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Episode 955 - Anna Faris

2018-09-30 | 🔗
Anna Faris had Marc on her podcast once. They both agree it got a little weird. They try to navigate that weirdness in the garage for Round Two, while also discussing Anna's painful insecurity as a teen, the great advice she got from Keenen Ivory Wayans, her breakout movie roles, the reasons actresses have it tough if they want to be honest, why she became clickbait fodder, and why she loves her co-star Allison Janney so much. Marc and Anna also make podcast history with an interlude from an unexpected location. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter.

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Far. I let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck and ears, what the fuck's yours, what the fuck a delicate, what the fuck publicans, what the fuck accredits, whatever how's it going? a mark mare- and this is my pie- cast w t F, welcome to it I hope you had a relatively decent weekend. I hope you can find some space. To have some of your own time and thoughts without the without are the unfolding horror. I'm not saying to have been the distract yourself per se, but just the sort of acknowledge who you are where you are, what you can do
I had an email, a very brief email exchange with my father, said work. I said to him I emailed my father and said we're coming out for christmas. You is going to be around love mark he males back. As of now we're here at christmas time, so a view then, is good, but families have unexpected problem, so we will hope for health love dad now in an irrational thought that he's talking primarily about his wife's family. Because our isn't that big. But but it's not, you know it's a completely regional want to have as an aging person a guide, my above my father's going to be eighty next month. But but do you do you have to do? You have to pre planned The idea of to sort of make room right now for something that It happened, but might happen that is tragic and awful. I guess me
maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that is the most practical approach to life: hey man, sure to make something concrete we can put it down, but do you know the way could be over soon and I'm exactly like that. But is it irrational to be that way? I don't know I down to being in the present in this moment. What can I do? Am I doing enough. Have I done something, and I can't enjoy this plate of eggs. and then do what I gotta. Do I it's it's tough so today show ana fair, says here now I don't really know her that well, but I am sure I don't really know her at all, but I did her show. She asked me to be on her podcast on call If I am right away. There was an odd chemistry, I'm not I'm not exactly sure what it was, but I think that you, you can feel it in this episode. It's sort of in on this show,
like her lot she's. I think she's, a great comic actress, she's, a a fun person I like talking but there is a dynamic it sort of them. I'm trying to think of it. simultaneously. Will that guarded, but found realists, and I and I think after talking do I realized something about myself. They that boundary. National having no personal boundaries. When you go, out with it when you're sort of your break other people's boundaries just because it's your nature or when people come at you and you don't really have any boundaries. Both of those may be sort of a strangely defensive action. I don't, I can't really quite explain it. I'm not saying it's a good thing psychologically, but the dynamic between me and honour is interesting to me and it was kind of fun. so enjoy that soon. Another thing I wanted to mention was that, dare I talked with this director his name is reinaldo marcus, green.
I met him a go in new york. He had had a, A short film called stop that I saw it was. A pretty moving and beautifully shot story. You know a ditch, we charged in terms of what it is dealing with what it's confronting the the better. subtle and very poetic he's quite a gifted during during. I talked to him. You'll get to hear that episode in what a while, but I did want to mention that he has a new movie in theaters, now called monsters and men and I watch screen or of it. I believe it's out it's out now and not like devi diggs is blind spotting it it sort of confronts. The racial reality average. american reality the rio the other in a very. compelling poetic in and realistic way, he calls it a triptych where you're really following three characters:
around a recorded and by the police of an unarmed, black man and eight. It is it. It is. not preachy. It is not sappy, it doesn't end with if you know any sort of idea or or attempt at solving anything, but as a piece of cinema as a as a film it is. It is stunning in its storytelling and it's poetry in the way it's shot I, recommend that you check it out. It's called monsters and men and and look forward to my talk with Rinaldo as it's his first feature, so he was pretty lit and it was great conversation, we just couldn't get it up in time for the release, and I do want to also say that I think you could still get tape It's for my dynasty, typewriter gigs. These are small. It's a small theater here in allay down in koreatown, I believe october. Fourth, I will be there. I ate
walk, p m m na october and sixth I'll be doing a ten o'clock show you can get tickets, wtf, pod dot com working out some stuff so come down. If you're in town and you'd like to do that. Okay, great! So a couple of dates. I don't want to leave you hanging like I thought my nail would be by now. If you have been listening regularly, I do If I'm going to the now, I do know my finger still bit purple, but now having completely turned black and it feels like it might be re attaching itself. but maybe I'm living a dream, Also, I guess I'll give you a little. summary of what I did this weekend, because it was kind of exciting. I hosted the silver the conservatory of music's benefit. Again, this is the second year in a row that I've done that a flea of the red, hot chili peppers kind of was in a pinch last year, and he Thought of me and I was going anyways because if you recall in I, this is one
stories words or like yes, I'm I'm hanging out with interesting people who I respect a great deal of last year. I was invited by randy newman to hang out table with his family? My girlfriend, Sarah, the painter, Sarah kane but this year, if we just asked me back- and he gave me enough of a heads up to do it- it's not an easy gig, but it you know it is what it is you it's an art auction, you host a benefit, there's a a lot of room. Music did people they're not dare put the artist per se, but people within the business and last night was kind of a kind of an amazing night. They they did it in a great tribute to oh Austin, who was the head of warner brothers records in and was, the guy that championed just you can't even the catalogue of musician, so he was air and he spoke about the importance of music education. The buckingham performed, an eye. If you get a chance that you should, what an intense performer and just just him, and his guitar
was astounding. I'm actually be talking to him at some point. Hopefully that works out. Katy Wang also did a set astounding astounding voice. It's just an amazing amazing night, my old friend Steve at the high point. In again, maybe Getting tired of this already, like you, no my we'll stories with famous, for full bed. but this was sort of unexpected in kind of amazing, because I don't even notice this guy was air and I was talking to a sculptor. the Sarah and then someone sees me whose face mean, and the guy she's talking to has his back to me. He's got a hat on. Will cap and she goes that's more the behind you and then this guy turns around and goes holy shit marin and he's just all excited, and it took me like four Can still realize it was Brad pitt he was like. Oh, my god, I can't believe after meeting you yeah, we receive just that lit up about it and
eager a I love, you show. I love you showed up my glow because goes no no marin, I've watched it I've the entire series twice and I really get that you know. Marin is sort of an acquired taste, it's a little off the radar. It's a margin, project. It seems because I did that. I see you can now see it on netflix, but in the as you can get all forces and it seems in the uk and maybe can You can only get three, I don't I ve tried to fix. I know what to tell you, but but brad pitt exciting. He was talking about of a show and how it started off in a fight its footing and then it got going then the seas in three and four holy shit? He was naming scenes and I just couldn't fucking believe it look. They look he's just guy, but it is Brad pitt. I'm a happened to be a big fan of his. I think he's a great actor. you, I really do and by like to see him be the excited one was sort of them. I don't know it was nice. It was nice yeah,
I do and try. I asked him if he would come on here. Said he's not a very good interview, but then he said, but you can try, you can try, so maybe that'll happen outside of that I'd. I do think the message of of last or two nights ago of doing the same. As you see these kids at you, ve said This amazing place the silverlake music conservatory for kids of all, it seems like all ages and all economically since they have scholarships available stuff to just learn how to play muse. can and will not have let you know like symphony instrument. So I you know trumpets and violence in cello them and they have this school there, because you he when he was in high school music changes, if the music program at fairfax high and when the ellie public schools started cutting the music education, which just sort of his service
secret agenda in his heart once the chili peppers became huge, you know to to make make it available and it is orton. If I hadn't taken guitar, I dont know what would have in. I didn't take it in school, but I dont know what my life would have been like It's a very important thing, not so much as a job, occupation, but just to appreciate it and to have that ability to express yourself. any kind of musical instrument instrument, even if even if you're not good at it, is a fuckin amazingly heart, soaring activity, but go check it out. If you want to silverlake, conservatory, conservatory, music, I'm sure they could always use donations. There's so many things to donate. To to try to keep this reasonable world ha, right right now do an affair this is on The show mom, which is back for its sixth season thursday nights on
yes and I'll see you can listen to her podcast on a ferris is unqualified, wherever you get podcasts. This is me. And the inevitable that the word on a ferris yeah, and I just had this airport. Can I talk to you about the light, though? What do you want? I sort of want it little bit more tim. What are you out of your mind? Yeah? I am out of my mind, but no truly, that is a bright light and I just came from work sweaty do you want me to worry and being a dark zero? You yeah, I was in the dark night, moon and unfairness in the dark. It's a new podcast mark lap and to go off, though, about that I can't oh that's great going after but wait. Do you didn't you,
weren't like chomping idea, which idea it was mark marin and on a ferris I let you get up building in the dark normandy and I'm into it. I think that, like when I will flesh now and thick snow, I liked the concept as it's dark enough or I think it would have to be darker. This is kate. They, like you. I know If we do, the podcast we have to not be able to see each other. Are you kidding all that aside? What do you mean that he have no garment I just had gum in- and I was like, oh mark is going to judge me having gum in my mouth. Why would I do I? May I make me go on I n, I adore you, but you you can at times be a little bit I don't have any. I don't have any bad judgments are good. We didn't really know each other and we had some boundary issues. I think you and I I really back up. What do you mean just
there are certain people that you mean life, wife, just kind of like already know each other for ten years, how did that happen? I just felt like there sort of like we're, both our boundaries weren't holding up well using it. well. You know what I'm talking about. Yes, I do, but I we were both positive thing. No there's nothing wrong with it. No, but it was like a it was a you know: it's almost like there was, familiarity that wasn't earned there was there anyways. Yes, I agree with you but sort of, but don't you think there is a moment with people who, celebrities that you interview and you talk with that. They don't and the the the sort of finally kind of clue in in sort of the intimacy. In the end, sit as opposed to being on the defense. Why don't think anyone's on the defense? But I think there are people, what have you seen by safer that what I mean
occasionally people come in. Usually people come in here and they know. What's up, you know what I mean. They know we're going to sit here for an hour. They've listened to at least one. Preparation. I don't get that gift. So what what? we happened is the true, he is part of it is the public narrative part of it is. Is that you know? Are you going to get around that like actors are different writers in their different than directors, so actors kind of especially there visibility. They know how to make themselves a bail or in a controlled way? Ok feel that with us I felt like was bordering on chaos this fellow I guess she going to be all right. Who's gonna come unglued here first and we have to pay I think she's going to cry and I do anything just a good. So I have categories
party time. Are you going to tell me about your podcast? This is how you structure it yeah. Why was I wanted to talk to you? Will I want to talk to about that, but I want to talk to you about my doing my show. Shall we doing we're doing it zack whereas in the dark with the new, this isn't a wtf. This is the first, show pilot the dark with on a ferris and mark marin. Ok, but we as the original brilliant podcast market of well. Ok, yes I'll! Take it! Yes, the earlier Do you? Can you what a categorize, where I think, in terms of you, when you stand upon here when you have a direct drawn right and you have an actor hotter says a female agonizing oversight of french. Yes league. Can you anticipate this point doom saying that, like what you're defences you can anticipate? why I still like the other day. For instance, I had slash come in and
is very accustomed to people like trying to get guns and roses dirt? I had no interest in it so like when he realized that within the first few minutes he was like. Oh we're going to talk about guitars great and then all. Fences went away. They generally people are relatively up front. I can tell when people are guarded if their expecting to answer questions. Like, if they don't know enough about the show or they are incapable of engaging in conversation, going to be a long haul for me I'll do it, but That's, usually one way, and it doesn't happen too often that I don't know if it's defensive or a lack of familiarity with what I do, but sitting there waiting for me to ask them questions. In a way, that's like an interview gummy to be problematic yeah, but neo I have a him with cause. I I know you generally the spectrum of emotional you know like, I feel like, you and I like- I, don't feel much distance you between you and I whatever we, however young mysterious,
defensive you may be I have a sense. I a sense of emotional connection with you, because I not sure why maybe we'll find out, but that pink flag Why would you want to buy? You have a connection with me and I like that, it's sort of they ve played me as that what's happening? I do think that sort of the convent, nation of people who start podcast, my both egotistical and curious, and it's a wonderful combination, and you know bandaging your finger. No, it's gonna! It's it's! It's before pakistan, really woody me or whatever it was it was wasn't relative to pakistan may be relative. I'm using money have arisen in common, we had in common, but you know I set out to the house. It wasn't yours, and you're right. You were worried about me, which I guess as a sign of empathy, yeah yeah,
while it was sort of like air for you, I'm working on it, it doesn't come naturally, but I do learned it how by listening and by doing it by doing it on purpose. If you have it like you, I think you naturally have empathy but somehow or another, because whatever you've gone through his as a person or whatever your life is some you shut it out because it might be too much for you if you're too sensitive a person, you know are called boundaries in detaching with a certain amount of concern by death but I always was empathetic, but I don't think you lost it. I didn't lose it. I think at some point like I, I m s, two, with people yeah like the empathy becomes problematic, because you stop kind of living. Your own trip- and you know you constantly worried about them, which is sort of a reflection on youth complicated. Are you have empathetic
Yes, I I hope so I hope so, but I feel like that's also a thing that a narcissism that, but what are you all wrapped up with his narcissism idea for you, as someone called you, a narcissist one I just wonder mentally feel it you do of yeah, but I think you're getting their other designed to go. No, I I come here to hear how you ve never therapy in her life. Claude, yes, yeah I have and it was it was it was a. I went a couple of times. It was sort of traumatic, yeah? The therapists or what are they mark, but apparently a traumatic you shouldn't we thereby going back that person is dangerous, while I dont know so. I came from a family where therapy was viewed as an indication of severe mental illness. What are you talking about? I wake up like oh, I know, and it wasn't until I moved to l a the people are like no way there will ever be, but I mean we're you grow up. I grew up in
one's life and has brought about my group in amendments edmunds. Why were that just north of seattle, osama clearly set up in the gray place, yeah yeah yeah place, a gloomy we do and what you want. You just read your biography, demography. I reside. I'm gonna get your ass from euro mayor a hot. What am I get? What we have is conducting interview ike, so you edmonds, washington. Now? What is that our read that on the internet? You grew up in edmonds Washington, so we don't need to even ask that question. You know what we wear our high school mascot. Now the rainbow warriors really yep how's. It was progressive for this kind of avoid story. No, it was because too, goes combined because we didn't have a school district. Have your eyes aware yang out, so it's your edmunds believed you move to. get me a winter information. Do they moved to of eminent yeah, but what we're talking? I you about the bandage finger. Does this happen this morning in this
traumatic, but I know you, okay, I dunno. going to lose the nail, but that's funny I have empathy. I think I'm going to lose it it's one of those things that everyone is going to look at like when you're at ralph, sir, you know cvs they're going to notice the nail, but not say anything Is it afterwards? Then, when I'm on my nail turns black I've never lost in l before, have you ever smashed your finger and lost a nail? No okay! So, where you coming from with this, mocking me you're, saying that, eventually, when your nail looks all festering and gross that people can staring at it and not gonna, be able to see me. for who I am so my. My question really is about what kind of like who are you, What did they do that they would be put a sort of some sort of war well up around therapy that that it was? Was it a public
and in things now ethical issues, something it. I grew up in a community where that wasn't really done when we know they merely words. You're dead. Do my dad's a professor of war, algae and he doesn't believe in therapy and what about your mom doesn't believe in it it. My mom worked my element is go for a while, but she was a stay at home on and men. She talk no sheet well, essentially she did she tat english. Secondly, which and but they simply from the rest of the evil they are, and they know you had a problem or leon hockey. You you, of course they knew Don't you underestimate? My parents or if they were like, buy, go to l a few later we have siblings. I have an older brother who's also, so
just associate holder is how does fourth generation sociologists would like, apparently, the world's only? Fourth generation sociologist and very proud of this sobered they just teacher to people it becomes part of an education in a broader education towards something else. Or is there a job for a sociologist? We aim professions where we are sneeze by our own selves right. So that's why, like we're in the entertainment industry, because we cannot get enough of our own, Stories are on Once again, we will finally ellis what we're doing. I know I tend to believe that people like to talk if you give them the opportunity. Yes, I think that our side of people that are doing something self was an employer. most people will yammer on about themselves. If you learned them- and we like to see- stories about. By our own selves? I can't think of I dunno. They
Are you hosting a documentary of some kind right now yeah? They know they can't just right. Now. They are naturally to me talking about something we're fascinated by our own self example. the first yard you study, but he's not the thing about comedy though, and you know this better than anybody that the them for that banning comedy, took familiarity, you're getting bored now, beginning that we have somebody says they're getting now? The unlimited is in you know, I'm listening to you, I'm just trying to vary with me when I come right with you familiarity how Well, when you make a sort of an obscure, observation on something that isn't necessarily commented on frequently bonds and audience. Oh no. I can t I see that, but that's just a material you. What would make somebody want to be funny. I dont think it familiarity. I think it's to
next and no need for connection of some kind at you? I think that there is something very rewarding about making some lack of class. So when did you dark dead. Knowing that you had this need to entertain people and make me That was very young, so your parents didn't send you the therapy there were like. Maybe we should I'd or somehow, with your creativity, we call my pet I wish they'd want me to hook up the thing. Don't No will I, doesn't sound relevant, but I was a really short kid short short. I was like physically very short. I was by far the we're just my class. It was like really for how long till I was he had. You knew that lowering than when you go, you grew up the man s eyes have that affect women. Will, like members isaac forcing me to drink now. What did I do? You think I did it. I do know we're way reward of. I don't know,
we know that the house is a boring compensation, not really don't be so judgment yourself. So what is right and why it was in things sang knocked at mental. Does no more you myself, very, very fine light really telling their tax When did that happen was at junior year or two or maybe last year I can talk a big game or eight Nobody- and I was always really quiet kid really yeah. You probably sure you I keep it quiet because I was on awkward me too yeah headgear, I had the leg. I had the kind of nipples that were sort of like, like no breast, just like sort of, I don't mean to be, why what does that have to do with because I just wasn't. I just always felt like an outsider, were a train in broad that I did not need as like, but that's a whole.
isn't this essential for their use to the cloud. Yes, I can get in this. This is the fucking click bait that I was driving over here and I was like what is going to be the click bait, and I saw my foot and mama. Why do you think now? Your lady russia, like one of those people, that their always looking for click bake for, is because a year relationship with your ex or because you do you think they are. What do you mean I dunno if people looking for click bait for you brought it up and when I guess, if I allow you there we like, and I think my feed leg You know you're great interview. Kristen bell and mila kunis, and it's like there's splashing thing mere like well. You know that if I something right now, I only as their little heart it's hard for actresses yeah. It is if you're saying that you know it's like, can't believe what they did with that yeah, the kristen bell and the mila kunis. It was just they take things at a. I texted. Listen. The whole thing they, I don't think they necessarily will they. I think that they,
create a moral sort of dilemma there that click I I just where I saw it. My least favoured job would be a click bait writer, what that's, what they all it's like yeah. They there there a little morally reprehensible in a lot of times, that listening. Your show fear. Why me I didn't use clickbait, or sometimes our editors. Do that too, like that just to try to get people to the thing yeah, but you being short and socially awkward area saying I explored. I did the dramatic theater. When you a kid yeah, I walk I started when I was nine when I see that it is knowing that it is impressive to me dry hundred breast, when we were you doing like acquiesce in nine, are mere. I exaggerate niner well, redoing grown up arms or nine year old parts. I always a my first. My first gave ways arthur Miller, play called
and your memory at this yellow between fewer visa. Then that remember name is highly qualified. I'm sure you played the kid. I played the kid at taylor. Baxter bought myself a piano phone and but I, but I was a quiet kid. But I did do theater outside of school and that that meant a lot to me first, do it like what what what what what was the feeling? How did he get you out of yourself? Dina, I mean like. Why did you lock into it? If you were it's socially awkward, could you feel the transformation you didn't- you must feel that way right, I'm painfully stuck in my own character, give or take. I not taken even even in my powerful acting roles. It's not like it's a real. You know I get it not a total departure. It's just that a confined
they turning off of a few things like. I got a lot of things going all the time and when I have a character to play, even if it's me on stage and like I'll turn that off of turn this off this part's not necessary, he lets his offer. That part, because to me the escape is always to another character, I liked I didn't. I wasn't great like public speaking, I go into my twenty three union and people remembered me as being a really choir person in high school and and that's how I felt, but my escape was through with somebody else's words: yosemite ass, his character, but we are gonna comedy what has been an odd journey from me. I think, yeah, you're, you're, very naturally funny, but, like I I understand he thought Don't think you're an idiot thanks I mean I don't really either that's one of those narcissistic like self deprecating things, I'm glad you're catching yourself and saying it as you please, every time it happens going. That was just me doing something to you. you've chosen the large pencil
Oh, I really like it has made them now. I have not seen anyone take the large pencil out of the lizard cup and started playing with it did It's wizard carelessness! This is a really good pencil. I do love lizard here, but okay, so, let's get back yeah. I think he's going over. There will have to answer your question, though I don't ever escaped from myself real. I mean I can do it when I play guitar, but when I do stand up it's can it's controlled, in a wake. As I I know the parameters and this the skills, involved- and it's a Definitely, but it's hyper present there's no escape. It. You know when I do like acting. Would in a little bit of I don't know essentially feel like I'm escaping, but I do feel the comfort of not having to use my own words and that there
yeah, I'm wearing different pants, and I would not not that different, but but but yeah. What's like the most awkward wardrobe, you've had to wear a sock over my over yet it with my naked nakedness was the most awkward I think how does that make you feel exposed while the shot they took? It was an it was my, but they were just gone for they got it. They got my butt. I just it was something I needed to do close. The sat we, oh sorry, I didn't mean to cut you off you're about to see some interesting is all the women on glow sign that you know the release that they would do have to might have to do nudity. So I felt like I had to, and you know I just: it wouldn't be the front not that you, I don't need that meme out there fighting for women's eights by right. Yeah I was fighting for women's rights but saying that, like I'd, be more than happy to show my ass on camera, but if we can stay away from dick that'd, be nice, no, not not I'm not proud of it, but just because
need that meme out there for the rest of my life, If you have any memes out there that you wish you had. No, no. I just want to go back to the not the caveat of not because you're not proud of this Why don't want to sit here and go like you know? I don't really like? No, it's not no! It's! It's! I'm sure! It's you! I'm sure you must be proud of it, the job you know it's getting here- doing things it has to deal with it It's not unusually, you know that the people don't look at and go like. Oh my god, how do you? How do you even manage that thing? Like a solid three point, six, no one said three point, eight,
magna cum laude. Are we talking I listen to a morning radio? No! I dunno, I dunno. If you started hey guys, it's things ang and the thing dong. How do you measure it? How do I even say we got Anna faris on the line right now in flash adverse hard yo? What's up your mom yeah,
Doing those more here, we're just dogma. Dick says every year I hate guys can do anything I I'd love like wouldn't like it is wonderful to big one. That's too! How well as the question that you know I as a giant all the time so funny you're so LEO's, yet we think well, what are you doing in town where and promoting mom that show that show you play the young girl, a zero, do ways of mothers, name a well bonnie, no, no accurate allison, jean wins lawyers years reality movie yeah she's great a lot of what we do and a great job. And now I've got a daughter on that. There is no doubt that an yeah
Does your area? You ve got a kid. I do. I do he say all our cristo grey area, you crazy, raise our ya know a grey ray. You know I just our regarding the real world. Get it that so that's a nice talking to you by mark so The acting thing goes from nine all the way through or did you have. Kind of I quit when I was in college because I just thought it was so unrealistic, english brothers off doing sociology your dad's a sociology professor, your mom's at home, telling you don't need therapy, that's weak!
we were. Always they were always really supportive. My parents always a conservative. I mean like why. I don't understand the no therapy thing. I understand that the community thing you don't want to get a reputation and the therapist, probably your dad's friend, and there was one two to choose from and you're now, but there wasn't any like therapists and might mean nobody in edmonds yeah I mean. Maybe there though there were, but not that you need it. I'm just kind of yeah needed them in your socially awkward. Probably, but maybe it wouldn't you again about that later Now I go there on the hit. Cbs show mom yeah, it's good show, thank you. I you know and like I don't necessarily think it's a the form the three camera. Oh, it is, It was weird because I haven't watched him that much, but I recently watched something just by coincidence, said that to chuck Lorre done with Alan Arkin and Michael?
yeah the ata three can kill his coming. Kominsky method, which is written like chuck, Lorre right, but my my observation was. You know everyone condescends a bit to three cameras and- and they often talked about like you know, are you are three cameras still like his at form, even even though a lot of mine on and many of them are hugely popular, like your show, their historic this notion that it is if the vaudeville you know it is a joke to joke vehicle right, but I had this realization watching your show the other day. But what wasn't it was at? for them to work in the care you have to be very well defined and very well performed in order for the sort of emotional spectrum to really be effective. as a viewer for me to be moved or engage b, If you really look at the writing, it is like there I did yokes in there and that's a certain of doing dialogue. I mean it's a way we're all used to, but if it's not done perfectly it,
you're really want shitty it so deceptively difficult. I write annoying and I think you do a great job very funny and I care about you. Thank you and I understand your problems. Thank you for character character. I am now I I I love doing it and I love the people I work with and it is. It is, and it's deceptively difficult because in minutiae, but because the the volleying and the the ping pong no, truly, the rhythm of the dialogue right is his see this. What I'm saying it's it's boring, but not boring. Would you just talk? Oh god seriously I'm going to have to like control. We all my right got already. Gonna live like a gift to every word, yeah? Maybe maybe you'll get your jaw, not the knife. I have mugs. I give I want the knife. I have amazing knife collection. Why? start this
good one it is, would you get them? What is it a buck now? It's Who cares shaw and its main japan? And I think this is a famous knife maker- really list you? Let me do not know How do you know that stuff? Because I have an amazing knife collection that I spent a weird amount of money on the first season of mom. You just bought a knife, election somebody we yeah, who it was, guy that died and honours, with the challenge of all these amazing knives and shall we burn comedian had a lotta knives, because I always thought if you know it I were to a weapon of choice. Guns are tough for me yeah, but I always felt like a home invader right, a knife. What would you use? Do you have them hidden all over the place, because if you do, I sorta do I'm not it, but I'm not, prepare, an opera. I don't like to live and paranoid, but you D, I don't need there be the upper you you did by knife, collection, yeah and any think. That's a good one that one yet is an amazing one hundred.
If someone left in my old apartment what a long time ago, I just white grey feel like that you know who this someone is, I do sure I'm not. It was a woman who is subletting, my my always a woman. No, she was subletting my apartment in new york, so she's a little bit crazy No it's when she was wrong. I think it was her boyfriend. You want on his shit back man, why I never easy to good. It's got half daddy not appreciated, as it's got some weight to himself and hesitant handed over. Do the knife. Fascinations start when you were younger age is new. I always like, because I was short getting back that year. I was faced iii nea and have you done knife work can be trained? No, no shit. I said no, I don't know if we make work. What does that mean? Why what there's some there's some skill? after all weaponry. I would imagine that you know if you were gonna get in kiev. You ever have you ever done. Websites, that. Might
There can be no than I judge yeah I've. U major we're going to like a female version like great or they are knives or adam. I mean maria no, I want to be your jacket or a shark okay, yeah yeah, when you jack, but aren't you hold an ivory due to read to you last dying day you're, so I've collection, sir, so you were short. I was an insecure here until and I still am, but but insecure until college. Maybe I felt like got to invent that myself as an Why does everyone like go through? They ever goes to that, like you start something when you have that, why do I think I was aspiring like I? I would always look outside of myself, for like you know. How do I dress? What should I like? You know I didn't know like there was
it was usually not stars or anything, but it was way cooler. Kids in school, like I remember when I made the choice. Just wear a haines pocket t coward with a flannel shirt because a j feig and did that and I felt like that's pretty cool way to be just a flannel shirt and the t shirt under it. Jeans. Can I ask what year this was probably sophomore year of high school and then at some point I shifted. I decided only button down shirts and perhaps a cap and was cause of a cover of a tom waits record. I might that's pretty good. I should always- and I would take to the cleaners and have them starched wow yeah. That is a premeditated, Jonas, I don't know they made him very stiff and weird by like get my shirts back in a box. I went to this this creating when I was a freshman at years, washington there, where, for the first time I felt like I was kind of getting some attention from guys
and I dressed insane or like I wore tiny little plaid skirt, unlike thy high stack like garter belts, like doc. Martin boots- and I will stop here here- you get him too. just get in the working round and I do not know what they are eating always liking up. Now I look like I was fourteen. But not an acute cute way and but but for me it was like this moment where I felt such a transition like okay, I resented guys for looking at me, yet I craved it so much and I went from being like plaid plaid shorted, we're in high school, to suddenly like. Oh, I want to feel like instead of a rush off of this new found identity near even though it wasn't me at all. I win a fort upon punky yeah,
Is it, but it still wasn't. Me was still like consistently put like plane in the character so what I did you do? You know where you got. The look was it just around or maybe just around here is just around stock martens, plaid skirt, I remember it. Is that last, oh, maybe like three or four weeks that was it yeah. What was the next shift The next shift. I became, I think, a sort of became and, like more interviewed, again I really like jeans and either smelling polyester vintage, tee shirts, others at specific here that why it's like its dry, clean, sweat, yeah, yeah, a dead person kinder At the thrift store thing. I dunno when I stopped doing that, but I stopped doing that just that feeling on your hands when you go shopping there, when you leave you take with the jacket. I think it she's thing for anybody better, but especially that
I remember feeling very angry at people looking at me when I dressed like that, which of course is like well I'm dressing like some kind of weird the m clue. I clearly want attention right, but yet it was angry at people for giving it to me, and so I had to have sort of a lake. I still go to grapple with that country. That kind of shit yeah. I don't know men go to the same thing, but I think women do the idea, be I you know. I never know why women are looking at me. Like I generally in my life, it's not bankers. I get that hot dude. I usually assume it sort of like. What's his problem, he seems a little needy. Why is he looking at me like that and what I've never had a feeling. I never assume its desire. I always feel like it's it
It is something I should apologise for, which would only make it weirder. Are you? Could it end nerving eye contact? and he kind of it's like you are because I do remember in our podcast on when you came on on my podcast that you we had like. There was a moment where it was like. There was like unnerving eye contact between Menier yeah. What was that about? I don't know You tell me I felt like you initiated it. I don't know. If that's true see, I think you're still trying to put most of the the burden on me for whatever happened on your podcast, but it takes two attaining like so worried about her or not. I just like you were like was just sort of look man, some people, you're kind of like you're kind of like whatever you can? However, you fooled most people, that's fine! That's how you get through life. But like sometimes people have a vulnerability to them that you know other people can see. It's almost like.
I got a secret society of secure people like in every once why you come upon them and you're sort of like. If we can't I for too long, because it's too fucking here too, and I don't know why I got you know I don't know you, as is weird, and I gotta go and just because vulnerability that you can't hide from certain people because somewhere along the line. They've got the same, report over, you, don't you think it s exactly, but don't you think? That's exactly you view new framed a sort of perfectly, but is that why you started a park asked sort of like the servant. I know grandiose, but the idea of human exploration kind of and why did you start yours for that? For a number of reasons, I really wanted. I wanted a sense of. All my narrative, but but when career, wiser in general or in general, but I so I I you know
I really wanted to talk to strangers without celebrity element that sounds so whatever you want to pretend like you're, a normal person a curious person I it to. I wanted to talk to people so I thought. Well, I want to talk to people, but the relationships cause It was constantly finding myself in airports like talking to strangers about an end. I'm not great with small tire right. So what they just approach because knew you were- or They didn't know who you are, and there you're just all of a sudden talking about their relationship like yeah. I would it beep. If somebody approached me I would be. I would be like. Oh thank you, yeah whatever, and I wouldn't have felt grateful, but be like okay, so wait: where are you guys going wear it so wait? Is this your girlfriend? What illich what's happening is the guy. I wanted to always
I wanted to know things about people. I wanted to feel like I I was in its also. Why I, like I have a bit of a news addiction here, because the growing smaller than doing- and we want trade- is very depressing there, but the big as living in l made me feel like everybody, that I know is in we're sort of in this hollywood bubble and was a relief thinking about a grander things and whether that's like you know you want to know things that simply wouldn't know the things you're curing these things, and you want to talk to people about who they are might want to give people advice as well and can I give you that's like that's it? That's it. all five radioactive advice for you not really quoth. They want to give me advice already yeah for advice you in Missouri. We have to ask a question to ask korea yeah leave a.
About a general it has to relationships, for relationship relationship and so is there like? Do you think that people can get better if they've had? if they have had dramatic sort of troubling relationships over and over again. Do you think that two. They can have a healthy relationship no, it doesn't feel the same as the troubling Madame relationship of evil mike lemme. Ask you a couple questions. Maha said JI: do you get like sort of a euphoric sense of troubling relationship like does it give you sort of the highs and lows that you're craving not any more okay, not any more, and so do you ever find like that I know that you are not drawn she's coming here. She's manner,
ok see. You are drawn to always involve. I'm in a good relationship right now, you yeah, great relationship. I think that I've I've never really been, I'm not a fighter, another fighter. I I guess you dig eyes: were fighters yeah and what happens it is crier. No, I don't fucking cry sounds like I will fight and you just take a nifty. Fuck, isn't the view. You just said you weren't a fighter novels and I feel like we have a problem. No, no, but but it is like, like I, get exhausted easily share you. Do you know what I'm saying? It keeps telling me that I'm like a dude, which I take as
implement, even though the feminist in me doesn't want to. But I think what he's saying is that I I don't I just don't seek out unnecessary will you I don't see how complex, probably to a fault. In fact, I know to a fault and told at work that I should be more. I don't worry I'll speak up for yourself, YAP it I'll if you like, but why I don't have a problem. I got my grilled cheese yeah yeah, but you don't want to be taken advantage of yeah yeah, but I don't feel that way good and I think also that's what the podcast is like its it's near blooming marginal and it makes me feel it also an intimate form as you? dark will you have a couple of nights where celebrity feels safe for the most part, I dunno, if I always make them feel safe, do you feel like you make? Your guess
yeah. Generally, I mean like yeah- I mean I don't know. Of course, I think they feel safe yeah. What do you mean safe, like when you say who's going to walk into your house to be like now, I'm nervous, I should have brought people with me. No, no! A well! Yes, that's part of it too, but but like when you go. Actually there? Ok, you got six men to sell some if men Alex was sorry, of manufactured story, the hope lands and I the performance element and- and it feels good to have an intimate format that where you not being recorded visually- and and- and you know you can, Oh definitely, yeah, there's a long format. Well for me, I I want I got into it primarily because I didn't know what else to do my my life had hit a wall and yeah. I've done some radio regionally was in an interview, podcast so much it was it. There is
the different elements and then sort of leveled off. But in retrospect I I liked I a lot of resentment and cynicism and bitterness and not unlike say, a twelve step program. where you know that the disorder of there's a prima on talking to another person, so you get out of your own head, I a lot of what I was doing was you know getting out of my own head and listening to other people stories, and in their wisdom or their eating, her lessons. I definitely but I had to learn little rib of neo. I know why, with him begun. You do you do I'm sorry. I interject your listeners are going to think I'm a jerk. No, I interject a lot sometimes, but that's usually just because I want to keep it going. Yeah yeah, no you're, there you're amazing and you truly created this whole thing. Create interviewing or talking to me so I'll. Give you a cut of the ad
Now I know you do you do your own thing, I'm happy. I helped out in any way that I could but see you're wearing this you're wearing combat boots doc martens, Oh yeah, oh yeah, with running around in that and plaid skirts college and you're studying English yeah yeah, and I have no friends and I can't find my circle and a loner person totally capable hate you I I didn't know how to make friends. I still don't. I still don't. So what cheers for you to make you decide to go back to acting? well. What was the plan? So I I was a future students. We argue that you do where's, my major in English. He did yeah. I did five years. Undergrad semester was nothing like college and three classes yeah I liked because I was seemed interested in a lot of things and I was able to do a lot of them like I
it's him acting. I did some writing of plays a role for the paper you nice studied film poetry. I edited the literary journal. I got no sort of broad, I didn't exist. Oh at all of them, but I definitely took the time to try things that interested me. Why are you there five years I kept changing my majors near them. I did a horror movie, my final year of of college sheriff. I was planning on moving to london and is going to or you do there. I was going to work at this add agency, So the acting was off the table really yeah I mean I still was able to make like if I got a gig in seattle like a trainee, you, oh yeah, whenever you do that, guy stuff yeah, so there's some industrials with you out yeah. Have him what happened Why aren't they online and where the
ferris. Is that were dramatic work. I did one for some ensuring company, where it's like a nurse in video, where I'm a patient that gets told that she has cancer. and I had to do this call arc. Yeah in thirty seconds. A truly was it was. It was my master, I like to think so hard in the really pressed me thank you have your life is ending right now, really yeah. I was like ok, I gotta get there gotta get there. together. I think I did yeah. What was the copy was like wait. I have sir. I am, but I don't understand. The nurse was like ok but ingenuity here. The next steps that you need to follow
it's a knowing and were whatever whatever like. I wasn't even listening to her. I was to my head, like I just anyway, my character got over it yeah I, that ain't. Rather reviews of that fact. Yesterday I got his horror movie and I got to movie in seattle yeah, uncle higher as a cheer later, so you cancel the london treat cancer. London to go shoot a movie. Well, movie was in seattle right, but after I did the movie, I canceled the london, and which movie was at lane. Please don't look it up, I'm not going to you are, you are you like on your mouse or something I just want, I want to know how it all begins for you in the wayne was the first movie oh sure, cunning deception and other secret, which was the movie the leak, was happy for there was before
were? You was that when you were a child? Ok, I said tuna fish yeah. Do it again give different readings. The undercurrent is it I really like tuna fish tuna fish yak. That's good tuna fish, yuck tuna fish that's great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, within a year after whoever is why he moved to l a yeah. I just I don't know, just felt like what the fuck like I if I have nothing to lose at this point, parents were supportive all the way through they were, which is pretty amazing. I mean the I think it's because they were. They were pretty naive and I was very lucky I I landed into I I I had a meeting with a great manager who still my manager,
I dunno how those strings name's doug wald and great? You met him after whoever's lane, after legislature, we agreed to meet with a I pulled, a couple of strings in seattle and you know and then my mom gave me some miles to fly down to and leads me to meet Doug and- No, I didn't know what the fuck doing, but then I went back to hell to seattle, slowly packing up my things in edmonds to move, and I thought you know alright I'll, be I'll wait tables at for- and I am totally unhappy l who knows- maybe I can maybe I can write a novella get published twenty one years old, yeah, yeah, but then getting and that changed everything the snow you, three of them, four of them for Not five? I didn't see the level ray. What course I do.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah me too sure yeah, quick, skim, quick, any big but was a big big did you know it was going to be that big it does sound like anyone knows who, like one of those like what the fuck are complete, I mean- and I you know I didn't even know what a mark was. I don't know the first time keenan a director called action keenan ivory wayans yeah. I turned my co star and I was like I dunno. I dunno what to do and he was like say your line which co starred with this that was johnny abrams and anyway yeah. It lisa and I thought I'd just the whole time as I was just scared shitless and I thought I'm going to get fired, because I'm not funny- and I don't know I'm doing, and everyone else seems more glamorous and we're experienced, and even though it felt like a like a large paycheck. It ain't a new.
This is where I wasn't naive. I knew that it wasn't large enough to keep me sustains real for a long period, no way to have a yeah. So, but you didn't but you had some acting training or none idea a little bit when you were a kid yeah. I was a kid, but I have strong things about. therapy and acting training from its efficient. I concede to you on the therapy us, yet I need it. I m getting your that whatever happened on your pockets was too cited by so attack by acting class. I think, tat, sir. Sometimes it can
Sometimes it can be a little too manipulative and and people should like or like arclight like anything self conscious, I yeah was you stray from your gut and I think in time and actors were strays from their guts. You know each it has to be very gently massaged. You now built up pottery, we'll right or something, and I get that and that makes me why I tend to believe that you know there a lot of it is natural and- and you know how to use what you have. Naturally it is really the trick. You know what's gonna get you through and that by you do fairly. I'm? U can really, you characters. You know I haven't had that experience haven't had a job like that as an actor and I'm not that young kind of green I haven't, had to really kind of make a completely different person. I think that I
it also sometimes acting classes, can destroy confidence, which is dna, it's a you have you have to. You have to have the ability to feel brave least pretend, like you feel brave and fake fake, the fearlessness yeah. I remember I was always a up for this pilot. My first pilot after I got scary movie and ineffably finished of and my pilot it. Hadn't came of come out yet, and I It is down to myself and to other girls. It was fur car warner back in whatever, but I I you know when you are at that point. You sign your contracts or you are here and you're like can like that girl, are sizing you up and I'm dislike Why do you you've gone through all the original initial auditions for duty and for the network? Everybody, and so you walk into a room and there's, like you, know, yeah, for
people write or whatever it is all just fucking, terrifying and- and so I my addition and then I left the room and MR followed me out, she said: ok, so on a like each person. She like so that they, like you here, but I want you to come back in and I need you to be way less nervous. I could feel my neck starting to shake. My whole head is trembling millennium, those wobbly skeletons here and so anyway, I went. I went back in in a I remember having this thing like okay now I have to pretend to be a character, who's trying to be another character, but the original character is not nurse, that was the tricky played on yourself. Yeah yeah did work yeah. I can I got there, for you. Did
with such a pretty big, very well enough it you ve been a did, I got the role. I got the role, the pilot didn't go right. Where there are a lot of those like pilots and is it in happen, had been rejected, published so many times that I and I have no idea even like when, like the injection happened like four months before I even knew of the tunisia like some. It'll be agent cause. The producer was like well, what do you think about? My client, like nope, yeah yeah Yeah and eight I'll tell you. He asked her job delighted, but I mean after the scary movies, then like you'd like did other movies and any did movies that work kind of real by scary movies, its own thing. That John were right, but you do translation into other movies, where you, You really kind of digging in what was the plan because it seems like, after a certain point, pay rent yeah. Well, no, no! No, but I I never felt like. I still struggled with the idea
many, I'm not did never felt like natural it. That's you that jam really. I know I went want to do that. No, no, I mean well listen. I was happy, be able to do failed words, save and riah, but I mean I get him only let every now and again wasn't translation. That character was like. You know, I guess it was kind. Funny character, but it was a real thing, but well you know that I feel really for a while. I resent the idea of being in comedy because it wasn't something that I had set out to do. and my mom would say things like you need to be Amelia, Earhart or joan of arc of brokeback mountain. That was like a big movie and weird kind of like I have like you know whatever may be five lines in it, but but it was an honor to be a part of of of those portent movies you play the wife of it
bearded guy right, yeah right, but that, like even for five lines, I'm sort of up against maybe like? I'm doing it a small part, but it resonated. I mean you, have you loaded up your emotionally appropriate for that situation thanks? I do. I feel I do love it that and that I felt like I, I ain't got humiliatingly splashy yeah can and the first game movie. I think one time he saw me this is this, the story that I remember my head and I don't know, but I think when he saw me sort of endless enviously. Looking at general is this who is very soon see and and when she has, I guess ex your role in and healing me aside, music, you now, You know that there's no vanity in comedy right, I didn't know what that, men and it wasn't it wasn't about heard, are huge.
saw me struggling with my own insecurity- and I really treasured that like okay. So if You know like comedy is about being brave. If don't don't you while the vulnerability that you show can yet a liking. I think it's a mistake to think that community programme- Mrs aren't insanely vulnerable yeah yeah cause waking up. but think like he's, make everybody laughed, but I mean there's a tremendous risk in that area and also you have to be willing to be laughed at totally totally. So I think we are exactly it's. The release of like ok, I'm going to work under the assumption and embraced the idea that the audience will think I'm a fucking fool And- and remember like an early whim rating comment yet liberating, but it's also humility its liberty to embrace the metalogy of that, but yeah. I remember an early comment like on the internet was like about cindy.
Well, my character scare movie, like I think that ferris as dumb as she plays or something like that and but and he did sting but it well and then so I was like. Why am I reading whatever, but but the idea that, like you, have to be okay with people wanting to projects Like a certain idea of you, you have to be willing own bile and their own some women, their own shame your unit become the this sort of like effigy there. There sort of, like the you, become the the what they're gonna pretty all of their own in and intuition. In our cultures like that now the air button I like to really detach from it can still stings a little bit, but you don't engage in it. You just kind of let it be
yeah and apple. I also feel really grateful that my journey has been comedy feel like, even though that was not something that I To do, nor do I think I am sometimes okay adib yeah, because it's so challenging to in to sort of reinvent an idea, or a joke, or a moment like like to get hidden head. It's hard You just give yourself, oh up to a simple moment, which isn't simple? It's like it is it's it's incredibly difficult and it's hard to do. caught comedy is about like constant evolution of it. We are, and so is sort of like how do you he's in a sort of an angel that challenges element of it. Will you like it's in there? It's a gift to be
the physical comedy is not anything you can really learn you either. You have an instinct for it and you can build on it or it's just like you can't do it right and I you know and you're good at it thanks. I don't think now. I think you are willing mark. I guess My friend, you know, but like the tiny right, wheelings fine, but you can't just will timing. Do you not to me like, even in the event that the movie you did dumb with rhyme reynolds is like a weird guilty pleasure, my our things just five of them over tank. You, I love him. I love. To an ice another with your last plain that role britney spears was so delicious and, like I was getting to express service think of noxious, that I attended two nights. You, even though I probably do it all the time, but god it was theirs. Moment when, like stupid, dick and I just I was like. Let's fucking actress gets,
and beyond this shit, and he s very easy. Another gifted physical comedian like there's a lot of it, can just that. It's a nate he's a great we, like some actors, are very internal, which is much appreciated, but he's he's great. Like volleying, the volley of like You already are eureka slate color stay with each other right, an improved together and it would be like we would be just sort of calculating each other if it was often it there's a spectacular thrill when somebody's gray at that that thing going out. Banter revelatory had during my pike ass. I think we had it today. You and ryan. You would I you know, I think so that. So that's what I to see now, you are looking nice. Steady lie in that high, so I was averting yours I so it was two sided yeah yeah
Isn't there you diverting again? What do you mean? I'm saying that you to submit it to it that we were all shit? You caught me right in your trap, listeners the hour mark later web. What means dungeon, I was eliza. I was not insinuating anything and a knife. I wasn't senor weighting of anything other than we had a connection. It was good marks, has legal ended, chinatown either he's pretend to be a victim, I smashed my finger in between two dumbbells today. I think I might lose my nail and work we have to reality. What was it? What was your awakening like? Well, you know that moment right before you get into a car accident. You're like this is going to happen. That's true! So I I didn't see this happening, but when I took my finger off, it was like what the fuck my nails, fucked he's right. There are moments like when you're in labour were when I was just thinking about that like when I hurt her my nail mike it's kind of like having a baby and you're so right about the car accident thing. It's like
but tell me about that. The labour think, as I did think that, like here I like, I, was sort of white. I realized immediately cause. I heard that finger to raw, but I realized the music. This is minor you'll deal with. It might not be able to play guitar for a little while, but then nail thing, but like that, the labour thing. I can't obviously imagine or or properly empathize with, but it seems like holy shit yeah did you do it for real Yeah I did I mean and then, as you know, he sixty just turn search your rapporteur. I did eventually, but they were was at sea or sign. I may add a like a raise. Like? Women were getting They had more births during a three day period than like ever in their history. So women were giving birth in the hallway and was a and I was I was put into an operating room for it and then I think my doctor pulled some strings or I dunno anyway it was. It was crazy, sober point being I I am
yeah. I was in in labor for seven hours before the and, I remember thinking, I remember thinking a few things, I remember thinking don't know how, in movies women have the energy to scream right, because there's absolutely nothing I can. I could possibly spending more energy, like emitting anything out of work it isn t here the stuff. How do I get me out? Well, it's about it. I always thought to that. I was as I can now when I ran the high pain threshold unclear anyway, What he needed had no idea, and then I just remember thinking during his brief moments when you're not having a contraction like. Don't you forget this ferris? Don't you forget this? You were going to forget it. Just like your friends. Did you fucking forget this shit and then, like four years from now, you're going to be in the same position, you can be like what the fuck
remember the pain you must remember, but you know and things about the necessity of pain during childbirth, which we can talk about later, okay yeah know that that sounded cryptic right. I just don't want to get into like sort of my cynical thoughts about religion and gender and everything weary yeah. I really don't because I do have to pee and I do oops and I do think that you have to probably go rtp too. I do too yeah
would you have a bathroom interior buying posit be, and then you can think about my questions. Okay, this was very good ice tea or I'll check. My messages are amazing. Ah ok, let me know if you get anything good, so wait. Where's your partner, now she's got her own house for years, it was just in my books and I was in there. I thought I'd take a look, I always get lost immediately when I read the bible
I now just the language of it it doesn't appear doesn't have. I can't wrap my brain around it. Alright, thank you. That was really sweet. We just talk white pee, yeah great okay, do you want me to talk Yeah, I dunno what the problem is. My figure all right, I'm good! Okay, I just didn't know if you get uncomfortable. If somebody listens to your p going, you can do If you've been doing it all your life. No, I wanted to distract you. You know yeah.
do you are you. Why do men like to be peed on yeah? But can you speak for your gender? Can you speak your gender. Why do some men, like it. So that was good. I actually realise areas recording at all on my back up saw leave it up to my producer. how's, the weather.
Good radio, but mark would tell me by your cynical views on religion, and yet you can't go because of this. I just well. Even people pick it up, so I also they're not there with their very personal. Nowhere with an eye, and I dont want to be judged told towards listen. You know, you'll have to it's fine, I believe, in empathy being okay, doing good things, but we were getting to a more interesting subject, which is why men enjoy being peed on rebecca morning radio. I don't know what you're talking about ana, but I may maybe charlie does Charlie well yo. So what do we think? I ever had a woman pee on your chair. Well, fuck yeah! Why do you do that? Ah zig? Here's the thing yeah, I just love. Looking good,
golden stream ma'am here. But what do you think that comes from emotionally, whereas the like? Why do you like that? It makes me feel like I'm getting a jack elated on by a hot fucking girl, okay, I gotta gotta dump fuck you. I would write all man, you know you love a good story. Honor you still on high you I couldn't even better with a little more prep sorrow knew who that I was here. He was close, ecstatic, so you you're getting longer with your kid you're getting longer with your ex everything's, wonderful, okay, I didn't expect anything real there. You are you're in an exciting new relationship, that's good yeah and the I was doing while this is the fourth season is safe. Fifth, I love you Where you want from me. I was heard. I tell you what I do is work now and I think we can actually, but by the way you still wiggling, like you have to pay again, you exhaust I mixed either
I see no, I'm not exhausted at all. I always wiggle leap. Why don't you like closes out with a little team? I will later I'll add that in alright, fine, okay, so season! Six! Oh, is this? The promotional I didn't know goes to the city, the allison Janney tf. The work with right now, she's, amazing, it has got a good thing. Gone is no I'm, so I'm so lucky. I love her so fucking much you do yeah. Do you learn from her well yeah but I mean you both so good, though iq like white. What did someone offered you a serious role. Would you enjoy if I cause? I do learn from her, but I always feel like. If I talk about that it and it what because I os I feel like we are best friends like contemporaries, and I the other thing, the back and forth thing with her yeah, oh yeah, I could have we have like a anytime, I get to do
the third thing: it's a glare danced partners. She seems like. Oh, I got really solid professional but very engaged performer. Why I get when you watch your ear. It sort of like you watching something that is thought the fuck out yeah It's so true, Annie, I end she's us suggests such creep. Person, that's nice! We have leg, I think it's I mean you know what they're sometimes with long for working relationship. Sometimes you know whatever its sometimes it's really like see tomorrow and that's it, but lay close are really really close and in fact she was telling me that, and you keep bugging her to come here, but she she told me to tell you to fuck off like that or are you paraphrasing or was it really that,
She probably did say that actually now that I think about Allison J, why wouldn't she actually that I I love. I just love her. So why didn't you warn c'mon? She doesn't do these things She does she's, don't mind if well, that's different. You guys are best friends. why the hostility, the wifi fuck off, I say, medical people are specifically intimidated by your podcast. No, I agree with that. You do yeah, okay, why certain people? Why do you think? Because I think, like certainly with some actresses like why would they you know like? Why would they sit and talk for an hour to you know to fuel anything out there? You, like you, you you had to stop. Self from talking about something you do a good job, it diversion and being funny and seven you wander from the point, for whatever reason so
You know they're, not stain on so, but That is something I understand that that actresses in particular, have to be more protective of their shit. also like in a lot of them, don't like actors in general, a lot of them don't want to reveal you know it's behind their particular talent, which is fine, but you but you're. Right, though, that there is it, it can feel exposing to write. to tat, but but I will add what bothers me is on a want. You actors or anybody thinking that I have a specific agenda or that I'm looking I'm certainly not out to sandbag anybody or make anybody look bad, but I just it's a general sort of apprehend. kind of, like the hour, long interview that that's too candid, Well, and also be, you know, As you know, we have people that we work with that get terrified of this kind of thing that somehow
if I slip or say something my, but you know, the owl get like great over the coals, as we would take it out. drove away from here and had said thoughts about anything at YO. You would tell me I tell my producer will be like okay, that doesn't go in. Should I have second thoughts about something I said no, but I feel like you've settled some of it before this is fucking- are usually well versed nigh just like you, I guarantee you like eve. What what would you think we need to take out by give you really to think of anything? You said: there's not one fucking thing Ah, I I I I skirted okay you are, you were kind skirted see, that's what you do. That's your professional skirt or pivot bitter,
and truthfully, you know I wish that this could be a forum I could they take were eighty percent there. Like I mean you culture, like. I feel like. I would love to be able to tell you all of my like intimate thoughts about, relationships and religion and kids whatever and. You say that for your bacchus, his big promotional ploy but you know what I'm saying it's like you eat. It's part of protecting the people. And you know so why? Why do it? Do you know if you don't want to you know own it publicly? What's the point, there's no point to it, see that's why you can disagree, though I think there is a point I was watching. Tiffany I assume I just adore. She was like talking about smoking. whatever driving on
when he came on a good for her like that, something that I would never talk about because of the tariffs that lake, oh there be Peter there'll be. My goes, is more or what you were for europe. No, but like it? This is one of the issues. So you are very weird is like there is a moment when, when we were just talking where you're, like you know, like you were to say something, and you said I can't then that you were talking to yourself. you ve been at this long enough to know you're even pre click bay that you know if you say something because of your public personality, that you know would just be a pain in the ass tomorrow or whenever well and also you know. I took this women most favorite acting jobs was movie called smiley face where A small indie and am stones the whole time and I and playing it because a dialogue was so funny.
to rotate character Dylan Haggerty wrote it in Gregg araki directed, it was a part written for dude, that's loved that it was a sexual whatever at my mom, when I told her I was going to do a movie about this stoner girl she was at, but I you are a role model which at two things raced through my head, which was like one mom. Did you see any of the scary movies, because I am not a role model and to like I, so I had to tell her. I said mom, you know I want to take roles that inspire me creatively and I don't want to be thinking about you and I love you and but I don't. I can't have that part of my decision making it's it's the sort of the search for a personal, intimate identity and then you're the public pressure to
or whatever it is to have another persona or to be good or paint or whatever it is, and at the end, do you have your mother, in your head, anyways. I try to let it go oh yeah yeah. I do and we've done a lot of weight, I would say sort of sexualized provocative characters. it allows you to make orgasm noises on my podcast. Let you do oh yeah, but does your mother listen? No, I told her not to, and last year she told me, I had a book that come out that came out come out and she said I'm going to give you a gift and not read your book wow. Thank you. Mom. Thank you so much because there's a different expectation level. I think for women too. They always wanted me to be a virgin forever
if they did actively, which is odd for non religious parents or the I'm trying to figure out what they were if they weren't religious, they were still sort of controlling. It sounds way: yeah yeah, but supportive yeah protective, you said, if yeah yeah yeah, I mean I, I understand all those pressures and it is, I guess a tough place to be, and I think that my experience with it is even the best at it who I've talked to At managing their image, when they pull it off, they will be pulled apart if they are popular enough, you know for bullshit. would it s letting it that's the struggles like full ownership, so it because now with social media and it's it's very transparent, how a celebrity is perceived- and it's easy to tell- I think- if
there's a certain image it as simplistic image being projected so hold you. It's either like like, go big or go home a little bit. Rights are either I'm still affect maintaining sooner fear and they still come after you get their whatever you say: yeah, that's it. get a bubble, but why you? I don't think that I dunno I dunno so you're like a celebrity relationship which puts a lot of eyes on it. Like you know, I get that you'll never get out from under that he in the press. You know what I mean in terms of their intrigue, yeah yeah. I did this, I'm really proud of their hair, because I never have a good comeback, but I did this podcast, like I dunno, maybe a year ago,
answer and we played like some pills, silly games. Garlic were fucking around and and laden and promoted movie blah blah blah. The very end the dude was like. well tell us about like jack. How is jack dealing with and he's a better king yeah? He preferred he prefaced it by saying I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask- and he has his big grin on his face and he's like so like how is jack dealing with like everything, that's going on in your life, and I said you know- I was politically crew, which in which is the truth. Actually, the boring fucking truth, which is that everything is his crate and so I go on for a minute and am but am flushed, because I wasn't quite expecting for this light. Goofy Think of you too suddenly the pivot, broader area, so I said, ok
but now that we're done with that. I wouldn't be in my job. If I didn't ask, how long do you go down on a woman for because it should be at least forty minutes or what he said he he couldn't talk, it was like you got him her, I don't know your honor, but it fell good, at least in that moment to be like ok, don't preface advice I gotta be doing my job. I, like I, wouldn't be doing my the fuck right on like the struggle is to sort of way you want to have a private life. What you'd like to own it! I imagine you do own who you are in your private life and with your friends, but why do you your, why do you owe that to the public? I think that This is where it's it's hard for me, because I do like to escape behind characters, which is why I like to act. So it is hard the idea of the expectation of people feeling like they need.
And all information yeah, and especially the bad shit yeah, but but at the same time I I do understand it because I do understand wanting to go to a movie or watching a show because of somebody that you four year like personally, you know I I I get that I get the completely because I the same way? So it's well, that's it there is that you know, because of the nature like there's a lot of actresses, that you know just live their lives. But because somehow or another, at a certain point, because, of your relationship or whatever you know became one of these subjects. You like there paparazzi and and the tabloids aren't following around every actress you and they're. Not it was just son. You were one of the people I always like. I always wonder how, like I consistently made like stars without makeup
yeah. I think he lets you know whatever eating a burrito and that's good. You can handle that sort of minutes like well. That sure doesn't look flattering yeah, but I dunno. I think I don't want to portray myself in a false way as though like because I clearly don't have- together, I like a lot together, I didn't share, today got to do. I don't know, Nobody else can agree. You show another world hack, your shown for work. You do a network show that's a lot of fucking work. You do the job, you do a good job, your man, Imagine being apparent, you have to co parent. How many these are things that you're sure for me, you do have a certain amount of shit together. I don't know why it is that the average Average is wrong persons, but people who are in this business, your home
people in this business to a certain standard and they want to see them buckle. Somehow I mean we deal with the same problems that everyone else deals with a you know, but for some reason you become an example just because of your fame. Well, I think you know so lucky to have like good good fortune and a lot of ways, but I not to continue to promote my podcast or both sir, but that's been a wonderful thing to realizing that. So many of the questions that we get into the callers that we get are about the same issues, which is worse. Does this person like me and my attractive? What am I doing with my career, and these are things that, like it's like the great unifier at least, and I have to it's so lame when I say this, but
developed nations, because it is like yeah there's people that actually have real problems, hunger. Why think? It also what makes you up. Lincoln, in in in your work, but also like terms, who you are is like, I said earlier, and what I think we would happen to us, We first met is at you. You can't hide your vulnerability so like even in your acting and you know even how like- and I think that that attracts both you know predatory, bullying, yo and but also, tremendous amount of empathy from other people and also relate ability but like if you can is your vulnerability. That means the monsters are going to be like do you look at that? We got her, but also most people are going to be like ah she's. Like me, I understand her she's like me, and you know a thing thanks.
Saying that because I I don't want to. I want to live a life of hygiene fence. Here I mean, I think, due to some gabbler baby but its, but you ve figured out how to be charming and diverting. So that's great, you don't greater than things. My thank you. We you just laughed you're like I kind of looked at it. I kind of says something funny. You did it, but it wasn't listening, oh absorbing the compliment. So how long do you go down on women? Because if it was in forty minutes, I don't think you really doing your job? I know you completely. But I am a union member, after thirty minutes. to you on. Thank you so much sweetie. parties ever do it gets keep the hammer ordinary, give your mug nor to him and really by potter upstate
in upstate new york, really yeah, you give better gifts than I do now. Don't really want to give me a thin, nothing. A hug Okay. Alright, can I have the last word yes and thank you so much for inspiring me to start a podcast which is now made my life slightly miserable, but wonderful. I appreciated your welcome, but I am turning it off now. The okay, so that was born right, exciting emotional dance. Wasn't it As I said earlier on a fair, it is on the show. Mom and its back thursday night see bs enter pod cast unqualified. You can get wherever you get them. The pied casts. What not, also go to wtf pod dot com to get tour dates by one
t, shirts and sign up for debility have premium to listen to all w t have episodes commercial, free, ok and I got those dynasty, typewriter, theaters, coming up they're here. In way: l a small theatre october, fourth and october. Sixth, you can go to wtf pod dot com, twice tour to to get tickets. For that. Okay? I guess I'll try to play guitar with my other fingers. Now tall will gave me a gift for my birthday. Is echo pedal I usually youth, have I think, she's gonna shit she's got a mindset on helping you build a paddle board for my limited skill set. But let's see what we got
the I I
boomer lives.
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