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Episode 937 - Mila Kunis / Iliza Shlesinger

2018-07-29 | 🔗
Mila Kunis says she's had a most fortunate trajectory in show business. That's because she got to experience it as a hobby and as a career. She explains to Marc what that means, along with telling him what it was like to arrive in LA as a religious refugee, why Ashton Kutcher is turning into an old man, and why she didn't realize she was supposed to be promoting her new movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me. Also, Iliza Shlesinger returns to talk about her wedding and her new special.

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The fall- let's do this: how are you what the buggers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck are a whole? Yes, I I read my email and I and I, and I see the tweets occasionally- throw a new one in there. exciting news before I forget, it's been about six or seven years since we that any new w of tee shirts right because I I know a of you that that that go is not changed. Maybe I've changed what there's something about the original logo. We still have it up, it still the avatar, but this sort of a wretched, wtf thing. In a way I mean I, I we've had several different types of designs, but for some reason I was just maybe we should do something that's honours the original logo. So you know if you're part of the club, who enjoys the show you
I stand what it is and then some people just like what's up with that fucking shirt, which is you know, something you want people to say so: go get yourself, a new wtf shirt at pod. Swag, calm slash w t ever go to the merged page at devotee of pod, dotcom waste, got the old shirts there and some posters is going to be more posters too. So some stuff would that be. I today's another double Basically, we've got eliza messenger. Got her new special coming out. Wait, wait, wait! I know what it's called to hold on. I have got it written down right here. Yes, the elder millennial. That's her new special and mila kunis this is here as well. I'd never met her before her new, a movie that she did with kate mechanic, who had like on the show hello anyone listening hello came a cannon. You invited He's come this by who Come to me that opens in theaters on friday,
so yeah another another big guy. Show I'm promoting it like it's like it's an on purpose, double show just so hot. Sometimes things fit together. Sometimes timed Sometimes times workout out, I try to get on that. I want to get on that. I just haven't gotten on yet it's not through data want to come on. It's not that we haven't tried to get them on. It's just that it hasn't happened. And sometimes I make mistakes. I I didn't tell you about this. This sort of on the down low. I guess, but I flew to the money- well comedy festival thursday morning and I'm back I am recording this on Saturday. I was not on the festival, but a couple. Weeks ago, the festival chief, the king, pin bruce. He texted me that day the glow women, the women who created glow leastways. And car we manage
we're being we're being awarded for the comedy writers of the year at the just for laughs, comedy festival at first he wanted their mail, so he could dare maybe kind of speech. At the the getting them the news to see. If they wanted to come in, then I guess they request. that I can present them that award and, of course I would do that. I haven't gotten that festival in a few years, because I don't really do it anymore and- and I don't You know what might be wrong in not doing that. I tend to just go up and play montreal once every year or two, and I deal with the best of luck as its exhausting and to put a lot of like he used to be very important to all to get into that festival and social, swell in every set mattered and you always but something was going to happen that didn't for me anyways, but I just once I able to sell some tickets. I sort of a didn't care whether I went or not. I'm getting around to the point, but I went
and it was. It was fun to just go up there and just have this little thing to do. On Friday afternoon I got in thursday I went to out to eat with a dino dean Darwin. I went to appease push on a pdf or shown a picture. I don't have to say I don't know how to speak. French so that night I go. Do the alt on the alternative. Commie showed Andy can warehouse. I just did a timid it's lovely to see Andy and Jackie, cation and most casual up there, and these are people I I see around here, but that see that's the thing I I forget that I like to do. I like to hang out with comics. I did so would that's my entire social circle hung out with more people more than the time I to I wouldn't get angry that I'm holding too much inside I mean you guys are my only friends and sarah- I mean obviously I'm closer to Sarah, but you know I don't talk to too many people, but you guys and Sarah need spread it out open it up.
well, the next day I got ready for the gig. To present I wrote a nice speech who is touching, but I had no idea this award show would be so so sweet. I present it waze and with their award. Howie mendell presented jo koy with the comedian of the year. The ward, and then maria ban, furred, presented Hannah gatsby, the special of the year award and then Deon cole damn little rough howry with his a breakout talent award then Kevin Hart literally flew in he landed. Private plane at the venue. Almost too his aunt tiffany haddish with the comedian of the year award so I had never met Hannah unseen, hadn't seen lot people, but I it was nice to meet Hannah. I thought I'd never tiffany haddish. But this is where you I I mistakes. I try to get people on, but apparently a few years ago she approached
and behind the comedy store. I think she was with friends and just told me likes the you know, I'm going to do your show. I want to do your podcast, I'm going to do your podcast. She was just in my face about it, friendly way and I was laughing apparently I remember it vaguely, but I said we'll see, we'll see what happens and now she's like for sale on the biggest stars in comedy, and now it's like, I guess we're going to see so she's into it. That was nice Chappelle was around. It was nice to see him had some nice pictures with everybody. You know what on the pike as our even at a really ask him anymore. He knows he knows yeah, we go way back and now I don't think he's the kind of guy that do it, but it was a my point. Is it's a it's interesting and I don't know if you guys have the same situation because comedy a very specific racket where that, unlike high school in resource, start out with people, and then you see them here and there every year, every few years for decades I mean-
some people in decades that I saw I felt like it, ten years they're all around. It's like you know, there's always a reunion possible with that It's always interesting to see how people are aging and who still alive and who's doing okay and who's that looks like there barely hanging on, but you know, I guess that's with everything, but there is a a community element to stand that is, unlike anything else and it was certainly great to see everybody, but my point was: I do it and get people on now. Maybe if he had a shall come on, maybe in september she said she be free, Kevin heart affair, He wants to talk again. It's been years since I talked to him. It's was it was before is playing entire states. For me, large stage. With speakers recommend any so it was nice. I you know, I am you if you think you're epithet, the year. You know
there's one way to really tell if europe empathetic what is a few but maybe I'll- tell you about that after I talk to eliza here, look alike, is a comic she's been on here. I think once she's she's a hard fucking worker and she delivers the goods man I mean I flew back with it. That's the funniest thing about going in montreal is that when you flew out in the first place this morning. I'm so punchy and it's always is always a good number of comics on this point. It left it like seven fifty, but they you get to the airport like two hours early and some yeah up at like four thirty, at the airport, at like five thirty, I check in of course I got two hours to do. Nothing I see eliza air, no one swept. I didn't go to the party, I slept a few hours, but me, but not much. Marie enter hasn't scott or there d on cause. There now marylin rice cub, his air, the others, were all on the plane, everybody. Plain agents and what not just work
punchy today it was as if, allies in I woke up together and we didn't we didn't. She just got married and in I I'm involved but a when you when you see somebody that early in the morning. You do get that it's an odd feeling. It just felt like there was. We all just spent the I together and I miss the party, so it it, it actually did not happen at all. Eliza has new netflix special. called eliza elder millennial it's streaming now, and this is a wheelchair, she came by. She wanted to talk about the stuff in the thing. So here I don't have any copying pay it's good, nice nice everywhere that eliza cause your you get the pleasure of of following me, and your opening line is always a glut just take it down or not so on the here I was like: let's see what happens when I'm, not the bubbly cheerleader, he knows me
I chose, I have everybody now, it's totally. If I take no offense so now. I haven't talked to you since you're married now you it happened, it did happen and the guy and you bring you bring your dog. I didn't bring my dog has I I I woke up from, full of nightmares as I do and really do have always have not merely I dont have dreams they're, just always either like what like. What's what's the common I couldn't even tell you, but they're, always just there either long and boring or their nightmares, and I woke up this morning I was like and I was like you know what we're just go in there raw. We won't go in there Charges god we won't bring. The dog will lead so few. I feel- privilege, or something I was trying to match your energy. Just I thought the dog was common. I didn't know if the husband was coming out. The guy- I don't know where he's going to start coming to come the comedy strive, we're all appreciating, supported these and seeing them around the generalised.
he actually last night was saying because all the comics are like the one day, you'll stop, but he is a fan stand up and was didn't really know who I was when he met me. So it's not like. I married a fan right, but he was like one of his best friends he's like he's. Never seen a live show before, which is so weird to me, when was this when, alas, as he's like I'm going to bring a friend to the street to the store he goes- and I think we'll stay, the whole night will do like eight to eleven or eight two and we'll just pretend yeah and I was like do I have to be? There is like no, you can take off after your studies, you it'll state to like a one am spot see some. At the door guys- and I was like whatever man have a good time. Employees gets weird after ten third sure I'll, arrange it and say that no in he came last night. and in there that was his big idea. Well, how's the wedding wedding was bureau. Where was it downtown downtown l a how many people have you been twice? Okay, so you now I have one big one on one little one I understood
this following the big one. Oh in our minds the yeah, I'm sorry you weren't invited. I understand now why, when people get married a second time, they don't do a big wedding. Like you always see the women like you know what it was just the courthouse he shelter, reenacted disappoint through hundred people. Again an goethe were interest. It is, it is a gaunt, let yeah, I know I was saying this is somebody the other day. It's one of those things where you ve done it you're an expert bio, but he wants your expert advice. Can everybody thinks that they know? I went to be deaf? I was told one thing I was told by my brother. Somebody told him that during the wedding and after during the party, don't stay together You have a different experience such spread out
I know just like stay with the person that you just married and stay married will know like in during the party and during all this stuff. Why we're together? We didn't do that alright! Well, I'm not saying you did it wrong, but most of it was maybe like other dads far, and it was me just alone dancing come on because There was a moment where the dj did his job flawlessly. Everybody was there, but I was like I'm not paying, you do like a time warner, collection of the seventies and march. turn this off and you put on some garth brooks right now Garth morrison korean pop because I want to dance then Yes, what was evacuated- and it was mostly me like for people from they eventually come back around. But they're also older. Now did you carry the chair around? Did you do the jew stuff? I've been talking about this a lot on stage. I there were a lot of traditions that I refused. I didn't do. The horror and I didn't do the chair- I didn't like it at my bottom, etc. I don't like it other weddings, noise,
I would write down. What would you do to your bar mitzvah? He did the chair at your been inspected at my brother's. I have a memory of not enjoying the thing Hora. I said this to my mom and she was like you're a crazy person to me. It just seems like how fast can we go hoping someone yeah. That's all. I want to see right right re. When someone hurt themselves yeah, I don't know how many people went I think it was like around one forty. There are a lot of people come in from texas, just some friends yeah. You know my my my and my dad says that moment some people but a beautiful wedding things always go wrong, but for the most part everything went right. Food was alright the food what went wrong, what went wrong this is such like. I really people turn off this My big thing is when you pay for something you should get what you pay for here. Our cake was beautiful, I don't like chocolate right now, makes me like a bad female here and
cut into it and like as in the picture, you can see my eyes going. Why cause there was just a layer of chocolate under the away. yeah and I was like it was a lead I got like a passion, fruit cake. He was just a layer of ganache. Also, the fuck is that and- and so we wrote to the baker after and they were like- look in our contract. You see our signature move is a layer of chocolate ganache in every cake, and I was like cool my signature move is that I don't pay my baker like fuck, you that little bit p sprinkle on the top. But- that setting ruin everything. Fine definitely went around and ate around it on several pieces of. Did he did he swam a piece of cake into your face? The first week we were dating, I said if we ever get married, so you know I'm not that girl do not do that to me.
by its as a what you spend some of you spend time on here and make to have some small businesses boneyard in your page. Now I just you didn't do it does every Simon his I would never use it's barbaric way didn't do it the food, easy chef, huh huh, it's not cute! It's it's spitting! In the face of the hair and makeup you did alright. Okay, I understand I understand you, you know, I think that you're speaking for a lot of women, maybe okay, so it'd, be like. If you step on the, and then immediately the girl that kicked you in the dick. Like isn't this funny spoke that I did all the cells fateful her it's worse, but he stepped on the glass already dead. He he's not fully jewish Really he's? Half jewish barely like didn't, have a bar mitzvah, nothing, but with the
while Micah on in the picture and like a lot of jewish outlets, picked up the picture here. It looks like I married like Barry rosenstein like he looks so, jewish he just google jewish. To me, yeah, could the knows. I'm like it's an italian knows and then think about my original nose and like what our kids might have. Oh wow, so but they're, just really gonna sports, when they can do that when you knew kids really hurry thinking about canada, but just hypothetically, I'm like it had ever ethically I mean it's are you can have him? I don't know come on. What do you mean? no, maybe she wrote twenty minutes on it. I don't. Why are ladys. This bother yo insert personal comment here. Nobody like because be its natural thought because it was evil just connected to. I think, it's one of those things like marriage that I just assume will happen when it does. I don't think whenever has like that right time, especially some people are like mom at him now I know like some people. We want to kids it's that it is a truth.
Educated. Women are breeding themselves out because they are waiting and then it's in then you can't do it so true, it is, it is a fact. and I get it cause, there's a certain amount of time it takes to. I would to fort your college, but education and you have a career in this case is such a part of who I am so. You know you have shelve it for a little bit, not that it was ever a goal, but yes, I would lie, I think it'd be. I held a baby the other day and it was very squishy. Was it? Was it good and I was like look at this baby and he was like. Do you want one I was like not now or at a barbecue Maybe that baby was called photo now, but you didn't feel the info mormon. I dont get that I talk this as well, but I don't get it like other women or mouth child. Oh, it's cry. This is the worst yeah yeah. I don't know, maybe just too selfish for it
Maybe maybe you got a garage, maybe you have to have the kid, and then you see it. I dunno that's what people say: you'll get the hang of it! I'm like! I don't want to throw those. I don't have kids, I'm fifty four and I and I don't ever regret it. No you still but they will be autistic I will. I don't know. Maybe there will be like I mean I'm sure I could but like its exhausting reality, worried all the time and mike I'm already worried about me. When I m self involve person and needs not ever it's not everybody's destiny, deaf fuckin, kid staff, absolutely I'd! It's a thought! It's something! I I don't know in the budget also just hire people to handle them aware you'd hand. I would just parent these things make. What is this telling me about like, like you said yes docker? Is that something you're talking about? I was like I'm gonna text mark marron cause. I want to promote my special, but I need it in my head. I was like and I gotta throw in something Also. I special
elder millennial on Netflix yeah, so with your third one. My fourth one for netflix, my fourth child yep with was an acquisition but still technically for an excellent. Ok! Ok, when you record this, we recorded in february aboard the: u s: s horn, it, which is a retired aircraft carrier. Why there, I do a lot of us. Oh shows, yeah and a couple of years ago we landed on the stennis in the persian gulf and we did a show for okay. of our troops yeah, and I remember thinking it was really special to get to do. That was last christmas. We did one on the teddy roosevelt, so similar type of ship and netflix when I was going to do this hour? They're, like you know, we want really big production value and I was like oh cool. It's not enough that I invented an hour of laughter with my brain. We have to have chinese eyes, so I was like what, if we did it in bodrum like what, if we did an army base there like a logistical nightmare for civilians, so we couldn't do it. And then my manager is like what you like that ship. So we went and found another
of carrier and we decided to it. There did you, servicemen on there People are invited. We couldn't do them in uniform, there's like logistical reasons, and you also get involved. So we did it like on the second dec, of the ship and it is in it's. regular hours. It is a museum. So all these old fighter planes in the background and it was freezing and it was the only time stage lights. Didn't make me sweat. I was so I couldn't feel my can toes really. I couldn't why we're whales. This was in alameda and oakland, just called in February it just cold as you said, nothing you like every other time, I've ever performed years waiting for you sure, you're hot I couldn't live. I don't want to want to ruin the makeup I was for. got real issue? Would not ruining makeup yeah we're special much time is likely to say- wedding, and so that's where we shot it and regenerating a portion of the proceeds to team rubicon, which is a military charity that helps vets
in a been able them to help us when there's a natural disaster a while, but damn north versus your neighbour with that sounds good happy with it? I don't know, do you do you do? actually yeah. I was in the edit it it was six months ago, so it may as well before you're married a lifetime ago right. I know it's already done. You know I do know I mean I liked my last special, but some weird that, like you do you do special and then all right behind you most of the matter. you mean you and nobody so they're like group, I'm proud of what I did. I'm sure I will look great. I put a lot of love into that special but six months ago. So now the jokes are for Is there set their change or they're gone yet in its? It was like a night yeah. You know so I'm proud of it, though love it, but just know that when you see me live like it's, not that special anymore. I do people expect that, though I can never tell like. I don't know what to think of some people think they wanna hear someone area.
yeah like, but I'm always right. Now, I'm going to do all new and then they're like. Why don't you do the thing that we like? I always figure because they'll ask me, and I never answer like it's cool, that you were able to get a hold of me over a direct message, but I don't you your response, I'm going to come, anyone can get hold of us anytime. It's weird, I'm gonna, go see you in Edmonton. Will this be the same thing on flicks or should I not watch it and it's like if the answer No, if you wanted a yes or no answer, I don't know if you want to see the same thing or if you want to see a different so fifty that chance you'll be happy right. What do I think, want to see different but then like I don't know, but because I'm trying to think when I was a kid You know comedy, or do I go see a comic of data. We happen a couple times, but you I could listen to certain comedy records over and over with other people, not by myself, early, but like dude Is that right so sit there and listen to it with somebody and look at their face, when they laugh but know if people want to hear the same, this
I do know, fans watch it over and over, like I get the screen grabs of so they watch old specials over and over, but I think that's different cause. You know the delicious That's right! I think that's different, it like. I heard it once on your special and now seeing it live life is always different. It is I happen to think. I'm better life than on, I think so. I think I am too, though I mean. I think that, as with these netflix specials, I think I did pretty good last time I think was a pretty I presented to me, but I'm not like when I did five minutes- botz icon the letterman and stuff that you can't there's no way people don't get that either like a storyteller like you also, you know you gotta get into it and like sorta, get yeah get the arc going. Well, that's like for you, you're a storyteller and in your intelligent, I'm a storyteller as well. Some comics are setup punch yeah that works great for tv, but my note is always like you. Gotta trim this down, I'm like how am I supposed to establish this world. You just pull these pieces out of larger bits, yeah, it's so inorganic yeah. So we
so what is this stock or things that real de? Can you talk about it in my lying? Just I can come to your how it's fine and based on me you'll, be. I felt like that. Sending your front doors is selling it. Your cat in here prey to get ready for you come usually we're gonna, bastard look at me in article k. as the buzzer lawyer, loyal, okay, so here's the story, This is as you're going to get in trouble by talent. Is it going to make things worse? For me, if he's listening, how but fuck him- and I ok so this start- A year ago here I was in LAS vegas was playing and I was about a minute into my son- and a man sort of drifted over to the apron of the stage, and I remember he was in a suit cause. I just thought to myself that's weird or even a suite, and he will classify that.
like a heckler run outbreak he's not be standing. Everyone else's sitting down, he works and I was a minute and it's not like right with this reservation, I got up, I go and ice and my thing is like talk over the heckler. We're not give them the uk talking here. I couldn't hear it if he was saying anything and he wasn't trying he was just talking at me- and I was like this guy- was drunk. So I got this guy's drunk. Let's go get him out security flanking me doesn't move. I don't know I thought. As per the act I go. Hey and I know if I go get this fucking not out of here a minute in they take him and I watched them, walk him back to his seat. I go not back to see out of the four and theater like I'm in a working on an hour and I'm and american visibly how the shows opening has crowds like. Is this partisan or start with shelf that idea, so that happen? And I get you know, people do weird things. Things happen whatever and and
about five months ago I get a phone call from my our manager, fear from the fbi, and she says from LAS Vegas fbi, and she says there has been, and I feel that this is so with such a common thought. I feel I can ask allegedly there has been a mass shooting threat. and your name in it. A man has threatened to shoot up a space in las vegas. Should you ever come back to las vegas and he wants to do it in you because did I wasn't, he wasn't upset secondary. He had to sit back down like bad even saying that, I'm like I feel like people look like who does she think she is shooting your name or not that special, but this one guy, you were right so special and it gets worse. So is this- where they want to do a shooting and he was going, it's a legit. It's like second hand information. It was a phase,
what post that he would do a mass shooting and obviously we're very sensitive that in this country, particularly in las vegas after the one that happen We said, and she named him- I'm not gonna, say the guy's name and she described him. Yeah five, ten african american and she told me his name. Then it clicked- and I go that's the guy that was at the front of the stage he's obsessed with you. So I go okay. Well, I'm not planning on playing las Vegas anytime soon, I'm sure this will go away. Couple months later I get a phone call. Hey come back play the play play. I guess I go okay, so If the casino- and I say you know, we put in metal detectors they're like no, I was like okay. Ah, I will have to hire my own security, so I have a lot of the problems of a major celebrity with the budget of a minor celebrity. So I hire extra security and I forget about it. ways away right. This was a couple weeks ago. I played it whatever and- and I forgot about it and three weeks ago, I'm sitting at home with my assistant and there's a knock at the
and it was it a knock like you would like for amazon was a I hear a hard fast one and something about the knock was weird to me. My assistant goes to the door. She looks in the people and she opens at which I wouldn't have done, but fair enough here and dale's up to me. There's no one here and there's no package I am not street smart. I didn't grow up blake, I'm not a criminal. I don't have that kind of brain, but didn't set right with me, so I put on my shoes and I got over it back and I got side why I went outside like why that's a good idea. I don't know but in my mind, because I live in a nice enough area that people, steel are male, equip our lot mailbox people still packages. In my mind I was looking for someone. Maybe on drugs running back and forth, knocking on doors is being cut. A person and that I'm not afraid of you because right so I go outside? and that's what I'm looking for. I see down the road, a man amanda
sure, and a man and a red shirt. I dont see what the color of their skin as are enhanced cheating. Andrea? So I yell for my neighbor, who his door open he's a big guy. I was like come out here and stand with me, so he comes out drag, the neighbor is well he's like radical he's got a truck like he's ready to go for trump. I know and he's cool and it comes out, and I go just stand with me and I found myself like instinctively kind of standing behind him, but the guy in the red shirt starts to walk back to us. It was weird cuz I and I this might be a problem. I wasn't scared. I was curious I'm staring at him and my neighbor goes hey man. Are you not going to those doors like being cool and the guy you could tell was on drugs, just tell her and he was waving a dollar around, which is not something normal people do. He goes no Are you still in people's dogs? And I was like up: ok, there's a proof you're a crazy person. That makes no sense here. Are you selling people's dogs? I'm like okay? So he leaves, and my neighbor turns to me he goes. You should call the cops and I'm like for what
like this is l a people are getting rain all the time right. I'm not going to call the cops he goes, you should just so they have a record. You know, and it's our walking whenever I go okay, but how do you not said this? None of this would have transpired. So I called the cops and I say there are two men and I see them in the distance kind of walking where I go in there on drugs and their tears I think that they're knocking on people's doors are doing something weird and and- and whatever, so I hang up the phone fifteen min Later I get a knock at my door and its two police officers and the cop looks at me and he goes How do you know any name, the guy from LAS vegas? How do you know Bob maria and I just started crying Why are you saying that name to me? Why are you the guy that and the guy that I interacted with was latino. He was not american and I was active. You saying that name and he was like well that's who's down the hill with the guy that knocked on your door, and I was trying to get the words out like fb.
They call me and they said I was like get your fucking car go shoot him in the face, go arrest him so they run and they arrest him a block from my house. These guys were just hanging out right there back, I have explained, explain the whole story to them. I get in the car, you're can they hold them. For so will they they did. Train him he's in handcuffs they'd. Put me in the car. I've never been in a cop car before which was kind of crazy. The seats are not made of regular seat leather. They are plastic and hard. The cop said to me, makes it easier to wipe down, and I was like what and I go and identify them here and I know who he is cause he's my stalker and at the other guy just saw minute ago, and so they take him hey. My guy will keep calling Bob smith is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic he believes that we're married and he believes that I had his dogs. He met that guy. He took a bus to l a that morning to come, find me, so they held him on it. Cuz of the dog-
the dawn, but I also think that was a lie, but even if a moment ago, I they walk into the superfluous and they went on his facebook page here he had been I went on his instagram and saw that I had blocked his instagram, meaning at some point in the last year, or so he Made me enough as just a fan that I blocked him right not registered as his facebook page is replete with just my oh naming me. using weird religious language? The word kill, it appears. A lot. Mysteriously shooting threat, has been removed. So part of me is like that's the thing that would someone, but you had the wherewithal to take that down they hold him on a psychiatric called for those of you, as it is called a fifty one. Fifty they held him for days and they held him all the way through me being las Vegas. So I'm sitting there thinking like oh cool. I spent all this money on like extra security and now the guys surveillance under surveillance
when he was up yeah and he doesn't take his medicine. He won't take it and that's why that's why you yeah, I get it. I understand that might be really horrible. If you think the world is the way it is, and people tell you that you're wrong and that's we are Listen you don't know, I don't wanna be fuzzy, but this is what happened with him, and what irritates me is that the cops question in right. Do you know what you did is wrong? Do you know that you're scaring her he's like yeah? going to go home to las vegas he's, like I think, I'm gonna stay in l and try to make a life here. But is a homeless man. There is now, and he said, and they say how did you get her address, every time they ask him, no matter how lucy, as he just says it just came to me so he knows enough to not give up that piece of information right cops, keep saying it's not hard to get an address, but I tried- and it's not that easy, so I they give you a temporary restraining order for like three days, so I went to the court to get a restraining order and what was eye opening was the amount of people
there, a lot of whom do not speak english, who are seeking restraining orders for situations that are so more severe. Like my husband yeah, my kid and I want and they're selling, I fill out paperwork I waited five hours and I was denied a restraining order because es until they rape you in the face the throat. You can't do anything kid, I think, and so the morning my netflix special comes out on the twenty. Fourth is my court date at eight thirty, no exciting, and I'm going to be there with all my paperwork. I've already like restraining order for or anywhere I've already prepared, like a james spader dissertation like ala, Boston, legal, because deserve to he's had a say they break feel safe. Here I it's very weird with the mental problems and the people that show up that, if they don't the law. He didn't break no out fresh. That right. The camp there's nothing, you can do, there's nothing you can do. My argument would be yes, he break the law. But since this, since going on, as
His record is at harming him since he is a homeless person who doesn't seek to better himself to a person mentally ill and homeless. Why not give me this that way? If he does, swing. The other way in a year from now cause it's stalking over a period of years. Why not? At least, let me feel yeah and has anything happened since he was locked up, so they are couple. He's a go released him mia, really just so. This is new. Is his father took a bus here to try to find him like he's on the streets now here and you're, just sort of banking? hoping that he doesn't retain or hadn't written down your address and doesn't decide? Nope gotta get those dogs so like comedy like I won't let it affect anything like I'll still do my job, but like I'm not hard to find. No, that's like in there's other women and go through this Emmi other no people, I mean, I know a few people. You know that have this problem and the accessibility is very scary, dixon, ability and what was even scared
I was sitting in that room with all these people seeking restraining orders, and I I posted something about this on instagram and then I took it down, but the amount of responses from everyday people, women in particular? Oh yeah? I have a stalker, oh yeah. He walked through my house cops told me to get over it. Oh he did the regular people, it's just part of it part of your existence that you're going to have someone who's obsessed with you. I was at the gym yesterday and I come downstairs and it's like a courtyard world. The stores are, and I'm standing there on the phone and the guy who knocked on my door. just walked right past me, though I do know going ahead. Come on DR paso therein together. No, he I think he was unlike my neighborhood allies area. I get it yeah and again I wasn't scared, but it was just that universe, reminding you like yeah, you gotta live among it. You gotta, live amongst. These people is that you can do and he just kind of I didn't recognize me, the I put him up to it. I don't think so. I think they don't know each other. I think they smoke meth together the cop when they arrested
if the cop goes I was like, is there anything you can hold the money goes? He has a meth pipe in his pocket, but there's no meth in it, so we think he was just holding it for free. and I was like, oh so now that excuse works not in high school when you're holding things for your friends, but now we via voice. I d say I don't know this, it's scary because you are so else, we know this goes on for years now she just answer integrated into our life. It's kind of receded a bit but like each other It is what it is just how she's gotten everything you can do hovering yeah, it's like a family of them. It's a bizarre story. That is that. That is bizarre. It is a weird thing and it's weird that a lot of people have to deal with it and what also was weird. Was the amount one cobblers to get a gun, and I was like- are you supposed to advise me on that? The amount of people that are like just yet get that got people that you wouldn't think you I I went shooting on fourth of July is good
I shot guns before I don't love it. I don't I would get a gun, my husband, as opposed to getting a gun, of course, the odds of me accidentally either shooting myself or arming my assailant yeah, or that I accidentally yeah. I got bear spray. Oh that's good! The cop was like that bad ass. And I got, the kind of like leaves a paint large really speak, you you view still in march the bear the without wave if they catch them later. He can't deny because it's on your scan right and I, at, but the the I'm thing is, I think we all have this fantasy that, like I just you know, I dropped that. about a reloaded I so that's no mason, that's good in the bear spray, I don't even know a bear. Spray is- and I think it sounds pretty pretty good it's exactly what you think it is to stop a bear to stop gay man's from dancing with you alright, eliza, you feel good
I just want. People are, ought like special, of course, they're going to watch his special. You can watch this called over elder over elder millennial on netflix. Great thanks, iliza, shlesinger, netflix special is iliza. Elder millennial is streaming now, so the show I'm on this plane. I got a first class seat, brag, but I got a first class seat, but it's right at the back of first class. By right before the partition before between first in the people and a couple got on with two babies to babies. and they sat right behind the partition behind me and these. One of them was screaming for so long and so loud in such a strange way that day It was. It was bizarre
like it wasn't. It was just like I was concerned. I was horrified. I was annoyed I was just like- I- it was if he got to the point where, like this is unbelievable, like how long is this kid get, Oh then, the other one starts making noises in their right behind me and it goes on for a willow. Like a long time I had my how to put my headphones on and slam them up real loud, but this is real test of empathy. Kids, in the day. If that happened, I was his tired as I was I'd, be like you, fuck them fuck them fuck that couple fuck their fuckin babies, they're dumb loud babies, fuck but now I got some our another. I realise that it can't be easy for those parents. The babies are tariff. I'd or maybe the just shitty babies by tat, but it's easy for them. It's embarrassing, it's hard enough. They probably sweet might like. I just was able to accept that done. doesn't make me a hero. Save anybody being sucked out of a window or anything, but I I I did not
get annoyed or angry when the worst baby crying I've ever heard was We, the high me on this airport. It's always some sort of karma. It's it's some sort of harm, but that's the empathy test. If you can feel his parents as opposed to your need for sleep. I also watched a red sparrow, but I didn't time it right. I have so, through the new blade runner, which seemed pointless quite what was that ending and then I, but I was watching red sparrow and we'd literally landed like stopped at the gate. Ten minutes before it so. I don't even know who's under the hood. I got a pretty good idea. I know it took me a long time to watch it, but I didn't anticipate having to watch the end at home. You know I'd I'd really but I'll get to it. It's not unlike me, not to finish movies. Fucking burning up in here, I'm sweating, I'm sweating balls is that the same you can say, sweat, malls strip, emboss balls, not sweating balls. I guess
at their price, what he saw a meal coon s, great name. You know her think she's. in conversation conversations out. No, she didn't she. A in conversation with the mc collagen she married asking in a new movies, forgetting our show a book of you. I am moving lot of em her new movie the spy. The dumped me opens friday with a tour kate mckinnon. This is me and mila kunis talking in the new garage, the my message along voice that I was sent back to night. No, I don't mind it. I like it. I like the loud voice. Why mean like we get to. I know I can adjust the levels here. So but now you have to deal with that? Like I mean there's people in my family as well, that you know you have to
this wine were you, I would just die. You know in order for me to continue liking, you people, yet we can't can't talk about it. Yeah. I know it's very hard. It's different. I had one blow up, one with cursed Ashton's family yeah One member of the family lives so dearly so very much and we both just so strongly vehemently agree, disagreed on a specific issue here that to me, is very important route and that to order issue women's rights, road which sound so stupid to say like oh, but to meet some porn, but to you it's not like. I don't know. Why was it a conversation year because to this other person it wasn't a question like that's, not a he's. Gonna do anything against women's rights and other no, but he is like these are the things that will happen if he wins and then
wasn't of a priority, not that it wasn't. Even a priority should say that it just wasn't a positive. It wasn't probable that anything was going to happen. Not the point of this. The point was something else, and I was like why, but by default, this is the shit. That's going to go down, they don't think about that. Two steps ahead. Now it's not the yards, it's so much more than that and achieve pick why they can rationalize rationality. If there's one thing, I've learned, no, you can ask for rational like so. yeah. Why don't you vote for hillary because she's a bitch? Why is she a bitch? I don't know Oh no, I know, there's no and then you're like put them. We can have a like an edge. They got online disagreeing like you. I don't have to agree, but let's have like an educational. That movie most people don't know we have passed and once you go down the line of of government people, most people don't know past pence,
It's like you, know, who's who's. The secretary of defense secretary, is somebody what congress do? What does house do? What it's the they don't know exactly so it doesn't matter bright like the bottom line, is all impulse feeling it's all feelings, it's feelings and it's a headline that grabs your attention: it's like one thing that maybe you gravitate towards whether it which is what religion I don't wanna makes me feel like thought that guy, like you know, I cannot leave, says things. He speaks the way that I speak here. I feel less like whenever a data he makes me feel were stupid for being stupid, yeah yeah, so you guys go up to iowa to visit family got kids right. We have two kids here. Does he have other kids now? So you just got the kids just as two yep, and this is your first marriage and his first marriage. Second, second yeah, I married a divorce
Who is he married to demean more? He was married to her a year. I dont really I'm so I come not even being carried out and I know I know I know you don't know you're too fuckin highbrow, which is why I was like alzheimer marin. Ya, know shit about anything on high browborough. Also, your little highbrow biting no, but I knew he was with them you more, but why I didn't know that now you like this, who is he was again. Thank you, don't even know the name which I know demi on labour. I thought it was somebody else it he was married to see. I didn't know they were my life and I love that aside. I think this is great. I think that you not knowing that the idea is happening more and more because I'm getting older do you know? I guess I d further. I way I get from it the less I give a shit I and I married one of you you'd, be shocked at how little my husband knows about anybody really who they are. So much more so much so that at one point I was like are you are you king with me like, I literally they don't know where you don't know who that is the gods? Was it julia roberts? Okay, oh, come on
No, it was a little dark. I guess it is indeed a matter what he thought, but she walked bindings. Look so familiar and I literally went: are you fucking with me and he was like in a way tell me her name. Just tell me her name, and I was like: are you or are we what did just met. Remember he just was like it just. Doesn't it's not but tell him who created what company what grace happen where who is a creative? What text like then you'll spew so he's completely in that world. Now you he has a show and networks. So you as the ranch and ethics and were above that show in its fantastic, is politically driven him roy exciting, but that's eight right. Yes, it doesn't that much but, like I too interesting to me when actors who are intelligent get bored haven't. You know that they, like he just needed something else, and so right immersed himself in a whole other field and thrived its grey yachts, faint hassock, it's great in you. I do
I'm interested in you know where you come from boy. Well, before we get into that their. Let me add that on in terms of women's rights, and are you still donating money, planting yeah. But where do you know what with mike pence's name know the fact I said hey, I knew that I now listen, because it has something to do with politics. And yes, so I went and said it's not that big of a deal. I thought it was just as always, don't always donate to planned parenthood. Anyways, it's not like it. My dear it's Before I donate to write. I just then thought it'd be funny. Okay, so some people didn't find it funny, but I will say this: here's what happened so there's an address that was listed online. That's not necessarily my personal address, but it's listed as if it's my personal address, and so then people started donations to the opposing side. I didn't even know there was one on a promoter whatever it is, so people just are donating in my name to them, and so the mailbox of this one person who my personal address, thou
since I am beloved daily would come thousands and you know it and which are, as I cannot say, some province, people for putting their money where their mouth is sure. So I donate to your cause. If you really want this, one thing to succeed: go ahead, Am I mad at it? I was you know, actually pretty impressive people trying to get one on top of their rude there. That site is really good at spiteful grass root organizing, where the economic weight yes as well, we can really mobile admiral? I can I add with their yet so they did they get. But you came from russia, ukraine to be specific riots. Now I have to clarify rosalie vs us or right then at all. Then I pulled away and then and then now there's the point they're fighting again now, there's and yes, there's a war here and most people don't know, but it your parents are like. Why do you have any rep memory of ukraine yeah? I came when I was like seven eight, so I do like like what I don't know
the medium of memory. I dont know if it's mine or memories that have created from stories of my parents have told of roy voters that I've seen so tell you I have a lot of memories. I don't know we were the elastic after a certain age like you know you can, it can build on them, and I think I remember there I'm asking I won back there. Last year in august almost a year ago exactly and had never been back for twenty plus years, whatever it's been eight years and we went back for a couple hours and landed and he looked at many ghosts. How, like you want to, like some like this surreal reaction to la la land like I'm home they look them and how they got nothing. I don't I don't know, but we went back to the place I was born in but I all of a sudden I did remember how to recognize either you she didn't care. She wasn't going to no, it wasn't and now she's, like don't, kill me, but I remembered how to walk to my school. So I,
good muscle memory. My way into school to the local little store will be. Well like for bread in the uk and stuff like that, like I knew how to go to certain locations right, so I must have had some sort of memory and do you have siblings? I have an older brother held my shoulder Here's older also, he may I had its here. You ve real memories. Does he have an accent oh sure hate me for saying this. He doesn't he doesn't. He sounds like you from the bay area liking it he kind of his axe and he went to berkeley. So it did manifests itself, in like bay area, berkeley accent, yeah see what he does for sure. That's it's wild and your folks are still around kill you they just that my mom as I was walking and was trying to call me so with what what did they, what was going on that they had to leave? Was it a religion that we have left invalid and on a religious like in that asylum? But what is it that a jewish purge were politely asked to leave? They they did ask if they didn't, you could stay, but he know it wasn't the most.
Walk off, so that was in than what the seventies snow we came and ninety one we were in the second, so exactly you're right. So in the seventies there was the first wave and then we came at the wall was following her so like on refugees as what we came in- Did you ever ask him like what was it like? What were What were the signs that cuz, I'm just I'm trying to figure out when I have to leave here now. Yesterday, my no we can't leave. We can be like a failure that we have to stick with it. I am war where the signs I mean it was different was very anti semitic. But, uniting my parents wanted my brother and I too have a future and didn't see a future for their children, and so they left everything before, They genuinely left everything behind one hundred our home, our money, our finances, their education, everything for my brother knights, have the chance of a life So what was it? What were their jobs before they left? My dad
it's an important export, which I know sounds shady, but it really did work in import export like he worked with like importing steel like at a factory type of thing like he was a businessman yeah, you can really own a business, but you can work for a business, so he did that My mother, I think about didn't work. I kinda homeric for like school and down like tat of a normal job, real job so They said they would really kind of they they just left. Where did they lie to leave? Did you to apply for what it's a exactly so you could, if you were jewish, you they were like ok, bye and so Israel opens. You accepted with open arms. Like is You can just kind of go to gonna wanna, be there the yes, but our fate it was in l a we do have lots of family in Israel. We went to theirs later. Israel showed no more family in this. Ukraine know everyone left now huh, So you got two choices: ray los angeles,
these kind of like. Is there a girl? My family, prior to my parents, were on the holocaust, so the survivors left, my grandfather's brother came too late, the seven yeah. So we started doing the twenty three to try to find like some of our family customer service now I did my mom and I did our test. What was reason: fine, family members, you totally, they tell your percentage. So here's a funny story, so I did my test of six years ago, probably an egg. and I ve never made a public I kind of their privately, and I forgot that I never made a public does so I gave it to my mom last year for christmas. She did and she made her is public. Like two months ago like you, know what I should make my test public cause. I want to see if I can find any relatives saigon, albany say like make public right. Two seconds later was like bring your paternal, your maternal mother has been found, and my heart sank:
italy was like ooh, my mother's, not my mother, like I forgot that I had given her the test. I clicked on it. It was like elvira kunis and I was like oh yes, I knew that one so he would tell you your relationships, I didn't know, I didn't realize that I could do that. Is I just got back from or were you like a hundred percent them as you do it as a ninety seven? Ninety, percent origin. I do no point they do have to remember the umbrella and from as my grimly from russia to rights. Really not they do that doubts about like where you're mine, just like a dot in one area like I clearly my family, never left a little like village, a really were all non porn than those like. A romanian poland like a little bit there, but mostly all ukraine, really dots winter. A word I said dots I met. There was an area look at a map, any tells you like, where you wear your family's farm like those little on twenty three. May you also my phone. and I ll go, but I gotta go back and look out, maybe there's public. I made my public, I like. What are they going to fight holes like what you gonna do?
I the item. I didn't know that I could. I apparently I missed a lot of buttons on that. Otherwise, so did I he did yeah my mom made hers public she's, like I found our seventeenth cousin in jersey, and I was like. Oh we're probably related so so once get here cause. I know that certain jobs in russia, but it didn't sound like he was a specialist of any kind. So what did he do? He was the specialist, but he didn't hinder bing caps, I ended up doing. Was it didn't matter because at that point he couldn't transfer his degrees? engineering to create real. Yes, my going by mere yes, yet engineering he couldn't transfer my grandfather, multiple decrease, my grandfather's when the most well educated human beings ever
is no way of transferring anything and they didn't have time to go back to school. At the same time, your grandfather, too, we couldn't leave until my grandfather al Qaeda, because my grandfather was very high up in the communist party in our town, and so he clearly believed that russia or ukraine russia at the time, Ukraine was one of the best countries in the world, so he had no desire to leave until he came to LOS angeles. To visit. His brother went to disneyland, saw disney and saw the idea of here's an institution for just fun, yeah the life that people have that ability yeah that was that was undermined years of communism while his mind yeah. It is, but it it because then it's just for fun. There's no loophole that he didn't feel the pressure of the semitism, like you guys did or like with, because he was in the party are one party we didn't. We all felt a sort of amount of pressure, but none of us
I'll abrading judaism, we feel we will raise with like your jewish. Just don't talk about it. If not a big deal. If you were to go and tell everyone a jewish know, your jewish or not, no religion really act. Did you get any waiter? yeah I'm married into religion, so that the irony of the situation as a married like a pseudo convert but like who yeah, but he soon to cities who I catholic, yeah, ok, with a jewish religion later in life. You do yeah nothing today with my completely before me and these converted. Not of this. but, like I guess he speaks, he speaks ebro. He knows it. A red hebrew he's read the Torah a million times really yeah he's like all of us religion and found that he drew dale file. Star, so he knows a lot more about the religion as everything about it. He's taught me everything. I never knew we do ship out It kind of we do our own version of that is he is he. Is he this obsessed with any other religions? He he went through appeared
have just adding religion right by the value weren't hebrew. Does he read the torrent hebrew? He can yeah neck gravy? It's crazy he's one most brilliant human beings. I've ever met my life, but it is the converter. Anyone concerned about- that to him, it is more about like the moral aspect of it in the stories and feels like if you grew up with the new testament. I mean the old testament's gotta be exciting, exactly what he said. He goes. How am I going to understand the new testament? If I don't even understand the old testament, and so he decided to go and study the old testament before he went crazy when Arlen yep or when you move to LOS angeles when you're seven, ninety one, yet in your brother's way. Fourteen thirteen, I had a really hard time and he did here so, but where do you guys settle where you with your grandfather's brother, the experts units which are having a apartments and guys are really quick across the street at sea. its members and sweet, certainly iron best. Jewish was always soup that very gay, very
a guy with a dutch oliver by no rose was money other right. If their legs are gay hours with the gaze for my life, walk over right of countries to the Jews. Well, well well, we all hung out for many years. My family still lives there, at that house. ST otherwise I wouldn't divulge the exact address, but my goal a one point and a still is I wanted to do. I want to buy that building it's ten units and I always thought like one day, I'm going to take that building because the building, but that completely changed my life. Everything in my life happened at six hundred and thirty, two north ridge avenue apartments and the phone number the reef, everyone who drew and end up. There was your grandfather's rather verity mcgrath with his brother, was on the street and crop so like give up, but like this, my name was hollywood. Unanimous hollywood and my mom's brother also landed in was how do it because you have to ask of you- is somewhat you have to be requested to your refugee visa for religion, asylum, so they requested as its five policy
yeah here. We finally came here in a lottery so like you have to go to the embassy in them it's a lottery, so it's not even like under pressure, was guide years after you wanted to get out you gotta yeah, so my back three to five years, I've had my parents in other dates better than I do, but like three to five years. Shore Remember! When you find a worthwhile to moscow. My parents went to Moscow. My dad travelled. There are constantly to go to the embassy to get here for ogden and all that stuff and then, finally, you have to go there for an interview to be accepted into the states and we went to the american embassy for an arena have given the story before, but I'll tell you the very quick short of it is I met a black person for the first time and started crying announcing. Oh no, are you crying and I was like owes its person burnt. was my first reaction and the person was lovely and wonderful and spoke russian, and was I can explain this to your daughter and my mom was like okay, so he sat me down and explained to me that in russia in russian that those people were different, I didn't speak english. I only spoke russian, those people of different color and different races- and I was like my mind, I think, as a seven year, I was so blown that I was like what other purple people I'd be like. I couldn't I couldn't
We seen anybody other than my own. Doesn't television, it wasn't like a thing, and so I have no concept of the real world. I mean none its I imagine? I've only talked to him. Maybe I'll talked to wonder why I talk to Yakov smirnoff. You know. yeah sure about what it was right to grow their conscious. You know not as a kid but as a killer. If it is right- and I had an amazing upbringing like I had everything that it kid could have the channels of of information or are very limited, there are none. Now there are now there's the interim everything is so different said. I you can't compare the two of you ve gone to russia yeah for president. We used to do a lot of present measure for after the seventies show now for like different movies, I've done yea. I went back okay, so you're here, you're you're, ever in the the apartment and suites are everything in your life changes. Yes, do you like, disease. How does the acting stir? Who does that feels like a fellow with pretty young? It was as nine nine
Wait what what compels you? What got you all sort of like made? You really think you could do that, and I don't know- and it's I did somebody approach you, yes and no, so here's what happened. So. I barely spoke english learned English fairly quickly cause the younger. You are the quicker you pick up a language, okay, so by eight I spoke fluently, but are still very shy and may Errants when I was nine years old, there was an advertisement on the radio called beverly hills studios, which was like an acting school at the time you heard the I didn't, so my dad did and my mom- and it was average as is a place for kids to meet other kids and morality than hang out for ten hours in euros, almost like a camps or to speak here, and you come in addition, and if you make it, and then you get the chance to be an actor since twenty plus years ago, on the thirty five, this is twenty six years ago here. So my parents,
well she's cute and outgoing, and this will get her out of her shell a little bit right. You are in the show yeah. I was very shy really well, I wasn't. I wasn't cause. It was a new language, so I think I was a little timid about meeting new people and making friends they're like this'll, be a good place for me, you're, not shy anymore. You that I actually am a little shy until I get comfortable and I feel like I can emin a safe place and then they don't, but but at the time it took me a second, so long story short. They took me there as we can't they get chosen and the like now write a check. Your rug unit gaff course for like three thousand there's whatever that was, I might add, bye, bye. And like walked out and my mom stayed back and my mom was like: what's the total and The total was was literally three hundred dollars. less than what they had the bank account. So my mom that check? They would have left with three hundred dollars and for whatever reason, my mom went, ok and wrote. The check
I went to the school my dad's like what the fuck did you do and the next weekend I met my manager, my manager, to this day. So it's been twenty six years. Everyone, Susan Curtis, the next week, and you met your manager. My manager is driving down. The street saw a bunch of gaggle of kids and was like these kids look cute and like pulled over and they're like we're an acting studio and she was like ha okay and they're like and we do. These showcases come to our showcase and she was like okay great. She came to the showcase and she was one of the many people too. If the case may ask the managers and my parents were like- if you want to do this. This is your responsibility. You pick who you want to go with. Also we can take you to auditions. We can't afford any of this, but you want to do this yeah, you do it and like I'm, going to do it, and so nine, and so on a bunch of people and merely thank god. I was like I like this lady and so Susan Curtis, the next day she took mad an audition. She got me clothes from gap, and I
The first thing I went out for was like one of those like barbie commercials as barbie commercial yep, and that was it now they're still with her still with the. Susan Curtis. That's amazing that you're still with her. Yes, they, never the story and its allies, oh, it's always like she. I did a alive for me, but you know I'm not with her anymore now, she's brilliant nobody's ever looked out for me more so aside from my family, if you take away my my actual mom and dad she is my her and her husband. Are my parents like it, I, like the loyalty ever did she have other clients tonnes. Oh yeah, judging showed great lines, but she you know this whole movement of like hashtag me to europeans like how well it what had it has happened that you kind of just never as an honour. I did I just always at people protecting may and I always had somebody I was at school. Who is our line? You you? You have had incidents where you had the butler newer, we're like I have
I think maybe brave like you are, you know, get out, so I've always been super grateful for that and I I you seem like and like you- don't entertain too much shit, but that comes with years. I don't know that's a silly true to begin where, finally andrea you do in our tankers you're, so pretty predisposed to social norms being be nice. We are light right. sure, and people don't be considered a bed so you're so young I mean like I I like you were so he started when you were a kid yeah. I was nine yeah and then you are working life as a kid like after the barbie commercial. What happens next, I did roger hormones we make of per I didn't alot of commercials so like skip the commercials. The first thing I did
is that what were you earning anything in the commercials, though I mean like at least you're being on sat and you were doing really responsible cat yeah, like I loved what I did. I didn't even know what I was doing. I loved it and never felt like anything other than like home, like I always like. This we're supposed to be like, I don't want to fuck this up right and so I've. My grandfather used to take me to set my grandfather's. Like always make sure the first one there, ladies speak with a russian accent, yeah for say, barely spoke english or barely spoken yeah. So do you still speak Russian yeah yeah yeah fluently raymond? To who my parents are really my grandparents are still alive ninety six, ninety four zero tonnes or for its worker. Apparently I speak with an english accent, so I'm gonna have a full blown accent and dumb. My vocabulary is that of probably a ten year old, right, where you learned english. So he's taken heed our decisions and things your grandfather, everybody's admissions, my manager, take medicines, mcgrath forbidden drive, some I'm
It took me my mom's friends took me. Whoever was available would take my my parents both held multiple jobs so too, until they retired until the retirement age of sixty six right. What is it? Sixty? Five sixty since my parents were every single day. Is that what it is now sixty six live fifty right now leaving five, no, its excellent, already five or sixty six. Whenever it is they retired at the retirement age, so my dad drove a cab to the day that he could retire and my mom worked at right aid to the day, the chicken routine, was it and how old are they now they've been retired for a while, I would say no just happen. Yeah. There is by the way, don't retire, no, they don't listen to pike as they want here. There's one don't retire mark whenever dude, never retired you, whether the board near these get bored and like gate. Let's get hobbes their communist russians there like what's up
I think you're right, I never were raise. My father can't doesn't know what the hell do with himself now. You can't retire just do something I don't care when they don't even know what they'd like to do, because they weren't raised with hobbies you erase to get an education go to school, want to do the job. Well, how old are your kids, three and a half one and a half what their hobby that we know like. I, they are there all the time and my mom also loves to cook, and so now I've been like fuck it like I'll, be your restaurant. So my mom just cooks for my husband and I our family. All the time like she comes over with like soups and salads russian yeah like like why thing anything. My mom never stopped cooking for four people royal, even though my brother, I moved out the schmidt borscht ass right now you do yeah the. How came with me yet was a sort of it is wonderful, like yeah is an aim at so we're thing about being, like you, Genetically a russian jew. Like I find some, I do give you I will have an owl drop offs and boards for you genuinely. My mother makes so much food from for our fate.
Stuffed peppers are very thus have embraced with rice in me, and we have blake and kvh. How would you translate that that would be like a buck? like like yes, like yeah, yeah, yeah yeah and unlike fight onions and out, will you come with the boat. Our pastor sure if you'd like to add that you can sometimes a guy doesn't have it and I'm sure you do she just go straight brook we growth with onions and mushrooms she's, like one of those whom cloaks reich whatever is in the house, will end up in the boat. So if there is, but if there is possible end up- and there is no positive- then you just get mushrooms to fish pontiff issued makes fish from me all the time, but she likes which is a very anti like an l, a like what is that, like the bottom feeder carp car I know we don't eat carpet? I was like we do in russia. You can find it here. You can. You can find the car han, oh because of the russians yeah. I just couldn't recall where you'll find some car
that might well. I know every night. Rest hollywood like right cause santa Monica like cresson heights are fair, like thou areas, russian. Yet yeah. Well yet so that community. You grew up in that community. The gay community really russians didn't know, but I mean was there a sort of a sense, not unlike orthodox jews, where the russian community kind of we didn't know. Honestly, now we wouldn't burst very much in the american community like as crazy as it sounds. The russians were in the other side of fairfax and We were on the west side and the russians were on the east side an hour, so it was so my parents did not stay within their community. That makes sense like it wasn't. Like all the we were our neighbors russia and and were only surrounded by russians, was very much americans, mostly gay, and parents, apparently to learn english. They would walk to. School, to learn english. They immerse themselves in the western cultures as they got a job the next day. It was important to him yeah very much so So you get your? U doing parana with
the requirements were makeup. Purana remake piranha, yes, was so lame and fry and william cat, I didn't even know there was any of the greatest american hero. Yeah punky brewster, So how old were you then? Can you really don't know? Anybody is I finally listen, I'm sheriff ass brocklebridge, my you would no more Thank you very stern were who do? I know certain people yeah I know we now know now. I know more than you ok, I know it's. Yes, pongee was that was like I was nine or ten ten, maybe and you and you would was roger directing it. No. No, it was finally was directing it. What are you going to do sometimes went to do like a real job off and does like you know like a marketing tech job out of showbiz, but that was just As for your thing is: got levies, wife, trainer leaving has been my make. A part is for going on eighteen years, your personal mercosur. Yes, your random
you stay pretty oil to people gap, and so then you just do a movies. Is kid your kid total gambling public school mia yet and that that would do people recognize it was at a problem. yes and no wasn't a problem, but I may I graduated fairfax high school, so I very much stayed in the public school system weird, like you, I mean, there's so many dairy. Looking things up in your computer about me. What are you doing? You look at the computer, my right now can filmography like I just pull up the philosophy side, no, the whole arc of it sound, balancing, catalyze, yeah yeah Now my familiar faith and good shit, man, honey, research, so? Yes, and then I don't know what krippendorf We wonder astride that was with richard reacts richard rivers and, on my part, was to get it to be an occasion get peed on by a pig so you're welcome america!
there's get over it. Yes, get over was like an old school like those mere max comedies, like tween movies, america's psycho too loud, a big one. You now yup? That was that was a good horror movie, but you were like oh eating that now you're grown up right now, I'm a sixteen seventeen made me think I was eighteen at the time. Tony and tina's wedding YAP, that a big movie wasn't it? It was all it was all fine. It was all while I was doing seventy show. So I was doing those all that stuff junior eminent amal, owings it'll, seventy short years, eight years I was going to public school during seventies and then during a movie how'd you get the seventy sure I didn't, for. I have no other story for you. I don't certainly decision for that is highly season. and for a bunch of stuff. I wonder I gotta show either I gotta show up for so called like sunset beach. and it was a soap opera and it was had lots of really cute boys and my manager, Susan, took me to this soap opera edition and I ended up getting it
I want to do this and she was like no. You have a callback for that. Seventy shots much better. Now, as I can't, but this one's got really cute boys and she was like no, and so she was like. Let's just see what happens with seventies and and and getting seventies, and I was like man. I can't believe I have to do this show I don't even get it what's the show about, and she was like trust me and it was huge. Yet whenever I not off the bat no, Well, what but I mean went on for a long time went on for eight years was when it was an incredible show. As bonnie and terry turner. My present was a great show brazil years, I think I met him once or twice. He I think is that he was a comic. A millionaire he'll economic annoying is combining tarried it s now right now, so you that's all that's where you met Ashton at first. Yes, when I was fourteen and he was nineteen, so they weren't sure if his girlfriend on the show too yet, so did you guys make out yet in the shower yeah, but no feelings whatsoever? It's the weirdest, sorry that nobody believes, but its
as the honest truth. I've had to kiss people on screen. You just do it there's nothing there. It was whatever I mean he's a and yeah it is yeah yeah. It's weird what I what at dvd, like no, it's been something that, like, I think back when I was like you know. He and I talk about it where, like we like yes had we connected, then would we have connected know cause the people that we worked back then would never be together. It is just such a bummer that we miss out on twenty years together. Is it yeah for him? I mean I like I look back and I'm like we could have spent. twenty years, but you didn't like him the same way exactly no, I know, but are you going to do? We would have never been together if we didn't both go through what we went through in order to be the people that we were when we met or reconnected, I should say, not met yeah topher grace. I think I think, he's a good actor. I like him, everybody I came out amazing everybody did it went off and did amazing fangs and have their own career on his dark. He was on my chauffeur. Divers arc is hostile.
By the way, don stark- and I were in santa claus with muscles together prior to that seventies, show yeah. I did a movie together, nice guy, ray dawn, starks incredible but like the consider like like at seventy shall see you got a lot of feedback. Giving young people recognize you and everything, but do you think like did you feel you're, doing your best work then? Or did you feel like you? Work at fifteen? Yeah, but you know what I mean. No, it's very different when you're, when you're like doing that as a gig, not as a career, there's two different versions of this industry and I think that I've been able to appreciate both. I did one as a hobby. I did it as a career and vain was the hobby. My whole life until I was twenty until nineteen was a happy I really do have a euro doing something fun you and did you if you train at all, no train fuck. Are you talking about mark? I I like I'm such a bummer of a question people. Tell me what method of my stuff, but I'd. Rather, your story,
I'd rather have something intelligent to say you just have a knack for it. I dunno whatever I do. I love it. I love what I do even in the craziest moments, I'm like. I have no other skills in life. I have no other passions, I'm fucked! I just love everything about this industry. I mean there's aspects of it that I can't stand, but I love what I do for a living. I have other skills I have yet to find them real. This industry is my idol. I love this initially, I love producing. I love acting. I love this industry. I mean I love learning. it'll do producing yeah, but tv production company sony. What are you doing? What we have likes? We have six thousand development was sony really. Your cat, your company, my company. How long has it been over there we've only at sony for maybe nine months, no less. What are we in July, for six seven months, we've been at sony prior to that we were at at a different place in the part year. Action partners and you have development people, and you take me- isn't by project with the whole I pitch yeah to every single patron town
if I am in town and capable of going or if I'm not doing as a producer as a producer yeah not for myself and I put on, shows and a packet shows and sell shows, have nothing to do with me. Have you sold any time we've sold in a while a whole company together, there's like somewhere between eighty It shows we have sold. We ve got to get a show in the air, so let us be clear here. Get her a show in the air is a very different thing, but this year would taking a different approach and packaging with actors, and so now we have shows that are packages, actors that we're gonna beat selling as a full package which will make things So this sounds like what you're doing I love it. It is what I do his Ashton and I, when we decided to have a family, so we're never gonna separate the family and social he shooting his show, I'm in l with the kids at the ranch, the ranch legs and then, if I am doing a movie than we up with the whole family wherever I am so that allows me so very quickly. I have ten months
the air where I'm in l a and I believe, whatever nine eight nine months out of the I guess the question is: do you prefer this work to acting? I love a more engaging lot. More levels: yeah working with talents, think collaborative yeah. All of that yeah. It's so much fun and it's a little bit unexpected it's an eye, but the way I love acting, I really do, but acting if so little control and there's something about it. It's free but then there's something about it. That's a bummer, like you do this much work you put out a movie and you're like why I have no control over if you're going to be in it yeah, you might get kicked e, a l, these aspects him to play you don't you can't trust your performance when you're shooting, because, ultimately it's frankenstein the edit room anyways. Yes, so none of it really matters. You set a love, what you do and do it for the right reasons, because the end result is completely outside of your control, so orchestra, that seventy show you doing these other weird movies as a kid some of them? you know, I don't know now. I too, I haven't gadgets over here. Mark I feel like I want to touch every that's, ok, something
Do it sought? Not even your friend jennifer lawrence touched everything, love, that's cause. They make sense. I just haven't. I have the knife, I just need some people gravitate towards- and I am in a hammer- is that, like us- and I get half if you're the second person- it's not you know my other space. It was so cluttered the things to stand out as much as they do here. This is like I'm sorry it's over. for to half a hammer for there's a really great doc users in watching on them on the net netflix embodiment promoting it, but the the hammer for some reason reminded me of it, it's called drug lords and it's all about, like the you know, big drug lords and good yeah, it's great so there's two seasons: four episodes per season: it's not that much to watch, and so it's eight episodes total
and you have. You- are like AL chopper, which every kind of knows about dollar, but then, like you, have these men and women that I've never heard about which I was. That was really fascinating, like their queen of crack, a real yeah which has like woozy queen of crack and out of los angeles, and is this woman that Vienna was crack word yeah? We should grant grant yoga It's really called service. The hammer reminds me of it cause I feel like all the drug lords. At one point, her beat someone with their hammer. Hammers were right to write a passive heck, it's very violent, so I talked to Michal. We call What did he come on you're shall, though, you at the old place, yeah yeah we have a sort of interesting as in you do you guys data for a while, yet because he when he will, he will not say your name now, yeah he'll, he'll, just say somebody somewhere is protecting you now somehow is very nice, but you you you'll, say who was you'll, see your dealer. He said it's somebody that was back then. But how long do you go to echo seven years?
time and you guys still friends friendly as we could be no too weird. Yeah, there's just too many aspects of that. I'm sure that this prevented us from ever moving forward pass, well. How old are you I could cause like you know? He was huge in europe are like you is your kind of like dated from when I was like in eighteen nineteen to twenty five years. didn't want to get married or anything now We believe that in the concept of marriage and institutional marriage, until we won't have kids movements late set up children yeah, I mean the caulking thing was like that must have been a lot because, like that, you know to be with somebody who has that kind of actor with that kind of family. I can't imagine you know at eighteen having to deal with that stuff. I mean it's a lot of stuff. yeah. I mean yes, yes and now his brothers doing a good job on it I haven't seen it yet that accession did. You know, is rather too yeah like everybody neuter here and they You re you're on preserving the family, the rug
I don't know what I want to get out of that. I don't it there's nothing. I really need to know, but I just thought it was interesting when I talked to him that you know he's still kind of protective of the whole thing and it's so many years later where do you think that is he's very private yeah yeah he's got park now found there I found it difficult when I was talking to him because he's private, but he likes to he's a charmer. You know he'll, you know he kind of performs and you have to figure out where you're going to get just a little kernel of something personal that doesn't just come out to find out to be true for most people are now. Well, I it just depends what people want to talk about where you want to go. I mean it feels to me that if somebody has something, if it happens, mechanically, it it'll happen, you know, but it you can't be here. so scrutinize for so long his whole life and he was so young yet that his habit is to to protect himself yep exactly right, yep yeah, but you don't feel that do you feel
for yourself having been started. That long ago I didn't I I didn't. I don't have to deal. I didn't deal with what he had to deal with right away, it's very different being huge and it's such a such a young age with so many aspects of it that I think that you know you you, you preserve your privacy as much as you can and having children, We stand that now, oh yeah! Well, you don't get like a lot of flak. Do you anymore fly I mean like the mike pence saying but yeah there's not you don't know, but nah nah, not nearly, but I never really got flak. I just get followed by paparazzi a lot but not flat. Why do you think you? Why did they choose you, two actors together, a total freak, show to them. Yet I think that if I was to be with liken near orbs veto, whatever blake m mighty guy, yeah and also a that makes sense. So do you think what do you think was the big
turning point for you in terms of white. Was Sarah marshall big turning point for you yeah cause? It was the shift to movies yeah yeah and you were kidnapped, think might have, that was almost really believable. When I like them of jason, I like kristen, where the shift to film so that was exciting. Well, it was. It was a conscious lightly, so here's what happens, seventy show was ending and then I had to make a decision right. Do I go to college and do some things my life, or do I taking acting seriously, so that was really was a hobby. In your mind, getting you without me. What it was like I do this while I also go to school. If I didn't look at it as a hobby, I don't know if I would have gone through the public school system of los angeles. I think I would have just legally emancipated myself and called it a day and done a career at at sixteen.
so yeah. So I so I asked my parents for permission and I was like hey look. Can I differ from school I'll go back, I promise I'll go back. Can I just defer and give this a shot, and it was at l you at the time- and I didn't even go a day Helen you but ass, I could withdraw. You were a little amount or you're an dumb. Her parents, like ok, will, if you can make this a career than you. Let us are taking this. Firstly, yeah: what does that mean exactly, and I was like yeah totally yeah, I dunno what I meant, and so I was like. I got this. And then I well twenty years ago, when fifty years ago it was a little bit of different industry was like. If you came out of television, then you are stuck in the tv bubble and if you came out a film you weren't going back to tv, and so both of those things have changed. Everything's changed yeah, so twentieth like you know what I want to do something different and they're like well, you should do tv and I was like I don't want to do tv. I seventy six was ending. I want to try something different and so I had, I can honestly say. I had no ego and I edition for every and everything- and I didn't really care what I auditioning for right and I met,
just at the time earlier, for, differ different movie, but I had a lot of time like a lot of fun. Riffing with it was at the time right for different, for which not the you're a virgin This is something that, like, I think they can attest to better than I can, but I made for it, didn't ultimately end up getting it, but had the best time riffing with rogan and then a year later. like less than he, was at camping. This table read where you come in and do a favor and do this table read it's for a movie called blah blah blah and I was like belkin and six sometimes you just do table reads for people. It's not that big of a deal right. So I went into the table read a very different group of people were at the table for for for in Sarah Marshall, forgetting Sarah Marshall, a whole bunch of different people. The only was consistent was siegel right. So we did. The table read cut to seven months later, the greenlight the film, and
I think that they must have gone through other actors- I don't even know ultimately came back to me and what they were like hey. Would you want to be a part of this and I was like oh ya, I mean it was like judd apatow in the height of judd, apatow right. It was amazing, if you do in hawaii yeah, it was summer camp at the best time. But then, after that film everybody wants to put you into a box of just doing like those of movie so euros like ok. So now you just do me to combine work and, as I know, I didn't want to be one specific thing cause it's so easy to get stuck in oak in a place where everybody assumes you're something and then all of a sudden when they're sick of you there you're done because you've proven yourself elsewhere. So I was like nah, I'm do something else. Some went in and did other projects before I went back to doing another romantic comedy the hour. Worried it's weird
several of you for you? I was our abacha veal. I was watching our yet raising extracts. Weird movie, ash act was awesome, yet that's great might judge from my judge and jason bateman blacks once great black swamp of black swan darent. I've well again that are not dared about this, but I feel like box one happen, As of sir Marshall, I think he's I mean they're marshal and then was like oh and we skype, I never read fur or or in a view to what our addition for blocks one escaped via. I was in l, a he was in new york and and we ended up just talking talking about the character. I want the scrape talk about other things and I think he saw me out of Sarah Marshall and was like alright, but roll call it a totally different, woody, okay, cuz! I act a little bit and you're telling me you don't have any training at all so training in the sense of life. Do I follow like classic well, no, but I mean it's like you just like, because you'd turn down the job you've been doing stuff to remind you know how to be honest, and I do all these things, but in terms of like
seeing the emotional ray, and all that stuff that just something that you can log into cause. You know how to be present on a set, get right. Event: owen: inducing steady onto any that that shit you did have a coach ever I did, the or which I had coached my whole life. I had a woman named kaylee, hummel, who's, great who's, still around she won percent. Help me with auditions because is a very different. Art form yeah, acting on a set right, and so Absolutely I used to have a coach name's, katie homeless. She was awesome, so what's happening with this new movie. How come I didn't? I they didn't even give me a screening, oh I just wanted to come on your show, regardless of the movie. That's the truth. I was like whatever I'll just go do mark like I don't care what and they're like. Why? Don't you wait to promote something? I was like why? Who cares and so then I think that the timing worked out, because I supposed to your show a year ago, you were yes,
and the timing didn't work out with your schedule, and it was just literally because of my girlfriends out over. There are like you have to my parents. oh god, willing to follow the rock Barack obama they're like yeah like ok, but so this move mcnerney s, so this is by without may wait. So am I, really promoting it, because one does. When do you put out your podcast? Does it matter I was promoted? Who even cares so when is it coming out august? Third: yeah! That's about right! Oh check! That out that it really worked out here. It's bound may do two best friends, adventure in europe, so my boyfriend played by justin and throw by he dumped me. How spoiler alert and how we gone. This adventure, I get a piece of information to somebody else in the middle of europe and its. What happens in these two girls, who have no spy training whatsoever? Get thralled into this scene espionage front, very fine, but they got alike if the double seven meets bridesmaids here and cannot do that under work with kate
No, I don't know that I feeling she might not want to come on what you do nothing, why? hey that and I dont know because, like wizened she'd been on, why do you know what I mean? I ask her yeah we ve reached out to her. I her I I don't. Maybe I I don't I I don't either I'll find out for you it's ices hard with the us and our people concerning new york constantly in the rarely out here, back certainly uk by weight gain the people while they were on snl. I believe that I have had a lot of must. Have I don't if you have really why I don't even the very pretty if a universe, more michael's, when we remember that the different he's the boss, I dont know if other people have think back about it. I don't know not a trick question when another very protective about the press that their cast it really
wow, I never thought a little bit controversial. No, I'm not! Yes! You are. What does that mean? You pull shit out of people that they don't intend to tie the shit out of you well know, but also very much an open book, We need to answer to other than myself. Well, that's a nice place to be So what? What is it that you wanted and that you that you have don t want to do. If you have this business so much all we did the like of which was that movie about the ted move. That was the bear talking bear with with we added mark on the show now he's another guy, like I know, boston guys. I was in Boston a long time, but he's seen me like you're failing people, you should really get wahlberg and michelle mark is awesome. He's done a couple of movies with marc. I love him. He's great he's like one of those male co stars where you're like you're so nice solid. Salad, good actor duet afterwards, but also like has a work ethic alike, shows up to work, has a shit together and hat ones,
go home this. Do you know what I mean? I really do respect that, but does the do? Have you been on a lot of sets where people show up and they don't have their shit together, but it is not necessary. They don't have shit together. They meander, ah like they're, like wallace figure this out with a make good. This is, if you like, wherein clearly that I want to go home. That's what I like to call it. Don't we all just want to go home like less work, less work, the best that we possibly can put out something awesome here but, like let's go see outside its work, we are we're here to do you write the export tory process I like exploring and having fine while in the scene and doing great sound right, but I left whole production for two hours to talk about why your character has to pick up that piece of paper just to shooters pick it up shoes. it both ways and move on yeah yeah, it's not that big of a deal right pick. This cube. You don't want to not a big
up on the next, did you ever do theater, not it's, not I did a little bit of theatre in ally like I did by little bit, I mean I did one show and I dunno like the repetition aspect of it's, not something that it's me doing it every night, yeah, I'm going to doing a tv show, is kind of like that because you get the live audience once a week. So you get the feel of like feeding off people's energy movies. Aren't like that they're, not I love tv or are you can do another bad moms movie? No, really, it seems could do every year, if you want them or does it Ah, I love the writers off of it that way or guarantee these rights gap. By the way I loved it. I love John, it's got so very, very, very much better. I think it sounds like what you know will hopefully Catherine answer good. Have you had her I have somewhere to go. I've talked to have talked to Kristen bell. I've talked to who have I've talked to. I talked to
many people as I can not avoiding any, but how often do you required twice as much I had put to up a week, the others to a week. I do yeah so I am quoting. Sometimes people don't want talk about themselves. Most people don't write. I clearly have no contact about myself and my. What do you want to know? Let's get back to that question. What is it that you want to do that you haven't done? I don't know I really don't I dont right so morning on work to redirect. Maybe I've never directed anything in my life other than my family. I using now. So when you love, I won't you dirt. I might one day I really would I think I just have to wrap my head around it. It's just a very different tool that I've never used or different muscle than I would have to retrain here's what you do. You hire really good pie and eighty yeah of I I like I know who I would hire, but I yet you sorry several people that are smarter than you and better at you,
but I mean if the right project came along for sure I would actually probably do it, but then I also would want to do something for the right reasons, not for the sake of doing it. What are you doing like politically doing anything? Exciting I try be quiet politically. I believe it's not something that I'm like super vocal about you're, not going to see men being dependent on cnn talk about what's happening in the world today. I also don't have social media, so it's not like. I don't present a choice. recently I never had never had an that's your so saying the Ashton has it doesn't he kind of but he used to be incredibly involved in twitter when twitter first started in the in this in the beginning stages: business and oh you mean he was one, those guys that they gave a million that had a million dollars worth of your right when he saw the twitter was a tool that is further
better the world and then I was in twitter became something completely different wording. He was like he bailed here, but no he's super tech savvy and you know where the huge vc fond and all that stuff, but he doesn't necessarily pose an inch women twitter, everyday at all. Now, oh, let's get back to server. I now I knew where I'm a little foggy today. I guess, but I want to pick it back up so so wide awake. I gotta tell you what's good, it's working out for me, I'm glad you're carrying yours and go to dance class after this dance class. Not for me for my kid. I gotta go pick her up and take her to dance after you. How old is she? Have the ominous rising, keep saying you should go to india had square? I may I go with her. I watch her. We don t shoot, I don't dance. I do be overcome plotters b c likely. There was a time yeah, where you would know modern dance. Yes, then I don't I don't I genuinely don't have time about. Could I if, if once both my kids are in school and at have to get off at an earlier. I dont know I decided you should really matter. Nets are kind of each case year, teenager
making out with Ashton on camera, for the show yet nothing there happens on steady behind the scenes. Then you go and you have a life. You did you date, macaulay culkin for years and then you're out of that, and then he had couple of other relationships. So how do you and Ashton regroup and decide, and- and was your mama moment where you like, got what that? Why didn't we do this before? Why do I always felt this way about yours? Now we never felt like this about each other ever and that's the trait and honestly. That is the real truth we always kept in touch. We always I like aol used to have instant messenger and we kept in touch over instant messenger. By how many times we popped up, we were like how is going how's life. I like let me only in use also in this weird, like you, I think some of us during it were referred like what's going on over there, that the demi more to have normal, we'll be in asia. Bed like three kids, they were raising. It was like a normal life, just like twenty years younger or whatever, whatever their age,
in france when he was younger, but he was you know. Everything was just like he used to have a relationship with him. Oh that's nice! So we talked about that, like how's everything everything get like your life is good and then we would like you know the tit for, however long ten years, errors, I wasn't wouldn t dangers. I have said the story, but I'll give you the very quick view of what happened. Sorry I'll tell you ready europe to give, we were at a award show and I was backstage and he was the first award. about the second award up and sounds like having an alcoholic beverage, and looking around and there's a really beautiful man that, like from the back and I what a very nice stature, a job. They little saigu he's kind of hot. I was single and and then he turned around, and I was like. Oh my god, it's coach, like I thought it was the weirdest thing that I was checking this guy out and somebody that I known forever. We, I wouldn't housewarming party, and that was it and then like two weeks,
You're after the house, my party, that you have some coffee clutch and as a fair, totally fact by. When did you start dating? three months after that. Well, no, that's not true. We never dated hold on. Let me be clear ash and I hooked up literally. We did. Why did a movie friends with benefits, he did a movie. That was very similar no attached, we lived our movies out where we were like, let's hook up with If both single, we both trust each other everything great like weed, but none of us want attention, we just you know we're ok great, so we hope for months and then just like our movies, one of us got feeling, and then went up to the other and was like. I have feelings for someone to walk because I know that this is not our agreement from me yeah. I walked up to him was like. You know what I actually care about you and I don't want to mess anything up away before like it becomes too much and he was I it and then the next day shut showed up to my house and he was like move in with me, and I said: okay,
and so we never dated we hooked up with reminds, and then we moved in together and that was over many years ago. So that was a that's sort of a real risk to to say you know. I have feelings walk away? It was an agreement. Did you really? Oh, that was the agreement just going to food, we're finally gonna respect each other, but like it's one of those things where once one, but we were always super transplant with one another. What's the agreement we're not going to get attached once one of us starts having any sort of attachment feelings. We have to start talking about it. Oh not not quash it now quasi, if south about it and they go that way, that a person by any chance shares those feelings or not. We don't become. eventful towards one or the second, a feeling of like not just jealousy cause, it's a horrible thing to say, but like actual care who are you I mean, aren't you but surely had the care part? I didn't I. I can't the care part, but we are both. seeing my hapoel. I really hope my parents are listening to this, but like seeing other people
what I'm saying here and in the second that I started caring, that he was seeing somebody else right in that regard, right that I was like. Oh I I I all of a sudden have like the sense of like oh, like I felt like I got punched in the gut one. Little overnight something, and I was like, oh my god, and I felt it Oh, my god, I'm I'm in love with this man and I have to walk away because this is not the agreement that we had and so I'm going to speak up and the next day I came over- and I was like I am just going to let you know when a b and c happened. I know I had all of a sudden a very different reaction to, and I respect us and I respect you and someone to bail and I left the house, oh, do you think you really could have built. I mean I read her house right. I did. I was devastated I left my ball miser and then and then the next day I whatever seven eight in the morning you just showed up at my house. He should have a man. He was like. Let's move in together- and I know like you can't do this- it's too early for you cuz
He was only single that point from maybe a year nearly a year and a half and is there another people to you and I was like you need to data of people. He goes, I'm not going to lose you and I will and it- and I have been together for additives six years, that's a worry. I never really thought about this idea of, like the transparency of like we're just going to have fun. It's going like neo no strings and if it gets one of us you know- that is sort of an approach to dating, and it seems more reasonable
Lee is all about being able to be honest and we both. I know I fucked up in my previous relationships enough to know that, like just fucking be honest, because it's just so much less painful for your partner and for yourself and I I don't want to become resentful, and I don't want to go to a place where I do something dumb again, and so I was like fuck this shit, I'm going to be completely fully transparent and he was the same exact way, and so it was easier for me to tell him that I that I was having feelings than to get to a place where I was resentful. Factor here in my mind, wasn't right good for you and you ve maintain that I've we and I have never been more there's no version of our relationship that is not transparent, there's nothing that either one of us doesn't know about the other person. I'm telling you. It was like the person that I was at twenty and the person that I was a twin. when it will be nicer, dangerous, haven't when they were two completely different people legally different people- and I am so much more proud of the person
I am today than I've ever been of any other version of myself, that's good and then now you have kids, who are growing up with those I used it in that environment good because I realized we need people always say learnt my parents, always I learned from my parents actually learn from other people's mistakes. Now yours and I was like totally but that's impossible, and so I went one having kids, I really wanted to lead by example. I know that that sounds super fucking cliche, but there's no and of myself. That was gonna be different in the person that I wanted my kids to be here, and I want my kids to be brutally honest, like I just due to be honest with yourself be honest with you be honest with other people and I wasn't for so long were they kind of ours, kids, anyways right then, and I want to sustain like I woman, hold onto that. If you like. How does this look? My dad it'll be like that's beaut or I don't like it. I never want her to feel like she can't say that or like that's yucky, I don't wanna eat that I'm always like cool nice. Way of saying it, but, like I get it, you know good,
happy that you're having this at this time in your life, honesty, I said being transparent in life, is a lot easier, my company's fully transparent. It is something like I I now I once I became a different person when I've made a conscious effort of like I fucked up enough, I made enough dump shit mistakes in my life tat. I shouldn't have made that the they were been solved by just being honest rear did. I became fully on us with everybody so much so that improbably tipping the scale moments You wanna want to be honest as a weapon or, as you know, were hurtful yes, so ably. it is one that way. May now it's swinging towards like of a medium of large. Just you know right. Yet you know. Sometimes you know you can be honest, but you don't have to necessarily say it. Yes, I don't have to say the opposite of what I have to lie. That's right! That's what I'm learning lore started to learn when they had kids get a just cause, I'm not telling you don't lie
it's not right, yeah, that's right! Yeah yeah! Sometimes if you wait a little bit, wait! Yes, yeah, but it's much easier live life. This way I bet it's more relaxing you did I don't have to remember anything right. You not managing bullshit. No, So there's nothing. You can ask me that I might have to be like what wait. What's the answer, she gave no good, it's it's nice that was nice talking. Likewise, That's it spy who dumped me opens in theaters friday august. Third, hope, everybody's okay, I saw again before I forget, don't you for, to check out the new wtf shirts at pod. Swag dot com debbie, You have already merged page at w, pod dot com. I love these new designs. Folks they do so we cool stuff with our original logo so go get one. Would you
I came out here already to play guitar I was ready. I brought the telecaster out but, as I strung up the two gibsons and now I got the I was going to like indeed strings that I just was playing it in preparation. Can I pop the string I can't changing neck boomer lives
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