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Episode 940 - Chris O'Dowd

2018-08-08 | 🔗
Chris O'Dowd charmed and amused audiences in things like Bridesmaids, The IT Crowd, and recently the Get Shorty TV series, but things could have gone differently if he had followed through on his political science major. Chris and Marc talk about growing up in the Irish countryside and heading of to university in Dublin, only to find out he enjoyed acting much more than studying politics. They also talk about Bono, the Native Irish vs the Boston Irish, and having cats but not being a "cat person."

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All right, let's do this, how are you what the fucker is, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there is what's happening, a mark mare- and this is my podcast- w e f welcome to it. What's happening, how's it going. Are you ok, yeah? It's interesting. I've been speaking. The people specific we about like when I greet you whether you're running or you're, at the gym or your pay, doing or you're in trouble, or we I'm just kind of going through a list in my head of people. Doing that for a long time and it's odd because a lot of people tell me that you, like I get emil's in their like sort of like I'm painting by the way, or why got an email? Ok, if from a guy the thing is, I just kind of scatter shot that I kind of connect in, and
think about it. I've been doing that since I was on radio, but I was a little more specific. There was a long list of different types people that I would say hi to, but in terms of actually doing one side of a conversation which this always is and your relationship with me is specific, it's personal and it's yours, sometimes when I reach out and just that kind of general greeting way and ask what's up, I don't know how it lands, but I got they said. I got one able than the one he melted said. I was painting thank you for for saying alone, checking in, but this is what makes it worthwhile without even knowing it. This is also talking about this podcast in general, or, however, I resonate with people a lot of people act with me in whatever way, they're going to connect with me, some people get mad at me. Some people find it tremendous. Comforted me that what's important is I got I got an email from a guy for my from this from the other day
On monday, when I, when I was speaking specifically about drugs and about recovering about people, I was talking directly to people who may be in situation and I'm just winging it folks yeah. This is just improvised stuff. who here at the beginning of the show but it's email subject intro really hit me you're right, mark It doesn't get any better. It's the same shit up all night. Work all day repeat, doesn't age. Well, six, a m comes quick. I know one at a time cassettes. That's all one really can do thanks for the truth, I needed to hear someone who didn't know me now, don't know that guy's exact life is, but if I can deliver a message to get people out at cycle that fuckin addiction cycle if it's one, that's damaging your wife again, I'm happy to do it because.
I don't know man, I've been dry, yeah, that's a word. They use in the recovery, racket. I've been dry and some of you have noticed didn't you know. I've noticed it but TAT, but I'm on it. I'm on it. I went through a thing: alright the thing last night, I've been a little of distance. The things that sometimes all you got do is check in with the secret society and ray reconfigured a little bit re prioritize understand where you came from, and you know what that looked like, but but it's hard didn't too with the dry thing where you everything's gonna write yet you're snotty in short and Angry and resent void sort of like. Why do why? Any of that stuff? Hat, why do I have any of that? Why am I talking in this sort of manic aggressive. Tone? Sometimes, and it's think, like warm. Just at the end of my rope today right unites been a rough week. I am busy, that's all planes coming in for landing in my brain and need be die today,
Today, I you know, I don't know when you'll hear it, but today and now a couple hours. I have to go interview cardinal any type situation live for an enhanced, capitol records thing and. yeah I mean we're going to put it up as a podcast, eventually but yeah, for week or so. I've just been make myself crazy about interviewing a beetle. Maybe I'll talk more about it. When I, when I press, the show that the vat it is but out, but that that stressful, but but the dry, the dry thing is real. And, and you got it, you got to get on that specially. If you're, if you're person that brain just as that. Naturally, if you dont have a sort of resource or support system to pollyanna that lock up it's sort of an aggravated lock up that happens due to of damage. Man can hurt. Some people hurt yourself before I forget dimension mention the lovely and charming chris o'dowd is on the show today. What a great guy fun talk coming up. Alright,
having making music you have been. can, with tall wilkins felt the baseball The genius who I was I was on a show with with dean delray, kind of rock show and she was she played bass was pretty amazing she plays with Jeff back. we we're trying to lay down a track for the credit sequence of the new. And shall movie that a man and and they're using lynn is using a lot of the guitar. Work. I do on this show at the end, if you listen to it throughout We shall now are actually doing a day, a stew seo track with tall, so I'm learning all kinds of new things: a little frustrating new skills. It's not just the immediate relief sloppy guitar playing. You know there's a process that has to be bided by in the studio and it kind of it it's kind of exciting. You can just do over things and drop things and I'm a strong believer in the playthrough. Let's just play it live and in the moment, but by sense- There is not great quick tracked and heard, and is doing the leads over and over again, I just I'm month.
started starting understand the world of the studio. A very little bit of very little bit, but it's very exciting, so that sorta creative change in a good way, but I did want to share an email if I could sell this, This is an interesting email because it just came in the inbox out of nowhere, and I would imagine most of it is true, but this is where The least that in this area, I think who in what's going talked about this email, I've, I've made some progress, subjects or time warner, cable, high, mark I've been listen your pack has for the past eight years and I'm a big fan? It's always a treaty. Right, you into my head space for your comedy, candour and ability to connect with those you interview, I'm from canada, specific small town called sudbury in the early two thousands there was boom in call center jobs, because the canadian dollar wasn't faring as well as its american counterpart. The largest company was called tell attack and it providing customer service for
time warner? L, a These were terrible jobs and most people with flee. So the place for the three weeks of training and quit before they ever had to take a call this my initial plan as a young person. I was in my post college dropout, swamp and needed money for smokes and food as the coffers were dangerously low crunching, the numbers it looked like I needed to work a week on the phones to facilitate my introverted pauper life for the next few months. So I bit the bullet did the training and tried best to help people with the limited tools available. Mostly, I make people unhappy for eight hours, because nothing worked and technicians were often no shows. I've managed to block most of the experiences during that week save one conversation, and that was only because of your time warner episode on merit. Here we go now we're
I remember doing my intro and being greeted by an exasperated angry man who venomous we introduced himself as MARC Maron. this was ordinary. Given how long people had to wait on hold. However, was out of the ordinary. Was your history whenever Call one of these places, a conversation summary is written and available for the next employee and you had dozens of summaries wisting, you were vicious flabbergasted mean, etc. So I buckled and I asked how I could help when you said your internet was down. I put you through the motions: did you try turning it off and on again, and let me send a signal to your modem and, of course none of this worked in the week. I were free time warner. The troubleshooting work, maybe ten percent of the time, and I would be surprised and happy when it did any how much grow two course did not work said that we needed to send a technician at this point. You ripped into me with fury, and in this day and age,
browse regularly, yelled that it must be said that you are particularly good at it. You made mention of starting your own functioning internet company and suing me and time warner into the ground, because people shouldn't be treated this way I sighed instead, this sounded most acceptable. You then asked what the fuck is wrong with me. I apologize. and once again suggested when a good time would be to schedule technician as it was all I could do. You then pulled that do you know who I am more, marin, I got nervous hesitated and they faltering, because I didn't know at the time. Dude. Let me just tell you nobody did Why is this broke? Your anger in the calmness most resign voice? You said that's all right and you apologize proof. sweet? He said you knew it wasn't my fault and it was wrong of you to take your frustration out on me. Sure do that getting yelled at was par for the course my position and I had no ill will and apologize for your internet not working. It was one of the nicer changes I had during my time on the phones going through
motions gamut and reaching mutual defeat in perhaps imagine form of self daddy. I quit not long after and breathe a sigh of relief. It was about fifteen years later, and it's odd that working a shitty call center job is awarded me. A fond memory of interacting with my favorite podcaster strange and beautiful world, and luckily I now have a job where I don't make strangers sad. I hope Internet is running smoothly these days, thanks for your time, matt while Matt. You know that it happened again. That's what inspired that episode of merit, but I will to observe prize that I did the do. You know who I am think, but the rest of it sounds right in again mad. If you wish. I apologise again, but they for the walk down memory lane. Certainly thank you for that dry right. Dry when a sober, acting fella do that. I don't know man. I just I got a cold in. I am
busy and I'm overwhelmed all the time. But I have to start. realizing that this is fun. This is good. This is, it's stuff. This is what we this world. this is what we live for, and I Chris o'dowd is on the show today and he's a great guy. We had a great conversation, I'm very happy when I'm talking to people it's like in between things those hours are to worm, I'm just festering. You know. We work a lot or when you're overly busy and you start to run out of any time. For yourself Or in your mind or in life, you know you start to tweak a little bit. You start to it's like I, you know you it's it's almost. Why there there is no room brain in europe, this thrashing up against at by dumping it on other people, but if you're concerned I'm getting on top of it. So don't don't be. I am ok. Ok, so oh dowd, great guy, nice guy funny guy charming guy, very talented actor of it was a pleasure.
Truly fun to hang out with him a season two of get shorty returns to epics on Sunday August 12th, suits him, and I just talking about stuff and I, like irish people, have you there's three cats in there in the house? Is that a lot I think that a reasonable amount right yeah- I don't got anybody, would they wouldn't have thought me for three no time any more than that. Then there will be questions, most I've ever had at one time was maybe four ok, but I did feed some cats outside are we have a? We have a cat yeah one? Yes, it's siamese For I get thoroughbred ceremony right via some is yet it cites. It's really quite also
really do you die you not a cat person revised. I think I have grown to accept. Is it very much came with my partner with my wife that came with her. So it's an old cat. Now it's thirteen, I think so. You've been with your your wife how long ten? No that's not right. Eight eight Where are we at? Why, along you been married with five? Ok, yeah, that's it yeah. Oh no doubt one eighth taste. Yes, so five! Yes, eight than hell six. I think it's six. I wouldn't let her listen to this and I'm starting to think. Maybe you should make sure she doesn't hear this if this was just, conversation we're having and she was sitting right there from my experience a great moment. You know I I feel pretty sure she will never listen to this. All I need to do is tell her that you're on in through the bible she had enough energy to I e on the north. I see I don't need to.
yeah. You know they they have to the significant others partners of people that to draw attention. Themselves on purpose. Haha really have to carve out their own thing, that's fair! Via what does she do? She in show business she's a writer in show business she's like a novelist, a really yes, I dont get called. I show business now she she's a kind of As a journalist, I knew her as a documentary maker on the bbc and then she went more into prose and she I call him she's from england. She is well she's from a place called guernsey, guernsey, which of them, which is an island just all france, but as part of the united kingdom. Just when complicated? Is it like? As is it's very nice? It's like like she's from catalina, oh okay. So it's not like there is a different tribe of british people. There there's a different tax system. Oh and it was invaded like during the war. When the last time we were there there's it was actually
enjoy. You were there not I think I have heard about yeah yard. During the war an entertainment was invaded that war is going on in full force here, yeah we're winning yeah. I hope we're winning, can't remember what side we're on, but it's not like it I like whales like wales, nor I dont have no understanding, not ok. I just know that in wales it's a different world kind of there's an old language to it. Yes, that's true, and the names are spelled funny, though, There were a lot of elsie. I show I that's what I'm asking. Is it like that they have this, odd thing. People who are traditionally from guernsey yeah speak as if their from south africa raillery strong action on our own visual on purpose or like we're doing and seem accidental, it seems more in her in her aunt, but it's nice. The ass kind of to hear this very specific
the on a very old language and you know you children right, we do. You have one, I'm gonna get this number correct. Oh that's! I would hope I have two. We have a three year old, three and a half year old and a ah he'll be actually one next week now these these are these. Both these kids born in the states. Yes, do they speak with an accent? The one speaks not much right, but on the three year old definitely hear words. What was it it felt like? Oh, yes, there was I think he picked me up on the other day and I was referring to something as a palm tree yeah and it felt like god. This is not only annoying that he's correcting my pronunciation, but that it's in reference to a palm tree he said, oh, you mean palm tree harm to shut up american. Does he say Third correctly, he uses all the haters
and he you know and then there's words that we use different like trash and things like that. Is he oh so he's got that Yes in ireland we don't call a trash, we call it useful, won't, always win, we gotta rubbish. We call I like rubbish yeah. I would. I would get the kid going with rubbish. Yeah he don't eat eat. I feel, like you pick a lot of stuff up outside the house. Now he three, How will you just waiting mountain? I was runs at club nice. It's not illegal, to dig out like a cat. In fact, in the morning, is an indoor outdoor three year old that plays yeah. He shits in istanbul and well So like, how long have you been here, I'd be kind of over and back for the guts of a decades and then I over proper, properly many seven or eight years. Which is, I actually met. My wife here are usually her thirtieth birthday party. They have.
We and I was coming over. You know that many people and a mutual friend of area it turns out a guy called nick frost lies, not fear. For me, I dont nick frost, sorry, I've interviewed nick for all you have he's been a long time ago. Is a great guy and I Da Da who do you know who's in town and he said Adon is in town. You should look her up, so I friend requested her on facebook yep that south start and she turned down three times three times which felt like unnecessary yeah, I mean likely. You were just trying to meet some people that you might have a common friends with my my facebook picture is, is I very old floridian woman and I think I had a fake name on facebook arousal and that's the one you requested her friendship with, which would have been difficult. I guess the night I don't blame her and of Actually, she was throwing this party and she hadn't been in town that long and she was worried that nobody was going to turn up
on the day of she said: hey how's, why did you to the party and the rest is history and then love blossom. It did for real well You know for a few weeks after that, certainly ah that's nice yeah and then that's good, but talk about ireland because I was just there and let's talk about the political structure, the history, the church. Let's do it all? Ok, I'm hoping that you're going to educate me, I have an unnatural love, the place yeah being an eastern european jew. I don't know what it's from he feels ancestral to me, but it's not I go there and I'm like this This is where I would live. If I had to run that's interesting, find it. Here's another thing that I don't know if you've heard hurt. Now, why would you have have I spent a lot of years in Boston terrified of the irish and because,
the boston. Irish are a different thing, unto themselves There was they were in dad. They were intimidating, somewhat mean I'm generalizing, yes, but but but then I realized like You know when the irish came here they really had to tough it out. That's right and they p dot m put on it. You know they got they. They got tough because I go to ireland and I see the same type of person the same guy. it look like the irish. I knew in Boston and I'm I'm like. Oh my god here we go and very sweet people understand what what a mess did to the irish. I think they're combined with that, and I think that's true, I think also the tough ones a lot you know like the one bad eggs on the way out relation and you cracked them, and they will they be. They got tougher. He s scrambled these.
Asteroids, and then they took to the streets and became cops and whatnot, and I hardened them further cops in the opposite of copying very much so and then were mistreated and with the same racist practices that are happening. over the country. Now, yes, I'm were trodden, not tough in them up and the way in massachusetts, pretty rough in them also yeah. Well, I I guess so yeah I've grown like all of them, It was like my own fear that was causing the very specific at my o e o type of judgement of the irish. I think it's fair to say that it's a different brute to the people inside of our dear, I think that's true to be honest of all nations. We access through it with I caught here and they get ruined. Yet our travel, the people, the truth that the ecb will the travel. I find that when I meet australians and london via I'm like these are not australians in australia, difference
straining specifically since you're noticing, because my sense of australia is I'm wondering like where we were well, where you going. I just that. I find that the word that seem to end up in london. I'm sure they're, lovely people but their death, the glee more boris, so they've got a chip. What's what's frustrating about what just happened is I really searched for delicate edges of anakin and with board will maybe you've got a chip on their shoulder for her for england having sent their families there to begin with? Maybe we may have their they're coming back for what's owed them at last. Take exactly thanks for ship and my great great great, great grandfather after that fucking island, on making him first what irish convert yet, but I think it is true to say that irish people are very different and in either place irish people in the east coast are very different to people in. yeah, but your most most americans are irish. That's right
there are number a but there's loads of you know that's true, but I was just fascinating. The number of irish in that in ireland is a profoundly impressive yeah and I guess you could thank the church for that. There is, and also you know not to or during the famine. I'm glad. It's we're probably going to end up. Does it usually come I'm going to do a tight five with the farmer? No it! No! During the farmer like just to put her in contact with a million people in the country before the farm it five years later, it was four million paper. Oh two million people It's turn people left right, just in very broad numbers. Are you guys giving this on and no card? When you leave ireland? That's right! You know the passports now, that's all it says on there that equation. My line is to mine. Is to connect yeah so
that's quite a number of people to leave security in such a short amount of time. Right, right and- and I guess half of those ended up in you- know r s, island beer and thought that was quite a number of people. Yeah now we're speculating, I am so let's go or your family didn't leave right. and how far back do they go? Do do you do do you know your your lineage. You know I did I did a show about genealogy at once. You did a one person show! No, I didn't know I did it like up a christopher guest show for hake, be oh, that was about like come. It's not the one where you it because I was going to do a genie ology shown they in they just never got back to me, nor this was this. Wasn't like who do you think you are our that's all I wanted this was I'd like to do that. To my mind would be boring. I think that's why they're not going back to me. I did everything they told me to do what you do. Why took to genetic dear superior assets
and it's been almost a year and I think they just looked at it and they're like we got it and he's a jew and then that's it. It's the end of it like it, russia, poland, all done no story here. So odd. I just sent in my own. Twenty three and me Oh you right. I got a couple of days ago. You got yours know I I like I I bought offering. I haven't done it yet or what are you anticipating you're going to find? You know what I want. to do it for more than the genealogy part of it was I heard on the twenty three 23andme meeting you could find out stuff. That's wrong with you
Can they they ask you or are they ask you I twice when you go to the website or we can tell you about a few things: alzheimer's, parkinson's, that's what I want and and the other thing, and then you go okay. I want to hear about it and they're like. Are you sure, because this will fuck you up: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and okay, so on the genealogy side of us, I feel like it's going to be very dull, because there is a castle around forty minutes from where I grew up, where my family's telia were colorado. Doubts cast and it's where the first or doubts came from its do you do you all have access to the castle? It's a rune. It's a room number, But it was a that's a yes. Yes, yes, especially late at night, what kinds of beer we have accents nice so and it's from, I think age hundred so it's quite a while eight hundred a d. Yes right,
eight hundred and eighty, which is quite a while and that's that's how far as we traveled, You know in eleven hundred thousand twelve hundred year couple block forty forty blocks so the minutes, Iraq would be yeah I really stayed. Hang you it's really nice. If what's the town I'm from boil, I am well aware that, in relation to a city that I've heard of- I don't know you, you may have of go away, yeah, I'm! So I'm like an hour and a half nearly two hours, which way kind of north east of galway, so not by the water. I'm like half an hour of need: yeah see like I didn't get to go. There have only been to dublin in kilkenny, united behind these nice, it's pretty yeah castle? There is well that's right, not in ruins. No, it's illegal because oh yeah, they take care of it. I guess Dad's just didn't give a fuck about their gas of the people of europe
If you have a keen sense of irish history, I presume I presume the british, came and said we're gonna, take your cousin, we decided, we don't give a fuck. We're out will be our cromwell knock down, we're end for the hills. We were blue, not marketed, and forty miles from here that we were terrified by the prospect of renovating anyway, do your worse at how it happened. When I look at you, I don't know it says again, while they say you know who I am, are our countries like the only two hundred and change in the beginning of it? But I do I do appreciate that there are walls you had in ireland at that. I really like that about ireland, that you know there's things built that were built like a long long long time ago. So I do think, though, that something about your connection to the irish people. Probably about a shared history of suppression like
an eastern european jew, the irish people. These are you know, nations that have been suppressed and have managed to come out of it. I'm always this is going to be massively general, but I've always been impressed that one of the stalwarts of Jews in California, we is that they seem to have embraced humor and comedy so readily, which is Incredible yeah it was, it was a way to get by yeah. Do you know what I mean like he was away. I mean that any bruce out paraphrase this bit. I gotta find it worried. Detox, choose the faroe pharaoh the jew is charming. You know I get like they're they're like doing I think there were a lot of things that were denied us of being jewish and we had this. Figure out a way to work around it. You know, but That goes way back, but yeah jews, the Jews were funny yeah. They did a few things,
when they got here there. I didn't realize there were a lot of jewish boxers, but I think I didn't know that yeah yeah there were a lot of jewish boxers in new york. A friend of mine did painting some, but I I think that the the you know you kind of get a sense of humor to deal with the plight, but also to get over on people right. Yes, that's right. go talk to the irish guy. I can tell a story or right yeah, but it all- we, I guess we we both came up with our own- be a barely tolerable cuisines to other people. That's really fair yeah. We don't have a history of cusic, but there's great restaurants in Dublin I like or are now yeah. I, like I wish food which ones which foods yes, Id like a couple of well, no, I mean it's a kind of country. It's a lot like in the in fish, those are efficient a lot of fish. I've never been a fish guy. I feel like I don't know why. I have my theories. What I mean
if you don't get the right fishes bland. Really you gotta try. You got do fish right, for it did tastes like something and if, if when you you're the youngest five, we are no good ate it. Can you know you get the dregs of food, the irish breads very juno, what we do great fuckin, dairy yeah? Would you agree bread, we have dairy and I that the ha butters jams- yes stew- he's not dead? Another I didn't have any stew, but I liked it still is good. But okay, so you grew up in boyle. Yes, how many kids in your family, nine, twelve twelve, that's right now, while no that's not, it has been a dick, usually three. seven they're. All numbers aren't the mark. Yet I'm going say five just due to accuracy I'm the youngest of five yeah. I have an older brother who's, ten years older and then three girls in between ten years older,
crazy that no account, and I dont that on no account every two years, we're out here yeah you know your brother, I'm very is not like thirty years older, no he's no he's, ten years older, he's he's a wonderful is he in ireland he's actually in london? Now, oh yeah, his name is don there. They are any of them in ireland. Still I have a sister in ardent, who has five kids of her own I have a sister in melbourne, Australia and then a sister in Savannah, georgia really yeah, so they spread out. Yes, doing any sort of first generation to read spread. Finally, they left they left but then I have an who I don't know, while, but she went to tell of eve as a cage, ya and state and has been there since I'm. I guess she had the same. experience and I had narrow and with israel very much.
But she really committed to yeah. I work there's still time dude, I dunno what's going to happen, do have sure yeah me and maybe tea inside two years, yet we'll see how it falls. Where do you think you'll end up and when I go to ireland know in your life as too broad a question. Gen Y think I just bought this house. This might be the one the last one to lovely house yeah I mean I could see dying here. That's how you buy a new house, so I can get that here dying here so er, but I didn't want to die in the other one. It would be sad to die now, one of the smaller d I don't have a wife and I have kids and you know I dunno what's going to happen, but I'd like to die when the news crews come, you already put on a show yeah yeah. You want to be like yes I died here but I don't know what's going to happen, I use data day. No, I think that's true, are you? Do you get citizenship? Are you use citizen, we're actually in the middle of the green card process. Right now,
up by whatever is happening in the world and the little yeah I just been slowed down would be something that would take three months and we're in our six month. Are you nervous, or you know, I think it would be fine you anything with it is it has. frustrating when you're in the middle of it. You can't leave the country this country, this country right and we're we were. We were. Why is our cause? If you do, we are sorry. I said you just have to start again, which is bore him. Oh, even for a week tat I had no does matter. What's worse could happen? You ve got to go back to beautiful ireland. I know, but then you can't do you know it. Not enough. That's gonna happen. Night yeah, but anyway we're going to go back to london for six months. But do you get dual citizenship? If you get the, if you, I won't be a citizen ok now I don't really have any interest in us, but before them the kids? Are a right right and they'll be jewel citizens right now get up. But I'd so urine boil
you're, the youngest of all these kids? Yes, they're doing things you decide you're going to how does it like what woods? What's your dad do? First of all, let's get a sense of it he's a sign painter! That's that's We would do like puppy. I spent most of my kind of childhood up a ladder to a lot of like election posters and things like that. We like the last kid to be working with him. Yeah yeah and I wasn't very good, but my sisters were great so you're all you come from, assign painting family that's right, how much sign is there to do delight in a is like when you go to boil is sort of like that's my dad's sign. That's my dad said yes dad's in there still up and the next town over in the next town over so three or four towns for your dad sign the other weren't a huge amount to sign writers at the time who idle we would. Yeah we had a lockdown. Did he do You do like art more artistic stuff like that, like pigs heads, the oven.
for the cub said our name things. I call you a little bit of ass. I hear it would generate, would generally be kind of cut out product painting buck ladder? Ryan stuff, like and then laser it move more into like mechanical stuff, so you would kind of caught out. So we diversified as as the dead did they sort of, as as the type of advanced, he stayed with the tea, was a really airily a doctor or a doctor of, like god, computer stuff. No good gallery I remember gateway. Two thousand computer came in the cow box, that's right! That's right, and so as soon as that was, possible. I think he was probably getting sick of being up a ladder it when it's five degrees outside all the time as well, and so oh it sped things up, sped things up a lot to make the stencil or what have you yeah for things to not bubble and for things to not
rock amid a lot easier and is he around he still around. Both my parents are around. I was talking to yesterday. ass. He had retired is easy, tired, pretty much earlier. I know now. He updates a local website for the town. That's kind of ADI dots via the app does. He go check his signs at all a day or there's a lot of them still up. I kind of love gone home and will go to a town like the next over or I remember, doing a bosch and we'll go out. The board not be like I've ever putting the sign on this point. We were like twenty five years ago, still there yeah and he would be like I will. I would have made a lot more money. If I'd made shit or sign you just don't get any repeating is not here. gather salary to use the right stuff. Yes, he was a. He was very much, not a money person. He was not into the the idea of planned obsolescence know he has this. Will this will turn to shit in six years? Don't have to call me back. He was a perfectionist and marginal, workaholic
alcoholic is it for sure, yeah, maybe not I don't really know, but so it did mean that that was I was definitely thrust isles. Your mom do. She was I stay at home mom until I was kind of ten or eleven, and then she went back to college and became a therapist. What kind of therapist she was from a small town, so it was mostly kind of relation except therapy grief, counselor yeah? She did a phd a phd or something like that yeah she went. She did an m whatever wow magic yeah trinity, dublin haha, that's a pretty campus yeah, so she was yeah, it's lovely. Do you go see the book of kells? I did Let me show you one or two pages at a time. They say it's very repetitive, with the world. Are on the side that libraries, impressive it'd, be it. You know what a beautiful compost threat we have fresh in my mind,
Is there a few weeks ago and got all the cobblestones a tree just fell down. Did you really dig the updates on your file. I was, it was new and in ireland refilled on it in the middle of truth, Everybody ok, bye, presumed as a day of mourning for three hundred yards ok, so so there you are you're makin rights. Are you going to college, and that was good and the and you're left on your own, just pain signs your dad. When do you decide that you know you won't be an entertainer much later, so I go to college, I get into college trinity. I actually went to u c d, which is the one done this kind of down the street a bit. Is that the one where you tell you what you'd say to people? They got nah yeah that one probably what it It's a rarity or james Joyce went and oh, it's did you break that would have been considered a only to be the catholic university, whereas treasury was protestant universe.
Oh really, so originally catholics weren't allowed in Shinji cetera yeah why it was set up by the british government for people abroad trinity way. that so you actually went to the more irish of the two right. Yet I thought the trinity- or maybe just a town of dublin, claims James choice. I you maybe I an add on that. I don't know. No, we devil EU city with it would definitely gin join, but it would be best somewhere. of joys all over that part of job, because that's that's the whole. That's all that's his that his hold that he wishes in dublin. Yeah all around there, her all there, some gorgeous also ginger man, is right. their gas and other fanatic irish, but their ginger men he had disappeared. Bright under just off. Trinity square, which I haven't drank in so long, I dunno I didn't go to any of those places and enjoy any of the local music. Now, that's a shame. Yeah. We actually spent a lot of time at this strange, hippie, ish health, food restaurant that does, like you know, a walk through. What was it called?
god, damn it might an unusual name. My my mind is going nuts but like because my my girlfriend hold on hold on name of dublin place, we ate and that'll that's good right. It's not even the real question that is iron ore You know what it is. It's like. I tat those two pieces from a beach in inquiry where they, you know they're there. Yet it's it's broken down iron from some, would have machine that makes like he was. It was not or it was a piece of something I don't know what that I don't think I supposed to take it though, but I don't think I'm gonna get in trouble, so you will say I know deb. But I do like Dublin, though I do realise now that it is sort of turned out a bit tourist wise. Like you know, it's not that quaint anymore,
no unaided actually looks like a very kind of typical european city. Now, like there are parts of it that where you could be in zurich, right, but we went out. We took the train to the end and what walk the cliffs? Oh yeah, very, pretty yeah yeah. What's it called If you are, as I dunno you're, either a dulcie or howth or somewhere like that below it yeah yeah, that's nice yeah, it was pretty. yeah. I mean I was irish country right, Sure I mean it's yeah yeah it was if there was, and I'm from the country so like kind of places that are just outside the city feel, like audits, on the water. Very pretty horses guard yeah. It sounds like you you're inland yeah. We are where bog people bog bog yeah Seamus Heaney yeah, the yeah he's not that far from me. Yeah those are heavy. Yeah, I remember reading it. That's right, yeah, the stony gray, soil the yeah is something it's godlike somewhat of a hundred ashes feel to a lot of
yeah, it's heavy right. The the weight is is worn on the faces of the ways of history in the ways of experience and the weight of the family and yeah uses a lot of that one's pains but there. But you got out You want to double india, I loved it, but I went to Dublin. None study politics While I was there, I did a play kind of by accident and then fell in love with those. What play what play ain't you. It was from changing the world. What If being who you are now? What did it to you? What the fuck was it because it was, it wasn't even a play. It was called hay fever and it was one of those english playwrights that no writer or contract fever contacts. wait? What just happened in our when they voted to it amendment yet, which is big deal big deal. You we're gonna need undersized and we're going the other way in this country. In ireland
cradle of catholicism is like I'd rather what's happening in ireland right, my god, because it ray you're before last. We also voted for on the legalization, gay marriage. We are now women are left abortions. Up until now you have to go to england rehashes some just such a neanderthal. It kind of yeah emi it's after it's going to happen here. There are states now here that you can yeah, I dunno what's going on in america, it's very odd. I do it's terrible odds and polite word for it, and I appreciate that you can say how you really feel it's scary and fucked up. It really is it's very odd. Stick with it. The name of the restaurant we ate at eleven cornucopia in Dublin very traditionally irish name yeah. It's like the very kind of like vegetarian hippie bent irish style food place code, Two beuys allow all k. Yes
That's a that's an old starter data. That's that that's a nice place, nice place to get yes and it's like traditional, but it's clean and they're pleasant. They have nice food year, scones of all kinds. I think that's on Grafton street yards to him and all the cobbles yeah yeah yeah. It's appreciate what any good music there that I see I lied. I did see. I saw was trump the street buskers and some of them were fucking. Yeah they're, not job. They have to, I think they have to get picked up like day they don't let anybody just play on drafting a straight road there's something right now. I I, which I think is going. That seems true yeah I mean it seems like they have their job. Now, as an irish person, does bono annoy you, don't think it through? much. I don't know it's not that I'm taken it through I've. I've have you hung out I've measure and I
I'm a bit torrent on because cried like so many of you that we are in danger and I've seen them before a couple of times. Me too. I think he gets too hard a time in ireland as a yeah. Why? Why why? Why is that? I guess it's hard where you come from. If people think you get too big for your britches, there is thus and there's some tax stuff. Oh, and I think that yeah, I think that predominantly it's the it's the former darn thing of like I genuinely think people got paid. Staff that he talked about charity, so much cf, really yeah. He was quite good, but like is it like you're talking about the irish people? So are they like? Who do you think you are? Yes, I think that they they would accuse him of sanctimony there. You go right and that really pisses people off at a peculiar started. Yet
I can I get it. I get it. So I tell you, you are still yesterday, there's progressive things happening, ireland on a governmental basis, cultural basis, but you bailed you. like I'm, not cut out for politics. I let him a song and dance man. That's right at the time I was doing particularly wasn't a particularly interesting political diamond, ireland, yeah, but were you what were you studying exactly? What was the idea? While we were doing lots, I mean so we would have been doing a lot of anglo irish relations and a lot of world politics. I kind of like this. We were actually it was just before nine eleven. I guess that I was there, so I remember doing a lot of pieces out the possibility of. somebody from Saudi arabia, putting a big bomb in america It was a lot of talk about something like that. Gotta think and ninety five
there are already being in the crate on the ship thing yeah. So there's the suitcase thing that's right and those two yeah yeah, and so there was a. I guess that was a large part of the the politics that we were studying. But honestly I lost in after a bit I would like this is cool I'll, go to the odd lecture, but I stopped don't plays and really like just on hadn't really been had done anything expressive before in my life are, except for maybe paint some letters. Where is much more of a practical killed, an area of thing right right right, so I to start doing Why do you shift majors? Do you study acting or you just wing it? No, I just wing it and I end up doing a bunch of plays reading a bunch of player and then went to drama. Oh so you went after how she graduated never graduated left college. I got there to the end. I stayed till the end But you didn't graduate you a couple credit short idea,
I think I missed a couple of exams so, isn't that haunt you do you I'm going! Why can't? I just finished that I will later I didn't finish drama school. The combination of these issue either. No, The combination of all of these does haunt me a little. You do so you have to incomplete. That's right, holy shit, yeah! I don't ok, you know. What's going, happen eventually you're going to be like I'm going to go finish us really pushing to get an honorary dolly and you may from the drama school, but I think it's a stretch to think you're going to get one be Would you be happy with one? which one which is which do you want. I don't think that the drama school would do it now. I don't think we left on great terms. Would you do I just didn't like it? Did you do about, did you do something awful offline stage? Did you them in the press. I may be a little in ireland, no So I went to drama school in london, so I left
I was in dublin for three years and then I went to london and was there for ten years. How did your parents respond when you're like hey, I'm going to go? Do this with my life? They were surprised. initially, but were very supportive. I feel lucky that I was the youngest of five and I think at that point there were like he's not in prison. It's ok! So they had four successful children. so they figured what this one the for the budgetary annoyed her on it and I think any moment of nonsense, a programme brought about by too much pressure. Also, there were like just let em do and long ral rights. Are they weren't certain lesson? Yes, oh Are you gotta England, in what what's the drama school? call the london academy of music and dramatic art. That's a big one, yeah it's a pretty big one. Did you have to audition to get in very much, though ha ha, which was scary yeah, but What you addition with remember, I did I think I did it actually. I think I did something from the hurly burly
david rapier here are that right? That's right area, that's a good one. and then some shakespearian thing, I think, might have been love. God do the modern than the classic outright and then a song you disarmed yeah. What's on what was it? It was fairytale of new york nah, I dunno a song. Oh it's a great song, it was is or what kind of song it pulls out a shining on and appalled how's. He doing you talk to him You know I have one and chin recount anecdotes to hear adhere. I think I've ever to worry about chain, but yeah. Let's hear it, I met him, maybe seven or eight years ago, at some award ceremony for some irish thing, yeah and I was getting some award and he was getting some kind of lifetime achievement award for music being alive yeah for basically everybody was fucking stoned and at one point his manager or something came over to my table and said you know sham- would love to meet her he's a big fan and I was like Jesus really. I was like okay and it was like
black titanium he wasn't very talkative right, and so I kind of prattled on about how much I liked his his vibe and that and then eventually he stopped me, and he says I have a vodka and tonic please, and he thought I was the waiter I you know, of course, at the time I was like oh shit, yeah. In retrospect, I kind of I have a lot of respect for the fai. that he thought. I was a wager and let me talk to him for so long if you simply yeah yeah, why wouldn't make but yeah and then, of course, I had to go and get him his drink yeah and that was a dignified, claudia resorting to fight clara. They actually did this thing where
he just went like this, I'm using my hands to indicate a pint fig one via big vodka and tonic yeah. So all right, so you talks on you. Do of shakespeare, he did the hurly burly you got in europe, any wild them. You charm them with your song and dance. That's right! and I d like to school. I just thought I wasn't ready to be educate, is again. I felt like agent, like you're re. First, I don't think I was. I think I should have left school. done something at us, but I died Because I'm not I'm not great with that raz yeah, but I keep putting myself in positions where beings authorized constantly, but maybe when you, when you saw too to study acting, he thought it would be more fun. That's right! but yeah that's cause kind of rigid. It was Strolled narrowly rigid on up its own whole torres everything in a very traditional sense that didn't in any to me adhere to.
The kind of modern necessity. He's, creating a career in this thing, can give you honorary they're. Not and even just from that fucking sentence that god yeah. I think that the guy that ship has sailed fair enough yeah, but maybe they could just about it. Is you go for the other party and a catholic and which I love you great edge? Oh, my god, what a myriad of accomplish? What a mistake that you have in your heart right, my thought not bear it s going to happen. we can make this fucking happen here it so like like really richard writing. What what level of does that mean? Movement, shakespeare, everyday fencing would dance like a lot of dancing
way, more dancing than I was expecting mark and I don't mind a movie. I don't care what it was. A lot of dancing do like south and in the woods flamenco, then those yeah, and then I guess they told it was something that would like get your whole island kind of a whole. Yes, a holistic movement as an actor, which I actually I didn't mind that too much. But then it was like our plan is just more and more jacket. and dramas fuck it yeah yeah, restoration, comedies rang like she's as well. we have one week of like tv and I'm training a year. I'm like what the fuck c'mon, guys yeah figures. Yeah. We want extra money. Some will have not even that, but it's like you just survive on what they were trying to sell well out when did you last. Probably a year and a half of two years man right up to the wire. Don't you yeah, fuck fucking, pull out, I feel like I. I thought is going to see it through and then I got a job and I was like that and then I owed the money and unlike I'm not going back, the s did you.
these are got. I'm not television I still owe money yeah, probably that They must really be up their own ass if they haven't found. You might think it was much the alumni association of my college. They know where I am even. I think I could. If I stayed at a hotel for for more than a month, I would give mail from it. I was surprised I dont get mail and the be all and socio when I'm on vacation for more than a week was since I left I've been keeping a real low profile. We, I can tell you, They could never find you know. So what was the job? job was, it was about priests. You know it about it was about like homosexuality and the priesthood and why would it was? I guess it's rays on debt rose to be controversial, We were making it all of the stories about pedophilia in the priesthood came out.
suddenly our movie thousands very timid, it was a movie, it was a movie, it was called loss, was it called for milk yeah conspiracy, conspiracy of silence, right. That was good, good memory like if we just cut out part? Where I say, do you want me to look, you be like it wouldn't be at all, weird that I was kind of shouting it, as you were saying yes ok, so did you see the movie? Priest was just called priest? I didn't ya, who is in the EU I I remember it being around. It was like the I from Robert Carlyle, whether it was in the lead, was another guy that, remembering, but is about? closeted gay priests.
who keeps the secret you no way like when he is out it, but he also, like he's, been confessed to buy a teenage girl who's being sexually abused by her father fuck and if he keeps that secret. Oh and you know, when everybody turns on the priests for being gay, you know he's the only one that takes communion at the end from him rough stuff. There. You know yesterday that the pope Is he the gang and why I think I would have heard about that. Nobody Action must be broken, I'd be so delighted for him, because you know what that would actually be. My initial thought will be I'm so delighted for dying realty can ever? If changing ireland repeals the eighth amendment but because that he has come out. Publication said that abortion is akin to nazi is so, and we ve had some of our
priests and bishops in ireland than tell everybody who voted yes to go to confession was so extraordinarily behind the times. Well, but you know what a you know: the the the institutions they you know if they want to remain institutions a year either they they adapt. just hold the line. I know I know and that, if that's third course of action, they're, not gonna. Wait like the goal we have to do is look at whose in the church and less people every year, and not adopting a boy. How much you know I mean after a certain point, have you learn that that the churches yeah I mean we, arguably been. pedophiles for centuries right. You don't like. At what point do you go like? Maybe the church is a little corrupt, but a lot of the stuff that they've put in and they've put in has nothing to do with god, but that he had with catholicism. The idea the priests can't marry is purity of financial decision. Essentially, the catholic church decided the priests can't marry because they couldn't afford to
at care of priests, families yeah cause, there's going to be a lot less kids, a lot of kids, because these aren't big condom guy, so going to be yeah, it's going to be a lot of kids and it's going to be there be able to maintain that road. Then you end up with people who don't want to get married or have sex right. So you now you're picking from a group of people who are committed, virgins, yeah and that's that's dangerous. So yeah, it's a it's a it's a it's, a tough, a tough road that a demo. I have some sympathy with the catholic church and not. I think that, for a long time in somewhere, like ireland, it was we needed some and to maintain a national identity when we were constantly being bombarded by somebody else's behalf, and I think that people found refuge in the catholic church right on foot
the state of identity, whether that was misplaced or not, but to soldier through those hard time right, and there is a chance that now we just don't need that anymore right and therefore the institution has become and write me. I will sit. There is not going to go away right here to help. Faith because we just until somebody comes back and say, hey, I just died, and this happened. Yeah there's always going to be religion, right, but you know it won't, be your young go. She ate your relationship with it, as people have been doing for ever. That's right, and you don't have a relationship with it. I don't did you grow up with it? I was an altar boy growing up, I I can remember or recall how much of it I believed or didn't believe or what faith I had severally. I I can't remember ever losing faith. the us all it is a good chance. I just never really bought into space. That is so you weren't day it wasn't beaten, india or brain no
I I! It was definitely a big part of our teaching yeah but I'd I we weren't sufficiently terrified like my parents and and would talk of like the most horrendous treatment at the hands of kind of bullying, priests and nuns, oh really, and which one it's just by the by and in art a urinating union. No, I Didn'T- and I actually grew up with very progressive priests, who I still kind of love dearly. Is that people and progressive men and prioritize- and he talked to him still yeah- oh yeah nice YAP, but no, you know hung up on the god thing. No, no, and I think They seem ok with that many other do their happier diesel. Yeah. I things yeah, so You do the movie I bet was it didn't? It didn't really take off no I probably didn't work for two years or that so you happy
dropped out. I mean, if I the round by everybody else it was during wonderfully. I probably would have taught us shit, but everybody wants it get out a struggling and so on Would you do for two years? Bar mostly yeah, I worked in a lot of bars, worked in construction and call centers. Mia did all of that for probably the guts of a decade, even when you start working get me a joy. Doom bit parts do little bit parts in things up until kind of when twenty twenty twenty seven year yeah and then one day, when does it break? What do I do? What parts did you do like? Like anything big? No, now, nothing that you would have heard of. I don't think I procedural kind of stuff I added tv. Yeah and then and then I did a show called they. I t crowd of as a big show which has occurred
yeah that did pretty well. I remember watching episodes of on line. Ok when it was popular cause. People like this, the popular funny here right, like it was almost like they had sort of a as it was almost office office ish right right, yeah eat it, and it was a popular show very funny show at times and and introduced me to a writer called Graham linehan who's, a terrific irish writer haha man, and he would have been kind of a hero of mine for years from another. Local father tat block books would deal a more drugs. I watch some of those begins. Ireland turn out here at eleven years ago, yeah yeah those and easily same guy yeah. He wrote that to you too, to those guys wrote that one year as that after I t crowd, have no desire for right those earlier so he's a very funny. Guy, yes,
and so that was that was my first kind of introduction to doing something that people are going to We are getting trade regular, getting paid, which was good, yeah and- and it was the first time that I could not do other jobs via which was great We ask that I done the odd thing I done. A film went mightily cleverer drake, which was a terrific film, but those kind of you know you still gotta. Do your day. Job what it was? I didn't see that one it was a later mike mightily film how it was it was about. It was bring it all back. It was about backstreet, a pianist in. I think I did see that I love his stuff. That's my ugly two thousand thing of a comic turn in a really didn't know when I was making the foam on was about yeah, a friend of mine, a few months later said. I saw that that mike Lee movie that you're here and I was like oh shit? How is it- and he said- oh I'm in it's fuckin dark.
See just how glad I was I in a year I was like what do you mean it's dark, Unfortunately. Do you forget not there's? No, it's improvised scrape does not that. So we just cast you for a bit, yeah. We didn't even know what I was going to do any cost me and I dunno, if you don't know much about his process, but it's kind of fascinating. Where I worked, I must have. I did one day's filming I worked on for four and a half months, so you ve go in once every two or three weeks there and you start from the ground up of like. Let's talk about people in your life, I You talk to me about ten different people with MIKE with MIKE I half, and he hon after talking about all these people, for quite a while, oh honey, in on one person that he wants you to play and ben you creation, basically in a kind of an alternative universe that they have grown up in nice person is still
same essence of a person wow and then he closer to the time of the filming will start to fill you in on the very details and minutiae of this person's life and Then, on the day of the filming, he's you get into costume and he says you're going to go in and buy a suit like okay and we're in some hospital somewhere, and he says you just whenever you're ready you just walk down the corridor in the fort on the left I haven't, if the camera or anybody at this point, yeah you're just going to walk into that room and you're going to buy a suit. You know for your sister's wedding, like we talked about yeah, I was like okay and so you go in and you did a whole set and there's kind of hidden camera, not hidden camera, like they're kind of disguise behind big.
Flotsam and somebody writing down all of the words and you go into another actor, they're they're played by danny mays and or a character puppet animation. You do the scene and it takes whatever sixty seven minutes and then he's like okay cut great thanks and I, and he said now what we're gonna do, somebody is transpo is going to transcribe everything that you just said and we're going to shoot it tomorrow with that transcription and that's going to be your script and that's it. I say you dig went in the next day and did it and when we were insides here of what he said. What was unused about it. Is that obviously it's entirely improvised the day before then, on the day it's really it's like in a certain movie or something where you ve. Incredibly, if he used. If you said that, instead of a he's, I got not its really it's very weird but kind of fastening That's why yeah! That's amazing
that's how they he'd makes the whole movie. I guess all that's my experience here so that see did if I gotta actually he did a funny bit in there yeah, but like I was very surprised to hear it was the drama and when you watch it you'd be like. How did you not know it's? It's very much. A dark kitchen sink drama Why are you just two in the one bit? So how do you get over here, but I came over. I was edition in for a lot of if there, no here you in london and I audition for something which I thought was for the BBC and it turned out that it was for NBC and it was a pilot, and so I came over and ended up testing for a pilot with Kevin Hart yeah and it was already midday Becky. Don't you have a de vecchio? Yes? Well, I I signed with Becky or thought? Oh, so you
here: it's Kevin hearts, first, that their show didn't go though the show didn't go, but he met you met Becky I gave them in and I are actually testing against each other or whatever fucking role. We are both the right person, for we are testing of really that yeah and eventually we both end up in the show. that was back in two thousand and what five six of them without in Becky's. you you you're my guy yeah, I guess so and and doesn't go. I go back to england, keep working, but then I start come back because it didn't feel like such an odd thing to do any more right down, and I liked it like that. I was warm we're here, which seems tried, but right nice so warm. What was a story we talked about when we were at the hotel that day about that weird coincidence of beche de I
I know they becky represent you, but like that you're all right. Well, just that I can't we're around the time I started meeting judd apatow yeah. He told me the like that that I got a particular audition, because I think Becky used to give him time at a. Oprah her back when he rock when Becky was running the door at the improv year and down yeah, and so that's kind of how that worked out. Oh really yeah, but Yeah a that time. I was coming back a bit and then a money to get our dish for that time for the bridesmaids movie, and that was more because I think Paul Feig had watched the I t crowd was familiar with that. No think anybody else in the room knew me, but I remember going into that thinking. This is unlikely here and they have that odd thing. An american auditions were just
she's outside for you to sign your name today that the cotonou to know that you've arrived and you look at the fuckin sheet, and it's like. Oh my god, it's all these fucking paper everybody everybody's a star, its literally everybody, that's better than me and of the erika right, and so, unlike while an it had. This odd effect on me, which was too suddenly make me utterly calm about the whole thing, because I'm like oh it's not even there's, no can't you know so that no pressure right so when he first met apatow. It was like, like he brought up that Becky used to put them on stage. That's right, and that's why he meeting you or why he was, I think, looking favorably at me. I think he was meeting me because I just wanna good audition with Paul and christian, ok, that was like I'm. You did you shut up in a couple of things, but that was a big part. You were like the
sky in the bridesmaids movie right the carpet was funny It was warm. You seem like a real character like a like a grounded kind of guy rest. I think price film didn't know that it was. I didn't know what the girls were doing right. So I thought hey. What we're doing is pretty good, but it wasn't until I saw it, and I was like oh my god, this is This is a fuck. This is funny a shit right. I, like I hadn't seen the stuff that rolls and kristen and Melissa were two So when I watched it, I was like, oh god yeah. I didn't know I have. We tried to be very funny unstuck, thy scrapped or you just don't read the script when you guys, I think a lot of stuff then end up in that movie. I am quite late and I was going through some process thing at the time where I wasn't ready, written scripts only written stuff. I was in rio and just apart gist of parts of this group, the you're a year, why
I felt that you get clouded by everything else for exactly the reason I think I just said where it's like. I would have tried to do something else based on psoriasis delights and maybe something they set up your character someway earlier on that you might need to remember it actually asking. Let me know there's anything I need to know otherwise, just give me the pages that I've been so what's it like doing this, this type a tv show that you do now get shorty. I mean causes it's like. It's not essentially it's a comedy like regular comedy. No, no! it's, it's a guess what the fuck would you call it? It's kind of like a common, drama, but it's more kind of action. He yeah, there's a lot going on car stuff new you working with ray yeah, which is you know, to do doing stuff together. He added funny guy he's great yeah, be around; actually
it's gotten to be a very good actor and I love watching him. I could watch him all day. I think he just does. He does desperation so beautifully, yeah and and- is somebody that you can always rely on the I seen you know that he's he's he's always thinking It's always taken over and he's looking for. It he's still all looking for a fucking funny out, which is wait right, but he's made some big choices with and followed through on them, and I love it he's doing on by I loved the shore. Of doing it. I love that it. it doesn't have the means to an end that sometimes do in a comedy can feel like where rights like. I am I getting. If you're not getting the full comic potential out of it, it doesn't mean it's not working, write that down there are emotional beats in it and there is It's an insurance spend sites, not a joke to joke thing. You know you know and it yeah it's not always going to be funny no project,
because I'm in it like you know. There's you know, there's there. It's like there's violence, sure easier. These are. These are seedy guys. very unusual for me to play a front foot character. Our group is going to walk into a room and try to intimidate someone and was proud. Why I took it on just feel what that felt like and how does it feel feels fucking great, like I could see up people get addicted to this shit. Sure yeah, people fuckin to be the crazy in control guy, the scary guy well yeah to be the person capable of violence in a room. Isn't it it's interesting, the way that and other characters kind of pay? You don't have to do you suddenly? Don't don't have to do anything MIA like just being there and inhibiting the space with?
some kind of danger, yeah kind of intoxicating, yeah and the end. What would you draw from the get there just your own, so people I grew up- Oh yeah and yeah some very specific people, with very able to tap really yeah some did you know yeah kind of yeah, some kind of rome I used to get into some scraps of care. Dear you're used to get do this thing in the west of ireland, which is fucked up I think about it now, but at the end of like a at a disco or a club like towns would take on each other yeah so like boyle would fight kerrigan, shannon behind the buses, like would be the guys from boiler, would like pick five guys, But if you are welcome past or any I'd kiss somebody rise, we like the bomb we're having a fight with his other time.
Am I like. It was your. Why sure? Why is your tall, and so it was those kind of people right. They don't necessarily have everything in common with a character like this, but a lot of the touch stones forum, somebody who's kind of slowly iran and syria and who's and doesn't have a lot of control, but then in an aggressive situation, is extraordinarily controlled, yeah, yeah, right and yeah, so that was a big ben speaking of pulled. but you did you in europe, the other, your own anger, the other of my own anger a healthy outlet, fort yeah for sure I I beat up a lot less people in my daily life since I started the show Now, where were you, you guys have done every shot a season to ya? We just we just actually finish this week. A really I just finished season to dissuade us another going to go into post.
I go do er after this right now, and you got movies you're working on- now, what am I doing? now about back to london, I'm going to shoot infringing our finnish colleagues. Here, I'm gonna go back and do this interesting paying, which is ten short minute. Ten minute short yeah about a couple just before they go into their therapy into their release. We don't really know yet, but it is, it seems like a smart job to take I'm now not getting paid for his grandma yeah, so really open, mouthed wives, delighted, but I didn't The kind of thing were I to myself and rosalind pike who the lovely actor and stephen fears directing and I feel good about it. I feel like it. It's an integrated around or haze yeah, and one of these things
the moon boy, things all that's my sure, yeah yeah. That's showed that myself and my friend nick murphy roach, based on us a kind of growing up, but these are based on books. He wrote the books after the books were after so we did three seasons of a tv show and then it. Where was it onyx? was on in on sky in ireland and england, and here it's on and on hulu, oh wow, I gotta check it out through your childhood yeah. It's about. Kind, semi autobiographical about it kind of eleven year old, growing up with an imaginary friend, and I were kids, it's for families, I would say nice yeah, you can do more of those I'm going to. a couple of years and I think We pick it up. I ran out of stories to tell about an eleven year old, and now I'm I'm like I'd like to see how an eighteen year old, with an imaginary friend, how fun that might be that's a sadder story. Yeah
yeah, alright man, will go. Do your area was great talking to you pleasure thanks for having me me and Chris O'Dowd, enjoyable, human! Isn't he get shorty return to epix sunday August 12th, You can see him here and there in other things. What am I gonna like it? Just like deca right? Yes, play poison, guitar man still little bit. My arm hurts still.
Though merrily.
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