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Episode 968 - Michael Douglas

2018-11-14 | 🔗
Michael Douglas produced an Academy Award-winner for Best Picture, was the star of a successful television series, and was compiling a notable filmography both in front of and behind the camera. But he still didn't feel like he made it. That finally changed in his 40s, with movies like Wall Street and Fatal Attraction, and Michael tells Marc why that period was such a breakthrough for him. They also talk about why his early work on TV was vital for his career, why Jack Nicholson calls him a “hair actor," and why he was draw to making a serialized comedy like The Kominsky Method with Alan Arkin. This episode is sponsored by Screen Dive from 20th Century Fox, YouTube Music, 23andMe.

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Alright, let's do this. How are you what the fucker is, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck store happening on mark mare- and this is my pod cast- w e f welcome to it if you're new here, well. Let me show you around. This is in my garage. This is the new garage where I do the podcast, it's sort of in flux, right now, there's a few guitars wayne around the shit all over the floor couldn't find my wawa pedal for like a half hour. It was just in a bag. I got to get some work and here the sound panels were made by some guy that I met at a a studio, their work pretty well sounds pretty nice and it just shit and not unpacked and printers on the floor. or and wires everywhere, but this is the new look so
if you're, just coming around you'll hear the old garage and some of the older shows, but this the new garage, I don't know how much you'll be able to tell the difference in sound, but but this place is sort of it's a little more chaotic right now and it seems to be doing all right Hey everybody. Alright, I do want to tell you this that a t, shirt, the new aaron drappin design, w E f t shirt at pod, swag, dot, com, slash w e f or by you get it! You can go to a quick on the or to anchor wtf paddock on that t shirt. It's a hit folks, people are loving it. It's hot, it's happening, go get yourself, one did I mention Michael Douglas is on the show who doesn't love Michael Douglas, I Michael douglas are you kidding me And how good was he a he's been getting a lot of shit, but how good was he in that liberace movie that h, b, o liberace movie, who are you
king to mumbles, who you talking to mumbles. I can't do it. Tat, but yeah he's been in a lot of stuff and he's always pretty good news produced and he's done is it was. It was a great talk it's coming at you momentarily. I got the cats. The cats are very, I had to see me, but now her ears were my brain is right. Now I, they haven't, eaten the same food for awhile, it's good food. It said adding it's wellness, it's like a chicken and herring, but they sorted that they're, not that excited about it anymore. So then, I went out and bought this dave's food, because Sarah, the painter she's all the dave's food? It's it's! No grain, all good shit and I bought it. I had a like a salmon two hundred one and I put that out in the buster, buster kitten he's not so hot on the wet for its hard to get him to eat the wet fruity like dr nothing. I can do, but I put out this
salmon shit and it was like crack man. They just fucking went through it to suit. Do people still say that like crack is that is that nostalgic? Is that outdated is crack like crack? Is the crack any more? It seems that culture We in terms of addiction and death in that area of engagement. we're going down we're not going up anymore. I guess not yet should I guess that's not true. I guess it seems like crack his way out. Math and and fentanyl fentanyl fentanyl, you know, go fast, go slow, go dead. Either way, but anyway, so talking about cat food, I'm just I knew where my brain is at right now, so I just bought some more david fishy food, herring and tuna fishiest shit man and I'm cat owner, but cats are pure key and you never know what the new food so right now like I fed him. The new food in a inhaled it and they fucking loved it, but now I'm If I had to go, I shut the door to my bedroom. I shut
door to the living room, guys one. About fishy food. Is that when they throw it up, that's a fishy stain on your fuckin sofa, that's very hard to get out some trying to hedge temper, whatever. The word is curb the possibilities of what's going to be throwing up. I don't know if you're going to throw up but there's Heads are at. Are they puking up fishy food on something? I love or something I sit on or something I'm going to have to clean. I know it's not my bed because I shut the door powerful stuff. Don't you wish? I was talking about sports or something ha his eye. You wish I was I got to me how's that are nice. I got some nice emails. This is something this goes. Oh, maybe maybe you can relate to this in your life when did the beacon theater. Last weekend I had this a subtext was I wanted to correct what I thought were mistakes at carnegie now carnegie
it was an amazing night. It was a big night for me, but I don't know I know I don't know if people experience this in whatever you're doing you must experience some version of it. You know when you show up for work and you're in it and you're you're you're, just you're. Just nail in it, and I don't like to use that fucking word you just in your body, you're in your shit you're in your work and your operating on all cylinders and then, if, if before that happens, the thing that stops at from happened sometimes, is that you just get will bug in your brain knight. Tat is, if not, can work out it's not going to be good or it's not gonna go the way you wanted or you're not going to nail it. I don't like using that word, but but that fuck you up because in yours self, conscious, you're, not in it, you're grounded and you feel like you're will just a little bit desperate. A little bit got a little like you, while you're too vulnerable doing what you're doing, but you
do it because it's your job is a long way of saying is that it is going to be all was even I did two hours whatever and I and I was up there a long time and I made that place an intimate environment. In my mind. I was like the first half hour of my carnegie hall show a couple years back. I I felt like I was struggling. I felt that any minute that the funny would to a it would just be me up there wondering people weren't liking me or or or being too serious and Ending some sort of emotional support see that should all be the sub text of good comedy not up, for but I mentioned it is the beacon and- and I need to sort of apologize. I could I get that emu from new york city is a subject like from. In my see, I'm on my way, lee- and I saw you this last time- the beacon and love the show, but we kept hearing how you felt the carnegie show is not as good. We they're sitting right next to your family,
I thought your show then was better if it has to be graded, but that's the best thing about grading. It implies something is better, more valuable or what the fuck ever The carnegie show was different and we enjoyed the difference very much. My wife pointed it out best when she said that the carnegie show was more personal, was less joke related and more mark related like getting a look into how you look at things spontaneously. You consulted your notes more, carnegie, like you, just wrote something down on the subway? I probably did yeah, I probably had. Of course there was. Idea of showmanship at carnegie, but there was also some of you just grooving with things, and it was great. I see your mind working and the audience loved it. The beacon show is great definitely more bit related, but even with that, you go off on tangents and assure us you were coming back, but that tangential thinking yours is really amusing. Some may qualify laughter as the delightful response to astonishment and the reward for learning something new. In that sense, comedians are our teachers. They show us other ways to think about things and especially about humans,
following your tangents of thought. part of the real delight in seeing you perform and to listening to your interviewing. So, yes, beacon was tight and, while done with a nice going of marin flourishes, but carnegie felt like or full on mark, bolstered occasionally by said bit, both shows are great to be at. So thank you from both of us, David and LISA, Okay, okay, I you know I've. I've learned this watch them before, like if you don't feel like you did as good as you should just keep your mouth shut about it because you don't know what other people's experience of- and I think that applies to anything why you're, not feeling like your mate unit year, your you're hitting your mark, just you know, shut up You know you don't know. If people are attention to you in the same way that you are does that make sense? Is that at all helpful can I read you another email. Would that be all right? comedians laughing.
It's not the one I wanted to read, but it is a nice one. This comedians laughing is a subject line dear mark I have been a fan for long time. Almost since the beginning, I remember hearing the gallagher and Carlos by sea and robin williams interviews and, having my mind, blown, I am We sought out each past episode as I kept up with all the new ones. I can't listen. Every episode now, but I always listen when you're interviewing a comedian not only because I love comedy and comedians, but because there's this thing happens every time you interview a fellow comic at some, One of you makes the other laugh and you both just at a rip, the kind of deep, full throated laughter that is so rare in the world. It's like a tonic for the soul, just to hear, and often you are laughing about something awful, some terrible thing that happened to one of you, but you look back on it and and laugh and laugh. It's a beautiful thing, some true deep wisdom. Thanks for bringing
it brings my day in my world every time best John. Yeah man, you know what comedians funny it does go pretty deep. So alright, I think we're I want to read this other one by. Why am I ve been telling me? Maybe I'll read it next time? What difference does it make now? Am I right Michael Douglas is here Michael douglas someone I feel like deep into my brain because My mother, I think, had a crush on him. Really. I remember watching the streets of san francisco at the base of Parents bad cause, my mom would lay in bed and watch it yeah. They watch the tv in the bedroom. We'd all go in there at some point, but but yeah, so I think that was it was the streets of san francisco, but he feels like somebody I've I've watched my entire life because I have I was starring in the new netflix original series, the kaminski method, along with Alan Arkin, it's available. Streaming tomorrow november. Sixth,
If this is me and Michael Douglas, talk talking right here in the garage to see it. Thank you very much. I see you here If you like I've known you, my entire life, gosh I lay younger than that man viviane, born viewed on fifty four lamb. Seventy for next week's eu, but just from one a kid. My mother watching street to san francisco, you were too. I stay up that late. I remember I remember, but you just it's weird. When I I talked to people that I feel like we're active parts of my life throughout the entire thing, a couple of while a couple of questions up front, how's your dad doing my dad's great as good as you can be. Two hundred and two The december and he's he's discovered
facetime, so he just all we do is try to keep a curfew because we live back. East ya tend to forget about them. three hour time change we're in early lipid, family, and but he loves it. So it said it said, face I lived and you have a nice conversation and we say goodnight or good and The problem is maybe ten minutes later he calls again. So how are you I said just talk, talk timmins awry; rather it is a way is he by himself no is ice with his his wife, my my stepmother. They ve been together sixty five years and she's credit she's there she get said. Angry when I tell people how old she is. So I'm going to do that but behind him the two of them it appeared. I you know I go over, have good conversations
With them a little thinner and I get out yeah- usually I usually I'm a little hoarse from speaking so loudly yeah. I always try to check on their hearing. Aids are a blessing. You know just to start medically sound, genetically sound, and you know the only always ask me or your work it out or you worked it out, and I said I am dad, although I had traveled sort of hard- and I look and he had a trainer mike abrams, see in a trainer for ever like forty years I remember he. sky and one time I went to see David, he was ninety haha and he was sir yeah. I listen to what's wrong there here MIKE died. My cabe rooms died, my trainer dan. How old was my dad? Ninety four, an eighty four was working out there, but it is not he. So I would like to see that should have been a fitness been ass. He who I was ever since that was especially generation. Everything I say about that generation is true. What I mean, did you
so he's out here, like you- have values that have Hillis yea lives out here in beverly hills for any grew up out here, no known, I you I grew up. I back east, basically really yeah, my mother and father, met each other and acting school american dramatic arts year in new year, in new york city and you know they were. They were both at the school together by mother was was, bermudian british I lied about her age, yes very tall for sixteen years old and came to the states, the american academy, my father belarus, russian jewish immigrant, got out I came over here. Nineteen fourteen he was born in nineteen. Sixteen opposites attract, got together and then soon after that, my father got a contract, came out to hollywood, proceeded to chase every skirt in town
on my mother's time out and so my brother and I we will move back back east, so I grew up in new york city rear would come out and visit my father, you know on the holidays over time and then up in connecticut with my stepfather in my mother. So your relationship with with kirk was on and off for now, we've always been. We always maintain. He was a very guilt, ridden father. So the one thing you know his father never gave him much attention right at all or really acknowledge any of his success here, and so are they when they divorced and that he felt guilt. So we all yeah, he was always we'd, see him on holidays and no matter how hard he was working on pictures what a picture pictures movies over one hundred movies you those they the days before television yeah before tat. five movies, five movies a year you be making, did you get introduced to the right When did you become sort of driven towards act
I mean because of him or being my mother was an actress right, yeah! No, really! I you know I was in my junior year of college. I went to the university of california, santa Barbara. I was a hippie nineteen states really you're out here with them, then like a leisure with him, I am removes a kite I'd gone too was in east coast. Here came to college, where I came out here. hippy and finally, always in my junior year- and they said you gotta declare a major. You know you gotta, you can't keep taking a general education. I dunno man me okay, I thought theater it'd be the easiest easiest, but my mom was an actress and I was like vast theater yeah, so that was it started. Reluctantly was a terrible actor kirk used to tell me that was well. I was bad yeah me. I was not inherently talent
I like how I'm a grinder really I'm a real grinder. What the in the hippie thing, like you know like at that time in the in the you know out here in l, a or in the country I mean like how active where you are. We just during the day when we wake. You know we weren't really commune the community group up in santa Barbara. She might. Those are my first theatrical productions we used to put on. Weak, comedies, bunch of long hairs and two long hairs. We put us a sheet over us to look like togas and we used to work yeah. We take cardboard roll of the inside of it. Paper, towel writing, retire string to a hand and rebecca like a phallus and we'd point in the phallus would rise of the string yeah we, I was sort of the beginning or metal, rare metal theory right and the beginning of the pleasure fair, the first years of renaissance, fair and driving up to san francisco a motorcycle to fillmore to see the kinds a great time, yeah good times, a great time in the late sixties.
Late sixties advise you hang out with an eye with any the, so you weren't locked in with other, like actors- kids gazetted peer fond in here. If you wish to go and it seems like there was a community likely the the hollywood community was with smaller. It was tight. It was right. You're right, you know, go there. Was the guinean go on location in the back lots at century fox, universal yeah, everything was shot in town yeah. So I know when I will visit my father when I was a younger kid. Yeah sure I knew frank sinatra: jr candy bergen right and everybody was around your dad's friends arab by me, and my friends. Billy lancaster was good friends with my my brother Joel. So it's a very tight to community Jamie Lee Curtis here and and oliver, and you knew all the parents too, knew all parents and I entered together and it's the biggest, that's probably the biggest advantage of being. Second generation is to be able to see these movie stars,
your foibles as peak their insecurity as we are people you, as as your pdf, and I think it it's? I think it allows you to conduct yourself as a person. Sure when, when where I have a link with success right and you I mean you had a tremendous amount of successor, you dead, tell your shit, he actor and so what he because, like you, know, very good actor? Obviously, so how does I am even with grinding. I mean like how do you? What? Where do you train initially? Well, I I worked hard at it, in the same breath he, but every one of my productions, every one of my shows and was the first guy to tell me when I did a. sheldon guelder road raised, Michael, you were good. You were really good and and that was that and then you train, I did.
fortunate enough. In the summer times I went back to a place. We call the eugene o neill memorial theatre in Waterford connecticut. They had the national playwrights conference here and I worked there. Basically just in construction products build theatres, but I would get a chance to play small parts. And they had a national playwrights conference it was at a time when there were just these great writers real horwitz John, where hope It's a really really fabulous, read SAM shepard sure am so I started doing yoga these last two three summers. So I met dan. the veto at this theatre, and all of that are you did yeah. So you know Can you knew him when he was starting? Now? I knew him. He was at the american academy. I knew danny devito when he had long hair
in Estonia air period be see, that's pete best be of before nanny. So there we were one damn look it out in new london allowed belong island, sound when the fog coming in the fog horns and this little guy come up to me and he now and as long hey, hey, hey, hey sweets, you get high that was the beginning. I was the beginning. during the keys like he's in this new thing he's in the kaminski method. He shows in a lot of your movies and liking. So you one of his dear friend but finished the thing is so after that when I graduated from school, I went to new york city near study with the guy when hangman rear blesses, because ninety four years only still teaching and then and then basically got picked up with a CBS playhouse house. There still doing those
so you say: you're a regular player on the seabed play no cbs players. Was I gazed at an original production and a one off was without chief sterling, so I did that. I got some attention and then back out the hollywood and started, and then he started tv things. Any movies were turkeys. I started going into episodic television at medical center chat right and then the came up which an opportunity I couldn't Did you know malden when you were a kid? No, I didn't, although, although both Carl and my father were in summer sack, together and they both chose their names. The same time, Carl was mladen sekula bitch, how he's a serb, and and dad was issuer Daniela bitch yeah and those are too tough of names and lights, regressive
they weren't friends were they were your friends in which they, their friends at summer yeah and they both buy, but both basically change your name's Carl and dad to Kirk yeah, so so that so he did like one hundred a lotta streets of san Francisco hundred and four hours. yeah one hundred and four hours. I am for that, I god no, I was la monotony got one was nominated two or three times but, It's the whole basis and structure of my my my life for our or my success. The hours were those though hours with Karl Malden gary Indiana steel, milltown young, taught me the value and and work ethic really He was the guy. He the guy and structure of of working on an hour show, which is actually fifty two minutes in in seven days of filming with a new director every week, yeah? I guess star YA
and I learned my responsibility of carrying the plot line on this or that Oh, yes, on business, stuff, loved the business said, but just the technical part, of an and also whenever it, whatever state. Your fears that I had you know from earlier just staring at that camera every day used to that, and it also so when I left that GMO after four years it was a big hit. The eye to go use one floor with a cook, his nature and everybody, What is crazy, why are you leaving a hit? Show you knowing your fourth eating if your fifty year was just I'm doing well. They were going to keep doing it, show is a big hit. So go on with it, yeah! Well, I'm when I'm with it, but with oliver one more season with another guy, whatever that guy richard hatch it they didn't, go so well the shoulder, it didn't work out. We and Carla and I a binding Carl, was seo by look.
and I to remind people, you know I mean this day and age of the contract. You'd think I I back that I went to Quinn. Martin was a big big television producer, a harmless as I like to leave. I have a contract, I to leave, and I mean today you say that he fat chance. I mean they both said hey. I know how much this means to you go for it okay, so so that it was towards production that, and that seemed like a weird jump in and of itself right you're, you leaving, because you want to get into producing a large sepi act and what was it? do you like, as I know they its price and we ve talked about, but I do know in terms of how cuckoos network dm you're getting from did. I know there is tension with qc right realize and it went from you know your dad had what the rights of the stage play. No, he the the rights to the book. He acquired the book in galley form he he owned. The book corrective corrected. Nineteen
the ny way, mcmurphy area he wanted to play mcmurphy and he had the book adapted by dale awesome it into a play right at the height of his career. At the height of his response. right after spartacus he went back to new york and did this playmate whitman to as a big movie star with the idea that it would you be successful year. He would receive some critical acclaim right and they would make it a real movie near didn't. Do well well received well production, maybe a little like the play was the head ahead of his time and so in a closed here, a close after birth. If he then tried for a few years to try to get it made into a film or or to make your film, but nobody wanted to do it. He was obsessed with it Well, you was he lighted, he is, but it's like a lot of projects. He had it, but he wanted to get it made and refill me couldn't get it
meantime I going to college now. The book has come out near three years. Four years later, you take a twenty century american literature class one flow, the cook nest is twentieth century american lit, and it's great there is a fabulous story and Now I've gone off and I've started my career and, as, as I said, have had a little bump in the road before we were out of feature films, we're starting to do episodic television, and I hear the dad is now selling his rights. I e he's given up trying to make it. He wants to sell the rights when you say that that you know way when you say that you do your case, you did a few films in any do ass. I tell it into debt. Seem like a demotion. Do you I mean on some level we you gunning for for movies, to be a move he's in that doing episode. Television at some point be This isn't where I want to go
yeah we're sure me. I mean if, if you're fortunate enough to do to get a a contract, a movie contracted right, timers, CBS film right and you're strong movies right? And I remember my first movie, my wife for with first shown. Radio city, music, hall right, my friends, you, radio, city, music museums, got six thousand seats, they call me how was it is a long pause it Michael. There were more people on staff, age than there were in the audience. He said you see the rockettes at an the rockettes ruled that nobody, So yes, so it was a demotion beer. in this always is a big separation between television rights. Ran a movies where they have to pay to see was a doubling or do you got an incredible amount of education about the nature of working in enacting, but you wanted to do bigger things. Well,
I'm honored to produce a monopoly have been, if wasn't for cuckoos next year, a man and I never thought about producing, that. It may my just had a passion for this project. I loved this book. So did you have to buy the right from your man? No, I said, let me run with it for a year and then I will. Let me try to get a set up such a longer than that, and he said you know is very nice and give you an opportunity, but I said no bullshit the deal I'll try to you'll, get the credit for your company and I'll try to get you the part that you want to play such a great part. So he is not forgive me for this day that he didn't play that I I and I explained him and her blames it on me- It's a wait, a minute. What happened to directors, having the choice yeah but years had passed and he was older than two and his career had changed so like. Oh, he was too old to play mcmurphy at that time. Little older yeah. It was a little older, so so sorry brought yeah we
I did. I brought miller foreman in I developed a screenplay originally with with a guy named Larry, how been of a friend of mine and then I went through. I went through some of my father's back files of the people, express interest over the years- and I found this group led by solves ants fantasy records in berkeley, California. The time is not done his reputation well with a creative, clearwater clearwater, certainly as as a as a film bridge. sir, who also amadeus here and others. He had great taste. Has been yeah, obviously a lot of discussion, debate with creedence clearwater and John Fogarty yeah can't dance, get dance in. The eighth took the whole catalogue data all of that but he was my partner reality, a great job but together, but let that wasn't
it just turned out mean that was just a passion for that project by your producer. But I realized it with my four years of one hundred and four hours of streets that I had blur a whole hell of a lot about producing rye. You know I I knew a lot and so it it paid off sure in an nicholson, you know, did you know him before now? Many was it unnecessarily I've our first choice? What are the actors that express strong enough four was how ashby, oh yeah yeah, how large a just and knew the adi on new document reality about him. He's quite was quite a guide and it harold and maude, the landlord being their shampoo shampoo on the last detail. Last detail felt. That was the whole point, because work out with how howlin in and it well and when got with milos. We were trying to find who to play mcmurphy
and marlon brando turned depart down. Gene hackman turned depart down. I know it's hard to think about jack how does so perfect for the part, but that point jack was sort of the general? women, the gentleman young mag and easy rider. He was the intellect college guy. All of that and how said listen, I just did this pictured hasn't come out yet called the last detail, good, where I think you'll see a jack that you hadn't seen before and well. He showed me some outtakes in some some scenes from the picture which I then shared with with zach yet, and so we went in that direction. milos for a while, with infatuated with birth rate, see? May you rest in peace and think about it? been a very interesting mean, shot, charming, sure, Joyce and
I love the garage on a meal or she is liza non law. Brodie's got cheap charisma, yeah shipka his life, but he a he's a wonderful. He was a wonderful guy was an interesting idea, but we did okay with you, movie they turned out yoga credibly. Well, I guess we may I want you to young once a year. I think there are certain movies. I why twenty year I just watched wall street again act a mayor point, your movie, I'm sorry! after a while, you haven't yeah you're great in it that yeah it was. It was a great part, so was it like before we move off a cuckoo's nest. What was you know, the the dynamic or keasey, but we we are when we first got together with solves at my partner. We win two, I just say, caroline wait and we offered a can a writing deal to write the screenplay right. and Tammy said: listen, you write the screenplay and we gave him a percentage. Yet
and so can wrote a screen play in like a lot of authors of books the screenwriting and the visual of a movie is a different medium yeah and the screenplays didn't work out. So he did writes on. He wrote a screenplay. The book is from the point of view of the chief. The book is from where do the chief and can continue to have the movie in view of the psychic delicacy, delicate psychedelic of the chief, the ad vision of our treaty. It left the whole tree of that and so it didn't work out and you are trying to make a like. It was on your mind that you needed to sell this movie, so you aren't making some sort of experimental film well aim is it: it was a I mean it was a unique project. It was just a point of view that we, didn't share that and we- and we realize in hindsight we shouldn't, have then six extremely different difficult for a a writer of a novel sure you know too,
will be able to open himself up to think in terms of a screenplay. but in any event we got into a contractual, silly kind of contractual issue, which I think was much in hindsight air about saving face where you know it basically said, I get a percentage in a weather eye. whether I do a lot so I get that percentage. But then I should know Yasha obviously had another percentage. And they will will will will will no, no, no. No, he didn't want to have lawyers, no lawyers involved, but you to have lawyers that he wanted to have hells angels. Do it do so? Unfortunately, I spend time with him up there and is obviously a key and member on the sneer in all of the haug farm you wanna. Let me up. There are a lot more that andrews and in an amazing guide and is the only only unfortunately disappointing part of the of this whole store right. And it ended up where we kept maintained. His interest in
in escrow for him as this struggle, it went on and on and finally sol said, look we're donate your share to the university of Oregon to the ken kesey and create the king, see chair in american literature and he settled Now really there's a story that claimed it never have gone to see the movie ass. We set the agony, Here is an area that a house angel her that what was it? No, I someone asked him about that. Have why I seen the movie sybil off a bunch of hell's angels came up to your door and said that we're out front, in your daughter, you want to come watch right yet do you know that story is something like hers yeah it is. It is a mythology. Yeah, it was a it was it was. It was an unfortunate yeah yeah. It really was and it was the was the one part, because it was a magical experience and always wished. it could have been part, and you pull your buddy danny in,
but then he had been to veto had been in the first off broadway production because after last year, as martini bees, after my my dad early of them with production in the book. Came out and then the play revived and became a very big head of off broadway san francisco production? broadway in new york and danny the first guy that was cast because I I dragged the milos down and see the production in it. He had Marty down so he was. He was the first cast arab out of the box. Yeah, it's a great character, so I guess get sort of like a I caught up with the nostalgia of it. I guess that was it. It was a magical story, because it's all about innocence, I mean we look back in hindsight. We shot in a state mental hospital in Oregon. In january I mean it gets dark at three o'clock at three thirty in the afternoon. The whole thing could have been done on a set right. He had said you know that the magic
defining the indian to be chief will sampson. Amazing guy was just fortunate Cats are the Christopher lloyd's in there and the guy who is Chiswick yeah cheswick yeah yeah. He was an yeah. I thought we might have to leave cheswick up there. and like it. You can then you after that, that that experience of producing you you you kind of reigned in acting for a while and then well. No, I well. I am now I'm an academy award winning producer. I get an oscar area producer and I'm yet I'm a television actor whose who's trying to get into feature films mere- and there was a big disparity, backed and not before. Media is only two guys I get think of was who had been intel. And shows yeah clint eastwood, an steam mcqueen who had made the transfer from television and feature film? Did you know those guys yeah? I knew steam.
queen produced one of the first movies ever did so I knew steve, which one call Adam at six, a dot m. I get to go, see pretty well as a lovely man we're not so so you're still party, you like you, wanted to get credibility as a film actor. Yeah, and I could so that's why I started producing the china syndrome and I got hard for me in the end in the pictures of sex very nearly jack lemon, higher jack, lemon, jane fonda house, jack jack was was the best thing you know this is a picture take me longer to setup. You waited a year haha, is a strong issue, nuclear, and little melina power in the meltdown issue is very dear to his heart and he waited a year. Philip party have on to his great joy movie as the men romancing the stone. guinea was a picture where I was fortunate to get into it. I was you know, then I was producing pictures
germany, and that starting right who is there, but then I picture star man with Jeff bridges, which I was not approved. I was approved by the studio as an actor as a for John carpenter is john. Garber directed it right, yet as it as a good movie is interesting movie and you just it used to be you wanted to be in it, and you wanted to be the main guy, but I wanted to be the the ne Jeff bridges part yeah. This is after romancing the stone which was a huge hit right yeah. So you, movie star for that movie, like their adventurous comedic led almost ass, the avonlea, but even then I was is fortunately gotta mean it was visible. It tight budget picture and I we are producing you couldn't get yourself. They were living cast by because the studio. So what do we know by you? Well, they just there that's the way you're you're, you're approve you don't coral malls inside here. Well, is that tv yeah right television so took him a fight. you're, making millions of dollars for these guys. No one's
gambling. No, that's all did that turn around for me Ultimately, it really ultimately didn't turn around bright light show that the year eighty five with the car, nation of fatal attraction and wall street that the two pictures came out within three months of each other Ah, daily traction was eight, a huge commercial success. as well as are viscerally hitting yeah hitting a oh, my god note, and then wall street you know is a I'll add a great part and you got the oscar. So that was the that was the year that both took me out of the shower I know of my father's shadow as well as release tablets me as you, so it's so weird cuz, I wouldn't have thought looking back on it that that it would be seen that that it took you that, like you know that was a struggle. Cuz you're, a big macher and showbiz
at that point right as a producer right in your heart, you're like. Why can I yeah? No, it was. It was a yeah and you know- and it's it's it's this the one area where being your father's son is not really big benefit because you people, you know, you know you you look as just like your father. Are regarded as just let you know you're trying to establish european identity rise and create who you are and, and so some time an interesting, my father and his be cruelly out. He played a lot of sense and of young men roles here, but it wasn't until he gets pitcher called the champion replayed a prick in a box or in a tough guy. and for me it wasn't until wall street will play a gordon gekko, tough guy, that really helped identify. I my character and sort the accept. before morally compromise. Sympathetic, characterization, I don't know give go, is completely sympathy, I would say, sympathy but you're in yet human
and that's basically been. The crux of my my career is the bay area- I am, I am, and it might be. We talked earlier about the vietnam war era, where you know, the biggest difference I see is between black hats and white hats and world war. Two and the westerns and good guys and bad guys, and then for me, I'm from the sixties, seventies and everything that was more of a grey area sure as to who's right and who's wrong. Right. What's good, Now we have what's true and what isn't exactly exactly, you know and ended in, and that is the area that I I guess I didn't anxiously, do it here but has overcome. I look back over all my projects is the area, people struggling to do the right thing, but still have avarice and yes desire everything else. And how do you do the right thing? It's interesting because it's interesting
the seventies movies it out during the war. In a word these these these anti heroes, that sort of became champion. Where were you challenged, as opposed to morally challenge exactly and in your dad too. Like he played a lot of yeah, Allah. The past is one of my favorite movies yeah. I fucking love them ace in the hole, oh as a whole Jesus. It was hard to movie, while so as you, these movies. By then there was you did a couple where the guy you were at the ear at both sides of it. you were the guy having the affair and and and what that fatal attraction in in in in fake murder. You mean the one with demi moore was the one that was disclosure of. That was the night where you played the other side of that yeah yeah. I'm surprised. I'm actually mentioned this way, but his hold me to movie. I nevertheless been surprised at people haven't jumped out at that time, at your, but that was a little was a little in your
is what we call it? A reverse thing on harassment we had, we had a female boss, Why has been used as exactly yeah I it seems like they're they're more concerned in a it's a tougher thing to to to you in interpret holding people accountable for the work they did they're more concerned with what you did right right, but but so As you continue to act, I mean you were able to really have a shot at everything. You know action hero. I tried I mean, I think the thing that I'm most proud about now? Is that Uribe, most actors sort of find that a mold or a certain and will say to me all the time. Is he Michael Douglas? You know but I see your name. I don't know what it's going to be but I knows how to be good, and I you are I'm. In fact you have
and yeah. You know so it's true you bring yourself to all of it. There's something about you that we all kind of know. I think that's the nature of like yummy. You are movie star, you know and you're great actor, but like there is something about you you're, not Eric director per se. I, like I love to do characterized, but but you you know, you re advocating Michael Douglas, you not one of those who is a guy. You guys, all the time bright. You know that baby right not yet have a fight. My weight, though you point press dance, you played the you know you ve done that the whole the whole yang, so I, but there are certain characters like eating. Also in the Kaminski method is while because was a movie about old guys right about that? dealing with those issues, but, like you put it's like there's, been a lot of points in your life, where you've played characters that you relate to certain to your wife. I mean like traffic that was a hell of a road traffic, was
it was a great I'm, I'm I'm. I keep up and current events? I mean I real. I read a lot of news bruce. I I like to think that absorbing in touch with stuff and- and so you know, people I do take pride in sovereign with the I Seattle is so whether it's a movie like falling down- and that was that was an insane movie. Yeah, who directed that oh schumacher, I mean lying down like that part like. How do you mean because, like out of all the films, you ve done that I I'd seen and remember that that was something where you almost lost yourself like where, where like you can watch a movie- and you know it wasn't a michael douglas movie and riots right right away, was the story around taking that part in like how did you approach it? I just buy it was. It was a just. Abbey rose with a beautifully written script and to me right after the vietnam war was over and it's hard for philosophy
remembering the character. Not the movie wasn't made them the government's overarching thing and people kind of forget in l a but l a was sort of the defense center. It wasn't about movie business. We had our major defense contractors were here in los angeles, where you are with the rockets and and- and so here was a guy who had you know, was a patriot in the country and was pink slipped for his job in the defense contracting business because the war was over. We don't need you any more and who kind of just lost it You know it was in her divorce, this wife and this and that lost his identity and and in this vision of having a of drought, leaving his car caught in a trap, jam and walking across allay and in dealing with every politically erected situation as I like it might happen to like it was pick rescuers. I can t you as you from prison. It just gets worse and worse wasn't funny
Well, some of them were fine and that's the other area. I love. I mean it's a lot to do with the kaminski method. I love nervous laughter. I have drama ds in this area where you go possessed when life is about it, we have thing with with forest. What was the what's his name, you know from red forest for the fourth year that almost got comedic. He played that so bra or the korean grocery store in your reactions is true that there was definitely comedy in there. There was this dark comedy yeah, yeah yeah. I love dark common, because I I do I'm a sick guy yeah, no, no, I love her too, but, like I dislike in in really thinking about it, it it. It is almost a comedic character that creator, because of like just that, you know it's. A life is sitting on him. They yacu wages,
I believe the absurdities just the insanity of of life them making any s any sense like when you immerse yourself in a role like that one in not not, unlike in a commit sky method. In this new series on Netflix yeah, I think it is pretty close to familiar territory for you as a person, we know in terms of show business, maybe and right of who you are when you, when you really think about something like falling down or like playing liberace right where, while liberace is a guy, but but this falling down guy me, what do you got it when you approach as an actor? What do you gotta turn on or off in you to sort of liking have to to peel away at that thing? Do you think about that? I you know it's is the writing in reality, in a picked ebby rosemary just really really good. Writing ryan. then you work. Jack Nicholson, always accuses amazing, mikey mikey, dear veneer, a hair actor. I mean different ways. You did I like
I really hope, like you, gonna get your outlawing. Now is a flat topped where you find a different ways. You know dig gordon So is it a pat riley? You know, you've earned your find different kind of hair thinks you find different stuff. It kind of helps, give it to you. You put your pants on and you become the guy you what I do it and that's the farmers is basically ways of acting you, a one is putting on the mask masking the clown and and that's the joy of Eric drag yeah, that's the fun of character. Actually yeah, as you create this kind of character, gives you all the freedom in the world yeah or doing stuff for your stripping. Everything off going down your skeleton and So, for the longest time somebody told me, early on about acting so you'll. The camera can tell when you're lying.
American can tell when you're lying so earlier in my career path, acting was so painful because I was getting somewhere like with reality in trying to be true food and an active painful. And then I said, wait a minute. I lie every day at least hey. I lie about something as were led the power I lie and and also realize, waiter actings acting is all about lying rise has just been good liar is- and I sound so silly now, but hopefully totally freed me up and gave me almost baby- has soared laughing with it, with a free, Him gave his. I I can do anything I want. So it's the contradiction. Into the camera, always accurate. Exactly those boys. Are you look at Uli whether carries it? Like John loves, That's right, yeah yeah, I'm gonna! Do this right! Yeah yeah and you can see
is a new word. Now we have a president that makes a career out of why well exam and forty percent of the country believes what the fuck was. So when the a Emily, who produced the rain maker yeah francis cobbler, I love that movie. I bet Matt Damon was so good that it's like one of these weird, like you, know, Kabul, of some of these cats that you came up with they get for this weird swath of time and then they get a little inconsistent, but the rainmakers are great, solid, last year was now my god he wave Zena was his baby. Francis was was ransom, the champion that whole thing wasn't really we brought him in and he took care of it. He was always wonderful emails like the first time. I knew about email sphere, but he will keep you a bridge, never did what he wanted to do and what he was doing. But you know you you just you were you were the hands of somebody.
Eight. I got to know him from when I was in san francisco on the television show. We did to the building laser right, dire, whomso, trope it in north beach for our they tried, copper, belvane. They look task, yellow bar, and now they got air winery in every stuff. So when you do something, I too like what was your experience in cars, traffic Having any I mean your story in that movie is heavy and he got a dog. strung out and you're the drugs our ban. You ve had your own experience with drugs like you got sober yeah german me personally air yeah I mean I was in. I was in rehab and lady ninety ninety one, probably more alcohol is year. Drugs for parties they offer and really I mean think everything got aim acquired a band of moderation, no and in all of that year, but you know you're just not likely away but lower you wake up in the morning anymore and beer, kids and
you got out of your going on, but I have to yeah either you all have to be careful. I've got and addiction issues in my family have lost a brother? I knew Eric. I knew him from the comedy scene. Has it back in new york used to walking around all sweaty with his dog yeah exactly and eric last Eric unit set and my my oldest boy was. It was a heroine they a really that seven and a half years in federal prison. ok, yeah, I've ever learn violent drug offence house. He he's fine vacuum so he's doing very well. Is an actor really good actor I'll get going at hard to get through us really hard to come back from that's good yeah yeah lies to ease doing good, but you know, I think you You ve learn about genetics amongst other terrorism, be more careful or shot any family yeah
yeah so and bought both sides or so, and you know, I think, my younger ones- it's been great, they and I mean, unfortunately, that have difficulty new ones might might new and jam so they they keep much closer. I added oh yeah, yeah and yeah? You have a conversation about it, going exactly. Well, it's great when you did do the liberace movie yeah I've watched that thing like five times, man you're so fucking good that the two you're too good at it really I can't like. Did you know liberace? I did not well, but I ideology around right. He was around my father time a place in palm springs. I will go out and on holidays and visit- and I do remember one day, We drive home. Everybody had convertibles back there. Nobody word about the sun years. Your dad stop. This guy pulls up.
Rolls royce. Yeah vertebral, is a bright day, the autumn memories. I could hardly see your kid that how old were you? I was maybe sixteen aha yeah, hardly seemed him just because of sun was banging against his gold diamonds and nia was simmering hey lee. I I correct when you you know- and I just received it's the best and he was a sweet guy right, lovely guy. Everybody loves a wonderful host, yeah yeah, great guy, and you know that that that project I feel for a lot of reasons, but so much for me be as you I had a stage four count. Cancer bout, which I was fortunate enough to to get whew. I was recently I six seven years ago now you know it time a time I had two other friends had the same cancer. I had larry hagman. You know was was was one,
and then nick ashford of Ashford said that's. How hagman die was a mouth cancer yeah it started. There has throat cancer from smoking, though no what I don't know it was there. when we're going around the forum from eating pussy. Was that hey, I dunno? I could hit it well, no, the! Ah, there is an hpv, sixteen or iris, which is hpv sixteen virus which can cause cervical cancer, and the horror of answers in this, and that here and I did have hpv sixteen virus aka been also is its. If you had viruses the best opportunity you have of of of overcoming no kidding cancer, so I got a little trouble just for writings and massive. Does it backs the nation than is out there and encourage all younger people before they become sexually active to take the vaccination.
bill limit about half a dozen different via your cancer viruses from these review from nature be based You got into trouble for saying that yeah It was taken the wrong way. You know the tabloids pick it up and they make it you're, trying to a public service here and they turn into two dirt, so But yes, so anyway, but one of the things I but mine was getting dentists, for instance, who is very simple for dentures. What are you waiting for for dentistry just to stick their fingers down the back of your tongue and throat id check for for tumors yeah, we'll see, doing before and now many made doctors, doctor's name of your listeners. I would encourage to know their dentists if they have them now. Really yet and they in europe over it was advancing when it YAP. So is it s a bit so anyway, in the liberace thing came, I was so excited about. It so excited David Muir
was already there and and the end of steven soderbergh. They came to me I've just you in remission and, as you know, we each as we got projects to do we're going to put this off. For your ear, you're gonna put soap opera, but we have projects to do, and I was heartbroken ms, I thought an assist as they can happen. Singh is not gonna happen, but the truth was- and you know I still get emotional is both guys knew me out. I was happy to be alive. I didn't really you're, my so they could. Look me in the sea is thirty pounds underweight. There's no way this guy does that look from chemo from chemo radiation, and so they put it on themselves. By said, let's wait a year and you know let michael get back and he had his weight back at all of that and sewer
and was able to do, was have an extra year to work with the piano and welcome the all of that stuff, and it just made it so much more rewarding. about, and I imagine the struggle with with iran. Cheese disease like you must have been right in the forefront of your recollection. Ditch the struggling with with with with with his disease like with a yeah yeah. He couldn't talk about it, but if you know your immediate memory of that fear and that yeah, but I baggage and again a mad damon. You load would, I was fired for me at my age: do liberace into a character gay guys, I would I
the prime of my career. You know, as a leading man have done this. I said. Oh no, you know so I mean Matt Damon. I take my hat off. He dover lab project. Madams he's he's really the the the best of his generation really when he puts his mind to it. Yeah. It's really something else. yeah, I'm I'm I'm impressed with them to that scene in a go like talking to mom, I will be here. You say that as a factor Let me ask you a question about like a couple of questions and talked a little about the kominsky method like when you you did the remake of the in laws right. it would you and albert brooks yeah and did you you didn't, do the first one didn't produce it did? No? No! No,
but that's our arc and who you now working with our lawyers is limited revision. I've been time, shell serpent right. He said I didn't. I always wonder about the white things are remade, I may I see I understand sequels, yet you know, but it's there's a lot of stuff that that that gets ray in india? If you have a connection to the first one you sort of like Y Y, you can do that again. You know it's it's. It is true, but it's a funny movie yeah it. It was a funny picture, was gig gig matter and Quite honestly, for me in this party, going into the kaminski method, which is comedy I love comedy: I'm not inherently a comedian right, I'm fascinated about comedy yeah the company is always short changed. I think we all love our funny frenzy idea comes. Ask your time. Nobody ever dodges, comedic proof
right right right, which is such so much more difficult than drum. We all know how to be dramatic. We all know how to be confrontation said: is the people that find that reputation of life can make you chuckled. So Reynolds is great he's fantastic. Oh my god mean the it's just unbelievable, but so as to the Probably why I stephanie to do that. I'm always trying to find out and dead, which is what brought me to chuck lorry and and the comments he method. One of the reasons why I was so excited to do this. I mean chuck lorry such a good writer it's it's. It's a tricky thing. You're doing like know like when he came to you with it did he have arc? And already now I was it is the first person. You work with with Alan Arkin. Before had I love I had
we're not nor had chuck. I may I, he's got a really is out of the second city. He's got it, we are committing value ass, great yea area is it he's is five, and now we had not the is poison to work with, fascinated with that guy you yeah right now he is. I buy mood lever of a great relief. ship. I love working with it and the he is great, but he gets there's a little bit of a king tag, curious quality that sure that what we love and the character and really is allow- and although he would I want to admit it right. He's got a little wonderful quality. He said he's a brilliant actor. An. Did the two you like it. It seems to me that at the ages, you guys are rat that this stuff, that you, that that's in the the committee method things you dealing with his aging. Men are, very you know their happening they are happening and that the third
and the beauty is it does never very much fun that should find about getting old glory. He finds getting old. yeah and so face Ms loving about that, it is, is is filing this. This comedic omens are about to empire by getting old and two guys have known each other for buddies for a long time and together and that's in that's the interesting thing I noticed about watching it. I have I am about halfway through, so don't ruin it for me, like a butt. the way he writes. Is it it's a type of like you know, when you see it, sitcom like it is, or the big bang theory or earth, or two and a half men or whatever the other ones, he does get the three cameras set up. give me a good joke to joke. So then, when you do hit a single camera thing like this. Are more of you know a film like kind of thing and still writing your bit, but you know he has to tweak it a bit like It's almost like Neil Simon, in a way where, where they
the dialogue is, is not in in essential organic, but it has to be played properly. You know for it to work, you guys are doing great at. Thank you for very astute difference between I mean the the one camera versus for cameras, eight in days I mean I'm see now in such envy of the big bang theory they're, like thirty five hour week, yeah, maybe forty hour max yes right here, we do and seventy. If we have rice it's entirely different, can it it's like it's like it's like a vaudeville with the almost like a stage production rightly you know the yet it is still two dimensional sense. Either the audiences right out in front of us live audience in front with them for cameras here avarice vs, you actually just shooting a real real scenes. Your location,
but I'm loving it and- and I can't say enough about the writing. This is why you all the good writers, screenwriters included and moved over to television, because in television and the streaming arizona you a writer, you can be the rush. Showrunner you're, the producer or of the show it's it's it's much more, financially beneficial, and now, with this stuff with miss, he met the half a half hour. Kommeni aid can be twenty five minutes later. Be thirty five. As long three, our commercial rules- fuck shit, pissed whatever you want, or do it's like a movie so I'm having a ball. like it. It's a generational thing like I see what he's trying to do like what you guys are doing. It's it's. You know it's! my parents could love
but you know there is also an element where you know you watch in prose, and you had seen them in iraq with people of a different generation is act and you know it it sort of it. They definitely all works. I was very. I was happy to see you guys that some eighty of his we're still No but you're right I mean I play I player allay los angeles, acting teacher sandy Kaminski, you got a lot of students, and so we his whole and obviously enough misdemeanor be up me seasons, we're gonna, get develop these younger kids, in the class. All of that and and deal with his generation are okay. So that's it that's the point. The next fade I would think, and working with chuck is great. He is he's I dunno does it. I mean he promised us that he would be there like we day and he and he was- and you know, he's got the you know he's got the big bang he's got young sheldon. Is god mom? You know,
it's amazing- got all the money. Yes, he does so now, so now you just come out here to work. He mostly in the east coast, I'm alive, is cause. I miss out here for a few days the emmys are coming up on Monday. They asked me to do something for that where they used to be more fun, didn't they the word chose, I will yeah. Well I mean I, I yeah everything seemed to be a lot more fun. I mean just wish. We had more autonomy in the seventies, as you know, is it wasn't such vertically integrated I mean studios. You went to the head of a studio that was the boss out now, it's just a division head and huge vertically integrated cup. That's where and also like. I am- I remember like I think it was Nicholson talking about what the golden globes used to be moreover, I was
it was rough. It was crazy right. I was insane between you know between man and drinking was going on. What was going on in the bathroom happily but when I was an anti muslim television he sacked, I was able to say that it would change law. These awards here was. That was the fact that a clean up their action to try to sell it. I believe I have finally story. I scared member BC method had a goal: in globes yeah and I was nominated for the golden gloves. I'm staying out of staying out of the bellaire, the bel air hotel here and get ready go to the globes I come out. The lobby in is George Harrison and he had just just won rock roll hall of fame and then come back and Abigail sorry Paul hadn't shown up through some some or whatever he just talking to a method to say big fan fantastic I go to the golden globes I win took my mother. I went by the time. I finish all the presses.
good thing. I come back yard everybody's gone home yeah. You know you do all the press go home, so take bama and the homer go back to the hotel. I feel sorry for myself or my gorgeous yet, whereas the patriot, twelve thirty, my phone rings, said yet hello, michaels, yes, George, ga, hey, hey GA mima mate, which is down here. We thought maybe income over yea, c'mon c'mon over so come on over. So I knocked doctor to open the door. George Harrison walks in air and bob Dylan, no bob dylan the biggest fucking dog. I ever seen in my life of a small pony and he comes in and one or two caviar a bunch of caviar and bops is down I'm not saying much parking garage after the dog has walk in. I gotta look up over the topic, but dogs walking back and forth, and farmers asked the dog smells of caviar yeah
Suppose your next siena goes hundred and fifty bucks, a lick and I'm like is Bob Dylan's dog man is Bob Dylan's want. I keep looking at about a deliberate. You know he's not saying nothing. You know Jesus so. Finally, I bob evans in finally open his mouth goes. Far out. He likes caviar. That was it. That was, that was all he thought that he likes caviar party It's funny vital that, like that moment, that feeling of, like you know ye reaches its sounds. Like you know, where's the party is a party and you're, probably a huge fan of bob Dylan and you've ever met him before that's the way it goes yeah it's nice to still be a fan of somebody lawyer. man, oh aunt, man to you. You did both of those more redirected to a man pictures we have the admin a man in the wasps is coming.
In october now on I'm on the ride and the dvd or whatever things claiming I just have a great god, yeah cause it can get very, very funny he's funny. thank- think he's funny, but yeah he's he's just so wiggys here ray of aid but very dry. Yes, I'm doing that. I did all that and they're going to probably do another one of those and jonas the season. The Kaminski method I got a chinese movie, I went did what is that? Is it I need a chinese well went over to china and I went over all by myself. the chinese movie and one woman and could bring anybody with me and at its in translating. For me, I had my sides in English. I didn't know what the hell a movie's about. He have no idea. Well, I've seen it now yeah. I was sort of a movies It was number one picture in china, so huge, richard's, it's a big, a big special effects, green screen,
universally dynamo, highly interesting, beautifully, dad I'm sort of it, variation of a gordon gekko western greedy capitalist I got a villain character, but it was fine. He just did it for fun or what I did it for the money, and I did it for china to see china- and you know my history as a as a producer. I produced pictures all over the world. South Africa every you know knows I enjoy it and it was and unless the beauty of movies is, is there exactly the same cruise, everything is the same. You get it wonderful, RI, international language all share, and do you still like united first to doing smaller pictures. I saw compliments picture the solitary man I am. Does it gets a heavy part with Google good. I love the number averse to it, but I now enjoy the streaming area because
solitary man, another picture called king of California, where you bust your ass. You work for nothing no marketing budget. You are the marketing budget legal and they ultimately end up playing for a week in theaters and go direct to streaming anyway right. So the this these areas now with the with netflix hulu, amazon and facebook, my wife, Catherine, as it has a series called queen america here, going for facebook right. It's coming. I say that it seems more advantageous in a sense to like when you, smaller movie yet near that means you emu. We are expected to be involved, in the promotion. You don't really know if it's going to go anywhere if anyone's going to see it money, the money's not good. Now now, with with the streaming structures you can get reasonably well and April. Watch yeah and you have a built in audience right I mean saying that netflix, I believe, is doing three times more feature. Film,
in it than any than any studio, but they are going to release it day and date with this with their streaming out with the only problem I found that being on a show on netflix. Is that with the streaming thing? Is that the I you know it really is like they'll drop, all of em right right and then people will watch them in a day right and then they're they're like Wednesday, when's the next one come, and it's like I dunno fucking year here and that's just It is interesting and that's what we're doing november sixteenth. You know all eight episodes boom and then, like you know they liked the show, there's nothing you can do at least back in the day it was you gotta keep up with the story. You gotta sit down and record it in a week. It's a valid point. I I dunno how they're yeah I mean. I guess that's the way people want they're willing to wait. What are they going to do? That's the way it is now yeah. Well, look. You are great glad. You highlighted you so much real quivered job, honour and reliability talked. He has a treat to be out here thanks man. Thank you That was a great taught. I enjoy
It's a very happy guy, very kind of like great energy man, it great to kind of look at him and talk to him. I feel that a wife like hey, I'm looking at Michael douglas for an hour and we're talking look at look at look at across from it's Michael douglas. Talking to my face he's talking. His face is talking to my brain and he's looking at my face and we're talking and it not only was he talking to my face out of his face he's also in the new which original series that kaminski method Alan Arkin, you can stream it starting tomorrow november 16th, I want that. Have you know that means having you do.
oh my the.
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