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Episode 979 - Topher Grace

2018-12-23 | 🔗
Topher Grace is at a point where he’s only going to make what he wants to make. Not all actors can afford that luxury, but Topher tells Marc that working on That '70s Show for seven years taught him more about acting than any school, working with Ashton Kutcher taught him about being fully committed to everything you do, and working with auteurs like Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan and most recently Spike Lee taught him you don’t have to compromise your vision. Topher and Marc also talk about the difficulty of playing a person for whom you have no empathy, as was the case with David Duke in BlacKkKlansman. This episode is sponsored by Stand-Up Month on Comedy Central, Squarespace, SimpliSafe, and Carnival Cruise Line.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the box there is what's happening marin is my podcast w t f tonight. Is christmas eve. quiet. I wonder what you're doing I'm I'm recording this obviously a little earlier than christmas eve, not much made yesterday. Maybe yesterday I may be recorded this, but I have a early, flight, and I feel I should have left last night so as a price camped out, price should adjust been one of those people that finds an awkward place to sleep at the airport, the people sleeping on the. nor at the airport. I think I've ever been a person sleeping on the floor at the airport. Maybe it's time maybe it's time fifty five years old to do something new to sleep on the floor uncomfortably at the airport.
Where people walk by and they wonder what what happened to that guy's life, why is he sleeping here? Does he have a? Did he miss a flight? Is there trouble is there trouble at home? does he have a home? that doesn't really have you judge people like that. If the what am I talking about. Topher grace is on the show. Topher grace he's in blackkklansman, which is now available to buy or rent on digital blu, ray or dvd to buy, talked to topher about stuff coming up. Okay, so I've got a confession. I think that I have to make embrace yourselves because this is only going to mean something to eight people, it's, not even people that are involved in the convey It's just one of these things. Yeah, I'm a middle aged dude. I enjoy music. About musical out. I'm a wreck. guy that I'm not as vocal
dropped as I used to be because just is what it is. is the middle of the night. Last night I did comedy at the comedy store had a good set came home was late and I had a. I got a pack by just our watching guy, I don't even remember why I rented casino, but I did know I've seen a movie. So many times, I think I rented to do some research for the vegas sign, glow that I'm involved in right now- and I hear his song, yoga, scorsese so great at layering, the songs and I'm like who the fuck I mean, I've heard that before, but I don't think I've ever really identified who's playing tar and what group is doing ain't superstitious in the background of one of the casino scenes I've heard it before I don't think I have it. Why don't I have it? Why can identify who it is easier? Clapton? Is it the yard? Birds know it's Jeff Beck group and the album is truth. Now I'm not as grown up or have I ever been a Jeff Beck
I don't know why I do something about instrumental so don't die, don't love, but this agenda that group, this is right. What singing which throw me good. I knew it the faces, but I went and I wish send entire nineteen sixty eight album truth by the Jeff Beck group and I'm Infection is a yesterday. Was the first time I ever listen to that record. I know I know a people that are like. Are you fucking kidding me man that you don't fuck him back shit. I mean that guy's a monster on guitar. He is he and, and I'm sorry on the other side. I still, though, love Jeff back, but that truth. Album is a that's a fucking monster. I'll guitar record, so that's it confession. I don't know who to apologize to. I don't feel bad about it. This the beautiful thing about music is that you find that
The parameters of your musical tastes were usually guided by radio parents. Friends trying to be accepted and whatever those parameters are whatever that road. Is there So many more so you can just there's no late to the party. I'm happy that I've heard it that process it, the some of the possibilities into my own fingers and that's that no big deal. and another thing. I learned this very few I can't watch. I you I can usually but your weapons into my head and take it what were they when they put that guy's head and vice in casino can watch it can't do it just I just cannot just can't fucking. Do it so there's two confessions. I just less than a jet backs truth and I'm incapable of watching the scene where geo petty has a guy's headed device to cassini.
And I'm very proud about at both of those who, I think I I think I'm a better person for both of those things in that confessions are about it's off me now I've I've unloaded that my bird has been lifted. The other thing I did last night at three in the morning is: I decided that I smelled something burning in my house and there was nothing burning in my house. Then I thought maybe I was having a stroke, but I wasn't having a stroke and then I went outside naked because I seem to do that occasionally to see if anything was burning outside there is nothing burning outside, and I didn't know whether or not I locked the garage so I'm wandering around. I think I hear a noise. I think your music, I think I hear maybe someone that you know how inside. My house and I'm out there naked protected by gate and I'm checking the door and sort of panic, and I think, maybe I'll walk myself out of my house naked and I and I'm not paying attention and I smash my head into a light fixture on the outside of the door
so I have a big scratch on my forehead for the holidays, getting a cold. So that's an update. Oh, my god, president. And baby man ruined christmas for so many people so Many people doesn't give a fuck zero fucks the monster in the oval king baby, butter, interesting that I an interesting thing happen: I'll share with you. I did about politics of my father and it was. One sided and there's a twist to this. You know my father- is not a political guy he's not that bright. When it comes to politics, I think he knows who literally anything, which is, I think, par for the course for a lot of people. Certainly trump voters which you,
this and that, but you know he, he watches a lot of fox news and he says things like uh, yeah Hannity seems to know what he's talking about sure. Okay, so do I so, but I don't know what it was, but it was firing of madness or pulling the troops out or the shutdown, I'm not sure what it was. But my dad called me kind of vulnerable and it's he's like yeah yeah. You know what I guess you were. I guess you were right you are right about trump and mike because I don't know, I guess you didn't people just don't know until they know you know I know I said a lot of people. Did know they knew like more than The country knew we knew. I knew you didn't know, but I knew his eye. Yeah. I guess so. I guess you're right this might be, it might be. The end I believe the big one, the big one
That generation uses at the big one to going to drop the big one, and I said he up that could happen. It certainly could but hopefully won't happen before I see a christmas day. Okay, he said yeah k. I love you, I love you too, so we'll see Maybe it's going to be the big one for christmas, I that my dad satisfied or happy or I'm not sure it's hard to hard to tell with narcissistic people whether they just they are they, especially as they get older, which is what concerns me about a president is that you know he you know he is one the most successful narcissist ever he's literally been able- and I've said this before- to make everything about. I mean globally. Nets that's the envy of the narcissist community, but the fact that he's old and pissed off I have a feeling the vienna
and narcissism is like everything ends with me. And when you have a narcissist of the capacity of this president, everything in with him eyes a good prognosis for the future. the species, you remember the species, folks as you are as you you know, you're aggressively, mindful don't For yourself out of principle, could you Nine hundred and ninety a dot m, not saying that principled mindfulness, I mean don't self center. and ground yourself mindfully to the point where you give zero fox about others. We species here and it might. Who've us all to think in terms of it being descending, not virtue signalling just realized, I'm a selfish fuck, but at some point something's, going to happen, we're going to have to think about the survival of the human race. I should have been on it to be quite honest with you, so all right topher grace is I hear he I talked to him he's
insured in blackkklansman. He plays David duke actually it's now available on digital or blu ray or dvd. You can buy it or rent it and we had nice conversation. I didn't. I really didn't know what to expect. This is me talking to topher grace. Yeah, like here like I, was living in tiny ass place for a long time and I no longer understood why I mean it's like I. Money. Why am I still in this fucking place? Yeah? Well, I moved? I didn't. I had a woman come into my life how she did it. The where were you up in the hills tucked away and I had such a great like. I had a whole system with their meaning lady. That was like a man I had someone come once right and I only really ate cereal and how much a bachelor it was just like a sink full of beer,
You note syllables in a little bit of milk. In them we ass the last per maybe one or two pieces aerial I faked plants. I bought it. Some like said dressing, store hideaway for like monsters, shewed somewhere. I am go right back into it like it all words here, and I and my way this mean I'm sure she's, not listening blue cleaning, lady with sam Did you just start to whisper? If not, I am sorry about it, but I Should we had this thing worked out where she would choose can't kind of like a terrible cleaning, lady, but she would do the dishes, which are honestly not sure I knew how to do yeah and then she would- and there was a chair that I pull my clothes on and that was it, but I was like look. I really don't need the place. We are clean. You know it's like clean, Please would only as do the dishes and please put my suit their shirts away. Please tell me: it was like a six bedroom house, known, as you know, is was just like you
problem is- I went from you, I college I wanted the show- and you know you don't looking at the prices on the man using it as yet and so my wife was a wonderful breath of what's in it at, and I was a fresh air is more like responsibility, but that's where things like when I moved out after even after four years, a college- and I came out here the first time I had no fucking idea to do anything. I may I like it. I mean the fact that I got a bedframe for my futon. I got a futon. The floor, yeah I've been there man you know you have no excuse. After, like women are coming home with you or like mommy. Having no we're doing this is your own town people. Would you act like you're on television punishable in your real character seems to have together sobered it, Really so you do you only finish one year of college yeah. I had a weird I the weirdest story. I've ever heard in terms of being this,
Where'd you grow up, though I grew up in connecticut what part darien, I kind of knows. I knew someone from Darien connecticut. I was familiar with connecticut like I went, I went to college back there, so I had to drive down. I want to be you a great yeah so like I would drive and even when I started doing comedy, I just know that run from new york to Boston yo. I went up to massachusetts to a pre prep, which goes through ninth grade, and then I went to another prep school in new Hampshire, so I just kept going up which prep school new Hampshire, brewster academy, yeah. They I mean it a wipe. Why prep school I mean I mean you seem like a little prep school wish, but I mean. I know I I mean like you kind of like it doesn't surprise me, but I like it. How does one present me is that you went to college, they really didn't care. I went for five years even that state undergrad. As long as I could but what was your? What was your family? What would your dad do and she, my situation, dairy,
can't get on pretty sure. No one's listening and daring, canada get right. I don't you can talk shit about daring, it's okay! I I knew one woman who I want to card it just one of those towns. I don't have a sense of it, but my folks, my folks, are still there but I will say this. I don't know anyone be surprised, it's very my object and I went to camp one year. You know when, when something so myopic, you think it's you yeah, of course, That's like everything I, wherever you grow up your surprise when you leave well, hopefully I know what I mean like it would be bad if you have no surprise and you kind of love. You know right, it's really kind of like myopic town, but when I went to camp I met a jewish kid and I was like that was a surprise. Fuckin great yeah gotta get the fuck outta here, so I literally went home to my folks and said I just don't think this is for me like what connecticut yeah well, I
Part of connecticut is very the wives out shot. There are rarely That's, like your see the ice storm yeah. That's there. the shot there and that's where a text but say so there were. There were no jews and areas that the oil, I don't know I regarded camp, there's no anything in Darien. I just I just met someone who is a different packagers kid from long island or something, and even my god he's I was lucky. I mean he still friends like I was. I was so what I ve, is like. How do I get diverse and had? Like a which prep school is like way more diverse than where I was, and it was great. I loved it like what the camp, though, that you went to that it's called locking. It wasn't like a crazy diverse. anyway, but I kept trying to I came their eyes. I just there are a lot of people. I grew up with who still want to live there, and that is not what I wanted there
so you grown up there. You got siblings your younger sister she's out here too, both left, and your dad's. Why like? Why? What do people do in dairy and what was his business while using our I seen and brand identity, but he was a copyright here he was. He was in like he worked gravel I zing when I was younger and in the city yeah? He was a lot of guys or bankers, so he was a little different, little more creative, which was cool and I, but he got on the train everyday yeah, and that's what it makes actually very hard for me later in life too, I knew no artists. When I was younger, and what was your mom do she? He was a homemaker and then now she works at a local school air. The ass I don't know like. When did you started? I mean for all your listeners. I've listened to so many awesome episodes the show yeah. This is so during my life. I'm so sorry, don't pressure yourself. We may be just like start later now. at their number, I know, but it's not boring. Something about growing up in in a and it
that is so set and kind of like because it's so nice when everyone's a swan and you're a duck here, you go like I'm an ugly piece of shit yeah, and you know so good at sports and my dad. He code a lot of these in a miracle teams that you tried to do sports yeah dad good news, I got the lead Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, you know cause like okay like and god bless them. They mean my parents even for living. There were really really supportive of something that they truly had no information about. So your theater kit you do at a high school little but I was so my grades were so bad, did I couldn't even really do the placement was really they wouldn't you do place, your grades were bad, sometimes yeah. I was just not feeling. When I started boarding school, I start work a little harder and is that why they sent you to board
school. Maybe without my now I thought I wanted to go, but maybe they were like this. We get cannot here, he's going down. It was a little bit like it just wasn't. I was going to do stuff, my video camera right did you will at time was like well, if you finish your homework, you can then you, man really, stuck in god, bless my parents for I for letting me gonna get out and be whatever a b, and they were so tell me how the they ordered a variety. When I got seven, They ordered for like eight days. but that is our support of their day. They wanted. You're in the loop and my mom would call me and say, like you know, they're, I dunno. If you missed it, renegotiating your deal. No! No! No! I was like they're doing a jurassic park movie. A power. Three I'd be like well, you know, I'm sure my agents are aware of that.
but with a weird part of the story, is yeah. My last year boarding school, I had the lead in the school play and bonnie and terry turner like they are on snl and they did wayne's world yeah tommy boy, and they were they just won the golden globe for third rock right. They Their daughter did the sets of this play, and so he went to school with it yeah. When I came to l a to go to usa for that one year yeah, they called me up and said: do you want to come track my first audition has the craziest. So they remembered you from the play you will. I knew their daughter too. I mean I I remember seeing that allow. Mr mrs turner, you know your parents weekend and stuff, and then and the play was very weird: are the drama teach you didn't show up a lot here, so we added, but where was it was bad, but it is joseph then technic, our dream, no thou hast! I have I played like a bush. In that thing that this was a finding happening, the form and, and the drama teacher was sort of
while most of the time- and you guys just raped her and I'm sure summit, I'm sure most of it sucked, but I'm sure some of it. These, like great comedy writers who happen in the audience, were like well We're find that in l a like this kid is weird layout and we were doing some weird stuff yeah, like we didn't think that was funny enough for riot sondheim. You know he he wanted to update yeah element like the macarena or whatever was like. You did that our culture, but but but It was so weird that I think they made an They also probably ran through everyone in l and didn't find someone who is enough of you don't have to I mean maybe one week I assume that you know for a fact for a fact, they've seen a lot of people at, but but let's go back, cause. I never. I didn't go to boarding school and I need to know it's, who you were in that environment I this will be so. Worrying. But what do you mean? What are we going to? Do? He told your origin story, the story. I mean. What are you going to go home now? You know you are
I everyone usually just wants to hear that part of it boarding school mean you gotta go because you're like you're you're, spiraling you're not doing well in school. You died. No good at sports in my pay current year tailors you're dead on hand here, you're. What he s, friends, dear friends, now I had my friend who lay out a sad stories mega video with my with my video camera and they d like white manly bullets. I smoked lacrosse or pre. It was pre that that stuff was on as a boarding, school how's life. That's what I figured So, okay, so your parents send you to boarding school. What grade I beg you go to boarding school visit. I think they had like I mean they. They were doing. but it's rhino to say, like I'm, going to start paying for college now right and then pay for car. You know it's like really. I I owe them one where you can pay them back now not that much just a lot of thank yous. They
sent me and when I realized right away that the kids you wanna go to boarding school, which is about five percent of the class love it. It's good. Its everyone thinks it's dead, poets society right. It's like minutes college, the alright but the other. Ninety five percent are sent there by their parents and they are the first get kicked out like fucked up rich kids, yup yeah, but I always bonded with the kids. Wake me knew how lucky they were to be there, and it said it was. It was great. It was like I was talking to girls years before I would have mia it's here that small town dynamic, where everyone knows each other and you're all kind of doomed. I to be honest, and this will really surprise you here. I still wasn't that popular, but I was able to do my thing near and people really appreciated, like I video yearbook and as in the plays and stuff, and I felt
like even if they thought I was weird. I cool kind of room to do your thing, but it's weird because, like your most of your characters are, are the ones I are most memorable at the they're, either earnest or or like weirdly. confident and maybe a little slimy slimy thing for yeah and you like your. It's not you're, not really. Like that, it seems well, that's nice to just say I think the traffickers, the first movie I was in, and I've done, this Does it have a spike Lee recently were in the room with the director and ass? It was seems out of her. I like I know these kids like I grew up with his kids like please. Let me play out of the traffic yeah for sure. It's just kind of the same thing in blackkklansman, like I didn't grow up with those people. Did you know I know I didn't go up with anyone who, I think she's they take a gay, but I did grow up with people who were kind of weirdly, confident and kind of,
you know the david use. He was actually a politician, but before that he was a politician, and I either summit are really like about that- that falseness, oh yeah, ok, that makes sense so in in these prep Kosovo we deal you dealing with what with what level press. was it were their candidates, air or heat? Were there? Who was there and dreaming? major families. I you know I areas. No, that's! entrance I was from was kind of like a chloe seven years, my babysitter cause you have any. Was your name yet yeah shit? You have the folks who live there. Yeah re she's from there she was. We replace the other shoes, the tin man I was there. I was it in actually the scarecrow really yeah and jamie than about who wrote truth. Keep my movie, I didn't hear she wrote a movie, the clothes and zodiac. He was like the wizard him here. Why
really, that town was more kind of like that and in the boarding schools I chose were great, but they were more like a liberal, but it seems like there was, I obviously they did nurture some art cars quot. He just as soon was so I kind of like product of new year. Weirdness. She seems like she's been that way, since she was seven There was ok. My clothes story is which I think you'll like. Is she babysat for us, the crush because you have kisses behind your back I was younger and then she shaved off all her hair and move to new york when I was a boarding school, I think senior year. Someone said here: there's this kid's movie close avenues in their lot. She's in like a kid mean yeah, like this guy has such a crush. It was like my babysitter from when I was going, and so I went to watch the movie and if didn't, know anyone that was raped by a guy with aids at the end of that film,
starving, but then knowing the person who does guess I was like I mean, I didn't think about sex for like four days yeah, which was a record on a time at that time the erika she's very odd in unique talent that person she's great and I'd renders our I can. We only went account this thing, she's, so coarse, megan on short films and I'm sure she felt what I was talking about. We agree something ts1000, but do you Do you guys? Are you guys still friends or were you like We never really adulterated. I see you, I still you know It was weird still pair to come over and babysit. You know just that's weird: way better and it's nice that she's open to that. Well, so, okay, so you're in school you're, you're, you're, feeling better about yourself. You're doing Please you doing there just for there will sometimes if he did the sports you could you only had could do a small part may ride mostly.
small parts, and then I got a. I sprained my ankle doing tennis. I got on varsity tennis, which is a big deal. Immediately as I was like. I can't believe I'm gonna get a letter. Can you still play? No, no, I mean maybe a little bit and then I I sprained my ankle and I said fuck it. I'm gonna. Try out for this play and there is a kid everyone really thought was going to get it the weed and he boycotted the the shell. Once I got to let the kid yeah wow and how long did that rivalry last still going on? I feel bad, that is really cause he's. Probably thinking if I'd only done that lead, I'd, be starring in blackkklansman or something you're not going to. What point was that was that was a funny thing happened forum. Okay, that was that was your that was game. Changing show. That was, that was your big break. That was everything away at that boarding. So is this a brewster yeah, I mean really. Was it and then what it really was within Bonnie turn?
call me it in college, which I again to four homeschool and then didn't get in my nose. Thrice rejected. from a mere through from you I see, but I was gonna. U s e general admission of our water maven doing out here, and then I think I was like is high and I mean just hang around the dorm and someone. wild on the front you of cells, then she call me in the hallway, No, no, it was in. We had him in our room and said: hey bonnie and I said urine, Finally, Tony legrande very impressive here who turner and I I did. We fuck keeps something like that earlier, like some kind of man, she's known as lindsay miles: oh my god: leg, hair, hair finance, parents. Out of my mind, why are you calling me and then she said it we're doing this show and she the whole plot of the show, and I
I was thinking in my mind, like I don't want to be her assistant. Even it's a great deal, you know what I mean it'd be great to go, be your assistant doesn't feel that she wants you to come. Try out for the lead I went like whoa like guess doing anything else. Nelson You really weren't planning on being an actor at all. I was truly when they say undecided, cause I'd been rejected from got no idea. You want to be a director I guess at the time when I thought I knew what the definition director was then, yes, but now that I know what it is absolutely not, but through pretty lost I usually yeah, and then I, I mean I would give anyone the advice to be lost at that age like the best times are the open to whatever year and when she called me. I remember getting it and you'll understand this. How something good turns crappy, so
clean. Like happen already happened today, with this interview gathers go in terror. She I got. It I mean I they made me audition like two hundred times cause. I think they thought we really going to give this kid who went to school with our daughter, but there were so many were doing kind of across the board, yet Ashton never acted and but at least like he was a top model at the time or like he was yeah, wow, but these are really give this. Kid is wrong. Then they did, and I came back to the dorm- spring breaks like no one was even there I to stay there to go to the final addition and I walked in. Like no one in this huge dorm, was watching my tv was echoing through the whole place there, and I saw an ad for the x files if we were to come on right before the x files like turned to the camera and said I dunno, whatever the you know, the fox is number one, and I
immediately had a headache for a month like I never dreamed that. much whatever happened to me in then, but then I started working on it a month later, then I felt better because it was so tough where it had tough our. Oh, my I remember the director saying to me during the pilot leg. I get great job on that. Take you didn't face the cameras. You didn't know what you're doing I had mn. I had no idea and the fact that some of those are rerunning like right now. Here is like crazy to me, but who is the creator of my own who mark brazil mark Brazil also yeah? It was a there. Was them really, yeah Brazil. I did comedy briefly I met him. I think for the first time recently he's great. I just saw months ago, they were so all of us are so grateful. All the kids on that show had very little experience had some experience. we asked in and who were the other ones danny,
yeah some sitcoms rise. You honor, but lore had never acted, rye, ashen erected me Wilmore barely spoke english and we are that goes by. I realize more and more, how lucky I was with that situ I mean I knew at the time I was lucky, but you know it's like to be with this kind of adults are taken, carry you here and to ended honestly to get famous with other people. Out alone, I were to adopt start in have certain I share his great man here. He so fuckin good air is funny salaries. nice guy everyone there was like The people who weren't heavy hitters were us at the beginning. Who was the guy paid? Your debt occur woods, he did. An episode of my show too. Actual roma, like our personal, that we have heard everywhere in the show, except for me my show gone and he wouldn't have done it It was on what I have seen body my best friend richie, keen he directed smell the aid. It needs you're right now, he's nice guy scrape.
Your job. He loves you to designate so you didn't you had no like so did you ever take any, acting or you just learn all of it. Can you believe it? No! No! No! No! No! I think you're good, but I mean it's like it's one of those things where, because I talked to a lot of actors now and especially now that I'm acting a bit, I I like talking to actors cause I know I listen you. Shall I love how you talk about the process of there's only now do I understand how different stand up is from acting right guess, because I didn't understand what stand up was, and I have some friends who do stand up and I think like who, no one. No one can deny that I now, but I do we stand how tough it is, and I I love how you ve talked about what it take, how different thing it is actually think it's. I think it's easier than stand. That's right acting out for sure it is yeah, because you can do this like we do that again right. Just that
western, also when I ve seen what it takes the work you can kind of, I think seinfeld says something about this, which is kind of shedding some of us he's, got a who are very talented, but it's true, like you can walk in the door like I did and just start acting here. Maybe you kind of have a skill for it. You cannot start doing stand up, that's true, The weird thing is: is that if somebody's a funny actor like especially on shall I Julia louis dreyfus. I mean she's a fucking genius. Nothing that seinfeld, whatever do out of his own brain, has comedy that will ever be even a little bit as funny is Julia. We drive is doing anything that sign tat. Man, I actually you can times are ten hours. I would say no lady has is a learned over a long period of time scale to like she didn't you drop in and be like. She was but another. like you, there's something about comedic. Acting that I don't think, stand ups,
thoroughly get you watch most endeavours to acting they're, pretty good. At being serious well funny. That's so true! You know that socialites. Actually, what you want is a weak link in the cast of seinfeld. It's definitely jerry seinfeld in terms of acting yeah. No, it's just, I didn't think I'd shit on jerry, seinfeld, probably sitcom of all time know we're not shitting on just two I mind answering his commentary, yet I mean you, there is peace, who act to have a natural ability, and I think I've I have grown to earn after talking to a lot of actors is at that for some people, that's a huge part of it. I mean you can explain it. I mean dirt. There classically trained people that are amazing and do all these things, but just show up and do the task at hand in one character. we they can nail it better. No crime in that will tell two things were my school, which is why I took a class at the groundlings. when I in that month that I didn't know what
we only get it or not. No, no! I had it had to wait. You know like a month and a half we started working on it yeah. So like terrified. We recommend you do that No, I think we'll pharaoh was on us now and I said it would have the internet. Then slag. How did he right led me there and I'm glad, did because it wasn't an acting class. Was an improv class and His skills aren't someone imposing something on you right, like some method right, it's just like. Oh, if I go off script, I have the ability to There's something within me that or create something so that was really helpful, gave you a confidence yeah and then you know the school really was it like doing it. oh yeah, every day, you're getting up you gotta, do the whole process of makeup sit. There get your lines in your head. Whenever I hear a young person shit on being a sitcom mia think what an idiot yeah like it is the greatest school
like a boot camp really are added school. You are called for acting there's a film again. There's a live audience which she do especially like me. If you ve never acted before you get back up next week, you know shop. and and over I think everyone and that show tell you that that over like yeah for five years, we got good. Then you, you all became very define, characters a mean. That is, if I'm not From remembering correctly, you are sort of the strait man right to allow I was hard for me to learn how to funny within that the ass. There is a humour, but it's like there's more, once, where you're just setting other people up here, but all of it was like god, it was like. I, if you leave liberal arts college and you go to work at a blacksmith, Like and you're just making horseshoes you know what I mean. I yeah your first Eighty horseshoes are in sock and then, but were you
like working around somebody like kirkwood, whose, like you know, he's the real deal I mean I'll tell you some incredibly told me just recently we had lunch and He is not only one of the great actors he's also just a really great guy, and he said the first week. I mean I'm so ashamed of this, but he was so wonderful. He told his story cause. I never worked with actors either like it's, not just that I get my audition I brought like they said, bring it, but you know picture and resume air, like? What? What is that? And they said you know, like a picture of you, so it was like being me and my friends at six flags I and they were like. Who is this kid and the Resume was like in a dunkin, donuts and suncoast video and you are suncoast, video and dunkin donuts and fox knows about it. Now, because I brought that resume and and then the wait, so I was like bad at that stuff as charming. Barely we're doing it there's a way, as you know, to talk to actors and that's a skill that
Learning in tandem with being an actor here, is also you're only as good as kind of where, It communicate with the other actors and even off screen or on screen. And I so so, the first week I didn't remember that skirt with said that he came in and like you is rehearsal reserve, like five days and towards a tape it here. He said his line. I go outside That's not how I saw you saying it when I read this in my head last night. We do is get only works for twenty five thirty years robocop poet society like tons of shakespeare and here's this kid like in a teen here, that's not how it was in my if he remembered it, that's right that that I mean free when listen you're doing well, that is the worst thing you could say to. Another actor is like that's not how it was in my head yeah was that even mean I mean we? Yes, it is it's. What am I doing this, and I gave you a line right here. That's like illegal, but yeah
think like it you looking back on it? That was really your intent. You were just surprised cuz. You had planned it your thing a different way. So, instead of saying like. That's right. I wasn't telling what to do, but I was like It's going to jive with what I have prepared and and courage It just shows what a wonderful man yeah and he really was a real father figure out sasha. He said. We went had lunch and I sat there like a car when I'm so sorry, I what is twenty years later, oh yeah, here he goes hey man, you so good was really nice of him cause. I there was quality that I knew I was doing good, but she so many things wrong. A j hidell bad for but like when you were on the set like it, I mean cause. I guess, just working here, just doing it and then getting it at chemistry going. But when I do things now, like I still cuz, I haven't done- that much tv and I'm doing I did my shown, I'm doing glow but, like I I really do it. I'm still,
I don't know when my coverage is happening. I I've still not like I'm still not hip to like I'm pretty ongoing all day and every time, then someone has to come out to me and goats cameras, yeah, okay, so I'll just ease up a little bit. Those are tricks, you know, I agree with you, there's either a core thing you have or you don't. I know people who are allergic to acting and it will never matter how hard they in Oregon you either. Understandably understand or not, but then to the point you made about Julia louis dreyfus year. Anyone on show Keziah. Don't they all had a lot of experience, yet they had gotten that place right over a long period of time in those were was, and you never went back to you never trained at all. No, I always feel like that sounds terrible when I say I you know. The other thing I did that was amazing is when, after the show ended, I went and did a show in new york that Paul weitz wrote who I did a poets movie, but he wrote a show and then
was it's own kind of I've, never been to yahoo. I never done one. You know outside of high school bs, and now it was like a school too, because I learned about the way I prepare now like for this movie. I just did like I take months, worrying a character yeah, oh yeah. I get so off book and I've rehearsed it myself before I go into rehearsal you how long re he do the seventy show for like a million years bright for seven years. Seven and your done my twenty three year right yeah there was one year cause of the strike or an impending strike that we did twenty nine or so they were really. I we didn't know how to say no right, we did the most. You could Did you get to a point like at what point where you like what what happens after this is the life for me, because a lot of people don't survive, telling veneer specially to sit down here, yeah the the first year,
If people want to do movies here- and I read a bunch of you know, titanic had come out like two years before yeah, so there was kind of a lot of teen, how old were you there? Eighteen and nineteen year during the pilot and so there was a lot of like teen and he'd get paid and stuff. Fine, you know I'd go up to Canada answer. hotel with a bunch of people, your age who knows what happens, but I'd read the scripts and just I mean granted. I'd, never read scripts before yeah. I was like this just doesn't seem good on battery and script. They never seem good I almost unheard good. I was at her. Experience so there kind like something else here, but I thought so. I sat the first summer after the first year, yeah and I came back really is like there's a summer time. You come back for fall semester of we shall never done these movies and I went
a man. Maybe I kind of made a mistake Well now you got wait a year. Yet I show its. Oh, you have time off it's like a year like wish you ten, you guys. In twenty years, everyone wants to give you have right now, lea I like Julie roberts, one second you know what, like everyone wants, that gig so congrats. Thank you. Thank you very much. When did you finally kind of break out? and you think I made a deal with myself- that I just wouldn't do anything. That I like I'd rather just not be an actor at the end of the experience cause. I hadn't wanted to be an act, and I wasn't one of those kids who had like yup my speech wasn't: and in the shower speech or whatever, so I just thought- maybe just kind of like not act after this. When it was going to. You know that in we in europe do on good by the second or third sees in your agnes money. I yeah, but I don't. I know by the tire
Basically, it was all the things I said. No to that a credit not when I got traffic you're, like a lobby summit to do this year. that wasn't hard? It was saying no to a bunch of kind of seductive thing, and no I remember at that time we weren't we were like picked up, but the show You know the show really didn't hit until like the fifth season, really it was like on here, but I credit two things which is one: we got better as actors took awhile and to ashes blue up here and there and that brought just the right. You know just like the there was a tipping point for us. Ashen is like I learned a lot from that guy and you know what he had as much sperience had when we started with zero, but he is the king of commitment, my god, I'm not even sure. If
If someone who had more experience could teach you this lesson, because he because I think people would be wary, I ve been in the business longer. I no matter what it was. He a rider were great on that show here, but you know once in a while or something. Maybe you don't want to do a ashen. We naturally do it, he do it at like an one thousand here and the audience would be wrong. I go this is not he joke in the eyes of rolling around like in end. He do everything like it was great. I really yeah yeah. He was really and that's an important lesson learned especially comedy by I'd awash you're, commit all the way the aids, will I that's. I think the big fear, like certainly as a comic where you are Much say in it necessary and you know you know, like nah, jokes harm see you on the set of glow. How does this go down when you don't like something? You know they? They can add the characters kind of built around So I can in the sense that it's not
currently a comedy side, joked a joke. Shout don't! But let's say you just don't like something you're doing. How does that? Oh, I I I'll say that also I'll. Also, I'm not surprised, but then how does it go? It was Usually it doesn't happen that often cause it's. Oh yeah, it's a big cast and usually my scenes are pretty tight. Nay, and after the first season, even after the first few scripts. you're able to kind of write in my voice and stuff that are the most wonderful thing about tv. That's the that's! Like the The goal of television out these writers are in the same biotic thing right you, so I It's really. It comes down to character issues, and if it's a word or a line, I mean I'll just say it. Different. And then the rider will come writer to me. Go like okay, that's good, but can you see the one then what do you say? Why give me the version you know cause I, because I don't what do I know I mean I I know I know how to write for myself, but but times like a? Maybe they do. Maybe it's not
very important to me in that moment, but you gotta, you gotta, assume that they know what they're doing. Yes, that's the the whole end. Game of the thing for me has been like just working with the right people. yeah good. Its full trust either way right and it's like a lot of times in lessons reich a real character thing. Where might this guy wouldn't do that like you there and I think they can. Miss that, and I imagine in a broader sitcom that probably happens a lot where it's just sort of like it's a joke for a joke sake. It's my you know we were. I think we were pretty good. compared to other shows that had young people on here in terms of playing ball. Like You know, I think a lot of the other shows around the time, but a lot of these younger cast will kind of think they're scared going from place of their looks lucy or something and a good thing that the whole cast is no one minded looking foolish, which is you have
and I knew that I mean I grew up in that time. So it wasn't it. It was alger for me, but I knew like I was kind of familiar with. now tomorrow, everyone. I grew up with people saying that to me cause I was on the show. But now I have people saying like man. I grew up on I then they do and eighty show too they did that your Glenn howerton yeah? She was the star that asia Like my counterpart on that show, I didn't realize I didn't watch it. Does iran awhile nope so in like with movies, so that traffic was your first movie so that experience was like it was? I kind of was hovering around like I want to do something better, but then to get something. That's that good director. That's that I mean talk about having trust in a director like I can't, even Magic he's got eat as a lot of different things. These very good. I have no sense of what he's like as a person, and you certainly takes it, takes
Six, he so easy going. Are you are you think, this evening, a criminal, and I thought before I went to work with it. I thought, oh, my gosh, this guy's gonna be, like so intense cause, the arterial so yeah, and I it's just the opposite. It's so loose and traffic was like. You know he operates the camera or he does so huge and he does these kind of it's. What kind of I mean you know when someone's yelling at you from video village, yeah yeah bear with a guy he'll pop the camera off. for a second and say I get to arrogant and try to put the us greater other things, and I mean it was. I was really spoiled by that guy. like. I just work the director who has a mike video village like there's wowed speakers on this, and I would say I don't like that. We say as the hopper once you have someone who's just at home, yeah it just kind of skyping in you know, I'm sure it's going to happen. Yeah yeah, it's only a matter of time, but like got that
Your pardon that I, that story story that that was so menacing and horrible. There was theirs exerts, a disturbing bid, a business, that movie will tell you that happened after that was because I cut my, air which had grown long for the seventies near I went to a golden gloves, were there the christians and who was the girl on it here and error? was coming up. She was the one who got strung out, yeah, netherlands, your grade and she say into prison and a party, plague, my hair was long and the show, as I part as no one's gonna, know, exists you're two different. I dont like a wacky comedies calmly, and only let you know six years later, I'm like, oh, my god. This is great like I should totally do shit that doesn't it you know it's not good for money, yeah, that's what I have. look it's not good for money to do things that are totally different, as no one can get. No one
monetize it because you are typecast and they think that you're not going to be in your. If your typecast, then you make money, go! Oh that's what I expect. That is what I mean right, but if you do something that's way outside of what they expect out of you, then they can't even track it. They go. What is this and you know I'm still doing it, and you know just went back to the seventy shown you felt like no one noticed your performing. I want this is like honourable. Like no one knows I was even in that movie in Detroit. yeah the people watching traffic were now watching that seventy show but over a long period of time. It's the way I get. I get it up lots of different. You know for sure, but I mean that's. like that, was some heavy you I mean. I just talked to Michael douglas and he's like he's like he's. Have the actor really, no matter what kind of casual kind of he have go lucky guy. Oh no! No! No! You don't even know man at first day, the first day I had ever on film. I never shot something outside of a studio, so I never shot outdoors before getting this car, and I had this speech. Where I'm telling him off yeah he's, got
If you're already me and I'm like, listen to me, a piece of shit or whatever my speeches them- and I I guess the third take because Steven and do a lot of text would take, he goes just loosely on this kid just for his reaction. Just Is it on him, even though he said that yi ay, I mean you can't play it back but I have a very soon, and reaction at the end of the speech I gave em where I from a gay full smile into like a like I'm about to cry and his from that he law Instead on me in this car were sitting in this car. This was the that part wasn't used in the movie move right, rybody loses on me so hardcore, and I thought, like I mean idea was happening. Was it did it seem personal? AL beyond I mean I didn't. I didn't know what was going on in the moment and then afterwards they both called me and said: hey rockstar, you're, fucking, awesome and I was like well. Where am I I did like a photoshoot with him. Where's garlic? I love Michael, and that was my beauty What were they yelling at? You
You know why I now realize it was improvised, but he was like you know really telling I don't remember the scene, but I'm really telling him off yeah, which is ironic cause. I'm like I got his daughter hooked on telling him about the how drugs affect neighborhoods yeah, yeah and he's like the drug czar right, yeah he's the drug czar of america, so he started yelling at me and he's not fucking around you're right when he like, when he turns on the douglas. You know he runs in the family, know he just he and I when I said, katy gonna, grab me what like that was great. I went life where. Where am I used, you always made you cry and some of that stuff was so hardcore. It was before I kind of made a promise to myself like I want to do good stuff, but when I finish that
and then saw it later. That year I went that's it like. I just have to be in good things. I don't care. If I ever get paid, or you know I don't care what or at the very least I have to be in the pursuit of being in something laden and the experiences good you like to in films yeah I mean yeah. I love it and playing different things. Yeah I mean I saw I really liked that movie in good company. Oh man me too yeah Paul weitz is that the guy who did the play with two yeah paul Paul and Chris wrote and directed american pie and in about a boy, and that was Paul's first time. allowed beer and they ve done they ve had so much. I decided was a sweet movie and you got any, you got it. We are work with quaid whose like another using I I knew him from traffic. right huh. Oh, that's great. That was great because he was sort of a spy me when he was actually in truth, this cate blanchett movie. I did two years ago and it's like we were
the other, a wait that was the one with Robert redford, who that's right these and other guy. It's got like really surprising range, but I tell you a lot of what I'm talking about. feels very strongly about like trying different things The more you go into a go at it that way, the more you meet people who are like that who you know are willing to take. I mean that guy against a really cool risks. Your leg he'll, be unlike I, the aims Who were showers, journeyman lay elderly aiming stuff. You don't we I when did work colleagues, because he somebody to workers really have you got to find you. Which movie did you do with the nolan? I have a small part interstellar, that's right! That's crazy! Movie! I do Did you know I'm talking analogous all one chunk been acting for so long like to be honest, there was a, created where I did more romantic comedies than I
I know I did get into a little bit of a rut for me, which ones I hadn't but valentine's day. That would be one of them, but I did have a thing with Gary Marshall, stuff sack garry Marshall. I love gary. I mean look at that is one of the better ones cause you're doing a rom com and it's like opposite anne hathaway in Garry Marshall's directing and if you're gonna do on it's way to get everybody in that movie, oh my, god, but I a thing where, after a period there I went like I said, my age is kind of a similar thing, which is I wanna, try different stuff here. Interstellar was the first of like the new stuff, but I no longer with those agents. They were like no really but I I just I said I want. I don't want to do that. I kind so one more for the money and then it's like of it's worth it. Zero more for the I really wanted. This was
The kind of rum interstellar on have really been workin on stuff that I- and I really do you have stuff that, like I mean there's stuff out there that you're like embarrassed about no I went in everything with the best of intentions. I just you know it was you we're going we'd have done all these moves before right and it's I'm not having a good day on set. This might even be a hit as valentine's day. Roz was a huge hit, but you know when I go to set that's not an exciting day, you don't think about the result, instead of what it is for me and a lot of this stuff. Like truth, I dunno, if it's a war machine but like David Mashad, I think, is an amazing director yeah and also be able work, brad pitt, and you know, people and and stuff like those that was like every day was coming from some of those movies didn't work. A truth didn't really. I saw truth, thought that was good, I didn't see war machine and I loved it. I loved every day of those movies, like I mean interstellar being on
set out even care. If this comes out just to watch chris no indirect here for like three weeks, I just sat around watched legs like watching cubic I do his thing so to me now what it's about I didn't think blackkklansman would hit as hard as it did. I just want to work with spike Lee and I was like this parts amazing. Well, I mean, I think, that's a good move. I mean if you can afford to make that move. Why not do it? I mean you only live once right. I did have a thing. It's funny. I just turned forty and I did have a thing where, where I met my wife or the woman who's going to become my wife and I was like nah, I feel pretty like what am I doing this. We are seeking to die, but you don't owe me and leisure player. Why? How many more Do I in hopefully a bunch but like I just do exactly what I want to do and love, I have a manager who was like just keep going. One of them hit right,
Like just do what you are really proud of, and I and I just want to work with these great autores- you know there that are like it's inspiring it's great I mean in and a so like. How did the spike lee part happen? I I just read a lot now I read a ton of scripts. He noticed, send me the new you or anyone I like and spikes one of them. You know who's. A great autoresponder send me their stuff and he, if he's got a thing coming out that kind of thing yeah. But when I read it my people that there is nothing in it for you, I said no, no, I think I would take on David duke it was just like silence on the other end of the phone, your agent yeah, I don't think they were against it, but they're like whoa, high and, and they said you're going to er. They talk to them if you're gonna have to go in and like audition, because I know one senior you know do anything like that. So yeah, absolutely you got it. It's on you,
It's a proof of concept or something so would you do? Would you do to prepare the night before I was reading the sides alone in my office at home, like my wife, had gone to bear and I couldn't say some words out and I'm sure you have the comedian friends who have figured out a way to use certain words the and the humor in the word or something right. What yeah yeah I mean you at some point, say them alone, just to disarm them or you have you. Can that there's people, I'm not one of the people I never tried to use certain words ever will know you Desolate, usually don't want to integrate them into conversation, but conversations have been had certainly I'm one those people like I'm just a boy scout about it. I didn't find the humor in it or or the So what I d say what the n word a bunch difference here and there sensitive on a cause, he's gonna intellect which is bizarre in that world. You know, I mean so large, either
there the dangerous once in one's getting writing history, and you owe me for telling his issues like really so. most regions. I could on him. I want a couple days despite oh you watching. See him talking and stuff, oh yeah, but it pales in comparison to what I was doing once I got the role which was like just the most depressing. It was like the worst month of my life. It was like really tear that the shooting of it was really fun, but all the stuff leading up to it. Once I got it was like you know, I read his autobiography witches and oh here I see it bookshelf now- cis research man threatened to tell civil. By the way I would read it on a plane, then I'd be like oh shit. I can't bring this on a plane, so I'd does jacket of like something else on it and still the person looking over the able to fuck is this book about guys really I mean it You have to read it alone. So getting is it a racist manifesto beijing?
his mind cop vs, like it's kind of his autobiography ideas, but it's more like is horrible. You feel complicit. Yeah reading the words you know like an end, I was watching these film scenes that they sent to me from the seventies and then listening to a bunch of his radio show for his voice, because that doesn't really and then the best was I walked along radio it'll do yeah. I've heard his passions. Somehow is thing about the at the movie. A really and then imagine watching fox news. But it's about you here I don't like how he was talking about having his reactions and people were asking me impress or like did you did you meet him and I was like the fuck now I am going to do generally mean like get out and meet the skylink or ever want to have a conversation with him. The the best thing he reacted to the movie, yea tweeted,
how did my wife was, like you know: wake up David dude, just tweeted about you. What do you say? you know all of his stuff is the reason I say fox news is because it's like god, like you're, looking at the same story, the you know, but you feel like it's really twisted in right. Weird way, I like his tweet was what I say. I said to an interview or around when it came out and can I said it is long and a view about how evil he was. How I tried to you when you're playing a bad guy. You try to see their point of view. I couldn't so I just wade kind of evil. I swung on about how much I didn't like him that you couldn't you couldn't take on the way he thought yeah. I think you're supposed to as an actor most may be fictional villains say like well. Here's why I think the joker is the way he and I see a compassion with his side, but it has such ram effect
actions on politics today, as we were watching at the time that I was doing it that I I couldn't. I couldn't go there with them, so I give this whole interview. I thought he was terrible and one of the things I said is I watched a lot of donahue cause. He was on donahue and he had sway with the crowd. I mean they were booing him at first and then he he was so good with them and really showed me how evil he was a kind of work, the crowd a little bit and I and that I notice he said, make them I great again and america first get those are like and they really stand out. I dunno, lodging around a few episodes now who isn't in his own the early eighties, but I but to hear them now like crazy, and we in the film and I so when I was from house arrest this article came out again, and he said in his tweet is how twisted disguise he goes. Thank you.
for I agree the donald trump ripped off those quotes. I'm with you, you got to deal with that, your pal? new friend, I would say I couldn't have been more clear. You know shirt, he just appropriated it. He just absorbed you into his darkness, now really. How did you handle it didn't. Do anything on twitter. Is I'm not very active on that and I didn't being a conversation with him? I guess I talked about it on my nightline or something a sad side effect of it is that it does put some light on him which, as you know, the kind of feeds on right, but I thought I hope that it it more. Shows you what an idiot. He is the good side of it. that it means that it is affecting people. I it really
I mean this is great. Being in a movie by spike. Is that it you actually you're such a frustrating time to be anybody? You know I mean what kind of voice does anyone have yeah, but it was like. Oh yeah. We can kind of we're on a national level, we're kind of saying something I mean spikes and we were helping him say something. Why don't you put that america first thing and that was in the script, the edge. And had been a pop stiff and yeah go do in the trailer was like he trump see this here. I know he watches tv. Have he probably did Have you ever heard from trump yet on twitter? No, I know that this was really hoping for a like a tweet. It would have been I just illuminating another, ten million dollars, if we just get a little negative press from the present them great bought by debt. Also, that's interesting, though a young you in your process, as you say that you engaged you couldn't find empathy for it again. Well, it's really because we, a daughter and is our first I was like,
watching the news was before I got the part and you like. How do you know? How can you I mean everyone? How. prominent knows what to do, and then how do you, like you had you how guide, your new child, yeah What our world and I've here and his person, radio and then getting the project, was given because you are oh, I have a way to kind of process this, but He then he was great when we were in cannes and spike was speaking and you felt like the world was really listening and I'm so proud to be a part of this year, not sure valentine's day. The same the fact that on the world war was like working with spike is a directory on your tour of tours. How did he work with you? How was he's like I mean if you ever get the chance man put a car he oversight. I should dare my mom tell you another railway arms at grass. Its might have. How give you my number,
she's, always spike his arm. I mean it. I'd like the greatest it was like The tone of that movie is, wing town, I mean like I didn't. I didn't think we got it on the set. I knew I really trusted spike is great, but I said how is this possible to have this much funny? infinite peace. And then, when I saw it I went this is why you gotta work with guys like this I mean he is. anyway- and he was great I'd, get a little. We did all the the clan stuff in one week and that week was like really rough for me, where we'd be improvising stuff in columbia heights so like of the nazi salute yell white power, and then I'm have the three hundred people behind. You start yelling white power and I was like sort to run birth of a nation in front of you, but when you're lynching scene like I was like, oh my god like and then you're doing it and you know how it is you're doing five takes, and I just was so
I'm not I'm not a method guy like I'm, not someone who like brings it home with me, but I'd kind of be in the corner and he's so good at coming up to you and being like hey man like thorium spike Lee. If this is going to be fought, like I know this feels bad, but yeah it's going to be cut with other stuff, while you're serving my message and and I and he was right when I saw it, I went oh man, but that's a lot of trust. Those seen as someone can like. I don't want to play David duke, but that wasn't like I'm gonna play david, duke any spike. Lee joint right these data? Do you, like the david, do tv movie right right whenever right, even if he's portrayed as a total bad guy, I only want to do it ass. He don't know another director I could do and as the feedback in my experience was I that I
it's because I did a good job, but when we were in can the first time we saw it and it was. You know it's in front of my two thousand people here and it got a ten minutes standing ovation and this they can do you over there. I ve been account. Now I've never been before so you. Walk up this red carpet and it's all different. It's like a mile red carpet and people are. cheering you and then you going to the theater they can boo afterwards too, so it's like they're jedi and this film hits so I mean yeah, it's like so of the moment what they didn't tell me that the end they bring out a video camera and they put it on your face here. So, like you know, like the credits end, and then there's a picture of a goddamn drivers face on the strain of only god. We're we're live here and the whole audiences lobbying and yelling french. You know like as he gets cooler and there you know, then it goes to John David Washington everyone's cheering, and then it comes over my close up and just kind of stops but he wasn't negative, but if you were standing just kind of like
applauding and then went over to laura and they start throwing roses and applauding again- and I was like- I think it's because I was good. You know what I mean like, but I mean you can't applaud that guy after the three yeah, but that's kind of what people have been coming in interviews and they're like good job here. I guess you felt very comfortable with it. That's I think that's good you know what I mean, but it's part of the. I guess it's part of playing somebody like I'll you, new. We were talking about, seventys, which I you know. I really do this long form stuff like I knew going into it. The amount of what you call it like the real estate. I had of like good dinosaur character here and, carriages of an old slimy. I've been happy to do that. Right, yamaha. Up to eleven and like it's going to be it'd, be confusing. richie cunningham church
yeah. You know what I mean it just be really. It would feel about his evil to me as the characters feel. So I really I dug that part of it where people are a little confused, yeah, it's it's nice, it's nice, dirty up. One of america's good guys I'm talking about you topher, not talking about David, duke yeah. The anatomy like people know you as a certain way, but you have evolved. I mean people have senior enough things where you don't think they were crazy, mean I don't think it's one of those rug out from under it, but I think it is a little bit yeah whatever that feeling that queasiness, I think, is good for society. So what was this other one that you just got done that you said you had to immerse yourself in? Oh that wasn't I do it for everything. Now that was a total opposite the preacher. It's a he couldn't be the more I just of doing the opposite of whatever the last thing is. I am, but I just rehearse the shit out of it now I never? I used to kind of show up on set. You know you're looking at the sides and put it in your head, then I wasn't
I mean these are movies, I'm ashamed of, but ever since I did that play I'm not fucking around, like I hire someone my house and run. Why are you owe first run lines and then rehearsing when acting coach, who's the guy who actually doesn't acts. He just is. I asked my wife do once or twice and she was like yahoo or someone like a man I guess I'll start here and run lines for you know, hours and hours, so he doesn't act. He just wants. He just want to run the line. I actually don't want to act towards the end, I'm kind of starting to try my stuff, but you don't want to lock in a performance because you know that might not be what it's going to be, but I want to be show ready now, it, but you know I learn is it is like an epidemic near? I don't know if you have this on glow, which is probably not let a great act when they would like some gas, castor, something like people really dont know their lights. I know dude
yeah maybe have rightly said that he did is bizarre. We you ve seen that changed since you ve been in the game. Now. It's always been that way. I always knew my lines. I I didn't know them. You can go as deep as you want. And my thing now is like I don't ask for someone else permission. I'm like really doing the work beforehand. So, but I hate about when someone is another life, isn't that they don't it, because you can get it or they can sew it together with adding by cutting to someone else not figured out it's that that was the only take the words right like if you got five takes your first take If you know your lines in- and you got an opinion about it here can be good and you can be trying other stuff and write your point.
It's going to be better because the editor has all this rhino clay to work. With some of these people. I've worked with bow ever lot of people who are great, but there's nothing worse to when it. When it's for me, when it's like a young person who comes in it's just kind of like this day, one I just I get so yeah bombed because they knew they had the part they had script and then do it? Well, it's just to their own detriment. The I mean I, I know I've seen that a couple of times where, like I'm I'm pretty I didn't memorizing lines and I'll get them. Be good in my head, but but, like your inspire me too young to maybe go more with it, but I think the reason people get lazy, specially with movies or television, is that you're doing these two minute chunks and your spend four hours on that, so I think the ways we can get it. So why do the work and risers? I guarantee
it'll be better. While I guarantee you, the Tom Hanks is doing you're, not as long as you know course. Here is not a coincidence. Heed our all these people that I really respects. Are you don't I heard this? Is I mean out of any one? Would care about this, but I've it really like changed how I approach things they when male street is offered a film. She hurried off his true, but I hear from her but like. I think she is a makeup person. Her person on retainer in new york, and she is so when they are vizir Margaret thatcher, her what she doesn't say, yes to the offer, yet she goes puts on all the makeup gets with the dialect person. puts on the heritage a magician. She needs to be our like everyone else right, I mean look she's better than pry anyone else on the planet, but like beer, she still does all. Then she films herself doing it doing a couple scenes here. if she sees it and she likes it, she says yeah. So that's why she
in oscar. Every time is cassiope. She already you did the whole process and goes like I can be. and then we shall set. You go she's magic here, but you know its power we did a ton of hard work. Oh yeah! No, I thought she's the best ever, but I agree with you. I I think that I think that there are people that either has it been added a long time or because they got in it to get away with it? Oh man, you can see that in people's eyes too, you I feel the same way about working with these are tours that have really changed for me through us moses. Of your around them. When I I go to cuba exhibit oh did I did I did so looking at all these problems is right before what to do in a cellar and it was like you see, the research agenda napoleon wishing everyone made by the way like you like here, but the the chair from two thousand one, I think I knew I had interstellar sort was like as a comment about to go down two thousand one time the chair and this whole story. Next to it
which I still remembered from the movie here, that I probably because so much work. I e with the biggest chair maker at the time of the best germ maker, and they spent months saying what would a chair be like if it was in zero gravity? I mean he did that much work on the fucking chair and, of course you I still remember it. It is not just like naturalist, futurists, dick right, where I did that much work on just that one chair and you have to imagine every dial in knob, that's in two thousand one, that's why it feels real, so go on the set of interstellar and I open up the house. Most of my scenes were in that house jessica Chastain. I open up the cabinets and it's got like corn puffs and corn syrup and corn flakes and microwave popcorn I was like hey chris, like what's your obsession with what's going on here. Why so much corn? And he told me the story for like half an hour about how he got where the futurist and the thought
Well, the country's reliance on corns europe right now is such that will only have corn products by the year would have, and that never played that was they never showed somewhat me. Maybe if you open the count in zoos- and you can see there all corn products near, but it wasn't me, He showed shots of everyone using corn, all the time and a bunch of cornfields. I guess- and I thought oh, this is like the same thing as kubrick. Like he's, he went that in this? We launch were black hole, you're gone. I think, that's what it might be like the right right. Exactly that obvious we will make things better, but it's also that's a real artist who's going to go that deep. You know you've got to have that that almost obsessive Can I need to two? You have all these things just write a while. I may look are the all the films that we like ultimately is when someone's gone
for us in europe to fill in the edges yourself and you haven't. Even if you don't even open the cabinet and there's a version of acting, I haven't hid it, but there's a version of acting. That's like that. Where I mean look at dangled louis mac, os fuck around he does two year, guess what he is. yeah yeah sure yeah. You he's still lincoln. I heard he I have a friend who did wardrobe and it never came out and he had he couldn't give it to them on hangers because they didn't have the. your hangers yeah now does that? rescue or make you go. I not for me getting all like am pride and now be playing David. You might be the extent of right. things that are far away. While I appreciate you talking like you have because it sort of made me be like yeah, I gotta work harder can't hurt, I mean like, you know I show you, I guess. Maybe you have to police yourself, can hurt I've seen people were they go in such a direct.
In its unnecessary? I think it's only to the point at which the its helping well. I mean when I think that, like really knowing the lines like so you don't, we have to were you about? It? Anymore is liberating the iccat. It opened again, you can do not the line strike again. It opens you up to the other work. You know. I too am whatever put whatever choices you want in place or figuring out. Zachary how this guys at where are we at the timeline? That's my biggest problem when he shoot shit out of order? It's like what it happened. I'm not real good at a lot of it, for me is reading the scripts scene not just reading through like a book, I tried to add a couple times here which is Yeah I started relies, I don't point out which ones there certain films from like. Why didn't play that right right, like early on dry mean were like yeah, oh, that I'm like too excited that came right off, yeah, yeah, yeah sure yeah, like I I'm not great like I have to tell directors and like make sure you tell me what happened before,
doing that? That's really it man I mean like just saying like so. Where are we like that? I've heard a lot of great actors say that at the beginning of scenes you know like so we were yeah cause like I, I just you because he like you said editing. You can get away with murder. Really I mean I've worked with people like you said, you don't know their lines at all and you have to tell them to them the before each take will cut off. Ok, can hold the screen in between each set. You mean before each line of theirs right, someone says it. They kind of repeat it right eye on people have that stuff in their ear, had I lower to someone like now, I'm not going to say who, but I am yeah It is so first of all you're, not even in the scene with somebody when they got one is there they're being told the lines before they sam? They say I think it was like. I like hearing some music, so I get a vibe of the scene, but then you can hear someone's feeding them their lines from their trailer yeah and you go like they're. Like
they used over an economy works in the film. I guess, but you're not connected with them. You know. Well, that's why things It's a thing when you have these actors, who have been around forever, that they can sort of it's not even a matter of resting on their laurels. right when they show up on screen. They they own it in such a way. Historically, that the work that it be, I don't I mean I hate it. I can't no, I'm not apologise for, but I mean that's what happens? That's why they get to that point. oh or that they can get away with right, like you're saying you can get away with before it one of my lines because it said you notice a malign I'll repeat it back to you, but the great thing that happened. I'm going to come off like such an acting there than this. I'm sorry, but I am acting so I haven't asked them In acting, I become more of an acting nervous, yeah, that's what that's, what we're learning, but would I
and I will never move back to derry and they didn't like me. Then yeah they're going to have you're going to fucking hate me. I e cleaning, lady's gonna, come after you, it's a lot of things going on and what I, what I've learned, also in rehearsing, is not only are you learning the lines but you're learning deeper meanings. Every time you say it, I am so you can that's what I learned doing that play the, but you know Paul, wrote this play and one hundred performances in us, like, I think, I'm seeing connections that pilot oh yeah, you know like or you're connecting him any any in in. They don't have to know about it. I mean if they favorite, but you, but it doesn't get when people are watching it, even if it doesn't connect exact, already, there's an intention. There see. That's that's part of your work. I've learned that talking to people that, like you know, it's probably better to keep that to yourself in the end I probably shouldn't evac gone and such an accident. No, no, no I'm saying like onset and you don't want to come up.
direction guy. I dunno, if you really know, what's happening here, but the deeper thing I'm going to play. I've certainly worked for that actor too. Who's, like my wife, is an acting coach and last night. She let me know that my character was raped at the age of three and you got like alright, like, That's your work, gay. I know I use it. I guess, but you know we don't have to I don't think even we would know about that yeah. Sadly, I think what I've noticed lately having not had that much experience is that experiences at lahti times. It is sort of a selfish pursuit, even though you working with people, especially with film and television, is that your relationship a lot of times it seems for some is the camera and selfish is wrong. Where do I think it's more solar? I think, as you say, the solar, I I the real realization of the last twenty years that it is not
am alone with this guy rehearsing. The thing I show up, I mean I loved working with adam driver and John David Washington, but but at the end like I'm doing my thing, they're doing there right comes together, we can arrive at the party yeah, but that's why I like, and by any of experiences too cause I work. You know my emotional connection on glow was with alison brie and we get there. I mean I, you know I can feel it and it's tangible and you can see she's a fucking, great actress, but like great actor yapta and at you know. That makes a difference. I mean we're we're we're so you're saying when you don't have that with someone else. It feels when you're working with somebody else and and it's sort of like. Oh, he doesn't care if I'm here or not, it hurt I could be anybody here now to me there
but I haven't had that the huge apartment Evan had done any. Haven't you ever think we win. Are you going to admit I mean it doesn't have to be now, but at what point we have done enough that you go yeah like a season after I think when, like I don't know I dunno, do you think there is even a time sure I mean I but seasoned is weird like so I did four seasons of my own show. So that's like what we did. Forty nine episodes of marriage. So that's a lot of stage and that was sort of my training on how to be on camera as he is now is hit share on the season of glow, and I yeah. You liked by your eighth hit, show why I mean where I think it's. the more challenges I have like them. I honour your right. Am I don't use it at some point? You should cause you great on it. You should just like. Why don't, I think, there's so much a morning, but that shouldn't stop me from saying I'm an actor yeah yeah,
we now, but it's not going to let you know you know you're in algeria. Think it's gonna happen is one. I do something like eve down where I do something that is not told within my wheelhouse, okay, yeah yeah. I know what you mean. Yeah you took elite and you got there shall and myself to do. Something were that it would have it would that the choices I would have to make would be a lion to me like so far. I haven't really experienced at where I had like I. I've had taper who I am or or shut off part to me. I haven't, had to make choices that you have. Through my vulnerability are, are inherently not really like. You know, you've had baba and kirk on this right. Yet did you watch those new mister show Are they were called MR shoulder? Thou ye larger? I watch some of them here. I thought they were great but like his acting in a mean, like he's, acting a better casal screen, but is acting in these, like basically, MR showing additives as that's what you're talking about.
He cleared did what you did. Like. Probably first felt the way adding then you can know got on top of it like you got it and then he the agonies, leaves he's. Clearly went away so much acting work, but then came back to the same thing as acting is like insane on so so great. I gotta watch, and pay more attention. He has become very good actor yeah, but I think it's probably I think it's probably you're in that process of get some point you yeah. I want to try and I've never even done really broad characters like that. I have a hard to like guys trying to think about that. Why I can't remember what I was watching. I think I was watching a stand up for him anwar, where you know you just sort of embody a character that isn't you with confidence. Like I have this weird insecurity. Singing or becoming some like, like cuz, I'm so self, conscious, sometimes that, if I'm doing like, I did if you're playing someone who isn't you know what mean right right? I am really weird if I've never really inhabited. I think I have such a struggle. Just inhabiting me as a character in life.
Wouldn't you say that I've been a fan of yours for a long time? When did you say that's evolving too yeah? No, it is yeah yeah, but I I do need to challenge myself as an actor and I think then I'll I'll be able to maybe say what you want me to say. It'll happen, though, I think the way we Bob, like you, know, cause I remember talking to him at the. I know I'm a little bit at the beginning of that. I breaking bad Yeah rcs is kind of like dunno man. I never watched it and you know, and then he owns, and indulge in go back to MR show in on it. Same thing, he was great. I in the post- not yet I'm brilliant kind of a pivotal and he was quiet maybe the hardest thing to do. You know, like god, is great. That was like David's? Is it's very different? Put? freeze rank as I watch it at home, the post and leg as well? You know in the contacts. the frozen, seeing them together like this is a sketch when it's like you
it's good talking to you you're great talking to you. I thought it was good fun as I thought it would be. Oh thank god it was api have. We talked about acting too yeah thanks for having me that was better than we all thought, I'm not in. I I'm just saying, though, like I enjoy talking to fire players or I'll. Just do it. No thinking about it just doing it And happy holidays be careful. Okay right now play guitar. The and in the
the the. I
I and and I, Oh my lab.
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