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Episode 935 - Bo Burnham / David Sedaris

2018-07-22 | 🔗
It’s a summertime double-header of returning guests. First, David Sedaris takes a break from his months-long 'Calypso' book tour to tell Marc about his visit to Buckingham Palace, how he's navigating life with his elderly conservative father, and why he got a bizarre phone call from Roseanne. Then Bo Burnham returns to explain why he decided to make the movie Eighth Grade after having panic attacks on stage. Bo also tells Marc about the special friendship he struck up with Garry Shandling.

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The alright. Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck tukey and what the fucker are ricans what's happening? Was getting pretty specific, so you know I'm talking to just to eat that those two groups specifically there are there. the first couple of broad and then work on it zooming in a little bit how are you what's happening? A mark Maron This is my show. Are you okay, What's been going on shit really, Shit and really Did you talk to the guy? No kidding. Do you have to. What time you going to go over there wow data or you can get any money for that I'm just trying random fragments if any of you stick we're having a
precision if they don't you're, just eavesdropping on a strange one sided conversation. Vine me, which is not unusual. but they ll be to side in a minute I got there got a couple of guests, if the guests on the today show have been on previous shows idea initially was to do what I do. Sometimes witches have a short interview, but these are two: they came out really good, so we just double them up and get to kind of medium our views and measure re checking in with these two guys David said: eris is here today A bo burnham is here today his movie it's very very good. I mean I liked it. It's called eighth grade and it did triggered a lot of things. it can be a good word. Sometimes you're triggered and it's right time
trigger triggered you. I count you know, but look good show smart guys excited about it. Ok, that's coming up, I am was with my father- that I tell you the story. I I'm going to be with the iron not seen him in a while. We came out to the house him and his wife rosy we had in a nice time. I was nervous at first I for I felt a widower anxiety, perhaps a little if residual anger from my childhood and then it just when I saw something that something was different this time couple a things happened, but some was definitely different. Well, he's old he's getting Eighty, and at some point I I don't see him that much. She we talk a bit there's, no real tension. Between us. I don't see him and when he don't see your father when he's in this age range for a little while you know they
start to notice like I got older and then yet this time I I call we fuck he's an old guy eighty years old, my dad why Maybe I'm fifty four right. I got it right this time. I'm fifty four. And yet we try. His wife is a ten years younger than him and cheese and very good shape, but we decide will go on. I will allow hike, not even a hike, a walk up minor incline and my father's They got into this point were apparently em very compulsive about his health in terms of being aware of what's healthy and what isn't in and taking care of that. But apparently it is not moving much. He just sits around and worries about his health and he Is her attention miserably he's very intentional. Vitamins cuz he's miserable, but he takes a lot of vitamins because he wants it be miserable for for as long as possible. And I respect that. I understand that we went on this hike and he couldn't make it. You know even eat just like fire.
And its into it, and just he's old and it's it's not sad. actual but death, but I noticed it other thing I didn't really realize about my father. He eats. The deal is when you, you have the opportunity I do see it as as sort of a nice thing. Obviously it's nice, check in with your parents, you can, if you have that option, if they're still alive it's good to check in so you can assess the current distance between apple and he and I it's it's a little closer than I'd like but it is what it is. But something I learned about my old man that I did not know it. I take takes risks and we all take risks in our own way. There there's a thrill to risk taking yet you know you'd it's good. If you're there safer risk, sir, they at least there's a context to them that enables you to do it with some safety. obviously nothing is one hundred percent say
If you know I don't bungee jump, I don't jump out of planes, I don't to climb the walls rock face. are they. I do keep in good shape, but I I take risks in other, plays with my mind in whatever I just did my father is a sort of a risk taker. I knew he was a bit irresponsible, occasionally, which could seem like risk taking, but it's not intentional right, but Learn some about my dad manny deep, pushes the fuckin envelope My almost eighty year old dad he fucking take it out there, man it out the here's, what happened so I'm cooking breakfast for him and rosie. She brought out some a nice green chile sauce from new mexico, and I was going to make some eggs and sliced up some avocado and them cooking the coconut the this. My dad, I'm rosier sitting at the counter. My dad's got his pills in front of them. Don't take many prescription medicine but, as I said, a vitamins of
cook in in sitting there and then all the sudden I just did. I just hear my dad choking. like for real, like, like you know that it's a horrible sound when somebody cannot fucking breathe because their goddamn larynx and throat is clogged, and it was scary in that moment just like what the fuck is happening. I turn around and he had taken all his pills at the same. I'm just a handful of fuckin pills through him and his mouth tried to knock back, didn't get him back and was a guest. Being for air like a man drowning on land, and he was choking, it was fuckin horrifying, and it's all happening very quickly, my first thought was like really here. This is going to happen to guide. I see you once a year, maybe and you're going to die in my fucking kitchen, not the not the most sensitive thought but
you know, let's be honest, it's good to keep in check with those thoughts that happen initially, even though you know, because of civilization and laws and and appropriateness in you know, you don't always say or act on them, but it's nice to make note of them just so ye ye keep hold. of who you are, and you you're you. You have a you, have a point of reference so My next I was like, I don't even know the heimlich, I kind of know it. Maybe I should get in there because Rosie had gotten in there. Is patting him on the back, but it didn't look like it was going to be enough because he was really gasping for air. I knew time was of the essence here. Whole hand fuck environments. My dad can be the first guy did to die vitamins that way, but so he's joking and am about to do the heimlich on him and then he he just like. Okay, okay, okay, good okay, so he and he starts breathing normally and I'm like what the fuck is wrong with you. oh god, oh god, the environment's at this time what you
die. What you want to choke the death and m rosy just goes it. Does this all the time The time. this. This is him. This is his. This is his gamble. This is his bungee jumping there going down Jesus man. We made it through that breakfast we made it through that breakfast barely Barely so David said, heiresses, obviously a very funny broke writer and very funny guy- and I always I love talking to him through years back when he was here and it's, it's lovely- to have him stop by again into want to stop by his er His most recent essay collection is called calypso and you can get that wherever you get books. This is me and David Sedaris, Chatting here in the new garage, Have you been
24th of may that I had three days off and I started my book tore. Something in my book. Tour ever since for calypso. I've been into since April Third- and I had three days off, but I spent them all in england doing you, Kate, in italian, tours do something it I, u k, italian interviews? I speak italian here Well, you know what I would have said when I walked in here, and you should hear I would have pointed to my chair- and I said illiberal crystal poster: is this chair taken some of my best italian night there it is very effective. It's very good. I believed it all the way, but so you, out in the road doing this dick. What's the difference between the two sure and in the book torture and theatres and theaters. New audiences, comfortable chairs and lights go down. It's a show and a book to People are standing up are and you in the end sounds is bad and above store and you can look at people with general like looking at people really there, work there they're sort of desperate need for connection and help
Oh, I feel like they have that look on their face that debt, that they have Look like they're enjoying themselves in one want to hurt your feelings, so if eyes meet their eyes, they have that. It is, but then you sign books longer in a on a book tour if it's the supportive smile that I just feel bad for them like, like you, I'm not pressuring you to be entertained. Thank you for the support. Yeah yeah, yeah. I know that feeling when I perform, I tend to Do it as much as I used to, but if I'm not doing as well as I'd like to be, I find myself Looking intently one member of the audience and they start to do weird yawn like why I, like not a real gasping for air I've got stranglehold on them with my energy and other differences. The length of time it takes to sign books,
theater, you might be three four hours, I know and do the whole theater. I won't even do a meet and greet there in the big theaters anymore, because it's another forty five minutes to an hour two hours but sitting The in connecting exhausting right, I seed is part of my job right on my book tour, it's like, like the other I signed books for ten hours really at one place. Yeah. ten hours with it. into the morning yeah I got there to the bookstore at cordage, four in the afternoon I left at quarter to three in the morning. I got in people just waited on line yeah. So do you do pictures, know or see cause? That's! That's! That's good because I guess there's a lot of pictures of me, exhausted everywhere I standing with strangers working time. Well, I realized not long ago that after I sign books for your law is my eyes cross and human. But come up and say: oh, we had a picture taken last year and I look at it in this. Fight are completely growth, so
where are you spending most of your time when you're not running around in england, still yeah in england in west sussex, now I know a of this book is, is about the the you know that not so many miles to go before we sleep and about mortality in about you know the sort of feelings of aging tell you truth. I never sometimes when somebody rights your jacket. Flappy, I doubt becomes your what said about the book or made to press release or something but We sat down thinking nobody in europe, but we are- and I am not a year, not judging it, but I mean it's like how that's our point of view now Right I mean I just sort of became that age where you know where people call
sir, and we re I fell down someone's hudson nell evader through that situation. You know when you're in a nice hotel, yeah it's like after you know after you are, who you really liked him need to get on and off the financial rigour in his eagerness forever, and so, as is asia woman after you, after you after and then. Finally, I thought fine and I walked in somebody had spilled something here slipped. Stepped out of the elevator and I fell like I fell right in my back and someone said dope, move him and so old in the u get up here. I got to prove them wrong. You know just to prove hours I was, and god did heart hurt, move them, don't move him yeah so we like, would you live in the country? I live in the country in the country, but perfect kind of country to me because angle This kind of small so is really not. That much is it's not like when you drive through north dakota,
right, my so it's that big in the country. Three and miles away. There's them a large village got a gross, restoring. Has a bank has a someone has said fabric and are the three stores there the news I mean really his door there, like twelve guitar shop, little village if there's a fabric, store and a guitar shop in a little village, yeah that that those are the businesses that remain yeah, yeah yeah so when you sit out in the country cause. I have fantasies about. get you know, there was a while there when, when you know when this administration took charge, where I really, if this impending kind of like doom, which is upon us but it Hidden has manifested exactly like. I thought it would by thought I would have to leave my guy. I just I like in a white white white
if anymore, with this discomfort. Even if I'm not feeling it immediately, do you feel relief over there. Well, because we have breaks in england. I don't think americans realise what every day in ink the headlines of all the newspapers are what the fuck are. We going know about right, nobody knows what to do about it. nothing's really been done about it. It's just what does wishing it didn't happen? It will all year because its incredibly, implicated in the people who voted for it for led to believe that it was going to be easy right right here and now when Kennedy and now cities going to resign haha, I mean that trump would get to point someone else to the supreme court. I thought I thought: okay well I'll, just get my passport because I can get my british passport tomorrow if I wanted a night, but my son's career to say but, like my heart is still
here we are no mean like I got two year, couldn't stop caring about it right here as much as you want to say like ok, then fuck you, you know, you know it's still the sultan to what's your nose data right I mean in and then certainly the way you after the united states, no matter how cynically it's still sort of. It humanizes it and even where you come from originally like I go down south, and I am always amazed at at that that this sort of you know there's a anxiousness in a humanity there there's people that are good people and in think in our minds you. It is very easy to draw lines, but the really there lines are really real. While I was in texas, if you scotland somebody asked me what do you think about taxes sooner, because one We go people like to know what you think. I have them one tonia
I was in. I think I was in houston at the time, but but I thought about odessa, texas, where had been couple months earlier, the nowhere right So I go to my hotel and there are the ten commandments here. twelve feet high and marble in front of my hotel for a hotel. Yeah christian theme hotel or no, no, my dear the tank mammoths air, but then you go inside and some biggest queen. You ever saw front desk and then there's a trans person at the salon, lash coffee place in the lobby right so to me that that's texas to me, on the outside, it looks really unforgiving, but somebody walk inside it's like you know they'll except a lot more than ten. Then you thought
what yeah inane and begin when you go and you get down the individual people, they are their own little countries in any living within this sing. In that it's so much of what's happening is going on with isolated people online and a few more than I like to admit, you're with random, whack jobs, are willing to go out into the world and be proud of it. But but yeah. I want to have hope, how's your hope factor. you know it comes and goes what what what really killed me with they met the number of people who I men, who didn't vote no last election and- and I would say to them I would say: did you vote? They said no can. I would lie about that. If I were you I'd be so ashamed, I didn't vote every so ashamed. I would lie. I would never would never admit to not voting, I mean I've, never not voted here, but if something happened, and I didn't get a chance to vote. I live about it practically every cause
You want to be looked at with that blame. That's you. It's people like you, so what damn it when you, when you're out there in the country I mean it, Is it enough for you, I mean: do you like a willing when you're, not writing, did what are you just sit on the porch? What do you do? I do yeah, I mean I mean, do you are able to live in the country. I I don't really know that one person who's like a friend here and he and I go out and pick up garbage together, sometimes air, but most days that is, do it on my own garbage yeah, like fifteen four and eight hours a day. Do you pick up garbage and pick up garbage on the street? or were where I live, it's really beautiful april, throw everything out the car window. Are you done with that newspaper? Throw it out the window with that coffee cup, throw it out the window, so I can play
I bought it when I first moved there and then I thought: okay well I'll, just take care of it myself. So I spend between four and eight hours a day on the side of the road picking up trash, and that and that's that's would you call that a pastime or hobby? I guess it's a hobby. yeah. I mean I'm compelled to do it, but I have stop tons and tons- and I mean I got invited to buckingham palace cause- I picked up so much trash. Rarely the only reason- didn't. Have anything to do with writing. I was invited to buckingham palace. The queen has a lieutenant in every county and this left, What does that mean over tat overtime, india, not hand about, I think they say leftenant and she saw me on the roads of brass and she saw me you want them. Month, and then she nominated me- and I was so I was invited to buckingham palace, were united nothin the queen has a day where she invites do gooders and so
was just invited. There is a do. Gooder yeah, who, who are you with who are some of the other, do gooder they were did you know they were with cancer research or they were with you know, homeless people are there, we were of different stripes and they weren't. I I didn't meet anybody. I tried to strike up EU conversations. Everyone was wearing new shoes and there was It sounds like the patch of soft grass and people were going over there and they taken their shoes and socks off a roof and their feet were like bleeding my feet. Work cause. I was wearing new shoes to what cause, if does not address up occasion, sure what is but you notice that everyone else had done the same thing that I would have the new she every had looked down and you saw people hobbling for our brand new shoes for the queen yeah do you mean the queen. Now I stood about eight feet from her,
and then they said, don't bring cameras and don't bring phones, and so I didn't hear and everyone else had a camera and a phone. And then there were these guys who were dressed like the guys on the beefeater gin bottle yeah, who would say? Oh love, that away No here today would just enjoy ourselves without pictures and the second there back was turned people raise their cameras back up in tat precious. Were you man about her? well. It was a rule yeah. You know they asked you not to do it, so I thought they asked you not to do it. Don't do it and when he saw the queen was that it was an effect. Did it we will now. I didn't feel- and I wasn't moved in any way of shoes- tiny a really like at I bet she's for ten o and when she would probably tower- maybe, but I mean if she was taller, is like five feet there. Is really that small yeah I mean I saw Barack Obama once I was invited. The white house he's a he's. A tall guy yeah I saw him yeah and I was moved to see him right, but
What I didn't feel anything seen the plane. Did you feel like the house? Was nice is ok yeah I mean. Did you get a plaque or a piece of paper nope, nothing. It was gone great and no picture took the picture. You just have the story just out of the story and it was kind of I dunno. It where do it alone, but when brok, and with did you talk to him right now if he were As I was invited to talk to some speechwriters there and I was invited to lunch there- oh on a day, how do we spices up carrying with just you know punch this up a little bit. They had writing question, though you so wisely. What ho gosh about me, things topical or I mean they knew. I wasn't speechwriter right, just kind of about structure, bring a story, and did you tell her? Did you tell them that he should probably do some smaller venues? First then test the stuff out. Yeah
he was with the pakistani delegation and then I was on my way out. There was any waved. I was with two other also, I'm pretty sure he was waving at me, but they're probably sure he was waving at them too. So y'all got a good story. That was enough to like me, and I was invited one other time, because it was greek and the anniversary of greek independence day haha, but I think that's the kind of thing will you go and he would pop his head into the room and maybe shake a few hands, and I just feel sorry for people who have to do that. You know cuz. I have other things, I'd rather be doing, but what, if I had you over again, I kick myself for not going because my friend, Andy his daughter. I should have gone and brought her. It would have meant the world oh yeah, yeah. I know it's easy, for he was an impressive guy. I talked to him on here. On the show. I heard that yeah you know- and I felt something, but you know we feel feel with that- something that you feel as in a in
can cause it. You know you're, the president. I was talking the president was that weird shock of like just a guy. Just in their at a distance. They there there's something almost mythic about them, but he was very it. It's both disappointing and highly exciting that they're they're just people disappointing in a good way. I didn't get the cash I think you don't be a special kind of person to recognise that, because out of, so that I could wear that he's just a guy, Well, yeah, I mean you, don't kid: he did the idea that job or the ear, and certainly once you see the kind of like am reckless that's going on today. This sort of tact that was necessary to balance that is it is it is. It is its appeal, found ability to sort of detail, can remain grounded in in in the in the highest of stakes in and then, when you see the guy there when talkin about comedy or is wife or something you like? What is
It is the magic because it is a magic. It is certain disposition that enable somebody do that, but he's not fundamentally just a guy. In a you know. I guess disappointing was the wrong word. I mean I was happy about it, but you sort of wonder you know what what what what kind of constitution you have to have to do, that you know to be able to hand that talk to people who do know hung out with Clinton and talk to him yeah, but they they gave impression they were talked at around more sure. I'm runs like I did you ever did you ever interview roseanne? Yes, you know what I kind of feel with what happened to her, when I was fifteen I worked at. mental I loaned here in a mental institution bright and when you walk into the wards of a mental institution. You hear all kinds of you know: people scream the things that the orderlies and stuff, but I think more than being a racist. The person doing the screaming is crazy. No ivory like
the number one thing that they are. I agree and- and you know me with her like the number one thing that she is is just you know, yeah crazy I think she's always been that way. I think that there's a sort of weird mixture of like ice, I tend to feel that that that, kanye, roseanne and trump are, are sort of in the same orbit. There's a aggressive narcissism at the core of it and and and and when you have a platform and you're a girl. Simply narcissistic, not I mean pathologically narcissistic, not narcissistic traits, but but somebody whose brain doesn't have that that ability. to be aware in those moments that the and they can do profound cultural damage, end and good, but it. But I think that yeah me when I had roseanne on I were. I went out of my way.
To sort of manage conversation in in in the area of comedy, which is you know what we talk about like. I was not nervous, but I didn't want it to go into that other stuff yeah, because I knew that that was yo. It was erratic and you know it was not you founded in he know some sort of agenda or or consistency of ideas. So I tried to just keeper in in comedy and ensures very charming and funny and and in and was good. on some level, no matter how mentally unstable you know, she's aware of of where she's coming from sometimes and- and I I think that was a sort of a weird oversight- I was Minding my own business one night, it was like midnight and I was in paris. It was two thousand phone rang and my boyfriend came and telephone, and he said I think it's roseanne. the roseanne and called me here and she talk for an hour and a half and she sang, couple times she broke into song. Was it a wrong number? No,
If going to be on this tv show, I got my phone number here and the host of the show, or she was just lonely and couldn't sleep and then. She called me when she fan of yours. Her I don't know that she'd read everything, but you know she was more like she It wasn't so much a conversation was going to be being talked area, but also so I was kind of surprised by how candid she was you know, and answer any question that I asked her and when she all the more wisdom or out she preface it? I rose, and yet it data in qatar, with big cushions and big curtains, like big curtains, make sure which the beginning of us and you never met her before ever met her What did you make of it while was happening
in always aware. I never watched her show you, but I was aware that you know I mean I don't know that many people when I was aware of that. noise flattered. I suppose she would call me right and then, after a while, I thought will gosh. Who would do that really yeah. No, nobody to get through to you at a hotel. It wasn't are you she was at her house. She was at a hotel, yet I mean I don't know that it's like If my boyfriend goes out of town, I get lonely and I think of calling a friend I even hesitate, because I think they're going to say god dammit. You know why they were given this number or if they're going to that, I'm going to be bothering to write to someone, I don't know, call them at midnight or the sims take something I don't have it was like an hour at least an hour and a half an hour and a half. Did you get any laughs. yeah? I mean she told me at one point that the one time
an extra neighbour, knock on the door and told her that from today forth there would be no dark. He had just heard that announced on the radio. He was crazy. He tried to paint his house melted butter- I'm pretty good, pretty good, I thought: do you think that's why she called you? She must have just read a book or an essay and thought like this. Guy gets it maybe I have no idea. Maybe but again I mean, maybe if you knew a lot of people, you know if you knew a lot of like you know, a lot of people, so they called you and me. You might just you wouldn't think of it the same way. I do. No no, I I never know like, but now yet, with a cell phone, you can see who's. Calling you the I dunno their number that guy maybe not now. You know that I think I'll. He might be in trouble. She might be in trouble. I better picked it up, but generally, I'm like you. I don't like. I have a lot of people's phone numbers, but I am always has to call them. You know what I mean I'd, rather just
with my problems and stew, is nobody talks in the funding when do they. I talked on the phone briefly today, which I call my friend jack and I and I speak to my girlfriend on the phone in in in real time, but but generally no, you don't do it by a it. We're because now that it's even if you are converse to it. To begin with. Now I I'm scared. You know like in a call they're going to answer then it happened? Then you know what there's business to be. You know what I mean it's never about having a conversation, it's always about. like why, when I guess Are you going all right? Okay, I'll text you later right, it's a practice to attacks into her eventual event: yeah how's how's, your how's, your dad He is ninety five, and heath Liberty party fell down. My sister wanted to get him for his birthday party, sister LISA,
on the ground of any ground for while so he was disoriented. and no one had ever seen him like that before anyway now he's in an assisted living place and the heathen carolina yeah and he hate me. He just hates old people. He only said so. We hear there and he just cause people are losers and sitting room watching dvd ernie goes to his room, watches Please still got all Yeah marbles yeah, but I'm I mean it gee, you know, I gotta hand it to them. You know because. You know when you're ninety five here everything has to hurt your knee ever talks about it. He does don't never! and an who like who is the proposed a primary family member over there dealing with them on a day like MR lisa police and what's up with your brother, the rooster
he goes over there. Sometimes I mean he's a you know, he's a help. I'm, the one who lives where you know far away, and so I don't. this one of the reasons I moved far away right. I just thought when the time comes, our way here, oh I mean, but he I think you talk about it in their most recent book about idealizing family time, you know and and having that diminished almost every time. Well, I got this house at the coast in south carolina in north carolina or carry out its work. The family used to vacation when we were kids yeah and it's can be kind of great yeah, because we are get together there and we've been, you know my dad comes when there therein, we just the area everybody here, but we don't have a t v right cause. My dad, you know normally just says a t v on and the fox news all the time so he's that guy, oh yeah, he's that guy yeah, yeah and so
happy about what's happening, I'm talking about it, because I don't wanna Turning to I don't wanna, be that last discussion. We have to be a fight, but he's delighted, everything's reading thing. and I had a friend who lived in arizona and he had an obama bumper sticker on his car when we lived in phoenix and whenever we went to the grocery store. He'd come out to be somebody standing next to his car san. Has that going for you, shithead, really and ted would say great. Actually, it's going great for me. not be. Like you said my dad has his going for you. He'd say no complaint happy. I complaints. my dad that he can't buy he'll watch fox news. Cause he's gotten rid of all his you're only getting one as basic cable, but he he doesn't. He. I think he assumes it's the news that they're There's no! That generation unless they're sophisticated
just walk in and it looks like it's supposed to be. The news seems like it's a noose and that's how he watches it no critical linking our comparative. You know I d as this is, what being started when my dad was always a financial republican who just wanted to keep more of his money here and then fox news started convinced him. He wasn't conservative enough. So then he started rethinking a position where I know where I remembered north carolina voted You know, I longer know, maybe ten years ago to make gay marriage extra unconstitutional and that passed and then they voted again couple years later to make an extra extra extra extra extra unconstitutional here. Any voted for that. It was weird cause. He told me about it. Yeah he told me he voted for it and I said you know I would have just kept myself if I asked you about it, I wouldn't change the subject, but I wouldn't have wide telling me this: do you think I had some sort of deeper?
implications about how he felt about you know he I was listening to conservative radio and he said you know you got these girls in college and they don't know what they want. I said: are you talking about college lesbians? So what does that have any the do with gay marriage and he replied. He d, with just confused by the whole, couldn't keep it straight. mind. You know right, so he was probably that it was in the early stages of brainwashing yeah he's at it sends the wrong message. Oh, I see. I see he thought it was encouraging people that may be going through a phase to make as some sort of commitment that they were probably not correct about yeah How does he feel in general about your life. You know I my dad is
I did a show in paris one year at the embassy in paris Why do we need the embassy? That's why I say my dad. You want to come because it seemed like the kind of thing like say I flew over there. and then I heard him saying after the reading. I heard him say well david them at a reader of any as a right. That's all you got there. but how do you like it? Do you find any sort of call to arms about? What's going on? I mean the unit I mean in terms of from feeling that you're, the in your heart connected to america to the south and a lot of ways, do you define day if you are provoked to take action in any way
his action. Somebody can take. I mean I was with this woman recently in atlanta know her and she's in her eighties, and she has spent her entire life fundraising for candidates and, ah- and ah think we know benefits for them and organizing people here and she has do people who work for her and neither of them voted and that's what she does. her life, yeah, yeah, and so that seems to me the the call to arms me is to get people that's right- I mean when o bhamo is on my show. He was like I'm just here to get police people not even in a partisan way engaged with the political process too. get. It has some impact on their life in the life of the future. I don't know What did I think the disconnect? Is people just are bored or they were
and to you know they don't feel or see that it has any immediate impact on their life and they're distracted with all kinds of other bullshit. But Is he okay? Everybody has other stuff going on yeah. I know I'm not like a presidential election is simpler. You know, president. I mean to me. I would think that it would. But so I don't know, I don't, but I don't know how you I mean I've done that it shows before said. Oh, you re of people in the lobby and you can register to vote by something more than that. I didn't know what would public? shaming, would be cured without it just get. The voter rolls and walk around your name put marks on their doors. Yeah yeah I don't know how they do it in Australia. You have to vote. I think it's a law that would be interesting here to see what would bear because it wouldn't make people have to wouldn't mean they have to care,
I have to put thought into it right. It just means they have to push a button buttons in terms of civic duty and generally have you done, jury duty and whatnot, I loved it. He did yeah. I mean I, I prayed you know that would get a case and I have to say I was really struck by how seriously everybody took their duty. Yeah nobody. Nobody was like just just let him off, but it was in the case where this guy stabbed another guy in any one ever needed to be stabbed. It was this guy who was stabbed and he lifted his shirt and he had Vincent by two other people I mean, but I learned later that if you're if the car chances are like eighty percent you're going to get it by chart car again really and if you're stabbed chances are high, and we stand began in his it's cause. You have bad judgment. Oh it's not a mist, thing now know. No, just because you hang out with the wrong people or you don't pay attention. where you going. You look around you so so
You better, everyone was very serious about it and they they a very yeah and I was I I know I don't think I was both be doing this, but, like this guy said, it was a his family had taken him out for father's day at this for barbecue at this restaurant here, and so he couldn't possibly have been there to stab this person. So I went to the barbecue restaurant It was nobody in there that looked remotely like the guy who is on trial, and so I just thought: what are the chances then he was that it was really here, with his family run via an look so, unlike everyone else in that recipe, that. It seem like he could have produced a waiter or waitress who have said yeah. That guy was I I never seen anyone like him in airports and they he couldn't produce anybody know I remember: Amy got Geraghty eighty one. She called in and it's a rape case and is, I hope I get it he's really cute
yeah She's got a new show. Her yeah do do what I do like it and I do watchin. I it's weird when you watch somebody you know on telling agenda with her in your seeing. I can't not see her right and anything I can not so In a way, I'm like one of the only people who can't see it right, I, like somebody, made a movie based on something I wrote and I went to. but I'm the only one in the world who can't see it because I'm sitting in the audience thinking is that, where my writing think my refrigerator was Other side of the room was built. That looks like my trailer, but my cat was it orange was my carriage and so and then the next thing you know the credits are well we're. The whole movie yeah, because I'm the only one in the world who see it,
I gave you when he, when you're sitting around and not picking up trash and england Do I look like whenever I picture somebody you know you're intelligent guy. You write beautiful things, you're funny you're living this expatriated to this paddle. Life as a writer abroad. I think of the deal, is you listen to classical music and read books when I'm walking along, I listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks yeah and that sometimes listen to music? I mean I walk when I'm at home and I walk between eighteen and twenty two miles a day a day, eighty miles a day yeah. So this is this. So that's what you do! Yeah! That's a lot of podcasts and a lot of audiobooks here to listen to or what have you heard any books vaguely that you ate you had
ms pat on your, shall you and she was so entertaining- and I pounced on her book here, and I thought she did such a great job with the with that. sure she such a great job. I really didn't understand. Why she wasn't nominated for like on a grammy or a hottie award yeah. I got that book was entertaining and I recommend that so many people it's so it's just such an amazingly dark story to elevate to humor. I I mean it's like profound The you know the way she presents it and it's sort of horrible, but it's so funny well when I heard her on your show, I thought at first oh gotcha of those were a lot of the highlight, but a lot of the mundane details, great, to hear I'm sure she'd be thrilled to hear that now, what about greek this. Why get you know? Do you like
go to greece, a lot gopher book tours and I go for b to embrace greeks me up here. And I wish cause my dad was- weak from my mother wasn't here. So I wish I was greek here, but you know I'll settle for his great as I am yeah. I just got back from australia. Everyone greek, really they're all yeah. It just makes me so happy to meet a greek. Doesn't it because her, what their open and warm people, or that there is a really long, last names enacts. That's enough after time Food is so good right, so clean see food salads, those cheeses right well, but if you the typical san francisco due to the sheriff very often have you eaten a cookery in san francisco? No, I think it has to be the best greek restaurant in the united states, really
and it's it's not nouvelle. Greek food is not fancy. It's just greek food, but man is a good and I went there twice last. We just had a love. It's it's just out stand and puts every other greek play? Would you get his? I feel like glass Mozart, regattas lamb, but I've gotten fashion of gun chicken in and you get it's not the places where they come out with the flaming cheese near. Oh by you know their hissed katy beer, but dad got his gun. I gotta do cuz it they open like I, like. I was in queens for years, which is a very great in astoria, and there is a place called clyde greek, see food in a story and wishes and they open one in new york city like right, downtown by where I stay usually I'll- eat their two or three times just to get grilled octopus the greens, the weird overcooked, the beats they just do beats with raw garlic
viking. Then they have that dessert that character, boudicca gallacher, I like it. I like the boudicca yeah that that is the best. Do we talk about this before? Ah, ah, the other day the waitress came up and I was ordering that year and she said if it's not inappropriate. I once heard that referred to as galactic booty call like the sheath. Well, I was at the fitness center that I go to the country and I walked in and these and these two men were, telling dirty jokes to an end and the guy said I am so sorry he said I don't. We were to heroic, telling joke here. I don't mean to offend here, but I and I can stop right now and I said please continue, enriches fascinating to me that that they had not They were polish icing right, any vance for right game, yeah for just down dirty jokes like to you, because you showed up
are you I know because I walked into the room I mean I can If a woman walked into the room, she say. Oh caught me right, What, if it's another guy, just surprised by that was your joke yeah. I wasn't so good that I remember it right that desert. Fucking good. Isn't it yeah, I said below, do and custard he and but the it is like made with, I think, semolina and like not just regular custard. I mean it's like it's. one of the best things I ever discovered or ever had in my life, and I and I did they give it to you. They used to give it to you. Just gratis at this restaurant could quite easily came out, you didn't order it part of the meal and when that happens I thought it was the best thing in the world. We can't find it too many places. I went to dinner I was in new york at the start of my book tour and we all deserve knocked the
sir, the waiter came in port like a little ball of medicines on the data, and he said the story is in dover. Oh man, alright it happens now where you go going where what how do we? How do we it's so nice to see you? I always like, seeing you add the postcard you sent me up on my bulletin board for a long time with musical I think there were mice? to me I'm just los angeles, and then I go to san diego and then I go back to england and start my english book tour and then do sit down and you get do. Are you are you writing? Are you running out of things to write about I mean I have a list of things to write about, and things come up. yeah well you're. In all the time things come up, their finger provoke the waiting for somebody. I didn't realize, as someone just told me this the other night that pugs apparently pugs the dog, her come out a lot.
Out anyway, they pop out. Yet they pop out in this woman, her dog, had enough jones. I had a cones around his neck, a pug and then it wouldn't shut up about the council, took it off the some peace and quiet and the pug scratching desire his hind legs in his eye popped out and he ate it. Then that led to all these stories about her, will dig in their eyes out was spoons what in aiding them? What It was an art I was in. I was in amber Kirkhi, and then there are the right grotaut advocate. Well, I wasn't I told that someone told me that and I told somebody else somebody said well, there was a guide
county jail here yeah and he dug his eyes out both his eyes out with a teaspoon and he ate the first one, and then he couldn't find the second he couldn't line of, And then then somebody else told me o the rhythms. Amid a guy any thought there was a hidden camera beneath his eyes if it out with teaspoon. Was this like a thief? meth related or mental illness right, yeah mia, but apparently- this is the whole anyway. So that's all That's something to write about just to talk about it and when you talk about it in front of an audience I'll come up and then I'll tell you stories, and you know just get into the pugs. Are I think the average genetically problematic head? yeah cause they're. Not they can't breathe right either this right here and this just a mess. Well, then someone told me the actor Raul Julia, his ipod our enemy. We set one time, but is it
The glass I know is real. I apparently apparently he talked about on talk, show one time sneezed and I, if, if he held his nose when he lot or what but popped out popped out and all of all sudden, he sudden he was looking at his cheek all my backing with his own hand, on they set out? Don't ever do that? Let us do that, a hooked professionals, yet we return, and was put the I reckon to the socket yeah So this is so that the next book, it's great when kettle preview. Well, it's great seeing you you and thank you for coming by thanks calypso, the new book, get it wherever you go books. It was lovely talking to a David Sedaris again. I do get a kick out of him, he's very sweet and funny and dark man. Speaking of of beautiful movies, about real people. That might be for some of you, a man babies is this movie. Eighth grade the bo burnham made it's just a beautiful
human movie, real story handled the you know nice script in nice. We acted beautifully about eighth grade and it's interesting. There are some things that are very different about aid, great now, but there are some things that are eternal. And and will be eternal in your heart, and some of that for some eu is a lie. Foreign commitment to a comic book movies and- defending them and getting upset about it. But but this movie is wrong we'll deeper than that? definitely runs a little deeper than that. So it was great to I can see them while. So this is me talking to bo. I about his new movie eighth grade, which is now playing in select theaters
I'm turning into a weird old man, I'm alright I don't think I'll talk to yawn in public in the years when we in the west, I talk to you in public was on. the room, show why that's the truly public public right now in and out of letter, pretty good shot at you got big laugh is fun for you. I think you one I'm having old completely you transcended, one that will that's a yet it's it's a weird environment to be an area is the or a circle of comedians in private is a weird invite, let alone publicly performing surrounded by reimer, isn't an audience thighs and eyes. Our kind of sending any were the kid. The young guy late hour, part the utopia we did and but that was a. It was interesting because that was garry shandling was there and it was ray. Romano garry shandling, judd, apatow you and me right and paglia and paul prevents it yeah it was.
it's sort of a sweet episode. Actually yeah. It's I gotta have laid as very beautiful doing areas there and like I. I got to have a little relationship with gary after that, but it all sort of started from that really yeah. I would go over his house and just really yeah I mean just just mean him. Talk for a little bit and even if this movie, I just made heat, he read when one of the first people to read this if no kidding so you just like you met him there and it was You just Eno he reached out or have that veco yeah yeah just reached out after I might have ran into him at largo right on one of judge shows, and we just sort of connected there and yeah. We, I think we felt like justice. it's partly kindred spirits, a little bit just sensitive people, yeah go over there and just hang out yeah. We just walk away. Talk. I never did the basketball games or anything were they still going on at that point, yeah yeah. I think so. Are you a basketball player? I will. I will want to be. I have this silhouette.
The silhouette you what he would eat you just about life stuff, I mean what was there to have that kind of relationship with a more was that like yeah was just like it similar with mama cemeteries, very special by them. It has been a few people just been very as such that's all that speaks to you, lay down no definite related have based bt liken like like a I don't know it wasn't it wasn't like the zen master, even though I was projecting all of that onto him yeah. It was much more friendly and down to earth and I think that in itself was like the the most masterful thing to do siri because I would then go on to work with people younger than me, and it was people like Gary. That taught me to be like the best thing you can do is to be treated as equal
right, even if they're not which I certainly wasn't, important in life, I'm out what would I responded to our guide had met her many sort of older men tourist round my life, the idea that kind of phil avoid whether to do add void or whatever the hell is like eating you're getting. Information that you never got before you getting support even get before you getting station. Yes, a lot of things that come with that it's a very exciting thing to be taken somebody's wing, so to speak way more just to be, you know, listen who, by so many respect, yeah into field and to feel like its kind, because I can and just it and if it was humble. It's just mind blowing. You know cause yeah kind of bristle when it feels like hey kid like. Let me show you that you know you can kind of get a little, but that's an idea that has a gyro know nothing wrong with the school yeah yeah, which can be fun anytime. He saw a script of eighth grade early on yeah yeah. I sent him a script early on because he
how many years ago was that go in the making. Probably three years ago, yeah yeah. I did give you notes. No, he just he just was curious. What I was working on, I sent it to him and he just send a nice email back saying you know he hopes he gets hayden, oh yeah, that's nice, where you are really asking for notes. No, I mean not really I mean it was just it was more. It was more of a casual Thank him just being curious eyes. I just very curious person was much more yeah just curious about things rather than in control of them So that was three years. I'm sure if you would have, if you ask, for an putty, might have given these on, but you just want him to see it yeah. Yet at the adjutant feeling with our even our relationship was a relationship is more just like sharing things with each other, that's nice, which was nice. How long that go on for just you knows, I have year yeah you go the funeral, and so I didn't know Neither did you go that memorial,
ye know the show. You know that was a lot that only after the Joe visits to a memorial, oh the them show yeah. So you wrote is how long ago, probably twenty thousand fourteen okay, the fourteenth ward, where were you at in your career, then you're running around playing piano? I just finished exactly I'd literally I'm doing that. I say I was. I had just finished my the special before the last special, which called what my first netflix specials what- and I was not wanting to do at me. More and more, a rightness was life or that the other one or let make happy was the remains a priority right. I like that it it seemed to be light life. As that We were going for that sort, subliminal message but yeah I had started to, my first pang attack on my life onstage and really wait so you're on your? Why you're doing the shows? You know that you're a meal,
I've been kind of sound, no, a good following you doing, theatre tours yeah and mostly younger people come on imaginary college age, high school. I write mostly girls, women, sixty forty, the I probably a so avoid france that they they wish for you yeah. So what what? How does what proceeds? The panic attack or things going into our No, I think it's been a lifelong thing that I never really had described or understood into point it really, but you never had one before you have had one no and I had like acute stage fright I didn't think was that never crescendo into a panic attack, but I was in and out of the hospital I was in high school thinking. I had stomach pains and then it wasn't until In really I was twenty three when I was like. Oh that was being nervous. was my brains out every day. I was nervous yet, and
yeah and the last. The last time I was on when I was on this podcast I was nineteen I didn't know. I didn't. I hadn't said the word anxiety at that point. I had no idea what I was struggling with, so it wasn't until I in edinburgh. You know in front eight hundred people and all of a sudden. Halfway through the show. I got tunnel vision and my breath got short and I was like what the fuck is happening. Did you say that no. I got through it I powered through, I he played through and then I'm going to play through exactly and and then you know over the course of this last had you know ten on stage had to power through all of them and but not before you go on, he didn't feel that you did. You always have stage friend or you did yeah and now like. Well, that's interesting just out of nowhere, actually happening on the edge he just power through all them, and then why do you get seek help her? I just some. You live with. I tried to seek any part of the help was quitting, was stopping doing it. You know, I really haven't done it in two years: I've dino dude
the world at large, oh yeah, I may really yeah, maybe once every couple months at large, I got for ten minutes. Eu Canada, you really sort of like I'm pulling out for a while I needed to for my health. The ammo dates were year, where you do it doing. I did one hundred, but I did them in you know. Fifty in us, in sixty days right like what was really rough. Was this last tour? It's like that. second show in. I had a panic attack on stage and providence in front of three thousand five hundred people. Next, they had a panic attack in new york. Then, two days after that, a panic attack in the train to DC for my next show- and I had like forty five shows coming up after and that's what it felt like salute oblivion. That was like the darkest right out of my life, so you were full of dread dread exactly that either like an ax was when I was on stage was and they get it's not that I couldn't enjoy myself I would- and I really
Wait but yeah? There was always this thing hang over my head. That could drop at any moment like at any moment, but could you attach it to things, because I have problems with anxiety and dread, but like for because, like if you're in the something in your doing in europe. This is great, but then like when you think of my own. I gotta he gonna do it again a moron I gotta. You know, then that's when I started, but was that what was happening a reaches a kind of vague existential. No I'm sure it was grounded in some like awful sort of just young narcissistic need to be the greatest. Every night to everybody, but also like this real things would be happening. Is that, like you know, between cuz, I'm literally on my laptop googling like how to deal with stage fright. Articles that are saying like don't worry like no one really like if you're going up to prison, fronty your class and no one actually cares what your present I am. I know it does not apply to me like these people. Forty dollars they've been waiting three months to see me Actually. Reading about people like Adele
Barbra streisand, who struggle with that. Then they actually really really help me but It was it sort of on the road it's funny now hindsight, but like okay, like men, caning, before every show like trying to learn this thing ass feet, which was- and I was like, do I take beta blockers, but that's that feels like to introduce occasion, MID tour fell very terrifying. To me. the idea of some people- users. I am, I tried them for anger once it. I guess it does thing. I dont, know what it I'm not exactly sure how they work by tab. You just chose to stop for a while. Yeah I just needed to stop and improbably. part of it was feeling like every show. Is life and death for me, and I was proving my worth every up there I dont want to grounded to my heart and otto it's also. It is also just like chemical and biological and my get my sister's has I am a mother has anxiety so so that there also has just something: that's just I'm predisposed to it so white lily.
Oh, so you telling me that that that this sort of colonel of creating the film of starting to think about the script came from you taking a break No more just me wanting to write about my anxiety, cuz. I didn't take a break at that point. Cuz that was just the sort of low before I started my next hour and then, when I finish make happy then I which was two thousand and sixteen then I took the official break, but trying to tackle amazedly on stage. I was trying to talk about feeling nervous through myself through the one voice and I found that all it was doing was burrowing me deeper in myself and not getting me anywhere. So then, you thought, like I'm an eighth grade, girl, yeah kind of kind of really a it was a was watching. Kids online talk about themselves, watching these girls make these videos trying to express, themself and being like I feel like them, and not only that me doing my show on stage. You know, and I would talk about being nervous and
and feeling like permeating with strange- and I felt like my problems were so specific to aim at the time twenty four year old, male, canadian and then I would have fourteen year old girls cod. After the show and say I feel exactly like you I feel like I have to perform all the time and everyone's looking at me like uh what you mean so like if there was a bridge I had to cross rate the movie it was built by them. To me you know I felt understood by Van Brauer, I presume to understand them well that sort of big revelation about you know what you put out into the world in general and why it resonates with your audience in a way because I gave him when I saw you work way back in the day that you are expressing a sort of like aggravated discomfort in right, yeah in transcend through you know what you're doing up there like it. It's empowering and and it's catchy and entertaining and but it it acting you're talking about is, it seems to be at the core of a lot of stuff. You ve done yeah
yeah, I think so, but I would have to filter it through things I was getting very tired of which was being clever, overwriting. Being cynical, seeing is a terrible thing you can get out yet certainly melodic late and I was interested in exploring it anymore. granular emotional detached way. Way like a different type of investment on your part yeah. Then it is not you know, you're, not you don't have to share. Up every night near enough to perform the movie yeah, I know an end to say that these Feelings- unique. To me I mean the most powerful experiences. I have watching any art or not. I feel most personally connected to but I don't demographically aligned with or like when. I can see myself me up in someone that isn't me that I'd really really free into me, it's very lonely to think
Oh, I'm only feeling what I'm feeling, because I me and my circumstances are you to see. Well, that's usually selfish, as he does you, unless you're doing something you're, incredibly, uniquely peculiar, there's somebody else out there experiencing with your experience and even me who I felt was doing something incredibly, uniquely peculiar. It wasn't unique to me it just wasn't right like this pressure that I had felt to perform to deliver for an audience is now? shall lay out the eminently. Why that's right that now people's access to putting themselves out there like you are everybody can have that same food and entertainers fear. Exactly that's what I say like the the shitty sort of like thing: you get when you are dealing comedic celebrity are now have been democratize for every man like everyone gets to be a shitty realists. However, he like when it is Honeycutt yet living. the movie, though, like which I liked a lot? I really like the movie and I'm glad
I did cause it's hard for me to talk to people. I don't like the movie, though those here why? Why would a consulate? I told him? I was like just asking if he liked it and then if you'd, like I I'd said that I want to say that cause. I know you're honest I was like I just like. I don't need the plug if he doesn't like. I don't want to deal with mark beating around the bush. I don't want to burden you with that. I wouldn't wanna talk about somebody like well no, but like it's weird, because I do talk to people who have made a lot of movies that may have made one that the output Promoting that I might not love right right or agro still light. Yet, as others have it, I value, but it, but with interesting. That you're, saying to me, is that were brute were pulled you in where these youtube videos into me, like I just saw the two videos you not as device, but it's just something that you, eighth graders with now that that's part of their life. You don't like the cell phone in the youtube, video and instagram snapchat or whatever whack hammer. I remember which one was in the movie, but but this did that or of who they are emotionally a sort of timeless yeah,
really so you because you have this year, this cast of characters and he got great performance- is out of all the kids and you know I get tonight, I can see them all from my junior high. All the characters are still the characters and I think that's that's that That's not it's not some troll, of team movies. It's it's a trope of actually align yea, of course, and- and I just I thought the casting was greatly- really got a hell of a performance out of out of all your leads appreciate. It yeah their special, so they were so well. How did you once you wrote described how much Did you honor it to do? It was yeah. I mean structurally he honored, but you part of the thing was just trying to. I wanted to make a movie about kids that you know. Hopefully you the stalls and when you watch it, but it was an operating the stall generally rio. I didn't want it to be like a memory at and wanted to feel, like the prince
of my eighth grade experience I didn't set up. I didn't give a shit about my eighth grade experience. You know, so I tried to defer to the kids and let the kids author as much as they could and ryan and let them feel like they were in. or of the the thing. So is there a warning process for you on set him? You were you did find that when you wrote the script and then having experienced working with the the actors that you made assumptions that might not have been true yeah I mean I gave the script to the lead. Elsie fisher first time. She read it and said oliver d, ams were on facebook, and she read it and said no one uses facebook anymore and RI then put into the script of some other girl saying and now it's all on instagram, because she literally read the script and was like is this about my aunt and I was like, oh god, so like what was really nice and it was a freeing for me to def have always felt like. I was this always the little young buck, and now I get to be the old out of touch guy. We airy fun you, I gotta, look academic go what the fuck happening right because the dead I do think the generation gaps are shrinking and its much stranger, and I feel as close to
twenty years older than me, I do some one six years younger than me, because the stuff stuff is just changing so rapidly technology, mostly yeah and the sort of like the sort of generational signifies, are now happening every six months and save every you know eight or ten years tobacco. We s, but the videos like They are, they are day definite, do end up being a device in the. I hope the movie you know is really carried by her actual life, but the thing just drew me was that was being negative. Note, oh yeah, and I hope they function as a as a device tat was. It was like what route me to the videos was like failing to articulate yourself wanting to is that your own narrative, and not being able to do it correctly and that was just so compelling to me when I watch these videos, I would see kids, it was logs kids are, making about their life. You could see you could see the references they had in their head for other species.
they heard in movies and culture. You can see them trying to do it. You can see them failing to live up to what they wanted to do. You could see them trying to close that gap. He could see them getting bored. You could see them adjusting and I was watching us going like if this were a performance, it would be incredible and it's so much. More dynamic than the normal teens sober of hay, so I'm gonna teach of a hot. I went from me right, yes to that, its literally about them learning how to think it's not just about them learning how to live, and also this idea that you know that their putting something on the world that we, that is helpful, that you know, will celebrate who they are, but also, I believe, all want and watch the kind of fills in for that, because it was What's the character's name, k was you know. Videos are heartbreaking, ultimately yeah yeah, just by virtue of the fact that no one's watching like- and you don't really mention that too much. But you do see the number where number numbers supposed to be right and it's just it's just
It's going out into nowhere. It's almost to an internal dialogue, yeah yeah, but she's, trying to to to sort of be helpful and she's already out of her league. I mean I've. I you know in terms of what the advice is offering. What does she really know the of course? But what? What does anyone know about like being yourself- and I have in mind- for you know at the end of the day- is like we're all kind of right. It feels a little like buddy, I was interested about talking people on the internet that weren't being seen as someone that went viral on the internet right, the least interesting thing about being on the internet, and it's the only thing we talk about. We tend to only talk about the people to get attention, but the majority the internet is people expressing themselves too oh buddy, behind to a black void and rise like a weird form of prayer or something where their hoping someone's listening. But they don't know or not. Right never goes away. Like you're, always out there likely the people that did three broadcasts: yeah yeah yeah, exactly whereas the thing is like what is it going be like when all of our presidential candidates have like that
entire childhood documented and all the bad jokes. They made sure you know we're have to do some sort of amnesty like just call it yeah well yeah, except people that people grow and they evolve and they shift and they change, and they, you know, and that's sort of in the story of my life professionally and probably what the movies trying to maybe subconsciously for me is like I've had to forgive myself a lot had to ask other people to forgive myself, because I had my you know. The first years of me writing as sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty year old, yeah stuff, so I'm very embarrassed by, but you know. wouldn't change a second of it could say you know I I even the butterfly fact I wouldn't be here tomorrow grateful to be here MA and there's no erasing it. As is the practical issue of lady have low down. There is nothing to be done, so I at a certain point. It was me trying to go back and go like yeah, so hey, it's! Alright, it's ok to grow and end, and we just get him
I believe there is, but you couldn't avoid it. I mean there's the nature of when you became a success for when you became known in this. What you you going to do I mean I look at like I look at stuff from. Fortunately, for me, No out of that stuff when I was younger, was on conan and you can't there are not quite there not. Are you kidding that see that I mean I have it, but it's like a. Why haven't up there? This very embarrassing outfits erika Mann right right? You know that I have was literally the equivalent of like your open, MIKE sat literally the first time ever tried stuff, europeans have their yeah, but the movie was really great because it you know emotionally years, like me. Who has you know some emotional? kind of hobbling- that I think that is still sort of suspended. in the dynamics of approval that we expert in june, your high, you know, I guess it's all very, very throw? It is not that far under the surface
I imagine a lot of people like us. Those dynamics repeat themselves in life and work out in high school. I never really goes away. Yeah that to stab or socially and in that era yeah with it? it means a lot here at or era that period in one's Y know, but that that that's a hope and thank you can like people. You know some people be like man, I'm so glad about that awkward anymore. I'm like you are like or or like It's just the moment when our self awareness is turned on and we have to look around and be like. Oh my god, I've been this the whole fucking time we have to scramble to you know fix it. How come no one said anything but like is that what so beautiful that age to me. Is that, like the impulse to be and to hague inventory of what you're doing and fix it and then presented its also transparent. The mechanism is right: france, para what you're learning and all that as over the course of your life. You don't think it is right
equally I, and eventually it does. We do learn how to smooth out the edges and it looks like it's one functioning peace, but I still believe now we're just or versions of thirteen year olds, we just figured out how to probably in a year off ass those things, but I'm saying you can kind of maybe look at behave here that you I dennis I with now and hate in yourself now may be- forgive yourself cause you're like oh right. I really am just a scared kid at once, of and attention the outlaws things I think, there's an anti little brat, maybe two and and maybe Bad annoying parts of myself or just little bratty annoying. yeah Also, I think, like you, you know as an older, an adult watching this movie like there was part of me that thought like what a he's really pictures. As you know it, but you know it's like it is a movie. It's one of the you know you go your kids
you know and and really I imagine, have a hell of a conversation- afterward yeah, that's an r rated movie called eighth grade. So if we picked a market, we picked a pretty bad one of the that that was just a crazy thing that ended up happening. I don't I don't know how and also like eighth graders have no idea who I am yet like. I'm there are throwing a little, though, is not made for a greater threat. I hope they. I hope it can go your kid. You can still bring your kid doing. Our movie king, you ever shore and it was a bummer when the already came back for us. I don't understand why that would it's like crazy, like can't say: nudes like reference nude photos. They can't do that. It's really it's fine cause of their age in the movie yeah. I think so. It's just is like Obviously I would if I would encourage it, because I care for for a grown up to bring that. their younger kick their thirteen or else would do the move. Because it's one of those weird things were you After seeing a movie like that, you could have a conversation that might not have happened organically because of that. Discomfort that
that even she has in the movie yeah with her father, yeah yeah to you know, turns out to be a pretty great guy. I mean that was the other great thing about the movie with all the the situations at this girl. It find yourself. There is a will you take a ride to the edge and you know ye as somebody who watches movies you. like the is is going get fuckin is just to get dark and out now in I couldn't. I don't really like I'm not a happy ending kind of guy, but there's a scene there. Where am I, but it didn't happen no doing, because it goes just so do I The other thing could happen. The area has happened yet does a lot, but there's a lot of those moments. I take it you to the edge of of something that could be. You know life altering for the for the negative, and I think that that produce and vulnerability of people that age like when, when you see workout out.
Where she ends up at the end of the movie, is very sweet. He had all movies very heartbreaking in in a positive way do you know, I mean yeah up, so that I can. I can feel the weight of it like the cause of the vulnerability because of a vat age year. You just feel this sort of egg of that yeah yeah. It's not like depressing heartbreaking, not grief, yeah yeah, but it's like a definitely is. It is heavy in the sense of like all yeah this poor girl, but not sort of like does is tragic, but I guess stakes for anybody. Three sweetie. You know it ends up in a very sweet place, but I think the point I'm trying to make is that, given that nearby things do happen to young people because they think they've got their shit together. You know it's a it's. Interesting movie to see that right up to the edge of that, and but it doesn't happen ye. I think be part of. It was trying to dignify the experiences of people smaller of smaller events,
doesn't need to go there to be significant right at centre of movement. I feel like about this age in order for it to be, matic and worthy of a movie. Dramatic shit has to happen to the kid. But for me, it's like every day yeah, like life and death, to a kid, a very, very and that's. What exactly is very small ass feel incredibly significant, so well. You talk about it like that in relation to your own anxiety, can definitely feel that sort of also what I felt as an anxiety person and that there's heartache, but there is so this sort of like a guy, it's like every day, is kind of like. Are you going I threw it in your mind. You are just entering the hallway yeah yeah, we're, like god, forbid. You get something on your yeah right right right. You know what I mean like like We could just be a disaster for the fucking whole day, yeah, it's it didn't take weeks to get over it and then people make funny afford. It was a very high stakes that and that's what it s like
I think that is what life is for most people. I I believe that people are so non confrontational in real life. I believe the tiny things or so hugely for most people like it, like most of us like, we raise our voice at someone in the line of grocery store and our our heart is pounding for an hour afterwards, like if you've ever seen like people yell in public. It's insane like you have like you're like you get like an outer out of body experience. I've done it yeah. I've done it where you just feel that, like is this happening, it's crazy and so, and I think movies tend to exist in a really high. or form of expressed outward drama that I kind of what we wanted to play against. We wanted to go like can, we have a movie that hopefully people leave going like home. That was intense and then it's like. I guess you just went to a and went to them all and nothing really happened. You know, but everything happened to her. No, I think, if That being said, I I think they're like it's. Not it wasn't hard for me is at my age it you have fifty four and fifty or empty. For now you
we're like? I you know you get right back into it. You definitely like the kids were I'm good at well, yeah, I'd being who they are guy in the act. That you need you D, feel it. You know. You definitely feel it. It's all very, very sweet and very you know heartbreaking. and very vulnerable and and and also sort of a provide every day to realize, There are a lot of things that are different about girls. app now, but there's something fundamentally the same yeah yeah right where you go through in this country. With that age anyways, you know yeah and filming this, like you know we filmed it last summer or whatever, and it really was like. I dunno. If there's going to be a country when you're a sophomore in high school? I don't you know it, it all felt so cause. It's so certain when I wrote this gremio, I'm making this for hillary's america or we're going to have we're going to get to have like sort of like a cool, subtle conversation.
about the culture once we're all kind of happy about the idea, whatever happened, and instead it's like him being there, and I remember, walking into it and have to veer the conversation of this. But walking into a classroom scouting that school schools and seeing like the printed thick it nothing seemed a computer printed out picture of his face on like these streets, of presidents above a chalkboard, or I wind is very, very surreal gimme that that it felt institution lies in a way that the inauguration and feel too to see it in a six great caught classroom rye, very oh, I serving and it was like, and the kids feel at the kids know that It's know something is happening, so there is some the added level of just urgency to I think being that age? Now? And there really are you know, drills. There really really are our guns. You know it's a weird time so weird I don't know what it's going to be like for them when they're. Well,
Hopefully they're there, that's the other. That's the scariest sort of like thing that over it is like. Are they engaged really anything other than you have this sort of compulsive selfish pursuits. Yeah I mean that's like to me. That's that's the tricky thing. Cuz, that's also something that grown ups. That's something! That's eight sort of age was now the oh yeah, I n and actually worse to me. The worst people on on social media are thirty, ruled by a factor of ten like no one is more nauseating and my friends around my age, larger, like they are the ones that, like think there self whereon ironic are so transparently disgusting and and into the kids. The kid actually, get it a little more and like there it's so in their bones, the right it it's, it doesn't mean as much to them and their navy rural to have like a slightly healthier relationship, whereas we see it as like this
the thing in our lives, so we've had to adapt to yeah, and it's like this we're going to use it yeah. So today we're just second nature: yeah, yeah and- and they do have like a really incredible ability to like emotionally multitask and like I think they have like a view of the world that, No one's ever had a sense of True, I wonder where that goes. Your, I dont, know yeah, the annual saying is necessarily positive yeah, I don't know yet you know any and also like. I was very clever, the add that the foam breaks. I do know that she breaks your phone. Yeah yeah, right, like that was we got in trouble for apple apple. We didn't want to get was almost very upset about that, because we showed that the I'm going to have her hermit across the like shall throw it very very hard right, but we were, it was a choice that we could get. We could get the laptops for free to use them or not. So we like had to use like the crews, laptops and folds of each has apple, wouldn't give it to us, because we show that
Therefore their phones get cracked really here. Everyone knows their phones. Avatar is of course well of great, seeing you and I, and it was in you- did a great job. It was really really touching the mark on the movie and I loved it, and I you know I I didn't know what I was getting into and I just thought it was great real human. Well, it means a lot it's good to talk to in public again. Ah, thanks appreciate it oh burnham, did a great job with that movie was great. Talking to him, go see eighth grade, I recommended it'll choke choky up. elevate, you dig it. what new strings on my guitar and I published the fretboard got? It was all dried out and sad, so I'll play some two buzz big for you here
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