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Episode 952 - Slash

2018-09-19 | 🔗
Slash is known for guitar wizardry, the top hat, and a prolific career across several major rock acts. But he's less known as Saul Hudson, a British, biracial son of a costume designer who was into drawing and BMX, not music. He tells Marc about being involved with a tangled web of Los Angeles bands that led to the formation of Guns N’ Roses, the band no one wanted to see succeed except the people who were directly involved in it. Slash also discusses collaborating with Michael Jackson, Carole King, Miles Kennedy, and reuniting with GNR. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Starbucks Doubleshot.

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All right, let's do this. How are you what the fucker is? What the fuck bodies, what the fuck turkey, and what the fuck a niece does what's happening, marin. Here this is my podcast w e f. is it going to be a wispy day? What's wrong with my mouth day happen. Sometimes, how's it going. I'm sorry about me for a second more than I usually do nice to nice to be here and to tell two lot's happened since I've last spoken to you. What day is today thursday? It's thursday, so I went to the emmys on Monday. I haven't talked to you since Monday and that afternoon I went to the emmy awards for the first time in my life for them first time in my life. went to the emmys, and I was on a nominated show for best comedy
and we lost, but hey Even though we lost aren't we, Just losers is that right. That's not it isn't. Even that isn't, even though we didn't win aren't we all winners anyways I I give my way a even though we lost aren't we all losers? I think that's equally is inspiring. hey sure we lost but we're all losers, that that you know what you know a elton ITALY most of the time that turns out True, I would say proportionally do a we didn't win, but we're all winners: how how if that is really not objective stuff, so yeah. Maybe this is too negative. I'll tell you about the emmys I'll talk to you about slash my guest today on the podcast, the slash.
From guns and roses and from slashes snake pit him from velvet revolver and from slash featuring myles Kennedy and the conspirators but he swash man fucking slash anything seeing because as much as I I love guns and roses and summer squashes a work? I don't know that I identified him as thorough. As I did the other, after I talked to him, I went, whisky whiskey to see so ash and myles Kennedy and the conspirators now that I do tat about this, what let let's eat into this, I e it. It was it was revelatory. I'll tell you revelatory. Seeing slash, am I Kennedy and the conspirators at the whisky which seats like twelve people our revelatory was, I stayed for the entire fucking show. I didn't even say for the whole emmys
yeah. That's right. I mean those behoove watch, my special to real available on netflix. Now. And you know my bit about the stones concert. I don't stay for ship because The idea of waiting for my car or getting to my car or waiting to get out of a situation in my car will almost include me. Is that the word from staying till the end of anything especially when you know it's going to end, especially if it's another song or especially if you you've already lost everything you stood to lose because hey we're all losers. I told you again: about a week ago that fonda had a on her mouth and me and sarah, the painter, kind of put our minds together. We yadda had the box. Already I put a towel in the box. I had it open for the for that year in that moment of getting that little fist of feline fury into the box to take her to the vet.
And you know sarah, sarah, I don't think you should take I'm like, oh well, it's a little like nodule there, it's a little thing on her whip, but she had gotten zits there before and then I looked up cat sits and mouth candidates and then mouth cancer, and I and I decided, while she decided that, maybe just wait, it out cause she's had stuff there before cats get zits on there. So I waited it out and it looks like- It's getting better. So as its And monkey, the fonda fourteen points. Years old, holding straw, lean, energetic buster, the kitten couple years old, almost out of his fucking mind, it's this house, I'm living in now. There's two floors: it's old, wouldn't there's not a lot of rugs and it feels a fuckin rodeo in the morning because he figured out this route for himself from the end of the hall upstairs anyone's all the way down the hall down the stairs where he jumps about three or four stairs and implants down on the floor runs in the living room. Doesn't
this in their flips around I was running back up the stairs? This? Can go. at two in the morning three in the morning, four in the morning active little fuck, not a lot of love for him in those moments. But doing while and learning to take affection, he's resistant and peculiar and he's awkward when you Adam he's one of the only cats. I know that really likes to be pet, like a dog scratched on the back on the stomach, and he got it I really get him to not squirm out of it. In other words, emotionally his exactly like me, I wanted to read this now that we're in cat zone. I wanted to read this because is not so much a hopeful happy stories in the world and this one not gonna, I'm not gonna spoil it. I guess we're all losers and I'm not going to spoil it, but I want to read it to you now that we're in the cats own subject
kipling lives, boyfriend. Adam is a massive fan of this podcast I'd, never heard of marin. Before I met him and am now a con. Recently. Siamese kipling went missing on a canoe trip. I have to interject here who the fuck takes her cat on a canoe trip. I can bet. I won't even let my cat outside alright. I know there are special animals minor special in their own way. Apparently, kipling can be on a canoe so back to the story. After the canoe capsized we tipped Adam grabbed the cat and then new hit? Adam and kipling went under and we didn't see him again, terrible feeling we searched for hours. This cat was always, going hiking, camping and swimming with us. We went back the next day. trying to find his body or signs of em and didn't find anything. That's the worst, not knowing.
We even got an amateur diver tell a search underwater for his remains with wordy where'd. You find that guy still no kip we took to social media and shared his story with everyone. There were hundreds of shares and likes and comments, and we even at co workers. We work for an animal hospital that took out search dogs. Rakim. We had no idea if he it out of the river. At this point, Adam was devastated. This cat was a spot of emotional stability, form sorry Adam. I know the feeling buddy after twenty days. We got a call. Someone found him in a hayfield ten miles away from where we lost him. He was ten miles closer to home. Actually, somehow this cat survived a rapid river and trek ten miles to find some humans to take him home.
God, damn it, that's a good story. Anyway, we like to be super clever and yell kipling, lives and thought this story, the enjoyment by our favorite cat enthused comedian, thanks for the laughs, jesse and Adam you're. Welcome what a fucking great story: cats canoes started out. I was judging you guys. I was judging you bringing the cat out. What what are you doing the cat out in the but he's a that kind of cat fuck you he. You got him back just doesn't happen. That often congratulations, I'm happy for you, I'm happy for I'm happy for cat lovers everywhere. Right now, you know you hear the story about the cat. The disappears for ten years and comes back. How we send out, don't know, I really doubt those ones by, but this one sounds sounds with jet and can gradually since you're you're a winner that day, ok, so the amis let's go through it. I went through Why shouldn't I drag you through. It
Oh me, sir. The painter go to the emmys we get there. I We got a car like one hundred and thirty to get there at two hundred and thirty, so I can go walk the photo line and she posted a couple. Pictures with me we don't usually do, but it kind of paid off, got one of the cutest couples picture and people magazine that's exciting, got dressed up, she was dressed. And then we got through the press language, we got there before almost anybody and we are in an entirely empty emmi theatre watching them do final touches on this. and getting camera straightened out and the assurance getting their their focus on. What was going to be a giant show business cluster fuck. An hour away and then people are coming in and they started trickling in I was sitting next to all the children I was sitting in. Of all the children from stranger things and to behind all the cats from silicon valley. All of us losers. they gotta know. I don't really know how things we are one something but does so at all
started filling in and it was. exciting to see I like gags. As you know, I enjoy running into celebrities. I like seeing people I've had on the show, so I can say hi I did, see David harbour went out of my way to go, engage with David harbour, who also lost I saw after he lost. I made a point to go up to him and give him a hug and say: congratulations he laughed and then he just lit me up man like David harbour, is like a human degenerating system is like a battery man, you just you lock in you, stay open very exciting cuz I starting to I was starting to fade. but we only brought a bag of almonds which we got spread out. I walked around a bit on a break. Ran into John Oliver. We had a laugh about how hopeless everything is and how it's very hard providing hope, because there isn't any, but it's kind of our job I to be as straightforward as possible with our helpless And somehow make it painfully funny and he won't a goddamn emmy for it, congrats since John there are a few people in this
is this, who I adore and I think, are great he's. One of them was happy for him. So, yes, I saw John Oliver. I talked to him a bit and then said hi to people yeah here and there it was exciting. Yet I dare the kids from strange things reminded me what it was like to be a kid for second, not quite a kid at the mps, but you know age, Michael and Colin, did a great job. I think there was something odd about the pacing everything it happened too fast, yet it was still long I don't know how that happened, but that the show itself was like they would quickly announced and show pictures of the nominees than just someone would walk out and announce the winner, they would run out. They had like a second and they'd run off and even when they went up to get it, they didn't sort of re address. Would what the show is. I don't know how it looked at home, but it's I notice they were doing something to quicken the pace of the show, but somehow suck some of the humanity of it. But nonetheless, I thought the people that did the jobs did the job as well. I got to
who have laughs and dumb. I stay, right up until after we lost, I somehow sarah and I left to get to go the restroom one time we left in the nine hour thing to go to the restroom, was this where Mulvaney one and the guy proposed, though one segment where something actually happened, with amazing dose of humanity. We missed, but we saw later on the internet that you can do that. Oh, the big news is okay. In you're. This is the weird thing out of everything that happened. That night I got to the netflix party and right when I walk in, I see cat williams, carrying his emmi with his it'll crew. There I walk up to him mike I do Doing- he goes mark Marron you- guys. I want to work with them like wow, no shit, Mr Williams, I MR, what
yup it is, I mean I you know either I keep doing what you're doing I'm like. Will you come on? The show sometime is like any time: you're ready. Like okay and then I walked away from that and MIKE I dunno how to get touch with the cat Williams and he's, I think, he's tricky to get in touch with. I know So I saw him again. I said how we going to do this he's like wurlitzer section. numbers, some right. Alright, so I pulled my phone out then he sent a woman over to give me his number, so oddly, maybe not so much That was a high point for me. Getting caught claims phone number and knowing that that could happen, I just have to text him de I guess I have to do it when I'm ready. I think that was the condition and I know only I- can decide that so slash. wow man, I you know I didn't know like I'm a pretty guns fan- and I like other work and I've always liked. I liked his whole presentation,
but I've never seen guns or roses live, and I've listened to the records, and I you know I could hear I'd like to in most of the records yeah outside of the bigger risks. I'd like to hear the leads, run a little more like I could not quite identify exactly from history of listening to any of his stuff, like exactly the nature of his his style. isolated as a fucking guitar player. I know great. I knew from all the rifts- and you know what I could hear, but and I like them a lot and he came. We had a great talk. It's it's sort of a little guitar nerdy, so prepare yourself and I'm not full guitar nerd. I only know a few things, but I really like the guy and- and I love his music, so that's given by never seen him live so He asked me if I want to go to the whiskey as I mentioned earlier, so I go to the whiskey to see slash and myles Kennedy and the conspirators myles kenny great singer, he's done a few records, his new record, which,
would you do a mouse candy singing. In the end, it is banned and I got. I was real close to see. Slash do his thing. Man and he came out, it was patna sunglasses in his gibson's, but it was, it was wait to see him play and just a here, and so isolated, like that. I mean slashes. Job in this band is just is the lead, guitar player and he's, like you know, he's weighing down the tunes and you can hear he wrote someone you can hear by him playing solo in a band that you know he's been with for a long time. Just how much of guns and roses is him his pace, his tone, his or his riffs, but the Do I think they only did one gun song and, as I found out when I talked to slash it was originally his song from way back. They did rocket queen, which is one of my favorite fucking guy rosa song and I'm he'd fuck did like at seven to ten minutes. Solo in the middle of this thing, and it was astounding the way
plays weed and he old, Hugh s, sort of like he's He smiled she's down a little bit and we will almost literally sets the west Paul on his knee to play it so neck- is almost next to his face and he just is all in to those kingsman antidote into his fingers and I've. Never seen like there was so so much taste to it so much style yo. He, the blues were Finally, there and in all the others who ass a tricks in rifts in and and runs- and I I was just blown away state through the whole show anyway This is me talking to slash solidly one of the greatest rock players ever oh yeah, and his new album lives. dream featuring myles Kennedy and the conspirators comes out tomorrow september. Twenty first,
you can get it wherever you get music and it's a great fucking rock record. Okay me and slash the you have any of those gold tops. Actually I just use, but I dunno what year that one words of reassurance- and it gives him reassure the fifty six- why use a real
funny that you bring that up cause. I, on the new record of fifty six on the new record, is what that is like. I knew it well, not every song openings right right and you can tell because it's brighter- and I just I needed that sound and I had that guitar I've never recorded with it. I've had it for years had it since, like nineteen ninety holy shit, so I dragged it out and ended up on like five or six songs. I just said to her man I was just listening to in there. I'm like the guitar sounds different. It sounds more like raw and we're like one of the. So that's what he did. He recognize that I fucking recognize you right away, because I was like what did he does cool. I feel much more comfortable. Now I'm talking to a guitar and or how I wish there was more of one, but I do know I can kind of feel to be able to pick out that guitar. Well this when I got turned on in that guitar like like, I was a fender guy. You know I'm like I'm no wizard on there I like to play straight through I'm, not a pedal guy, like that's all fifty seven deluxe right there yeah, which is basically what I use on well, not on the whole record as a song. I use the exact same model really on the there's. A song called a hold on bear with me,
I pretender, which is like this third to last song on the record, and he just went straight in that with a fifty eight know, where the fifty nine les paul Fifty I made is ongoing and affects guy either I don't do puddles, I just occasionally you have a phase for some time been right, but yeah. Fifty nine, some burst like like Michael bloomfield. These day I thought and a real one. For a real one, yeah I've had it for years, and I've only used it in one session. So on this record I that's for the most part. I use fifty eight, fifty nine the fifty six goal tab and then I also have this one. You tie that have for years, which, as we have the authority as a handmade. Fifty nine replica that a guy named Chris derrick made back in nineteen eighty five and I got a hold of it- one thousand nine hundred and eighty six and I used it on the first guns record. It's just one of my
It's been my go to recording guitar ever since just the replica some dude made it exactly, but back then they didn't do reissue right. So he used to make these really incredible. Fifty nine replicas and there were their vastly really valuable so who, like or nicotine gum? Yes, I do geez I ve been on. I was on loss injures for decade in then I lost you know I haven't I like. I quit smoking nine years ago, almost ten years ago, and- and I went when I did it- have pneumonia- I was talking to rick Nielsen about it on my way here. Cuz he just had pneumonia and pneumonia is what help me quit smoking and that's not share the night before and that's when I caught that pneumonia so share help me quit smoking
way. I sew so I couldn't smoke here I mean I tried, I couldn't breathe, so I had two weeks to try. You know you try yeah, so so I quit and then I you know, I use the patch to sort of get the edge off and I write and I started doing this nurse thing this new say I was doing that I sweep with it. I put I I still I mean I did weed with snoop through my my my my significant other talked me out of doing it and so I started doing the gum, and I sleep with a gun sure I mean the aid that I got was off. The loss hinges just between me and you and whoever's. Listening to this I've been smoked fuckin cigars right, so I've been I've been off through its aim is your tended at ten years now on the fuckin lozenges, for almost it like eight years, sleep with them down do snooze and I fucking do dip pouches. Where are you now got off everything for one and you start smoking cigars now it to them fuckin junkies, it she's right! It's anything! I wanted thing. You know all things considered my last real vice
sorry. So I'm sorry I like I'm. I know that if I really put my mind to it, I could just quit like it. What were they in field? What better? Like link with the resources- and only you know, she's, like you know, it's his campi good free, that's right, right, yeah, that's gotta! Be it out for you, I or blood pressure, so that something like well. You know until someone reads me a scathing report about, but he's that's fucked up about new. So to speak with this news. Didn't you think, like this is safe? Somehow I give you an imaginary worry. I knew what it spitting into a curve been doing all that kind of separate. Then you'd stew teeth start to get loose. What was I found someone that, like you, it was some other brand that was like triple strong. He was like fuck it I get up with coffee and put one in, and I have to sit down for a while. I well yeah so That's it that's just the nature of a man it is it is, I mean old, being I was talking to a friend of mine of musician, I asked his mother.
And he had some, you know he's had some drugs, the so he just got his issue together, and we're sitting associated jerry's deli and we're talking about you don't like or how hard alcohol is and how hard all this stuff. But then the one thing that we did, we postage the cigarettes. Man, that's that's a tough one yeah because they keep coming around they're kind of available, while the usage triggers on your time, like it'll, only last for maybe two seconds yeah, but a really really potent grey and you could just get it watching somebody smoke on tv. I saw somebody smoking at a bus, stop at all happens. It happens at least once a day every day, but I think that it's rare to see people smoking yeah. I was just in chicago fucking. Everyone still smokes, they didn't get the memo. Man through just fat dude smoking cigarettes outside, usually where the problem is is I was a compulsive smoker. I chain smoked and I couldn't handle this not why I quit smoking there.
couldn't handle not being able to smoke wherever I want a reality. Just really. I was in college this one time was one of the first times. I'd ever actually been there yeah and I went to er. You know: there's think that some sort of outdoor mali kind of thing we theaters like a pavilion or sunrise, and I and I got out of the car and I lit a cigarette- and I was walking wherever we were walking to through the parking lot and they they said. You can't smoke in here as a weeping. Smoking here and fucking out here. This isn't out here yet and it was like there's a rule, you can't smoke, it's a wall street round and I was in and saw enough of that kind of stuff, and I started. I was smoking gigs, and I was in on tour in in the uk, a told me sit down the smoking bans. Come you, sir. You guys some serious problems in ireland You can have ireland yeah they're, going to they're. You know they're going to riot. This is not going to work, and so, if it didn't finish the tour and while I was while it came back
like maybe six months later, and they it'd pass this thing here and there was people sitting outside all smoking. Their cigarettes with their cocktails and sitting on benches in some hotels, have put monitors outside so could watch tv and smoke and they just went down quietly while one did and it was like wow and you know no repercussions whatsoever, no violence. No, you know the stoning or anything. I think I think it's because there's a fundamental shame to people who our addictive things that they know in their heart of bad boy. I think that's what it is. What are they going to really fight for its like? We can we have the right to kill ourselves inside it until we take down everybody that doesn't spoke with a related right because, like after a certain point, when you wake up and its, I hear your lungs, but you, like you, said, like you had no moaning, you tried to smoke like actors are, you know your father right.
Well, the emma all things considered. They were finding me for every sera. They were trying to find me forever. Sir. I smoked on stage the venues yeah. So it was like a one hundred quid for every cigarette, so we had to make up a bunch of stories and we got out of it, but I mean I couldn't believe it gotten to that. That was part of the bill right yeah! Well, let's like who those blues guys when you listen to booze guys cause I questions. We can talk about your life a little bit, but I have guitar questions. Just because, like I'm not as deepen earth, but like one cause, you got a lotta guitars way most. We less Paul's right body at the beginning to get The tony wanted. Did you fuck with the electronics, or did you just do amp and guitar shit? I've always been okay. This is a deep question or cause. When I first started here and yeah it was just. I think I had a little fender princeton. It was a little fender combo thing and the first guitar electric guitar they had was a memphis les Paul copy,
was I guess it was nineteen, eighty yeah. Alright, so did you just start playing? I just started playing so I was like I started playing when I was right around my birthday, so fourteen going on fifteen and then inside an acoustic guitar that I learned on yeah. It were the one string on it, so I learned all these one strenuous the school guitar teacher in town that guy named Robert woollen was great, who tommy but the other strings on asthma design, a guitar teacher he just there was a music school on on fairfax and sound monica working. So it's globalized. Let's go backing and get come round to this so but you weren't born here final in stock in trade. I was born in hampstead london rates, we have raised, and you have my mom's american right thing it she was in show business well, she's closes einer, and so she did
all entertainers she around the she ran still now. She palestinians are right around the time that I quit smoking. It's actually cause. She died of lung cancer. Although she was one of those smokers that always say I'm going to quit one day, I'm going to quit one day and then only had to watch it was bad, but you know what, while she was in the hospital not to go back to this, but I was, I would literally sit with her go outside and smoke a cigarette comebacks it with her and in that share thing happened and that's when I said you know what you are just that a cher concert yeah personally I had to. I had to leave for every song and book known outside and smoke. Oh and I I I I think, I'd warn myself down from soaking so much and share just took me over the top, oh yeah, that was everytime. She thought of people every everytime. She revisited one of those periods, she had a closet on stage and she goes in the closet and she come out. She'd, be the indiana she'd come out and really oh and she'd, be the gypsies trapped in these every every single thing that she's been over her. You know and okay there and it was
when she started with the sonny and cher thing yeah it just killed me. I couldn't take it, so I would smoke every two seconds or until june, a good way or bad without I just didn't, have any fond memories of that show or other stuff. You know, so you bet your mom. She did. She did her clothes. She she costumed entertainers yeah. So she did. I mean my mom. Did a lot of people do so like Okay, share was one of them. Helen reddy was another one diana ross. So that's why you're at the shave a boat yeah? No, no, that's not why I was at the the cher show. Why were you to share? Show? Oh because my my ex and her buddy see. I wanted to go and drag me along in vegas claw. such ass, though she did all these people David. Always John Lennon really am I who go. This is a long list of astor member, severe stevie, wonder and she would but also flip wilson. Like a lot of words, I guess almost attacks on aids for this kind of, like footwear,
and so she was like. The person sides I ask, is pretty hard over their names, are all hudson and and so which part? What would do you know which period of bowie or lenin or was that for well with with black saw that exhibit no she's in it? Oh yeah her, but I mean they have her thing of her clothes. She did the cool period when he was the thin white, duke so yeah yeah yeah the white house earth. Oh wow yeah, so you lived in london. How long are I moved to? I moved permanently to l, a in nineteen? Seventy one, I guess nineteen, seventy, because I think we're like the same age, sixty five or sixty three okay. So okay, so I now your real name Saul, but are you do you? No? No You got no junior now that I'm in the book of jewish famous people for finding what I'd heard you have to I'm full jew and maybe have to, but you just got jew named know. I got a junior, I mean if you were to ask my dad about it. He was talking about king Saul, and so it's a different date.
isn't that old testament or I'm not really good it. It's true. It's pretty jew and all my friends are jewish, so yeah honorary what the? What? What did your dad do? He's an album, well he's a graphic designer and photographer artist, but he's still around he's still around, but during this time he was doing all the album covers for oh asylum records, so, like we lived in laurel canyon, react when I first moved to l a that's where we live, so we were in the midst of that whole Seventy one yeah a very three to, like you know David cross these asteroids, you know like and in an joanie mitchell. Yes, our, like my mind, her clothes. My dad did all sat buffers sap. down the street. I so love lovely swans here this is big lake Zappa zappa, who else is on the corner of laurel and whatever wilson lookout mountain? and so there was the big huge tall, shrubbery thereafter, the whole thing, but if
inside. There was a lake in there and he had swans because swans they have swans in england way. So that was like my thought. That was cool. It made you feel at home. Where now are these people coming and going when you were a kid or are your dad? Were they in that scene you're? they were. We all in that scene now You were always at the troubadour and there was We're talking about linda ronstadt, oh yeah, so we had all the the the eagles guy. Yeah sure which are we I didn't know, the eagles would be at the iron barrel turned out to be the eagles. It's funny. I didn't realize till recently that distributor was sort of a low key trip. I mean it was like kind of singer song spine back yeah. It was wasn't hard rock though no, no, no, no, no singer songwriter, I mean big the thing that happened at the troubadour when I was a kid- was elton John plowed right right and everybody talked about. I didn't go, but everybody talked about it and that was like you know sort of a seminal l a
yeah moment, but a wall she other day java, hey I've, just great it's he didn't
the guy, just like what like a chameleon sort of white guitar stories, like he's, always sort of these weird junctures, giving people guitars hanging out great Joe and he's one of my all time: favorite guitar players and she's, probably release name so I'll, say all kinds of nice things about the guy. I dunno he's one of those guys where his kid got them over here. Yeah, you gotta go. Do this cool thing said Joe over here he's pretty fucking sober too yeah. I know I know I know Joe very well through a lot of that yeah. So you do the thing I well yeah. I mean I I finally succumb to that. There was a point there, and so I saw the words surrendered to it, and I did I followed it to a letter. I've been sort of out of it for a long time too yeah. I do. I follow it myself. If that's the way, if you program your brain, your knee got good. So I got nineteen the other day, really yeah. Why is august nine happy birthday? Thank you. How am I on are you? I have twelve years as good right holy shit. No one would have ever predicted that genetic value or hey they were headed for the bar, but there was a point there where, where you just you to glory days, are gone, you cannot anymore and you can try
he shoot, and for that it is never going to have a do when you see deeds. Your age, like still added its lie so tat. I was at a wedding recently and some guy who is my age, if not probably older, asked me for wanted to do a bump walking down a flight of stairs and it came up alongside me, say: hey. Why do a bump as a what just take any citizen, I'm good, but it was weird and then I had another better put your memory here that, like nineteen eighty four you're, there was one arm why it was the most exciting question. I was expecting you. It was a question. You are waiting for the elastic and out ass peering about you hold you gotta call! You are you william, your way result. Yet anyway, we say you gotta benda gets
yeah to where we are it's about the guitars. No, it's yeah! Well, so you got here you're living in laurel canyon, your kids you're here, but I think, what's what's interesting to me, is that you are immersed in the creative community. You come from it. There was probably never any sort of like you shouldn't do this or that you're always encouraged to kind of there was one of those also as a whole philosophy that that my dad had about raising kids, which was to treat them as adults write a certain kind. I do, but he didn't come around so seven years after I was a little younger than me. So I was raised with a ton of sort of freedom. You know sort of like I think was, as I think it was a spark thing at the time yeah also yeah yeah. So I just was sort of running around in this crate. I mean looking back on it. Is it you? It was really really cool people were really really different. Tire yeah really intelligent, very creative and outside of the system and just doing their thing.
and so it was very inspired and whatnot, so it was, it was good, but I had I never had any aspirations actually become a musician. Now. What were you thinking saw? I mean, like I buy, like the the only real sort of natural talent that I have as drawing, but I didn't your man did that so that pencils were around yeah, so I was always drawing and- and I actually did the kids book with joni mitchell that never got released. Yes, I did the drawings and she did the poems. Do you still have a copy of it? My dad does. Oh, I think everybody wants to see that you know. Keith richards wrote a kids' book with his daughter. Oh no way he did it's out yet. So I can't remember what it's called, but I talked to him about it at the end of the interview I was just like I I didn't know, and I was like hell being a grandpa: did he write the yeah yeah? He did that yeah. He did to some of the. I can't remember he's one of my list as all the musicians, at least that I know he's my favorite and I think he's the funniest
I think you re out the best fuckin dry with anybody any so fuckin smart. You know he's like I don't know how long you ve known him or what you relationship we like, but I was just a fan like you is my guy. When I was a kid, I was very good. You don't wanna, keep like he's why small lie drink jack, Dana right at all. They like in I had my first qatar really get me out. I when I first met him. I was thirteen years old, really how, but today I see more castle. How do you know when they all used to go to see more sounds okay. This is another story out you see more as a sunday Matt Attica, because we are now was my best friend in high school
and so, if you know anything about seymour, we see me as one when the cast of eddie's guy yeah he's one of that little team's, pretty hard edge anyways. So we used to hang out there. That's. Why he's the one that named me slash? That's where the name last camera really so so we used to hire beak while our cars- and I didn't find this out until the nineties, because she just called me slash and became a nickname. But I asked him why in the nineties he goes because you are always hustling and you are always going on the move. You never stopped to talk. You never stop to hang out. It's always a whiz going by a single slash, yeah right. That's it that's stuck! You know, but so seymour used to live behind the riot house on sunset and this house. It was tucked away in the end of this long drive here covered in like trees and shit right and then there's an a frame in between.
And saw they had some notorious weekend stuff and stones would come into town, that's where they would go no shit. So I got to be friends at a young age with ronnie and that's how I met Keith yeah ronnie wood really said they were already here: okay ferns, that seymour, so we will go to stone, shows and so Keith was always a hero and he was always very bigger than life, I didn't really get to be. What you call friends with him and l After the era of the nineties, I tell you okay, so you're here and you're, drawing oh yeah yeah. So then you know we went through. I mean this is a very much hand in hand to mouth. You know living paycheck to paycheck where your old man yeah, but both of them really yeah, because there was work and then there wasn't work and then, when work comes on right now, yeah, fine, that's right, that's right anyway! So so you know so I was just doing whatever and trying to sort of fit in at school, which I had an issue with all the way up until
really until I started playing guitar and I was like he was just a out who he hanging out with like the bad kids I just I was- I was just Didn'T- I never fit in a mainstream public school just that there was no. Maybe there was no coroner that I were, maybe just in your skin in general yeah I mean I was okay. Consider I was our. I didn't have issues, you know I was half black and white and half british and that was sort of weird. Did you have an accent at the beginning, and I think I I think I worked worked. I made an effort to get rid of it yeah sure. But do you know for everything else? I was the same sh t, t, shirts and jeans hair and all that So but then I just stumbled on the qatar, without even knowing that much about it. We are not
It turned on to going to see ban, set up the truth and rice darwin and you can get in case. You were so, and so can I do that. Then I was with my parents whose s where they were right, but you re new day I'll need the people that we involve the charter d or the area of theirs is who actually s I'm yet, and I wasn't slashed by right, but I wish all the idea so then, in seed adler I met when I was racing bikes. I was recently in acts at this time like round if that was your crew now as wearing so I was going to, I was going to be a motocross owner, as I was aspiring. Motocross guy I met stevens and an had electric guitar his house and he's a crank it up and and bang on it. The italian kid noise from fucking cleveland me in any, but then on top of that is from cleveland, but he moved he lived in reseeded. So is he older than you, or was he about the same as like a couple of months? his mom kicked him out in swedish state as grandparents in west hollywood measure, we met
and so I got turned on cause. He he play guitar the others. You know that sorta kid fancy I was at that stage. We start doing air guitar to cheap trick, sure yeah. I thought. Well, I guess I'll play bass, but I know anything about playing beer, so I went to music school other than without strings. Well, I didn't have an instrument that right so then, while I was sitting there talking to Robert, the teacher yeah he's playing guitar and he was playing clapton stuff as that's what I want to do, and he goes that's not based on lead guitar and that's what I want to do. So that's what I went about found that one string guitar, and so he never been a closet. However, it never did. I do now sometimes you're but anyway, so that and then it was the hugest turn on I mean even even he issued like a that that
it's playing a couple of notes that actually sounded like something woo as the heavens parted, and all that, like what clapped and stuff that was, there was a disraeli years higher that record. I too, so you you have this a cathartic moment and then you're like I'm, going to be a guitar player and then to go back to your tongue. I got an electric guitar and the first thing I did was take that little princeton and I have the the les paul copy- and I got one of those mxr distortion- pluses Then the other shit brown one the area was like us. You green, yellow kind of thing
and tat was a guy have that was that moment, whereas the effects are distortion plaster with our guy and I in in and an angel learning about what everybody's using, but that that specific, sound! That's true because I got you know you kind is held that for a while, but that was a thing I mean. I think all I've been doing ever since then is just trained to do what it is. That turn me in the first place, any there's a perfect. It is constantly trying to- and rightly so I drugs, but like sure it's a year that young that first time you turn. I am exile distortion plus on it's a very specific type of distortion that the idea and it's a little comprise its little come it's a little compressing when you're when you're fourteen fifteen and you do it in a sort of soya, surely graduate from there, but the one thing about music. And about guitar sounds is different from drugs. Is that there are always plateaus that you can reach.
Can we get there's any goes on forever with drugs you hit at one place you right in the first couple. We she started doing ass, all tat exactly and there's no real skill set didn't yanking into that's. That's somethin else altogether, because because you said like treasure, feeling that endorphin the mirage- but here you don't have to- I you knock it off I kind of evolve your your the way you use drugs to a degree where it's like, I'm really getting creative with, as you do, but it's not taking anywhere. You know what I mean: you're, not he's not like letting go guitar right now. No, it's not at all. I think you cook it up and that's about as far as I've. I've really nailed this I've taken this wherever it is ago
well. So how long wait did now? I guess the question at this point for me: is that, like in terms of natural ability versus like practicing your ass off, I mean I mean you can have a feel and stuff for how much do you do like in order for you to get from the beginning there? I what? What? What were you learning? What were you? How are you practicing to get to wyoming? I was learning I mean I was that guy Robert Hughes said he was going to teach me guitar lesson right, so you start out like you're prior know, if you ever, took piano lessons monotony connecting scales, india to snap, and I can read music now, because I didn't do this very long ride I'd I gave it. I gave it. The college try and I learned a lot from watching him plain issue. He goes well a few and learn this lesson the next week teach you any song. You want me to teach you
so as I okay cool, so you know what I mean there was. I was listening, zeppelin and sabbath and aerosmith and cheap trick here, are just stones and beatles and and the who and like all his tons of record, our record is underrated. It is underrated but yeah, Consider. I know that we will know that wreckers it didn't it didn't sound. It was actually it didn't sound in nineteen. Seventy three in sound as good as other records did everything that was that was the prayer. Songs were great. What it laying when I re lucy narrowly laws, are vague, asked sonogram. I think that's what That's why they didn't cross over anyway. So I can't remember where the first riff I had him teach me was, but I watched him do it. He put the record on and he had the guitar and he just sat there and listened to it and figured. The? So I I indeed I- and so I eventually left there with all due respect. sir Robert. I learned a lot of cool things. I with some picking death, niecks scales, Tommy? No! No! Just up and down or yelling,
nutanix I feel will just because learning those licks the off record, yet pentatonic and I'm good yeah. Well I mean you could play blues here and then move it down to, and then it's major yeah well so yeah we'll see you put some thought into this theory behind that anyway. So I quit with the lessons and I just started learning so I was learning you know Keith and mixed I see a mick taylor, opening chords, open, chords, stuff, some of it I didn't go all the way down to like, with with a with Keith he's, got a lot of of open chord technique. Yeah, We didn't totally interests me right. I know more of it now than ever that air, but but a lot of may taylor single note led stuff that he had so so why can't you hear me knocking It's just like that solo. You know what I mean and that's all. Thanks to. I never had to listen to anything to mick taylor and it's a it's a regular tuning yeah
So your review sat down. You were where you were one of those guys sort of learned. The leads yeah, so everybody's learning, everything and uk had an ear for it and you figured it out hours. Yeah. Ours was the guitar and I were inseparable. Alright yeah. I used to walk around with one of those little. What was it I am no specific around the fucking tape deck. Oh yeah yeah. It is like panasonic, oh yeah, the one with the handle and that and some cassettes that I steal from to record grey, and I was just in my guitar and I was I was what was like when you started playing. What was like, the the one, the the guitars, that you were sort of learning who who is the reopening of porto like eichmann was like what what guitars, I believe, the I was. There was a few mc taylor, any I'm just just one jimmy and other old air clapped Andy outline was one That was all sort of going all in aerosmith I mean there was there was you narrow smith reared cholera.
Cs or end, and I am pleased that a credit them for that was the record that identifies with new attitude wind, and so that was an important one. For me, I mean out that sort of set me in the direction that I ended up a really wrought, as a sort of it really loose. Drunken aggressive, misfit, fuckin rocky balboa yeah. Yes, it's different production to it. Yeah it's it's it's you can tell. It was right before everything took over when they were still having fun with all the you know, having jack Douglas, who produce it as somebody I know pretty well, they were all just having a good time. You know and yet decided to make the heaviest rock and roll record and yeah. He did yeah basie and muddy, and your friends with those guys now yeah yeah perry's like he's both of those I think, the other guy he doesn't get enough credit abroad. You know Brad's major, I mean yeah. There was brad, I think Bradford and yeah. Brown job collectively, one of the the the best dual guitar teams, but brown
plain was so different in Jos, and this in it was like very its lick oriented, whereas Jos is lick owing to, but he had a lot of dynamic. You know like like a sword, a punch here or die bomb there right as a whole different kind of europe, and he plays eighty we placing a in his own zone. You know what he's actually place he's unorthodox just the way he plays any use of the same thing as everybody else does, but this is the way that he fingers off is very different. To wait like what did you feel about in terms of like knowing that relationship between cause liking, our relationship that Keith has with ronnie, is. Obviously it's like was meant to be a reality and cannot work. You know where your keith and make you understand why that didn't quite lass right but like with easy, did you have that with him yeah world I think I mean I don't know what other guys do. Still to this day. I don't know what other dual guitar, oh yeah army. It was always like. You do
My thing, you play your thing and we never sat down early and worked. I thought it was just jamming and we sort of knew what the chord changes whether we wrote something yeah. I play it this way and he wrote that way and it just worked right and in, and that was about as much effort as ever went into it and so even with guitar players. I work with like in my band or in the guns, rosy apple plane with richard now really, I hate to sort of sit there and studiously work out, guitar, harmonies or sure like these sort of like a perfect or not the villages now so so I think you know a listening back to guys that came around doing the dual guitar thing way before we did. It was
it seems for the most part. The bans that I, like anyway, it is sounds very natural, rising sound thought. I was twenty years like when you leave. You realize that everybody's following Keith, which seems like insanity, the linking both by the very like they always falling charlie right, but there their relationship is, is sorely lacking. I think it goes back and forth. Could sometimes I've read the charlie sort of like what key ideas. He might chemo gibbeted trying to get you go from being behind the b right now. We can turn the whole thing around right. So there is a vote. Can there is a language that? But that's what makes a unique chemistry, shirt cuz that doesn't necessarily other people get freaked out. I can't I can't I can't write at here too, that fuckin lack of of committee. And to structure area yeah. I need to. I need a lot of being, but some people just get up and jam and they can speak to each other without even you know just plain
and sort of inherently or instinctively sorry sure go into the things that he expects the other guy to do right and if and if it doesn't happen that way, he can react accordingly and it just that kind of surely he s energy is what makes us down like the stones jerk then another band and also the that gets the players like it's better if they have like, if they really have a voice on the thing yeah right, yeah yeah, you know it's important, I mean for all, especially for rock and roll band where guitar is is, is one of the main instruments of the whole thing right? I mean it's the other lead instrument. You know you got your bass and drums yeah so
it needs to you. These guys need to be able to speak ryan to be a personal rise. It can't just be a guy who's, just a kind of a while here's the corps I'm reading along river, I went to. I saw a film ironic last night with John Williams, and you see those guys playing. I mean okay, we're talking about an orchestra. Okay, I understand where everybody needs to queue or ride in a Rock'N'Roll band. You've got you've got you know, a sort of very personal art artists, with a certain voice that need you have to have these only four chords express themselves, three or four chords right where I mean like that's the weird thing about when you, when that changed my mind about thinking about playing, is that and for a long time it was three courts and really for the most part, and- and you know everybody in you know it it's not how fast or what the play is. If you are speaking with the thing, yeah nah, I mean listen, the the the
the most important thing: yo qatar players got it's it's because har is a very competitive like everybody, especially nowadays is trying to be yo gathered. needs down their speed there. This it has reminded me of of ex games where it's just like how much you can, while people verily what's important, is to be able to express yourself, raggedest sing or speak. You know with your own voice and to be recognized as yourself right whatever. That is the audio, and even if it's three notes yeah ass, really what matters is beer self and have that translate and have an people my pick up on it or they might not, but at least you're being honest right and that's what you are from the booze guys like enough ready albert baby and all the key does my might the king, the three kings of my favorite put his ear. So when did it? When did you and adwords star plan in a band is way. We had a couple different bands. We had
yeah, but they weren't really full fledged bands. There was always a member missing. He usually was the singer yeah, so you played with him for awhile. So how did guns? I'm sure you've told the story a million times, but not to me. I was in. I was in l a. I was a doorman at the comedy store, nineteen, eighty, six like you guys, were it then right so join those cats. I started working with. Okay, like I had a group with Steven, and then I had a group of stephen and duff. Yet tournament time couldn't find a singer that duff's cleaned up to I yeah you got clean before I did. He's got a few. Few years be admitted and then I met Izzy and easy had a thing with axle, and I saw axl with his he later it's as hard for me to remember exactly what kind of players easy going. I can't seem to go when I first met him. He is, he was ah fuck was I mean
Keith. He he was just Keith Johnny thunders how he had Johnny directly a, but it definitely had to have a very like I always say nice lies. It was a guy that doing power, cords and nice guys right and it was really is. It was really really cool. I didn't so those guys had a band, obviously that I ended up where I'm at What have called hollywood rose and I end up with him his he was in it and quit, and so Steven again like for the first time, okay and so stephen and an axle and a guy named steve, darrow great bass, player out very big alice cooper influence. yeah, and so we had a band called rose, not that split up yeah, and so you know so all these different things, and this is on the way. Eighty two a mystery. Oh, this is like eighty, four okay, how eighty three four yeah and then and then Axl had the hollywood rose and and
Tracy had this been called elegans any rosier and became guns roses, and then duff after work. And stephen? I he was living across the street from Izzy, so area joining while guns and roses, and then axel- and I talked at one point he goes. I guess he had a falling out. Tracy says why wanted to come back and do it so I started working in it and then the the drummer there was this gig that we were going to do we're going to do a tour up to a year of of of the pacific northwest cause duffus up there and he knew all the venues right and so when, when the original drummer guy heard about this, he said I'm not gone or not. tat with you guys why do at Israel's its is yeah totally out of control, I do it didn't probably didn't feel stable enough for him, so I called Steven, came in and I was like all right, we're all added control and the way we went up to do these gigs of north and the
if the car broke down in bakersfield, so we hitchhiked up there, and that was really what this band, where we left the van and the the the equipment in the? U haul yeah, and we had. We had two guys that were sort of like roadies friends of ours. They are never going to get the car fixed meet us up there. They never did so. We borrowed the disdain that duff nose, equipment called the fast backs and we did one show. I did not pay us in San Francis I know this was in seattle yeah and then we got a ride back and we were together after that. From that point, on the car ride was the bonding experience, gas yeah yeah. I think the whole experience was pretty sure wendy. When did when did you start What were you doing drug wise from then start? Realistically, In all honesty, I mostly mostly here I was never. I wasn't a coke guy, then I got a bad experience with coke on my birthday trying to play after doing like a gram or something I had, and from that point I was always sort of indifferent about right, a corpse
mostly mostly drinking that I didn't get into the other stuff, because the other stuff jug of choices, the the obvious, oh, It didn't happen until, like nineteen, eighty five nineteen, right right around when you guys, working on yeah right before we got a record deal or not right before then it seems like l a at that time, because you like it's interesting. You were able to witness this sort of the intimacy of that world canyon thing and, like you know, a l, a was a small town musically and a lot of ways when you were growing up and even in the eighties, it seemed like if you watch decline, western civilization, it's great, but like all you all, you guys knew each other there they were just as battle the bands every fuckin night in this city we were definitely the only five guys and in town that he added made up that their beyond We we all hated pretty much what the eighties scene in l a was because it was too like too fluffy too fluffy it was, it was contrived. You know it was totally
If everybody was getting the look together yet haven't had any real chops or a real background right at yale, music history- or so you guys are all the you, the bitter angry dude. I guess we're a little angry honoring, the the rock of the monsters the like, and, I think, a lot of it. You know there was just a general attitude. Your hair metal was what you were up against yeah, and so we went in going and just doing our thing against. It was us against everybody else it's so funny because I know, John Daniel dino, John Daniel, I'm trying to think he was a bass, player and candy, and now he's a ba in music management, but he's gilbert like him and gil. We were buddies. We handy ever it's funny I have killed lou played Madame Wong's when tia and candy playing and that's how I first became aware. Julie. We're so is funny because, when gill became into the whole thing, that's where I remembered him from right from handier movie perfect, as there is a lot in qatar players that have
sort of dyed black hair shirt of john the thunder yeah yeah, whatever kind of thing grind, Roxy yeah I get. Who is what was his band? What was wrong roxie and I can't remember- I played with amusing snake pit for a little bit yeah, but I can't remember exactly where, but it was a similar kind of a thing. It's a certain guitar player kind of look. So when you guys come out with appetite, you know you're up against all that shit. Iz different trip right in dindigul, I kind of like when he first released in it, take it like couple of years before I popped. Wasn't there a weird story around bombing it just it it's a you know. I, it guns was probably the the a good example of a band that nobody really wanted to see happen, except for the people that were directly
involved with it guys you guys did to us and we had a. We had a manager at the time in an argument. Why didn't they want to see it happen? Because we were just you know we were unsavory, as you know, in terms of attitude and we weren't playing the game. The way that everybody else was doing it and we by our own set of rules, and we just did things our way and so well, you know granted it was a good band. You know it was a little risky scary. For me, everybody in the industry. So
beyond their chair, the wolves whatever they can. They just you know, they'd show up at a rehearsal to you know. Thank you because someone said well just sign the span yeah great and they'd walk into rehearsal before we were done with the song just seeing how we work there's they were gone. A lot of that kind of stuff, go everyone doing their own thing, drinking their own shit, doing their own drug and loud, yes, and in you know, whatever it's hard being so close to it, to get a perspective of what other people thought they were. Alright, but so when we, when we finally did find a producer, had to do the record, which is my clink, you know we went in, we made the record. Who was it that might clink yeah he's a really great engineer yet worked with ron, never sent for Uriah
so so we did the record and then you know we got onto an opening slot with the call and are going across canada, and he wasn't you know it. Didn't it it it was it the the record, didn't explode right, any way, shape or form, and so then the label wanted to drop it. You know, so it took some effort on a few people's part to keep us ryan. It's ok. What came out in eighty seven came out as seven. I remember likely. We hit, we started hitting nineteen eighty eight right cause like I read a piece like I remember: I'd hit the wall on drugs and I'd move back to boston, and I was living in an attic in reveal trying to get sober. The first time- and there is- article and spin, like you know a basically about like this album came out a while ago. No one fucking noticed it proper.
wait like it's like this is where this should be. This is the rock record of this decade kind of trip, but he'd been out for almost a year. I mean he'd been out longer than a year when it finally and they'd they'd. You know, I think we put out welcome to the jungle and it built up. This is this a sort of cult- following the additives you like we're saviours of rock. I don't know, we devil was embargo the area so It was so we had this core group of followers that we weren't totally aware of because you're on the road, I don't really know rag on and you're, just we're just having a good time via the road into. I think and but then sweet child of mine came out a bit in it. It was a big mtv thing and I hate to say it, but that really exploded yeah. I always hated mtv, but that was candy white leather suit. You know no eyes isolated out, I'm out after, but
it's a sweet child of mine, and we had that single and and as now I really blew up because Paradise city and rocket queen are actually my two cuts. Those are the ones that are. You know why, like I like sweet, shall I like for you either the riff and rocket queen was actually a rift that we do when duffin stephen, I had a about real crew on point. That's where rocket green. First I'll, really solely like. I do really isn't I'm looking at it right now I mean the life of. It was only like what was it five years and their weapons when you were in vera no started was started. Eighty, let's say eighty five to ninety six to in your eyes. He really did it. We hung in there his after ninety six. Then there was a point there where everything sort of went south, and so I went often are doing my own thing and we didn't get reacquainted for How much was it like? You know in terms of looking back on it, as do I just a sober cat like how
did did drugs shred, the band I ve well I mean it really. Did you start way this going out? Wasn't the cattle is here we manage and end. The thing was is like for me for professional yeah. We were, scoring the most part. I didn't use a I drank which was always acceptable right, but when it when we were off the road for an extended of time. I'd go down the black hole and night as pull myself I didn't either, but I think it was more and be I mean obviously, chemical influence is have some bearing on your lodge
okay and and how you handle certain serrations and all that kind of shit. So I'll you know, I can't say no, it wasn't that, but you are losing members, there was yeah. There was other way that, like to death, no, no, no to like he got to go clean up and come back kind of shit, and whilst that was later there was a situation with stephen had happened, but he was a pretty irretrievable kind of way and we were. We were trying to get him together, but he just you know, go around yeah. He has Sarah, so he you know. So there was a there was the the the lying and all that it just wasn't going anywhere and and stephen wasn't the kind of person that, under the influence he could just show up and play rice different people, have different of
if business management like that, that really was the catalyst we're splitting up. At least my my leaving him. Oh really so, and the underlying theme was definitely that right about money. It wasn't necessary about well yeah. It was about money for those guys yeah. For us it wasn't about money, but it was also you know we're playing playing guys against each other, and I run or get into all that sure sure why I'm you know, I'm not g in our nerd we're on the on going to be like what I didn't expect. You know you ve ever bride, it's it's a car is a complex and and and ultimately very personal thing sure. So we just like after why just like you know, that's not it or even trying to explain the body and also I get mean it's gotta, be hard to imagine the gate
in from where you all came from and doing the work and then becoming this like Eno, mega million dour, touring band and recording bat, I mean that's gotta change shit. That was hard to I mean you know. I just meant I'm not that guy at all, so it was really. It was really sort of culture shock. I can't imagine- and that was hard so that that really up to where you just want to sort of berry at all yeah, oh yeah. I want to get back to just me and my rouge wanna ride my bicycle sitting in your house. You don't go anywhere, you don't hang out in all the places you used to hang out at and you're just so you just ended up iso isolated doing smack. It is, as it was It was hard I learned a lot from what I've been went through it so many times that now, if I got gonna, if yeah yeah, just downtime here so now I just complete workaholic. Oh that's good yeah! I mean it's like his neo. Congratulations is hard to come back from smack. I mean you know really do too,
like, I know a lot of times. I'm really. Actually I looked back on ladders, shit that I went through and I'm just really really worse. In some went up, there was lookin out for makers, I'd I'd, you know,
red line so many times I rarely come back and I'd be like in the hospital in the hospital, sometimes on the floor with paramedics somewhere, I mean all all kinds of shit and it didn't it didn't freak me out, so I would just keep going everyday sort of like dishes, part of it. You know smoking pneumonia exactly this is sort of like it's. Not it's not like a focused death wish kind of thing, but you just are not intimidated by any of the pitfalls of the shit that you're doing you just keep doing it. If something happens to you, he didn't want to know. I had no deal that you would just do whatever and whatever happens occasionally has died some times you never came back from being dead with any sort of wisdom, radiologist and it just it it never irked me. It's like well now that how long because they pump you full of tricks on or whatever it is like. Well, how long before I can get high you're you're in seriously committed the other records like the ones you did. I was into
I do all the other soul records. I was in a velvet revolver like that. He and Scott that that's a sad dune resistant velvet revolver night the night before last, because we're rehearsing right now and he had you. The song and I had heard it in a mouse idly and yes, no known, might all your barrier and so put the song on and then just let it play and listen to the rest of the record here there wow you're. There was some cool stuff on there and an scott was brilliant. The he there was somebody that there was just no coming
and coming out we thought we when we got into it with you was shit. We've been there. We can rally behind and drive through it, but there was just it wasn't happening, but he was great as an amazing town, good singer. That was who he was yeah. So you know sort of you can't really mourn that in the way that you would normal people, because you sort of death, that's why how he was going to live in yeah. You live on the edge and- and he admitted it- he was so good at it that it surprised me what shocked me no shiny years or something happen, yeah I was there, steak, an accident or wyoming. It's always usually an accident. It is called bad chemistry and now, when you're lucky you're out before this fentanyl should fuck, but but now I'm just saying that you seem to be
with every record you're you're, you're, still evolving you're still doing shit you want to do. I mean this record sounds like we'll just this is our hard knock correct? We did this at my my I have a little studio in in the here in l, a and and it's just raw and we had the sky Elvis who is great producing area, and we you, I said I just want to keep it stripped down. We keep trying to do a fucking, stripped down record here and something's manages sort of is
sneak it's way in like what. How does that get away from me on a production you can get over produced with drums? You can you can get over produced vocals, but who is in charge of that? How come it only says something that you you know you go in and we always do it liar right and then and then you know you start piecing it together from there and it's just something that can sorta happen without you actually realize it. So you lay down you do a couple. You do a master track and just start cutting into yeah. I mean wasn't, as you see, do master track, and then you put the guitars on air things cool when you're doing vocals, but somewhere along the way along the way there can be some ekeus stuff that you put on the drums here really affects the overall right right right and you don't really see it coming because you don't hear it on the drums, so must see yourself when you're soloing, the drones yeah, and it's also just from not wanting to to have to deal with every little thing, every step of the way you want to play. Your guitar and inf focus on that right. You know what's going on right away, so so I mean I remember when we were doing velvet revolver yeah we went in there basically did the record the same way that I've always done records, and we doing this little tiny studio down in in hollywood ran the place where hendrix worked. I forgot where it was called, but so everything's going fine and one day I realized I'd left something of the studio. So I got home. I came back and I found the engineer just pro tooling. Everything together
losing moving everything. So it's all perfect and It's fucking and I just didn't have the experience to know that that Can it be something that might happen or has its pro tools? I just saw he was tailing ideal beauty, so looseness yeah, I mean yeah just moving everything, so it falls right on you know your area b and everything's perfect and cleaning up any of the sort of nuances and just making it all, and that freaked me out. I I in but as the the way the record ended up sounding cause I I could really do about it. Haha and, as I go back in year, one and I'm one fifth of the band to see outside three, but so on this one it was just like we did it it's on a fucking sixteen track and although we did it for the first record in while we did do it digitally because I just didn't, have the resources to do an analog record yeah, but we didn't sit there
fuck with everything row right and and and that so that's one thing I always very you know attentive to is make sure that we don't start getting into tweaking stuff and making it sound too sweet and then another thing which is having a conversation with all the same. We just gotta keep this thing wrong: fucking ol man right out of the gate. I must say that first cord, so I bought this. Is it real good and you got a good. You got to hit single already right. Apparently it's doing pretty well driving ready. I don't follow the date. They tell me if there's a if there is a, you know he has a point that they should tell me. You know yeah something cool is going on so yeah. I guess it's! The the fastest charting single I've had as a solo guy, yeah rock, is back well, I dunno. If we are to have rockers in a in a very funny way right now. Cuz this industry is just not it's not a rock.
Isn't this any more it's hard to figure out what business it is. I was thinking of just sharing business yeah right yeah, so I mean it's it's it's all types of top forty they've been putting all types of music into the top forty filters, so even country music for a minute there sounded like
to your until it was they citizen entry ban? Really that's right. Hip hop is huge and that's all sort of going into the surgery mainstreamed in all do what is going to do until people are tired of it, but Rocco always be. There are soldiers and there's always gonna, be guys that really fuckin appreciate will Rockwell's all about doing it. I think that's true. I mean there's a lot of qatar selling everyone's vine hours he below the today they do so way. But what about that, like the booze une booze combo that you put together like them, lose record that you did there. It's even a record is used to her with the blues with another blues ball gear. That was the basis for that ends a guy. I was talking to the other day that I mentioned earlier. That was just you know like when, after the sort of guns and roses thing, I just started throwing basic, either jamming and playing in other people's records and just playing what time I was pretty out there just doing what kind shit and I one sort of shewed, with some friends of mine called slashes, blues ball,
which is really I remember, hearing somewhere that it was really cool band and we just did a lot of covers. So there was a couple with your record now. Now we just went around playing any place, I would have the everything grudges duenna booze record. It did you know it's been it's come up.
I know at some point, I'm sure that'll be the thing that'll be the statement I want to make, but right now it's just that the rolling stones, one though that black eye- that was great too I was- I mean that was really great. It's actually my car and an end to to really you know. I mean I to the way that they played it. I think he maybe with stones records, sometimes you forget, and so when you hear him playing all these old standards you're like wow, you know you really stop and listen to how great they are cause like he. You know that, like that's the one, the one liability of the booze is also the beauty of it, which is that any idiot can play. So I can have the difference between a bar band. Doing a jimmy reed cover and the stones doing it is that you know this. stones are there there
what the fuck that's where they come from, where they come from and they're like when you hear him play through you right now, with all this wisdom experience, there are real fucking blues band yeah like eat, so it just blew my mind. Dude and Don was told me he just the odin yeah. I talk to my dear sweet, but watch about their record because you said they were just. They would just dick around and during rehearsals and play blues numbers and he had to do was recording him and he no pressure to do brews record, but he said you guys should listen to these. That you were dicking around with, and they knocked that thing on like three and that's the beauty of it in this day and age. Where everything is, you know the way things are put together for them to as the stones who are, who can obviously be a fly on a record right in and fly in from anywhere to put it sure they did it. Like the old school way- and it sounds amazing- and it's just it's great to hear so- it's really refreshing in this day and age, especially I mean, would be a good record at any time, but
state aid, especially here something sound that good. That was done in a way that a ban, because what iraq and all band is its guys interacting with each other, and I can write that chemistry is. Combination of personalities, musicians that come together and make a unique sound onto them, yeah and people sort of forget that so you're going to tour with myles yeah. I can swear with miles september into october, then go back out with guns in november and December as guns during any. Are you guys working on a new song, we'll see what happens? Let's just leave it at that, in the studio? No, no, no, we just got off the road, and then I went straight in to do this. Anyone good on the road that was great It was a miraculous couple, miraculous yeah, I was going to say a year and a half but has been a as of this november to be more than two years. The people love it. Ri has been great man, it's been, I mean you know, and I was I you know I was so like You know there was so much at whatever that. You know the idea that that would ever happen with such a far fetched
if the thing in my mind right and so when it when we played the, I guess it was the first show at the troubadour and from that point forward it was just like wow yeah every more, therefore right down or the people were. I mean I have to say that you know with all due to the 90s. It was great, but the the the when people come into the the gun shows around the world. This thing has just been unbelievable, so and also you're awake for it yeah it actually one of the things I hadn't really figured it out. Yet one of the things that I noticed about it is that I known you know axl and duff for thirty some odd years now and We played this song a lot of these signs. I played a million times some home some, the new surviving played until just this tour, but it's weird because if our framework actually retro area so So there is, there is lino those moments on stage I'll look over
I in it doesn't remind me of anything from the past, which is weird, so I don't have like you know. Those moments of like reminiscing were right in the middle of in the jungle and all this and I flashback to another time now. It seems very presently yeah, that's good! So that's that's a trip yeah cause. You bet session stuff like as you did you work kind of not extensively by us doing a lot of stuff riper like a few times with jack, Michael Jackson, right I do like several songs and some life stuff What was it like to work with him in in retrospect now that he's gone? Yeah Michael's great, I mean I, you know I got that phone call from guns, tore manager or you're no manager at the time and and suitable Michael, actions on the phone anti size
wow. You know what I remember I was at the I was at the riot house and I was with some chick in either drunk black it as okay. On top of the roxy casino, though the hyatt is not the highest right here next to the comedy next to simmer, so yeah routes which is behind so I was like okay, let me get my shit together. He goes. It will just mean I'm down to record planet such as at a time so later that night I went down there and he in it was it's funny and I don't mean to name drop, but he was he was there in the studio was very dark and it was him and it was Brooke shields. Alright, so doubt for me, as I believe it when I was out of my enemies were but which, on this is. This is dangerous. I guess it was like ninety two, ninety one or are not sure but anyway, so we we man, he was very nice very cordial and she wasn't but
I think she was just being herself and then so they took off to dinner and just left me with the track here. do what you want and it was cool the song called given to Me- and I you know guitars on seven. He really dug it, and then he asked me to come down a couple times after that. We did a bunch of live performances like we didn't mtv and I played with I can italy one time and in germany and then we did a video he just fully out to inside and it was fun because the whole show or just the songs I just got for the I mean I would go for the show, but I mean I go up and play through songwriter, but it was great working with him because he is one of the you know. Those great artists that, when he walk on stage and do his theory and he was a real, hard worker right down check here on occasion, and it was just a dancing that yeah well, that's the saying he got up there and start doing the choreography, If any one guy and there's there's thirty people doing the same move where I could tell Michael, was just naturally bad thing
floating floater threat. So that was pretty pretty amazing water to be around, and you know all things considered he just wanted to. be me and seem to really dig that anyway Van Helen played on beat it right on one february is beaten before be friends with eddie yeah how's. He doing he's good. I actually I don't, After all the time I I say friends, we've we've hung out a couple of times and whatnot, but I did talk to him recently on the phone, and he seemed really good. That's good and what was if you do a carole king, how is how it has a long time ago without actually okay, teddy zigzag, who was the keyboard player? He actually was on on the road with guns pay her nineties, but he was he was the singer. Keyword player for slashes blues rise this guy. With all the time, and he worked with carol I got so they
it's me. If I would come in, and I think I recorded a song with with a heart for what how it happened here and she was great because she goes back to that period. Leiber and stoller are religious, though the whole organic thing. So I was all for always gone back to her husband golf and they were like bro building yeah yeah yeah, but she was back in addition. New evokes yeah. Well, I think she knew my mom at so so it was. It was cooled. It was a very you know, an honour to go in and work with, caroline something and then they had me come and play at the job thus in new orleans and it s a lot of any free people must surprise people we areas lashed commalena, it was fun has it goes against, and what would telling this film production company, the film production company, alright. Well, I've I've producer a horror movie back in in twenty thirteen. I guess and it was one of those those are
experiences where it was just fraught with problems, as was it was. It was insane here, but we managed to pull it off and we finished the movie. You know thou. That would be something that either turns you on turns you off or you can- and I turn me on so I'm still doing it, and so I've got all these different things going on at different ages. But I've got a couple of deals that just closed a really So I don't make movies yeah, so I'm not going to talk about it because I'm not going to jinx it, but going it's a slow process right, but it's a nice day at work. A different muscle disorder is well. It's also something that like when I was a kid in england, you're not going to be turned on to music. Without the you know. At the
at the time it was like the fuckin who and yardbirds and fear him and stuff. My dad was into all that shit and the other thing was horror movies yeah. I was just naturally just valued how's your day, so that stuck with me all throughout and in in in in the millennium. You know the horror genre had been dumbed down to it's fucking stupid as denominator yeah, and I just thought you know I would love to be able to get involved with trying to make something that was bit story. Driven characters are evacuated. Some of your favorites right off the top of my head with the oman walking around has a drama with a little fuckers.
Twist to it, but it was. It was just in actually have now. If we waste was the keepers of the anti crisis but having but is sorted out, he was just a kid turns out. They always starts out that where it was a great future for roaming, knighted living dead areas already at our drive in here with my mom down, the axis is double bill. Who just like this is about the idea in on it
and it was it. There was a lot of great movies that came out through the seventies and then in into the eighties, but I think when we got into the halloween and friday, the thirteenth and sizes everything started to go, and that is a murder thriller yeah yeah, that's not you know, like dumb kids going like what's going on air sleepaway camp, whatever you're going to you're going to bring back story driven cars like those rob zombie, weirdo movies, I will rob rob, makes movies that really disturbed me because he makes he makes movies about psycho rednecks yeah. But his movies are great, but it's a different thing than what it. What what did we add? It's kind of a riff on b movies and he uses why those real dudes yeah yeah and he's any good at what he does, and he does it's all his thing now. So you gotta love that and he succeeded at writing his own flicks in his own style and doing did you plan that last Alice record the law,
asked out no way only I did people I did play on. I've played, I guess I did, but you know when I played on it. There was only a couple of us on there and I am it more. in two schools out with with with the pink with another brick in the wall yeah. To it, and then at the time I heard it back, there was like eight or nine of us guitar, but I don't even know which ones might be right right. One of the cool things about alison, knowing him for a long time is like if you want to find a rock star model to be like he's, the guy yeah he's so cool.
Are you aware that it is character in a show? Well yeah, but he as a yeah yeah, exactly he's pretty unaffected, but you know he had to get. He had to get his act, cleaned o two yeah, which is where the golf thing came in which to me was always been very anti. Rock'n'roll gets a lot of it's golf. It's conservatism and christianity is, I accepted it with Alice, because I knew where it came from, I always saw golf is something you should be into because that's when those guys get up early in the morning and workout fucking, stealing shit from you on your contracts and your attorney and your managers and all of them that's when they get together and work out golf course of your life. You play no, no, you do anything physical. You do like working out. I not really sorta like a sports guy. They are legit ha. Oh, you do have to get some cardio going to keep up with this. This pace of this alright, well yeah. I love it man. The new record sounds great good luck with the tour great talk, and it's been great talking to you and I I have to say since we're young, I don't want to put you on the spot, but you're fucking awesome
thanks buddy dude. I know that guy. We all know that I love it. I had no idea and I have to take megan because she goes you've. Gotta watch this with me. It's really good and has a gorgeous ladies of wrestling. I never watched it when it was on tv right, but she got me into it and I was like oh man. This is great. I remember this. I will thanks man great nina heise me that's it. I love that guy. How can I love that? Guy again, the record living the dream featuring myles Kennedy and the conspirators comes out tomorrow september, twenty first get it wherever you get that stuff. Do I guitar my way, the simple way, the amateur way after I talked to him. greatest guitar players that ever lived now
I doubt boomer lives.
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