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Episode 893 - Jennifer Lawrence

2018-02-25 | 🔗
Jennifer Lawrence takes a break from being one of the biggest movie stars in the world to stop by the garage and talk with Marc about Kentucky, cats vs. dogs, older brothers, Winter's Bone, The Hunger Games, David O. Russell, Darren Aronofsky, Amy Schumer, learning a Russian accent for Red Sparrow, and living a relatively private life for someone with a very public profile. Jennifer and Marc also compare their respective symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. Spoiler: There's a lot of overlap.

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All right? Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there is, what's happening, a mark marin. This is my point, gas, w t f. I should tell you that jennifer lawrence is on the show. Today, the gene in for lawrence kane the garage in its last days, and we had a chat about stuff. She's got new movie coming out? Red sparrow opens this friday march, second, but that was exciting. Exciting talking. Animal. Aren't you ve met you, you can judge for yourself. I may sound little under the weather. That's because I am indeed under the weather I don't know how it happened. I was doing good. I thought I had it. I thought I was going to get through it this.
who in cold season animal. I don't even know what I got hit with how you guys, do any all right I guess I've been through a lot, the last few days, probably less in some more than others, but if spending for the five days with your mother is a lot then put me up with you yeah, the top tier of having through a lot in the last four or five days. I don't know what it is man I just yeah. I do. Of course I do the last time she was here, though, Today she was here the last day she was here. I got sick this time I got sick the day before she. I felt a coming on and that just for I don't even know, I can't even tell you what it is this one, those weird observations at Are you get older things work out for you and then my parents around, and if you don't have grandkids for them entertain themselves with what the hell are you going to do. You know they were.
Visit they want to hang out, but they come out and it's What what do you want to do now? whatever you want to do. I do feel well, I don't want to do anything while then that's fine, that that's not what that tone is. That's fine! Maybe this is the reason people have chosen it so if their are, survive. It gives them something to do and them out of the equation as at my age, my mom's here, I'm like I don't know I haven't, we haven't we. Everything we need to say? Isn't this at all isn't we good, I mean how is it may she asked, change ticket to leave a day early, and I convinced her not to I was going to have Sarah. The painter take her out to see some painting and some gallery stuff we all ended up going ended, have take mom shopping, bought or a purse
we went out and I watched her just destroy a pizza not eat it, but kind of pick it apart, eat the stuff off the top and leave a pile of the crust of the earth. it's a ha, I'm still not well, but Look, I love my mom. I was happy she was here. I guess it worked out pretty good, but I I do. I do feel that weird pang of like die make them. Sake of not having children. Not for me just for them. The kid thing is just I love kids, I what sitting there. The other day I got into it with a kid like we're out there, wine show is out to lunch with Sarah. The painter, my mother, is some kid with a wheel toys why sit in rolly, chair next table over and we just I'm a good time. Just looking at working atomizer can amazed laugh and make making faces you do with if you're, that kind of grown up. When you see a kid you just got,
into child zone, but that mean I want them, know Honestly after about a minute or that I felt I felt sad. I was good at EL cajon Look back over him just to see if he wasn't looking at me. I might re engaged if he was looking at me, but when he wasn't there's part of me a sort of good that's done now, the lock immigrants take a little more. My will back on these things. I d I didn't want to continue where you can just sit there table It is definitely a line with the strangers. Kids cute in their happy like the kid and the kate socializing, but then I think it gets your point sir alright, I think that's good. Okay, all right the thing I guess I'm trying to say is that I think my mother would be happier if she had killed the visit grandkids, I'm not The don't have grandkids by think in retrospect It would have saved me some a day or two of of aggravation and frustration. Intention if I had a grandkid for her to play with,
as opposed to just sit around with me wondering what she do with our time some emails in response. My emails at one email said that I was right in the pronunciation. Pedro dovers name. I think I n he shall be in these sent a clip because a woman and bring me in saying that there that dumb, I think I a lot of things wrong, and that was one of them, but I think it's alma do var alma. Do buyer that it's the wii is sort of the boo boo, the it spanish and I think it's almodovar, but that I was closer than what she had said so she said I was wrong and I'm not I'm not. as wrong. The other email, so line nunnery meaning, depends on context, thoughts on truth, that's a subject line, mark m a r k,
long time. Listen. I really enjoy the pike ass, this email to or for its very inconsequential clarification of then you said, but given your literature background, I thought you'd want to know dot dot dot. The tone of this guy here the tone of people that are about to correct you. Righteously is all exciting, isn't it a consensual, a little fucking sportive, negative g, up your spine. To the maddest Kaliko gram episode in heard you say get to a nunnery after heather said that her I told her that he'd have liked to have sent her to a convent or a catholic school in the context of that space. the phrase from hamlet. A nunnery is a whorehouse, not a convent school or a place for pure women I love your breadth of knowledge, it's refreshing with your consistency of thought and not presenting falsehoods. You have become an authority quote unquote authority, not just an articulate and funny.
Perhaps that's why obama and many others who have important ideas to share have taken the time to be wrong, Where did with you question mark No one can know everything. It is shameful and dangerous for people who are in positions of authority and power to make up. There improves and ignore obvious obfuscate, science and the scientific method, favorite passing off, falsehoods is true in order to suit their ideological needs in agendas. What the fuck that was a bit of a jackson yeah, I didn't read hamlet and I didn't study amyloid and I didn't even know that nunnery was swaying for our house to I Google searched it. I appreciate you re, contextualising or contextualising. My my misuse of that quote properly though nunnery is still a nunnery and nunnery lies in a guess. Maybe still is a swaying for a whore. And I understand that's away- was meant that play, but for god's sakes, don't preach
act all that shit on me, but he had your fucking mind I'm no authority of anything. You may be sure back all the way back start correcting Everything I fucked up to where authority don't preach jack, that I understand I got the same problem with what's going on in the world pal but I ate it. You got that it ain't me. Okay, so, excited to talk to jennifer lawrence, and, I think, she's a great actress and I think, she's great movie, star and recently resolution people just can't leave her alone and it kind of stinks. So maybe I'll galvanizing one way or the other young women who are talented and attractive, and I do if the goods in there chosen profession, how they just galvanizes, assholes and galvanise the others at the opposite of assholes, but boy man
asshole galvanise her me. What the fuck is wrong with people better act, endured thing and say what she wants: Jesus Christ anyway. This year. Jennifer lawrence is here her move, her new film red sparrow is this friday march, this. Is me and jennifer lawrence here in the garage. I have no other way of explaining, but my I'm, I'm honestly like a ballistic missile right now I just don't ask me about anybody. I don't like don't ask me: what are you me setting me up like the easiest, You got a hammer, the fifa glad I have everything you need last marble, alas, this so U you. I showed you my empty house, yes, and you don't want to buy it now.
but it's a nightmare, each harming think you'd be a nice get away. Aren't you just how you could hide here, yeah totally we're do you have in fancy area ye? I live up in a big man turned up in beverly hills, obviously virus, Imagine the authority of servants and people and one one guns. Was there numerous her all the time or of unknown and nobody lives there. Germany in meda, Betty we have somebody come over and do things you have an assistant here. How he would right, I'm full hollywood hollywood. I did only staff. Did you put your make on this morning? I did o the very good. I I'm not like that. No matter where you have a security guard outside and did DR myself, But he's not gonna live amount of totally normal and he's not your regular guy. No, I don't have the riots you could be If they're right he's here, he said he was security guy. I believed him, but you don't know him. I dunno as we call the authorities in no. He say he works for the film movie company. Why don't? I just start screaming and let's see what he does? Let's not.
Yeah either way I'm going to have to explain some cannot miss, know it exactly I don't I don't. I don't need that So here we are. So what did you learn about? I dunno Indeed, they already know the answer to your question. Nothing at no like how do I I got a screener of the movie last minute, the new one, and we don't need to go into it because you didn't watch it. I didn't want yeah, I did need to go into it because I don't know what to ask it's better. If I don't watch it because then then I'm not spoiled, I don't even need to talk about it really. I know you don't, but I want to know like once. I need to talk about it. I need people to watch. It will just mention it but like when I looked at what it was about. I was curious about the russia thing. Did did you do any research? Did you learn anything about russia to you, speak in a russian accent, go to russia. do any of those things except. I think I learned a russian accent, but the really the abbot, the people will say
Whether the russians are going to be acknowledged, she didn't get it yeah yeah. No, I'm sure it's terrible, but did you? How did you do that to get a coach? The training when I got to I got to yeah a dialect and then I was having this really pompous conversation with another about accents, and you know to me like everything's like really lyrical, and I was like, wouldn't it be hilarious? If, like the movie comes out, I just get obliterated might happen? Might may I dunno, but you had to do the accent and the accent yeah, but I didn't stay in the accent while I was on set, which I think, if I ever do an accent again, What no? I can't! I can't That's already ball. I can't talk to the camera. I think the moon rose from accident like no, white as I work with it Alison brie, who has to turn on russian accent on for glow, for her glut4 arrest, character. Oh yeah sushi stay. No, of course not.
Oh, okay, I mean she's. Supposedly it's I don't even think ahead. I'm so happy said that I would feel like an asshole. No, but I mean how much can you come home? You are you one of those people that generally commits like that? There were no. I don't commit anything good for you, but you didn't nathan about russia and no, not really good for you from russia fetnah you're framework in the movie. I am a russian prima ballerina, hilarious and then I'm injured and I get drafted into this under this program that still exist in the us. It existed in the united states for a until. I think, the nineties that these young recruits are trained in the art of sexual. elation now. Is that training for its who is? It was really bad now that I was method. Characters are good for you yeah, but that was
or in the background and then the hacks, and you just do I just the idea like a little bit of valet, I felt like the whole. Time like as soon as I got into like the costume. I just felt like ace ventura like in the fucking combat boots in the mental hospital, like I'm the most ungraceful person, I think everything actually works, though I watched the movie and I'm a really harsh critic. I personally have I've never seen those movies really unique. It's take a dramatic espionage movie, but I've seen one quite like this, but what do I know? I haven't even seen that I like the georgian guy, he's great than ever. It is greatly charlotte ran. Laying in germany, ireland yeah. I know it's a legit movie at the very root of big mono by good in it who can say, I dont that I dont know I can't say how did it feel it's ok, I'm naked in the movie, so please go you're naked in the media. That says this is the manager. This is yeah, I'm naked, there's boobs and you agree to his murder yeah
on purpose Murder espionage. Like I'm sorry making sound with I dropped it. A state of chaos. Who does I'm nervous, why you know I don't know I've been a fan of yours. What does that mean you you watching? You isn't? It is easy to launch you stand up and then I have been listening to your pod cast an obvious ass. I am claw and I don't know is, I think, a funny. I think you're swell there's nothing to be nervous about beyond the andrea leaves. I told him like a loner tidings communist, touching everything judging on the desk, but that area. that Edgerton guy near his fantastic nike. Did you so tat? You see black mass. johnny depp the way I am usually good creepy and there is a creep This is the nice.
It's really nice and behave great in the movie everybody's great. You know, except me, that's still happening and you're going to be good, even if you don't think you're good you're going to be good because you're going to you're going to like light up the screen, you're going to be full of focus in korea Is my eye no one's going to know. Are you going to pay attention to the action as the action was okay, but she was exciting a thing I just dance man. Thank you so much are not given in here. Did you it was in their own. No, I didn't, but I didn't know he did it. I can't believe you didn't tell me daring. Why didn't he tell you? I don't know I'm right mad and who is now it may be a while, because I didn't see him he came in here. I didn't see mother, I encina and I tried to see it news he sort of offended. You tried to see it, that's highly offensive. just say you either saw it or you do now. I know why he was mad and he was mad too. He didn't act mad I got about halfway through it
no, but there was a lot to handle, but I wasn't I was. I was going to you the text I just didn't. I didn't. I didn't have time to finish it I gotta say I'm going to ask him. If he's mad, I'm going to say about to meet marc marron thoughts. Note yeah, see what I get. I actually have to email them, but I don't know him that. Well, why do you have to email him to tell him? I saw the fuck movie, oh cause. I don't like it. They don't know it wasn't a matter. I liked the movie. Oh okay, but I can't read your town. No, no. You just have one of those harsh, no, I meant to watch it. I just took a lot and I didn't want to halfway. Watch it so We got in here. I hadn't watched it. My cat was missing a lot going on. Okay. Why do you have a cat? I had three cats. Are there only Y three? Those are my wow naughty dog, I had dogs growing up.
I can't what I can't manage a dog right fuck that do you have much rather that much better to have just a sociopathic asshole that doesn't give a shit about the three of them that you gotta work for it isn't that we should. They are occasionally used to be in free area to buy my cat shadow he'd be like he goes to the door like he wants to go out. I opened the door he looked at me like I'm. A fucking idiot turns around and shows me his asshole walks away and that there's always I can cover his cats to me I was just like okay dad. so there was a time where you liked a cat, and here I had a cat and dead ruined. I dont know you ruined it so much, as I pointed out a very real flaw in their personalities, you're dead talks like that yeah and if you mean an accent, we're there, but specifically like you just did Was that good impression, your dad? He's there they live in kentucky driving somewhere driving
some are too to a wedding. I don't know whether guy I've been a level. Have you gather, I think he's improve their comedy club or something how cool I was there briefly, I don't remember much of it is there. Where did you grow up there? There's that there's that too much to remember it's ok lexington is pretty lexington's, pretty close yeah I'll take my brothers went to college there. Take thirty minutes. It's a yeah. They had a comedy club too, that was invited back to years ago. I think it was Jesus. It seems like you just make friends everywhere you guys back then was who I was a little more intense or more difficult like. I was not a sociable, albeit not, as you know, connected as a little defensive, but your whole life. You grew up there and noticed till I was fourteen that I went to new york and by kentucky like his family deal item yeah yeah. I actually do. I always have a I'm talking about old converse
So what? If I'm like? Really not what? If I don't have any friends and are there to make an amount on relations with fear? I haven't amazing relationship with my family because we, I was talking to seventy, whose ike polite with their sibling here and they were like the is acting on its starts to annoy me after like a few days Oh, my god I can imagine ever being in a family where you're not like get off me. Ask all like pocket. My brother, remote at my head. How many brothers have tools What is it, how is it not going to be the same brother or a thermostat? My head, you know which one you are disfigured. He wrote the three the amendments, my hat and you're, the youngest yeah fuck, and they had to deal with that. beat up on you too yeah yeah they beat up, they were pretty one was like all the the oldest one yeah. He was pretty chill. He taught me how to drive. Stick that's important yeah. I mean I literally never come in handy until this podcast. Until I can did you know that I know how to drive manual but but the first car have was manual. I never got another one.
I think I decided when I learned how to drive a car to learn how to drive. Stick is how hard is automatic and minds will have a skill that I can apply to something like stick is challenging. It is, and I I burn through a lot of clutches yeah same yeah- have a truck of a jeep the fact it up there so that guy with the other guy, was good, the middle guy. Everybody was awful in their own way, as you know the army's day, and I am ones intact, another one inherited the family farm and he runs children's camp that world the awful and our own ways and also wonderful and our own ways. I mean I bet, there's a million things they hit about me. They ate how I tell stories, they cannot stand to your me. Tell a story. And yeah. I think that's probably at my way through like when you start to tell a story: they just go. Here's an idea have a point get to it quicker asshole, so we which is
good training. For me, I really learned of short, not my story. What was their business the ground we business of a farm, camp and my dad owned a construction company, a farm, farm with animals? Yeah horses- and you know some goats. Will you had some pigs, but one of them die as well. They they all three die, but my publicist tuition that you're published Toby's talk not now to talk about how the pigs tag. That's that, aren't we lottery for four kill. Oh I see so that's on the list of things you can talk about here. Talk about this disease. I see that our vote failure. That seems like a very s weird thing: how did you like get to that in the conversation with publicists of things you might not talk about? Why do you keep bringing up the dead pigs know she's just like with me. I'm pressed her she hears. You know the stories I tell about kentucky want to get drunk and she'll just every once in a while, be like not talk, show story, not you know? I wouldn't do your Wikipedia Wikipedia page, very thorough,
yeah? I dont like I've, never seen one so thoroughly for, but I've never seen one that thorough of somebody doesn't have a book out wow. What information there I was. I must be very onto information like what I like: that year, you you sometimes or a pilot of commercial airliners a whole. If not on there s a really tired jazz, not is it a dark lay hid. Does added sunday. I just thought that was the most extreme thing that could be on there. That wouldn't be true yeah. No, I just like almost died in a plane, so that was like super fucked up to bring up, but it's find to have information. I think so you almost signed up yeah, but I talked about it on sixty minutes. So We don't yeah, he already did it always talked about it. You know who I told recently who I met. Larry David. He met Larry David. You told him about the point yeah cause he has. It's all sorts of phobias. I have this problem where, when I find out what somebody's phobia is, I was actually my friend like about loving her child, and I was like do you like worry about them dying every day and she was like yeah, of course, like every day, you worry,
seems like a terrible like? Why would you have to get a few, then? I wonder this documentary about. I can't remember, remember the name of it. Anyway. Murder suicide, toddler. I I can't I can't so have kids, I'm fifty four kids yeah strath, I'm not married anymore. I had two marriages, no kids, yeah they're, stressing have him involved in everything. I worry about, kids. I don't have right now saying like right. So are you I just have the I have general anxiety. I don't need to love something that intensely. because how are you going to let him out of the house how you going to let him sleep at night when they're, really small you're just going to let them have cell phones, but if they're a girl and they get instagram, and then they look at like models and are like. Why don't I look like that or do even if they don't like, do they gotta make it through infant? What, if they're a douche year, which would probably happen what the fuck does that mean hell
Well, I mean it seems like a like explain yourself I'll, try, your intense and excited, and you speak your mind and any youngster that can be a little much yeah. Okay. I agree. I am a loaded gun, okay. Well, what? What are you upset about? North korea? Yeah? That's bad! I really am yet scary. it is scary, especially if you have anxiety or disorder yeah. I I'm the same way. I check my phone constantly am filled with dread. Almost perfectly I dunno what he's going to do next? Sorry, it's terrible right there and you're making me sweat. In twenty two anxious paid is hot in here: oh my god, how do journaling idee disorders? What do you do for your general ames, eighty? thing really. I just kind of you know: life is, is anxious there aren't. They anxious for no reason
when something comes along then I get anxious about. I feel like I'm pretty normal with that, but your brain doesn't get overwhelmed with dread and you don't go that far. My brain goes right from anxiety to like, oh now, we're all in trouble yeah. Of course, I guess I just You like that's nor nor and on the right. Is it not? I don't think so. I think. how can you not be overwhelmed with dread is a lack of intelligence. My opinion, walker, Okay some people would say maybe should be on medicine I know I can go on brain medicine now I can't either yeah but there's a lot of people on brain medicine and they should be on brain medicine. I just I dunno what brain medicine it, but I can't work. I have to be able to just like you know like I used to go back and crazy right, but the boat I would think some would argue with the idea that you shouldn't, you should necessarily be filled with dread all the time, but I do I'm with you, though. I tried to em trivial jet yeah I didn't take.
How do you do that cat now? I sat for like two minutes then, just like fuck this year cause your brain's going into like it seems like a waste of time. Even if you have nothing better to do yeah, I didn't have anything better to do, but you can sit there yeah, but I couldn't I was going to jump, or did you pay the money for a thing with a mantra or yea? I have a montage. You have to know what it is, but then you can't use it anymore. What is it? It sounds like sherry lansing? What's not going to tell you the exact? What is it based on Sherry, lansing you just you just live with the anxiety yeah. I just deal with. No one got back Why have you told her and as in the house? anxiety handle the fact that he's not getting back to you. Oh it's fine, but you're, not really dating anymore, so it does not. No, no, no we're very friendly exes. How does that happen? I'm friends with all my exes Is that true yeah? I mean at one but now for the most
because they want to be recalled, you just do just accepted you actually friends. I have a theory because I'm blunt, I dont think that you can have bad really any sort of bad relationship with anybody. If you're just blunt writer, but he always knows hey, feel at all times right and there's no lying is just honesty in, but over there, good guy to each other? All my boyfriends have nick was it? Did any of them break your heart exactly no right now, other stuff I mean like just ceramic pieces everywhere no broken hearts. I think they have. I think that would make a difference. Okay, I give like enough
for someone to have something to look forward to? I think the bluntness is a good way of kino. I mean my heart breaks. Everytime. I go through a breakup. It's not like my heart isn't broken. They just never did anything to like devastate me. They just good people. Oh what could? Maybe that's also the secret. I am attracted to good people. Are you I am the time he had really weird we are here because they would see. I would projecting now think that may it'll be one like lunatic that you are attract. Yeah. He just mailed to him over. There yeah of course, yeah that guy is still alive, yeah yeah, so alright so. You start acting like when and how old are you? I was fourteen when I went to new york, but I was like and it really start working until I was sixteen and then I entered an indian without a second. I've talked about this stuff before, but you ve you just like you just you didn't get train or anything someone just found. You ya know didn't. I didn't, have any training or anything, but I mean it
Am I to a movie? A director is a bit I hang coach, so it's not like I'm just freewheeling all over the place. But no yeah cause baron had amazing things to say about you. Yeah Darren is wonderful, yeah, so I I No, I just got like discovered unanimity. Take a picture of me on. new york and then I went to modeling agencies and then they made me do like a cold read for like a cereal, commercial and then, by that time my my I've always had an ego and have been I'm so ambitious that by the time I got down with a serial audition, I was just like. Well I'm going to be in fact, and that's where it started to be a movie, I have to say with someone just found you a picture of you. I was watching street dancing in really swear to god. I'm not life is based on a lie. Now I know that just look on your face. It looks like you're trying to get me to be like alright. No, I admit it dad is the chairman of everything
united stories, I would really like gracie walking around like those that little girl. I mean now you're pretty argued about differed on like all little girl. While she loves you, you may not like as gravelly area, just like our mental you're, always mercury, so yeah that guy in that sweet tone, take a picture of me in, and mental outlying. You with your parents, it's something I was with my mom's ring. I was with my momma. We weren't what he was like. Excuse me. I I'm a scout for modeling, you know, can I have your picture and I was just like while absolutely because, like my whole life, I thought I was but as ugly, because that's what my brothers always said to me. So I was like this'll be cool and then they took my picture then, and then you know and then also like anybody who has been in york. visit new, like you're, just looking for shit to do right? So we like those, we call we're gonna like modeling agency, mamma and arming worm to the meetings but like as soon as we leave should be like just want. Our money
it's like they weren't, even asking for money which they want? Something and your about it yeah exactly. Is this just her innocence and then em yeah and then has talked about it. You know nonstop incessantly in and I was like I'm leaving on your own. Going to hollywood you getting on new york and I haven't even when I was sixteen if they let you go by yourself or who want with you. There is somebody went with me this this part is hard, but somebody with me. You know kind of, but she gone kind, a laden I have landlord tried to like unscrew my locks as screwdrivers and be like. Why are you not in school and they'd? Like call the police really yeah? My brother came out with me, but he was like eighteen. We were both like we're going to die, both in the orchestra for you, I would have more exceeded my mother. It's easy! I'm dead, sent him up there to board my mom and dad at around the camp and then, as soon as the camp is over my dad can't we- and I was like back to kentucky now You know I had excited my whole life.
I was better. I had already eight year. I would like the european in a well aware: I am thinking citing road and I was happy and new york so far, mom that was heard from my mom to see there was aerial difference and my happiness do I think that it was like a riddle and effect of all the things going on around you like, like new york, honestly totally yeah. That's what new york needs ferry. It's calming yeah if you're anxious, because it's like it's more anxious than you are yeah totally yeah, it's a power. It's got so much power to yeah and it was calming that's wild. So when you went therapists for anxiety. What did they tell you? I was such a. I was so young I dunno I just like color and be like. Oh no, I feel dread all the time, oh, I actually I actually wrote up. I should have brought I by a poem about my anxiety when you You- and I was a little kid and it was like you know, like one of my brothers go to war, would have my dad walks out the door so that so you plague, it is for ever alley answered born with it. So did it like you, did it disable the your ability? Like did you have friends when you were a kid? I mean I wasn't like
completely scared of everybody completely. Immobilize you, so no, I wasn't immobilize, I'm still not immobilized by. It is not a big deal to me. It's just not yet that when you're younger it stinks, of course it as got terrible cramps. I a very emotional stomach. I've learned when I was young. I would like get all these like cramps and they were unexplainable. It was like too young. You know for that, I'm sure those kind of cramps and it was just like inside. and then I was on a press tour and I was convinced that I had an well, sir, and then when I did nevertheless are ulcer. Well, and I have summit cancer pale stomach cancer and they were like, of course, and I ended up and two or three times a month. good for you yeah with different things, pretty sure I'll have them consistently. At my doctor told me he was going to he's not testing me for I've seen bar anymore, but I finally feel like it took two weeks for the Epstein Barr test to come back and in those two weeks now I have it.
To them again certain kyle. I have thought of endeavour them till weeks ago and I got tested. I didn't at well knew how could you possibly have Epstein bar you're you're awake, you, your brains, clicking on also there's. What would make you think you have Epstein Barr, I don't know if they don't just any tangible disease at something uniting grasp. It gets paused when you can live with it and it seems a little vague, gay idea egg enough that, like. Why call why? Wouldn't I have it sure I don't really believe in anything I just I just don't know why, before some people with anxiety, don't go right to cancer all the time. I do that, of course, they're going to cancel the tahoe and did doesn't your doctor say: look you don't have cancer so the point is I get my cells looked at. You do yeah, okay, sir. Your little hypo can drag. You know I dunno, where you're getting that I'm just feel in it, so you get stomach problems you or any third and that's how your anxiety manifests itself, yeah, mine I can't breathe. Sometimes my neck, sometimes tight.
But the abuse my shoulder has been clicking, which is either fibromyalgia, my algeria. We write that erika Zimbabwe minds are above my my, whose well it's been clicking and I think it's about to go outside Guess I'm I'm also having that problem. Classy question, please, sir, do you think that the EU developed this this panic and this need for attention wow, because your brothers were so like all? Can sue me and like you are feeling left out, because I try to figure out why. Why do I need attention with this sickness like? Why do I have to go to docked? My dad was a doctor in I go like I used to go to doctors, I'm dying now. I know you don't know like do you have me right right. So, like I never heard you talk about your data for Springsteen yeah, because we, similar to the way bruce was heavy, but do you ever do you ever? Do you ever? Try try to track the anxiety,
Oh, I didn't think of it. That way, you could be totally right. I sought to mars fear, I'm so afraid of being sick, that I want to make sure I'm not sick, right, but you're free area, namely it was rooted in attention? I mean we can't let pass a fact that an actor in right now that obviously, as some sort of mental illness, it is until a little about certain touch, but you happy with it ya. I am thrilled with where it's gotten me you do the area with the results. Are you able to go outside and stuff yeah I'll say? everybody's always like all mike. It's really not that I live a pretty like normal. but it goes some way there are sometimes where, like a favor, we coming under. Somebody gets a little more into right, but I don't know I I can you're not being followed now by paparazzi all the time. No, I saw your fourteen year in new york and your brother's air and you just you, don't go to school and by the sun. Ok, and then you go back. Ok,
is a dad. Have it's my mom started it it's a children's day camp, just regular, kids, yeah, ok, no I mean it's not for is for everyone not get them. Okay, with some cancer, personally I know there are they can come to ok, I want your quick work to deal with all kids. Yes, I think so in any text my breath everyone going? No one's responded. you know right now. I'm just like now completely completely have no idea why there isn't responding. I you have anxiety, I even called you anxiety if somebody my my worst anxiety, is social anxiety when I first meet somebody like this yeah, like this kind of scenario, but like it. You know, I'm I'm picturing like nighttime. You know not working right, just kind of like anytime. I meet somebody. I always that I know that night I'm going to be met with just oh, my god,
that yeah I'm like an over sharer and then sometimes It will every time I overshare I get anxiety, but then I'm also like god, that's like so much like just take a load on somebody and then you drink to right. Yeah I drink right when I just watch you host to talk and it seemed like that that I was now you're very good, bye over sharing seems to get exacerbated when you have a cup of cocktails right, of course, of course, I don't see. What that has to do with anything If I could, I could go back to one of your stand up about scottish people. Alcoholism is a disease, not a lifestyle, to defend a while. have you watching me, then I talked to you. That's why I was nervous It's your new york any come out here and you're on bill, engvall yeah and then a hiatus of the billing vol show. I did a movie called the poker house, but like
I like it, he did three cameras, so you just go right in and I think it was five camera cameras. Yeah building was a comic. He tells stories. Yeah he's very funny. I in you point is like I played his daughter's daughter. I and you were a teenager you're, a sixteen dia and you're just out do you have no, no parent known. my parents of oh sorry, I should go back so my dad. Wanted to get us out of new york. Girls like this is crazy. Come home. My mom defended me was like she's happy my brother. actually were the ones it came to the rescue and they said he went on all of our baseball games. If them, then you you, you know you went to Florida, which is really far from them while her baseball and they all that kind of stuff there are like this is our baseball diamond and you have to supporter literally variants,
I just have the emotion of that for a minute that sweet it is sweet, it felt a little. I felt it. Oh you did. I did yeah, but it also. It also plays into my theory about the anxiety. Why is it sort of like they should they had to be convinced to be there for your good time, and supportive of it as oppose these guy eddie of my lady, rather knowing me that you are telling me that I was faking being happy in york so that I could continue acting I don't know what I'm saying is that the brothers knew innately, that they they got, Why more attention than you, Maybe I don't I'm a amateur, I'm, not an amateur I'm just so am I I'm actually worse than amateur. I'm like that. Billy really listened too, but so not well trained, are controlled and important I just didn't like media. You know I just need you know. I tried media training and er was really hopeful. I liked it. If I was, I was
to me. Have you a training yeah? What is it I just where somebody like tells you what you're doing wrong and internally presenting yourself yeah. Does I don't look down some action? You know when was this or two ago yeah I want well. I don't want to talk about exactly when, because if I did a really good interview, I do I want. I want people to think that, like it just came out of nowhere put the new ones I say like how she did it. She was media trained. Clearly, that's all. I know people there's a lot of assholes out. Oh, I know it would more be at work for you. yeah. No, I just mean period in general. Now you know all all. always what assholes there's a lot more people ass or no prow. No full stop There are a lot of assholes period, always have been always will be now. There's period got it so, your parents, who, as you are your browser, eclectic you ve, got so many things in her pocket? There's somebody things around the garage, my parents, sorry mama!
go ahead. Tell me do we need to apologize to the listeners? You actually do remind me of Darren, and this- and this do you guys have like a similar birthday or something jews? Oh Jews are very right up to now I get there he's a little more like a like he's, he's more of a professor. You then than I am I can see that we are, would be like a professor philosophy or math drew read yes or right. So so then, Parents came too late, so I wasn't alone in and my parents were with me right, but so when you can I hear you, I can't you didn't, have any training as an actor now so you're working on, like you doing a sitcom, and then you do movie and then you do winter's bone, which is great, that's the one. I first saw you in that's when we're going was like who the fuck is that girl Ah me, Linda labour, like in a good way, no like that
I am I there was a slight amount of frustration and where I was impressed with somebody what the fuck is that where does she come from? Did someone inventor? What is that but you know that I think a lot of people said that thank you isn't that the one that I did it yeah yeah winters bone and then, when I was nominated for up getting hunger games so that that pretty much sealed the deal you're nominating very nominated for an for winter's bone. Yes, that was the first time in your. yeah nine, not well ass, exciting I've. Nineteen twelve is everything. You're, eighteen or nineteen couldn't drink alcohol. I could have twenty fuck it yeah, that's pretty! Isn't it Thank you when the united. How have you feel when you like, guess you get for an how who directed that democratic demographic sola she she books you because you are in another movie. No, she seen any my movies. Nobody would have seen. My movies is certainly,
Will you really are shown I'll? I audition and they were like she's, not the look, we're going for which I took as a compliment row then why will lead to a globally? We, I, like you, know we all here. You know the real failure and then I went back and I believe you are invited, but I went back and and when you remove, like I just went when I just went. One of the row, I didn't get the call back, but I just went to the place where they are addition, as I can allow my name is. I was here in the other jerry oak and try to get me up and then they closed casting an ally moved to new york, and then I took a red eye to new york. Invite a myself again the casting, so I think at this point there were just frightened you have an agent at this point, no idea where they really mean. If you just go for a gopher instead of the same agents for airlines. I don't I don't. I don't know John, just do you anyway. Just can do so you, showing up here and there
to the end? And finally, with the red I, you know, I got you a literary like: oh she's, the perfect again exactly a guy. I had my five o clock. Our common aim, your cranky yeah Intense wide, open you're, tired and punchy yeah yeah, so so that that was then that and his, is made, but in in terms of like how you handle the performance, like I talk to actors out cause, I do some acting myself and I I really wasn't trained either accepting college will be here. I can tell you literally. Thank you but, like my question is like you just innately: do the stuff you do I don't know, I mean it. It's the guy. The characters given to you is in writing. Right now, read sparrow my first initial reaction: from hearing it. Okay, she's russian she's had to be five or on a level that me
any of you know anybody. I know it is never to be able to understand. Throw our entire body belongs to the state, were I don't they give you the character? And then you know you just feel sure feeling on and then comes out and yeah. That's it yeah the warrants process. there is now written on his mug. The idea. The way we apologise shit, my pants was logan. It does? It can get my news. I don't do that plug anymore. Was it a plug? I invented for a coffee, sponsor they do this with your facial hair again. What do you mean? Okay, why I know I like the full beard, the full beard- yeah, oh from the special there, for a reason for acting job. Oh and I like it, you do yeah, I mean this is like what is that? Is it tat is to go, tease it up so tat, no one house and a mustache yeah. You know like no now really like. I like the committee vote, beer, but I'm to eleven highland park. Yet have a beard. Mama real man. I've had
is you moving to brooklyn from quebec yeah, I'm gonna go back to brooklyn, get some jobbers and I got alright. So that's your process, you just feel it. now. What can we talk about David Russell? Please you liked that guy, I love him. He likes you who fc yeah, he you know you're like your his muse of some kind. Yes, I mean, I can't say that, but feel it yeah yeah we yeah, we, we, I do another movie where of course, I think maybe in the fall I dunno really there quicker yea. What is it? How did that relationship happen where it's like so second nature feature. Of course I disagree. I do any movie that that guy wants me to do. Don't we just really? I don't know we understand each other. We we, I think, he's brilliant is complicated. Here we are, of course, among a brilliant people are complicated and I am so easy going
Are you easy going? Oh, my god, I'm neither a brilliant or easy brilliant. I don't feel like easy going and I think you're fine, I think I would surprise you without easygoing easy going. Organ Are you denying really yeah? That's right. Not all show you you how easy it be yeah. I know ask you when you were very young windsor riyadh ronnie. I was twenty two and twenty one of the movie, and I don't know I just we just really collect and- and I did I don't know what it is I don't know, have a similar since humor, similar sense of reality and cinema yeah. We have those things in common he seemed like he was like that. With that mood I got for the fighter, the silver linings that you know he sort of he starts shooting in a very kind of visceral way like right. The silver lining was all up in you know, you're in your cooking us of what I watch a movie a couple of times. You really get helps me
wow like I I like I understand you know when people are that mentally fragmented, the emotions cannot be helped and to to reconcile those yeah is a is an amazing thing. yeah the only way out is through, but he put you here a lot of faith in you and you guys to have what your working process with him. I am have to assume that with every director and you've worked with a big directors that there are there moulding you somehow in terms of acting in the guide you somehow yeah, I saw how did why Russell work? For you, I mean our processes as kind of no one is a private that makes it out, but it's like it's magic and David. Does cocky about cause he's icons magic. Why do we have to talk about it? You're? Looking report we have, but I I I I can start feel I understand him and in whatever is even before we ever met.
Like his, I wanted. I heard how can these and other areas that mother fucker, who they were out of my exact sense of humour right for confined boots uranium? So I can start understate, you know any when he starts writing something he's such a beautiful writer and his characters is that it immediately clicks are even before he's finished. Writing yeah. You know we talk a lot and during the writing process yeah, I mean he's writing every year I can, but now, after since over linings, you know he writes with you in mind some time. Yes right, yeah and then unset, I dunno it changes for what we need. Sometimes he gets very. He can almost put you like in a trans and which actually led to my greatest pun when we forgot to audition a woman to play my mom and he got upset that he did.
It put her in transit. I said: do you mister trance anyway, in which movie and a joy and so but Virginia ended up to you and just fucking, fantastic yeah, but so that was before we met virginia anyway, and then we go inside. He can either do that or he's. Also, like I group, like and sports, and as I said this is why, prince with ex boyfriend very blunt, I appreciate blunt communication. Vs, like I don't you don't need a walk round me like I'm, an emotional landmine in vienna, I'm not sensitive right. I, like the amazing, erode I'm right so he's just like all god that was so bad or god, and am I really about the gap and I'll do one like with no bullshit I understand what that means are only like faster, faster, say less and I like it at its. It's really empower. You really gives me I feel like when I'm with him. It's like this creative outlet that that is gonna make
live longer. I don't go to the doctor when I'm on his movies, so sorry that it's like an active improvisation, almost yeah like like No idea is but he's coming up with all these characters he's never not coming up with the most brilliant characters tell you why you're in the scene, the attic near do it again or do a faster yeah. You know: try ass fat ass well and have just keep go yeah, that's exciting. Yet how was it working with bradley seems like a solid actors, great yeah, we'll bradley yeah. I mean we really will we worked together really well. We should actually do something together again we did joy and silver linings american hustle. Russell likes him too yeah yeah. He actually just directed, we, and I just saw it as fucking phenomenal? Is it out yeah he's going to be one of the great so he's going to be an amazing directorate really yeah Do you want to direct? Not that's out
I know it's, it's really hard and there's just no glory there's just if it in suck, then everyone's like okay, you know it doesn't suck and then, if it's bad, then do your whole life is ruined. I dunno like how did it. This is like what the fourth or fifth movie did with Francis lawrence too. Yeah the hunter gatherer, I repeat a lot of. Will they must working with you. Well, I hope so movie that you did he pick you, red, sparrow yeah and is first movie that sort of like it's like it's not. a superhero movie, It's your movie yeah you're the one here, there's no superstar dude. It said jennifer lawrence movie. Thank you, yeah. That's why I really need people to go see it. Does it make you nervous yeah, it's all on you. Oh yeah, I mean I just want to you. No, I wanted to do well right now. I think I think people are excited they. All because they want to they want to experience whatever you're doing.
I get more exactly as I get I used to not even think about like on a movie came out. I do not know genuinely when a move. It was really like the david and I wouldn't even know I didn't look at numbers now, I'm like an adult and I'm like. No it matters a movie doesn't do well as bad, but you're gonna be okay. Thanks, Well, I mean like: are you going to go back? Do you? Do you have a craving to do like little, tiny movies? Again yeah I mean cause. The last few movies have been fucking huh yea. Now I like joy too I'll. Thank you. Joy huge, but do not turn out no bad idea, boy, young out and out what is now is it was our college huge, but at me like ex man, passengers while mother was mother, The red superhero may have another X. Men come now. Those are way for god. There is an excellent coming out. Yeah They are everything that I've got set up to do next. I think, as is indeed the eid also like to say, to production company and make andy's when we do that.
what are you doing it, I dont can't you just call guy or work already. I called the guy. I don't know what our production be harder guy. Yet I thought I made the I made some fun calls. I had a meeting, but I dont know what what else I do so it sucks about the m, the aronofsky thing, but we, I can't wait. I want to talk about american hustle. I had watched at like four or five times. Why did you have to watch it four or five times cause? I didn't know what the tone was hm. Like that's a hell of a critique. Do. Do you know what I'm saying? Let me I like it the comedy. Is this a legit like is? Am I supposed to buy this This is why it is trying to do a seven thing is: is there is there a genre happening? well, there's only one p moment of violence in a movie that should have been filled with violence. It's a very weird thing where is the violence when he got the bag over his head know when deniro shoots the guy in the past. That is the only time you see thing: he hated shit right, but that's it.
I keep trying to blame? I am more violence. No, I just didn't know exactly what within, in which I too their unique movies totally, because our what's happening here almost was to take them and then something david debt, David finds humour in the and the reality of real life drama. Knowing I like em, like em like that movie, Why is this happening in a real time zone like where happening? he real world. Via I mean we that we didn't even have a green script. When we started to that he was writing. As we were going it was, it was crazy. Can you Why, where I live in what where those ideas for him come from like if you're part of the creative process do you know why he was compelled to make joy, I don't know where the ideas come from. I just normally get a middle of the night phone call like one yeah. yeah, I'm totally and as a gap. Let's do it
to demand their dream. Yeah tell us, I don't know where he gets his ideas. I mean is the latest idea now that we might do it s just like he's trying to pitch it to me, took like six hours and I was like what and then as late as petros ike I was like fuck yeah. Okay, are you tired of that yeah? He tightened it up. It got it done like it was like six hours into David, what, oh, my god, so you actually talked through the entire film with you or the entire concept. I helped him out. That's probably while he was working with the funding actually send your great. Is that like she listens, and I can I can do a whole outline and one phone call. He didn't have to tape any there. She just receives it gets. It gives me confidence just access over my eyes and like weekend at Bernie's got sunglasses, and thank you for your help. How did mother happen? mother. I had been a fan of barons which ones particular Well was brilliance or wrestler
We are clearly one of the great at one of the best films ever made right here so, when I heard he wanted to do a movie, I wanted to meet with me. It was like yas, and so he came out to atlanta cause. I was shooting passengers, we he told me he didn't written anything. Yet it was just kind of general themes and he and I are kind of on the same page. Your eyes and brilliant virus that we both believe that climate change is of real. So you know that for you I was tat. He had a strong stay at home so we re going to get rowing arrays huge themes in it just seemed just brilliant to me and the way he wanted to shoot it like the three month rehearsal process. I had never really really rehearse, at all, so that was going to be interesting and, and I dunno it just seemed it just seemed like a bundle of brilliance that I wanted to be on board with and as a filmmaker. I trust he pitched it as an environmental movie. He pitched in
say you know and allegory river verdun them. Oh, I multitude of things because that is the creation of mankind. With creation of religion, which is to create a good, you know, warren ended and the difference languages and how long did it take them to pitch the idea that he hadn't written? Yet he was eight and a half hours just kidding. He beat David o Russell know he flew and pitched me left. The whole thing was we like an hour and a half. I was like he's hot scope. if the idea is that guy yeah, I remember, I was holding my dog and I shut the door and when the door shut, I meant Pippi, that's called sexual tension. That was it. I love that for me that he didn't you be played hard to get from like nine. Nine months, maybe longer I dunno why Just killed me and how long did it last I mean. Really. If we count everything I mean, if you like two years: oh yeah yeah. I have been saying two years for so long years. I can spend likes xbox and then I think two years yeah I mean I was in love with him for two years
and then it went away yeah now I still love him very much, but you're not Oh my god, I don't want to talk about this anymore. I'm over sharing is that was that a publicist word and yeah the media draining word, great britain when you work at the final product of mother, what was your room when you went to my love? I love it. I think it's brilliant. I do too. I think that's what I was going to tell him. I don't know, I'm surprised that they opened it. You know as big as aid. and yeah, I feel, like you know, art house release would have been a little more real. You know we can't expect right now everybody to be like. Did you see that allegory movie, you know, but but it is it's it's. I think that it's the closest thing to perfect that I've ever seen and what we thought we were making. It was even more beautiful. I mean the the camera. Has it's own lingo?
yeah I do now. I'm really proud of it. I love it yet. Others there's nothing like that. I'm a shroud resident nominated jennifer lawrence says nominated arising arousing what is already it's at worst. Performers. Your award really yeah yeah, I'm a nominee, it's okay, ah jack Nicholson actually got nominated for a razzie for the shining so I don't like it when somebody like after I watch it the first time. I guess I didn't because I see it in the conversation with darin was limited because I only widen watched the end by Tom. I talk to my got enough to work before a crazy and he's like we gotta watch. He end cassettes were it happened then did you? I can't remember what you said. Did I watched it and I then I thought about it and he did. explain the allegory to me. Yeah different stuff, with that but I was like you know. If we don't tell people
it is, then they're not they're, not going to see you know the beauty behind it, they're not going to know what they're looking at but he's an artist, and I was like I made it like you, either get it or you don't get it so you know, he's correct and where you're from and I was coming in on, you know I'm going to I'm going to talk about it. Okay and he was like I like you, like my agency gonna, do it over vacuum anyway. So why me The takeaway initially was that it's very difficult to be in a relationship with a creative person. No, no, we really. We did not I'm talking about in the movie my starring joseph artist coralie amen? Yeah yeah, I don't know, but the turnout domino there and what I d like that it is no known. I got worthy adjective. Ok, all right, I'm just I've year. I didn't think we're having been gives a very clear communicator. He has no. He is just like a very good, genuine man, nor think that's true. That was my take. That was my take away with him. He wants but he was doing he was trying to get it all in. It was it's like
okay yeah, so you very complicated bob dylan song like he wanted. He wanted to make a a bible. He wanted to every day Everything in the air so like what happens now you're going to do the the sparrow movie's going to come out. You're gonna run around you're, going to act charming on tv and do that shows us. The well thought out plan yeah, I'm trying to get people to I mean I'm not worried about red sparrow we're not even doing that that crazy of a press tour, because the proof is actually in the it's a great movie, so I'm not worried about it and then, when that comes out, I dunno I mean I don't I don't really have anything lined up, I'm pretty busy, I'm I you know at my head spun off. Last year when trump got elected, so I kind of threw myself into corruption and and politics super pacs. Lobbyists blah blah blah. So yeah, What are you doing with how you help now? I'm just and yet another others
spinning around everyday. He was the chairman of the federal election committee, so he's passionate about getting getting m trevor potter, sorry trevor powder about getting m money at a politics as well so just kind of touring people or to around us talking to people about about corruption, because we get to a place where we can have a state by state vote then openly we can pass anticorruption, lead
inflation. You know like marijuana and gay marriage, how they, how they pass and not have to go through congress row. That's that's the plan. That's the plan to everyone do like stage work. Never never! Why? Because I'm not like and cocky enough to think that I'm like an actor like I'm just stoked, I'm a film actor and would be good on a play. But what if they give you a play, that was perfect for you and I'd be like. Let's make this into We hear many theories shorter. You like what would he can do now said I will happens. I was you like. We could just hang well yeah. I am actually hungary there's cute poisoned. Echo is get lunch in. I got fitting in you of my day you know em actually staying in my neighborhood, you should come over to over their gap, which you doing staying in. neighborhood I dunno she's renting a house for something I told you. I don't ask questions.
but she has another house and she's anyway. She lives in new york, so she's renting a place nice. So you guys hanging out yeah. So This was good right. It hasn't been an hour, it's gone by so quickly. It's been more. Should we do, should we do more in case we want It wasn't like the editing power sure how the earth, which goes into some of the the difficult questions so like woody. What's who he met at. What's going on? Did it are you dating any, but I'm not now. Are you yeah cool she's, a painter? I got relating paintings. Have I seen the paintings be sure to whom I would love to show them? at a big show coming up in london, I dunno, if you're going make that one now I won't make that well. Actually I am going to london and like a couple weeks. I think, as that for press yeah
No well! I shall be going. I rolled no, it starts April. Seventeenth, I'm gonna, be nice shone out in the sixty you like abstract are. I was just about to ask if it was abstracts, because I do like abstract art. Yeah, I don't know anything about art, but I like it when I when I could just look at it back here, but is it art? Has your mom my mom's great, is cool still got the camp now my brother runs the camp now yeah yeah, the middle brother, the other ones in tech, the other ones in tech and they're. Happy about your success, yeah yeah, yeah, they're, happy! for me, do you have a house in Kentucky? They don't like one of the actors, which is great for me. That's I have I don't have as in kentucky, I have a. I have a place in new york and atlanta yeah yeah, and maybe this I don't have a house in highland park. We are just going through every checkbook yeah
I have a black amex. Does that count yeah, I can run it. I have a square somewhere. I could do it on my phone cause. It would be a bargain cook. Have you done or do you want who some actors you need to work with? I gotta get get done done before I get older, they die anybody. Does there anybody want to work with yeah won't be able to yeah? I mean. Obviously you know gary oldman, oh yeah. I think Daniel day Lewis is retiring so that ship sailed. I really think he's gonna. I don't understand that he's not old or anything is he just exhausted from all the work he puts into a role. I have no idea to watch phantom for it. I got through about three minutes of it. I put it in a good, solid. Three, it I oh my god. I am sorry I anybody I'm that movie. I takes a little yeah. I couldn't give that kind of time. I was three minutes and I was just That's what I did with mother and look what happened. I thought I locked in it I'll, try it
just about clothes notes about two people, a guy like he like that. How far is he kind of like a nurse assisting sociopath, and it's like the like he's economic? so every girl that falls in love with him because he makes her feel bad about herself and, like that's the love story, this is purely just my I haven't seen it. I don't, He gets he get a little narcissistic and a little lcd yeah I've been down that road. I that is, I you what I remember no not with Darren. Oh my god, I didn't mean that do not. I have not even I have dated people that nobody knows about. So that is something to keep in mind: okay, let's, let's now nobody would know who they are. Oh really yeah like before showbusiness or no I can date and famous people while still being famous, and they don't talk about it. I guess I die like nice. People wow now May I make us all things
now you gotten into the land of fiction. Maybe during texted me no icy, oh my god. every everytime. I don't I don't like him. I phoned me as an text. I get your things ip. Is this live? Yes, it's going out to millions of people, isn't doesn't go out there. It's not like I was saying. That's. Why he's not responding is probably listening to it right now and be like? No, it's not, it doesn't go out live. What would you for breakfast? I had abs, two sausages, something that was purple like maybe for potato potatoes and blew over easy sweep, perpetrator yeah. Maybe If I've literally never had that food before where'd, you eat it, and I have the stuff that drops food off and I have a lot of people do that xcode yeah it cuts to. I don't have to cook. You know you don't like to cook. I know how to cook yeah I don't like to. Unless I'm like trying to like impress, guy or something oh yeah and then like as soon as I'm seeing somebody I'm like. Oh, my god I made like roasted chicken and potatoes, but then, when I'm single, I'm just like
bring it over to make me something I will. I don't want the security guy to get nervous. So thank you for coming. Thank you for having me. I think this went well. I think so yeah, when when will this error forever for wait? Why we still have ever. I there really should be like a timeline honour, but don't you think of when the movie coming out going around that do have an embargo or that, just like your choice, I mean you wanted to do that. I asked to do this have literally never asked to do anything, but there was was it suggests, do you know I texted my publicist ratify, probably find the text that I've texted my publicist it was like I want. Can I do margaret spy podcast and she said Joe,
problem? What you say is can be months ago. I'm not, I don't know about that. Had a gesture, it's fine! I just want to make sure that this was a good experience for you did. I did I show up for you, I so yeah I mean I am insecure about the year, feel like numbskull spiral and ngo right, cried make me spiral with with, I feel, like everything was fine. We from went to new york. thirteen l, a hunger games oscars, we got it even a rustle, it was there anything knew about. It is just a few just turn through before we do anything that was like unique to us. That we can hold on, I mean other than like our psychosis, really, but I mean what you want me to ask you some mere.
How old are you when you lost your virginity? Seventeen lump you. I was younger than you why I I was the lower bit. A bit of a mess was not a great experience. I wasn't nice for San Jose. How old are you I'm not going to tell you that We went on how we can act as a lever to do it to a false sense of security and I apologize. No, I don't. I I've said it before. I'm not feeling okay, yeah it'll lead to like fifteen woof yeah boy, so you play the guitar. I do. How long have you played? do you think your head of an eye doing? Are you get? I m good? All you know it. You talked about this and you stand up like you ve chosen not to ruin your life like ruin, the qatar for you just recently watches most
I did recently watch her special, but I've been watching it for years, and I believe you I'm not. I'm not question this and I think we're good, ok and- and I appreciate you coming over- thank you for having me. Alright, that's me and jennifer lawrence. I think I'm going to that was fun right. It was good. I enjoyed it, I think I'm going to forget the guitar playing and I'm feeling tired and under the weather, to get tickets My shows at the ice house in march or my europe into our dates in April. Go to the tour page wmd wtf dot com and get some tickets. Alright. Alright, I got it
rest romer.
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