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Episode 914 - Melissa McCarthy

2018-05-09 | 🔗
Before comedy and acting were ever on Melissa McCarthy's radar, she was like a lot midwestern teens trying to find herself. She tells Marc how her cheerleading years were followed by a partially-shaved head and goth makeup. The search for an identity led to acting, which led to New York, which led to LA, which led to an all-star class at the Groundlings. They also talk about how she met her husband, how she got cast on Gilmore Girls, how Bridesmaids came to be, why she played Sean Spicer on SNL, and what went into making her new movie, Life of the Party.

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All right? Let's do this? How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck's there's, what the fuck a delicate MARC marin. This is my podcast w I'm a little, my brain, Not quite I don't know why, but it's not working right. I don't know why can't I can't answer that question. Welcome to the show I am on the road. away, I am in a well I'll, you I am, I don't know, I tell you what I'm doing, but Birmingham alabama. Birmingham alabama it doesn't always, bring up good memories. Rarely historically not great memory, place, today on the show. I talked to Melissa, Mccarthy that was fun, she's, fun, she's, funny nice,
lady she's, a nice lady that melissa Mccarthy, so back to Birmingham. You have the ghosts of the past city are around in and you can choose to fester on whatever you're going to fester on, but it always feels for me, I'm not indicting anybody currently, but but the yeah, the south raise is heavy and I'm gonna help we get around and see some stuff, I'm here doing a project I'm going to be here, awhile we a little while I mean they're not going live here, but it was on that for me to go out yesterday, I went out to her to the Birmingham whole foods. So that's here, that's good! That's you know they're, not it's our primitive here. It seem very pleasant. I've been here a day but went out, and I stopped up for a few days, which is a good thing to do unfortunate. I got back to my room and I I it seemed to be.
almost a challenge to myself that I eat everything that I I bought for a few days and I I got pretty good into it, pretty well into it pretty pretty far along and that clue the box of puffins and some packets of almond butter. I bought almond butter, packets portion control, there's no lock box on bad boys. You know I'm saying I got four of 'em. I've eaten three, but I am happy to be here, I'm happy to explore. I'm thinking about it. I have a day off today and I believe, going down to two witness to bear witness and to take in the new peace and justice memorial with the very power when disturbing a lynching monument I want. I want to go see that cause. I don't know how, often or or when I'll be back down here again I want to go. You know take that in. I want to learn something I want to feel something I want to see something put together in remembrance of something horrible. I don't always want to do that. I guess there. Why
Would you but it's important that you do? I mean I know somebody of you listened to the show pretty regularly, and I I I tend to I I did that void, dumb holocaust memorials of different sorts. When I was in europe, experts, particularly amsterdam. I I made that choice to to ride a boat and look around and in at the pretty things and worried a little bit about things, a little bit on a boat just drifting through the city, and I think that's, a lot of us drift through life. You know we know there's bad stuff, but but man, let's just just cute both moving, there's only so much I can do from here on my boat, so I'm just going to stay on the boat. Maybe maybe do a fishing maybe take a nap, maybe see the sights, but is stay rift sometimes you got to engage engage. I I want to learn. I want to feel it's a new thing,
always do. I always want to feel I dont know want to learn. I did get some interesting. I got one really poetic and I thought very concise email that made me feel it was a it was. It was just it was it a nice nice punch, nice punch in the head, just the subject line just fan and the copy is. I think pretty impressive comedian. You make me laugh about the things make you sad without refine them and you make me think about the things that make me sad without forcing me to feel them. That's it that's the email very succinct very to the point, but I think the. I think that was a that's the best I can do on some level. You know I'll bet you don't want people like if there are drift and they're doing.
and you know I don't have to sink their boat with my problems and I can have some distance from them enough to discuss them in a way that doesn't you know break down their ability to maintain their own shit and hold that together, that's entertainment right. Oh, I want to pick up a little business- this I don't know if I brought it up last time, but a lot of people when I talked about Ben jerry, for some reason and brought up the flavor, then got a lot of suggestions for the flavor. What the fudge obviously seems to be the flavor. I do not think that that's going to happen also want to thank a lot of the people that got back to me with the suggestions and ideas for traveling and deviating my my colonic fear or whatever it is that. Apparently it's a common problem that people can't shit on the road or when traveling aloud, and thank you for all those suggestion I'm not going to share them, but there, but they were there, and I appreciate your support. Also thank you for
support around my cat, la fonda who, who is who is better I did have to. I was only home for a week. I got her. Take care and now the fella stand on my also dealing with it, but I think it. You know it's weird. When cats get old and I guess it when you have cats and you'll for a little while, even if it's for a week or two, they they dont date, I don't think they process. The idea, always packing he'll be back, I think, once you're out you're out and they're alone and they're they they they stress out. You know troika, maybe emotionally like liker, not even emotionally, like a child whose parents, just without saying anything disappear, then just reappear too. later, but they're getting a little old for that, but I can't I don't know that I really can completely build
I have an honor, my cat's anxiety in the sense that I do have to go out and live a life. I can't just. It would be weird if I just quit doing all my traveling and all my gigs in other places cause. I didn't want my cats to be stressed out. It's not it's. It's not beyond me. You know, certainly sometimes I could use it excuse not to go places, but I'm not going to do that. But thank you for the suggestions around the lafond, his health, in terms of maybe getting a vet that comes to the house that that's a good idea. Now, I'm sweating it's humid down here. Man, it's like Friday first day that work, it's going to be ninety, so all I can't tell you, anything about what I'm doing really, but I can say that we're gonna have to write in pits danes and profuse sweating, constant sweating. That's it that's a kid at something. I'm gonna have to add to the character that you know that
then I'm sweating yeah. I get MIA now told you a few things now. I think you're probably probably are putting something together. Ah, that's fine. That's fine Melissa Mccarthy has a new, a new movie out, which I watched. It's called a life of the party it opens in theaters. Tomorrow may eleventh, I heard she wrote it with her husband and he directed it, and then we talk a little bit about that and we talk. I talked to her like I talk to people. This is me and melissa, mccarthy back in the new garage. I have audi sound to yourself. Can you hear it? Oh you can move that mic. Is that uncomfortable midwestern, zero diesel, yeah nasaa? No, you don't, at least when I hear my own voice and we think it's nasal yeah. Well, I always think it sounds like I'm going to the bar.
Oh yeah, the very make r e- I don't hear it. Why don't I hear? Sometimes they do yeah really cause I've. Had it people be like Chicago yeah, I I can hear it well yeah. I guess I can hear a little bit now. You mentioned that you just did Ellen Allen Did she dance or anything what happened? Dance I dance out in a. I did come out in a suit that when you zip it all the way up, it has a picture of her likeness on it cause I thought were appropriately freaked. Out and you, u n, you view fit you orchestrate that whole thing yeah we are on our side. That seems oh, yes, she was like what are you wearing and is? Why is that available above them like I had it made nothing. Are there. I could not. I was like. Why did I have it make it just made me laugh because I thought she billy
the word who made it for you? Where do you a company? I mean the suit is very thick. It's like wearing like sixteen trash bags, but it was worth it and you can get anybody's picture on it as a zip. You zip up this one z n front of your face and it goes all the way to the like the the peak of your hood and your face and cover their fate yeah, but you can like kind of sierra it their faces. There's somebody one of our like guest writers. When we were rumours, in our movie made of Ben It was so freaky and it was awesome. One hundred and four degree day and he was like I'm the only bad thing out. Will you are wearing like old syringes? whenever this is made out of is like it's all toxic, it's crazy!
It is worth it, though, because it was so funny, it's worth it, because it's so and you kind of look does to you. Certainly it's like the Jacob's ladder version of oh yeah. Who's ever pictured is not flattering, but it I thought it was like the funniest thing. I'd ever seen read played well, everybody got a big, kick, yeah and then we kept telling at least for mac. We kept telling him zip it up previous to do? What you do at neither does germany or of arm at another moment where you shoot that thing we shot it in and during the summer yeah, you know the site pure humor Did he and I don't know something about atlanta it if I'm in our way and it goes below if it gets warmer than like, sixty I like this is crazy. Lana is like one hundred and seventy it's pure humidity and
I don't know what happens to Ben and I cause we usually wear like polar bears, but something about atlanta we're like no. We should probably go out on the porch and have a drink and listen to some jazz. Clarinet and we do and literally every night we listening, we become like old. Like some people not groovy. necessarily jazz jazz clarinet reactors Okay, but without doesn't it clarinet, I guess it's it's like like what like like ragtime dixieland, do it slower- and I don't know if the humidity just messes with me, but I end up just being like well. This is a wonderful evening and I go and we fully get into it. Here if it's like seventy one, I'm like that as a horror show through high yeah, but some about, and I do humidity, I dunno know what happens like. I think-
still live in new york, and I lived in Boston and and I think you get high- I think, exhausted. I think you have no liquid in your binds you it does almost immediately like if you like, I used to notice one on the train new york. Everyone looks like they're, taking a walk of shame. There's this like given up like the drain whose voice pillars family eighty people per train than are younger unless a lifetime of data as it is? I gotta go note. I got no energy, I kissed reigned and then all the guys in suits relay yeah. I know what all that was. Yeah and I, like I sweat I don't, I don't know how better you too, like immediately I can't I can't handle it. It's almost like you're, just a a fungal, petri dish. it's way more, when you're nervous, no Are you sure you if I want, if I'm doing stand up and in that feel, like I had at once or twice recently night, I hadn't didn't weiler or again, if I did, I did it
For some time. Sometimes you go up and even if you're, you know your name on it, a pretty consistently there. Audiences aren't gonna Andrews in you know from doing it there's I think you're going to do that most likely you're, not going to turn it right that weird sweat. back of the neck and my face back normal, the next getting wet, then don't I'll lose my place and when I have a debt in a hundred years, but that's what I would just be like and then it's a warning. I knew it. I knew it and I'm like new boy, nothing warms up an audience that already hates you like it, just a big gap in the area of you, my mothers and then your view of your body, and you just go up there all alone, you're, looking at your side I couldn't hack it. that, you actually did that in the movie you, you had a right to end it
and in worst case situation, all the way over the top with the snatch breakdown, yeah patty melts at that. That's what's happening my head more often, it doesn't fully react all over. I can hide it a little bit. Sometimes I'm just like, like Steph just starts disconnecting in my brain and my god really feel that yes time and weird right before where I go out sometimes If you get like, I want to What do you mean you're, not gonna, know I'm gonna have to go back to play, field illinois, they're, gonna, they're, going to know what and then I dunno I mostly always like I'm a shim sham man. I think somebody's going to be like here at we're on the yeah, I'm always waiting for somebody to be like nope. No thanks
get your things. We see who you are we now that this aim for I'm glad I mail or money before this happened but yea, I don't it's o the movie like I of course, and right now I'll be honest with you, I watch it. I got laughs I have a question about about writing scripts because you wrote away your husband dead and so how many dress out. What's the process, will you guys the third fourth movie he wrote together the fourth we never separating it. It's always ongoing it's ongoing, because I think we get to the end of it and we're like yeah I'd like that, and then we just kind of take a day or two and then in looking at it and talking about it and thinking about okay. Where are you going to shoot how many days we have he and have been like producers. A repeat: are we repeating our you're like a we? Can we get out of it and he's really good without I always get like it?
access to everything I'm like. Oh, we should shoot it and he's like nah. We kind of we have it into place, let's make it one so we're kind of always I feel like we write and rewrite and rewrite and then get there on the day, and my I'm going to say all different near and though it's like why we work there. I'm always like I don't know we get. We get version of what we've written but then kind of after, like with one or two times, it's like, I think it's more fun to like. yeah within the strict, within the context of the robbery, why my I was so much in it and it's gone along and You know the daughter and I get I Matt walsh. It's funny, you know, I know, when it joined the story, but I guess soon I don't want to. Spoilers was not really a spoiler, but as soon as do I come when you meet your daughter in the hallway at the frat house, there was part me of user, like oh, my dear, that just happened it.
is that, okay, if I found myself doing that like is that, okay that she just gained, I do. I have the same thought of him as well. You know she is she. Why not her like? I had to go back and forth like oh, I wish he hadn't seen it yet. So I was like I was torn myself of like it's. This horrible thing mosaic well, isn't the whole point that she's a perk. And to react in the damage that was under. That was the underlying thing. For me, it's like you, think how you think your parents are like only create add up to a certain age yeah they are created, so they take care of me right and then you hit a certain age and you're like oh, my god, they're just people are pure per you had a life before I probably distributed. I ruined so it say it's the kind of lot playing on eleven makes sense that its aim yeah? Why? Why not her? They headed off and right in the end they they are just people and they are people with desires and things you parents are they still alive they
If they're married, they're, really funny and cute together, they like hold hands and they take morning walks like they're, adorable, they're, very funny there. They actually have moved out they're going to start to hear at winters in l a which is like the greatest thing ever because I haven't I haven't lived next to the island lived in the same city since I was eighteen o now and then you ve decided. This is gonna, be the greatest thing over here. It is bet like they venue for the last four mommy out. It's a crushing myself that they're going back real, What we'll see next winter, I was like it's like they're, really funny like I can up, for. Anything. How old are your kids? My oldest, is about to turn eleven. My youngest is out, so it's great to have a relationship we ran over and like they. They live like a minute and a half away, and we ve never had. That where it's like they're like we'll go to grandma. Oh, my god, you can that's crazy.
because they've never had that they have sleepovers and because he used to be you'd have to send him there for like two weeks and then we'd go there. It's a big trip illinois plainfield. are, they know they did my dear buzz, I know the landlady without permanent. Well, my dear fishes aloud and I think The ice is ice, homebuyers you're, nothing to do with anything at all, but now that it's warmed up he's like he just went back last week for like two moments. I should I tell ya: flighty fishing, no glass fishing, about missing tournaments like I don't have you shackled here so he's
if he's out of his mind, to get back there to go fishing, get them involved with deep sea fishing. Don't they have that, like the ocean cause, they can't take the rolling tide. I was like what yeah, but he's not afraid of it. No, it just makes him sick, but he was going out to like a stack and like pyramid pyramid lake out here, just sit there and fishes just fishes. You don't know. Every day now I like to link the lay in a boat and reed and he's always You got to feel this jig mike just read news like a jerk and the many one. If you feel like three hours is like you feel that now just beer left it isn't. Your guns were already now and later, and I do like six hundred like that great and they try to hand him the rod back and he like. No, no, no keep it up, cause you're waiting to feel a fish yeah and that the only means it like to get a bite. But I was like I just I'm so happy. laying at the bottom of the boat hunting. How many kids are in the family? It's myself and I have one older sister, three years older. That's it yeah. How that happen.
I don't know terrible irish catholics throw out of like both both the both groups are really now now. When you brought up white catholic, he yeah twelve years of catholic school, no kidding, yeah in chicago in plainfield illinois. So how far is that from Chicago like forty five minutes when I grew up, it was a small, really rural farm town. Now it's like a suburb, so it's kind of a bummer as it's it was a gravel roads. We lived on a farm come from farmers, my dad actually worked in the city yeah, but we lived on a farm functioning farm yeah when corn and soybean- and so I ve also if on the pro It was farmed the farmer, the farmers, that farm the an early own, it just rented. It lived there, and so we didn't do the farming right. They just came and get it so that was your life, korn, corn and soy
In the event, the exciting world of soybeans here, which I didn't know you humans could eat. Until I went to new york and I was like we I've, been surrounded by the- and I remember telling my parents it like I went to japanese restaurant. You can eat. Soybeans are like walks. Of ETA mom. We had no idea and now they loved their like. Isn't this act out of a veto mama, yet that's great now are alive. They make tofu out of its soil milk. They do now growing up. We really know what they're doing we may have certainly worth it was for feed for cattle. Oh yeah. I grew up in our fellow oh really kind a year in new mexico. They do that grow. There didn't know, that's where they grew. Alfalfa will grow it everywhere. These feed animals, the grass I dunno, what they eat, We had about an acre and we sat there and then someone came and cut the stuff and bailed it and took it away We talked about that. Wasn't like a bird like. I have four was interval
farm. No, no, we ass, there was a house on a field, but it was. You know there was enough of it. I can remember how it wasn't that much by but they run. There was a ditch in front name. We are great this stuff in maybe it was. I thought it was our values, Maybe I'm wrong, probably what that's like a fool I mean when you have an irrigation system. Here we are headed by you. God did you gotta take them. You know how that work? No, oh, there's a ditch in front. right. Then they'd open up a gate from the from the subsidiary of the rio Grande river and fill with water. Then you have these pipes that are curved and you'd sink them and get it filled. Water then pull them out over the edge of the ditch. And run the water. Once I was not good at that, I thought I'd try to be a man obliged. I try that twice at one time I tried to burn some weeds and there we are Oh, my god, just just take- have gone.
yeah. There was a house next door that was in danger and anybody say: hey, go out and burn something or regional leader here. I've yeah seems like the thing to do, and it's scary thing fire. You can't stop it if we have a bro, why think about what we used to burn it was like was screw you earth everything went in, burn pile. The farm earn it. Yes, you call it out and to learn on aids burning. What was the practicality of that? I am indeed they have garb Like there's someone be my buddy hi, my girlfriend's house in highland park, they're burning bridges, burning stuff, my dad,
It still is like I'll, just burn it and I'm like dad. You can't you can't just put stuff in the backyard and burn it. It's fun, though I think there's. I think, that's the unspoken thing. It's a great time setting things on fire. It is scary I lit toy when I was little probably like ten like tool too old, to be this dumb, but I remember lighting toilet paper at your lives there. He has great and the whole. Of course if the whole thing just caught up- and I remember just being like oh shit, like I had to like get what I was like what and then immediately it was like. What do you think? Why still going to ask me why I did it and I don't? mozilla is all good answer other than like. I wanted to see. If it would burn dry dry, then burger, there's a good chance going to burn it. It's exciting. I hit it all. They never knew they always had really so all right. So how was your sister she's three years, older, so she's, fifty yeah, and
What does she do? She in show business she's. No, she lives in highlands, ranch colorado and sounds nice. I don't know anything about it. It's it's a it's a it's a love. Somewhere around jobs out of sight of denver, she's very smart, she's, lovely, some very nice person, and she, oh, I can never every time I try to describe what she does she's like really you still don't know like you go straight for doktor she's like I did that twenty years ago. My you are communication occasions specialist, which I never know exactly what that means like that right. So she like rights for people and its marketing you a tear of this is the same bad job. I do every time I try to tell me. I don't understand how people find that kind of work, how they end up there. No and understand a lot of jobs or germ like hewing. What were exactly deduce sick while I write for other people MIKE, but they're gonna put their names on a book here, it's a book. What
it's a book, though she right cause she used to for awhile. She was ghost writing for doctors because I was like, but you're, not a doctor right, she's like well. Now I'm doing the writing part I was like I don't understand bio's or for to, Oh no, they don't. It's like I've, never she's doing well and she's doing well. She's she's, great margie's, great at and she's great at her job, and she is great at her job, the writing the communications job. Yes, where she's communicating the she's communicating verbally and with the typing computer. So tell me explain to me cause like I'm always I am not a religious I'm, a I'm via a jew and a catholic sort of fascinated me, because so many people have a relationship with it, and that did you stay catholic, no, so I'll go out at all. So, like you were right from the beginning, you go on it a church, your confessing yep,
which I always remember like being in a confessional, and you know, especially when you're little I was like I don't iD say. I never said that I'll, tell you what no I didn't go in there and be like ps, a murderer, really toilet paper or no For that reason I kept that one secret, but I remember just being like do I do yeah and you know you'd have weird screen which out all aviary used to think about. What can they see us here more than we can see them? But you know the guy right. You know, you're, sitting behind a mutiny unit went the second year, there's only two priest ripe for one and a thick romanian acts and the other one didn't. I was like jeer wonder who I do it was so weird to me. The first you went in the phone booth, but I was like you know someone outside. They can just hear it we're not in this isn't like a sound refer more like an old wooden box with big gaps here and there sitting behind this, like you know a piece of cloth
I know who it is like. I could never kind of stop thinking about. Why would you tell that guy so just make stuff up as I get it? Listen, my my parents. They, most generic through your whole life, we pretty much you can find it. I guess I'm not murdering people know, and now I wish I would have been like I killed her good killings are evident the weights as ebay is he gonna, say he's gonna break his vows, like rat me out, but I never did that now just continue to say like lame thorgest. Here which is something he had to do you had to do and then they give you penance and then you are supposed to go sit in a pew and say the prayer penance, and I was like I dunno. I just always had the thing wiki and god doesn't care, he lied to my prayer- I was like I always was like. I think I think whatever I think god is, is like nicer than what they did he's. It was always like, you know, be afraid three? They do. You think I held that you believe in it. I think
and then I don't believe in it now and I always think I feel like really. Religious people really have the lowest concept of what god, as my god just seems like I'd like a really angry drunk I'm like, I think, whoever whatever it is, is probably like. So evolve, they don't really care about nine, like ninety nine percent of what we do, they'll just be like you're all idiots, it's fine the damnation damn like, unlike you'll of em by I was always like really yeah but yet worthy outfits and everything yeah, we're like they can lead the plaid skirt and I It ask, and I wish I was always send to the office your sense of your yeah, because I'd ass things, like I remember asking when a world religion class which to me says, were learned other and in plainfield illinois. That was like the most exotic thing than ever come my way and I was like, oh my god, other other.
The june other thing and everything which side by side muslims follow incorrect god and that it was all over. It was on this negative europe in and they finally was ike, which I really am and trying to be a smart ass. I said wool if How do you know that you other none? I said how do you know you're following the right one when she just won't lake gray and stared at me and I was like On the reading, I was like it's an informed question. Then I wasn't even being like argumentative as like. Just how do you know just because god would tell me to hurt What do you mean? She is a god, but I know that I'm doing I'm following the correct way, because if I wasn't, god would tell him I was like. Well, then, why isn't he told the muslims and the Jews and like people that just like live at a jungle that don't follow or like specified religion? She was like huh get out of here and I had to see the prince of all those again. With great. I was like it was, and what
I do I just remember, leaving wing legal, you will centre there. The question. You are nothing like your sister. She didn't again, didn't bother. Anybody know she was margie. Would never ask that mike, so you had. Oh and then you'd be like that. You know the principle and say what I said. Yes, I do maybe maybe you know maybe next time you just just listen and try to soak it all in and really enjoy the reading I was like she said: are there any questions and I asked her questions. She, like, I think, you're missing. The point I was like. I think I am like nailing. The point that they were just like shop gets into the waste a lot. I mean, when did you become a problem? Come on? He became a problem interpret well, that was a younger once I get in high school. I wasn't even though I look I looked like I was problematic, but I was like the nerd that actually read this stuff. dissipated. He looked problematic house yeah, it's like I look like susie sue and, like Robert smith, had a baby, how he did that. So I
that. No you like this is our greater vying for sure in blue black for railways here and now. Thing that was, and emo girl sat yeah without the emo, like the emo thing, it wasn't like sad. I just was like. my hair, looks rad right. Ok, so you just do in the fashion of again just the fact that you never get depressed enough. I was a hey. You narrow you not depressive at all. No! feel now would be the same. Always like an hour now. Just to me, things are stupid to me that we will. I get characters in the movie, their voyage, your roommate, whether what's that girls, mainly on my god, highty gardener, so funny she so so crazy funny she commits system they just never break like she doesn't portion, she never breaks and she's. It's funny cause. She was at groundlings when she did that and that character
I know just when we met her, that's how we knew her from the groundlings theatre and then right after she was done, shooting she called and was like. Oh my god, I just suggested personnel and I was like you are going to kill that show like first show shoes actually like when your movie yeah, and doing us an hour. Late happened. It happened right after I was so proud of her. Oh that character. She does. A buck, every boxer's girlfriend? Oh my god. It's crazy characters like three weeks in like yeah that first year, it's like you may not even get on camera like she having like solo things right away like yeah and she's, so fun. She just can drop into something and does a great thing of like not push but really sits in it, and just I just think she's so funny. So when You start performing like in high school, the theater with your blue hair. No, no. I did sports and then what sports tennis was my biggie
tennis yeah, I love tennis, very good. I would yeah I was. I was pretty good here and then go play every once. Why I don't play as much as I I keep saying like. I don't know why It doesn't, come back yeah except now. It's like it's. I just crush the ball, so he's like just play. Easy play, easy and the whole time the balls coming to me I was like just plays. He just play easy and then, like I go crazy, and first cause. I had no finesse game, even when I played and I could really play. I just tried to shove the ball down someone else's throat, and I did that to my daughter. you and I don't mean to yes. They. The ball was coming in those like, ok and even said, like just gonna pop it back over and then like. I mind snaps, I go crazy and I reared back and I hit it so hard it like one of my girls. I was like I'm a monster when I was at
meaning for any like. My aim is terrible, nor I guess it was like mama. Why? Because it looks like I was one hundred percent aiming for her, Is it really like nail there and you Again, I schoolteacher you just while we s so I will try to hit the opponent in the like right off the bat me I wanted to hit them really hard cause. I thought than that they would make them rewrote yeah, plan. That was your strategy. Does my strategy gets you ve just hit the guy, not hurt him or her and then they just be freaks out they'll, be nervous here and then, though, thou be more concentrated and not getting hit do that thing? Oh yeah, it's zing a couple and I hit really hard like other people like I wouldn't ben and I play ben bends always like, I'm a terrible player that act that you don't beat me, but it's like he just barely taps it back and every time he said. If you'd stop trying to kill the ball, you would beat me every time I know
tell myself that right and tell my when the racket goes back, it's like suddenly, eyes turn red and like steam comes out and a mug, and I I can't I hit everything like a thousand miles an hour. and then just it's no wherein but its aggregated satisfying. It's really sad I think, can you do that with comedy sometimes perhaps maybe that's me, I'm a real one trick pony. I just do a robot like aggressively. Well, no, but there is a build. It starts out. Nice it does our visitors or it may be, work through there's something about the build, sir leg, not holding anything back. That, I think is, I mean, have, would see normally. Could you can? do that near realise, can't really nice now, our entertainment or yes, but that's the lake cathartic thing of it
don't don't you. We are when a yell yeah that you can play like it when you say things in character. You're like why wouldn't say that life, why think there's something satisfying if its? If you ve extracted the the true anger from it yeah yeah I heard of it it's like guy I used yell and it was not good. You know life. You would Oh yeah, the alien life, but I go on stage to her, but if you know it's way If you have anger in you than he processed it a little bit, then it can be funny. But if it's on I assessed anger a lot of times. People are like hey. Why do we come to this club yeah yeah if it doesn't flip over whatever? That line is you're like? Oh, that's, just a really angry person right in that's no good, but somehow, if, if it sort of like why me, then it gets funding, but if it's like for you, I think I will mad at yourself or
it's funny, you see the if you stay the butter euro joke, even if your trying if ended somebody else, you still are the main ass I feel like you can push really hard really mean yeah and it's supposed to be funny. I'm always like that's a that's a tricky line, I can't walk that line yeah. I had a hard time with with with that, like the, I did one roast and it just I couldn't I couldn't do it right cuz like? If I mean I mean it like you, Do you know what I mean? Yes, I can do about it. I'm going to come out like, and I came in just be casually, getting on somebody, it's like I'm going to be like you fuckin shit, you're, going to say something real tone, even even if it's cute the total, be so cutting costs it. I viewed. Gonna have used Do you like that reactively, but
I don't do it on stage anymore. If I'm, if I'm worked out, but you know, I try to make myself the funny guy have you ever come back at. Like I found when I did stand ups, I thought the craziest thing was in especially when you're just starting out- and you have like I've only got six minutes, but it's the heckling like. Do you like when people. Do we really heckles you anymore, when they are always like the drunk that like well your job of no you're right now get down on weird. It's me It's me in the bag Sometimes people talk, you know, but there just so. I can tell the difference if they're dislike they from the wall is broken down and unjust. Just reacting say: I've always had that. problem where people like sometimes I'll, look at one person in the crowd for downloading I like it end up on him and it's on point like why you what's happening
You're freaking me out. Are you Our people answer me like you in convert. I guess, if we're having a conversation which is not hostile, but if I feel bad energy like it or if somebody's? talking to somebody else. I mean I don't what my tactic now is to to be really hostile and horrible to them immediately. I kind of do this thing where it's sort of like. Oh I'm, sorry, I meant to say, could you please quiet down what came out? You know that guy seated alone, I don't know what I just said as I'm sorry wiser, lady crying and leaving a couple, my god I just couldn't get a me. You do real sense, but it's like I found. I just found it so weird that, because it was like ever, there is inimical. What club? always the junk either go take a job of, and I were, milk will want him in a dress because all cannot you peace and then I'm just to mass and by the only way, to get them to.
quiet was like well now I couldn't just say one thing and move on road from that person like now out of my six minutes that cause I'm just starting and got a baby. So I have to do four minutes and I have to annihilate you in a way that I don't want to do this, but if I don't truly embarrass you to your core, where no we are going to move forward. Then I can't move forward and then right after that, so now you finally shut up and has to be like hey. Craziest thing have an immediate. I think there's no reason to flip that sweaty area, as far as I can you can't you just levels, one guy. He asked to see your friends hate you crazy, crazy, an airplane like no We just saw your true colors in a march the monster we through it What did you do? Do you believe you have your angry in there or were, I think I was you know. I had more
goes way more likely up until, like you know, through my early twenties, to get like just like I'm irritated in like things are going. Are you working like fifteen jobs here, you're, just like tired mad, then, like you have life's a jedi air yeah, I'm twenty three, see, I should be rolled. The alleys should all be going. My way, you know, when did you finish college? No, I've got so much to offer. Are you gazing, didn't do that now If I'm going out a lot after my four shifts at work, and then I don't feel good the mornings but other than that yeah I'm hung up I hate my job, that's my myra wars I make every night I spend more than I made that day continuously so, okay, so after you went to college for a little while I did I wouldn't like a year and a half wish
southern illinois. when you were in your Robert smith, susie these where you preserve a involved. Yes, like that my main thing in college. I was like when booking bands now are you booked bands for at this, like local pizza a letter you have is like, if I would have put out for of that energy into like classes, I would have been so when you let that drift to you weren't doing this work and I wanted to go to new york ray and my parents are like. You kill yourself in new york and I was a witch a totally would have killed myself on purpose I just like going out tomb? I mean I was just like mom I want to be. The city have been on a farm and they just wanted to be in the city and were you bringing real bands in now, I'm just bringing bringing in like my friends, oh so so it was like it was like
he's you know, so it's just that we're booking like everyone to us and we like so and so from ST louis and we're like woo the city for you sorted involve with their whatever the rural punk roger was reactor working hours in going out where, where is the low grade beer coming from, and what are we doing after everything closes? It was just site so far and I do not like this is what it's about my I could he had a class area, to have liquor stores get old people to buy liquor. Did you we would say in Christian. Are most developed fred and we all thought she looked the old as we would just whore her out to shear fake. I do now. She was just go wept ivory, we're like she's pretty. and she's. Very large asked me like go get us. Some beer and it worked. Yeah yeah go drive around. I knew
It's like the were like what are you thinking and also some kid came up to me in a liquor store, and I always about that. I was I'd, be like no, I always what are you doing where those people? I always think about that, but you never went to somebody that youth mean you went to like this sleazy as person. whaley hairs at a moment like, I think what happened, in people if they hate themselves enough? It's sort of, like I remember, being a kid not going to help 'em up and give a six a heineken What do you think that was then later you poor son of a bitch oh yeah me yeah, maybe like navy, I mean I don't know what else would be big, but for some reason it seems like before so like it didn't. Drinking and driving was the popular. It was not an issue we got pulled over in my friends huge station wagon, like I'm, going
crazy what he s big old once when I was in high school in there were seven of us in the back like the wagon party, and there were just there were just beer cans everywhere and like we were going somewhere and the cops pulled us over, he did the light thing to the were whom she was actually not drinking. I went back looked in the black sea and then looked in the back x, seven girls radwan around back. There were like a hundred beers. So you have a good night I think about that. All the time I was like in waterworld. get us out of the car we all were like you know. Sixteen heads world, where his body probably but you beer It's where he wasn't in his uniform were like excuse me, sir, were you driving around in the in the sticks, though cause the sticks? different rules just have different rules. No. This was like in the in the big city of joliet illinois, where the prisoners sure sure
to be showing here we were dry by states fell, so alright, so you go to college for a year and a half and just what what happens? It was like I dunno. What I'm doing I wanted to like. Yes, also F, I t plant the area go further with the hair. did you I was like going into fashion because I took you know. I took clothing and textile classes at school. And I want to make closure other like we're, gonna make pat holders I was like. I don't want a home at class. They gonna make a suit. I want to make this and mike I've been scaliger knew how to make a suit There is an area where concerned with pot potholes yours, that's what I said. I think this is the line I was like. This is lame. This isn't what a fashionable eyes eddic. I know how to make clothing visa issues than these should make a very good pot holder, oh my response, or that they might never showing up here again for the
the different denominations, what it felt like it felt like. I don't really want to college and I thought we're gonna be like discuss things in doing really create This is the same crap from high school or it's just a that demonstrates air being like, and I was like a pie holder, and that was that for that that that was the end of the fashion dream, no eyes clothes on my own and for a while on quota of for a while, I was gonna make gum. I started meeting with drag queens cause. I was gonna make them. Yeah strove doing ends and suffers wearing. Should our gun nope, southern illinois right. So what what city? That's? Carbondale, ok so was wizard and of not of a dried cream resource yeah. How there really was the good debt. There was some good show here and you in doing the I'd never ended up. Doing like? I remember like meeting with a bunch of people like that make up a reminder like didn't, want one actually pay enough for it.
You make your own clothes Sometimes we make my own, but I would always alter like changed off like I'd get something I'd be like. I should rip that in half and then do that, like I loved monkeying with stuff, liner. So much and Aids, like white stage, make up ruling for true kabuki and then just you like black mascara, my eyebrows and, like you know like portraying like put regretting I was over my eyes and then, of course, if somebody looked be like what are you looking right sure you'll get a mistake. Do you look back on that? how do you feel about that girl now bored and I think it was pretty funny, like I remember just doing certain things and being like that's crazy let me make one more when I shaved I came home from, I would spend the night.
Downtown chicago with like a friend that had already gone to college, and I came home and I had my head wrapped and I had shaved. I'd say an inch half of my hair line here like bald, and I put I'd continued the white kabuki makeup oh, my god, my skull and may situate came home. Marshy goes anybody to stop her, and I thought it was a look. My head looks malformed and I just that, was the funniest thing and I saw it. Ass, my had they thought a shave. The whole thing like. Finally, the scarf came up, but it was more bizarre. my hair lonely inches thick an inch and a half which I'll tell you what you get this curve in with make up than its a real head turner, yeah people are like what's wrong with her head and I'd be like. It looks crazy right, Bother me at all. I just thought it was the for some reason: I thought it was really really funny to just do things that were like
so unappealing and like so weird looking, but I was like I dunno. I was fascinated with like what you could do and what did you did you? Would your parents they're, like, oh, my god, missy what is well you're, making choices that I was like. I know, look at it from profile really looks like I've had a head injury. They were like yeah, he a year earlier. I was I kind of preppy and, like I was a cheer leader, and I did tennis or student council and then the next year, as I should probably just circle, downtown chicago tat. It was like a pretty said. The switch nothing will, I think. That's right right, that's when you're supposed to get bored, but you were mean to your parents, you weren't, like fuck, you or anything I was in gr from like sixteen to eighteen. I was a bit of a dick and I dont know why in it when it started really at suddenly and it went off really suddenly, like I remember going off and being like high got an idea,
there was also sorivellos who years alone, because they're super nice there super supportive and I just suddenly was like drop me off down the street. I don't want anyone to know that, like I'm, not driving myself, and that was a kid fifteen she was like when none of you are driving. Nobody, none of your friends, have your license. Like you, don't get it and then walk by all my friends, cars and a big heinous corner like I had no problem and I'd say a load all their mama, but suddenly it was like that really cliche thing of like I was just suddenly like. So I just wanted to be older here and right inside just acted out, and I was like so I was such a jerk to them and I I still to this day sometimes like. I am sorry about that couple of years. Now, though, is languages belligerent making? Yet I want to stay out there like you're, not coming home two in the morning, you this year, six,
in years old and I was like this is crazy and he's like not crazy that you want it first. Well, you shouldn't be downtown chicago exec. I moved to a farm to keep my children out of chicago and I can't keep you from going to Chicago and that's where you'd go yeah, and what you do in Chicago. We go to we'd, go to clubs and we'd go to lake. There was like a juice bar called medusas that was eighteen or under, but it was like a full club or eighteen and under as a matter of general or you can go on, are no more than I wasn't yeah, but it was like it felt like a real club and then with you now eventually get ideas and we'd sneak into like the metro and right. You got her invalid yeah here and there, but it's like we just wondered laid down. And we would drink. But the main thing I was like they're all going to like Tom's house, like we ve been doing since freshman year and having the same party. I was like we heard downtown chicago listening to lake, unbelievable music and, like I,
not surrounded by the same fourteen people. It was just like the most exciting thing will that you did that seriously. we have to do that. You've got to want to get out. I wanted to get out. I was in new mexico and arizona. I wanted nothing. Where did you go like what was your get out while in new mexico you got your driver's license and fifteen so and then, like? I got a job by the university, so I was engaging with freak people like older weirdos and like like the guy who worked at the record, store next door to me and all this weird music and then there is a whole art scene. There is a light. Yet new mexican unit university of new mexico had like. There was a lot of artists there, so I sort of hold hanging out with like weird parties when everybody was older than you yeah. I remember bringing one of my my townie buddies to. One of these college parties were through all these freaks, like you know like there is like a box which theme it was a weird art that I and I remember, might vary. We walk in and he was like what the fuck. Now he knows your college
what the fuck is? This is the goal just lay tax. So there was one of those guys. It wasn't like a whole gay thing, but there is a guy who I knew from the record story at a band that only play twice a year and wore surgical suits and they broke a fiesta, and it was. You knows, complicated right leg. Once you see that even as a oh. It's still just like, what's kind of hard to go back to like someone's parents basement, it is Well, yeah after you see sure cause there's a world out there. Yeah then I don't understand at all. No, and I want to be part of it. Yeah forgot say so When do you get out? When do you? When did you I believe, as I you again, go to like be funny, I wonder how is it formed? What clicked in your brain that realize you like? I can make my own clothes. I move to vegas school was not working out for me. My sister was in boulder colorado and I was
yes guess I'll go visit and I stay there, for I don't know not full year, but I had one of my best friends who is in new york came out to visit music. What are you doing, here in boulder yeah. We just like working. I work at a farmers market and I was trying to get this shoe. There was an actual like a shoe cobbler that I kept trying to talk note like teach me how to make shoes that wasn't working out and he's like. No, what are you doing here, like. What are you? Why are you in boulder colorado, like I don't know I usually you should come to you inevitable. I want to come to new york, but I have like, I think I had like thirty five dollars and he's like just get a ticket, and move in with me as if that were who was a person brine outwood who saved you, one of my closest friends from high school, and I moved in with him, because when I got to new york like after the like riding it had like you know, then I have like nine doll,
It's left for my big move and he was staying on someone's couch. He didn't really even have to know so. I came with all of these bags and this girl was like what my I mirror brian's advice, she's like he doesn't on my couch and like who I boy, like I don't have enough money to go. I can't go anywhere. I have no money, says girl, You twenty here she's just you so mad at me, and I was like I do is weird, but I'm literally cannot go anywhere else and we stay there for, like you know, until we got our own apartment, I was like, oh my god, which is never thought too mentioned by the way. I don't really like the boys. I don't live there but come on out. curious about the cobbler. What was our relationship cause? Why add me I was like trying to like. I was drawing bags for her and I was trying to get her labels and I just went into like I said I'll just help you do whatever you need. Dahlia, if you teach me how to make shoes could serve like do it. I'm lass into though- and I was like that- would be a man
Did you make any shoes now just putting it off, but I think I cleaned or place a lot dream, never manage to dream, never manifested by where her floors clean. Your york, no money, you didn't you do you're doing jobs like I'm trying to figure out the first. I moved him sobriety I went to and we went to a grocery store and he picked up a village voice and he said you're going to do stand up tomorrow. and it was the sec that was the first night is so he knew you were funny and you had. No, you are not discuss that or anything we had always done this income. Miss. Why are, and that was ike cut of an altar ego, and we would always make up these story here when we are all like I'd. Tell stride, tell cadillac long, where'd story and he's like you have to do it. You have to do it. I really talked about doing it. It was just like a thing we did goofing around and he's like you're going to do stand up tomorrow and being twenty. I was like alright
didn't think about it. Write anything just got up. We're in a stand up. New york was the first place my favorite place with a duplex. Oh yeah, I love that yeah, but stanhope new york was yeah. That was a weird number and you know, especially when you're you're doing an open room weird thin room in that stayed with continental india, everybody's rooting against everybody, which, as I called you dude, I didn't do terribly cushy. They got to come back, but I surely, if you, what? If I'm sure if I watch it now, it would be like the happiest hack staff. Here I didn't walk in with stand up. How long do you do it? I did it probably only six months and then I I just didn't, like the heckling stuff, I couldn't get past. Take your tapa yeah. Take your top of the anna was just bored with it. I was like, oh god, it sounds
different line here and I was like- were anna dress kindly to drag queen like I'd. Go with wigs and, like I was pretty exaggerate, looking really really didn't hide myself. Well enough, I'm not! I didn't t sexual enough like why. What I have to dress, as just I just got tired of it. So I was like maybe maybe I'll just go and do like something else restarted an acting class and then I never went back to it now to chicken. Oh now I find a terrifying will. yeah. I guess so. Okay, yeah I mean that makes sense without which acting class did you just did you stay in that I did. I did it for two years, which one michael harney, who is he's, an amazing after he was on true detective. He was an orange that he's the one I urge- and he was. It was a very serious class as a two year program.
What was it where? What school like it was his acting is acting school on. We are Meisner trained yeah and like no business talk, he's like I don't wanna see headshots, I don't want to talk. I don't wanna be talking about audition. Yeah come in here and learn to act and keep all that Caesar, meissner, sort of like a listening, and yet you have later, and I you have a blue shirt, I've a butcher, I have blue short lives is assured and it went on for some reason I was like this is the greatest thing ever. This is pretty good. It locks you into something. It totally. Does I loved it in it like? I did totally made sense in my head that it wasn't about the words as as much as it was like what you were. I think it's a perfect example of it doesn't matter what you're saying yeah yeah so I get like present yeah wow, so you did that for two years and then you got an agent. No, I couldn't figure that part out I just kept putting on plays I'm like one act, things with other people where I would get it together.
in new york here, some random room and we the goal, is to make enough money. If we could like break even right. Then we could like go to the next one to break even on that They were they comedies. No, all dramatic stuff? How did that? I did a lot of? Have the wheels come off and then I move. I finally moved to l a because I was like I dunno how to get an agent, and I never went leave new york, but I moved out here and moved in with a friend who, let me move into a studio. It was very nice and- and my sister had sent me something ripped out of a magazine the ground- like la federal, be amazing. I didn't know I've never been here before wait. You say he just did that on a whim too. He just came out here. Yeah and again I was completely broke, but I knew like it wasn't. I was doing plays all the time, but I was like I don't know how to make this I don't know sure it make any. I think we're heading of what words get someone show me. The portal yapping
it was like. I just I don't get it for you. You breaking arnie said no headshot like we're. Not gonna learn about business when nobody that is, I am you which is actually like. It was kind of great because that never entered into area wasn't part. Like who's doing what? remember like that. What was it like the toys are, there is a toy thing. Happen happened once a year toy, it right or you governing toy. You know it was like the toy fair near and all these, like. All these huge companies came in here like that's, where people started getting jobs and it was a toy, fair it was like I'm playing barbie simply really like girls, that they'd cast whoever you're playing at that was supposed to be like really money. I could never. I was like. Oh my god, I can't even get I can't even get. Am a rubik's cube, I was just nothing and then was a real like it was that point in the year where everybody was like yeah, I m barbie.
Really that was like I'm still nannying and working her shifts in new york and in l, a yeah yeah, that's a that's a nice gig. It was real, I loved it. I loved it. I loved the kids the family being other people's houses. Yeah I got a nicer house, I was like if so nicely they moved in with a really lovely family- and I was like I have my own bathroom like in new york. I was I felt like I was like. Oh my god, I have like a benefactor. This was like the greatest just the room is so small. I was like it's mine. I'd been living on like a floor. How long do you have there with them? I live with. Them couple of years. Wow yeah and went from there to l, but I was like well was crushed. Leaving was really close Yeah. What do you have because you had to follow the dream I Stu? I need to do something different. I was like I'm not figuring it out here. The eye
with that's funny, because I know you prior notice, like I notice I didn't, I didn't. I just assume that it would all just fall into place without having any knowledge of it whatsoever. If I just showed up at the place, yes actually working so hard, I, like somebody, does dont these people come and see No idea. Now, in the end, they realize you after you ve, been out here a while that that story, is just to a world of people. oh that are like whence it I think, I'm doing monologues in my bedroom. I dont see waits network and put him on. I put him on line, but but it's like it's hard to crack the code I didn't really is, and people are resistant to somebody new in and you don't know what managers or are good or what agents are good sometimes you up? you come out here and you go to groundlings. That's where you learned. I probably I think of think of that, like my college
it's. Where I learned you took the class, took classes and eventually got in sunday company and then eventually got in. I was there for twelve or thirteen years before you did anything I started doing a show during the time there here, but You know up until I wasn't work. Certainly wasn't, I'm very much like I still had. I always had like two like a couple jobs in sunday company when who is your? Who is your crew? It was Kristen Wiig, Annie, Malone, maya, rudolph, Jim rash, nat faxon, like a really kind of crazy and russia just saw his movie on the plane. Oh you dare the way way, better, isn't good! Yet nice, yes, lovely yeah, yeah yeah it's so we had kind of a crazy group. Like I remember my a show and we were all like, but we also were all kind of inner. She just see magic. She seems man
Well, she still seems magical, but nowhere really well at the time we were just like. Of course, she did yeah cause she's amazing and then like left, that show to go. Do snl more like what you're leaving one show to do. Like it just was like crazy. You knew once you're growling for a little while that that was possible. There was He came by and I felt like I found also don't think I would have stayed in la with without groundlings. I think I just needed to find other. It was like you literally found or other like and what you earned range people yeah. Well, I mean like what what how did cause you have like the We have a style about you and I think that it seems that, like people who work in scale You have the freedom to improvise and create carrot but you do. I think you seem to figure out at the time what is funny about you. I think you at least learn that let what's funny to you and all you could do- is that yeah cause? If you don't think it's funny, it's like if I truly think something's not funny, I'm like
can't pull that off right but like, but when you're onstage in a alive situation, you start to realize I'm going to do this thing now joam garral laugh in the adjust mirage to me. The most addicting thank the adjustment of the adjustment of if its working or, if its, not working here, and if you alter something and you catch him, then I'm like, oh my god, like the second I've, felt that in its also, I felt it the other way, but he transfer my eu. They they are not enjoying what I'm dishing out right now and I think that maybe teaches you more than anything a ba like when we all get together and think it's the bombs. We talk about, mozilla. Remember that great seen its like member, when you were so embarrassed like remember when people hated you got some stage in like verbally hated you like now
yeah, remember quite a few of those finding that and they think just being like. If I never worked, I was like I've found where I should be orientated. I don't care I'll I'll, keep doing other jobs and just keep. Witness, but when when, when you think when you say like the adjustment like that seems to be like a tool of some kind like like you know like like when you did like more girls. It was not the most extreme character by Ian but had to be he had to be there. Body yeah show up, but it wasn't like over the top. No, so how will work out? Are you construct a regular character like that? I think it still like from care. I mean I still think you have to. I always feel a catch, a lake, my character and if even if their terribly five in even if they seem like Mr Santer, I had a mike, but you know what they mean like their intent, like a kind of
I was written to like you know when it's written when it's there you're like oh okay, it was written to be done word for word. That said, there was absolutely no. There is no looseness to that and that didn't real style. How did you get that gig and Alex bore? If was wizard, she actually got it first and then I think she we get out of her mad tv contract ha and so they route to. I know I was like oh so she's working now geezer. I can now she's good everybody she's, just she's on the the miss may same same creator as Gilmore yeah, yeah and she's guess what
we're, going to make an ideal play when I was like Alex is really funny, but she she couldn't do it and then they saw of these people, and that was like that was the. For I mean I got that job and I think I was twenty nine and I was about to be thirty the next week and I thought alright, it's been a solid ten, ten years of like gray I didn't get and I was like you will just stay in production. I was like a production coordinator and oh so that's what it's like at that point I was, and I was like. If I don't get something by the time, I'm thirty, week. I wouldn't tell him myself this really six months. I don't don't chase it. If its outline to you- and I was like I like doing production at thirty year- you're gonna just go for that year and then I got Gilmore one like a week away from being it's weird you probably could have been right with reduction. I I still was there's.
activity in it and making something and went run running around like I'll get it. Why? My selecting cases of water but gilbert That was a great run, crazy cuz that went seven hundred and seven years, Eight years and years. They watch you compulsively, maybe I'm just talking about the one weird girl I went out with no theirs whole people really there, like a girl that my moment I watch it like a lotta story, that it's the only time my mom I talk during like that stage it's like it's! That's what they tell you. yeah yeah. It really was oh geez. It really brought people together. I dated a woman who would it would it was like her medication. She really he would watch repeats of the girl Margaret it was it was it gotta will agree, but over time it didn't work out,
I was one of the way she treated herself like I'd, come home and she'd be in it and I'd be like how many times have you seen this episode? I can't even count anymore, I'm like okay, go in the other room and got to the garage, but as a testament, to to the work it did help her. That's what I'm saying there is sure, that's what you mean so but so so that was that was like seven years yeah and that's all. You did Do we still do in the groundlings during the tire our regional? I was so too. I did the groundlings. The whole time and movies ice did a couple liked. The tiny little you're? Just so I funny moments. Yeah, just couple aligns lines here and there in the forty one with the two eyes. Yes yeah, that was probably going to be what are you fellows doing the crazy neighbor?
You were known from the gilmore girls, but you didn't it wasn't like you didn't break out right now. It was wonderful, steady work right engine yeah yeah and then what and then weigh what happens. So you have to that's a long time too long time. need another little. She a little show called as I am sam sam, oh no mt the who I would like the first named here: surrender who, which is really fun in pay, didn't lasted in survive. That writer strike right and then really liked. The first thing where I was like I felt like, which was probably wise, thought I thought for sure wasn't going to get it is, was bridesmaids yeah and that was before mike and molly? I feel like I did that the summer before I started MIKE and molly okay bridesmaids. So as a great right before it. I think I was started on making molly before it even aired, and I mean my bridesmaids hadn't come out
and bridesmaids was like huge and- and it was so strange cuz. Those were all my friends groundlings will wait. Are? Is anybody going to see that like? Is this just funny? ask. That's what were they puffy paul feed and you did it and where's wendy in that she was in the groundlings with you yeah we were all in the company. Together we were making a movie we're like, and what the hell, That was so smart. As you all know how to work with each other right here rose rose is really one? We didn't know that took like thirteen minutes before we were all like she's great I mean it was just like right it was gotta character. Morally and it was she's like a trip she's at She really is, I got the feeling that she was still on the fence about you and whether she should be working the hotel still. If she sounds like Goldberg, yeah, she's kind of
totally. I think she still lives down by her parents. She does I don't want to move in Dallas, oh god, no, ah, I know, and she has an amazing amount of like and jellies and she's always got some kind of like a million are like wonderful, like hand, hand cleanser in hen, I'm always like what do you have like a pharmacy in there change everything, the bridesmaids you got it didn't you, you got oscar nomination for downright crazy. That's exciting nuts yeah had not. and then, but then the movie career starts and then the mike and molly go. It never stops Never you I every day is carried. He is every day come,
be like well, they let me on the lot again I dunno what's going on in his fifties car I was like he's like that, like I feel like we met, and I literally was like, I think I just met. Who is supposed to be my brother here. Like I loved a love, So much do you know he's just bigger than life? guys, were you guys hit it off right away and away that whole group did. That was like. Dreamy cast were now and that shadow was on fire. seven or eight years or seven, six or seven, here's a hint to those who are like will like Gilmore girls, you did enough. Did you did you? Did the new one too right, did I went in for a day I'll and then in that, but indication crazy right. So you were good. Raising it's cure all set everything occasion for the actors doesn't always
so mindsets right, but with when it's a hundred and twenty episodes yeah. I'm you tell me where I also know your backing lady three hours and then you're getting down to lady Eddie nine cent stolen in the bank, though not yet be. Yes, when they're really that my husband vendetta thing where, when and when you, it's something under like fifty censier. He always signs that over to a friend, unlaced makes it a kind of slides across the table. We would like a really creepy wink sure get yourself a cash it like. Then they all everybody, does it back and forth. If it's like super low, it gets signed over game yeah. When did you meet ben technically, I met him at groundlings like arv. I want to see second round like first day of class. We sat next to each other, so he goes. But then weirdly I went to southern illinois university and he grew up in carbondale. So that was the connection and cause. I said I went ass. I you kind of nobody's, heard a carbon dale and it went around the room and he's like thanks, I'm from
carbondale. Oh sorry, If you say no, you remember me. I had my head shaved. I have to once we became really good for like a week or two in he said. Oh my god, I knew who you are. I know who you were, and I said now. You wouldn't recognize me because I was afraid of you, I said. Oh those me that was me as we were at a party together, give any He was in high school because he's three years younger he goes. I was friends with a bunch of the gothic girls in highschool that, like always, would try to go to like one of the parties, because we were at a party together cause you had the most gac on a really and he goes. He was a probably full length, cape something settle the areas you remember yes, I, like ten years before we met really. We were at a party I smiled and southern illinois and as weird crazy, and and how long did you did you date before you got married like six years or so wow, awhile
Did you ever dish for snl? No, never happened every time they would come like one student groundlings, they would, as would always come to groundlings like once or twice a year, and I did almost every show and I swear to god for like the thirteen years. I was there It was like I took one show off here. Like a lesson. I came as a catholic jam. are kidding me with every at the time they were like. We never sat like how just the odds of it. How did we not see you or mike I'm telling you in a year? I would not make one show and it would be the one time you were there wild. I mean not that I would have gotten it, but it was just like it was heartbreaking. Like the timing of it was a crushing, at the time sure yeah, it's the worst like you just to like. How did that happen to me just built it built the engine yeah it felt
the disappointment and re ash just that nobody by those date is so much more exciting to go back the way you went back, you hosted a calming times. I've hosted lifetimes now. it's great in the thing thing you can just show up and be reimbursed, billion. True man, I am your minds, screaming and running around when a podium in new york city, is Such a relief for everybody jeez happened when you know, I guess it's it's it. We ve all got numbed, scaring us of it all, but Jesus at that moment you did that we're like. I think it was. It's just like. I just remember when they Kent sublette, who is also another friend from groundlings he was his will. They had writers are now, and I was there shooting somebody like you think you could come in and do you have any interest in playing spicer? I was like what how am I going to do
spice her sake. I don't do when. Personally I get it. I don't know how to do that, and I was like it's just I don't know if I want to get into that right. It was just seem so many times into yeah. That was a gold impossible. How am I gonna become spacer that special vexed guys, I'm not that hard. As he's extending it. I mean we can make you a man in like thirteen minutes. I was like oh at least say it'll be harder than you think it's going to be pretty easy yeah and then you did it. a bunch of times. I did it a bunch yeah and what was going on like her. that moment where he came out. They brought him at the academy award. It was like. Why did what were they? These strange no because they write to you, which I didn't know amber where I was just like? I just didn't know what was I was like. Why are you here yeah? I couldn't figure that out. I was like you're, not a sidekick to me. I am still waiting for you to like holiday.
the country yeah, as they all young kids, a move right until ache, and we you were you once you were in the audience, are worrying, but like did you interact with that guy now now I had no interest, but you got you they. They claim that you helped him lose his job, which is fine anyway. Better than hang out yeah yeah they. I think you do you now you get into that stuff. I was like a truly like you can't move on with at least with mere so many people think we need a hard core apology or I give to full may a copper for that stuff they wouldn't even be enough that guy was either there's. Those people are deficit of something but like yours characterization of him was just so relieving and funny and dislike. You know it was somehow or another. We just irregular
it you're like yeah. He probably is like that. That's what he said. Well it it's funny. I had been really busy for like three days and I had. read anything I was like. I haven't seen a paper have done it after you didn't know out of between one of them they called and they sent a script, and I was, I think it was still in new york, and I said you know, I said I think what you vote we've you guys have done so well as always used real stuff like what I'm saying is quotes, which I think is why it works so much ass. I was like I never want to go mean I dont want to just take a stab at rather use. It used their own work. so you owe you definitely did I mean I didn't rubber it was like that was a part of. I was like, I think, to keep it funny, use her own words against them. If we start just making fun of them
Then we lose it it'll. Look it up when it gets nasty right that- and I said you know so if we can take out this thing, where he's hiding in the bushes and kent was like what is it we'll just I mean it's funny, but it's like now. We like, if we go crazy, then everybody's crazy. What hole have you been in? I was like I haven't looked at the paper in three days like I'm in a complete vacuum, it's true, he hid in the bushes, and I was like I'll be right. It is, I am literally hailing a cab as rich as, as we speak, just jump out a window and I landed on top of the cab. I really like by felt like my brain cracked and have but the I thought you were great and St Vincent that thing and working with him must been just a fucking amazing experience. surreal and lovely, and also I was like yours
Lastly, what is it I was? I dont know even as it was a person he's one of the most fascinating, like he's just he's on a different timing right and there's a like such a non bullshit thing. If I he has, Doesn't choose to use a filter in any way in terms of like acting wise as a person he justice like when it's when he's having fun he's having fun when he's giving an opinion, it's a real a bit like there's just something about him that I can't say I've ever met. Anyone like bell here and he's just so good luck when he's doing stuff. I just think I'd like there's no push, yeah there's, no push it all and I was like I had a. I had a coolant. If I push on this one on murder, myself cuz, you were
I think when you're with somebody so good you just like. Oh god, don't don't be the don't be that one that's like if they just what down so downside like, I really had to be like don't geek out like when I get an area and try to hired boy was mallet. Lady said this about someone else too, that the pushing things or do you do you do I know that you have a propensity to push. I don't I feel like I don't push as much as when I really love my character. I can get really like. I just feel so strongly for them that if it's like, if it's an injustice or whatever it is, it's like I feel like sometimes it's just like you can't always play it to tell, even though, unlike in my heart, I feel like you have wronged her or I love whatever it is. It's like. I just feel like
I love them so much that it's weirdly almost like me defending their right and I'm always like chest. He can't everything can't be a crusade. so is, was like something that I swam the ball every time the cat, oh It's the same! Damn thing I don't have. I don't have a great gray area. It's you know it's right to well, it's it's! It's fun! because, like that, like I was talking to my producer about it, is that, like you're one of those people now for me, like will ferrell you know it, who, I think, has almost a similar trajectory that, like you know, the guys did a lot of stuff and then all of a sudden something, but I'll go see whatever you're in because I'll I'll wait for you to do the thing Oh just the guy go like there's just moments where you know you'll disagree. Why there's if you have a way of being funny that is so kind.
stan and so unique there. didn't you know when you do it, it's it just when you pop, when you like some you don't do it all the movies and I'm not trying to arrange a whole year right, but you are like, as a comic performer, you have very you know, had been very funny very easily, which is a rare thing. Thinks I'm saying a good thing. I just hate you with a tennis ball. You're smart, feel we are here israeli, but you know what I mean like certain can just certain characters. It's like if I can dig my teeth in I'm, going to I'm going to break my teeth or like I'm, going to go. Or like their site. That's what I mean. There's all memory leader for issues or anyone get me know when you either. I can write them, which is a dot
yeah or when someone writes it for you and you're like that. Is the juiciest part in your you know you have, I just feel like you have to go for it. You have to I dunno. I always just think like. I can't be afraid I'll do lesser versions, but I always think I'll give you the one that's like to the moon just because he has to at least give it a swing votes. It's so funny, though, cause like I talked to her. Once and he doesn't give you nothing. When he's he'll just talk straight benign and it's almost like he goes out of his way to die And he's one really like he'll just might flat. You know it's good, he's having a nice conversation, but you know if you, if you're has you just sit there going? Why is it? Could it could happen at any? Second, it's good because there's also something like when he's, even when he's talking seriously that you like
bill Hader to me is, and I feel like bill must think, I'm the strangest human being because he could be talking about like upon my cat. Now you think you could be something. Is it oh terrible and I literally might easily no mike That's really like. I have there's just certain people in like there's just certain people it's like I'm like. I can't. I don't think I've ever had a normal conversation. am I leaving my god pills, god. I think I'm just nuts. Well like he was just having a nice car. He was just being nice emerged having a normal car station and I couldn't I get more nervous because I know how much I laugh around certain people rather than then it's like I it's a church, weird church laughingly like now, I'm just like us.
Like tears are coming down and they're, just like think we're saying anything funny What have you is another one of those guys is like bill Murray. He does operated in different zones totally yeah. Well, you gotta go. I don't agree and other thing near now, will you I don't know it's after the algae well good job on the movie, I'm going into your house to hang out. Okay, I've been here working on this each in their later and like there is great aachen- is really gate. Tat You and I love you. I love you at the show of your uncle out it out its that's it. That's an awesome shouts you wanna do apart showed drug on my marred, who do I find the alcove I'll fight you you shit, then I fight you, they'll be great, haven't fight yet I've, maybe if we do not see just say, are bringing unevenly also just drop I'll, say no more threatened throat People really fighting I wonder if they could ride around that and then they're going to be a quick march,
the job and not part of the production anew at you. Ok, this is great That was fun. I love her. Who doesn't love her? How can you not love her her new movie life of the party? windsor in theaters tomorrow, music is forthcoming, will will do it will do when I get back. I got this classical guitar. It seems when I move around in this room. The mike becomes an antenna of some kind that picks up radio stations. So I'm just going to stay here in the corner where I'm crouched and- and you know everything's? Ok boomer lives
and the one
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