyone talked about it. The cast party afterward, I don't know, was if this was a junior high. We didn't have a theater at that school. Somebody, a teacher, must have decided to have some sort of theater thing you know to do. Play yeah. We just did it in the gym and set it up. and I was very young- I didn't do it in high school. I could There was no infrastructure, There is no cultural
our community infrastructure around the theater, kids or anything was just happened in a vacuum right. So no, it didn't it didn't it didn't make any lore it didn't make any, but I would like to know where those pictures are yeah. They are because somebody took big black and white pictures. I think the woman who is in charge of the show they were in the yearbook anyways attract the downside of this kind of charge. Something at J, my memory and I don't need to talk about me. I enjoyed that story that brought me back to the times. you know things going wrong on set in high school and how dramatic it became, and then we just like you're, just like drinking beer at the cast party afterwards, It's like I have no, I just screwed it up, but I feel like everybody could see. You know and then adapt that person's. Like crying and you're, like it's okay, we have tomorrow night it's going to be alright, I'm like no one notice in highschool. If something goes wrong or wardrobe thing or I mean the circle,
in college. It's all the same. It's so narcissistic! It's wonderful! It's great, and then that feeling, when you're in college and like I wanted, plays in college- and I did the stage troupe and college, which was the nine acting school acting thing- but like when you go to the place where, where people are taking real risks, maybe we'll nudity only after an end, just sort of like ie it's college and you can see that do not really comfortable with this. This is not my favorite college productions where, like someone has to play the old man- and they ve done like that. The ben nye makeup shading from Ben. I make up care care that they learned their make up clause and there like doing all the physicality of old and their voices chain. And you know I just I love it. It's so they're still talk about commitment like you doubt I mean I know Daniel day, Lewis in lincoln. That is the type of
I am sorry you show me a college get playing an old man and I'll show you commitment. There is some guy. some real shit. It isn't, yeah. I remember, I did another some in that same high school, someone did craps last tapes that was at yeah. And the guy did full on. Like you know, little big man makeup yeah like they figured out how to put the paint the pig wants or conscience stopping everything amazing yeah yeah, hello, I'm very old yeah could I would never do that today, like that would beat that's terrifying oh to lake trance try to transform into an old person using like make up shading and my body language. Would you at somebody make you no person a year? done that where they put all the lay tax on you and you do you- I didn't like it. I felt very claustrophobic which would now and then the movie walk hard over. I had
the old darlene and I just spent three days and- and I and I kept telling myself that it would be okay because time passes, and this will end that wednesday at seven o'clock will happen, because it must happen I will not have to have this on my face any more like I do like really talk myself down for practical self parenting. I I was like really like, and I didn't like talking to people like I fell. It was just very did not like it, so you. You go to the high school. They take you to the big agency, signing they don't take me their fears. My parents refuse Take me to the line by a big hollywood age. They won't do it that apparently they knew that it was some sort of money making scheme. It was a record I am sure yeah yes, so oh and they told me that I could move to los angeles, but I had to go to college. They said you have to go in which means like we're, hoping that she'll get that out of her system during college, or you know, I don't think so. I think that they were very supportive but and
know what they are thinking was. You need something to fall back on, so they would say things like one of you become a noose, castor as if being on, it's just being on camera is what I mean like rankle tv Julian, be a newscast. Go talk to your father knows what's his name at this stage, just do that and which is not acting. It's journalism in a complete other profession. Let's not go crazy, yeah! You know it's reporting broadcasting, it's broadcasts so I went, and I got a minor in journalism and I every year actually that stuck in your garage, you right- maybe I will I was like I guess I mean I I don't know and then I majored in history, at first world war, college truman state university. What it's a tiny liberal arts, school malaria yeah, I toward a bunch of schools, and I just liked Kirk the little town that truman wasn't just
I don't know I wanted to live on my own after the mandatory you're in the dorms and it just felt safe and all and close to home, but far from home, and it just one how far away was three and a half hours, though you ok, so by wanted to go home in a week, and I could I also like in her when I drew close yeah. They couldn't keep coming up correct yeah, good the forming of declaration without femoral yeah, and it was and it was it was great, and then, by my junior year I became a full time theater major yeah, because It was always doing the theater. I also realized, as I was studying cause. I was a pre law history, major irene. I I was like having to write a paper about something in the library computers and yet actually go to a library. I realize I ll. Acting like a lawyer and pretend,
to be a lawyer, but I did not like researching things like the law. I didn't actually like the love you know, so I gave it up. You do of the law yeah I like lying. I was in a montage of a person's studying and writing a pepper, but I didn't like actually want to do that. Coffee, yeah, I believe- and I would set it up like a little scene. Look at me at the library I studying montage. So when you started start acting full on how much you have what you are. There is what all you needed to know like you was the acting program at truman. German state university, it was. It was of reading, plays so as a lot of like that kind of like academic work. So I really am happy for that
happy that when I'm, when I'm on a set, I'm I know who Chekhov is, and I read all those plays- and I know contemporary american playwrights- and I like I, like that knowledge. I mean we had to read greek tragedies, then all those sorts of things. So I'm happy for that. And then acting wise. We mostly studied the stanislavsky method that was like the most who the teacher two teachers, lee orchard and John. She more, they both teach at different schools now and then our tech professor, was the sky iran repulse key, who still there annum and I never was cast in any lead roles of any main stage shows in college, except for my last summer, ron repulse key the tech teacher directed crimes of the heart, and he cast me as like the boozy slutty sister meg,
yeah, and that was awesome. But besides that I was all about like the student productions in the lab productions and like the sidecar production which is probably better for learning it's better for being actual working actor, because that's what working actors do they create their own shit? They make their own shit. They have to band together with other people without the support of the department paying for anything and make it happen, and so that was that was the best training for actually being an actor and these like. What is it, what kind of tools as it, the actual craft did you learn their they used to engage with. I do now. Real I mean that has on us. Mean I've cause I've kind of moved away from the stand, slavs key method which involves kind of poring over your script and writing out intentions for every line like on It's my intention is to abuse
and on this line my intention is to embarrass you know like I dislike that was what my studying was was till. I create intentions for every but I assume maybe supposed to create, beats creating beats. I do that still sure for long script and and actually have done, some plays man choices made choices are yeah and some of the background work. I I still have this form that they gave me a car pledge about how to break down a character. Oh yeah yeah. It's like a five page fill in the blank form about the book. No because it's from a book- and I didn't know if I could reprint it, but it's great- It's like give me your ten given circumstances, which are things that you've learned from the script that you know about your character. So that's good idea and it could be anything that is, about you or to you. But that was another thing like the difference between information. That said about you, but that your character didn't hear like that. That
distinction so like how people feel about you. that you're a crook do you know they think you're, a crook, because you would play it differently if they know, I don't know where I saw some of that way of breaking down a script or a character. I still keep with me so little five page thing, that's true. I still yeah and it's like so degraded now. I should really have that rick retired for me do that. You could even do maybe make a little project for yourself. I know retype. I should because it's just like photocopy. Cup hundred amuses bomb yeah and I only have a hard copy of it. I have blank hard copy that I can still make what oh copy of and then fill adds a thing that survived. You don't know what book it comes from. I think it came from this little I mean I think, this little blue hard cover, stanislaus game method book, but I cant find the book either that wild I don't know what the book is called, but there's other things a moment before likes allows a big thing for my city like
or you enter a room. What were you doing? It's a good one. the decision about it like it could be literally anything if this doesn't tell you what your moment before is. What is your mom before So you enter the room. Nobody, everybody has a moment before their life. They enter a meeting or a moment or whatever and so like it just makes, that that moment wants you make. That decision like. I was just in the bathroom you walk in. You wipe your hands on your on your pants measure drank, and I don't know I'm that yet informed something. Oh yeah, I find some those exercises are just about squashing, the vulnerability and anxiety of acting of just it's almost like a like a security. get like something to hold onto eve work with a lot of great actors, and you know that jonesy riley and in walk hard right, yeah and he's like missing. After do you learn from other actors, I learned so much from chauncey, rarely yeah yeah the oath, like sort of
sat and offset kind of stuff cause. I'm pretty new and while card was my fur, It's big role in like a studio movie, yeah yeah. I like ident of glory for that, but I had such a small role and so but walk hard a really big deal here. While card was like the studio hired a physical trainer. For me, they sent me to voice less area lake it was like. I had like ninety costume yeah, I had to be made up into old age, make big huge undertakings, but no He with john c riley he's one of my favorite people that I've ever worked with, and I did another movie with him. A little movie called the promotion that we filmed before walker so you got injury hollow you asked and we do not really have any scenes together, but we
in chicago and just kind of hanging out with Fred armas in and he was like hegyi, I'm putting the others, maybe one card and you should come read for it and then I urgently when I read the script. I assume they want me to come in for the christian wig role, the sort of like you know put upon first wife here, and so that's what I prepared and then they called and said owner, that's already been cast. Kristen Wiig is doing that. And I'm like well, you can't mean, though, like lead hot, like sexy girl. No one ever cast me as I like they're just come in and read to, and I went in and and four the addition jerry So is there and Johnson was there and I knew John and we had to do this. One kind of like sexy, seen as the audition- and I remember like I feel like I like- add on John's lap and like licked his face or something never happens in auditions, but you think always happens and audition right and- and I was
glad that I'd done that other movie with him and like been to dinner with him, the velvet he felt friendly to eight I really was able to like go for it, and then I got the part I was so excited, but then it's sad. He taught me a lot about, onset movie at a cat things I don't really know before the lake they used to make me up, and I thought it was my job to just go sit my trailer all day. I like it. To be called yeah and John said. He got me a sign. He was like jenna. Why are you sending your trailer all the time and I'm like why thought that was what I was supposed to do like I'm waiting I'm just like waiting for someone to tell me to come to the set and it's my turn he's like. No, no he's like you sit on set. You sit on sat in a director's chair at a village you like chit chat and you're you're up there you're like super ready to go all the time. He's like that's what you to be doing. Ok and I was like all ok and this was sort of like a of the wife than a movie and it completely change my experience after
but is that, but it is a protocol or is that just his way because, like I would imagine on sunsets If you're that actor, eventually, maybe the derisory, why she sang He was even like bring a book. Come sit in a chair I always thought I hate you, I hit the onset, was what should what he was? May I say on sir yeah yeah like. Sometimes I gotta go sit in one people on lunch was just the dark set, I sit on the set while everybody's gone yeah, that's actually sounds really peaceful, it's nice yeah cause and then he lovely yeah, and then it comes to life like er right at lunch right after lunch, it's all of a sudden like cranes. things are my waking up. That sounds like an old, an timey movie or old timey. I know that's so romantic, no matter what said it is like a launch like everyone's gone yeah, the all the cameras are just like and then like all of a sudden like. the one or two people show up and then it's like yeah except the lights crank my gosh
It's a type of sunrise is but okay, side of telling you to you know, hang out at villa video village and be set not in your trailer. What else did you learn from John well? He was just like I don't want to call a workaholic because I feel like that has a negative connotation but like he just was always prepared. He was up for anything. He was ready for anything and he he took his jobs series. but not too seriously mike. I just thought he was a great model for how to approach work. He was flexible, but was also rigid when he needed to be. He was just this really great meant or any other thing he told me was he told me like now: and the movie he was like jenna. This is not real life and I was like what do you mean? Yes, it is all these people are my new best friends and we're going to keep in touch, and he was like I just it- like without saying it? He was like love you we had a great time. We have a wonderful report
never going to see you again, it doesn't mean anything, don't get your feelings hurt, and also none of these people are your friends and you're never going to see any of them again either, and he was like This is a moment in time. Is this barcamp, because I think he could see that I was like new and naive and, and you still have a sort of a kind of college theatre, yeah, exactly and trading numbers to get together for dinner and a couple of weeks, and it's true, you don't see any of the people again. Nobody has friends again and it's over it's three months of your life and then that's it, and but he was also saying he's like so you need to build something real outside of the. and he's like. I do. I have a family. I live outside of the business you and you don't hear from me and time on that- and I remember jack black saying the same thing once I interview with him and he sort of said when I'm on set on and when I'm off set them off, and I think it's actually really good advice
right. Yeah, I mean it is kind of the intensity of a production, is wild and then that last day you still get all of that stuff that you in college cas parties yachting by you really go you different ways and then maybe you see crafts. it says, yeah production, dry, yeah or you see the you know in a d or grip or whatever we worked at or you know, yeah yeah how you been like, but that's it isn't it. I just found out that the sound guys who worked on the office are, work on my new show that I'm doing and ice I started to cry. I was so excited like what brian making Brian I was, so he went away if you would like us further nine errors, but gallic that I thought that it actually is really good advice, because that the industry and working on sites is very intoxicating. and you can get like kind of addicted to it. I think, and everyone
good looking and charming and charismatic and funny and smart and amazing, and it's incredible I mean it's like a painter constantly like fantasy world here, but there is also a right he's like this. You know, there's, always gonna be one or two of those. What a yeah, that's true that suddenly drew, but but yeah like it's just that I think that's what he was warning me against. He was like you silly I'm like yeah he's, like you seem like a moth that wants to fly really close to the flame and, at the end, just don't get burnout. Oh that's easy. I also don't get emotional, we attached, yeah to the romance of it? Yeah don't don't draw like this. Is not your food on true you have this learning handy. I do. I have a lot of friends outside the industry and I am sure you have re haranguing. It ended in the army round. You don't talk to resent ski or whatever I do. I do. I I actually other off. That's different. I think if you spend like a long period of time on a television show, it's like
I always wondered: how do the bachelors and bachelor rats become such good friends on that show at his leg? Will there locked in a house together and that's what being on a tv shows like we're locked in that room, twelve fourteen hours a day, for nine years right, leg, whirligig, friends and I see all those people, but that are some of my best friends, really even bigger nowhere. I see bt novak, I love be J yeah. We have dinner, sometimes good. It's been a few years, few year, its beneficial, but that's how it, but it is, but we taxed you know, that's like em who all my friendship, their texting, friendships and like voice mail, as used as a punchline in like three seasons is some of my show. You did yeah, that's okay. He said something very proud to be said because it's not it. It's not good hearted, really I was very snotty to preserve its it. You don't really he can take it. We can easily take it like a harvard taught him how to take it
It is actually a fine exactly exactly bill more than forty will. Multi once after the first season, where I use them as a joke, and he looked at me, You know where cosmically connected now and I'm I I did that for ever further bogs, any very watches at Joe. I so now the tea part of the book. like when I was looking through it that, like you, know you You express a certain amount of vulnerability in that you show. You know that this sort of weird not so quiet desperation of being an actor and you know like, but but exposing that like, because when you do should he had shouts and he put them out the world yeah. You don't know that it first. When I'm taking too many agents and casting directors, it was until I compiled them for the book that I realized, I had worn overalls the same pair.
Of overalls in three of my headshot spanning five years. What is that what's wrong with me seriously? Will flow Nobody of my clothing choices, early on run like say doing on tv like that horrible, like I do, conan and stuff in it like. I was talking to somebody else, a guy who I just met through some other people lived in my neighborhood. In queens what said he was a clothing designer I let him design a shirt and thats, really great joy that I wore on created for the first time in like that, so nice of you do what we're to ing. But what were you doing in overall for five years? What I wore? I thought it a headshot where your favorite outfits clearly overalls, where my favorite outfit. I
I really like a lumberjack period for work off of those who charge. Of course, I didn't get any work and, of course, I'm blaming my agent or my nonexistent agent. I got no. No no, but I know that I do behind the book. When you talk about it, being teaching is just now to allay- and I thought I knew what I was supposed to do with my training- and I didn't know it all, It was what you're just going to be chosen. Yes, but wait to be chosen. So when you went to college in you do this, did you have a some sort of primmer did somebody hip you to the business class and said how it was supposed to go to what were you basing that on? I don't know the time stories I'd heard about anderson being at a baseball game and then the camera shoot. You know Gozo, her on the job. Trot and then a modeling agent gives or a card spam anderson. I exactly is a freak. I know that, but then you know the some other thing like. Oh
nine who did some stand up and endless producer was like. I must have you and here's a tv show him isn't if you believe in their first time you do I a and you're like where's the city where there's that too like. Where am I in it, here yeah I guess I'm here. I lived there for like a year before I left like I came here for a year or so, and I laughed and came back years later? But as I can culver city, yet you weren't lang living in like I am in a roommate situation, destroy wit, How do I get in yeah? You drive by paramount What is it what's in there? How do I get in there? So the It is here as ever. Thing. I learned during my just like five years of complete and utter just right, but you talk about interesting, like a very specific stop doing extra work, taft heartily,
I had to be tough tarred with, and I still don't know what it is. I know right. I thought I sort of state Adam book. I'm like lesson here is a way to get into the head. Good luck, but do they still do it yeah you, these still tapped. Hardly you can get taft. Hardly that will. All that remains is like you don't have to pay your duties on your first job. Yet it me that you got a job and you in the union, but they needed you specifically. So they made an exception and put you in a mutually that's like somebody, you know, but our friend gets little gig, maybe one line that might not even make it into the movie. The tv show can get in the union correct yeah. So that's like if you're, just someone in ST louis you going to need that friend, but youth, but that's the thing I come to allay like looking for that way of getting in the union, but that's so rare. It's like winning the lottery road, so so yeah.
I try to talk a lot about all the things I learned and tell all of my embarrassing funny stories, but also pack. The book would like real, practical information like that too, for like aspiring, I started just the horror of like you know like I, never I didn't do I did it. I was always a comic, so myself what you guys go through. I can't I don't know how one does that just goes out on, decisions can do you go out on stage and do comedy? That is how it ends, but that was my life here, like I've been doing that you're. That was all I ever wanted to do it with genetically inclined. Somehow, like I didn't, I didn't think I had a choice, but that was I chose in avenue and getting it to be an actor. I got into becoming be comic whatever, but you know the course but you know like if, after you do it for while you're like whoa, you want to get your own show or what we all that stuff, but but
when I just go out on auditions before you know, and no one knew me for years up until, like you know what set six years ago, most people still don't know me, but, like you go to those auditions and sometimes you walk down hallways that just like just stacks of headshot yeah all along the highway and you're, just like. Oh my god, yeah all these people think it's going to happen. It's true it into me at that seeing eye going into a casting directors office in seeing stacks of hundreds of headshot was too much for me to bear on like this ain't. My path, I can't do this. I can't do that see that's interesting because when you talk about that, like I just I feel I never decided to be. An actor was just like what I was going to be yeah, so had to figure that out. I had to like conquer that part of
the job I had to additional had to figure out how to do all that I did for me. It was like I had to figure out how to be myself. I got you like the job for me was how do I, like you know how to how do I become singular? Not how do I you know, into whatever they're looking for here in this hallway. Yes, right right, that's hard and you talked about that before about finding your creating voice europe. You're offence, you're off, anticipate others in their comedies no book for that matter, just years than trial and error and just sewing anyhow yea, you ve, hopefully yeah eventually land in yourself in one way or the other, whether it's a character. But you are too, though, because you over the years they there's intrinsic about you. That's going to come out in all of your work It's a known quantity now and you trouble with it right. yeah, I'm not a I'm, not like a one of those like transform myself actors
right well, I'm blind gonna, be like I'm in every man and near meant to see yourself in me and there's varying too freeze of people in that range, but I'm not I'm not looking two wait or do accents While you don't want to hear me do accents. There are ridiculous, like my husband and I do accents for each other just when we want to do a bit, because it's ridiculous. I was doing french waiter for my children, the other night, and he was like dying like this is the worst your husband was. He was dying the worst, went on train as an actor writer director right and my daughter in the middle of my french waiter, she's three and she said she said mama. We don't understand what you're saying you're out so bad. We don't understand you're, you're, not working very, but how'd you get the office had that happen like how many, how Have you done a lot of little tv parts you'd been kicking around for how long eight years
a year, and you were still gung ho yeah. I know you got enough work to keep you know after six years I was finally earning as much money from acting as I did from my day, job that I had before that so years, six and seven I was able to make that same amount of money, as I did as an administrative assistant prior, but it was through like booking a pilot or booking? great guest star roles right of which, like were totally unsatisfying and would get my hopes up and then crush on my dreams and I cried and said I was going to give up. I told everybody giving up that. I was done and my in a agent told me that I was that this is what an actor's life is and asked me if I was an actor or not, when they said this could go on for years and years, though, are you an actor you not an actor god like,
I know I was I was oh I'm so angry I was so mad. I mean I was like crying and I was like it's too hard and you're not doing it, and you don't even know is crushing my soul and I would very much like you know that kind of crying sucking air and my manager really convinced me and my acting coach convince me to just roll through and just roll through that and keep going. Yeah, and it was that following year, then, when I got my audition for the office, but and jones who cast the office cast me in my first television speaking role, which was, Ben city, the charlie sheen years. I played a waitress who had three lines and when I had been in l for five years. I booked that job with alison, but that was like my fifth audition without and so I met Alison and she just liked me and she kept calling me in every year for little things and I would books,
little things and I would crashing at other auditions, but she just really believed in me and then thank the lord. She ended up casting the office and she thought. me and brought me in So I really oh everything to Alison, and to my manager, naomi who got me originally, I know her it's great and and and again we we didn't hit it off because, like I brow, brownies or I like smoothed her. It was really just she called me, and I did my work. She thought except a ball, and we just did that for three years and then I came in for the office in office was tough. It was like you know, is a lot of pressure Has there been this original version that was beloved, which I loved the british jane and a lot of peace I didn't even want the job, because they were sure that lucy had your part right yeah,
yes, I know every I should have work whether before my show she's great, I love her here. I got to meet her yes, she's great yeah and and so we were all really nervous, and everybody was pretty sure that, like NBC and all of us were discussed, I went out for it up for office who edition for the Brzezinski part you did yeah. I did and I had no idea what the other office was. I remember doing it and had a member who was my, I don't know who my agent was at that time, but it was for johns part, was for one. The two guys had kept looking for those two yet and I because they may John reed for dwight the first time writing it's like really tall or something everybody read for both parts. But I remember a guy who who'd ya greg Daniels is in the room yeah, you go. How many times did you go in to use? I raise the once knew what right to see gregg run straight to producers. I did go, I'm because he was there yeah and then I did. I got cast in a pilot. A big old pilot, with
kirk in ginning graphic. Oh, it was a slice of life, it was called yeah bright It was supposed to like him. We were about to go shoot and for and they pulled the plug on it after the read through, and so I think, whatever that momentum was cause. That must have been two thousand and three around the same time. Did you shoot a pilot of that? No, we got gotta, they cast if we can't get cancel it before you shot the pilot yeah we did reviewer. We had our plane tickets to vancouver. Isn't that heartbreaking was all much yeah, I mean it's like. That's that's the whole life of the, after, like you think, something's going to happen, you get attached to it I mean it's so hard to get the job and then you get the job and in the job disappears. Like I'm sorry, what else am I supposed to do? However? Catalyzing feed of grain was in there. rain wealth and why, I think so, no way there is what it was. It was almost have been right before the office. Because there is a lot of people in that in that twice a lightning
Kirk a little part was me you mean and it was like a full day. S of people is about well. Bob odenkirk went out for Michael Scott, actually prepared my auditions with him. I would go and meet with and he's your manager's husband, my manager's husband here yeah, so he would be Michael and I would be PAM and we worked on our auditions together. Oh no kidding yeah. So that's pretty crazy, but I could see him as that. But now it's hard to see anybody, but coral for the american one and your vases yeah, singular, obviously yeah, but they're very different, shows. Yeah very different characters and yeah ricky to race came in while we were doing the pilot and he gave us some really great advice about how to americanize. shell really yeah. He said you know in in england? You can be really bad at your job, but you don't get fired, you can just keep it forever and so he's like good in america. That's not true, and people would be very frustrated by that here. In amerika. He's, like, I think, are women.
over well excise suggest. My big suggestion is that Michael Scott is actually a good salesman and use. throughout the show, like he's a maddening person to be around, but he has charm with clients, and he you know and also just like he manages to surprise. You were- and I was sort of his suggestion- was that you know who peaceably heap in england. We can live with a lot of abuse and very few sunshine. But I think in america you need like a little bit more interest to hope and wish that of shroudings. You know it was you. I was kind of in a meeting that we had where we all got to go or an ate lunch, and I remembered thinking in that meeting. If nothing else happens from this entire experience, except that I got to sit in a room and eat lunch with ricky gervais and listened to him. Tell us ideas, I my life is complete. It's very smart though yeah yeah, that's, smart note, I think so too, and then Stephen merchant was there too and stephen merchant said, and Jim and pam that
romance between Jim and PAM. It should be more than like I can what he said, but he's like it should never be more than twenty percent of every episode like it's. It's just a little. Something like your. You come to but you stay for the romance, but it's not all about the romance, but it but that's important. So like that's the heart of the show. But you know this: isn't that's not at its core, a love story. I was, however, run I Incredible and I I've gone back to watch some episodes recently and they are so good, can't believe that I was on them and kind of blows? My mind like it feels like a dream really can't believe it? I still have a sense memory of my desk, an arm and I left before they took it apart, I I didn't want to go into the soundstage after it was gone because I like to imagine it's still there so long time, yeah to be dug in like that and to have those connections to even a set. You know yeah, I can't imagine
to the place and all the people in the crew, air yeah and you in use. But you know, he said it's a long time and he did create some relationships there, oh yeah, yeah and now post office. Did you find that I dunno? I didn't read this part of the book? did you find it didn't seem to me. It doesn't seem to me that that role, unlike some other the defining role, but it didn't see like it would necessarily huh kabul, your ability to be seen as anything else I know I'd it didn't, but I'm coming off of the office. I would get a lot of offers, for. I think what people may be thought I wanted to do like they thought I wanted to blow up the image of pam, so I would get scripts where they're like we just think. Jenna would be such a surprising choice for this. We just love her for this.
the bent over car and like fucked in the ass If you notice her tits are flying, but like no one will expect it and I'm like what the fuck script is this what are you raping pam on a car like? That is what you are doing like those so gross guys settled down. I mean more than one script like just something right right, very disturbing. We're get rid of that character for good. exactly are just going to I read a pam what trump's doing to america that seriously, like so much anger, so much anger at america's little sweetheart and ham, radio, I'm so sorry and I'd be like no. I think I'm going to not do that and but then would also get a lot of offers that were PAM. You know, so it's like the sort of something He was a little harder to fine, but I also after the office. I had another kid, so I took some time off. You have to
two with the same guy with the same man, my husband, that's good, that's your has its much easier. That way, I find like so much less complicated. Another husband or ex husband I have an ex husband- was that big director guy? Yes in the world of films, I know nothing about yes, yes, James Gunn is my ex husband who is the writer director of the guardians of the galaxy. You have no kids with him. I we have no children, but your friends do. We are still friends but it is good. Okay, yeah I mean he is you're you're, not obligated. You know, you're not obligated. If you have no kids to stay friends with him, I know, but I think it may be easier to stay friends, because we don't have kids cause, we don't have to parent. from separate homes. I think so. I guess I guess. Maybe if you I come in, you ended on good note. We did there no anime, Cassidy And- and I have no idea what you're talking it was- it was weirdly. It was like a surprisingly wake. This sounds crazy to me, you're just talking
crazy. I know right. He is he's an infuriatingly are wonderful person who I just couldn't be married to and vice So we were not. We were not natura and who's, the new guy lee Kirk, my and he directs and writes he's a writer director of independent films. That's how we met and and you've done that you've made a film that the film I made with him. The film I produced was the film that he wrote and then eventually directed circle. It's called the giant mechanical man and it's super good and it's so sweet and has christmas, ina and topher grace and I just love it, but they took it off netflix so that knowing well built, call somebody I now I'm I'm the producer of you. I have to tell my job I need to make that call for grace can be really good sometime. I love toper I'm doing an animated show with topher. Now I thought he was great in that movie. What was the one with Dennis quaid? Oh good,
yeah. Exactly like a great in in that the movie solitary yeah. I like that movie Michael Douglas great actor, amazing yep and getting ready to do a scene where we're walking down a new york street having a conversation, you know, like every scene, you've ever seen in any woody allen movie, and I turned to him- and I said this is my first new york city walk and talk the theme- and he turned to me with like such a genuine excited, because what I am your friend
first, new york, city walk and talk scene. This is fantastic. This is going to be great. It was so sweet like he got it right like he got why an actor wants to do a new york city walk and talk, wrote, yeah, that's great, but they stopped traffic and so you're crossing the street or acting like there's traffic, but there's no traffic, so cool grey and he completely showed up for you. He did that sweet. He got that it was special and so what what's happening now, get going so the book is happening. It's helpful, it's good, it'll it'll, put your dream into perspective. yeah. You want to do acting all those things, yeah save that corral rights to forward. But you have these weird interviews. I do I interviewed for working actors that you probably don't recognize, but they work all the time and to me that should be your goal. When you set out to have a career,
ding, because that is a successful career, so it should be about being fame. Ass are being recognisable but like a working actor, is its working. So yeah interview these four. Working actors and derek waters, the creator of drunk his years, one of the people that yeah she'll get him in here. I I like that. Guy he's amazing that he did he was on in my show, and I he was funny and drunk history is funny. I don't drink though, so I can't do it, but you could be on it to be a performer on never asked me so maybe maybe we'll work that out. I have known derek for fifteen or sixteen years, and it was until last year that he finally asked history. I do too yeah I've known him for a long time. Yeah how'd, you meet him and we, had the same manager and we ended up going to the same acting coach, whose Robert Evans, oh and he's amazing annam. He transformed my career. how she taught me how to I dition. He taught me
addition effectively and he d programmed my mind. He taught me what I should be: expecting from the industry and what I shouldn't and what I should be doing for myself. He like was like part therapist, but not the lake not in the sleazy, annoying way that teachers like want to take you back to your childhood traumas and make you like spill out your guts in class. I hate that, and it was about just like cutting out all the bullshit, bringing yourself to a role and then also, just literally teaching me what everything I was doing wrong in my auditions yeah, I guess it doesn't teach you how to act like that you're gonna acting school. You know he has in classes, but for this audition class he's like I'm teaching you how to audition, which is a completely different skill, and one I hadn't learned, and I didn't understand why I wasn't getting cast things. What was the primary trick? Memorize the first three lines of every scene
so that, especially if you're only given a small amount of time with the material cause, sometimes you get there. Unlike here's, your scene and memorize, the first three lines to your faces up because they make almost all their decisions within the first three lines. The scene pick one moment where you're going to make a dramatic choice in the scene and but just one and then actively listen when the other person is talking. Don't look down at your script for your next I make sure that there are times when your eyes are up in your listening and reacting to the casting director or the other person reading, and also taught me about the questions that you can ask in order to help inform your performance at an audition like just like little things like on a scale of one to two and how broad is this ten being super broad one being not at all, and then the casting director will say? Oh it's probably like about a seven and then you do and they're, like you know what I'm sorry bring it up to a nine like get. gauge them like help them direct. You were and no
how to ask questions. Well, so he's like awesome. That's great! That's really matter! That's where I met Derek and you still work with naomi. I still work now You have two kids and I have two cats and you like him. I love them good and your parents are still with us. My parents are still alive the proud of you they are proud of me, but that might air anytime. My mom says she's, proud of me, she's, going to remind you that she is also very proud of her other daughter, who is not a famous actress, but who was a wonderful teacher in ST louis good, keeps it equal. Then are and you're going to do that with your kids. I guess so. Right I mean as an experiment. I suppose I could just heap pride on one child and not the other and see how it goes. But that seems like I feel, like my mom's doing it right yeah. No, that's one of the good things you learn from them. I did try to take the good thing: how old your kids, my kids, are. almost six and three slash eight prove themselves yet so they haven't. I mean have a long way to go, I mean,
if I'm proud, we don't know yet. Here yeah. What prepare to be proud ok. I will help you know I'll prepare for the best good. Thank you doc thanks. Okay. Was that great? I liked it I'll play a little guitar. I think I deprived you of that. Maybe that was a pleasure for you not to have it
but I'll do it now. Boomer lives.
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