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Episode 974 - Ted Alexandro

2018-12-05 | 🔗
Ted Alexandro is a comic who believes deeply in social responsibility. Whether it’s responsibility to his fellow comics as he fought for better pay from clubs, or to his fellow citizens as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, or to his audience as he wrestles with effectively addressing the Trump Era on the comedy stage. Ted talks with Marc about the evolving nature of a comedian’s role in the culture, how his experience as an elementary school teacher prepared him for standup, and why he felt it was necessary to do material at the Comedy Cellar that was critical of Louis CK’s return to the Comedy Cellar. This episode is sponsored by Funny or Die's No Activity on CBS All Access, Omaha Steaks, Molekule, and YouTube Music.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the voters, what the pot bodies, what the pattern here is, what the fuck did delegates what I think I'm mark marin. This is my show. This is my podcast. It's called w tia welcome to it. I imagine most of you listening, have been here before welcome back to you new folks, well there's a lot going on that even mean what am I who my I rachel maddow a it's tonight, strap in guys, there's a lot going on, while there's a lot, stuff I mean if you're new to wtf, lordy Lordy. Lord knows there entire archive you can access through stitcher. Just there's like I don't even know what episode on now and we're almost up to one thousand, not far from it most recent fifty year. Always
and you know, there's a lot there so enjoy yourselves, and if you would take some the Vice in Xinjiang advice that I can give you from listeners. emails. Imelda comment about the show. Many people enjoy the ones where they don't know who the person is more than that and they know yeah, but anyways today ted alexandro is here. a comedian, I've known ted for years, he's very funny new york, I got a special out now called senior class of earth to available through all the comedy you can go to a t, see specials dot com to buy it or rent it. In scotland is actually all things comedians in the sense that there is. Owned and operated by a comedians? I who exactly is all involved, but I know bill out. Madrigal involved, comedic, our builders over there, at all things comedy so couple of things Take care of right now, there's a new batch of hand,
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I got one more to be honest with you, the odds your version of two real, which is my last special that I did on net. It's now available on audio. as a downward there's a few lines. When's round by didn't. Do a big runs right. I never even know, namely sure, can get em, but you can get the this one. If you go to the link on the on page of wmd have pod outcome. Ok, that said that I can't tell you, how many guess I talk to that say that that's their mug, that's the one! That's the one! That's the go! The go that brian that Jones r jones wtf mug, but that aside behind nuclear to those of you who are our hanukkah in her or hanukkah, ending the treaties some stupid and it comes out more stupid those of you who are doing the hanukkah and those have you jews who are not doing it, but are still Jews, and I reminded you that it's hanukkah, happy hanukkah think
we're pretty well into it. What day is today? The sixth? So that's? Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, the fifth night of hanukkah, that's fine! candles plastic, one, that's taller than the other ones just a reminder, didn't get a new box of candles volume mistake, your do that decides like there this year, I'm going to do it anything to got a few candles laughed. Are you of candles. Well, if there's even by two or three can of out of that box that are missing, as he did at one nine decided to bail for you if you're going to come up- at the end and you're going to have a sad look. menorah on the eighth night, cause they ain't going to be right. The count's going to be off it's going to be off my or my my girlfriend partner. I don't I still not clear, but sarah painter bought me some fancy artisanal believe, maybe even a hanukkah candles
She gave it to me and I was like thank you and then today or yesterday I was on the phone with her and I'm like is it hanukkah? Is it did early start she's like yeah? I haven't even doing it and I'm like no I know you got me the candles and I was a good gesture, but what am I good just going to be home alone with a menorah and my my little yarmulke and I got to find and lighting it's saying the little, the little prayers by myself. That's that's! No fun there's, no one there to witness it. I guess I could do it Maybe it would be moving, but but she's coming over, maybe we'll do it. Maybe I'll. Let her see that part of myself. It's always an interesting thing when you go out with a non jew and you're a jew juju, you do this you're, I got you want to see what it looks like you see the jew thing here. We go Jim, the lights stress been going to get crazy here, but I don't know I'd look out. Hello, hey new mellow, long guide, Jesus!
crazy, happy hanukkah, ass, I think, is the point of what I'm saying here. So I've been enjoying the emails subject, line hope giver dear mark this I've never done before and truth be told it's not a very eyes thing to do where I'm from from ireland but I wish you to others thanking you, so I felt it at least courteous to do the same. I've been listening to your podcast for roughly around ten years now and will continue to do so as long as you don't give up, please don't. I started listening to your I guess, when my wife took ill at that time, cancer, that's not an insult! It's just! I had to find thing to occupy my mind. Whilst was waiting around in hospitals for long periods of time. My wife was diagnosed with sir a year after we got married and we were also devastatingly told If she survived, we would never be able to have children now
it's not the one going through the horrendous treatment. I was not the one going through the pain I was not. The one who did I know whether they were going to live or die. The hospital doctors says were all amazing and obviously we had a great deal of luck on our side, but my wife who is alive and well today said that being there and always being positive, really helped her through it. Well. This is why? Thank you? Your podcast really helped me through those years. I'm not saying it changed me as a human being or anything like that, but you Imagine maybe you can how valuable listening to you talk through people's problems. Issues lives really someone like me who just needed to hear that everyone has shit, that shit can be there every day in all forms and that shit, break you down. If you let it it kept me afloat, and even though I don't know you, I'm sure that calling you a giver of hope might seem paradoxical to you, but there it is so this is my thank you. My tip of the hat keep up the good work.
p s, my wife and I now have a two year old daughter and some say more, those are existing peace. John yeah I'm glad to hear that John congratulations, I'm very happy for you too. I really am man that you know I I I love doing this show I mean god damn so tat. Our general very good smart guy, good guy earnest guy bottom line, though funny guy known him for a long time been wanting to talk to him, always thought he kind of was a neo weird with me. but it turns out. Of course he wasn't just me project. on to him, who is not the same kind of boundary was weirdo that I am needy. Boundary was weirdo. This is me talking to TED Alexandra here garage his stand up.
Shall senior class of earth is available through all things comedy, go to eighty see specials doc, to buy or rent it. This is me and ted Alexandra, the we did alive wtf how long Do you know if guy, I really I'm seven or eight years right, yeah, I don't know if I seen you much since then. Is that very honestly, I don't know if we seem each other at all since in that crazy right. What kind of because, like a you, know, I don't think I'm of the generation you are am I, I think, I'm the one before you are yeah, I would say the class ahead of me. Yeah, like how old are you I'm forty, nine I'll, be fifteen? I will close, did you start late? Well, I mean twenty three. How so we
If you are always like there and you're always being funny, but there is, there is a while there, whereas, like seems very intense, very serious of that. Will people still think that about me You are right the way the issue I was just going over like light some of this stuff in your bio, and now I can't get the the song working class euro by John lennon out of my head. I dont know why, worse than that, I don't know why that happened exactly having always there, the involvement idiot, I get that will get you everytime the environment and then the the you got us more money yeah. I remember that delic that delicate time you very you've always been at the spearhead. of the movement of getting us ten more dollars. Opening my mouth yeah yeah. You know I did ten, always adds right. Now it was more than that. Wasn't what it was. Initially it was ten it was. initially it was. They went from fifty to sixty, I think, on the weekends and then than we did in a second time and we form the comedians co
listen right in what sort of like you. I remember. I guess I was there with yours at yeah that was gosh. That was around that same. maybe seven or eight years ago right and and there was like a there- was a little divisive like as people didn't want to, like you know, don't don't you don't want to at manny in ST yes, you know- and you know so ridiculous. It was ridiculous. because what were we really fighting like there was that there was actually a fight at all for another ten twelve hours, then it became like twenty five right. It eventually became twenty five yeah and I think it's gone up once or twice since, like unprovoked by us, which is so. Yeah I mean it. It was. You know what a good, what what stemmed from reality will conversations that we were having amongst ourselves all the time. Writing. Like wisdom, get the same money we made in like innocence the eighties. I think it hadn't change people realize either like their regular person and like it you know when you do a spot, I get the comedy store here or at the comedy sour on a week day on a ship.
the case night yeah, I mean I don't even remember what people were we making like fifteen bucks yeah and on monday, through thursday, that's right for a fifteen minute spot and then on friday. Saturday was originally fifty bucks. I think So in order to make a living before you could really do the road that was, the thing about new york is that you had to figure out how to get into three or four clubs and then run around yes and do like four or five spots in each. Just walk out of the weak em with four hundred bucks or whatever, and you know it's funny- it's my first like year so that I was passed me at these strip. The comic strip right, I here's them mentality. I didn't even realize that you get paid. So I was doing weekend at at the strip right and- walking out and one wait like a year later, somebody's to I dunno. If it was vic handling of somebody was like. How did you get to sign for your money, and I was like money
So somebody was collection, my money for like a year, and maybe that's why I was getting booked. I never got it back. I know I didn't say I mean like a year had gone by where I was just like the district you're doing free spots for next month. Yeah yeah, that's funny that we make that assumption, because there is something about your being. Employed there for a long time. You don't feel like you're, really working yeah, because you're sort of like something that is before you realize you're self employed when you just want to be a comic right like the first time you get twenty five hours, you're like oh, my god. Yes, this is amazing, absolutely yeah, and then I think that, the mentality that kind of to us all. Accepting Ok it as long as I'm in at this club in that club. That is the goal right and then, if I'm getting twenty bucks, that mentality is going to baked into our thinking and also that we just staged on legitimate stage to write all which is important because back then, like you know like, when did you start a
I started a ninety two ish and ninety four. As a solo at first, I was part of a duo with my friend Hollis James, no kin yeah Like a boy back, then there was no there. The all seem was not had on And yet, if you wanted to get spots, you had to figure out a way how to get them at clubs. You know what's funny. Is the all scene was almost like rooms, were worse than the clubs like going to like you. Sure uncle joey's in staten island or something like where it was not. It was all, but, alternatively, bad arguably there they're, still, nay, nay, nay, there still worse than the clubs really I mean like what alt, He kind of saved my ass cause. It. It nea venue to to sort of generate the way I generate, which is through improvising, the shit they do, that club and ideas. Period, though there were you ike more now we gotta get into these places, and then you just talk
dude. Yes, you know anyway, man, can I d room? It's? Why didn't I don't know you know what the fuck are you ill ass? I passed the strip in the cellar where's balloon are really doing anything. I was a concern yeah! It's it is that its fascinating, how things have evolved a hand again like you being that class ahead of me just just by a few years. You germinated, like this whole other scene that and then I would say this laurie telling scene was on the heels of that. All of these things, that really opened up comedy in a great way? I think so our generation? Why think so? ultimately. What happened, though, which is weird, is that most with the guys, it really sort of did that original all thing they were. They were club, comics, yeah and then it sort of come back around the difference. Now that is happen is that we don't have to rely on a comedy club to make a living, because somehow, because of the one where media is in also that most of us who started in clubs. Have you come back
de clubs, or we can do smaller theatres now. You know that you know the all thing really just became part of your creative process. You have to stay their young even of if it exists anymore. Now, just it just at what the all seen has become. Is that there's a lot more open mics? Yes, I would say that, It's true in a lot of different places. Yeah and you'll see a lot of a lot of good comedy and a lot of bad comedy at whether you're at an old club or a regular. Just like open mics. It's the way it is so we. So we word you grow up. I grew up in queens. You did in a story a bell rose, which is maybe thirty minutes from Estonia, where I live no way out and queens. yeah, yeah kind of wanted. The queens long island border grew up. Are you always italian, my mom's, a mix of english. show you at home in irish yeah workers, yeah yeah, they re queens. They may queen yeah did they met when they were like fourteen fifteen years old at a bowling alley,
including queen, queen, where I grew up and I grew up in the house that my mom grew up in I'm one of five two brothers to say really. Where are you in the middle? I am the second oldest yeah, so we grew up in I my mom grew up in and then now my in their retirement are living in the house of my dad grew up, and so it is still down the street, not quite by the aids. Maybe a couple myles had yet whatever the old ass they saw the two young couple. The area is like it turning into something out there. I don't think so. I don't think so. You mean like a regular young couple now that now MR young couple, that I don't know it's not that kind of thing. It's just a young yet like a struggling young couple, his idea? Yeah yeah, others, five of us. Yet we were all kind of artistic. You know my my brother's, a poet. All of us acted in working poet
Well, is there such a thing, yeah he's what he's working in terms of writing all the time by the teaching or anything that, as you know, he he's a peer to peer counselor at a mental hospital. You know, he's bipolar, so he's kind of his whole life he's my older brother. So it's him than me. My brother dave, my sister is yet to sister. So so my brother, yet rich, was like a real inspiration cause. He dealt with his you know his bipolar and data, I think, that's our first presidential alert there. We owe her. Is it yes? What's going on, is a test of the national wireless emergency alert system while but you got one did you get I shut my phone off. Did you apparently not to see if you got one creepy totalitarian thing you know, even if I did, I think I shut those things off unless you can opt out. I got one
doubted that, like now, I got trump texting me exact. All I fucking needed. You know what the fuck creepy man. So what is it exactly say, as of this is a test of the national wireless emergency alert system. No action is needed, president. A word, that's gross dude! It's fucking crazy. my guess. Initial are no action is needed. I just want you to know that I have access to your phone that lie waited. Is it is it something have now it is there. It is europe, it just came through. Is a test of the national wireless emergency alert system, no action needed what the fuck is happening and my phone is very well known. Glad we shared that's creepy dude yeah like now what he's going to be texting us apparently a sad guy, like twitter is not enough towards. Now he's got a value in we're going to wake up in the middle of the night. Just kidding, fuck,
Jesus Christ? It is and we're all each other's throats because of this fucking monster. Yes, oh. Do you brothers by poor that something on your family, yeah yeah? My mom is well had really yeah yeah, you know, thankfully they both really have had this kind of journey to wellness to managing. doing all yeah mom is a retired teacher and she's been great, for you know, probably like I dunno twenty five they just figured out the medicine they figured out the soon. The whole kind of comprehensive lifestyle really diet, size, meditation therapy, although we all, but they do and all of it in their managing pretty while they're doing well in my brother rich, you know he's a real inspiration. Now he's a peer to peer counselor right with people who are hospitalized or outpatients loud and yet, as a poet to I think he has that It has a real knack, for you know I think he's like a
flesh and blood example to them. Like look, you can. You know he's like I used to be in this house, but yeah, it's great. It's like it's like a like drug addicts talking to drug addicts but like horrors like Nehemiah man's got to some problems in like a you know that the problem usually that they they, like. You know that the high so much that they don't they don't take the medicine right right, yeah and, I think yeah. I think my brother rich struggled with that through that yeah, like the thing of like feel lie. Yeah yeah. Does he publishes poetry? Yes, he has a book out, that's great and weigh him. What are your? What's? The other ones do. My brother Dave is a stick, is to go and now analysis, snapper stated connecticut stated. echo analysed yeah, that's interesting. I guess you used to be a really smart, math guy math guy yeah. I was a teacher.
He was a teacher at an all girls school for men coached in there that for many years been at where the girls there were the sisters to my sister tricia, an actress really yup yup doing alright yeah yeah she's doing you know like she's, acting writing her own staff, putting up, shows and doing personal training in the day. You know so she's out gigs going she's great, yeah and my sister Amy is she's in I like astrology she's, an astrologer. She does like readings and stuff like really and works. School during the day yeah she do at the school she's it's like an executive assistant secretary kind of thing, yeah, sorry, interesting, that you got all these creative teaching. You know people that are, you know doing things for other people somewhat selfless. So your mother was teacher, my mother and father of both teacher, both teacher so did I
I taught for five years when it. How can I remember I remember when you start doing stand up mean it was like you are doing the opposite teacher thing I wasn't that was the hosting heck. Yet, in my time very was I was a substitute each or think that's gonna get you to hear, for. I was more committed yeah, but they were always sort of your parents, always supportive embracing you know with whatever the kids imagination would let them do My parents were very supportive; they were kind of hippies. You know they were yeah yeah. You know it's way. My earliest childhood memories are in india. We lived in india for a year when I was about for five years old, really yeah yeah, my parents, or he oh year, yeah yeah, my parents would teaching over. There and so yeah. It was the three boys here at the time I was five and now you're my earliest childhood memories are our house in india. So, my back now my mom dad just went back for the first time in forty years. Yes to this,
yet they were invited back by some friends. I guess they they were over there with loud, and so they had like a big kind of celebration. But yes to your point, yeah my mom and dad: largest yeah they're supportive, loving people in general, for all five of us are kind of bedrock of just yeah there there! loving but not in an obtrusive way they can be as obtrusive as you need them to be. Sorry saying he had good parents. I did. I did You seem like a guy that did I'm grateful yeah. Now I did, I did for sure very practically practical and decent man will. Thank you. So that's how you always struck me. Thank you other times I decided in like me about that, which is fun, because you know I was saying when what when I came in- and we said we talk here of the island if only my most memorable memorable experience working with you here was we worked in that you don't have to be worried. We worked at
to get ready to date as they are worried, base yeah What is the old cab so it down the cannery, the old continent, a big old horrible cobb's, but the original, the original we area yoga, and now I was excited to work with you cause. You were like a headline or you were like an established guy and it was like to fund. what you were here all the time cause you work differently than most people that I worked with. You, like you, said earlier, like kind of thinking through stuff on stage so yeah it but yeah it's like you, you did have that energy of like like media, like what would your deal like, so you know like knew. There was a whole hygiene like you couldn't trust me to just like yeah. I do not agree with and we're working together. We have our time with the with people with actual boundaries, in a sort of grounded and like I don't seem to be- with you at all. I gave you. I got online Kevin projecting a lot onto you Don t. You like I couldn't I couldn't read it wasn't working with you,
yeah man, I'm trying to remember that. I'm trying to remember that week and things are starting to fade. Well, your your wife at the time was working with us as well. Nation nation was opening. I was middling, no sheer! Yes, it was the three of us wow. So I must have come up from here to go. do that yeah and did you know her? Did you know her when we started working? We had met like re or, but I didn't know her well, I knew you a little bit better I'd. I didn't know you that well either, and I feel, like I remember when you wake started doing so. you get from. Was it just wake like I've There are several people that I've talked to in here: creative people whose parents were were teachers yeah. and in that seems to to read that you know that teachers are sort of embrace. You know someone's desire to do what they want to do with it, but also to you know, be proud. Go about it on some level burden. It seems like that
do you guys are three and in a way having for even having got involved with schools and with teaching sure was at. Is that just something you I mean you're. Obviously your parents were like you shouldn't. You should be teachers, but you you gravitated, towards that. It just felt like a the right You do word something you wanted to do. What was that say that, while what's what interesting is none of us are doing what we got. Our degrees in you, which is well for me, it was elementary education- It was actually elementary education, I mean that here and there, like I just I have an apartment so occasionally I'll take the keyboard out, but its very rare, but he must have what you grew up taken less a young girl. Take lessons played a lot until I was in college, you know and then what you really serious. I was serious up until about age, twenty one I just kind of realized, like the knowledge as Hannah I got, I was surrounded by these people who were so town.
and I'm novices I'm. You know when you're like struggling too much work If they had rights, not natural and non natural. You just see a dude that just goes out there, like you, are a monk style with three notes and you're like what the fuck was, that s exactly yeah the language that I'm not fluent in you know, so that was like depressing, but I just made my shift into you know education. Is that point just as like? I guess I got to do something so, but I was all oh doing stuff in the theater department. Just on a whim I would or dish for shows then started doing some and up here you know as part of a do. Oh say the outrage in college I began, my parents were were supported. They were always, I think they have add blend of like yeah. Of course we support anything. You want to try to do yeah, but there was, I am, I think it's probably just hard wired and me too, of lake I wanna makes room to taking care of you. I want to pay my bills right. So I was I was,
teaching. I was like substitute teaching initially yeah and then I just got hired full time to be a music teacher, so I did that for five years, wow, it's a cycle I don't like the pay. The bill sing it just sort of where do I, when I think back on your pursuing what we do it? It's it's really sorted crazy but I like that because teacher is not big money. Gig now But you must have thought like. You must get some joy out of out of doing it. At of helping kids I love, I loved it in the sense of helping kids. introducing them to the arts, Ah, how is it hussar? Your music? I was amusing teach. I also did the plays with them. So we put up like sound of music, really fair elementary parliamentary a year we had a pretty good. To put our principle was very supportive, so yeah we kind of had carte blanche to to do what we wanted. You were the archie guy. I was the archie. Luckily had a couple other people that I could operate with right so yeah it was. It was like the thing that I think wound
inadvertently. Helping me here was your public speaking. You know I was in front of like one hundred kids yeah cause. They crammed a lot of kids together, be like three classes at once right, so I was speaking of the music stuff, yeah yeah yeah, because of budget cuts. You get a bunch of kids at once, so I would be speaking from like one hundred kids, two hundred kids on some level without realizing it, your kind of sharpening your publics speaking like just keeping people's attention. And if they're, kids, you're really you gotta gotta gotta go over the top to give that attention absolutely do yeah and some, like second shows on a saturday for sure it's going to come in handy, oh man, how's everybody doing that's right. It was the same like. Let me go really big. You know really loud yeah yeah, you gotta, get that that's good. Those are good to have for sure for that for the drunk he show yes yeah, it helped, but like eyes. We working with kids, like I, I I can't imagine life for me. I just thinking about it. There's gotta be just this serve
this this beautiful bittersweet thing, because at that age, in elementary school, go there There are two short of defined, so I write it's like you're, saying these personalities and how they're engaging with each other and there's gotta be every day you're, just you're a guy that kid's going to be trouble or that. can going to have a hard time like just like every day. Sort of way did just so cause there's. Brutal well yeah, you can projects, you see like the little version three and you kind of can project like alright, I see where this is going and it's not good or I was the guy that guy made cry yeah, yeah yeah. There was a lot of that in but yeah it's it's interesting too, because I was k through five as a music teacher, I had the whole the whole school year. So it was that thing of like the kindergarten. Kids. Are our babies they're just there
it's unbelievable that there are even out of their homes, yeah right and then the fifth graders are like what you're saying, you're you're kind of seeing like the some monsters happen. Yes, yes, yeah, so disruptive ones, the ones that have no interest in what you're doing yep and then the the fragile ones that are trying to get you to like. Please you and then they get shit from the one that so again, what do you do and you're kissing the teachers asked oliver and it's queens on topic, so you got a range of fucking every sigh, yeah, kid yeah yeah it was, it was like the? U n really it was. It was kids. That's right! You know yeah, no yeah. I forget that about queens. It's like the most diverse place in the fucking world. Yeah. Is it though, actually it? It is one of 'em queens. anti? If I'm not mistaken, is the most diverse place in the world
I couldn't believe it like when I lived in a story and like I remember cause you move thereafter me like I was. I was long. I was there were long out and even a weird sad now but like when I was there. It's, like you add as broken, was getting up and I don't know nothing about brooklyn, zero and Ivan any concept of work when I know, but we were like his queen starting to happen. My queen is not going to happen. It's happening. It's debts, Syria's happening, yeah story is hip. It's like restaurants bars, a lot of the old mom and pop things are gone and it's like yeah really yeah. It is. I was there for it. I had that apartment for, like a decade or more, there seemed to be a style to queens. That was eclectic and an international, but it did not seem movable while the thing about a story that I think made. It movable was all of the greek people that primarily owned. Everything realized can cash in because all of the people that are getting priced out of manhattan or brooklyn so yeah
How that's what had now it's like an equal balance of like there's, still a greek neighbourhood. We then, I think they d made money on rain in the hipsters. I like. I was always fascinated that right. You know you get off the train. I used to get off at thirtieth right, so there was just double markets. There was to almost identical virtual margaret had about it all hours. There was like a muslim families, greek, just families from other countries shopping with young children. It too in the morning, I'm like it's like what it would do, not sleep when you close yeah, it's too late like. Why are the kids out yet start to realize what people parent differently in different places. That's,
we're like on the nature of the gates were like any opposite. It's. Why don't? I deduce that it was always exciting to me because you, like almost at any hour there is people like looking at vegetables and my son. I can't get it and working one thirty, what he yes, people working of eligible that I got. You know what the vegetables, arson and the vegetables would be arriving at all different. Now, as the data, I really got it. I really a sort of. I dug it. So you're, teaching and yet do you decide for five years? You did this. I did this for five year, yet insurance you were in you know he looked like a lifetime thing. No, no. I never considered it lifetime because I was doing more and more stand up with a guy while the first two years with a guy, but then broke off and kind of like you know he was, and of doing his own, like writing and staff, and I was more and more starting to do it so low how'd. You me deca queens college, where our was studying education there once I went to see real queens guy. While I went to c c n Y in manhattan for the jazz piano thing.
But when that didn't work out, I transferred to queen that must have been heartbreaking, just sort of like I'm going to be a musician, and then you get there. When you see all these kind of surveys, and weirdos. I was pretty crestfallen. I was like I guess, I'm just going to be a teacher in queen seen outweigh its a deer. Remember the moment of watching someone else play piano where you like. I do you do. I do distinctly remember two things but one was there, was a guy in my class who had like the longest fingers had ever seen raised off. They will accept just like so long, certainly, and he was put place, a monk tune and an end. It was so like simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking because he was like to me. You'll never be able to do this. It that's why how it was registering. It was like, while he so talented, and I'm never going to be able to do that.
So that was yet. That was one moment that really resonated another was RON carter, the legendary bass player with miles Davis and Herbie hancock. He was the head of the jazz department at him. Why so you had to play in front of hair for your jury. They called it at the end of the semester, so I played in front of him. you other professors here and it was fine, but I just felt so nervous, and so you again like that, like, this isn't coming, naturally This isn't what I meant to do yes playing in front of RON Carter again was thrilling, but also an affirmation of like I should ron Carter shouldn't have to be listening to me. Ah yeah, but did you feel like it, because my expression is weird he he, you know in terms of like what you choose to do for your creative expression and it seems that the requirements, Forgetting your craft in place as a pianist and then as a jazz pianist and then to be able
the journey out. Oh yeah, it's like you know. Yours yeah was I it's yours, but it's also a disposition. It's sort of like. Can I let myself am I going to have that freedom, yes of expression that I want if he and I guess all its natural. My brother was a task where and when he wrote he I knew early on that he was going to have to work twice as hard. They just didn't have the natural ability right? Is it same piano You know what it is is like. I think for says comics there, I think we have the ability to do what you just said in terms of stand up, I didn't have that ability with the piano I was of fine like I played. I was always like the guy who played piano up and so high school. College? And you know I could play the piano, but I was not a professional like there was levels that I knew. What you make it your own. my own, yet, which is what I wanted to do and where I something to be re, my expression what's wrong.
But yeah you're right, though, that if you I don't know how you you generate comedy by watch that thing you did about louis, because that got around got you some juice and I got around but like what I notice about it more than you know. What was being said was. That was that the first time you did it, when they add the tape that got out it was maybe among the I'd I did it all that week that he came back so maybe it was like the fifth time but like as there was like. You know that that was one of those things where you know. Sadly, you know in our game in our racket that you, you know when you're going to choose yo, even somebody who's disgraced, you're, going to choose to kind of like news. as a point of reference and to make a broader point, but, like you know, I saw that these talking about jazz, where you choosing your beats, like you know you you're moving, so our your wake as you, you know you find you finding it in right right and then, like you, know, house again and not just be a fuck you
you think, I'm absolute, you know in a bigger piece about culture and you know like, but I saw you deliberating was, It is a nice timing, but there that's that freedom is at that's what we ve learned after a decade or two of doing this is that, like I'm gonna go, out there and I'm going to see you know where this goes, because with what we do after point, thankfully, if it's not working you can sort of like I can get at of That's right, and he literally said that, and it was working especially the women were very excited, but I don't know what the experience was, because I know that room, but I know that like there must have been some people that were kind of like whoa, just kind of yeah yeah, it was a mixed bag. You know, I think deliberate is the. Is the right word in general deliberating whether or not to do the stuff right deliberating whether not to put it out right, but like I said in the in the pieces, things that I was thinking a lot about an talking a lot about you, then, in with this kind of stuff, I'm fine in it for myself. You know,
you do think about it a lot and then there comes at point where you like. Why? How do I make this funny and not spiteful or self righteous. Absolutely to be funny in the end. For me, that was the important thing of doing it and- and therefore, for sharing it because, like you said, I too, it was more of a macros right men on all of these things. It's not specifically some of the pieces that came out were like comedian, slams Louis or whatever ride me. That's not that's not the point. It's quick. Yeah, it's a macro discussion round, all of it. So to me that was what merited like alright, let me share this, even though it is like I'm a big about putting now out, but material. I was doing on stage. I was doing it on that stage, in particular here week yet owe it to me it felt like a right. Let me make this part of the conversation, If it had not hopes, I was happy about. I was happy for you because, like there what you realize in our world, not unlike in
world in general that it's not it's not even a loyalty thing, but the fear of of cultural reprisal yeah. You know from your p, or from a contingent in the audience gray, is stifling so, like you know, when you're what you're thinking about things like that, that are gonna, be provocative, sure Are you have to be willing to shoulder that? That's right part. your process. It doesn't just happen that week. That happens because I've been working at the seller for a long time, that happens because I've been working in the style that you're alluding to the a long time, and that was, something that evolved to like? think it's actually the style that you work like. That became My process later, I was more heavily written in the early going of my career, but then As I got older, I could do more thinking on my feet. Go up with ideas, right kind of flesh them out the best yeah. That's the jazz part, absolutely yeah, so I think that the peace
Does it does show that, like you know it has comedic merit to which was important to me in show like, the evolution of things that are happening right now and If you see somebody do a set on Conan or wherever it stuff. That's like done. four and a half minutes. You know all the Dante right the earth, so this to me was like yet showed it showed that price well yeah by it, but also with sort of like that we live in a culture right now that there there are enough people do pick sides, it's very divisive on a lot of levels, and there is this sort of you know. The thing I liked about that bit was that you were like what What are we yearning for? You know what? What is it that we used to be that is that can be seen, is better Do you know like what was at freedom, or was it really just the utter insensitivity? That's right right,
you know the pc culture can write yeah just living in this type of world or that type of work. Yeah yeah, I mean, I think, we're talking about kind of basic decency on a lot of that is right and they're like oh, what a lot of like people who you're kind of still use that sort of thing everything's to pc to pc. What there are limits to everything by like in terms of of decency and turn of like you, we got past the word chinaman eventually You know what I mean we don't talk. African americans are black people, colored people anywhere. There is an evolution that happens culturally. That happens because it's out of decency and respect well anytime. Think your railing against what the new progresses yeah you're, going to be on the wrong side of history. If your railing against me, too, or if you're railing against women the boy here yeah you know. I all of which is really tied to chlamydia too right. Yeah people I'll have like what that's that's might be a problem
Well I mean yes and no, no social media in a sense innocence doesn't let much there's no air, there's, no there's no bread you know, there's no sort of like to it. It's over, oh yeah, yeah. There's definitely complications to to weigh all the way all of that works, but I do think like when, when voices get through, on a mass level? Whether it's me to react were in a black lives matter, does realizing an opinion for the the man culture of rio. While this is this, that's true yeah no definitely thought it was funny. I thought it was now as it was decent deal enroll in an eon, it's not even satire, but it's just it's a risk. the ability of a comic who is awake to sort of it. I see things, however, they're going to do it, and I think that you know how
I think that's one of the big reasons why people or outside of being upset with Louise transgressions. There have said that, like he didn't confront like the that he's the guy. So he's going to come back and then not talk about it. I think That's a big component of of the kind of fire that's touched off is like you came back after period of time and yet you're you're the one of the truth guy. So let's tell the truth. Tell the personal truth of it yeah yeah so yeah it is it. Is it s a whole? Other thing: that's not really what you were talking about if we use the idea that you know like a just did this. It's like yeah, but right. That's bad that's bad right, exactly exactly like to me: yeah it is it's that hard thing, but a but also again like artistically or comedic lee right. If this is what
do all the time and again that was the impetus for ultimately sharing it. After I talked to fellow comics rioted- and you know, kind of trusted confidants if our doing it, you mean know no before putting out right there. They had. I have been doing it for like, especially at that level we get anywhere it's the kind of thing that has a shelf life. I I that's not the kind of material that I want to be doing. The other thing I wanted to point to is that you know in terms of like what we do in and when we do something that in wires, a certain amount of risk taking and you're conscious of it, and that you know at the end of it. You said: okay, I'm going to do my act now, like you know, you're like this, this had to be said. Yeah. Now, I'm going to do my other thing, yeah yeah! Well, it's funny because you know working that week. The response was interesting from other comics and I really like what yeah like
just people saying like a man. That's that's heavy like you, like, that's really good stuff or that you know yeah. He has no I'm seeing you do that. The owner has gnomes seen you do see yeah yeah, he did and we had plenty of conversations. You know him yeah that whole week we had conversations because you were doing it while just about the fact that louis had come back right and and then the flight at the table. A lot of people were talking about or just you and novice was just a haas yeah and what was the nature of those conversations will just like you know, kind of expressing some concerns about the way that he, had come back. You know now just new has shown yet as young like for aught, for our work space you know like. Maybe it requires further examination Ah ha, that's! That was really the extent of interesting. Like you know, this is this: is your club in there? what kind of environment do we want to have? That's you know safe for women safe for women patrons for all of us. You know. Ah, so he hatches those can any to gnome's credit very open to it very
You know what we have a great relationship as far as the schedule. I have no hesitancy to bring our anything tat. I have. I really wonder what all this, what would I really wonder what it would be like if his father was still alive? if male, he was still around if gnomes dad was around in this was happening with his inward. Illustration of of politics in his. you know. I wonder I would have been like you would know better than me, because I wasn't there a whole lot during the mani era. Yeah. You know, I'm just curious here cause no one seems like a you know, a a a bright guy in indefinitely, a guy that will engage in and waste stuff, yeah yeah, sometimes to a fault like where I think you know Initially, he was taking it from kind of strictly a free speech. Point of view right, but this is more. I think it's more complicated than that, so but anyway yeah. Ultimately, I kind of just wanted to put that peace out.
Ultimately, he said to you. What was I let him know about that as well? I didn't I didn't want him to be surprised, like you know, let you know that once you got past the free speech to fancy, you know where it: where did he land on it with you I think he kind of end. Sure it's like evolving day to day where he stands on it, but I think at that point he said, like you know, I think can put people on stage and the audience can. to stay or leave or whatever. And you know so I said. Well, you know it's your it's your club and rightly, but I just felt compelled to eat and it's it's difficult because I think, especially at the seller, we are any club at year end especially like to depending on where your area, you don't want to come Why is that relationship right, but I luckily I don't feel as though I am in that territory with gnome that you know
think I would care either way, like I'm gonna say it regardless. Sir interesting thing because this is a micro of sort of the macro of what's happening. You know politically yeah in in washington in general, not vision. You know we're going sit here say what wonderful men these republicans would be. You know if, if trump there because they proved to be cowards and craven cowards, but but what's a risk even now on a mac micro level is a comedy club is like now my job yeah sure I don't want to have you know. I don't want to be a pariah sure, because you know I I'm speaking out, but it's always easier to stay, quiet right or or not, pick a side. So you can kind of. not if you're guy, that talks about you, that's right, that's right, yeah, and so Yet for me, it was like again. I wanted to kind of since I was doing it on stage. I felt as though
I know, I'm not going to save this for my next special or whatever, I'm I'm going to just put this out, because it's relevant now with the cabinet style yeah. I think Cosby had just been conveyed right at day yeah. So I was like you know. This is kind of the time to just put it out, be part of that discussion, and how did you put it out? How did you choose? I just put it on on youtube alibaba that was it and then let it have its own life. Yeah, yeah and just start, like you know, like I think, like ten different er outlets wrote like little articles on it, anyway come because, like by by nature. You yummy, you do self referential stuff in your comedies, not specifically better go where you know it's like fifty fifty know, yeah like the special that I'm putting out now is is like half of it is about my marriage at the time, my upcoming, but now you know we are, and I and the other half is kind of socio political talking about the world, yeah politics and yeah, so it's half and half now, wouldn't it be you're working at the history of you. You know in terms of your involvement with the you know getting your
or pay for comics and and also your involvement with the occupy movement in this type of stuff. In that you feel, do you have a a heavy your conscience, right? I think a lot of us do, but you know, You seem to be. You take action nothing on stage necessarily, but you have this. You know something to be done about this in order that come from that's a good question. I may be from my parents a little bit maybe just partially again who who I am am, but I like when I'm really compelled by something you know it's not like a calculated thing, we're when a he compelled to think about a topic or to engage with as far as if it's gonna make it into my ad yeah? I think it for me. It has to be funny. I don't way, go into dogma or right for me, like I I think it has to have comedic merit that I find a way to say it. That's real! Regardless!
how you feel about the year. You can be like that's funny, that's well done, but in life as far as getting involved like with the the organizing, with comedians for pay raise where the occupy stuff. It was more like stuff that I was thinking a lot about frustrated about, and just like found. My there. You know yes, not pre, predetermined of like this. when we have a year's only was in career motive hated. You know, like you're, guided psyche. I m there I'm doing this where, like a lot of us, are sort of like well, it's a you know, I'm with him that guy's doing it down whatever and then, when you show up and go, we used on this thing like yeah yeah, I'm glad you out there doing it. There was a lot of that yeah. It's alright yeah. He said yeah. Those are the two kinds of people, I'm glad someone's out there doing that I'm bomb behind them, one hundred percent, but I got things to do over here, yeah. I go on how long demarche going to take
how many steps have, whereas if one day that are now my my special is called senior class of earth, because it does have this impending feeling of like where that we could be the last one c, I m so that the special the ozone. with those types of topics here and again, more macro not just like doing trump jokes. We're just yeah yeah. No, I am be doing it myself. Like I literally say you know, yeah the or the world is ending, and I I know like you know when we were kids, you watch as scary. It's documentary and you ask your parents. Is the oregon end, though not for a million years. I'm like nothing, we're going to see it. I think we're going to get in under the wire. That's right! That's right! Where they're getting the alerts on her phone yeah, that's right, yeah and we're all a little complicit. I didn't. I didn't know: do we do all we could yeah? Well, that's the right, I of like what you were just saying is like and I don't blame any see, I don't blame anyone for checking out. I really don't like it is so
We and we do have so much on our plates and depending on where you rat in your own life, you might just like time to just one. I like closed the curtains, and you know just do your own thing, but also think like on another level. Like you know, maybe it's a rationalization in the way I think about it, but there there there is, there was always just assumed luxury afforded to us, because we were americans like this was a country where we could do what we wanted to do, and many of us did so when it came This sort of, like you, people detached from their city, responsibility. Even if it's as simple as just voting right, you know, then it was sort of like we. You don't have an understanding of how the framework this thing has to function, yeah and like everybody has an understanding, but it's completely try ballistic yeah yeah. Now it's like now foggy alike, but would even to over the last thirty years here they ve been mobilized in
being away at the state meal governments and we have been what getting our core, tighter and being mindful of ourselves in working on me beyond its well being in the now. It is apathy, but I think it's sort of like white. It is still an american thing. Will it's almost like with atheists? Em too, is I can't I can't like brush people who don't vote with one with right brush. im sure you this very bright people who don't vote there. You know so like you can brush, with me, I mean, what's what's the analogy: atheism the analogy being that, like the cat- could share of an atheist. Is that they're, like you know that they don't have some, sort of moral core or they haven't thought it through: they, they don't have some moral center. Yet They are there to bear these godless right right. Heathens went right when in fact, the lot of atheists ard like just the most decent people. You not wish. people who don't vote, I think it runs. The spectrum is what I'm saying people
don't go, you could have people had just don't take their civil responds, I mean you could also people that really think it through point where they're like. I generally don't believe this matters, while those people you can brush with one Can they should vote? No, I I would agree with you personally. I would agree with you. You know the thing about like your atheists. Is that they're there? I think the other, the the the the the ones that don't get characterize. That often are the people that, like you and I I've said before it's like it's, not that I don't believe in god. I just don't give a shit, part of my brain like I'm not craving it. I don't feel since necessarily, unless I buy into this virtual dogma. Yes, you know, I'm not saying my life is perfect in the I fill my god hole with. You know caffeine and tina occasionally in whatever is necessary, both do worse by who called it got all anyways may just be in a person being awake sure, but
but we are now we're getting at intellectual about it, but when he started, with the team, but I'm a, I hope, you're not mad. I didn't watch it though, especially no. No, of course not. I know there's clips online for people that yet there's little is the first big special. Will. You know it's interesting because I've put out three. This is the third and I've self produced all three of them, so I've kind of done this d. I Y thing yeah, and but with this one, what came about was our relationship with bill Berea and Al Madrigal. They have accompany all things comedy up that up until now has primarily been a podcast network right, but in their production deal. There are big time now. That's right, yeah, yeah, so an eye- the guy, got a text from owl too likely a ted's in the also doing even reduce guy. Yes, so yeah, so it was kind of like after I shot this. You know I put my own money into it: shouted at the village underground the sellers, a second club,
and then was kind of wondering? Where am I going to distribute this? You know like I wanted it. Obviously seen by out more people right, So just a coincidentally had a conversation with Alan, he said were starting to distribute specials. So for me it was like committee. in company. You know like supporting artist directly, yeah, you know that whole thing at all gibes with clear yours, ability now so when he said- doing comedy idea was what was the team thing, the team was just I think it was in that period of okay, I'm not a jazz pianist, I'm an education major. What am I going to do I still want to be in the arts. What what am I going to do creatively, so I was trying out for the is it they had their just started hanging out with the theatre department. Acquaints college year met this guy house James really, funny guy he was putting up, shows every semester, kind of essen, l style here, monti, python, gas, sketched out, get stuff and showed him
stuff that I had written and he was like yeah. This is really great. We're going to put this in the show, and that, for me, was the epiphany of wow. I wrote he likes something I and we put it up here- you know so that was like the spark of like seeing the the seed of writing and then putting it up. Yeah well yeah yeah, it's like hey they're laughing. At the thing. I did yes, yes, so then he and I just started to go to open mics around brooklyn, queen with a bit yeah catches sketches yeah. We we actually got past at the the comic strip for like a second an audition, didn't we didn't as a team as a team, because I started in team two in college. I didn't know that yeah steve brill, who is now a director who I just saw recently we you know we had put some together to audition for something, but then we went out and we did a few I'm him really stick, but it was really it wasn't. It wasn't like a team. thing, it was more like sketches like there's like for the teams. Do exist in their rare. There is usually a dynamic
can they do catch a little bit, but there is usually the guph. You know, there's a thing yeah. You know it's not always I got in the way you do and characters. I think we think we had was that he he was shorter than me like, wouldn't bet that was, are they're good for five minutes right right, but it It was a good entree into the stand up world. I don't know about you. being in a team was like the drive home was just or this train ride. Home was just a cooler thing is talk. How was your shirt that worked yeah as opposed to just being on the train by yourself going fuck? Yes, maybe only looking at your notebook, what the fuck exactly happened with that, yes and you know it's your fault, cuz there's. Nobody sitting is the worst man yeah get like I don't know like bad said still fuck with me. well they should write is don't. I feel at this point like a bad set is, is a gift
because they're they're in the minority at this point right. So if something goes wrong, it's like an opportunity, because you, a good set? You don't really give a second thought to rain, don't think about nor analyze it but a bad set. You you like what what what did I do? There are sometimes I know it's like I'm off, but I also know the audiences can be off my liking, but also just weird like because I've been so you talk about certain things I got, I don't have any problem. Tacking. Lately I've got to back into it older format that used to do, or I'm just doing these sort of like operatic attacks, You know, wilkins and Jesus and Laguna, but there's a big. You know end of the world scenario that involves mike pence and, unlike you know, I'm thrilled about that yet. But then, when I have to sort of personally approach, as in one or guy who is now in a shifting cold, awareness. What is I mean to me. How is my mind changing rhino now, because
yeah. I was an old school dude you! You know there was a language to things and that's changing, so I'm changing and I can feel So how do I approach that know you step into that, like you must have felt that when you're talking about Lou two without louis is, you know what this is. It's not just like it's, not a You can do tat from its like you're all in iran and your honor any feel like you started If there was a couple of attempts, I made things and it's like it's not there. Yet- and this is dicey, shit and you don't want to be misunderstood, feeling of like when you do a set that doesn't work you I got you when we were younger, we might have bailed that's right, but now you're sorta, like I got, figured out gotta figure it out. Yeah you have to you have to sit in that and that kind of Not knowing all mistake, the you know you mean it is like when you mean what you're saying
the audience knows it right, even if you're not landing everything right, they know. I got this guy's, or did you ve only what you feel and on its guy yeah yeah but it demands more of you re like because after those sets you like it like I remember Gary goldman saying to me after one of the sets he's like. Are you doing this like every every night is like that's got it's gonna be like exhausting, unlike certain I said, don't do it just because if I had like two or three sets in the night, so yeah right and you can also feel the room it's sort of like I'd want to yeah. I want to fight for the next ten minutes and the thing is like: do you have to assess? Do I have the energy to do this? I just did at one time tonight or two times tonight. I is really no need to do it. A third till it's scary and its deploy you know yeah yeah yeah requires a level of concentration. I guess I never think in those terms I just think sort of like do. I have the courage this one.
because, like I know it's get, I don't think in terms of depleting, but I know I'm going to be in that insanely, vibrant present. You know, like you, you know I give does require all you. I guess I don't think in terms of like I'm exhausted. I just think in terms of like to have fight in me. You know to to put the im back together if the bottom falls out and what what I'm saying is that I get to think he's doing it's the same. You have to assess that, like from from show to show rate records, do theirs nothing wrong with. Doing a show where it's just fun for you and that you're not you know, We have a lot of material that the other thing that the other figures are likely to have, depending on who's, been on there's the idea of like do. I want to ruin the fun yeah cause, there's a real chance that I, like I'm, going to ruin the fun for about a third of these people and do over yeah. I apologize in advance are going to ruin some people's fun right now, yeah, but you know I'll upload.
Back after yeah. Well, you know, what's funny too, is like the last few years. I've been opening for gaffigan so like wow, That's a pretty that's a pretty there it's a safe zone will yet no air like. Yet when I, when I open for Jim, I do stuff that I would do probably for a tv say our in a right. It I mean there's literally families that is for everything from kids to your parents right so animals Opening for- and you know, tat did Jim lay it down three. If I could you not know now, I know he pretty much says you know, do what you want, but you know I'm aware of who is on the other, what his brand? It's. So, when your opening for someone your where that, but it's almost, this dual life now of lay out. You know I would obviously I would never do any the stuff that was like in the cellar care when I'm opening for gm or the poetic stop right so stuff that, like you, know, to delves into issues that could be polarizing, so it is to have a foot in both to me like there. Equally compelling things to explore,
and I'm sure you you have to do. I mean you've. You've made your decision, you know it's not even a decision, but what I'm saying is. Ah, like There are people who see me when I open for gym yeah, that's great and then, if they see like something, that's more political, we didn't think you were that's right, although that happens to me cause like now, people either, and they know me from the podcast or they know me from glow, which means they don't know my comedy if they don't know my comedy at all or they've made assumptions about you know, but I mean anyone who knows me or on some level knows that I I can get political, but I'd made a choice for years to sort of keep the focus on me and run everything through me. You, like you, know, what's going on with me in relation to this, and I think we all do that to a certain degree, but to sort of step outside of that say like this is what's happening, so we can. I ask because that's interesting to me was that that so that was a conscious decision cosette, that's something that like is on my mind to of like it was it was about appearing self righteous. Ok,
cause like. I had to own that that if I'm, if I'm coming on top of I'm coming over them and I'm saying liking- oh don't you know, you don't understand rewrite then you know that that's. That is not human. I don't have that really I it's not really how I feel, but sometimes, in order to deliver that kind of stuff? You want that distance, which is somewhat condescending and a little self righteous, and I don't wanna be that guy, yes, so most of the time now like outside of like larger sort kind, I like elaborate satirical attacks on you know the vice president in christianity, brain which I I still try to be diplomatic about her by saying like why don't believe this, and I understand that some people doing whatever or I say like look, I'm not I'm not saying I I don't I'm not part of this part of this when I say we're all complicit, I mean me, I'm not being condescending right now. We all fucked up, that's right. So I that's how I'm started starting to accommodate,
What I think is our artistic responsibility, which is to address issues you can't. You know for some like me. I can't go on stage in not being there at the neurotic you know kind of like aggravated person. I am I'm not going to detach from what's causing a tremendous amount of anxiety and show you an end and try to address it from that point of view, because I think most people are stifled and they you know they do feel everybody feels a little bit ashamed somewhere in there. You know The people that are you going like fuck, you, though you know their shame has turned into something else. They have allowed themselves to become monsters, but those of us who just feel guilt for not doing enough for not knowing what to do or not being informed. You know, I can understand that sure. So I kind of play with dead zone liking, but, like I was in denver a couple weeks ago and I realized: power in that idea,
Basically, you know depressed everybody in the room, while yeah I've gotten to that point where they're like whoa. This is not hopeful at all and I'm like ugh, I had it like collecting out it yeah he was in. It was a dig, but it was sort of like ok. I know what I did yes, you are. we're all sad now and it's I just made it not worse by you and I don't assume they all came here to avoid everything by, but I sort of like you know, there's a difference there you see between saying we're fucked by death, it's okay, to acknowledge it, and maybe it'll be okay as a sorority to just be aware: fuck, yeah, yeah and elegant and yeah. It is delicate- and I think like that, dynamic of and and it's it that dynamic is present on so many things on stage in life engagement, vs, detachment. Sure right am I to engage with it and really mine it communicates orders has from it big
does? Maybe I don't have the energy or the audience, like you said, came to escape this So many like ways, and it is ever present I'd like getting back to that. We just got this alert on our phone. It's ever prayer. ever present I'd like getting back to that. We just got his alert on our phones. It's ever present, You can't detached from it on some level it's always there, but you know, I think, who this is do- have The obligation, especially guys who this is what and also I think people are afraid- and I always address in fact that there may be people like I'll say like you and there. Maybe you know, and also I think people are afraid, and I always address the fact that there may be people like I'll say. Like you know there may be. You know trump vote supporters in here, but it but then I'll say, think at this point, if you are, apologizing or blindly supporting this guy you're, probably a shitty person.
I mean at some level your will shitty. While I have. I have a thing, I'm here to trade yeah on this special. I say you know a lot of people said. I wish my grandparents had lived to see obama get elected me as his first black president, and I you know I I wish my grandparents had lived to see trump get elected because they were racist and they would very excited about this- I'm not saying I'm not saying that everyone who voted for trump is racist, something my grandparents were right. If you vote for trump, you probably would have liked them. Yeah exaggerates yeah. It's like finding ways to save. Well the the the the the most difficult part about it is. Is you start to realize that you know- and I did it on my last special- that you We do have more in common than we don't, but there is no bridging the ideological gap anymore. Then, there's no com, occasion there, because is a wall for them. he offered you whatever twenty thirty percent of the people. That
wine. We follow him anywhere without in a really kind of me, in his immorality or his or her pathology or why what is really doing to the government and even you just gotta, cut them loose yeah and and hope that they don't give vial or weird during your set does right. It will work ass. An ailing for us as stand up is, I think, we're We were kind of among the last spaces where these things are discussed publicly. We can't we don't go into a room knowing those numbers, we don't hurry, any analysis of whose in front of us I mean we might have some guess, but like we do what we right. So it's one of the last spaces where ideas. Just go out into a room full of people by, but that by a but also it's weird is at that's, become threatened by our own self sensors. And also by the culture reality that, depending on
your you know is making. You know create a shitstorm for you sure you know, like you know, I was more popular public figure and somebody ina recorded this pence, bynum I would be fuckin pummelled sure. For a lot of different reasons, but because I don't have that protraction. You know we are not holding up the bloody head of donald trump by right, but interesting that we are afraid not a a true sort of fascist imperative, which is why we will arrest people that do this, there is because of city of social media platforms. The minions will be served areas. There is a momentum that can be unleashed and that is a pretty terrify show. Like we're up against that possibility, yeah so
But then there is the idea that, like your comic, you know what about the both sides and would like. Why can do that by? But the other side is what it is right. the indian. I'm not saying that my politics are, you know our deeper right am I stand up. can assess, what we're missing. all of us in this situation. Right and I also think that, with the backlash stuff, we also have the option of just not reading it. You know I don't have to read the comet. section on on on youtube. I don't have to read the comments in twitter. Like I put work out that I'm proud of. I thought it through a young. Read it now. it was part. I really don't yeah. I don't care if there is like a you know the odd thing about you, lib tard, whatever blah blah blah, oh yeah, I just kind of scope. I don't like because yeah that doesn't I don't. I don't want to know in a comedy I don't want to know what everyone thinks we're having this collective x. I dont need it's a collective
I don't need to know what every person thinks their experience, all all very moment, right yeah, but it's a collective, but then one hundred thousand other people can experience like now. I just got shit on louis, that's yeah and they're, just watching it at their computer or maybe not even watching they just reading the headline exactly yeah, it's a different thing yeah, but this guy's cancer. It's like a quick spreading virus it had choosing men moment that, with my producer, where I re tweeted something many gods, shit from both sides like he was getting em and I said to him. I says a real fucking shit storm on two he's like he's like now, if not it's it's a shit storm. If a reporter calls you re right, yeah, yeah and everything is so fleeting now that yeah, even if it's a couple days of the old people, seem to be responding to the everything it's so weird that people just like sharks consuming information is a sort of wake me. You swim
way from self, you know neither its pneumonia no moment Ok, so you, when you were out of the team, illusion ass. You lucian added comic strip at the strip here, which was there was a big deal, is probably the first. You know his at that time. The strip was made. maybe even a career me from Rome might have been even a little ahead of the seller. That point is like an eye conic, because the seller kind of cane seller was always its own world yeah. The strip was old timer club there. You know, like a lot of people started in buddy, it's sort of like there was in the comics era at a certain point where they were all working, but a lot of them were, you know like get. It was sort of an it became sort of a regional thing. I think that, like you know, I didn't go up there much. He passed me, but I I, for me it always becomes like, and then I got to go up there and, unlike your standard new york same things, I gotta say I can do all the way uptown yeah right right, but I mean I did all of them at some point, but the strip had a different type of audience. Who is definitely, I think You did
The seller was always sort of international and local and Israel was kind of bridge internally yeah and then the the state of new york was a weird contest. People yeah they're they're there to see for the funniest palmer account yeah. It was a. It was an audience sing, but yeah yeah, it was the strip for me, was like the first kind of stamp of approval of feeling like an amo new york, comic right, then there was danger fields and, like I'd, never set foot in that place. He I did probably fewer than ten yeah yeah. Oh man, those those nights. Remember when all the clubs in new york did like prom show We'll see you there, those from shows like there's a prom, show at five p m, like I can't I'm not doing that. You just walk in and be like a whole bunch of kids in their tuxes from the same fucking school yup. It was a fucking nightmare, five pm or or two am right right and that was run all the worst yeah yeah. He wanted to
I'm sure now you wanna do new year's. Not really! I don't know why wait? Why is it really that much money? Are you going to pay me a million dollars to do the date, eleven thirty and new years yay for seventeen year old? Can't do it, but just gonna jump through the hopes. Did you got you gotta radios and things that initial Like I remember the first time I got asked to do. A prom show like you're excited cause, you hear about them and they pay a couple hundred bucks. That's right. They pay more yeah, so yeah. All those things that you kind of take is a little badge of honor like yeah. I did that. I did that and I only do it again. No there's one thing I learned. Ah, I used to dread the pawn pros because I always always sort of aggravated angry hyper political back in the day it's sort of like what am I gonna do like it took me a while to realize like I'm, not for them. That's right! It's like vegas, he ever go to vegas. Now, really I don't. I don't love vegas, and I know I don't well that's the thing that I think you get better at as a comic is realizing anything
if you say yes to you, don't have to say yes to the second time yeah like right, riot vegas was that for me like I did it. I did it a lot for years. I would do like the riviera are But then you realize like. Oh, I don't like this. You know I don't like being here for a week, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, so eating- and I remember, did you ever do the the catch out in princeton? Well, you'd have to eat, go downstairs and eaten employs your kitchen yea it the first time he goes like this pretty good. They got a little buffet and then you're like this is bad. This is also had a yeah do this way they had the fish swimming out front and you're right right, right, yeah! Isn't that weird, the atrium? Yes yeah? Yes, oh man. good times good times, but then there are good clubs, but but So you think it was weird that you know you worked. Like always audio is like a queens guy in new york. I go in there and ever saw you out here, but you know you did all the things you did letterman when he was there. He did like an all that started happening yet You know cause some people
firstly of late like with the special coming out. Do you know being more visible people say why I haven't heard of you were the clip they came out. Why haven't I heard right where that is? I will, if I, if I have been hiding, it's been, on letter written on without that's where the thing is it I've weren't you gotta, look at. That is a good thing gap corti caused like him just means you're still discoverable. I mean I still at this point a most ten years in or nine years and change. We did a nine years in with the pack ass you still so how the hell do people watch anything you know like that's. The weird thing is like you think, like I put all the stuff out there yet four years, you're sorta like I can't do that, because I have already done it. I did it. You know four years ago on, Why do people watch anything? That's right! You know like that's. The weird thing is like you think, like I put all this stuff out there yeah for years, you're sort of like I can't do that because I have already done I did it for you go on Conan, it's like no one saw it. Nobody saw it. You know
yeah? Maybe your fans did, but that's. The other thing is that you didn't want disappoint the people that have been with you by doing material or whatever sure so, for the people there I'd be. I saw that bidden, unlike arright. Yes, let you want from me. Yeah everybody loves free bird. We mueller! Yes, can you be patient while the others catch onto our joint? Again? Yes, hey Andy. I can't remember what it was like when I was a kid you know I don't know. If that's sway in the. I can't remember what it was like when I was a kid you know, but I want I dunno if that's necessarily true, if it's a longer piece like the one you're describing and I think like there is, there is something to to seeing it again like surf. You know there are. No, I think, that's true. You know like yeah, because people are too quick to say, like oh, no there's the element of surprise as some people get. The point I was indent from doing these aren't have sets it or on their shit and then there's some weighty going like what about the kitten identity Kapital, unlike really we get in the weird thing is sometimes I don't even remember bits.
That, or even a year old white guys when I shelve it sort of like I got a new, the needle in the idea and hopefully will pick up. My wife is that a time she has like a really like photographic memory should be like what what weren't you do that bit about this anymore. I'm I take from. I told you I you know how remember that. That's right now it's weird right here and then some bits, unlike so of specialty egg, I did it twice because I always we room in my specialty that I have a little kind of like throw some in their of yes and then right and yeah. There is something cool about like in that moment where it's right, if you like locked, so it's like just leaving that little piece to be scared and yeah and even stand up show. Sometimes I walk off of doing an hour plus, and the only thing that hung with me is that, like that, one thing that that was the best moment and I don't think it'll ever happen again. Yes, it's actually, I can add it in. It was something that happen we think that hung with me is that, like I did that one thing that that was too, at moment, and I don't think it ever happen again. Yes, it is
can't added in it was something that happened yet air and it so that's it ray and that's That's why the beauty of it again, there's party it's right. I wish I could fixing email it happened every I well. I think it gets better well we're saying about that requires a level of yours. Have to do some work pro to getting on stage. I think with for me anyway, with certain parts of those. sometimes they happen organically and right in the great you know, but it has to me there has to be the work put in prior, which for me is like maybe just sitting- writing almost journaling, so that the of his germinating right and it's not hatched. Yet writing only actuating make them right jack. We has rightly you're my note books is now one funny thing in it. It yeah How your brain works, then you know you have at least you have some physical evidence of
the act of writing it? Even if you never look at it occasionally. I agree it's how your brain works, and you know you have at least you have some physical evidence of of the thought process gives you might not get that back yet yeah, you made it really went from yeah just to you know, dancing around in your head too. It's on paper. He and it's usually part of a larger idea that you might not have had yet, but if you can respond by making a note and be like oh yeah, that's still sort of in there I didn't know: you'd have a wife, I gonna get that out. So I met you. Why I know it's weird. You just wanted a new york guys. I don't like. I never knew a lot about and every like you know, that guy, I dont, even when these guy, I know it's weird you just one of the new york eyes ideal. I never knew a lot about every waking. I assume that you lead in ascetic life like a monk of some kind, were you in an apartment? Perhaps imitating or thinking about how you can help the the world
but no yeah. That seems like you have a very nice wife and you know way you seem happy and live in a regular wifi. How'd. You meet her my monastic years, have been rewarded. He added I put in my time yeah. What that you're not far off I was kind of I was, I think, hole. my committed to the I life so yeah. I wasn't in a whole lot of like long term relationships. You know kind of wasn't on my radar of like I was just so yeah. I was focused on comedy, met madeline like ten years ago, why and kind of fell in love back there and we ate it- yeah we dated for a year and a half two years ten years ago, yeah, but she was like in college haha. So it was a friend had, the same caught a friend that I mentioned earlier. High us entered started coming with. He introduced us here, and I met this guy thinking. You would hit it off with and we did we
it off immediately dated, but she was young. So then ten years went by, you know she. She broke it off with me, and I was kind of like heartbroken for a while, but then dawn data people, ten years went by and there she to me a few years back and na said she was back in new york, she had lived in l, a puerto rico, she'd been around her house. She was in italy for a while and so yeah we just kind of pick right up, and it was like this amazing thing of like ten years went by, but it might as well have been a minute and you know still loved her and we just picked up and yeah. It's just a great thing: yeah, that's great! what's the age difference eighteen years since here is a little tainted and a half I I am at fifteen, but I think once you get in your fifties and they're approaching forty, it's like an associate the same is here yeah. I, like forty twenty she's in one area of work. Congratulations on this special on the marriage, nea nino! You seem great thanks, but congratulations to you as well. I told you
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