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Episode 988 - Brad Garrett

2019-01-23 | 🔗
If Brad Garrett had to bet on it - and he likes to bet - he’s pretty sure he’ll die in Las Vegas. Which is appropriate because he grew up with an abiding love of Vegas and got his comedy start at the famous Desert Inn on the strip. Brad and Marc talk about how he went from being a six-foot-tall twelve-year-old with no friends to a guy on one of the world’s most beloved sitcoms and now the owner of his own comedy club. Brad also talks about the lessons he learned opening for Frank Sinatra, following Robin Williams, and being on game shows to boost his profile. And yes, of course he still loves Raymond. This episode is sponsored by Broad City and The Other Two on Comedy Central, the New York Times Crossword App, and ZipRecruiter.

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All right. Let's do this: how are you what the fucker is, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck stirs what's happening, what the fuck gets. how's it going a marked mare- and this is my podcast- w e f welcome to it, oh god, in his knees or not to happen. I wanted to happen so bad ha, god dammit! That's this! whining are not try to make it happen, Hola stride tickle, it strike get it out, Went away I was so close. I was so close. I was on the edge of a beautiful sneeze, and now it's just it's disappeared that is so unsettling. I mean it's not major tragedy. But how great sneezes! It's a little bit!
painful depending on how you handle it publicly, but internally a snake delivers man. If you had a sneeze go out great. Is it just to be outside? Have you ever just full on just didn't hold guess, knees at all and is what's not and spit, and that spray just come right out of your head out. The world just cuz, you're outside and there's no one around the free sneeze that the sneeze of freedom that's it's one of the it's one of the little things. It's one of the great things it's one of the joys, obviously, if you're, sick and eight years sleeping- and you can't stop at whatever, but that that price knees or to add a nowhere when there's no in a round and your side and you can just go, and maybe you know boy, your nose old style like just oh right under the ground hold one, not shut shutting down the other one. If no Around hey, even if someone around you know. Life is short, fuck em. Let him judge yeah yeah I mean
kleenex is a racket. It's a conspiracy. It's a it's! A conglomerate It's a large business, the kleenex corporation. You know we It was a time with no clean exes where people are just holy finger over one nostril and blasting the finger of the other nostril blast and then just why but on your ura, your hemp, shirt or you're, or your hide skin thing yeah. That's the way it was in the old days. People walking around sneezing freely. spreading disease that happens now. Merely work environment, not small villages. I guess that sort of a small village Ah, look what happened. I didn't an I didn't do the professional thing I was planning doing initially, which was tell you that add garrett is on the show today come on sneeze come on. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give me something good. Give me something good nothing will brad is on the abc b series: single parents, Sonya
wednesday nights, nine thirty going to be in a movie coming up called Gloria bell with julianne, Moore and he's here you're thing about brad is at I didn't know him he's not a stand up I hear he's in he's been around for a long time, but he was not in the world I was wasn't. I never saw him when he was on the everybody loves ray everyone loves raymond, I didn't know him from stand up, but a at other guys did because he's a vegas animal who's. This, search in vegas. Animal is but like a pro like a guy's, been at it a long time by. I just didn't know him. I'd never seen his act, denure came from or why and I always liked him as an actor and now he I got to know him, and I think we had a. We had a good comic talk. Jam which is something I do here. Do the comic stuff talk to the cow, but I do want to help you too. My own dates? We had a great time last sunday
dynasty typewriter here in LOS angeles, it was a great show, I did about an hour and twenty twenty five a key tone from the show glow open form. With her with her music, oh comedy, and she was eight the audience whose great my new power while Tracy letts showed up with his wife, coon, the actress and Andy, was lovely. I it's at we're out supporting each other, I'm going to his show tonight, tonight I'm going I'm going to He linda vis The new tracy letts play here at the forum in los angeles I'm excited about it, I'm going to the theater and I am excited so and each other stuff in that fun. it's weird one year old and new. You're, trying to make new friends but you know we'll see what happens. So, what's the point
When is I've got several more of these dates and I was encouraged by last there by last sunday. Some- material as for it took shape on stage which is exciting for me, that sort of the process of autumn trying to do mold this hour or figure out what through line is explored? Some of the ideas have not come quite quite pulled it. Better. Yet, in the way that I do it, which is I get on stage and I moved through it and hopefully if sheer panic and fear. And the need to be funny something will He delivered to me a way I will have the idea which will of the many ties, be kind of funny enough and then I know where it's going to go and then every once in a while, hopefully more so than not, I will be, every the next piece by from the ether from the muse from the the great unconscious, where there's just a mark marin tag lines from floating freely throughout the collective on
it's just that I need to somehow kind of a kind of pulled down and in through the vessel yeah, so damn is typewriter here in LOS Angeles february, tenth february, seventeenth february, twenty fourth march. Seventeenth, though the dates I'll be at the wheeler opera house in aspen march, twenty third the boulder theater march, twenty. Fourth, those are the day. I have available at this juncture. A lot of feedback came in For my aaron Sorkin interview, a lot of people, love that interview and I'm happy about that, but more so I get you know, I get emails man and I get moved by it because it's moving and because the type of impact That I can have just by talking about myself or engaging in conversation with you is, real thing this
subject line on this one is marin saved. My life who'd have thought. Almost a year ago, I was driving from Atlanta back home to tulsa on a week long cocaine, bender full of wild debauchery that my mid thirties body was finding increasingly difficult to maintain. I had one plan in mind when I got home, drink myself to death. Enough was enough. at some point during the drive comedy for radio played a short clip from one of your stand up special the one where you recall nights tracked out on coke thinking, going to die juxtaposed against. You current level of anxiety where you decide you're just going to ride it out. It may laughed so hard in this weird sort visceral comedic truth lime lit with realization that the joke is only good because you are able to come out on the other side. Meanwhile, I'm right in the thick of it laughter turns to nervous chuckle turns to psi,
spare. I didn't really know who you are aside from a vague memory of listening to you talk to terry gross, but now you would- reed yourself in my head, and I couldn't stop thinking about that joke when I got home, I decided to grab myself a stay of execution, so I could marin on netflix and see what you are well about was hilarious, but it also got me thinking about my life and if The way out that didn't involve death. I mean, if someone is product, as you could stay sober for that long. Maybe I could do it to the fourth season. Was if ghost of rumple mints future. For me, I walked into a the next day red eyed and hung over, but I was there and I was alive I'll- be bringing a year sobriety in march. All thanks to a chance. Three minutes snapshot bid, I'm a comedian, I hardly knew anything about. I just have, hear it on the worst day of my life, while flipping through an endless caddy, or your satellite radio stations, and it had a profound impact on I wouldn't be where I am today, if it weren't for your honest and fearless humor thanks.
For being real boomer lives in. When I read that it's like you know, I feel I feel like I helped, I feel better. I feel I did service I feel like I might have saved a guy's life for now. in a in a in self aggrandizing way. That's the way that the that we sober people do and and you know it- it makes me feel, like you know, I'm here for a reason and and just want to wish him and say congrats congrats to Jay stay with it. Man stay with it Oh yeah, I want to tell you about, hunt selves, his record hunt sales hunt sales I was on episode. Four twenty three of deputy F enhances is somebody that I tracked down back in the day in the air in the four in the first few, one hundred episodes, but that was for twenty three
wow man. I mean there was such I, I got people in my mind- and I was like- I got to track him- that hunt sales is, he was the drummer and iggy pop's lust for life in and when I talked to him you can go back and listen to the interview him brother with a rhythm section. Unless for life and also the rhythm section on the bow tin. Machine records. but he also started very young when he was like in his teens with his brother for Todd rundgren I think, runt, but they but but hunt was this. Of mythical figure to me this, like you, hard core rock drummer hard living jew, drug warrior I was always mildly obsessed with, so I had to go track him down. I literally had to go figure out.
I heard he was in Austin. I heard he was alive and I went and found him. You he's a guy that has struggled you know years with addiction and and but was just this signature god, damn fuckin rock drummer man. I mean the opening drum riff unless for I've who doesn't know that and how does it also, specifically him but easy he's just an animal on those drums man, so he he's actually has his debut album out that was sent to me. It's it's! It's heavy! It's personal. the rock record- it's his band. And I remember when I was in austin looking around and I looking for a hunt, sorry. You know: listen it's for that for the hunt sales memorial- and I thought I missed him- am I here too late, but that's actually, the name is banned, and sales memorial it's coming out tomorrow january, twenty fifth, it's called gets
shit together support. One of the old drug warriors he's still at it and seems, like he's sober Ivan I too am lately, but there, but We do to give up on some love for his new record. So Go do that if you want your that, in the background the sound of a truck reversing the structure in time of my street. I guess I thought I hope this guy off the guy who does moved across the street from these got kids in neo. He wanted street light. For some reason, there's this one spot on the other street that I'm not on the the street on the other side of the house, that does no street light and it's sort of dark right there for some reason. Just because it seems to be the one dark patch in this entire neighborhood strange people.
I sit in their cars over there. Doing, god knows what a I every neighborhood I've lived in. I haven't been that far away from what are they doing over there? What why they are they just talking with you? Why don't they just? Why did they park their volleys been pretty close, that, but at other times it's sort of I dine no at fucking doing just don't get involved. There's that little more definitive. But dad, but this guy a petition. The city had had me over nice guy and he was and get some names together to get it to get the city to put a lamp there. A street lamp and it's happening, any car he taxed me to. Thank me and now we'll see we'll see what happens. Maybe provide more light for those people who parking there? and now I see where they're doing that's not good you're right, that's not good! That's going to be. So other good news. Sarah, the painter, got a stellar review in the los angeles times for her current
show that is up at the gallery. Honor Fraser here in l through, beginning of march. If you want to go see the genius, the colors, the paintings, the colors the stained glass, the painted floor you can go do that excited for her and proud of her, and I mean this review was fucking all good. Having been reviewed before and knowing that intelligent reviewers, which is guy, was eugene We will put one sentence or paragraph in their rear where you go like that. I dunno, if that that sounded smart. But that's not nice was that's, not a good it's. I can't tell if that He sing something good or it should heard me. I feel uncomfortable. There's always one of those paragraphs. Nine is review, so that was nice. So garrett is here. excited to meet him and talk to him, so it wasn't really familiar
this comedy I'd never met him before and I love, I think, he's very funny. Guy always like is acting in stuff in, but this was a real Deal comic talk, Brad is currently on the abc series single parents, which is a on wednesday nights at nine. Thirty eastern he's also in an upcoming movie Gloria bell with julianne moore, and here he is, talking to me right here in garage. The way on the west side yeah, I'm way out like malibu like north north, unlike far, alright, are you? Do you live on Bob Dylan's property? I do I do yeah. He doesn't he own most of the malibu. That's what my understanding is. No those are the old days. Oh really goes with the old days. I heard he still owns most of it You never happened to him. You know
he's out there living the life that he's he's designed for himself. Kids, no wife, no he's got plenty of kids. Okay, I just got out, I think at least one wife, if not two, but I think he's just decided that day. it's conscious that I'm going to yo in a hotel room outside a state fairgrounds where I joy, I would love that. Would you my dream is an argument so back to the circus yeah? Well, I think I think, version of it would be a room in vegas would yeah I have, which everyone knows I'm going to die in vegas somewhere, you have died in vegas many times. That's what I was going to say that, but I was like. I can't be that hack in front of mark or you set me up. I took it. There you go so. Malibu, though, is that you grew up in this. You grew up here. I grew up in the san fernando valley, Minn native yeah,
so now is always like growing up. I was always like that that was a dream and go over the tunnel and over the canyon, and not only the tunnel through it. Why you spend a little time in new york too. I guess yeah yeah, exactly I've always felt like new york. My dad was in the bronx right first time I went to new york. I was eight and I never really dug the california never added the vibe. if you're sort of genetically east coast- and it's your parents are first generation, one of them you're going to gets going to absorb into you because you have family back there right so anyway, you go see that the well shit? They all came out. They all came out here. I did a family left in pennsylvania, but everyone's pretty much gone, my family's pretty much, but when you were a kid you didn't have relatives in new yorker Well, it was you know they were in pencil vainer and they would. I wish there was one of the companies wearing pennsylvania. I'm worried, hound, county town, pennsylvania, is the amish.
to about ninety minutes out of philly, sir, outside the jews they they thought the amish familiar they like two hats, like the heads of the freedom that there are a lot but the horse and cart satan and rugged. It seemed a little nell wireless mechanism and it is with the knife. You got the knife in the incense, knowing your right and you run in one extreme to the other lady you got here. You got embrace all sides yourself in its own right here. The broken hammer, which implies and not great, would tools right, die which are large and silly, because I'm not a gambler. The knife in case you know a guest wants to hurt me shirt.
Still bore. These are all new charge geese so that any observer the years that stuff- and we all have meaning what I ve been on day. They were on the original they I just the accumulated a lot of stuff over the years doing the show- and this is the new garage is not- is quoted as the old one and is not is put together. They still have to do some work in here sure, but the other one was kind of like massively clattered by countless letter, probably must devise a little mould. The other mould yeah right of schreiber spiderweb e, must now the old one, You you've, never gambled away I have other problems like what we ve been sober for nineteen years. One, no congratulations and I mean the alcohol right, the pot, but again we are you, I'm just a there. I you know I never understood the rush of it. Now I understand that mirage really get you didn't like when you got clean and replace it with something else you didn't failure had to one right now, I'm back on nicotine licences, which imo controls are we doing you have sex with him
word and for a while was to marry diminishing a bit not become like I'm just the m with somebody and as their white disappoint, two people of wild body, but you know I am robin with, though with the one eyed lawyer went on, not really. No, I don't I'm just I've, I'm onto myself in the way that, like I'm with the person, you know, I don't need other people, but there was a period where I needed as many people as possible was during your addiction when it was what was more during the divorce. Brad that yeah we'll give been married, makes you need other people? I think what I wished. I figure out while looking over it like for the first thing is out we've never really met which is odd and that you're about. The generation just ahead of me, I'm I'm fifty five. What are you fifty eight So, like you, I did and I only gets a generation. No, no but you're. Just a deer. Like who the guys you started with
Let me say I started with the words you start the around at the ice house in the improper right ice I also my place. I do the I do. The ice ass now, sometimes too dark shit out too great. It's almost even though I could go over there Sure you know what my ship, you don't kill at the ice. Outsiders, if you're getting something wrong with you, but let's go back for a serene woodland hills, you're being brought up by jews right now. You've got a jewish. Things I imagined I had two brothers yeah they're. Both guys are both of us and fortunately my brothers are leaving early on a cancer. I just lost my other brother, the red light club in vegas in may ohmygod, the blue six weeks after he died, that was a knight very close yeah. I'm sorry, I didn't think you, men and my other brother was acute smoker he went ten years ago. I was a young is a three boys. So a mixed next
Well, that's one way to look at it. Did you today? It's been I'm thinking know, but so what? But, when you were growing up, I mean you weren't in show business family. Won't know we were well my my stepfather was a good guy. He I swear to god. It's been a many holocaust. I lost my mom, my stepdad, my brother, like within a year where's the real dad, well my real dead past the above. ten years ago for your router, but he had beaten twenty years, so my parents were divorce. Her eyes, like seven, how that raised by both of em, but my mom bless her. You know now. little out of her body. Oh yeah, but I mean now exactly well. You know suffered from massive depression. In her bed, rivalry, alot of pills are really
dad. You know we were very, very tight and I spent even though there was divorces spent a lot of time with him and he was. He was the more grounded in my yeah. He was only bipolar, okay, yeah, so depressive. There are some exciting time. Yeah there were exciting times. It's like it's two in the morning. Like me, he gulets by a boat which we did. He literally woke me at two in the morning. I was eleven at the time and he said hey. I want to buy this boat and I said it's. It is a tuesday. It's it's! Okay! When he goes. Let's go look at. now and I said to you in the morning now we drove from the valley to oxnard and I Well, there's! No one here does not know we'll just look at it and he literally got the you from the bronx right. So right goes come on, come on hop defensive me and I went being of anything and we looked at the boat new. He bought it two days later and we lived on it. He was six five air.
And I was six eight you at at seven right and We lived on this boat where we couldn't stand, and I lived with him through high school on it in oxnard a no he he park it somewhere else. Tell me it was in the water. It was well, he dry docked it because he bought a boat. That was sixty years old right that had issues. Yet. Why why? Why would he make it easy? He lived on the boat when it wasn't in the water. No well a little time when it was dry docked here, because he didn't want anyone to take it now I gotta get into it. Was there was stuff there blesses art like? How do you take a If it's not in the water anyway right so then it was moved. Marina del rey and where we you know he, he it compulsively work on it, and I am not hand very let hence your hammer right and that he was I agree he told Curley those are get up, but we go to. we're going to work said.
It was the only jus that like knew how to varnish, it was a may, and so we let the that boat for two years till I went. I love you, but I got gotta get out of my own with her, he was is really by poor. I come from some bipolar minded. I polar an exciting and scare. It's it's scary, and you know we didn't know four years. You know we just thought he was provocative and impulsive and fun and a key. We didn't want to live for weeks, yeah Was apathy arm was on a total. God bless her eyes. She was just a real death march from the beginning kind of of of hiding. In the end, it was tough in here we get so much of this shit is hereditary and by weight by itself, but she was able to remarry. So she must have gotten out of bed enough to what she got out of bed to two. While you the third husband was like third grade a woman's. Oh, my dad was married six times your dad was married. Six and your mother was married. Three yeah uh huh yeah six times. For on the colleagues.
I know not on that about once on the boat year, five times or four times on land and then another one when he was actually he was levitated and he had it was. It was eva and he was like my best friend. And really the only one that that came to my aid cause, my mom bless her. It was. It was, You know, as I got older, I'm like everyone did the best she could, but it was a carnival. It's a fucking carnival growing up, and I have two older brothers that were smart enough to get out it is a good and I wouldn't moved out. You know everything we could well. I moved out with my dad to my dad when I was sixteen to the did a, but I was with them all the time. But then, when I was eighteen I want you know, I can't do the boat anymore. Why did you have a job this man, Oh yeah, my dad worked hard. His whole life is last twenty. Two years he sold hearing aids yeah. He was a brilliant salesman, We never finished junior high, but he could do my high school math, but couldn't tell me how he would
Do I was terrible that he would do might be held with your homework, but explain the explain. The process explained, couldn't explain it but know would know the. I was really odd. He was a little bit of a savant math. On hearing aids, why in sales, his whole life. He was an incredible sales all score or when I was nine years old, we drove out to apple valley, yeah, which was out you know in the desert yeah, and he went to I'm selling all this land and I went well yeah. The indians will never buy it I I had no idea what he was doing, but he ended up selling land and parcels in the middle of Development thing where she had this day is is not even I dont think is added is pretty up my father's trying to sell me two parts of that he got suckered into by someone like your dad.
are they their ease in new mexico, so there are new mexico I'd love to see them. Meanwhile, you want- and I would like to look at the part. You know what I've got the information. Only morally, you know I love the native american viagra, letters, rulers and gamblers. Like me, as you will see in the casino you do a deal. You know I ve been elderly a scene banned from a couple: indian casinos because of maya rhetoric there ve been. Where I'm not invited you mean you are racist, yes, knock! Yes, that's one! I yeah. I don't look at it as rates. I I you know when I started. You know that unfortunately, their stuff of me out there that it can't be happier- and I found my voice instead of about twenty years ago- where I'm just I'm just an angry jew yeah, you know doing voices Do it voices you know it's like what cosby was a rapist. Oh yeah, yeah oh updated that I've updated. That was wasn't original to be a pilot that used to do
cause we in any authority now you can't do that cause. I do it more, open at a rate lows with it as a rapist. Yes, I would blue bull. Is it alright? I got that make fun of the front row and yeah work for forty minutes. Someone! I admire you. What is that's nice? we giving one by just one for water. I guess I d make was offered daddy earnest ways we offered. If you want something to drink, and I didn't give you options and you just water would be nice water and I let it go. I did, as I think I've only got a little bit icy tea left and you know you can go fuck yourself because yeah
ok, so data style craftsman is eighty rasmussen. It's it's. I it's a unique craftsmen. Could it was sort of like a cape cod, how it has a cape cod, they architecture very much. So You got your to help you with a molding. I don't know if you're going to finish any of the crown molding where I would. I would do some detail work and do some sanding and some varnishing or gun store with the bow and the spinnaker board. I wish I could have known me that I needed a friend who did I needed if I didn't have many, you didn't why, as you were torn awkward in yards guy, just react. My brave yourselves literally kind of over six feet of twelve may I smelled my fingers. So there is a lot of plato. Let's invite him over. You know, and I think that was it if you're, not if you're six feet it well, air and you're, not a jog, you're a concern that you might have akron megalith at some point where there is no concerned, they were hoping for While the other figures I could have, maybe we'd get them in the circus yeah. There was a thing I was. I was fascinated by the circus. Yeah
so at of all the things you decided that you're, not a salesman. Did you don't want to know what else we will whirl salesman, I yeah, but who buys act, yeah? I dont know you're a writer. I don't you think, you're dumber idea, improvised more new, think I'd. Do all my writing on stage a corner myself to where I live to be funny, and then I make note of it. He asked me what I did. You know that, should I dont deliver around a corner myself, gordon myself, or you can walk the old club, the other night. They were older, but you know the raymond fans will come out in the heck. It's funny, Robert yeah, you know yeah, I'm out there going yeah go to the titanic, exhibit they have your luggage, I'm setting like does he says you know that's in is really might think, and they day day we are on scooters, they were and they went out and they were literally the audience as good as I got. I've walked people have nobody, one drive out, I said this is
where do they were leaving you took a shot? I was taking a shot really as a relieves. It's people would do. That is, if I think at another time you know I I can definitely do crowd work, but there's no way for it not to be hostile so like if it's not established. is what you do and there's a warmth to it again I like I I've. Never I've always been. I can do the crowd work, but if I really have a problem, it's dave. Where did the latter or can be uncomfortable in aid. They are going to put the audience in a position where, like none of the ground, his side on this road, you don't right. Ok, you're right. I learned a lot. What do you mean? I'm learning a lot today, nobody you, but if you do that abuse it is that's that you're, not a jew. I am a jew, but I'm not that generation. You know what I am frankly years older than your own by saying that generation, because I have the sense that there you grew
surrounded by a harder core of jude than I did. I think your parents may be are not of my parents. Generation is what I'm, maybe I'm saying. Could they have we're the same age. My grandmother spoke yiddish. Why anger? Now? Why anger? What do you mean other than my grandmother's in so I wouldn't understand them. So you know I've got I've, got I've got the standards, shirt, vets, You know. Look right now bears the judges and other generations. Yet right debts is another. It is some guys reaching right. Schwartz is written up, that's true! right I saw that
but so why? Why is your your your brothers are out about your eighteen or father? Does it say, go to college, your mother doesn't wake up in college, for no it was. It was tough with mom. It was a. There really wasn't advice. We were. We were kind of like yeah. It was. It was a thing that I you know I used to have huge guilt. If I never taught, if I ever talk, poorly about my family and parents. So I never you know. I always. Get on other people in wheelchairs. Yes, scooter scooter, They I didn't want to walk away when you draw lazy line I that as they were going, I did add that I would walk other people or they walked. I walked two to four night there's actually an over and under back from the staff. I know you don't care about overs and that's where we started with gambling, but now we're somewhere else, and he started to say that your stepfather may have kind of been in showbiz for your. How do you remember that shit? It's my job right now, it's my job. Ok, he was a
a band leader like a society bandleader. He would do like bar mitzvahs and weddings, an event bandwidth an event, bad that you're not already shaw. A b artie shock I bulgaria and he would have, but he was very, was very multi faceted. He did a man a la mancha tribute. Where he would actually put on ice helmet and a sword nor shield I have pictures. But how did you get a ban with the operating? Well because it was? an event like you say he could have a trio. He could have a big band, but he wanted to really be an actor. You know, and when I got on raymond, yet he was he he really again. I ain't mad, but no social skills
he wouldn't landed out his car when he would come to the show sure he would hand at the card is always a good thing. You're on re was lovely, reverting anna. He wouldn't even like block four zero sure you now and that he would get he gave a car to peter boil. It goes if you ever need it. Peter wanted to hit him yeah yeah. So if you ever need a what a bandleader, and so it was a little, there was no boundaries right. I think that was the biggest problem with with growing up there were no. There were no. That's right, that's what I relate to and I think that something we have in common and that in the addiction and the judge thing by being with parents. insanely needy and without bound that into a low through you all the time to where you can put yourself together, You know, I think a comedy. Is you know it's a? de on your space, you know, This is my space. I have control here. If you are going to fuck with me, I'm going to fuck with your back that's already brilliant and out of thirty five years of therapy
maybe more very naive, owens ever put ever put it like that now, you're done it this now I live in areas. This is little cathartic. For me, this is strange I do have to I may. I may need due to a walk around I'll, just don't care for the guy. what the science says? No, but that's really, that's really. I think what it was. You know I became very controlling because my childhood was. There was no control How are you you must be very controlling? I can Think I dont think. I don't think I am a lawyer. I think they were like I still, but boundaries are still difficult because we want to be you know you, you want the natural thing Think when you don't have boundaries it like, if you run into somebody like your father, a strong personality, I now want to hang around that guy right. You did the natural just went wandering through the world like a lost child for a bigger and in show business, sort of fine, not in others, big personalities everywhere, but there the stand of thing. When I back on it for myself was sort of like I need to.
figure out who I am and I need my own space just wanted to be in front of people. You know they are there. That is very well, but it is very guarded trip. You know, I mean a lot of therapy now, but I think about it. A lot you ve never done don t be sure it? But I am not. I could see idea. I think I've done enough three No one did you it's like nothing, no kids and no wife. Yes, I have a lot of time. About that. You have a lot of time, but you must be Incredibly, not only rich but happy? I Are you a lonely? I'm not I'm not brad garrett rich. When I you know it's a different it or you are going on are you are you? Are you lonely or a nice guy? a girlfriend. I'm not lonely in the moroccan, I'm issue here now: she's painting, she's, a painter pictures or like the wall you're getting done. yeah did you meet her? She looks like a roller right, yeah
she's very somebody did she do that pay me when you wanted it now, but she is an abstract painter, let us not the one you have on the whole. Yes, it is great. It's great pretty pretty pretty amazing. You can wrap your brain around it. Why am I very much into art? I like more of an old, a bar, bizarre type of old, a european style? Oh yeah, I, like old, all you know everything I couldn't relate to you. You know you're, not that I can late today, if that, when they have any of the idea of any alley, rowing niemann prince only one of ali now you know the roulette gave you my gambling, you that's over. I almost bought one when I was like when a five hour started to make our anger. Of course again it was a gift shop at the desert in and I went that they were selling mink stalls. This is eighty six. Her meat
stalls and Lee Roy niemann prince near, and I literally I said his out in a regional and said no, but it's numbered. We- and I were the number I think about you. I had a tina nineteen gave way to Bobby. Did you she didn't know what it was. I was back. You know it your grandmother was. are. I wonder, I know was all that and now my dad, you know, had no addictions except for craziness here there was up, but my mom was a pill person, but I remember my bubby when I was young. She would put her finger in her. Cutty sark yeah and rub it on my gum yeah. But I was like you know the common thing sure I was ten and it was weird because she used to she took me again to slip you something here. She would. She would go here here here, d'antoni body and give you ten dollars. Meth
math on ice back, then they were ten dollars made it well. If we are really it's got the cocoa lou them, but it would be a dollar and stick a juicy through it in that Was it all it be a dollar bill here and a stick, a juicy her, it's gum dynamic. bonds, you got any barmouth where'd you get bar mitzvah. Do you get any bonds or I got bond yeah? I got some of those bonds and they're worth like I. I found them like like maybe ten years ago and I'm like they gotta, be worth a lot now. Nothing really Israel, a lot of gop. Is israel bonds, yeah? Well, who would yeah, but that's amazing, surely had an that long. Why? Yes, you got a bit of a spending problem ethic, because I took all my barnett's for money. I got my first on red yeah funny. You say that I painted the pinto red
The first car was a was a pinto runabout, which was my father's car, see little difference. He had my first car was a datsun b to ten am telling you the three years makes a difference. Boy, that's that was a cool car the adults and be too tat really compared to a pinto run about we haven't no go revert old. You rather have now got the pinto you kidding. What are you talking about? The dots it was dead. I had no real personality. A pinto was like a ford pinto, they blew up, they were blew up, he couldn't go What color, white or orange violating the right? doubts and we would like I've, got kind of shitty brown. Ok. Well, that is a combo. If here you out, avoid the edge, but my friend said cool cars, but this is not. The point point is to ban leader two. Yet some show business in your life and little makes you gravitate. Did you try school what thou happen? Well, I really did you know school was kind of my thing. Cuz I didn't have a lot of you know, couldn't really find my niche. I was like hell I'll, be good in school and I busted my ass to me. A strong beat
that's good yeah and then I got into u c l a and I left after six weeks yeah what happened? I just I I couldn't hack it and I was doing open. Mics yeah and I was just all over the board that that was, you were doing open friend. You do our voice, overs right. look. How far you are from the mike seriously. Just look at it. If you have a mic, this would be poor quality mic, but it's not, as am I I'm sure I will you know in a nice way. You could take the fight to overstep her. Staff are like always and you've gotta really be close or you can pull towards iran to be that caused the idea hoses isn't like GAD working. I gotta tell you their luggage efforts if I'm gonna, if I'm gonna, what is its visits we have again is that I gotta be funny, as that was, as that would know punchline, I loved it. It was fucker doesn't know how to use a mic. Thirty, five years later, which I love it. I love why I love you. It's the best deal with everybody.
this year in college. You need to start you in the open mike's because of what we want is to stand up and in high school again where it would have caused me was a pilot that started in ice. Haven't that pick up? What do you know? You? Never joke area, we just a voice, you gotta right, but and then and then I went to u c l a and I I it was really my dream. No one had gone to college and my whole family. Actually, my daughter is, may be the first. If she hangs in there, which looks like she will good. I do, but you didn't choose eating, really stay long enough to focus on aid, and I I wish I did you know again. I was very a d d, I'm sure I got shit, there's not a question, and I know you know: you just coming on that now you're sure, no name it I wouldn't go. I was sure if we got here, none at all. I know that your right and I'm your candor means of world, though you know it does because coming from you it's different than some jerk
You know what you were a waiter. That would hurt me now. It's a gift for your gear. Is that what you're calling again I have to keep so I put the area when they way to look at it. You I got one on one day: I'll be fixed yeah No, you don t, know you embrace it and then you decide I'll your and ass. All in utero tried do do contrary action, you say like. I have to be an ass on. Then you try to stop yourself an are you able to most of the time yeah with certain behavior yeah, but not with the mic and the distance from the person who's talking. That's a dish! I'm sorry! Let me but I applause get the daily in the gale. What you bring that about your bringing why'd, I owe the reading fund. and credit. Why oriole I've read them all works and you haven't colleague you're what five six copies of books and duty I would write them on a book that I love that book and I interviewed the authors of that book and- and I told them that I I can never hold,
the book as end of giving it the people. Where light about cause, I feel to regularly oral oral history of punk music in new york. So it's like that hope. On scene, we from you know from liking. You know blondie that CBGB stuff and that you love or this grey. I like some of those see this. Then you're like AL. You like, for whatever reason the three years, somehow whether you're listening to Sinatra, I'm listening, did you know Johnny thunders? You gonna do really an end, but that's it like. What's your favorite mutilated, that's it! I'm gonna, listen internet, common and wicked with everything I got to go to three thousand records in there. It's just a book that I like, because I you know I at that period as is, and it's all the people that were involved in it and it just got oral histories written in converse, patients with all these different people, so you can kind of read it and Nancy. Is that? Are they in there? They they were kind of in england, but this is more focused on the new york. But they're they're coming to new york is in there got it, but like the talking heads?
when they're blondies in your logo, so you're doing a stand up in college. In high school by actually doing open. Might at that time you gotta go the club, bright red. It go down on the arrival of a factory and accommodate alone, all knights yup. Really, this is pre, laugh factor even yeah. I was young, I was you know I was just. I really wanted to stand up and I It was weird I got into you cla back in the day when you could I mean I did not have that you know. I just worked really hard and I wrote something that got me into like the theater department and I went. This is going to be great and just I didn't have I didn't have the goods. I don't think I was. I don't think at the college Chops, just to really I got that, I'm like you, we are coming out of like an emotional war zone, know where you've been drawn. end of your essence. For you, tire life you're on boats. You got a mother who can't Got a bad your father is gone,
with three in the morning to tell you he just sold the house the college supposed to be able to do deal with that Maybe I hard on yourself, I don't make excuses. But I would rather very high rather treaty should eddies of people, on scooters. I I'd the rather take it out of them, but don't you beat the shit out of yourself? you did for years. I do I still. I still it's like a go. It's like a phantom limb. Now he I do it, but I know I don't need to do it. Limb, listen to you, Jeanne genius, right right I need to do this. Why do I stink today? Actually look around Now don't know is it do? I know you do that were and how does the girlfriend understand all that while there she is, she gets. You know it's funny. You know when you you drive somewhere that you've driven before and you just drive there, but when someone's in the car you go. Where am I going so like that?
the problem, when you're, with somebody you're going to you, become a fuckin child then you know at age fifty not attractive. Day like your seven year old rage at age. Fifty is ugly right, but but but I'm self aware to where we work through it are. They tend to get the best and the worst of it in ok, so she must be pretty pretty fucked up that four may be strong and together and do you know she is also yeah. You really care for her cause. You have defended or three times by did because, like the thing is that you you do eventually, if you, if you work on yourself enough, tracked one that will go like you. I don't have to take this shit and you'll be
oh yeah, you are you, don't you could get okay, so okay, so I'll behave better, get out to where I'm at. For the first time in my life hard right, it is hard, it is hard. We've been together. Ten years saw a boy, so it's almost over close to over. There should be good, hopefully a good good way for her to hear it get some boxes into just help me here. I won't be home for asking that ours, you get another, so we funny outpost in you'll, be like I'm gonna be packaged stuff. You listen is great interview idea. Sure you just time has right. I like that like who's around when you start doing open mics any of the guys. You start with well, let me say, or how to follow robin one night were at the store. I only did the store twice in my loud enough to dark too weird gotta get really fucking on a hero reside, but it was the westwood I door, oh for sure, is that when tennyson was managing it yup he was yep. It was a cast,
was chaos here, like I'm home yeah. It was that's exactly right and I followed robin and they went yeah. This guy just is an a b c. You may have seen mork and mindy and I've never seen a guy get a thirteen ovations in like a minute. Others it it was on believable and then I went on with a quite lou domestic idea. He has really I really enjoyed. You run you locked into that energy back. I walked in it at an idea that you- and there were only everyone left after here and there as they're bringing you up yeah and then there were five left and you're kind of happy about it, though, at that point, like a winco and I'm just yeah, let him go because why and then the five that stayed yeah, it was just but but the ice house was my thing Like you say it's a weird lesson, though, isn't it to our net moment where you like you, you there's no way you can jump on the energy of the person of before you. You
Why can't you you might know where you're that guy you're special you're right? You know any sort of learn not to bust balls of the guy leaving the stage, though I sometimes still do that. But but but it's It wasn't that, like you're, going to have to take the hit the event sure sure do what I do and it's me it's going might be bad- Few minutes. I learned that like three years ago only three years ago ice where did you start new york? Obviously right? I really know I graduated college or you want to call it a day in joint. It yeah. I dare say there five years I like the idea. You know it yeah. It was alright. It was good yeah. I did what out of things I wanted to do, but I came out here became a doorman at the comedy store. I got fucked up on coke inside a year raft went to rehab the first time went back to boston and started in earnest. So I would say really in terms of work.
how to do it. I started in Boston until after rehab you never fell off known. No, I did ok took. Till ninety? Ninety nine that with one I find that's over to really understand how to recover yeah, you know it and yet do you still do the meetings and all that I do. I go yeah, I you know, I I get a little dry and I you know I tend to stay away, but you know I try to get get one there once a week to sort of ground myself a bit you! I don't! I don't do me a bit a few times. I don't do. The meetings are you're, happy grateful and her, then I started to go to the end. I know the meetings work, but after like three meetings I was like fuck that makes want to use. Oh yeah I I get that, but you know for me, like that's like thing: that's right, you started. Grounded in prioritizing the thing you know what I mean our story liking. When I hear the stories and michael food move me: is are amazing. If you follow robin in westwood,
was in another those westward, and there was a second and last airplane early eighties Y yeah. It was a actually was seventy eight, while and you're like what ninety I was just nineteen actually and then, where do you land is a home club? When do you start to really lock in I I'm working at fridays, who work at a t g. I fridays, the valley and I started the whole lotta lotta buttons to fill that large. Oh, you wouldn't believe the buttons my favorite actual size, and I got a big laugh when you're without one and yeah it had all the different hats area is to. But let's go let's get well, I want to get to vegas because This is your. This is my assumption about you shirt. Is that
some our another, like. I think we grew up enjoying the same things. You know like the first time I realized tat. I loved comedy was actually watching Jackie vernon on television, okay and one was Rickles yeah. I am rickles by a letter like you move griffin show so like it- and I had a very much a love for that old guard. at the other di martin rose, said hackett, I loved hackett, in that I got a little older and I got into carlin and pryor cheech and Chong Steve Martin, all my yeah, all my stuff to write book I had this- this real kind of love for the kind of old jewish show business, from I worked rejected, vernon at an improv in miami. Oh yeah started his own by some shady people sure am we didn't get paid and we medical bud
because it was one of his reason. You know we had a franchise jealously, even though those currently that's exactly what he said, and I appeal to you, neither the dough Akira, it came in a mine who was selling fake watches. Fake rolex is fake it. He was a guy. That was a little shady, but they were beautiful, beautiful counterfeit watches, Jackie bought six of them for like ninety dollars, yes, and I had, I remember me: jack is in a very funny, was still doing a ship with the slide yeah yeah and it was great, but we literally didn't get paid in the and bud like seattle the word Slovo humble you in your bergamo room giddy. He did. Let's get you. May I write so when you started? Do it professionally? You work in a fright. facebook, when do you start to sort of really start star searches, like kind of was my thing that got me going, I'm did you win. I did first year what years at eighty four, okay,
I won that and then I started opening. I got you in a back in the day. That's when they use a lot of comics, two hundred and twenty two open for a lot of music, that's interesting, because that is so because, because the comedy boom was sort of starting inhabited by like there was still that old, in the seventies will before they were franchise, comedy clubs up all the guys that I talk to open for musical sure by you, but you do not. do that you could have went the coy brow did you did both? Okay, I did both, but I really got into you know I opened for some big people in vegas and it just snowballed. When did you How did you know to go to vegas in my mind, like I do there now because of it. Yes, he I think, that's it like I loved what it represents. When I was a kid, I don't feel that they're you like food, I do yeah some amazing by guess my you had a
wait, so you're working any break on star search. He could have been on the road with the arrest of the whoever like we're, not clear on who you started with or who you see as your peers. In turn, when he started. Who are they? It isn't like Kevin nealon Oh, I love Larry Miller. Ok, very great yeah, Dennis miller, oh yeah right all right. I don't write those guys are those guys over other guys at Michael winslow sure you know, but those your guys. It really did a hammered, the the clubs, as did you some party, you found a home in vegas as an entertainer by agent at the time helped my agent was, you know I was. I was with a of a big agency cause of star search, and they put me with a couple opens and at that time, in my life, opening a very often engage young happening gigs and I started out would like Diana raw Sinatra sammy day in vegas in vegas
desert in at the desert, in its caesar's and in those days I was a little different than a lot of the operators, and I did a lot of crowd work monk, mostly because the main act, I got it to crowd work because my main stuff was in great and my crowded, just had a way of bringing them around, because no one wants the the opening act, and it makes it into Why didn't he gave his eyes, makes it an item for the young enact a bright, and I will talk about the headliners undue jokes and they like to enable liked it and it started to just released you know I would go to vegas a lot with my father My dad liked to gamble, yeah and I saw it early and I fell in love with it. gambling or vegas, all of it all of it. Unfortunately, Add a comedian at the club last week when I was aired, may mark eddie, okay and he brought he flew in his uncle
from l a who I was very close with. Who is ninety two wow and he ran the fremont yeah downtown and really were you worked for Meyer Lansky and he had stories. I love that era and it is very, very different. I just got lucky: I got in with the algerian people very very early and they I've been amazing, unnatural, my club is to this day and age. garrets right, yep yep and I kind of sound corny, but you know I am. I am very grateful and I've been very lucky I always wanted to build a club for comics and- and I I built room, that's like a mini theatre at it's. Only one show a night and I put the comics in the rooms three launch show free first, three men show and the crowds are great. go home. Bring in a host or get a logo
you know, I I go for it. I get the better acts, I put him in great rooms. Yet at the towers and it's just it's been really great and it's helped a lot of people in a lot of people have gotten gigs from it bring in the old guys too and then some of the new guys, but it just feels good because you know- People helped me and were very kind to me and still are and at comics. Much as I don't have a Well, I never. I was never and I wish I was- I was never part of the hang. I was kind of looked at a guy that came up pretty quick without pain, many who's, though I paid a lot of dues, but I came on the scene, quick, because what I'm trying to say is Vegas was really became, my home club. Well, that's the thing as a cause. I never met uniting the rivals body, I'd no real sort of like surely a bearing on on your life, but because it seems to me that night, every body
who started with you you're there there, the grail in the grail. Was you know a television show it was it was. It was hollywood centric, but the thing is is that we a different generation mentally in a way in that, like you know, a Y got to work and If I can get you the twenty thirty weeks in vegas know, then I'm in and tolerated. So you're. I wasn't on like, whereas the show built around me, you know where you know. How do I get more carstens? It's why direct vegas was my club. While I'm working I'm working, I'm you know I'm working in, but I could see how that generation of comics would be like. Well that guy just as guess where he here, trying to you kiss ass and exactly right and then I went out to dinner and I did do the clubs to where I you took a few hits and had to learn that that tactic yeah, you know but like indianapolis, the comedy connection that was,
huge room, for that was what was the chicken patty yeah? I did huge stuff. There was a character there. He was amazing, he's still alive and hitting eighty I cut my teeth. You know I cut why india, you know bob and tom, who were the regime's. I know Bob in time it just Bob now as bob now the I went on for some reason. I I did well on morning radio, and I think it's because I was so hung over back in those days from the night before not proud of it, but it it got me there, whatever bob and tom was a tight morning show when you're with a tight crew like on a morning show its great it's like exciting, yet funny and there, the other one produced that did the weird voices net both in the guy got check over their heads right, you're, gay, you know, and as at your memory I mean your memory is pretty uncanny because absurd that was a while ago.
but no no, I mean I I did it like yeah, I you know I would go up to indy and there was a time like I didn't start really drawing people like till yeah. The Y was well into the part. Like I was a guy's or how to do tat. She had short, but now I've I've. I can draw pretty good. I don't. I would go to india, you know fairly. welcome to vegas we get to vegas, maybe You will do it? I you know. I know you won't do a full week and you, I probably can't afford you, but if you're working shit out b will put you up or treat you like a king yeah, I could tell you you need help. I know just looking around close of the mic, the aggregate boy, I sure, the difference. Yeah yeah I, like my girth, makes me it's close, but the thing is like my wii version of vegas is like you know I will gamble, but I don't let myself lose like you know, eight hundred more than eight hundred bucks control kinda. You know because I feel shitty, there's no good part for me yeah, I I don't and I'm not lucky, I'm not
I just know that about me. It's not I'm not unlucky! Sure I've never had that nightmare. I'm like holy shit, I'm hitting everything I have and either never well a couple, but I'm thirty three. Two years in that town. I can't tell you what I've lost and and I got a little grip on the chip will have you ever had to run from somebody. You have money to know. I know who runs You negotiate a bigger work, listen I'll set you up at the club I wish I had that back. In the day it was like you're going to come to this restaurant you're going to come to julie's yeah and it's my mom's sixtieth birthday and you're, going to it and you're going to do a thing, and I was there and I was there and still very close with that guy today you have no choice No, no, it's a girl go it's my mom sixty I work done and I got an idea and I was doing I was to incur
well corner tour, and I was doing you know, Jim from taxi gleason. All the shit never did gleason in the Acta you know with all due respect. That was not an impression mark. That was a was a was a reincarnate jane you, but you will. You played him re called it jack The the n b a years. Aha see, that's always something yeah yeah yeah, but yeah, but I I did. I did that little movie butter, but you were you a fan of gleason. I was. I was new print. Pretty amazing right. Do you ever meet him? I didn't his family was very against anybody doing that and then after it came out the daughters. visiting me and it was really really kind of cool with joy. It wasn't a general, I did have you Give me a sit down. One! Oh yeah, you know it was at its story, have told the lot, but do not lose the really
Sinatra's guy all right. It's a story that has told a If not, then what do you mean? Look I, but, but I was the opposite of been a very rough night opening for frank for free was it at the time you were opening for one hundred years he was he was up there? He was, he was up there. He was seventy. You know seventy eight, seventy seven. Seventy eight It was a rough some night she was in the pocket and it would you I love that music and with it with authority for peace orchestra ideas it in the wings yeah like an old you re Alec fell. I just I cannot I loved it, but one night. I was just dying miserably. Were you in furniture friends did you have a relationship? would go to dinner, went to here's the thank you know he. He called me greg okay, I'm he and when he would introduce me for a bow, he would say greg barrett everybody greg barrett and I would take a bow to someone
does name and dumb. I went up to jelly one day and I went down after a year being on the road, then I go, you know I can't. I just can't tell you I'm really having a great time, but is there any way? You can tell frank yeah that my name is brad. He just looked at me with that one wonky eye and he was like why don't you town and I went well yet I don't feel it's my place or you're enjoying yourself and I said mm I you gotta worry about so one Adam died miserably and when frank would want to come in. His was still court court mike yeah. I still ask for a court, might do this I might get to hold on, or just you know just to I guess straight stand and yeah. You want the court because yeah I know I need to know. Someone knows that the wireless are too big and they don't fit in the thing right right. So you can leave the capsule like accolade, and rightly so. If so, when
I have a go. You know. How long do I do and they'll go you'll do fifteen or you'll do thirty and we'll decide- and I said: okay, when you think I'll know, they'll go, it all depends where anyone could go on and you'll feel a little tug on my and he just wrap it. Ok, so some nights it was ne with you and you'd, see him in a wings and he'd go and he would hug some so don't know you know some nature doing tenure. So one night, I'm just I mean I'm just it was I. Where was it was it was the sands in atlantic city and it wasn't crickets, it was crickets fought. I would say, was alone, so the silence had will backs She too. There was a section to the site at the time, so I mean about ten and I get a tug
and I go awry die. You terrific, stick around for Frank here. Ok here, not a huge joke, just dinner, a little zat cs, I block off and jolly would stand with frank and as a working by them, and it's not like great job gregg air. It's quiet!
I said cigarette for frank and I hear frank, tell julie, find out what that means. Ok, it means, okay is a knock on the door. It's jelly and hank and hank was a guy that would he'd fill a room. I looked like his x ray and this fucker would walk in pack and I had a rough night after I said. Well, you know it's it's. You know when what is your mean stick around for frank and I went to what was just it was. It was just a joke, they didn't get it and they went, but they here to see frank- and I would say hence the of course cigarette. But I was just doing poorly. You know and hank is trying to figure it all out. Neither he says, while we kind of filled that you'll make it cause Mister Sinatra's late once in awhile yeah, so we thought you were taking a dig at that.
Like stick around for frank as in he'll, be here right and I would I would never. I would never stick around for frank and and and and making a joke on me because they're not here to see me here or you're, not happy opening for rank the next night I bring andreessen and I'm opening for liza. in reno so delicious that this was likely that way they put a bag over your head and ferry on a plane. It was a little. It was a little you're going to take a few days and they brought you know, and it's like the first time I opened for frank. He got that I was about cause. He saw me with Sammy or something so when I showed up, he looks at me he was out of it, then, but he was still it that are there any any looks at juliet egos waste time, yet as I'm standing there dresen yeah and they will he's with Glen Campbell tonight.
so who's s, remember frank. You met him last night. This is brad. He opened for us last night. So was a little bit like the home life, so dresen it is opener before the reason was the main man So that's how it you guys would rotate we would. He would rotate people he will just go big like one night you're opening for him, and then he made a call and then you're opening for liza marine still had the run of the year like he makes Sammy and I would rotate with those three there was. You know it was a blast and what years the guy's gonna be a hundred eighty eight, eighty, nine. Ninety when I was with, I would open for them they would die. Ok, do you. Monterrey dean was already gone, so I did Sinatra's last couple of I did Sammy's last couple weeks. You know laser were waiting, but but it's like, but it was a joke as like, together with them and they'll, be dead yet, but that was the life
down, we any rejoinder ages and I loved and idle. I came up on that music. I grew up on a first record. My dad gave me with Sammy Davis live at the cocoanut grove and with all the craziness you know my dad was my guy, you know or and I just didn't know what was going on and he wasn't diagnosed till very late and he would like I have my meds yeah and he wouldn't stay on the meds and god bless him. He was in, and out of, you know places and it's hard it's hard to see. Anyone go through that, but he was a funny guy. Fucking quick mia funny and they don't did he live what he was around long enough to see you in vegas and go out to the others, and raymond became of the remedy saw the vet. You know what I open for frank. It's a me to him. That was There was for him because you It was important and worth it, and just it just thank god: he did got meet that it was really great. And then my mom will devise euro. Your old man turned to mush. It is
right really and there's nothing like it. I and there's nothing. I know what it meant to him, because his childhood is fucked up here. I was dad used to beat him up and he ran away at fourteen and never back to new york ran all the way to california. Yet with his best friend ha, I just lived on the street and got a job at sixteen was a tough, but a heart of gold never laid a hand on me He was always you know fucking combating around those are the Jews that know how to paint bout. You got that, the guys I've sort of moved away from that that weird kind stereotyping, like I'm a jew where there have been plenty of jews, were cops fight. I know, but there's no youngsters, that's true, that's true yeah! So so more like you end up in vegas, you still in vegas, but by the weird thing is at this whole generation and dudes tacky, I keep you somewhere, but believe me, I'm not far behind you buy, but instead
Is that all these guys that you start out with all these guys that you you're not you're, not you're, not how we would act per se and radio watching them land things, but that was not your thing or We're happy, do you? Don't because you could gambling waterings not well. I want no, I won t I wanted the act drew. Oh all the way through. Are you coming back into town to audition for all the time? Okay, oh yeah. Yeah I didn't live in vegas I was coming. I was flying out all the time, no dish, what a voice stuff early on. I know I tell my producer nosy psyche. I can I you know, there's all generation of us to just hurt him on cartoons yeah exactly yeah, and so I was doing that a lot and I was auditioning. You know I did a little guest spot on Roseanne. I did a little shot on the port israel thing I saw was doing. A mad about you done. It is that little show vandals. hey Paul. Riser he's like you know. He finishes that Joe is like I'm out for awhile. Yeah they're are going to raise my kids you gotta a good now he's back.
He's back. Man he's back. I don't spots all over, but yeah does I was. I was always really trying to. You know find that thing. I was not a voice. I was I never had a special yet your eyes. I would come and all the things that comics do you did not do yeah. I Didn'T- no tonight show I did tonight. You know I did johnny did you. I did three with johnny and I did because I love you with the awhile, the ran star, search right, okay, that helped greatly, I did. I must have been amazing for you. When you read it was. I was twenty four. It was crazy. and I was on there and it was it was okay, didn't kill. I look at the sets now I cringe. I did one with cosby and he sat there. I cite a year and a new said me out on the plane, usually
Third, I was at the desert in I swear to you and I got a call from Cosby and I'd never met him up with the filth. Ya know ass. Well, you're close, he goes, listen, I'm I'm! I'm guess hosting tonight. It's last minute, John is not doing it. I've heard nice things about you. He sent in his plane we're doing it tonight. Will you be the comic and I'm opening for crystal gayle after I yeah exactly exactly. I had someone a cover me I go out. There were on the plane. This is eighty six he's reading the times he's. Reading USA today he's on the cover of every entertainment section. I don't know if it was and what has been caused by the day. I was gigantic, so we Oh do me the act. You know and Yes, yes, and he goes don't tonight, and I I
can a closed with it here. I am aware, of course, I'm under tonight show with cosby. How do I not do cosmic yeah yeah, you don't need, may have find yourself. You know interesting, but I did five impressions at night. So I start my set and not great, you know noted. Okay, you know it's, okay, I'm not dying, but it's never. What I want right and I'm like I'm going to have to close I'm going to. I gotta do cosby yeah. I just gotta: do it right, do it, the place goes, fuckin right, cause he's sitting there right yeah, we fly back airplane he's going to vegas to he's working to help now headlining the hilton the same night yeah. I actually. I got back for the show in time as we made it by not a word, not a word, and he was you know coming up. He was one of my guys, yemen up shirt and that not a word and I'll. Never
I'll, never forget it! I'll, never forget it. You know what what you don't amen, an apology and never apologized to you now yeah. I think you know now, especially right, yeah yeah. That was your point. No actually! Actually, no, this the time to do it I don't know. What's on your mind, thinking, but I just want to make an amends I can remember that night under your lane shut the fuck up. It was brutal but like in all this time, opening for people did you ever open for comics in vegas I opened for when I started out. I opened in atlantic city for sinbad once ah, but Never never comic, so how
Z1R egg happens, I mean Jesus you've been you've, been making a living, doing, voice overs and do in vegas and everything, but it will had a couple failed shows that I was on before ray cuz. I felt it around you or one was built around me and was what do you do on? Naturally, good I played, single parents, ironically, who was in nebraska, okay. yeah. They wouldn't. I said. No, let's make it. You know new york, jersey or maybe miami. You know, let's let me know yeah it's important from the midwives. I know they're, nothing reads it, so they like my hair and they put me in penny- loafers swear to god and it was a show on. He said that was on Saturday night yeah and I was a voice over impressionist. Nebraska yeah that had my own ad agency
way. I drank yeah, I know at bio dad agency and I did the voices for the commercial life. You know that thing a tom sharp was on. It was really funny. Member Tom, sharp and new yeah did a lot of commercial law. voice or stuff too, so he was in it and a brandy gold who was Harry gold's young little daughter. I played my daughter now she's a giant successful agent, and so that was called. First impressions lasted six weeks, then, I was on a show where I played a gay lawyer, one of the first gay couples. there's really put out on me? I am time and it was, it was a really cool show called pursuit of happiness.
And I'll Larry Miller was on. It was brilliant and it was from the people that also has he doing you know. I haven't talked him enough in a very very the accident. Yeah averages just brutal here's one of the nicest men in the world he's been opened. Infer, seinfeld get so he's back out there yeah. I try to get him at the club, no answer. I just love me so funny and and then that what was short lived and then I ended by dish in four four ratio where I was thirty five, If it was a ninety five yeah and the guy I got very lucky with that. The character was so like you know it. You know you made your own, but there was a that the comedy chops of it. You know that sort of slow burn, deadpan yale thing. What was It is that, like I dont know that that's really what you do, but you shall versed in the style that you know you really built a character. I that guy thanks, you know right so that was kind of it
and they were not, they get a me and it was tough to get the audition because they they just didn't see it in, and that was you know they didn't know my stand up in a lot of people. Didn't then, and I had met ray of I better off, though in retrospect much better off how much off and you didn't know ray. I did not. I did not, and I I got it are cosmically joined with ray for life, but for eternity cosmically is such a good egg man. I is doing some amazing work. Great guy justice a guy now I change it. That's what. that's why I really love him. It's like he the same guy, it's hard, not to change. It's very funny, like you know, he was obviously some things have changed in the external of grey like why. Why me, I think, is quality of life changed. Obviously, Let me guess: cassio watch, ok, rob casio was with live, bread, not nice,
No, but I mean like I love of course, but what I'm saying is at that stage where I dunno I dunno yeah or america, nigger yeah, yeah yeah, exactly no you're right, but now he's a decent guys is, like you know, a religious dude he's, grounded in things. You know he's got he's. Who is definitely one of the great guy yeah yeah nice. It's not the show. was great. You did good yeah. I did good I'm grateful and lucky. I've worked hard. Let me ask you some shirt, the the final season of till death yup. We did, you did what was that like we did, but people just sort of like licious fuck. New. Go crazy, crazy. How? Why meaning we sort of like you know it was what it was voted on. You know it wasn't successful with elected on costs. Yachts want to try to show cross the finish line sure, but it seemed like a fourth season
just like the writing. Godlike pushed eel you over the top and allow should an already like your day of breaking the fourth wall and all that stuff up. It was almost experimental. It was experimental and desperate and pushed, and we had four show runners in four years and they I just couldn't capture really my voice. You know working with jolie was she's amazing, fearless, and we had a great chemistry. It was fun we just really know what we were doing. I had just come off raymond and, to be honest, I could have been I I I really knew what I wanted right and I knew what the network wanted, and I felt I was gracious with the cast the people involved, and why? kept changing the showrunner,
yeah. I I just I bucked a lot of it and and and over steered and my my you know my micromanaging kind of kicked in and controlling issues kicked in cuz. I came off such a wonderful show where writing was really incredible, and I this kind of started real, he really large. It's you know it's like you know filled. Rosenthal who ran raymond. He was like. Could this happen? That's how every story I need to know when comedy you swing big. At the end of the day, could it happened yeah? So you know that kind of was off the table and some stuff got a little broad and- and I just you know have to remember that, no matter what situation you're in, usually usually, people are doing their best mir and- and it's it's very it's a very, very tough thing to to to find that.
Great combo, of show runner and cast in writing and and and and ends very, very difficult, and I you know I. It was my own vehicle and I really I I had opinions and I had I I had stuff that I I felt could or should have been different mia. That being said, the pilot was written and they found me it isn't like, this bracelet was written for me right, but you are a hot commodity yeah for ten minutes, yeah yeah, a good ten minutes is a good ten, but like right. So it was. the desperation by but, like I think, you're wretches back there that there were chance is being taken yeah it's sort of a unique season of television where we have three different daughters. You know there's a whole thing. I remember fox was very supportive. I think they forgot we were on. How do you know how we got for years, and the head of fox before we were Yang A very nicely called me at home
the ratings were really dismal you and he goes look, now we ve got a great and at a great thing, with fox in a great thing was sony and they were, really collaborative as well, and you know we look, we all want to win, but it did it it just it didn't happen. They said to me they a look. You know we're going to well the show they said. You know your last time out the gate. You got a point o two. This is back when there is a wave There was less channels, yes, yeah point o too and they go. You know I I went who huts that's rough and they were relationship, and you know our our relationship and we we we just want to, let you know, before you read about it- is there are thing we can do before we pull it? Do you have any ideas- and I said, give me three more episodes and I could bring you to a zero I said any big shot can get a one six to eight to be.
We'll just say we're so close to zero. We're not point to where point o to right. Give me three more weeks, and I don't know if they got it. did you know that was iris or are you a real? Yes did they give you the three weeks now out I know, but I didn't deserve also like that- did these, who I, why that I don't think people please understand that you know as a stand up like if you're not going to be a writer if you're not going to be a show runner that there is, there are jobs in show business that stand ups. Do you can host you can open for musical acts, but also the game shows were something that stand. Ups did I did a lot in the early days. I didn't like it that took care of my clubs, believe it or I would draw from those right, but I but, like I missed all that, and I don't know how I would have felt about it when I started necessarily, but in retrospect the kid sure plays like but as a grow up, whereas I got older, I realized, like you, will watch match game
watch hollywood squares. Holy shit. You have these, These are some of the greatest comics. It ever worked right. You know in these by yeah yeah, yeah you're doing the watchword fit spit spreading. splitting what the word you use? tell him no, no! No! No, that's exactly the exact same. No, it was like. It was always great idea and weird little marty, Allan sure, you're, Paul and Marie used to fucking. Do hollywood squares match game? It was charles, nelson reilly and Brett Somers yeah yeah and have done. Adams would be every all am, and I was a young guy tapped and all that sound when we're enter and when whoopi was doing. You know it's you. The centre square. There is big dough We would scarcely yeah I mean when I did that and when I did, the small game shows like the paddle tales and, though the one where you would draw with bird conway- I mean you, do you know
film, all all five percentage. In one day he had just change your shirt and walk out there and I didn't have to go on the road for we and Why- a lot of people. Don't realize comics used to showcase on the fucking dating game. Yes, yeah. I remember seeing robber whoa, that's right on the dating alec yeah yeah. Absolutely why gain it's a sort of one, this weird sort of glossed a chunk of show business an outlet man comedies greasy, yet the commission would you do it really gig man, I gotta show what is this this in? in terms of being fired from indian casinos in and inappropriate jokes. Do you defend it or do you? Do you say like you're right that you fuck out of there not right. Now that I mean knock it out of yeah yeah. You have to laugh at yourself. You made a mistake. No, I did it again, some of the indians love it right? You know, but but but it's just you know, I mean
were warned, you know: you're, not getting the guy from raymond. What do you do? The philosophy that Rickles had and I dont know how? Well it can apply anymore, that you know you your equal opportunity and sulphur and that yeah I just I just don't do- I mean I'm a lot. You don't defend what I don't feel. I have to defend the stand that I heard jokes drive people that big of their people to don't you know it's. It's like decide that unless you see me on the road or in theatres, people are really know what I do and its allies, improv, yes, eighty percent is crowd word and it's a it's. I mean it's your especially nowadays its tandy and doing a younger Jim. You right here on your honor. Dare I am, but you know I'll tell you what I'm lucky I've I've. I pleaded do fists and put upon guy for nine years, it's on a major Jacob. They think you are entitled to the anger, it's a little bit come up and for me and they I've seen it is like he snapped out yet
get out from all be so there's people who see sagged yearly there the guy that we knew exactly an end. I think people, no, I dont mean it. I asked people know that you know he's just a bit. gluck anyway, which I really am, and I make fun of myself and my life and my career into I'm in the basement of the m g m next to new york, pretzel and and a sock store literally, and you know it's on the way to self parking and it's become. You know, assemblies, it's the club in vegas and it's it's killing. Everyone else and there's nine clubs now and I bring in great acts and I bring in our rated acts in right. I don't do you know that igloos in the magician. So your your basic approaches at work that I'm it's going to get racy literally
and now you you know I e we do we in so people and you, but if you guys do you give called outside being fired? If someone said you know, you said this honourable thing about Women are black sure or whatever sure. What would you say? Ah what your general defence? I really I really don't you want to know what it is yeah. Let me give you a refund. If you didn't enjoy yourself right and we do, there's no look. It's like stereotypes exist. I know it seems like a happy type of thing. I think now more than ever, when we look at our country, which is A disaster, in my opinion, yeah. I think, there's almost more room for it, because all the pc bullshit has come about it is in the ass anyway, because what is it really? In my opinion, you know What is it doesn't bring us together. It drives a wedge. That's how I have always felt you know
that's how I but always felt- and you know, beat us seven fudge do with no aquatic ability that came up pretty fucked up. You know I've always taken shots of myself. Now, I'm just kind of putting the mirror, you know it's like. I had the white trash in the front row. I had a guy with a with a a head on, and you know I want them and twitter and everything else is that it? Is liberal, prick and bye, bye, bye, oh yeah, and the whole thing is like it's. You know it's like we're, not allowed. Why can't we have an opinion as just cause or performers? Are we have a platform? and it's always that's that's only place where it's real. I don't think we work yeah and that's the thing that bothers me. Yes, That is that we know is a later date. What do they do? These actors, like we were car yeah. What do you do? Yeah, that's that's kind of where that's kind of where it you know kind of
went and then I have people to come to the club and they want to keep sitting in the front because they love I get the abuse, but the thing is, is you know we try to remember because it's a small room that seats two. Fifty we try to remember who gave the people in the back out of here yeah exactly and also we dont want to keep sitting. You know my point to some people love it be. I think it's almost to release from all the bullshit and attention. Now you have made it clear that that laughter that can be almost crying in OECD. You know it is it. Is it it's a profound release? to be abused in a context that centre training. I feel. Is it not? Thank you, you get it I do, but you know it, it's a difficult joint if you're a great writer, I've never been a great writer. My thing was improving and my thing was, you know just going fully two weeks: but the thing is as weird as that you know I've been you know, I've know in
in a moment, because I'm a club comic. by nature, I'm not some old guy. I came up in crowd, work with something, I needed to know how to do and I can do it right and I but it's like it's a little out of character for who I am really it's a reflex and I can do it and there been moments where I'll do I now realize you are likely to host all the hooters are starting to hurt a guy yeah yeah yeah. That was a little much video and then like right after I do it after I get to laugh at me like. I was crazy. What just happened and like all I do apologize, what kind of I'll try to be diplomatic, unstable, but but but ultimately, what my grandmother used to go? She used to like to go see, you know she'd say like Because I want betty Betty Accomac, I was a young oda and she would say, will you go seem in vegas by very felt the old and new europe seem a very good now off all unbelievable and she would go see, rickles and
but you think I remember she said this to me my grandma goldie. She goes. You know after the show, apologizes very nice. Yeah and he does a song, I'm a nice guy, but he found me like he like, after the show he would deal actually apologize, but every show was exactly the same, likewise I once saw how in king vegas, who I dont like them much wider. Unlike that much I wrote a dim respect that money, but if you like, it was like you, sleep walking, yup and it was a. It was a disappointing to me. So this new show. Yes, he examined you do ten twelve were doing thirty. tina. We just got the back nine yesterday, well season and it's a were really having a ball. I'm I'm loving it. You know like you, it's a and part of an ensemble yeah and a terran kill him from snl. The lead er, and I he's terrific and a leighton meester is brilliant from gossip girl. It's really a good show in it it's about single parents and and a group of people that are kind of thrown together social
not that they would ever hang out with each other right, but because of their kids, do right and I've been a single parent for a long time, and you find yourself in these. You know niches that you're like well, I don't know if I could go to that birthday party as a tommy, and he you know he really say about you, never about you, which is you're live great and wonderful leader of the worry about that idea, more people. it had to be there used to be that the vat Yesterday was my fucking cat and a woman sitting next to me talking to me about cats, or you look like a writer she's like a filipino woman, older woman, and she goes, you got children and I go. I don't you go good for you yeah it's true, I galloway very difficult. It's very dive, I mean you know the lot, but the material you relate to oh yeah, big time and he still do voiceover work overworked still do some voiceover work and I, I say. Is we close here that you know one time I gave you the note. You know you stayed on the mic and I appreciate that
you know you're never tall to total. That's what I tell everyone and really an honour to be your man isn't right us happy for you. Thanks for debt me rags man hasn't been easy to get on the show, and is that true Oh it. I've never said nobody is due for no it's going to get into it. Now I guided. Who did you say no to who have? I said no to the well. We know now wait because we work with booker's. You know they want to say that you know there's just wasting I it's really just about. Why can I talk to that person? Does person. Do, I think, or do they have enough of a story to do what we do here right now? It's never like. No, it's not about whether I like people were not national airily viral. Am I interested and yet is there a story that road You know, I can't you know a good comic, some almost always you're. It became the word this same breed. Yes- and I know I never worry about that- really interesting, just every two red neuron here
We did a bunch of dates together. Last year, she's like a real pro man, leave amazing. She would go out first and then, after her I go on and it was. It was whiplash. It's amazing that there are these got these women and men. These people, I mean A huge act and she's never stopped and she's a vegas person and worker a cheese but she's unto herself. in the end you know ye, be he get lost in this world, making the generation younger than me or to where you they'd. They don't if any real sort of sense of history, except for a few people, everyone's got their people, but there was that that original generation of polio after the old guys that she's part of a big ton that you know that were very diff. Find then professional out. You know in historical acts, euro We had a blast, you know so in your question? I don't it's not that I say to people in Europe I get it
and I'm like I'm, not really interested. I m sure said it's not like science. It wants to go on the show and unlike no fuck em yeah, but you know that I have you said I had a right, but not really nuggets, not recently Well, actually, when you're on your way over here s how late and I'm never late, I called three but I'm never late, because I have a thing about about being diary. And I I was crazed I mean really so that's a bit, but thanks for having me and am happy for you and I think we but everything I'm Tellin YA, there's nothing to talk about. It's all good. This is yet we ve stretch this to death. Thank thank you. My friend, So, as I said before, single parents is on Wednesday nights at nine hundred and thirty eastern on abc with brad and he's got a movie coming out Gloria. as I said before, single parents is on Wednesday nights at nine thirty eastern on a d c with brad and he's got a movie coming out Gloria bell with julianne moore, dig it
play guitar and fifty years in the morning, in the morning. Let me see see. Let me see. The the.
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