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Episode 867 - Rob Huebel

2017-11-26 | 🔗
Rob Huebel and Marc start a new podcast within this podcast. It's a show called Contact List and they're pretty sure it makes them sound like jerks. But before that, Rob tells Marc about getting started in comedy during the early days of the UCB Theater, which led to his sketch comedy show Human Giant as well as rolls in movies like The Descendants and TV shows like The League. Plus, they talk about Rob's other new show, Do You Want to See a Dead Body?, which is better than Contact List.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck sticks, what the fuck acts what's happening, man. This is my pod cast stubby t f. Welcome too it has everybody rob Hugo is on the show today rob s ear. Eddie, created and stars, and do you want to see a dead body so on you you read? I didn't I you know. I never had robin we turned out, he turned out to be oh areas and had a great conversation. I got a real kick out of him. We kind of had a good time in cuba. So I'm a little, I'm a little bonkers. You know, moving moving man. I do it's just like.
It just never and I have not touch the garage to grudges is like this present museum of me, now just sitting out here by itself. The house's is getting emptier It's a. I moved the fucking cats which is no small deal, it's very odd cat like. I am, and I know I talked about this, but I can't it's very Coming back to this house would know that's it. I realise that I've been worried, this house, for a u almost two decades because of those cats what's going on with the cap the run. The reasons I can never leave the house was ever was the cats. What about the out? or cats. What about boomer like when I went bankrupt, I was going through that divorce. I didn't. I didn't know how. If I had lost the house, how would I go anywhere it with what I was but boom was outside, I couldn't move boomer,
that's over, but now that the hat this house has never had no cats in it, and it's because I can just leave the door open now in any. every time I walk by it and my oh shit, but no there's no cats in it. It's so weird and there is almost no mean it. It's so fuckin bizarre and ever I just seems like moving is never ending this a small house but obvious. we are going to stay here in the garage for a bit. My house is not in that bad of shape. I just have to fix it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I think I might just maybe keep it as a cabin, maybe keep it as a workspace. Maybe just didn't have the garage here and use it as the the office. I don't know I don't know. I know that I have to use it for an extended period time. I don't know if this the most forgot thing I got a move. Is a garage news, remained untouched, anyways, What I do want to reach out about here is that somebody that we know and like a lot
is dealing with something really tough right? Now we wanted to lending and here bury criminals, is a great guy, making someone we've enjoyed having on this show, I didn't with him back in like two thousand and thirteen, and then he was back on with bobcat goldthwait in two thousand fifteen, and if you saw the documentary that bob made about him call me luck. you know barry story. That he's been a tireless advocate on behalf of victims of sexual abuse. Now we found out, that berries, wife Helen, whose in is in her own right, very, very good. The a great photographer is in the middle of a cancer, right in the cost of treatment is become overwhelming. The co or just staggering for the two of them in it's a it's tragic. It's really heavy but to both going through and with all the help. The is given to people in his wife. As an advocate and human rights activists, we figured we can help lift burying Helen up right now if we and we can lift them up just a bit. That would be true This. If you go to berries, twitter page you'll see the p,
tweet has two hellenes go fuck me account that's at criminal you r? I m m, I n s on twitter may we can hope to have in a country where they actually fix healthcare so that no one can ever be driven into financial peril because they got sick, but until that time we're going to help each other. So berry and Helen out ok go to go to criminal on twitter and look at that, pin wait for that link to the gofundme, so we can help save Helen's wife. so Godspeed, Barry and Helen, I'm sorry going, went through that and I hope I hope we can. how about a little bit oh, that's, that's horrible, but but there is hope there there is hope there we we've been in touch with Barry a bit. So I am in the middle of this move and ejecting a allied onto my cats and onto my own situation and wondering you know whether
I can handle it whether I deserve it. Whether you know I should have just burrowed in here, but it was a it's a trip to move those cats. Man monkey in the fond and me have been agreed Therefore, for a long time since two thousand and four thirteen years gone back and forth, monkey new york and, fond is made that that trip once but the really the only home outside their childhood home in astoria queens where I found them in the in the alley, that they've ever known and it was weird for me like I I think I was just it- was sort of sad just to just the cats here, as I took things out and There is part of me that thought well, maybe I could dumb it made. it dave just stay at the house when I'll just have them I'll come over. When I will recording we peer and and I'll just they'll just whip here. But then I realize I was ridiculous. So now I move them and they freaked out, but they
they're going to be alright everyone It'd, be all right, I'm having a hard time, throwing stuff away. There's there's bits, pieces from different pipe parts of my life. There's canned goods from my relationship, who were alike from years ago? There's furniture and things from my urges it just it's a little. It's a little bit much. You know it's like an emotional sarcophagi by in there and and I think getting a new pages is it will be nice, so rob Hugo. has this great new series it. He stars, and I mention it, he created it. It's do you want. I dead bodies now on youtube reading, and we had a great talk. Your time with him, it was fun fun, one fun one with a funny guy. This may and rob you up? What did you just say
being an asked me about glow about the show, I'm on yeah. How much you like it Everyone loves it. But I feel that, as I have seen so will of what you do, not let's That's what I appreciate. I'm glad that we are all now at the point where it's like we're, like my best friend's my best friend, I can say like man, I haven't seen her. I don't why should I understood I owe you a guy like you much I'm site there, we're all making money. I hope I hope, but act I a luxury disk. I do want to watch. Everybody loves. I know we talked on a live one once before me and Joe LO truglio and jealous really, oh, that was at Steve. He volunteered around theater yeah. I a long time ago, yup like five six years ago and it's wrong right, yeah yeah a lot has happened. Yeah yeah! I do. I just thought yeah. I got a one year old, yeah wow yeah how's that
he has parents why worry as a kid or great she's yeah, we got off to a little bit of a rocky start. She came. She was very premature. Yet so my advice, if you're having kids is, don't have them prematurely. Okay, you can avoid the have control. No you don't that's what they helped me mature. She was very early. She was three months early so that they had to put her in a thing. Yet she was in the thing she was in the little box, for I think that's the term. It's got a little thing, yeah, they put her neither am making jokes about my baby, is premature, but are they put her they put her in the nick you in the little box for four months. Actually, yes, it was great- that was a big part of my last year. Yeah it was intense dude, it was very into like like. Was it
watching gauche. It's like a not not any more like now days, it's sort of like the matrix, like it's very sci fi. What they can do now like this baby, was born when the baby was born in, and you don't have to go into this for days and days but like she was. She was under two, My one pound, all my so you're, looking like tiny little alien, you know and they do. Is they scoop scum up and they run down the hall with with a bunch of is and then nay they plug him into all of these machines and gadgets eating of an ever get, and I and now it is saying it is they can. they can t know pull off miracle, so it was. It was intense that's hard but yeah. It was really crazy, but I'm super psyched to have health insurance and,
and now we have this awesome one year old, totally healthy baby. I mean she has the thing that we're waiting to catch up is, is her lungs, like when they're born that early their lungs are, like you know, really little so you know we can't like can I climb everest tomorrow, but I'm not going to do that anyway. No, and the reason for this is no reason to either what would you know what no one has what baby needs to be upon manner? I don't think you should pressure to deny all, though it would get a lot alikes now he I'll get alot alight, yeah yeah, so that people, but but other than the lungs she's, all good in then the lungs will catch up like I'm happy for you. Happy for you have, must have been crazy on you and if over at the hospital every day, yeah yeah yeah yeah, my guy, which is super fun tons. The fun, not stressful, on your marriage at all, I'm going in married, like you, we got married like two years ago, two and a half years ago
I I'm old and my wife is young and we we're like wool. Oh I'm old and I'm going to die, How old are you I'm forty, eight really yeah? How she's, thirty, six hundred and thirty seven. yeah yeah? I'm not I'm not like a pervert yeah she's, not like twenty yeah. You know even though No offense to forty eight year olds that are dating and telling cusp of yeah. You know I tried to in the frame, the moors like that sort of a sad situation, and it's not going to end well. You know that guy, you know who that isn't that guy yeah yeah have you sure many times a couple: yeah yeah, where there's like a twenty year difference, couple of then, and what are you talk about? Tell all differences at me mike what do? Because there are some things with my wife, we're like I can't bring up- you know: hey
let's joke around about the tv shows we watched when we were growing. I know I have that with. I would like music. You can talk about music, that you use your girlfriend, be like I like the back street boys, for whoever know, I know like I and the woman I'm with now is like thirty, seven yuck, thirty, six, thirty seven, you don't really know the exact date you should and I'm fifty four or so you great you moisturize ya, do near me too. What do you use note the overdue arrogant looming it'll be overturned. Facial daily facial, I more derisory. Yes, I use that on my privates really interest. I use. I love me and you talking about moisturizer on my privates, I use saliva, you do where do you get the right out of my mouth,
I use oil of olay. Why are we talking to exist? Yes, on my face not on my privates, it's way too expensive for my privates really. I use your saliva on my product would not when I'm awake this podcast, I doubt it what I've on oh mamma. Listen in the dna is right. This is better than of what I feel now K knows an amazing gay, but we didn't talk about this stuff. What I feel bad well right now is saying what difference does it make when? and what do you talk about? Here's, the truth, the matter that came out of my mouth and I realized, when I went, I dated people that were significantly younger than me, but like looking back the woman I'm with now I'm oh emotional giant, no nor and, quite frankly, the woman I'm with now is really got me sort of,
all right, yeah yeah. It took a long time, but like the younger people, the young people of data, thank god the young people of this country, I, u R, I never thought about it. Much until you me start going out places yeah an ice. Do bit about that? Were the real? The guy looks like the person, the one that looks like the idiot is the guy yeah yeah cause it's not no one's. Like oh cool! Well, you know what's in there and you can. I can think that he's taking advantage of her, but I've found most of the time that guy's the sucker yeah now. You know it's specially where we live. Yeah sure like I liked by genuinely like the the women who were like a significantly younger than me, and I learned things from them and granted we couldn't talk about tv shows we were younger rat, but they they do have a sensibility that is like you get to a certain age, your kind of locked in things and you limited: u verse app!
skipped to get hung up on how we grew up the threat and they bring a lot more. The table they're definitely more capable with your existing in the world. then I think I was have you ever been doing something with her and thought like. What am I doing? What am I doing now with this one, why am I rollerblading this the one I'm with now is we have a lion I have a lot in common in those areas were like. We didn't need to go you both love rollerblade, but now we don't. We both love. Like sitting around going like do we need to go to that? I don't think we need to. We need to rollerblade you wanna rollerblade. Now I can't because it's going to hurt my spice skateboards, let's both vice skateboard, no skateboarding. No none of that kind of stuff. I can you know but always fancy it's those fancy modes of transportation that that up, you know, have you buy. One of the the little mono wheel, things you know yeah yeah yeah, but now she doesn't get around on that we're not doing that kind of stuff we're both very practical, but the last one I used to just feel
deal, it sounds like you. You burn their arm now, not in there with this offer a few, oh great great, but the yeah, no I'm pretty long term here, but there was one there for a while. That was significantly younger. I mean, like you know, embarrassingly younger yeah like it might have been and might have been fifty. She might have been twenty three yeah and I and I I I thought we were sort of see that yeah yeah yeah, but as soon as I got outdoors, whether I was like what am I doing, yeah there's nothing. I can just look at me. Yeah, I'm that guy she's like ten yards ahead of you, yeah yeah. I used to that's the bit. Just me just scrambling hey where we going up wait for me you at the time you know like. Did you drive like a convertible? Oh yeah, now that be done, I was never die,
I'm not even sure what about my home in motorcycle like a side. Now I my bag. You know I'm not that mid life crisis. He yeah. I really didn't see any problem with it, intellectually or emotionally right. it was really just sort of like you realize, like I'm, look, I'm old yeah. I don't feel that way when you feel that one that was here with my wife, no not at all, so there you go, but you don't have to even it's normal man, it's normal, what less than ten years or ten years eleven eleven years, it's normal, but it's not twenty years. It's not twenty years like that town, It is good. It is high time it's fine, so I dont know mia Why does love is a weird thing there that in the end yeah, that is the end of the podcast lovers, a weird thing thank you for we think you've figure using a credit roll, the credits where you come from
I came. I was in new york when you remember, I mean I in c in that area in like virginia like at the suburbs, like your dad in politics, know every everybody else's dad was knew everybody else's. Dad near me, work the pentagon, marilla and my dad was a airline pilot, the surgeon, yeah you're, like a pilot. Thank you, yeah It had yet yoga, the idea of a lot. I like a lot of pilots. Look like perverts is that you're, I think so they were eight while they marry women eleven years younger than I am, and they were like. The bomber jacket see when they got there all airlines, whereas you may get like weird mustache, yeah yeah bad haircut, but they are the only ones that professionally aviator glasses, that's right! the alien legally that should have aviator aviator sunglasses. Everybody else is like ribbon them off right, yeah, so my dad flew out of what is now reagan national airport
and our airlines, an airline that is no longer rankled eastern airlines. I was raised in our eastern yeah sure, so he liver for eastern for, like a million years as a shuttle. That's right now, that's right before we you can shuttle they had their own building for awhile over there at laguardia. That's right! Right! Right! You know a lot about eastern. But what you doesn't jerry jerry here, but you will the bio amr, that's crazy! yeah, so with the so that's where we grew up, everybody else worked in in at like at the pentagon. So a lot of kids were like can't tell you what my dad does yep for real for real Even here yeah. I think that the I don't know how that works like I guess, if your dad is like in the cia or something what what are they? What are you? What do you tell your kids just
What you just say like I work at a sporting goods store at your mom, handle it yeah mom I'll, tell you yeah! No, I dunno what the I I I imagine. They come up with some story that they can stick with. You know yeah that, but it's like, The kids are like I want, and we take me to work with you. Did you get to work day? You always ignoring assess ass, enabling every s other shopping. Turkish dictator yeah. dad! This is awesome, run run so you hell guys, the audits yeah. I knew I knew some of those boys. Your mom. Did she work in the business know my mom took care of us mainly and then, when we got older, my mom went to work for people s like doing any kids. Were there just me two brothers an older brother and younger brother? How much older just two years, another in a relaxed yeah have yet we are pretty. Well
we're all pretty close other I'll get there. Yet there they're good, they're, good deeds, and then my little brothers married and he has like teenage kids- the aid he got married way before me, yet my little brother got married like right out. college and now has kids that are like you know. Full and teenagers with you know going through, I my what to tell you man, I have like a one year old and so, in a cool way. I can ask my little brother, for he still married, in the same way, yeah seriously I get there he's yeah yeah, yes I'll get totally into it. What happened? The older brother, my elder brother, is an assassin know what cia yep for the cia. I know my older brother is his. He lives in south carolina. My whole family lives in south carolina now, except for me yet so I'm like, though, I'm like the black,
but yeah my older brother is a photographer, and you know kind of like doesn't really care that much about like money and doing you know kind of, like our tastes, yep yep, exactly huh, exactly like you yeah, I'm probably a lot like music books like this. Let me let me know only does he have a room like this he definitely has a room with books and he knows what books are yeah yeah, that's good for sure is that different than you write dear room averred. I don't. I don't have a book with magazines, I mean I'm a room with mega and it is time the magazine mostly dares are now when you get like did you go up in the cockpit and stuff? I did yeah, and this is all obviously before you know nine eleven, but back in the day. You know,
in a free for all. It was a free for all yeah like like when we were little- and you know you, we, we you ride for free a fly for free like family, so I had a little basically like a little blank cheque book yeah. you can be. You got when fill out the from Do you know like? Where am I going? You got you hand them that the coupon saipan where you live, and they just say: okay have a seat and we'll let you know if there's room, and so that We traveled, you know when I was little but yeah for sure. Like my dad would take me like my dad, would try to like buddy up it's going to trip. You know, I'm gonna, take this kid out on a trip mean just me and you here, and so my dad would like take me on us, like a ski trip. You know go out to wherever and in but my dad. I remember one time everybody's get on the plane there and you are you get you come down the jet way and you take a right and you go down so that your seat
yeah. Why came on and my dad like gave me a wink any like smuggled me into the cockpit like I took a left yeah and got into the cockpit my dad's like get in the closet, and I was like what and I'm not mark, I'm not joking. My dad's like get in the closet, be very quiet. Okay, so I'm sitting in like a little coat closet in the cockpit the eastern airlines buying. This is probably why eastern airlines is no longer around by the way, but so I just got an extra seat in the cockpit for the guy. For like two or three yeah yeah there's, it's called a jumpsuit yeah yeah, and that's for, like other pilots that are, you know going to some. Yeah anyway. I like the voice you for just anything that has to do with your dad. Otherwise there is a protracted and less. Let's do a loop. but so my dad like smuggled me into the cockpit and was just like hang out here in the in the closet and I'll bring it. So then we took off his leg like it's.
coast is clear. So I came out and then it's just me in the cockpit with my dad and the copilot and back then they had a third guy navigator right who would like decide? Okay, let's go straight. Okay, take a left, well the pilot and copilot and navigator yeah, panda gmc, that's where I stand and I'm just I'm just sitting there yeah and why would sit on the jump, and I saw that happened a few times and so I bet it was like you said it was a free for all. I remember some, some of my memories of it are like. Yes, bunch of guys up there like talking locker room tour, oh yeah, talking about talking about flight attendants yeah, you know- and I I don't. I don't know what all went on out on the road you know like. Maybe my dad has another family possible. Very often is he still around yeah I don't have you listened to the podcast as your I've used as they still do not know minnow, they got divorced.
But I know that well, they're friendly they're friendly they're in their eighties, and so they are they're they're friendly. but anyway that come back around it did. Well, yes, they would they got. They went three pretty. Do you no harm divorce, yeah and then Actually I thank you get to an age related, fuck it I know yeah. I know you not going to kill you. You know, and it's like yeah, so they may dislike now. They're, like you, put your guns down, and it's just like we're friends in a way you know yeah, you can't bring up things like you can't bring up like the divorce or, like you know, the the rental house that you got in the divorce or whatever yeah yeah, but just keep it. Keep that off the yeah yeah keep that up. But if you bring that stuff up all comes right through yeah yeah, they go right back in. I imagine I can see that yeah. That was stressful. If I start talking about divorces like you, how many You divorced one time twice three times now twice twice.
The second time now without a bad one thousand when they took the first, I'm didn't take the first, the first one I laughed, oh really. When I got left you knew her didn't you know mission I did Er I didn't know her me. I knew that you were married because you were around in new york down here cause. I think we all got out here at the same time, so your parents your friends, ass nice. Yet it is nice and your friends with your siblings and amid lying around, minor and islands or what I want to tell you that that the button on the dumb pilot story was that it was said free for all in the eighties back, then I remember distinctly sitting up there with am in the like the navigator guy who's sitting over at the side like looking at the radar, whatever they're looking had like pornography like like taped to his desk like like the inside of a locker room, and he gently or what you take off they just like all these centerfold came down. My and you see like seven, these bushes everywhere yeah yeah for real.
but this is the eighties, but there is little women s enemies, his plane. I mean they. Maybe that's a good point that graham, if we are going through a round trip in till this moment, I've never thought about it, but that What you said is true. He had to bring that pornography with him tape it under the desk taken onto the thing but telling you I remember naked pictures of like a couple of women out a crazy amount, but like a couple naked issues of ladies and be like hey guys when you're, not the plain look at these boobs that guy. Maybe he was like a character and they're just sort of like when I have to fly with him picture or pervy dave come on Dave, he'll. Put them away. Put your put your thing back in your pants kids. Here yeah my son's here. Look at the window boy! Look at that cloud! Yeah yeah yeah! Well, that's it
it's pretty excited yeah, it was it was. It was cool to you know to have a dad that did data. I I used to like walking through airports with my dad. You know it's like he was in the uniform, yeah yeah and you'd walk through and you'd be like yeah, my dad's, the buster, but he was an air force. Guy yeah he's an air force guy in a marine pilot to you in vietnam. I know somehow he missed vietnam. I dunno maybe he's like I'll have to ask him I don't mind. I can't remember I dunno mine had just skipped his his his unit, but that's how he learned huh yeah yeah yeah. I think that's it, and now my little brother is a pilot. My little brother flies for: u p s, real plug. I don't know if you have. You know if they're an I I had a european guy over this today. You did was in my brother have and so he was an inability is in a branch of the pilots. I will do to their violence, yet no manners, where do you get a plane, landed yeah street. Yet there is so he added
Did we see in the air force? No, he did you learn to you. I know he. I guess he was he was he was in the, but in the like that air force reserves. That's what it was you I was I've never been a military or even in the motor now I don't. I would remember that yeah I would remember, and I was in the military- If you ever have you ever think, I'm I think I'm gonna. U s o tour on the over the age. Now you might you might not I not anymore s, oh yeah I went to Iraq with in two as in seven me and rob riggle rob riggle set it up, he's a marine. I now rock midwestern, and so he set it up. So we went over their mean him. Interracial in polish year ended a bunch of comedy. For that I was that you know you're, welcome and well
to the troops? Yeah, that's what I'm saying now he has like ten years later and I'm still telling them you're welcome, not not to not. Thank you know, you're! Welcome! For the comedy yeah. I know Of course it was, it was amazing news credible it every day in joint did they? I think they did you know, it it opens your eyes to when you When you go over there, you do see it's all. Eighteen year, old, dudes from like alibi. Yeah and and they, Are we wanted, there during the iraq and desire is short of young. You not standard stand up per cent. we are. We went over. There did like a bunch of sketches and, like I'm, making fun of the pentagon and add actually told us like we could do with every wanted. So we had like a bunch, a kind of like funny bits and then we did like we do. A bunch of sketches together we did some in the. We did some kind of like dating game where we got like a few guys up and then
Croatia might come out in like a wig. I all really but listen allentown, usa killed it get a killed, we killed in Iraq. As at her, I can say that I killed a detour nations in asia. if you like the shows, went, went pretty only because there's there they're really hungry for right. That's why he's over there, but I mean like, are you going to the smaller cam? Yes, we went to the messages we terrifying. You guys value is really scary. We took black hawk helicopters everywhere we went for real and they too ass to what are called our fobs forward? Operating bears and we we went way way way in, like I think, like northern Iraq right and it's not like the bob hope arena. No, no! No! No! We were sleeping in and we were sleeping in shipping containers. They had like shipping containers and they like punch holes in the in the in the thing for windows, and then they had a couple of cots in there, and I mean it was. It was not comfortable, but
hey, but they take good care of you and then nay, and the main thing is like you just get me now. These people that are super site name have anyone come over there and entertain them log yeah. Definitely that's great man good for de of doing that. Yet one time we were we were, we were flying in a helicopter, go into like the next lazy, ass, a really long trip and, It was like a two hour flight, and so they open up the doors on the side, and so this just hot blowing in yeah, like the oh yeah, sounds great. Santa FE has great sandwiches yeah dude, your wasted. Your time I gotta get out of this. I give try and get my agent there is no reason why we couldn't use that in movies. There is no reward. Why even why filming the kazakh? Even then that's a motorboat right now. It's kind of a you know this. I I dunno as just a fart know: who's a jew
Eric, wins out, gets at yeah, but but with the we were flying to the next base, and it was like a two hour flight and everyone was like trying to fall asleep and they gotta in in either door. They have a guy in the door, with one of those big guns on a on a stand, dealing a huge machine that movie yeah it looks like apocalypse now right so we're flying along. I once I can have asleep and all of a sudden you just hear we someone on on helicopters. Just like like the loudest machine gun, someone just spraying down the desert hail. In down a hell fire of of artillery, and I look over, I'm like screaming sheer is screaming wriggle screaming in it. horatio sitting there laughing his ass off shooting the mission like they. I guess
guy. The gunnar wishes I gotta come on. Roma ma am Let horatio just light up the desert, because yeah there's nothing out. There is just nothing so racist. It was terrifying it was so scary, but that's like my main memory, like that guy did what you're dead, We already have the same guy you're gonna get points. As didn't know- was happening until it was happening- thought taken heat man. I can say, I went in a way I can say: apps are awesome. Actually yeah I was. I was in the shit yeah you're a little bit yeah. So where did you go? You went to college and when did you start doing the girl yeah? I I I to new york. I always wanted to be
in kommeni, but I was I didn't, know how to do it, but it will give something. Did you gotta call? I went to college where skips of that, I went to clemson in south carolina Remsen go tigers We won the. How many articles have said that I of if europe go tigers and on a lot of a couple of them yeah a couple of them, but no big deal. We are the football national champions really. Currently you didn't know that. What do I know sports, you're wearing a football jersey, hey shut, don't tell people see No, I did you, invite you and answer the door in football jersey here and I would add up and yeah. What are you ve explored and not really. Now I follow a ball know I played soccer, you know I'm a white guy I played,
me when I was little a suburban seems like a suburban, a back. I pro, but I played soccer high school was great, have soccer? when I was in highschool there, it was even invented. I don't even think so yeah, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I just didn't know the teams. We had yeah a lot of people. think that I'm a sports guy- and I appreciate it I really do. I don't know regulates right. Wriggle is a maybe not yet yes, yes, yes, I think he played he monoplane football and stuff and he's a big like sports fan, tell yo yo kansas city and his right he's weighing all those sports yeah cause? I think I probably I think he plays golf too. I don't play! I don't really, I'm not good at golf. I'm I'm happy here it's because I think I might have like I had rico in here and I prejudged him. Yeah, like you know, he was
Probably not the kind of guy would like an ice cool. Yet I d got better. I think. Well, you easy nice guy. Genuinely work had got it for sure, but you would think that you don't realize the but there's a lot of letters to him, and and you don't realize that going into it. You think like decent guy, though I imagine, some of those guys are prejudged, even in high school, might have turned out to be decent guy. Not many of them now not a lot, The small number of their chains are probably gateways around the chains. Us Are we in danger? Now he just he just runs out waving it around. We gotta get the hell out of here. Like there's a guy game. Are we gonna have every day for claude jane magazines, our man we gotta get out of here, I would say, that's probably a guy with a weak point. Now, that's a chainsaw. Is it we're in danger, the woman which just ride it out, we'll see what happens? I think there was no. If it's going to stop and we'll have to go round shelf
fucking windows. Do you have like a a what like a producer's assistant that then go out there and and give them a hundred bucks to say that yeah, like a shoot, under those conversations, happen making a year dogs will bring your honor. I think that's a racket. I think that if you're filming a tv show a lot of people think like oh, I can make a hundred bucks sure they can't by the way, if you listen to this, there is an easy way to make a hundred bucks a when you see we're filming something crank up your start. Honking the horn start yelling at yard, work with out a leaf, blower out, and then some guy cato come over. Yes, am eighteen year old kid with a headset I'd, be like hey man. so sorry to bother you is there any way you could not do that we're rolling? she'll. Oh really, you're rolling, I'm trying to make my yard nice, you fuck, at any time during the week under the now to do this. Now is the time to blow models. Are you guys you're, just gonna have to wait. How are you beat
it's an hour yeah hold on. I talked to my marriage. We were shooting somebody recently in a park at here. in LOS angeles, where we all live, and this old man came out and he was and he said that we were on his property. had now none of this is a park and he said now honour this all this right here. This is my property, so and he wouldn't get out of the shot. Is a yeah he's crazy man? You pronounced it his grazing and is wolfman, and so we have a we offered to pay him, and he said I don't want your money we like really like what is this about so We finally had to like the hall like that the county- like tax assessor and have them nl email, us the property rights and show him like work on a park really Get out at a gay went that party. It took a long time over my god. I'd still be. I don't know why I don't know what he wanted
if you're listening this piece of shit Oh, I know I know it is a leading to young enough to cause windows are filter While you close the windows, everybody's rob, you listen. Marks outside. So I'm gonna fill time. Call me on my cell phone right now, two one, two, five five, twenty five by five number Actually, I'm noticing this glow calendar. You guys have calendars for your tina. One of the cast members made that guy yeah Chris Lowell, who took a lot of pictures yeah had those made he put he's. Also on the show that you didn't watch so I'm going to watch it as to which one to your fucking life. I will watch it alright, I so So, yes, I went to college, landed, clemson, tigers, go you, that's how we get to certain play. Football didn't leave, oh by the way they are the national champions. No big deal. You can catch him any time. Every saturday. Would you study their marketing only make it here's the thing
I wanted to know what you know what I want to do. I thought yours, I thought that's one as me marketing, what does mean manage? What is that? I thought you learn what are the even the classes market equal rights, business. You know it's like it's like I hey. How do we promote this product? Really kind of sort of you know in a way it's a that's a whole major. It's a whole major consumer behavior. people buy the things they buy. That's a whole major, that's a whole major! You go to class and they're like what's going on with what why why a will act like this embarrass you stores is economics, part of it. Yes, you take economic. All that economics finance marketing. You did all management yeah yeah yeah did you brought? Did you take it in a little bit? Here's the thing. I wanted to at the time this is all going somewhere at the time. I thought I wanted to
being comedy, but I didn't know how to do it. So I thought. Oh, you know what I'll do I'll get into advertising does make sense you ve got copyright. Yet that's right! That's what I thought I thought had moved to new york and get in retirement you'd right, dad jingles and barbed blurbs in bloom, really young, and so what are those catch? It sets raises yeah the hey: look: the beef. I mean that he did get that out of your mouth. Put this in your mouth, yeah yeah, weird, like that one yeah get that in your mouth. Put this in your get that out of your mouth, put this in That's don't steal that people listening so, I thought I would work in advertising so because I didn't have the here's. Here's the the lesson that I'm trying to get a clumsy yeah. I did I have the courage to say to myself: why don't you just get into comedy and start writing? Jokes? Did you think? Did you know that that was a possibility? I didn't know how you do it like. How do you would? How do you do it like you just start or you had no interest in doing stand up. I was that's
pretty scary to me and I'll tell you why I remember going to like Luna lounge and that after college, when you want, is that this is in new york, and I want to hear about the dark times are floundering floundering can get a job in new york, and yet and everything was care of for for real. I I thought I went to interview at at a college yet so right after college, I moved to new york moving to new york, yeah more or less I moved to aspen colorado. Would you do there skied for a year wow nice high It will mean the bank good for you. I don't know what I think my parents thought golden go ahead. Good luck enjoy it. How are you the skiing, really good having the idea, but it is very on my phone It was a great time teach keeping his window, I worked in hotels. I were I worked in hotels.
At that time the aspen comedy festival was going on you Amelia. I was part of it. What year this was like in the early nineties indy five. You are yeah, I'm I missed you, and that was I was. That was not a good year but I had I bought tickets garry shandling performed there. When I lived out there and I had front row tickets to garish. Yeah, it was amazing, it was. And- and I didn't know, but years later me and rob wriggle would go to the aspects. Many festival with a little sketch show that we did and that's how we got agents anyway. No big deal came full circle, ample sort kind at him. Yet totally did I knew at the time at the time I didn't know what I was doing. I was like you weren't sitting there going. I want to go there. I wanted to do comedy, didn't know how to get into it. Other than stand up stand up. Seemed too scary. I didn't think what What was I going to do an average?
Looking white dude from the suburbs of like northern, like what's my like that, what yeah like what are people going to do like? Oh, that guy's get a hot take on stuff. You know so we didn't you wanted to be funny, but I, but I knew that I I knew that I could be funny and I felt like I could do it in a you know, but I didn't No until I got to new york I seen improv before so you got out and for a year. You sky was at work at her church and see garry shandling, and then your I have time for real life yet time for real life. So then I moved to new york yeah and try to get into advertising doesn't go well. Have that guy I'd like to do some of the store did day and hey. What's up, I'm rob, and I want to work here- oh cool. Where else have you worked? Nowhere, oh cool! Where are you from I just lived in aspen cool, how what you mean oh yeah. I do like to ski and smoke weed. Okay, get out here. that's sort of how that works.
When I was in so I found around in the at the time I was living, with a couple guys in one of the guys had a girlfriend I'd roommates in your gives super poor super poor. What we're in queens, no if I lived with these investment by everyone I lived with, was making money. They were all like these investment banker. How'd you get hooked up with those guys like a friend of a friend, they said hey. This guy's got a floor that you can sleep on so I move in new york and I lived in like you know some I play on the upper west. Side was sleeping under the stairs literally they had like they ve, never room. For me. I slept under the stairs in this in this place, and I had like a little egg crate. Remember those egg crate like that like in this room, the like did the distant things that are sound perfectly. My old mattresses now come on, he could have done, but why do we do that to herself because I literally had no money. I moved to new york. No, I know for I I didn't know anyone. I thought
I'm going to move to new york, I'm going to get an advertising! I may give myself a year: I'm gonna give myself one year and anything that new york, I didn't know anyone in new york, so why It's alright. I didn't know where I was going like this any like you. Dad has been sad times dude, I remember going. I attempt- had tat job sadder. That without says you tell you at my roommates girlfriend worked at attempt agency and she's, like our aid. Do you know a microsoft word no, Do you know excel what Do you know how to make a spread? Now I don't know any that. Can you do. You have a suit now, I didn't have those things so you'd? Okay here go to this place tomorrow morning, at nine o'clock don't be late, you're going to the phones and no it? So I would just go to these places and she would lie for me. She would you say yet. This guy has come in he's a real, sharp customer and he now
He knows microsoft, word and in inaccessible, and he can type it type, and I was like no. I can't I'm I had attempt job at the time warner or time life here in my job was in putting zip codes of people that subscribed time magazine oh wow are here, you go one time. I had a job at goldman sachs for a couple days and I might have been in there great dude really great fun, then really get yeah gary yeah there. He was probably there yeah he's, probably up and coming guy, but my job, you know again like I would temp for these people that their their receptionist was sick. So send me in, and I would like hey. What do you need steve and they'd be like I dunno staple this stuff in so they give me stuff to staple year, and I remember I distinctly recall barging into a very important meeting in a conference room in lower manhattan and like goldman sachs, and I
stapled. All of these reports together and I just said, hey steve, I'm done I'm then putting all the reports together. All guys in suits whip around and look at me like why are you in here were a bank we're trying to solve to take money from p. We are running the world yeah we're controlling the money, we're controlling all the money everywhere and needs in europe. You yourself get out of here. So that's it. in four hours of yahoo staples of things? So I did that for for, like guess, tempt for like a couple years in new york and then. And then I got here on the bridge and then I'm on the bridge, I can see that in says it starts in improv yeah. Yeah, I started taking improv classes in new york. and what drove you I saw my roommate at the time I'd switch roommates. Now here in my room, mate new, do you have a room now
this point too had a room. Yes and I was living with a guy. Who was a funny guy also trying to get his shit together? Guy named MIKE Henry, who went and later to work for family guy and I he created the clear the cleveland show. I am really funny writer, but the time we're just broke deeds living in new york, and he was just a friend of a friend and he said hey you should go see this improv show with me and negotiate his improv show in it was at that show. I asked cat that Amy poehler of the ldc be yet not even they didn't he hadn't even started the theater yet so it was like it, they would do him in these little pop up place and ass. I went to see and asked cat and it was like teen affair. In Amy, poehler and Adam Mckay and like, jon. Glaser and nasty colbert in? Like all these? You do big show comedy future superstars, who just moved at all. Just moved to new york and we're getting it going,
I think some of them were, I think, like I'm sure, mckay was writing for snl or something and I I saw that show it changed my life I was like. Oh, that's what I'm going to do. Imma do that. If you don't understand that, that's how you do it yeah and they hadn't even gotten the theater together yet, but when they a few couple weeks later, I think they started this theatres doing classes nasa yup, the one, the original one, the one with the weird seats, the old strip, butter yeah? Why does an old strip bar and the tent and they got the seats from the bus terminal or cr yeah, yeah yeah, and I it was an old strip bar in daddy's to get a lot of weirdos coming in there looking for strip shows. We be doing. You know, improv If chosen, people want to jerk off yeah any big nano, it had her way a lot of orthodox jews. The hasidim needs to come. It's true. You've heard that story. Yeah? It is true yeah. There is for some reason a lot of Has it accused would come into the theatre look
the first room shows and we'd be like how wednesday for the yeah yeah yeah, you've heard that story. I have heard versions of yeah. It's true it's true, but we I have like go The street in hand out flyers on that street. No we go on the union square and other other cool places. You the east village and we try to hit up. Allow students to come to our improv and sketch shows right. I remember which tree was it on thy twenty, twenty second straight yeah right so and that's how we would get people to come see our shows- and I was doing like Matt lived at top yeah it that yeah and I m so we would just try to pack the house and in that time it's not like. It is now or there's like a million people trying to do shows there. It was like we need, show yeah guys. You know walsh, besser in and amy and and ian maybe you guys go, show
I put up a show tomorrow, you know yeah, so we would just throw up shows and really it was like that yeah. It was really like You have said they needed time fill they needed time. Phil yeah, I mean literally. If you had an idea for a sketch show, you could do it while you're taking classes or hanging out yet taking classes the original for teaching yep, and that was it. That was it. That was it and then and then, like you know, a year later or a couple of years later, you would start like. I started teaching there, and so I started teaching them proud you take with. I tried to only take with within, I took a took a class with besser and we are aiming there were great. But when I got in with Ian that was my dude yeah yeah and you know he went on to like right on. I think if it is a sure under maybe on keen peel but like there's something about him, but he's a machine. The I scared me. yeah he's yeah he's one of those guys that irritated me yeah he's like he's kind of a yeah.
He's out of all of them. Yeah he couldn't get a handle on that. Yet he can't get a read on him. Yeah, yeah, but but but comedy wise, was a machine and knew how to make any improv scene. Funny and like you would do you know, when you take classes with him, you would do a terrible, terrible, fucking impressing just a disaster. and if you like, ok here's what you said and then, here's where it went and- is where it took a bad turn He was so like an cole about it in scientific about it. He could show you. This is where I went off the rails. If you just got in this direction right now, would it made sense? And then you guys what had a funny seem right now, control that shit. No, no, no, no! You just have to fail. Dude like we, I'm telling you man, I feel bad for all people that came to early shows that we did so many horrible horrible shows, do learn very quickly,
oh, that that was that still happens for sure, plenty of shitty shows how, for sure, but less so as you. You know you figured out like like eventually you figure out like home why is are the people I want to perform with? These are the guys that I think are I guess now. You know you do enough of the sort of class driven shows like they did this, the like it's not a desperation for shows anymore. I imagine you're, probably out in front of audiences, regular audiences before you were probably ready for sure for sure. If he'll be like a blade, leave there and be like what was that you know yeah, I mean that's. Why so many people think that improv is bad because, like probably because of me, that's all I hear and the guys that I keep up or like I like him, because he will rob you will thank you for calling me steve, wow, the rather nasty know where Steve comes. I don't know why they call you, I love it rob steve going by steve, Steve tweet
Let me add: steve uber, please. I know you are and so so that's how it teacher started, teaching improv classes and then write about. At time I I started: commercials I'd someone some commercial agent. I started scat, not. You know the theatre started to get a little bit a heat whose there now at that point that point it was like cordery at homes. any daily wriggles sheer and they all came up through the rank. They all came up the air we all started around the same time, amazing, but what what changed things for me was. A commercial agent in then I started getting commercials and then that just gives you some some The ability to monitor yeah yeah. So national commercials yeah. So I got really lucky in that world and in that kind of bought me some time.
Did you get on a roll with him? I did yeah are a guy on the commercial for a while that guy again that was your. That was that was my thing: yeah commercial in new york that they days to play before the movies and it was called inconsiderate cell phone man and Is me being a jackass I myself am talking really loud, then tell everyone to be quiet down everybody up to turn your phone as a movie commercial. It's right! It's a movie commercial. So that was like my first like one of my. as part you're walking around new york on your computer like do, do consider its nobody. Everybody said like insensitive self on no one could ever get it right, so so, but yeah. So that was my thing for like a few people, everybody called me that great so you're improving private you're, making money yeah commercials that you're not comfortable with, but you can't fight it. No, can't find it. I
Everyone in that world. This would like know it's good dude, it's great yeah yeah. I did a. I did A really embarrassing, like utterly humiliating olive garden, commercial, that it was really because I'm to try to only do the funny ones you just got for the funny commercial right and our like you said, I got gotta kind of a role in that, but then I did one for olive garden was strangely sincere and they were like they did. They me they. Let me think I came in and they're like hey. I we, you know you're funny and you can just improvise. Do whatever you want right, do whatever you want so say. Let me do that like all day long and then like they wore me out, I got really tired and then the at the end of the day, the hey, let's just just for fun, just for me too serious to a serious one, and as like, what do you mean the yeah just totally like dramatic,
and I and say the waitress to come over and give you like your your soup, salad and breadsticks here and she'll. Say: hey you what you guys here for you guys celebrating and then you look at her and you go now it's just monday. But a real, sincere like that? Okay, so I did that, Then the commercial came out and really, it was really just that. Just really straight like looking right into the camera and I was in it and then the the idea was like olive gardens. Always it's always good. You don't have to celebrate yeah. You can come here and just when most people get off yeah, it's usually for birthday parties and wedding a casual place to eat just on wow. So I was I was upset about that.
It'll, be a lot of people start making fun of me with just Monday's wine. Yeah yeah yeah, a celebrating yeah and people say hey what is it? What day? Is it and I'd say just monday as a bummer? but it's hard to you know it's hard to your and u s- and I learned my lesson: don't ever don't ever not be finding out, funny when they tell you that he want to try one just for me. That's when they're lying, that's the one they're going to the one they're going to use. So when did you start making if he's in tv What await you and disease immune disease and paul did add this mtv show as we got our own tv show on mtv. This is back. And I m tv still on. I think it still. I don't know you did your girlfriend. now does your wife? How dare know how tall are you? It is
We think it is by unwilling your credits, but out you were. You did some shit with the operators. It's brigade when they had the show on comedy central but total. Just like background, like you know what you do for the awful truth, Oh, I was a producer yeah. Like a more michael more. How did that have? Well? It was all interconnected, a friend of mine from you c b, was working on a way for Michael Moore, and he said hey, do you want to pay, michael more some. Some comedy ideas, field, pieces, right and field pieces and so I said yes are. You know for sure, and I was a big fan of Michael Moore's movies, and so I just sat down- and I wrote all these vino ideas for field pieces send him to Michael Moore and just somehow, lucky and he was like yep. These are funny. Let's meet this guy, so that was when I was doing commercials and everything
the daily show came right after that I got gotta. We did a few of those. Only did a few yet for like six miles during the first bush election as a bright light and stick. Why won't you walk as I was my good? I wasn't very good field producer. It was hard for me because back then you remember how the daily show used to be like way back. You would go out with John stewart yeah, oh, but way back before they figured out do you know what they were before? They really hit their stride. I think politically, as they would do this funny. Field pieces where you kind of go out with the correspondent and he kind of like a little bit make on the person you try to find a weirdo that was out there. You know, maybe drilling for oil in his backyard right and you go out there and you kind of make fun of my little gas. Well, kind of when I was there and then and then after that bush got elected they're like nor not doing this anymore and John. I think John was like we're not going to start going to make fun of people like now. It's let's get political. You know
so that research to yet with what once you get our w yeah yeah yeah. So I so once that happened, then they the show kind of shifted and they sort of became you super. Let it go on. They didn't really do this kind of veal pieces anymore and but also I just wasn't very good at it. It field produce, and it said that you like here, looking like mcenroe you did. That ban. I think I appeared on The show. Is John mcenroe? Yes, it's very possible I like I did yeah. We had a friend that said, why don't you guys come out here to the John mcenroe comedy show: makin rose a nice guy, yeah question mark, and in it gave him a comedy show yet. Like us indicated, dogs indicated talk, show a member who It was on that cause. I remember doing it and being like. Oh you work here, yeah meet with me and sheer. Were there writing jokes for John mcenroe, which was tough as a tough job to to try to write jokes for a tennis pro
and how member the whole thing felt, stilted at all yeah yeah, and we would have a guy. Would come on and they would they be late. We build hey, here's a funny idea for you and John, and they would try to. We would turn a right like a sketch for the guests and region, and it would never go well right, but that was like a very short lived show and rye, but you know over again back then it was just like yeah. If I'm, if I may make a check, get a paycheck, but again funny movies will thing. Well then, I just started to pop up like through you c b, I started to get little breaks like mackay started directly movies. You now right. and so I knew him it used to be. I knew him from the comedy world at u c b and I so I started to get like little little cameos and, like the other guys right will farrow stuff like that, and so it started kind. open up doing that and then around that same time me and paul and disease did human giant, and that kind of it up a lot of doors for us in the comedy world we started getting like more opportunities like,
sit car. He asked anyhow diseases stand up, yeah yeah, one weird mullet, hair, yeah, yeah, paul, he didn't have any hair didn't have any hair at that point. a white guy hair on my white guy hair. Is it all about the hair, but that she knows you love guys haircuts. I do I take it in but that that show helped us out a lot that show helped us kind of all get gone built that at u c b we and we would test yeah. We would go out with our we had. We use the same director, the guy that created the show. This jason wollner who's super any smart writer and director and he did the show like eagle higher that guy energies so easier, yeah, we would go out and we would shoot sketches and then you take him now. You see be would show my front of alive audience and if it got a laugh than we put it in the tv show, so that was a great
an easy way to sort of group. The best way to do it. Yeah just show David, said eris. Does that? Oh really with his writing? Oh Just do a live. Reading, yeah, yeah and he'll, like you know, tweak things yeah, so okay, so it all takes off so that so yeah. So that's how that's how it went career wise with with human giant yep, and that got me going The other big thing is a children's hospital the hospital that was just friends that was corddry was a friend you a lot. That's a lot of episodes, dude yeah yeah. It was great, but you know but mark those are fifteen minute episodes there's that's not in the The cash is no money. I haven't had like a money gig like you, I would have like the one of these sweet cushy. Pod kelly was the league. I was like Episodes that that's not bad what words! My money gig this the pad cas when it seems like you ve, had some pretty at gigs, most transparent has been great. I do nat transparent. Now I don't watch it. I watched the first season. You did yeah. Oh thanks. I thought it was good.
Because you know you're aggravated the first season yeah and you get to be it's fun to do for me more serious, because you know I've done a lotta like jackasses and obnoxious guys. He has kind of idiots yeah, which I love and I'm a few it's in my wheelhouse here, but it's fun to do a show where, like oh, this, writing is really good or you just like inches it to say these were trusted. Yeah yeah and you just like you know. Oh, is this the script, a good job man? TAT yeah, where you don't feel like. Oh, I was going to say that here that's not the way I was going to make this one year yet so that's what's great about transparent is like it's the right, is really good and you're directing like I just make it look, as it is now it's a it's ballsy show. Thank you for saying that but yeah, if you've got a pretty good, pretty good, pretty good people in that movie, clooney yeah, yeah he's pretty good. Was that intimidating
in Alexander payne directed that movie. So yeah he's good, but you don't want to be the weak link in that movie. You know like I, I got to go to hawaii, we shot it or I show up in it's a clooney and it's a I, alexander payne. It was like the best director in the world and then like me, and so ass? I go boy yet I went on drop the bar, so I need a good thanks. Buddy were not done, talk marconi, so easy twenty nine plenty nice guy, and I thought that very personable guy seems like it like. You know when you know when you're shooting those things in your in between and in the years hang out yes neuron in someone's hausa. Were you shooting and you just sit on a couch next to george, money in it. I remember a one point we were both on. Our phone
and we're looking at our phones- and I thought, like I'm just gonna- ask him for his phone number, like I'm just gonna, say: hey george, eva george. What you know would I should we should have thanks, but I lost my nerve. I didn't do it I had it was. Had you talk to a previous no in talking no, I would have been kind of the the first time. The first you know me. If they meet a guy. You hang out for a few days and he seemed but he's really cool he's super funny. He's super is always doing pranks you. Everybody says that any day as you know, is always pay imprint hadn't talked to him that much no but at, but I woke up. day, and I went into my trailer and now there's a bucket of his urine. Then it was above my door and it's
when I be great if he was like prank in me for no reason but really really gross like aggressive, harassed prior gray like it. Just as I see it, a shit man, I put a bucket of shit under your under your cow. I know that feeling. Ok I'll talk to people in here, and I don't know how people see me or what- Why are we ready, says you're a prank stir, oh no like what position I hold and in the world. You want me to just email you that stuff suffer. You shall call or have some call your system I saw your god efficient around my throughout. Oh you, I get your number by we I, who should I get type that were young going just call me am. I shall get John him yet number, right yeah, do every body. Do you going this by taxing taber out till they were you oughta? You are never, I very rarely we'll text any so ever. That I've ever cut english. I would like to go through. That would be a great episode of the podcast, where we just
through your phone and we just we don't give out the numbers, but we see who they are. Do you want me to get it? Who you got You have your phone handy, I wouldn't mind like it's any other. I wouldn't mind a sampling that'd be fun hold onto okay I'll fill time of the guys marks going in the other room, and so what I wanted to do was tell you that you can call me on my phone any time. I'll pick up. I swear to god I'll pick up two one, two, five, five, five one to one to call me right now we can chat we can tie up here comes because we want we do this because we could be go here. Is they ve been drinkin all day? Now that I did have a I came from another podcast where they said you want a beer and I said, yeah cause. I just smelled it and I was like what you have to wait. You smell beer on me just now know is that is that for real yeah I smell a beer gross what's two years to when you got okay, are we going to go through our phones? Why you me? I guess
isn't that the game. Are we coming up with a new segment on the show? Well, let's go, we don't have segments, but let's see, let's see who okay I'll say one, then you say one: okay: where were we were? Let me catch up, I'm in ace, okay, I gotta I gotta I got a ryan Adams wow, I guess you're goin, you're, goin you're gone big, nothing and as for you, I got a pam adlon and I I got Curtis Armstrong who's at man booger revenge of the nerds. Okay. I do I got his number. I think I won that one know who did you have Ryan Adams? I had a pan had Ryan Adams and Steve Agee, that's a trial if Steve Agee, oh you have stevie, I have Steve Agee. Do you have Steve albini down nope? I have rs barker. Well, that's pretty good yeah! I have I keep going Dave alvin Don't owe a guy. I've got our common. I have Aubrey plaza.
How do you know you so use? Oh wait! A minute I gotta Carlos aus, rocky and I've got a job ames. I think I might join in the names as my neighbor, oh yeah, you live up there. Yeah he's a great guy. I got While this is some yo alan I get laid out, I got a kieva, but you know LEO Alan actually lives. A mile department in a story is utter. You know he lives out here. I moved yeah. He lives out here. I his two d. Are you worried that people are going to listen to this and think we're dicks yeah boy? You have a judd apatow Yet appetite no, have you unhappy? Woe right, arms and oh shit are net. Oh, I got our way. I got an it Tom Arnold. wow wow. That's I am is it tom. Arnold has the tapes of donald trump saying racist things. He says he does
what are we to David? Tell that's a good one of the guys. I have accra, I've gunning brandt from mastodon dinner, the bandmaster them. I asked for number, hang his area and got exerting we gotta get when I got a bob dalla ban wow you do you I feel, like you, aggressively, solicit these lance bang? Bangla saree, the lad? I can look. I got tony collated. That's good! Rob cordery terry crews whitney cummings. I got that these are great I got a how bout I got Alexandra Daddario from baywatch. Do you know her eyes were to Roseanne Barr, that's a good one, air! That's a good one! I got dad and I'd bury the dead? I got you. I got your dad's phone number, that's good! I got Andy Daly. Well, that's good! jumping ahead of any to the days while how'd you get
I got, gotta get going, I got rodeo, I got rob Delaney, that's pretty good. I got do. Did Patrick dempsey demographic guy yeah to lake bells, me too. I have one like bell I got a richard belzer wow, hey, wait rachel dratch hate. Wow the I dunno. If we should, how much longer we should do this, are we starting to sound like dicks? I think, we certainly dixon. We said: hey yeah. What famous people do you have in your phone? Someone's people at work. Listen to s, podcast thought these guys thing is a lot of these. Are I'm just working at names and I might like teddy bergeron like some of the ones. It may be a rag fitzsimons, I've dead people here who shall we Berman, dunk Oliver there's a lotta gotta get rid of here. The air will you I don't ever do that mean either liken it's crazy. I passed like two dead people
and yeah John krasinski. I got my. I don't have Krasinski I'll give it to you thanks lizzy Caplan, dane cook Tom lennon tank, dane cook. you know with the next step of this is: let's call these people one quick I'm going to skip ahead. I have will I am's phone number? Oh, that's a that's a good and I'm going. I have alexander Payne's phone number. Let's call him where you are in the movie. Okay, I, when jean claude van damme, you do end of game. You do yet, and that is that that's the end of this game, jean claude van damme, nope David Wayne. I beat myself hold on I'll, beat the both of 'em bob saget wow yeah sag. I don't know him nice, guy, yeah, great guy. Chris, I have Kristen wigs number. We could call a right now I've about Tom sharply. You have kristen waked phone number yup. You guys tone it now. Maybe well! You know I love her. I can't say that were pal. I think we're neighbors, I'm we're pals, but united. By have a phone number. I did read
the tabled five or phone number two for never my this is not a competition, it is it I thought that it. Why do you mind if I take this idea, and I start my own part gas- do scarlet called contactless again, do it The thing is, I don't call or reach out to any of those people, because I'm terrified me too, I'm too like. Why would you do? Why would I call them I'm not going to call alexander payne or to wait? What's his new show it's get out of here. The new show I did is called: do you want to see a dead in its on youtube, red and the premise well. Did you ever see the movie stand by me, yep? Okay, so it's a bunch of kids they go out in the woods viennese. They they know about a dead body whole getting getting to the dead tracked right, jerry, o connell out and so I did a tv show bay. Done that, but a comedy verse that where I take different famous people out to and a dead body, a different dead body every week,
and and that's the setup of the show, it's scripted. It's not like a reality show shown like that. You're, not fooling them into thinking. You know where real dead body is no, although Jeffrey Tambor wanted to do the show, and we couldn't work it out for I he wanted too much money, no as he I it just. wise, but he asked me he did ass meant that it was adorable. He said I m. Can I ask how these people die? as at all Jeffrey. It's not actually a dead, but like a week It's either actors pretending to be or you know we get like one of the cs. I like you, know decomposing. You know fat guy, washed up on the beach somewhere. That many say ah now get it, so he wanted prairie. You wanted to prepare. You know like how am I going to behave when I see this person so it not really about. You know that no via we don't never know how the person got killed. No one ever
ask me how I know where all these bodies argue. Is this an absurd premise for four hang out? if somebody you know so it's me and the You know we shot a bunch of these episodes that there are like fifteen twenty minutes, but I like it. scott people, I just read you and my father. The funny could a funny crew rob cordery randal park. Joy. One show terry crews, a lil rel. Ah, Judy Greer Michaela watkins. I love her. yeah. So it's all all of our funny friends going out on a on a really dumb quest to find it different dead body with me how to come out. It's my favorite thing like I've ever our group is really so dumb and self on cause. It's it's for you to bread which, like their pay version ethic, you pay like a ten bucks or somethin. And they literally were here, I think forever, and
and they, but they were just you know it's a new, it's one of those new platters, so they're like yep, We want people like in what would the trying to get people that are not youtube stars to do shows? Therefore I know they're. Like me, people that people have heard of yet so they're like Do whatever you want say whatever you want, so you know it's craziest, show I've ever done, and I and it's just soo We're funny like too, has nothing to do with anything. There's. No. I didn't it's no commentary on the real world or politics or anything. It's literally just me one on one with someone else and we're both acting like idiots, it's great and it's a super fine yeah. That's just pure funny! Yeah! Thank you, while that I didn't see it they you think my name is Steve. There's been great architect, I join it. So don't steal! giant marble, I'm not going to. I am gonna, steal knife, no deity in this hammer.
know that there's a lot of there's an unusual amount of weapons in here for a guy than for I will say for a guy that interviewed the president. United states took them all out. They took out the hammer, yeah, and then I am the knife. Sir, did you did you play that I remember now you didn't say: hey, hey man, let's hang out hey you wanna, hear me ref yeah the thing I don't do that only with guitar players. Sometimes yeah, yeah who's, the most famous person you ever played with I pay anybody look in your phone I play with Jimmy, recently that was exciting. For me, the most, best person I ever, but are you going to go pro guitar while I don't think I can know too late, and I mean I'd like to play with people and I'd play with somebody recently, but I found it a little intimidating I kind of pushed out. Yet ever he ever plan stage with the I like and sort of like a live a year play was originally phillips and mark rivers and it like farmer, not a farmer, know it was a greg barons
it needs to do. Yeah yeah bring the rock thing yeah yeah, where you tell a story and then play yet. He had AL put together great band of way with brendon small wow that crew, oh wow, those guys are yeah, but it's good to play with death claws yeah yeah yeah at when he used to do with a similar type of show. Yet does your girlfriend. Does she enjoy it when you play or is she annoyed when you play she's fine with it she doesn't like when I do it while we're watching television right, even if it's electric with not plugged in, but you don't like whip out your guitar and play for her and she's, like oh no she's like she gets like emotional now yeah. Yet not as I met the beginning, you do that yeah and then you put it and then once you like, once it's like once you, I I'm pretty good at right, shaggy, a pretty good step land and please to play in the smoke or stop playing your grey water? Will you way playing dumb boys, noodling yeah? I want
everything worked out with your kid in net yeah. Things are good for you and it was again great talking to you. Thank you for having me Jim. Okay see, I told you, I was fun I never hung out with him now I feel like we should hang out more, but I don't know if that'll happen. I it's clean play, clean, alright, clean, clean. the the The The the
the hmm the In the the the the in the boomer lives.
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