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Episode 916 - Mary Steenburgen

2018-05-16 | 🔗
Mary Steenburgen started out pretty far away from Hollywood, as a young girl in Little Rock, Arkansas, growing up during the era of school desegregation. She fortified herself in that environment before heading out to become an actor, working directly with legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner and getting her big break thanks to Jack Nicholson. Mary and Marc also talk about parenting, fame, divorce, re-marriage, and the close friendship she has formed with the co-stars of her new movie, Book Club.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck a delicate what's happening? I mark marin. This is my pod gas wmd up, I'm broadcasting from hotel room chair with a towel on it Please put a towel on it in my underwear, with my socks still on. That's all I'm wearing I'm in a hotel. In birmingham alabama looking at lightning striking a few I was away out my window rain, starting to trickle down it was an amazing cloudburst. Today just came and it started, and then a kind of move through its been nice and amp in hot. What I am saying nice humidity is not my friend is your friend: hey, the world is burning a did. You know that it's burning from the inside and the outside eyes burning because of the
and because of it it's exciting times. Folks- and all I know is that I'm here slow down here and things just plod along and the lightning striking and there's not a lot of traffic. And today I ate some food at a saws soul, kid For some reason I've been trying to eat better because I but not in the way. I thought something called the smoke chicken and greens chicken in green, staying away from the pork or chicken and greens that sounds half healthy could be all healthy. Then I got the plate. and what was on. The plate was a a nice pool of grits, and on top of that there is some green some. So instyle greens. On top of that was the smoked chicken with a white bar the sauce, and on top of that was just a a sort of a nice pie, with thin onion rings, yeah that was in healthy was just like eating at We're concerned people eat for their health, not so much It was fucking amazing and work
forward to taking my stat and later that our race, it right is now it stands afford to a race that I've been good. I deserved it. I deserve to be uncomfortable I deserve to not like myself, five minutes after I eat it, how you guys doing Okay, by you day, I should mention who's on the show today, because it was a lovely conversation, Mary steam virgin mary steam Jane is on the show as she's. he's quite amazing she's in a movie that starts tomorrow called book club with Jane fonda, candice bergen and Diane Keaton. That's tomorrow. It starts in a nice conversation about a lot of stuff going all through the life all through the the causes and store and the acting in the married to ted Danson today nothing, but nice things to say about her name they seem to really love each other, which is nice. Isn't that nice to really love people? Isn't it can you do it how you doing with that, I'm due my best. I
I am capable of it, though, not not great at it and that great at the receiving love or giving love I'm good at listening and talk. Emphatically and engaging with people in an honest way for about an hour or two, but one to the long term. Then I got a deal with, frost, I got to deal with defensiveness and I got to deal with the paranoia and fear of manipulation and fear of being a complete erased and steam rolled and then curious about my own? health, and who am? I really am I an actor Am I not an actor and I'm talking not professionally, I'm talking about real life. Have I just constructed a character for myself to move through the world and deep down inside am I am nothing but a small boy. Who I didn't quite realize himself- is that possible, but but anyways. I received a lot of nice feedback about what I told you. My experience was at the pisa. This memorial in the museum down in montgomery- and do I appreciate-
didn't I'm glad that that that that the people heard it in it and had an impact for them, and then they want to go in and visit those places, because it's it's pretty astounding. The whole thing was pretty downing. I got a few emails. I here a there got one email from a from a guy got an email from a a local here and on this subject line just as southerners take a national memorial for peace and justice mark. I was very happy to hear your comments about the national museum for justice and peace as an albanian I've struggle with my states, history and how we address it. Your heart felt the script and of the art at the memorial and what it signifies was a wonderful thing to hear, as I drove home in the human an evening having grown up in alabama I've been aware of the horrors you described for all of my adult life. I've experienced a little white guilt in quotes in my
a teens and early twenties. Our past was deplorable, but I take comfort in the fact that our present is full of friendship in marriages between the races, we ain't. So solved all our problems in this regard, but we done work and on it either boomer webs brian. That was a one of many emails, and you know I I can only talk about what opening. I can only talk about my feelings that you know him in real time and what I've experienced it gets. Weird I've been a bit disconnected from television I've watched television five days. I am sort of still compulsively looking at my phone I know what's going on. Much of it is terrifying. There's no one insight. I don't know what happened. Some of it seems good and then turns out. It's not great. It's just in a lot of it is speculative. I think it all seems speculative in end. We feel like we don't have a lot of control over stuff, so I ate a big plate of food today and just did my work and focused on the press
is that alright is that okay so Mary steenburgen, burgeon, brilliant actress, a very decent and sweet person. I enjoy talking to her her new movie but club with Jane fonda and candice bergen and Diane Keaton is in theaters tomorrow may 18th. This is me talking to Mary back at the the right, I don't have kids and I don't. I don't regret it is. I don't know how people do it. I don't know how you don't panic. at the time. Do you do? Of course, then you have grandchildren and just when your panic has sort of eased off- and you went- you go there- kind of figuring it out and grandchildren is like. Oh I'm too My dad used to have this
z muscle has had growing hand where there was a wooden. I remember my dad wooden one, how screen plastic handles and it was an eye and it's a term yet really dear ruin ones hard and it can really do very well. Then I like that one's it. That's that's hard yeah, that's super hard He just had just had just had one for a round the house, my debt avenue to was it a dad thing I knew call those those are squeezy exercise thing I guess hand, strength vendors in the thing but see if we can go right there. Oh that's great mike too yeah, but whatever you want so yeah. So your dad had that's a good start. He had strengthen hers. we're already deep stuff yeah. We really are dead hand exerciser yeah. We were sitting in the living room next to his chair, which was this laboratory
liner that no one could see him for my dad was zero. Like a lazy boy type, a suit, very much like a lazy poured out was, if I not, but not a brand, not that fancy I really am yeah. It was his special place in I was thinking about our house, the other day, which I know you grubber yeah, which I love and actually my sister and I still owner bruce yes, Some emotion related stunted entail. Let go if an, but I was thinking about how awareness it was that we had a phone and an extension or because our house was so small that if he went and you still The person talking rife linked that within a priori as the language. You walk down the hall
he could still hear. Em is evidently they have it at my house, like three tabs. Where is that house? It's in north little rock arkansas north little rock arkansas. That's you came from arkansas yeah many siblings. You have just the two of you yeah, I'm your user at near my parents. My pants lost three children, but but my sister and I are the survivors flights. watson, when, at what I had his sister that live twice, day and died, and then I had a brother that was still born and then than they had me and then they lost one we're trial than they are my sister and I think it sort of explained a lot about my life because literally I was treated like the miracle child of our time. I guess you can understand that
tragedy befall your phone, I mean was it that were you with their hospitals or whether it is bad luck. and it was. It was. Ah, oh, my god. This is what is sad way for me to start this energy. I don't know but yeah it it. You know it definitely had an impact. Family. I dont think I realise the impact of it until I was grown shirt and could kind of think about what it means to lose. One child and three right after go through all that and that he manage that. You know, I don't guess it's ever easy: and in it kind of also makes me understand why you know they were so they were amazing parents and your guess, partly it's because you know they were so grateful that
It had children. They'd worked so hard for, oh my god, it's so heavy yeah yeah and it, but it was just one of those things that was not talked about and just everyone knew it happened, and that was that was the we my sister, the older sister that live twelve days, suzanne she? Ah, it's actually a horrifying story, because she would she had a little something wrong with a heart and then she was in some type of. Hey rest. parade or machine thing in the room with my mother and it malfunctioned and it also wouldn't open my mother, so some my parents for years had people suggesting that a sou here you know and and
They would never have done that there was such as that would be such a sin to them to have made money somehow off of her death, and that was kind of the life I was raised with you know allied mean that its principle here I am, I know yet. I ve met people like I don't it's not. My instinct is to either yeah. I think it's something that people won t our sewers. They that's what they think immediately yeah yeah and people who are and are just sort of like now. I don't you know, there's no, no just yeah, and also why would I want to spend my life reliving this ever now? Oh, my god. Yes said the arab air. Slowly so now every single thing we're gonna talk of owning out for you or the ear, the oldest
so I'm the oldest dress at the oldest two who made it and and my sister is five and a half years younger than me, a school teacher, she's retired now, but schoolteacher in arkansas came to the aid huh yeah and I I came from a lot of teachers. My my mother taught some. My aunt was a teacher and then a principal, and she was a huge part of my life and and ah so that was the summers were spent in newport arkansas at gibbs gibbs. Wright elementary pretending. I was a teacher in in a classroom with chalk and black boy was seller jerry as the ira like
crazy, wonderful. While my aunt was in her office, though that's that's where he did, she bring you to work and you get to play yeah and, and it was like the whole school with my playground. So I love to it's so weird because I know it's one of those parts of the world where I have no sense of arkansas I'd, never stunning, it really so beautiful. It's such a physically beautiful state and for some reason it has a crazy why variety of trees life. So the items there are just everything you I love about new england autumn color- it's very much there in arkansas, because the ozarks yeah that I feel like I I feel like I've driven through the ozarks yeah, but I don't feel like. I spent any time there and it's I think it's in my brain. It gets catalogued in like kind of like back word southern. I know that's wrong in decent people have come from the idea, but I dont like I'd wouldn't know. Maybe I've
through a little rock, I don't know what it's like, culturally, I'm in no way. I dare you recollections good recollection, yeah they're all year. Why do enough? There are good. Now here I mean I met him, and so he now they're not our guide but but I was raised in a really interesting moment because I was starting grade school, just as central high was, I had been desegregated and soda the heroes who went to central high. You know I saw that all these images of them going to school and with the the national guard- and I was so young- because I was just starting all that in my brain, that's what
and you when you went to school like certainly insider escorted by show like it looks so scary and loud and people are screaming, and I do I went from the having bending decided to go to school to know I don't wanna go to school and then I think my parents realised the imagery that I was. Until now, so but then course I also realized. Oh, what's differ. About me in them right- a collar of our skin right and so ill. It was a really interesting time to be raised there because you'd, you really couldn't ignore race right, so you became you became one way or the other, you just had feelings one way or the other against said geisha or you are for segregated yeah or even just worse, basically, people with dark skin.
People with light skin. You either had a feeling that one was superior to the other or you didn't and end it. Partly. and did an who you know, and it was in a place where people couldn't think If you had the anchors or so in the national spotlight, that was a big deal, yeah wow, so yeah. How could you not for at least a decade or two? How could that not be, are the conversation about everything it was. It was you now. And then, when I was in seventh grade for the first time I went to school with african american kids, a hundred three of them and I I they were my teachers. They were definitely my teachers fellow students, yeah yeah, because first of all, they were handpicked by the black community to be blessed. Hearts, jelly emissaries and and to really
Oh, my god. What year was somewhat grazer on these three kid? What great oh really, yeah and I n one. Was this science genius, was the quarterback who was brilliant and then one but one girl who Karen malter out, who was in my class, who was beautiful and and wise beyond our years, an end so smart and you know they were the first people. I knew that I really got to know and the pressure on I was still on at that time. Then I mean everyone knew it or it was unlike guide it was it was. I mean it's hard for peace. Well now, when you talk about it to even understand how much pressure they were
or what segregation when it was in real what it really wasn't me. Obviously, people talk about your city in segregated now and that segregation institutionally still exists, which may be true but but back then or before that it was just the way it was blacks here, whites here that's at yeah at one plane and some years ago, and I was given an award that sinclair lewis award, which was really lovely to receive. But in trying to write a speech about it I kept thinking especially about karen and how utterly terrifying it must have been for her too. go to a school where she knew that most people didn't want her there and and and how scary it must have been for parents and everything else, and so, as I kept struggling when this speech, I finally just gave up- and I actor down and I called her and I said: can I
fly you out to come with me to an event, and I gave the award to her because I said this is wordpress com, because if, if I grew up to care about such things. An enormous part of? Why? Because you, You were my example of courage. You are one of my examples of some. Being in our being. I brave You find her what she still I saw you. I found her yeah She is a yeah. when did you do that? Oh my god. I think it was about well twelve years, which you just sort of natural, not heard from you at all. If you didn't know, we thought we'd occasion court. find out or seen each other oftener than for he was so muslin. So nice did you growth cry?
yeah, I mean I was I was hearing about. Well, it was, I realized at one point in trying to write it. I kept being compelled to write about her and then I thought this is so disingenuous that you're just writing about her when she's the one who did it and I and I realize that pretty much every thing I understood about social change in my life. I went back to her You know and those other two and those other two young men and but but she's the one I got to know the best So, in growing up with that, I mean I'm I'm, assuming that your family was on the right side of things Yes, my parents were my parents loved the kennedys.
I have a really vivid memory of the day that President Kennedy died. It was a weird experience because I was in fifth grade I almost never miss school and my parents were not, in a loud me to ms gall, and so I had to be really super sick to go and I remember waking up and just having such a weird feeling that I couldn't go to school that day- and I remember also that I've faked being sicker than I was because I knew my dad was going to be home that day my dad was a freight train conductor and so part of the time he was at the other end of the line and part of the time within the state, no, he went to poplar bluff missouri. That was his run from little rock to poplar bluff on a freight train. How far? I should
that, but I don't know, but it's it's it's. Like any day I just over the border of Missouri, so in a day, he'd make one or two runs: no, no just wanted. He gone he'd begun he he'd spend like today. Is at home and then he get a call in the middle of the night and we pack her, but he pack his grip as he called it, which is a little. Blather bag and we had shall be. My mother would put us in the car and we derive him to work at two in the morning three in the morning four in the morning, because my mother can leave us alone or me for alone in the house, and we I have one cars so when we couldn't be without the car, everybody can Baghdad. Everybody up, and so I saw my I saw that train yard it at two. Three a dot m. I saw I have this beautiful memory of my dad ding on a box car against the dawn sky.
Waving at me, a solid pulled away. So. Why was it in an emergency situation? Why didn't you have a regular schedule? Why was it this middle of the night chamberlain used to wear a red? I don't know what it's like now for their cell many changes because of computers, but that's how trainmen their call to come, but he worked every week. Yeah You never knew when you're going to were worth my dad had some health problems in my childhood, but when he could work here, that's how it worked ok. Oh the day, John Kennedy J John Kennedy died, I sent them was wrong. I dont know if it was just feeling something weird you do. How do you know anything else? There wasn't anything to have heard yet and and ngos school here and it was pouring pouring pouring ring like torrential rain, so much that the gutters across the street and backed up in the street it started to flood. We have
picture window at our house and remember just watching this, like torrent of rain and Department of water and power came to deal with the the gutters that were backed up in My dad put on like a rain slicker and ran out into the street to go help the men here and so they're all across the street and clearly the men and the I had a radio on and so just remember AL almost in slow motion watching the men run from the gutter That was overflowing over to the truck, including my dad and and put their heads in there, and I just remember my dad my dad body language that something I knew something terrible and huge had happened. You could just see it in his body.
And then he came running across the street and and ran you know, didn't even take the dripping. But ran to the phone in the kitchen and call my mom and that's how and out what had happened. Is he told her work that what was happening and it was like it was just so I saw it all whatever they showed on television. I did see real time, whatever they showed, because I was home site, just the most horrible worsen could could happen to to every the country for most people like No, I don't. I was two months old, but I might that feeling of of somebody who is so loved and so much hope was put in here, just right just taken out. I felt I felt like somebody like him could understand, even in spite of the fact of how he was raised money and all that I sort of felt under
did by him the as right, poor kid in arkansas did you or did you feel like you guys were poor Well, we wouldn't have. We would have been kind of solidly middle class, except for the fact that dad had multiple heart attacks during my childhood and he couldn't work for years at a time so a family of four lived on what a secretary for the school administration made. So that's what your mom did yeah. So you know until we could be old enough to work ourselves and you know help out it. Yeah. It was a challenge and he had heart condition. He said he had multiple heart attacks and throughout his wife yeah he got
when in nineteen eighty one he had a surgery and then he lived eleven more years in his heart. He didn't he didn't die of heart attack. He died of lung cancer from his chewing tobacco. Who, on cancer from the chewing d, on which a lot of people don't know, you can do what you can. You can gallon cancer from chinked that what was his brand Oh my god. I should remember to probably something like that ouch I can know it was in canada as a pad, so he had a wad and he wouldn't do it in front of us. He would go out in the backyard and tobacco stick a wad in his mouth yeah southern you know as southern guy It came in a pouch not in a little brick, I want you to remember the hand exercise require, member that you now. Why because I hated it and and because I knew it's dangerous to mail and also
Well, I heed he he was somehow ashamed of it, and so he would go in the backyard. I just remember a little plastic low, rang, yeah yeah, and that was that this thing, yeah man in booze. Now he went through. No period of that and and then I think he was, he had tremendous self restraint He was somebody who you know the doktor told them. Don't do that, so we did The doctor should have told him that a bed chewing tobacco- maybe they didn't know, I don't know if they knew you and your mom was just sort of like come this during me incredible I sometimes say it was like being raised by a fairy. She was the gentlest creature. That I've ever known in the world, her mom, married a man who had older daughter
there's an her dad died when she was quite and cried said aunt em, my group, mother, I'm not sure exactly what it was. she had to be put in some kind of a hospital far away, and so my mother was basically orphaned and, and somebody took her when she was six years old. They remember our I always remembered that they put her in a horse drawn carriage and they dropped her off at one point. They said, walk a mile down that road and there's the schoolhouse and that's where you're going to live now with your sister. They drove off for six years old and so she walked down the road and her sister, older sister lillian was teaching school there. And my aunt raised my mother in John and and she she
I'd like she was very childlike, and yet you know that phrase He'll magnolia, I, my mother, my mother- did so much to make our family surviving. heroic. She she was this then delicate, beautiful, other worldly, like person she was just but she would do occur. My sister told me the story about there was one of the most recent before my mom died and she's been gone about five years now, but my sister, telling me that in our church someone came to our church and that was clearly a transgender person and had never been to that.
Search before this back in north korea and my and this is when my mother was very elderly, and so my mom, my mom at this point you know I had to his walker and all that so sir, my mom looked over and saw that this gentleman. I think it was a gentleman net because I just remember that he was alone and my mother, got up and used her walker and walked over and next to you, and then just sat there and there's an there was no effort to try to get him to She just couldn't bear that he
sitting alone and they might feel like he wasn't welcome or said when you asked me where they you it's talk about liberals and offers no we never knew those label sure like nobody ever preached politics in her house. It was just a question of treating other people decently and and That was what I was taught, but it was never amazed now at the sheer ugliness of our ability. are we to divide our efforts for meat a polarization. Why think it somehow peep of garden. stranded in their living room. Somehow they dead dead, the amount of information there able to take it on a daily basis on their own that connects them with other. people that are like minded
that may be in another state. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people sitting next to people in churches who are exactly. Let me sit next to you and will sing this hymn to get the right thumb yeah, you know page fifty, seven there's a disconnect between people and it's it's all it's it's scary and sad, deny I it's hard to get out, but you should I you know what I mean to get out among people and to do that because I I don't, do it either, but but it's all it's it's just a it's kind of heartbreaking, sometimes yeah to see how people are so isolated and angry and hateful yeah fame. Can that to fame glare their fears for me about about the repercussions of, working in our business is already yeah like. I was scared me to death as a young parent
yeah I know, I didn't want my children and to not understand how people live in the world here I right, citing I ran aware. We we moved to ohio, my kids, were really little and I've had a relationship with oh hi, for many years with your first husband, yeah, Malcolm Mcdowell, yeah, because I was at a party I saw on there. I think we have one of your kids they probably reactors up. An oh hi was adjacent, yeah jason seek on old charley is really good friends for jason. They made a movie to gather and my sense, a writer director. I didn't introduce myself d the community of I didn't ah well. You should have, because it's quite a treat I ever would it seemed like it might be a guy a little intense, I dunno what what went through my head. I didn't know how to go about it. Really. He was just sitting there because he's he's very. Striking guy from your memory, because he seizes doug into your memory yeah because of a couple roles, one on ayn, rand, clockworks you're.
you know- and but like I, I have also seen in other things, but there's something about it. he's intimidating, the idea of him was intimidating. Yeah he's he's incredibly funny oh yeah and and and yeah. If you get the chance again, and don't blow it again. You want to you, will fail out and he's a good dad good guy, oh yeah he's he's very special he's. He does every thing in his own unique way. He's not you know, he's not. The father's father knows best that dad right he's in inspirational to add in a million different ways guys get along. Apparently how I love him. I will always always liked malcolm and he's just one of the great characters in the world. It's so nice to have a xs that you just without, Second, though, I love and yeah I've? We were, we, I think we worked hard. We loved her
He had so much and I think there was enough there have been enough affection for each other that when we split that you know that not saying it didn't suck, and there were moments that I felt like I was going through surgery without anesthetic or something but. but the overriding desire was is somehow make this a life that our kids didn't have to make terrible choices and. And having had you know relationship with my dad and great relationship with my mother. I didn't want my kids to only have one of those and so, and so we just we just made it work. He know
both malcolm and I are you know where actors we're capable being ridiculous children and somehow, in that time we did manage to behave like grown ups. Oh that's great yeah so, but when did you decide to do that like being what were you doing in in little rock north little rock? What what occupations did you? before you're, like I gotta, get outta here, let's say well later in new york for six years I would be a waitress you moved to new york was what made you do, that that seems to have taken big leap either I knew I was an actor. I just sort of weirdly knew that that's what I was and and reading had been incredibly, fourteen to me and when they use to make fun of me and my family, because when they would say,
well, we do need to read the book. Just watch Mary read the book because evidently this made a lot of faith this and I was deeply involved, you know and and and so There was a moment where I just realize you know acting this sort of a natural extension of reading has just made more dimensional and I'm putting myself in the middle of it now and but I've thinking about imaginary worlds, a lot, and so I went to one year of college to really amazing school in arkansas called hendrix. Worker is a regular dialogue on ass. You know I do I don't want the historicity. that wasn't amazing and serves as small, liberal arts college, and it was it's really quite still there amazing school
someone. There saw me in a play. The the professor that directed me in the plays said have you ever thought about going to new york and he's probably thought one way was, as it was called night the spent in jail about the relationship between emerson and throw this kind of cool subject subject and if by the same writers is, I think, inherit the wind, if I remember correctly and but but so so I I think he met goes some day when you graduate from calling worker it, but I knew was, can meet half from mean to afford to keep going to call image and, and so now I got it in my head that maybe I could go to this acting school in new york, and I, work there- and I could somehow pull this this off and so what watch which acting?
It was the neighbor of who was with the great sandy meisner, who was who now kids study that study acting study. Meissner method better, I got to study with him. So, but how did you know about him? How did you get this idea in little rock that you are going to now? As so? I still have the list the guy gave me unless HU, oh okay, then my professor Kenneth him He gave me a list and I still have it, and he said these are all the great schools in new york and he checked one, and he said this is the hardest went to get into. But there is a great man, there name sandy meissner, and so so I didn't I for all of the other schools and I just implied plan, because I think there was something there there, some sort of confidence that I was somehow going to be able to do this, and I'm not sure where that came. What? was clear. I will really earned that, but having it is,
If you, I think it what it is, it's people that know that they have to be something or that they are something they are. Your brain doesn't have any other options- data exactly right yeah, I really didn't have a deep lamin right. I told people a b plan here, but I never believed that the b plan was I'm going to go, learn to be a theater teacher and then come back to archer and teach theatre, and that was way less embarrassing than going. I'm going to go to new york to be an actor that we'd never met at. We didn't know actors like would you yeah I've been to like three plays in my life now and never been a broad where any I untravelled you know I, I actors weren't real, meaning
I tried to picture well, I'm not sure they are a lot of it. Yeah, ok, fair enough! Take the dagger out of my heart for you, but when like for me somebody we were talking about money that day and I was saying who you and ted danson know my a friend and I were talking about money in- and I said my image of wealth and I'm not joe here was the house in the beverly hillbillies. I used to fall asleep at night standing, top of that staircase. In my mind, and dressing myself in fabulous clothes and waltzing down the staircase and such a laugh. If you saw my today how different it is from that get that house good for now get so
b r? U e r you're going to track down sandy myers you'll cut your leaving little rock you tell your parents are going to go, be we're not to be a few can you just go to new york for the first time on a plane I mean it was like yeah and I go to new york- and I stay in this place. Called the east end hotel for women, where you got a room and two meals a day for forty two dollars a week, so you can imagine it was. It was indigent women? Do you know, eventually, probably they'd be homeless win because there is an out of date. There are places recycling as our own kind area and an iD said rouse in the brochure it said adjacent swimming pool. Will the adjacent swimming pool was the park next to the place that had a little wading pool like this deep? You know six inches deep and
but anyway I met two other women there and we became friends and eventually we moved into one bedroom apartment, gather and then in manhattan. Immense hat- and you know I started out being selling books, said doubleday book store and do do you remember the devil they bookstores. Tell me. Where is it was on? There were two bizarre only close to each other. Fifty third and fifth and fifty seventh- and I worked until you can do remember the spiral staircase and it was, like early seventies and the guys used to stand to watch. Anybody in many spheres got this year, which is really lame. But I remember I remember Walter Cronkite coming in and buying two hundred and fifty dollars worth of hard cover books, and I was like we can that's.
It's that is reds man not like wow he's a reader. He really is learning things because we had the bible. We had a set of world books that my aunt had gotten boring when you were growing up yeah and that was the hardcover books in our house and and to to just blow lieutenant fifty dollars on hardcover books like you, don't even want to buy pavers, So you can get more now, as the coolest thing luxury the white I now I was so and trans you know and I remember an miller who the great tap down, sir, she came in at one end and bob bergson. It was really cool job, except that you got a thirty three. Third discount mine, your own books, so every pay check I had
add so many books. I had no paycheck, and so I I was like it was not going to happen. What kind of books were you buying to like theater stuff or just the worst tons of theatre I loved biographies and around a little bit later than not, I show gun a show gun came out. I remember like I was co chairman However- and I was codes at the dance hall and I would sit there. Reading shogun shall then you are coach, occur girl, for a while it was so much better to waitress, but because she made so much money for when did you go? What how did you go? Find sandy
I got excepted into this school by some frigging miracle after you move there, no, no before an there. That's why I'm sure you wouldn't you did a trip. I did. I flew to Dallas where there was a regional representative of this school, and I did I did he didn't even ask me tradition. He just asked me to talk to him about why I wanted to do this, not very minor brow, guys, I'm an and then I was so dumb that when I went to school I didn't even know which guys sandy meissner. Wasn't everybody. They kind of popped up and spoke to us at all then asked me and then find mean when I saw him, I went oh, no, that's him got it yeah. I got it so that would that didn't happen until you moved to new york yeah that was in new york in nineteen. Seventy two. So so that's like sort of peak meissner, right, elliott?
Well, I was the last class to study with meissner before he had his larynx removed because of his throat cancer from How so I actually he taught after that he taught with the whole method, but but I I remember his voice. I remember I can hear it. I can hear it so clearly I can hear his challenges to me and then a. I am proud to say that you know I think I it made him proud, because when I won an oscar, I thanked him and it meant a lot to him. You know, but I also remember just blowing it so much the times in front of him just like she's doing such a Wrap john: when one was they all like us in talk to people either jokingly, yours or smuggle,
speed, not me, but you know, like the meisner method, has become this thing- that a lot of actors who trained in new york are going to do some minor at some point, they're going to do some minor, but I've not anybody. I gave you, to Martin landau, who knew the other method. People are signing strasburg and I can't remember who I went there just as an invited of server. I went there too, and so I sat. monstrous strasbourg session was planned there he's writing on by mainly, but maybe so yeah. I don't recall racing him to an exercise our work better. I remembers, I think I remember seeing him so you were there like out so that whatever those teachers its put up- but there was a relationship between strasbourg and meissner- still not really know that, isn't why was there? I was there because I'd graduate from the narrow play ass and a friend was auditioning and
the studio and asked me to be in the audition, with him seeing partner and a scene partner and and at the end of it they said. I would would you oh, where interest in you doing your own audition, so I did and on the basis of that, they invited me to be an observer there. which was fine until one day, they were all you know. worrying about some acting problem, and in my brain I thoughts, I know what sandy would say about this and so I raised my hand and I I had the good sense not to quote Andy. My now I knew there was a rivalry, but I I did they will you might try this or whatever it was and then a few as later. A note was passed me and I looked at it as a please come into the office, and I thought, oh god, I hope something as happen. Of course I'm worried my dad's had not
That's how I spent my life, but I go in there and, of course they say you're an invited, absurd, you're, not invited to speak a really teaching I was not so after that. I was I fuck unwra, fuck down, and I was done with it. Well, how did well? How did meissner teach I mean like when you like? I obviously like when you get there, he was sort of the star of his school right week. He felt the power of him. You definitely felt the power of him as he was. He told me in later years he expressed regret for how almost in sometimes emotionally brutal, he was, as a teacher, he mellowed over the years, regretted it, but I will say this:
I've never learned more from a teacher than I did for him. He was a true teacher. He really was here and and the method that he figured out. the thing that was beautiful about- I mean it's very easy to pick a part or to kind of uptake tiny aspects. that any. I think you know it, but as he taught it, in that school. You started to act without having your head, go crazy and think about how to be brilliant in your head right and and that there the whole secret to it is that you put your attention on the other person and the other person you just turn your had eaten pre planned or are you just turn you haven't? You said that, because you're trying to
her stem where men here and but actors in a scene, if we're doing a scene in a very tempting, to try this dead or to plan at or too you know, but but with sandy he forced you in two. True, listening and and picking up from the other, Some are in silence with silence. Not so much with the words is just what the moment every little moment had a life of its own and, and that was that was what he found a way of getting you there. Now you being able to think about it very much at the trick. That's that's that's the goal. was and- and you know and I do something well, I'm
I'm doing that and the thing that's so fascinating to me still about being an actor. Is that it's ephemeral and elusive, and- and I I don't have that under my belt- I just am still trying to do that and that's what's so interesting it is a guide: didn't you know if you truly have mastered your craft? Well, what else is there? do right, of course right any, and I think I otherwise systems of acting, probably enable you to apply craft to a point where are you can feel those things like? It seems that the two camps of of engagement? Are, The emotional and visceral rowan and engaged like Meisner. Some of that method, stuff or
Then you have these other people that are sort of obsessed with with movement and accent in and end this other process of. I guess I don't know it's classically trained, but I don't know it to its it's interesting to me that I I've always preferred the method he kind. You know I got. start to see you start to see people's machine as a as they get older, or is it if they're overweight can get you but don't see that with you or with some of the their people day, I've I ve, grown up appreciating who come from that method area. Even somebody like patina who, with this age when he puts his my two it can really do amazing works dough. You know I really can't in an deniro, sometimes if he has the right part, and these are just two guys. I know from reading that come from this deniro can become just sort of a series of of. She's in mannerisms that you're familiar with their his, but like even
If you watch them and like that movie, the intern were that's the one with their way, then you re using He is great and his great. So is she and I I did a movie that is called last vegas in an end in the movie bob and I are walking down a street in in LAS vegas, and it was- my first day to work with him and is just this little walk and talk and that's not about anything particularly extraordinary, but for me work with him. one second into it. I thought okay, all right so it's not an accident who you are really you deserve you deserve,
what made you think he's so connected and present he was it was so available. Well to me, as as the other person in that scene with him He was so listening. He was so you know his bashful. Grin was so. The genuine that it totally hit me. Oh yeah pierced me right. It was. So alive, and- and that That made me realize you know like okay, I mean, I suppose, I'm so bad at car analogies cause I'll just say the car of my childhood, which is I you know, a cadillac. I did see an occasional cadillac in north little rock and it was like okay
This is why you want to drive one and the fact that, with its it's interesting so with me is, is that so once you learned what you aren't you know from from meissner and from doing the work. I count what do you? What what stays with you? I mean: how do you build character? How do you you know like what are the like once you know how to listen and and show up in the present or or at least you're comfortable in that part of of the job. You know, what's the other work, but it's always different different, like music. Yeah, it's like how do you play? You know an instrument with a forty. Kiss orchestra. How do you play with you now? heavy metal band, rosier immense general areas just are different and it's like so independent. Like you ve
viewed david mammoth arise, so David I did applies David and David prefers not to ever ever one time for one second gus the character, and I know a guy die a problem with him and I told him and it just but he's he he set in his ways. Okay, but let me taste cynthia I I'm an actor, really actually likes different kinds of direct. Yours. I consider that part of my craft, you didn't play with them or film play okay, and so one of the things that happened was. I was like okay you're, my director we're going to do this, we'll never just this carrot royal, never talk about her one senior utah, I mean David, Give me a note and say: why did you? Why did you take that? cause in the second act after such and such a line, and I said oh yeah, because I just swallow there David Haye.
Don't do that any wasn't. It wasn't joke it. There is nothing funny to him about me doing that and as it as I went on, I began to realize because it's a piece of music, yeah. I have it it's on me, a sec and and you're just a part of you just playing one of the I am, but I will tell you that maybe not on schedule well opening night. Maybe it was a while after that, but at the was a moment when I was doing that play that I thought I understand this woman better than just about anybody had ever played and I'd never discussed her with my director once and and it's because something about what he was doing did work for me. but it will work, but it wouldn't that be the script on somewhere might lay. But if I add
imposed my own stuff, none of which I am post on that woman Lee imposed my own stuff and characters which sometimes issue job right. I don't think I would have found her as well as if I gave over to the music of his writing. What plays it? Ah, it's called a boston marriage and I am pretty sure I got bad reviews on it. So f Y, I this mate and if, if you leave just that. I don't even know zennor read reviews by I'm pretty sure we got it. you're feeling was that you, you knew her better than in the air I'm, not sure I did when the person that reviewed it's not but the fact that, in the end I felt really like I had Cunegonde an interesting
journey. The high he seems very set in his ways and very stubborn about them and he's provocative. I, like the guy yeah mammoth, one of the things I talk to him about about is about his his the way He sees actors and an his particular school of acting. which is like shut up and say your line stand under mark and do it? You know I don't you I didn't want to involve too with what you are saying in the annex perfect sent here I said to him: I said what ye I'm that's all well and good, but you you have to I don't know that's for everybody in the sense that some people are barred. Arab are incredibly talented and anne and some people, most actors who are great, are on level natural's they die. I believe that well perhaps better
I sell fish away, one at all and- and I found him and that experience incredibly intriguing here- and I do think there you know did these. We are talking that all of this is about words and. that can sometimes get lost with actors and when were so busy thinking about how do I look and how how standing in house my costume and that that, in the end- You are, do you really dare to speak the words part now, and so I don't I I. I know that that that that thing he does might be controversial, but I feel really grateful. I got to go
with him wow how far into a warrior. With the I mean how many years ago that I don't remember, I think I think it was like me. Be really bad time. I I it's like the only way. I am sure about time is ages. My children when they things. I was not you, you weren't, a newcomer relatively I need to have that experience. Oh yeah, I want. I want every experience I want. I want I'm very hungry, I mean that's the the the movie idea. That's about to come out part of the subject. The subject for me is really kind of more hunger than anything else, because it's about It's a movie called book club and it's about these four women that have been friends for a long time right and and
will say: oh it's a movie about older women talking about sex or its older women. or it's about friendship and mean people bring what they want to bring to the to me. It was about it's about hunger and about how there is this sort of weird acceptance that the when you're young people say to you. You can do anything. We try trifling a musical instrument. Try learn the foreign language. Try doing this, you know and then there's some point where no one says that to you. And then you don't worse, you don't say it to yourself and you, can't, tell me what age that is because we've never figured out, but the movie business pretty much backs up
I d by showing you none of those people unless they're, someone's, eccentric, daddy, pathetic aunt yahoo herself is not trying anything new, either right and so to me the movie was interesting because it was about big hungary and for ever thing a you, Jane, fonda, Diane, Keaton, candice, bergen, yeah and and really great guys here, craig t, nelson craig t nelson is wonderful and richard dreyfus and are they ugly? Who is him? The first movie I ever did he's a beggar he plays. Candice is x, yes and, and dreyfus is and this is for a re- into line dating, where does it go, those is sort of like a sexual bucket was movie legacy. Now it's it's! It's a little bit. It's a little bit about sex. It's a little bit about love and a little bit about look,
first of all its lightning in a bottle because when's the last time you saw, you went to a movie that have for women over the age of sixty five good, all great actresses and said that never happens to us here, and so the fact but you get that call, and they tell you who else is in the movie and of course, I'm cats louse. So I did hear that we have them so I didn't. Care what the movie was about to have that experience and then had you did you know all of them. I had met every one of them, but we didn't know each other well and we hadn't worked together and so Weird chemistry thing happened and there's like text chains, info now, for you, oh yeah, big time, yeah big, time language we are, like Jane, wanted a commitment Adam you know what befriend yeah, that's sweet, yeah,
oh Jane doesn't messroom chains, eighty and she reaches doesn't screw around now so now, you're in it, it she she made it very clear. Like her son thinks funniest thing in the world to house these talks about elements, and but it's like you commit- and I that from you I want the end and she is like you know Did this interview with a b see that's like two hours. Long about music and- and I I you. Do I said something to the two jane about it and lead to an I hours later, like she's, calling me crying because she's like found it listen to it. You know she's she's. She's ferociously hungry in a in life in a it's really inspiring and beautiful, and that
that our society sort of deems almost just non existent for people, our age. We don't reflect it in in movies. At all I mean I know, people are sick of isms, but The ageism is the most pervasive because every it doesn't matter what color what gender you are if your lucky you're going to get here. You know if your less key nea and then is weird that society robs you of instead a moment where you have so much to think about and talk and learn your home, no yeah and no although I am amazed at how dumb I am at this age compared to what I expected of yes but the world keeps like moving the goalpost. You know what I mean, but I mean, but it depends on what you think dumb is I mean you do like theirs,
I'm not worried lightened, and I I don't feel and which I have wisdom. Some two yeah you you are you gonna, give you some credit for that. Are you have now I know now. I can give myself cry of four that I guess I'm still bumping into my eyes. Still you still make mistakes you still want. people you still and you now If you're still learning I mean that's the whole, I think what humanizing part of it is that I think I did think I was going to be me sitting cross legged. You know my arms up to the heavens. In my eyes, cousin I'd be very wise and I'm just not that at all I don't know what would you really want that this point are mainly as point now that I'm here know that sounds awful met. At one point, it sounded comforting to think of it sure so big
Who is in the first move? Yeah eggs, it's a movie gone south that jack Nicholson very as my hero is the person who who cast me, as in my first movies. My first leading man used pleasant, baluchi and that to John bull issues. First movie he poison magic, em right, I loved him. Yes, I remember nothing but trouble and I loved him from the men at I like it. I I remember that movie. I was sort of like what was the plot and so in the civil war. So many men were killed off that if a woman wanted to marry a convict, she could save him from the gallows. This was a true like law, esther. There she could save him from the gallows, but she had to be responsible for him and I had a gold mine that
I needed a man to work on our, so what a problem so occurrence of her, and so I had this criminal, but every time he did he bothered me did some I didn't like. I just threatened to call the sheriff and have him pick back up, so he I had. Is my slave. Essentially Jack Nicholson, yeah yeah. He he's your savior he's. Your savior asked me as my in my first film. I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you without him, although he said I would have found someone. some way, you know I don't use some way he ate nine think he meant that I would have figured yoda view of europe now in my career somehow, but I I credit him utterly, and how did he find you uh. So six years into new york. I was still a waitress. I did comedy improv with the o a little troop of five people and we were the resident company at the manhattan theatre club and nothing.
Was very late dressing so my first wages job was it Noah's ark and sixty fifth them first bubbles bartender remember I coming in and asking if he could use the phone and she pointed to it and then, as he walked out, she got pick up gifts. Eighty it's like it wasn't getting the right way for her. She was a magnificent and so What yeah, I like my friend, mama yash- may help me get the job and why the said I was a waitress, had experience, sure and now everybody starts and the kitchen was down a flight of stairs so freaking. Every time you turned in an order, you went down, a flight of stairs came back up and every time you went to pick up your food, down. So I had MR zalm blisters the first night is. I didn't I wore the wrong she's of hers and then and so bubble
because at the end of the night she goes our ideas. the job, but don't worry about light a me again. No man, if the devil is so okay and then seventy six and second none of these places are here anymore. Hudson bay in that was amazing. That was so that was a place that I didn't this woman for years that was- casting director and the other waitresses. I said Oh she's here to eat dinner. She doesn't want to hear that you know yet. Another actress is waiting on you, so I never and she would come in with her brother and it was on when knights, you had a special chicken permission and she would it was chicken parmesan. They would both order it and is, she would say, hold this big.
day and her brother had a stutter. So I waited for the. I would stand there for ages till he got The word parmesan am right and then I'd go put in their order and every single Wednesday night they stiff, mean they never left me a tip because it was the special I'm doing airports, rental special. And so so then years later I I've made a couple of movies. I think I maybe had won my oscar on the third, I mean I know I went on third movie. I think this was after that I am in a party adds, oh my god. It's his name who produced who is the big alan Carr here, at his house out who at a party and this woman comes up to me in this lady- comes up and says Mary Steenburgen, I'm your biggest fan. I know everything you've ever done. I can quote every line, you don't have a
profound than me I know every expression I feel like on your face. I just I know you so well and I said, hudson bay in Wednesday night's chicken parmesan. The spaghetti and she just went totally wide and and ran and walked away because she had never looked at the waitress. No time had she ever looked at the waist. That was it. You never talked to her again now and I didn't say anything more and I've never told who it was. But it's like our lives like there are you people waiting tables out there? I do look into your eyes. That's spectacular. walked away, yep, slunk away oh, she knew that she was terrible. She was, She knew two things, one that she'd never looked at me or tipped. You
to ever right cuz? It was a special sure. Shirt Nicholson so he said that he was going to say the impact he fell. So someone saw me actually it was. It was chris guess, mother, jean gass Chris guest. It brilliant. His mother saw me she and Mary buck saw me at them and haven't theatre club and wreck it. Men did means you took a huge casting director, Julia taylor, who should have woody allen. She was away having a baby, but there was this wonderful person there, kretschmer now that was a casting and I wouldn't have a meeting and at the and the meeting I was gonna live.
and some things something a little something went off him. My brain and I turned around and said: are you casting anything in particular and she said I'm casting a movie coco and south, it. I don't think I can get you in on it. I would love to, but I don't think I can it's like well known actresses- and you know, people have already worked at around and stuff, and ah and beautiful models and so I said okay and then some bizarre thing. literally made me say: I've heard of sudan up there are and wait, maybe you'll see if you could just give me a script. And she looked at me strangely and I went up the door and I sat down out I'd and there was this pile of scripts on the desk. That said, going south
and there was the world's most beautiful models sitting across from me waiting to go in with this script and so that woman went in and I thought you have just a lion needed the most important person they you know in all of new york and casting you. She has the loan, it so big sign and when that girl comes out, you need to pop your hat and say I'm so sorry I was so pushy and I'm I'm sorry, and so Oh I'm looking down formulating my apology to her and I see these two feet and I hear this voice going. Are you waiting see me, and I know that voice is jack. For me, had I pictured ease in calif yeah, you know in a layer something, but he wasn't. He was deep in the bows of that office an end. My first
Instinct was to not let him seem. This is such a female thing. I had on a really crap t shirt that somebody a left on my table and didn't, come and claim that closer to two dollars and ninety five cents from this store clause. Zuma, and I look like crap and an idea, I want him to see me and I had some idea that if I could could come back the next day, I could look better. So I just kind of kept my head down us and no I'm not waiting to see when he goes. Why not and I finally looked up at him- and I said because I don't have a script goes over picks up one. The scripts answered through me and goes okay. Ten minutes tomorrow. You know okay and I leave, and so when I come back the next day he's. I'm gonna need this girl. And she actually with lovely and I go in, and I start reading and
I remember us talking about basketball cuz. I was a knicks fan back his lakers family talk about actors basketball and stuff, and then when I felt harm. We start reading in an a we read through. Several scenes, and then he looked at me and he goes where have you been, I said, well. I've been here first six years in and he goes okay, let's ride somewhat and we start reading and reading reading his pizza came. I stood up to leave, it does no set out eat the pizza. Keep reading You know it was just one of these magical moments where sixty there's something told no and surviving and getting back up and stab with sandy and knowing how to do my homework, and you know This was my moment somehow I rose to that occasion and at the end of it. He goes now
I wanted to direct this film. You know what that means right and- and I said yeah and of course I was hola. I annoyed deal with them merit and so we said goodbye and we laughed I laughed and it was it was in what is now friggin trump tower or it used to be, the gulf and western at Columbus right yeah, so I go down and I was so glad nobody was in the elevator, because I was just like pounding the walls and, like you know, deep, breathing and Did you even buy a idea? I had an agent I had an nation and and and so then I thought as asking people what he mean when he said that he wanted to. Reckon I know what that means. They said. Well, it means you can't cast you and I so why, and it goes because
turn down your nobody, and you have a weird last name. I so the next day I meant at the magic pan, which is where I was waitresses? In the end, a french inaugural branch criteria and a little green dern dull, is what my out from his car now in The basic shoes cause. I was no dummy and- and so anyway. I get this a comment. answering service and it says, can you please call me baby at such and such number and I had only to one person about the whole jack thing and it was my friend PAMELA mother care, and that was in the comedy improv group with me, and so I knew this that she had arranged for this joke of. Were they calling me because she's very funny and she was playing a joke on me. So in between survey,
perhaps I would say funny: PAM, that's funny inches watson. I thought Warren beatty, like a like. I'm gonna call the number, I know there's going to be a joke and- and she goes Mary call- the rigging number, unlike throughout the entire lunch, serve as there is this thing going between a table like. Please call please call so. Finally, I go to the hey via I put in the quarters. I call the number and it's that I am sure house, I think, as any mother on central park south and then they put me through to Warren beatty, and she's standing there going. I told you and is warren Beatty any does so my friend jack Nicholson told me that if I cast you the only way I can cast you in my movie, Heaven can wait is if, if he doesn't use you and his movie going south. So I want you to come read from from my
tomorrow, and I'm like wait, I meant the magic hand, still in my french during dole out there, and you want me to come, read your movie and so an theirs to move, sounds like fighting over me and so I do. I go refer for him and He I remember him saying just read out right now. As vat rescript gently goes we'll just I don't want you having the script outside of this apartment. You know because it was pretty paranoid about the script, you know itself, I have an idea, I'm going to go to that park bench across the street. You can see me we've got you know. You know where I work. You know everything you need to know even watch me, read the script and then I'll come back and then I'll read for you, but otherwise it's like I'm reading it cold. So I went across the street and sat on a park bench
what's your shadow hook up than there is war invading the winds, half and then come back of, and I read the script for him and then he says, I really want Julie christie for this role, but if she doesn't do it, I'm really interested in you. If you don't duke one south, then I go dance as and I call me answering machine and they say you're coming or service and they say you're coming to hollywood, first green to us for glens hath, and so I flew out all big stars. I borrowed one thousand dollars from my friends in arkansas, so I could stay more than one night which they were going to pay the hotel bill. I came out, Ilike did meetings. I didn't know why everybody wanted to meet me and I later found out jack was behind all the meetings. You know he, open doors, oh yeah and in sleep with him. By the way and kiss you wonder, most people do but somehow either. I don't know, maybe I just I don't It never happened.
But anyway so said want to. I don't think so. I think you would know yeah. I don't think so. We talked about it one time and he just said it's. He cuz. I I want people take you seriously, you know and that's pretty cool and a winner and I wouldn't have- because I wanted to take me seriously too and then then on the day that I'd run out of my money and I had to get from the airport into manhattan to go back to the pan. Japan cut it so close that de, never enough money to even get into the city, and so I went in to get my one night's hotel where I went to paramount and jackson and big office, and I said thank you so much. this unique and incredible experience. Can I please have my one night's hotel bill in cash. If you don't mind that you guys owe me,
and jack smoking a big cigar, and he goes don't worry about a kid you're on the payroll and- and I was cast it's it's so nice that he was so decent. He was so I mean mark after this I moved I went to the chateau marmont that I will in a bungalow, the shadow marmont and my job every day was to take a cab to paramount to go in screening room. Where I was the only person in it he would run. Homes for me and then he would at the end of the film and talk to me about why that film was important or how Katherine hepburn did such such her. Jean third, you know works, our magic or you know what what he wanted school me in romantic comedies because he knew I knew nothing about film acts and that's what he did for me
so yeah, the are you in touch with them, still not a near I I saw him a few years ago at a screening or something- and I when I see him yeah, I think so and also. I hope I made him proud and when I and when I won the oscar for melvin and howard, I talked about him more than I talked about anybody even though it wasn't for his movie. It was her movie that Jonathan demi sure, but I I talked about jack more than I talk, about anybody, because I think sandy, I think, the guy kenneth gallon that I had been my professor this semi to new yeah yeah, they're, all part of their big jack, Yeah he was sitting up front. I was in the room at diet. I dont think I dont think you may ass yeah, so
Jonathan demi. So this came directly from going south or how do you like as you did, to movies with him, I'm the rwanda years between oh yeah. I did feel it now. I did time after time was my second, the and then Melvin howard was my third and Jonathan was my god, it's high, it's hard for me. It has still I too believe that Jonathan, who has such a life force, did you ever enter here? Oh, I didn't think so cause. Then you had never seen it listed, but he was a magnificent human being and an utterly creative man and a wonderful human and husband and Dad and friend onto a yes to serbia, so thou at that. But the joy of working with him was pretty pretty cool and an a script by boat,
in his great writer. It won't. You know that that was pretty amazing. Your third movie wonder supporting actors and in arkansas I actually remember does the other days and they said to my mother tell her that centre. she's, probably gonna win a best actress. As such, I and it was like it was like wow. Ok, I was feeling pretty good about this yeah It's always it's always the way, there's always them my god. Yes, the worst, yes, the worse its wall, yeah, haven't you ever you'd, never stop working. You know you ve known, I stopped working. I had years ahead, heidazaemon, nobody remember de gaulle, oh yeah. I definitely india and The weirdest thing is that when I pictured this age,
sixty five, and when I pictured sixty five. I just thought it'll be so sad because I love what I do so much and no one will be hiring to do it in and what Well, I do with all that that huge heart for it now and and that's not what's happened at all. He's got the series with the will. I do Last man on earth was will forte, which is just in our crazy. it'll gang over. There is just the most love them these funny funny wonderful actors- and I was always jealous of ted- not because of this excessive cheers, but because of that he had had this policy and that he gone to work with people over a long period of time? I I just felt like
To really know people like that and work with them every day and to know other craft and what they are going to eat and crap. Sir, is when they shouldn't and like you know every all this stupid little things that I wanted to know that people I do know about the people unless you re jones, inquisitive, shawl and mellow, roger egos and clia voucher com, then you know and sometimes now we have jason sudeikis and just really gotta a crew and then will forte is just like looking peering every day into one of the true original minds ever is just he endlessly amuses me and gives me sweet guy, too yeah, which is where vacation together in a y. That's how much I love you!
It is great like he. I had a great time with him. You both seem so so sweet and engaged he's nice he's in a privilege to live with a good and deeply funny, which is incredibly important to me a I got some. We had some good laughs when I talked to him hey he did he did his generic greeting on my guy you're, going with him to anything I feel like I need to have body armor on because he doesn't he doesn't know. Anyone's name ever and he we need to act like he knows. Every bay said then. Inevitably, he does is there's this hideous. Mama were both of them. Look at me and I'm supposed to clean up on a four hour tat, and so it's like I'm just sad. Just stick with the hazy hung just stick with hate.
fish for the name, because you don't get it you're, just not getting it ever and this by the way is not like. When you get dear- and you do this kind of crap, you think. Oh, it's cause losing it. But exactly that way, when I met him at forty five, I have, if anything, he's a little more with it now than he was because sometimes you just don't pay attention, I'm terrible with the name thing People decades and I'm like yeah- thank you for coming out- thank you for having me I'm a fan, and I listen to you so this nice, the I feel, I feel that it was good of you. I gum, should I felt cheated that I was in the other now here. I should know what this one's, like. I've talked to. People longer in here sheriff talk to me, like timid,
I am, let me just ask, should I get home and go into deep regret about what a motor mouth? I was? Oh, no, no! No! No! No! It's great! What I'm saying is that something's happening in this garage is a little more focus and the last one like the other one like it. It had such history to it, but that you kept getting distracted. No it it's not distracted. I I dunno what it is a it's either just something it's this one's cozy in a different way like Josh brolin in here we ended up like Josh. He is great. Does great nick nolte impression? Yes, he does, but but like I'm, just like it. like there's more like I'm just, For some reason, the conversations are going on an island edges so quickly. Why you one quick, Josh, berlin story. We did a leg, a tv, maybe three years and years ago, and he was and made me laugh so much and he was constantly putting
and the south- and we were in the south because of like southern food and talking about you know fry this out on everything down and putting me down much. I love southern soul, food now that stuff and so why? What prompted this but I went to the caution person and I said on the days that he just has a really not much of a scene. Can you take? Can you have a pair of jeans that you just keep taking in incrementally a little bit. Every time came forward and they were like They were so ended, this stupid joke, and so so jeans at an everyone, then I probably tell everyone in this stat like Josh, is going to complaining about clothes are, but but just dumb anyway, except he did start whining
eat down here and not get fat, I'm getting so fat buying there was like, though, the big it's an evening that I said now. Take him in like a serious amount, and, and so she took the jeans and she put him- she put him in his trailer and there's like six. outside in the grass outside of this trailer, and we can see his silhouette inside the trailer and he's jumping up and down get em and finally, the eve rose the door open, and I hear this painful scream for the wardrobe wardrobe and I said Josh Josh with the matter and he goes. I can't have gained this much weight and I said, put you put your hand in the pocket and goes what any reflexively reaches into the pocket, and it just says
and that is how I just remembered tat was retribution for something he did to me. But there will be another story. Rather, what is that? No, it's not is nowhere near as brilliance. A practical joke, as mine was also at the hearing. You got the better story. You can ask him ok or thank you for tat further, tell me that one yeah see you lovelies great talking to you. Thank you. lovely, know how with how lovely was that? How lovely you say, your ls right, mary scheme, virgin book club with Jane fonda. bergen diane, Keaton and Mary's in theaters tomorrow may eighteenth. That was a real privilege, real real sweet talking her. I would I loved it. Alright I'll talk to you want to get back to to alabama I'm going to be here for another week or so so I'll talk to you. On monday
maybe I'll, let you know what would happen in new york and hopefully we'll be here. Hopefully all volcanoes don't decide to erupt, because that would be beyond coincidence and sorry folks. What you're going through down there on the big island- and I hope I I hope it settles down- I hope I hope and think, imagine alright boomer lives.
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