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Episode 906 - Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite / E of Eels

2018-04-11 | 🔗
Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper are musicians with wildly different backgrounds but a unifying love of the blues. Charlie was there at the birth of rock and roll. Ben grew up immersed in music while his family ran a landmark music store. They tell Marc how their shared interests led to their musical collaboration and their new joint album. Plus, Mark Oliver Everett, also known as E from the band Eels, returns to the show after a five-year hiatus to talk about Garry Shandling, Tom Petty, becoming a parent, and the new Eels album.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck adele exports happening? I mark me This is my podcast wtf, welcome to it a big A big blue show today, it's like a blues concert, but now you know I would not say that mark Oliver everett from the he is, is, blues artists, but I would say that there is a heavy hearted. Is too it? Wouldn't you wouldn't you eels fans say, there's a heavy heartedness heavy hardness heartedness? That's what makes the eels that's what makes the music beautiful day there's a new eels album out. It's called the deacons available now, wherever are, it's your music. I haven't talked to
mark in a while he's been here before but he's on the show today and also very citing Ben harp. And Charlie Musselwhite White, most wide. Is one of the original man he's one of the original new generation blues guy from Chicago around back in the late sixties, early seventies been going ever since Ben harper go from his Ben harper. Miss he's been around in a cup ok now as well, but not as always, charlie muscle. Why blow and that harp and their do this a second out when they ve done together. It's called no mercy in this land. Also, I'll go wherever you music and both of these cats, both of these acts are both more oliver, everett and Ben and charlie, do a tune. I got to be. I've got to be honest with you. If we do post on these interviews out of order go in the order of I I've of when I recorded them, but I will I will tell you this ben
Charlie Musselwhite lie worthy. Where the last interview, in the garage in the old garage you'll, be hearing other interviews from that garage by thought. You might want to know that this was the last one. I thought it was appropriate and coincidental that a pair of blues artists, did the blues in the garage, and they do Play some blues and I, and that was it I got to get this place. I got to get the new place up in looking for the music situation. I do like people play music in front of me, mark wherever it also played a tune that recorded in the old garage. Some of these some of the final interviews from though there might be. Come from a few months back. I I'm just telling you if you and a point of reference for the end of that situation over there. This is what's going and I'll tell you to sit and ride the faders when a child as a white ball harp. It was on the scituate,
where you ever just had a guitar and acoustic guitar just stick a mic in that, but oh charlie and Ben, we're going to be able to do it and they had damn then they came in with two fender champs, not old, if the two vendor champs one for and one for a four bends guitar everyone's can playing today on the show. So listen t, I'm excited to bring to bring to you my camera even with the mark over everett, I always enjoy seeing a music, thoughtful and bright young man, and he saw his new album with the eels is called the construction. It's available now, wherever you get music in this is me talking to mark oliver. were it. second or third time. Second,
It's only the second time It seems like you familiar to me your well, you too, it's been a while since you've been here. I don't remember, I think it went well the last time I think it went really well. Yeah people seem to regard it is episode a good mark, interview, yeah yeah, the fans are like that was good. I learned some things. Yes, I thought I knew everything about you as like someone finally got under his skin. Come on come on, you did it to yourself. so, but that was a few years ago, man yeah, that was like five or six years. I feel like I've run into you. A couple of times is that what's happened over the over the year, where we saw each other at the un, we sat next to each other. The gary. That was yeah. That was what an amazing that was really we were in the front. You mean Tom, pay, petty,
You talk to him. I did get to talk to him. I've never talked him here. You know he looked fragile. I had an experience with them. Afterwards it was a good notable yeah. It was a great experience. It was the only time I've ever met him. We just all the walk outside under the sidewalk it after he's having a smoke you use, the smoke in them. He's literally fell off the cuff When I caught him in my arms he was free following you might yeah and and some holding tom, petty in my arms, which became very poignant, I died and you heard about his hip I didn't news, I just thought he was stone right and and he was so nice user- hey! I'm in this
and to you for a long time, and I was like wow. That means a lot from you, Tom, petty. I call them tom, petty, hey, yeah, and we just like sat out there and shot the shit for awhile. It was great yeah. He seemed like a pretty sweet. Bearded guy, who persuade from what I could tell anything was in india for a long time. That's what he said to her face. Did you? How did did he know? You was at the moment of introduction time. I'd ever met him when you fail. You told him who you were and he went oh, I know you can deal or he didn't say who I was because I had played a song during the party. I remember that was great thanks. That's right, you did you were up there with the sadness? I was up there I brought the sad and elevating the sadness. What time did you do? I did it's a mother, fucker yeah, that's right, yeah. What and remember like warren, beatty and annette bening sitting at the excursion via the creed, but that was such a beautiful night like the like, I was like one of the best nights.
Yeah I've ever had like it was just a full experience It really was- and I you know like I didn't know Gary that well, I interviewed him, but the sort of feel that the kind of his whole person come to or through other people's eyes like that, sadly, at a memorial You know in a really kind of registering the impact he had. Another people was phenomenal. like every thing you want and laughter tears and and hopefulness- and I was just amazing I I it was ever- was able genuinely life changing for me to tell me too and had like I really identify with the whole gary thing and, like I feel, like I've, been on a similar quest?
version of it. You know, did you know, unlike him way, I never knew them have been in the same room with him several times, but I never actually had the nerve to talk to him which quest the spiritual. Well, not the spiritual ones, which put me sort of you know like the the self improvement quest on a sore spot, I just don't, know man. You know because, like I know about it and I and have engaged in it, but to really engage in it to go full in. You know that was sort of one of the things about the shandling. Storing about that night. That kind of blew me away was that there were things that he went to as far as you can go to to to sort of get spiritual. and get self improvement, and there were some areas of his wife that I don't feel from in retrospect and how was You know, being presented by his peers that that he had much just in fixing them. Well, I think it of theirs.
A clip that I just recently that might be from the dark? The judge me out, I think they saw a clip, Sarah silverman saying Gary was so then it was tat. He was so need in need of beings. That's I've told you done if I were that it's like guy, like him and guys like me who those kind of quest it's because we and it's not like spurts on any of it. We're trying to ease like on this new album quitted tidy deconstruction yeah. It's like I'm, not an expert in any of the songs on this outcome. If I'm talking to someone in one of these things and simultaneous talking to myself, or maybe I'm only talking to myself and just it's all like notes to self. This is If you want to live better, try this one It certainly have had my experience with that in any of the need to have some relief? two surrender at that level.
It requires some sort of surrender riaa right, and a live in, that vulnerability is you know can be a tall order. If you have things to do yeah that's the thing is that it gives her work. It's a visual and you're going to live on a monastery. Now you gotta do raise your chores and it's a little easier right and if you can just deal with the detachment right, but if you have the out there in the world and especially if you're creative process is come, driven by the fury of malcontent or self annihilation or or self judge, whatever it self. involvement right you know what he? How do you shift I mean that's why it's not easiest! well yeah all be like perfect people. If we are was concept album, you know
long time I didn't know I was making a now am I I took it would turn into a four year break. Basically, so, ask you have a kid or something I have a kid now, yeah spoiler out. How old is that kid he's only about ten months old? Why did I know that? I don't know how do you know that I don't know, but I felt it I don't think I'll feel like you'd, be dead, babysitter. Ninety five, babysitter I how ground rather I'd be in the long run. When can you do it out of which eight check check my schedule after, but that's it ten months. okay, so you didn't know you're, making this record I didn't know, I was making a record and I you know I was just like. I just needed a break. You know like if you do too much one thing in your life for too long it catches up with you. I don't, if you have any experience with that, but sure you get you you'll get started with your mind, you I want my case. It was work like it's all. I paid attention to pretty much for
going on? Twenty five years we have you the egg and who is just an incredibly unbalanced life right, and so I got to the point four years ago, it just became very clear, like I need to take a break and start to pay attention to the other side of life, as all the other side's avoid and and the child makes it a situation. Well that is happen right away. That sure happened ten months ago. I know, but I mean like that's things were thrown like my gotta eat, you're forced to be selfless right yeah and show up for you know in a way that you know it is I I imagine it's somewhat innate, but Certainly the good time the other priorities sing the life living life. be very immediate. There is a lot of innate stuff. It does happen that you know is nice that it's just automatic, you know
thank god, yeah yeah! Thank god. You have that in place, yeah! No, I got a psychopath, like you, probably think you're, not a kid person all that stuff, and you know I was basically Again, that's not in the cards for me at this point and I'm so fucking old, the I your age, I was young, fifty four, fifty four and he had one. and I just getting started, which is insane friends are like becoming empty nesters and they're like yeah. We'll finally have your free. I guess we won't be seeing you anywhere and don't ruin this for us, but you know you do become like in two, like all the cliches that people say is true, you become the guy that, like I just I'll, just like I'll just sit there and just flip through moving play the same videos of him over and over again in July, can you make strangers? Look at pictures of your kids. fast? It just happens. You knew and ended. and it you, then you become like a in person in genoa. He start to understand other people's kids. Why there's
wait to rangers this thing. That happens, you're part of the cult. Now the kid him part of the colds, and it's it's quite a pleasant surprise- to see you you can become that now. Was this on purpose kid or no. This is this is a surprise kid, oh, that I can we made him the old fashioned way by surprise, with the woman? Are you well? The other surprise in his his mother has divorced me I was another surprise. I was not something I had William? Will you wait till you're married there and then the kid and then she's out in quick succession, wow it was heartbreaking or was a time I dunno it's been devastating for me, but you and a lot of what this album is about is, like, I think, to happiness. If there is one is, please tell me, except in reality, and just
decision to be happy with it? I was happy with it as you can be. You know it is decision, huh, specifically about that we can all go to within ourselves. It's just a place to. We can make a choice. Well, this is my reality. Happy with it or not happy with it right now, well, you know it's. It takes work, it's hard to do, but so too my situation, that's happening right now. It's quite an extreme unexpected situation for me here, but able to look at all the good parts about it, That's not how I pictured things as particularly wrenching. For me, after all the tragedies of losing my first. I am we urgently I was the last one standing of your your in your mother and my sister sister so too,
finally get to a point where I have another family and have it taken away very painful as you can imagine, but there are so many great things about. My song, archie, is fucking delight well clearly in love with him. His mom is a great mom. in like watching them together is inspiring. It is this amazing love story. able to maintain a friendship and she lives right down the street, till you, ve got an unconventional family vibe, at least so again it just like that. What I pictured but there's a lot of things to be thankful for her and you I just have to hang on to the good part of the island. It's always the that's really on. So I think is is, it's always going to be some sort of shit storm stop constant motion. You just have to get comfortable with emotion. I think when I took this break I naively thought. Okay,
drama of my life is over. Now it's be called in. Amazingly, I had one really nice calm year. It was just like happiest I'd ever been via, because it was everything I wanted yeah and I was- and I actually got it and I'm like what it's like relaxing for a year and just doing fun stuff here and not worrying about anything. You know It amazes me that long and then it just out went out the window, and now it's like just crazy onslaughts, the couldn't be the more opposite of of that that's what life that's what my life is. Anyone blows I was so close. Did I think in my mind, doing that I just pulling out and taking the time and then it didn't happen. I was almost going to buy a house in new mexico, and then I ended up down the street yeah. I, like you, re a good cause. I let people convince me, like it wasn't time to put myself out to pasture yet the end,
Yeah like there's, still work to be done. That's what I thought when I first started this break for you to go out for a while. I actually felt like I might just be done right. I don't know if I'm ever going to get back to it. They that feel, like just necessary at the time. Like I just said, we are ok and a moment with. I will doubtless ok, because it was like that thing were life. You know you'd needed stuff, and it was only like. I would just myself the luxury of if I woke up one morning and I was super inspired to write a song, I don't record it, and then it might be like six months before. I add that happen again. and that's why this wasn't a planned record? It wasn't a record. It slowly turned into a record now, so that so like in some ways, yeah its it? There was a natural evolution to these these songs, I mean it's very it's it's a great way to make a record review. Have that luxury of that much time cause cause. It's just song by song is very fuel.
driven it's just all about like. What's this song about? That's all you're thinking about any you might have actually been doing some sort of you know emotional and spiritual geometry with them. Like you know like you, are working out without knowing right, yeah yeah, I like it when you feel the impulse to make some sense. throw adequately of something yeah, often means something other than what you think it means at the time now, Argue that thing, dear lady, deconstruction. that's on in the title of the record. Do you do like it call fall under that well. I won't I was thinking about. There was like you, a personal deconstruction. How we all spend a lot of our lives. We are opening up these defences and these walls around our selves and introduce thinking legal. What's on, If we tore down those walls and their defenses, what's their, they were pretty What are we start with about five year old?
I a five year old tops raid yeah yeah the It was like a fight like whatever we're protecting was, something or someone that was old enough to be heard somehow in two way that he was going to hide for this amount of time and it's in my face all the time now, with with my son you know you're, just like all you see, is the sweetness and innocence and natural joy, and it's just like It's heavy, you know or how old were you when you found your dad dead, a teen now so as before that yeah. I don't it's hard for me to pinpoint what like I'm most of the people that have like a distinct. incident that was the day right. Then it all went bad yeah. My situation was so weird and complicated, and you know basically I was just sort of-
You can have raised by wolves here in terms of like, like everyone, meant well, but they just weren't equipped for the situation. Shirt yeah! and I know that feeling like I. I feel that like when I get to the edge of it. and I imagine that you know, though, when you have a child, and you know whatever time you spend alone with that child. You know, there's There is no risk. Of a vulnerability there for you either the kids wide open but like you, can actually prob Let go in connecting away that sort of yeah, it's really sending it's a yeah exactly it really is it's a great like reminder and and way to see it in your daily life like yeah, you can just be open and My question is: what do we think we're? What do we think is going to happen your? What can't we handle you know if we're open.
I know what I mean, but hey that's what I'm asking in the song. I guess is yeah. It's like what you know yeah. Why are we like? This? Is all bullshit you know, but we're just like so so invested in it for so long or grown people. I know and we're just like trying to protect our five year old selves, yeah idiotic, yeah. It is and then like, but the other part that I've noticed I've talked about a little bit is that you, all the other parts of the five year old, the this sort of hyper security, the and the anger in the It's the same emotional tenor, and it's just not appealing coming out of a fifty four year old. No, it's not it's embarrassing! In fucking, embarrassing man, children rights If there is any like one sentence. I could still what, if there is one message of this whole album, it will be. try to be more mister, rogers and less donald trump MM. That's that's the thing like That's the five year old thing we all lost in this.
At its worst with all the defenses. It turns into donald trump right, just just complete, no self, Baroness, no, shame no, no see, no empathy, very little conscience, yeah! completely self serving spoken like a true loser. I agree with you, I'm glad I and what did you find to me that you, you locked out with the kid because maybe after writing, all these songs, then It comes you're like alright. Well, that is the short cut. it yeah? I mean you know if it was just an album, like you know, John Lennon's double fantasy and it's like ooh. You know I'm married, and MR bloom is much more of a meaningful affair. situation because it's a really is about like rolling with the punches in life? Is Well, another john Lennon coat like life is
Happens, see you, while you're busy, making other plans yeah. I that was on that album actually just sort of went against my own theory. There you have John lennon, no, he was a hack. Of course. I love John lennon It is the greatest we won't play it's on sure. Are you prepared to play in that We'll get are that that dinky guitar I better go and acoustic. Is it the last time I went? I was here when electric and the fans were outraged where they are, it was like doing it newport now. Nobody cares. Keep him keep in mind yeah, keep in mind, I'm quite rusty I haven't done this for four years and you haven't played it. Tar I well. No, I mean I did in the studio zone, but I haven't performed well also the this will. This is the first live performance of any song from this one.
exciting? Is that exclusive enough for you mark maria? You want to do it. Alright, I am going to miss. Might take me. A few tries are long and I'll be on the mixer. I'm going to try to do this in one take, but I can't I'm gonna make and we can do more on. You have just gonna write that favours you ride. The failures right here we have to do is give out the two days ass moves. That's right, the
is thought about it. It's kind, about it. I got it wrong right from the start. That's right, That's right! the word that don't you it's all right!
you see, the new law is jane. The only things that count on life is quick. Life is strange at the end. The clue mumbling I don't know if just the same. Nailed it now, alright, yeah man, one take one, take one take every four years. All I gotta do now the foe. Yes man, you got it
well congrats on the new record, and it was great seeing and congratulations on the child and add that day, even though its difficult, the the family situation is working so far, so good Thanks for having me at rg soon that sounded good. The old garage, that's what the old It sounded like playing music in it again The new eagles album is called the deconstruction it's available now. Okay, If you want to hear my full talk with mark from back Two thousand and thirteen its episode, three, seventy one and you can get that with subscriptions to stick your premium or how all dot f m, dig it. now we're going at like now we're going to go, we're going to travel into blues in a ben Ben harper's. Playing some pretty sweet,
folk and blues and and singer songwriter stuff for many years. Did a beautiful, with his mother not long ago. And he did another wreck which are we muscle? Why try? We must await a one of the great booze, hard players of his generation, that being the second generation. I would thank you call him the ones that learned at the feet of Sonny boy, williamson of the little Walters you know of the james. Cotton Yet you know he was there. Man he was in chicago and and abandoned and charlie have done. beautiful record, and I get you know to. I don't listen to a lot of new blues, but this is a beautiful record beautifully produced and you'll hear the song at that that they play after after I talked to them at the er. The title song of this of the of the album no mercy in this land. is the name of the record. You can get that now.
But you always interesting mabangis ben skywalker history himself and but try. We still has all the obese history, so there were stories coming out that clear. We then had married so mean bandages in listening to the to the blues the whose veteran laying down some old stories from the old times, and that was great. That was great a tree Then again this was the last conversation and music played as far as gas goes, in the old garage. So this is me talking to a Ben harper and Charlie Musselwhite. Wait. The What's break down a little bit it sometimes with two cats You know like an uprising ahwahnee out for a while, and then he would come back it back and forth. I had taj mahal keb mo in here and If anything yeah it was
his fault, yeah That is a lot of listening and learning. That was story, their ass is in session for sure permanently. Yeah always- and I- and I knew this- has gotta- be the way it's always gone, but let's, let's start with a goal going all the way back, because I you know I was thinking that charlie because of your the length of your career now you're still alive. Thank god that it seems that you are able to do not only see the development in the birth of rock and roll. But you also, if you really sort of first hand, wave to see the elect refining of blues music, like we were there well Bertie my Where did you start out? Where were you born? I was born in mississippi and I was raised up in Memphis and Memphis Memphis. full of music bacteria say the same to David. You mention cm rock n roll beginnin decision.
Johnny and dorsey. knit lived across the street from me, no shit and I used to hang out over their house and Jimmy. Who has a band called bread live next door we just kind of hang out and did you play together a while? Well I remember they. Let me go on the steel guitar. He has because you're a kid yeah me they were, our one day as older they had ass. A rule read, I went onto my mother, said and boys What was the street garage are reared? My mom said: well, I guess they've been doing a little drinking yeah a little bit few days worth you brought home hospital us more in the hospital in kosciusko mississippi and in our view of their there three years, I continue to spend my summers there. Oh really, so you can down the road from Memphis anyways the connection to it. I when clarksdale, mississippi and sonoma county. Start playing harmonica monica
Why is that until everybody had a harmonica and I just to read our level of kid in just megan up stuff yeah. I was about thirteen admin listen blues and collect, go around memphis, looking for old blues records and occurred to me how much I love the way. The origin, Sonny boy played harmonica and sonny boy yeah another. or do you got to thinking. Well, you have a harmonica I feels so good listened to them, guys weren't, you take it teach. itself, so I went out in the woods and just kept messing with it says as already familiar with it, the owl bit it kind of came very easy. Really logically logical yeah. So like talking about this period been like, you know, you grew up around this music. I did in an end by
You were like a kid. I mean what are you little little younger than me? What I'm fifty four? What are you? Forty eight you're, forty eight? grew up here. I grew up in claremont california. Which is in between here and joshua tree. what was that? What was the matter- and I did a little a little research, but it sounds like you know you ve gotta, isn't it interesting that both year, because I just saw that documentary rumble? Did you see it? No there's, there's documentary called rumble on amazon and it's about the info. Since of american indians in rock n roll, and they back to charles pattern, patton like they hooter They link rain, Charlie Patton. They go back to we patton who, whose grandmother was was an indian and and they and they had modern, indian singers. Women who are, who actually did traditional music were able to track some of the melodies in in inches, patton recordings that were we're actually indigenous people melodies.
Did you do you have any sense of that emmi cause you both have indian in your right To tell me I gotta do one of the genetic I gotta get. I gotta get to the bottom, so you don't know very I mean it's rumored, but I have to do you know: ancestry, dot, com, yeah, me too. I know- and I know it's all going to come back jew, but I'm curious which part on there too. Are you? Do you get like down nationalities, I'm a real american money, but it does play into everything from your attitude your personality to your sense of humor to your creative output. Doesn't it I mean whether you wanted to or not you just can't escape genetic? Well, it just sounds to me, like a that. You know Let me tell me about the euro dad mom mamore together, not from a young age, teghmus six they were done and your dad was he had. He was alone with their suppose. They like had two million in here and your mama's do my most used my dad's black. We added some india back there and
wait, where'd you! What what was the environment because it seems like the musical environment was very defined in your grandparents. It was rich yeah in in music from all over the world. Where was telling me about the player, my family's at a music store, he held the claremont folk music center. It's also a certified museum area, and it's been here since nineteen fifty eight we're celebrating sixty years this year of a family owned five generations. Still there too, they threw sunday it still there. Still there man you, we should take a drive out there, we would J and I J albert already a mutual friend we grew. Neighbor to neighbouring, while we in our one, while separated his house, my a really good and attain a giant canada. So tell me about store, though, because it was so fifty since nineteen fifty eight, you have to see it to believe it man I but like it doesn't sound like it sounds a little bit like the place on bleecker street like new york, where dylan and all those people hung out during it is a and haight ashbury had had woody,
three and joan baez child yeah wow, so filled with stuff and ravi shankar was the godfather of both of them. Are some of them? Gotta say that you get, I mean, so they deal folk music from around the world around it was. It was worth it my family music stores, the reason america call world music, world music. It didn't you see world musical, just music for out from around the world right, so they integrated, intellectually and and commercially. They would like to make it available. That's right! Thinking around that's right and if you throw on top of that, a love of, a literary passion in love by my grandparents and and my mom yeah. That's that environment, so you got all of it. You got to the literary like poetry and you folk Is it and you get a you, get a youthful teenage hip, hop, rebellious,
in me. Yeah then mash it all together, no kidding so like did they do they do I performances air and stuff? We still have the best open mic within one hundred miles- north south east west, in l a last sunday of every month, and this is in pomona claremont claremont, one town due north pole who used it like like who'd, you see grown up. I mean I imagined it like it's it's. It sounds like a pilgrimage worthy place. If people come- and I looked up one time- my grandfather he was in world war, two lost an ear, I didn't losing your pardon me. Not. They asked, I believe, is hearing in here and there he could hear out a wasn't great, so tell you. He was going to lean in with his good ear. He asked was still a struggle fear. But that said, he
used to repair, restore instruments and was kind of the patriarch, was the patriarch of the store yeah. So I look up. I had come from the backers to do a lot of repair work in the back of the shop, so I look up and there's leonard Cohen, with a pile of a pile of stuff. Yesterday he had and my grandfather was getting to the end- was just charging him full price right and I look like Chris Heaton. My grandfather didn't. He didn't make didn't play is it listen to a lot of music, the loved instruments? Right right? You didn't, he didn't clock. It was last year, so I knew daily says, gives me grandpa. Let me andalusia- and I gave like I piled. This always commencing cuz. I think he's buying stuff for kid that he had like the holiday season, our guy ugly, I s family members,
a pile of everything, the bag and they charged him five dollars out. It was excellent. Thank you for a lifetime of incredible magic is as though they are always in my twenty is also immediately. You knew I knew where the power, so they weren't musician. So your grandparents, my grandmother, on the other hand, was an extraordinary musicians. A dull summer, Otto harp guitar banjo sang like a bird wrote, songs, school, yet elsinore yeah a dull summer. In your background, Charlie only so I play with Cyndi lauper. She said nothing says: blue, don't worry and I love It- they call it a no notes on a dulcimer you just play yeah is that true is the saying it's such an odd instrument or but did you would you? What was your experience would boost music at that time? Did you have any with it? The the store was centered around american roots. Musing rise folk.
ryan blues, right and and other things, but right point of the store and in my family's passion, was folk and blew. The other was the first music and spoke directly to my spirit and so yeah. I just couldn't I had to get in it. Do you remember which one mississippi John hurt John right, baby right away? Yeah, really that's it! I said grandma said. Who are these guys? I was about eighteen. I said to my grandma, who are these I playing. She said it's just one. Guy said another guitar players yeah or it's gotta, be at least guitar place has a new notes. Just one later I string stole from on high stringing, the picking and I'd I'd instantly set out. I think he's, taj guy to yeah yeah antigen year ago and taking he took me all the way back to Senegal yeah. He picked up that okay, guitar it is show me where if James came from yeah and all of a sudden he's bank in africa doing those those sad notes that that that timing, that you can sort of hear through skin-
like I and he did it for like forty five seconds I was like who talk you just keep doing that could could you do that? He knows that shit, from Senegal to the to the silk road in china. Yeah trip right, yeah, he he can lay that out for you, so the boy both to you, but but you know ultimately, like I guess, like your early records, there's. Definitely a booze vibe on it, but sure yeah sit around yeah yeah yeah, I've, I've yeah, I've stretched it as far as I could, by the time I've come back to it in full flow yeah. So are the when you're so you're down there, you are and how to play our period in europe. this is the going on you know the Burnett guys how old were you when you start playing with people? probably around sixteen or seventeen or something yeah. First ro fascinated with street singers, there were seen, downtown beale street. Well, I to talk to them, but I would
Follow me around. Listen to him, watch him and other the shutdown too street singers mania. Later on, I got to know very little Some will shade and goes cannon and while Memphis woolly, b and Earl bell and all the guys that played- and I just They were really welcoming to me. They were louder than I would seek him out to hear loan goes they I like their music. I believe that it yeah here's a young kid that likes it too, all right yeah. So they they were glad to have me come around and and learn from woman, but I didn't know I was prepare myself for a career out of play. A lot more attention than I was just having fun thinking about was something I was going to do and you would play yeah. We were just sit around in their homes and pass jug around and had just have these spontaneous jam session. That's amazing!
yeah. I wonder I guess that happened still. I don't interesting to me that tat sort of be enough witness of the source of this stuff, the evolution of the music. I mean you and I came to a later. You know. Listen into india right, but that you saw like you know, like I don't know when the you know when, like wolf and muddy, and those guys ended up in chicago, but it couldn't been. before you write all they were maybe ten years of southern ahead of maybe I am, but these guys anew and members. We are old, timers compared right, sure, muddy in and what they like folk later on when what later I knew, bigger williams, I'd walk into peppers. your man money would act like a little kid like it was his hero when or just been the angel guy playing a guitar going down the road as they used to put it air with his hat on backwards years or so.
And so you so when did you start? We have seen yourself as a professional booze man, you're doing making the of the gig making the money so work. Well, you start playing professionally hard to say. I don't remember the first time I got paid yeah. I like to think that with my fur album came out They gave me a career and put me on the road but yeah it was a big turning point, turning point was when muddy had me, come sit in with him and then well me getting gigs around Chicago. So when you move to chicago was in the sixties, sixty two you start playing, so everything was electric up there right not every day. I, like our mission, visual, worry again. He would play through or he solo he was, whose ago folk blues guitar player from he wrote baby, please don't go and it was yeah yeah yeah and ends what were where were people playing mostly bars,
yeah and also I mean university of cargo would have a folk festival and you would hear We were hire. Somebody like big show or the state brothers and should all that barbara, dane and a host of light, so either the coffee houses where they had folk, music and occasionally a blues folk player. We are in the blues. Club I will go to most people. that did. Live in the neighborhood, wouldn't dare go mostly black clubs, yeah or yeah That was, as far as I know, so I and so the first record that didn't come till what sixty seven, so you so you're hanging around who else is around like is is almost there and and and butter fields around revised, oh yeah, I didn't get to see in and he was there, but he died before. So I was Elmore James, ah man,
then I found out later he was staying just around the corner from me, jane array homesick. He liked all the attention on himself sooner never told me that combined media war and much time did you get this man with like people like muddy and end and wolf and stuff, or we'll lots and lots of men. I just yellows clubs work real, affordable to get into ferrous answer a or something at the most here and a lot of them for just free, just went in so all those years I was in chicago it was. I mean, You say well, who would I want to hear tonight little walter sonny boy, I dunno MIT, who I saw modi last night wolf at I mean chicago was loaded with the blues back there is that crazy man, it's all gone now, it's pretty much Hubert sumlin, yeah, Hubert I'll, see you at all the time was worth every hole,
guitar like straight up and down? yeah and just be rocking with it. Yes, handers be flying up and down. Yeah he'd be looking at it like. What am I doing colorado how to do this and and rocket and play and then later on he was more sedate yeah man when he was young, he was ferocious he's got he's, got very crazy, unique sound that guy, I couldn't believe I mean the holy. The orange Be pinned the wall with us at this sound governor off the stage it was okay. So it's talk about the heart players, so so loud, because you are your pride by the same ages as butterfield right. It more or less okay. One of us is like a year older than the other one. I don't remember why I yeah and a bite at that time that it was little walter. The all the old guard was what little walter james, cotton, sony, boy, Sonny boy and love
good rock and charles and big walter horton lot of obscure harmonica players that people wouldn't recognize and like it? What made because, like, I guess, little walters, the first guy to really have like a harmonica hit right far, as I know no jussieu huge here, yeah yeah and what his style like what? What do you like? How do you? How do you define so he goes to Chicago. He was playing like the first one, a more rural country mia, and that was his big influence. Then, Chicago. You got exposed to a lot of horn players and you started list I can play. The start is phrasing. changing, and we come in urban, oh yeah. jazzy armies by illegal phrasing, like a horn player instead of that, is what I got out in the country. That's funny how those instruments your cross, pollinate because, like even with, like you, know, chuck berry's, riff, that's what's his name, Johnny Johnson,
a piano, riff right number resume shook in a club going to see little walter, a really he was at the bar next to me. Will that go really looks like could, What would he be doing in here that little largesses, in french oak barrels wrong and show where it goes up and just place of stone, killer, blues No, no roll over beethoven. Rarely yeah give it. He could do it. I guess all those t bone walker legs they're, all with all the weeks or tb t bone walker real, sophisticated right ear, but with, but can also go straight back to robert and with her out of the lot of those links to You can only had a delta yeah yeah, it's swell em down a little bit in figure it out. Did you do I'm a robber johnson signs of you recorded, probably It doesn't yeah ho yeah, maybe for four to six year yeah and what's your experience in get lean in in sort of going down that well
well like you know. How do you have so they're so complicated writer, but I like to pick them apart and come as close to the original you can hear yeah I used to be a little bit lazier, but nowadays I really like to get them down reverse engineer. Who exactly is a great local player named fran bannock yeah and he is a master at it. I mean you can sit in front of fran and learn Robert Johnson he's a great local player used to teach at mccabe's. for a player. I used to sit with him watch him. Do it really so like it? So you've got more proficient as time went on with that slide. Yeah with his is yeah like come on in my kitchen and stuff, like that, just with getting it down it's a great one to pick apart and go no for no two. You got it because I saw you and I talked to John hammond in here- not long. Charlie knows John. I love John yeah he's a really good guy. You know, and and my dear to yeah, but was interesting to me, you're talkin, about owning the booze in an and going deep with them and making them a vital.
Was. I saw him at this weird like it was like. I was visiting my brother and to sign in the two, some blue society, or some had him out, and I m just my coat didn't and there's like forty people in the room. He was there with that national steal that do bro or whatever it is and he did how hounds and like I was like I couldn't even scenario. I saw John do that in the caves username I've just some- I she was just talking about now. It's John is scary. John scary man, like I don't like, where does that come from waking cause he he stopped playing he's like hey how you doing nicely where's that where's the guy. They just played that when I say that I love like you'll, hear Adele he'll hear her in between songs. Like oh yeah sounds like a library, british library, and then she just digs into the song and pins you to the wall taps in I don't yeah yeah. None of us are who we talk with who we sing. I guess so it's something changes. Yes, I'm schiff, yeah, there's
like you. Do the whole being shifted we're because it happens, happens with happens with sex. You you kind of go out, and then he land you come back here like got I'm back, but I was just somewhere else right so whatley in in talking about that. You, like I, don't know, I guess you just natural, but when you like, when you talk about Robert Johnson, what do you do as a grown person at somebody? You go back to cuz. I have found that with hendrix to that. You know you ve no anytime, I was in a hendricks, it sort of way. What was that always there like it? You know you you're a who experienced music differently as you get older like a true it's out at resonates, so to keeping with when you get older, you get. I recognize What I don't know what it is genius is what it is. It's like! It's, the testament of the work of genius, because you, as you get more sophisticated or more emotional or more more fragile, know. Different things resonate, but I was surprised at how well, you can really feel jimmy in in almost every note, there's a rawness to it that, like it, you know that that
ever his virtuosity is at the core of it is we impulsive and for feeling, and you find that when you go like when you like, have you had experiences when you dig into a robert Johnson or robert and Jimmy are as close as you can come in the hugh robert and Jimmy and by the way, Charlie Musselwhite? Yes, sir, is as close as you can come to to hearing it. It's as you can come to the source, yeah yeah I mean like Charlie gets done playing a solo right, it's like he gets gets If you stop playing solo is that they kicked him out, because he was getting too close to exposing the sixth sense getting too close yeah, you can't. You know you can't stay there too long, we'll know something we're not supposed to know where nacho and he puts you right there and in Jimmy and robert, they put you as close as you can get to the source with in and survive it. We are workers rights to because their region for some two too hard to touch and too bright to see
it's. I remember Robert Johnston story that what sanrio me about that What kind of the mystery in the strangeness of robert yeah, and I think it was Robert Johnny shines at told me this, because he used to travel. the other and play together other and one day they were in some little town in the south, and there was a preacher in the corner? crowd around him yeah. He was preaching and Robert rocks right up next to him and starts playing like the dirtiest blues at you think of rice and chase everybody away and the the preacher said, young man, I don't know why you did what you did but you're going to have bad luck, and as her walk away, Johnny says man. Why did you do, or he was black yeah for sure? Why, as you do that he was just a a blind preacher trying to the bogeyman chaser body, everybody way and Johnson's reply was there was it that was the
we're the only unleash the power amicable. What was that about? You just heard a story that was one person removed yeah from the real thing, Robert jolly yeah yeah. That's what's up well! That was his. I guess that was his attitude. Why did he do that? Oh you know now Satan is timely, go you're, not the roma dora main. Maybe it is more to it than we really know sure. and guess I believe it? Maybe that was the deal he made. Maybe he did so it was. Maybe I you know, I it's a great story, and nobody really knows. I guess it's at least as good Jesus yeah for sure sure absolutely absolutely well that would that was a thing about it. That was what I was wanting to get at was. I think that in this record, and also the last record, you guys did like I think you guys you tap into it. You know there's something you're of you're, beautiful but united okay, you make it you make
Do you know vital against the music? Thank you. You know the in order to make the blues vital for a younger generation. You need a special kind of kid. You know how to get. How do you get those kids in there? Do you know? Do you ever think about that? I think about it, on the opposite side. But when you look out in the crowd, yeah see these kids see and charlie yeah yeah man. He played irving plaza right. It was kind of our coming out. It was our first gig played together. When was this, this was must have been two thousand what thirteen cherry around the time ghetto came out forget up for our first record, and played irving plaza, we didn't want to overshoot. Do we didn't want over you sell it or tat. You know grandstand whether we have of darwin and didn't even know im just here so tight, to the rafters after charlie's. So lonely ever solo people. There
mrs de keyser, I mark so help me, god with witness here. It was at least, seven and a half minute ovation. the first song maybe was the first time maybe was it was getting close but I want to Charles solo. Ia song ended and people were clapping at it at it. it at that and heated yeah rapture. Yeah hurt and for its army. At any rate, I would come to the mike and I'd say in they just like no we're not going to stop kept going kept going. Fine Five six seven minutes stepped in and we and we just minutes. what to do, and it was all for data they were those kids yeah seeing charlie for the first time rife in it. Was they never the real shit. They got hit. I support is necessary here and it's as if they were seeing something that I don't
explain it via supernatural the crazy. I believe I saw those faces going, yeah like where did that come like authentic style. I've never felt. I don't know what this is. What am I feeling what the hell am I seeing that's great man, it was hill, so am I am I exaggerating how he felt properly exposed anybody would love lose sure I mean and all those people they might have heard His has some preconceived idea blues, but when they get hit with it is like good god words, whereas this band. I never heard anything like that. Although blues are supposed to make you sad, I'm feeling like jumping up and down and being happy yeah, which is it was Google. Does it Do you think, like like in in that gender. Like it's weird, because you know you hear a lot about. You know that, like that the popular relation of the boost by the british guys who took to it first
before really got you kind of turned out here but hoody. For the guys that when you saw it really started to just rock out the blues was it is mighty and wolf in those guys. Why I love stories about kids. Would yeah went away to college and my roommate had a row stones album on. We notice on the tools robust some gonna, muddy waters and rye, and then we discovered muddy waters and I heard variations yeah, that's story over and over. I still hear that story. Yeah, I guess, is pretty common, so the It's a lot of credit to be given to those english groups that were doing american blues brought a massive man was another one that really brought attention to it. Paul Jones is a harp player in that band and they were doing straight ahead. Blues, never gig so what both of you guys have done like grammy award winning records with the blind boys alabama yeah. Well that was on one. Then you were yelling yeah, maybe full length with him yeah.
yeah. That was you and now here and you played along with them or yeah you just got on a whole reckoned up toward will assign would with them to what's this those guys how how'd you guys come in contact, get in touch with those guys. Keller, moral was their manager. It was my manager of that helps yet. But I, a fan of theirs for a long time, forty and albums of theirs and love louder to still listen to, and they been around a long time, oh yeah, and how many of the original are still there. Don't know, I think clarence is around a real higher. you will come out here appear with them are they carter's tattoo when I work with him, so mode cause. I I grew up with their music, my family, in our in our music, that they were on constant rotation, as was charlie, yeah and so
with their music having they had covered a song of my called. I shall not walk alone yeah and I caught wind of that which comes from that one is from, I think. Maybe essentially ha ha, ha ha and yeah I should know the song it and they shouldn't it blew away. It was on spirit of matter fact, yeah floor me and may the connection wished. We we did a show together a new way out. They I opened up for them, then, for me saw that and then the connection was made. They came to me to to produce a record and I I wrote and produced a record within the forum and it it did, it did what it was supposed to do here got out there here It's it's a bee. It's like that that whole strand of american music, a gospel music and stuff- I gotta know enough about it, but it seems to be unique thing and in the drive of it, seems to be in a fairly
and showing its unto itself. It started the five blind blind boys of albania that was originally beer and or the blind boys wasn't mississippi. It was a holds man once that was proven that you could. Actually, out from under, like weaving baskets, are making brooms at a blind. School or academy. You have actually that's how they got up out of there haha there were singing while they were all adding a cat. A tusk glue tuscaloosa alabama school, for the blind. Making brooms production line rooms and that people tell him you'll never go anywhere else, but here so get comfortable in that seat and on there cakes. They would sing, and they sang their way out of making brooms to the world stage a virtue, by the time we connected. Yet there were still three original members here of the five george scott, the first guitar player
to play off my riser first guitar turf and Jimmy Carter and and clarence fountain here, and to build it the three them as the core nucleus of the blind was man They would open their mouths to sing man. You just you just have to sit and wait for the hair to rest yeah. I remember asking the man I I listened to the hell out of it. Now you almost made me find Jesus. They were one show, that's no small feat know they did. shows all gospel groups here and Most of them were really a man been around a long time. Yeah and all these groups are you're, so full of energy and they're jumping around they got choreography and and you're sitting there. Thinking have cowboys your hand, I live right and finally was time for the bland wars. They walk up and ear clearances I didn't come here to find Jesus today, and people are like what
It's like blasphemy law brought him with me, and the whole place goes nuts and from that point on there's element in the palm of his name yeah. I you know. I start I was in a a collection of their sam cooke. Who is he with the soul? Stir? Yes, yes added. I right yeah I will care sam. I'm thing I got, I gotta get these holsters records in it's like very little julia yeah man and just to see how his voice, like even within that you could what about you. I read some of the book about sam how his voice sort of like stood out. Somehow and in a way that you came described, no one's ever sounded like that before right now, it's and you You do what it seems like you do several records with other people, you like working with other pet. Do I love? I love collaborating and you, the record you did do your mother was amazing. Thank you this amazing record you like I get.
Without thinking about getting along with your mother that well it was fun, had a great time. We had a great time and she brought her I brought have we been talking about my my said, Kate. She stopped making music to raise three boys mia so to be able to bring that back into her life at that levels. True, perhaps how old you are? How old was she when he did? How old is she now or does she not like my beard? Oh yeah, yeah yeah, but I mean that that that that saw that albany at least twenty years older than me. Of course there you go. childhood home, but like what what what was amazing about hearing her and the songs that you chose is that some of that stuff is real folk stuff. Here what your liking. I can hear it in both in the in the in the melodies and harmonies yeah right, it's right there, so it was like it really was like being gone home and away ha for sure and and
Wait. Now you brought sixty. She brought sixty in the EU. May you wrote him? Are they all sat yet we we, but we brought her stronger election eyebrow mind that would suit them. Africa, that you wrote us. Doesn't we wrote, I urge a material and the trip you and will quick yeah Other six. She the six we eat came with about ten songs. there's only so many types of songs. You can do it right with your mom and your son. Certain things. Don't you pan out here, you decided, as a song might be the subject matter is not here I get it, but she but she harmonise beautifully. Next. Did you guys sing to gather when you were a kid? I'm yet that's where we come up with, mom would be rehearsing for her band yeah, so she could really get the part down. She It's me: the harmony I'd be a seven year old, kids, singing a harmony line to a dolly Parton or an Emmylou aerosol. Oh yeah, yeah I'd taken the harmony, and what are you? You got two other brothers, two younger brothers and are they music? They both make music. They both love to make music and that's their job. There there there in the music is not not not so
but you re in the way that I am right, but one of them's we want to make music. You know in doing this thing in yeah. Now, what have you found because, like I assume that you know separately. You guys have very different fanbases in a way now I mean you sort of an impact- I guess no late nineties, two thousand and he built a pretty good career for yourself being very apple song songwriter, because I know that I dunno what your relationship with with jack Johnson was, but you guys were friends, some point yay jack used to come to shows and- and it says you started him out I started opening up for me. I can't forgive you for that, but that's ok, but yeah. Now my jack is the shit man. Jack is a bad ass. Alright, I'm not going to shit on Jack Johnson know you cannot, please not in my presence, know he's a sweet guy sweet music, but what I'm saying is that it was a huge appeal right necessarily resonate with me, and I think like listening to years, albums, which I have a few of that I've listened to. It was a different vibe, but I think
broad appeal right. You got a pretty good following from that stuff from your music yourself. in some of the other stuff. Yeah man, I mean. Listen, it's it's made it's way there. You know I've known when I'm in the valley looking up and I've known when I met a peak looking down and write yet, but Many do you find of the people that have been with you for decades d c, I'm out there. I do. We have a front row: crew yeah, my band is called the innocent criminals yeah and there's a the crew. Were you started? good night and end. We call them front row. Innocent criminals have our eyes would be able to see their f r. I write area and I've never never wanted to be a wc fields. I guess not not wanting to be a member of a club that would let me yeah gradually accuse me. I think it's about you you're, probably right and I've always subscribed to that here too nonconformist to start a fan club, bright orange. People with having one so you but there's one. That's kind of formed in a very unconventional way here, just from being there, the out there like, where, with your mother,
grandma and with your mother's? Unlike work, were here, and so we ve just its game on India. There f r, I see my than any do they are coming out for you too For you know I mean I could show you an email right now what we would have taken. The doing he asked. I don't have a form of family added, so informal, yeah that its taken on a life of it's own in this earth, there's email connections and I'm yeah, I'm emailing with and I'm connecting them with my tour manager. So we have a. We have the soundcheck parties for F R, I c o. Now you get to come to soundcheck yeah they're, fed we if we have catering they have catering. Oh nice rates, yeah get sound checks, they get food and the first ones lead in the door. Oh that's sweet. It sounds pretty unorthodox, but yeah and they've probably been with you for a decade, if not two yeah right, yeah yeah, and what about you, charlie, how your fans holding up there are still have shown of english eleven via these. Do you know some of them? Do you know people that have been coming to see her for a fifty year,
Allow me you know just from from e mail or you don't I've never out another, even their faces, our yea ethically constantly hours earlier side, although that tune and blood blonde I'll see you next other stuff and me it shows a lot of that kind of stuff that I get. When did you move to the bay area? Sixty seven in the fall to play at the fillmore? It was my first year with you. and yeah it butterfield and cream. Oh, my god, yeah that must have crazy why I've never been out This is my first time to be actually be on the road with this new album, via my first album in I we're just to California. I even know anything about california. I was having so much fun in chicago but thought okay, I'll, go out there and play this place. They call the film yeah man, I got the california
they didn't rioters. Wherever fly, flew out and and went back on you, I won't go on back. You should really this makes look at those pretty girls. In the sixtys, it must mean been crazy and the whole west coast. Had these big lot of depleted way. Unlike the little georgia was when she can react. So this was us a step Why think yeah? I think bill Graham, did an amazing thing right because, like you know he you could do straight blues band and you could do a psychedelic band and you could have the soul singer on like bill yeah. I thought it was pretty astounding. It was great yeah. Every everybody got along pretty good. You mean like on a bill. Yeah, everybody was trading, it was just
big party here, love and peace, and yet it was great great great, his small fact we were we did. The music cares event for bruce springsteen reality, and we did down, accident city me you, you myself and Natalie maines and jason on guitar. It really. there was an ally of jealousy. The bruce came up to give his is accepted spear It was like Charlie Musselwhite. I used to open for him in San francisco yeah, that's right. He was out there for a couple of years yeah. He I remember playing in a club called the matrix and him and in china open for a year, but it wasn't the east reap and they had another name right. It was a rock band now or was a it was a bruce Springsteen or outright yeah yeah. You remember him, though, right as a kid it. He was a year. You knew my boy. he'll to a real well, he lived a block away from me for a long time and I was living in the back of a rare
store? He come over of three four times a week and we just hang out which record, store it is called the old whales record shop on wells street in old town. She didn't big I live. There. Visual williams lived in the back to really was I m ready? We were. We were living in the basement of another record store which went down mark the jazz record mart on grand avenue at state and Joe heap, loaded, lightbulb homage. Joe really hated, but I'm consular gesture cast it hit him and they had with the phone I thought he had been on the phone to area got in a fight with Bob- and I remember even the story here Bob stan, the doorway horror, I'll, never, pay you the money. I owe you so I will two over to this other record store
And Joe had been out of town when he came back found out what happened, he was real, happy moved with me, so we were both back there now. What why was it an obvious go to to move into? people would move into an apartment right He think why why why they record another record store I knew the guy that in the end, I hung out there a lot and he was a real character. The term in the forties or fifties. Both he, the the largest black owned record store on the south. Cargo here and all these jazz guys hung out there. They all knew him, and now they would come visit. Him is store in all old town? Am a lot of michel size, didn, Jackie Mclean and roy elders amigos I they were just stop in to see bill hang up air How can you listen to a lot of jazz? because you were all the clubs rather around that malaria, all these jazz clubs. I could sense
Dorman knew me I could go and see all these. What was the jazz scene at that point was like hard bop or bebop, or what was going on what year. You know he had roscoe mitchell and the chicago art and sambal, oh yeah, yeah, malika, favre's and Jodie Oreo and sonny Stitt and Jackie Mclean, we're playing using internet era. Are we talking about? The like mine will happen to the germans not a bad man like there are more, I trio's or courtiers. Diameter influence on your point. Well, probably I mean I I was listening to her horn players, phrase yeah for ideas, yeah, just like little walter yeah and you get you can hear you could hear him. Oh yeah, it made sense to me. It was just a natural both instruments. Good jazz player, start out playing blue, The idea is there hung from the classical behind a jazz. Eugenie is still
therefore, I really right. Yeah blues get the grease yeah yeah, that's right. So this now the record it the new record. I have here or that that one word we're talking about now norm no mercy in this land That song is a heavy song you're going to play that song right we're going to reply to the earth yeah. I will was at what? How long did it take you to put this one together and what was the process of writing it? The record took five years. Wow. We walked out the door from get up. I said man, I think we might have something here and I I said to between between the release of that record, and this one set to put pen to paper how And what did you do like? Oh, so you down but you, the one with your mom and between nanda, did one with your band. Yes, exec! Exactly where you are working on these together, all the while. I just wouldn't let any the songs that I knew would fit charlie that I would be writing rice put him away at once for charlie, that's with charlie,
I know the abbe ardently yeah yeah so five years, and then you just what you'd send them to Charlie! You just said: I'm done come on Charlie. Let's do these pretty much it just it just sort of let it just the time opened up. The material was ready and we were just ready right, charlie defined thing so much is within. We all knew what to do here. He asked the music Yeah yeah, put. You put out an album the last few of this album in between get up. Sorry right but this is the one you did between the one you did with him in this new one. Just like a you know, my own label yeah, it's great man, Would he, oh you want to show me the guitar switch. Let me try to set up a function. studio for you guys to play
and ass. The record is out wild I'll do the set up later, but let us try to get set up the I would say to them- You couldn't dream, no more, Is there no mercy in this land follow the river. Our love! You!
mercy in this way. Hmm the the the travel only to and from the data
No name in in the I the it. I the whither, hey lucy in this land
the I the. I the. I only have a bike by banking guys recover the expert, for Heaven's sake How great was that to hear that to hear that harvest rolling both of them.
opened or chance man might, with the fifty eightth sing and through Yes, I'm sorry, I did what I could folks. I did what I could I loved having him here I'm off to europe next week, so I'll be I'll, be dispatches from their broadcast? thing from the rooms from the of europe? That's true! Just thinking about the timely london, london of stockholm, amsterdam, dublin, and there are still tickets left for some of those shows go to wtf pod dot com, slash tour. I will be playing guitar in here when I get back. Please take care of yourself and I and I wish myself safe- travels
ok boomer lives,
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