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Episode 986 - Linda Cardellini

2019-01-16 | 🔗
For Linda Cardellini, a person whose spiritual crisis took her all the way to the Vatican, it's appropriate that the pivotal moment in her career happened when she took a leap of faith on a little TV pilot called Freaks and Geeks. Linda and Marc talk about that seminal show, the initial failure of which was hard to accept, along with the other projects that make her so recognizable to audiences, like ER, Mad Men and the new movie Green Book. They also try to figure out why Linda is still so hard on herself and why she avoids a lot of trappings of celebrity. This episode is sponsored by Black Monday on Showtime, Deadly Class on SYFY, and Stamps.com.

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All right words do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck next what's happening? A mark marron. This is my webcast w how's it going what's happening. sing. Okay, you alright I'ma I guess I don't think my cat buster likes me. I think he puts up with me you know we have a strange relationship by don't know that experience where you have a pet and then a friend, Yours comes over and they they, seem to want to go home with them, and I can't resume. The guy I can't resent the cat. I cannot resent buster kitten, he's an odd cat he's he fetches things. He thinks Sometimes he looks like a human in the face by you. I do everything I can for the guy, but he's sorta like you
Dog he'll hang out with me when I'm doing things, but when I'm not it just, you know, I think he likes other people better than me, and What do I do about that right? I keep trying. I mean how much like I'm feed this cat. Like some humans eat. You know that's it maybe gotta toughen up a little bit or maybe I dunno used to me. You know we have a certain thing we do and then, when other people come over he loves them and they go like you know what I just realized the exact like me. The cat is exactly like me today on the show I talked to linda card cardellini, who is in the new film. A green book I have known her, you remember from freaks and she had a pardon madman. She she's done I e r she's done a lot of things, she's, a very, very fine actress. and I an opportunity to talk to her, so I took it and I dug it- and you'll hear that in a few minutes I promise you that's going to happen.
You you're going to hear me and when de carlini talking three boy emails. I got a good one. I thought it was. One cause this guy's very attentive, something there think about, I like to see mail. subject: line hands down the funniest moment. Hey mark been since god knows when at to twenty. I think a few thoughts at episode. Two twenty one Some of us are fans of the superhero movies cause. We grew up on comics and never thought we'd see them on screen as dynamic as they are and are meant to be. An old crusty our tender. I know saw the very first spiderman when it came out and he muttered I've been. For that movie, since I was five anyway, I fucking love, em, ok, pow noted, I guess That makes sense to me. I respect that too. Michael Clayton, is one the finest films every grace a screen. I love when you talk about it. Die hard is on the theatre every christmas, but I'd go see mike
clayton on the big screen for multiple viewings quote. I'm the enemy, Who are you on quote the cup with from Michael Clayton? By way three things the meat of it, your talk with how he was fantastic. You run the gamut with guests and the interviews always shine that snappy patois surfaces when you have a comic gone, is golden. I've got a point good job and I work in construction with contractors. Sometimes I'm at the job site out in the rain, and they joke must be nice to cruise around and chill in office. I usually respond this the job I chose you have the job you chose, and here we are my shitty without attacking ups bullshit last minute changes in putting our fire. Sometimes all companies seems like a rudderless ship with no one at the helm. When you got we're talking about bombing and how he's all quote? Nobody knows unquote, and you said because you can't leave
tears of laughter to my eyes. I rewound it at least fifteen times hands down the funniest thing. I've heard on your wonderful show pain in that moment about those moments, coupled with the knowledge that this is what you signed on for the love you have for your craft, even what might be the worst part about. It is just something you deal with. I imagine it's not even a clause or a fine print for a comic its ironclad guaranteed that at some point this is gonna happen soldier on. Thanks for the show man, you are a constant source of laughter, inspiration and wisdom. Keep up the phenomena, work, boomer waves, sincerely Anthony that that three- because he picked up on that moment talking about bombing and we always talking about. No one really understands it, but then he brought up his own wife. It's just And I never really thought about it either. It made me reflect on
You know when you're younger in comedy or whatever you do, the worst fucking thing that can happen, is the shit doesn't go over and starting you're only doing it for five minutes three minutes and its it's it's an eternity and then son is life goes on and you stack of these experiences where it it gets as bad as it's going to get. In terms of occupational problems. In this Take your field or whatever feels you working in you. Have you been doing something for it a greater more europe, you're, going to have a pretty good resume of things, getting fucked up? Things going really wrong of things teetering on the edge of we chaos and failure quitting or losing your job, and after a bunch of them and they get a little behind you you're, like idea.
Yeah. It was near was in great when that happened, but at noon a long time ago, fuck it. I don't give a fuck nothing fuckin matters, not thing is true everything. Is permitted where that come from how soon I sabah. Let's do it well business. I should have done this at the beginning, but I'm doing it now. I'm going to do sort of a residency at the diner, typewriter, that's a space down dead, sorted, downtown koreatown here and los angeles there's going to be a series of dates through february in the beginning of march sundays Are we doing work shopping an hour to trial work some stuff out there use fun shows I'll bring feature acts with me of all different sorts- some, hopefully I got ask some people, but you can go to wtf pod dot. Slash tour to get the links for
tickets to all those shows, I believe, there's five of them coming up the first one is this sunday january twentieth, so that it's happening. If you live in LOS angeles, you are going to be in town. Come see me one of those sundays at dynasty, typewriter, it's a nice little space, so this is me talking to a linda carta Lenny He can be seen in green book, which is in theaters now and she's in the upcoming netflix comedy series, to me and I'm sure. A lot of you fell in love with her on freaks and geeks. You told me he's never talked for an hour, once before in public
and why why what happened? Was it a bad hour? No, it was great. Oh yeah, yeah was so worked out yeah, but you grew up in California. Yes, northern california, that's the best yeah where'd. You grow up around san francisco, like thirty minutes south. What was your family doing up there? my family's, been in services covered renovation for joy, the cartoons of san francisco, I mean well, they were different names fiercely. My father's grandmother was born there and so my my great grandmother, a grandmother, my father, my sister, her son, you have all been born and confirms the scope and then- sites, one generation, less fear there is. It had been there forever living there for a long time, but where they come from a region like new york, know now all like checked in at Ellis island, and I mean according to mail or they all checks. Alice island and kept going from ITALY. My dad aside from ITALY my mom side from ireland, some other
pieces of the puzzle I of germany in irish italian yeah. With genetically catholic. Yes for hundreds of years, children, big family yeah, have you visited those places? I've been to ITALY, I've never been ireland, ireland I know I'm dying to go. I really would love to go. I just there. I've only been no eight dublin, though, and kilkenny, but like it's beautiful well. Then I've got nowhere. Go in italy, Well, I, the first time I went there I played soccer there. I played a lot of, really your love jockey. Because you are great at it or cause. It was just a highschool good enough and there was a team that was going and I could go and we were young, so you played against the italians so Samantha. I went to denmark and holland and the second and we say with families on us, thirteen
Second time I went, I went to ITALY, Austria, france and germany, oh man, and so I went to verona and we got her. You know we got our asses handed to us, but we had a great time, but so that was the first time I went. did play I've done a play there in italy as a grown up as it as a college student work and which I was Lee, to do right after freaks and geeks. Why would you go? Do ancient play and what was the ancient play. It was a of lancelot But it was that you set your question. I was now because now I mean I've. I have an interesting memory, it sort of lady under him. I can hold onto things for a short period of time, but my long term is a little bit and in that matter how the august is to me I'm sort of the opposite. Oh really, now, no matter what I think will that's cause is not so important units absolutely she's gone any than yet it go somewhere else here My short term works well
ram get through the day. Memorize my lines breathe, read a book and then read it again. A year later I lancelot, yes, but there was a. It was like one of the first non secular plays and it was being performed with this. This medieval play festival, and so this teacher of ours took us and we went and did that. So I remember that's after the pilot, a freaks That's what I went to did that or you I I you didn't, have a huge career in show business. Yet so you know trying freaks and geeks wasn't my first shell people always think it was but well. Let me ask you quite a couple. We're not up in san francisco. Did any your family actually live in the city? S f san francisco. Self. When I was growing up here, you have a sort of way. started there and then kind of spray. I met my brother moved there and you know people always lived. You know Did you like go when you're grown up? Is that used to hang out? I go to san francisco, sometimes all even go there,
the time yet right? In my view they party there are what you know. Any new area was in. It was more like an adventure sort of had a more suburban life right. Yet so it's such a freak show services. I lived there for a couple years and I was like what is going on wages. I lived in the mission for a year south van ness. And I moved my grandmother- grew up it real ambition, yeah yeah He always the I never got is like, and then I moved to the panhandle like clayton and fell, but when I got there you'd never like I've lived in new york. I've lived here. I can never quite get a handle on how that city was sort of put together like who's in charge. Why? What? What's the history of it just seemed like this? I gotta like us, a circuits why'd you is it just embraced freaks of all kinds for generations. Yet, sir, it's great yes, it is its rich yeah. I guess I'd ever, even if it's very creative to like over here. At the time history and even like back in the sixties, to now silicon valley, there's a lot of creative energy.
that happens, that's right the creative energy. Now it is very much more profit oriented admitting that may be perhaps that way, I don't know there's come out. I have you billion some kind of like maybe yeah? Maybe the original computer virus- I don't know, but I, but you know it's differ have you been there lately Lately the mission is it's like it there's, no great maybe one corner. I gonna where's our mission in sixteenth that at that bart station is still nuts well feel like gum and in some ways you know, It is always going to cause sure, but I think that that is the difference. Change! Beers o in one hand and there's programmes, there's like you know things it gets, did changed for the better On the other hand, the thing that
I've seen the most is it drives the generations out like where I grew up? It was I grandmothers and and aunts and uncles parents are, and it was a place for families went to raise their children right. You know they may be moved from jersey scope as it was warmer right and you were able to like he rather rating suit in the summer and swim wasn't file you're home. If you are able to grow up of your grandmother, you were one of the group and grandmother on the corner. Any rather had their friends and then I think what I've seen cause. It's happened to areas that have lived and we're sort of this new tech money comes learn. Industry comes in here and I think what happens. Is the generations get moved out because suddenly, this house, that you bought for thirty thousand dollars twenty years ago is now worth million. Why not love and and you can have a different sort of lifestyle- sure, but your moved out of the neighborhood in the neighborhood is right, younger, more sort of you. I know history
moneyed beyond merely a different, a different field to the neighbourhood or in in the event of like some of my friends. Their parents have houses, but when they have grown up and have a normal job, they can no longer afford to live near their parents bride Then they have to move sort of two hours away and- and so it's it's sits and that's what it does to where your folks in northern california, stolen on in the same neighborhood, they moved a couple hours when it s not too far, and you got a kid now right, I do so have a good relationship with my parents, yeah yeah and then my my daughters, father, and I have known each other since we were kids his folks up there. but they were buddies, move sort of hours away. You know, so there are a couple hours from each other, but everybody stopped. Our friends are still up there. So pretty up there. It is its view Also. How catholic were you brought up very rare? I mean we can go to church every weekend, but my parents were brought up catholic year end like they were told you had a good confession every week, could you go? I went well, have I went
I was little my mom's, you sure, got a confession of risk and I was very young and- and I was the youngest of four and but my parents were protective and right right and there and I went to confession. It was really old. Irish priests and I didn't know his scares like bless me father, for I have sinned and I was gonna say, like one said, lisa up one and ngos hell it. So I said you, mass and he yelled at me now as it was old cranky yeah Yes, you know- and he yelled at me- and I was I came out of there and he said you actually. Why didn't you go to church? Do you have a bike and I said yeah I have a bike if you got one last christmas or execution ride. Your bike to the cobra, when I came out of their noses terribly crying my mom felt terrible terror well about the old man's garage yeah, and I was like I'm never going again and I was very sensitive to yeah. Of course, right, I mean obviously very sensitive something and that
eleven have any since you know I'm right provided that that scared you away from me away, and so here's the reason why this is a funny story, actually cement my mom, my one of my good and her mom is always like the most wonder personally. I always had everybody dirt, how's that if there is a new pre, she would invite the men and feed them caprice like to be fat runs. You know that part of the record the use and they had a swimming pool, so everybody always went to their house, your parents, my friendship, a genie, and so her mom had the new priesthood which was like this young irish priest when everybody liked he was funny any was fun, everybody was swimming and I'm going to be. My mom had told that I had been scared away from confession he tree. She told the young newport yes, but I didn't know that I was swimming everybody a swimming in the polls pull part area and He swam up to me- and I remember thinking like oh my god
Here's the like of ice are present shorts with no shirt on which was normally solomon. Their whole garb was like. This is odd and I remember just clocking that he had and I was I was like eleven and if there was nothing lascivious about it at all, he was a very wonderful kind and there was nothing like it was not that dirty know nothing at all. When you say that and then you say, the priests were gonna fleet people get scared, but- and he came up to me, and he had a very earnest talk with music. Your mother said that you are scared of going to confession. Somebody yelled at you and it's you know, and he give this whole explanation of how like that. Not really how it is. I ever wanted to talk and hotel. I could think of on nipples. You know what I mean is I've ever seen a priest with his shirt off, which has a kid you thinking like their different than you somehow and like I don't know I little prepared in and and he was very kind, but I can't remember how could you do that, but she was trying to help. That was the first time he saw her nipples. I mean
not like manner the abuja gatt or something I remain registered that have already raised here is weird to see people who aren't supposed to be half dressed, half dressed rate, which is the funny thing about spending yeah totally, okay, it okay, but it is odd absolutely, of course, so I see did didn't. Stick, though the catholicism No, that way no How big is your family? My mom is one of seven and they all have a lot of children. and so I had at one point. It mean people passed away now and know whatever, but I had. It went like over twenty first, twenty around twenty first cousin. Twenty, yeah, and they were all in the area yeah, that's wild yeah so that's not. My irish site is much bigger than my italians are really yeah. That's your dad! So yeah my dad sides. The time trying to your mom says the irish were like where, like that bigger
yeah and they stayed together. They still very, very close here- I mean now people have moved away, but up and until I was a full grown adult, nobody had really does it I'd one cousin who moved away right for your folks, herds altogether, yeah they met when they were seven. They lived on the corner from each other. They started dating there in high school and they ve been together since wow sister, the same thing like she married her neighbor and they are many. Yeah wasn't mine. He was the neighbor of two of my very close friends, but he around he was around yeah and you ended up together after it. But how did that happen? After so many years? Cuz? You were not, to go. No, no! No! No, we were always friends than ever. Not friends are not like best friends serve, never not friend, and then he was working. We live in l a and worked in l, a and no business kind of person Really he does makeup, but it wasn't necessarily thoroughly onset words. You know and
as you may, you know he was always like fun yeah. I always had fun. So hey, era. We ran into each other, and I was like do my makeup sometimes, and you know so, we would do it and we would hang out and we would go. For all that is driving the same car and then it is for you just real I to oh, we love each other yeah yeah. it's like sort of like once you cross a line with a person in right way, right, there's some history, their road that you're like oh and there's something really drifting about it, because somebody who knows you, when you come to los angeles where everybody sort of comes for industry knows my from my four yet in somebody who knows me from before knows my family. I know his family are. My aunt was friends with his mother. anyway. I have all that yeah my eyes the story about this, this boy she knows well. The vietnam is her first went to get killed, leant, nom and when I went to the to the memorial when I was kidnapped grade sixty scratches his name off for me, and it turns out that that's steve's uncle aruba,
So it was her friend and I didn't even we didn't put it together until much later yeah we went to the wall. When I was a kid in eighth grade, we went to the washington DC. Memorial is heavy right. Yeah I've been there like I've been there a couple of times beautiful, it's really something. Cause it just sort of sneaks up on you, your wears it and then it's like? Oh, yes and he kind of quiet down over there you inevitably see somebody who you know as they're feeling it and always have it's like if I just yeah it's devastating, I just read some history about springsteen or, like he's been, I'm sorry. I just read about Springsteen has been talking about a guy who was in a ban when he was a kid in ass bury park. Who was the first guy who really impressed him as a singer We ended up with a local kid, went to vietnam and was killed and It was just a story about him, bring it up on stage and one of that guy's skids. You know heard about it.
And him and bruce connected, and he too you know and he was able to get stories about his dad, because his dad got killed when he was just a baby, but he was able to get near bruce tell him about his old man and stuff. It was kind of sweet, yeah yeah. Harry medea, so we're dead you a young to like it takes you to be so beyond that age to realise how young eighteen is to be sent there and to read. fuck him and everywhere I mean nowadays and erect then, and we're going to have a choice: now you know and like I did, you watch, I can burn stock. You got about twenty hours now you should watch it learns how spectator why should the vietnam war why there were no there's just so much? I didn't know about it. You know I kinda know about it, but like really the the whole history of that we don't have talk about vietnam. We, I don't know, I don't know enough about it to really tackle I'd. I didn't either and then I watch can birds know little. I think I know everything about it. My short, your memories, not great my long terms, better siam retaining ran riot pair. So are you
how many brothers and sisters I'm the youngest of four what they are, doing my sister's that I'm the youngest by far my thirteen years older than me you're on closer and aids to her son and she is, but we were always in the house. Will you an accident that you know. Somebody once said that to me and my parents were like that's not true, because my brother and sister, my my oldest my oldest brother, my sister, they are like irish twins on the parents were like. well we're not just take it easy now and he has faced these kids out but but yeah, but now they said you're not an accident. Why would they tell you you were I know you know it's like thirteen years, pretty yeah I don't know what you're happy accident says good, maybe I'm pretty. I I think they like me, but I started acting when a kid
like it. I want you weren't. I always was performing and well in interest grounded room, but no they didn't. Let me thou, like you have to be like picked, do a party catholic school person, then I went to catholic highschool. Then I went to gather college which careful couch loyal amount in los angeles. Oh yeah, but you got good education right. Even though they're pretty good thinkers, did you ever sort of like I have to wrestle with telling them. We I mean if you didn't stay catholics other than in sort of tradition. Did you have a belief? it for a long time. I had all true belief, I think when I was young I was but think I was I was very young, I was, I believed him heartedly and then, when I realise that some of those things were I'll go, are in earnest, are parable or what the nose
sort of programme. Loaded high minded be none of its true right at that moment, and then I studied world. You know the good thing about going to jesuit school year. You any other religions, and then I started to see the commonality. Religion, the and oppression the common out or another religions and beliefs, and I think that you know if I were to go back squalid left a study that further. I think it's really beautiful. What motivates but threads of yeah yeah I and that and so yeah, so I sort of it sort of broke apart like that for me, and did you ever have to sit down with a jesuit and go like I'm having a spiritual crisis? Yes, I have funny enough. It was a long time that I was having sort of a spiritual. You felt bad about crisis. Sure I'll. Let you know I think, would when I wholeheartedly was into it, it was easier when did start to crumble, ouch knowed away before
way before, but I was used to sort of like the the I think when really high school year in our work, but it was a mad at edinburgh. No earlier I was like ok, there are other things you're, not everybody is wrong right right. If you really believe like in the idea of of who the person is- center of their religion about you know not rank and teaching area of of loving you the that, so I sort of sort and then I went to I believe in you believe in nothing. I believe- and I dont know what I believe we are going to be. So I still, though I don't know, but when, when you talk to a genuine did like who have they for I went to the vote. The first time ever went to the vatican. Are you I went to the vatican, but this was long after I'd had the crisis, but I thought well. If I'm going to go to the vatican, I'm going to go to confession, because I have confession there: and I'm going to say I'm having a crisis of faith. I used to really believe
I don't really believe how old were you when this happened? This was, I was older. I was like you know like. I think I was in college at this point, but I was like I still you know still felt like. Oh, that is pretty impressive. If somebody will say something: yeah yeah, maybe somebody's back on track. Somebody will get me into something, so I There are- and I said I you know they have these confessions that you can go to and I went in and nice said and they have different languages. Could some of the pre speak multiple languages and in the big business, the catholic church, beyond national yeah and went. Isn't it beautiful, beautiful move? Adkins are incredible. I know I went to a lot of those cathedrals and I'm a jew, but I was just fascinated with it, but once If you go to a lot of the other ones around the country and then go to the Vatican right. This is clearly the main one and religious artwork throughout time. Really just theatre throughout time are all of that stuff. It really it blood. Let me add, but is that the vatican one is so get so it's not it's a little more stripped down than the other ones and lot more kind of gold, as I remember, and
if some of the other ones are old and dusty and weird and there's dead popes in every everywhere, but probably a couple of dead pups around there's hundreds of dead poets everywhere, and yet there are dead wizards everywhere. pieces of way. Pieces of people are really, of kinds right, but I just what I want. I remember when I went to the vatican might this clearly the head borders, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it sucked. So you quite a building. It's amazing and did you go sistine chapel? I did beautiful yes, so If you go to confession, the vatican, the vatican- and I say you know- I'm really having a problem is to really believe and I'm I'm having an issue the guy who of to you know he didn't really speak a lot English was probably like third or fourth on the I don't know it's in portuguese, some other language in English. I remember exactly now a long time ago, and I went in- and I said, you know, bless me father and I get so nervous because
I don't really know the lines like. Oh god is it for. I have sent you know and then that first experience with, like you, know the ride, your bike to church and saigon. There- and I say you know I don't really know how to do this, but I just want to say. I am having you know. I've had a crisis of faith for a long time and I'm just hoping you can help me out, and he says You gotta have a fish. if you say like, I think, I'd like a tale mary than a three hour father that guy and I was like oh no, that guy poor guy has no idea. You just like blue it. For me by parliament was my heritage. Raw values could have like really wrote me back and somehow I was it. You gotta have a gonna have a say. Yes, so certain didn't do needs a funny expire. Though you worse course comes from within anyways
I think so yeah. It would have been amazing that someone just kind of blue your minds again presented some philosophical quandary and I think they are somehow somebody probably has one of those things in proportion that can turn somebody like. Oh, are you on the un's? You got it gotta have the right moment, though you gotta, you gotta, see it in their eyes, yeah yeah to do the missionary thing yeah, but you know now it's just sort of like a yeah just try to be a person, person and hope that it good mom yeah me that it all works out sure. When did you start again? on stage not in the anon professional way, like kindergarten, Noah's ark. Of course, There may well be my mother and my best friends mom my moment and her mom friends, we're like wouldn't be cured of our kids were skunks, which is an indirect com, mean only on saps rights. We got called sting
see the ten years or and and so we were skunks. That was my first performance and I knocked over the waves- and that was a problem and the sky, and around than I would have a stage criteria, are necessarily but then I always how he liked it. I am always sort of To be honest, I think I had a lot of emotions that I didn't know what to do with, and I would often find myself like I had a cat. I forgot sign like sing to my cry to my colleague as a kid. You know how these stories are. Do this dress up thing and like they always had this emotional commitment to them? That I think was yeah. We are kind of an only child They were all in the house now they were far away, but we had a house always filled with people here so in food and and
sure, but I mean, like mostly like people I didn't have a place to go that came to our house and we'd, always joke around, like who's going to be on the couch and we'd look and see like our cousins. or you know so, your anger- we didn't do, but my parents were always very open people- and you know my bit my dad can play like all kinds of instruments and my dad's like really a secret artist and what kind of he played guitar and stuff, but I can play the guitar, the accordion, the banjo, the, did you bring it out at family gatherings? Oh yeah yeah, not anymore. He won't do it anywhere and my dad's. Actually my parents actually shy in that way like they can never believe that this is what I do for a living really yeah. I do, but my parents are a little shy that way, but yeah there was always music at my house. My brothers played my sister play play music all the time like what kind was anyone into crazy me? A lot of credence clearwater, there's only a few chords there. So it's not sure how capable yeah it was fun. We always had instruments and
creative house. Yeah of sorts was in a band and nobody thought No, no, I miss my brothers and my brothers were in bands. I probably run aliens yeah, but no one thought this was going to make a living at this. No, no just you! Well my brother oldest brother, once you like a modeling contest with his girlfriend one time when he was young and then he ended up winning, and so he traveled around model for awhile and then did a little bit of like stuff and yeah- and I remember he helped me get one of my first jobs, which was I worked at a casting agency in San Francisco who's. A guy call like forty eight banal or you know, as there are many could there be in serbia in the grass commercials, and here I would be the person at the desk and I m so excited. I won't be an actress in show business like this, my first plane eleven. I wanted to be an actress ever since then those like, oh my god, which point the music man who
I played an old lady at eleven. Is there any videotape of that gallant? Sure? Absolutely absolutely my father! Video! I mean it'd, be like somebody else's wedding, it'll, be a picture of like he'd, just be a video of me doing something he had always have like. He was a photographer at one point it looks like he has always had all this yeah, so you're working at a casting agency. So how do you did you study, acting at loyola, get you did for undergrad and for all for irs. You were doing it yeah and then I didn't totally finish, and so I had to go back. I went back, I didn't know if I would've I like goal was sort of never to finish, I was like I'm just going to go. My parents, please go to college and I was the first of all of us to go away to a four year college. Oh, the, and so I went away to loyola Marymount, which wasn't that far I wanted to go to either new york or l a and l a seemed like not so far from my family shirt and I had actually a little scholarship to another school theatre. Scholar
clear, the home so you and for visa scholarship at lawyer known I had another at an hour later, but I dont know if I go in there and I was just for you are different for no good enough to addiction, which I was I didn't want to have that and and I went to Loyola and it was at issue from coming from my high school. It was like people who, but I liked at my high who, that were good went there. So I thought, let's you know small. It didn't feel so foreign to go to a giants jersey where he had built in friends, no well. I had one girl who came with me genie who the party, but then she left and then I made friends, but that was the great thing I think for me: going to school, in los angeles. Trying to become an actress was was great for me because it actually gave me up like a good group of friends and we had gone
moving away from home together. Here, don't you know- and I have this wonderful group of people that I met through school at enough to meet them going out. Bars goes right, move to allay to be racked right side the EU had a nice support system avoided. The pratt falls of getting lost in the city road aware as much as possible, oh yeah right in your. I think, that's hard during its really hard when people move out here to become an actor if, with his right hand, relieve friends, you have to there's a lot of pressure to begin with, and then you got your have a support system. We have and also figure out how to get in. You know to like it seems like most of show. Business is built on those kind of relationships. Where you meet a hippo and you can maintain friendships with casting agents, and this was never the best at that, and I was terrible at it. While you did all right. Yeah took forty This is, I think, that's what you'd learn it wasn't about. Like thirty five by, I think, that's the real relationship. I think people can smell it. If it's
Real right, I guess so. I think you're, a people that, like our have an undeniable talent that if they get seen in the right situation, the pride deprived kay- if they don't destroy themselves and then there are people that work very hard and kind of find their way as well? You know what I mean. Yeah like I don't know, I've never buy, never was grated. Maintaining relationships are even being that pleasant. When I was younger, seem pleasant it took a long time, I'm sitting in a while its chair, the I mean it just did take it. You know I had to get to beat up and did my ass a few times it's hard when you come to be actor or actress- or I can't do comedy so I act that I never understood extraordinarily hard, be, but at the very least so I you know, I just had no choice in it. There was something is just what I was meant to do, but the one thing the
a comedy, as you really call your own shots, your your own, your guy yeah. You want you. You are no one you're, not audition you're doing your own shit from the beginning, you're not kind of going in pretending. We hadn't know how actors handle auditioning, it seems so horatio still her and ass. For the volume you know, I'd still high, don't know that I certainly have handled is full a heartbreaking really and the other you gotta, ruby, pretty tough, which is interesting because you have to be tough it at the same time be vulnerable enough to be able to do The things that you need to do. Why guess? What you do is you frame it in your head is part of the job and eventually that just you know has to write. I mean you just actually like why you don't you you, not get a you'd, maybe won't be. It's just is just part of it right yeah, and I think for me, sometimes when I figure it out like oh well, I'm going to get through this because I have this mechanism of coping with it. Then it doesn't work the next time. You know what I mean and you get to.
about an hour you you know, you write a guy. I really want something I only but its sinner, it's it's part of it, but I think there are people who are good auditioning who, you know I mean some people are really good at additional. Some people are not as good at edison in doesn't mean can mean different things on sat like you at this point. People know you. I still audition audition for green book, yeah twice twice you very good in it. Thank you. Did you like working with those guys? I did and you know that the addition car was actually really nice. It was me in vigo and peter and they waited for me like I had. I was working and what were you doing? I was doing a movie, a horror movie, just like the first one, I've really ever done, which one which one's called lawyer Rona, uh huh, and so I didn't even have any close to where I borrowed something, and I can't and that's like one of three things that I've really was so excited to get that I was like was probably never going to happen. So I just gonna show up and try whatever. I can do which then that actually helps me in
so much audition ankles like this, can show up and do my best. This is what I got so, maybe the like and as I went in there and we did It- and I thought it was just gonna- be sort of a casual they're like all be casual kind of reunion. I got there and there was like props, oh yeah and a camera and vigo- and I was like oh, oh okay, he got two choices here, Linda you should step up or step back. So I was like alright. Here we go. and and when I read it, I felt like she was somebody that I would have known sure in my family school or something like she seemed very much like some friends of mine's, mom, feeding, everybody and loving everybody and welcoming everybody and right and taking care of everybody and supporting everybody. She really supported everybody here, so they went in there and we just sort of did it and was fun and I was like I feel like I could yeah. I have this problem
I have this like cursor on my catcher. I feel like I could do it different, but yeah yeah. So I walked out. Then it was like you know. It was like ten o'clock at night. I went back another day and we sat in there. We talked and read and sort of impromptu. and then and then I was on the drive home- and you know that you have this whole audition thing were like, oh god did. I just did. I can never tell if I did a good job or a bad job. I can't no. No, no, Sometimes you know when you're not feeling it, but just because you're feeling it doesn't Other people are you know what I mean so yeah I dunno and then also you just never know. I actually feel, like you, don't really ever know it's hard to know because, like I just you know- I've been acting for the first time really in the last few years since roe as I'm so crazy, yeah well, I mean I didn't my own sean. I have c for a few years, but the glow thing was the first time I ever really done it regularly as a job.
And there's definitely times where you like, am I in it and why do I have like like do a scene and an inner. Then director will move on you like guess I guess I guess it was there. You know, I can't you can't just sit there. I don't know if I was quite can you can, but they can ask for another, no aid money right, but I've done that before. But sometimes I I don't like, I think, there's some. I don't know what the hell I'm judging myself again. You ve been doing it your whole life mike. this doesn't mean I've gotten. You don't doesn't, we've gotten a handle changes. You know like yeah, you change it changes, but I think about submersion, like you know how far in he's supposed to be. You know a guy can be present and stuff like any watch people. When you read about people in your god, they transform their whole being. How do you do that? I don't know I mean I try to do something You know if I'm lucky, I'm doing that, but a you know. I think you just I like to be in the story of just try to think thoughts of
people right not deciding on a sound sense, helps area sure I should say You actually put your memory and eventually us in there may. Even it doesn't matter right and then in the end, then just listen to the other person right. And I've been really lucky. I mean sitting there. Working with a v goes amazing that he put on weight for that he ate like a champ the whole time. My job was to bring out the is like plates and plates of food like giant plates as a yeah yeah he would actually like eat it eat it that every take like a whole sausage in his mouth, and I was like how is he? How is he doing that number one and number two how's he going to lose that because it was forty, fifty pounds He did it. I guess that's! Another thing I don't understand me. Eating on cameras is terrifying.
It- got new love watching people eat on camera. I don't love it even watching a movie. I don't really love watching. Other people eat right, but but they don't realize, like you know, what's really going on most of the time as they're spitting it out each after each take and they're trying to figure out nia when they ate the or you're asking script he like. When did I take the bite? Yeah ugh, cigarette grant, senior and other things. There was one day where it was like multiple meats and fish, and you don't like this christmas fees and those fake cigarettes and it was yeah. It was a small room and it was disastrous, now that fucking, those vague cigarettes, really think that here about here, you know how that could be better for you then I mean I guess why don't we ll know getting more and I know so I smoke em. I know how to smoke it. I did smoke only smoke through the fake ones. You don't eat, you, don't get. You don't feel like having another. Nobody feels it.
Paper is burning, something like some sort of herb or why dunno? What's in there, yeah no you're, definitely inhaling shit. Yes, that can't be good keeping our know and be smoked as you smoking madman Yeah yeah cigarettes, oh yeah, yeah, did you ever smoke for real? You know. Novel had died that day, that's where you're going to clam up? No that's now, and that's it Alright, okay, you dabbled fine! So when, When you went to college you do so, that's where you got your memory, training, primary training, dabbling dabbling cigarettes and acting I ah, let's see yeah. I guess I studied a little bit of ac. You know, like the classic c t, I study at the national theatre, london. For a summer I studied around. You were younger yeah. shall fear in london yeah. There's some programme over there was really great
yeah and mementoes and was I was over eighteen at that time, by studied, or I liked to study rear. I like it doing, teamwork and bodywork this money, I dont think better. You don't think it's obvious and mean us is worth sickly. That he didn't you don't like. I just talked to actors in as somebody's doing it now is, I'm always poking around trying to figure things out you're. Whatever Put together, for yourself is what it is. Do you know what I mean there are some real nerds about it. Some real arrogant people about about process ultimately you're going to take it from wherever. We were never works for you yet, and I also I never really liked to exhibit my process like, but I did used to do a lot of stuff and near I do some of it now. Some of it has stopped it has an solve, it would come and weird ways we're like. I remember somebody once gave me the as a joke, the tony robin
it's a series and there's a workbook in there and Arabella, don't often use this work, but I can't I wish I could recall which characters I did it on, but there's this whole workbook about like. Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see yourself like what is your biggest fear? What would happen if you got over that biggest fear and it actually surely work giving great as like a character. Workbook. Oh really, you yeah her when I was lay, I wanted to do that, we're also as a journalist. I would mean all that kind of always sort of like your version of backstory yeah. Oh so they used it. Whatever tony robbins, there is a tony robbins workbook that I got and I was like this is this is kind of perfect for character build? Well, then, of course I didn't do it for my real life and get any now of course, knocked no at nice stood No, maybe neither my only my gift that I got you might have really tackling and just started going to tony robins concerns they look like they might be fun, really people hype that sure.
I feel good for a few days spend a couple of grand I'll take any leave. Thinking you can win. I would that would be great if I could get convinced about. That would be amazing. Would be different because you are winning yes knock on wood, so freaks and geeks wasn't the first one. No, I had done a couple of years. At least I had my twenty first birthday on my first set and I was playing freshmen in high school and tv on a saturday morning. Kid's show- and I remember having that birthday and I and I thought to myself. If I every single birthday, honest sat the early, the luckiest person in the world. You know how they want to go home and you get on actually answer. Yeah that'd be alive. Many know I mean you know. My iarc like three must have three birthdays are for birthdays on it, but june, so sometimes in our area and make it just go over there you mind if
wonder if that changes after, like twenty years like hey, I just would like to have my birthday yeah, exactly no. I should still be so lucky, so you did like just tv stuff. First I did I did. I got my first job and when I worked at that commercial agency in san francisco san francisco for like the summer, I would I got to be an extra. commercial came to allay and I tore down the thing on a post, and I was an extra in a movie was not great variants, and then I was in play and I kept sending out invitations fur like actors and men like that book, a hammer, the name the brain amateur was. I am all the managers and agents and addresses and you're no one come a friend of a friend had.
Manager, and he was coming to see it and he was like all SEN wanted the him and me I'll bring him and he came in. He saw me and of course I was playing hunchback because I know I got it a decent for like the engineer, the hunchback, noble hunchback. And that- and so he came and saw the play and afterwards like I'd love to represent, you come meet with me, and so I met with him and the first audition he sent me. I was a kid Saturday morning show called bone chillers and I went in an audition. Yeah and I got the part near off and running- and I was like- oh my god- this is incredible. I had been working scooping ice cream at my college, yeah dollars and twenty five cents an hour and the idea of like making scale was the like. It was just unbelievable to me yeah. It was unbelievable to me that I could make a living as an actor. Just didn't really see
like a real possibility, I didn't know anybody who had actually done it right and as a job, but by the time I had gone to college. I was like that's what I want do yeah and how did your twenty one not going to do that? You know, I don't know but to do it and then I played very, very young. For a long time I looked very young. That's a late bloomer hit puberty really late, though. Well I guess I hear I swore rocky, but I mean for the job. For hollywood. It was great it's good too. If you can find somebody that can act and also play fifteen thousand five, you can get a lot of yes, and I knew people who are in my similar situation, who were like, oh I hate it. I can play kitten. I was like please, this is going to run out here, and are going through the air glass, so you might as well enjoy at you. You're not gonna, be payable playing for ever right. So you played a kid for the first few years: oh yeah, I'm all the way on freaks and geeks. You are, tat s right and geeks up. Three could really do.
Oh yeah and then you're also getting all that experience, yeah, I'm gonna love. I was cited and I wanted to play- characters are not playing something that was me was fun. I always wanted that was sort of what I thought you were so the deal, but you do doing like it seems like we did a few one asked. But then he d had arts and things that looks like it was after my first book, just the series, the arab league they're gonna feelers, your idea, which was a big deal here too. Syria, hell, yeah deal, I'm was I mean your manager, Mr Wynn, throve, oh yeah, how were that guy for as long as I could and then he said to me, he actually said to me: I don't know how much more I can do for you. It might be time for you to move on like he was very kind about it. Oh yeah, yeah, because you for they had out beyond our ground ocean yeah. So my story yeah it is.
Yes, are you got a serious and then you did like I d get spots, but there was a good. There is this year where I feel like. I didn't work for a whole year and then I think I got a part on third rock from the son jong with go right. Yes, yes, who was the nicest person? I remember him being the nicest and back then yeah. There was a really nice cast, yeah and, and then we worked again on daddy's home two, oh yeah, this time after he put your father in law, yes, yeah, yeah yeah, so How does we might as well tell the story, because, let's just I like how cause I've talked to judd. I've talked to Paul, but that seemed to be a very cathartic thing for everybody involved, and you know what was the process of freaks and geeks because it was it's such a special and you know kind of isolated. Show Yeah- and I think everybody has it- you know nobody really knew who any of us were at all, and some of us had not worked at all right and even if we had work, people maybe didn't notice Coronel. I had been working, but here nobody here you're
did you just noticed rhino right I mean stories, I remember I kept auditioning for pilot season. You know scraps. You read the first episode but it goes in addition and found them. There was only network element, so you would, if you got to the point where, as you and a few other people we trust you test. You have to sign the agreement like. I will be in the show for the next six or seven years. This is my pay, and now you know how it works. and you would go in and if two of you didn't get cast in one dead, they'd rip up to contracts in the one person would go on to become the person in the shot right. So you're before it happened to me and I tested for a bunch of stuff like signed the contract negotiate.
Then get there and then heartbreak, but the more you I'm gonna go in for all those executive that you have to go in like a hundred times too, I mean a hundred but linked literally ones, and they went and like eight times for something you know Joe into the castle direct and you go to nail it presently. Other personnel exist. You scared, scary and skill. Is group gets bigger people who are judging you more and more people in that you know, and so the year before I had like almost gotten a bunch of think we're. So the next year came in People were casting directors are aware that I was maybe somebody who could potentially be hired, and I was up for three things on NBC at that time and I read freaks and geeks and I was like whoa this isn't like anything else. It wasn't. You know it was like that was sort of what killed it in it's own way was wasn't like anything. what was it is. Isn't exactly that made? You know that, because it was it more, VON bore marie or that nearest funny in a way that
Wasn't a one liner, funny right, yeah. It was in between a sitcom and a drama which wasn't happening a lot at all. At that point like that, just really wasn't it didn't seem heightened yeah, it seemed like bitter sweet or heart breaking, and it also seems to me that the girl was smart and not so. July's you know, I mean it was just like an interesting character to me, a person who to be going through what I felt like I sort of went through as a kid I was like you really love your parents, but you need to separate right. You, like your friends but you're kind of out. You know you just the idea our growing merely I rise on which were and are just felt. There was heart to it. Never didn't seem to be, The other thing I was reading was like girl like battling with, like how to be like rebellious and sexual and the other one was like. I can't even remember what the other one was, and I remember getting a phone call, because there were three things on the table and I said I want to wait for this one,
in a gate. The other two royal was like a fighting, get that one that I wasn't gonna probably have a job that year right cause. Those were my three things that I had gone all the way to the end. With I took a chance. It was like a gamble and They said, and I got a phone call someone from the network as the other two things are on the same network on NBC, and they said you know these other two are probably more of a sure thing, this other one, especially at so and so and such and such and it's in house and just want you to know like, and I said you know, I really appreciate the phone call which I dunno, where I got the for this year. I was like. I really appreciate the phone call, but I really believe in this and I'm going to try to do. I mama go for this one, and hopefully this will be the one right, which was a big deal busier. If I didn't know that those phone calls weren't always may and I didn't I think I realized what that meant at the time and but if you love the material and and and absolutely loved it. I was like committed to how much I loved it. It's great and then heard that they didn't want to see me or somebody was
I don't know it was true. Isn't university get filtered these things through you? I was announced out when I don't make european try now dupe you into doing the other thing who right but there are four supportive, I have to say like they was. They were supportive, but I think that everybody who read it knew it was good material, actual yeah, so yeah additions and I addiction again and then I addition with the real people that, like I auditioned with cod jason, who had been in a movie with before oh you're, so he was only person, I've ever really known. Then I remember franco? Being there I remember a couple of
people being there that ended up being in the show and John Daly. Wasn't there yet cause he? I think he got cast at a at a new york, but there was a thing where they brought us all together and we did mixes and matches, and then we read for like several parts and then I got I got the part and was always pretty fun that process that process was. I mean if you look at the group of people themselves, I mean like I. Or you know like working with when you work with a group of people who are really funny yeah. It makes everyday really fun sure I mean you know those were really funny cats, the area, and then there was the special thing to it to where allow in them are very young, so you have people's paris on set all the time so like seth has wonderful parents and they were on set all the time and grow to love people's family. It's like going to school or like community center with people, because you end up knowing just more than the arrow next. He sure sure you get to know them as people see where they come here eyes and people's parents. You again I mean an end. It was a you know really,
and to your life, you may canadians yeah, assuring several but you know see you. It was, and I think Everybody was green enough at the time to be completely optimistic and so that there was nobody was really jaded, yet all right, and so there was that going into it with the group of people that they had chosen. They chose people that weren't the usual suspects, which is nice concerning. No, I think the more you got it there's, like always a list of usual suspects that come in I've talked to martin to like martin love, Martin yeah he's something he's so talented in you. Won't you didn't realize too, and he was a kid. Was you sit there and you talk to him and his posture would be one way and then he would go to play bill and it was almost like he had Tell gettys posture from the golden girls like it was like a total. There was a metamorphoses there that people just assumed. Oh that's just him it it wasn't. No everybody was really. You know I was older. I was kind of picking up my voice. I was kind of like wishing
down. You know I was like you know. We were all doing character. work. Would you really funny? We were all watching each other in current curbing each other to do it. And the busy and I had we both went to Loyola. I just talked to her she's great yeah, you guys friends, yeah good yeah. yeah, I'm out see it's hard to see everybody anywhere, as we were a family man, you're working engineer, but an you you guys got along right away, Yes, we knew we went to the same college, we'd kind of like known each other peripherally, and she tells this story about like how I saw her in the air. I was like you should the show and then we end up doing the show together. You know I just wanna being on. are together later and it it's. You know it's it's a Somebody once told me the long life in this business if you're lucky and I feel like. I hope that that's true cause there's a lot of a lot of good things that come around yeah and I'm working work in you just did that that last paul feig movie too,
for her yet and you're gonna. Be that I have this thing you want to come from four to days like yes, whatever you say that yes I'll go those relationships, state strong, yeah, pauses, sweep the great girded, as you know, a lot of that freakin geeks, like a lot of that bitter sweet heartbreak stuff with all his not all him. I mean it's a collaboration. The writers room there was amazing to there was so many people on that show who brought their whole selves to it because they sort of asked them to like. The worst thing that happened to you put it in the shower really will would yeah. I really delved into like that, crappy time of being a kid where you feel terrible about everything but hopeful about everything too yeah. So that was that that was the lifetime. sure that series now I mean awaited
tutors drawing realises organs royal arises where to foreign warning us. I know. I think that change things in some ways, but then the show died here and at that point went to show dieting meant things to people, Doesn't like oh well, somebody else will pick it up and aroused run forever here when I showed died back, then you were considered a failure If there is not me, I personally, I don't think, there's a fair a little bit of a stink on you they're just one, like what do you do next right? You know we're and wouldn't you next, that kind of compared to that year and why didn't people like that road and widen thou work and look at this thing right like I was in these magazines as lake. You know we were in all these different things like critics choices, and
one in every four casting or all these different things happened, but then the success to match of your got cancelled and then all of us we're out of a job for real and the guy. And feel great they wanted to go. I can already course you know the guys in short, lived everyone into succeed. So there is feeling of back to the the dating yeah and how long were you out of work? You were do to a bit right. Yeah looks like you did some weird movie. I did more united did. What am I gonna? but I was right. When now I dislike gates. I was looking at things and there is, I think your first movie was likes or maybe not. Your first ones are d Snyder strange land, yes, which that was coming the hills of sling blade with the same studios for like they're doing this horror movie, the other movie, horror movie and it's like the same studio as slink like you all that that was we had fun
the first away on location and we colorado it seems like what was it about, was about a guy who isn't like them until body modification and sort of like body, torturing him like stalking this girl and her father and yeah yeah terrifying. An idea, so it was a good experience of making that movie with so much fun. Yeah I have very rarely had bad experiences yeah, very, very rarely yeah. Oh you work with some very funny people, and yet amazing people. Yes, Martin short. Yes, that was fun to bear, the whole improv fun reese, yes, and which I love. I remember at the time he just like I dunno. If you want it cause, it was after fees. Just like I dunno. If you want to just fight, I was like. I think that part hello hilarious. Now I want to do that. I didn't know that the movie would become legally barbicane this lake,
yeah had no, it would become that but she's she's kind of a thing this is kind of an amazing person. She can do both she's really and producing now all that yeah yeah yeah, but so you never had any really bad experiences. And I wouldn't say, I've never had a bad experience, but I think that the majority of my career him and I I've had good experiences. I like people I like being on, well, it seems, like you, were also aware at a young age of the possibilities of you, know bad things that can happen to actresses and making bad choices. My grandfather used to tell me dumping an actress at a dirty business and I was like what are you talking about. I think was Oblivious enough not to understand when things like that were happening to align some ways ended deflect them right and I think gum there are definitely times when Things could have gone other ways, but I was just lucky enough for that not to happen, but also to it seemed like the
faces you make you don't eat, you don't seem to exude the the kind of a strange. You know insecurity or desperate, can you seem pretty earnest and in together for the most part anchor? I appreciate that have a lot of them entering thy. We have our stuff, you have to say like, and I question things cause there are. I feel infinite possibilities when I try to do a character or a piece and then at the same time, on the other side of that, I feel like there's like some perfect way of doing it. So I'm never quite Let us I know, but I I know what I like for the rose part embedded no you didn't you. You were able to not get used up. I tried not to anna tried to stay out of any of that tab. Lady things today
drawn into that kind of stuff. That literally on- and I think also there was a conscious choice- you I think there were opportunities where I could have made different choices right to invite certain things right, but I'm not that I'm coming what I do, I'm not sure I liked to be totally looked at very low in a way should away here, I'm very open with my my friends, writer, open with people that I mean I I love beating people react recent, like being on sets of unicef and credible pop up commute. Well. It seems like like even with like something like e r, which you are on for a long time. I mean that that that like a of all the shows that people love that seem to be a family somehow they, I vow. Absolutely you know like as the cat as the cast changed in the others, a history to aid, and I get seem pretty dug in
it must have been a pretty good life for a few years. I it was. I actually was only intending on staying a year a year and a half it. You know. I'd had like a bunch of stuff personally happened that I just wanted to be close to home and I just wanted to you know like work and dive into work and because home and they said you know they want to meet with you and I was like. Oh, I don't know if I'm interested in doing a tv show at the moment like let you know, I've just went and I went and I met with them and I remember seeing Jonathan kaplan, who had directed the accused talking about the show and like all these People and then I remember, watching an episode where there be a lot of the characters went over in africa, and I watched the actions like this is different than anything I've seen on tv. They said you know you can come on for a year and a half. Well, that's good! I can stay close to my family dig in here right and and then after a year and a half or just go around other stars, you could never like to stay in one place, long enough, legged, they really alike
change it up yeah for in terms of work, yes, yeah as much as I can. I don't always have those opportunities to choose everything get like the first crop of choices, but whenever I can, I try to choose things that are sort of different from the last, and so after the first year and a half it was such a wonderfully supportive hilarious group of people. We laughed so much on that show which is surprising cause so serious, but that's what keeps it for a long time for you that I couldn't imagined choosing to leave the community of it. yeah and the work was always really fun. We always had people for me when other actors come in, Do you admire or who are greater, who challenged you like? We always had an incredible guest stars on the shirt, so it was in and the actual cast was all they were fantastic actors, so we had fun working together and we had fun off screen together and they're. Some of my clothes still say yeah and is inside the community of it was really a beautiful thing and I stayed
you threw her arms round me through a lot of things. I ve got a lotta, you know in. If you spend it was the longer than I had spent is longer than it's been high school. I spent college right so that community of people is like a support system. It's it's so weird because like when I am, I came to can be later and because I don't keep up with things? I don't watch enough things when I saw you on madman and mike oh look, she's back for you over whether we were, but that put the funny thing about here is that industry, wise people didn't really watch it. But any more world like if I go travel somewhere or young people outside Erika payment like emergency room here since nothing minister, but within the industry. People just thought. I disappeared. Right we are working like a lot. I was working enjoying myself. So you know There are certain skills, alright, but then, after that, my skills had been honed, in such a way that I felt like I needed to take a break and so
left on your own will, but I waited till the show I ended with the show okay and then, when I left and I just sort of, took a break and I was like ok, I'm gonna wait and I'm going to find something that I, because I love to work, and that can be a wonderful thing and that can also be like hey. You have chill out for a second and just wait for something we have some money saved. You could think about things. Yeah and also just I, like I d, like I like the processor, so um but anyways, and so I am, I waited and then a daring at the script, I'll return, which is one of my favorite things that I had done and it was. It was a small film with lies a john, who, at the time was a fertile you boys, soldiery a soldier returning and I was in it- was the first move there was in nearly every frame and- and so that was really thought was really shannon and John. It was really a great experience. They hold the key. Are thing really gave you like a whole sort of tool, box of chops and common
Yes, he worked in one way like there's a way of working in television when it's procedural that is like you know, you know you learn how to like get it done. Every single die right and you for me. That's what, but also help me to learn to like really listen to other people in of in a different way, because that's what keeps it interesting for you is road people bringing in europe have to offer. You so, when we'd get like stanley, tucci or forest whittaker. Any of these people who came in to play their roles, it added a different dynamic and you were able to I dunno that helped me. It honed as a listening skill for me and my arts groups changing the performance and mass from florida. My I know and then but everything's different, like that doing that shows one hundred times different than doing bloodline was a totally different experience. Sure it's a series so by bite, but for you personally, as a person who can do what you do, every experience adds to you know the confidence into the abyss
if you like, you, don't show up places any more where you're like what the fuck is happening? No, I do absolutely absolutely one hundred percent at least up here and I can also feel like. I know what I do and then the next day I'm like what am I doing you do, but that's good. You know I feel like once you get to convinced of what you're doing you might be, not just Bring enough. If you do, I madman, yes, is kind, interesting universe. Yes, yes, guess there is a very you know. It's gum I I I didn't join the show, not knowing what the show I knew it. I shall, as you like, the show so be required of it was fun here and then you, the ability to trust what's happening there. You know you do michelle you're sort of like trying to feel out like how it's gonna work and what it's going to be. As far as I know, what they're doing does yeah. Sometimes but anyway, and you can do it seems like you can do anything you can do comedy you. Can we all year, you're good foil, all you can do drama into everything. Thank you and they still. Everybody still put
a funny movies, your big funny movie here, and they also includes movies young. Do you do everything? What is this thing? that is at the end of the year. Resume here. What's this AL capone movie, oh that and do the show right now called dead to me: yeah, that's a drama he okay with christina applegate and actually doing just great good good, and that not yet we just refinish shooting on next week. We have three more days. How many you do ten minutes last night of foreign bites on terrorism, but that's it that's been really fun out so and then the AL capone movie it as fonds. L is Tom. Hardy plays is crazy, working with Tom hardy, what the fuck, that's, what I that's a well of like what the hell is going on there.
With him or were with him, which is now with him like he's so achy such an odd actor, so good, so good yeah, I can't sell good life. Yes, I play makeup on and it's about time and as directors Josh drank and he wrote it and directed it and he'll cut it altogether. It'll be totally his vision and he's got like a really specific, really cool vision. It's about AL capone in his last years and the and his syphilis dementia wild yeah that when you do movies, like I n you've done so many of 'em. I mean I don't know if it's about that, but but as for the period that's and the time in our life yeah, but we do movies like that. Don't run you when you read a script, isn't sort of like mind blowing to like who would commit to this story I this story. It's just amazing to me that people choose what they choose,
Yes, you have in the whole thing I know is that enough is usually oasis, dear rethink about writing or doing yes, you do you write, I write with a partner and he and I have sold to things that never got. May ok. but we went down the romania holder and I was hesitate to say that because, as it should be said, you're a writer cause everybody site on Iraq, What was the projects for that you wanted to be in or was not in one was and then were working on a few other things and that's cool. I like it. I really like been doing you've done so much tv and stuff. Did you ever direct? No, not yet that eventually, am I saying things you like in the sub. He knows I want to do it. I just have fucking done it yet, and I dunno why? Oh, no not at all, actually had an opportunity to do it. But at this point it's sad I feel like I need to sort of take a little breather moment, sort of put my real acres of just the coming off the series. It's been a long haul and I was want a movie right before that, so I'm just gonna take a little break here and
recollect poker myself or what, but no I do want to do those things. I know that sells wages serious for work, I don't know it's, not a very serious wrote their collective progress. Working yourself is not even a word answers. is about why did he agree ground yeah, yeah yeah? Really regret. My language, regroup, real of I know centers you're awfully hard on yeah. What is that annoying? It's annoying to you parliament's often live in our debates. For trying to figure out why I think it's rooted in health. We really want to get things To be honest, I think if you have anxiety, it'll go in any way. You know it's like water, it'll find them it'll find a job have it. I have it, but mine manifests in dread like ice I get like like. I start thinking and then I might go eat, but overnight
thing. I cannot ask indict today I've gotta get a lunch. You I just like ridiculous shit. yeah my anxiety work. This way saying it'll find something I know, but I don't beat the shit out of myself as much as I used to. How did you stopped by I what purpose it was serving on some level and that doesn't always stop it. It's not serving any purpose, though it's just the worst, but I also feel like I'm going to. I think I can flip it. Sometimes sometimes it goes negative and I think at that same I think it also goes positive, sometimes too, like right, flip it. If so, I'm gonna practice. That forefinger flipping it flipping it height allowed, can also flip to being imagining the worst you can can I I and I do feel like that, is part of why I do it. I mean I also feel like I might win the lottery, and I I feel like there might be an earthquake. You know what I mean it's the same player I do, but then I don't check my ticket, so I don't know what that means more anxiety,
maybe what happens if I they throw away women. Take you yeah, that's your tail. I didn't write or kidding it's good can hear some of my wallet you do thanks for coming in. Thank you for having me. that was nice she's intense, the very charming the very go going on there that was when the cartagena in me and see she can be currently in the movie green book, which is great in cynthia There now choose she's in the upcoming netflix comedy series dead to me. Now play some haunting go written. guitar.
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