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Episode 900 - Nick Nolte

2018-03-21 | 🔗
Nick Nolte makes an appropriate guest for the 900th episode of WTF because he clearly has about 900 episodes worth of stories to tell. They can't get to all of them, so Nick tells Marc the ones about football, farming, irrigation, Martin Scorsese, getting arrested, Marlon Brando, Tropic Thunder, Danny McBride, The Thin Red Line, and an epic prank involving Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson. Also, for Episode 900, Marc commemorates the last days of the Garage at the Cat Ranch.

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The all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what fucking years, what the factors, what the fuck a delicate, what the fuck enacts, what the fuck turkey, and what the fucker ricans, what the fuck and What the fuck publicans, what the fuckers- I just throw a few out there, does we are marking a mile stone. We're marking something today is the nine hundred episode this episode? Today's episode is, the nine hundred episode, This package sure some pike s have more episodes in that some have less some had whatever None of that matters. We've been we've been doing. Two new shows a week for nine hundred episodes wow that's crazy and most of them most of them took place in this garage and that's really what's hap
That's what's happening there is what is happening. The garage were move then were moving in a couple weeks. it's all going to be in a new place. I got to I'm going out to buy. I got to run to pick up a rent to pick up and be a guy with a pick up for a day or two to all. I'm really replacing is maybe this table that I have the mike's and that in a downward, because I think it should be black but other than that, it's all going. But that is really what marks this Podcast. We've only got a few more interviews in here. I'm nervous. It started over at the other place binding and get it set up. It's going to be a massive first him not going together, but I will get the mike's over there and we'll get the equipment up and we'll get to talk to people over there and will have that experience, but that what's happening. It's marking. The nine hundred episode is the last days of the garage I mean, can't believe it. can't believe I've done. Nine hundred of these,
and I'm really at that point now, where sometimes I don't know if I've talked to somebody on here remember what we talked about. Thank god Brandon mcdonald, producer and business partner has a memory long term, all the way, all the way through nine hundred of them. I have to be reminded, I He obviously has much better memory better memory than me, but but also He has to listen to these things again. Really, as I told you before, probably that the for me in these conversations end when the people leave this garage, so we its I can only remember organically. I don't have to it editing, hear it again or third time, but they all started. if Dante, Dante, the variances The conversations, the events in one's life- that's what's interest about this garage is that you know what by keeping up there and a lot of it needs to be triggered. Do you know I mean a lot of it? A lot of them
I need to- I need a I need them a jump start. time give time gimme a place. Give me a person gimme a tone. Like in it in a few minutes, I'm going to go through some of this stuff and go in the garage here. Those are the triggers. You know I gotta. If I look at my the list of the nine hundred people, I've talked to in here, most of them those the triggers just those Moments all shared in here this air, this space, the dust theirs If, if most of dust is skin, there's a little bit of skin from a lot of fucking people, around this garage, I'll get into that I'll get into the transition to the spiritual. Mental emotional transition in the the jogging of memories in a in a few minutes. Nick nolte is on the show. Today. Nick nolte has written a memoir voice, he's gotten some help. Writing the memoir.
that's gone on for a while, so he claimed its called rebel. My life outside the lines you can get that book wherever you get books but its gates I'm happy that he just so happens to be the one. And the nine hundredth episode for reasons that I'm still I'm still sort of a I'm still sorta ruminating on so rise memories, so through things, transitions. I spent a bit of time with a handheld mic and a bid on this mic over a few days. Spread out over a couple weeks kind of starting to process, moving in and actually going through stuff, and so this is a this is how we're going to do this today, I'm going to sort of Cut to myself here go through the garage and having that experience, having memories jogged
A lot of a lot of the memories that were jogged are still sorta hanging over me today, some of them good, some of them bad, but but what Do it together. Let's do a right now ain't. So this is what the plan is. I'm going to I'm going to take down stuff- you're in the garage moving towards the selling of the house, so I set up a You boxes here. I've got a box for I commence not got a box. Stuff stuffing going to keep and I've got a box for stuff that I'm probably not going to keep nothing personal and The first thing I'm looking out over here is these. These are the notes for the obama interview, save this the thing from the secret service telephone rap sheet. Please fill out the blank spaces with as much information as possible, special is may sign as a witness and then bomb threat sheet.
I don't know what all that meant, but it it as a page. It looks pretty good. oh, I see you had a checklist. I guess I checked this stuff, it didn't fill out here and then there's the notes from Brendan that we put together to talk to abandon that about. My notes and some more notes. So I should keep this it was a fairly complicated day, so that goes in. document box it's already. It's already happening oh, my god. This weird thing is a strange man made out of pipe cleaners straddling a rat plastic or rubber rat I've. Had this, college. I remember making it. When I was high Your guy has a very defined cock and balls. For some reason, these writing riding a rat seems like a rare piece of ephemera. I will keep that this is the first ipod I should keep that, though. This is some notes. Who is this father?
politics. Why enlisted in navy political oversight is our gore AL gore notes does this? Is a spider man comic? What do you not ready for prime time players? And I think it's to the original cast of As you know the a minus chevy and spider. I don't where I got this, but I'll. Keep that Oh here's, my high school diploma. I did it, I did it mark David Marin satisfactorily completed the course of study prescribed for graduation from highland high school. Look at that look dad. I did it folks. I should keep that. These are some weird fake stamps. I got doctor Kevorkian. I should keep those this is a picture of saint maximilian kolbe, a monk who fought, she isn't on the radio and was given to me by roger corpsman with some. Expectations and I don't I don't know if I whipped up to them. Maybe I do
but it was a lot of pressure- is a is it something I said a track and a take off and put onto george Carlin. These are both a tracks. to have around. They were good, and this is a incorrect. Cd voice of fires, recordings of actually David occurs, singing which keep because are the weird time right? Why did I have that? Why would you want that? Well, there was a time where was saint, where I thought, but that's really cool. It's dave. Koresh CD, this is someone needed me, some dog shit. This is knitted dog shit. I know it is what it is. I dunno if you would know, that's what it is kind of looks like a doughnut that didn't come out right, but it's quite crocheted. I think it's yeah it's supposed to be dog shit, but it's knitted people in their crafts, I to keep that one. Oh and here work we have a box of pictures from entire life from all the massive polaroids in pictures from my entire life. Oh there's me
holding my first wife's, sister's daughter, who's pro twenties? Now, oh, my god, this right after I got out of rehab the first time back in the eighties wearing a dem well suit kind of robe me and my that's wedding me, Debbie Bcn comedy riot. One thousand eight. This is the moment that I lost and came in. Second, oh, my god. Look at these pictures me Freshman year college me naked with a guitar who took that that's the big question who took that no here's, my mom and my brother, and that that was at, second wedding? Oh my god me and the second wife. What is this? this is me on the honeymoon that happened late, doing a selfie workin, not happy man, you know what. Maybe it's not a good day to go through pictures? Maybe I should just close this thing up who
to sum up, this look like old pictures. What's in here I figure that my parents must have been Newlyweds. Oh look! There's my mom height of her anorexia, looking ugh, my god Alrighty well, this didn't turn out to be as fun as I thought it would be with the picture What do we got over here? It's a big Sick box label journals and personal boy If I should be reading these out loud or anything, there was a period there where I was writing every day to keep my sanity during the divorce, and some of these, I thought would yield something In waking consciousness today, I felt truly alone on the planet. With my heart Oh my god. No I talk about seeing my ex wife. I you know, let's not just now either, but I have them. I have them all. I have all those what else is in here. This is my dad stethoscope without
rubber on it that he's had since medical school they used to carry in his bag. I should keep that there's a box candles at somebody made with their teeth carved with their teeth? I'm going to keep that This is oh, oh, oh, oh, they fell down. I don't need it. I was going to keep her this little fuck sampler, just as frame fuck in the oven that knitted knitted sampler work. This is half of george orwell's nineteen. Eighty four, it was sawed in half by ross broccoli. When converting a bookshelf into a cd shelf. In my apartment in new york city on east 16th street, he just brought up I can power, saw thing answer and we just cut that thing in half and somehow or another george orwell's nineteen. Eighty four was cut in half as well, and I keep it it's a weird moment. Seem to be hilarious at the time mornings, edition.
Spare me mark riley from america, and keep that there's the cup the obama cup and have to keep that I I don't know how to to to do this, because I think what I really want to talk about on some level is, is importance of this place, at which many of you already know- and I already know- what's happened in this garage- the people that have been through here. I can read a list of the nine hundred plus people that have sat across from me, some of them famous some of the not so famous, but all of them engaging and interesting and a lot of things in my heart and in my mind, changed here in this garage to having these conversations over the last what eight years, or so I mean it's, it's astounding and I and I know a lot of people are free
their panicky about what happens next week. But this garage as sacred as it is, will be coming sacred space for the next person. I know that the person who is in here before me recorded music- and here I know that this base is essential space, but it doesn't have to just be my special space. I can move on to a new special space. I can move on with my new skills that I learned in this special space, but it is kind of wild to think of the people that sat in here and what I've moved through in my own life in here and as I sort of kind of move through the garage I look around at these books. I can I've. I have books in here that I've accumulated my whole life through college
to the beginning of comedy through my entire life. There are books in here that that I've taken with me- and they mean something even if they're just to look at. I have your piece of art on the wall photographs it, and that means something to me me and sam kennison dennis hopper from apocalypse now the cast of freaks, the poster for my hbo comedy half hour from ninety ninety five I've got a picture of black and white eight by ten of how the wolf on the floor sing in his heart out. I got a picture of me and my mentor gus ways down from the living batch bookstore with his business card. Under it rest, his soul, man got it me and my brother. I got the first zap comic. I've got the envelope that destroyed my life when it was and to my house when I was living with my wife and was addressed to the woman who became my second wife got a picture of me in a towel on my brother and a tux on his wedding day. I've got to cut out of the new yorker listing of jerusalem syndrome. I got an eight by ten of muddy waters. I've got the laminated times piece that change the course of my life. on the wall, the funding,
times piece by dan salts team, that data profile me in the beginning of this pod, cast in. Garage but still got the picture of me and my mother. When I was a baby on top of the shelf, I've got some old school yearbooks. I've got some This in that a fire truck that was from the old days it air market fan brought me a fire truck to a gig. It's all here, but basically saying that everything that I've ever lived through of everything I've every accumulated its represented here for my entire life, from entire life this what surrounded me and my guests? This is the the sort of functional depiction of the inside of my mind of what made me representations of what made me who I am surround me in this space. In a lot of ways walking into this space or walking into my mind into my heart yo into my soul, If you want to believe that kind of stuff that your disk this sort of
These are there's a rug on the floor there. You know everything seems a bit to not chaotic, but you know it's wall to wall stuff. There's a lot of stuff here on the the desk itself, just little things, if people can play with a half a hammer, a knife, a pair dice. Exercise, hand thing. You know a weird melted record: it just with bits and pieces. Coasters pencils, peace of rocks, guitar picks its everything that I've ever been and everything I've become yo. really is represented in this space. This cozy strange, basically single car garage built in the nineteen twenties, but all this, Stuff is going with me. People. I'm moving to a bigger place, but I know that the magic is here, but it's not like a ghost he's, not like a ghost. You have this as you know, is a space it I occupied when I got this space, Add a crumbling concrete for I put a wood foreign in here. I
plans that never met were never realized for this space and then it just became a junk. It just became. You know that didn't fit in the house in my small house and then we started the podcast. I just stuck a table in the middle of that junk. There was no order. There were no shelves, there was no Sense of style or or pictures on the wall, it was just a table in the middle of some junk and I start recording my on my laptop, the first after like, maybe podcast, eleven or twelve. That's how it was just me sitting with these seven mike's on desk like stands, you know the ones disorder freestanding short ones that sit a table with these big remarks that are supposed to be on booms, I was doing it. I knew I needed these mike's and what do I really get attached to in here these mike's, I think you're special and these old bookshelves that I I SAM bought at a thrift store that were once of the l, a mental mental hospital. I love em and then these like
acoustic panels, foamy stuff, that I replace, because laughing Andy? Who was the board for the marriage show. The last incarnation of me on radio, their america, which was on katy, okay, he had some laying around his house. He came over laughing Andy and and set me up You because I I didn't know what mixer to get. And I knew the mixer that we used to take on remotes when we were working at air america and swell samson down many more m d, six No I've mixer thy plug into garage ban with our cia cable, and I run ex, do it it's a a blue mixer. They don't make them any more, but this is the secret. This it's magic, everybody I've talked to in here is gone through. This mixer has run through this mixer has run through these mike's these, these are magic. I believe these are more magic than
Then the garage, sometimes this mixer, because it's fucked up at short now watch. I bet you if I play with is knob you'll hear it did short out didn't maybe maybe here's me, maybe it fixed itself, but the mixers going with me. The mics are going with me and I guarantee all this stuff is going with me Am I going to miss this space? Did something happened in the space? Is the space cozy? Is there like that? The the bar indoors on this thing, that I've walked with padlocks, that wing out and open that have replaced once because of the rain? You know the memories I have outside of people you're coming in here, a memories of you almost flooding the garage, because there was no drainage when the monsoon season hits. I put the drains in I remember being out there with dean del ray and bent and brenton bill come who he was. Happened to be in the neighborhood and they drove me to the home depot. We got sandbags, we sandbagged the front of the garage in pouring rain, so flat out.
Save the garage save the garage yeah. Even with the noise outside planes, though on equipment, the dogs, quiet in here it's cosy Fact that it was somewhere that most people who live in a have of never been there either, something about the fact that it was a media, stop yelling and strange kind of run, down, neighborhood back then what they had drive flew back then was would not kate than anything was happening: heroes tucked away How many people came in here just going? Where am I they're here? throughout the garage threat. cat ranch, they're about to talk to me in this garage I'm feeling it now, I'm so
I feel the sadness yeah. This garage changed my fucking life. This garage holds a lot of fucking beauty and magic. you're in tears. All of it. That's for sure. This garage is magic. but I think the new garage is going to be good, I'm going to miss his place that got to tell you I'm excited I need to set up the new space. I'm excited to expand I did to get more shit more things more books
I'm excited to make that new space cozy. I'm excited, there's a bathroom in it, but this place is may, if you guys are right. You're right, I think god as with the at this point, looking around. It stay on of the setting. My point of view. I'm thinking Eighty nine percent of the magic is me: on the other side of it is the other person. So I think that the new garage can make up for that magic, It has to be like seven six percent magic. I think it's there. that houses built before this one. new house is older than this one but I think, like I think
this branch knows that we've done what we've done, we've done, what we could and that and time its time. It knows it's time for me, it's move on. This house knows that. I believe that the air The. Yes, it's yeah, I it's emotional time, emotional time, man, it really is. nick nolte. What what is The treat, what a treat to to sit with nick nolte, who made one my favorite movies, north dallas, forty how whose title I confused with semi tough at the beginning of this interview
that was an embarrassing moment cause, I I just had skid, but the injured and about nolte. If I'm going to sort of create a theme that may or may not be there is that you just heard me go through the garage, and have my memory and feelings triggered by by bit pieces of the artist. acts of my life things have held on to four years that our canoe did to memories. Those memories are not always accessible. It literally felt today the day that I spoke to nick nolte, that that brain was not unlike my garage where he was just one through it being triggered by bits and pieces of of things happened to him, and that was the vibe of this interview and I just sort of let him do it. You know put most of them together. There are kind of come together, but there's not a real defined time line and we we move around a lot of places. We we spend
in the time in the garage of nick nolte. Mind here so enjoy that his book rebel, my life outside the lines is available. Now, wherever you get books, this is me and nick, de the alchemist exert their pet. That's the optimists! Yes sure, no problem, I'm on it there's a challenging one. Are you optimistic? I have to be otherwise, one people. I guess that's true right sure thing I'm get up tomorrow! I move now be in the morning. growling they pissy, but
You don't mind me of like they're. Just you saying that is for some reason: the movie semi tough, had a profound effect on me. Like I remember that movie. I love that movie, it's a great movie, but there's that scene where you get up and you're like, I can things you know what that is north doubt for a right, nor thoust. Forty s right north does for wood, mac Davis yeah, like David, he loved their fuckin movie hat. I wanted to marry for that role. but a mac Davis part yeah. I didn't know, mac sam. He he he did a screen test. Aha three times here, you know after the first one I asked it do it did it again, yeah and the third time he did it again. and the director. I'd chosen producer Kept saying mac, Davis, bag Davis and then what I realized is mac was extremely success
see here. He yeah yeah that kind christmas. That kind of code Yeah added to their was the attitude of the quarterback bright, yellow wait for cough would tell me that stabler at the bar yeah after the game, the offense, vitamins are at the bar serious, getting dreams, the defensive guys. are behind them matching owed their dreams. Bumping into cannot stop if they deep into backs. Are against the wall cause they don't want anybody get behind him here, flankers over in the ends in the dark and the quarterback comes in about midnight with the blonde gone. Hey guys, hey guys are now the norm so in men of war that peat jan told me that
the way the game was put together right and Tom Keaton was playing for the oakland ones came down, watch to shoot someone. He said man what you guys do It's like football only said you don't have a half time, you don't have a quarter and you don't ever yet had taught you back echoed just goes on, and I see my mac Davis who, as you know, the suit a charming enough to eat a job. He did a great job. You got railroading now always gave me comin to re open the others do the thing I never forget about them. Movies. the new guy, the clean guy running back when they shoot him up. You know and he decides to take the hit, because you guys talk him into it and then he gets nailed and just really disfigured yeah that, oh, you know the players the producer I'd picked, because you know it was a paramount picture that Michael and I decided to do
and you had choice over that cause. You were at here, then. I had choice paramount producer. So men, five or six guys worked. They believed in and five or six choice of direct and produce show, news story about an old head of paramount, called frank, blondes and see charlie brutal, owned cough western, I know he had paranoia. He was a big guy. He was the guy that did cappella and all those guys the godfather he was. He did all that, but he didn't care about. Well see he was huge oil right. He was he the guy that acquired paramount for a four for gulf western or just a guy that was in china. He was golf, he was it was it yeah? So what charlie problem was when he played? go on long island was ably J, that lily tomlin john Travolta film is that
he's going to hit a driver. And then the movie business, I'm an oil man, but here's here's how it all played out when I ok, okay, this film, my age it's manager who told me you can't do that. You know cause. I came back from mexico. The rain and anthony should be said that your next page was real see. I know what that was for you. That said, you know you me, and I just announced it is why you got to get it written and all that and that's because you're reading the book ie unreasonable and could see it to may a wonderful film was valuable So I said okay, so I came back and I said to my manager. Major I'm gonna do not, as for here is what you can do that you just can't decide
Why would they? Why? Because you from the ground up, didn't watch easiest? Why did you take another role? The whole industry does want you to do anything you wanted. It doesn't matter what it is, doesn't matter, what they want you to do, what they want to do or what is out of which could be absolutely wrong. You know, and the agents want you to do. They want to do because they want to package a whole day right, you're, enlightened, planchet, smear right right, so when you want to do something throws a wrench into the whole system. The whole system is about storytelling were they going to get the stories? Might get them from an actor? Might you get them from a writer from somewhere and in life? So you had this book yet. So I end the book so I got a writer friend. We took eight months to write it and I turned down anything Ok, my way
agents were out, but I had a sign and a creek that was running and it was out, then, often chain and rode here by a triumphal canyon and the old place. Mcqueen. Is that I had a sign that said nervous m. Sixteen years ago we had a job for you to rain riding. So after eight months we had just finished the script called me the next day he called what's this about? Nor does forty I sent mike. just finished any script. bring it in right now picture pitch to you. He said: do that? and open primly gore pitch to him. He says! Look I read it tonight, I'll call you one thousand two hundred noon so be around your phone before cell phones.
John noon right at noon. He no and he said alright- north california, citgo picture paramount, but you to take a pair. My point produce and paramount pointed tracker choices. Must oh yeah, five or six five here, my manager- nor does for his compatriots pyramid. You're fired I called up my agent that that's. Why, as you go basis, I was at now, so have that movie do oh railway right, real became kind about yeah and, and lot of people saw tat. It made its money. That's great yeah and frank right producer. Here's the story right I chose frank yeah. One Frank was an impairment: yeah,
thought he owned the studio when Charlie came in. They got you but frank trends. so charlie out the window story that Charlie fired him. That was that, so I thought Jesus anybody, that's going to run football Well, team art not be the coach run the deal yeah. It's gotta be frank about the ties that that tenacity and he did he was he was. He was well managed to make. It was a lot more exciting, a business and it always is still gone so crazy, yeah, it's still crazy, but you're like you, you you're, we're a football guy. Am I right? I definitely grew up playing football yeah I played and I wanted to play it tell he could play anymore yeah. You know I just wasn't quite
That's right, you have that you weren't have. You are born for pop, where the well I why, but not enough at our football player, it is everywhere there were either you were tested owing. I will go up and I am so. We were wrestlers and we were put both players in my plan with six foot sex. He plateful, but I was stadium, played pro ball. She can really yeah because my mom ship there the family. They come for professor side, my grams I think she was a professor, your mom said yeah. He he invented the hollow tile silo is that well, Couldn't you rain to store to store, whereas they had holes in breaks. They didn't have a bait tile that heading glazed that in space and between so that the war
wouldn't hit into the grain, and these tiles. That's what did it? I called silo now I always thought he invented the whole. He didn't there was some other guy from illinois and then at the hollow tile. But then they referenced by grandfather is doing it with the local. play iowa. I was just between the mississippi and Missouri here. So black so like so the whole that I was your childhood iowa. And my mother, we used to have to go to iowa state college and where's your dad do when Madame he graduated from iowa state, and then he was engineering for the highway department, and then my mother was over marshall, field's chicago area and choose department store yeah yeah. She was going to be a buyer and she was going out with frank capone father heard about that. He Alberta,
cargo said it straight has when he played pro ball. Was that AL capone's brother yep, your mom was dating frank capone, the apps you have on her way to being a mob. Moll know Frank was really straight moral. You know the goodbye good book just because the name yeah yeah sure your kvh can enable my dad. You know they. They had dated all during college and and he was in our shoes in Chicago and he just thirty one nailed situation, sir- I wouldn't be here- and will you guess siblings ones, once it is low really still faster.
Better actually would have gone to the limp ace relent. There was no women's liberation. What was your sport, women ere? She cut water, she didn't look like she tried and she is moved too. I never saw a loser race here and we and all the swimming meets in the mid west, because jagged beware family friend. Here he was a red headed irishman, and they had had a few. It was going to go pretty scary, big giant jan who is a head swimming coach. He actually wanted net. Me and Nancy to stay in iowa and announce he would swim? Swim, yours swimmer, to yeah, so your plan was to be an athlete yeah
yup. That was the plan yeah the at emeril's, simple guy, one plan envelope to donate resistance, and I got a lot of resistance because of praise. You know, because of war, pranks you, oh, you got in trouble, a of it starting with the midget but wilkins, football camp in minnesota, who have the second year check freeman, whose from west side I was from the benches where If there were a week early here, they'll go home. The kids haven't showed up primarily for oklahoma right yeah, this camp yeah, but was in the camp so can we do to harm anybody. It would be a good prank, so we deprecate and obey yeah yeah flat,
with rocks. Maybe eight have been hence there, and they we had chalets. So blow me guys we're one. Surely we were another, she lay out of stages from Nebraska too, from our two from this area too, and all the coaches for Oklahoma couches right. so we lay that bound on this me? Then the canvas win over that then them address went over then, since it was no way to know in no way to see no way to see. So I forget about where we hear in one of the oh, he says to me: we smell lay and we can pray yeah what either skunk has died and the wall some the handle of a man. You should prayer that out. We are, we are we this weekend, we're going to pull out all the beds and everything
they found this found the ship that yeah and they were mediately charge me and chuck with it. But shock was a real who is he had just this minute oh no way, no one Oklahoma back in may, and I dont know what they're doing It should now I fucking cry. I wouldn't know you don't know and that then in a buck. They turn off the lights. And then the assistant coach came in with a flashlight. He sat down, but my monk, you know there were kids and he said nolte. I know you did this. You will never play football again. for the rest of your life of macao? Make sure that for that left me in tears for that
that followed me. because we're in the nineteen fifties. Yet there was a cursor, he actually went. Oh he held onto that and spread the word. Yes exactly right. I think that we're just went on and on because my senior year of high school, the coach holds vote, whether I should be on the team or not I didn't want about euro area my father, I think he had a conversation with coach and unbeknownst to me. I got up the next day to find out what was going. My mom said where you going. I said I'm going to find out what this is all about. She said: wow, you can but we're moving today One we were So where site you be ineligible for two games, that you have the rest of the season, and I said what do we have? yeah. We bought a house we,
and the money I know, but we yeah, so you can play ball to play ball as some good parents, yeah real good pants sweet and you did yeah, they did it. So when did you when did you decide to? You came out here for college initially cause? I read that yeah yeah I read bits and pieces. The book is nicely written. Did you enjoy writing yeah but you know that was a five year process right, never private writers, oh yeah, that you're too it yet there and they would It's so far and finally denise hardy the ghostwriter she was able to really pin it down the I started to get a good opening. You know it, you know when you're in eat, like I cause, I had a situate when I come out here. The first time I came in l, a It was like in the late eighties and I left because I got fucked up and, like you know like I, just like you come out of your nineteen sixty two and like I talked to one other cat who got fucked
and his dad had to come, get him and that guy was James taylor and that was in new york, because james got strung out in the old man kind of took, got taken back down south and get him cleaned up. And that's what avenue you came out here. You are we're out we're right out here, pasadena yeah down here in pasadena. I had rented room, my folks, oddly enough at a house in hollywood. Why is that? Well because when I die You know these are really unique paths. I think my dad was able to transfer to hollywood because he was an engineer of large irrigation pumps moving water yeah. What is not known about l allay is a is land swampland, so laurel canyon water cannon, bennydeck care? Doesn't rivers so it's all underground from mulholland down. as an ironworker, those tunnels. But I didn't it together,
tension underground city and there until ten years later, when I come back and I'm looking for a place just some weed at at sunset yeah look over the valley at that lay and just relax me and I find this fence din covert hole. About five feet. Rout we're headed down hill here, and I remembered that at a certain point, during a better get canyon, we reduced it down. Around culver's. We were off the job, and so we went down it that night, but it was too scary, was totally pitch black and you could hear light like waterfalls and stuff. So I hear I got out of that. We went over to the house and I was staying in in the hour We build a cart to go down that tunnel
wheels on it and we had it pulled back and all that should over the chain a fence, and we go on down the did the engineer right up the side and crash slide for one hundred feet up the side slide for a hundred feet when again, down to sunset. It opened into forty feet wide. Forty feet tall and forty feet across really the road The way get out is about oh at about here here. We are next year unit that our side shoots, that it nice round you can shimmy up those and then you're in a beverly hills, gutter, which is four by eight feet, nothing in there, because it's a water drainage each. There was baby inch wide trick of water. Go into sure
I want to range, I'm sure they turn and rivers here, because l a highly what was high land beverly hills was a little bit high any of the lowlands like a base that was wetlands. It was all swampy nokia, yeah long time ago, long time. So so you were putting your dad knew about that stuff. Well, Yeah, it was out here talkin to my pumps those tunnels that run the water underground. They left one river, open, l, a river right now here comes out of the air. I know- and I watched as if were coming in- I forgot that was there here, because that's the way it is underground, where it is shaped, like this underground, I see you build. You are part of the. You are working the steel working yours worker. Building of the things I am was when you first came out here when it first came out here, played a season at pch.
Jim nelson, said the ironworkers hiring Get in on. This are still building storm drains. I didn't know what and then the union we got in the union iron workers union. We that summer he said, look will make so much money. Would draw unemployment for the rest of the year but barney's beanery yeah. You know and maybe get I didn't play football and I dunno he said he wasn't going to pursue your dear ones. You dared come out here. Well, my my my parents lived here originally a season where they lived here, but then my dad was Trey The feelings saw but I stayed on here because what happened I played the past day in aurora. play played eastern arizona, junior college- be ineligible journey, family man, but the idea was to play baby,
five years of junior college ball different places around the country here because they didn't keep track before I you know, and so you couldn't play college ball, eight years being twenty nine. Something like that. That was the plan fallen, mature, really, you know, and then you'd know whether ear, and so so that was the plan was to just keep jumping to junior college and get your chops together for the big game. Yeah never went to school so when he started war, for the for the iron union yeah you that was a you didn't, have any plans to be an actor, no and you just do you just want to hang out here. Your parents had gone back to where I was owner airs plan was do their work and then either in part for another season, a pc right? I had to avoid them play playing phoenix. So I wouldn't get on the bus and going to get caught ya.
Find another junior college. Far enough away. Are they didn't enter accordingly. So how does it so it's so, but you get caught up in more years. That's nineteen sixty two! So it's not you crazy. Yet, no right. Where do you just drink and then just drinking and taking a pill which were promptly singin, all near barbecues, lupi loopy, it always is. Have you had swam in your head into things where the amount that it's a way It's the only way that I could find to say I was in for a year or so yeah. I was used to physical self destruct of yourself. Yeah dream went to it. If I was going to change change, comes from inside right eye. his big and Do it right, yeah I'll change here I gotta get. It changed
It is real movement here and happening to me- and I didn't know express it meant it meant. Who I thought I was glad to go away crumble. oh, I am so so this is happening lead towards like it at like. After, like in the book yeah yeah, I read that you had that one of those horrible sort of a situations where you get spotted and you get swept up. And you know you think you're about to get your big break and you realize that no, I didn't get it. I was about to get in an awkward situation with a man in a bathrobe yeah. There are plenty of men with bathrobes back then too, so so so is that, like cause in the in the beginning of the book he sort of leads, after that you're hanging out with the with the with the women you're going to barney's you're drinking you're, you're you're, beating yourself up pretty bad, but then you get you get sort of pulled in by this big agent yeah
and- and you know he go over to his house- have dinner. He have dinner and you think this is it and then he comes out. his bathrobe and he said to me watch over says, I'm aware little cuddle buddy. I just don't have an answer for that. I don't think that's what I'm a little cuddle buddy I'm worried, I knew you weren't in show business. I I went to the front door and he was a real guy right. One real guy. Did you every guy come in contact with him again. They never did because he was quite a bit older. So you know I leave l a and then that's ten years ten fifty
in here, but when you're talking about change that was happening. You know what what how do you? How do you explain that so you're saying that everything that led you to where you were playing football? Your whole plan for life, the simplicity of of who you thought you were was starting to buck. Yeah. Ok, so that that It becomes obvious to me but to say Brian O'Byrne, your friend, yeah yeah up the hill acting teach how he sees that he sees where you take an acting lessons as well as Tom currently has over here at the pasadena play chuck freeman over here. The patio playhouse and our for him well past. So highly was from Wichita kansas and he was up for peyton place the younger brother painting peers, who is really frightened, nate guy, and he said why don't you come see a planet I the I did. What else
I didn't think much about it. He said dad listening. To note I am a private teacher when Hollywood brian, here, you want to go with me and see that I go with you. I went there and Brian lived up the very top of laurel canyon. This is before I was really living in laurel and Brian said no. You can't be here unless you participate. You'll have to read here and at a while I dunno I dunno, henry here about the euro. But he gave me a section to rent and and so after time and done his work brennan, I read in the space
and really excited about it and said you don't know it, but you're an actor I don't know you'll have to hints, but I didn't determine to go. That way, right, because I still was this day- you aren't going to do an ironwork yeah right at night and playing very involved and just goofing with all these poets and music engine so that was sort of mind blowing to you. Oh yeah man. You know chinatown too yeah. An armenian painter can't really talk region, and its informative, because, for example, life. Lessons here
me watching new york stories yeah? I love that one man, it's a great one, but I love that you're working now, like I there's a scene, there's a moment. Man there's a moment where you're sitting at the table with that kid he just climbs out of bed with your chick and he he and I just bodied him invited him and he he say what do you? What do you do because I'm a graffiti artist- and he said I'm a painter yeah. I liked hanging around with painters sculptors too, but painters we were there really physical people, I'm dating a painter, yeah yeah, it's physical yeah. They get in it. Now you know, and so I knew a seep when that was set up at scorsese, didn't pick me, I think it was Jeff. That's a big. Yet it will do this trilogy of three peace here at last, he said be gradually
Nobody, so Marty was fired with that, but marty in the script, the richard price, for it he didn't want to make a choice of who was a painter heat that was difficult mere thereby serve about yeah that would read. I went around all those studios and looked at near Schnabel's it's kind of a joke shlomo had to be scoped, outside here and there she came out of your bumped into it and mobile on both here and then you walk into a base to deal on ladders, on a twenty foot by twenty four pain in here were three students pain in red yeah and I said what the master say they read today. They said yeah that you don't know. They're just lie in the background. You know
and then I went up to his accounting department in, and so I made fun of that butts. That was a great painter. I truly respect him, but he thought it was pure image do and I do give him his due is a great painter, yeah. Well, he he he didn't. He had his moment and then he kind of evolved out of it. Yeah yeah, because he jumped into the film yeah, and I hear where the plates are fallen out for those cameras. Yeah, that's what I heard yeah The aim was interested to hear He had an easy soldier, homesick halves dry. He had his pain in news, I'm sitting there and you say what you think it great there he hit a button? It turns do tree? What do you think now justly
it's another entirely over here. This is where like, have they dared. So you know we're. So those are the guys you want to study yeah, that's right! That's who did the painting for the film itself check. It was one of his yes and its it's a bridge, but people falling off the bridge is really life is, is huge, can sell yeah, oh yeah, I really like day like I can. I can barely remember the other two films woody out in a cultural or one right, yeah that one that you do it's courses you really stood out and I was verse, I'm york with him at first time. I worked with them and I think it's a memorial best were he won't recognize it because of the reviews there. They just lambaste, tried to compare the film visa and saw a mare who will never ever gender trilogy.
we liked that it was a weird thing. I remember I was excited about it, but I thought the guy thought that francis's was kind of trite and silly and woody's was like ridiculous, and now that I could seem like the one that really did something and yell was your expert, rosanna, arquette and they're right, yeah and the guy is using hers. I would look at school, he says, look at cope. They are pretty when he says they're not doing it. I think wear them sure, but they tell you about it. It's inspiration, energy, that's what the painter she got: she's, trapped,
try one there's a scene where I can see you you're working and then you see her painting because she's a painter, it's just so so small as sad as it was. I thought it was pretty deep, math deep, so going back so like he or so you you hit the wall here and your dad comes and gets busy losing your mind and your buddy calls your dad's that he's losing his mind and that was in drug related. That was just the there was everything related. I mean there was drugs. It was both there will be here: there will stay up all night. There was yet site went to you just unbridled eyes totally out. So you can. We had status
the three sixties. Yet you know right, yeah, you you're you're you're, getting years ahead of the curve yeah. I am ahead of the curve and I'm not anywhere near the ballpark south. So you go back to arizona. I go back to arizona, and luckily I got parents that don't at all this is a troubling thing. and me, but this what happens to you guys you got to go to some kind of yeah, maybe I did I my psychotic break the Michael Moliere, a hebrew understand: send him to electric shock treatment. Real the actor YAP there who tells me that story he's told that story so from being the drums always yak. I agree in action.
Michael was at the three when I was at the old long theater, but got three minneapolis gatt and many others here, and the overall theater was stack equity happening with due to doesn't really roses and there were let my soup back ass. The gathering doing shakespeare and all that you had more d glass was there black actor economies, zone, barney, learning, barney, miller, yeah yeah in rags, dad street dialect going on so the she fear decided that shakespeare should be delivered slowly, so something like. they're out there die Yeah own self not recognized,
Oh yeah man, I dunno, which to similar rhythm, ran through. He is funny NJ thirteen, but you know it was great. That's why I use case so you so you go you. You went back to phoenix and your parents are like they weren't thrilled, but they're going to support you, anyways yeah they're, going to give me a room mirror or my grandma down here's who's mind calls child labour and she's dead. in vienna, charmingly vague yeah, yeah, she's hadn t the memorial in it every morning to open the memorial stay, calling for the students here, but the chief. Please you know she does nor husband dad, but she's she's plus the house with you, because
my mother was in a battle with their sister. Harriet is nine years older than professor at the university of Oregon, and so when my mother called her and said our mother is in bad shape, Harriet's and put her in a home. right on my mother's at all. You sell police and learn about me and they fought bob. I fear aminos so you're there with your parents and your grandmother who's, losing it yeah and and what'd. You start we were into trouble where we don't know. The best advice I had was I put myself in a room and face everything. That's going to come at me because obvious. I was running from everything here. The fear was a big thing Are you still up fear would come on The door has smoke here and then, as it would come on me, it would start
doubt my heart would be, and would come and I have to shut it off euro go ahead and pilgrim got through it. Does your brand went by yeah yeah, so If you're running from your own fears, you won't, you feel them up maputo point, then you that no expression for fear, because the expression a aggression so find a way to aggressively be proper, running and it not primer. Other people, because it just don't do that. I don't do that football seeming this. When you hit yourself be asked,
and that's why football worked for you yeah, that's football. For me, I used to cry when it played games. There was a kid from omaha. When I went back from fiftieth school reunion, from boys tat he had. He had married somebody from west side, and he said member you in major football. I across from you, you are in all my time. Jesus cat, maybe and died or why were you crying all the time I cried because I was so passionate to get my hands on a fucking guy that had the ball. I wouldn't rip up my parton's heads as he looked at me, like you,
smith, you didn't get it, but that's the kind of passion there sure and now it's a year ago, the channel that'll obey so way. So where did you understand what? Why would you get busted for selling at seven out of selling counterfeit documents? What were the documents drafted So you're stoned about the draft cards to get guys out of the war. Well, really am selling draft cards, a birth registration card draft card and a driver's. and this is why sixty five is early sixties- there is a problem with this. Tell vietnam starts to heat up and it's before I don't know anything about the war here. My mom I went on the state charges and-
he kind of held those until they saw at the federal court was doing. He was just doing it for money. I was doing it for money and doing it for money. I didn't know anything bad or anything, but the federals but going for maybe a year and a half years here and my mother got spooked. So all of a sudden, I'm in a car we go to uncle cole's farm field, Iowa and she's running away and call who carries a half pint so that you can. Run away from where you guys run. and I didn't know what she was doing and it was called, she's trying to run away from trouble in your the truck. So we went back and East music- and I I I I pledge normal contender I did it, but I didn't really know what I was going and then he said
It will be: seventy five thousand dollar fine, forty five years in jail and then set out, suspend that and put you under the youth correction act you'll be in probation for the duration of the vietnam war. Yeah. You know I didn't show it and he said, and then This will be off your record. It will not. A felony anymore, nobody will be able to read it and when I found out was It never goes away. There's just if the top of your record that says dune, reed right, ass, theirs sure yeah. I pick it up, read it sure so, the first year I'm here and get hired as an actor, you know I'm doing it shows all that get read to rich man, poor man and the
We know you're selling and we're going to ruin your career. Unless you this interview once a week. The enquirer When you rule not even tell me on the phone yeah. Well, I'm not a valid name. I'll talk to you later agent calls this my really this is really. How do we know you're going to have these limited? I Jesus Christ. You know it's not really just got to go out there and speak it. I knew Rona bear had talked to a few times a tv show here, color said Rona come on your show let's say it's really big nose and chin I got to do it soon,
man this way, and I said well, this is money or what yeah I'm here Wednesday, be ten o clock on the run. A bare tally. Would gossip show yeah yeah I went on world show. She said that you called me and said you to come. What going to tell you real name is, mistakes. When I was young younger, I sold trap counterfeit. documents, craft cards and drivers birth registration card didn't have anything, do the war. I said They gave me a seventy five thousand dollar fine and forty five years in jail, suspended and put me under the youth correction act and she said. Well then, her you found, I should know. I'm under the these that she said. Oh well, What do you say about marijuana? I should the planet. Well,
know the plant grows in iowa. Their fields and fields of it is huge. it's strange for manila rope, oh the navy is. Is that that's out we have row half year if he didn't have an answer for all that nine danced and dental offer show. So oh yeah, that there was no liability and quiet. Veronica did a very good so there now is it the beginning, your career or so like outside of that. So you go back and you do this regional theatre for a decade yeah, and do you train? Do you train as an actor other than just doing the theater? I sit in that room for a year, Brian loaded me up with Stanislavski. Every action both in a man is a room in arizona inertia. Your brain brains for guy from here is the coach in hollywood brain. What's his lesson, o burn? Ok, he eat he. He laughed highlight what may be.
Thirty years ago he acted and all that He coached many many mega, so you're you're you're confronting fear in a room in arizona. He said, I'm reading all the foundation of act in general. and I'm finding this stuff. why in open to me, because the only That's working with me is imagination, emotions and I have to face him. I have to feel them come from. You welcome were shaggy you to prepare. It should to hear sadness, care hit pain, Jimmy hit. This enjoy I'm learning where in all regions, aids. What's real one that browser and then when I. Finally the day. I got out of that bed and I walked, the phoenix little theatre I ran into a director named check, cart and
I told him my story and what he's doing, and he said well, you just gotta start doing important plays, by being in hasty heart- and I said well, what role. When I play great danger ass, the play and so that started about directing directed it. I did eight plays in that play house. and kit said you got a summer stock now so apply different places and I applaud little fear the rockies and they hired me as juvenile, lead and paid me. However, you I probably around twenty three twenty four now so you can a paid your dues yeah reality. She I didn't pay dude, I loved it.
so you basically because of your state. You know, then do the rebuilding of your mind and the opening of your mind you're, able to like this completely locked into all this shit. It's your thing. He feels the other guy was made up. So I see that process. How do you make of oppression that lady that made up by who buy you by citing mighty society by all the projects, recreation, yeah and eating a yes or a raw wrecking nation on everybody s yeah, which structured in that way right and if we beat by into it you become a sure enough, sir said I I sought out how you build me up in and then and then you come back here and you after being away ten years in you and some tv, why here's the thing here I come back here in a whim inch play
in sees me, do the last pad over in phoenix trainees, Sally goldwater under financed, and it's being done by a director named Keith Anderson who was a quaker. He was a child prodigy and the university of chicago at sixteen. He gets married at seventeen and the mother in law and the wife kick him out He can't handle. It he stabs her mother in law. Forty seven times he just stabbed the same all in oh, she does each. She doesn't die he's in the illinois penitentiary. When his family had been pacifists since world war, one or two every war and I know the quaker family, he Finally, it's an oppressed in prison. He gets rights to the women play. He calls me and said
I put this play the other with me and I said: yeah I'll meet you in vr, come wrap here now come down feeney and this production that you did to war led to billions being so excited about it. He said I want this. Play to go to l a fine find you guys, a theater. To put it in. I will. The ever go back to new york and the play opened at this and temple furniture store in westwood, which is right across from you cla. Here it is now the westwood playhouse I couldn't get a job in there for I tried, but we opened it in there and the liberals chairs furniture store in front. It had a theatre in the back, an old priest. but this play we
It was in the round and I had learned trick earned it from here, but I could do this the play open with this kid. Why me moaning yeah, and I would take a can of vegetable soup, I swallow it three tournaments, before we open here and now hold it in upper stomach. Do maybe Three minutes before I projectile threw up here to the toilet it then horrified the hoodie then got into it is a good trick. So after that did who the people see you, and then they start booking the on t, v, aurora yeah that play ran for a year a year in the furniture store, yeah and the french seventy one. Nineteen seventy one year, I'm not sure, yeah yeah,
so time. You know those taylor came down just huge people casting directors came down all that kind of stuff. Brian O'Byrne brought manager. Now the buzz there was buzz real big, but the modern country. You know merlin never shot no merlin in maryland in the movies or he didn't do anything. Did you ever meet him? Oh yeah, the last ten years of his life sean introduced me. after thin red landed the pen having dinner when marlon now. What and I pulled a prank on sean on thin red line. Sean quarrelsome yeah. So sean call me when we were back here and said wants to meet you I'm having dinner with him, and it's going to be up in beverly hills, beverly, Glen boulevard.
I was driving in when my english assistant matt trautmann, two million by an ice and man. I got a feeling this chance me right in the spot, where you'd be really pop, bateman I don't want to go with you, I he was going yeah sean was upset about what what he and I didn't. Would you do well. What I got down and thin red line about halfway through what he calls me said, nay. I know you don't know me well, but you're the only one that can do this, because you haven't been here and I'm totally trash you and he didn't see. he talked huge tonight here. Don't call him by phone. You to help me get shot Certain position impulse Escape and I said
Would you have any idea what it is and not yet- and I said I don't want to hurt him he's a no. No don't we want her. We want her. tell shown you want meet him size. Saturday night say seven clark something to talk about with him and and euro. Don't anything to see me win appear, and I I did the next day I called china said hey. I had some talk with you, but I can't right now cause I got all ward robin on how about saturday about seven o'clock. You know the third day he yeah yeah me Obviously I come over and main town and begin by our water and he said good sean's file. That was dying. He answer he thought. Maybe it was some health, I don't know what he thought, but
wait. So what he calls me six. You know said why? Don't you? head down now, call a merely said, listen and I'm here to police state. In word it I said, is it the white house at the end of the street. Just in the park there yeah it's just a little three bedroom house, as the police stated, the one three policemen come on down right away, you were an irrational rapid will command you down there. to the policemen were wearing uniform. The third one was, t shirt with tattoos- he looked like australian. the higher while he said I have. What have you were the wreck with this guy, roundy round and that since your forerunner of the going to do a blood test on you see if you're drinking a warrant for this guy's a rest they glad they got him so he'll be in handcuffs and then
When Sean comes down, he has done a fine. You that yeah, your american working on the film and all that and then the doctor will come and it'll fake, but all that, but somewhere in there, this guy will have to go to the bathroom and the other officer walk down with them, and you and she will be sitting here now. I don't know do. I leave the gun end and I should woody if you don't do the gun sean's met them react. The again makes shot react. What do you do with the gun living to shoot it so itself, woody turns okay. The blanks are in so When you go down to the bathroom. When he goes down the bathroom. commotion, you know and then just like a theatrical production bobo by a here and the other chapel run down and may be, but one and then we'll see what john does
and no insurance he's going to run right down there to asia. It john gets so as he said, he got it and I said yeah yeah, okay and in the end office they had ripped out the room show there was a picnic table dash the back door. they windows on the side there. Ok, so I got shot shot. I was down town of you'll, have your drinks and then you talk to you reckon roundly were unable around a to police station and now I need somebody to vouch that I am in no way be right. There two minutes away here and so now the cops get nervous. They act and they got nervous and it takes on an army unto
police station for running around the room and knock knock, knock wood at the back door. Your down one goes down. The hall he's talking to shun all the way up euro and strange and act at he sits across from area the car, stands overs and he's talking here in the meantime, as I say, your prayers, it's just the area, the cop walks down there and the cabins explain. We don't like to do this stuff because we know, obviously we had the right guy and he weighs over I turned and looked away and Johnson, where your tree, no, no he's a good cop turns back, and we hear crash from down, looks her boom won by a travelers russian down that hallway blue moon more what the
I don't know, and he gets up and he heads down that hallway one more boom went off. I think, and the next thing I know I'm starting to crack. So I went up against a corner while the come any go spreading on the floor. Shore, and go spread eagle on the floor and here's the crazy man with a continent object the fuck outta here, I'm getting a fuck array I hear you. We are here and capture the keys The keys are on the desk of shot. Get some just don t shoot him by just don't shoot wait. Okay, I'll drive, we want to get out here opens the door what he says over the camera shoots the shot.
It was, it was, like short, goes, What is I am king, and the cops are going. Oh shit, I said We went to the bar and you thought you d reset setting you up on the marlin meeting meet yeah because she didn't end there started. The war. Two days later, I get a conferences. Is basic city at fiskars husband, he a the art director and it's me, it's me we have a spoiled sport is there anything you could do and I know sissy there's, nothing I could do and sean was threatening to tell stem cell woody travels with weed and
and said. If we been in l, a r n at their place. I would and my garden with somebody would have been dead. that's the most elaborate thing I've ever seen her purchased. But these for, but did you go eat to have dinner with marlon, but you know in the firing line here, couldn't figure out what they gave me sorry saturday, you just went, I just went and it was tomorrow and was talking here and he didn't allow anybody to interrupt he at three salads as he was on a diet or tube or lettuce, or the dow's great great talk and then went outside for a smoke, and he came out and said something like you said you guys are adequate I didn't die smoking? Okay and he said you and Eric dane. He stopped that
I want to lead you to you and hey, that's my favorite film Did you do that I'd everybody in here, How did you play that, and I regret it look No, I don't I don't know, I don't know. I want to really yeah. He wanted to know, by other. I put Sessions lives tell them forward. So if I backwards. I would fall over I had leaned forward so every time I was in somebody's face and they were looking up, and I was looking down. and I grew a mustache, so you couldn't see where the words were coming from. He just feel the breath coming out. And I just made him a roke, then I made him one of those captured or everyone see.
He just wanted to know every little thing. That's why that must have felt good, though oh yeah he's asking you put that together and in all that I didn't know he knew my work What's the most challenging one that he had to do for you and really, if you look at the whole arc of them, they're all compilers, I can get that through. That's how you do it you're, like youtube. Put these guys together from the ground up, yeah yeah, that's a fun game. I love down and out in beverly hills. That was a fun movie that was Paul Missouri hearing Paul mazursky, while Jack Nichols really wanted to act here, but he just wouldn't do it. So he came out to see me here. He took one hk that sardonic is there any? He took one. he said, ok, bye and I shall now move on and mama wait, wait! Don't you one read his What I said the scrap
the whole shrub yeah a tree Oh yeah, you are right. Two, a half hours later we hold down and not a single laugh between us here and he gets It's alright, I'm out of here I'm out of here, and I said no, you know you got to roll, you got it, but I didn't want them to leave and logan who have tropic thunder. That was fun. You like doing comedy yeah, yeah yeah. You know what that was Ben had sent me another. The piece was dark com. He really want to do it the studio didn't want to do it and he said Well, we have another piece called tropic thunder, but I don't. much faith in him, because I don't know we said as vietnam yeah I'll. Send you that grip and we'll have reading of it So I said okay and he said
won't be with any of the studio heads the person that was in the cash steep cold in here he read google she animal easier road, red bends, role and land canterbury. It gave him David, Jeffrey, Jeffrey Jeff was sitting right there and when you have written, went to that setting that word travel all of a sudden, every executive down at that table and they just saw the opportunity of that And I love the things that you, a brain, abandoned, hidden loaded. He had loaded yeah and unfortunately I the guy was working with brian actor dan. Danny, danny right or finding it any had been here ears, he was just about to pay. to go either.
now now carried back sounded out here and here is danny he's got a lotta in norway is powerful and I got a lot of energy. So we just if you would say, demanded. I say to you that we were funny. I said, don't make heads, but we do have very many tenants he's really great. All the I wanted to ask you about an affliction. as heavy shit man I mean, I can't, like you know I you play did you have to pull out some iowa? Nothing? Well, you know what I have three years intense do yeah I get paid. Call me and- said. I ve got a fluctuation and I'll. Send you the script and I read the script and after school. I support we have to do this in a he said. Well again, finance will do it, so I just kind of
jade law and then one day I picked up the book affliction and I read the forward and in the forward Russell banks talks about how many generations, upon generations of eons of time men have sit where they sit with their sons and not teach him how to love. That's the affliction what it is and their only recourse is violence. Then they do not know how to love so it was a process of not being able to love and the character kinda like the guy. he always made that mistake. Fear daughter here s why his girlfriend you pay more and when the home and go in jail, colbrand. I said
to Paul newman newman, said an interesting thing. He said. I don't think my audience will accept me in this role. And I had to think about that, for a while, I mean Paul was absolutely right about that. You know not that she didn't it was about as far out as they could go with, though right that movie, like you know, a down and out drunk lawyer, is nagging going further than that. He didn't want to go further in and he really didn't think they would sure help them and couldn't sell it and he didn't want to go there- last colbrand, just like all Jimmy. Melvin nailed went and not that he made up for all the time
had been, he had gone away, had a terrible crisis of art right like any, he would lay in bed and he could not move his hands and I dont know who the actor was would have supremacy. Jimmy's said Jimmy hey, I'm going to do it. He massage just had their oil until he got them straight and straightened out, and then Jimmy used, msm and stuff like that he was able to function or that he was as a movie. I guess If people can read more stories in the book, I feel like we can just keep going here, because we didn't even talk about the prince of tides or forty eight hours, but hey. We love those movies without the man that was a that was great talking yeah. I think he is fun to do it real flat right. That was that was exciting. Wasn't it we travel, we some traveling mean
he did some travelling. That was our nine hundred. That is so thank you for staying with us. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a regular listener. Welcome if your new we're going to keep going, going to keep going and I'm play the one guitar have left in this garage through the one amp I have in here. Oh and by the way the cat ranch goes on the market, this sunday yeah that's happening
okay, guitar
boomer lives.
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