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Episode 880 - Richard Jenkins

2018-01-10 | 🔗
Richard Jenkins is one of the great character actors working today but he was a late starter in show business. As he continues to rack up awards and accolades for his performances, including his latest in The Shape of Water, Richard reflects on the early days of his acting ambitions in Illinois corn country and the intervention by his high school English teacher that got him on his way. He also talks about his favorite collaborators, including the Coen Brothers, the Farrelly Brothers and Frances McDormand.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my pod gas- w tap. Welcome to it, I'm here I'm here, I'm here in the the garage at the cat. In the in the last days of the garage at the cat ranch You know it's weird. I've talked about this a bit, and I say it's the last days but if not done anything yet and in everything. It happens relative slowly with me, and I don't. I don't know why that is. I think, maybe that's the way I can those things I I don't know how you do things some people, it's just a You have some movers come over or you do it yourself and you just clean the place out.
Clean the whole house out clean the storage unit out clean all of it out. Whatever you doing, you're clean in it out you, you know I I know I am capable of that, but I Don't I don't do I don't like obviously I, though, agree of a little time, not you sometime you gotta get out for either You know good reasons or bad reasons. Yes m, as european run out Is that enemy the laugh there at the whatever I thought of in my head? It was just the discomfort of that you, wish that I made up in that moment. I can react to thing It happened in my mind. Nowhere else it's it's my freedom to do that, but I I when I moved the stuff out of the house most of it, it was just slowly he's meal in awake and handle carload by carlo granted. I'm not moving across country in that would make it more depth. It's time consuming, but I'm just. The way I can can do it the way I can handle the process and I'm not
I have not moved anything and I can that I mean that's the point. I'm trying to make, but I'm busy. Once again, I'm I'm overwhelmed with stuff. I do the podcast twice a week, I'm still shooting the the Second season of glow, I'm trying to get some lady gather it, sir, and in I'm getting things ready. These aren't problems or their good things. But that doesn't mean I'm not to anxiety, ridden full of dread about the world and about whatever I have to do tomorrow and everything else. But but I'm trying to and the the part where these? This is grey. This is, This is what you worked for. As opposed to in being in that work and excited about it, as opposed to being like. Oh my god, what do I gotta? I gotta weigh half fuck and in the back of my mind, to giving you chose his life man and worked out the offer it's working out, so woody comply about a working out for columbia. I'm tired,
It's a lot of work for it to work out anyway, speaking about working and and and being in it for the long haul I was something I really do. That's called a shaggy way, Today, on the show I talked to richard jenkins, richard jenkins is somebody we all know you may I think you know one, but you know I'm because he's been in a lot of movies and for a while. Time he restored at that guy. I think to some people. He probably Who is theirs, that guy who's that guy it's a guy? But this guy, Richard Jenkins, is one of the great american actors and you might remember him from his oscar nomination and I I I thought he had wanted for the visitor in two thousand and eight, but he was on he was he the basically the So the father on six feet under he's been in a lot of that a couple of Colin brothers movies. It was in all the fairly brothers movies. I actually saw him in his first film
doing on tv. He was in witches of eastwick and he's been in a lot of movies. He was great in forwarding with disaster the david around a thing. He d any did I heard how could be what they would arrest by anyway, he's been in a lot of movies, He was just in that lbj movie with rob reiner, which I didn't talk to him about, but the movie he's in now, and the reason why he's around cuz he doesn't live here in la is for the shape of water, which I saw I seen a lot of. Movies I've seen a lot of the movies that are nominated anyway? It a rained massive rain here in los angeles, and it got chilly, it didn't get freezing, but it got damp and it got chilly too. bones chile- and I am so fuckin happy when it rain out here, I can't even begin to tell you this. This city gets so fuckin dry. That you're like where
am I going to just dry up. Am I losing water In order to mount am. I am because your skin gets dry. No matter how lotion will help you it's basically the desert, l a county. I believe I believe I've heard. That is a fact, so I presented to you as one the new place that I'm in where the cats are now was so dry. It was so dry that I there was so much static. Electricity in that house that I touch my cats cause it just to add it terrified them. I would shock my cats I'll go camaro, I touching hear that crack and then the cat would just spin. You know what I mean when you get shocked: it's not good for cats, it's not as disconcerting for humans. I'm assuming that for a cat is very jarring, so all freak out, I've been you know, electrocuting them with my fingers for the past month anyway, it rained.
and from living in the year in the house here, the cat ranch for as long as I have over a decade much longer than decade, fourteen years or so every time it rains. I would go into a panic fuck. roof? What about the roof is the roof going to one time like I'm like tat, veers years ago. Right the house before I realize you gotta, clean off a roof, specially a roof with one run off what started pouring out the cabinets, because I really is that had clean and there was only one hole up there and it just built up there's like a foot and a half of water, cuz they're the one whole got clogged up and water started. Putting a pouring over the seal of the roof is ever since then that was that was traumatic enough that anytime, About to rain, I freaked out, and I got to go, look up on the roof you who have been with they show for long enough time. Remember when I stupidly com, up the ladder when the woman I was dating was in the house at night
started raining by myself, fell off the ladder right on them my fucking back, and I realize how that happens is a terrible feeling. To feel a ladder go out from under a bit startled when you know it's like I that second, before a car accident like that, says happening that slow motion moment where you just cross over and you I'm on your breaks, your sweden. Your brain knows enough from experience that you're not going to you're not going to stop in that gap going to keep going? No matter how much you got those brakes on and you have second or two to realize. I I'm hitting the car. Same with a ladder you I come up up up. It's not I'm going down and if you can make a decision in that split. Second, the tuck and roll the ion of attorney. So you hit your back dear, protect yourself somehow any way
So I hear the rains are coming and I'm like fuck the roof, but now I'm barely living over here you know and I freaked out, like It was starting to drizzle and I came over here and that ladder up on that side of the house, which is a pretty steep. So it's it's talk to check out that roof. just mounds of pine needles from my neighbor's tree. Dismay just a the entire roof was covered with things that would clog the drain and flooded out, and I just immediately went into action, the bags at do I got any bags cuz the drizzle, starting so now on the roof. It's starting to drizzle, there's just mounds of pine needles everywhere I got one super hefty construction site the bag.
Garbage bag and I got a bunch of little ones who have to fill that one up, no gloves on I'm just using a push broom as a rake and just panicking chasing trying to get ahead of the rain, so doesn't make wet piles at wrought the roof and then doesn't drain properly. So germany's bags. I'm double bag in these shitty. Bags the ones and I filmed is like eight or nine bags it starting a rain, a bid. Up and down this latter twice by myself, an idiot, I'm a fucking idiot. Stubborn, dumb man, I might go. Out there right after this cuz, I haven't looked up there since the rains, since they passed by myself, and there was a moment there, where I was doing it in retrospect to eat you in the last. am I came down the ladder and down, I realize that it's wet my shoes are muddy, I'm about, twenty feet in the air and and it's a long way down and this ladder is not even great- all the went through my head in about a split second and then it?
and then I realise this is how you fall and I'm about to fall, and I didn't fall by kind. look up, they will show up when I got down everything's cool but I'm telling you right now I might go up the ladder. It's going to be a struggle for me right after I I finished doing this. So Richard jenkins, the shape of water and many other movies, but if waters is wise here and I I g really don't even think to watch. I guess what they call fantasy movies and I thought it was because I just don't I it's sort of like a yeah for kids, what you know who it, but then I didn't, I didn't realize anything and entire. I turned it because I wanted to be up to speed with what is he's working what this movie is about and I'm watching all the oscar movies and the awards movies, and I just sort of pooh pooh fantasy or animated, and I used to think it was
like you I'm just not that kind of grown up who enjoys you know, adult disney movies are animated movies. And how does the movies out a mean that disney movies by his knee. I mean the idea that there are there that fantasy, For adults of a visit very adult movie, take a water and what I realized about fantasy is that because it's not essentially presenting itself be about real people and it's clear that it's not when there's a a man fish in the movie, but where it connects to emotionally, is something deeper. Like you, you know, I, actually found myself more choked up an emotionally wrought by shape of water. Then I would you know what movie about your real people. because you get very invested in the fish guy. He get very invested in the the the mute lady and No, there were points in the movie where mike I don't know, if I don't, if I have the emotional fortitude to make it
HU this movie, it's killing me Michael, in his demonic, though the poor fish guy half fish have man fella. But it like it may maybe really like I was, I don't know, happening. I think I'm going through menopause and it's a very emotional thing, but there is the two thirds the way through that movie, and my god can't you just can't handle this. This This better turn out. Ok, I can't do this, so anyways were to do kansas grading, great he's great and everything, and it was a thrill to two so I was actually a little nervous cuz. He seems like a very decent fellow he's nominated, as as I am for a critics choice award and a screen actors works for me, I probably going to run into him at the the things in his suit I'll, be in my suit. But this is him and I not ensue in the garage chatting it up.
it's nice to see you I was there. I was actually bit there have been numerous. This interview and I've talked to a lot of people, as was your work, I'm driving over here cuz, you seem like a reasonable nice person and I imagine you get that, but I talked to. People, but I just sort of like that series. You know he really feels like coming over. That of big mike. My question was: are you sure he really wants to totally so we're in the same boat right. So it's going to work out When did you come in I've been here for about five, five, so you got you have on the east coast right. I do so. You got out before I did my wife
He got it with a storm she's in air right now coming. She made it out from where boston from providence, but I still vary a chance to publicly thank sean bailey yeah. Who is a fireman in partook it here and our friends and our snow blow guy a truck went out, so she wasn't it to make it. to the plane, right and sean came over and and he did it any hideous any cleaner driveway. Well, there you go he's got his shadow ice breaker. How far away are you from providence, rhode, island? I am an improv you're right in providence, Dana. How is that the city doing because I you know- I started my car, it is clear in in new england and I used to do gigs around profit. And like I did it, I did the crampton bowl, I didn't
cranston, rhode, island, familiar you'll, absolutely know everybody in rhode. Island knows everybody, because it's like a melody, rhode island has the governor. Oh she's, great, writing, that's great, but we went through some tough times. I mean my car got stolen and I've never forgiven the city. I what year were you there Well, that would have been in, like you know, probably there, the late 80s in boston doing gigs, eighty nine, ninety, ninety one, it's a great city yeah, it's just a great city, If turned around right did absolutely and we There are nineteen seventy and it was a burned out tat right enough in yeah yeah anything you just. I build up. It is incredible. I think when there's a lot of who knows, but brown university in rhode, island, school of design, yup and providence college in rhode, island college are all in profit. That's right right, the! What is it davi old square, w a square devil Dave all square and there used to be a con. it's called periwinkles. Do you remember? I do
and I'd been. I was doing a gig there and my car was stolen from outside fairy winkles and I really It held the city accountable for years, but I hear it's nice now. It is it's great to see a lot of lot of cultural stuff going on, but the well do you you are you still the director of the theatre there? No, I did that for four years after I came to providence as an apprentice in this theater. The trinity repertory right and I stayed as an actor for fourteen. Seasons where where'd you come where'd. You grow up, dekalb illinois, yeah yeah. How far is that from Chicago sixty miles west? So that's too far, it's empty. It's it's! It is one country we are, but you you couldn't just go in chicago, like you didn't pride to have a relationship with chicago. While there was no theatre in chicago, when I was there, Steppenwolf hadn't started, you know those guys. Actually, those guys came out of illinois. State university was right.
To where I went to school at illinois, wesleyan and they're a little younger than I was, but they went to Chicago and there is We started there right. There is comedy that there was a lot, a kind of sex ecstasy compass players years ago, but no theater. I want Wah Wah Therefore, thought like we have. What is seven was around. You be a very different actor. I bet you. If they had me right, oh yeah, it seems to generated at a certain type of intensity change, the city of never Malta yeah. It changes it. The acting. I did it did you know what I mean it was a theatre run by actors for actors. It was all about performance, yeah yeah, Did you ever go and see those guys? I saw their sam shepard play? They did Gary sinise and John milk we had? Very child was a very childhood where, through west here Oh yeah and I when I go back, I go to steppenwolf and cc things you do yeah it's great malkovich ins and
citys were in in true west in Chicago and they used to change parts, sometimes yeah. If so, how do you get into acting in Dekalb illinois? What was their family situation? You? Don't you just? Don't I'd never seen a play? Really I used to go to the movie time. Did you have a lot of siblings know, I'm an only child. Only child and dekalb Dekalb yeah in the corn em right across the street. I used to take a baseball bat hit rocks into the corn. Is that true, My thought, my father was an only child at one sister, so we were a small family. Do you think the hen effect on me? I spend a lot of time alone, a daydream, my my entire youth away, embryo outcomes, If the closest neighbor was it that situation, they were right next door, but he was just a you know across the street was a was a cornfield at and dd, but he had friends
love, France. France was your. What was business, he was a dentist, a small, and dentist, how big the dekalb. Well, when I grew up, it was probably fifteen thousand. Then it got. Probably forty thousand was university so he everyone knew your dad dented renew my dad, the debtors which has got its ups and downs when he toothpaste precious yet flossing at an early age, your teeth are good. These are good. You've learned all that I moved back to a reunion class reunion. One of my dad's patients had no teeth. He said all this happened after get through. I have nothing to do so. How do you so? How did you find yourself moving towards?
I've always wanted to be an actor. I think I used to go to the movies every weekend and I didn't tighten really care what was on. It was just that's the way I saw the world yeah and I I would think to myself. How do you do that? That's just really interesting yeah. So it was about eighth grades. Seventh grade middle school, I did a play. A one act play yeah and came home and I told my parents. I was going to be an actor. How was it and I walked out of the room- and I didn't know this at the time. In fact, this is a story that I found out dry was nominated in two thousand and nine for the visitor for the visitor, and they did an article in my hometown paper. I did dekalb chronicle and in it Johann fox who was my english teacher in middle school and Junior eyes, rio and directed the play right hold this story about my parents, which is well my
mother, called her up and said you have to talk to my husband, he's being unreasonable. My son came home today and said he wanted to, and my my husband said I will not allow it. This is not going to happen right. This is not the way to make a living right, he'll starve to death he's not doing this year and she said you have to speak to him, and so she put him on the phone. So my dad got on the phone join fox it. So you don't want to be an actor. He said, no, it's not going to happen. So it's not going to happen right and she said. Okay, you put your foot down, but I want you to know that you have to be willing to accept the fact that he will never forgive you for the rest of his life ever and my father. I never knew that my father was I biggest fan it was like, and I never got a chance to thank him for his iD was dead when this article here- and I was- you know, thought it so he didn't.
So that phone call changed him. It did and I never knew it. I mean I figure my dad's glad, I'm an act right, any must have been done inside right at the beginning, scared for you that I would starve to death right here, and he turns out to be the reason why parents don't want their children to pursue this stuff. It's not like it's just basic fear for their success. are absolutely and- and we lived in an area where that just you just do that with its not practical anywhere. it isn't pract africa where you live. If it's the stupidest thing you can do, it really is, and I'm not sure that's a lie. No, I I I I mean a young actors asked me all the time. How do you breathe? I have no idea yeah, no there's! No, no, you know I everybody's got a different story. Proceed. There's no, there there's some weird storm. It's no, there's no way to give advice other than I hope you enjoy it.
and you know, work on your thing and kind of the only thing I say if you're meant to do this, you'll figure it out right right. You know, and if not at least you'll know, this is not for me. everything is though its aid takes a real and I e it takes a certain kind of her. and it turn their back on it. You don't after to like his I you know you get into whatever this is, you know a number of years and it doesn't seem possible after so what what am I going to do? You know what had happened for that guy when he was ninety yeah, maybe I'll give it. You that guy up vega, now lifespans or longer near rising. Maybe she I need for ninety five. Just gonna keep working so that what that's it, beautiful story and your mother was always on it. My mother yeah, my mother. I never got a chance to thank her she's, the one that said, wait a minute put the brakes on here,
What way or what? When did they pass? I mean like when they did not see your successor. While they saw little, I was in movies when, when they died but nearly didn't yeah, they didn't see the elderly. If the fun part right, I mean, but I always you know, I always supported myself as an actor. I didn't make any money. My wife was a teacher. She and she didn't rent a dance program in an arts magnet high school she's a choreographer. So she had health, in writing. Stuff, like that, I am, but I know I was making two bucks a week, so where? Where did you train? I too illinois wesleyan harold gustin is a is a an acting teacher that I study with is really the only one that I studied with it's a good school was a good programme or die. Where did didn't you gets its, but into till you get out and start doing it. I met Harold after I left school. Also you.
In that wesley new discoveries we have do plays in. You know it's like it's it's experience, you have, I mean it's so much fun. It's me, I'm really it doesnt preparing to be, but you have did every from that. One act on I loved every second of energies. Do more studies do high school is now I didn't do anything I school I had. No, it doesn't matter when the shi'a had eight lines and I got to college. I didn't, I didn't know anything about acting, but I I was in the theater apartment right and did you have to audition to get india, but I had to audition, and I did big daddy from cat. I tin roof and I never even read the play. I just got your monologue and it was the stupidest thing I heard so they must have been really hard up for students at your cause. I got in and and you the audition yet audition for everything at had to sign up a sheet, so they could keep track of and I never went any of these things
and at the end of the year the head of the department called me into his office, and he said who are you It is, I know, you're in in school cause you're in my class, but is it you I'm look at the sheet. You didn't audition for any. and you or you just inside I didn't audition. I said I I'll know how right I thought your supposed a deeply chuckled and said. Are you want to do this? I said yeah I do, but I just I'm a little dimity by all this stuff right So I went to summer stock that summer and he said if, if this works out great, if not you gotta make room for somebody who wants to, in here and our railways, or so is named John fifa and he's another one. That just was a big influence on me. And told me after I think was my senior year said. I think you can do this. I think you should
do this haha, so we want you snapped into shape you Andy and some and all it's all you need for somebody to say I believe in you is true and even though you may suck yeah it's that all the other. He really means this year. Yeah it's good to have that and to have at least some enough self esteem to believe them. Yeah, yeah and- and I still have a lot of that- I believe it until I started really doing it. He might use bullshit that bastard now I'm stuck apatow idea. So what who is this guy? A gust agustin with Harold gaskin jessica, K, I n? Yes, he actually wrote a book called how to stop acting out tickets. No, no! I e o thou icy teddy now an arrow. We were in a theater company together and he was teaching acting in the basement after college out at when I was in graduate school at dumb, indian university, because you you, you need a graduate degree in agony
Oh you did. He went in for for one year, I just what, when you and that's where he met there, we were in a touring company that toward the end on a school bus performed. You know, productions in all these different. and colleges really like to like you. Do one production insured across the country. Can we get a three and we didn't? We went mostly the midwestern in this. During the summer? What kind of morals of the year really are yeah? It's kind of a graduate thing we did is I think so it's really odd. What would they want to answer? No, we did like. We did antigone, we did twelfth night and we did the importance of being earnest. I was playing john worthing in the ports of being earnest and I was so awful that I mean it was just horrible and not that deep play off fault that that'll that'll, give you a clue.
My talent and I have never been able to do a british accent. That was, I think what happened was after that play. I refused to do and after that it was but hair was in Ghana. Warn that lesson a ghetto What have you been mutation limitations yet so heralds in the play and Harold was good, he was really good and we did antigone's too, and he was the soothsayer and an actor got sick and he came in and he played, he was the blind soothsayer year and he has like one huge speech here and he comes in he's fabulous as and I knew he taught acting at a house and I said: could I am taking classes for unity trying to be that wondered when you were going to ask I thought I was now is in Indiana. There wasn't any. I indianapolis, no blue meeting. Bloomington bloomington illinois to Bloomington indiana,
It's a weird little place, the vortex of some kind, isn't in the middle of this beautiful university yeah with all the courts are built from the quarry rock gorgeous yeah to all jumped from that one rock. So, okay. So would you see this is aches? And now that I've talked to actors, because I act a little myself since he was your primary teacher. I guess you say: What was it that you learned that you still use to a craft wise? Well, I really you know I just never you never believe that you're enough right in us forever. What's up with that I've seen Laurence Olivier. I can't do it and you know his thing is, you know, respond just be there buddy. What are you
acting licit. What does she say? The driver spot he had arrived and- and you know you know- actually- the first laugh tell us, but when the colonel, like all went on for me, I was doing I did a scene form from the west measuring and I was playing the gentlemen collar and I used to love David wayne and he did broadway, and he had an album of it. I like copied that algorithmic and- and the first line was that I said hello there Laura and Harold was watching the scene, and I heard him say what I kind of looked at hello there lower and he said hello. There lord. He said what did you say and I turned to my son. I said hello, laura you, ok, okay and that's out for me. That was my. That was the moment. Where be present. Yeah. It's me, it's me. It is right. Absolutely absolutely! I can
Thinking about it, you know- and obviously I can't I haven't done anything huge by do these roles here and there, but it's sort of like you, you got it, No, what you can do and then you know you shop or because I noticed weight with you and with a lot of great actors at its. Being them, there's just different variations of luis there's, an emotional regulator that it's a rare breed of person. That's going to. Put on ninety pounds in and you know, in a changed their diet. acting. I can do it unintentionally that can't really put it but, like you said before, like you know, you can't do a british accent. So why bother I mean I don't have a great ear and I've tried and I've I've onstage done it actually a lot of times. I've never been happy with it. So I just and you know I've been offered films with ray.
actors in it. Do a british accent. Are you out of your mind? I said I could see them at the at the lunch table. Yeah we're come to the yankee dialect. I yeah. I guess that's true. I guess it's a different skill. It is, and I mean I do I can do people from the south. I heard cause my family, my mother's side of the family's from the south, who grew up with that. You know from where what part kentucky. Kentucky people. So you go on your grandparents are now my my grandparents were they moved to dekalb rules, everyone has their If they are, they brought your. They brought my mom. They came during the depression on a wagon, it kind of yeah. They all came. So all my aunts and uncles were farmers, and from kentucky because they fought my grandmother's room, real matriarch and they all followed her right it was the that was sort of why they thought there were jobs up. Then there were there that they opened a a canning factory in in the Dekalb area and-
dinner. I found that they, my grandfather, was a night watchman in the factory. My grandmother was a cook at the hospital and so they and then just came up there I hear com its, it's good became farmers and its fastening now that I know when people do it's like: what's go where it's happening and my father just graduated from. dental school loyola in Chicago and he wanted to open a press started practice at a growing city. So he saw Dekalb had a college, so he rented office space space made up a fake appointment book for two weeks via, and he said I was asleep in my chair in the office and a guy came in said. Woke me up. He said I'd like to get an appointment for his I looked at my book. I said I'm I book for two weeks and then he wrote his name down. He said he left and I slept for two more weeks. The game in that's the tale, that's the story! That's the story that started the business wow
and so how do you get from? What how do you get from indiana, but it's it's interesting to me, because you knew you make choices. You know to do things, but that doesn't seem like there. The logical choice I you know I own, you look back on it and you think it's just weird. It's it's. if I had just taken one other turn. Who knows what have happened? You know we never thought to come out here. your your trip was theater. I wanted to be in movies s what you did. That was my and I came on your nineteen. Seventy five after our daughters, born see. If I can make my way- and they said here- is your ass. Let his hand to hear It was just have a good trip rally really. I was here from but nine ten months, and it was, I just said not in. There must have been that One of those things where you know you have a baby and you gotta tell your wife that, like I'm going to go to that hard,
well shit hole out there, and I did. I said: I'm gonna go out there, but three weeks When I get an agent you come out. we'll get a nice house, you have your well, I didn't know, but I didn't know it was going to be. We have some confidence, it sounded like you had a friend who called me up and he had a series- and he said, come on out man's great, that guy If that guy you come out and like within a week, is I ain't got no time and good luck I knocked on his door? Is it I'm on my way to europe yeah, but you know we're we're still really good friends cause he's still living. Is he still an actor yeah he's an actor yeah? Well, how did you Did you do jobs before
I drove a laundry truck alright and I had five acts in Dekalb, no one in Chicago my father in law, my my wife Sharon is from Chicago okay and after I graduated after I left school, I got a job as as an apprentice I think, at long wharf, theatre and and but didn't start till September assembly. So he got me a job. He worked for a laundry a company union linen here. He got me a job here, driving it I want to try and I had five accidents in two months, not your van and one action. I wasn't even in the truck, while I came out and it was gone down the hill and it hit a car on the curb they have. A laundry bag fell off and hit it knocked out of it and into neutral zone in there was a guy standing there with half his face shaved. He had a razor in his hand. He was it's his car there is no driver this it was. It was brutal, not your thing,
tim bit of information that I saw that your dear your boss was jonesy riley's, dad yeah? How did that come up anywhere? I would like the last week we were shooting step or others. I said so John. I know he's from Chicago. I said: what do what did you dead? Do he sit on my dead? My dad died at fifty. And you said you know he was my. My kids never really know. My gf met him once or twice he said suffice. Vice president of a laundry I synergies is my my father in law worked at to union linen. He said my dad was vice pr. As Suzie said, I'm oh John Reilly. That was his name to air John. He was my boss was knew that guy. I knew that guy and actually he brought his boat my father had a little cottage on a lake outside of chicago and john riley. The father brought his boat out and all of his kids and john c Reilly was five at the rise, and I put all of his kids in the
see the I was in. I was like twenty two and I put John c reilly them up and put them in the boat. Tell him that yeah! That's hilarious, do you remember his dad? Does he does it make sense? Oh absolutely, Yes, an issue. I remember MIA. He he was like no nonsense. This guy was yeah yeah. He was yeah. I was terrified of him, but he was nice to me, but he, but he was yeah. He was the boss right sure of school by Alan biggest right? So you big, Your big idea is to go to rhode island to act so the long worthing didn't work out. They stand here, gotta get no. That was in new haven connecticut, not, but I was in Chicago. I was waiting to get a call for us to go work at the long worth right, new haven and and this stop their programme for the used to be a lot of theaters had companies near not anymore, and there were starting to phase them out even when when what year was at nineteen,
and arbed brown was a terrific, wonderful man. He called me up and he apologized, and he knows nothing serious, stop the program but so I went into new york to addition for any regional theatres and trinity. Rep was one The theaters did you have an agent agents so You have you, no doubt they had shirts with what could it have you noticed in, but your mare, I call married that I was married. Yes, I called theatre communications group. We are that had to do with our dishes, for regional food, Ok, I sit anybody come in. They dwell trinity, reps looking for somebody, but if you're, not in town, it's no. I saw him at all and I was on a cornfield in two calvin to count it happened, tat down the street, so we will. I went to new york and this is true. I know this sounds like a making it up,
The guy went in before me to audition addition. Had a guitar and he was playing and singing and beautifully, and I could hear the people in their laughing. Oh yeah bad and you know like a concert killing and he came out and good luck. it works and I'm like so I go in and I read something that he give me and I heard thank you, okay, so you're getting a plane. I fly almost that's not going to happen, but you know week later I get a call. They want to hire you as an apprentice at trinity rep. I was like really so we drove out to providence, rhode, island and the first. Play I did was like a scan of a musical about Charles manson, really yeah yeah. It was called son of man in the family. It was just kind of interesting the this.
We are here. This director, Adrian hall, was, is really interesting, talented, the idea- and so he turned to Me- and yet he really he's like six foot for text and it's just all energy needs but his name radically. Culture thing. Ok thing you you think Oh man, you play the guitar her eustace, yet the car use drums dumped on the ice. Adrian, I don't play the iter. Is it You I want you to play the guitar here this, where we need you to play the charge. I say I d, I don't play the guitar and he stopped and he looked at me, sit well airline. That's why hired you? He thought I was the guy before if they meant to hire the guy before me. Oh my so I went home and pack our car. I think it's it, but no, I stayed oh my god. No, he couldn't fire you after that puts like that, would have been so he denied it however he's oh, I never did well
Oh my god, I'm! So that's a good start! Nice. confident kind of like they wanted me for what I did and the guy. So you got married and everything back in Dekalb right after we graduated in june. Married, waste. Will you knew in college yeah we've met in college where she was in the theater department, a dancer one right answer on and we started dating. We knew each other from stock and just been in the apartment. She didn't talk to me very much, but I he got engaged her junior year and got married wow and he together yeah see this is a indian. You didn't come to LOS angeles, see, you know, you live a and a nice life, I would have come if anybody would want the rainbow terrible, he could ended up it step and woven in los angeles, and god knows what it is, a weird life. You know how it, how things happen and
I came back after los angeles to to providence, and I said this not going to happen so at all. Now we we gotta figure how did the sea? So what would you do in It like once you got into the theater there in in in providence. What what did you say? it's sort of a crazy kind of a genius of eli was always a genius. Yet he added a great kind of thinker, his seventies, who is groovy, but he was really He really thought: what can the theater do that movies and tv can't? Why why? Why do people need to come here and where are they coming yeah? They were in droves. Yet this guy was really gift and I'm so lucky that I
I spent my formative years in the theater with him. What was his name again adrian hall, is he around still he's still around he's in is close to ninety. He lives in texas, now he's back home here, but he taught me a ton which is a week. He you know if it's like the theatre, if you're in the theater as a peter, brook you stalked by the air. If you take this and you go the point of this water bottle, he said this is a baby the audience ago. Okay, but in the movies you can't, and yet you go to the theater now and you still see these productions where they have the fake baby and then that the cry of the baby coming out of the sound so sure enough- come on. We it more I have to have a real baby. Theater does not it's interesting, though, that it's a I did a play once I directed a play twelfth night and it's about twins year and, and
nobody's supposed to be able to tell them apart and I've seen productions where people have fake noses, and then you know trying to in the endeavor yeah and so we're in a repertory theatre with actors that can't you mean it. You have a choice that you were going to use here, so the twin comes on stage. I had stand next to each other, and somebody held a sign up behind them and said these two look exactly alike: okay, it was never an issue after that. That's what the theater can do, but that shakespeare write that experience so, like you know, you got it. People were there for the for the words for the words yeah yeah, but it's like you know. I fell into that. Crap. I had hadn't put fake eyebrows on and knows then it was like what is what are we doing here? It's about the daily? No that's right so and if you're in movies you gotta look just the same. unless you're bending some sort of weird rule, you know what I mean like you know we're going to do a different. You know I could be a todd solondz and you,
nor does it mean they were they. Yet you can push the boundary core find out what cinema can do, but that's what he was doing with theatre arrived at a time when it wasn't really he would the actor in the audience was really his thing How do you that's? What really about right is it? Is it's like? How do you put them in the same room? I can never thought about that, though, that the idea that the people more willing to suspend their disbelieve to have the experience, because he experienced really is about what's happening, ass. It lay and as long as the audience understands what expected of them right. They they they'll, go with it that there really it's amazing what the theatre can do. You know and and you know when he plays where somebody rings doorbell. I saw a production from the death of a salesman were in in eternity where there was no props. There was nothing he asked and they were asked. and somebody ring the bells at somebody had hit it. Try to eat you just don't have to be literal right on it. Is it's very different we're, so that was his whole thing, how
How do you make an audience? Think god I can't get this anywhere else. I you come back to the right, can do that's it, you can do anything. You want really, you know with a play, you can you can people do you know, and I love people who conceptualize places. You don't change the text whatever you want man. I want to see what and I want to see what you do here and there's some amazing stuff. What was the most challenging thing that you did with back in the day with that stuff, acting like what was the one where it made? You go a lot man just going to work. Everything I did Are you kidding me? everytime. I started rehearsal, it was like oh man who have a chance, but I'm going do it you work with this get man, so you spent it. How many years has two employees with that fourteen years, did you get
erect and all is that we want a you made me direct a high and want to it. He said it's good for you do it. So the first thing I did was billy bishop goes to war and it's a One in my one acts one man show with a piano. He comes out, bishop was a canadian world war, one fighter pilot right and he tell- the story to the audience about enders music and he sings it's really a sweet nice show. So I didn't know what yes, would he do with a set for this year? Have like hang or propellers I'd I'd so there's a designer whose name is eugene Lee. Eugene Lee was our and designer, and he also he and Adrian shared this aesthetic how to make theatre accessible alive, and so I took the play eugene ass if you Jeanne we do we do this. Maybe with propellers are hurting, and he looked at me. As I said, Maybe I don't have pictures of work.
At one point he said, let me read it as though he read and he came back. He said we'll do it in a bar, I said: okay, so we build a barn stage. Neon is his attorneys to enter is not would do it far so we go leave the theater arab is no no we'll build a bar. I couldn't wrap my head around right, so she covered the entire seating area of the theater here and he built a bar, and if you I to watch the play. You came into a bar, oh really, if you wanted to sit down, he found a seat, I wanted a beer, he went up to the barton, you got a beer at the and the santa ANA said it was. It was not as it was a bar right right and incomes this guy and he starts talking about his life, at a guy in a bar and its jumping on the piano jumping on the pool table, no props, nothing just who whatever there and it was extraordinary while and I had nothing to do with it, but I
I learned a huge lesson. That was that's so lucky that I got that play first and I had eugene to help me. It was P. Peter garrity was the actors it is out here now. Even in new york now he's a he does a lot of film tv, wonderful, wonderful piece, and it just was like the lightbulb went on okay, this is this is theater. We are and plough aberration and it's conceptualization collaboration and and people were coming. the place and loving yeah. I bet Berlin, why they do not they ve, never experience on our yeah. Do you know you know, walk into a theater and that's gonna. What eugene knew from the beginning that the scene partner was the audience gazettes who use talking to write so we'll put him in there with him. Why an ethics? it ended that good, give you the the bug to direct more. No, those another guy? I did direct. He and I did I
it's a lot of mistakes, and you know I got I figured. I know how this dyno of this stuff now sure and then the next time you go. I said, oh god, this was a dumb idea, but but I it I I directed in awhile and then and then I quit directing, because I I felt I ruined an actor's performance with it just once. Well, I really felt. I run this guy's perform well, I was trying to be helpful and it was the eye he I did to him. What every director do that if that, when a director dust me out, I want to strangle oh yeah, so I just said you got to eat, can't. Take it this is what you do. I I was I didn't know how to communicate well with him, or I didn't know what to say. I didn't know when to leave them alone, and I didn't let allow him to find the world. And if somebody did that to me I would have been so pissed, so you made himself khan,
and somehow confused him I'll, just confused him and an end, and I just thought to myself: I can't do this area I stopped, and then I came back and we run some more perform its but you were there for fourteen years, for the in and at during that time is when you went to l a yes was a win. I didn't tell anybody I was going. There was a big break in the in the, and I wasn't in the first few shows- and I said when I go out there for a few months and yeah, and then I came back and bored with its being like. I must like seventy five that was sort of like is pretty well a period out here. Yet write me to you so like you're coming into? I got a sort of like a post sixties. Like insanity, I brought I only close. I had worked corduroy genes, Well, that was cold and rhode island. I was out here. It was one hundred and ten and- and I think I gained twenty five where we stand, I
staying in a car bubba- a carport off sunset boulevard, ice cresson high, yeah. He return there and you'll see to car ports with these windows, mad the broken up, and that's where I stay hundred tunnel oxfam a month it was in a hotel or just a rental apartment, some guys, carport and citizens. Sensible. Her was crazy, then right thing Half an hour. You didn't say I was it I ain't, no, no money. I was trying to get audition dish plan and planning your one guy split, I'm no plants like cool. I look upon him and said, and I never had a plant in my life and I just was there trying to make my way and what happened I got nowhere. I remember went to an age.
the office once this I met that no clue and nowhere. I wasn't going to see a here I'm going into. I don't know who these people are the other carport carport, and this guy had a picture of a of mickey rooney on his behind us. It was about six feet high and I said: is he a client? Anyone know that was the conversation yeah. It also the fact that that would have been enough for you to give that guy credibility. I was excited mickey rooney. Mickey rooney was no nah yeah sorry, I didn't ask him either, but I and back then used to pay for auditions. I don't think they do this anymore. I dunno. Maybe they do. It was thirty five bucks, yeah and- and you brought fifteen or twenty resume pictures here and you left them out there and you would go and casting directors would come in
during the lunch hour and sit and watch all these actors that it bright hair and they weren't casting directors. They were you, just hustler gophers yoyo in this is a racket today, how they may with iraqi so anyway, I mean I'm sure some people hired people here but yeah. So I, when I did my eugene O'Neill and brand, I walked there and there's about thirty of us. we all went out afterward every single one of my pictures was still there and and every nobody else, they're all gone, and so I sat there counting as if fifteen fifteen at me, maybe I brought sixty of everyone ever nope, but if I took it and they were like and there were great headshots, I took them myself on the weirdest, but that was how was it was there wasn't wasn't in the it wasn't in the cards that trip whether there was a going to happen
it's so weird to come out here, because I find I talk to other people. Do it I've done it before you come out here for real, like where you could you come out here and you're like it's a big city and I gao know anybody or anyone, there's no way and you never meet anybody. You know and there's no way in another is nowhere it's it's in. Many people come out here, sort of, like my know, that guy who went to europe right whatever by there's no way did there there's no path. now. You know you there's like there's there's this entered place. And then there's like. Oh everyone, just kind of china, so it's if breaking on some level, to the heartbreak and hilarious at the same time yeah I know, and it never changes. No, no and it just gets. I think it gets harder because there are people more people, but in, but then there is the idea that, like what is more, our wits there's more to aunt enters a bigger business, but then note, but they see that the further you get out with the content, the less money or no money, and then you just got people who are built. careers- are not making a living. I'm doing stuff.
Watch a lot of it. I am not making any money. So so what is the? How did you get the first movie? What was it I was at back, though I was at the long wharf theatre doing play new haven in new haven and I didn't know now manager bill tresh here was there with sandy dennis. Do you remember, say yeah she was great and with afraid of Virginia woolf, original yeah, yeah from other stuff, fabulous and in she said to him, sign him Oh really, so I ended it. I got a knock on the door backstage and bill said I'm bill trash and I know I knew where he was yeah and he said I want to sign you, okay, good. How was he at that point? Thirty six. oh man, there exists there, you go going away, it is if scarves gone. I thought was gone and he said what do you want to do? I said I want to be in movies,
okay, I don't live in new york. I live here in promises. I don't care where you live, but if I call you to audition, you have to come in. You can't say it's too far: she's still gimme, eight o clock in the morning. Additions are at have yet you gimme some time to get on, and back in the antarctic was about four and a half hours from providence. I had to change engines in new haven and- and if you were lucky was four and a half rice. It was five five right and so I'd go in in the morning, and I have an audition I'd say something like you know, freeze thank you here. You know ticket bank, the train by stealth. Just like adding insult dangerous, but at least I was auditioning and yet remnant nation. I had re adding this manager who who who can have believed it? and am I didn't have an agent and then- and I signed after I got my first movie I signed with an agency under what movie was it
the witches of eastwick, oh yeah, that was your great and that, though you played the the husband and the one at him yeah. What was her name? What's that actress, Veronica cartwright, you so funny she's a fabulous actress. She is really fat, yeah yeah! She is call me oh yeah and eyes. I talked her one issued an audio, reverences, wonderful actress, my ass. She did a lot of stuff always plays a sort of escalated, which is character. I just saw there again recently and yeah, it was on t v, it's it's a yeah yeah, so you know I got that. I don't know how I auditioned for it, and I got it. Big movie. Is a big movie and who directed that George miller, oh yeah, and they wouldn't. Let me set the first day. They didn't think I was in it let him who every because we're shoot, shooting half of new england, and so I lit my car, my first day in the guard, when let me through
at the guy? I am in this and he's a you and everybody else in town boy, yeah, what town was it a cold, it'll turn up in massachusetts, massachusetts right so in the deleted scenes with jack Nicholson, but he was around yeah. He was great he so nice to me. Yeah. I saw the dailies you. They look pretty good. He was so great to me. I loved him. I just thought he was the greatest guy. That's a good experience for movie hanging with jack a jack and susan sarandon and made of pfeiffer and cher and you know this dude from providence yeah. It was great and Veronica. One. It was really nice and there was this I shall part that was a real part of it was it was apart. I actually was in silverado before that, but I had to see where I said I said howdy here and there you can't do that and they shot me and this is it,
was it, but I was ever seven weeks where they shoot that in santa FE, ass nice, I grew up in a match they built is gorgeous set and it was amazing on in that movie. I remember that movie. Im not with me. I was in the hotel for seven weeks. It was biggest snows in the history of santa FE was like two feet deep. Ah I didn't have a car. I couldn't go home because I was a cover set, bear which means I have if you're If it's a bad day outside you go inside and shoot right, and so they could Let me go home because I was a cover set right, so I was going out of my mind. Nobody knew who I was and they had to islands in the address. It's the widows isolating lyric hasn't had a party, the last we were there and yeah. I was just stir crazy and I went party, nobody knew me, but glaring
a grace. Where's rigour feared him or is it richard hello, you better, seven frickin weeks, he said no, no. I met at the party. Is it we are doing and work with him again. I did on why darling companion, a movie I did with chemicals and diane Keaton Diane weast wow. I didn't see that one and just kind of came and went yes sweet, sweet movie. I liked I thought that his movies, I was always excited to see. His movies is smart guy. He is smart guy and he he's a wonderful guy and his wife, meg they're, just terrific people. So so that was that got everything rolling baby each had a few small parts, I'm trying to see where you had in her sisters. I was that's the first, that's really, I think the first movie I did, I ask and My father had had a stroke and they kane. I was beginning. I had like five lines I played doctor on the phone with woody telling me
over. He may have a brain tumor without fear that catherine, anna and so my dead at our time, get unlike his coat off and he was in the theater. it was starting and they were kind of late and he was taking his coat off. He had popcorn down, he puts the popcorn and said. I heard your voice is Jesus like us, occasioned by the time I get up your gone so sad. They watch the whole moving and sat through the beginning. Again. Why did you watch my baby is weird that that that feeling like you know having this that what you and I would think, was a creature mendous break right, but by when you really look at in relationship to what they're taking in your it, it's still embarrassing know it is, I think, that's it do any more right. It is what you committed your life to well, it's funny because my mother had a high school boyfriend, believes in decal bill. Somebody here who went out to l a to become an actor,
and my mother was always talking about bill always doing really well or bill as though my my dad would always roll his eyes yeah. He was younger, so he said fine, the movie came to dekalb that bill was in yeah he's a a boxing movie, so we went to the theater and as sitting there, no bill no bill, nothing get to the big fight at the end, all of a sudden, the last thing three steps in and break it up, bringing up every bill that my mother was like see below yeah. That was it so I was bill yeah yeah, but they did. Payson, ut theater If you're doing a lot of little movies out here see you're coming out here, lot yeah, I did. I worked out here a lot you were in wolfie, so you work with MIKE Nichols. I did work twice with my nickels lowest nickel an odd movie, but none fully realized movie when he was like you know greater work with I loved him. I loved him. Yoni did if my first day I play this cop, this kind of generic.
cop. He and he said what do you think about this guy? I said I don't think he's really very bright. Right from one I'm reading questions. He asked yes and he goes unlocking. That's interesting so assiduously about this issue. First day of shooting in my office and somewhat It might Nichols yells out. My name said your mother is online to the cameras rolling right, it's not in the script. Yet I picked the phone up and go emma there's nobody on the other end. Yes, I said no mom. If you put the television on three, not the cable box Was this taken yag and then I'd sit and do it cause? I was typing and making mistakes. I said mom where where's my white up here and furnace. What what do we haven't tonight? Cloudy all right hang up and I there's this pause
MIKE Nichols the other room says so you live with your mother and that kind of set the tone for the guy. That is grey and that's what he was like. He was so interesting Three right into an improper aegis did and I'm not great at them, but it was like one of those things. Were you just all of a sudden? You start it starts making sense at that moment where you realize that okay, this is a. This is what this is right. This is what it's for a reason, so I gotta lock india, yeah and, and it was I loved him. I just loved him yeah I never heard him repeat himself: oh yeah. Now it was always if so interesting and just really whether, in terms of like that's a very active engagement with the director, it seems to me that you know, because I talk to some people. I've talked to directors Some of them are sort of like I hired the actor to do the job I'm not going to be in which is kind of nice yeah. I bet
they let you do. I say: that's what don't put your hand. Their put your hand, always like a mite somewhere where europe, by you deal with both of those tat guy you deal you know, and most directors are are are run. You know are, are terrific we work with David o russell early on yeah, and I remember that role yeah, alright, aggro ray was a we ever and Josh Brolin. We were married in vienna and a it's a great movie disaster area, but it's been very intense. I mean it was before he was huge yeah yeah. He was. He was intense, yes, but he's really smart and he's nobody wants, it will eat a here, but he let you play here. You know he only wants to see what's going on and how he likes to jump in there and be part of it. You know he's really active and- and you know, he's he's anything that resists a you know. Great movies really come on him or you didn't yeah you just gotta feeling yeah clint eastwood you worked with, I did
turning over them all tat move that I was absolute power and em The one scene was me shooting in missing. I think that's why they cast makers. I meant yeah. If it had, they wanted as an assassin who was really good yeah. Who would have guessed somebody yeah he's pretty matter of fact. He's really very laid back, yeah he's very laid back guy. I was he doesn't like a lot of takes yeah he likes one like the end, and so I mean that you feel Pressure is like of got. I had to put a rifle together, onscreen screen and I had about twenty. it's to learn how to do it right, and I mean I was swell. You never saw somewhat sweat on me. Are you ready, sir? I'm running a curve and I'd very I d take them but of the rifle click it on. I took this
open click that on I took the barrel, I screwed the barrel on the rifle up. All you know, like the guys doing this his whole life at the rifles in this little case right and then I take the the bolt I take a what he said: hold the bullet up to light and blow the dust off the bullet, and he did this, and I said, oh my god. What did you do it because you do it wreck he spoke at added, he was he was born, does not both alongside he's just is. Clarity is glad eyes, clubs and maize and then and then none so I took the blue. The dust has put the dream aimed again and they said cut and the barrel fell off the gun right eye miss the threads and I was holding it with my finger after the cut after the cut and he went, he just made it yeah, and then I was supposed to go down and jump in my little miata and take and I put it in reverse- went back.
I thought he was going to fall off the chairs laughing, that's good. I provided a day's entertainment for has funny We firmly brother movie concern they're new england, guys they they they must taken a liking to what you do they didn't know. I was from I actually built a house on the street. They grew up on a real. and in thrace got where the cumberland cumberland I lived there, I left I was in providence, twenty. No, in years here and I built a house out in the country and they grew up in that street. Oh, my god, I met them. How did I meet them? I was doing a movie that they were producing and they weren't and Bobby said what were you live? I said, rhode, island, I rhode island, where I said cumberland from where I, ST thomas layton boulevard, he that that's where I grew up. It was like freaking,
that catch got me in their government. Obviously you know you work with a lot of bigger. After yeah, there are a great many cohen brothers, sniff and one joel and ethan or just said somebody said: what's it what's different about working with Joel and Ethan coen air and some actress, cathy of her name, she said: the two of them here. You know they're they're, amazing, they're, amazing. What does that say like it seems very controlled? I mean no, not at all, no, no it's loose and freely. Oh yeah yeah cause removal, use, o god, damn tight really know what they want, but they also. Let you do your work rhyming. They want to see they. They they they watch, do they buy or do they encourage improvisation when you mean yet sometimes if it comes out right there they're not gonna, don't do that, they you know, and they don't do a lot of takes and that they there I was, I love romance or greater. I just watch burn after reading, recently again greater the first on my watch them like, while you know
it in resonate as much as it should have gone out of the converse like. Why can't I have to do this with labelling? two. Likewise it a great moving a wiser to combat this movie and you're like tat. The emotional heart of that movie lives like their susan, not a lot of redeeming, characterised out these measures but which they just adore. It's the first is the only movie they wrote with specific actors in mind. Oh really, you will call me up call me up. I was in a house and they said richard and joel and ethan around the phone. You know since you're managing hard bodies. We we'd love you to work out a lot before you come to shoot. I said I do yeah. No, no! No! We we! We want you to lift weights, I do and there was a pause. Okay nevermind
if it were they expressing that you're gonna get ripped, I I don't know, but the longing that character- and you say you know, and now Talking to you for awhile that that moment, like that moment, where were you you're about to get shot uniform the wrong reasons it seemed like a big, primarily identify. Why? Yes, sir, yes, absolutely and anne and my favorite moment while you when I show Francis mc Dormann there, the picture of me as a retired. I was a greek orthodox priest, right right and she says there must have been a good job. Is it all at once? The other great area It's great you'd work with her again recently in the in the uh, the olive kittredge. Oh, my god that was heavy huh is fun yeah. It was fun acting stuff going on. There
like you know like? Is it like? It was a small cass right now you just kind of live your life. You know it's just your eat. It was a lie which is why yeah it was it. Will you spend so much time with these people? He added that it was great. How do you like working with her? I adore I mean I feel so good rice, fantastic we've done three four movies together, but that that's the call me up and asked me to play the henry and am in this was her baby. She really she produced at she bought the rights of the. book. He hired Jane Anderson and a they worked on it for two years to adapt it and they took it h, b o and she releases her baby, and it was great. I was a great. It was a great and ah job. Fantastic job.
You're, having not having wanted to do and then getting the opportunity we await or and life of which I am is act like you at people who I kiss you. You should a round a lot. I am, I am love it Yes, isn't it boring as yeah it's great hearing. I love it when you know You probably also loved it like what I had to learn just recently was that you know You sit around a lot, but here comes your two minutes. Yeah! You go and in a you got a really lean into it. The we even sitting around forty zero. Yet, instead of complaining about it, we have to be careful how you sit around you. Can't you too much can't be doing a lot of stuff too much I mean if its. If all of a sudden you gotta go, do something totally different. Are you I mean you ve its so we need, I think, jean hack minorities is you need to be relaxed? That's what you need to be. You have to be relaxed before you do so for you. He did. You worked with him on that. Just the quantities were moving, I'd, never met, him, never met the guy. He was in the moonlight and
I don't use any something to watch is one of the great ones yeah it's one of the great ones like I think he's something like you know. I know I know how to fill up. My he don't it is. Well yeah. You guys are somewhere natural, naturally, but he's not he's gene hackman yeah, I know he's getting there, oh you're rynch reject like yahoo. Ninety me, but yeah yeah, but he must have been somebody. When spired I died, loved him island of law loved him, though those are the two right the natural mary, something and spencer tracy for me was I just love lawyer spencer Tracy. I gave you is sweet, good. He was amazing yeah. He wants see some of those performances so at heart in amazing heart in I'll. Just he was. I ahead of his time was really and then your brando comes along. Whenever we all did I ruins everything? And yes, you say: are you? How do you do that? Oh god, you know. How do you do that? I dunno. I have no idea, I dunno, if it's necessary and you will,
Don't do it by trying to do a marla brando. That's right! You don't you! I all of these guys are who they are like montgomery cliff to the other. Let me come in red river seamen, red river ego. What what's this a different than right with these other guys are doing right. You can view- and it's just so real and alive and air and you and you do you lean in to to watch him. It's like he's not coming after you, you gotta, go watch what he so you're here for the globes you like wait, hold on? Let's wait: he won an oscar that was exciting. I didn't when I was nominated goddamn it. No, I won't happen. I lost god, damn it. I endeavor chance who you're up against and mickey rourke in the wrestler who's fantastic sean penn won for milk was amazing and brad pitt was up for ce. frank langella, oh yeah, ross Nixon. I great movie, though I got last, I I
I had all day all day. They tell you that. Did you not? Do you got the fewest vote nowadays, yeah yeah, hey, hey rich! We just wanted to do. You know that you weren't even cool on our way. We thought we'd tell you before the see the awards, so you can enjoy yourself are you get in the car. That's your night, not your night, not your! I don't know why one would expect it to be your night. You know it's it's why not you once you should just when I should in but now this is the golden globes. For the for this azhar movie the shape of water watch it you're greatness and it was another heartbreaking purse, another longing person who can see that this it's not working out. It's not working out, but it's finally, somebody who realizes it and comes back and says you know. I got nobody in your your.
friend and what a? Why am? I not understanding and wire may not help when whatever you want me to do I'll, do it, I don't you know there was yet it it's a cool, it's a great arc in it. In What's what's interesting, is it's one of those movies that I don't? I wouldn't have watched because I'm like I'm, not a fantasy guy like what is this guy. I don't know what it. What is it. there's a part of me that that that talks like that, has a guy who watch movies but is not. Now I mean it's. it's so it's! You know you become human, it's a human story! Well, yeah! it's a totally human story and you get so invested in any in the human story at the end, and I don't get sorted genius the way the characters are put together. You know How do you do this and make this work it's it's just I mean I, it tight until I saw it, I didn't know how he going to do it, but were those
it's like I mean, were they cause it was. It was the closest I will ever come close to being in a forties hollywood movie classic, so they built all that they built it and- and it looked at my apartment near was everything was authentic in it. and nothing was real mia right right. It wasn't real peeling paint was it was the most or is poverty. You I hate, you know the reds and underneath was green, and if there was nothing haphazard or accidental about this, I or a right he's he's like a theatre set. He it is like a theatre set, but it's This is somebody who's figured out. What movies can do that theatre can't right? Oh yeah, opera, That is where you genially and you genially saw shape a water any flipped. He did his debts, look at that. That's what a movie can do as a visual story that disguise told right and- and you know it's like-
where's of arabia you, you see. Two hundred horses come around the corner, that's two hundred horses, you're on a yeah and and and guillermo visual director and so how he was going to tell the story. I wasn't sure, but I just man I love, it's yes love this movie yeah I was like so like I tell you at the end. I was like that this better not be it you know kids are like I. I was literally don't do this to me right and I was texting. You know people I'm like I dunno, I'm not sure I can I candle this right now, like I If I can watch the end of endless, oh wow, that's fantastic, It was that's. The truth I was like is the world is too much. I know I know I know I know it's like was just too much heartache, I'm not going to the magazine, but not going to
bambi again. in Michael shannon. I've talked to him he's an intense dude. He is he's great everybody was really good and it's such an and in a very interesting world. what year was it really set in his sixty two sixty two? There is a word mixture of of of reality in a love of all that It was grounded in that era. In a very real, oh yeah, yes, but you know you'd be, has a there. Oh, my god, and she was so good. She sent aspect the whole thing was it's really interesting and I guess I don't think I saw his other movies what he did. Pan's labyrinth, pan's labyrinth I haven't seen a lot of his movies. Where I do, and so then I started watching him. You know he he you understand guy always has a real reason for doing something here. I think this movie is probably as close to him as one you'll see: oh yeah, it's it's yeah! It's it's! I don't
it's from ps. I just keep thinking it's more year. More than anything he's done, oh yeah! Well, yeah! I am I'm just happy. I watched it and happy. I got to see you and I'm happy. I got to talk to you. And yeah? I wish you luck. Now. Are your kids in show business the ma, my daughter's a writer? She was an actor. for, while never really liked it was really good, but never really liked it, and she became a writer and is very happy. at t, v and movies, are a little of everything. All good yeah and my son is a c p a it has pricewaterhousecoopers out here and oh in Boston. He isn't boss Oh see like he. You strike me as a new england guy, while I'm in midwestern guy by now I've been in new england for forty eight years, and it's like you know, there's something great about new england either there is. My son was a drummer for for him, so he was going to be a great drummer. oh yeah it was in a band. You know he was just a great drummer and I want him to be a drummer and he said I want to be an accountant. I
Would you want to do that? You had been IRAN or he is. No option has never regretted he. He loves his job his. I the opposite. What you right, it's exactly would be a professional drummer, heartbreaking life and drumming drummers I said wise because I don't love it enough to as hard as I'd have to work to be good enough to make a living at all, and this is that his kid had it together. He knew his limitations right there and saved himself a lot of heartache and, and he loves being a cph. Does he play the drums anymore, hither, sudden and they're sitting in my basement and no, he doesn't call them like. Once a year ago I come home and he comes over when he comes home. The plays he sits down player. Does it yeah a little bit yeah, it's nice just to keep you happy father's day. He would send me a drum tape that he would make two song that I liked he would
Listen to song, learn the drum part that he would play it with the song that's how you yeah yeah yeah yeah, you're actor dad happy. You make your dad happy and my daughter when she having an actress and became a writer she just became you could tell that was meant. yeah yeah and have just so great, so they're happy that my kids are know. Assisting yearly happy is your satisfying of know how my kids, both doing really well knock on wood. Yeah! That's great! Do you have a grandkids my my daughter did just I have a seven month old, grand daughter first one first one, my son just got married in june my daughter's been married to this fabulous guy who's, a writer, yeah and I got a grandkid. I have a grandkid for any beautiful beautiful. Where do they live close? They live in brooklyn. sons in boston ad, aware east. congratulations and good luck on sunday, thanks you work on six feet under. Thank you, demi. I could Well, I think, but which is, I feel, weird register
going through resume. Oh yeah, you're great, oh, don't ever feel weird thank mark, big fan. That was richard Jenkins. The shape of water obviously is in theaters now, and I wish him luck tonight at the critics. Choice awards I'll see him. There feel early to play, guitar I'm recording this early in the morning. Can't do I think I'm going to go. Look on the roof. Don't worry about me, though. That's that's probably gonna dig now you know what I'm just I'm not going to do it. Okay, don't worry about me,
I'm not going up there. Alright have a good day
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