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Episode 896 - David Oyelowo

2018-03-07 | 🔗
David Oyelowo got America’s attention with his instantly-iconic portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the film Selma. But this classically trained actor was making history on stage years prior, becoming the first black actor in the U.K. to play an English king in a major Shakespearean production. David talks with Marc about the importance of bringing his cultural background and life experience to roles of all stripes, including his character in the new movie Gringo, who was not initially written as a Nigerian immigrant.

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All right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck enacts, what the fuck is happening, how come on. What's going on, mare marin. This is my podcast wtf today on the show David, a yellow, get that out right away, because I don't, if I'm going to pronounce it right throughout the rest of the broadcast. I I just watched him pronounce it. on a bit of video to make sure I knew how to pronounce it a yellow david, a yellow, okay. So these he's on the show he's going to be talking him. We had a very lively conversation, he's a he's, a talker he's. He's a a great guy and we're going to be talking about his,
new movie. Gringo a bit but mostly about his life and about where he come from in the roles, and it was good I've been. I can do a lot of actors. Lately wait, wait. What can I tell ya and meridian because of as you know, because I've done a little acting myself recently, it's it's always helpful. Actually, to talk to actors, it helps me it's my. You have to indulge me my acting classes here on the air. So what is. Happening people, come on get you were. I I've been so good about turn on my fuckin phone off. Did you guys here that ok over It's my real a my real it's coming over it's happening The garage is not empty, yet I am still like holding I'm still in denial or something there's I've done. Nothing in here at the hasn't happened yet.
but the plan is I'm going to start going to start recording in the new space maybe next week my mean that's the plan. I gotta give I've a real it or coming over them about to do paperwork and sell this house. I guess I gotta get out of here. I got a pack it up, but looking at these books, man, but looking at these books, I just like at the every time I look at him. I can see the ones that are going, but I can see the ones that are stained and I'm very excited to get them organized. I think that's why I am, I moved it's just used to get organized, nine hundred and ninety other house is bigger and I still am- I stalled on all levels here in this transition process, but I got to get out. I got to get on with it folks I have to get on with you know what I mean come on. here. I want to read an email to you because I thought it was. I thought as sweet. I thought it was sweet
David, a yellow is going to be here soon or yellow I'm getting a nail in it. I think I'm nailing it. Okay. Jack line, your guitar playing high mark. I just to send a quick email to say. Thanks for the guitar, you do at the end of most episodes. I have a seventeen month old and we recently had him evaluated to see if he is delayed in certain ways it turns out. He is delayed in speech which isn't the biggest deal as long as we address it now, but they were a little worried that he could be possibly delayed in other areas. One of the we were told to look for was to see if he likes to dance to music. I've been trying every kids, music nursery rhymes, classic rock jazz, etc to no avail? Well, we were you have one she other day, while listening to your podcast in the background and he started dancing to your guitar playing that so very too. At that touches me, I replayed you playing several times and he danced to it. Every single time now
has been, and I go back through all their possessions and fast or to the end. So baby Henry can dance. Apparently you deter playing is the only thing that makes them want to move. well. That is that is a testament to my expression, and I appreciate that and then she said as I just wanted to say thanks and I just love your show so much. Thank you for everything that from Maureen I will Thank you, Maureen, I'm happy, I'm glad I helped out with the kid I'm glad I'm glad that my guitar playing has that. Does rough I I'm glad I'm tapping into something. So primal and young. It makes me happy I love that email. I love it and the only thing my guitar playing is making that kid dance he gets through. It gets through to that kid that is so nice, so sweet or yellow david or yellow. I I think I am holding it is it staying. Is it writes? Is it true?
it is my is happening so folks, adena where you isn't it. I don't know what you're up to buy tat. I would to promote my europe dates. If I could, I'm going to go to my website right now and I'm going to look at those dates specifically going to go to? beauty of pod dot com and I'm going to go to tour and I'm going to push tour and I'm going to see out the ice I am I'll, be there sunday this sunday again. Seventeen I do not know if there tickets, for that. That's your in pasadena April 16th, a festival hall in london in April nineteenth china thier turn stockholm, sweden April. Twenty second folk tear to threat of folk folk. It Here too, it Oswald Norway, many third royal theatre royal, a car I amsterdam in the the ones and April twenty six had vicar street.
In Dublin ireland these shows at the icehouse were very good last week and I ripped out some stuff worked out some things by my insanity and my my whatever nervousness, or beating myself up for whatever we had great shows, and I want to work through some more stuff or tighten up some stuff and a lot of new will be happening if it was new. To be honest with you, I was sort of surprised, but that's happening at the ice us this sunday or yellow. Well. How much is do that now we just get on it. We can write of charity Haven't I so David or yellow. Well, got a new movie gringo, which help backed with inferiors, theaters tomorrow march, ninth and and been in, a lot of movies selma, notably
it was. It was great to talk to him about his life where he comes from who he is and his journey as an actor and a human, and it was a it was fun because he's he's he likes to talk and that's always good. For me, it's good when you can engage, you know and is a what am I just going to sit here? I don't need to burn any more time. Let's talk to David or yellow right now? the the the you have out there in the valley huh. I do. I do yeah in Tarzana. How long have you lived out there, a wife and four kids or kids yeah for yeah? That's a yeah on purpose for yeah. Yes, if I have three boys and a girl and
It was the girl, the last one. She was is that where you were trying for dinner. While I was happy with three boys- and we just felt- we just knew it was going to be a girl. You did yeah, and so we got our zoe she's going to be a tough girl you know what the amazing thing, though, is that she is she ass three, both brothers and she's, a girly girl she's not over compensating. Maybe it may be a lot of pink yet let above reason the house but sound, but no she's, very, very lovely, but yet the valley, we started insidious city. When we first moved. how have you been here and there nearly eleven years? Oh really, eleven years in may so when studio city, sherman oaks, Tarzana, aha yeah, we don't have to oh
who cares you're finding the bigger space more space free, soon you're just going to be on the edge of the desert or you are going to have the the entire death valley. Well, I think we're kind of good. Now I've known for his, where we're going to we've done our bit for humanity, and you like it out there I mean I have no sense of tarzan- has zero a very nice it is. It is very, very nice lots of space get away from the craziness and you're on this side. So this wasn't that bad, a drive right, no, no he's just come over on the highway, don't have to go over any mountains exactly as he hasn't. So, though at the time I saw you oddly why, outside of watching that movie last night, was a? I saw the production of othello new york city, oh wow. Yesterday I went and saw you do that and I have credit you without me. I was a great job he did as othello, but I I've had many great shakespearean
Actors in here are all too I've had Michelin in here. Oh and Patrick stewart in here can Michelin sat there and I think he's he's a sarah right. Yes, so he sat there and like cause. I oh I have hard time with shakespeare. Okay, pay attention, not alone. No, I know you I just eight point three about cause. People say what great worries our enemy. I can't get past the language I know, but then, but compliment to you is. But what I was saying is Michelin did a monologue for me right there, oh and it kind of went in it was very effecting it took it took it had an effect on me but I followed othello because of your production. Better than I have any shakespeare. Oh, I got good yeah, it's good though they made it a contemporary setting yeah, who is a barrack, yes and the space with small yeah, and it was
precious. You know alright arrive. Direct sam gold, I think, did a great thing of making it feel incredibly visceral and pacey, and in your face- and you know it was two hundred people in that box of it. So there was no really tender box where there are moments where you I I hope, there's no fire that was literally drywood. How are we going to get out and yeah there's plywood everywhere, yeah yeah, exactly right? No, I loved doing that that production, Daniel Craig, who played Iago in that production and yeah. Just we literally made a pack that every night we would try and kill each other really see if we could, if we could actually and real on this day without actually killing each other with, without preferably not actually doing it by outcome done mere to doing it. Yeah it's it's weird that like, I was very involved in it and I enjoyed the acting in the feeling in the excitement in the intensity and the violence of it, but I'm not sure I could tell. I could tell you what it's about right,
If you ask me what is the story: the fellow I would be like I used complicated, it is com it is complex, but did you feel like you're not of jealousy? Yes? Yes, I'm war, and what that the the diseased mind right or the deed mind with, and the people feeding the jealous exactly you got the play completely sure I've got sort of universal kind of humanity, of its right to be right. But ere you talking plot. We apply K who has about did you feel mark I've like you feel I'll? well that's all we need to talk like you were in a in trouble. I wasn't sure I was in deep trouble. I definitely trump. What's that guy's name sam well, the director, sam gold yeah, what he's directed other things to feel like? I know how home he did as well. He just did a hamlet, Alright, oscar isaac,
and yeah oscar isaac. Yeah. You worked with that guy in a movie yeah most violent. I didn't know what that movie was about either you didn't really make you feel mark yeah. It did. It did and I'm no dummy, I'm no dummy, but the movie had sort of a pace to it. Yeah where sort of like white. What is it my missing something right? They had that kind of like intensity. It was a slow. It was a slow yeah. I guess that's a nice way of yeah yeah yeah yeah. Everyone look good and she thanks. well, yeah we got jessica. Chastain knows how to wear a coat yeah and fake yeah. Yeah he's an amazing. Actress, I think yeah. I just saw her name in that movie the game yeah right. She is really good he's fantastic! That's a big part that Molly's game. Oh yeah, and to do his sort of patterns. Note is tricky to make Sorkin sound normal. She has range for day you too, you did. I watch gringo last night kind of the the guy gets beat up
I said I have a lot of bruises given to me that film, yes, I think I m gratuities good to gear, Yet, as is a great car, a really armies, baron and white, Joe alleged turn Amanda, see free tandy, newton shelter, copley harry tread away. I mean it's that we had a good it's one of those movies that is driven by after point annoying coincidences as well, but that's the thing out when we were when we went to do the film we thought. How do you make these absurd situations feel plausible and you have to kind of play. for real legendary get out. Yet there is no getting away from the fact that it's a caper undisguised thrown into the most unbelievable right outcome science, but and I both know mark that life is stranger than fiction. It. Yes, certainly it is, and if that were the real life there be real problems by. I imagine
at some level. Yes, there are coincidences in life, but not as consistently as but you know where there are lots of coincidental where shakespeare yeah, really he did yeah yeah, because every there was so much words because in them the very way the things you don't even remember that it's a coincidence cause I started like. Oh, my god. I was so glad you sat through our fellow I'm now realizing it was kind of a miracle that you wasn't aware of the period and a half hours a night like I'm, not a low brow. Guy I dislike I it's like. I have accused you of that. Why feel it but I'm hard and myself were really yeah. I'm harder myself about shakespeare. Ok, because I got I seem to have committed to this sum.
This attitude about it wearing suppose, you're really sat down and said: okay, I'm going to I'm going to really take it in be. I take it I'm going to take a course. I don't know much. I think you suffer from low self esteem when it comes to shakespeare. That's what I'm fascinated by that yeah. Well, thank god come fixed now you either for years? I was wondering what my fundamental or of the answer was you got it right away? I want you for helping me out and I guess we're done: okay, so nice, seeing you see you at that? My hamlet exactly where I feel much better about you, but but this movie we might just start being with that, because it's a new movie by this- was sort of a comedic lighter weird, because it's not light, but it's like that. It is a comedy kind of isn't: oh yeah yeah, it's an action comedy. It doesn't want to download and haven't take us seriously. I was really looking to do something other than you know.
You d want to carry the weight of the of the of the history of black, alter on your yeah. I did. I didn't want the weight of black life on myself again, so I did. it's to play a nigerian immigrant who believes in the american dream half and that dummy and get Serbia now get soberly amount for it, so so, yes, and that that part was Did they have you in mind or you don't know, or you just know it. It wasn't race specific when in fact the the actors they were thinking of what we're very much sort of comedic actors are really yeah, like the regular guys, the regular guys you could real them off and I'll. Not if you get them right. Still corral now he's too high a cubic occasions. What are you saying? Mama What are you saying that it could?
be a smaller about white comedic actor, who I stole the pot from now. Not small can get parts from Steve corral. I believe you, you watch me, I'm going to text you actually now going to find out every job, Steve Carell is up, or it just seems like he's, like he's not going to do digging this ditch. If you, I don't think we should load it up. I just I couldn't remember any will Ferrell's pretty hot here. He was up for it. I think you know. I think he was one of the people who they had in mind. Okay, you know yeah a seth, rogen type, Okay, alright, alright, Steve Carell echelons! Steve Carell you now we can have a conversation about this cuz, I'm still not willing to it. Two two trying to dig yourself out and I admire back, but it would have been.
trysting, seen them portray nigerian immigrant, which I would have liked to have seen now that I would like to see you like this The real that's real risk, a comedy to have a steve corral. nigerian immigrant, but you know I would really like to see what the backlash of that have for him to play the one white nigeria immigrant in all cinema history, can you imagine, can you imagine, robert downey Jr in tropic thunder was the last one to just get under the wire before before, before the that was came slamming shot I want, but that he took lack for that he took flag, but it didn't the movie in the tank and is a great movie and he's very smart movie yeah and he's really funny in it. I don't think that you could make that movie now. I think I think they would get butchered. What do you think happened exactly
well, I found side of trump I mean before Charlie. I was before I think you know when it comes to representation in in movie ass heavy industry generally. I think it just came to the point where by people now have enough of a voice where the answer you know what it's not. Ok, it's a whitewash, every store everything and then to sit of white savior every movie, where you could have had the opportunity to have someone who drives the narrative in your hero of the piece and then yes again, it's going to be name an actor I need to dig another hole, ryan gosling, exactly what we do. We know when it's that Not enough ryan got enough of saving the day. I could take her olenin, whereas he usually do you think I couldn't take wrangles things, I'm sure you could kane, I'm sure harry. Do you think I you're from no, no I'm I'm I'm I'm bored yeah
you know I I I A lot of it has to do with not just voice, but out it's too. You know I am dead. Everything has become the movie media industry itself has become diversified just by nature of outlets. Yes, so like, why not more search for everybody, exactly exactly Well, no, it's absolutely true. There's more room to play, and actually big movies that everybody was complaining about on some level. I, who gives a fuck about a big movies anyways I mean. I only see them if they come as screeners. Usually, if it's a huge movie, you philistines- I know I'm the worst really know. I said see dunkirk in a theater. I didn't, but I would have. If what I was busy were busy leaving your you're right. I am a bit I've gotten lazy. I've gotten lazy. I watched years that one side on very some. I saw someone at the iter, ok yeah. What was the last one.
I saw that Sofia Coppola movie in a theater the allows I bought the beguiled I saw in a theater, I saw and did you like it? I did like it. I do, but I did watch regional too- and I am not sure why she made certain choices- I mean the the original was pretty horrifying, ok and menacing. But I thought hers was very beautiful and focused in I liked it. I I I seen other ones Okay, when was the last movie you saw in a theater and I went to see. I went to see den of thieves in the theater. What is that about three days? Gerard butler action, action movie? Ah our them, you like action movies. I do like action movies and I thought it was okay. My friend maria macrae is in it and he's fantastic year in it and yeah and as
dx who distributed or who's distributing alpha gringo distributed it so well who directed gringo. He was like a stunt guy right, yeah nash, Edgerton directed it and yeah. He he. He was a stunt guy for years, and then they did these shores amazing shorts, one called sp yeah she's on youtube, anyone can go, watch it and another on call bare and then also did a feature. Film called the square which is really really fantastic, the adam he has great great taste and he's one of those guys who he's good with action, but he's not looking to just jam it in any and every movie. He does it's sort of going to move the story along. india he's a great director yeah. There were some moments in that movie gringo. Where you're like. Oh, what's going to happen, yeah yeah, something exciting happens, the I kind of want to spoil. Anything, but there's a it's hard movie to talk about without spoiling it big things that happened. Yes, not great, there's a lot of bad people in it,
that people who pay yes, yeah? That's it! That's a mark of of NASA justin's work any of his work. You see he he. He is very good with hubris. You know your report, you saw it yet and that people really read what they so in this one. So I so, let's go back now to shakespeare in the humble beginnings of you as a human right. I can't believe it. In hollywood. For ten years I have now yeah may avaux, seven from brittany moved yet the up and you're happy about it. I love it here. I agree I dunno. I really people are so surprised when you say you like living in l a I really really love it, that people love southern california. Why do you think it costs so much to live here? I'm very clear that people love it. It's show business that people are kind of like nah, yeah, yeah well I'd I'd live out. Well,
if our land or exactly where there were craziness off their great in tarzan, it literally is my roby experts face it, and yet you know my kids are doing very well here s. The weather, of course, goes without saying, is lovely where's your family, they in england my dad lives with us. We are too he's he's here too. My brother lives in australia. I have one brother who still lives in london, but we're all three of you yeah three brothers, yeah three brothers were in Australia, he's on the gold coast, the other side, yeah yeah, farsight yeah the face. I haven't been. I haven't been way away. I know it's another year. There yeah My friends like that, when I programme won the election year, what it's like you I radiate how long have you lived there
been there about eight years. Oh my god and you haven't, visited, don't be like that. He he's he's come to see me you're right, it's bad! It's a bad trip, it's sort of like what what where to pull you other than just family. It's like what else am I going to do at once? I spent thirty hours on a plane. Family should be enough. You know, I have daughters, they're, all young you're right. I should go yeah. You know what you build in my case, I'm I'm leaving you're going, Hopefully you won't get your phone out and make a reservation. Can I yeah, but we can wait, you can wait till after I wake up, but so, but you didn't you didn't You grew up entirely in england. No. I was born in oxford and and then we moved to london when I was very young and then we moved to nigeria. When I was six and I lived there till I was thirteen, so your folks were from nigeria and you're exactly right. So why they move. Why they go back. My you know, it's a good. Nigerians are very aspirational and I think a british education is something my dad really
Inspired too, and so he went got involved yet yet he went, he went and got it, but also my dad's from a family in nigeria and my mom's a commoner, and so they kind of had to elope to get married, and they did that in the uk. Instead of in in so. The nigerian royalty had rules against the commoner situation well, I'm my mom is also she she was. She passed away now, but she was a boat and my dad is europe. These are two differently the two different tribes. and both nigerian both my and there was a real schism. We in the european and the ebro tribe bear any one who knows about the bf from war. You know No, that, like I, should know well, there's a lot. I am learning that you should know that you don't mind, but that some per year just learning eight, it's my history. I should know- and I know, but when did you learn it? I love it because it's if you know my recently recently about the brief war, my parents, I've known,
why? Okay, good kids yeah, just trying to you're right you're right, my dad! There are things that I'm I'm only just finding out. So you are, he is a true yeah he's very kind of laid back. You know he he in terms of our history, because we grew up in the uk and now we're here in in in america. You know I'll ass things about my uncle here, for instance, I'll say how many? How many siblings did you have that? I think I was eight or seven or nine. I cannot remember like. I can't tell if his memory is going he's hiding laughing? I don't know. Maybe there was some shenanigans, it's weird when they get older cause they cause like. If there are secrets, yeah forget Oh no! Maybe no! Maybe I shouldn't if I want weird dude get all the and will come out and you're like white wifi, yeah yeah with who
literally had one of those the other day it was like, so is it seven or and eight so anyway why why doesn't he know? Was there? Was there a couple of different mothers now now you're making me feel like I've got to ask questions now. I don't think there were, but you know what my my grandfather was: the king of this region and to your room, a region at it within the. ass within europe allows a place called our and am traditionally he was allowed to have several washer, but he was the first in line to become a christian, and so he don't say like that, mark you I'm I'm glad I have just the one night. Why do you why you projecting, but what Saying here is that maybe you should talk to him a little more. Are you? Are you think I dunno I'm saying like you know christians good, but doesn't always do the trick or really your. Was quite loaded at that. That's why I that's. Why
I just like up to the old ways and new ways, and then the secrets and seven nine It is an issue, well, you look I what I know I do. I don't want to judge what do I know. I'm just saying that a I'm basing this all on the seven nine but yeah you're you're, probably not wrong and you're, also ruining my childhood, but things. You should know I'm here to hell rail, reverting help me a little baby may help to a couple of times within this sort out rotation. I've made a couple of mistakes. Well, you lead with shakespeare. What did you expect right? That's true when big, so I know he's living with you and you and he went out k. So he moved from nigeria debt to get their education, in any met your mother there. Yes, no, they met
my mum was my my uncle's secretary? Oh so your father's brother, my my father's brother's okay, so he went to visit his brother. There was this wonderful lady behind the desk, and that was at, and that was that now three. So by day the the royalty of the europa clan or try I was upset, they weren't, over the moon about him marrying a burly laser elders yeah, it, and it's just it's just people. You know it's that thing where when people are feuding family, they don't even remember why, right it's also modern times. Why are you still holding to this? Well, we yeah, I mean this the sixty seven other. You know so, and It's just that crazy thing. We do irish catholic. You're very valuable, like you lack true. Why human? You know, I think, the point we're trying to monsieur its human. It's just that you have the at war
city nationality, these things seem to deeper than you ever imagined. It's true but the best part of us is cutting through that. I find you know so you might my my parents getting married was a beautiful unifying thing for two groups of people who you know what other probably not associate why'd. I imagine it would have been different. Had dear christianity not been a part of it Maybe I think your absolutely right. You know my dad grew up a christian and egg. I guess compassion and looking beyond tribal traditions became something that you know. He was more open to say out. Your absolute right. So what did you keep in there and what did he keep within the family of of these tribal tradition, where my dad has tribal marks on his face ass? He has for slashes on his face and he has the word ballot written on his
and tattoo had to enrich cuts, little little blade cuts. I myself and the reason you have that traditionally is so that if you were to die in war, they know to give you a royal burial. So you know that's one of the things he has, but that thankfully stopped with him. I think if I had- he was the last guy he was the last in in in my line. I ain't, you know a slashes on my face with an architect it'll acting a little. It would have limited your roles. I think you wouldn't be so confident about doing ryan gosling's part I wouldn't be forest fires, or is it about going off to his rose you're right, you're right? I will give you that front, shakespearean word I just it. how'd you showing off right of footed. I like it see guy. If, if you just choose those old words,
waking up where carefully. They have a lot more punch when there's, as opposed to strung, together with nine other adjectives in well, well that's the thing with shakespeare. He he he he that his vocabulary is five times the vocabulary. We use now, and I know him I entered a lot of words that both of those sentences just made me tired. How did you get through a fellow flight craig afterwards as saying we did? A morality, lead america saying, mark came and Rachel Weise weiss weiss on ice. Yes, his wife, was there that night was Frances Mcdormand. I remember that I do remember that I was there that night sitting behind francis warming going like that, the back of frances mcdormand head wow that will broke it up for you, the fact that you were staring at frances mcdormand a little bit I think that might have kept me awake and whatever cohen she's married to she was with oh, is it ethan or joel? I'm the tall one, I'm not toilet
all cohen right, but I just met her at the thing we at the thing, the other night, the sag awards. I wasn't at the sag awards. I was at the pj aid awards the night before good, but not the sagamore yeah. I met her there and now we kind of know each other. Oh well, that's good! nice when those people, when you find out they know who you are for me, it's exciting. Did you tell her that you stared in the back of her head I didn't think that was a good opener. I didn't think she knew know me and I introduced my. I was about to introduce myself she's like I know you you're great, on the show you're oh wow yeah, so that was nice, but I mean everyone knows you, your martin luther king, well I'll! Take it yeah, yes. It was very nice when she came to see the play that really took me about you. I sat with
why if it's like winning an award, isn't it when winning an award? Would I say a word, you want to win right, that's why, when I was at the sag awards that she said, I loved your work on glow mike. I guess I did wind and oh yeah big time, graphics. What are you up for an award yeah? Oh wow? I was up for best actor in a comedy male actor. Comedy t v was that for glow yeah, oh wow macy one he now he had it coming he's. I yeah he's a he's been working on. He have but you are very very good in that. In that show, I mean you're you're. Quite the irreverent yeah I mean you're a bit mean yeah yeah a filter now yeah detroit. There are moments, airports or the like. you know you were issued to seeing you gotta run up to the girl. Afterwards, ok uk laid out good, that's kind of glad to hear, because I am going to throw it away you're very front footed with that performance, Why are going after those go sure why He required that yet made record. It required the front footed next year.
And I and also required me not finishing scenes going like death, good. I got out where he was not. I didn't want to great necessarily staying character off stage. Right yes I would remind them that you, my goodness, that would be a bad so sites. So you go back to nigeria. What age? Ah, six, because I just want to know some things as I have no idea what now areas is like and now like now we know we've got you come from two tribes, yes and angie, yeah and their scarf it should involved yeah there's a royal burial burials happening. So when you go back to how would you your six I'm six and like You were going to prep school in england, well,
No, I was going to very normal school in england, and then I went to a very posh schools in in in nigeria because of the royalty, because yeah you know my view. Her family had a certain stature which is probably why we went back as well things we're getting a little tough and in england in I lived on a yellow street, the family compound and all cool stuff and in nigeria in nigeria. What was wrong was going on? To be honest, a lot im. You know no, my dad had yeah. I know it's shocking, oh my god. I know we haven't heard that would wait decades. Now that it was over here in america. I know, if only know, he had caught coffee spill in his face,
and just because he had nigerians because he was black, you know and trying to get ahead for his family and, and you know, getting work with oxfords, not like working class. No, we had moved to london. We had moved to south london after when at the age of the abouts, and so we moved to nigeria. But then, LO and behold, a very corrupt military government came into power. and then it became untenable to live there as well. So we moved back to the uk when I was thirteen that fascinates me. I talked to her. It fascinates me in the sense that how entitled. The naive, I am in america ray. I can't speak for all americans that that people, like I talked to rule rights and great director a great and you agree, mind in real real fighter, real activist guy, like a where he comes yo here you don't you, born in the activism. Don't it's your life right?
like I'm going to now do this right. It's like it's! What you do. Yeah the idea of a military dictatorship just happening right we're were dealing with a yellow, a wannabe dictator, and it's completely disruptive and it's terrifying us We are terrifying, our fellow americans, we never knew that there was a any of them as there are right that are terrible in a specific way right. You know what I mean: hey it just awoken in it. Yes, and it woke us up to something different, but there's a level of terror here because of the government I don't know unless you were a very sort of diligent in and and active real lefty It hasn't been this terrifying in my life right, but the truth of the matter. Is
black person living in america, india, you always know, and neither does people were there. Yes and what is kind of The silver lining. In all of this, I personally that you go welcome. Yeah welcome to our life? Thank you thank you for having me I know so. So what do we do now? I know this is the big question. Welcome to the big question my friend: no, you know what it is. It is an interesting thing because even coming from the uk to this country, you have certain preconceptions about what the country is and what the schisms are, and it's not until you're. Here it's not until you're. You know, raul is growing up in haiti there who can speak to the specifics of being in that environment and living here you know even
in a very trite way. Yeah. You know the things I faced within the entertainment industry out. I way of prejudice and marginal innovation. It's very tough to two x rest them without just seeming, let your complaining or whatever, which is why it's been a very liberating thing for me to produce and so to take some power back, and he asked sleep, fine things I want to do and not wait for any one to make him happy and make them happen, even those very, very difficult to get them off the ground. But some, but I'm here for you because you know acting in it does feel like you, don't you unless you're one of ten people, I traction or or or the control. Yes, and you know it's sort of a weird position to be in it's hard. no matter how good you are, I would imagine you're still just working for somebody. Well, that's the thing that that that shifts
You are presiding and what yeah and and and that's not a nice feeling, especially when inherent marginalization, is a hemisphere, but you are having to suit of engage with, it's interesting, because there, like there are people that I guess you know when you talk about when we started this conversation with it. yeah. What I'm assuming was a military dictatorship taking? Oh, yes, yes- and you know you had to- I don't know how act the fleeing was, but was it did you have time I mean, did how our yet we weren't we weren't sort of packing a bag. Very quick rides just that you know it was a military government that was so corrupt and that corrupt attitude became infectious. So you couldn't, you know you just have had police people just throwing up roadblocks everywhere and to get
I must see you had to bribe them and if you had a certain degree of morality about you, you just felt I can't go through my day perpetuating this corrupt atmosphere by paying into it, and so that was partly why my parents were like. You know what we we have got to get out of here. This is crazy and you know and that tupe to back to gringo? That's partly, why I wanted to play him as a nigerian immigrant, because you know, as I say he wasn't written as, but when national discussed it, how do you have a hapless, wide, eyed character? Who isn't
just yoga going to put him in glasses, you're, going to make him fat you're going to make him already know that he got right. You can actually make him a real person who really believes and- and I watched my dad as an immigrant in the uk, buy into something that every day kind of it, his faith in it was chipped away by the reality, as opposed to his process of what being in that country was going to mean for him at the big deal that reality versus perception that yeah yeah, it really is a really is, and so for her showing in gringo. That's part of his awakening is the fact that he buys into corporate
the american dream that like raised his friend, you know who is going to help him climbed the corporate ladder, a friend as play by July gittin, whose very shady and in very dodgy things and then not till he gets a mexico- is his eye on his eye open. Then he suddenly being chased by the cartel eyes bosses and It's interesting that if that Edgerton guys not careful he's going to be a shady guy in every movie he's good at it. Indie. Guy and loving. Did you know that he's great is one, but in that, but in black mass he was a great shady great great common one run footed shady guy very front face it he's good at that he's good. At that he's a wonderful actor, but let's talk about this because I want to come back around to this institutional margin. Marginalization, especially in show business, which is he you know it. It's always been talked about for a time. I remember robert Townsend did a film about yeah. I would chuffed yeah hollywood shuffle.
you in, and it is obviously before that, but that was really addressing it in a comedic way, the the limited possibilities of black actors in hollywood right. So when and you talk about your father and that that is more systemic yeah marginalization of just? This is the way it is you only going to get so far but like when you. When did you start? noticing it in like it. How did you come up as an actor have went? When did you Well, in the? U k, for instance, partly why I live in this day and now is that you know. As you know, in the uk we love a good period drawn up here and if you going to deny the fact that black people have been in the uk for hundreds of years, then you're not going to put them in those shows and a lot of the great ian Mckellen patrick Stewart who we've already talked about a lot of those great actors. They started in the theater migrated to period dramas,
We are known to do at well and that based on t v and then it goes to fear and that's kind of traditionally how british actors become know, that's the industry. Yes, that's the pipeline yeah, that's the pipeline towards you, know stardom, I guess you'd call it and if, as a black person that is not open to you, because they're denying it their denying that part of their history. Where exactly right, you know em, and so then it is just that the glass ceiling appears very early for you. You know, after you, ve done. A couple of fear to things may be couple tv things, and then you know it starts to to to get finn. Where did you train like what was the process I trained at the london academy of music and dramatic art? That's a good one! It's a good one, very good one, it was something your dad was excited about. Was
No, why do you want to go on ass? I see it, we do these promiscuousness people back that threats, that ours is concerns or yet the promised guilty. But but also you know, for egfr a traditional nigerian parent. The arts is just not you know it's it's engineering, it's lawyer, it's being a lawyer or a doctor. You know it's it's academia sure, but he's very proud now. I am glad to say, well, they're scared to yes, you know they. They know it's hard enough young, as as anybody yo let alone I wouldn't. june as an as a nigerian in england you get in something that at least you can get a page exact or something stable and reliable yeah, you know, but that that was that's where his his nervousness stemmed from. But but as I say, you know with time and thankfully I I gained the kind of notoriety that right
right, yeah, fame, famous or he's willing to forgo any you're married. You get four kids assuming you made it. Mrs ewing. Yet here he exactly how to be a wreck, but so do so. You go to the royal academy and then what's the next step in the air, asian, what you learn their just traditionally classics, it's a very fair to base straining right. I'm so you know you you learn how to since gonna sound, pretentious but you'd learn how to use your body is an inch. Right. You learn how to be able to be on stage and convey emotion and humanity and story and language to a two thousand see auditory him. There is, a difference between classically trained actors. Yes, and and a method trained act. I would I wouldn't without, I would agree with that. Yeah! That's, I guess, is the big difference between eriksson sort of active trade union and british is that in a film being a I guess, a younger storytelling tradition.
and is what has been embraced by america and you could argue america gave to the world yeah, and so you know, method, acting m and and that methodology is prevalent where as in the uk it is rooted in in the greek tragedies arise. Shakespeare. I know that's that's where you're coming from and so I'm so yet that was that was that was the nature of my training and then that led to me being at the royal shakespeare company for for three years. Naturally lead to that or you gotta audition for that or you have to audition. They don't just sort of pluck you out of dramas, if everyone from lambda now come to the rsc nasa how they refill it every four years only and but no so I ended up there and I had some amazing opportunities. I got to play henry the sixth in any of the six parts, one two and three, and that was a big deal for me. I know black actor had ever played.
An english king at other they originally blowing only black actors do othello. That's all we have felt it was the reactor exactly exactly what will throw them that ever that's the big pay operative, where I am no henry, the fifth or sixth, all rigid the second and used it is the third which has made it a richer decision, which is the moment their limp. Here there s a third there. That's a rough one, yeah that battle that'll you'll need a chiropractor for that I saw way in her too in broadway nodded. I don't know what happened I know I know I was a did you see what ever heard at what point? Did you start? How many minutes in did you start sweating, switching off thinking about your laundry list at four thirty, seven, thirty, seven out of the one hundred and ninety you had barely made it out of the first act mark wow, but I was younger and I was just a foolishness of youth. I just didn't know what to expect. I did look. I try. I try. I love that
my boy, you know you hold onto the language for a while, but if you check out for many check back in yeah, it's fucking over dude, yeah youth, there's a vigilance necessary to the attention given well. Did you notice what we did with a fellow sounded, a genius thing, which is that the first scene was completely in the dark yeah and what that does. Is it keeps you into the language as opposed to going ooh, there's Daniel craig in the set yeah? You know you really you lead with the language, and so by the time the lights came on, people sort of work were less intimidated because they've almost had to to key in to as you would would you book, and now they have? The india is great. I remember sam gold is, is bakers, friend, Annie baker Is that her name? I know there are playwrights, he did the flicked in the yes, that's exactly right, right, that's exactly right, and guy, yet with the actor from the flick, I think was yeah and he was Matt mayer good idea, played roderigo, that's right, ass, but better arts or getting back to it,
you you do this, you play the king for the first time you to forget, lack man to play these richards yes and have that hammerless the henry Yes really. Well, thankfully, they were ready through a tokay. They weren't ready, but thankfully the productions was what were good enough. That people went. Oh actually, we just liked the story, and it's not you know I wasn't again as as is the case with gringo. I wasn't I look when I left drama school. I literally every agent I approached with with a view of of taking me on. I said I want to go up for the roles why actors are going up for year and some of them would laugh at me and say why I said because so often the roles written for for black characters are less dimensional and are on the periphery, and that's not what I'm really interested in. That's not what inspires me. When I watch
film will read a play. I ideally wanna be at the centre of the story, or at least have a degree of complexity that is gonna make attention right. So so that said outside his point of view idea, yet, whereas you know everything is going to be limited to two, their perception absolutely and then I can. That speaks to the marginalization, a bit that, if you're, not working with the with black writers or black direct
hers, or you know, to a degree where at least the the common experience can be seen in each character right then it's it's going to be flat. It can be shallow, even even beyond common experience, just attention to it, because so often it's not actually racism. It's just right. We project our own existence into the work we do so as a writer as a producer as a director, you are going to do gravitate towards work that reflects your own world and you know this was borne out when I first sat down with nasa director on gringo and he said wow I've been scouting locations in chicago, which is where my character, It was in the film and about half the population seems to me is black and I have not once thought of his character as being a black man said. I know that's fundamentally to do with the fact that I'm a white man and and not until you've, come in and helped me see a world in which it could be. Someone like you have, I even contemplated it. Yeah, that's interesting,
because you're you're characters as the most depth in the movie right right in that's it. But that's not you're saying right, but that's that's on purpose. You know age just that because of the work they you made him more attentive. You had ideas about this character and he had a sort of personal history that that is reading the as as a character, but not written into it? Yes, whereas when eaten no matter how good charlene theron is as an actress, I kind of seen that character before you know the thing their mark is that the character even before I came along here. He is the prince honest, and so that is where you want the most amount of debt around you will not yet and make sure, and so, but the really good The thing for me is that I can come and play a character that you are very seldom seen on film. When last, did you see a nigerian immigrant as the driving character in an action comedy? No, I haven't I've never,
It's never happened. I would know yeah. Did you research? No, I yeah. I heard that there was a nigerian man played the henry's in shakespeare that guy yeah yeah. He wasn't very good, but he's going to break the way. It's done wonders for him, but I think I could have done. That is true that I think that's true, that there were nuances to the the the gringo character that that exist in you outside of the character that you were able to to it and yeah I've never seen it before well, this is the thing we when we just broaden the palette a bit, you know it's the same thing with female directors: men phenomenal and I've. What with a lot of great male directors, but women do bring something a bit different and it's not that it's better or worse. It's just it's seldom seen, and so, when it's done well, when you give them all the toys and allow them to go with their creativity, it's fresh, you know wonder: woman is fresh in the world of super
It's because you suddenly have a female perspective and you're going whoa yeah, because we've so often seen a different perspective. Sure it was the same thing with selma. You know every guy, oh every director I should say who contemplated it before ava came along was a man and it took a very specific, more political, more cerebral point of view. When she came on it, be the women characters became so much more nuance. The emotion of what I got to do as doktor king was so much more lay. It again is not to say that any of the guys versions wasn't going to be potent and exciting and visceral, but it was just slightly different having a woman doing and we just need more different kinds of people telling a story, and we see or the like sensitive. It is different, yes, and also in our thinking when you are talking about the other thing in terms of like as people get older with, you know, with writers no matter who they are, and people insured this in directors right. You know the more you it's set in your ways of life.
smaller your world become. So you know what your experiences when you come to it, if you, if your white writer writing for a black role who guy who who just sits and writes in pacific palisades for the last twenty years. I mean what is his point of reference even going to be yeah to make up a black guy, it's going to be a regurgitation of what he's watching on tv right. That's what it's going to be or perceptions of what we're something he wrote twenty years ago right. Well, it would actually probably be better if it were. Somebody wrote twenty years ago, but because he was probably more connected to, well where he became rich and right in the pacific palaces and we had less contact with humanity that happens with act as all the time, sometimes that their ability to express reality diminishes with age, because they are less connected to humanity. You ve got a really god that you ve gotta, take time off and go and just live be with people if you just going from movies at a movie set being pampered, surrounded by yes, people, your potency as an actor
in my opinion will diminish. Know I I that it would seem to make sense, but but would also seem that, with the specific type of classical training you have, it shouldn't make as much a difference. I think there's something to be said for that, because you know one if you have given five hundred performances of henry the sixth. Wherever night you have people's eyeballs on you and you can tell when they believe you and you can really tell when they don't ya. You have a muscle memory as to how to tell the truth as an actor right that being on a set sometimes doesn't have forty aggregate, an artificial environments where you have that in your body s, wife, our favorite actors are often those who have done great work and fit yeah. While I mean the other thing, I am starting to realize. As I talk to you and- and I think I always knew it, but I I don't think I knew it in the same ways that a you know the the other voices saying in
is that even an international idea, I'm not just talking black women but from all different cultures around the world that these stories from other places that are told from people that live in other places, e e o is essential to keeping the humanity of things. visceral and end in fresh and and challenging absolutely because, like you fall into a a hell. Scape of your phone, I must say that a problem I it's really really is. I mean those funds in social media have actually done some great things in that we use not everyone can travel, but you can, with this phone you can be in the seven gets, You can see TAT he it's not the same thing, yes, baron. I now at least is away on your phone. You can realise that people in nigeria don't all live in hearts and surrounded by lions, which I have heard so many times to me here in america as a perception of what my life
Nigeria must have the think of linking they think of they figure if own. If it's you know it's it's it's it's it's low! can a mixed in with genocide mixed in with the analysis, all sorts of hideous things, and but that's pervasive. I we we really need education is so crucial. I mean I talked to a bunch of young kids, and you say who do you think who is doctor king and they say? Oh he he freed the slaves come on, I mean literally, you would, you would get kids may be mentally cope. the pot lady, but they ve met literally here, which is a problem. So you know, but that's why it when I got a going back to it as a producer in I did this from a united kingdom symbols
one in the uk, and I really wanted a director of of color, preferably someone who had an experience of the african continent. Emma S, anti he's gonna and whose also borne in the uk was a perfect person to tell that story out. Traditionally, it will be a white dude from los feliz bear who who would who will get to direct that film who'd get there and be like? Oh god, it's so hot here and you know what every character in the film would be: ok, yeah, it's so hot and they would all be white dudes, while all the black people are great. We live here just by here and they'd, be on the side, because he wouldn't understand them. That's fine! There are. There are stories I shouldn't tell, and it's not to say that you know the white dude from los villas shouldn't tell that story, but it's been that way. so long that we just don't have a different perspective, and you know that something that is is happening a bit more, but it we have to be vigilant and not have it be just a moment, but
isn't that continues exactly in a but like the beginning of that. For you was interesting to me that, in how you talk about the british industry is that you knew this going in in a very specific way that that the the the business was dug in the representation of people was dug in the history of the the theatre. England in general, dug in and they have I. In their documentaries on television and some tv and film projects that do talk about large was asian and tell those stories, but it certainly not enough to make a living no end it's, and there are not enough people to fight the cause, because all the people who have the the decision making power are all of a certain demographic until and until that truly changes will it actually completely changed I'd. Do you see that struggle in Britain is being unwinnable? No, I dont see us when a bull- and I think we're actually winning I'm I'm about to do
his series of les miserables la are playing javert in in that show, and it's for the bbc. He has a six pot pot at drama and is exactly the kind of role I would have loved, to have seen a young kid growing up ray that would have opened my eyes to different possibilities, but they they didn't exist. I I've had to come and forge a degree of success here in order to be able to go back and and be part of those opportunities. I hope will be part of the chain and also help facilitate them. Why do you have a voice in who? Let's make this happen exactly exactly, and I've been fairly vocal about it, and I- and I have no doubt that that's partly why an opportunity like this comes along and I get to produce that I'm one of the producers on it and that that also is, is a very significant shift. That kind of thing that definitely wouldn't have happened when I was younger looking for for heroes and
consensus that would inspire me yeah and they saw by the open you talk about how he would hear like there does feel like there is a persistence to the movement, both with women and people of color. sort of like you know it's a date when we're not gonna stop now. Well, know what it's a board. Also we're seeing such six systemic change, we need to move mariah owing on right now and- and I do think that this is a moment beyond which hollywood will never be the same again. Yeah, and you know I I may have been reticent to say that a few months ago, but I really feel like it's with us now this this this change as it becomes to the marginalization of women and the and the mistreatment of women in hollywood and it's everywhere everywhere. Yeah and you know it's just kind of ironic and and probably fitting that it started within hollywood and has become pervasive. I don't I don't mean it started in hollywood, I mean that this, this sort of lightning rod
conscious, yeah, that centred around the area, and it is an industry that has the ability, because it experienced culture in forms, unfortunately more more so than it should the way we think in a because we don't read as much anywhere more. We get is watch lloyd's, It's very funny from the beginning, hollywood's been like that that there is a three or four sort of like pain, immigrant, jewish people, ryan row who'd, you couldn't pass rain, did not fit in and we're not welcome. Southerly will event a world right right. and will make america look like this right place where everybody can places where we can exist and thrive and successful absolute as we all do that either the seeds of it were from marginalization. Yes, and that's the thing you know every, but this is what we do. We form a power base on the basis of being marginalized elsewhere, and then we do the very thing that was done
to us before we we, we formed a powerful, take some time. It's yeah it. It takes some time to yeah yeah. But it's it's a it's! It's It's a revolving kind of human human condition, but, like I say you know, I I actually, if you'd asked me this time last year about do, I think good changes coming. I would actually say, yeah I've seen this before I've seen moments where, things that way and then we regress. I actually think you know as it pertains to female,
the progression as if they're politically we're in we're in a massive regression, but I think that's partly why there is progression elsewhere. The absolutely are you are furious. Yeah they're, like are you yeah, you gotta, be fucking kidding me. Isn't it crazy that it takes that, though it takes for people to take it into their own hands and organize and and create communities, as opposed to like I dunno? Isn't someone else doing something about that? Exactly do I have to get involved? Where do I just can't? I just write a check. You know what it's it's. It's irony and and we were laughing because we otherwise we would cry. But it's true enough. This is true, and I dont. I think that that part of of that The system that we live in here is able to survive. that's, how it survives right and that's, always been how it survives, whereas in other kinds, is that do not have as sort of what do I want.
Aspirational a political system, yes, that it's impossible here, the wall. We succeed. Yes, yes and the inner, and that is the amazing thing about this country. I do. I do think that that he was built on dreams. It was built on having a people who could dare to dream, and that was the thing that I just. It was a thing that wasn't in the script of gringo that we were able to put in there. This aspiration this this wide eyed aspiration of what the american dream could mean for my character as a nigerian immigrant and how that bites him in the butt Jesus furious right on the basis of the degrees of history,
I liked the way that you talk about. You know with this character, primarily that you know it. It's it's starting to sound like gringo might be the best movie about america, the struggle of immigrants and great to ever be named. We're going to quote you on that. That was gonna be on buses. I I'm just extrapolating from these moments of excitement in the context of the bigger conversation. When you come back to this, when it's it's not a it's, it's a it's. A
an action comedy movie when we were talking about it in the context of what we're talking about it's like yeah. This sounds like a very important film. It is everything I do is important mark. Did you not know this? Have you seen my wife? I believe that as nervous going into this. No, but I do you know the twist to a certain degree. I do think it's it's pretty radical. I think personally, others may scoff at me to have a character, the likes of which you haven't seen under these circumstances, because it's one thing for me to get to play roles that ryan gosling couldn't. But it's another thing to get.
play roles that not only ryan gosling could but has, but for me to then be able to bring my right, like my car, get that my experiences and the freshness that that then brings with a cast like shirley's, and so am a man right and to see what that does, because that actually is the world we live in now. I think- and I think that's true, and it sounds sounds like it should be simple right in a way right that year, why? Wouldn't we just honor? You have the things really are to fabricating right I can. I I think that I I just don't think that people you're, certainly the entrenched industry, is not used to it rights. but but like for it to do what you're doing, which is to think through this character, who is part of the fabric this country right, you know any common com. Yes, the interest just integrate that yes, something
like everybody deals with everyday, no matter where there from really even if they ate black people. Writer dealing with immigrants are doing there. If there be they're, not writing the script. We write is part of the fabric of our country and it's not represented one hundred percent. That's why I'm I'm just so excited about it. Yes, you know it's it's kind of fish, a breakthrough for you in an engine in when you put it into the larger context, a break there. It is near it is, and you only an inner when our trailer came out. You only have to look at the reaction from immigrant communities to it, what cause they recognise them cells in a way that you know everyone else like wow cave Alex funny. But you know people particularly african mia who live and work? That's my jam. We are going to see that you know, because I truly believe we all go to the movies to see ourselves yeah.
I think so. I think that's why we do almost everything yeah yeah. They have yes people that, like us with them you're. So right, you are sir, I hadn't thought of it that way, while with its own really I'm outside yeah? It's true, altruism, cuz. You know your narcissist. If you never shut up about your altruism, you know what I did to help these people who writes oh man. Now I'm backtracking over everything that strike me as the as the narcissistic type I'd like to think. But so is this Are you departing more from carrying the burden of a different because the butler selma I didn't see nightingale by that seem like it was adopted by the beginning of the shift re s, yes, you're right that that was not written is as as re specific, and so that was yeah. I loved doing that phone. I was there. I was quite a challenge yet
wait, a while it's interesting, the black nerd is not represented in nothing in television, no ike and boy do they exist? I know it medical, so yeah, yeah yeah. I know I'm I'm happy, I'm happy to give them a platform which, whether what Did when you were in Britain, I just wanted to ask you like before you moved here, And when you were involved, did you like how much theater did you do? I mean outside of shakespeare? It was their day. Is there something I know cuz it is a theater city, but was there did you spend the I am doing like off broadway type of productions. Yeah, oh yeah, did you do all the plays that everybody does like? Maybe not the ones that well everywhere you do not enter we doing I did painter that was actually at drama school, but I did productions of things like the godfather rose and bouncer, and you know I did smaller plays in the pub
use, for I did everything I actually did. A greek tragedy could the suppliants in a pub venue- and that's actually where the irish sea came to see me and I like, and I got snapped up by other have venue yeah what he said and like a black box about that sort of, has a theatre algorithm attached to it's kind of thing, that's its quip, a popular thing in london in particular, and that, but you know, the tradition in the uk is one web. I you and it's less so now, because you know you can become basically the fifty first state in in in many ways, but when I was coming up as an actor yeah, you were you, you went to drama school and then you wanted to in companies where you you go stand in the wings and watch actors like
Mcallen area. Giving me great performances in that was part of your training. You wanted it to be an extension of the three years. You just spent a dramas here, and you know it was it's treated more than apprenticeship. That then leads into bigger and better opportunities, but you really actually do on the big opportunities early cause. The way we all thought about, if is you don't want to get found out, were I kind of learn your criteria by the time you have more, I balls on you you can really deliver what you're you're you're doing yeah yeah so yeah. I I sought out those opportunities so that I could learn I did anthony and cleopatra with Alan bates and frances de la tour, wind and and got to watch them every night. I did a production of a volt pony, while malcolm storey played full pony and he was extruded
eerie. You know I was. I was there at times where you have the judi dench is, and they would come back and do plays at the rsc, and you would literally because at the un in stratford, upon Avon, the the theaters at the main stage and the and and our smallest space called the swan share a corridor. So you could literally when you had downtime from your production, which you had a lot of when you were a spear carrier like I was in my early years at the rsc, and you could just you know, nip to the at this stage, standing in the wings and watch an amazing, legendary performer, just watch five minutes of it and then you're back on rate of duty will yeah and you just you that stays with you for the whole of your acting life, batman. It is interesting when you're sort of in the wings- and you can see sort of the the the patience. Oh my great actors, and you kind of get that you can kind of really glean the thing from it and you see the nerves.
even the nerves, you see great actors. I had one eye. Will remain nameless. The way he he manifested nerves was, he would just fart continuously and I had to be behind him just as we were about to go and state, and it was fighting and burping constantly, and he just so nervous and the minute he hit the stage gone and they blamed it on. You are yeah yeah that spec area, but but yeah, but there's something to be said for realizing that they're, not superhuman. It's just about the work oh yeah, oh yeah. Well I I know I you, you realize that more and more as you get along in this business you're like ugh, that not only the human, that's painfully, I know I know I know exactly right. Well, you do have. What is the officer of the order of the british empire that yours that, like the one step shy of a night, it is,
and you got you're one of those, I'm one of those, I'm I'm an o b e for services to drama in there yeah. That was a real pinch me moment. I had to go to buckingham palace to get the honor and am yeah. Don't ask me what it actually means. It's just a kind of an acknowledgement that I I guess I'm doing something baby steps, I'm starting with my ob e haha, but there were people who who had a problem with being an obese are really yeah, because you know and niger area was colonise by great britain, and and great Britain did some real damage to the african continent. We have you dealing with the fall out from colonialism. Yes
and so at. You know that there were those who said it. Should you be accepting an order of the british empire empire being the the controversial yard and the way I see it is that you know my country of origin, I jerry I paid in blood and gold and cocoa and oil for what great britain is today. So heck to the Yeah The very word you owe it to me and I would like some some all all those products I just mentioned. I would like for a lifetime. Yes, yes, I I I wanted to appeal some of the gold leaf offer pallets. While I was there. No it's it's it's it's all good, and you know I'm I'm just trying to do my bit to remind people of the fact that you know great britain would be nothing without the rape and pillage
of africa most of africa, india. Yes, a few other places. Yes, everyone had a piece africa. There is quite a few colonized right that I gotta find the belgians about. Otherwise you wanna go he's been congo store, my goodness yeah, it's bad. When was the last time you went back there. I was in nigeria last about two two years ago. Yeah do you still have family there? I do. A lot of family is great. It is great okay, so so nice, just okay. So what what do we need to? Do? You keep you know getting the interesting roles and should go visit. Your brother, australia? Yes, I will and the good luck on your beers furtive journey to knighthood. Thank you and don't when Shakespeare ma. I'm not I'm not good. Talking to you youtube
that was fun. I liked that guy gringo opens in theaters tomorrow march. Ninth, I go to the tour page of w bodycon to get Daniel and ticket information for maya few parts of the world tour which kicks off in london on April sixth and what else? What else feel a little nauseous ugly and my plane playing a play I in town The
the the Burma lives.
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