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Episode 947 - ​Dan Schlissel

2018-09-02 | 🔗
Dan Schlissel died recently. He tells Marc all about it, along with the less harrowing tale of how an isolated Jewish kid from Nebraska got into producing records. Dan turned his production know-how into a vibrant business when he started Stand Up Records and became a Grammy-winning comedy industry mainstay, producing and distributing albums for everyone from Maria Bamford to Doug Stanhope to Hannibal Buress. And yes, even Marc Maron. This episode is sponsored by New Mexico, Podcasts on Spotify, Starbucks Doubleshot, and the Around the NFL podcast.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the blogger is, what the black bodies, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck nics what's happening, MARC Maron. This is my podcast wtf According on the sunday yesterday I was in Bloomington Indiana from Wednesday night through sunday morning and I go there once a year once every year and a half I go, I've been there a lot over the last decade? I gotta be honest. I always every time I'm going, I go to play the comedy attic up there, and I know I always get a little. I got a man's gonna, be a weird sums. Gonna be weird. It's always weird. It's subtle! It's in it's a disarming town, because it's a college, town and and it,
feels like that, but just a little weirdness on the periphery. There I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it didn't get weird This time, though, didn't get weird with the audience. It didn't get weird with that people that It's me. I didn't have any weird encounters, but I am maybe that's a testament to my weird magnet being turned off or down quite a bit I don't know man, definitely a little less needy Is that an announcement? Oh by the way? Two days ago, on the the first on the first was the ninth. Three of this show we ve been out. as for nine years, two days now mcdonald in myself, and all our gas are very grateful that to and all these years many of you have, but it sort
big deal I didn't really know it was happening until someone mentioned it on twitter, but it is nine years. That's fucking, unbelievable! So much has happened. So much has happened in the nine years and and those of you ve been on board for most of it know exactly what those things are, and I thank you going through all that with me. I appreciate it back to bloomington so gotta be honest man? I I I love the place I like going there. I was very relaxed and I'm I'm not always relaxed on the road. I m always somewhat happy to be away, because I think talked about it before when you're out there in a store, city or unfamiliar terrain, and it's you in a room that you're not respond, for cleaning and everything about you your day to day life that you have normally is far away and you in this a rented box, sometimes when he got some space, it's nice to take advantage.
I it like. I can sit on my porch. I can wander around these streets, but there's always the risk its ability of my life hang over me and I got I got to the bottom. And then you know within a few hours. I was just sorta like oh good, and I brought the newest copy of the. bachelor, which is a magazine that I get I dunno. If it's, I think it's every two months a dance. Usually it's got. You know it's fun. It's got art, it's got poetry, but it's got some almost academic very cutting cultural criticism in their usually themed through, an issue and I usually read one or two things in there and my brain just explodes it's not that it's capable of taking it. But this time I just processing it rolling up. There. b of in walking around with it at my notebook, going up, stop and in the middle of a supermarket parking lot to write down for some adding some work, to the fire of my brain and formulating new ideas, new bits just push. My brain out there as I wandered in the desert,
humidity of Indiana, which which is great for me, because you know I'm so for a long time. But if you get the right, you Mary Ann you just the at the right amount of need sweep buzz any move. A little slower, it's kind of like will thick. So I move through a through almost set pudding of atmosphere It was great the guy, had an advance copy of. Might my buddy SAM websites book, which is fucking hilarious, it's called hark can be on a few, it's gotta get him in here, and I was just we just amazing to sort of open up my brain again and to sort of be relieved of the the cat in house in day to day shopping box now walk out of the box. I wander around and just right things down getting the brain active and then I'd go to this amazing club, the comedy! and it's amazing because it's off
the grid man in a lot of ways you got to fly in indianapolis and he got to drive to bloomington, but there's just there's a nice sort of cross section of the year in a row Up weirdos air that day come see me. I sold out all five shows: it's a little place. It only seats like one hundred and seventy, but that is the type of club, you can get into that one mind there. Feeling with an audience. Anyone for out of the five shows were kind transcending and one of them was just work a bit. It was still good, but it was like eight there wasn't, freedom there, but because I'm wandering around all them smoking, cigars, I'm hot yung, brighten things and push in my brain out there and I'm getting into the zone. Why don't give a fuck and I can take risks and just follow in process? My own stream of consciousness up there it's one thing you showing up at a theater with a polished act, it's another in being in the crucible in the sort of title of your brain. Just
evolving shit out of it, and it was a it was just it's always great. It's always a great five jerry. Dead runs a good up there and and I'm grateful for it. I think I'm smoking. Garza. I can tell you right now man. You get me going on shit. You guys have been through this with where have you been here nine years you've been through, all of it you've been through all of it with me. Also another interesting thing: some guy showed but the show it was eleventh time seeing me man eleventh time, people came from all over the place. Man. It was really humbling, and powerful man. People came from Detroit from ST louis from cincinnati. They came up from Kentucky. Some people from san diego from from philadelphia. I mean to this little club in bloomington, indiana, from all over.
So I got when I see them, tweet about it or whatever it's a lot of pressure, Michael, my god they draw. five hours, if I better deliver the fucking goods, I wouldn't want to do that anyways, but it does add extra pressure, but I think everybody had a good time when that club, em there's no real point, there is only a little a widow fuckin good. I I'm always outside and the amount outside meeting greeting, because it's a small enough room to do that. So you got the first show getting pictures of me the second shows waiting to go in. I did pre show you're outside for the line you know can all angles, not intentionally adjusters. Nowhere to go but eleven time seeing me as wild. Man. It's almost like I'm a it's almost like a fish show rising eyes. I follow me around the country. Why don't work that much? I don't do it, many days I think that's another reason why I didn't I mean to compare myself to fish was just a joke about a jam band. You like
give them that the jam band of comedy dad is not me. I dont tour enough, which is why People came from so far away, I'm not the kind of one hundred dates data, your kind of guy, I'm like only put together, take some my time put this. together. Maybe do twenty thirty dates a year run through it. Yeah. I don't have a tour plan, but I'm sure I will next year after glow get some dates on the books and that's sir, that's what happening, though every diamond blooming can I go to landlocked records picked up some wax some vinyl, a few slabs. Think that's what they're they don't call them slabs landline records has some great stacks man. They got the they got the racks, but beneath the racks or just a bunch of records on the floor, you know alphabetize but they're, not the top shelf but there's a lot of good shit in there I got an old bee gees record from the late 60s called idea. I picked up,
Ah me james record custom. I think it's got me. My bed in my red guitar I don't know much about it, but it look like something I might want. Yeah I actually got the rossington collins band record that What was left of lynyrd skynyrd after the crash I've? No Let skynyrd go I'll, forgive them. Sweet dammit, even though I like that song and there's no reason, it's not a guilty pleasure, they're, great fucking, and you know what I I love skynyrd scattered all the way through. Fucking catalog I got a miles. Davis album I didn't have and I got a in record that just got released of a of a live performance, a double record- I don't know the name of it, looking forward to a tourism in it add, but for some tonight. I really want to go. Listen to that fucking bg's record. I'm trying to get into old bee gees a couple songs I like, but anyways, I'm rambling landlock records, always a stop for me in Bloomington and yeah it was a. It was a good time.
Dimension who's on the show. Today I did not. I did not mention today dan show us all joins me. Dance whistle is the proprietor producer enough oversee, an owner of stand up. Records stand up, It is a comedy album. A label he's done all he has done a lot of different people. She whistles down everybody from me to stand up to maria to ib everybody here to my records. He route. He reassured my first record and if I my dad is where you do that damn I did with him was, I think, tickets still available and that was in seattle and was because you I didn't have a draw. So we were, we did like Four shows your first anywhere from sixty to one hundred and fifty people. Maybe any and about six months to a year. Mixing that thing I think, I'm exaggerating but not by much, but that the
pleasing thing was is that when I was going through my divorce and my life was falling apart I needed to be on stage to process it. I would always go to this shitty little club in seattle called giggles The guy ran ran the place. Terry, stem cell, sell the tickets, make the drinks do five minutes to open the show and wait on tables and he was a very bizarre guide always figure out a way. To short you, a hundred bucks, but it was a dirty little club and I recorded two fuckin albums air. Thank you, terry. I don't mean to shit, cause it's gone now, but being you know who you are, but on that. Second one. I know I booked the date on a few weeks. Notice cuz, I was losing my mind and it and terrible state of grief and anger- and I show us a lot, but I said yeah deserving you can get to seattle with the equipment and, let's, let's fucking get stuff down? I don't know what's going to happen by yom on fire,
he did it, and that was my album. He came out my pretty short notice that was final engagement which definitely the racial swash divorce album it's pretty pre grimm, pretty dark, pretty focused pretty the tone is not necessarily pleasant, but it's one of my favorite. That I've done and dan and so I thought he was in town. I thought it was unique opportunity to to somebody who, who is side of the business, a guy who loves comedy who is very attentive to the pro of recording comedy and everybody knows- and we all know- and most of us have done a record with him. So if you want more information about him, you can go to other about them. Stand up records and generally can just go to stand up records doc. See the catalogue- but this is me talking to a dance-
it's all socialists, so I have not seen in a while, and you show up here and you look like you're in bad shape. Well, you know life life brings us interesting things as we move forward through it yeah you have held up like an old jew. I have begun turning into an old jewelry, forty seven, oh really yeah yeah. can't remember when we met can't remember how long ago that was. But what now do you want to talk about? What's going on with you? Yeah yeah, it's okay. I can talk about pretty much anything. It's a real, harrowing tale, though oh yeah yeah, I know I was. I myself getting weaker and weaker for a period of a few years. Yet no idea why right all of a sudden started sweating profusely all is well
I can't control right, you've never had that. Before no, I mean I was. I always had overweight, guy, sweat yeah, but I never had standing for two minutes and then, like. I ran a marathon right right. Oh geez yeah, so I went my arms went numb. While I was on a recording trip in new orleans, both of 'em, both of them from the elbows down the fingertips like they were on fire. but I couldn't feel anything besides- that yeah and came on from new orleans, scheduled and appointed with a doctor. I had had lower back surgery earlier that area might, family doctor sent me to a neurologist neurologist, sent me for mri. I took a copy, the rise to show my spinal surgeon, air and my wife and I went in and he he stared at that mri r I, I didn't say anything then stared back at it'd mri again, that's the international medical symbol screwed right right, get that no saying glance yeah like looking. I would not only yeah how do we do
we talk about this yeah. So then he tells me that my body's turning my ligament into bone in my neck and it's pretty- against my nervous system, the it's gonna cause, paralysis. Probably, if I don't have surgery right and I said: okay, ok goes I'm the wrong doctor. I need you to speak to a colleague. I said: ok he goes. I will be tomorrow, go home. Don't do anything here, neck brace, don't drive don't go up and down stairs, don't get in the shower rails it while wow urgently and see her answer your area that night the nerve. ecologist called same verdict here? Oh wow, the next day. The neurosurgeon does the same thing with the mris had to have surgery. It took a month so yeah neck brace for a month and my muscles in my neck or atrophying the whole time they took me in for surgery and they cut open the back of my neck infused fused two through so I have ten titanium screws into rods in black now? Is that going to stop the progress of it should?
ass, the development of the disease any further here, but in that time neck atrophied, my muscles was all cut open to have the surgery. I was on a massive amount of painkillers right four days after the surgery, the hospital I mean an improper position. I hope to death on my neck, brace you choked who dare to do. my last week in the hospital the only reason I'm here now is my wife. Was there I looked, I opened my eyes and looked at her and tried to say help me over and over again and couldn't push air and she ran and got the nurse and if she hadn't been there, I wouldn't be here, so he didn't actually die? No, I the nurse said one to three minutes dead, really You are dead, one two, three minute Jesus Christ than that made a really yeah? Did you see that I tried to talk to a lawyer and all that, but there isn't enough proof to marry. You are in the wrong position, be out right. Well, you know, sometimes suing bad karma.
I didn't really want to do it anyhow, but I've been one of my lawyer. Friends said you really ought to just see how far you can take this in case air, because he died for three minutes and I picked up. You know a bunch of other stuff because of what do you mean after the surgery. I had an infection in the wound. They had to reopen it up to clean it out. Yeah that happens a lot I and it was brutal, like I was it with that bad infection essentially e coli right, but it was Cynthia wasn't mercer out yeah, that's the one then yea? I will they say he call. I in the wound, is bad doesnt affect you're digestive system, but it's just hard to kill a about you back, you mean tuna. Half years later, I feel great yeah rate is again look like an old june and all, but what's with the came back, I have these neck and back problems. It's hard to support the weight of my head, because my neck is not a normal straight away our neck, I leaned forward. So, every time you have a little bit of
forward lean to your head. It adds gravity and wait to your hair right and it just continues at so. The cane is to help support it right, but part of the reason I have the key now is. I went to a two day concert in san francisco yeah weeks ago right and I overdid it said, see what happens. We're getting old, either way yeah and you want to go, be the yogurt taken some punk rock yeah. From the sound board, not in the crowd, though You gotta connections. Well, no. I just know where to stand so that I'm far away from the people that are running in each other out I'll see you do that europe is our now I do yeah right. I can't too many shots to my back or head. Trying to remember you know like I was looking at the the roster of stand up records and you know like I I don't know how early on I was with. I think you, the first one you recorded for me- was a tickets veiled. Yeah, that's a release! Number twenty one! Ok! So there I was to twenty four yeah and if you include the reissue of not sold out, that was number seventeen really.
He should that before we did dead tickets to available, it was being reassured as we were. Recording because if you remember the poster that we did for the recording of ticket still available was the cover of non us, so that right, that became the new cover that right, yeah. That guy who did that posters have coined Psmith yet jerks over its upon me, Jeff kind Psmith, I have their posts. somewhere it's over there against the wall, I'll get it back up. It was up in the old garage I saw the photo yeah, yeah and right of the photo I posted on instagram. That was, I forgot that that photo so right. So then we did that one at giggles and when we did years later, we did at the final engagement, which I thought might be my last comedy record at giggles right, one twice which surprised the heck out of me, the worst. We could have in the world absolute liver bite. But as a rumour was a good room It was a good room and you gotta get really. You know how to play a room anyway. I always did ye about
It's like. The delay was a little weird room and, like I it's just, but let's do the thing you said to me when you said you said I want to do final engagement there and I go really goes the use makes me so crazy. I feel, like anything, can happen, and we deal with unlike a week or how not much notice, I just like I'm going through this thing. I'm separate things are fucked up my life and I I think we need to get it down. I knew as a shorteners only a few weeks right. It was under a month. If I remember right for you, I just booked out giggles you drive over, it was worth. At the andreotti, and this is not a brown knows you. It might be the best record that I put out on stan. Oh thank you. It's a tremendous record and I'm still very proud of that particular well. You did a great job with it and it was definitely a sort of a totally intense records, but I mean see the the crazy
Did you bring like that whole thing when you, whenever you leave the house, he picture other people having sex with your wife, like the level of paranoia that you got into yeah, I really to that so readily india that it was just made. Everything else is beautiful form, our yeah. Why I'm proud of our record? I liked the whole trilogy really, but let's go. Let's go back because I met you, I'm trying to remember how I first met you. Why did why did we come in touch with each other? it happened. You remember, I totally remember. I ordered not sold out from your website. Ok got it and was a little. I was a little bit when is it came in like a cardboard sleeve and that I knew that you had done it yourself because you used artwork. That was not
we've modified it, but it was still photos from the movie freaks yeah yeah, and I knew you couldn't release that on a wider scale. I kind of knew that too. Okay, good, I remember getting- I remember, ordering all those and get them in envelopes. I was like fuck it I'll, just put them in envelopes with pictures on them and and I'm going to selma yeah. I didn't it wasn't I just didn't. Dare I, it was just really specifically posed to be website and road march. Ok! I mean idea. I was really thinking of a big release. I didn't think I I had the Jews that night I just want the cheapest way. what the time, because it was self produced right in the guy. according to chase and spiro, is justice weird and of massive comedy fan used to hang around the all comedy scene in, Work can take pictures and he design. Besides- and you know he had a you know on ice, so that was The thing I just had him again spontaneously record that for an audience of, like thirty stand up new york, oh really, yeah. I had no idea. That was a that small of an audience. It makes sense, though, as I just recorded it stand up new york for the first time you know produce
something that yeah and I was surprised at the small turnouts on the small size of the club yeah. Always why me? I you know these that bigger ones, but it was an off night and that was recorded not long after nine eleven it right a weird, their butts. Okay. So, what is that and you're like what this guy needs a bigger release. I thought so to me. It look up in the mid west involuntarily. Nea and comedy central. You know back when they showed a lot of stand up. That was a lifeline to meet a what I called civilization, which means not the middle and brass. Were him yeah right so you what like it or not to me you were a legend already my head right. So as you related to me, I relate into. You saw me on those clips like from carolines on all that ca, and then I
the city and, unlike this guy deserves more than he so good. Why would he do this role? Why would he do this as euro one of nine people that thought I was going regime, but thank god, Aquareine really gave me and give me a chance to work with you say we, To me you, as soon as I got the city, I wrote to you on the website: it hey what's going on with this cry or be a way to do it better? You know tat what I do soared over here for that sort of like right by in our remember, like tat, I d Should I respond pretty quickly. I was. I was amazed to get a response at all because half the time rachel website need just goes into the ether you know now. Sometimes It depends again, like I wrote Jackie Greene's website, and I heard back from so really yet claiming not to be him, but it was clearly somebody was either sitting next to him or very close to him. Ah, alright! So how does it? How does it start for you because we did do those records, and I remember my big thing for both.
Records is like how long it took her eyes to bother you because you're very meticulous, but but it turns out it's fine. Even I'd rather your balls, all not only to you, you are such a yellow- oh my god Then, when they arrive, phone call was like I could hold. way from my head. Yeah yeah yeah you were. You came in hot on all those justifiably they were hot on the lot of last out wake how long we take yeah, but at the same time you weren't lodging John and I fear I'll, jockey everything and go through every step of the process and to make the sound get on my utter variants. Was you know that guy You just came to the club with a thing. I got a thing right. You know so I but like over time. I realize you know what you guys are doing because you're making down four shows it lee a fourth, maybe five tickets yeah I have to look at, it's again because I that part- I don't remember so well, but so you grew
Nebraska. I we moved to Nebraska three days before I started in the seventh grade from the Poconos. Oh, so you grew up. Were they orthodox? I know my sir conservative, my folks who is really immigrants, mom, I'm honest, is really my dad was born and pull out what really, yes, how they end up in the Poconos. Ah, my Well, my dad! He was in a commando unit. Basically israeli army really army. You know originally from Poland are born in poland, so he to Israel as part of the the sort of what he called the diaspora. I know what he did like he liked there. It was he running from anything yeah, yeah, yeah yeah a two years. the war broke out in poland and his dad new? was coming destroyed his business and they fled to the right now, I'm haleran, no and then the russian said you ran you're traders, Siberia AL really so that he was in siberia with a age two to seven with his family
His family lost his father because his father decided not. If I ever remember the story right, my grandfather did not work, son on yom kippur in the russian said, you don't work, you don't eat anyone who gives you It would also won't eat and they starved him to death. That's the story That is the store heavy man and my dad were like remembers. My dad fell. Only responsible for the death of his grandfather of his father. yeah, because a he give him his food cuz. He couldn't cook it was. It was a weird thing for me to grow up with that filter here you know so, but has Is your grandmother survived my grandmother and my dad's four sisters survived. One of his sisters had cross eyes because one of the russians hit her in the head with the butt of a rifle for disobeying, something no shit so how did they get out of russia to go to Israel? after the war. Slowly, but surely they parted out and got smuggled out, like the kids, got smuggled out first haha and then smuggled by train all the way to germany in allies.
I just didn't know what to do with them, so they put them in a displaced persons camp and all the displaced persons camps were former concentration camps. Why and My dad has vivid memories of meeting eisenhower and mickey Marshall. To inspect the place and then took the kids which camp was. I dont know the near at hand I could find out it was in poland. The edison was in germany at our german, ok and asked celebration after the liberation and the the generals a bunch of german refugees from a fancy hotel and put the kids up how wow yeah so my dad always loved americans. After that, I wonder if that's going to happen with these kids today, around its. It is so terrible right now so so they make it to Israel. Yeah your dad grows up there as his service time right up any Israel, He loved Israel a lot he wanted to. Back in his older age, but I just didn't work
and what about your mom? She was for israelis why mom was born in palestine before Israel before Israel, so they were evil. How are you my mom's? Almost eighty now my dad is been gone for twenty four year. Awhile will happen cancer weird place jays. So why did you say on the porch it that thing you got your neck genetic too it's a genetic thing, but it mainly affects a small population of asian men. Have you done the twenty three and me thing? I have not hmm, I wonder my dog shot shot, but my dad's is from poland, my mom's family, from the ukraine and from baghdad. Oh yeah, yeah, so I mean possibly, but she she's a jew, Add the the the iraqi jews were there from the time of the destruction of the first temple wow. Now some old jews, all jews, schools, year old old school. So what made them decide to come here, my dad, kept on getting called up into the israeli army reserves. He can happen till you're, fifty five wow yeah and
because he was in special units yeah. They kept calling him back and it bankrupted his his textile mill that he had built with my mom. Oh so so, requirement his skill, his skills. a tearing fucked him hard we're, so he got out and he was trying to get out at a lower rank than he was yeah. He finally got out got papers came to america because he had a sister living in the bronx yeah started, trying to work, to bring over the fire we and then because he was an eligible alien. Almost and a vietnam cheese yeah he had already been. He said that they pulled them up. draft board. It was literally old men deciding young men's fate and how old was he in nineteen sixty seven, he was thirty wow, so he had he not go They finally figured out. He had a wife and kid in another country and if he died in battle the government was going have to for them for the rest of their lives.
was the financial thing. There was a financial decision on the governor that was early on in our war to reach sixty seven though he would they would. They were trying to send him to the hundred first airborne division which got hammered yeah yeah. Oh no yeah, it was a fuckin meat, grinder, yeah yeah, so He got out of that men in a way he starts a business. he started? Working for working for other people? Is job application. They gave him a resume. He didn't, he barely understood english, like he learned the, but from my mom the day before he got on the plane. I ain't dislocate room hebrew She spoke hebrew polish yiddish and are a little bit of arabic and russian writer. Get your mom over here. Well, putting the resume they give them the the the application he gave it back and said. Try me for a week and if you don't like me, don't hire him for what textiles yeah was that mean giving my we made at the time, weaving and mechanical yak. Ok, so he did that for about a six month. Six eight months I think, and then my mom and brother came over. They go like they because he had money
saved: have enough money for two for a place in to make sure that they were sets in that was in the Poconos, no that was in massachusetts, might my dead stood chatham mills in all those places. Massachusetts had a baby tax, It's rare, but then at that that was the time that it was starting to leave Massachusetts right. So from there we went to new jersey from new jersey. We went to pennsylvania, yeah and then Pennsylvania was midwest, all textile work all broken his own business again, nope. So Nebraska with the textile john. yup, yeah, no, no three and a half hours west of omaha. A town called hold is where he worked when my mom saw the town the first time she burst into tears. I said live in its in its replace the small so much I commuted almost forty miles a day to live in a town that was thirty thousand people really and was it dad Do you like it there? Now I hated it. I was the only jewish kid. I got beat up three to five times a week, really yeah yeah yeah, this rampant,
brutal anti semitism. All of this stuff, that's is coming to light under president trump, no surprise to me, because I lived under the people who are supporting him, the most that are my age here. I know what they were like thirty years ago. Right cause we're kicking my ass, then yeah, that's him! the trees still in them of course, another if film themselves, yeah right there waiting yup yeah, and it's not everyone in the midwest there's plenty of enlightened people right, but there are plenty of idiots yea that are just ignorant and hateful in here, and why did you ever give badly hurt? I got hit with I got hit with chains really yeah, my finally said. I didn't serve in the military in Israel and survive the holocaust for you to be in it the gigantic pussy. He said the next time. Someone really do you know he said the next time. Someone raises a hand to you. You either beat the out of them or don't come home, and then he enrolled me in karate classes here and that's a hundred per cent did you beat the shit out anybody yeah yeah overtime, irene,
So I realized, like you, learn karate enough air, but if it got close in fish and indirectly I would lose so then I went for wrestling for two years and so in any way, were you to your weight on them? Well then, I guess I grew from five eight to six four year in between. My job junior, my sophomore and junior year. They stop fucking with you once I heard a couple people. Rarely that's crazy. Now we how many siblings you have won a sister brother, same age as you out We will all their survivors seven years. Where was he we lived in pennsylvania. He went to college in pennsylvania, we moved to Nebraska. There was no reason for him to move. He was in college out and still around. He is here you get along with them far we're not close at all. Why haven't we haven't spoken in years? Really why I think that we and bear some, will you I think a little too old world ethnically forum now kidding me bays ashore.
he's a schnitzel, but he distances himself for he cut off the whole family, not just my mom and me uncles and cousins for no reason not that I know of him in I'm sure he has a reason. He married with kids in everything he's married with stepdaughter. It does valley, it bothers the hell out of me, but you know I'd also don't decide if that's his wish. It's fine! You don't even reach out tried to or under duress from a relative yeah and nothing. It's not going to ever happen again, I'm not wow, and it's why that that age difference is sort of. Like wide enough to where you probably didn't know him that. Well, oh, no! No! I wanted to be him or yellow looked up to him. I loved him yeah yeah, but why? What was he was you do? What was it? Well, he was just a you know, artsy out of shape. You know weirdo and asia, like a more of a mainstream manly man in air, scuba dives and does work with his hands here. Just like
a man's man and the good to see or always sort of like the kind of art, nerd, yeah, yeah, yeah way way in high school everything I have all the time, and what did you do? We did. What was your hot week- and I feel, did you play in bands ever know? I don't have primary talent, I'm not the kind of person who could pick up an instrument or play it or pick up a brush and paint yeah. I have all just like appreciated and tried to connect people in just one. be around folks who were that kind of creative, hoping that something would rub off. Or what did you do? Well, Dan? I was really good at schmoozing now, but I mean back in the day. Would you go to college for when I went to college for I started in electrical engineering and realized? I wasn't smart enough and wound up in physics, degree program my degree: you got a physics degree physics with a minor in math, so you can wrap your head around that stuff. No, no! No! Towards the end. It was beyond me or if I couldn't picture it physically anymore, yeah, it kinda lost any connection to anything for me. So weren't. You aren't good at math or physics, really
good enough at math. Be enough What are your mind to it? You can get through just about anything, but you also know what your limit, your no wizard, I was not a wizard home I went to school with wizards so where it is come in music came in. when isolated and you don't have much yield. You cling the weird bits of culture, yeah, sure, so in nebraska yeah yeah. So like that sort of been my modus operandi and when I moved to a lincoln the college I started running into other court, unquote freaks you and I know that and I performed that town, it's a great town, so we'll beat up but yeah. It's a good town. It's hard to go back but I mean yet there were freaks there. When I went there, it seems like there was a good contingency, good god, nice healthy kind of drunken art content, in their dna and at the time that I was there, I knew all of them. I still know a great deal of them. I So you're in lincoln and you're, locking in with the the weirdos yeah and that's that's it's
arts leah literally I write you know. I was at the university, I picked up a school newspaper and there was an article about a local rat band. and to me that blew my mind, I didn't realize. Bands could be from places other than new york or nashville right here or london right. I just had the concept yeah. So I went and bought that tape and I thought wow there but things that are happening here, the homeless on this street or in this case are there and it right we kind of affected me yeah, and then I fell in with other people who actually knew local bands right some of them lived on my dorm floor. Some of them were people I just ran into once I started going to shows. I ha and that changed everything for him yeah in what way? What did you see instead of becoming just a music fan and just loving the beatles or just loving the clash or whatever yeah? I could love? bob and joe playing in the in the trio down the street right, and they were talking about things that were relevant to me because they were my same age. In my same exact place year,
it just really hit home. For me, hardy idea and it fell, and there was a group called thirteen nightmares that were up not nationally recognized at all, but they were just so wonderful hard heart on their sleeve about race relations and like how we did things wrong and yet also rocking and talking about the bullshit, with a black. Now all white folks, yeah and two or three of them moved on to become a band called mercy, rule got a little bit more notoriety, but not an national levels right. So when did you start getting involved with production. Where you is it tat, you know you do any managing or any you know I started going to shows so much that I started becoming part of the scene right It was one band that I actually would help them load in and load out rack and it wasn't really management was that it was a band called such sweet thunder. Oh yeah, okay they're from Kearney nebraska? But one of the dude lived in length I know it was like rem, runs into the replacements,
really jangle ie, like these innocent, heartfelt songs. They eventually got heavier ass time went on here, but the fur stuff- is so like naive and innocent and pure and heartfelt that it just sucks you in ye who did me at least you might go out whatever but I remember I can, if you sounded by that, I mean that you go and album our children was a good great minneapolis band. I still go crazy for them, so so you odin in and out your fallen bands around. Everyone knows you on the scene and then I started there is the tall jus theirs they already lovingly to hear it lovingly and without derision was something nice for a change. So I started working at the university program council and booking bands to play at the university small bands, not a big national tourist array and I got me in with them a little bit more. Then I got hired to manage a record store by a friend from an omaha record store in lincoln and
accurate classic used are used. Envy stuff and like a lot of our life, imports. Alright legs yeah, so you were the record store guy. I was a record store manager, yeah, yeah, yeah and you are in charge of buying I actually dealt with sub pop regularly and I dealt with dutch east india, which was a big distributor, say this is where got educated as what was out there and, at the same time, physics was becoming him comprehensible. It became very clear to me where I wanted to put my energy. Ok baby. As if the management job at the records management job at the record store booking bands at the university. Knowing all the bands yeah all of a sudden it strikes me sub pop is just now taking off with nirvana right, taking photos and ninety one ninety one year, and Oh my god, I know bands and I know, distributors- and I from them, thereby from me. If I tell him, I have something haha
I can do this here, so I quickly figured out how to talk to such sweet under they already hadn't two elements that they wanted to put together as a cd, maybe I borrowed a thousand dollars from my brother and from the guy that owned the main local bar that all the bands plaque on you and your brother were talking yeah back when we were still like brothers here You know now we're not even acquaintances who I am but yeah back then, and I put up one thousand dollars my own and He did the city. He came out and of embers six, the ninety ninety two here and I in six months I had everyone paid off with interest. He saw the sell it it was at the store. I worked on yet Oh and he made the money back and the distributor picked it up too yeah and they did they, but they they get any traction. Really they didn't get huge traction, but I mean back. Then you make a thousand copies. If you sold a thousand copies, you regret you didn't make more. You were like hey we're done great yeah right yeah. So so you had a success:
wild success by my opinion right. So then I fooled myself into thinking. I could do it near mogul, from there on out. It was just a daffy duck. Explosion after daffy duck explosion, railing yeah right the right after the first one. It just went through and it took all I mean like we had probably over the course of six years. We probably had like seven records that did well, so you you you, you were a label, his labour becoming more of a co op, what was the name of the label it started? Is ism I s m, which stood for in spite of myself here. which is the reason I woke up right and then there was abandoned new jersey called ism and they said you can't use that name, to the more confusing is amidst which stood in spite of myself, in spite of them yeah and that's I stayed at until our until comedy came up for me, so you did seven Could you said? No, we did seventy, but maybe seven of them have is most did seventy record we're in six years and seven of them were were successful, which ones
sweet thunder the honey boy turner band, I helped distribute the first Slipknot CD and but you record it, I did not. But I'm one of like five six people that had it out there push them. We set. The record store was his after. This was after here. Yeah, ok, Well, that's three four, those are four and then I did a single for kill. Those are from madison wisconsin. That's five! There big, yet decent yeah yeah. They they were good dudes. Here I have to think there was a compilation called le noma, which was lincoln omaha bans, nay, I'd really well, and I cant remember the other one right after you did so we did seventy records total, but a lot of it. Like co op, where the ban said, could we use your name and you and right well put the money in so you these distributing relationships just from YO from the record store initially and then just building out with some of the more successful correct and you dealt with mostly white record stores. I dealt with
record stores and the distributor, and then eventually there was a distributor in Kansas city that got us into the best buy system. Oh yeah yeah. So those are just working connection. Yet back when you add hard copy, the thing exactly four I m p threes yeah before napster napster fucked it the whole car did when the fuck was at ninety. two. Ninety one when napster was ninety eight, now, the beginning of it when, when everyone was just ripping everything up. Ninety eight ninety nine year It was right about the time I was moving to minnesota. I tell you How does that all work, so you put out seventy records Who d minnesota I'm? two minnesota in november of ninety nine. Ninety eight. So this is, after the seventy records, you're still doing music. At that time, ah, no no. This is this is probably it about sixty seven records. I'd like that, once I moved to minnesota so napster
and you have a you realize that you're in trouble napster hit. well, I didn't know I was in trouble yet comedy started for me before napster hit. So what was it by the people are still buying cd? right there's. No really people were buying cities all the way I mean people still by cities have loathing again not act from every few months, yeah yeah, my where little checks the but that's from it isa. Oh no from digital yeah, cds were selling pretty well all the way up until about I dunno six years ago. And they still sell well as the artist pushes them, but they don't sell well via retail right now, so what. Why do you start doing comedy? What's the white light moment that you have? I was always a fan of comedy. I was brought up with it from real young male like white there. Really sketch comedy really meant the first, No, my mom. Do you speak hebrew,
not very well. I make a lot of mistakes and gender intense, but I speak pretty well knit issue now I don't even really understand you this right. That's a polish! polish german, russian the regional thing here, but its mainly based on old german is that as it may, this year, aka so I'd, so you comedy israeli sketch comedy. Yet there are basically the monti python of israel without aping monty python, and they I'm up with malapropisms in turns of phrase that are still important in hebrew in Israel. change and shape the language our being interesting. So, like my mom had those records in there were certain. I can a mechanism, its telling you the names of the things they now with a group. There called august rush, the area. The pale trackers is what that translates the pale tracker without me. I just that
the name of it? Ok, like money, python records ever man, probably about eight or twelve, at this point, Do I need a couple members of died now, but there's like when you're a kid. only few are there? No, there were like seven, eight, no kidman man- and this is made- you laugh of the earlier yeah. There's certain bits it still lying there we all and he were heaped up they play. Kennedy hall once I heard, but I dont know if it was an english or neighbour and death. So this was did you have other comedy records is how it started for me. Then it was tv. You know the big h b o pushed her, then and a comedy central. But also like you know that the bigger big push of each be. I was also the time of kennison and die certain roseanne and ladys. Yet early eighties, really Louie Anderson earned yeah yeah the original push yeah yeah.
The push, so that's kind of what was a big inherent canada, sort of ladys but Louis, I think in rose and worley. Eighty shimmer was in that makes to say you isn't in tell that stuff in and what makes you decide that it's a viable yeah, because you, like the weird thing about stand up records in about you and particular is at you know every in terms of my peer group. You know people younger than me emi recorded most of us yeah. I mean a lot of us, You know and we can go over names later, but like what what started to make think you could do it or how did that? What was the first honestly. I think I knew I could do it all right. Has he done records the erika them the music thing with such proof to me and when I in lincoln, I remember there was never a sort of tom can square mia and I can't remember, I think I want to say Jeff ross who do. I don't want the worst show. I got think I remember doing it but like yet. Without the part it was in the park,
I can't remember who was the host. I honestly, but I remember that it was an episode with Judy gold, Dana Gould, greg proofs and lewis black right. and louis black, because like a ron, livingston character that taping of this I mean it was. I tape that date same night or really have a memory. Yeah wow Think so I mean I was, I know it was. I did it examined, in down there odours, and they would have done multiple episodes in a night, because there was an hour long show from what I remember really. Maybe they did mix and match. Even I dunno like I I feel like I was down there right But to me I was sitting in this apartment in lincoln and lewis came on. He was kind of like around livingston sort of guy the guy from office space where it's like you don't know his name, but it's like that. Guy yeah he's on the daily show. he was on the daily show, but I didn't hadn't put together yeah yeah daily show the original daily show, or John Stewart. Yes, he was on from kilburn butter
I saw that episode of tompkins square and I was like that guy is great too bad. I'll, never meet him living here. Yeah, I'd love to do something with him yeah and then then I put it together that he was on the daily show and my wife and I would talk about him. The way we talk about ron livingston, that guy turned up again, I miss you been around for awhile that point, but I didn't know that, but you've been doing other thing right, right, yeah, so I moved to Minneapolis and then three months after I move I'm working a gig and driving back and forth, and I hear an ad on this radio station saying that he's going to be in minneapolis at a comedy club year. Now I've been to it is to see calmly, but I've never been to a comedy club acme. He was acting I ran home called got the address. Figured out how to get there, because I was new to town and a ways away from. It went straight to the with a handful of cds from my music label, and a note that I wrote out in my car handed it to the sure- and I expected it to be like a rock venue were Elvis.
The building you meet the act and now he's sitting in the room been back, had no idea. Yeah so I hand the stuff to an usher wants to show have a great night and I'm like. Well, I guess that's it and hope this message in a bottle gets to him and you me it's it's like a fish tank, the big to be glass walls and leaving, and I see him standing in the middle of the bar like this. My goddamn chance here. So I walk. up, and I introduced myself and I asked if he got the stuff. I left anyhow So I just I pitched him right there just isn't eager. Here's my shot. Is it and he only said I to make a record with you. I want to make record with you. I've made records with bands for a number of years. Now- and there was you know, I see- in the tradition of this guy and that guy and that guy, and I just really think that there should be some kind of record of it other than what's on tv here andor. I must not have come across as a crazed, lunatic yeah, because he seemed interested told me how Warner brothers had just said. No,
and that he was actually open to doing something- and this is four comedy central had a record low right, so he basic, I said, get a hold of my management. Go I run out to pay phone call, my wife who, still in the brass at the time we are getting ready for the wedding and I tell her what happened and we're like both jumping up and down for joy and nothing's happened yet hear it took months We finally recorded yeah and he was her great about where'd, you record madison was consented. Club called laugh lines, it's no longer there yeah yeah, and now in like two years later you finished mixing it god dammit mark I am never gonna. Do this, just no women, I ever knew I will serve no wine before its time mark I appreciate the process by okay, so you lay down the tracks were laid down the tracks, and it was my first album.
Ah, I was working with a recording engineer in madison who I knew was very high quality and I I work. Minneapolis, so it'd be four hour drive to get to his house to work on earth studio to get to work on stuff. Here so everything was very meticulously dawn and planned and we listen to all the show was it was like I for him. I think we, it's five shows it might have been six na and we charted out where every joke was and we tried to analyze what the flows of the jokes were from this one. To that, one to the try. In actual workable pattern here and then also to try and include as much of the material is we could before. We started winnowing stuff out right, and that was what no time consuming yeah cause. it would show in the mixdown, if you're pulling things from different show, while the mixdown you do everything first and do all of the First, as if you're going to use all of it, you evel it all out. You level it all out, so that when you decide to cut there is no time lost in it. You just cut cut, correct height right so that's how I do it at least
is your order ever yeah, yeah yeah, we have to you, have two cars, sometimes things that tie together a joke. Should have been grouped together. I learned or things that have callbacks that are too far what part are not near, you know or try right, yeah yeah yeah, so you have to you have to be able to do that stuff. So I said what was the first record called the white album. I was the one, That was big out number one for me, stand up or make your money yeah yeah yeah. It's still selling still downloaded still look at. How do you talk about this stuff without sounding like you're? Breaking your arm patting yourself? It's a legendary record pier I got lucky. I got real lucky to put myself in that place. Analogy first record number, in comedy record and it sold wildly yeah. This is as napster is going So we were still selling records, then cause napster hadn't to senior record on vinyl at that time, or now the vinyl came shortly. Okay, so
his record or initially came out on my old label is yes, he I called him once on his cell phone and pitch to him doing vinyl a and he was on a plane that was about to close the door. He goes white. Why do finally go? We saw ten, copies of this record. So far we can do it. Five hundred l peas nets, literally half a percent of what we ve actually sold. It be fine to sell five hundred copies on vinyl goes, if you think, do it do it Why should the vinyl still on my old label and its soul? ass we made it. I came to Minneapolis once and my wife baked cheese cake and I brought them to the house and he sought signed all of the covers she baked cheesecake now she's, jewish. She converted it was cheesecake learning make a cheesecake part of it. No, it was that was out of sheer joy. I think They re, not even a jewish thing: cheesecake lights in new york thing juniors, man, church. I know juniors yeah, I per I act
have grown to prefer ricotta cheesecake italians, dm my mom loves ricotta, sound, that's what she makes of it. I tell you we're big here record- basically for a comedy for a comedy record, and this is before billboard had a comedy chart. So there was really no way to document it at the time. It was a boy if it really was huge, it would make the regular chair yeah, but sixty. I think we sold over the course of time. Sixty thousand copies might be more now. I don't remember exactly how many records did you do louis? I did too goods enemy, pee, p on my label, and then I produced for more for comedy central I'll say he perceived. The lobby. That's good him. It was great of whom do you get points on? I got no points. I didn't even get a fee. What yeah? That's not a I know I look, I know now. What do you mean you know now there you are we wanted to do this, we're not going to pay you. There wasn't a red flag. I got vinyl rights on the first two are. Can then the third one got me a grammy yeah? How am I going?
oh yeah, you didn't pay me. I got a grammy award, I'm set for life now. Are you not fine? but I can always get work out who doesn't want to hire a grammy award winning producer right and is that that panned out its roots tunnel K, I'm not wealthy. I don't live in a no. I know I know, but I guess I d have to use it as a calling card ever it never hurts to have it how many records have you released on stand up? It is One hundred and ninety six right now and that's alright birds, videos, lps cassettes, all that but one hundred and ninety six for a releases. And as I was saying before, like you I was number twenty one. You said her twenty, your number twenty one air tickets is number twenty one tickets available. But, like you like, I was saying you ve done, like italy, everybody's least their first to records right away, a mere a lorry. A ban furred like if we talk about louis guy, Hannibal, Burress brain
burns wow league, I'm not going to mention everybody, cross chad, Daniels Jim David, these to follow. You did fuck dude like who else here judy gold, eddie, gosling, Dana Gould, damn, I'm obviously doing people I know Renee hicks, jackie cation Jonathan Katz, wow kinane, It will mean some of those are vital licences. You know where they had the record, come out somewhere else, and I did the alps about Daniel evaluating logo or yuppie. I did unified s, and to do that recorded my I was supposed to, but then my next surgery, so I had to cancel the trip I got go to scotland for the first album, but I didn't get to go to spain for the second mary mac she's great, don't talk to her in a while. You have other than hope stand, hope brought his records ok standoffs manager. The time were the same as louis managers
so they brought him to me, but he wanted the license. So I like, since the first four records and the fifth one I didn't on Bobby cow yeah that I licensed his first self released record. Okay, it's always me when you license. It means that are not even mentioning all the names right right. The licenses are generally like the artist already had paid to record it and have it done yeah and then aid distributed it until they didn't want to deal with it anymore, and then I licensed it to take it over to get it back in from them. And that means you own it as a partner. You only know they own it and I have the right to manufacture and distribute. Now. I guess I gotta kay she you do that with anything. It depends would it mean if if the artist is willing, some artists aren't willing you do out of business like that I think any label that smart would yet and you're away label is successful, still yeah yeah yeah yeah. I do I'm not like. I said not wealthy, but, like my bills are covered and I could
I'm out here and record when I need to and go wherever. What are you doing out here? I'm here to see you? That's it I am also saying we're gonna be here. I am. I am also seeing a ton of old friends now you're like a rick, You gotta remember. I went through a life altering thing. Solar! So remember I it's not just business business business. Some of it is reconnecting to maintain my spirits and to keep moving forward mia. You know, I spent a lot of time that that whole staring into the abyss, the abyss stares back yeah and it takes a lot of. Going mental energy to get through a day now near and I don't want to be a psychic vampire, but I am here to reconnect with why I do what I do yeah in order to prep for this come down the comedy store tonight? I didn't know you were you there yeah, I'm. I might
I mean so I had no plans for cry some people, you know what we like eating in comics are either friends years comic. A lot of my friends are comics, but I'm seeing them outside of comedy show so that we can actually sit and talk and ice nice helping you out here for til monday has so, kid now right, yeah yeah, how that kid turn out she is becoming her own person. Now, she's nine haha sweet perk. and still figuring out boundaries, of course, carry out you that your whole life her by die. She is just it's fun to watch the world, be new, yeah, yeah well, yeah, and it makes you appreciate some things. You didn't necessarily appreciate and opens your heart in ways that you didn't. He didn't expect. I, of course yeah and it's been great experiences. I feel bad her that she has a crippled father, because and chase her around. I can't do all when she
baby like? I would give her soup likes his our bed in ragweed set up cushions and which has lived her on my shoulder and back and overhear Noah, and I can't really do that kind of stuff. Now I can't just take her and play soccer with ryan kane right yeah yeah. Well I mean look, I mean you're, you know you're still moving yeah, but it's it's. It's just not the experience I was hoping to give her, but he's a great kid she's turning out wonderfully how good, and- and I'm going to, I just took dates in minneapolis- I'm going to be up there and so on ice in september. So what got what what are you working on now like what what albums are like in the pipe in the pipeline right now is vinyl for David crosses newest most recent tour that had a netflix special thea. That's also a licence, but we are working together to make sure the wall of the vinyl colors are right and because it steamed about our courage president, who I don't want to name by name yeah. You know there's different color schemes. It include
the piss, yellow and halloween orange and then the russian flag he, and so that project is just about done and release to record so well, there's a lot of hype and vinyl now Nobody like I like the last two arms I did to structure they like netflix release, vinyl- and I didn't even I didn't even really can out in the cover. I just said the edges, if you need to put it out for you grammy. Iteration put it out, like I didn't, put any effort into it. All the most recent one came out on vinyl yeah, too real came out on vinyl, oh wow. I didn't know that I'm now going to have to hunt for it yeah, I don't know if you can get, I dunno how many they made. I only have a few. I feel like I didn't do any cover out of nothing, but the other one. You know it's didn't come out on. Vinyl is more later, which is is a good one, Maybe we can do that. I just like I as much vinyls I buy. yeah. I know for a fact that you like act or comedy records, but I don't listen to him too often
but I mean comedy records or a different thing. He added I mean yeah to me, you know, Finally, a multi edged weapon, mia hanno. I want my stuff to beyond vinyl, because I wanted to be with the classics. Yeah, you know right and that's the main reason you do it, but vinyl also practically is forth. thousand dollars that sits on a poet that will almost likely never be four thousand dollars again. Yeah. Right. You know a lot of stuff like takes years and years and years to move the stuff does it, unless you're out there like Tell you the one successful, really successful. story here when I did kyle kinane license. We were sold out within a year. How many did you print five hundred records records, lp record yeah, but I've had other artists where you're sitting there, over ten years, do you have dave crosses, shut up you fucking baby? I
out of those. I ran out of that and I ran out of it's not funny, but it took awhile while and you wouldn't think it would, because you would think his crowd particularly would like vinyl vinyl, still pretty specific in, like I got some great old comedy records like at you know, and sometimes I do put them on like I have that I have a really old, rodney record that was before he sort of was doing that. Now I get no respect. Was it. The louisiana no respect is like the gold standard of of his need comedy rob, and I think that it's called now in fact there's two albums. He has that have similar titles who's done earlier. One called I can't get no respect from the seventies, yeah yeah and then there's the eighties no respecter. He has load the washcloth yeah yeah. That record is the gold standard of comedy on vinyl, in my opinion, really yeah.
the north a lot of money worth a lot of money, but it does mean I'm not talking value. I'm talking I gotta get one, then I don't think I have that one identical work front to back solid yeah, yeah, huh I got some weird old ones in there, but you gotta, you probably have a bunch. I have hundreds yeah a couple hundred a while just comedy. Yeah yeah, I think so yeah you know I just kind of pick him up go out the red fox party wrecked it's nice that so many there many but I got. I got a few of those I got, though I have, I have a waiter redd, foxx record, like a wash your ass, you gotta wash your ass, it's a classic, the hey yeah! It's that classic delicious, super saver great cover. Oddly enough, hardly any of his albums are classics to listen to as time has not been kind, because now you can say all the words he couldn't say that yeah I will. We can go. Look at some comedy records, I'm glad you're, okay, thanks man and that you came through the harrowing. Did you go to my mayo clinic or where no, no, I was in three different
hospitals for five stays total with only ambulance rides in between them for the course of a cousin, The mayo have a presence in minneapolis. They do, but it's mainly in rochester an hour and a half away, but that's more. Can than then like degenerative bone disease right, yeah yeah. My looks like I put you together I you know what all the king's horses and all the king's men there was a they pulled it together. There were so many people involved in putting me back on my feet, and it's really more of a credit to them than to me, because I'm kind of a I can be a quitter yeah and they put so work in me that I have to succeed for them. I was being dead for three months. It was the most terrifying thing. I've been through real. You remember, I don't remember what the reality of it was. I remember what hat what I saw yeah and it was It was groovy in a way because it was like a little bit of two thousand and one a little bit star trek, but it was like the red alert parts of star trek right like I was in
if the control panel that I couldn't read and everything was shaking and falling apart, and I knew I was screwed like I was very aware that I was screwed. The whole time I went out really yeah at doesn't seem like an exciting thing too or two it was terrifying. That's what I told you it was the most terrifying know, they're saying that, generally I didn't see any lights lights that I saw were like the two thousand and one tunnel rainbow tunnel, and that was cool here, but it was also in the context of literally everything is shaking apart, and I knew I was panicking you gotta, remember. I remember seeing my wife and tell her to help me and then he went out and I was looking at her and looking at the door and looking at her and looking at the door looking in her in looking at the door to try and single get out of here- and I was also trying to like I note the communication doesn't work. But if you can read my mind, get up and go get someone one those are my last conscious thought. So that's how he entered it. And that's how I entered it. So I only knew I was screw area. I knew it who breed? I knew. I couldn't push area,
next thing I saw after though the crazy out a body. You know that stuff, was my nurse's face appeared like garrett morris in the corner, literally like a will appear out of a black and it was just big enough her face and I could see in she's like I have your hand, I'm here with you stay with me, talk to me and I could see looked at her that I had an oxygen mask area, but I turned my head. It was back into the ring. Tunnel everything's falling apart red alerts, lights, yeah, and it took a while. I ever after a while. I realise there were more people in the room and I couldn't see them. I could only hear them through bubble that I saw her aunt and that bubble would occasionally get like watery likely vienna will someone's pouring water over glassy and looking through it yeah. So feeding in and out in any
if she turned away. I would scream her name here so that she would turn back any day. He could push air that point in yeah cause at that point. They already took me from the chair and had me laying down in my head was back in the the passageway. Was open man crazy, I mean I knew I knew reclining cleaning me up from having died and lost muscle control yeah I couldn't Well, I'm doing it. I could hear them talking about it here and I tried to make a joke out of it and the joke didn't translate, and I remember my first feeling of that no joke about em you go, there was just. I could feel my shoulders they didn't get it and they're cleaning up my shit. yeah. I only knew that from context not from actual physical. There you go so like they're there. Now you have a nice comedic story. It was the worst cause you tanked yeah. It was a one hundred joke. It was like one shot. He I said you'll have to excuse me, my wife shit, my pants and
turns and says I don't know what he's talking about and just went yeah. I mean you know it's a easy joke to misunderstand: yeah yeah, especially given the situation non, sequitur, yeah and non sequitur and they've just pulled you out of out of the tunnel right, I literally was basically holding on long enough for them to open the tunnel wide enough to grab Well, I'm glad you made it thanks man thanks for having me it's so good to see it's good to see you too, and also too much you know, it's years ago now we are both here but yeah. We both grew up like I know it can be difficult, and at that time I was yelling a lot and I imagine it was only about. How long is this going to fucking take, but the thing that I creasy now is it. You told me that you understand the process more now. I do know who's going through the process even to this day, no one who is going through the process gets that this isn't just snap your fingers and its don sure back I'm going to continue making jokes two people that tell me they're going to do a record with you, but please,
realize you're also affecting my livelihood and not I'm nine. That usually is people who are already in all can help create. Now, I'm not telling people monotony that Iraq got it back. If they tell me like, I, just recorded with dance, was life I'll, say something like if I'd someone came up instead of just a record denser, we just got done. Recording I'm like oh it'll, be released in two thousand and twenty. going to be great that kind of thing like you apprehended by the parties like that's about right right, six months to a year, two paces in terms of turn them in three to four months, but those those are exceptions now it's because you we wanted to be right and they all came out. The two that I did with these people. We were great and you know you like. He was a lot of stuff to go through for four. both of them in in it. You know, and- and I do understand your process while in not only that you are going through a lot of stuff and change at that time too, there's a fucking disaster. It was but man What beautiful art did you turn out on a train wreck? Man, I'm glad you liked it and glad you have am your session,
for it is well. There are always, therefore, that thanks go to see america to see too. Okay, then it's all stand brecker that stand up records that calm your check out the key. Vice entitles get titles. Comedy records of fun. I collect him. There's not many. I was into over and over again, but there's a few If you, I listen to a lot of times funny weird who I end up like you, I wasn't a lot but they're, not in incentive records, but times going and John worker. That box set is great, but I listening to Robert Schimmel, if he comes on get big, kick his pace are ip. Robert Schuman. I was in theirs records. I listen to you. The one now. What the record, but I wasn't right now. I would probably probably go in and listen to the right
dangerfield album before he really became rainy days before he got the hook. The no respect hooking resorted doing on form type stuff that lose record, Oh all right! So that's what I'm I'm going to be in minneapolis this week. I believe all those shows are sold out, I'm going to be in denver on the twenty first. Is it the comedy, september. Twenty first and twenty second think. There's some tickets left few tickets left for us. stand up live october, thirteenth! That's in phoenix, and the beacon theater. Of course, I November november. Tenth, I believe and why comedy festival, dot com to get tickets for that, and that's that I have any prepared guitar, but shit hasn't stopped me before
in the
the it Boomer lives.
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