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Episode 932 - Ray Liotta / Jim Jefferies

2018-07-11 | 🔗
Ray Liotta had no intention of getting into acting but his fearless disposition led him to performing in school musicals, and the rest was history. Ray tells Marc about why being on a soap opera was great training, why he owes his movie career to Melanie Griffith, and why the filming of Goodfellas was emotionally tumultuous for him. Also, comedian Jim Jefferies stops by to talk about parenting, his new Netflix special, and Crocodile Dundee.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck an ear, is what the fuck's dicks, what the fuck it directs what's happening. Mare in this, my pod gas, w e f welcome to it. the sun burned I trees this, burned my trees, what the fuck is but ass. The gardener guy, MIKE, what's up with the trees. You sound, I'm pretty sure, was the son just burned him I was at all the sun burned trees, It is unusual zander, eighteen degree heating los angeles, unusual, yes, and then, when you realize I would burn.
he's burned a lot of trees. It just burned the landscape, just write it so if you're thinking about doing exercise and working out and stuff make sure adapting to to the life of a lizard or a snake hopper. In that type of intensity is part of your plan. Get your by the temperature down to about cold blooded nis And you can sort of exit under rocks were still hot. Once a once. We blow out the power grid and the trees burn going to be a you know you just I'm just saying: I'm I'm not being negative, I'm just saying great get into your work out the unprepared for that You know if you're doing the running your do In one hundred and ten degree, heat. deny yourself, water and cool down can distractions available.
Obliterate. Our awareness totally of what is happening. The trees are burning not from fire from a hot day, will the distractions available? Will the marvel movies and the options, and the streaming services will will. It succeed. In obliterating our ability to connect with reality completely enabling our denial of sad reality I don't know, but I'm just thinking the last paragraph of george orwell's nineteen, eighty four and he gazed up at the enormous face, forty years it had taken to learn what kind of smile I was hidden beneath the dark, mustache o cruel needless understanding, o stubborn self willed exile from the loving breast to gin, scented tears, trickled down sides of his nose
But it was all right: every was all right. The struggle was finished her. One the victory over himself, he loved big brother I think what might be more frightening and what really might be. The next turn of the screw of of of how consumer culture works. Is that the last line, but it was all right everything all right. The struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He didn't give a fuck didn't give a fuck, I'm tired I'm through the worst of it The fuck I'm gonna sit on my porch and why? the trees melt ray liotta, is on the show today
fucken love ray liotta. You have to do after you have to just recognize it. Goodfellas is, is the most watch a movie. Almost ever I had of start watching goodfellas wherever it's on, even if it's, if, if the cussing is cut out. But raleigh out is here And it was wild to sit As from ray liotta, also here today, Jim jefferies for a minute. But on the other side of burning treason. King at all in law hope or hoping for not the best, but just a little bit of that relief from something I went to see an amazing chunk of art share the pain, is doing a year, a public art commission for the city of san francisco for their new airport.
And she is designed a it's going to be about one hundred and fifty feet long ten foot high by six foot path. Stained glass. and in her style of abstraction and I went and saw about five or six of the panels as they move together as the are created over at judson, studio, which is this century old, plus stained glass studio. and just the meeting of the Creativity and abstract intent of Sarah kane. With this never old. Tie me medium, pretty fuckin stunning. we'll talk had some people over shared the process, but it's going to be just massive colors I see stained glass taken out of the hands of Jesus
too often see decorative on? you know and houses and whatnot, but this thing is massive and just you know this place. It's making the glass The cheese designing here did frank. I'd right houses. They do big churches, they do it. The medium that you may not pay attention to it. It may ever place in your mind, but it's probably an exciting place It- was just exciting to see some new kind of understanding of something so familiar and so mind. Blowing art is good for you, please stop at your phone, get yourself added a quick bade get into some stuff. That's moving into the imagination out pushing the envelope with creativity, If it's going to save us, I don't know Art is going to save us, but it can certainly remind us that were fucking human.
Wait. So Jim jefferies has been here before he's a filthy man, you know Jim, I does have a new special coming out on netflix. This is me now: it's called to premieres tomorrow July 13th, so we drop by and we talked a bit about. Who he is now Jim Jeffrey and the how many like how many kids do that now, although you're the one good, but I I have- I go- live in nanny, went and got him and stuff like that. So that's that's! It's too, you've got the kid, but you gotta know the wife's gone If the machine is sharing this outfit while they were married, but she is half a mile down the road yeah. We have a very good relationship, so we see her once a week to resolve it's all good yeah. We we we were very clever and what we did was we we got.
She got pregnant after knowing her for two months yeah, and so you knew her for two months for two months. I think I kind of remember this year for one of one of the good things these people do. A lot of bill will get people pregnant, that they love yeah and that's a silly thing is that that'll that'll tend to height eventually. So, if you just someone pregnant you kind of like you, know a little bit yeah you can get to know them and then you'll always kahnawake yeah. It may never dental repugnant to the height. So that's right! So so then, like you know, you have a kid. So that gives you an excuse to sorta get to know them as they grow as people. So how long the thing last day we out for years and then and now lasts
the eyes. Is he getting on the six now so, but no way he will know him, as he may maybe five years, including before he was born. Let me ask you, but we've been bringing up over a bit year, how's the kid turning out doing good. Happy little fella, a yeah he's a very easy. The problem is I, I is nothing to do with me. He is he's just very well behaved here, I've always wanted. I don't ever wants a thing, but I've always thought that I would be very strict parent that here the really I thought disciplinary. I was discipline very hard as a kid.
It seems like your entire life has been pushing back against that. Yes, I know I know. Yeah, all I've got is the naughty step. That's all I do like like if he used audi step, is the notice that, if anything, they have to have one minute of the average year of their life, so he's up to five minutes naughty step time, then what? What is that some kind of australian disciplinary thing? No, that's! No! You watch any like supernanny type program. Any parent knows about the naughty step. I will explain to me because I I avoided the parenting I kept happens with the naughty step. Is the child has to sit in on a step like were in the house? And just I ponder what they've done here for one year. I have to sit there for one minute, two years to in some of my sons up to five minutes worth of naughty step. Don't know if he knows that. If he decides to stand up and walk away. I really don't have anything else to do
I have nothing else in my artillery to go in there, use it there and then step in you ever think about. It is like good. It does work. So if he says fuck you dad I'm out that you're never going to get back on your step and I'll. Remember this the next time you're getting a double amount of step, but he's like what is he six eight he's five five, so I mean you know that you need. This is relatively easy if he's been easy up to this point, axiom when there really are two or three it's a pain in the ass. may I be thought me, I heard a terrible tourism, our mission being too near I like that it was it was If it was, you didn't really have to worry about them at that age right or I'm starting to even now. I start to worry about things. Are you worried like like alba going to like you gotta, be boiling some hot water? Are they going to port over there? Hey have a pool. I have a po, He had an alien swim set out, that's cool, but you know that the. Why now I worry about my styled socially yeah like way.
You starting school in Iowa gs, a high, be a happy as friends right and has that. Turning out we just used about the status quo. He had he had Prisco and he had his group of mates and now he has to go off and get a new group of friends. So how is he in preschool a leader or what he is all right? I don't know if usually you watch the you watch these plays they put on the base goes as I wasn't Michael jackson discovered at five I dunno. Maybe it was around a family thing and the whole family, and I look at the the the concerts they put on, and I'm like. None of these kids know so when I got to do it, but then then is it that we just not hitting our kids, is Michael Jackson, a product of of a child beating is that where the motivation comes in to be Elise, I may be, but I then, if there's a question of course invited do we need another Michael jackson, I mean a he. Can he he? Oh has it's gotta be incredibly hard on the kid at some point: yeah of course it, as does your dad hear you.
My mother did my dad didn't hear my dad, probably it'd be two or three times, but nothing too serious like his little smack your this way. So my mother really wild on really out of control shit. It wasn't about discipline, it was just a bachelor. I had enough fro granted me brothers legs what one time she I went to a hospital with like a in the side of my head from a belt that that hit me as she she, oh, she went to town big woman. Big lie yeah. She had a real good. She had a real good swing on air. We changed it. I think it'd be a VB answered back when she did the Ivan and slap the moment when parents used to hit their kids like in, like just in rows the alley
course, the now doesn't really happen so much in public. The idea of others is, thankfully, a bit of shame and shaming. Yes, I remember I used to get popped. My dad used to pop me with like these two fingers, like just a it, was almost on the forehead yeah just on their face. So I can the head yeah, like he was almost more humiliating than it hit to soothe his way of being Stop it didn't bloody me, but it was just sort of like you know. It was kind of annoying and factor Yeah, my son would go into his bedroom. Fur always lose him in the house. You two visa wander off our. She means of doing something with lego again. And then I think I haven't seen you for that. Now Oh, I wonder of vitamin you'll be like in a common justice. A ball and then I got what's wrong with you, because you hurt my feelings. Ah and then I'm like how did I have feelings? You said that I was, and I can't even remember saying, each other's joking around with him very centrally located.
Well, yeah the kids yeah. How is tough oregon where your mom's, like smacking you with a belt, I guess resilient here- is your mom still around he's still around She said she with it. With a baby's will bite right? May my brother's confronted but she's a little laugh she's. I don't remember if all those things happened, some of them sound a little familiarly as they were, so it is The kid have talent that you can see at fault. It's a weird thing is everything like I wait. I took him to is the most. hours of bain is apparent as a person. I took him to Harry potter world any city. You are one of the ones and then they choose you out a wand manner, the special thing when they got is the one that you're gonna get area and site. still there and then the village, the girl who was working as she has me, what Does he have why are you always needs dig a little bit?
stretching it. No, I stretching his dick and toys and that's it. If he likes he likes practical jokes, mainly, I would adjust his five. What interests did did he get to know my interests are in right now, yeah. Did he get the dick want? What did he pulling the decor? He got? I gotta. I can't remember what it was it was like. I think it wasn't a good one. I think it was like guy slither and he went. I know really harry potter movie, I think, was in people like them. So what If they do, then I can like or my I bet they liked the books too. I never read them thinking of rating the books for him I just recently become a person who can read It's pretty carried like I'm. Looking at your your place here with all these books, you obviously read about some of them. Are aspirations they're, not all red they're. Not I haven't read all of them, who I I always am I
likes here's a kid, and so then I just didn't relax here, as is this like and say so, I just event raining heart is as yet, and I do so. I never read for pleasure and I have read, I think like two or three biographies and that's all I've read my whole life and one of them is like chevy, chase's, biography time well spent yeah the three books you read vulnerable with chevy chase's batarfi, not even his autobiography biography. I read the artist or the Chris Farley stories, you're just going to re, it's exciting at the end, and- and so I kind of remember the other thing was- I was throwing something to do the beatles or something yeah and now you're picking it up again maybe since is not doing the tv show and. I just start reading the autocue right are all getting good at reading. This reading in general is a sign to enjoy reading. That's interesting, I'm stumped standing to think about. I want buy a book.
If you haven't done it yet you're close well. I've started. I started reading books to much like I started reading books to my son, and this is why I started thinking that the harry potter thing, I'm thinking of digest, reading there are very positive image night to see if that's something he might dig right, Then we help you and it'll. Help me guess. Are you saying you read by reading teleprompter you have gotten good at. I can read, tell them from the. What do you think happened to the dyslexia? Will I still have, but it's it's a muscle that I we'll find out, I'm not loving it doing it, but it's it's a it's a yeah. It was like anything if you work at it a bit more you get a bit better out here is like I like, I I could I could die. Every day I'll never be awesome. Marriage right, yeah, yeah I'll get better, but you you seem natural on camera, then yeah. It's no problem! I try to vaguely know this. The whole script all the way
is that even if, even if I go off script or ever I sort of know where the jokes is headed in the beginning, and how how mature, like how much research you actually doing in terms of like staying up to speed on shit yeah? What do you do lightly? I yeah we do the show weekly I just I just came from there. Now we have eight writers and two researchers and the eater it's it's like sometimes I'll go in on. I a wednesday sort of these are monday, because the shows record on tuesday in Oregon wins again so this week, I'd like to talk about these two topics. That might be a couple of things that I'm passionate about and then times it's just like we're going to talk about the, scott pruitt, leaving the a p a with obama, yeah yeah. It's like. I have no idea what's been in use, but I mean I have to have people explain it sure I was in. I was in that situation for for for a couple of years, when I was a radio host at air america, stir
it's hard to know all the nuances, but once you get it all in your head, how it fucking works here, it just becomes you just fill in the the people. I spoke to Paul Hogan. Today you did. That is why we spoke to Paul Hogan. The how's he doing was why I did it. I spoke to him on a conference, call a war hero of yours. He is yeah yeah like What other australian comic giant was did I have to look up to? Who is that guy einstein was a remember. Him knows how yahoo serious yahoo serious, yeah I've seen it yeah he's usually other day. It's funny. You should mention whatever so wait, what what happened! Paul hogan report. We had a sketch where I I wanted him to play. My father at the edge in I don't think you liked the sketch any. We might do a different thing with his any any guys that he said those years. I don't know if people will really believe that I'm your father here and I might sketch,
Yeah, do you think people believe your crocodile, then the exact exact thing just yet, but it was very exciting to talk to him. I did get a little starstruck talk before that mean that we'll see a star in australia before he was before that his movies he was dire. But what did he do in movies or is a fascinating thing? That was his first movie crocodile Dundee? We asked rosemary whatever it was, he was a rerun. The harbour bridge and harbour bridge has to be painted constantly once you reach the end. You've got to start again here and I think, there's a four blocks and they constantly was painting this anyhow a bridge. and there is usually studies they state and there was a show new faces, all the gong values. and and we've kept our agony because he kept saying you'd do better than the people there. He did somewhat what you would call a stand up soda by? How is that went well and then
They are you go second or something, but they brought him back for another thing and then the phone lines lit up. He added strain. Is I dunno? If that is if this is a very strange thing you have enough, We we didn't really have the twenty four hour news channels. We we didn't back in in Australia, and so we just have news's from six six to seven yeah. You get the news right. It was better. It was better back. Then it's better! So what you need here now they just have the six or seven years played every hour over and over again on your phone, so I can can't get away from it say so, but other on fridays. In the last four minutes, refractory, they would have soda cheesy comedian dewar wrap up the wake, yeah yeah yeah right right where ago, those idiots in power What are they up to your? My and so on. So what
when Paul Hogan became that guy he would be like all this happened is all the politicians are idiots. What was he doing? A character, though? Did he have the hadn't played himself hugs yeah? How your golden eggs? Then they give him the Paul hogan show and that's the top It was just like a sketch show that every week, like the benny hill show or whatever, and then sounds like advertising cigarettes, yeah right, I got an then cigarette south strike through the roof and I'm anything anything they pretty face on guys have been biggest magnet. And then what he did was he right crocodile Dundee was. It was fascinating because that harlem thrown out ashamed shrimp on the barbie Andrews Jai that comes from a commercial for australian tourism ad well
Paul Hagan was like if you gotta counter australia, you're gonna get wet cause, there's an island, and then some heart goes by as good I hague's years now. I guess I make sure your camera area will throw another shrimp on the barbie. Now those adverts were played in every before every movie going. He did it for free cause. He knew his other movie was coming out yeah and then that would be sort of the trailer to the crocodile Dundee everyone. Everyone knew him from that advert when I as the guy from the advent, so he had a business going, yeah ai in australia in europe. He owns the first two movies top to bottom now, wow- and so how old is he's gonna be like what are the light seventies no smoke I feel like he doesn't actually still smoke. They did what they did it. They did a tourism commercial for the superbowl, with Danny Mcbride, where it was crocodile Dundee, sun, Maria and all the australian actors. Do they have him at the end in the outfit and a sense that, while I'm glad you got to talk to when I speak the highest today, how often
you go back away? I gotta: in central asia that yeah. I went back in january just because My check we came back from remote, pansy entourage. Strive in December is five shows we're anybody what he will do so in our big yeah. I acts destroy was the last place for me to sell tickets, but I do like the rod laver tennis arena like where they hold a australian open. What's that I thought fifteen thousand, it's like fourteen or something in one thousand yeah, that's huge yeah. Are they big rain users yeah? Only recently, though, up until that, four or five years ago I couldn't get arrested and how you do in the states other yeah. I slightly better in america. Think
my tv show does better in canada as well. So I dunno. If it's got something to do with that, but I don't know so they run it on comedy central in canada, yeah they have their own comedy central and Canada might be like yeah. I think maybe this sweet foreigners take on the states. Yeah. You know what I mean, because I I don't I that would make sense to me yeah. I I think that the like may teasing america is something more akin to what the, but then he was John Oliver and what samantha bee's canadian yeah and I dunno how they do trevor trevor Noah yourself, africa is like his oldest foreign people, saying this is what you're doing wrong america. I think it's. I think it's smart in a way you know, because, like there is that distance, they may they have a little bit of distance american is children. We can have a little bit more as a stand back and look at sure, and even just the nature of the presidency and just the structure of the government and the idea of the states, and I all of it
I mean? Is it so? I get so uncultured and us because we live here. Come here and I think there is an issue about the pledge of allegiance is by already talking about whatever it is. You have a. Used a little bit of things that I would never for a second get offended if someone kneeled at the australian anthem that right right, that kind of stuff bother me right. You know it's incomprehensible to a degree. It's encounter. It's incomprehensible that that ireland just legalized abortion and we're on the verge of making it illegal in ireland, probably the most catholic fucking country. You know shy of rome right up until up until the nineteen eighties knows what contraband in ireland in a play boy until the nineties. Right now like I do that and we are about to go backwards. Fuckin baffling so where'd. You shoot the special areas for the following london: oh yeah, good room. Great ruins one. The classic springsteen played there, the beatles,
in twenty seven shows in a row in nineteen sixty four wow. How many is that see man? I wanna save four thousand. Oh really! It's like you know it's just they're big rock venue yeah and came out great, I think so I I haven't watched it for a while since the beginning, yet I look a bit puffy in it because it was at the end of a a a one month, tour of britain There is little to give us a breakthrough. We will bloated cutlass, unwieldy, normally only very special eyelike. I work out a little bit eight well for a couple of weeks. We are this right. Now is my best looky one, so we would never. Is this one I think so really yeah, seven in or eleven years, it's good yeah! I look I am thinking of slowing it down, have sort of been bringing one out every year or year and a half, and I think now I might have a little rest for a couple of years. I'm just
it really. I always watch a lotta tv me here already been wiped out. You know, and I with tv yeah I I I don't. I get offended when people say that I like it, in general when they, the idiot, like people, puerto rico, Draghi people like I don't even own until I know I knew a girl like that yeah and they all it's telling ya yeah, oh yeah yeah. I didn't know that we still have what the computer doesn't really hold as much as we were before the computerized quite impressive. How do I sit and read books and the editor, but I always found it understanding and I never even watch a t, one that much t v I didn't like when I was in new york. I didn't have a t v, but it wasn't because I was making a statement. a year ago. Rather, but now you see, I was out doing comedy every night, just in fucking, avatar vienna, why our member haven't it. I've got. I got the seven I it there's a put a tv for the you on it.
I watched dodges sort of every every day and I watch a lot of news and I I I, if a few dramas here and a lot of sitcoms and molly. Reality shows repulse dried rice, scripture, love, good, full, stricter he's. Great guy, but he's one of the people that I've actually asked to interview. On my show I kept on putting out an invitation of rupaul's drag race, but hasn't been picked up, yet he won't do it You are doing by just be busy, but the invitation that air real, maybe I'll, come now. Who have you talked to that? You really were impressed with lately. I I got a little stashed. Oh Carol, Burnett was one that I love to talk to her. I haven't talked to her yet and caravan It was cool to do a long, run or short one where we edited down to like seven minutes. By talked to her for about fifty, oh yeah and arraigned says yeah she was. She was very interesting. Like I said
with the women's equal pay, you are like a fame out of your own show in the nineteen sixties or seventies. Mia and and like did feel that that that yeah you at five yeah fairly or equally and she goes look. Let's not really talk about escape cause us. She I think I was the highest paid person on the Italian in Iraq has really really here upon the carbonate number one tv Do you feel like you are paid right yeah I was actually, as I did fine. I probably will good luck. The specials called the mania this is me now shows Jim jefferies show the Jim jefferies show good to see him thanks for having me on that was Jim jefferies. The this is me now premieres tomorrow July thirteenth and enjoy the
Button pushing monster that is Jim jefferies so ray liotta he's. The most memorable actors ever for good photos, but he's in a lot of ease in all kinds of cop land. I mean he's done. Some great he's always plays, as he always plays the the corrupt cop, but but you know he is distinct and he is who he is unique. and he has a series shades of blue with jennifer lopez in its third in full. all season on NBC new eps. on Sunday nights at ten p m. You can catch up on past seasons on hulu before this the finale, if you need to- and this is me talking to jersey zone ray liotta got in under the wire somehow after if five years in the business terrible, isn't it the business took me forever to get started,
Is the horrible boost his horrible? It's a it's a great way. It's a fun way to make a living, but so horrible business. I mean you got to be crazy to do it and then to express, the work out like you just you and neatly expected to work out based on nothing totally it and what would you go when cold, because just something that you want to try to do behind ever wanted to do this ever, and it just happened. The college that I was I was- I didn't even want to go to college here. It came time to go to college. My my dad said: go wherever you. I walked out of my sh t's, the I came time to go to college. He didn't want to go to college, he says, go wherever you want, take whatever you want yeah, so I got into the university of miami. This was nineteen. Seventy three right, all you needed was a pulse to get in there. Get in there. I want to take a little more liberal arts cause. I had no idea what I wanted to do ya. The front of the line they see. I had to take a math and a history, as it will forget that on a lunatic math and history I looked up was for the drama department. I took a step over.
and, as I was in line there, was this a typical actor story. There was this pretty girl. She said you're auditioning for the play tonight. I said no berated me. What do you mean? It's always it's all about doing the play, blah blah blah. So I go up there get my my classes and then I go and audition for the for the play yeah and ah it was for a musical and now I'm a jock from new jersey. All I did was play soccer, basketball and baseball. That riot, that was my whole life was about ray, and then you realize, while not fast enough tall enough or or anything enough to to play professionally. That's a tough hit, horrible well yeah, until junior high school, when you really you know, and then then, when you're a senior or in your high school, then you realize was never going to happen. it should be realised it. So at the worst thing was auditioning.
For the plane I got into the play, but it was a musical. So the first thing you had to do was tell a sad story. I told a sad story about a dog of mine that got hit by a car. True story, true story year and then, ah then you had to sing yeah. So the only guy I was I lived, grew up. Forty five minutes outside of the city and tangled union new jersey reunion, yeah yeah yeah, I'm all jersey. So what did you sing? Ah, we saw and they took me to see people here and there was one saw now remembered magic to do so. She went and got the sheet music did. There was already a cast out. We asked oh I'm seeing into the cast thou boom. and that's it so that they gotta go the next day to work, to do them to do the audition, and I hand that the the paper, the music and stuff to the teeth up to the piano and then I take the music. I take it from him. What are you doing? This is what I mean
I do and I got to sing this and then you know he was a real bitchy piano player. You know what I mean and I I I I don't have this memorize, you should just do the best you can so I get up there, I start singing the song and then all I remember is the refrain. We got magic to do. We got mad and some just gone over, and then they say you gotta dance. Now I don't, if you remember, remember freddy, and the dreamers there was a it was like. I was a youth group is for young. We cannot hide the sixties yet up these well before me, and there was a dance. Do the freddy in the friday was just put your hands on your arm. Doing the freddy saying you got magic to do, we got magic to do an and believe it or not get into the play in the first thing I did have a watchword was dancing waiter and cabaret in the first year, although there were musicals, that's insane
wait. How terrified were when you like, like where wasn't there fear involved than me? I know none, none, none! That's what to sing and dance know, and I was really really fragile, as as a heist in high school and not with sports, but I just was. Was fearless. I didn't care, I didn't know any of the people. I didn't care, what they thought yeah and I saw your which care what people are saying. I see a whole new playing the island it. I was nobody, I knew what could they say? You know You grew up all of new jersey, you're, born there yeah in newark. That's what I say I'm adopted. So the adopted paper said ah yeah, I'm pretty sure it said north korea and then I saw something for some other town, but I'm not sure what happened there via. Oh, you do the researcher. Ah, when I was ready to have a kid, my ex thought it would be best since we don't know anything about what will what was my family history.
Terms of illnesses and things. So we at that time Could you just assume your italian turned out that mom, I'm like there's a little bit of italian but leona is, is rather that adopted here in your eye, father right but yeah he was italian. The out I was Lee oda. I asked, or should that be found my birth mother, just because there was a at that time. There was a I went on every Oprah show we are at a show that they wanted to be low. Key p wrangle caterer family. Maybe I friends girlfriends whatever, so there was a locators. They met at the bar at the end of the show she called the ok to rob said here. I was and said I was looking for my my birth mother next day. He had her number, really air she if she called the number or why can you- I was forty, four and and you'd never investigated it before it, no
but you knew your ninety I knew well. I thought that I warned on my sleeve forever that you adopted here and went away well, just feeling that I was given up our so then when you meet in a girl, you know like within three minutes. I would tell people that I was adopted a you know. That was my. That was my line thing and they would feel sorry for me or something. What did you really feel? I did you feel, like you were totally the ongoing through life and its own that year, given up cause I'd never could understand. Why is why some would give up a baby achieved by parents were good right. There were great, oh yeah, they were great. I was I was the luckiest person alive to get the powers that I have quick and then you realize, though, what once once so I went and met met my birth ma where'd. She live there. Well, she was at work, If their families houses were one of their or her daughter, her kids houses yeah. It was on route. Twenty two in ends in place.
I feel it was right off twenty two there was there. Was this this this stone driveway way and there two family house, woods and train track here. And and I'm there early. I got there fast and I mean I got there early and and and and this this car comes careening around the corner, spitting up the the the the rocks and everything and there was a dead deer on top of the car. It turned out that that person was my half other, and it turned out that I have five half sisters, a half brother and a full sister, and I found all this out when I was forty four years old, wholly facts and it's like was it was totally mind blowing and and, like
like in a movie so we're leaving where it was, it was pretty much like, like his typical jersey thing, like olive loaf pickles, you know that the place, but what about the dead deer? What about that guy? He just gets out of the car, and you know- and it turns out that that was my my half his name was ray wow and but she raised these other kids yeah. These were her kids did he do see a resemblance right away, and now, maybe just in the eye area, we had similar eyes. She raised all the other kids right, but now you and the fall, the false sister and what happened was she took me home from the hospital. I said who was my father. She said I I don't remember for right. You don't remember this, and I am here for four information, and I don't think it's going to become coming cuz. She doesn't remember who the dad was, and then I
call from my my height. I told the story once on letterman and I got a call from from the dead then spokesmen for them, and and- and she didn't like that- I told this story at all, but it's true the spokesperson for the family, where yeah she, she was the the target of one, the the the the one they turned to. Some of them are shy. One of them was sick, one of them was in jail where this was the that the other siblings right, yeah right, a half sister, so she's, the spokesperson right. She she's telling me all the stories like you don't know how lucky you are because when mom flute threw a shoe at it, gear could follow you around the iran. the wall through a door, so she was an angry woman. She she she she talk like this because she smoked. So she had this really smoky voice, yeah and ah yeah. They were just telling me stories about her gambling and this that and the other thing, and when I laughed the first thing
I said is, thank god, I'm adopted that I went with my best friend since third grade this day, my best friend and he start. We should stop data at a new job, if, for some reason they still call it eso yeah instead of exxon, how he has a gas station at the gas near, but as we're driving all of a sudden this, this, the rain just just Torrential rain came almost kind of like if it was the movie rio? With things word like cleansed, we were being cleanse which it happened. And we're sitting there and that that's what he said so so, what do you? thanks we're all shell shocked from this whole experience. I need the people showed up that first day you go over to m the guy with the deer on his car comes with two. They all come no know there were that. I think there were two stirs and then There were less than the one of the sisters heads and her boyfriend and his boy friend in order friend, they know you from movies yet
must have been weird was more about that as far as they were concerned, and I just wanted to find out more like who- who are who am I doing like? How did this happen? You're at the associations, rain raining. It's raining. It's pouring my friend jean us. what so? What did you think- and I sat- I can't I'm so happy that I was at that mad. He starts ball. I mean crying because he had just adopted two kids here, two different families. It just happened at once for him and he was just so happy to hear that cuz she didn't know how his kids are going to be at you to know how the kids going to react to you as a parent. When you adopt the kid you don't know, what's going to happen and that nine times out of ten people put the kids up for adoption for the betterment of the kid, but you do it meanwhile took to learn that, but by the time that I went and did this, I a pretty much stopped using it as the sob story and just realise this is what happened.
so there is to it. My brother's got three adapt kids, I have no idea what can happen derived from different families in the this one's like seventeen or eighteen, they all know they're adopted. He knows who the but it his case. He knows who they are We are we at yet. I guess that's more. It happens more now. That's what happier exactly back then I was with. I was adopted through catholic charities, but but but what really messed me up was the fact that she took me home. The my birth mother took me home, for We must see us all on binding being felt by by my birth mother, and then all of a sudden, just like taken away and and put in an orphan you and I have to I can't imagine it not affecting me somewhere deep down. Or maybe not so deep down there that I was just taken away. I am from my mother, denies primal union bond, but you have kids now No idea, I never did it
I I I always wanted to do it because of that to start a family tree family tree in eagle way just to have my own blood right, what did you find out about the father? Nothing we did nothing- she had usually claim that she didn't remember who it was and then the the full. sister called me so she said. I think I I think I know who our birth father. Yes, she she called the house. She explained. You now work situation that that, though, that Ruth only we're less than what was other yeah think that your father had two kids wedlock and their guides. Didn't wanna, hear it just just said to get out of here. Don't ever call here again you're crazy about ever happen, rather than an algorithm son of the fire the father had passed away. Ah so so
so what you re, a mother was probably real mother with pride, protecting the guy because you have now than another option was she was now she was used by the guy was he was in the neighborhood kid like she was a. iirc she went with. He went with her. He goes off to the korean war. He comes back. Does it again Now it just disappears. She's left with with with two kids and then the rest come then the rest come after because then the the the birth mother, my birth, mother, She then had cruel. Rather I write so now they you got so you have to kids know one way and when you, how old, were you when you they the kid forty four wow, and was amazing yeah yeah. For me it was. I really really really wanted to have a kid. I love being a dad. It's just a shame that I did it so late and
I didn't find someone else after I got divorced to have another one, but I'm just grateful that I have that. I got one kid now cause I love being a dad. It's great. It's great kids. Okay, yeah. So Ok, so near of europe, the europe, the parents, you grew up with your doktor parents. what did they do? Do they have you have a sister or brother with that family I have. I have a sister who is adopted. I think I remember my parents led me to believe that I I I picked her out, but I I still have an image: it's either that or it's from a picture of of holding here she was through. I was three years older and we had just gotten her, and I think she was just weeks old when I had. My parents got got my sister lynn and holding her and feeling so proud because they made me think that I
picked out. My sister and I picked her out yeah and it was it was, and then everything was just normal and then we just fought like cats and dogs like most brothers and sisters, and did she ever go, find her birthday that she had no desire total opposite of me. She couldn't care less on the floor. Couldn't care less. Ah she's like what's the point near, it didn't bother. Her didn't affect her just, but at heart he did it it yet a yap at it at thy heart is a little strong, but I was kind of I couldn't understand how someone can give up a baby. I just couldn't wrap my head around that when I was younger beer and what was your old man's game again. What was his time? My dad had a chain of automotive stores called rocket auto and it was like the pep boys. We are exactly like the pep boys, but he kept. He had five. where's he didn't expand on and on and on like the pep boys at any one in jersey, city on field avenue avenue, and then in bayonne, on grand avenue run around from the hospital they still there gun nother got,
you're. All though I wish I was filming cop land and I took walk. We run a break and I had turned that the house that we wish filming ass. I walked to the to the to the back of the house and looked over, and there was might that. Sure it was still there and, and it flipped me out as years and years since he let they store, go and fifteen years well, when he had it still, the same name now now here was an automotive store, but right there was in it was in his ear at wild here, so our it so the two of grown up and when your mom work too you know, for she was a stay at home mommy and then she was very involved in. pta and then and then she started when we were went into junior high school She ran the store in jersey city.
And then my dad watch the store in bayonne, car parts. If you did, I hate the smell of tires to this day. Yeah you well that's you know, that's what that smells like, but it's like those stores are so amazing because usually have like one or two guys working just aisles of pieces of things in boxes to re, and then you had to look it up. Someone would come to work with a carburetor for a sixty, eight pontiac. Then you'd have to look it up and I hated it. I hated everything about it. You worry about it yeah on weekends. They made me work there and little did. I know that my dad was kind of hoping that I would take over that. His store right and there was just no way, I would I thought I was going to work construction or something for the rest of my faith, but then the the drama things art it and the only thing reason why does not it is connected with did the musical. Why
as there was an acting teachers. Name was robert buckets lowery and he was a guy's guy. He he directed like like a coach like he was on his haunches. Any of these blue glasses Hat was on backwards and god does gradually kind of thing and I would that ye was and he you know. I wasn't somebody who was doing drama my whole life. I don't do that in highschool. What did he do? He just played his. He had no inch or so no interest in in drama none. We we took out me and my friends gene we took it. You're allowed an elective your senior year of high school year and we took drama cause. We but it would just be easy right and when all we did was children's theater and mars like that here but not ever wanted to do was like whatever you know. Little things for the little kids in and that was it and then my senior year of high school, I got into a fight with the basketball coach and I quit and the drama teacher
ask me if I wanted to all dish and for the play rises, what it means for the play you of already had audition in everything here said that don't worry about it. I got the second lead of of. of a neil Simon play sunday in new york, and I hated it I hated, reasoning about it, the memorizing the lie, the the even getting up there and doing it, and I I'm sure I wasn't special in the least there, but it was because of that class that made me want to take drama, and it's only because who knows what would have wanted to have taken science or anything else, I dunno what I would have done visa. You just were aimless and you would cause exactly The same thing I didn't want to go to college either, but my parents, I just go just, go somewhere so, this guy. So you get there, you do the musical, It's guy's name, robert lowery pockets, buckets lowery.
now he's the drama is able to actually acting coach and then allows ignore. Their guide was ahead of the parliament, but he was the acting culture. I buckets they called him buckets because he played basketball put in the bucket and was a trumpet player and, like I said it was a as guide he wasn't used to a guy's guy is coming out of high school yeah. Usually the people walking. You know the kids who are are doing it. They have a sir. in a way about them. It's when they come in, like a club they're just different, I know what you mean the theatre, kids, yeah, yeah and you're, not a theatre, kin and you're you're a jot. Can you gotta edge to you? chip on your shoulder- probably I guess with the yeah- next year that my sophomore I came back, I said: let me try to another year first year, all I did wrong. Musicals Oklahoma, dames at sea I singing
I was doing singing and dancing yeah and I didn't know anything about anything with it. But for some reason I just kept it didn't it didn't add me from doing it, I just I just will: did you enjoy it yeah? I must have. I stayed with it, but what I really liked was the acting class with with buckets here and you singing and dancing. You must have can't remember if you really liked it every year and one may be is neither is there is kind of a joy, I guess in doing it just the I can say is I didn't quit. I'm not sure that I love doing it, but I loved knowing the acting class, the idea that the scenes that chatting grass because a pocket- so you say how do these- if I can do that, while kind of yeah right and then do and plays word it was it was, it was fun. You no one to three kick here you feel like an idiot
I don't care. I really didn't give a shit. It's I I think I can well. I like watching musicals, I get very moved by people moving and singing. Do you ever watch? yeah yeah. So it's great oddly when I'm in new york, I always catch it. Like I saw hamilton like three times. Grades are unbelievable yeah, so So now you're in the drama department- right, that's where your that's your dear and that's what you study the ice. I decided to go back for a second year that year I got all all the leaves of of of the place that they had like what streetcar named desire. There was a new play. They came in here did west side story. I didn't play tony. I played riff taming of the shrew. I was yo, so I was getting like the leaves in in the place and- and I would get you know nice praises. like anything, shakespeare,
what what was the last time, you did shakespeare then yeah. That was it once was enough. Was it hard yeah? I was too dumb to know better. I learned the lines and and and that play in particular, you know It's a has not had a boyfriend girlfriend aware of their dead. There go for each other in and it's just their back and forth, maybe fond of each other are calling me other name. Vienna. Austria, Gabby lays you here, I related yeah. So If you do all those plays and now you're eleven it right, yeah, yeah yeah, and I this I stayed for the four years and then adequate it and there was an audition in classes. What was it like? What was it tat? He learned from him, though I could hear I mean very compelled by this guy and you get in obvious. We he bonded. Were you to your? What with some this stuff, you earned from him that you still use today. Just the come, the commitment of playing pretend at just adjusts suit, more
acting is taught by you can't do it so we're going to show you how to do it that he at idle. the very status lawsky and and I had since found the teacher out here and allay harry Mastro georgia to me, what is the best ever a really capsule it's just you know, you're playing a kid's game. All you're doing is playing cowboys and indians that sit here and that's what I always get kind of like annoyed or or when, when people think they're special because they act, he added playing pretend for a living. It like get off your high or is it ridiculous? Yeah it's true True yeah, I mean like on some level. You realize that a lot of guys a lot of people get into the acting gig, because it's it's like if you ve got a knack for it. It's you know it, it's a hell of a way to make a living. That's a great way to make you count your blessings every day. Totally it's just a business that sucks right, so artsy while the place you graduate a graduate
we had an auditioning class where we got a or a by tens and and a resume in the resume all you're doing is putting down to the place and florida it and yet the university of miami ah. and, and- and we got a resume together here and I went to stay with this girl Lenora Lenore may, who had who was already a couple years in into new york, and she was. She was going to sign her contract at fifty scarred, and that was the name of the agent back there at the adding a new york, she went to sign a contract which she just got jaws two and why I was with her. The was like we went up delicate six, seven o clock the guide, a guy at the age and came up to me and said I you wanna, you wanted to a commercial, I said Yeah sure- and he sent me on this on this- go to and the guy said yes, fine you'll do
and what I did was. They took still pictures of me and this girl here and it was for love, songs of the fifties or the and all like. You know that they have one of those I hate to tell Rex you're ensuring that this narrow, via that was the first thing I got, but within a month I was screen testing in out here cause moved to new york out here for beetles forever. It was a robertson mecca movie and a, but I didn't get that and then a few set. So then I was bar tending add at the schubert organization of the theatre, jane at the three. Exactly where we aren't yeah. I was watching the watching plays an and, and you know, working at the bar or or hook or a coat jack or whatever just like, which theater, though that one was, I dunno the the different ones on my mobile the first one was, I love my wife, but I don't remember which theatre right at it was being worked in many of them. And a lot of them yeah how you get that gig everybody from
college seemed to have had an in there. Also the row, I guess we're always looking for for actors or people, so much actor, just somebody who could be there, but it was great because you could audition at the at the same time image plays right and raj plays, and then, after that, with with six months, I august. and for a soap opera, and I just did it just just because I just figure experience. Well, I got it Now, there's no way, I'm gonna do a so promptly. We cannot by any one in the seventh its did it's in the seventies, while my college and first getting into this acting stuff and the plays, at the movies back then we're just unbelievable bright. The score says he was up there. All like you know, yeah copal. All these guys are doing their thing and so social, less. It now and I wanted to a soap opera but my dad being a depression baby. I look, it's money is money in your hand and and
you ve never worked in front of a camera before my those are the right. It's a perfect time to learn. Are you in the city living with them and in the city, in the city with with with with two or three other people that graduated, what part of the city, ninety second west, then the rocks, then oh yeah, where Charles Charles grodin used to live, did he tear are probably still does when you, when you were there, used to see him now, I never saw him, but I heard later on that at ease its through the grapevine, He was in the building. That's funny he's a funny guy, so you took the gig yeah and I did the soap for it one and a half years no kidding your guy motorways, hair of my character was joey parading, the nicest guy in the world I have, it was a blue collar guy might my mother rose. I took care of my mother, we I was, and I had a sister, Angie and and and I propose to my girlfriend, I lean mega- gave her a saint christopher metal when she was
the hospital she ends up dying in the hospital. I go to word where I proposed to where it was. during the winter I slip by fall. I end up in the hospital there's a nurse taking care of me. I fall in love with the nurses, taking care of me and I have sleep marry her were married for months and I find out she's a richest woman in america. Woe she lied to me. So I got an omen. That's what this I heard there was just like the nicest guy in the world, and atlanta is a more wait a minute. I love her. So so, and then I decided that I was time to move to new york and the only reason why I stayed the half years because there was a writers' strike, but the only people that weren't affected was after ah and ah, He went off turn skiing in switzerland who do you know pagan and the nurse in the shout in the show? So how many episodes is that, like? We are a bunch of arena, have three and a half years. It's like lots and lots and lots. We with where's this this show
was an hour and a half. The first show to go an hour and a half yeah, and it was right in the middle of of a big story lines from me. So I was learning thirty forty pages a night, another world, another world wow. So so what So you learn how to memorize shit. You learned how to memorize year and you learn how to be on camera camera and what was great about it is the producer Paul Roche, when he needed a part, he will go to broadway houses and watch plays here and if there were, if an actor was right, he'd go backstage and say: look if you were if you want to or if you want to do the it'll, make some money come and do the soap opera I'll get you out whatever time you want to get be out by so you can get prepare for your your performance. That
I hear he took and- and these people would say yeah so was working with these great actors, yeah and- and it was- and this there's one woman is probably the best actors. I've ever worked with this woman, kathleen widows. She act ranch. He played my mother here and she just made it up. She just had her will ease about it and they all did yeah how's. It gonna. Take it too serious because it was assault. They were doing their whatever at night yeah. So they were just having fun, and you know talking about who's, illness and who's. This and who's gone with her vehicle soap. Opera, love like this. barber behind the soap opera exactly so that was sort of your baptism in the business and I give a hell of a way to train for a few totally in terms of literally being with people being with actors. Doing the thing no question: like a nice guy, acting like a nice guy, totally no question well, yeah was in the late seventies year.
And I left to move out here in eighty one, so he got a since you're going to studio fifty four you're doing this you're doing that or yeah. You remember the crazy all year, oh wow, I can't imagine there was a guy, the doorman and he would forever? Let me in at studio, thirty, four, but if Steve rubell one of the owners, if he saw me he would all Let me in two to maybe ten years later, the doorman. I see in century city and he come It's up to many says you know what I want to. Let me ask you: I want to ask you some questions about about being an actor and everything in our, and I remembered him as the dorm man and he never let me in, and I went fucking nuts on him. You did. I went That's because it was so humiliating
be in line here, waiting to get into studio. Fifty four on a monday or tuesday night and mine a weekend, and just him poor poor made that I never forgot it. We have course sallying over and over again the arrow so what he just came up to you at a nosegay name up just came up was caught your charity s body was doing stuff for ready air and the aim I said you never let me and you are the doorman and you never will know, I'm just doing my job as a non of that going and going and going out of my job. I just I just held onto it for a long time. He didn't feel better to get enough. He certainly did it certain Did you help over no I can't like I can't imagine what the hell new york was. I cuz that was a craziest time. I mean a late seventies. Early eighties become like before aids became a thing
which, as you said before aids kate became a thing. If there ever mine that forty second street, what wasn't disney land, it was all a torrent. How's lives. It shows that was the first place I ever got recognized in in was, though in the live section. So I'm going to I'm going to go into the port authority right there, a way for my bus to go way to jersey, yeah, yeah yeah, yet to go at so. and there was a play, so you put the quarter in the thing comes then simply think girls dancing at twenty one years only and I think a big deal for air the thing closes putty then again, it opens up in this one of the dancers. She she she looks over area and- and if the thing closes as close and she says no copper opened it up again, I'll put another quarter in the year so I put another quarter up
and then she sheets went down again and she said done on an old glided up again putting up again and then she calls a friend over when it comes up and she comes up that she should look. Isn't that and she gee and they both eleven my name at the same time, and it was every business man in new york to job suit. With that that shaky s- and she goes We parade- and she starts asking questions about. What's gonna happen on the show and they got a guy. Who's in charge is torn up to tell totally make it thou the airlines and this that we can keep dancing. Girls keep dancing, keep moving, always gotta keep moment in the rescue me questions about storyline, and I was one of the first times I said home I got my life will never be the that's all areas, those weird dirty places, my gad, so you do another world and what makes you decide to move out.
because I always wanted to be in movies fewer, very that was. That was a thing and they weren't cast movies and new york anywhere. But I wasn't get nanny, so they set out at that time. The york was down on its luck and I, the wettest treaty, was yet the city totally that's why I went to so I moved out to LA and what years that this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty one year, a friend of mine, I stayed at at his house here. He was married to Melanie Griffith at the time when they took my place in new york. I too, I is it now? I was now out here he had a o c at a place that you could switch with him. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, you weren't living with people now was just me by myself, because when there was, I was on big rock road and malibu. I couldn't be further away and I didn't know Annie
The place in new york was oh by the time he did this soap. You got your own place, yeah, oh yeah, the the the third place that I the second place I lived in was on eighty fifth between columbus and amsterdam, and then the last place was on seventy second and columbus right down the street from the dakota. Oh yeah, we there when he got shot the so where'd. You said I come home that night and there's a bunch of people outside, and I might the where I parked my car was in the end the parking garage right next to the coda here and I come out. I remember, was freezing outside and they're all sing in all we are safe in their seen it and seen us is what happened. They said John Lennon just got us nasa needed, and here I was like I walked. I walk into it. You know just what the pork my car and hear all these people we are handles and it was it was in tat- saw man as a horrible. So also did you own that apartment
I you just now was rent, so you you so you went out to malibu and they came and used your place in new york right and you did out there. Why and that an end. Then they buddy turned me unto the harry, the distant best act and teacher that I think that's ever live. What's his last name, Harry Mastro, george, sir, I went and started studying with TIM twice a week, six hours a night because you know, as I was at any man I was dedicated. I was by the time I graduated college years ago are making it and it's like what we were saying before you come out here and you don't really know what's going to happen here. One thing you don't think is gonna happen is that it's not going to happen right, you're just too stupid to think that it's not a trial lies or at all the odds that are against you yeah, but at least you know you add some experiencing the prion agent right.
We are at an agency or re had a sister region. We see some sense of the business normal coming out here guy. Well, where do I start? Nothing happened. Not then have these great class ought I was mere, but but we aren't wise. I didn't do my first movie until I was thirty years old and at that time, or even now, it's really late and the only reason why I got it is because of Melanie griffith fear she was already cast in the movie. Went home. I was dejected. I was thirty years all that went home to to jersey and my parents were heavily involved into local politics here they said collar up and ask her if she can get you nothin little now in a year, and I said, there's no one but a call. I just thought that wasn't the way you do it but I was so despondent that I just said. Alright, I well yeah I said Melanie. I know you're doing this movie something wild. It's actually
if the guys in that acting class, that that that said, you know, you're really right, for this part have begun up the cycle through the psycho ex boyfriend, right, yeah, we're here and and and She said she coach Jonathan, said that she could have a say in. Played her husband. Could she had a bad experience with with somebody that she worked with us here with a has been resolved, so he called so so she called him up and he sent me please. I got it. It's been taken me so long to find this year. I got it narrowed down to three p. Well, I I can't see anybody- and she said jonathan- you promised me I thought I was going to be able to to to help pick have say and who's going to play. My husband. We want you to see ray. I think she just want to use that that chip that the artist has there, then believing that I could do it, but The case I went and and then then there's this. Monday. I meet him: okay, tuesday, I get a call,
I read with an acura come in read with the actress. Personally, I get a call, come in and read with Jeff Daniels here, I'm saying, oh, my god. This is great. I'm not going to be told no by a casting agent, and you know now that, if, if they don't want me, I'm just not right for the part or my acting chops wasn't right there. That night, I'm watching, johnny, Carson, Jeff comes on he's talking about woody here about jack he had just on the purple It was a cairo woody allen. He talking about jack Nicholson. Forty for in terms of deer bear was in both those movies. Then I hit the floor. Doing pushups, I'm looking at at the script cause I have to read within the next day here as and I just I just I just was ready ready. I I'm wound up crazy and luckily, when he said action, that's what came out wow! That's great!
yeah and you were like, and you know, you're at the end of your rope to totally as a matter of fact, it was almost to the day yeah cause I my dad being a depression baby. He handled my money, all the money that I made from the soap I gave it to him yeah and I was living off that money. For five years I lived in a struggling actors box on beechwood avenue, five blocks up from fountain is that fountain there or franklin franklin, yeah and- and it was I mean There- was brown shag carpeting with dirty curtain, and- and I know right where those it was it was hollow. You're about to run out is ever you saint. Now I had to get a regular job and I couldn't even an old man told, as I didn't hear said, like gets, you know, get down to it, and I remember I was with my my sister and heard then has been an and we were.
Allison restaurant that the peer mallow, but we are- and I think I was supposed to call call them in and like a delay in those soap, Is there so I was forced to call in and and and find out what in the end they said that Jonathan wanted talk to me in and he called me up and said re. Would you like to be re yeah? That's like why added. Yet I did and I cried like a baby yeah cause with a pressure of five years of not knowing that you're going to get what whatever is that you want that you're working for how did you end up starting with summit, stand up. Why was it when I was in college? I just always wanted to do it as a kid and I couldn't figure out how to do it, and then you know when I graduated college I moved out here. I was a doorman at the comedy store girl, fucked up on drugs went back to boston and yes doing open mics. Once I figured out. You know that back then
go to open mic, so I just kept doing and I kept doing it like in my mind, though, there was nothing else to do nothing that there was no other thing, but you decided in high school that you wanted to do today. I think I decide in college. I went to college and did a lot of other stuff. I acted. I wrote a liberal arts and what everybody want to be. You well, okay, yeah, but when I graduate am I gonna go in l a. I won't be standing comment. Neither will always since I was a little kid. I wanted to do it, but it's figure out what you do, but like looking back on it, I don't know over the how the fuck I stayed in it because you just you know you you just keep bill, your time you took up there getting beat up until you got an act and then you get get someone to book the act and then you know you keep going, but the thing was: is that people ask you the career. It's like. If you do this shit, you're The time you don't have a plan b. It's not like, there's no other thing now, so you know it's in your brain, like there's. No choices right
and you figure look, look you watch people doing it and you're saying I know I could do at least as good as this guy and he's making a living yeah. I was driven by stuff guess in oh yeah, men of my first year, I'd say the first decade of my life was driven by spite just totally. Isn't it's the best motivator call my manager how the fuck did that guy get that exactly exactly and no question about so Don't do that. I'm sure, like that, and yeah. You must have a tolerant agent that I dunno I I call a lot you play guitar. I do you a lot yeah, you hide in sixth grade and and and I think I think I played dance once we had one song here, but I would sing upstairs
and I had a decent voice from what I hear my mother's said. Oh, I love when you play shot me right down and everything you do. They held onto. I did it when I was a kid, and I just always did it by myself, and it's like a meditative ye. I died. I got better. I keep getting better, so I keep playing. Every Are you play? I pick it up. I like I. If I'm in town, like I don't compulsively practice but I'll put on some records, play jam with him, it's alright really yeah. I start playing with some people. Sometimes I keep trying to get better, that's all it's a hobby, though right. You know like like that. You that's what they used to do a joke about it. How I got I never tried to be a professional musician, so might my Tarzan haunted by failure. I dont know why low so clean air is now. How do I get just doesn't represents something that didn't happen for me. You know it's just something I enjoy doing so So? Let me just ask you about the above
about Harry again the acting teacher huh. What was his last name again? Master George now was that like was that a a scene study class. Was it a lotta people in their cars? You are with them for what, for five years before you got the part right, yeah, yeah, yeah and after I did my first post, something wild, went back to class stomach, nugent back the class field of dreams back to class, a goodfellas back to class, really yeah. I just kept going because he just said that imagination is like a muscle, the more you exercise at the stronger it gets and I bought into everything he said, because it is totally made sense to me was other things are just that it's a child's gain, o thou earlier. You just played by with a child's rules, but I am an adult level right and it was as simple as that and then then that things that could throw you off where the things by you worried about present. gee. I jane somebody else's worthy. I ain't things on cue, the hand that could being you know back it, throw you. I'm writing just stick to the plane. You know pretend visa
can't go wrong and sticking with the story. Will I really simple? Stop it wasn't like some crazy thing, but he was, he came from the platform of uk anybody can do it. It's it's just a you know and if you just play the simple game over at end, most acting teachers saying you can't do it. So I'm going to give you the methodology of how you can do it yeah, but I think that the thing that really separates actors is, I think- people you you can work and work and work who the hell knows why anyone is break to break. will they have different talents, ford or a name? We have it ba function is an actor, but you know you somehow, I think you're a thin weekly yourself they know it always some part of that is going to come through totally. You know you don't either
it's not like you tear apart, that you play go like who is that guy right or login, like all of a sudden you're not going to get to the point of yeah, there's a camera there you're going to know, there's a camera, but you just ignore it and do what you have to do to get. Not everybody can do that. It's a weird thing that once the cameras air, you know it's a. It is a unique skill. All you gotta do is watch porn and you realize that not everybody can do this. You know they just give. They can fuck on camera, but they're not doing the other thing right. It's a weird thing, So ok see you do something something wild and demi directs you and naturally on so you first movie, isn't it? What would you like, then he was great. He will create one bit It gave me the part yeah who you know, started. He said our right. Let's make some movie history here. He was really really into it and there's nothing more score says at the same thing, there's nothing more exciting than working with somebody who is real,
excited about playing, pretend it is my area contagious and rang really makes you wanna, do it and and do it them, but you know. You know that at that, it's that it's pretend you have to live there yeah, except Williams, one of the first you do at first I did I. I was a little too method e, because I didn't trust myself enough, oh yeah, so not that I went to beating up people, but I kind of kept it always in my head, always ruminating up up at my head. What what? What are you motions at a character day and its exhausting too? I guess it would be. You showed me- I still can't work is a bit too busy and the guy you when I was sweep and do it because the journalist kicks in but but I can't imagine I like it's interesting about for me. Good fellows here is that it those movies where.
especially with italian movies and especially its grenades. Why? I can't your whole life? You got guys coming up to you right now. the stature of yeah? Why do that's it? I have kids come up to me right what happens? Is fathers turn their sons onto it? But sometimes it's like you could tell the kids only twelve or thirteen years old and welcomes up and says I loved you and good, but listen, I'm similar. Can parents do you, have your really tree to be watching it, but because as everybody's got their head in these things they can look up anything they want anyhow yeah so have the kids now are much more sophisticated than we were as kids just cause. They could google, whatever the fuck they want and can do whatever they want without anyone knowing it there's no way to control them up, because the most adults don't understand what the hell they're doing yet or how they can get things. But I mean that part like that was your way through what your fourth movie and is a huge part, was a huge lead. How what was the auditioning process? For that? an audition at all. I just kept talking to me
Oh really, verse partook took about a year to get at the free. I was a first. Person from what I hear clear that he met and then months go by yeah damn it can you Jeanne, is that the venice film festival we I was there was lad last impatient of Christ. I write my dad with me to venice of tat for the experience and We were standing on the second level of the excelsior hotel. He adds as crowd of people moving as as one fear for my vantage point. On the second floor, in the middle of it I saw Marty yes, so I said I had seen him in like months, so I just want to put, might might might my face and fond of the area we marry me. So I can't came running down come out, Marty Marty and the dead body guards all around me as it was getting death threats because of last temptation mercy of what that movie was, and they
push me away, and I said no, no! No! No! No! I just want to say hi to Marty. I just want to say hi and that's what you're not driving a vehicle, that's what that's! What that's he that's when decided that he was going to cast me because the only thing he had really seen as something while he didn't know. I was like an me personally this day, I've never gotten in a fight he has sought to play. these can and Henry hill. The only way he got as far as he did was because he it's a good soldier here, what he was told right. He didn't you wouldn't going around whacking people I was just getting them things to eat or whatever yeah. So that's the persistence got. Him yeah. I guess you've never gotten into a fight. Once in seventh grade and once in seventh grade, because me in this guy Jeff rob we were fighting over what grammar school, better cafeteria food I swear to god. I think it was something like that. So we went down first movie. Were
path, a and then sit down at the path meet him down at the house. So then we went down to the house where he lives, big field, the soccer fields and battlefields right. We had a fight and was stupid night one at least you're one. That's it that's hilarious, because even that, even today in like I know, I'm going to talk to you, my mind. If I cut off way it's guy, fucking guy, what the fuck I gotta say to this guy. You know, but yeah, it's interesting, that you know that you are get identify with the character, yeah yeah. It does happen, of course, because that's an hour how? How are they going to know you? They don't know you. They saw the muppet movies, it's a different gun with the muppets yeah, maybe there's a younger generation that does things your sweetheart yeah exactly and the people from the soap Yup way back I imagine that these still get people recognise your man come on sometimes but yeah there. Older widows
When you did good fellows, I mean like that said. I can't I can't I end if you tired of talking about. I can't imagine how amazing it was to be on that set. Was it it was. It was the ultimate and playing for and the, but also not to bring it down, or My mom was sick with cancer during the whole time and passed away in the middle of filming it and the teamster. And pesci, they all came to the funeral. They came to my house after so It's really so. My thing is like I can play pretend with everybody my mom's die. I don't care who you are what reputation you have what movies you daria. This is something that really areas. All we're doing is plain pretence or less play. Pretend now I don't mean a copy way. It's it's just that the mindset that you get when you go when you're going through something like that. It must be held
yeah, I just went, have fun but again, marty's one of those kinds of people that so excited. He had pretend of it all right right. So that it's amazing and so like she passed away, and then he still at a month or two shooter like where the first thing that I have a member the scene at issue, with paulie and some other guy when they told me first, go home yeah that was brutal yeah, but we still had the the shooting and then she did she pay. asked in my arm. She waited for me, no question about it and then I go back and the first seen back is one of the only times that there's laughing it's when its went care and the rain comes
I mean you said you stood me up. Who do you think you are Frankie Valli and the level of my way way way higher than that was my first scene back ah like the day after a few days a few days after year wow. So he just walked right back in that's some. Thank god yeah! Thank god to tell you the truth. right here in any way or your man was still round and yet he store, and now I got a couple years ago it ninety eight as good run her yeah? Why So what is it? Do you think I could you ve done a lot of fuckin movies, and I you just you clearly love to work. Yeah, yeah, Sometimes you some to work so of, of course, there's a couple in there that I'd rather not done, but yeah you gotta, do what you gotta do but cup and now I love that movie, there was a really good will totally a good movie shamelessly narc great fucking movie your you're fucking.
Anything in that way. What is it with you and corrupt cops? They like me. They like to do that. So They show that like. Why is this going to be the last season of shame look. I have my theories, but I don't know for sure. I think really what it is. We add that that Jan kind of had enough- oh yeah, it's really hard. She has so much on her plate. She's Nguyen van lopez, yeah she's she's got the the vegas show out. She's got a two hour dance show on on NBC that that every week, ah she's newly in love, and there weren't enough hours in a day and doing a series of especially something like this one. Here, it's really it's draining and it takes a lot of time and have them much time she was. She was busy with other things right.
So where would they just write a conclusion to the investigation? I mean what happens I mean this is the last now we didn't know until two weeks ago that that landing, so they, the season that they wrote, was as if it was going to continue. We all want. I wanted it to go on because it's just a great character yeah, but we didn't No until maybe now it's three three weeks a month that that this was going to be yet so yeah, it's not. Everything is tied up in a in a ball which just it's just over and that's all there is to it. I was hoping they would keep it going yeah and that re replace gem clear jan, but they could have brought somebody else and right because it's a good show yeah, it's a really good show, but their ball and bat yeah. I this year, I and we were in a movie together, were yet I want flock of do. goods, no yes with
I do yeah yeah yeah, I I I didn't even see the final cut either. Did I came out now it did kind of come out yeah. I know it's out, you can watch it real I played the boss of a yeah, those guys, funny I get bored and maybe we should watch it. I know I didn't do scenes with here that I know now. I had the scenes with the leah yeah. I see him I the comedy store? So what What are you working on now? You got a movie working. I just finished a movie with no abound back. The results come out. This fall and deeply corrupt collagen. No, I'm a lawyer and this one yeah yeah, it's funny cops love me when they, when I see cops in new york, we always like just of course shoot the shit well they they. You understand them that I mean you know, there's gotta be you know like I, I dunno what kind of research you do or whether you just
from the you get when you do when you get apart, like that, you know top land or even the the first season of shades of blue, where any of em, where yeah a narc I mean. Do you? Do you just stick with this? scripting and use your own imagination, or do you like it or do you talk to cops or well? No, I in the beginning, I think the first time I played a cop was unlawful entry and I I went in and ride along with with a sergeant, and I would go and ride with yeah, as well as talking to them, go into the shooting range reading books rise, so I've done in plenty of of research yeah. so I mean I used to really be into the research. I played a heart surgeon. Why was watching open heart surgeries for weeks really I was there so much that the doktor asked me he said. Do you want to come up with in the meanwhile. I'm doing this I said yeah, I would say
I command stan right here and the woman's chest was wide. Oh, my god add any said you want to touch your heart. Homer said what he said. Do you want to touch your heart, yeah yeah and I went down and touch god boom. This woman's heart, because it's not going up and down critic, can operate where they got the mai should react on an I touch this ones. Are we a glove was great. I play coroner once all was going down to the city, coroner's office and I hate being late and there a lot of traffic? I think it was on the one thirty four, wherever it was and- and I finally get and I have up some so sorry, I'm late, I'm so sorry and they attorneys are now don't worry about it, and he pointed he said it was him. Who is I want the sheet over dead each the cross one, one, thirty four. I guess and that's what the traffic was he deep here,
died. I mean another funny about not just it was going to closure closure. Is this closure How long you spend looking at bodies it's just a day on that one? What are the weird ass research? Did you do baseball play? lot baseball here, but I did field of dreams. I I raad data who coaches? U s, c baseball? team has more national champions than than in any other. Sport is chez like it was a tough thirteenth time via a collegiate champion, so I went there and worked out with them and Donny buford used to play for the orioles. So did you play the ad you played in high school or college little league and junior high school, and then I got hit a couple times. I said: that's it, I'm too chicken how it got the ball.
yeah can't be afraid. You can't be afraid of the ball. All just gotta stand up there and I don't know how they do it. Yeah yeah there was one here, so we just had in that time it was like heat, but he had no control and I I just have them to to stand in there. He he he, I I feel like I, I played the little league and I that was it for me. I couldn't I the thought of you getting hit by one I can ball literally your first game or whatever a little ground. Ball comes. If my my my my glove falls off boom the ball hit. My finger breaks in the design. It's a. I was in center field. I got the fucking face, I fell down, I was wondering: what do you mean what it did to the ball or that nor as superfly year in I cannot write my trip and it bounced right off my fucking face and I'm like that's it. If you get hit in the face in centre, feel you not meant,
the gang say right now we're we're built for this stuff, though yeah now often you go back to jersey. If I'm in new york now my sister and dad they were down in florida and how do I would always go and visit them, but when I'm in new york and when I was doing the series we had it here, I would go home, just to see some green here, my best friend jean their lives in scotch plains. So I go out there and you guys just don't last for a day or two yeah since high school or something it's great, they're great? Third, rate. In the end, he was in jersey to ask its great and
if you're good, you feel like you've got closure in your life, the adoption of everyday yeah, all that he has in inherent all right, yeah yeah. I said I still feel I have a lot more to do with this, though oh yeah, I still feel like, I haven't, made it as there are still things I want to do. I'm curious about this bomb that movie, I guess you can't really talk about. It boasts a small movie like he usually does do that smartly johansen and adam driver to speak cassia which, which you know like he's sure he shot it like he shots. He shoots his other movie, yeah yeah, yeah, Noah's great yeah, he's really great, and I kind of got the the script kind of late, and I really need time now, especially at sixty three, to to learn my lines. I can't overnight, like I used to the idea so and he he wants every I dotted and every t crossed right and and if you don't get that he'll just tell you again and he doesn't get flustered, he doesn't get maniacal.
doesn't bolus eyes, it's not looking at his wire just doing it again, you be out again, so you feel safe as an actor and that only happened in one scene, and it was only part of one seen everything else I got, but there was one day I would like back yeah. I thought you know they should do a scene. Yet you do your stop and it's over and then it turns around on the other yeah, but I didn't realize it was still going to be on our side and sometimes after you do your stop. You just gonna you just get it at the end, and you give them tuesday need the cameras on on them the words right yeah. I the know it's weird because I'm like I'm pretty new to acting you I'm on this show glow. Now still. Never I'm still not one hundred percent sure what's covered when I'm getting my coverage and when that's on them. I know when it's a close up, but turning the bitter shot him to go and all in all the time. That's when I did hear of ice agree with that. Unless, unless maybe
you ve got a breakdown, ran ledge you're back. The idea I I think, might as well give it to a writer with the deeper gets. I that's what I feel yeah yeah yeahs do it. I know there's some exciting wait for there's some well that shut right, the fuck off on there when it's your cover easily it's in it's sort of like ideally you'd. Give me something people not even showing up, or they have someone else read for it: standing yeah, it's rude! That's fucked up! Alright! Well, it's great to see you man same here every great talking to you and best of luck with everything. Thank you. You, too, that was a sat right across me. Fucking ray liotta for reals, play some sad, rocking guitar fucking grumbling mess
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