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Episode 920 - Rachel Brosnahan

2018-05-30 | 🔗
Rachel Brosnahan related to the pressures and insecurities of standup comics when she got the lead role of a 1950s standup in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. That's because she feels constant dread as an actor, going from project to project, always worried it's not going to go well. Rachel compares notes with Marc about being a standup vs. being an actor, learning the craft in school vs. learning on the job, and why working on episodic television may be the best training for actors.

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All I want to do this? How are you what the plotters, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears, what the fuck nics, what the buckaroos Is it going? How are you I'm mark? I managed to place the I managed to display some. If you have complaints, let me know try to keep There are no level, I don't know what the fuck me some days I wake up, and you know like yesterday I felt great, but now I've been doing the sugar detox and I don't feel great today make a lot of tea and I'm off the coffee, but you drink enough a psalm t you to this level of intensity of clarity of of a there's, a different type of it's sort of a hyperspace of aggro you got to really work at it, though you got to drink a lot of it. God knows it. Just cuz I got off coffee doesn't mean I'm not going to figure out a way.
Get what I need at of ev. Everything else that she nature of this nature. The compulsion did, I mention. I don't think I did I mentioned yet that my guest today is rachel browsing, a hand. Who is the actress on the a show the marvelous miss maize, or which I like I like I didn't think I would, but I do. so, she'll be here, that was nice. She's pleasant You know what I'm starting to realize people is that day. During this age of horror and statement probably going to see just who everybody really is so weird, it's a weird phenomenon that trickles down from the monster at the top of the pyramid, is that they're now everybody sort of shameless is sorta like hey man, maybe I can shoot from the hip a man. Maybe I can take some red hey man. Maybe I can say some shit that'll upset some people, hey man. Maybe I can do some some bad business some some summer,
morally dubious at behavior and just personal behavior? Maybe I can get away with that, but you know What we're seeing is that yet it seems like when the president remains unchecked, everybody else. Take the hit. But we're gonna see you have. We met he through this, with any semblance of a reasonable system and decent people purse veering, I wonder, these people are, are going to the price look. We got a price to pay. I know, but there's a certain. type of shamelessness has gone on that just sorta of and it is the shame is it trickles down from the top like it's interesting to me, a lot of people are like. Can you believe roseanne? Of course? Of course I can roseanne donald trump Kanye west same sickness, if there's a hall of fame for narcissists there at the time but their game. I guess this is if you ve got the platform, if you really think
about narcissism. I don't if I've said this before everyone's a little narcissistic I am, but you people that are actually pathological, narcissist, narcissistic personality disorder? It's one thing to be a little narcissistic or even to be utterly off centered, it's a completely other ball of wax. do we have narcissistic personality disorder, because that is unhelpful in the world of narcissism, who somebody thinks it's all about them, it's all about them. They they see no boundaries, they are is no real distance between them and extension of their brain into the world at large, whatever the world that is, that they live in that the ultimate says we're narcissus is to make it all about them and trump, has done that on a global level, he is the the the the ultimate success. As
narcissistic person, as it presume with the personality disorder. He won now there, these other people platforms that are equally as narcissistic and have different talents in and are not without talent or or creativity, but but they if they if their plight. form is big enough. There's a jockeying going on for who in taking the most of the public's it and the world's attention the cultures attention at any given moment and air in kania right there there's a is a triad right now culturally, there's the president, who is the the narcissist in charge and then there's ease, satellite narcissists who elsewhere have very large platforms, but but the the symptom you're all the same when you, when ask me why Rosanna they wouldn't we? What did you do? Of course, what do you expect? I mean look at her twitter, for the last seven years, which ensure interview on here, why it's jarring. It's surprising. She said a horrible thing and now she's paying the price for it. People pay, the price these days for doing.
What exactly is everybody? But the president So I just want to read these to you and I and see if I give maybe no it'll resonate, but I think was interesting, as I found it poking around Do my research on narcissism, how I didn't call my father, the seven deadly sins of narcissism, these two guys hotchkiss masterson. I guess identify what they called these seven deadly sins of narcissism and its forests of cause. It's a little contagious because everybody wants to everybody wants to, about them, and now everybody has the resources to sort of at least think that it's sort of a damn you put it out there in the world number one shamelessness. Shame is the feeling that work beneath all unhealthy narcissism and the ability to process shame in healthy ways to magical thinking, narcissists see themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking. You can also
maybe the lying in there. They also use projection to dump shame onto others. Three arrogance, a narcissist who is feeling deflated may be. Inflate their sense of self importance by diminishing, debasing or degrading. Somebody else now, everybody's done that to a certain degree, but we're seen it on a global level for envy a narcissist may secure a sense of superiority in the face of another person's ability by using contempt to minimize is the other person or their achievements. I have entitlement, unreasonable expectations are particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special failure, implies considered an attack on their superiority and the for traders is considered an awkward or difficult person. Defeat ants of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage huh. I got a little of this six x.
Attention can take many forms but always involves the exploitation of others without regard for their feelings are interests. Often the other person is in a subservient position where resist it would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much. Real as assumed seven add boundaries. Narcissist do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to me to their needs or may as well not exist at all those provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist are treated if they are part of the narcissist and are expected to live up to those expectations, in the mind of a narcissist. There is no boundary between self and other. So if you fight Then it's either you fighting back at yourself or you got to get rid of that, but The reason I just look at this is because this is the prominent. Disposition in cultural discourse in a
add sense right now, so of narcissus, see no difference between themselves and their extensions of themselves or people that comply with them that they just in extent one of them that year, it's gotta, be all these willing components right, there's a willing components, it's the idea of the narcissistic supply, so the base is trump's narcissistic supply I guess that's one of the reasons I have such a weird kind of defensive bow, reaction do no dot. Two, I don't see any difference between the disposition of someone like roseanne someone like trump among, like kanye in our society. You know in your life its guiding the world and in it and with that, is a leadership I'll send everybody. like you know they fuck. It talks about me to Whatever the fuck I want, there will be reprisals, though I believe local state, personal cultural levels.
I don t I it seems very difficult to reign. The narcissist and chief in apparently no one made any rules for that. Just norms, no rules norms he's breaking all the norms. Son president, it I e fucked up and scary, these norms might be? Maybe someone might want to make of the norms that are being broken and maybe try to make a well hamburger rule book of things that they have to do so we don't all become. You know just appendages of this narcissistic shit show any ways. that's just sort. What I'm thinking about a little. You know right rachel brosnahan, I'm about you're about to hear me talk to her and the show is the marvelous, mrs maisel, which honestly, as I said before, I didn't think I would like, because I'm a comic and there's some
without being a comic when they make shows about comedy or stand up in particular, no matter what era it is your life that are going to get a ride. Am I going to buy it? Is this: how can this? How can she, how can he How can they be b act like a stand up. I've never seen anyone do stand up. It was not a stand up and make it seem like a stand up. But there was something about the show that I grew to really like. I I liked the period I liked having a strong female voice in a time where they didn't exist, like the character, MRS may's, definitely strong female voices around running stand up, but they were very specific by there was The thing about your back loading, Real strong sort of them coincide until he accidentally feminist voice into this era. That I thought was a very amazing device and I'll talk to rachel about that. But yeah the show is the marvelous.
Mrs may's, oh, and this is me and rachel. So what do you? What are you doing today? What are you doing your dress d ye. I know I'm sort of doing doing the rounds. I don't feel so like strange with, like so much make upon for well yeah yeah. I'm sorry there's not a camera, I will take elderly after you'll, be raillery it'll, be it in order that self you have ever taken rate itself doing that thing where we have like a you run around, do a press day. Yeah, what's press- and you know we have one week essentially to to do everything before we go under into shooting Second season you haven't shot yet waiting for it takes time I know I just I just shot glow, but I mean, but are you done now yeah, but we ve been done a while you have of yeah like em month or two I agora go do eighty are did ace or that done. Lao
under rock mean. How would you know, but I mean, but it seems like that been done in in post already know. We we just start I mean we just shot part of our first to episodes in paris which cool. Alright, I ran into the shalhoub. The did you other day. Table well, amazing, was it get. It was good. You know it was. It was an odd group. It was me and tony and ray romano and tracy morgan and Louie Anderson He was talking about just having gotten back from paris back. What would you do? There was the angle we We have a kind of too much aware, and I know who you are we at YAP. We we are there the pham for part of the first two episodes, and so we were there for three and a half weeks, no kidding I'm still jealous
Other tony went to lebanon and after that said, I know until they all kinds of fact that did you hear that story now already a media should have one. Now he went back to sorted searches, fathers history and brilliant, he found the not only the village but the house, he d, that that his family came from the who s ready, cholera, LAO seen him since we got back in november on the euro Evan. I know I've no, not yet. Now I need to get one and come back for like work Where are you from I'm from highland park illinois which supper like you're, ready minutes north of chicago, not a jew, the no known you play you you're, not a junior grew up in a jewish area, yes exactly yeah. So and help you familiarize yourself with so you know I mean I? I grew up. My dad tells me this story that he didn't tell me until very
recently, but I apparently, when I was five years old, came home really really distraught from kindergarten and and was like daddy. What is my hebrew name? everybody has one really upset about it, but I think I did. I spend a lot of time immersed in and welcomed by jewish culture in community, and they don't they don't know it. But but I borrowed a few pieces: some of my friends parents for mitch, yeah. The alike were catholic, I can't say other isis, if you're doubt- or you can just say the name of the person. Some of the obsession with with the kids looks. You know like her giant forehead and sort of some speech patterns. and I'm sure, probably one of my friends, mothers in particular yeah. I didn't. I didn't grow up around chicago jews, but I grew up around new jersey jews, so you know how
Michael Zegen, from new jersey. He plays joel and collateral, but not much, I mean there. I can't I can't always put my my finger on what it is. It makes a juicy specific and annoying but that I say that as a jew to a non jew but there is it like. You were able to sort of focusing on some of those idiosyncrasies, they're they're real, bringing area. a brilliant writing. You know. Amy grew up with it with a committee. Who is her dad. Is it it's not in german, isn't dawn short man. I think on sugar aim, hope you're, not right yeah. He was, he was a committee any stand up. She says he does whatever he did. A lot of fun cruise ships I was going to increase yet a ship comet, yeah yeah, oh so tony recently came across, although I haven't heard them yet some of his some of his stand up and really great, oh yeah, yeah. The game has gotten
Have some of his hurled. Men stand, I mean they are right. He had so I tell you. Went up there. How do you say where's your last name from brosnan brosnan hand wow yeah. Nobody ever gets it right, really yeah, they say, oh a whole lot of things I'll give you I'll give you a list of personnel in hand, comma broached in hand. Brochure had risen in nature and then there's just the pause rachel and then I know it's meant in the news you're, you're land. I it's, those are all the gaelic, the the proper pronunciations. What is it? I urge its irish YAP looks like a classical virus yeah. This is crazy, A couple of years ago, my extended family on my dad's side, who are irish. We all went out to ireland and went to broner his teeny, tiny town, I'm not actually exactly sure where it is, but teeny, tiny, town and and if his wild, that there was this graveyard.
every single person in it was brought in inner browsing hand. We all hail from the town of brows were pure up around as of guinness on your on the ledge of the grave yes, and that pierce browser is appears And in what is, I think, right, immersion yeah, I assume we hail from the same tiny right from bosnia browsing. Yeah where'd, you like more spend time in ireland as I love ireland, and I've only been there a little bit. Did you really do the whole country kind Not really. I mean we stayed. It's been quite a few years now to anyone to blarney. We went to oh, what's that Dingle we went to dingle visited, drove around a little guy coastal zone. Yeah dublin to go. when we flew into double right, but we only spent the night there. Got a car drove around with the family.
turns out my mother's, the only person, our family, you can drive, stick shipped, so she she drove her simple. They waited on the wrong side of the exact that you as she's from england, so that after wasn't a big deal, wasn't too confusing. I I found it died. The idea of its s, terrifying, to me horrid lying to try to remember that. I would never I we kill us all. You have to dry, so so oh yeah, I'm not a great driver. Anyway I mean I live in new york. We don't drive anymore, forgotten, yeah, yeah you're, going to move out here. No, not yet! No! No, I don't think I live, for about eight months after college, and I threw in the towel pretty quick. What I couldn't do it couldn't take it out for me but we were child now you lie a little older. I like season, we, I know, I know I know I know- and I know the new york forever and I lost time out here- I feel, like I blinked and eight months, went by then is waited to feel time going by its very very odd. Nice are just not on
It's something about the climate to it is annoying. You know I it and you do feel a kind of at sea here. Do you know what I mean it's an isolating place if you don't yet have an active social life or you aren't that way, whereas in new york you can just go down the street or meat friend you always in the attack, the train? Yet you can make spontaneous plans here. It's like there's no way you can make spontaneous plans with someone in santa monica flaky. I mean, I just think they're not. I dunno for flaky here yeah. Well, it's like it's a big deal. If you're going to drive somewhere right, you know if you're going to drive somewhere worth it will but yeah it could take three hours out of your day where I live in Brooklyn I live up in harlem It's so like, but like so you can be anywhere in the city. You know within and be there within twenty five minutes, total really yeah except brooklyn. I mean I
a little higher up in harlem, so it takes a little longer sometimes, and the trains are all fucked up now so they're always all fucked up I mean especially now. Are they going to? I don't know that I mean that's is not part of cynthia Nixon's new car I I do. I am not in touch with me or politics too, overwhelmed with national politics, but Do you know they seem to have put that should offer its all piecemeal repairs and it's not happening fast enough. Eminent unaware, everything's crawling they express trains are stopping between every single local station. It's it's a mess right now. Widening. Does oki I'm used to do a bit about that about how like in new york, there's always a guy in a hole in the aid at all hours of the night, with a guy stand over a whole right, there during the morning. It's like what are they doing that sums up the new york experience can't be good, whatever they're doing. If it's, if two in the morning and they're doing it now only time that people aren't come. my mind it's true
I hope they get it fixed, but it's like out here, it's like traffic, it's like it's never going to get better. When were they were they going to build a new highway when they anyway? Well, that's what I talked to the uber driver once saying that I don't know this is true, but it is an issue that was the hope for over with the odd reduce traffic, because more people would take them together. Here our groups the group or yeah yeah. That seems a little idealistic, but I find that anybody out here, if you don't have a culture of public transport that shifting people over to and even to uber, even to a train, it's sort of like nah like a car cultures invented out here anyway sammy brothers and sisters. Here I have one brother and sister what, the families that I know not a very good one or both old irish family or you. Both your parents, have that ilk, kyra, wiki, or she or no, my mom's, british, my only bruce yeah and my dad is not irish himself. I think his grand such as canada, passed down too far of seed and grow up with the catholic thing
that's. What usually creates the multitude now I think I think they were met. My dad grew up irish catholic and without thing too much about it very few of his siblings are still Oh really, they turned yeah. They turned after the dark side. Oh yeah, all heathens, no good. I dunno it's darker. I mean you know as soon as the news comes in you know. It's not. It turns out it's not the greatest church in the world, but yeah my dad's one of six, it five sisters, you are really a normal. I do yeah yeah and what's your sibling situation, you got what they're little monotony undermining the their younger than me. My sister is nineteen, and my brother is twenty four oh yeah yeah. What are they doing? My brother's working in banking out in denver right now
banking in Denver, PA and my sister is in college, and she plays soccer soccer soccer and banking yeah and you're a little tv star, yeah yeah, so all right, so you're you're, like what's when do you start the doing of the song and dance routines Dan now I mean yeah. Why does it have one? Do you start doing with my stomach? Just oh, I meant literal song and dance. My stomach just dropped out of the bottom. One thing you can do it come on sing. Thinking makes me want, when did I start doing your high school yeah? I think I always liked. I would like to perform in writing. I liked, although school play you do those yes bring things. Those are my jammed spring. Things were known never heard- that before my life, you sing in the spring, oh really with a bunch of people with a bunch of other kid funds, yeah see you. Do I pretty to herod why you get free? I mean I like to sing I'm a terrible thing or I don't
in front of anyone else and dirty music was a part of a group. Okay, okay, I did do musicals. There was a period of my life where I thought I could sing, and then I went to college and they made you sing in front of all your classmates and now I'm scarred for life really yeah. It was too scary. It was absolutely horrifying. I I feel that way too, but I've done it a few times a week. Have you? but I go when I play guitar with people. Sometimes I'll sing, some songs and I have a I have a slight lisp anyways, but when I sing it seems to be accentuated- and I know I don't know other people I wouldn't have noticed until you told me I've been told I have one too either a little, but I am full of speech impediments. It's terrible. I have bad elles trick. I can barely say that. Will you just said it sounds fine ella I say them in my throat, like l, so there's no real law, it's just like a half. It's like you. It doesn't matter who spent a lot of time. Thinking about
It's like I can do. I now am- and I guess I have spent a lot of time. Thinking about it. I never notice. I know people don't notice because as long as you're communicating what you want to communicate, but if you were speech therapists you'd be like, I can help you yeah, but that's that's for better or for worse sure, yeah. So, okay, so you're in spring. Things did some spring things yeah and then springs. I know the musicals in high school one or two. I did a couple yeah yeah, I was in cats. Oh yeah, I was in high school production of cash. that must be been great, is pretty fantastic. Yeah think we spent all the rehearsals cats affairs stone there. It was extremely yeah catches greater. I was in the scarlet for now. We really, we really reached out you to fix, shows yeah or is it a big house was a big rich high school. It was a pretty big high school, with a pretty heavy focused on the arts near you and he walked out to just public high school, Barbara, private, real and amazing public high school or your parents in the
today in they arts are they? What do they do? No they they're, not in the arts, but they with them. I think more so now that I'm in cad two, but were they nervous when he did it at first they were so nervous. Well, with your dad do my dad was in children's book publishing he published children's books yeah any any big ones. No, they did they did. They had a big partnership. I think with disney they published a lot of a disney sound books. The buttons and it speaks to you and all the different languages. Oh yeah yeah. Was it his publishing company or just work for him. He worked for them yeah, but he was the vice president of the international division. So he traveled a lot of children's publishing. Yeah, oh yeah, They call it I'm as a guy end up there did you have a pension for that are even just the publishing racket what he work for golden books. Children's book company they did children's those little books with the golden spine. sure yeah, so he worked for them
restarted. I guess this was the natural progression moving up. It was cool, so many growing children yeah. I have read a ton by me. After a certain age, I would think that would you don't, have an. I no longer read the sound bucks now, not anymore. You high school, Reda, isn't said you big bunch. But I mean doubt we fund or the ways waiting it. Maybe someday you'll have a kid and feel the exact way lack of control at the box. That definition boxes. That will happen. It will and your mom did in what she did she raised us. Oh yeah, think childcare is big job, three areas, three of us yup free little. You just barely got done. She did me now so this high school, so Ok, see, you know you want act, I did I. I think I didn't always know that you could do acting as a career in well. No, I mean I I watched movies and I always wanted to do see it. I guess
so, that's all I saw it as with theatre believing roman actor. You never marry you. This would watch movies, but because I didn't make that association, important you do read an article where someone makes twenty million dollars for doing a movie and you're like wow. I guess you can do that thing that came later. People are talking about that cyclists. Then I don't think so. Yeah new you wanted the stage I did yeah and when what was the next step, you graduate high school with a very good student or aunt, really just alright, okay, and I think I was smart and good at testing and I liked learning, but I didn't always like what I was learning about, and so I was kind of word into the ass. Try as hard as I should have right or lock in yeah like if I was really passionate about something I would I loved it. I would learn everything I could about it. There were those things I loved to read and I love fiction fiction, yeah, mostly fiction thick. When I was younger, I started reading a lot of fan
see book the rings and harry potter area. You did that yeah that I think that's kind of what we want to be an actor yeah yeah, like the fantasy rome, like imagining worlds that I can now you're playing this advantage character of a female stand of comic. Fifty three, you actually at a point of view and yet way lucky, ok, I it's it's a complete fantasy character. A little bit is. But no- but I think that's what's great about the show, but but show when you graduate what's the next step for you to you'd, tell parents you want to pursue acting or you do it right after high school. I think during I saw said I want to I wanna actor. They said you have to go to college and I started doing research about schools with good acting programmes. They went at my you
Oh, you did yeah, but did they do that thing where it's sort of like you have to get an education and act like? Did you try to do that? Yeah? Well, that's where the things that was nice about and why you we had to take a lot of other class, his school attached and it was a buffet, but it was an academic heavy, be a fe. I was a psych minor, which I loved and I feel like, even with the theater classes that we were taking, I learned so much about other things. The theatre studies classes that we took. They took a class about native american theatre studies out yeah, but often if they are in the history of ed and and algebra to queue, theatre studies, it was really cool mayor american fears days. What was that like was what, with some of the stuff, do you remember any of it not a whole other than that I loved it, and we went to see some of the theater in new york at about the kinds of storytelling that a wonderful native american teacher and was really passionate about the arts.
within the community and that's pretty wild yeah. I was really cool yeah, so I got follow jean stir. Mythology is mostly about. However, how stories were used culturally, civic sense of humour with which some of us were told? We we created pieces ass. It I felt college was all kind of a blurb. I am really loved at class, simply left that teacher here and why did you do? I have expressed my fear? I didn't do a ton of it, but I loved seeing it there. I took an oven guard theatre studies class or we went way week to see a show ready to see a show in a small black box with all these different theaters all over the city. The said you see any of those. What was that,
his name foreman's, but yeah was it richard? Former chairman is what a lot of things going on yeah wacky about action, but a lot of things that really moving. I mean, I think, as a richard foreman show, the public that we saw oh yeah idiot savant say I think that was richard for yeah and it was really moving and- gary really yeah. I just saw never seen one. It reminded me of like a marx brothers like as a result What's going on, I dunno he, it seemed like when I was living in new york. He was doing a play every week, yeah yeah, and it was. Same marks or somewhere gas. Exactly right. I am there's just always posters up here, richard foreman right in there is as yet, how is it possible? You got another play up ray did you really works a million miles the I dunno what he looks like or what he does, or you know anything about that guy and I dunno I play a week yeah then I finally went to see one. It was pretty overwhelming and great. I felt the same
go like to wish to group and stuff. We didn't go to the western group, but the professor that we had it believe had done some work with them react. Yeah so and then okay, so tell me what what you, what you took psychology class to. I did yeah as a psychology class. You like that stuff. It was. It was because it was it easy or because no, I felt like it went hand in hand with theater. Oh yeah, there's an exploration of of the mind and of the history of psychology, t shirt and trying to figure out how we think about it too yeah. What was your first big experience on stage in new york? You know I didn't I didn't. Do a full production in college really just fits yeah was he scenes from show that wasn't part of the curriculum to deal full show? I think it certain studios, why and why you has a whole bunch of different studio and I was sort of trying to get my feet on the ground. Acting perfect
they wives. While I was in school right, what was the studio you were, and I was in strasbourg right. There I cry a lot. He cried a lot in strasbourg. What were the other ones? I just talked to somebody about this. You did who kristen bell shouldn't you be out for a couple of years: cool like I don't think she finished out cause she got. She got cast in a show up by like she was telling me about all the different schools- and I didn't realize that that you could kind of go to all these different thing yeah. But I mean they, please you, but there was gosh. I feel like it's been a million years actually has an alarm balances that the true it weighs size in strasbourg where there is the stellar adler studio. Meisner all within the school, with under the n Y umbrella under the Tisch umbrella. But you have to go I went to meissner of right. You could do it in the n y. U bill. I think it was that we were at the strasburg studio, which is also it's own independent school. Okay, I see, I see
The council are all address that right, yeah right, but they have their own teacher, said robert and where you teachers, who were obviously adept at that particular method, yeah, sears, amateur, outside of right, maws meissner, stoa had were playwrights. Isn't atlantic, oh yeah, the mammoth trip yeah We stand there and do you I find your mark and do your thing is that it I wouldn't know we never had any interaction with any with lanterns. Do just say the line. Clearly, Why just interviewed him and I always had a problem with his particular way of doing things. I talk to him about it. I guess I did you tell him that what did he say What do I mean? It really comes down to what I have found with actors is like. Whatever you know me said you're going to do or, however you're going to apply them or the many that you do. It's like there is an element of either got it or you don't. It just has to work
yeah has to work, but also you have to show up with a certain amount of talent for doing it. Yeah. The amount of em you can get better at whatever it is, but what makes some a great and what makes that are now it's, not going to be on answers there now, but ok, so you're doing mind and miserly did might not. Mice are now rise, brasswork gap so well, what was that process like what? How is at work a wise, crazy? I feel, like somebody once said to me, and this is kind of true than they I wanted to turn you inside out all the way and then turn your right side out then shake you out and hopefully goes back on the right side of your body. Yeah, it was a. It was intense, it was really intense. That was the sort of obliterating this yourself. The sense of self, like you just buoys, become emotional mush. All the time we were, we were pretty bushy, yeah yeah. I didn't need a couple of quarter life crises I feel during that time and but it, but it was nice to be in new york doing that. If Alec were a lesson that college,
apple that fell to an it happens, doing it I don't know where to try it every single day, the strasberg institute. So you you had a teacher that had a certain amount of gravitas and weight right. Yeah was he an old person had a couple of teachers every year, so from strasbourg yeah we had more than one acting teacher and a lot of it. We had dance and singing, like I said traumatized, but that was in strasbourg is really they are some hello case of the whole of the whole umbrella of the education took place. Her say, did dancing and suggest the the performance near to rise in strasbourg, so he took dancing. We took singing, we took time, she which was really yeah. We took voice and speech, which I learned about my list. just like you and yeah we took acting, but I did I had. I had a couple older, acting teachers
when they love what they are, but, like my the the crying thing is that that seems to happen during scene study. Yes, exactly during those we did a lottery notes. It seems yes, no before we did a lot of sense memory. Training. Also there's real method, stuff, yeah yeah. Does that work for you it does and it it does work for me, but it doesn't work for everybody. You know it's like you, gotta find your own thing and I don't do it exactly like I learned it. school or you may find some sad to cry about money need to cry that basically exactly It's pretty words that I'm just going to leave it there yeah. You know for for all different kinds of sandwich, yet hesitant to talk about it, because it's sad the minute you are talking about it, you sound absolutely batshit. I dunno. If that's true, I think I think actors get self conscious talking about. Laughed because often process right, because you know you what I found talking actors. Is it some just like I'm not going to do that or or not
I'm not gonna do that, but they say like why. I take a little from everything. I've learned in whatever that it becomes a natural thing. It's hard to identify. You know what your craft and process but there are things that you do. Yes, what's so individual. I think that's why people they suffer I have a hard time talking about it, sometimes because it's such a it's such a vulnerable thing gift and process yeah. Well, I find I mean I find acting so vulnerable in general. It's the. I have said this many times now. People ask a lot about about the marvelous, mrs may's on marriage and how confident she is that I've said many times that one of the hardest things about it has been has been finding that confidence. While performing that
The thing I find really scary and challenging- and I feel like talking about it too much- makes it worse confidence while performing within the character or while performing the character at all. You mean by doing for doing comedy or just while performing like the idea of performing feels like you're you're you're, putting something out there that is sort of soft and squishy and yeah, leaving it open to to judgment in so many people's opinions about it, and you just hope that you're doing just it's too brilliant material and and and also that, it's fulfilling in some way sure, but I find that whole thing really vulnerable. So that's if I start talking about process and I'm like I dunno like, if you touch them, Stumpf is then thoroughly and then you cry about it. Now, it's not just crying that was the joke, but it it was a lot of different things. Trying to reach the height of all different kinds.
Motions and larger how to access them in and manage and manage them and manipulate them. As you you need I've had one person on here admit to doing animal work, and in a week animal, very high school sure. I've never told anyone as your big uncut word is out. Wait it out or click bait. Oh god, the title Rachel brosnahan an animal work, but But now I mean it's, it's that's an interesting exercise. Is interesting, but I've not ever like yahoo, as it was Paul Dan. I think o, who after doing a little animal work for some things- sometimes I don't know maybe I'll start, you ain't more animal or knowing me, I don't even know what ever get anyone gets are big, but back find that, like for some people, I guess acting sort of a job right. It is a job But you know then there's people that that you know like
or just want to make the most out of the new wants of getting to the party like it. You know I get the private have, however, deep. Anyone wants to get in their proper says whatever the fuck. That is, that might just be well how they enjoy the work. That's my favorite part rehearsal is my favorite part that weird work, that you hope that there's no fly on the wall witnessing in your apartment, bathroom or something. Is my favorite part, and that's why it's hard to talk about? I think it is it a personal, it's personal, but it's also hard to articulate. What it is and worry its enjoyable when you really so much of it feels like torture. Simultaneous will not get it. You know, like you know, just having done some myself. You know I am to try to. If I to really to think about. For me, it's like before they before a scene starts.
We have to get into the present didn't have to sit here, you're talking to you in all that stuff yet, but those are real, practical thing, yes and how to get out of self consciousness again. Yes, I mean I I've I've. Chile spent so much time, and this is not part of any method that I learned, but probably so article I read on the internet, have when I'm feeling, like you know, I'm having trouble accessing that self. Empowerment have definitely stood in the mirror in my corset and tights, and all kinds of nineteen, fifty armor with my hands on my hips and power, pose like into the mere added the words so but then with this. Was your a big break He did you won t you want golden globe right and you did you get you got the critics choice award as well. That's big! I was there
both of those you were as a critics choice and I was, the sad awards, o nights, everyone at the facts by term graduation spending. Thank you. I got nominated, that's exciting, is is amazing. That's very sweet guy. I appreciate that it's really really everything I can't I love it. So I appreciate that so, but this was you I have kicked around in t v, a long time, yeah really rights, and when did you graduate from Tisch in two thousand and twelve He did a movie right away. I don't happened on the timeline of. Did you in fact, raters one was at. That was right as I was graduating like I finished a semester early, and I think that was between when I finished and my actual graduation, because I missed my college graduation to do that. Murphy,
yeah yeah. That was it worth, it sure yeah I mean graduates and who's in that movie has who were you working with a? It was Jeremy iron and the thompson viola davis, wow, alden, ehrenreich happy with your parts, you have a good sized part. No, it was a visit. I mean it was a pretty small part. It was one of my first one of my earlier jobs, but seems thing I worked with emma a little bit and a lot of stuff alone. I played like a a crazy witch yeah, oh good, who killed people with my eyes. Oh good yeah yeah. This policy, like you, seem like the kind of person that would kill people with your eyes so that that the money that we want a faintly money spent like thirty minutes together. There's still time yeah. Maybe by the end you will need to kill with your eyes I work in television really yeah. I did a lot
Can you do any? I'm, like you didn't, do any desire do any of the procedurals when you're in new york, where did law order, which I'm now I'm it's an image of honor that there is still time there is still time. I imagine it's never going to go off the air. You can always go back to the laws. Are you yeah? You didn't do soaps. Are you happy? You didn't do alone order, no eye with die. May I was going to do on earth. I think our decision for law and order about twelve hundred really new york, oh yeah, I didn't for all. of the law and order. There were three of them on the air right because people, that's what you do in your new york, Andrew largely in new york. You do a law and order you die in, and you come back as a totally different character. On more than one yeah yeah an order like no Imagine. You just spread it out few months. Really I'm just defended that nobody now you're gonna get alone or will be able to do it? Can I be like can have fourth position? I can't I can't go. What did you do?
I do like. I know you did house of cards, but there's a few things before that yeah I did. I did an episode of the good wife, oh yeah. I think my first job in new york, first t v thing in new york, which was a blast. Would you do that scenes with christine Baranski and Julianna margulies, and it's actually your last name yeah, I think so: yeah, okay, yeah and and Michael J fox. It was his first episode of first. If a couple episodes sort big, it was amazing. You know I've. I've been, I think about it. A lot now that I have been so lucky most in small roles, Leon and single episode. Guest stars are in roles like that small role and beautiful creatures to have worked with older actors who have been around forever, whose careers I'm completely in awe of who have been so kind to me, and probably don't even remember, but
like little moments that completely changed my life, it's. Why of that like like? What, like you know that you can remember yeah. Well, I mean I remember so many of them and it was truly like they probably don't. Remember this at all. I remember my first day on beautiful creature emma thompson in the film I was playing her great great, great, great, great, great grandmother in some flashback right and she ran out of the hair and makeup trailer gave me a huge hug and said we're so happy you're. Finally, here and I about died, but was also just like. I then I felt so good on to a set that I hadn't been a part of necessarily they've been shooting for weeks already and- and I the young in new and nervous shit data, and that made me feel
it's so much better than I remember it. Still I'll, never forget it. It's like you're you're sort of welcome to the community yeah yeah from someone of a spin, a staple of the community time, so smart, articulate and talented, and and and even working on, the good wife. I remember Michael J fox I I like I said. I think it was my first job in new york. I was shooting a my coverage and he told me that I should look towards his outer eyes so that I would open up. further to the camera, a tiny little thing, but it taught me something a great trick, yeah the little trick of the trade room again. Somehow I gotta remember who I've admired. I had quickly forgotten thing, but from someone who I admired for such a long time, yeah Michael kelly on house of cards way Michael's have you ever talked to Michael.
Oh yeah, it's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet so insanely, talented and michael used to call my agent after we work together and tell him that he loved working together. That's nice and I was newly with this agency. We shared an agency and it meant a lot and, and I think, helped a solidify my standing sure sure and then it just in it. It's nice to you know when you start working with these cats who have been working in it for ever, and you show up on sets it like. I just I just feel like, even when I was doing my own show when you'd have these actors that you've known your whole life show up, but there's that weird moment right here they are and then you're like no he's just the guy. I yeah yeah and that's the best part. If I die of job the nice guy, you know yeah year. So It's been a big, the house of cards thing. You are on a lot of those yeah to quite a
and that got you the the weird kind of like episodic training I would imagine to to to sort of like have to go to work and do it for over and over again the character that one was interesting because it felt more like shooting a film yeah and, I think, Fincher described it as a thirteen hour movie. You were in that first season how many seas. When were you in it? I was in the first, I made appearances in the first three seasons, so that where those all fincher deceptive forties for just the idea here is involved, but I was the first. I think he he only directed the first to argue that at least may I was there, but it was something that we always was to be a much smaller thing right episode or two and writer and and
couple seasons and it was. It was a blast, but don't think like you're doing that kind of like episodic stuff is like that's rude. That's the real training or area yeah and developing a character that I think hadn't already been developed rise, such a gift that the character was developing before my eyes, and I was learning new things about her every week and getting to stir. my muscles. It was the type of role that I wasn't being seen for at all at that time. What would you, how would you describe it? Was she She was. She was an ex prostitute or was still a prostitute. In the first episode it was a little more mature. Some of the things that I had been being seen for. I hadn't seen for a lot of sixteen year olds kind of a sexual sixteen year old. Then, we could play young yeah, I could say yeah yeah, and so that was new. It was also a lot darker than anything. I'd really tried over a long period of time, and I feel like I
really feel like. I grew up with that character. I learned something about being more grounded and present from playing that role. That's great yeah was probably well: riskier yeah. It was scary yeah because, like that's not your life, right and then you gotta make this this type of character credible? Yes, and I was so nervous. I felt like I have struggled for away in my house. Doing lot of research in then realize that it says she's, just a person, surer son, who is struggling to find her identity in, and that was at that time when you're in I was Twenty year like that, was so much as my own experience through a completely different lens, and it was. It was amazing yeah and in that twenty really sort of like it. If you start to realize like it's in the script, so you know you got to show up for that thing. Right, like you know like you, can go I like stay up all night or you know, read about hookers all you want, but ultimately it's it's their right. That's that's the
thing that I started to realize: when my show is a little joke here, but I doing glow is like this guy the your you, you don't have to you can do whatever you want to. You have to get to him, sir, but it's it's here. Right. It's there has to live and breathe. It's there on the page right. You can't. You know you like, I. I have I've done improvisational show here which are fine, but I got a rather do the script I mean to you now. I agree I can rifts good, bye, elderly you're gonna end up at yourself. If you improvise right does rival found anyway. I don't have that for all implement area. Some guys are you know, yet they can do it in character forever. But, like that you know you can we think so, deep as the character. I also appreciate the collaboration, love that on some sets in plays. Everyone shows up and has one job creating or sometimes monsieur ups, but but there's brilliant writers creating these.
World and the characters the costume designers can, at least for me. I love costumes hiv in the way I hurry characters and they change the way. We all see characters form so much who these people are and hair and make up and set and it's elsa when you're doing a period piece. It's a big deal that period you're working in now, but I do yeah yeah well yeah. Well, it's a little minds a little easier to access. You can still get the clothes from my period you can for us too. I just learned about deadstock that stuck and what is deadstock. Okay. I hope I'm getting this right. As a customer, I was going to kill me, but I think it's just it's just clothes that haven't that were never worn that still have. Hang on them that have been held on to improve still around origin from an added at a better like showbiz.
This wardrobe warehouse can thing you're, not sure where were they article coming from a rather kept but yeah where's dead start? I have it. I did have a pair of shoes, though, on on reasonable that were that we're dead stock. They were still in the package and I put them on and they were powerful ballerina and whatever was the soul of the shoe just rumbold realizing. I think this is lead. is supposedly poisonous. I know what it was that it just fell apart, my gun, What was Manhattan, I don't know what it is a show about the manhattan project, building I'll carry our eyes, saw it in no way a short lived, but it was. It was, but it looks like you did a lot of episodes. Yeah we made twenties, and it was supposed to go on longer, ideally, all series go on long. what network was wgn america, annual stern. Yes yeah. That guy
I haven't seen him in awhile. They do a lot of scenes with him. I did fusing with him. He directed an episode, maybe two episode. How was that amazing yeah great director he's really passionate about it and I'm not he's done, I think, a fair amount of directing, but he was so passionate about it. He gets actors so kind and excited about the cereal were rate. Where writers on that show to SAM Shaw, did you aren't allowed a dead? We also got to shoot and santa fe which I've fallen in love with complete asked my home state. I know that place. Yeah grew up in albuquerque little bit different from santa FE yeah, but it's an hour away and hip to it. I was just up in santa FE, I got you go further north! That's where it's really at taos, not quite yeah! I mean houses are right, but like up in like chimayo, where giorgio keys houses ellie, I am yet tells us- You haven't been up there in a long time to ski there. When I was a kid I have only been a town ones, but the drive up to town idea. I enjoyed more than grace itself so yeah
its killer. Did you gotta giorgio keeps us? I didn't you gotta go to see how much I love in santa FE, oh yeah, You can go to her house right. Where is it is it. I try to go once a year grout out three worth it like. The museum is great, but you just you know. You drive up north it's about a half hour, so it's a little town, but they have. Preserved, amazing and can go into the courtyard and one or two other you can go into a studio, creates an end that, like that her view from her studio that sort of like that's it that's new mexican ago, yet do a you're funny like albuquerque, has a little different like what he was like. What happened to you in Albuquerque, I couldn't love albuquerque. So what was traumatized you feel like. Maybe I was in a not great part of albuquerque, but I feel, like my only experience of albuquerque, with a lot of motel six albuquerque's. You grow up somewhere,
guys, it my beard, but it was probably left up there. We have a new mexico It was the biggest city in new mexico, and you know was a small town city by a body like its come upon hard times out of it net yeah it kind of yet it spread out and a crumbled, and I don't know really what's going on there anymore economically much either. I know they got that pigs the other? Now you know they were happy. I don't exist. We only have they were having a hard time. There was some controversy about the Sprague that was being right, yeah? Well there? I think they had a governor there for awhile that was like you know: fuck show business to the to the community or to the culture to the state, but it yeah. It was great yeah, that's the one that I think I think it's back. I think people are shooting there. I think I don't know, I know that's all shoots there that bob shoots out there just call Saul, and I I know there's two
using facility out there the biggest studio b. I don't know what the incentives are, though I can text my friend later and find a left to know loved shooting their children. I fell in love with her. Santa FE yeah up in santa FE, go to ten thousand waves. I, of course hey. I love ten thousand. Wait! Isn't that great it's so I go there once a year, so there's no cell phone service feel they added a restaurant Yonah. Yes, I owe you went oh yeah, I Yes, yes right, they have the best cheeseburger I've ever really! Maybe ever oh man, I didn't get the cheeseburger, I don't know what I got. Dad. I member when it didn't, have a restaurant. I remember that for years here and they have fewer bungalows things and yeah so it's like its funding because the actual spot part of it is it still extra?
If the community place, you can still kind of go there. It's pretty simple, which I love yeah. I love. This is going to sound creepy and weird, and I really love. I really love communal women's bath yeah. It feels so it feels like something from another time and and I dunno there's something about being surrounded by so many women in a in a place where you are asked to and allowed to relax the energy of all these women being together. Yeah We have always found really beautiful and inspiring and to cultural thing too. I don't like that. It's specifically in a mess can thing, but neither still communities do that. Yeah yeah I and there's korean baths and russian baths and there's a yeah, the bath culture. I guess We could really really have the don't think we have too much of that in this day and age, even go down, go down to the tenth avenue batson women's day. Wasn't there a dead body found in my eyes
that there is a dead body. Ninety we wanted a bad in new york a couple years ago and I ve just I've stayed away. I don't know who was? It was a founder. Was it you did so and die in the in the sauna. I feel like it was found whaley making this out, but I feel it maybe I exaggerated into drugs revealing salzburg. Someone died due or somebody who is in a bath and they like stepped on a body, and it was a big deal no that when that happened down there and I'm sure, though, got on a word that would happen and somewhere in new york in one of the bats, cuz that that one down on with tenth avenue right to tenth avenue bath. I think it's called so I give the old one where, if you know blue cheese go sweat out his drugs at it was they had like it. It was a russian house, but but then orthodox jew day, so yeah sits, would come, and that was a weird hamath yet, but they had all different days, but there was an appeal that you couldn't see the bottom there's a cold plunge, and then this is not a frank yet there.
what an oven of its honour right that was not and he get a plaza with the guy would come in with the the leaves soaked this strikes. It still exists, a platter yeah It's a russian cat, worried they take these two bundles of the leaves that a bundle yeah and they welcome in hot water, and then they just beat the shit at. I really wish that your audience could see the demonstrate. Of naming we, I am right in area and the idea had to do a weird they sell come and then they beat you up with them and they rub them on your back, What can I get things done anything except watching? What are you laughing at sunday? There is an inch in its a stringent theirs. I'm kind of medicinal quality to the actual leaves interesting. You had it then yeah yeah course he go over there, he just lay there and the guy. He never sure if the guy's, a professional or he's just a guy who hangs around doing plot, possibly just a guy,
advent usually a big russian dude. Who does these and then a guy just comes in with a bucket. That's the guy. I guess yeah. The plots of man plots make it exactly. The weird thing about that place is that I get it. It looks like a run down like old place, that is cool, these weird bunk beds. They give you a shitty little robe, bunk nap Yet these kind of the idea first five think is still up to now to do it to take a day right to take a few now air, so yeah get your roby plastic slippers. You get your locker and I've got like a little cap that has like a russian food. They will not fancy but they'll make you a whence india, whatever use at any rate yeah, you go down the bath for a little while sweat you go in the hot room, you go in the cold, plunge going
Dry sign a wet sauna. Then maybe you need a nap and then you could go eat some more whatever you're going to spend the day. This way, it's not it's not like ten thousand waves. There's no view you can go to the roof. I think you can relax, relax, relax. Well, let's go. We just had a We met a conversation about therapeutic bands, so I guess might might The thing I realize about, watching you and also about working with Alison brie too, is that you know there you, you guys, are very experienced actresses and you know putting the as like there's something similar about the characters about our sins in yours. I think yeah but there also is something similar about the intensity of the performance be in. I, and I I start to think that maybe having done twenty two episodes manhattan and all those like, you know having been in the rick like as if it is a specifically
yeah these like they don't feel like movie parts to me. They feel like a character. You get to know over time and I think it's a different type of performance hm. Do you. I guess approach it differently, but yeah. I don't. It doesn't feel like I'm approaching it differently, but it does feel like a luxury to be able to sit with the character for such a long time and to be able to learn So many new things about her over the course of said have a lighter as her and to evolve. Grier right at that feels like a huge in an actual you know in in real time, in a certain degree like you're solving, because it's like you're about to do a second season. I have any fucking idea. Yeah, what's going to happen, so you know you have his character, you've you've dragged her through, whatever you've dragged her through the first season and the evolutions going to happen and when you're shooting it's going to happen in real time or why suppose that it's different from movie? In that you learn about the characters, history or whatever events complaining?
all scripts there give or take yeah and and proceeded those exact moments that are happening in the film, but in tv we've done it. We did the history there's still history, but the longer you sit with a character you've. The history of the s real for exactly that's what I mean is that you kind of year where it differently I way so when you like more, was the process of casual lobby. as with the as a comic and as somebody who knows a bit about that you're you know like and I don't think I was alone and there's no need for me to say that I don't need a team of people to say that that I was. ethical or the shock. Of course you nicer than my girl care here we go get comedy showing how can cause show about comedy of that era things. So I went like one and a might I dunno. The tone is weird like it's like it's very clip. It's very you know beat to beat your capacity as stylized context. And then
and watch another one, and then you know Lenny Bruce shows up cause. He helps you out, and here you get, it gets you out of jail or whatever, but yeah like you know, as a guy who's like listen to a lot of bruce and seen dustin do any that guy who plays looks like him and I bought it in. I was like alright, I see what they're doing. this is neither playing with history gap, they're taking a a fundamentally not a not aware stemmons character yet, and there back loading her their core they're, creating new your character would not have existed in that time. Yes, right, exactly other media, joan rivers, neither I guess you're, but not somebody who is discussing real issues. You know a b a woman of being a wife of joan, talked about a lot of that right, joke. So, though you're doing long. Yes, that's right. Hers is more images more stream of consciousness, I female lenny Bruce in a way: yes, roller style, yeah, so
also once I kind of got that you know now, I'm not taking anything away from joan rivers. She was great and that may have been your point of departure, but someone the freedom of mind that your character, ass adele, is something that sort of exist today yeah, I wouldn't have like necessarily had the the the weighted exists. Then she wouldn't been able to maintain that platform. Right, probably right, Lenny, breeze hierarchy and have no idea visa whose bear the tower, but but yeah I kind of got into it and I got yeah. I I was. I was okay. I ended up watching all of them and I liked it and I was moved, and I thought it was good thanks, but the
was what did you have to do for yourself to sort of fine confidence? Not. I know you you struggle with that, just to perform, but to perform as a comic. So I was really obviously intimidated by that, but I think I think urbanized about made sure of what you touched on, which is that she she doesn't start a comic. She starts a woman who is having kind of a prolonged mental break, in the middle of a tragedy and are divorce. As a separate, her husband leaves her whole world gets turned upside down and she and that's a big deal at this time in history. In a huge deal, an upper class jewish family. I mean there. There was no solution to that. You might would not win that game and that's why her dad turns to her and says you gotta get him back. There was no other option, and I, and so she you know she finds herself on stage she's at a stream of consciousness. Talks about it make some jokes it's funny, but she doesn't really become
they contain much later in the seizure and that that was the way and for me I think I spent a lot of time studying comedy. I have some friends who are for our committee, whom my friend jasmine pierce, when I was very very important to me during this process. She worked, she writes for the tonight show and- and she was very skeptical as well as I think most of the comedy comedy wise and did she come back with she loved it. At the end of the day she loved it. I think she she felt like, even though its stylize, and even though some parts of it are whimsical and fantastical that that the hard of at the heart of this woman, finding her voice, liore comedy right, rang true and- and so I think that that's what she responded to the most. Who are you listening to to get the hang of it? I was listening to a lot of joan rivers a
ooh moms. Maybe I was just of trying to myself in the comedy world of the time, listen to bob Newhart It. Did us in atlanta, of course, yeah lenny, of course, and that- and I also I really loved- I think my favorite part about prepping for this show was going to a lot of open mic nights. I think the part that I was more interest, I was watching beginner comics test out material
well yeah and mostly the way that they responded to success and failure, and that was something that I that that was something that as somebody with no experience in comedy, I wasn't really sure what that looked like or whether they got like whoa that didn't work out. They acknowledge it how they acknowledge it, whether they're able to spin it into some kind of joke. I watched a girl. Oh it just makes me nauseous. I watched a girl sort of tank through most of the first minute or so of that and just realize it wasn't going to get better. She sort of started talking about some very personal childhood things. They are not really joke for you and then she just hung up the mike and walked off. and ass. She was walking off the stage. The mic fell off the stand and we were like
yeah you're right- that wouldn't hurt, got exclamation points for the end of that sad day. I'm still nauseous about it, but but also you know, I watched comedian early comics early comics, beginning comics, make jokes that they didn't know woodland dead, and was kind of extraordinary to the surprise, the surprise and then that the confidence that comes along with that surprise, right and and the ability to nail jokes that maybe aren't even that funny for the rest of their set, because they were so empowered by one sure that they are unexpected. Then the the the the horrible thing is that doing it again and it doesn't work right I think you did in the show right yes and that's something that I watched a lot with my friend, jasmine jasmine started. Doing stand up very similarly to imagine tiny, tiny basement clubs bring your shows and moved her way up, and I remember watching her hone the same set through some of those shows and and just depending on. Sometimes it wasn't hers. Sometimes it was the night
audience for I've. I have so much admiration and are and and the utmost respect for committees. I couldn't do it that means in take you and take her out into the real clubs. I might be a narrow tried inept and in the current culture. Absolutely not. I want to try that. Why won't jasmine ratio stick, I mean she would she's offered many times. I think I would be so traumatized, I'm not sure I'd be able to go back to the show come on. Oh my god. It's not the same. I can't claim to have ever actually done stand up. Working on this show. I I have material that is written for me by brilliant writers, I'm not going out there as myself, I'm playing a character who is really different from from me so you wouldn't try stand up a fear out of fear of how people would think of you out of both. Both
No! I had. I never had any desire to do it before I maybe like it now have developed a new found, respect for you. Having spent some, I am studying it, but I I don't. I've never had that desire to to go out there and do it. It just feels like the most vulnerable position. You could possibly put yourself in you're, putting yourself in your self worth part of your story on the line it comes from such a personal place. Yeah. I think that's true. I I think I'm so jaded at this point. Cause I've been doing it so long. They don't necessarily think like that anymore, but I do know when I did an hour your last year and had an I haven't rid of written a full hours since then you have got a bunch of numerous a lot, When will you know you can generate them? You know you just if you're doing it like if you're, really in it, when you're working stand up, you're you're going to come up with it. You know, but I've got about thirty new minutes, but there's part of my brain sort of like fuck like
that our I did was good battle on go back. I can never want to go back and in it, and so I have that weird feeling of light and ask me some emmi stand out there. I can, but I kind of feel that way about acting like I feel like every new job I started on. Why did I do this? Why do I keep doing this to myself, but obviously gus gonna, it's going to be like got at the other shoe's going to drop everyone's going know, I'm a fraud, yeah yeah yeah yeah. I get that one but been me: it's not the fraud things not not nodded is it used to be because I d, I don't think that I do think like I'm, like I'm fairly, like with acting. I sort of like look at you know, I'm doing the best. I can I've studied a bed and yeah I did yeah. I don't consider myself what a great actor but would stand up? but at what I am always worried about his eye. When does it went When do I just start crying In the middle of it yeah in when, when do I just
because it's come close to that before, but I'm in a pretty good place in my life, but like I always wonder where, as I will leave it to up to the edge with myself myself, I can. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm is that What are you going to do? I take you why you keep going back to their too to stand up in general when you have that thing where you're, like? Oh god, why? Because agnes, I don't like I I forget. I always forget that I'm a professional you know I always forget you know like. I ran into chappelle and I was like oh I'm going to do out there. You know he's, like you know, like I've had that feeling before, but we've been doing it what thirty years or something it probably going to be. Okay, probably get repaid, but I need to do it. If I needed to be, I don't fucking know how do yeah. I don't get many good jimmy process right. It is that, but it like it's a part that is path. Magical indian, you would think after years, you'd be like once you do something different, so you don't have to freak yourself out and fuck yourself up for months on end, I dunno I kind of find that encourage
now? For being honest like no, I do because because, as as a the fairly young actor. That's how I feel all the time for a dread full of utter terror, every single time and I'll never forget actually did a project with sam neill I have a couple of years ago and sam came on late in the project and shuttle with all of his stuff together and on the very first day, sam who's been doing this forever who's, a brilliant, brilliant actor. Oh god, it never gets easier, and I was like That's both utterly depressing and also really encouraging. It makes you feel, like you're, not alone, that you're not saying for having those thoughts were real insane every time it's always been fine and it also what's the worst thing that can happen, you fail miserably and then hopefully you can pay herself right or just walk with with film or tv
like you could do another take right or another project. Hopefully, oh yeah later we are you boys, it's weird as an actor, you dont have a lot of control over the fire project in animal failure out up to feel like a part of the process. Everybody has done things if you are a successful performer in. Feel sure everyone every stand up his bond. Every actors made a terrible movie that you're not proud of, but but the part of the learning potter it to be. Actually thank you. I love hearing that from you yeah it has to. But if you back in the day you and have like you, know thousands of people in a posting. Ironically, your failure, you know it's or if I find like yeah it's terrible. The internet is a terrible, terrible pit of despair, but but it also cut a zero itself out. You know cause for every person who like you suck, and no one's ever been worse than you and also the other side. That's like literally no one's ever been greater than marry me and you're like ok. This equals zero yeah. That's true, I mean the empty. If you can do
that, if you guys wanted to eat as long as the mathematic balance works on a day to day basis, more showed you today, everyone flitting about an urban really hurt just awful today, but look! I I liked the show and and but congratulations on the award. Thank you. I get imagine you're gunning for an emmy as well. I mean we're all thinking. Our summit right now. You do, you have a big I've, never done singing for the supper- you you've never done it either yeah yeah, it's all new, and then they send you places I hope you don't say something they send you to parties and hope you don't embarrass yourself and then I got to buy another suit. I bought one suit. I got to be you're, a man you can have one suit. I should have a uniform you're allowed. one other one, but there see growth we have but like you guys, you knew and people dress you and they love dressing. You yeah
I remind that fun. I find it a nice, an ace nice distance from the thing well. This is strange, you know it's, it's not a meritocracy and, and that- and I actually find that sort of encouraging too- that you can do great work and people have done great work, isn't recognized this way. But it's amazing if you are lucky enough to recognize this way, because it opens doors for other opportunities, but I find some there's something nice about being dressed by other people because If it s, feels distant from from my life that well you have solely in it and then you are. You also realised that moment like vat on any taste. I went away only by the same things. Why have you one outfit that looks good right as kid? That's that's the extent of my on it may not like, even with the house ignited putting my house together. Why give a designer came in, I can a day ibm holy shit. You just do that. You're he's books so dry. Now, I'm so committed to. I know I'm going to slowly gather my shit and you work for it
Yeah you don't want to you, don't want a bunch of alien things, clothing to be your stuff in your house exactly, but the weird clothing they like costumes. You know, and I like I appreciate- I made nets good. I've made tremendously horrible clothing choices? Many times made some pretty terrible clothing for you. Look at those pictures and you're a little for me. It's more about all the times. I tried to do my own hair and makeup before admitting defeat right. You thinking, I can do it. I'm like I've got this. I don't you know, I don't need to be high maintenance. I can do my own and it's a lot filled with regret, and then you just wait dumpy girl on the line at the red carpet. Thank you know better than that. Whatever their her leg, then I then I learned that I that I can't and- and it's not worth the stress of trying to watch the youtube too real, learn how to do it. or an award show your wanted you to drivers annette not before in a word show before, like you know, I've gone to those like add some like ie
you think I was on the show we did an e w. Think I'm going to do my own. I'm gonna pick my own outfit, I'm going to do my own makeup and cut to me in the bathroom with all the pieces of makeup, recognized, laid out in front of me watching the tube trying to apply highlight two. Might she had there was not well, would you sure, were guided thou I showed up. Looking like this is great. I put this is the part I dont understand about makeup. I put so much makeup on my face and in those photos I look like. I don't have any makeup on, but not enough way, so you kinda did it right just not enough. Maybe I look like a pancake like you're very a doubt completely- that so although I do you have a lot of gill. I have one day, though I will say I do one day. I want to get to the point where I'm brave enough to just fuck it
fran mcdormand, ass and she's, so beautiful. I like the armor of it. I think I feels like costume and and sure protective layer aim dress up in damages, and everyone understands the rule. Yes, I glued to the cow. I got dressed yeah. Nobody, nobody thinks you did that your yell right and yes, fine as long as you recognise that, but I also think like Franek dormant is so stunning and so fucking cool here and she looks incredible. She's found a way to to be at least at appears to be completely herself and own who she is an own, her history and own. What she wants her future to look like.
and and and feels empowered by that yeah in a way that is amazing, yeah. Definitely a powerful person. Yeah I've been lucky enough to meet her a couple of times and she was one of those people actually who early on just took time out of her day to be particularly generous and kind, and she is she's so present and she looks you in the eye and and that and and able to remove all the bullshit for you and your wonder if you can handle it play here? How long I stay in this is my goal to be able to remain in that stay in the gaze of frances Mcdormand. Yes, where'd, you meet her at we again one of these earlier smaller roles that that I had with a minister olive kittredge, oh, was great yeah. Would you play that? I played Young woman, who has had many miscarriages who works in a shop lows off a cliff for a
I remember that right so sad. I like that, that that that ministers, so that many be it every performance, pretty pretty. Jenkins was in it right. Yeah, yeah, yeah he's a great everyone guy ugly that we gave that a good review yeah. Well good luck at the future awards. and have fun, shooting a thank you to to say thank you, say hi to Kevin pollack. For me I will I will and tony now tonys my friend yeah. I hope we get. We see you oliver yeah at this, oh yeah, for our supper. Yeah gotta cut some of that stuff coming up and some glow press, but I'm not gonna my globo that was that again, the show the marvelous mrs maisel season.
one is on amazon I imagine season two, his forthcoming yeah yeah. That was fun right. I think I gotta get a different guitar out here. Put some new fucking strings on this, or maybe I just got a practice more. I don't hm and yeah hmm hmm it It in the
if the yeah yeah. it. boomer lives.
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