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Episode 930 - Peter Fonda / Andy Kindler & J. Elvis Weinstein

2018-07-04 | 🔗
Peter Fonda is happy to be figuring things out, no matter how long it took. Childhood traumas and an emotionally distant father affected his life and career, and he finally has some missing pieces of the puzzle. Peter also talks with Marc about Easy Rider, the time he talked George Harrison down from a bad trip, and working with Christopher Plummer on the new movie Boundaries. Plus, Andy Kindler and J. Elvis Weinstein stop by to try and explain what their podcast Thought Spiral is all about.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the butter is, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck plateau crafts, what the fuck But what can we do? What the fuck against what the fuck public, it doesn't matter does trying to. I know you do that to say its thing on the day after independence day, I dont know what happened towards the end of yesterday. I'm record: this in the middle of yesterday, if the if the civil war that Alex Jones prophesized came to pass may be everything more in shambles than it was before. I think more than worrying about a actual civil war, the civil war. He probably had to deal with it, the barbecue or place your hanging out with somebody. You talk to I open
It's going to end, probably never. Today, on the show I talked to Peter fonda, and I don't want to disappoint anyone. This was before he impulsively expressed his anger on twitter in a crass way, and it was a you know, a startled and excited the outrage machine that happen. After I talked to him and he was a bit of a time budget here, so we went dead. We just went right into Peter fonda land and I jumped in childhood for July's came to mind. Smoke bombs, try we get a break, a black cats. I don't know how old you are on fifty four parent. I said it was fifty three talking to Paul rudd- I'm not sure why I was lying about my age. Why would I only shave a year off? I just did like you. I guess I'm having milder moments. I brain skid the young, as I sort of them kind of like fall? Horizontal the way through time into it, but
but nine hundred and fifty four, but I just remember just like the mythical m80 ma'am: where do you get the m 80s apparently around here over where the painter lives and made these are all over the place? Cuz they're fucking, it's crazy over there back in my old neighborhood, this name, Not so much not so much people are taking around where I live now, and it's pleasant is that ok, Can I graduate to that? Can I grab way to a place where people take walks, but man I just I remember seeing an m eighty once, but never ever getting one. One time we got a brick, a black cats who had them all at once, and it was just a cluster fuck of explosions to know where to run. Was your own little, very muted and harmless vietnam one what by buy the eye you are going to catch any yeah. There was no enemy other than your hand, lighting the fucking thing was a rain of crackle yeah, I remember that I remember smoke bombs. I remember snakes. I remember just hanging out in front of the house on the street yet about it too,
rain back when I was a kid, could go outside and now that call kind of drove by there weren't many who was a neighborhood. It was suburbia setting up bike ground on cans, doing that kind of stuff. over one time we made a year a cannon I remember who made it, but we made a cannon out of the back. Then it was tin, cans, soda cans, think or five of them in the bottom one yet punch holes in the top. The rest word were opened up on both sides to make sort of a cannon, and then you can be a little hole on the bottom and you pop up. Tennis ball in and you shoot some lighter fluid into the hole on the bottom and then light it, and that fucking tennis ball would shoot like one hundred feet. the greatest thing I don't hear about them much anymore. I guess it's, I'm not really running in those circles, but are there ten, spock cannons around anymore or dude. The cannes not enable you to do that. I think it is required more durable. Can then an aluminum? Can yes
hope bomb snakes. Mythical I made is the occasional black cat sparklers bow rockets. The best yeah yet in the end, the tennis ball cannon ma am and we try to hold that thing in a blue off almost kill frankie for us. We're playing chicken on the street and on bikes on ride bikes for some reason, you know I I stayed in it and and me and Frankie hit each other and it was. His monumental dumb thing yeah. I get united like the idea that you play chicken it's exciting, but you don't fucking each other, just god, no one's gonna chicken out what a dumb dumping this before skateboards but tat you know That was my childhood. There is parts of the show. Me to tell you about Henry fonda's boots. Okay, just remind me: alright, reminder of the other thing is. I got a few emails town I'd with impa bob hoskins, the british actor, the great british actor, was a do clear that he was
If someone knows otherwise, please tell me because there were certainly several volunteers to tell me: he wasn't: jewish, not name not totally inappropriate. So that's good! I can tell you that I have king were here, Andy can were in. J Elvis, Weinstein Josh Weinstein they the pod cas thought spiral. They have alive to I'm coming up on tuesday July tenth at the What improv, if you're, interested in that always happy to see Andy and he brought a guy with him and we tried to have a conversation. I have to say not tight on the promoting of their show. They might want to get that script down, but good, see india. Andy and it was good to meet a jail this wine steen Josh Weinstein's again I didn't remember, meeting him the first time, but here we are here we are me Andy Josh it
And why do you look so serious? Why you guys here? But what's this guy's name, J, Elvis Weinstein, J, Elvis Weinstein? How do you get a name like that, because I joined the girl, the width and there was another Josh weinstein, so I threw the Elvis and to make my initial spell. Do so few yeah, it's a good story, so you write for the simpson. I know. That's why mystery science, theater and and geeks allowed cream universe. Do I get a nerd nerd fodder for sure? If you were wash and social was back in the ninety s, and you were hanging around with me and my gang yeah, you would have met J Elvis. Have I never met you? We've met a couple of times only in passing that I'm sorry, that's okay, because the kind of meeting were the only where the person less famous remembers. I dunno that if it was in passing- and it was one time ago that I would call myself famous-
No you if I knew very well in seclusion Allison. I call you think about that, but I think that reasonable this, while it's this already famous amis, he comes along with their name, is mark ball. How funny of mine have a cookie you're great look at these three jews here very much a whole lot of jew: half a million. Yes, only that you know the thing about. I should not have. We need four and a half guy, we need another do and a half a jew is nine. I think it's ten of them is a ten say Did they add one maybe hits nine I dunno I haven't, I haven't, had it hasn't come up, so you go by J Elvis I go by Josh in life, reddit is jj, Elvis ga freaks and geeks Freezing game is very sincere desire. Is I see a set of max irish mysteries? I stared with conifer performed before character. I have replaced me. Oh really Now? What are you guys doing? We do a podcast, it's just me and him. That's it. There's! No guess! There's no! is it may call thoughts viral and we sit there for an hour
haven't trying to make it work. Body is what should it be called? Let's see if, if you if she can get a word in it's kind of that is kind of running alongside and just taking jabs. When I can finding the opening so what's it called again thoughts spiral now. Is this a way like tell me about like what What is that means? You pick a subjective. Do it is a? There is no prep. It is a comedic life. and please tell me they use shitty, mics and record profit. Fifty eight. That is alright. That's all right! We're blocks away from me. So every monday, I don't want to make a solid family or family member year, but just in the fact that to get me to me going life fear I go to his place once a week, whereas a tradition now baby
you did this before the past now? No! No! This is how we socialized now. Sweden is basically our friendship on tape. Now, because you don't talk in between show so catch up, he isn't even seen my candle, you haven't seen MIKE it's like air, showing you invite me to your conduct. I know that's the problem. I know we wouldn't robin susan once in a while you guys day, I can take it. A cattle clothes were asking for trouble. We american over We are. We should have a dinner party. We cast. I can cook I like that. now like, I'm, not I'm not sold on it. Yet neither is any nation. Have you seen our numbers? Where do I like, for instance, have you done, for instance, sixty sixty of them already
so how long is it going on for a year in and then we also this just like a hail mary pass year, yeah we're doing a live, show that and that's why we really do appreciate. We enjoy thanksgiving, we're doing a live show. Now friends, you're doing alive alive shelby. Somehow I don't. You said we put up a pay I want to live on a walk. He wouldn't. Let me leave. Why would you put up a paywall? I know that's my excuse of why we don't have big numbers, because we don't have a book. Give me give me an example. I'm sorry, I didn't do my homework or you want to do a little I'll do right now, you're reading this, the pocket welcome to thoughts viral I'm your co host, Andy kindler, hi, Andy. How are ya man, that's about it, so we go like that and there isn't even introduces heat, isn't going to come in by name or a no.
on today we don't even say his name, so you just said: I'm Andy can learn why they would never actually start like that. As yes, we actually just slightly of music and though I pet his dog, oh I think music, The overall feel is, it's meant I mean is deliberate as it actually areas much rises. My hope is that it just feels like an ongoing conversation sherry, but in the april who, like it say, it's like having lunch with us, but it s not get to talk again that is just like having lunch with Andy. Yes, exactly I couldn't hear what you were saying, because I was going to come and thinking of a comeback, because you didn't have a headset. It's a lot. It's a lot of talking about about it. I mean it's really start it's. I know a lot of it is just you know, trying to figure out how Andy kindler gets through life.
Okay. So, but do you? Do you talk about politics as what I talk about that he sounds like a jewish guy and you sound like an old jewish hose trying to get some energy going. The guy who can help us form with the thing is really kind of what star use a microphone we do, but we don't amplify it. Oh, that's very good. That's interesting. No, I was an agenda. I think I talked to you at the same time. I'd just gotten into therapy. For the first time my life and many years ago was a, I think, to her to how shocking maybe that's while and I got into an online prozac, and so this has been and we ve been friends were sparingly time, so it really is now engaged jail. This way idea ju ju, Jr, lindsey, yeah, and so We really do get to the point where we have interesting discussions, but forget about how my house, interesting. But the thing is for the thing is
It's a hard in a what is the hardest thing. I've ever done You say that when you see my stand, the hardest thing you ever done, guess you say that the hardest thing. You've ever done when I started, because what you you don't want to shoot, paint up your yeah, whatever, whatever, whatever the whatever is yeah, but you don't want to have marbles into your head. You changed my, and this is true changed my life and I this, but when I start to listen to your pot care, I was I have been watching politics I couldn't get into it was driving me crazy. I loves it when you talk about your mom, you talk about so that's kind of what we're trying to show, but the guests never show up. You should introduce them at the beginning, and just say I guess they're not coming or I just bread pizza to chose not to make sure we do that. That might or my initial thought was the Andy kindler therapy wrap up show oh yeah was well finding with the therapy? What have you earned Andy this? It's been life changing. I have learned
I didn't realize that when I was young I hated myself and hating myself. for a lot of my own life here, struggling with the liking, trying to like myself. But trying to overcome hating myself, which was the internalization of the voice. sure? Look god bless my parents. I know my mom doesn't listen to this we're shoes but she's, wonderful patten, but sometimes as a kid you now jane support, so it so. You are positive input and the the reason why eventually- and the reason why I went was- I kind of was hit rap pop rock bottom, with the o c d aria, and I was on twitter all the time with the rcd, where you just like, where you walking in circles. Reorganizing things know on twitter, yeah going to the interim should area hacking, see what people think about. Maybe it s the whole thing. Is it I, as I now stop hating myself. I am now able to like accept feedback
my wife now, but without being defensive, yet further she's not tell me, I'm a horrible person. Just tell me, I'm really start doing those objects. He's very read between the lines were now you, think we have a similar background. He's more see. I see was being a lot more well adjusted than me we're because the low bar. I have one now I feel, like you know, right out of the gate, I'm not feeling exhausted by him. They say he is not demanding my attention right. He's he's not challenging me to like him yeah he as is only sounded as Oda jus. He all right special bride do inside the brothers. I can't tell this: you knew dylan's. other you true days was at my bar mitzvah at grandma and Dylan's. Mother grew up together in northern minnesota, really yeah and my dad was a pledge brother of Dylan in college in sigma alpha new fraternity, tutored
abbeydale and an english really as wow. Maybe your dad's should get a little bit of money on an area that gets him back. He didn't do any of the rhyming help. I no writings, he didn't teach him. I advocate for him Establishment is what it was. Oh really so was Dylan's grandmother, nice lady, she was betty, beatty ruttmann was earned every single time. I knew her. It was his grandmother. His mother is my my as was the contemporary of my grandmother. Oh I get it and my dad are the same age. Oh wow now do you live up by word the dylan, not compound Is there was no? I live out here garage near it. You know, I don't know where the Dylan compound was. I grew up in a suburb of minneapolis so, but that that was where his mother lived yeah. His mother lived in in minneapolis outside of many out. Eventually, I think she moved to arizona huh,
remember when we went out for that movie mania you wish movie of for the compromise. Yes, first simple man for simple man: that's exacerbates my ideas act. That was my suburb that movie about my suburb s new. I love it up there too my special minneapolis I love minnesota. people in minnesota that I think they're they're people. There are good audience and presenter polite. It was a great place to start stand up yet bitter I mean the jews are quiet in the lutherans. Are are pleasant. This yeah it was a great places, and was totally worth standing up yeah. I still am now. I feel like an asshole, that's because remember you because he's northern with no with lloyd, At the center of our posts, louis andriessen louis, I started I was fifteen and eighty seven when he started fifteen years old, he was doing standup and clubs. Wow show living you some day dismal, let's go through some of the subjects are come up in a minute standard conversation do politics, you talk about your your therapy session musically,
ro music, ever yes, bigger and he's been playin. He is a musician and I'm musician, but I had I haven't been burnt brought my stuff to the actual he has good recorded stuff. Can we talk about like a here? We talk about like way regional song, I wrote called Karen sixteen in and it was just as horrible, so you are sixteen yeah, then he wrote a song called karen yeah because she was a had a crush on me. When I was fourteen, I wrote a song called jessica. I can't believe you started guitar that early guitar, when I was like eleven but you're better than me right? This is the kind of thing that stuff nothing. I learned from now please mark this was that the reason why progress is a musician because I hated myself yeah, and I hated my voice, and so you can't it's like saying. I hate myself speaking yeah but see. The thing is is like you know who doesn't like what what good jew doesn't hate themselves because of the expectations their parents put on them. So true,
So what the problem is like some point you gotta pushed through the fear out of complete necessity, and then you get to the higher ground. No, but the thing is at some point of view, say right: you can't write songs if, after every song, you say you think this. Will you say to yourself this good, giving the like it s, not the way I wrote you know it's like I'm not that way with comedy, but I used to be that way with music. So I'm learning now why I was like the reasons why if you move jammed with Amy Michael once right and I am like a fence head where they haven't you damning yeah, it's just. I was doing like a sort of a cock driven blues lead. Instead, what did he say and he's like? I don't do that or I don't think it was. Oh, we could do that. He said I could go that way. So my whole thing is: I wanted to be a musician, but I want people like Amy and Michael to tell me I'm great and that's what very small audience.
He is that he's a great singer- and you see I am alarmed me ungovernable, I'm the same. We were music go, I mean like. I was never confident Europe and so much because I hate myself, I just didn't think I was good enough yeah and you in recent years. I've practice and I've gotten better, and you know I still don't think. professionally, built like Jimmy vivino. Let me sit in with him. And when they do a blues night or something it's very exciting for me and I still enjoy playing and I've sung a bit out, but I was terrified. I had a bad experience as a teenager singing in public. It was very to me, as a very vulnerable place to be. I just never thought I was good enough, but you just I put too much pressure I saw that illegally self help essay decides. How does a comic there too to be to commit in that way we have to commit to that kind of sincerity. Yeah tizzy added yes on people like you know somebody boy like now, our common. They can just go up there and sing kid Jim not gambino
although sort of a genius that guy yeah he's something else, But, but you know like there are people that can sing without investing that right, like I don't know how to sing and just be like everything is so this to me and so close to the surface that I can't just put on airs and be except. I do Riyadh, although like, if I'm going to sing, I'm like, oh god, here we go. That's what I mean my for me. It's been that's what my life long battle is battling against self consciousness. So I get to I'm now, I'm at a point where I I did at the harry nilsson thing at Molly malone's, the other night. It was like a birthday seeing like Harry nilsson. While we did a song, my wife, why why we did you're breaking my heart and my wife and I have been and had a band together for like twenty years, his wife making songwriter. Why and in a people, and we brought kind of Paul fig was our drummer for four years and Dave Gruber Allen was in the balance. That was a comic, an arms, a comic ban
so, but now I felt like the other night. We did a thing and we went up and we felt like we could just go. Do this thing commit to it not be pretentious but still have fun. And the fun it was fun, but that comes from doing it. Yeah yeah! That's my whole point. You don't do it is that now do it now ready to do it now? If I ever, I I'm trying not to hate myself in my twenties, because there's not a positive emotion, but it's always like when you were in the mode of emma good enough, yet not probably good enough yet, but you have to, if you loved it so much it keep going, and I just found that The reality was more here when I well as to start with was frightening. I don't know why I like, I feel the comedy is so immediate there, you know the actual time you put into like developing whatever it is you develop over the years does feel the same as work. An8, like you know, if you have, if you're driven to do comedy it's because it's like
did the waiting to get on staging in the beginnings horrible, but once you're on their did. We are not there. We go. That's it did. You know either the cried. Those ease, darted out of confidence. I started out crying. I was terrified and, like you know, compressed angry, you cried. I cried. Do oh and then the for some one of my own a no no in the car, as usual credit sage, The I had the I had the complete delusional confidence of being a teenager. He was like alright, I never was a confident teenager yeah. That was all I just. That was the thing that made me. Confident, though, is how I'm a comic that was finding finding that identity or the rest of I still haven't, found my identity, um? I would I lie very close. I wear it. I mean I've, I've direct documentaries. If I had dried you know loosely address, I did a dark about. He asked me acme common air, rarely higher
really. I was there a long discussion about why he bade me for twelve years. Nobody, but he let you back days. My class It is unbelievable that mark is not mark is like me who, until I am, I know my death by which I hope they call us. I still feel Lewis should fuel. Die until he gets. There is grudge inventory and eighty five is very nice. We full almost I have been waiting to say that lol I'll make sure you tell that would be who I would tell, but I really am afraid of people like him. That's his angle he's always I guy, I think, would be me up. So that's always extra fear from me. so you never really get scared by getting beaten up I am, but you know I get certain point. It sort of like I've learned to live with these things in an just move.
some of them being the anatomy. Of course you know but but like I found that most. What you're afraid of and reacting to is something your head is making up, whether at it's on purpose or reactive. It's not real You have to decide like it's a waste of time and energy, or is it not yeah? Well I've, and also I decide through there, is widely. I say, I'm the oldest judah ended therapy, as I learn that me feel ashamed because I avoided legume fights and leah. It's maybe three o clock I'd start crying right now before the fight a beat. No, I wouldn't go to the other area to fight that's the thing I set the fight up earlier. In the day, though, I refused to lugano torture me by that way. So I thought that you have to to be a man, and now I realize that if I'm talking to a man, if he, if they want to punch me, I don't
I don't know necessary, there's nothing. I can do with words, like my fear, is I'm a knock on someone's door and go. Please keep your noise down or whatever and they're going to punch me, but the thing is you'd. Forget that you're, a comedian and like if that ever happens, like you, you know like if, if some guy goes, I'm going to kick your ass you'll be like really yeah. Do we have to do that now? People poop so you know you get out of it are you guys want I'll? Tell you? I've got a fighter, you hear youngest s, entire, some big twin you and me in, and that will be on the progress in that I think I'll make. You feel better. Really, Oda punched. You now been in a fight. I love to hear that. Oh that is great right, either right. About what it was. I had and I wasn't good at it or not a scrapper, I'm not a scrapper, you got you got scrapped, I got scrapped. I
I ended a couple, but they were very flailing. Was it just you've only been in one one, real with a stranger fight yeah It's probably messy like that, but yeah for me on my otherwise. How about you did you ever get in a fight, nope wow? It was. I was at this party and someone I came in. I want someone come quick and the like asshole, I did sure and like ran outside. I like to have my friend mere squared off against three of these other guys. So now I'm suddenly on their team yeah and it's the jeux team yeah, not the good deemed to be out in the sierra are trying to decide who's going in first and we going to do this and the littlest guys says to the biggest of their guys about me cause I was big, yeah get him I was a teenage shit or it was. I was like twenty and there was noises that came out of it. Yeah, always surprising, surprising, noises, fear and pain.
Andean grudge, you're doing better pica sounds wonderful. Armies are clearly in doing. That is really sorry, as I was. I add the loop knowledge I re as of now. I know your life I was doing a bit on your but might of character. the down trodden guy, it's good! That's what you were landed on. Yes, yes, you not sweating. You seem clear, you know you you're sweating as much as I normally, where are you making the eu actually to make me very early? The era now it's good similar. is, that noise been there the whole time this assembly, but you will make the same face when you're checking the temp, sure it only I'd only hit the mic. When you moved your head, I did I wonder if you heard that without being experiment with ass, the thing people like Days is what I like to hear all your recordings with the air on the icon, and we know when you don't air that you can say sires gadget no longer don't. Why are you how pleased when we lego back so when the errand member here what's happening to me,
character. You no, we were great merit all the energy puts. Bmg day. It all goes away right when the cameras made amazing trickery and he has the iron retains the entire cast and crew action happens and he's a sweep over. This really kind of true and that's why you stole addition? I would go angle, look I can't dish and well can I say you and I find it should on and they show business joke, that's what I've always been doing and then they know you re to read and thence what's up we gotta figure it out yeah, we do we do so. What do we? What are we promoting their live? Show live, show yeah, that's one July July, tenth live what time the seven o'clock no guests go. Guess we'll good luck with it. Thank you, and can I plug my doctor, of course, colony you two killed about stand up in asia and its available amazon. Prime sounds interesting: it is Tom Segura. I love tom segura.
Wait, so he did stand up in asia. movie and who and loosely which is what I was he was on He was there to wildwood if you forget the tour and- and he ultimately produced the movie ha, so that's why he kind of backing off of any negative things about no I've known louis I've. No lessons! I was sixteen years old. You know nothing of louis used to pour me scotch and coffee cup when he was a bartender different, dicker different liquor life that is lulli different, Louis common had to fire me the first time I dunno what I couldn't. I couldn't followed the middle I dunno what I did to upset him, but we're good, no reason. No everything's good! Now yeah we apologize. I've worked with him. I I always never had anything against him, never understood why there's never reason been given prior something to do with a waitress spider, but we were good, very gracious man,
That said, like I've, like I'm doing that to your wrapping up a thing, that's a different type of shows leon unravelling were like em over compensate yeah he's grated not have been it's like its aid to the centre. From nevada and godfather to the corleone family, a great family, nothing that I think louis Lee. That's what will have fun at the. Thank you, sir, I okay, so that was good. That was Andy. That was joshua thoughts. Viral has a live taping coming up on tuesday July tenth of the improv. If you want to go so peter, fond. Second time have met a man of many years ago on on alive taping. The Alex bennett show, and I was very excited to meet him because he stuck in peter fond him because he may be
remembered and mostly known for one thing, but it was a pretty fuckin. Amazing thing. Easy rider was pretty fucking amazing thing before I even knew what the movie was or knew anything about it back in nineteen. Sixty nine nineteen, seventy nineteen, seventy one I twenty to twelve. four dakota albuquerque new mexico, play, a shag carpeted basement me and my brother and on that wall, because I always was. I don't know how it trickled down to me, but I was avid reader of mad magazine, and I must have been looking around because it was the time sixty nine seventy seventy one. I was seven years old, eight years old, for some reason. My mother and father being the blissfully selfish, and and relatively permissive I would say very permissive parents at work. Maybe they just didn't get down to the basement much, but I had to Dennis hopper, throw in the bird and you I had a picture of the three of them fond
opera nicholson that and I had a mini bike, and I had that american flag helmet their fond ahead, other post ride the horoscope sexual positions, I'm not lying I am. I was that age and they let me have that done I don't don't arrest my parents there's a statute of limitations on that shit, but it was a blacklight poster I did not have a backlight, for you in any way, but but fun is is fonda and he was very reflective about his childhood. In this conversation again, this was before he can went crazy on twitter in his anger in his reaction to the policies at the border, you're right winger listening to this because you want to hate buzz or if you're with because you want to dredge of some quick bade about it sorry to disappoint you. It ain't unless you want to talk about Peter working through
childhood trauma and summer, probably a well worn, easy ride or tidbits. I think there is a new one here about it, beat him in hopper hat So this is me Peter fonda, talking in the new garage is a tight talk he had to be. He didn't, seem to care, but his publicists were very explicit about him getting out here inside an hour the movie that he's in is called them boundaries, which is it is now and of the cowboy boots raw I did a movie with lynn shelton down in alabama and my character. These brown cowboy boots classic lizard cowboy boots and I was able to take them and I have them, and I in my mind I thought. Well, maybe I can wear these may be there. There will the time I definitely wore cowboy boots from my past, a year is, I would wear black cowboy boots. I don't know what yours they were, but I remember wearing them out, toward the seams broke. So
was a time where that was okay, black cowboy boots levi's. You know the scene be a western belt, probably in college, wasn't the tacky style. I was gone for the rock and roll style, but nonetheless the agitating on whether or not I can wear these new brown lizard skin cowboy boots. I got and that's just in back of my head and then the car pulls up Peter fonda in it, the back door opens and out of that back door comes the exact boots that I got and it was then I realized. Maybe it's not time maybe that time has, of course pier They can work out boy, but what else is again aware? But maybe it's not time for me to reintroduce them into my wardrobe because they do imply certain things that either always work. How your boots eve cowboy boots are because you're, not a cowboy you're or their citys, has just now
time it's just not time. This is me and Peter fonda so nice to see you thanks for coming leisure, I think this is my first point. Is that the first? How about that error? I does it didn't feel that unusual desert. I think I met you I met you once where are you know? I remember what it was you'll never remember, but I remember back in san francisco I don't know what you were plugging, but it was a radio show Alex bennett show in the morning live radio show It's begging to remember, but yeah the nice weather jacket on. I remember complimenting the weather jack. I dunno what it when it would have been and probably would have been in the early nineties and ah yeah I could, but it could have been like ninety Six, maybe eighty seven, I don't know ninety seven when I was
promote a new Elise gould yeah man that if that was a big that was a big thing. Yeah that was right back beyond what I know. I know I know that they love to say he's back yet. Well, I did you know. I was on my own. Sailboat was eighty two foot, twenty foot a beam for so many years, salient around the pacific, really oh yeah and don't you know, everybody said all he just done out of his head out there seeing around and you, don't pull a remark at night. That's right see you. be still only for I had the grubs now, gps, ps3 and integration and I must stress to allow yet how you gonna make the shot on the under the movie deck of the boat. gave its job is done. Why me, but I have been working to being out on the ocean, is enough. I mean why would you need to be high on top of that? Oh yeah, that's the truth. When did you start doing that began sailing a little boat. When I was eleven, it was in the family. Here was something always did
my dad was, navy here, and so I I had this little. It was called a cat boat. Marconi rig, which is you know, doesn't have the gaffe here and was like fourteen feet. Long, thirteen and a half feet long here and This was off the north shore of long island, a place called lloyd, neck and I'd sale out. there and you really learned how to get is calls you could on the wind for the very difficult boat rife yeah yeah, yeah yeah. The main message is way up for it, so you get a sense of it. Yeah you learn a lot of love making way and and not been able to get very close to the wind yeah. That's, so I started there and then not and he loved it. I loved it again soon fish air, and then we went over to the monitor in and my father had it shipped over. Only problem was french people wanted me to put a french flag on it. A
was an american hall, is a bloody sailfish and as a surfboard with the sail, remain in the flag and holy moly was that a problem? Was it an international incident? No, I mean I just didn't I ignored them. Did you lived over there for a while with your family, my father, who I second step mother and my how many There's a jane five by external others, nano for three reasons: Well this for me the, but he was married five times oh yeah, and you owe you and jane in the in the second step mother were in the mediterranean, France, the second step, mother yeah it was in france. it was in france's cut for which I mean picasso had the hell yeah, and there was a swedish. Or school. There will, with all the swedish guess, including cargoes, Who was now king of now now he was there. I think evil and you're going to school. There I was now he was. I was for
figure out how to steam keep my head above water in this family there, but we would invite The kids down to her villa we were my dad would be gone with my second step: mothers and very good yeah it's when he was gone, though these kids swedish summer school over there and a couple of good looking gals and Carl Gustaf yeah. He must have the gang teen. Here I was seventeen and at one point there is this image. Coming through the hedge is greta garbo real. Now Gustaf is not. Oh yeah crowd was Dias no idea he had. This is great. Yeah she's got a baby cap, andrea and big turk law, throb air ass. She walked straw. over said I may go swimming now. I said yes,
perfectly fine and she just took off the trick october. I no absolutely yeah. By that time, when she talked to me, MR realized. It was critic, argo here, yeah why jaw dropped and she got it did fifty lapse. Put her back and went back she was coming from John gilberts villa ok, I was an amazing stuff happened, and that gives me something. You talk about in a good way. Yeah. There was a lot of real bad shit that was coined in terms of your family, oh yeah yeah, but what was it? The old man? Was this an abusive dude? I know not really his. I think, extraordinarily shy and he had a difficult time. Expressing love. Oh in this what's that yo he didn't, he became uncomfortable when he felt that he had to put. on some demand demanding had to respond to some demand and that wasn't really what was happening yeah, but I
regardless of how tough things were different times. I'll. Tell you what I grew up. The first eight years of my life, I knew nothing about race or color, I had no idea sure. First, american I saw was and had kicked. I saw the first black man. I didn't your house at my We had twelve acres out on on tiger tail just down in my in brentwood, but up in the hills here and there there are some parties that would come out sure yeah one of them was this guy, never seen him before. I never seen a black man before a remarkable. Looking guy and then he smile he was, and he was just a row with everybody else sure he was a guest yeah. But he said at the piano began to play, I bet- is beautiful. I had to take piano lessons her looking at
so left handed not looking at eighty eight keys of right handed as but this case, he's doing and he's smiling at me explosion of rye and whiten, and I was staring at him and he said, do play? I well they make me. Take lessons air very sick. As he you know there will look at playing an instrument like some is making you play it. You gotta think you wanna play it as it will, sir I am very left head nurse yankees to write editors. He looked at me, his watch this crisis and over the place cow called boogie, and then he taught me how to play Cao Cao because boogie woogie up here is when teaching teaching that rise is the run, is down, and here the personal on the left hand, yeah. Alright, that the whole thing felt like such a fool. Had I only known it was boogie woogie and not marriage, adults. Who knows you know it's a little easier, yeah right the a great a great lesson to learn Allah.
Tell him a little bit later that the first piano recital I had to do the song I was playing was ladybug, ladybug, bulgaria. And so, as I was playing, I wasn't singing I was thinking that like ladybug ladybug fly away home or houses on fire, your children were bored whoa, it's terrible in a sheer terror. I ran from the stage for the sole reason. Why are you not five years older slow? Your mind I kind of like the rocker by a baby in the tree, top yeah yeah. When the wind blows the traitor yeah the kid's going to breaks the cradle will fall whoa. I think I know what I don't like this idea of folly breaking I have. through heavy here. If you have a man like I'm glad, you know that you're devilish, I guess I got it. I dont know, though history of of your family, though like theirs it and what
Fuckin movie was that he did with Charles bronson the one at the end where he sticks to harmonica in his mouth. I can't remember, but it was like he had this look in his eye. He was the heavy year old maverick. His name was frank: yeah, yeah, fucking, tits terrifying and I'm like man. I hope that's not what they had to grow up with no, but you saw it subject. Well, yeah. I remember you know that there are lots of of famous people that were around all the time, Jimmy stewart, dear friend and For such long time, John wayne ward bond. randolph scots Emilio, some good people in westerns, another terrier, one more I remember coming down for breakfast and there was ward bond. And John wayne yeah hanging out and we're having access we all get in the day. Had a cadillac afford a cadillac convertible yeah
it was a cream colored car with red leather seats. Year years later, I reminded him of his, my god. You remember that as oh yeah, I remember this and remove that and they were finished new film call fort apache, oh yeah which was john ford film, and it was for it's version of customers. I still yeah yeah and my dad, was custer, but he was call colonel thursday. So what people see what it was like? What was it like growing up with your father? I did jealousy for the badger girl thursday, that's what it was like it. He plays his ramrod terrible person, he deserves kill you can't I I gave us below what yeah that one lesson, no bigotry, no racism, I didn't know yeah. I had no idea sure so you're. You assume yeah. There were so many very different in that can call right, but he's a person sure
three, a union ornate yet more, nothing to hate right. So there, the being a sort of insulated into a kind of hollywood world errant, given any hate, never got it. Yes, you know, and we weren't that insulated away, would see different people come in they there all people mia to me pedro the gardener sure he spoke under which I tried to learn to talk with them, but here he could speak. English do I had no idea that he was mexican smoke differently here we all look alike, yeah yeah. Well, it's good. When you're a kid and you can hold onto that mind, you know what I mean and we had a japanese made and we hit her during the war. So she didn't have to go to detention, camp, oh yeah, silver and of course I didn't know anything about that from I was one and a half when, we're to war and my dad went to war. I was three years old and then he was in the pacific is a sailor already actor right.
Oh yeah, I have been an actor and was very success. We have twelve acres of land up and embrace. Yeah and even run along time right to those who say it most during the war. They recall of victory, gardens. Yeah. Everybody was encouraged to grow some food for themselves. Right, we had a truck farm. It was irreversible. You could imagine my dad made all the dirt through composting yeah, I thought his job, but I had no idea what he was doing tat. I thought his job was making the best during the greater healthy hair, and it was really good dirk, as we had great vetches, rightly right, yeah, so like when you, do you live here? You have a house here, I have, I am I'm out to call in the wilderness, I'm on the west side. I down and see the back of the getty villa. Oh yeah and then out and see the ocean and the policies of the castle and Mary. Well, that's nice so you don't have to place Montana anymore. I decided, you know what I say is I don't want to see
mountains anymore. Where I don't want to see snow, I don't want to try to blow snow out of quarter mile long drift, that's ten feet high in the center. No more! I don't want to see the wind bringing dust to the logs of my nausea. I don't I don't want to wet a fly on the yellowstone river. I don't want to, however yeah if there's film the cameron money, the bank? What time do you want me? There I'll fly very practical about that part, so He grew up yours, I like it. What point like cuz, I talked to guys like it cuz you talk about your dad's friends right now. You had a whole crew, two from the weights. And seventys that were equally is you know, kind of important in that in the big spectrum of show business and movie, we encounter culture and alive. with geyser there. They are going away to an area of the thing about getting older. You lose more friends, but I know it's so sad right but
I know it's coming. He right. We all know it's come and people say to me I'll get our you today has on the lie. They think I'm being cynical, racket rise it now. The old ended it sucks. Yeah, I'm on the right side of the grass lot, although it's inevitable at this moment unacceptable right, we keep trucking that's right there. They are so if the dry by hits me and I'm out, spent held a ride. Man right, he s been right. Are you there Where did like? I can't I try to get a sense of what what, interesting about hollywood. We wouldn't about show business. Is that when your dad was around, it was just a cycle three studios and then, when you started coming up it wasn't bigger just a new generation of people, but it was still a small town kind of thing. Why was it must have been like a like everyone? I feel like there was a real community and one kind of new each other, and one is up in the sixties. No eight sixties, like you, muster felt that down
like when things started to shift, because you did a couple of straight up. What were your first movies tammy, Yeah of war is hell movie yeah, but it was right, straight up studio movies. Yeah in a vessel in right and then I mean so you were just at that pivotal point where she had started to break apart right. He felt, though, We should actually started breaking apart when I was six years, although we don't want to get into a sure we can get it all. You know, I I promise you it's into them. for I found that the name of what was fucking me up yeah, what post traumatic stress disorder. We had no name to what. Why was so fucked up really and waiting. What's that to like from what it starts
It starts when I was thrown out of a barn window and fell eighteen feet to the ground, a hardpack round on my chin and broke my neck. I didn't know I'd broken broken until eighty five, when it broken the segunda really yup, who threw you the older boys, who were jealous is ours. Henry Fonda son mean that's how I was described. I had no idea who he was so that was hard identity to live up to whatever you didn't have a sense of how biggie was or what you know. He didn't really say. I knew that he made movies and didn't know how that work tat. He never talked about it. They never talked about his job. Yeah We knew that he had friends. They were all making movies, but we weren't sure what movies, where you have to remember until nineteen from wordy. Basically, I was born then in those Worst years of my life, there was war, yeah right,
rational in all that here, so we had only a couple of friends that we could visit with right. Elizabeth Edwards three children, she he I do It's who was my dad's first wife gets really wild and I have three kids, so they were like our best friends. We were either at their house or they were at our house and he stayed friends with her all that time. Ah yeah and and leland had been his agent. Little even sold his agents list to. Lou washington and jewels dine at anthea hadn't. When I came out from in Chicago yeah, and that that was a bunch of incredible actors for washington was an agent before he was the head of very was amusing, but it was all. with music and stuff yeah yeah and they decided where they wanted to be was in los angeles, and they wanted to make movies. You know I'm glad they did here.
So those are your peers. Those are the people that were hanging around and then those in a three out of a barn, well I know I was sent away to school near. I was. was ten thousand. I was born big boy and I was in new york for eight and a half weeks. while there was nothing wrong with me yeah. We are ten pound baby boy here, but my father, when he heard about it, was hooping and hollering around the set of whatever movie was making, and I probably would know, but I just prefer not to know what to say seen, oh boy, I've got a full back for a sign it right. when I was ten years old. I was almost ten pound. Still I flogged now and right how they gave it now. no one would act now they want a meaning to the inner become more of a man whom it should six catch it. Let me be now they're back me after this port in school, topanga canyon in nineteen, forty six, and yeah not too far from home. For me
was like the other side. Well, you are living in new york, and now you ve known ives living here. I was still a real. We lived in this beautiful, no top, bit lotta son feels here or of veggies, as I've told you, and just great too little school up into bagger, which, was really weird to meet lies wondering why are we living like this year during the floors was it like an outward bound kind of thing? Was it supposed to toughen you up? It was that kind of well, that's where this they send it to me yeah, but it was just a school where a People in the industry are famous people drop, their kids are, that's where you got hurt ya and that's retract. The post, traumatic stress to that's the beginning, it was compounded yeah later that very year and forty six was a hell of a bad year for this Yeah
Let me just say that I would I flew back east with my mother. I thought don't get to go to a hotel. I've never been in a hotel at school and I'm looking at this taxicab before out here. I don't know why not air and later I would find out there. people in hotels, come out and get your bags you, but, mother had her little case and I had my little. You know small case and a teddy bear here and I'm wondering wow. You know this all is Rick is, as far out right, walked up the stairs and flattened that more stairs into this the lobby here. It was just all these incredible floors I remember my mother, said, and I could, as I am telling the story, I can actually see her hair in a black dress, black hat and a wide mesh veil. It was just kind of the thing
and she said you- you say right here- someone will come and get you and I watched you. Go click! Click click her heels. I can hear them hitting the forest, he walked away and I didn't know I said some issue, I may well have on my way you my teddy bear no, and so we finally came along, right. This way I gotta Ella there. I've been an elevators before assure their took me to my hotel room, which was a a green paint on it. It has a bed with his metal table that one over the bit and remembered the table when I lost my tonsils. I was three years old when they took my time here so far, you know you're in and do not. I remember, there's gonna be why we there because- I was so skinny. They thought that I had a tapeworm.
Is so all you have to do is to put two and two here together figure. How are they going to figure out? If I have a tour? Where are they going to go? Looking they're going to go digging around where yeah in your ass or ego, and so I was mechanically array of twenty six year old, John hopkins hospital. Fortunately, those guys are all dead now. Otherwise I would be a no one murderer. But a college shoot those whose pitches, I tell ya strike two well yeah. They didn't give me a shot of anything I'd. Remember I see. I'm into the details really drives my family nuts if he holds onto all I don't hold. While I do it, I just it's just there yeah I mean I wish I weren't holding onto it here, so it was two thousand and four I figured out. Oh no, it was actually a second. address. Don't you What's going on, I said No, I really don't know. What's going on, I'm really fucked up and she's here what it is? You had
These things happen to your mother died. When you returned, it probably went on and on and as she did not attempt that is big yeah. She died of a suicide, but I didn't know it then I wouldn't find out about that. Until I was fifteen the first time then what he where she died, then twenty five how she died. So every bit every I was being slammed again. There was no word, she died and her name was never mentioned again in the house right. Yo man just shut it out, and so that messed up a lot of shit, my life and then other things. You know either hey I'm very fortunate to be here. I got so many bullets. What I was much I am I eleventh birthday in January knife, nineteen, fifty one where I was a sunday and I was going trap. Shooting with two other young
boys, my age, tony highbury and greed, Armstrong and it was the kresge estate and new york, so we from greenwich connecticut over to the kresge dayton read Armstrong. Your brother's little pistol with the middle twenty five caliber single shot break, and so we wanted to shoot at an average. I didn't understand the pistol thing. I understand rivals in shock us So I put the shell in, and you spoke of the opening to the jack, the law the spent card rear and then you put the new one: that's cocking the gun, so instead of doing it smoothly, got keeping a the barrel at hand on the handle, the pistol grip yeah. I just slapped the barrel to go yeah. It did spun in my hands and blew off right into it. Blew off the tip of my at the top of my stomach. I got center punched, my left, kidney Jesus and so basically, I died three times and that operating table lost him
blood, my heart stopped half back and it's a wonder, timing ere! I- Can met the doctor later when I was twenty one. I went up and drove up to see him now huh. Was Charles Clarke. Sweet the doctor sweet. It told me that They saw this blood, they didn't understand about the tip of my liver, being blown off and they thought maybe my order. Abdominal. Aorta was hit my heart because in the one they were looking it to try to trace the If a bullet was stuck, on the end of on my skin iraq. He had to be cut out here. It was just lying flat on it and as they were trying to trace the shot. The heart there
It was the heart and abdominal aorta kept coming in, because the the hearts of a muppet, it's a muscle, that pumps here contracts as projects, so the bullet hit. My ribcage has taught me I mean I didn't know right now. cork, sweet tony it hit my reputation started tumbling. So the heart was just that part of the venerable was I want here bringing everything lifting the order in the bullet went flipping by yet that's called timing. yeah. When does that really play play pretty heavy era, but Here's the hug, here's how I get right sixty five David Crosby become just come on We're rough, we're going to oversee the beatles air up on bended. Canyon bright either go.
I don't bring anything bringing it. None of us have every right to draw an e jag. I thought was coming that british racing green car pulled in under the password. I mean the hills are alive with the kids pretty frightening, but we took acid. as we thought of it. I guess no, we go to the house the b It, oh wow. How long were they here one, I'm only eye tracking a theft haven't put it out there that day or two yeah yeah go there. So we go there and then it's announced that we're going to take s. Has it the good shit, the good jiao zoe shit, though that was not much better than that over absolutely straight on a sand out where santa so yeah, really the girl with the current suitable, absolutely and that was Crosby's. He had that yeah. It me you he the it I just.
I got the amazing guy and that's the old dropper yeah yeah yeahs or shirk huh yeah yeah. He could actually put it in the palm of your hand, away for forty five minutes and go blast off here anyway. we've all done this deed fucking everybody's sitting at this big lensing. They shouldn't be doing that for this kind of a a judgment I might get a call here at filey, Crosby came and found me yeah for some reason: fun. You gotta go talk to george one knows what well he thinks he's dying. That's what this drug is all about it. You know, your brain trying to stop the effect right, but actually is your cutting louis. You got a lot of free will in air tour around you handle it. Edward so I went down to retard george georgia city with John at his table, outside area? We are disregarding the screaming kids. I said: we've got to prove that we're here and they're not right
We feel that it was the oldest that's why I'm sent on this right journey of demands an hour with georgia and take care of your weapon out he's flippant, and I would turn I said, george, you know when you take this drug What happens is it's all cutting loose and your brain doesn't want that as your brains, hanging on and telling you I'm trying to make you stop yeah, but don't do that just depressed, just relax! Look George! I know what it's like to be dead here. Believe me, I'm five I've got my heart has stopped here three times so lost too much blood, air and and I'll tell you it's just really cool. There's nothing I know, there's no light, there's no tunnel, there's no people just nothing as really nice and I'm here to tell you about it. So just let it go because I know what it's like to be dead. You know I mean When I was a boy, I think we're both
if all right, but you know they were everything- was right, but this was a mistake. It was an accident why family thought I tried to commit suicide. Georgia hadn't was a stupid, stupid except little boy, then he was ambitious. a boy, but in a really was all right. What and when I looked at me, he said when the fuck: do you mean who put all that shit in your head. You know, I know what it's like to be dead, you're making. I feel like I've never been born. I looked in the forehead. I let it go early next year outcomes revolver with she said. I know what it's like to. Thank god. It was like to be sad you're making me feel like I never want to. boy. Everything was so be part of a bill, man. You ended great wonder what I mean yeah, that's that's pretty amazing, pegana jaso directed easy ride, or so why not
I hired hopper to direct and that part that I hired him is what really pissed him off, but he should have hired me, but you wrote it right. Yeah yeah yeah, so does did some very clever stuff in there he did all the stuff with jack targeted venetians sure and all that basically the rest of it was so I'd live, but if you're doing Five sixty five you're doing the santos acid. So you know that's that's before the ship, both open down here through voice before the what sixty eight sixty nine were everybody's. Doing it right, you're curve, oh yeah. I work. Do we deal with leary or keasey or any of those I knew keasey knew Larry, but I really wasn't on the same. I was closer to than was to yeah in terms I get out in it. Not up
it can be out and grow. It yeah right, yeah, no, don't closet or the yeah yeah, and- and I was all for that- and what I had learned that I want to do this as a job that means acting without human acid, It was a trip air me to get there. It wasn't just because my dad was in it at all right sure. He never said one word to me about the utter right elsa. It was my discovery that I really like this yeah in terms of wrangling. What was going on in the culture in him and sort of like I, I have to assume that you didn't realize that that easy rider was going to blow up like it did right, nah. I just knew that I was going to make money with cuz. It wouldn't cost me a lot to make that and I thought the tail was really commercial visually commercial era. Oh yeah, sure man, yeah story. Well, yeah! I mean I I was in toronto, ontario air
promoting the film the nicholson had written called the trip did carmen directed taking lsd daily with press So I have a custom made for a double breasted suit. Custom shirt. aramis tie really looking fine. oh shoes and no socks. So I sit in a room and a chair, there is lights. Look I'm into the room the talk to me. There are or take me for radio whenever it is right. I had a first thing: they come in the room I just decked out too. Nine said that she they see the bare feet and that stops it and they lose their interview. It becomes my interview. I can say what the want the film da ba ba and then next That was the trick here because they couldn't handle that image. Why doesn't he have any it over, takes their minds hallo here and so the first day
I was there, there was a large with twelve hundred people may be a bit more. and they are all distributors and exhibitors air in canada- and I was there with at the hiv table, which was not what it was and up. There was a big honor table with all of the ipcc on a diet and they ve been walk in and I'm gonna check it out. People? Looking to my feet, of course, mayor and this little short guy comes up and gets on the mic and he's he's l b jays guy in the motion picture? He was the head of the motion. Picture also america right jack Valenti. He was the youth back, then how can he was addressing himself area of cases? You know I'm the guy you're, the guy and look.
down at me on the floor is, as is time we stop making movies about east. This is like either Jellicoe share air atop waste. Making movies, but more subtle, say: acts in drugs and more movies like doktor. Do them, which cost twenty seven million dollars they start is visible want by cinema, My friends and you are my friends. He said it twice yeah. Why I don't know, I'm there second time or maybe they didn't even didn't, they were heard as that's my my tour. I go back to my motel, which was called the lakeshore motel at that time, real see, joint, I saw no more sex drugs and will put her cycles for now. I have a job which is signing these black and white. Eight by tat- and we didn't
also everything's. What had a look he's, a paper this guy on sixteen theatres he's got two daughters and I would say that what who ever to every and best wishes for peace right did your father- and I came one of these eight by tens- come come I I'm looking at it and I know what the picture is in that eight by ten format in the middle, as maybe Two inches of fully silhouetted motorcycle with two guys on it. And see who they are there. The sun's bouncing will or doing is writing its. packing, bruce dern and run along the smith trail in venice beer is. It's. Is a It looks like we're riding on sand right, but you know I I looked at that. and I thought hull marketing. This is a subbing for me, woman from you know, dear betty, best wishes, fun as usual where the hell is he
what movie was it from? It was from wild angels, awhile yeah looked at it and that's it It's not a movie about a hundred hell's angels on isles angels. Funeral is two guys right across John ford's west. Am I at rest or in the goin nice yeah they're going east where they go going east or your journey. The east, as a herman, has hinted at cool air, going east and they're going to florida to retire and ok us what happens there and I got these guys on motorcycles course yeah and they get there and they get whacked right because they don't look right. If they've got long, hair right, oh yeah, okay, that's beautiful, now I could have to make it work, and then I got it back to the beginning, where we're bringing from mexico bring in a white powder, we don't say what it is and what the moralist have the roughest time deciding about
You didn't name it in your mind. You know mind powder, whose white powder, right probably promise me would be real coat, but it was powder should remain that shit burns and who knows no guarantee and often the cameras on July eyeballs here and at any rate that was the point and after I got it all together with the beginning metal in an air and the journey and what we do and what we can do. We go and eating in restaurants, we came allowed to be in motels all this shit like racial profiling. Sure and we're going to see what's happening on. in america yeah. I knew what that last bit. I knew for the beginning, what I was going to do at the end that guy in yeah, but you yeah, but the I idea I knew that this is a big hit
I threw them between my legs are still seven over my back in the tub. It didn't matter who I I I called the hopper. It was four hundred and thirty in the morning in toronto, yeah and I called him out, but I said: listen to this vicodin but that's all rising, wasn't up well what I can do know is that a color seemed like a guy didn't sweep much. So I yeah, I am told the story yeah, because that's really great man. What do you do with it? as you will. I figure you directional produce it. Will both right and stir in a week saves money that way. You want me to direct it sure man I mean you had the passion. You know you know framing better than I do this. You understand camera better than I do absolutely yet. You set as we do. This amen where'd, you call me cause. I was never going to talk to you again. we don't want an essentially go back and explain that,
all right be writing about what happened. He stormed. We had a he wanted to direct this album that I was going to make you master was my my guy and from record yeah round. And he wanted direct the album direct, an album mean produce it Does what he says comes to my house on a direct. I you don't erect. You producing your razor Eurasia play on direct. No, no me I mean. Then he started blowing off. Everybody steals. My head is a carefully that everybody steals, I'm thinking what areas I kid but visible on and on until I. Finally, I have to stop this shit. So on the floor, I hit the sir. No. It was a real to real sony that
looked like it was an ampex higher grade and I just picked up syrupy a hobby yeah. I threw it on the parquet floor. It broke. I said when you can fix that you can direct an album that was it actually we did you see what you just did could you comment on me think about men? They met them, men, you dig it you'd. Yet I can't talk to you. Fucking chime done ever gonna talk you again, I'm out of here. I did. He walked out it! No! I don't want to talk to your fucking child. Like an elizabeth, I'm a marketer. I never want to talk to you again. Glad you called again hilarious. Did you guys stay friends? Things became a stretched He was out of control during the filming he stayed out of control for a while, but when he leveled off did you ever reunite many tat our thought. I was successful from time to time near, but I guess, when you have a he
claim that I cheated him and I have tape of him. Interview interviewed and he said some of that he was in the cadillac with his dead wife and he Sofia, father cheated me out of millions and millions and millions of dollars, Do you not microphone? You could see that I held a three fingers at any rate, I thought oh great, if he also find it I'll get have you, forgive me anybody and he said that he and he alone wrote easy rider. this measure may any area played heavy heart, it was to bear and the blow to imagine her while oh yeah, but I mean we tried to get him stop drinking. So you go the aim it, but he had a bag the solving one problem.
You got rid of that problem new, but the adventure man. I mean the fact that you cannot be a blue out. This eve did easy rider. You change the face of filmmaking and culture and everything else, and then the guy you're, better than you do sort of idea the bite or guy the next my did. I I bought the script and I didn't know I was. I was going to produce it and act in it It was called the hired hand yeah and, as I begin reading it more and more, I saw more and more of the stuff that air that I'd want to see and then I'll have the dem do this and I'll have him do that Allah? The great will shoot over here and that'll be good cause. I know it's there and suddenly stopped on his way to second, I'm the brutal producer. I can't tell the director hundred direct right, Gotta I'm going to have to direct this thing visually see it right at first reading. It was you'll imprint on me that it was a strong as a visual imprint of the story I made up in toronto called later easy
yeah. We didn't know what to call it first right, so It's interesting, though, that the western was still rang and hair immoral note. You did a lot of movies, worn out tat. I loved him. He was a great guy. Wasn't really fine actor yeah great, very easy, goin funny guy we got along so well. He didn't have to die, like what about nicholson. You guys still friends we are I don't see him enough. I've been fact have to call him and just check. Let me always doing cause. Like imagine, like you know, Harry dean's gone. I know man well, as we said earlier. Well as we get older, we start losing more friends, but I like to know like I always ask guys like ian eat, but there are guys that you stayed friends with you know throughout the time you know, through the whole ride. Yeah, that's nice young I know I still know mcguire and crosby oh yeah, he was I had. I talked to crosby at my old house, yeah yeah for a couple of hours. I think stay for the whole day. If I let him
guy is real sweetheart and the is too, and you know, mccoy india have atomic wayne got to him. I haven't seen him in quite a few years, Pretty big, I wasn't no you're, not you're too well. artistic, mere yeah. That has it's own story that I told how to get to ninety for the pts part of advantages in this book that I'm writing you're. Writing a book now yeah and second memoir yeah, because It's happened since ninety hit her. What's the angle the well just ended What I'm talking about in pta appstarter solomon with the tile objects in mirror are closer than they are? it's all about your past in the motto for pity S. People there who are really fucked up man is the only good day was today
Where did you try the empty? I tried everything. How does it affect you and what are the manifestations of a few on a day to day basis with ptsd I mean when you never and I never know an I. See a commercial does a certain thing and it would just break down cry haha full on full on and ah and I've been after this for quite a while. I just didn't understand what I had. I thought it's nuts and I better, keep it to myself because their lab and put the net on me, but also sensitivity right. I mean it's like a like an over sensitivity, almost right or is it more of like you, don't dunno like just a trigger thing or something triggers it. Ah, yeah and, as I say it could be, a commercial here could be something I see on the street to be a phone call. I get or anything I hear. if it deals in a certain thing that I get caught on, it is not a barbless hook.
so it's so you're going to discuss geike. So once you ve found out that's what you had, you can kind of risk that threw you back loaded into your whole sort of past and sin While I married I already was dealing with my past year. every day, without understanding. Why? Right now, I understood understand why why you are hung up on the things you are hung up. I know how I got hung up on. I didn't get. Those things is hanging me up, I wondered what was going wrong with my mother later, and I was trying to do is resolve certain crises in my life about the mechanical rape, I talk to people who knew my mother, during that particular time and these two women, you chapin, and marion parker, and they explained a lot of stuff. They went on and in what happened,
it's about your mother's darkness, about my mother, artists. In my father's short sightedness of apparently he used to call me on the head or slap me when I didn't finish my mail rat. Hence my going to johns hopkins look for a tapeworm right, brilliant people, man yeah. Of course it was ninety forty six, so I guess I cut a little last lack there, but not a lot because it fucked me up, but do you think how much of that you know like this, the psychological trauma do you think sort of. Like you compelled you, to sort out the pushy envelope with new would drugs in doing all the other shit. Well I figured I was banned already so water. I lose you workin resolutions, you thinking retrospect, no but on my third trip, I I really expended by brain lot, get in there but still didn't see the casual effect. What was causing. I just I mean it took me until I was
teen or sixteen to realise what this term nightmare that I have every night was yeah nightmares. that was the the tapeworm to really gunshot and mother's death. Assure so forth. remember on my fiftieth birthday, my. Sister, Jane, wrote me in a fax. I was making a movie and and switzerland and I came back great hotel, the bar lock. I came back to the hotel and there was sitting in the fax machine, this fax from my sister air, and it was a poem and she she does the the glass half full the glass half empty. It was kind of a Hullo poem air, but my wrist, as to that was my my my sister didn't get it. My class was overflowing with his myriad colors color it all over the place. You know yeah, yes, and I never thought of us halfway.
I was all the way in well. Why is this doing this? To him? colors, so it was overflowing and it wasn't half full or half empty. And maybe I was half empty, but I feel that was full and Do you get along with her still yeah? That's good yeah she's so into what she up. She does air and busy she's busy lot No she's got her children and she's got grandchildren now, but no tension. You, your desire, call yeah, that's good. We have to be near you yeah yeah. I have to think that way, I thought you were greatness in this will move even though yo high couple scenes always nice to see it and he always papa places. You know what's interest about that fact moment when I meet
plummer christopher that because I have no known admit in real life shirts. I was eighty. I was able to to throw my hands into that situation and he just instinctually Is this great shakespearean actor chairman? You know that best in the americas on film stage and eat rhapsody, where so, I'm using this history after knowing them for so long send hung out with him. but you're a man did not real my first term other okay ad He was a wonderful young guy lunatic. I loved it, and so here I am Seen this fellow that I knew, I just write my arms around him. It's just you can see it on film. Is it it's it, there's something about the way we hold on. We just greet each other here that michigan, you relax
various fine. You know I've been waiting for this bottle of wine as a good time. Oh yeah, we're down their vaping in thinking, so far out yeah, maybe I mean I can feel that like there's a looseness to it, you know the finest shakespearean actor in the americas on stage or screen here is silly pods, easy rider, vague at the heart of the scene. I asked Anne you any like your health is good everything out my held his great renown, man, but job that my metal questionable, but I do know I don't find as much darkness I'm getting used it is so it's easier for me to stop by from getting caught, still barbed hooks, we're not catching release and we should be catch. You release, but I do have a great deal of empathy. For our soldiers, fighting men and women. You
I didn't see a friend next to me, get his head blown off? I didn't lose an arm or leg almost lost my life. It dodged many ports for ads maybe I don't have the right to have a tough time I mean I never had. Worry about where I was going to eat your say, but still got it. You got a problem, you deal with it yeah. I now know about the tape one thing here and I found out that reason. My mother was there. She was getting hysterectomy because she was a bleeder. She had heavy heavy periods. Was, I now know in postpartum. phrases. You don't know that and I I took psychology in college. I figured I better find out some more about the pickers. Something is missing so that those who, at the track the the suicide to the post parliament. I think that that's part of it
and and part of of my dad- and I am not one to divorce her. Oh, he wondered now only marry a younger woman, my first stepmother, whom I adore yeah yeah, and get that old thing has she's the reason my mother killed herself, but it's not that sure and I could go spit on my father's ashes, but before not yet either right. It's trying to understand that and forgive that yeah, but before you get to forgiving that you have to forgive yourself yeah how you doing to that's the hardest part, and while you know you seem pretty in a I'm an actor. I act like I said, pretty good. No, I know I bet you heard of me. You know how you doing I'm alive.
Alternative really sucks, although inevitable at this particular moment, unacceptable to me exactly why I'm glad you're alive, it was great seeing you, I don't want to hold you up, because I know you've gotta go get pictures or whatever yeah, I was told hard out and then it's only a matter of time to circumvent. Someone comes to the door. Yeah hold on I'll get that mit. My lawyers thanks for talking to my pleasure. Thank you that was in and out of the Peter bonde a brain me bouncing around in the peter fond of brain and peter fondling. It was good to see him The place him dirty distorted bear tuned guitar now.
the boomer lives.
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