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Episode 936 - Sue Costello / Jim Gaffigan

2018-07-25 | 🔗
Marc welcomes back to the show two comedian friends from the early years of WTF, both of whom have experienced a lot of changes in their lives since their previous visits. First, Sue Costello talks with Marc about how she persisted in the face of ingrained show business obstacles and is finding herself coming out clean on the other side. Then Jim Gaffigan tells Marc how one day he was out there doing comedy and the next day his family life went topsy-turvy after his wife's visit to the doctor.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking years, what the fuck stirs? what's happening, if marin, this is my show wtf welcome to it. Going, are you Okay, are you, though, seriously look, Look at me. Are you, okay, come on Come on what's going on what on had her today has been a couple of these, because what benzene is as some of you know who listen to the show. I do rarely do interviews with. People again I'll. Have if there are friend to the shower I like them, or that my power, let them do shortage, as call them? to promote something but the
I feel sure these have been a little longer than shorty. So I had to put two short together and today I got sue. I on the show for a bit and Jim gaffigan on show for a bit them have some things going on. As I do, my I tell you about it. during a bit of the country. Now I am getting a lot of tweets from people were like when you come in here when you come in there philly when you come into two, buffalo what it whatever it is: This is really a tour to sort of get an hour in place and you do your work out some stuff. I imagine I'll, do a broader tour in the maybe this spring, but death for now I'll be wise guys in nassau, lake city, utah august, a third and fourth, I would be the comedy attic in Bloomington Indiana august, thirty, first through september. First, It'll be acme, comedy club from sippy that's a minneapolis September sixth, through the eighth and
we'll be at the comedy works in denver Colorado september. Twenty first and twenty second do one nighter at stand up live in october. That's in phoenix! Now all these, aids are selling quickly. Minneapolis is on the sole that I don't know where indiana his act, but if you want to come, you come but get tickets. Now go to wtf pod, dot com tour for thanks. and there you go so I am starting to to shift a little bit. I'm starting to shift on the superhero movie. not and not my argument or in not my condescension. I still have those, but I have found an avenue for something. at the end- and I am I didn't read comic books as a kid I didn t, but it started to read them as a grown up, but they warrant the marvels way doesn't matter, but it
it does matter in terms of when I grew up and what I grew up, surrounded with and when you're a kid, even when you're not a kid, when you're a fucking grown up, you may think you have a good handle on. You know what you let into your brain and how it affects your brain, but you do not you've got to have some real resilience and strength of character and ability to process what is a in your desire system or pummeling you, ability to be attached to reality. In an concerted way, especially if you're news junkie or you know, you're constantly engaged with online content? brain? No matter what you think you are who you think you are, is fairly malleable and it can happen on very kind of subtle levels. Yeah. I don't know why. Sometimes, when I decide to do something you know within a month, I noticed a lot of people are doing it
I don't think I'm really susceptible to that stuff, but I am whether it be boots records a type of car you indeed, I somehow or another. There is a frequency. It's kind of a vibration in the fucking Zeit guys at generates consolidation of desire around certain products. but in terms of the superhero movies like. I still am completely on board with my argument, but you know what it was funny because box brown comic book artists, ca and did some some great books due his last book was about Andy kaufman great. I read stuff, but tweeting about this stuff. A little bit kind of provoked me to take. Look at it. there's some interesting stuff about growing up in the eighties. Worse things went down some something went down in terms of deregulation that may have
Some of you people now look bye, bye, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, I'm graduating high school five I'm in college and I'm well on my way to picking, through the wreckage of the cultures, asked to somehow figure out. sir exciting important, whether it be beatniks, Bukowski the old music, the old movies you I was, I was on it s, sort of like pseudo intellectual trajectory at that point, I seem to have completed but What I'm trying to say is there was an f c c chairman they mark flower, and this is during the reagan administration and they did some fairly serious, deregulating that you're to do with the weather, Advertising, but more concisely to my argument. Have thing to do with that. I brain yes, they, they allowed they did they sought to declare the television and appliance and not the big, incredibly powerful, desire, shifting hip now
make box that it is. They were able to get rid of regulations around advertising to children on children's programming. They could dump as much shit into the kids heads as they wanted to okay, and this time like star wars, I kind of miss that I was young, maybe- but I didn't interest me- that much but after star wars there was this movement towards toys and this isn't specifically about comic books, but after the success of the star wars, toys which and with a small manufacturer of the large manufacturers are what can we do and they had around the same time they got. The freedom to plough is much shit into kids heads they could and they invented he man. Now he man was in even real comic book character, but they sold the fuck out of that thing and they built a comic book around it and they created a show around it. any and they plow that into the heads of kids. You know all day long in the eighties
and they could do this with anything. Actually, there was plenty of programming. Children's programming with soup ro style stuff. That was, basically just a prolonged advertisement to shove, a toy into your kids hands, so this- is a is a big deal because you were young, you know two old for this to happen, but I know that some eu who may feel so hurt or ups that, maybe you don't even understand why you're so upset with my if reasonable assessment of the problem with superhero movies and its effect on culture seems like some of you take it very personally like there's like I get. There is a reactive ness to it, a defensiveness to it that that may come from shame, yo and I'm like. I might take a step further. It might come from from what I would almost call trauma in that you know When you were a kid you brain raped by he man and and I and I feel bad about that that that
Hoboken deregulations in the eighties enabled toy manufacturers to to let you be brain, raped by he man, but here's here's. What I'm saying is to to some of you who are taking it so personally and so upset you know, I I understand I empathize I understand now you were brain raped by he man, and you were not old enough to defend yourself and now you As you know, you have that little hidden kernel of shame in your heart and you don't quite understand why but you'll defend superhero movies, as if their acts we going to save the planet, so that's that part of it. So there is something that happened analogous to too to you know allowing the. Children of our nation to be brain fucked.
mind, raped by he man, thus creating a dysfunctional, but almost done, love for the predator for the victimizer for the abuser that manifest solving a shameful sort of connection and adoration and deep, troubling love for superheroes. Is that around the same time in the tri state during the deregulation craze of mark fowler, at the fcc who started to sort of like get rid of the fairness doctrine and over. Time. It dissolved where full time had to be granted to both sides. If, if political, then sir ideologues word appearing on tv shows so that was sort of around the time during reagan. That was gotten rid of his well, which opened the door to a constant political programming with ideological bias, which was the seeds and the beginning,
the unleashing of fox news and the situation we are in ethically now, culture and poetically. So there you have two sides of the repercussions and results of deregulation, publican leadership in the eighties with reagan, you have you have a whole generation of kids starting in the mid eighties, who are who are now grown ups and sort of, like you reactively defend superheroes just five stomping up and down, and you have donald trump there too, from camps. I know a lot of the people who are a superhero progressive people by, but it is but it's interesting. isn't it interesting so soon Castelo
who is my guess, is of a fast pace. The giant here she's mounting a production of the. I am sue castelo experience at the masonic theatre in the hollywood forever cemetery, this october, she said the gofundme page for it at gofundme dot com, slash I am costello, you can see more about the productions of the play when she did it in new york in new england, at two costello dot com. You can also check out her I there soon I go way back and she she had something to talk about. So it came on the show because I, like talking to sue costello. This is me and sue casto to intimate know I like to be in a in a hotel room, doing a podcast. It feels like, like it's not as bigger, not as big a deal like that. We have the old days like yeah, it's just
Like that note. Is this real? I got a great idea: they'll go out of my hotel room. Yeah, wait a minute we're not supposed to be having meetings in hotels anymore. This isn't a meeting. This is actually a studio, officially a studio mode, is the meeting, It's all on the level sue on the level will I know how to protect myself so that's right! You were here like. Do you still at? Are you like still house in good shape, I'm if you're in good shape. Thank you. What are you? do you do for the exercise you it's all yoga now yoga, no jumping around no dampen around no box, and no boxing The boxing was a period in time. When I had to get the anger out and it's out No more anger when it comes in in any asses how you get it the past, no seriously boundaries Oh, you mean angry with people in moments. You have boundaries but like what-
you just sitting around seething. What, if your brain, just sort of like what is stinks and I'm fucked it doesn't do that it doesn't, do it never did yeah it so does in do it anymore, he's back you healed by by walking through it yeah! That's when I really learned is that Work. Now is all about this. When theory hit the rub. We know in the rubber had sorrowed when theory hits reality. What is it really and how do you really change and in whole country. Now the isolation is what's killing people and I've always I mean I've been saying this stuff for twenty years. I've been saying, for thirty years and now it's all coming to fruition. They what I've always said, which is where the isolation is, what was killing us, because we were all in our brain right and not connecting or now is separated in our little pods of information, not just in our but now we can now choose which reality we want to age while we're sitting there in our brain, let's also dehumanizing us, which is what I've always talked at a humanising. How will we not?
in each other. As human being I mean we can get going right now from this from the get go with that so everybody's talking about how we're going to turn into computers, we are going to turn into computers if something drastic doesn't happen, and I believe, with every fiber in my body that we were on the verge of one of the biggest spiritual revolutions that history has ever seen in our. Where are we we're on it? Now? Yes, we're on it now so there's hope, oh my god there's my hope is all there is hope now get out. That's all we focus, one is humanity, gonna come together when things get, we surely, when we're about to be extinct? That's when I have. I have all, but I've been say, I'm telling you for thirty years have been saying this and the crush me immigration me crushed me crushed me crushed me crushed me, me yeah, I mean but they're, not because you were saying that way, because I was saying it because, They don't want to hear it wanted to do the build up first, they want to do the greed in the money in the whole thing. First right, sir, you, your biting by any
I he other than your own. No, no and untrusting trusting the fourth yeah the force that you have ernest yes in reno, it's weird is, I really have harness did because we were just talking about being defensive, be road turned on the mike's ripe. so? What I realize no one knows at about me: some aid area. I mean everybody defensive and like so so, I'm from Boston? I was but I believe that we all come into the world. Of course, the pure yeah, and then we get for about a bit about a day, We get the depending on data. Jewish. Ok, when I figured out is that we are coming to the world's poor, here and there Can we exit the womb? We are body autonomous yeah, so No mother, no person outside of you can do anything we. You are like on your own, kinder yeah, I mean the second. You come out of your room. I I've. I have what my understanding is you you can't just yes
your life on your own at that point, while there is a need somebody to take care of you up until the point that yes, there to pay the rent for you and eve, but even if back to you feed you and teach you how to speak, you know that stuff right, but In that he formed through you, society, yes, a national delegation have through but there's a symbiotic thing that happens between you and your mother, even if it is their disrupted. There is a primal, a union that day you know that you're young in with them and happens at a psychic level and biological lily brings as we're going right at so the human thing to the human thing. I feel like we're on the verge of a spiritual revolution. Good, so you talkin about the moms and that in the primal reaction. So, yes, I mama's are as our primary caregiver. So what's going on with the men nowadays here is It's all mommy issues, it's mommy and daddy issues. What's going with the women and men actually, but but for women we
turned from our primary care giver to have sex men. Can't men have sex with the same sex. What your straight same sex as their primary care, give us all its much work, pleaded for men were once removed. How's. This all factor into what's happening with you now live in I started my career. I been, I always I always talked about love. I listen to the first ability of yesterday that we did. I had never listened to have seven years ago, never listened to a power, and I was like, oh my god, everything I talked about, then I wasn't conscious of yet, but I knew it but some pretty hard times in his allows? I went out to some really hard times, but it now I'm like. Oh, I to go through those hard times like so now I have perspective, and now I look back and I I almost brought it on myself so that I could oh yeah, it's like hero's journeys. What happened to me sure sure
If you did have you been reading some joseph campbell know people told me about it, though, and it sounds like the same thing I mean. That is the thing to these stories. The same sure. Of course they are, if you, if you do actually try if you do get through the hardships and then rise above them to a different place, if there is a transformation, yes, that's a hero's journey. You don't want the anti hero's journey, but there are, lot of people that are anti heroes are that the streets are filled with them. Yes, yeah I'd save those people, so let's break it down. I just from what we've talked about so far cause you're, putting together a new show right and putting together. I I have so much going on but the show is going to save humanity,
No, I can't tell them that magneto be great. That's Larry's gives them now twisted and we, like so many a blog vetoes, said we have to go all the way down. By saying that I am glad I do not have that much power, the ass. That's all they need is that one's own glinda Louise, I said, and then they'll say I said it now. The uk cells that she was going to say I don't think anyone's that concerned about either of us and tell you some of the. If it goes viral, but you can save you manatee, then it will be a good first week of the shop, but I'll have to really live up to that. That will be a lot of russian yourself lisa, and we are right now from what you ve told me. You ve been sort of saving humanity from for thirty years, but that's it it's funny. How you're saying you're, taking my word, you twisting and you're sending out on your part. Gas in southern Europe is going to listen to what you said, and I didn't say that ok, we're we're said, is that we are on the verge of a spiritual qatar, this cohesion- and you turn that into me, saying I'm saving humanity. So how did you get to that
it got to that. Was that you, you talked about love. You talked about personal transformation. You talked about knowing what's happening, was going to happen thirty years ago and that have a lot of hopes, always figuring the figuring the putting into putting into the world is going to be proactive. I absolutely pro Maybe I don't know, maybe I'm underestimated myself, maybe I'll have you and ended law? I would hope. So it sounds from like form where you're coming from sure. Well. Well, that's why so I've been doing the play a ban, and I have my podcast employer has outlined by same play. What to call them. I am sucrose the right and it's on your pants. It's on the label of your j eugene pants receives shorts hashtag. I am, sir, stella yeah, so it used to be called minus thirty, two million words when I was you make those labels for your shorts know somebody made them for me. Oh it's nice. It's cool, right, yeah, who who made, who makes label short somebody you have you heard where oh yeah yeah. Ok in all the girls,
Although the goal of the golan heights just do a little bit of brandy, meant that so I said to you when you aren't good morning america this morning there, the visual of you here, people visual, is import. Especially nowadays they don't have the attention span. So, even though it was you felt like it went fast, they still got the visual of you on the tv and that might be enough for people register now it sure yeah, I don't take it too seriously, not a serious. These are used to unite. Have I dressed up nice, and I call my hair and I showed up- and I was present- and I answered the questions and I I talked about my show, and then I left that's good, but then you don't get so emotionally involved and you're like okay. There you go there's another little yeah. I guess yeah, I just after you do there's another little there's another little there's another little. Do they all add up. I don't know yeah from what you've said beginning that people are isolated in their minds and now because of the computer they're stuck in a sort of a non reality. That's dick disconnected from other from real people that you know, where? Is it really going? What's really happening, desert register at all, or is it just moms getting their kids ready for school? They look over the computer and go at guys
trimmed beard and then they turn away and that's the end of it I don't know but act to again that everybody has this theory that we're going to turn into computers were creating these computers that it can be more powerful and smart than us in agony, told her letter already here right, joy, already you're talking about yes, it's the ai all that stuff. So my theory is not my theory, my I believe my whole purpose for being on this earth is to talk about humanity here, because I feel that that's the whole humanity and humility well, yeah Humility is so strong That is why I am learning in the crush the ego here. The humility gets you everything sure, I don't kills you cause. You now, like. You know, you're fully present with your heart, but I've been working on this and sending all of it, transcending gender transcending race trance go into the spirit, leisure, and so I ve been like do unlike this human guinea pig have been like this human for it.
Get counting of like what's really going on and how? How and in what activities do you do to do that? Well, I just I show up what fear comes everybody says to me soo, how do you cope and I'm like it's not coping? What I'm actually doing is I'm actually engaging in life and that's what I think people aren't doing, because we're taught we have been growing down so much to not have any feelings and we are I feeling so, and I it's my belief that it's all coming out on the earth. Now it's all cut and night. This was the play years. and I Didn'T- I wrote it before I going to happen so, what's going on internally is happening externally to ourselves, we're actually doing it to ourselves with the energy sure yeah. I agree with her so what I've been doing is is trying to walk through the fear in my brain that isolation. That keeps me this like this film. Almost like. I want to see the wizard of oz. I want to say that you see all those things that say behind that. Little veil of fear is everything you ever wanted crabs in a bucket. I called it in my play. There's like four people that told you
can't do something and then there's seventy five million that believe you can but to break through those for a breakthrough. It's in your head, yeah sure! and then and then I read, I mean I've been waiting in study and in listening to people my whole career? That's all I've been doing because all I've done it suffered sexism. My whole korea, I've literally been they ve. In my money they grab my ass. They ve done every everything. That's happened now. I've like I love then to all of its like assault as well in terms of like grabbing your asses insult assault that, like like what was other things like Michael, say that I've never been raped. So the point as I was coming down on the train, I was thinking and I'm learning like I would have been with somebody. That said, why don't they just say something, and so I read about it and it's like it literally says that way and don't say anything because there they can't even speak cause they're, saying this isn't happening and oh yeah, that
what happens in life when you haven't when you haven't been raped either you a lot of resistance to what's going on is like this isn't happening, so we can't take care of ourselves. From the abuse, and then I about how and when I rape victim goes on trial. Do they try to trigger the ptsd, and I said that what they that's what's going and that's why they had this on me, too movement because of all the abuse, It's been going on, so I was thinking. Ok, so I don't know what it's like to be raped, but I know what it's like to be abused. like one, why don't? I try to lean into all of this, for all of us If I can lean in don't have the that extra pain, which I can't even imagine, and let me see if I can read search it and then articulated for women, so that we can change. doing that so I did it started last summer, I did it with the play. I've been doing it with a play all along. I had no idea what I was doing. Does the play evolved completely evolve, and not only is it evolving so now it's it at last to weeks ago and was a fur
I felt comfortable enough to have a talk back afterwards. Oh well, because your vulnerable point you summer there might, but I want to see this this brand, that I'm building is all about building community letting people talk, offers solutions, sure enough for division. Everybody so divided! I'm like! Let's go that I want to just give him a role model of something that's completely different than what's out there right now, yeah and this If a younger women like I want them to have a role model. Let's, like oh, it's will they get older, oh at smarter as you get older, if you don't give up like all you get more power as you get older, you get that's why I want to become to something else that people can look at like almost turning the lens. I don't want to change the world. I just want to turn the lens a little and go if you don't like it's gonna, let s look at this and see. If maybe this is what you like right or or whether you can take action in the with in the world that you reject in for yourself that will be proactive and and have change there and also it'll.
Came to be in the world than you exist in, which is another thing. That's causing human beings are turned the pain where they taught us, like you, gotta be which you gotta be. There's you gotta be that you have to be this and make people that do, blue collar jobs like the middle class has been wiped out because of all this, like at the advertising and I'm telling you need to be originally addiction and everybody thinking they need more and get be more than their neighbors are more more more more more and I talked about this six years ago. You can go back and listen to the I, the idea of, like not being in the isn't like. I was on stage one night and this guy's like I said: what do you do when he's like? Well, I'm a mechanic, it's not that great of a job, and I was like why am I everybody drives. We all need mechanics and his whole face lit up rikers, judging himself against what we have grown to believe success. Yes, because of cultural pressure and and status, but he wants to be a mechanic and so this whole thing has been taught by culture that that's not worthy, that's not enough ages!
really torturing himself for no reason, because he doesn't need to torture himself. Andy is very valuable to us, absolutely and so The idea of this whole middle class thing has been wiped out. It's like that was america. That was the heart of america, the middle class you are allowed to. Not capitalism was supposed to be. You take risks and to build a business and you get to make more money. If you want to do that, the class and then the people that were poor in yes, some of the people that a poor they do take advantage of the system where it it's part of the equation like if you own a bar, when you do the accounting of the bar, you you factor that you're going to get sound from right, This is part of lying, like all this resistance to this perfection and how it should be as what's caught em in the knowledge spiritual leaders talk about this, but this separateness in that causes us to show what about, what are some of the other things that we talked about his wont when he came in your excited about how much of what you said you were going to do. You did ok,
What what is it? I listened yes, say so. Barnes fish burn unless moon vessel to people that I talked about six years ago, and I talked about how less move s always believed in me, when you had the show one castelo was before cross, sell he's the first guy to give me my dear for for the show that ran with no, he gave me my first deal and I did a pilot and then, from that pilot I was forced to be on our free brown right and then, but when adam whitmer, which is so funny cause murphy brown's coming back. It's like everything's coming full circle, so I found a later on as he wanted to keep me on CBS, I was supposed to go to a b c, and so he he kind of pushed me on murphy brown and she wasn't having it, and there is a great example, of pitting women against each other. I thought
murphy brown, all the time, and now I mean candice bergen and it was, and I'm like it makes sense that she flexor muscles back. Yet I didn't know I was just upon it wasn't her. She didn't want to be pushed around, which makes sense sure, especially back then being a woman. Can you imagine now in hindsight you got your little piece and now someone like who is this young girl coming in was the star and they're going to use my show in my head. I thought it was a great move, because I thought it was going to learn from somebody right, but you see it that way. She didn't know. You know right now that in boulder in this matter- I'm like, of course he didn't. It was naive of me, but I didn't know so then what happened a couple of years before that I met with a b c, a b c came to me because Katie Couric show got cancelled and they wanted me to take over for katy Kirk. They wanted me to do a talk show, and I thought back to when I and my tv shows when I had the tv deals. The head of m g m kept saying to me: soo, you need to do a talk show because you have oprah like qualities and at the time I didn't have the self esteem, and I was like I bet I'm a sitcom person. So then a b c came
as a guy. Maybe this is the way I should go okay, this. Maybe this is the way it should go. So I go and I meet with them, and I told them that I want to do my talk show on my talk, show was going to be cause. It's celebrity. Myth was breaking. It was over because of social media. Here I want to bring humanity back to everybody so that we could all so wouldn't turn we're big mess right, and so I wanted to do talk show where I had a celebrity you were there. My hope, transfer storytelling event. So I did that storytelling event with name in a long time ago that so I on the show road. Yes and so I've been forecasting stuff before it's happened long before it even happened so loud storytelling event was we had to do the story were hope, overcame fear, yeah, and it was hilarious, watching you and a couple. Other people who are very cynical have to come around to hope. It was that was one of the funniest part of the whole thing was to watch watch to team around tahoe, yes to set up like the perimeters with somebody had to find the hope and history. Yeah yeah Okay and everybody said that was the best night. They ever had to all these things that I've done along the way have shown me I'm onto something
want some sure my tv show you I said I was ahead of my time back then I looked back in may we shall now. I was talking about the disenfranchised middle class white men back then. I just didn't know what I was talking about. So So I got a b c, and so I pitched in this tv show about how I want to draw the lines the similarities to humanity between the regular people in the celebrities, and then I, was going to create a show worse where celebrities could come on and end. handle their own image instead of like the stuff like tmz and everything was so out of control. My mike they're going to be excited about coming on cause they're, going to be able to talk about what they want to talk about who they really are, and I'm a safe person to do that with, which is why the hope trump sphere storytelling event work, because I'm said yeah same thing happen when I hosted later Larry Flynt came on and he was so afraid. I was going to attack him for porn and I wanted to talk to him about what it was like to take a bullet for something you believed in or yeah. So my mind does never goes to judging people
it goes to finding a why they do what they do and empowering people during a sort of park asked. Have I just started my I am suke, I sell bog has the new version of it. I just lay I've like eleven episodes of it. He will go. yeah they can get it on itunes and at my website, so back to it. so I too pitch the show a picture. So if it's a show now they want me. Take over katy car katy cork is like an emphatic. I've talked to her she's, not rank, and so they like, oh you mean like chelsea handler and I go no I wanted to do it here, but I wanted to do this. Show that I wanted to do now. Chelsea are not usually want to be bitchy you're, not that person, I didn't say but I'm just not that I want it to be me, be fine
ok, I just want to be me, that's all I've ever want to be in areas like now. You them- and I make no on me- are you seem pretty? You ve always seem pretty you. I don't know who is arguing that, but I believe they are have been a yet they are and into their defence like they did put me on tv or what that what happens is when you have a big personality, an expanse of personality that is not narrow. They they just projector you I mean, like I used to It was stifling, but like this misunderstanding, they don't know the breadth of your Compassion. Your emotions, your empathy, whatever they just, He was like oh you're that girl you're the girl that talks like that, and you kick some ass and that's great. which is what we were talking about, the defensiveness in the beginning. So what I realize is that I kind inside, but when somebody would attack that kind I guess that's what I'm realizing about human nature is that people attack the love- and I talked about this and the seven years ago about about of being the only answer and people talk about that all the time and everybody's like what does that mean and our inversion to love this?
the aversion, is to love this. What I've been doing for seven years, it's that we attack, and each other, because we don't believe it's true. So as much as when something bad happened, and we say this isn't happening same thing happens when than good is happening, so we attack at we, and so the people that are being attacked, take on the attack and act out from the attack. So you can talk about their from bisexual. You can talk about that from the physical you become what happened to you and you act out on it or you become quiet and you become complicit in either way. Those can be mistaken as personalities and they're, not their reactions and violence. In the flip side of that is the people that are doing the abusing do the same thing. They create this kind of monster that separate of them separate from the experience so that they can commit the crime and what they're doing right yeah I used to do. I have a line of joke that I used to think I do on my last special. So if something I wrote down it's hard to manage the monster I created to protect the kid inside exactly That's my plays all about about the scary monster in this idea that I have been projecting all the things that have been
and to me from my own body, and this is your way of purging that so what happened it b c d. So a b c I met with them, I met with them, I met with them and then I was like I'm not coming here anymore. They don't get me right and it was a big risk because- I didn't have any money yeah and I remember when I walked, but I walked out of them. They were like. We know who your bad as if we don't get on the sue, costello bandwagon, it's going to take off or whatever and I'm like whatever and I leave and this big huge. Wave comes over. My body- and it goes well that wasn't very feminine- five went along with what they were trying to do, which was make me into what they wanted me to be thou. Had been feminine to me. That's how I social out where they women, you thought like. I should leave them on site like that's what they're I it was it usage just go along with whom I did say no to a bunch of paraguay. there. We go there. We are I want to say a very slow laker, who am I I say no get rid of that question it just it just
me so deeply like the same, thing with men. Touching you the same thing cool, it's so ingrained into our brain. Who am I to say no and this people pleasing in this caretaking men and all this stuff that socialized into us. So in a way I was still doing the dance like I'm going to tell you not to me that way, but then I want you to take care of me. That kind of that's the other thing. Men are supposed to take care of you, which is making me laugh so hard. I'm, like man, can't even tie the fucking shoes and were like abdicating our power to them like that, and the reason why everybody's so mad is because they have built their careers on our backs. Men have built their careers on back, so everybody's like screaming at them Unlike you can't do it anymore, I'm like well, they don't have a plan b. That's all they know like you gotta we gotta talk through it. We gotta figure out a solution not because they get more mad. Patriarchy is a motherfucker. They get more. Naturally, she literally fuck yeah. So I leave abt and I see that wasn't very feminine and I go well. I better pay attention to that, because if I never had love dbc, I were to continue in the repetition of thinking that that's feminine
so then last summer, and then I have see saw me on stage and they were like. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, I never saw a woman on stage talk about what it's like to be a woman with being angry. so, I started realizing I'm like the reason why I'm not angry because they process it all before this all started happening. So I don't I'm not getting re triggered by what's going on in the wisdom of age, then, yes, and also of I dunno his age. Sometimes, if you don't grow, can can do and ab you in the yeah yeah can collapse why do just always knew I wasn't going to settle, even though I didn't know what was going to come of it. I didn't saddle and I knew was going to be painful and I knew I was going to act down nine p. You know I make mistakes and I'm like, but isn't that living yeah yeah sure against everything that do which was put us in a box- and I through that hold too hard time. I went out and arrogant yeah what this worlds go into. I went through that personally here up through with those concerned. There was no need be concerned whatsoever because any opening hours, okay, so the other thing that they so they were.
on the wtf that I did, they wrote she's a cunt I know I need to tell you. I only say this, so they said she's a cunt. She should be thankful for what the old lady and the therapists that were helping her and a city. When I listen to it, the old lady you mean on a common border, easter, yes, and so the old on early one. the old lady in the therapist. I told the story of how the thigh as in the old lady were take trying to take advantage of me financially and they said what a cunt she's be grateful that they were helping her and now Looking back, I'm like. Oh, isn't that interesting. I was speaking up for taking care of myself financially and I got called the content. That is what happens in the world the time and then I researched the history of the word cunt initially it was just a just like vagina, just a word for a rather bars and then shakespeare made a crude but not derogatory, but then during suffrage is when they use it as a derogatory. So that's what they're tried. So that's it
someone. So am I stuck that's when it stack so yeah, so they use that to try to do that and I'm like whatever I don't care. What you call me, I don't care, you tell me, I'm great, you can say I don't care so but I will walk away if you talk poorly to me, but it's not going to because I walk away here so anyway, so they do that BC. I leave ab so then, last summer a I have sees like. I never saw that and I'm like ok something's happening something's happening with what I'm doing. I remember Colin Quinn, saying to me time ago, about when I did this joke age about, however, when in the men returned, men to women and cons. I keep going with that too. So I'm added it all up, and I'm like this is what's becoming. me. I am sue carswell so last summer I was like suit all of a sudden. I was sitting at my desk and there has been so many like you want to talk about. I don't care what you call it. I don't care, you call a god. I don't care. If you call it love, I don't care. If you called the force, it will guide you if you let it and it's very quiet and it's not loud is ego. Love is quite
I keep thinking they. They have books about people saying when die. It's all about love and everybody's, like what does it mean is love mean it doesn't mean. This childish, like everything's gonna, be awesome, love. It means exerting yourself, like the boat, the book, the role traveled, says, loves and exertion love is attach even do it and weddings, but does anybody a listen? It's like a really means, like you go extra mile, it doesn't mean you. Let people treat you like shit you go a little further is go and that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to do. I am not trying going a little further to see. If maybe I can effect some change, so I'm sitting I was like what should I do, which I do they want me to talk to I dunno and then I it just came. The voice came to me: go to les moonves CBS Cbs, the big guy, the big guy, the guy who give you the deal yes and the reason why I wanted to go to him like life can be very simple and it's all about.
In your intention. You not judge on your intentions, but the intention behind your action is what causes your effect. So I wanted to go back to is. He was the one that helped me first cause. That's why I am so you talk about purity, so I just email them say less. We meet with meagre sure We must not delay at any money for a flight ticket back. That's how much faith I had in mind I fly to you, go where'd you in his office and I sat and I told him what was going on. I went for advice cause I was like they want me to do a talk show I don't know if I should do another sick com, but I am ready to do something because I definitely point of view and I'm you know. I have the experience everything and so he was like you have to do a sitcom, and so then we were. when they're talking in his office and then all of a sudden. At one point he was like you're a really good person, and I was like a mate yeah. I I wanted be greedy. I had my whole life. I've always said this, even when I have my T. V show the first time and I don't want a plane. I don't want to. I want people,
the love each other. That's what my mission in life is so then all the sudden they in the room. It was amazing because it turned and from almost like- and everybody keeps saying to me who you going to meet with god The meeting going to meet with gonna have seen he's out my god, my god, That is an interesting that's. What a lot people love to have this vision of this, like white male, god and then I'm like what is this image of what we have to do? It is god right this powerful? where's, and so I would like and the reason why he gave me my deals, cause I'd. I always treated and regular I saw him sitting in his office. He asked me how I am making a living with The time I didn't realize wasn't a good question, So I purposely purposely said to him. I then broke most people would never say that because you're afraid a that you'll be embarrassed lobby that they'll take advantage of you and I consciously said, let's see what he does with that information. So amazing cuz in the room it for me meeting him to him almost like trying to get
media work with him and then up his whole body shook and he's like, I think, you're ready for what's about to happen to you. So what's the deal executive producer, star of my own tv, show. That's great, and so then I then they flew me out there, it's the idea and point. They told me: we don't know who's going to write it because you just the actress I said no and then they kept like they were that's what I'm realise in his woods always happen to me. So I have this this power I have this I'm funny. I can act, I can write and what they do is they try to, like weeds side, talkin, my grind you down, so that they can in that's what they talk about when somebody's abusing you? It's would that's it. They target they. When someone abusing you. They want you to fulfill all their needs without any reverence for what the subjects needs are. So they they they never really understand what you do and they've got a system in place. So they
this term is that's what I'm soldiers, so what I did was. I got the system out of my body and I went back into the system suddenly It doesn't affect me, I get it yeah, you don't fuck at I, lifted, lady, that I made the show about that. So so I went through this whole process with them. Not only that so so, this woman, who is intellectual property attorney. She said a good. They said they will fly me out there and they were like We need you to design something and I'm like okay and then and they didn't want me to sign some than the intellectual property. Lady said no way so you're not going out there without somethin sign. Take this anyway, and she was bring your slingshot cause you're about to go slay goliath and I'm not just why I went to the cvs in new york for us, and I told the woman. I said it's all about to crumble anything. I built on a spiritual foundation is about to crumble. Everything has to be done with transparency. Now this deal has to be done fairly. It has to be done fairly because it's not going to work anymore and two weeks later, the harvey weinstein thing broke so harvey weinstein thing broke now. Playing going to allay to sit
front of these suits. While this will have him since the energy was insane. I was so intense and so on. At there and they say alright, tell us your idea and I took out the n and they did not like it. They did not like it they will we don't sign in india. We don't do that. We don't do that and then a whole lot more went on, but they did, they did sign it. and then I ended up going doing research with the the attorneys and how much they I just hope I mean I believe it. I was like. Ok, we're in the middle of this me to think you'd think that they they would be holding their act together now we know it was worse the iter and he's like some of them, like one guy he's a huge attorney cornered me in his office physically going me in his office because he wanted me to sign a contracting signing away all my rights because they see when I have on my hands in and what in order in you and in anger not in it.
not even in anger in frustration is what I was able to will be pragmatic about took as I was like. Oh he was so mad and frustrated that I wasn't doing what he wanted me to do, that he physically leave His sense of any reality that I could see damn that he's a lawyer that that we're in the middle of this whole. yeah, and that I'm sue costello and I have a big mouth, but so he stood up and then I do- and I was so and so this is what I mean about not becoming what they do to you yeah. I picked up my bag and I looked at him and I said: can you step aside cuz? I need to leave the room, and is he eddie crumbled because he was well enough from that scary monster, I was like what did I just fucking? Do it? What did I just do when he chased me out of the who said that yeah he chased me out of the place and I was like and yes could I have sued him. Could I have done yeah, but I don't want to do that. I want to get a tv show made. I want to do business and I want to make money. So that's all I kept focusing on I'm like cause. I couldn't went down the rabbit hole with all this stuff and learning, and I didn't
if I get angry, then that- they want me to do- the tv show is gone so does even logically make sense you like. Why would you want to make somebody that you need there ss? to make you money and that thing the cool thing about CBS is like I went to them go back to life, but also the whole. it would do in all this. We so And finally, I was just like one only just fuckin right the script. Two weeks I wrote the script and took everything that they did to me and I put it in the script so now I have a show about what goes on between men and women in suits and a sitcom. That's hilarious about everything that happened. but I'm going to negotiate. My my dad was a labor mediator and the cool thing about it. So I transcended everything with my dad so now I can transcend it, I'm getting the help from my dad, because I don't have all this anger. my dad anymore he's helping me through this whole thing like when the guy push me in his office. He got so mad. I go dad, don't be my dad. Be help me with this. Yoshi asians, then he's like. Oh, oh, I get what you're doing. Oh, I get what you do and he goes you don't need me. He goes. I you does need me to tell you to keep going in the last
I was home he to your the best negotiator. I've ever met in my whole life. Now I'm like look at that. So if I can get the respect from my dad and then I'm like okay, so my dad doesn't know what it's like to be a woman. So why would I expect him to know my dad doesn't know that when he pops up in his act, scary that he scares me unless I tell him so we've been in this mode of like they puff up scary and I don't tell them, and then this abuse is abuse of power is existing, because it's set up that way. It's almost breeding it. So while I'm like. Why don't I just try to do something different in the identity, with my dad, my dad's puffed up and I've been like. how what it sounds like you doing. Is this in the innate turns into like a german shepherd puppy dog and he's like no, I just like I let you down and unlike all god, you know many years. It took me to be able to have. The word suggest save feels like this and then he feels We because he's he's not meaning to do what he's doing and I'm not saying that damn defending the men's behavior, but somebody's gotta do something to fix some of this in even guys now that, like I don't even know creepy years and I'm like they will,
I don't know what creepy help yes and so created the show that's going to help all of us not just or good I'm thrilled. It sounds great, so this is happening you're doing you. One person show I'm doing the play, I'm going to keep going with the place we get to play. I get that and then this documentarian came and they wanted to shoot a documentary about the play about, then I'm do really they so wish. People find you do end up doing standup. I just headlined vegas, then reno su castle, dot com, good yeah, it's nice and yeah. You too thanks you thank you. And as I mentioned, go to, you, can just go to suit castelo dot com. For for everything, you need to know you can go to a go fund me at gofundme dot. Com, slash, I am sue costello, but Try to find too. It's always invigorating, yes, uplifting
I also wanted to mention that my friend of the show- and no buddy of mine who I've known for a million years. tingle, I just read an article that he's running for office. I didn't even know it was happening, but my old buddy Jimmy tingles running for lieutenant governor in massachusetts and that's it sick, a beautiful thing he's always been We are concerned about politics, he's always had a political voice and I just want to say you're fucking good for you Jimmy walking the walk and it's beautiful. Congratulations. Best of luck. So gap again. You ve been on the show actually several times to always good this to see gm. We talked about some pretty heavy stuff. But he's always funny he's gotta special. It's called noble ape is playing right now and select theatres, yeah and you can also get it on itunes, amazon and other digital platforms. Theaters go see Jimmy in a theater.
I didn't mean Jim gaffigan catching up to one pull them can you face, I I can give you an era how you doing I'm good here. so you're out running around doing the thing running around just like the 19th special know. This the sixth hour. And while we all did those in others, the comedy central ones, right, I didn't do an hour for them. I never did I've done four. vessels. I've done one for netflix, one for epics and another for network. and now the rest cds and then a half hour special, but I've only done three though They were seventy minutes and one of them was ninety minutes. Yeah. What's yours coming in at this one, I think is like seventy two that's about right, yeah, but this one's called noble, ape, noble, ape
and so I Our tune, wilder raining down Adam Goldberg and we went out to he out with a fourth of July we have a yearly couples date, fourth of July party me and Sarah and roxanne and the what's: what's the little kid's name bud but the gas. I declared and Adam s name bud. Goldberg cried the best of the best man. It's a great asia is a great kid he's a good kid but I just had no idea what like the last time I talked to. I have no idea. What's happened, I don't know haven't the television. I didn't know about genie sickness, I didn't know like what you ve been doing it. I have you had three more kids since I've seen you still is five okay, so at what happened with the show on tv land or what happened with. The show is a genie and I were executive producer and writing
was directing and we have five young children and frankly it was it was. You know a blast and everything the I was also in saying in and it's just what you ve been there. It's it's always live kids. I can imagine that in our it's an insane balancing act right- and you know it's one thing to have one parent working for time do. I got to have to gone for sometimes in hours a day. It's just it's just irresponsible bright and so for me was an easy emotionally negligent it it was. It was. It is easy I did my it almost child abuse. Yes, what you know also. We would, of course, you're not working absolutely every single there, but in those days off here I just wouldn't get out of bed, but she would be out doing things with care either. Kids ends. It was a pretty easy decision for me, but for her it was rather difficult because she was
acting out, he was executive. It was like she was the mama bear. It was like right on both fronts, with an angry and with the shop, and so it was a hard decision for her mia. But in the end, a pretty simple one cuz in the end you- and I you don't want to suck at parenting- right. So evidently everyone fails but like bright one, but weird. It was your decision pretty Yes, they would have done more. I think you know, who knows through there's, probably some iteration, because the balancing act of like some discussion there to go to like twenty two episodes remain, which would have been insanity, ia, total, but but I don't you know it's like, I don't even know of t v. Land is still called t v land right now. I know it's hard to do and it was a that show was unique in that we were
and you know this doing. A semi autobiographical show yeah, but you imagine doing a semi autobiographical show where you're your significant. Your partner is also portrayed. So it's not. If you like, I don't care if I am portrayed as a schlub, but you're playing you, I'm playing me and someone else's pay playing. Hers was that it was very complex and then he had a few fake kids, fake kids. kids would slide and here and there with it. He asked that so that ended and then, as you just went right back into two writing stand up, it was. It was a piece of no way working on stand up and not writing episodes and rewriting episode morning about a crew and everything else. But yeah and you know I got some acting rose and films and it was. It was great and then last april discovered ginea this huge brain tumor, the size of a pair cat have really a base,
her skull level right, where all the cranial nerves, so I was aware, but symptoms I mean, like You find out what what indeed to make your realise. Well, she was at the pity, attrition she. You know I was problem, out of town. She brought in all five kids to the pediatrician. We have this amazing pediatrician and the period and she said she was starting to change because you're favouring one ear and engineers like I can hear out of this one and the pd attrition. Like, that's, not normal, and I just assumed it's exhaustion. You know five kids and answer pity attrition centre to. An ear, nose and throat. Send and that anti you know like for a month. There were like these hearing access. It is that europe is doing, and then he was like you know.
I you know it sounds paranoid, but I think we should do an ama right, so they did number I and then they found this huge mass. Oh my god, and it was crazy, dude arafat, crazy, terrifying, absolutely terrifying, oh man So what was the? What was the prognosis? What had the way it was? It was just an immediate case of fine, a plan b at herman, a plan and in others you know, I think, Jeannie's in the process of writing a book about it, but it You know you immediately go into there's an amazing calmness that comes over. I mean everyone. Listening to this is at a family emergency like this and you just try and make the best. Next decision or you don't. What what you handle it with the kids Well, we have the older ones, we told them how their they were. They're fourteen and now so they're, both thirteen and Oh yeah
the younger ones. We said mommy's gotta go in the hospital for a procedure, yeah you know, and so, but it was surreal. It was like a good. You know a good month where I she was going to die. It was just like it was pretty obvious that it was not looking good and the doctors were saying well, the are always very. Interesting. Observing doctors cause they are in a way they have to be diplomatic can be they can embrace the be you nah. They can't be the cynic here and go it's all going to fail. Yeah, it's it's overpower. They have to be take her home. You know because one of the first questions you know Jeannie asked was or am I going to die in the doctors like, I don't think so, and you're
alright. So then, I'm turning around and spinning that to my children, your mom's not going to die, but here's what's going to happen right and so but the reality is is that you know a huge mass around the, Brainstem is not good, like all these cranial nerves that control everything from swallowing to a blinking of an eye. Facial slouch highly likely, was all there we didn't know if the tumor was benign or not so we're going into this, and there was just complications beforehand to you, know like they have to. I mean g is insane: they build a map of the brain through mri and then you know they go in and there's you know this team of surgeons and one of them's on this nerve that controls of the ability to you, you know the houses just a guy for that there's just a person on that wow oh
and so we finish we got lucky because some of the material of the tumor was sticky remember the the the search and saying it was a sticky material, therefore They could pull it away from the cranial nerves, but it's some of it is. I know it was a blur. Existing in this blur. I'm trying to organize how many surgeries she had. who won one quarter rides it meaning cutting off the blood supply and then another one and then she's had a surgery. You know because half of her had paralysis in the vocal cord so like she can speak, but she had a fee getting tube. She had a tracheotomy. She had the whole shebang and she couldn't speak. She couldn't eat I want us, it felt like a year, but probably a month in command like being married to a glutton like me and not being what to eat her, so she had to be fed through a tube
like when we would have dinner we'd have to close these doors so that there was no scent of food going into the room, and then I found myself no swaddling. Why having them? Because if you can eat, if you can't swallow, you don't want to hear you dont want to smell. You know, sir. Speaking for I saw, but did they get sedate. She went through two major surgeries carter item, eight removal, yes, and they got it all out. Yes, and I got all awakening pinon. It was benign. Ah my I now she comes out of that and she's got this paralysis and have and throw prob. And so there's just you know, medical science is just. I can't even contemplate it, it's just so then they did some. You know beat sheet we had a severe pneumonia after the surge dangerous yeah politically we you know. Essentially, she aspirate achieve the ability. the swallow one of the radial nerves was damaged, so she was
breathing, but because she didn't have this instinctive nerve to swallow all the liquor. What's going on our lungs. So therefore she got pneumonia and then you get pneumonia in a hospital really bad, but I a lot of nasty draft floating around So there was said there was a lot of touch and go moments and- and we were? You are able to sort of stay strong and present, and you I mean I tried my ass? You know it was also its you know organizing making sure that she had. You know someone always in the hospital and also making sure that my five kids, that there was some continuity of a familiar face, his unique family really showed up here. You know they helped did kind of like round like, I have all these things that I scheduled and Jimmy really resents it. Would be like shifts of adding at the hospital with genie including overnight, because you need an advocate in a hospital right and then
There were also making sure that you know my kids would wake up and see a familiar face that way preferably a relative. I mean it was. You know, we're very lucky that you, one of nine kids, so it's like there were moments, like oh, this is why you have nine kids, I saw the aunt and uncle were their yeah. That's me he's in new york was. I only orkut when osborne mount sinai melita as they are good cancer hospital. I mean there is a neuroscience division. It's just so may so what now, where she had now in terms of how is she what what? What? What are the physics why abilities as it stands now? Well, she you know probably at eighty percent of her normal energy. A hum if she was sitting here, you might since you knew her. Are you know her,
it sound a little different, but not that much different. Now, we're alike people will meter and then they'll find out. She had a brain and they'll be shocked, but ah She has a partial paralysis in her vocal cords, but there a surgery that made it so that she sounds normal in the in the swelling yet and swallowing is pretty much there. I mean she had, it's like she's, not eating salad. Certain things are very hard to swallow, but You know like when we you eating for our anniversary. Last year we went out and we had a bunch of soups here. You know that was like our first time out. That's nice yeah, what soup known other almost is that you get it. I mean it as July. Twenty six or finding a restaurant that serve soup there like what out ten minute bid on soup No there's no soup, but there is, Jello jokes
you know me so well. I bet did that. The current, the soup chunky s right, but you got okay, she's, okay and the kids must be thrilled and you must be relieved out. It's just I mean I thought for sure that you know there. a couple weeks there was like well, alright, I had a fun run, but I'm not going to outsource Parenting of it's just me just be a mediocre dad with too many kids. do you like. Did you find wake when you were fragile around this stuff to who'd? You turn to When you were like, you must have broke down a couple of times. Well, you know. The weird thing is is like your midway. You know. The thing is is like I remember the the day of the surgery. I had a friend show up at the hospital, and I was like you know, and he was You gotta talk to someone about this. I'm like I don't I yeah I'm nervous either I,
I'm not good at processing things like that, but I'm good at but I knew what I what I needed to do right, and it wasn't there. important. I guess I didn't think that it was a functional to be like I'm so nervous that I'm losing my life partner you're. I wasn't like something that I was. Luckily I never had to get in that position, but I was very much credibly either got to make sure that right is there have after school programmes right and are picked up. Far is practical all about our new dealing with the situation, not worrying about yourself. Wondering that I, if you got your point where you're and take it. I can't hear you, but you didn't it is about and luckily Jeannie's family was there, and so it was in it wasn't lonely right, wasn't lonely, because I would be tough. Somebody who I, whose sister was in peril right
daughter, was impaired and surrounded by fan you of of different ks good, then there's always food, there's always good, for you helped you everyone's bringing food wedding, ring and thirty food lot of food yeah good. I'm glad that got you through it. So the new special and the album. Thank you for bringing me the vinyl I do like vinyl is how much of a how much of it is dealing with some of this stuff, the winter I would say the first twenty minutes is about it and if you open it up the yeah, It's so interesting that the vinyl it so I like now now. Look, I know you're, it's not just you! People love it. I know I don't think it makes a million dollars if you have it, but people the people there like vine like to have it will you know it's interesting. They include the download the exact and all the records have the general it s just and it's beautiful design there,
yeah. Thank god like! Oh, yes, so it's like twenty. I would say you know. First, twenty minutes are about that experience and you know it's. It was kind of coffee. Look to our due and already announced that ip said earlier, like one way or another chile are already. People have dealt with this and in that I found when I started touring with the material was I was Why is this resume? I was like, of course it resonates everyone's been there with a mother, a father or a loved one yeah. I unfortunately I have not yet, but I I I I you're about it. My dad and his wife here now they just went over the town and is the eighty this year and like I just wanna, where we want and this little hike- and I just there's that moment where you have you don't see your folks enough.
Where I see him trying to get up this hill, which isn't even really a hill and I'm like, oh no, it's happening. Yeah he's he's fucking. Eighty, I think it's. I think it's really interesting how human beings we can't live, because we are experience it and we can't live in that reality for too long, but we have to like get right. Can't live in the reality. I mean Adam gaubert, kind of who I love lives in that sincerity of that the mortality vs, I think so I share most of us, can't now we should my dad's more. I got him which is a drag. You know, because he is the easy he doesn't do enough and doesn't get out much. He doesn't like enough things and he just sits he just thinks about you staying alive, even though he's not having a very good time. It's it's he's miserable, but he wanted to keep going. I think it's fun to lie. this denial? I may I think that like you'll see, you know someone
in the news, that's passed away, and typically most people have the reaction. Thank god that's never going to it's horrible, but but yeah but no, but also like you, know, you've surrounded yourself. You have all these wonderful kids and then you know you're in a situation like this. I imagine we're really dealing with what life is illegal in both realms coming and going- and tragedy in, and you know and hope in everything it here, but you see them growing and by you eve You've got a whole world of life around you, it was one of those things where it's sort like well. This was Scary reminder: let's go back to in disneyland right for lets, go and seize the moment and enjoy ourselves right now like travel and see things and you do in there I'm trying to do the good. So what tell me about the the the sword, the special in the at. I notice it's not netflix and that's rare. Israel did they do
When did you decide they like? How can you, given that guy a billion dollars and I'm getting a nickel, was it thing now. You know it's it's. I do have some specials on their mia, and I was presented a different options from the it's the usual suspects that make offers year and one of them was netflix on. One of them was showtime, and one of them was all these different things were all all comedians were all waiting for wind amazon, an apple going to get into this? Are we waiting for that? I think very. I think they should get into it and even in the actual, pretty boy amazon's already into production, I don't think apple but too to take to have an additional outlet for special because but they. So I was approached by you know Brien folk, wise. You know these guys and he is like I'm doing this Model where it's it's going be available everywhere, yeah, on the same day, you know
like a special and then maybe we can release it at home. Six months later, on the same day, it'll be demand it'll, be on itunes, it'll, be on amazon and I was like alright. You know I mean granted. He made a good offer to yeah, but it was It's interesting to release a special, and you know this having a netflix special, because you know when it's available to everyone. It's not confined to just the people that have Netflix vienna. There's a lot of people better consuming it like I don't want, is not on netflix when it's not on netflix likes it right. to see people like an apple meeting. Your eye tune then go to see all these images cause on answer gram. people are sending me all these images of how they're consuming it some people in a theater. Some people are in me. get. It was in a couple theatre, theater, so not like it wasn't in three as like we're gonna make all this money and theater I figure was kind of like
everywhere you dubai- right, watch things right so now as an experiment. I think that was part of the deal that they came me with and I was like Alright. I never really contemplated this being like eddie murphy yes, you know right I did a lot of people go see in the theater. I know I don't know I don't know. I know people dead. I know that we went and did a screening has genie directed at nurse. There were people in there now yeah, which was fond of those what he added she's right. She acted policy directed at its great yeah I saw the decision not to do netflix was to to have a wider market more immediately and also have a little more control over. I imagine in promotion because you don't know if something's going to get lost on netflix or a year or if it's going to get buried or if it's going to get seen, yeah and also I have specials and I know yeah, and so it's but yeah. Some of
It's like. I also feel like people you know consume it. Different ways, and every year every couple of the changes the year I mean it's a comedy centre as the most important and age. Especially round believable changes. We are it's just like now. It's just you want people to see it and you don't know how they're going to see it and then ina and then it's about press reaction. I guess it's. I dunno People find time you're lucky. If somebody makes a time right it's sort of random. You know there are people that love you and are going to watch everything you do, but then it's like people that are just gonna, be like it is there's a thing here right you know, and I don't know how that would allow it works. I a comedian who enjoys lake consuming specials, I still haven't watched a lot of my friends special like the last one I watched was Chris rock It was great near, but that's been awhile now watch maria ban for its last. We recently yeah, it was observed, griping. Yes, yes, he said
yes but tat. Well, I will watch yours all at least listen to the record. Beggar. That's a whole other different experts it's so it's available everywhere at this point in time. Noble ape yes and you guys are if you say hi to jeannie fry well and it's rains you hit on her the first time we did the short maduro we did. The first show- and I was like is his name in heading on my wife, while we do this planet noise that weight, that was it. They are America that wasn't my way back. It was the two hours like new york, one of the early one. When the early pike ass, I was really early. I gotta see what what I did. Maybe I'm this read. Something is, I'm pretty sure your wife was forwarding with me. That's possible path, it's good to see a man glad I visited, I'm glad everything worked out. Thank you. There you go Jim Jim, again. Great guy noble ape is playing right now in theaters.
I can't seem to get over that and even get it on itunes, amazon and other digital platforms. Start today, it's hot out here and I'm doing some work in the garage. I know it's heartbreaking, but you're just going to have to wait boomer lives,
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