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Episode 911 - Scott Thomson / Tom Rhodes

2018-04-29 | 🔗
Scott Thompson from The Kids in the Hall isn't too worried about the way of the world these days, mostly because he's been through so much that it all seems like gravy from here out. Scott tells Marc about his recent battle with cancer, his family's tragic encounter with mental illness, and his house being firebombed by Islamic fundamentalists. Also, Marc welcomes back to the show his old friend comedian Tom Rhodes, who had to manage his own grieving process in the past few years.

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Alright, let's do this. How are you what the fucker is, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking? Here's, what the fuck nix what's happening? mare- and this is my pod gas w tia- welcome to it- I I'm looking at a beautiful sunset out my window of the very hotel in dublin, ireland right now- oh here's, the siegel! I wonder if that that shit on my window before I got here, I haven't talked to you since, when is it, though, day and what has gone on a lot has gone on in the world bill cause bees the prison thousand one? I'm coming in a prison. They might lock him to his couch. I don't know what's happening, but was pretty pretty spectacular. A bit of justice they're still in dublin- and I want to thank everybody for coming out to vicar street. That was a that great show. I love that place. I love that club. I love the
pour in ireland. Can I it can. I say that I am honest about it. I feel very comfortable here. Out of all the places I've been, this is not to knock as well or stock calmer, Didn't even it just something about the irish. I just feel very comfortable, I think they're very antique people they're very nice, nice people and- and I like it here- I like it so much at this- was my plan that if I had to leave the country, if the ira and is it's a place. I felt like coming and I got no. I got no connection to a genetically. I can't claim any citizenship. I can't I just I liked the people and I've always been mildly obsessed with the irish. To be honest with you, back in college with all those years. I started in Boston I performed for the american irish at the beginning of my career. That was my baptism in fire.
Was it an irish fire that I was baptized in probably you know not not right off the boat irish, but a few generations in, but my relationship with the the. boston. Irish was always a little will Kent's for me, I'm sure they don't give a fuck a fact but death. For me, as and then when I come back here when I, when I come to ireland, I see the source I come to the I come to the source of the american there's many more american irish people than there are irish people, irish, irish, in the world. I think I I believe that is true. They have spread But I see them. They look familiar to me I from being living in Boston, all those here they come here and they're. Just there's a difference. There's a difference in vibe and I'm not being judgmental I'm just acknowledging it there. It seems that the over a couple of generations in the states it activated some sort of menace and intensity that I don't feel here, but then again
If I may be romanticizing, I guess I'm saying is the irish you're, okay with me and their great audience and the very pleasant people that nice time I did. things that I mentioned on the show today. I guess I should do that. Scott Thompson is on the show and I haven't I haven't done at thompson yet day I mean it's sort of amazing. I've got I've. I think I've only got one more kid in the hall Scott thompson's on the show today, as is a little talk with the with my buddy Tom Rhodes, friend Tom Rhodes, start by just to chat I gotta move the shovel them little fat, my tummies, over my pants bread with every meal and expect to win this just can't. Why did I myself doesn't matter, I'm not going to do this. Will you people not today, I'm going to tell you about the amazing trip we've been having, so we got here the book of kells co. that old manuscript. They got over their training college day reached out to me on twitter and that we were
over there and we went to the book of kells exhibit and got. Walk through by someone who knows what they're talking about and learn a bit about that. The whole book is air, but for some reason there just gonna. Let you see a couple pages, you just assumed the rest is under there. You see, what an ice hand done manuscript pages of the book at college at a very old book. The four gospels got a little history, and then we went the old library at trinity college, the long room which is the most dramatic and gorgeous wooden room, what books I've ever seen in my life learned a little bit about that stood next to a statue of jonathan swift. I thought about the yates thought about Joyce thought about swift ride, like a lot of good shit. Come from around here latitude, deep stuff, a lot of cut into the bone. Type of business come out of ireland. I did not buy by tweed jacket. I almost did I looked at the tweed jackets. I thought about myself in a tweed jacket and I thought about myself in a irish.
Cable knit sweater, but I didn't buy either those because I live in fucking, los angeles And the need is limited for the tweed and the heavy sweater. You dig I think I covered a lot of stuff here. I would like to bring I'd like to share my conversation with with Tom Rhodes, with you. He has a pod gas tom roads, radio get that where we get pie gas or go to Tom Rhodes, radio, dot com think he does another. One called smart camp as well. What this is this is me talking about buddy Tom Rhodes,. Tom rhodes back in the garage. This will be the original garage. oh! You ve been there. I was watching. I look at the instagram and you know it's like you always and your paris here you know like where you now I love paris here
it's great. I've been doing the international circuits for like twenty years yeah and I have a long history with parents yeah. I was in mongolia last year now, but when you do these shows like in paris in mongolia I mean who are the audience they're, english speaking, because unless you've done a lot of homework over the last few years, I'm assuming you're, not speaking native mongolian or even french tom, I know yeah well, I mean like in mongolia a uhland but or a paris, the it was all local sphere, it was mostly french people. it's mostly Mongolians and who speak english, who speak english and love english language common. You know a lot of gigs I do like Tokyo will be. Half expats and half japanese people in china to be mostly ex pats with a handful of chinese people. yeah. Switzerland is usually like half
for me. This is as satisfying to you. Is this something that you enjoy doing because you like to travel or is it because you have to do it. What do I do it because I loved to travel and I get off on learning, about places. Aside from the used record stores, I like to go to used bookstores and you're sitting in my yeah sure. Are you getting rid of all that stuff? Not all of it? Probably some I'm surprised you so many are self help. Books is of knowledge again this evening as it is a guy recovery books are, but those are history, recovery books, that's a john bill Wilson and the a message and the language the heart pass it is the history of eight, while how We have the two dudes, the dude that made it well, but he hasn't
the more you got nothing, no more drunken for you, no more drinking no! I'm I'm! Four years off the of the you go. You just did you just do it your way? You don't do recovery are you yeah? That's one way to put it yeah yeah? Why are you you? You think it's bad that I didn't do the a room gives a shit follow bill wilson on twitter? Isn't that enough? Hunger, shit? How you doing- or I don't judge yet- You know the series of events did that led up to meet her. My life around you know we're friends and you know I'll give you the the quick recap, but you know my father was I've been heavy partying, my whole life, and then I remember, we've had some time we had some times to get her and you know I really. I thought I was at the full of my career and why of living. I put everything to storage. I didn't live anywhere for ten years. I would do like three. Four months a year in Europe, in a month
asia month in Austria, mountaineers, zeal and all over the states. My wife travelled with me for aid of those years and then when we had time off like four yours in a row we went to rome and rented an apartment I did a mountain asia. Then we went to bali for a couple weeks, and this is all just sort of like this is how you wanted to live. This is my dream way of living right now with today's. You know with like arabic and be in you know each like you don't have to live anywhere and so When I had time off, I would go to new orleans alot and severed cisco in the states of venice beach. When I'd be in l, a bee airily had life perfect, I thought and my father was killed by a drunk driver. I my dad, my dad's, a region of a comedian, rio, and I took that prowled was a seventy four. Seventy three at the time in the car, a car anaheim yeah. He lived out here my dad lived in Anna haha and then a year
later- and I hadn't gotten over my dad dying- and a year and a half later, my little sister died of breast cancer and I was really close with my sister. I have two jock thug older brothers, who were bullies. yeah and beat the shit out of me and my my stir- and I too regret hence my brothers became like art, in cool and we were into theater and movies and comedy and music and It's always me and my sister against my brothers and so my wife- and I I know we were to get married on April twenty second and then on April nineteenth. They said: she's got twenty four hour. The little guy things went like horribly bad like too
before we were going to get married, and so I was I was in florida because I was going to get married and then all this goes terribly bad with my sister and they said that she's got twenty four hours to live and my I said to us not do and get married at her bedside and she's, like? Oh, my god. Of course so. We got married at my sister's hospital bedside at the orlando regional medical center in orlando and I'm a man, she conscious, she was conscious. She clapped and she said, congratulations her breathing mask and it turned out to be the last word she ever spoke, and I I can't tell you how much I love my sister and how painful this was, and I mean doctors and nurses and everybody was crowded at the door. It was not a dry eye in the place, especially me I was like I do. Yeah I mean now. Looking back, I can see, have helped
beautiful the beauty in the moment at the time it was completely gut wrenching and heartbreaking, and but I you know, and then she died. It's a very long, painful wait to watch someone. You love die of cancer yeah, and if you think about it you know to get married in a hospital is kind of a good place because, like people be in bed warren and people are dying, and you know I can look back on it now and see like the the the the texas but I went into the toilet, emotion afterwards as a newlywed- it wasn't. It wasn't. Depression, grief and sorrow sure, and I really I I saw no joy in life
and I do it was difficult to come up with jokes. Fortunately, I have so much material. It of you know been doin comedy for so long, a k I could still do gigs year and it felt great to put my brain on a shelf right and go out, and you know just shows and feel laughter washing over me mia, but I'd its pretty much in my wife helped me, but I I think I lost my sense of humour for a while and then I was also really medicating myself here drinking more than I ever had and a voice been heavy party here, and I really got this fat white guy alcoholic face The booze knows we and I just I smokin heavily smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and I blacked out in philadelphia. Adelphia for new year's eve. Work
new year's eve. What came on a wednesday and then the contract they had me stand for the weekend right. Then I had january first off in philadelphia and I I it was a normal evening. I had ten pints of sierra nevada yeah. It was a normal evening right and I blacked out: I fell off this barstool like a tree and busted it opened on a tile floor. blood everywhere and I headed the ground, I was wide awake. Some guy lives, my arm up and he yells out to the bar we've gotta call an ambulance here, I'm like fuck that I don't have health insurance. Don't you dare calling him right now? You said that I did, and he goes he goes there. He goes you've got to get to a hospital. I go. How far is the nearest hospital? He goes two blocks so and I have walked to the hospital in a. I got. Sixty so my forehead and I had to get like five staples on the top of my head and the next morning I woke up, and I saw so much ugly this in the mirror he here bloody. I died of rank and sign stitches. I had about
I I just I just thought: that's it, I'm and- and I I thought in honor to honor my dead, father and sister yeah. I I I should I should be the best human being and comedian. I can possibly be instead of getting fucked up every night. Him will you gunning? For you know, your gun ended, really hurt yourself Well I mean I, you know every hero you started out. The same every hero I ever had died fat, naked and bloated on the bathroom tile. I know, but it's like you know, that's not what makes them aspirational. I know I know, but I admit it took me a long time to figure out. I mean I was just numbing myself because now I know I didn't want to face my own grief sure, and I realized that, like as a comedian and an artist, that is what you need to do. You need to face your own,
grief and your own shit, that's going on in your life. And make it funny and make it funny at some distance from it no way to get distance from it, ITALY, if he didn't stop her or or take it in, but like you It sounds like I mean kind of heavy shit like while gone and your sister I mean that's years of fairly young conscious grieving. now I mean it hurt. I mean you know the that charlie chaplin quote pops comedy is to take your pain and play with it Is he say that just yeah I just read his autobiography happening to you. drink no reefer anymore, either. No and my wife, I mean minimal alike. I my wife, from holland and misconception about dutch people is that they love weed, know are even more hate weed their cash and no and the thing is is
you know, there's exceptions to every rule, but this is We're not getting in the united states right now weed is tolerated in semi, legal and in the netherlands, but they teach their kids. That drugs are for losers, and so my wife just thinks that she thinks we did. There with heroin, and I love my wife more than I love getting high. I have learned and now in the united states, because it's be, legal, your state by said, yeah working from the west, imagine when prohibition ended how much people just must have drank and got if up everywhere, yeah, that's kind of like what's happening weed Now I wonder I don't think I, haven't done a lot of reading on it, but it doesn't seem like people are going crazy, I'm people are the and weed everywhere sure people, smoking pot right right, but it's sorta
like, I, I think that the people that are going to smoke pot are going to smoke pot and the people that aren't aren't the answer. its united me, like the people that our little run about I'm talking about is people from a young age motion. This really crazy at high grade PA. Yet that's definitely going to have an effect on your brain sure. like when you and I started out, I lived in amsterdam for five years You gotta Amsterdam, the weed shops like man. Give me super skunk triple dog, dick you want to go we're trying to be manly or whatever I can handle weed here after I lived there for like a year, I would go into the weed shop and go hey. You guys got any like mexican. Ragweed know some of the raid stuff. You can roll and like have a happy conversations. We have friends and incapacitated so I mean I, you know I've talked about this on my podcast and had people you know, me nasty that you're talking against we'd know I was
my life, smoking weed? No one is more pro weed than me. I'm just saying that this there's not this count. Good advice to people that, if you we'd, all the time you're not going to get she had done. Yet it's all its growing Do I diminish things because who had done in your head and and also you, it disables your ability to listen a little bit. You go all paranoid you you get detached at, but it affects people really you some people don't get any of those things, and I guess some people that help I've gotten a lot more done with my wife cracking the whip. You know how without we'd you of I've been working on this book. like seven years. The out my life is a comedian and all this stuff is Evan hears yeah I mean it said I started it. I wasn't sure where it was in everything has come into focus about. You know
I what I had to deal with about getting over the the grief and grace I like where worry at how? Where are you at with it? How close are you to finishing the book? I'm going through the second draft right now, so I'm cutting the fat off of the pork chop. I got a few friends, oh my god, your buddy jerry. stall. When I saw it when I was hanging out with you guys at the comedy store. He helped me tremendously really yeah cause. I was talking to him and so he's like you know. Well, tell me what your story is, you know, and so we're talking and and and it's you know, from having conversations with people like him, two other writer friends. We are fine. I've been able to flush, a like kinder, because I was I tell too much of the story right, so I was telling him on my life, and you know, after the the the the sitcom I had the money, and I looked at that as NBC artist grant and at our taken trips to europe and that's how I got him with the worldwide comedy circuits in this
and I'm telling them about my life and, I said, listen. You know I just tried to clean up. Or seven and chapter seven, is seventy thousand words and or something like that, then the great gatsby was only sixty thousand words and jerry goes sounds like you had a more interesting life, gatsby and then he also said it sounds like you have more than one book in you so well, I that was very helpful. You don't have to tell the whole story right right, yeah that is helpful, but, like all these early things that happen to me on the road when I first went on the road and like crazy stories that I tried to trying to jam everything in there and you don't have to jam everything, that's I think that's what a first draft is for you and then you just kind of weed them out. You can put him in from files. That's for the other book yeah I mean nothing, nothing will be lost. Another writer friend of mine told me that Jia just know that in the
Your things will be used because you know I was, I was maced the first time I went to paris, Elmo's dress, drowned in thailand react. As my own late night talk show on dutch television in Amsterdam yeah. You know behind all this ethic story about losing the people. I love the most in life and they are still trying to maintain a sense of humor sure as a committee, and here I think, that's it is a pretty epic story. Yeah, I know that could be one story. They the the road tales. Could you know dealing with grief and dealing with that that the whole process of of processing the deaths ah and also getting cold, clean and sober yourself? That's a it can be one whole book him. So he got the book going. dead in the new pod cast, as did you is, it did renamed or anything. It's Tom Rhodes, radio, smart camp,
was from our mutual friend jack bull, where, whenever it whenever he and I get together, we call it smart camp because we talk about books and whatever we've been into since we've ve image locked him in a while. I saw him last week. How is he beautiful guy, yeah, yeah yeah he's doing great he's doing good yeah? I guess. Actually we don't talk as much as we used to. I dunno why, while you're busy, I can I said. Maybe I don't reach out to be by anything. I feel like I'm isolated, it is busy you always let us reach out to you, but you know here you were I reach out to like there's a there's: a crew and yet like jerry, you know their guys that I dont do much. Do you know what I mean like what do I do you you know you have the I've got, Sarah I've got comedy and occasionally, those some a meetings. A go see, move bag. I don't differentiate between war. Can and doing things
Yes, it is you, and I see you at the comedy store. I like. I, like, I feel, like I'm getting to a point where I going to have a new house like have people over Do that kind of stuff I don't know why people don't talk as much as he used to, because you text you know don't get on the phone like I used to do that with people you and I get a week. We I see you, but I do think that you're jackknife christ job as a both. My weddings. You know there was well attention years ago, but, like I thought we got through it, but I don't like I just reach out, buddy SAM. Why? I just don't talk to enough, I'm not in a regular rotation of talking to the guys, yeah, maybe just a couple, but I guess that's all you got right, but I mean people understand- you know you're busy. I guess I just gave it to you, see I'm enabler now, it's not yet eyes, but I feel I'm feeling bad myself, like that's part of being- and I can also part- my job is talking to people. So I do get satisfied in terms of conversation rights
Some of the most of us have to do this with dark best friends, you do with blood tests be strangers strangers man so was, could see. is great, seeing you too glad you're doing well or that you're engaged in healthy and he a sober and writing doing comedy around the world scam in I, you know I am very happy in life I m of the further in I tell people have gone to different tragedies. losing people, they love that you know you never going to fully get over it. The rice degrees of better here and now that I'm so many years passed it that you know very happy in life very, very creative. My wife is a photographer. We push each other to be creative in our best selves as cheesy as that sounds and- and then I want to. I want to say the last.
thing, I just played this beautiful theatre in paris, theatre, overawe, Viana pronounce it yes, french for masterpieces ya. Had he say over, we're over something like that. That's it, I'm not gonna lie over yeah, I'm booked back at this theater on october fifteenth and I'm going to film my next hour special there so any listener. Working on that now who's going to produce it so if anybody's looking for a happy trip to paris, you have been united in men. You want that to involve Tom rhodes, why not? I'm on board. Why not I'll tell you about daunting and nice things about the french revolution. Is that There can be no involved, tear voltaire's god is a comedian before in front of an audience too afraid to laugh, obviously guarded also performed at yuk yuks in toronto, yeah
What's good seeing you anyone thanks for coming by! I love you mark love. You too, that was the entire tom roads in the time roads on Tom roads, radio and look at his comedy go go, go find some tom rose scott thompson. I have not the we run into sure there are what I haven't seen them in awhile. I didn't know that he'd gone through some stuff that we talked about he's. You know he he had. some health issues and you know, and he's good he's back and he's revived his kids in the hall character, buddy cole and performing new buddy monologues across the. U s and Canada is also, We released buddy Cole's, autobiography buddy, Babylon and he's back at it. Scott is back at it. He's had an ea, a pretty great career in show business, and it was. It was great to talk to him. So this is me Scott Thompson again one of the last interviews in the original garage.
you say you got a lot of books, big library, I like where we're in so you live, trot no, no I'm here, I'm here, but I rented a year and a half ago I moved back, and I read. My apartment out and giving it a couple of years, I'm giving it one more shot. Oh yeah to be here an and and how's that feeling great, and I feels great yeah things are going amazing. How long were you away for eight years? toronto nine years, almost back into. I was in a nine cancer so I had to go home. I had no health care, so I'd go home cured what kind of cancer I had. large b cell, non hodgkin's gastric lymphoma lymphoma in the stomach, so Am I wrong in thinking that that's one of the cancers that they have some success with? Yes, Farmers and all the liquid cancers are doing great with like.
Let me out of the athens ones. They made enormous strides the last ten years, so I locked out getting that one year and I had a cancer that was very aggressive but the others I write thing about about the cancer. I Is that because it's so aggressive Kill you really fast. If you'd catch it early, you can kill it so it's one of those things, the slower ones, the ones they call the indolent cancers yeah there harder to cure behind some time. Many of them. You can never cure these. Just manage a manage them like this. One is like a fire and if you hit it Billy hard you can just you can kill it. so you ve found out. She had cancer in two thousand nine who april that's when I start the pack ass well in september. So here you ve been away for that will no longer so you just here. We working, I went back home to first of all I go back home. How can you find out you had cancer? How did you find out yeah? Well, I woke up one morning and I had pain in my stomach, and that was it
right, but you knew that this was not regular eyes, a lowly. He knows I have to. Let me know funny thing is, we are writing. Death comes to town, the kids in the hall that show we did in two thousand and nine two thousand and ten are many. worries about death, yeah and bruce and iron and Kevin were breaking the story down, and I showed up like in the first week and said I had this panama stomach bug in me. yeah and I knew it? I knew it was serious and I was very lucky because I went early to the doctors. He told me it was like an acid reflux and I said now. I know what that is if they started. You know they put me on something for a week or so, and I went no, it's not it's not it's not dumb. It's still there yeah and then they the camera down my throat down my stomach yeah and they found. And then woke up and they said you summits, follow blood, you're going the hospital, and that was the end of it and I was home in a week, so because you didn't have any coverage here, that's right, but I had one month left on my screen
This guy, I got my first treatment here. It cedars sinai, which was remarkable and then I was sent the bill and it was forty nine thousand dollars for my first treatment I have it was covered, but it was shocking and I realized like if I had, if you put all my treatment together, my I wasn't: a half a million dollars- that's crazy, he's crazy, crazy and what now? How is the care in Canada great. It was amazing because I've been gone for a long time and- and I thought they wouldn't me back. They wouldn't except me, but my brother pulled a few string then they they slip me back into the system. So miss any treatment. I started my treatment here then I went home the next day or two days later and and I started right away and I went through the next six months. I got treated how many treatments, six chemotherapy, treatments and thirty radiation.
That's no kin radiations every day, and might my chemotherapy was every three weeks So your brother's got some poll in the healthcare and my brother works in the healthcare industry. The doctor know he's an administrator or a hospital administrator have a better yeah. He did better Yes, though, it out of those family connections, you hope you never have to new Yang really was a good one. I didn't expect they'd have to use it because I didn't expect. Whenever I didn't expect that would get cancer. I get. You know, something's gonna, get you absolutely, but I thought my family were were a heart and stroke, people we're not we're not we're. Not cancer. People come from old school or at work exactly see our arteries clog up. I was more likely. I thought this must be where gout people with cancer people. You know you broke, though. If you broke the pattern. And it was it was so I went home and your folks. Yes, my folks are still alive. So I got longevity,
my site, that's good. I need it now. I really need at the damage has been done from the reality and but you know I I it was amazing. So after I was better, I decided I wouldn't start over game, and so I started really working at stand up. How many, how many siblings you have four brothers it's gone, but I have five there. Five boys who are they are they all in toronto or they one so buddy rallying around yes, yes, they were here has varied. Always baby. It's it's a good cancer The nice must have been nice if you're right, I'm way was good and you know it was a really mean. I wouldn't. I really wish it hadn't happen, but it did allow me to respond with my family, see my parents a lot more. My mom has alzheimer's now, so those years were really good being now. She doesn't really know. Who I am is that true,
yeah. She really doesn't know. I mean she knows that I'm someone that she loves, but she doesn't quite know how she loves me. So sometimes she confuses et and chief thanks love or the idea. How rarely here they haven't, though I think it does. It certainly happens a lot with her. You I'm in the law, with her check what her hand the money and go. Oh you're good, looking I might well you're sort of, I mean I'm sort of your son- oh I'm too young to have children. Who really do you think she's like eleven o, really and and then she gone Kate ma freely and then and then usually fucker what'd what you do margaret my right, finally not fighting one would fault me? No one would follow to do a new added cumin and then I decided when I was sick. I'm going to do stand up cause. I've got nothing to be afraid of anymore. I've always dabbled with right, but I never took it seriously.
So what was the process for that? So I count. How are you like, because I I've seen you on stage doing things but yeah, but I would never call myself a stand up until now. I would have called myself an actor who dabble sketch perform comic actor right here, one man show guy, Indian women share a lot of one man shoe. That was the angle that used to be the thing yes, but what many shows are where you look up to the audience and your hands down by your side. You've got a body mic, that's not the same, now. What was the one that shows you remind me. As a mere woman July, one was called the lowest show on earth, and that was all about how humans are are are disgusting and it's all about how all it's just busy, wallowing all all the terrible things that human beings do yeah and that's good. I did twelve character. And they're all dealing with violence. Mostly it was about violet. Really. How did I miss this? No one hears what happened with that show. It was supposed to go to new york city
yeah. I was suppose open in new york on December notices. Citizen. I know Evan. So, yes, it is a nine eleven story in september the anytime it starts with. I was supposed to new york september, eighteenth, two thousand and one with the reason that didn't work as it came out one week later. So there was like a bunch of us that fit that went down that that we would like, and it may see, gray had a new album. I think I carry her new, album, Michael Jackson and then me no one remembers me. I'm one of the I'm one of the last performer performer post, nine and my posters went up in new york on the tenth or bike and I'd say it. You would have seen this show because they are the is the best poster I've ever done and if that bastard having taken those towers down, I would become a superstar really. I was on the eleventh macy gray, what he had that second ass, a lowly at and more I carry wouldn't have had that breakdown and am tv later and my poster was me with an shaved head and five thousand people would still be alive.
And that oh yeah, those yeah, oh yeah. I forgot about them yesterday, but I had a big. It was such a Rock'N'Roll poster. I had a shaved head, it looks like I've been slapped. My head, like smack back there and there's a big glob of cum dripping down my my face, and it's just dripping off. The end really and now that they put their poster up. Did they not knows we have thousands posters, but then they say like these that come when I told him loose. Shampoo was a condition this was why that was come in a sort of like homeopathic. There was a tiny bit of calm, rather than I care what they put it. I alluding they did and I think it would have been a scandal if the towers hadn't come down, that the poster was up I think it was really theirs. Is of me in new york, looking really sad and dusty in front of my posts and everyone walking by it completely ignoring it yeah. Well, I guess I had other things to think about young yeah. I think they did
I think they did got. It was a bad day for one unless a bad day. For me, it was the very day for you. I know I've had a rough and then the next post. The next show I did was five years later, was going on were seeing you in a very wasn't there perry there were very butch gap in the task of fear. Think I was really but share, which, when we were up, I mean I I I mean I'm I'm sometimes but sometimes fail. Well, you know you dress, like there was a period there were all young lad, this character, t jean Pierre right, you're, a real hard core french canadian guy, oh yeah, huber macho yeah. I was having a crisis about the masculine it he saw. I was. I was thinking that everybody was putting me in a box, so I wanted to be a masculine. So I had this period when I was playing a really butch character and that that that didn't work, So where are you most met? Some interesting people idea I d in ideal. In the words about yourself, I did I did, I did
and now you don't now I'm not much more. What's the word, when am I now? Oh I'm what the kids called gender fluid gender food What does that mean? Exactly? I don't really know. I don't really know. I don't know. I just say it so that people won't think that I'm all good nice user you're giving up giving up with a new the fresh lingo? Yes, I'm I'm woke up good for you. You're, welcome. You survive cancer and yasser I've cancer andrew gender, fluid agenda fluid. I woke idea pope I'm. I'm like I'm doing everybody's over gay Paul is a pull k. I would think God man, I can't leave. I said it for the first time in your life and he said on radio and I said pulp. He asked not ok, ITALY. It is ok pokey, like pokemon pokey mania, and it's a why, and rightly so,
yeah yeah. Alright! Now right, I guess it is you know I I first eight years ago when I went to hawaii- and I thought it was great- there was a place down in hawaii that did a seared poking a seared tuna, because the tuna that that type of tuna is like a it's like pigeons in the water down there like there's a lot of it right, so it's very fresh and quick sear it and then they'd put some sesame oil on it. So usually it's not cooked. but I that's right first and counted it down now. Ok, yeah, I dont know I did I'm surprised it's every words to irish me out. It's like raw fish offers on raw fishes in strip malls, and I spoke egg, but I mean why is it not sushi because its prepared
for me. It's usually it's almost like a salad. I eat you, so you you cheat, you dice it up and I toss it with a little. I think a sesame oil and some other stuff, usually the seaweed component to her. It's more like a sashimi treated. Do but I you just said you ate it. You don't eat it. He made that up. I did make that yeah. I read that that you eat sushi. I do like sushi If you would like poking yeah, I I like sushi yeah, it's good, so all right so, like I think I you and who, whoever night bruce, you haven't done bruce I am sure that done mark yeah he's add one rice, my I would say that yes, he's the odd one. You've got a lot of the dave yeah. I think that that turned into be a pretty provocative I think that a business that is virus you, I think more people, heard that podcast than saw death comes to town,
pretty sure what made news in canada because they may have worse. Yet these till talked everybody out time. We can talk about the other shows which so that the one with it come on. see. I went one and the next when the next one was caused catastrophe, and that was, show that with the premise was really horrible, the premise that was some of bin laden took down the towers to ruin my last show so that, with the premise of that show, that was really and how does everybody else was collateral damage just so that I wouldn't go to the next level and you did that show yeah have that go over. You know it was. It was a very interesting show.
And it was it had a lot of other aspects. It it was also a lot of it was about the the death of my brother. It was a serious show. How did your brother killed himself, so it was about my br. It was about my relationship with my brother and I, when did that happen, that happened in nineteen. Ninety five was he when he was schizophrenic? Oh really, so was he in his twenties? He was thirty four, oh really, oh my gods and and how what's the age difference one year irish windsor, so this schizophrenia hit in his twenties it hit earlier hit when he was about seventeen and I m. In one year he just became a different person and dumb, but in those days people didn't really understand schizophrenia.
really no and also there was a lot more shame around mental illness. In my family cause we were all men and it was such a hub of of of masculine, like you, don't show any emotion, kind of a family really yet People were just thinking that he was showing off, because I was like wait. A second the weirdo you're, the jock right. Why are you pretending your christ? I'm cries, you're, not crises, you can't. Why are you reading these books? Yeah? That's my territory and down, because we were very, very different. We were raised together. We lived in the same room, we shared bunk bed than me. I was with them my whole life and then he he he left, but he was a very good. Looking very, very masculinity. I very a flemish yeah, a guy like women, loved him here, and he could do it. He could play any sport and then suddenly he began
aim this weirdo and I was threatened because I was the weirdo and because you didn't know what was going on, I'm just doing it per bass and I was not ass. I was not a sympathetic yeah. I was not, but I was not a good brother and and then what happened was about five years into it would just was that. really awful and I can't wake. What were the were the symptoms? He thought he had a lot of ppl. He thought he was Jesus Christ that he was the reincarnation of christ that he was going to rewrite all of shakespeare's work, and I was like that's my arab here he was going to write all I remember one time he brought me into the basement and he told me how Jesus had told him that he was to re write, all shakespeare's works and because this is insane that he wanted more tanks and he was gonna rewrite like gum, one of them and put thanks into it in shakespeare. Into shakes, echoed shakespeare was missing, didn't have any tanks,
That is true. No reason there are no tank reasonable, update. Absolutely, and I mean you know in a way I mean than they do when they took version of richard one of the richer in germany, nazi germany with within they do that with so yeah so they had met and they re data, J moss and they put in vampires you're it so are you not? Why wouldn't you believe that you is infringing on your creative world when it seemed like a reason? Was now now that he's gone, I've taken on his work and I am putting I m rewriting of shakespeare's works and I am putting tanks into everything except for romeo and Juliet. I just don't think they need it. I think you're right. I think it's a beautiful homage to your brother. I reiterate our it'll take the rest of my life to do only got at least you have something to do have something to do, and they don't talk about too much, but no right, I don't and not make people let's hear, and it has now DR area. So,
and then he got hit by a car. He had a very, very tough life, and so he was in a coma for a long time. Oh MIKE, and then he was supposed to you. We thought he wasn't going to make it, though, when it came out of the coma he had development. He was developmentally handicapped. He talked funny. In the mo my annie- had the mental and- and we all thought this is what how how how stupid our family was. We thought that the the car accident might have kicked the schizophrenic The output w I ever saw, did he wake up normal have less than we were hoping because with the always gonna what when he finally gets back on its feet, he ll walk funny. Any oh talk funny, but he will be normal, but it turned out. No, so then he was a guy who was handicapped and had schizophrenia. So that was rough very, very, very rough. When so many many and then he finally couldn't you don't just things got really bad, really, really bad.
And out of the one time with it he did did we get martin? Yes, he was, and this is one of is the matter can they put him on it made him gained a lot of weight and he was a beautiful guy and I honestly think that was the that's. What did it the vanity yeah. I my family's, very vain and I think that might have part of it. I think he looked at himself when he said he was getting Fathom drawled area. He just he could and let any- and I think he real and an interesting thing- was the medication cleared his head a little bit and allowed him to face. What is reality? And I don't, I think in a strange way- it killed him because he realized. Oh, I have nothing. I'm going to be my hope. My found me in the inst and the government is going to have to take care of me. The rest of my life
I'll, never have a family I'll, never have a job hung around and I so he jumped out of his window and, oh my god so like that. That's that so like on some level the medication made a worse yes, except that he was controllable, yes yes, and I mean you know, and I think now they made a lot of them, made a lot of progress in those medications. They don't have as many side effects the, but he had some very serious I'd events and vote so those who come from that type of family? They kind of repressive like how? How did handle your gayness of not well. Well. I and we did when did when I came. I came out late in life
which I think I remember when you came out. I think I came out to you mark, I think, you're. The first person I told was in a news cycle: isn't it no? It wasn't news, wasn't know it leads it. No god no wasn't like the cover of the advocate. Do are you kidding me? It's still. Never been. I've still never been in. The advocate are not interested in me. Why? Wouldn't they what are they? Gay men aren't just another gay men. No, no, no third porn stars are drag queens. otherwise no you go around regular clothes gender fluid middle the fluid man. Everybody wants that everybody wants a piece of a new thing flowing gray hair. You don't owe me. Soft jaw aligns yeah great everyone removes everyone's into that now, when did you come out I came out in I was at I guess Eighty three
Where were you in college drano, was in new york university. I did I I went to acting school and I still didn't come out like that's a closet that I was I I went girlfriend everything, half the guys were gay and I still wouldn't come out. We had a girlfriend me. Yes, I did that idea of such ass sure everything go all works we've seen a vagina you've dealt with. I've dealt with vaginas and now isn't the not that's? Not the only vagina dealt with but that's what I'm I'm going. I dealt with them. You like it was light like like, like you know, like a broken ankle. No by there are some gay men they just have. Never they call them. Old fags. As the true ghost our fagus who's never had sex with a woman, but just now, vagina, it's a certain discomforted. I think so. You need to see it I'll. Tell you something you were talking, my wife.
One of the one. Man shows the one that we were, about the one that was going to new york, I mean it was crazy show me a lot of it was about terrorism, so it would have had. It was crazy, I'm here
the whole model about osama bin laden. Well, why were you? What would what drove you to to that? Subject matter? Oh well! Well, okay, we'll get back to the other part, the edit, okay! Ah well, I was firebombed by in islamic fundamentalist group yeah many years ago as a year, but a year before nine, eleven uh huh and that's what inspired me to write a show about terrorism. So the show that I was supposed to open in new york was actually a comedy show about terror. Firebombed you were targeted was targeted where in west hollywood really uh, why were you targeted because my boyfriend was a filmmaker and he made a movie called uncle sedan,
haha and I wrote it with a documentary about the so they had a a a a thing on your fat while fat. While I knew him, he and I was collateral damage, and I mean I guess maybe now I'll get one, but they they they attacked us mrs before nine eleven this before the world changed. So what happened was they came to house at night, and they they filled those giant. You know the giant garbage the recycle bin than cycle benda with gasoline them on fire. They covered the house with red paint like blood, so it drift off like blood and they put a note inside the house. That said in the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate burn this attack film or you will be dead and they underline dead. Yes, we didn't take it seriously and that's what we woke up to, and that was the year. They didn't wipe the things on fire. Oh yeah, they let the bonfire was, it was a nightmare and they and their just terrorizing us, but the thing was the police took
was to arrive, no believed us. They didn't. No one had any idea. What we were talking about. I, like my boyfriend, said it's islam fundamentalists and I'm member the cop going? What is that? This is how different going on here was that it was two thousand just for two thousand the year before november. First two thousand very small, like a tiny little story, and I wasn't my name was not in it. His name was in it and my father saw it in canada, but it was pre, nine, eleven, so disappeared and then I wrote a show about terrorism, and then I took it to new york and then osama bin laden struck. So so these people were american, he aced, probably fundamentalist muslims who who
well the filling out. It were honouring a fatwa against your boyfriend and set your house on fire. They did not the house, they put. They set the garbage cans on fire on the lawn, ok and they cover the house with pictures like that rare version of a burning cross. Yes, exactly yes, yes and tear the blood, the red. The red paint was the blood meal and then the note was the debt at is raised, terrify unknown, really understood, and I had no one to really am I, are there was nobody that I could really relate relate to where there are probably like. I was a prank whenever they scott you exaggerated,
Being why would bear out you run then? And then, and when everything when things that happened to me, I usually turned to art. You know I thought I'm gonna write about terrorism in the first piece of that I wrote was about body cole, my character, buddy girl going to afghanistan to take on the taliban because it was right after they blown up the giant buddhas. We are an island. Buddy was like what can I do buddies area, but it's like I mean it's one thing to kill people, everybody it's, that, if a giant statues of buddha- that's just fat shamed me so I became obsessed with osama bin laden and the taliban and in the very first piece I wrote, was about the taliban and body taking on the taliban and fire bombing, and then he goes to afghanistan to buy anthrax because he hears that it smells.
Pretty and any meat saddam Hussein son, who days you're an he's kidnapped by EU day, and they have sack well he's he's rape by your. And down in an underground palace. We ass a dam who same so all these things happen that all kind of came true in a way we and that was my show and then so. When new york happened, I mean How is the show you had in the chamber is ready to fire and then that happen- and I was like tat- we we want young. Earlier. It's like. I realise that there was a period my life when I was very clear, oh see to that, you know collective unconsciousness sink, I really believe that I really believe that there was. There was a lot of stuff in the air that people certain people could capture, and I think that true, I think as you think you see it like. It happened to me in a dream like where dream- then you wake up in something in your day that could not have been forecast. It happens. That's relative
dream I absolutely, and that was it. I was having dreams I was just like. I felt like almost like I was in a storm like a psychic storage, your relationship survived the firebombing. No did not, I mean he went, he went into hiding and I didn't see him for six months and they try to kill him a few more times really I guess this was reported, but I but it never got really reported. It is your right now, he's doing very well I'll get so get back to you. We were moving from vaginas to the vial. Yes, that show the the the the the climax of that show, the I guess the the encore yeah he was with, but for buddy cole the show began with buddy cole in Afghanistan and it ended with buddy cole, exploring a vagina because basically was buddy going and I've done everything in the world. You know what I mean: I've I've, I've, I've topped up, nelson mandela's you know pain. You know he's done everything his mimosa. It was a most
with by he decided. What have I not done, and I guess body goes I've. Never really. I've never really explored a vagina well, he he know he'd had sex with one but he'd. He had sex with her in a state of like terror, yeah it's like, Would you fuck someone? You should say he fucked someone, but as they were parachuting, he thought I want to fuck someone like lying on the ground where the ground isn't shaking, so it would basically the encore was a beautiful woman, yang onstage, fully naked, oh really and buddy cole exploring her. It was a wild piece and I would do it in and the police. I had the police come to one of the club I couldn't. I would, if I put her her breast in my mouth and I'd suckered nipple, and then I go look at her vagina spreader, her vagina, who is this woman? She ass. She was an actress. It was who at whose doing stripper also stripping, and I think she will
wanted to make daddy mad, but he got a good relationship. Did she was wonderful and she was great and secret show sounds crazy, crazy, crazy show- and I mean when I tell you it when a beautiful woman comes on stage naked here, while it just changes the temperature of the room like a score, yeah like me, but a male doesn't like a male, a naked mail in a weird ways, almost comic we are but a naked female is a very different thing for some makes gay men nervous it makes women like jealous there, look at what now fat and then straight man. Well, they can't even talk right and they have only about the idea of the racial about of naked man because any sort of like going are you really look at his dick yeah yeah? That's the only person it's intimidate is the only one, gay men because they're like I like that most sort of like what's going on well yeah
what's going on, but it makes you know if the former phobia we are your its ugly head select, but it wasn't, it was a wild while they and the n- I literally I may I do I ought we practically have sex? but that was what it was about was about that you've got to I've got to understand the vagina I've got to get over. My not fear there wasn't a frightened of it, but I was I need to know more about this right, it was a necessary desire. Driven! No- and I didn't leave this, but it wasn't like when the show was over that now, I'm bisexual ran gender flew at yeah. No, I remained gay engender fluid, but when originally were dating women and you first experience of a giant. Yes, but I was young here, you can't you could know. Now I don't fucking I really liked sure do you know, love yeah,
in delaware. Now? Yes, oh yeah, absolutely! Yes, I do absolutely it's nice yeah and I we we we didn't. We didn't have sex a lot right and I was terrible yeah and I you know I shouldn't say any more she's a married woman has children and I don't want to. But you know we're friends absolutely so in in where you said your family didn't handle it well verse. Did you ever do that with a cock that you ever got? I really should understand what it's like to assure you know a man, but I think there is something that you know I it's sort of like you know. Do I want to try something that you're, my change, my life, for when we are my ok right exactly because if it turned it essay you just go, at all I may be a little lie, that's a huge difference, but if I'm a gay guy- and I discover that maybe I could have sex with women- that brings me up in status I don't know, does it I've been gave you fall. I dont know god, yes, maybe not now
the same way, but yeah I'll never get I can't get over. I can't get over my childhood right. is a feeling that for me, like there's a lot of things, I think I just don't ya, I don't get it off its adam of its repression or if it's just sort of protecting myself like now- you're afraid that maybe you might want to enjoy it. Of course, Why? Wouldn't I wouldn't you, but, but so, but but the thing is his right to you. Do I wanted. He has changed my life that much the day he comes with like a new car or anything. Do I want to start doing whatever it was? I don't think I'm holding myself there telling me that I should have made a play for you. Twenty years, what you are doing drugs is that what you're telling you in college would have been there. That would have been the time college is when I would have. I could have had yeah yeah, I think so yeah at least you could have had. for like half of a thing guy, what I would have made begun halfway through internet, I got no. I can't. God. What am I now?
so you would. What have we have done? What do you think know? I don't know you that. Well, I don't what you do you probably do whatever you could. I would do whatever I could. Yes, whatever I could I mean you gotta get away with. You would do yeah. I get you're right when we're what exactly you wouldn't yeah Whenever I wear whatever was on the table, I would eat whatever is put in front of me. I know this isn't a buffet you eat whatever is in front of whatever this kid's going to offer the way whenever he can with recounting always be a brussels proud. Yet you gobbling out, but without did you Van we family respond terrible. They actually dis owned me in that hilarious. Really, oh, about today and even happened. I know my father said you're no longer part of this family. Really, how old were you? Twenty three o, my god? We ve come a long way at that. Didn't last long lasted about six months,
yeah, but then another talked my mother said. What are you doing? I don't care all fill up, please you ve got another gay son. All I dont want. I do she didn't know that at the time we have two, there were two of us here. Would you is which brother my one of my younger brother, oh yeah, they do so to gay ones. Do not gonna want to help meet the hospital ministration. Oh yeah yeah, it's over, but you can team up, because no because in fact we were actually the least close growing up, because I think we both suspected each other's secret. So therefore we had to be real. I mean to each other, so would think that we shared anything. So I was terrible to him. Oh my gosh arable, no kidding yeah and is that that's repaired itself are vs vertical long time. What about the other bro
Well, there's four, and that is the one who passed away. Yes, the eldest brother was very. He was fine. He wasn't fine. When we were in high school, he was always like going to be like when we're school, you don't say hi to me, You don't know me, I retain. We don't know each other. We have in a normal life straight man. He said he was a good looking smart ethel guy S had a very and then what made it made? A lot of money worked in the bank, the right guy funny and what about the other one and their mother? I, my young one, another. My youngest brother he's a he's, a comedian well yeah. He in Canada yeah he's a he he's an actor and he and he and he's married and has children and does all right for himself. Yes, absolutely he's a very funny guy. So now The idea that some part of me thinks that you should know kind of read: do that show? Why won't you kind of a you know reproduce that? Well, you know I thought about it and
It is my I have thought about. Has after nine eleven righted, You wrote I wanna with Paul billina, who was my writing partner and I a basic. happens after nine eleven? Was we tried to redo it, but no one was interested after that two people were shocked and freaked out by it. Like an I got into some trouble like people were. I can't I'm not I'm not really. I can't say too much. He got into some trouble with the american government, no yeah yeah, so well. You know I would actually reduce, and it was about many many things. It was about high school shooting violence. It was about really just a lot of different kinds of violence, so you could sort of rework it too. I could buy. You know by bay. You're doing so so did that needed the one after that and then and then you got sick catastrophe.
what I was doing when I got sick yeah and you are also working on the kids in the hall to her. Yes, yes, yes and then after that, after I got better, I that's when I decided. I don't want to do anything where which has any feeling in it. I just want to do comedy because you know what I mean like. I don't want to do anything where people go. Oh yeah right are you? Are you the the the men cancer show is out. Yes, I a lot of comedy about cancer via no, I don't I don't. I don't like it when I don't like it when a comedian get some serious or em and I know I understand a lot of see. There's a couple. Then you wouldn't want to fuck me in my twenties. when guided serious involved, which is why the abbot this working party No, I would have I remember meeting you. I thought you are very attractive. Thank you. We all like
or some yes right, but you remember, we did that we did that dumb games Oh that never mind the buzzcocks yeah oh you were one there with. I want you, oh my god. It was so like hazy to me yet It didn't never caught on. Thank god! No! I don't you remember what it was about. He added It was a music show that is based on a british show and I hosted, I think we did like thirteen of them and they pay me. I was in the middle of my first divorce. I was very like the week of shooting I was ill like I had the runs and I was feverish and I got all skinny. You are very thin yeah. I remember you very thin yeah I was like in my life was upside down. I had to take that job. Because I needed money away. I do want to do that. I must say it didn't seem like a good fit no no, it did not seem a good fit, always a disaster. but ok, so the comedy there. Also
you you choose, not be maud one about now. I just what I like I dislike. I like stand up a lot be alive. I dislike how it's you just have to be funny all the time and how are you working before we before again? This did out any of the kids come up and see you when you were sick, They were wonderful, bigger here's. The thing I was going through my treatment when we are making death comes to tunisia. So when I may, I began the writing process with cavern and dave beyond. Then I cabinet ma am Bruce you and then I had to kind of take a bit and I did it all through my treatment and then I had to come and take a bit of time off, because I got really oh yeah and then they they they base they. They did the schedule around my treatment. So I finish my chemotherapy and within ten days I started principle shooting for the series we shot for ten weeks, ya and and the day after I finish using, I went
to the hospital and started radiation. Oh and I kept it together for like two months, you know I never was hospitalized the whole time I yeah. I would go in the hospital sometimes, but I was for overnight. I never had to go in overnight right hand. How many episodes you do? We did eight, and I think that that was one of the things that kept me alive and saved my life. I had because it was like Isn't the hall we are back together, yeah. This is what I've been wanting forever and ever and I had a purpose and I had something to pour my energy into and and they were I could be maudlin now they'll be here. I sure they were. They were wonderful and then, when we did the file writing session, it was introduced and they had a bed set up for me on the floor like a mattress, and so I would simply lie in the floor on the all would work, nausea writer and I would occasionally throw in staff and then I go back to sleep or I
when I go off and met and smoke, some pot come back and say something else and then sometimes one of them would come and lie down with me. I mean they were viewed at length. They were really they were like. They were like perfect tv, brothers and, and they were, they were very kind with me, and I also think they also want to keep me alive. For the for the show and I understood that they were like we can't. He can't die, I'm he can die after cause. He dies right after this we're going to. it's my balls are you guys have known as each other for so long and an end? So they were, they were absolutely wonderful yeah. They were what caused. It seems to me that did despite her or or even whatever is happening. All of your lie here, however, grown up. Yet it does seem that, more so than most people who who who came up in a cold
there are various you guys all seem to still like each other. ha yea, I mean yeah. I know you're lying yeah, yeah laugh! No! No! No, I'm not a is love yeah, that's the secret. That is our secret. We truly love each other. Went in how long ago like when. How old are you in that started? I was a kid yeah and I'm the oldest I mean Dave was eighty. And we met while eighty forever twenty five thirty years ago, uh huh uh huh. Eighty five, aha, that's how long ago was that- fifteen. Thirty two holy fuck wow yeah yeah, together forever and we've been together through through everything like divorces and deaths, and you know
yeah more divorces and dave's divorces. You know your podcast about Dave's divorce and everything, we've and we've. Just we've done everything to each other. We hit each other we've. You know we slept with each other's partners. We've done terrible things to each other. but there's nothing now that can destroy us mia. We were like we're at the point now Like the you. Only leave in a hearse, oh yeah, it's like the mafia, yeah, you leave it to her and you stay in touch with people. Yes, yes and word. Hopefully, gonna do something known and ours that that series the death- when received well, I love it, but it no one saw it well, like everything in our careers were always a little too ahead of the curve. But what about at a dinner. It did well in canada, yeah yeah. Here it was on, I have see it was one of their very first offerings didn't get an awful lot of
and so, if I did a show- and I have seen for forces- it didn't get you that's true, you would we got even less than you. Imagine we're less tension than yours. I don't even know. If that's true you did. You do not know that. That's true, no, but you're getting a lot of attention for glow yeah, your excellent, anglo! Oh! Thank you. I really love you and glow. I appreciate that and in so case. So how are you approaching? Stand a body doing europe in toronto and they were in before you came here yeah. What I did was I decided to re write basically reboot Everything and I decided to go back to back to my roots, and I decided I just started plugging myself into the canadian. The toronto stand up scene. One of the clubs there. Now a million clubs yeah a million alternative clause in the regular clubs. You now you're, you know yet he acts and stuff sure, but I went through. I basically started. I would just show up to these places and be like what the hell are you doing here and I'm like I'm going to do this.
Yeah. I was sort of like moon, doggie, the old guy. They can still deserve feudal, romania and down. So I Do you know what you mean yeah? Well, you know exactly what I'm talking about and I just started over and I went up very without with very little remember which town am in that has which clubs in canada- you know it's terrain. So the one comedy bar is the big one that you probably know. That's the one You go downstairs and there's two rooms: yeah yeah yeah. That's it sorted out a little bit. Yes, yeah! Yes, yeah a lot of work there haha toronto has the you know they have that famous the famous what club have you ever been to that we are yeah. I think I did was there once yeah with the pets? I was running around on. Oh I dunno it's a wild play. It's why yeah? I remember. Maybe you go there after you do a show. Yes, that's the place right. So that's what happened I just kept doing, and I just I started working material and
I just and my goal was I I my plan was that when I get an act mere because before whenever I do, I would do like death repeated his uncover re. That sort of thing right. I that's far back right, but I still sorted. Does he still doing it yeah? But I would like writer sat member, I said or or or think I knew what I would go. I would go up and do it. I would never repeat it so that wasn't stand up. But then I decided I'm going to get an act and when I get an act and when I feel confident enough, I'm going to move back to the states. What would you, what do you put together an hour hour and a half, and I just did my first album coming out a fan is coming out next month. Have with that title based on it's just it's just a funny title, it's a great headline for fit for the critics, who aren't and I know I've done several albums. I did one called not sold out one called tickets still available, my god. It's very much like this. This be one for you. I'm surprised your next was not called. Finally, engagement was another one,
I say I just it's. My first comedy album very excited about it. but you're going to release the album and yeah. Then on the material you know, I'm no, I'm I'm. I do the material anymore, that's what the what I'm told and trying to rational Well, I I think with an album you might be able to, but with a special that's on netflix, It's harder, you know, I it well. I can't get especially If I'm trying to get a special for my character, buddy cole, that's what I'm trying to do as well he's he's. I think they want him more than me. Oh yeah, yeah you're in talks, yeah yeah, I am in talks, yes and then maybe he can like once he's in. He can grease the wheels and get me right, but are you doing Yes, I've been doing the
cultural regularly. At u c, b, franklin now, yeah, it's going very, very well, and what's the structure of that show is called a prelude de luge. After the flood and the structure, the the premise is that it's, it's body call monologues since the kids in the hall went off the air. So it's twenty five years, nineteen, ninety five! Until now, with twenty three years, yeah and basically it's like ten monologues and you follow the monologues and you and you so basically there's a history of body called and they're all about different topic stories here and in between each monologue card. Wait! You don't like you have see. You have a card girl here, but I have a boy and was he wearing very little? I mean sometimes he wears a lot, but by the end, these only in a jock strap right and I use what I do is I go into a town and then I get a young comic to be my card boy, and I prefer straight men because I want to sexually objectify them sure.
I also on I'm? Also very, I find it funny with straight men cause they're trying to be sexy. I find that using the right because they're not like if they were trying to be gay actually it'd be different with a different they're sort of like trying to be like what does it mean for straight guy to be sexy in that? And what might my my the sweet spot for me is a guy who's just starting to go to seed yeah a little bit of a pot and that's what makes buddy correct Is he and n he's a little awkward and he's trying to dance yeah, and so that said, then that is what funnier yeah yeah and then they have cards and they're like announcing the the the the title and the year, and the end we have a little scene but whenever I go into a town, I pick a comic to be that card boy. So I have to pick up
You know like again, I are willing yeah and I like to use stand up. Comics is my favorite like I would. I would have you as a card I dunno. I know you I'm a little old. No, no you're you're! Actually the sweet spot you are going to just am not you but you're, going to see in a little bit yeah. You know in a in a and I'm not doing it now, but I can't but alright, maybe you're you're, like grizzled and you're perfectly grizzled at right now are right. There perfectly good. At I'm just I'm just shy of the yeah or ornery, like an ornery old, coot yeah. I might be heading that way. I a little open now yeah, I don't think I think I've gotten less ornery but I imagine, you're more open than you were hm, so maybe you're you're moving away from ornery. I am a He used to be more of a grumpy old man when you were younger yeah. I think if you were to talk to my girlfriend, the it's all still in place. Oh really,
grumpy old man. I think my public persona has has as opened up. My pride donors have been stolen, a lot of gristle on the meat and little so so in back how long the just over a year I came back the week before trump was inaugurated. I felt that, needed yeah. Well, maybe are, I think you need. I think you really need outsiders I am always ready to come to your country. I was ready to go. You know one go to canada. Why do people say that it caused? You think you want it, but you don't. No, you just want to have that yeah. I guess so. I do not at an age where what do I really need? Well if you've given up your dreams of like superstardom, then go to canada? Ah well, no, I just mean like there was a discomfort like you did, We sweden, we still don't know what you're, what the in emma running away? I we swimming age, and I live here, but you you don't. I don't know. I don't know what my country looks like anymore.
it's a it's going, be okay! I do I do I'm not worried at all. Oh good, for you Where were you because you because I have seen worries what have you seen our thoroughly if their member I'm a gay man, yet I recollect nothing's ever gonna, be as bad as my youth nothing's ever going to touch the hiv epidemic. So for me, it's all gravy, it's all peace time for me, so I go nothing's ever gonna touch your friends for dying, like flies. Thinking about every sexual act is going to kill you watching a society turn away from you and why are you die? That's just never go But is this never gonna? Be that bad? And so maybe that's it's it's a little selfish of me to go. I get over. It is surely got a good and an eye, I really believe- and I look back at like push junior annoying happen. People are giving him such a, a free ride and why he invaded sovereign countries, he's responsible for the death of hundreds of
thousands of people in the middle EAST for all of donald trump's, like you know, boorishness he's not responsible for all those deaths. Yet yeah, but you can't punish a man for something he might do. It's not a good guy. That's not! wait nine another was george bush. No one who becomes president is a good guy. I understand I understand why he waiting to everybody. Worships traded, don't ask, don't tell and the defence of marriage act right. So you know I really do. we're? Moving towards a thing, though, where the ode put yo getting rid of all the protections environmental protection in those those things aren't good. My amateur saying that he's criticized for, of course, ceased The sizable I'm not a defender, I'm just saying I don't see it as
it's the end of the world, yet okay and it it might be yeah, but we're okay survived cancer. This is a thing. I'm ok and I it's interesting because I see so many comedians paralyzed and I don't know if it's because I'm canadian is that my age. Is it the fact that I'm a gay man who's seen a lot of shit, paralyzed hell in terms of they're, so freaked out by donald trump being in power right that they they they it also. Political correctness is making them uncomfortably straight white guys here they are like. Well, I can't say anything and I have I'm kind of free, I'm white. I don't have any of that. I don't worry about I'm like I'm not going to apologize for being white or male. I'm a gay man in my late fifties. I got nothing to apologize, maybe if you wanna like if we want to have like eel, enter like my generation in that the victim is asia. Sweepstakes we win and that's a strange power nowadays
in the world we live in. So I I'm not worried, but I'm not worried by political correctness and I'm not and I'm not I'm not dumb paralyzed by donald trump's press. see what I think are everyone has to sort of. We do have to kind of fight through that yeah. You know, I mean ages, it's the way the country work and comedy, like I think comedians have to remember you, you ve gotta, be funny and an end virtue, signalling or letting everybody know that you're on the right page politically isn't funny right right. We need to get past that no one really cares right. I know I think the funny and if you can do a little bit of virtue, signalling amby funny now known you can now be there to completely explosive. I things, no, I think
person. They should leave a comedy shown, go while act. That person was how Larry s not shown with their politics or oh, I don't know. I completely agree with that. Guy wanted people to go. I like that guy, but I can't tell these evil or good now, you're, evil it again evil? Other question that arises is arguing that to me today here evil. You said that you can achieve a quick, why you? Don't? You worry your cute evil You ve all yet is innovation. We are impatiently sure now so we've been back. Are you a? Is the work coming? Your way you reintegrating? What's happening? Yes, oh good, I'm doing a ton of stand up a ton of pr live. Performing I'm not auditioning a lot like I'm not getting like, but
they're going to come in. What was a did? You like? I was at the the channeling memorial. Did you come down for that or were you sick? I was sick. You weren't in town, I wasn't in town yeah, I loved gary Shelley amazing how long we do. How long were you on that show three years and you had a good patients very much so sweet guy right, sweet guy. I loved bulgaria was like a brilliant commedia, mean genius here, but a good man here and that's not always the case and do you you knew Gary. I too will be a little bit, not a lot. I mean I talked to him in here. I can't say I knew him. He was amazing. He I mean I I he really inspired me to to do stand up in a way because he he took on it, took it on late. He didn't start off that way and and what I loved about the way he worked was. He was always working like when we would do the show
He was never satisfied. He was always thinking about a better line, better way to attack this right up until they called action and even when we were performing he would still go hang on. I know there's something better here and- and I really admire that- and I also admired the fact that he didn't care where a suggestion came from. I wouldn't say he was ego less yeah, but he didn't care if it was a writer or an actor or a grip. He didn't care yeah and if it served the funny, if it's If the funny yeah, I think he was he's one of the greatest comic minds. I've ever really come in contact with, and also one of the great people yeah so are you my friend. I thought it was evil and impish there, but aren't we all yeah well comedians are a little you gotta have a little way. You got it. You write that you write the lie because you want to stir shit up here, but that's a good, but that's,
that little is like it sort of like it's just a portal into the shadow was, don't you think, that's our job to bring things out of the darkness little bit into the light. Tat are exclusively our job, but it's nice, and get some of that in the else is a reality if your answer is giving people a little relief or exactly sure so we're all like holy prostitutes there you go. That's the name of your new show. I like that holy prostitute. It's a you, keep it! Okay! Alright! It's great talking to you very nice to talk to you That was me and Scott so check them out. If he's in your town with his character, buddy cold, the new body monologues and also look for buddy calls autobiography bloody babylon, and it was a pleasure to talk to scott. This is me signing off after having a great they can.
and five city european tour. I'll talk to you back in the states and yeah boomer lives.
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