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John Prine from 2016

2020-04-08 | 🔗

From Episode 746, Marc's conversation with John Prine about Kris Kristofferson, Steve Goodman, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt and delivering the mail. John passed away on April 7, 2020.

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Yeah. I did. I dont know what to do with the quarter. You, you got a room, I guess it at home, where it where's that anyone ever managed yeah any room that they leave to me. My wife leaves me yeah I'll ever when she goes into straightening up. I can't find anything is theirs. There's an order to it and sorting its cosy. You know the more stuff You are surrounded by from your life. What are you got in there jump fanatically, but I think it's really important presume reason. Guess it kept it in of every three years are finds after having seen in years and years here and now, a play back. The echo why are you aware or no You know I wonder about that. Do you know where I sit here because I think like yeah, maybe I could just get rid of allow this stuff in a lot of stuff. They, you know, I I don't know if I
a time to look at it or not? But, like I said sometimes you that moment with something I'll. Take you somewhere, even if it's for a second I just a wire turn around The waste is right or thrown away because, as you know, the Eve wasted time travel machine near me. It would be good if it was, I assure you, said to you tat. You re right over the surprise. Yeah yeah. I don't. I don't think I have any of that view. Haven't found. How are you down there lived in Nashville since nineteen eighty moved their Roma ship I was born and raised in the western suburbs over Chicago yeah like what now what town may way. Yeah, we re re over matters, and so we were neither now besides Zaza like we were half a glass matters here in what way would you would you old man? Do you to end. I her at the American can count me around.
Yeah, he moved up there in the thirties, Roma Western Kentucky, ah to get factory. I figure was no unless you the working man are you family had a low business or something there wasn't really allow workin? Ah, they know that very contact. So him and love is cousins instead drifted up towards Cleveland Detroit Chicago, perfect, rework awe and if he did get work easier, for somebody else back home, again live with us and they trade Neither move back to my dad always thought that he was gonna, go back again Kentucky so he raised, as is, if we, from CAN Jag, even though we were born and raised. What what is it? What does it mean to be raised like you're from Kentucky web? He always the user, make enough money to move back there right.
Gary rented, the same how'd ya. Thirty, eight years, repaid for three days in his mind here. We're gonna, be we're all going back right, ear. A member in particular of theirs is it's cool with their greater there? go home and find out what you are regions, I. What will your parents, you ha I've, run with countries in logo? I'm ferryman next day ass, the lunar vermes there? That goes on my mind. These families from Sweden him about damage from Germany, and I stand at Mango Pure Kentucky and there's the mundane very areas of my dead dares to say here. So there is a southern pride everywhere where we were Chicago kids in here, but we should appreciate it condemned because of his his own are mothers enthusiasm for the area, that's where they were both for an end is outweighed now. What kind of work and a situation
they're down there, because I don't know much about Kentucky, but I'm always taken with hearing stories about the the south, because there seems to be a much more elaborate and sometimes gothic. History of that region, like I've been Lexington pattern away, there's totally different riders go into? these drink in Turkey and letting them is very well because it boys farms in every needs. It can't high class year high class that also not five relaxing than is your bang. Tat. There was a year ago, the after having miles away, there's a little, not much indoor planning, necessarily an eastern can daddy far eastern right by the West Virginia boy, that's even as totally different at Rio appellation. That's airfields. Mccoy said yeah, you know her name where, with your family from the west and part of intergovernmental Eleven national AIR,
bingo ninety mouths straight, nor you admit, in mute burger. Naturally my fair during here in the land of your origin. Exactly and you did you get when you are grown up? Did you spend time down their geographic meaningless? We're tabs yeah, Gunnar vigilance in articles in big family, my granddad vague Emily and we ve. Always we still have a family reunion. And where we are these euro. Oh my mom sisters, my dad family. There are gone and because in slowed it yellow your cousin here, some of media met before their children, her their grandchildren. It was The idea of my mother told me, as grown up in going the family reunion. She always hope that, after their day, God that kid's once a year tried to get the other and keep in touch with you with your family, which is
mostly a good idea. The right here, Sir David says they Thanksgiving Labour Day. That's so you talk and fifty hundreds thirty sometimes it does little is early. He asked him to himself be around. Ninety no kid. Yeah mealy with great now is I hardly know, as the cute kids, who you those who goes over a period of three four days. We spend it right together. Bringing Kentucky here. Is there still family pride, pretty very just meet there. Now, there's no family forever. You know nobody had been heavy any savings, they lonely family gradually year, and where did you? Where did you first hear hear the music
They moved you doo doo, Doo, Doo music. Like your your grandfather, what kind of man was he not enough there connected by placing it in Kentucky? Both my grandfather's were from Kentucky. One was a carpenter. There was my father's bother in its Susie we get down and java you'd those family up and move. Oh yeah till the next city for the mixed carpenter job. Ah, my dad went to certain like nine different matters goes up north and daring south. Here he had a southern access. He staggered and he was the new kids. You know how now say that he learned how to fight a great way of tough guy here, India and Anne who play music any what was the music in the house, the radio, my dear love country music, he play. He said at night you drink beer by the court because he claimed it was more like draft,
go ahead of you said earlier imported glass, idiotic room for any The radio sideways allows Zenith in the kitchen window face in the south and we're good country station in Chicago Debbie, J, J D, but on weekends. Your ticket. Grandma robbery. If you tell them right the weather rewrite he turned to me and he said a narrow, these courts beer and have me sit next to him with Orange Bob and I believe in a web peers and Johnny cash. Your head, William Senior in just the other stuff, and I listened to her because because of my dad's, the boy you know I re. I realise that many years later, but meanwhile was grown up, listener, rock and roll sure And I had an o. The smooth rather day was ten years old remain too said, teach himself to play your turn fiddle
Amanda Land and he needed somebody to play with them for rhythm right right, we taught me how to say old time, country music. I exist there, three courts yet again learned him. When I was in camp near him, I tried to play my son, my favorite songs, maiden sound like the records. I made up my words and how is it as their doing? Those fourteen and in his bit it was plain bluegrass, music with cohesion. I know quite blue legacy is a precursor bluegrass. There's referred, It was all time amusing. Ah so like like like I go with it. Who, with those artists, be boy like all time country like swing Musingly Day, who revived the wiser durno. The vague folk thing like fifty mistakes, these the out of New York, Ramblers. Ok, they went and got it
out of those archive or stuff right right, I'm back again right. What was your label? I you know where they are only a man. I think you're right, yeah yeah right so that its interesting about that about, that their folk revival in just sort of this digging through the that the music the pile of America that it was a real conscious thing was a reaction. Wasn't I think it was seen he's coming around. I always been allowed. I'm over in Ireland has no waste from their sets. The most beautiful place in the world is gorgeous work. We'll get really go over their method ahead, the saw you lucky Vaz year eleven I love it will replace and go away. Guy, I envy you I, like you, know it's like I'm, not I've got no words there. You know my router eastern European Jew and, for some reason, I go to Ireland in a MIKE. I feel like I'm home this waste. Is it's beautiful,
It is really is the shia family there. Yet so we go back. She's got five sisters still in the air on Ireland or mother. You know kid. The other on an errand. For your own name, where the distance a man in a lady these early nineties, no kin and I'd go over there. Whoever had more than a week of how'd, you meter, right now. I didn't coupling show's over there. We derive a faster Oh, that was around what they're doing was gettin guys. Like me, guy parking yeah american folk, singers errors together with irish man's. Oh about three days in Dublin and the vague, now I damn venue the became the venue. A vigorous. What I was at the vicar, I think of you. I was at the this- was the old them
the river. Absolutely they called. Then we were the first music in theirs. Is the old train station ah so american folk artists with the irish bans, IA and still doing there, my wife, we urge you work, did then why the big studios in Dublin she managed it now and were you to cut every day are so she was in an amusing seen there, and she came down to hear this thing's ago the session to her and that's how we met a hot did. She know you before She said she came and saw me when she was sixteen years old. There had been the first time replayed Ireland are and what you That is what we now have in nineteen eighty. Okay, so she came to see me and even thinking about you ever since, when
here s a bag of her mind, and I made an impression exaggerate. I was there after the sessions after this thing, the party for all the artist, and it was a horse you shake by here in a body- and I was about ten feet away from me guitar and a giant come all over this play dunes. I couldn't physically get from where I was the hand, because the virus that ten deepening the idea so ahead. Uranium in the bar ended by the adage where she was stand. A low red, headed girl blue. Singer Neue an hour and said, come job and meet the girl, We ve been together reserve so that suits you guys been, or is it to go business nineteen, eighty one eighty, nay, ninety, maybe, as is even married. You been married before twice the authors, amusing business. That's me,
that is the road, the nose of the science the day. Nor did it said vapours too. It is right, some of the best sound your written. If your cell redder here is every break your heart. Yeah voices in great sounds down. There really is the apparent here you go, a point- maybe I don't know if you ve, got this boy really like I don't know. If I need another one, no, I know I don't know it down Sometimes when I'm going through periods and not right here I say to me- were wherever do? Maybe if you will when you were right and songs the higher the Ireland dead thing, though, that we were sort of talking about folk, music and I felt like we're moving in a direction where you were about to talk, maybe about the folk music of iron. I noticed this is about seventy, using the additive workers on the street
go away and then we're starting to play the old time zones, the countryside, the like pre bluegrass? Ah, there was forgotten papua months, I'm talkin about eighty ninety Twenty years asked, and here I'm Goin headway here, they're my ways are becoming. But here again in an interesting, really is gonna desert I've also some sort of full circle. Because those I think, those celtic rhythms r r D. Can we part of the appellation they arise where steadily came from Scotland rather than the right there? that rhythm and that's the way of playing Yan, and I think some of the fiddle to write in them and the birds about taking a girl down the river azure murder drowned and urge all those high those happy healthy, clean as a successful day, my god, but when you started-
so you're waiting in the grand old opera, music and your brother's doing that that debt. That type of me The old, tiny music in your dad's was in India. What's becoming more, country or that the great country, artists and listen in Iraq and role in the folk explosion. Certainly it happened yet is so what are you guys? What are you? they went around with I went with the way my brother told me to play a hunch was o time in music and bluegrass right in and was familiar to you, because you were in a country. Yeah ended in islands. As I wrote my songs with the only way. I knew her and my brother will bring big joke very ban right maybe our learned electric right from the start right. I wrote my sounds too, though, to a different, a blue serge based there, but it was just happen that, as we taught me here- and I wasn't gonna go to somebody else and learn
a place rock n roll here? Will you pride better off? You have given the thoughtfulness of the lyrics and yet the sort of yeah. You want the latter to be up front, You know, I mean there's something about country music and that lends itself to a two day putting them. There were exe. Fried it's about that. It's about the story. You know, Jack, very attired, does story and rock and roll them agriculture story. I think that's really true, and I think like I I give you say about the because it seems to me that you just get back to their use during the here at a time in music on the streets in iron, sort of lead to you know them? comfort in zones. In that way, in a sort of resurgence of of We're songwriters in that vein were seen alive, that now it's it's sort of an amazing thing, because your generation of guys guys right before you- I mean there some heavy duty around again that that the idea that did thoughtful, I think its primary.
Which country music. I guess you could call folk music. What do you call your music this country is a great yeah, but the eager national members get the national near. I didn't move there to become a country's sure. I just moved because that's where I him, yeah well yeah. It's interesting, though, because like because your music is YO, YO, straightforward, and indeed it does come from that source that I know We spent a lot of the records. You have the tone of the record, your we're gonna? Be you you're, going to John prying songs, you're gonna play John prying songs, but depending on whose the studio with you or whose producing the that the album and what they're gonna bring to it. It really did change, is the sound, and I guess when you do that, like I, since the record, which, when I listen to pin cattle yesterday, that you know you're working with some of the sun, guys I'm a fillip skies and this, implementing doo doo doo sounds eyes yet
but this is SAM. What, in his seventies right the ever he was resolved at leisure, wizard right, I think a nationally. He came in the studio because he says boys were doing project anymore and again the next, For really, I think so. I don't think it was my my singing ability the drew them first. For example, you known gap, the same things. He heard my boys. He thinks he there is so bad. They would stick around trying yeah, easy She still around now, as in the past, about eight nine years ago, I talk to. I talked to Peter Growl Nick about his book about son. Some recognising the right here goes all the way back. Won't when you met him, they were you at the origin, place in Memphis, earn a work they they'd soda.
Oh yeah ranch awaken in Vienna, museum, yeah, yeah yeah, but salmon sixty one had better samples, recording was on Madison and that's where we in the and in what ways, because it was a different record. I mean the wizard did dramatically different approach and When, when you were in conversation with some examples about you, John prying songs, you know what what did you bring? What did his boys bring to that? What was their idea? Sam spoken parables? Ah, he looked also legged character in the Bible and his big bushy eyebrows. How big is high himself as a characteristically by new grace. The burning bush was behind him, either bowed. He would say Voyager, walking down the street and govern both sides, the street they so nice, and then you go now. Let's talk about sex,
help me, I download something like he's out to do. Pusher, you give let go said Knight preacher! No kin, yes, Sir, like I was very pre, urges coup. Welcome yeah, and you would you like a record low However, when we deliver their ragged to assess America hurried away here boy they about five guys, listen to it, an informed and left the room when Galindo remaining said John, I don't think you have here is what you want and I've waited who d just save year here you know they just lately. The kind of records that were on the charge then was squeaky cleaner. There were good music now steely dancer, making great records, but I was perfect. Technical strike in the evils were making perfectly right
the records of the music determining, but I wanted to noisy. I sound like five individuals in a room. Loving ended, yeah? You know who I am and playing in any we paid for the noise and they did it was at one of those moments where you like. I start my own label. There was tat in the beginning of for me Ah, I have one more regular them and I went and did it have hurried and said: that's it what that was at the next record. He had storm windows, which was actually more signs that written for thinking, leg leftovers yeah, yeah yeah, but let's go back because this is an amazing thing about your. Your presence amused Can I I don't know anybody else. Then in I don't know people make this comparison. I imagine I'm not that original buddy boy that there's very few people who are respected for their poetry and further their their songs is much is like you and me,
the current Ayala Collins or to hold this place. He goes yeah there's this year's there's about four records air with that that you better better, undeniable masterpieces Thank you. The same guy you're the same place you know like I was Then too, I listen to sandstone this morning and I I think most be they don't know that song should know that song So I was in that song and I'm crying again right now you when, when you when you, when I saw him at your heart in your mind and that That is one of your most well known, songs and the power of that's transcends your wife. Or conflict or anything, you know and speaks to us a darkness and in a pain that that is our eternally human ray, what do you think it that's on? Do you feel that view feel like yeah, if you, if that were the always argued written they that
It would be like that that that's a great song. I did you about that's when I wrote it. Also, though I thought that that song if somebody were made me a bet, I worry that the appeal that some mighty gone. This is now the assembly, when we learn record either by seventy percent music, there would be a sound because simpler sometimes there are deemed Pinocchio yeah. They were. Themselves out there? You go in the right time magazine, and I didn't know that that sandwich day, though those veteran just around and yet the veterans
Other conflict should be our common home, served up and right messed up. They did they get bigger, throws training to go to combat and then come back and nobody, it's like people are incarcerated. Nea is thrown back on the street the eye, ok man years. That is that again, here, good luck! yeah yeah yeah. You need some help coverage we gotta play. He ate his gigantic gay. You couldn't find here yet The tragedy is that most of the tragedy of of you know american life. On a certain level too, I mean there. Something it spoke today, no songs and in some of the other masterpieces You know you're angel from Montgomery was other one night. There was a window in two, a sort of american heart ache that never goes away. The Uno Thea
when I wrote those size, I think I was trying to explain things to myself more so than find an audience forget it either. As for me, I didn't they goes well songwriting yeah. I think this was something that he didn't make a living Aha an end in surprise? Oh you exactly! Where were you that's amazing, about about their those songs in about your particular song craft is theirs, is simplicity to it, but the turn of phrase or so fucking good, It is like you deliver the first line of the cup with new kind of like what's gonna happen, oh yeah, so tight in it. So economic. Now, like I hear that about your poetry and about songwriting a lot, but how much when you see the song. Yeah how much, how much
the average word math, do you do it's when you get a good one here, I can hardly rights as dinner. Appealing scorched in agriculture. I feel like I'm, taking the sign down and put my name but I was just the first one to hear that you know he comes in like tied up Well, all right, so the whole thing is there here and there are others you get to work on right- and I don't like it, winner appears that you ve done too much. Work are because it shows me yeah, especially with repeated, propose which is tat of a sound. We know you're really had to work in fair, didn't glue things here. Don't you think you might be the only one that knows that, probably probably unless I tells a value, know there will be any you as you get off guy. I can't listen coming out of my boy here, like other songs, you make me cry souvenirs while that deal even gear, even sour
which is a little more, is not. Is heavy but souvenirs like Heaven, man I mean you know it's beautiful by the bye, bye, bye, heavy. Now, when you release seizings into the or other where they were when they move through you do you feel a relief But here you are you. Are you? U, because I saw you and who I saw you hear a while back when Connor Open for you right. The great yeah. I know it's amazing cause you're. You know you travel pretty glean the band is eight years a guy I'm on day. Some am stand, a basin that net caught him miraculous, guitar player. You got there, he ate his great getting worse, in their drummer and you and you know any o Connor COM, it will be very funny- is cause. I talked economy, you know you listen to him in any sort of unnatural songwriter. It's it's a weird natural gift for him. He is, an end with songwriters the guys I've encountered you I want. The be heavy hearted dude that
the hard life, but some of them they're, just they just gotta, think he's got a thing these up there with a full ban. He spitten and dancing and put everything he's got into it and it's good You come out just with your group, a thousand you being you and your leave little outfit there and ended everybody climb down, and it's just a beautifully balanced evening. Of a do that we can all just sort of relax. He does, but to jump around the soggy speak for himself, he's gonna, say some funny stuff and we're all gonna be moved real professional located me running down to settle down and enjoy that oh yeah, first, twenty years or so I'll get things always throws up memory I understand why are you doing out there? You were really mean that this David makers did that. Happen where you playing in those environments No, not really. I was well accepted from the gate.
You said in your hair is in my area under be found out eight months after his first step, their estates, irregular car, J, C S interesting. I didn't saying for the first four muttered include the postal service, does it. As I don't quit. You gauge right, yeah. I know what's going to happen, and I start making three times the cash cows Megan with regular salary deposed of it. I get every get that encourage under the table. He asked for singing most that's my hobby cs eyes. Three nights yeah, you sleep the rest of the week I was at the pinnacle of everyone had fallen on my got it. So that's what you did you're playing size when you were a kid in your appointment, your brother and any God that was your job you're, a mailman yeah how's that, for you besides being a library with no books, you you go and your merit is then six hours at their walking around
was negative movies where people go your mail man. How are you today I tabled ever talk to me after three years Maybe I'll see you deeper here at worst Amazon and she said well irregular guy coming back I bought an iron, your regular guy was in Chicago, I mean in any further westerns ebooks nobly now tell me: did you down Did you write those songs on your mail route. Hello, an error in the mere railroad sandstone run a mirror Nokia. I mean there's no allowed to do once you run a registry now with hello in there do you do it was that provoked by a moment the best I can remember, is me here John, and saying across the universe
Harry Quiver member Red had quite a bit of an echo river by his voice. Yet- and I got to thinking about it- does have one echo you're talking like a, however in going hello, hello in there and have led to thinking about talking to a person it trying to get through to a year and then that lead to talk about people here and there tat came about here like taking names beg merrily size lab taking the right names were red character, and I have no doubt the lady in the other, A guy Rudy that in Heaven there really was a dog across the street. Lady would come out of four o clock the afternoon. Go really really you you don't forget the idea tat the name of these guys very really here yeah, I just I didn t like the sound of names for that one.
That's an important thing about it, united to Jason, Isabel about that. You know where you are I had learned from my who taught Niccolo why you know he wrote that song for Johnny Cash, the beast in may help us on red as you know, and I just wanted to believe that knit low live that life you don't I wanted to Believe me. I was talking to the guy they lived it. Most of them has been part of em churn zone, but he said to me cinemas songs. You live there, not all me and I come on. They gotta, be you but there. But, but you know I think like when you pay. His emphasis on names. You know that song starts to take a life of its own use. To build a life around that that it becomes part of the poetry of it in those people become real that you that come out of you write Ray and that day, so that their party you but they're, not necessarily you exact but despite all of us right does
thing about hello and there is a sort of like it's a beautiful sentiment, yell about respect and an understanding of people who were aiming in an abandoned in away just by virtue of the fact that they ve lived long enough to be ignored. Wreck loud man is heavy shit, so you know because if they did the thing, it's like a boost music to where you know you talking about you heavy hearted stuff, but the but the release of them through music. It actually has the opposite effect. I always my part man look on the world causing the optimistic pessimism and meant that there is a problem right. This is the problem, give it and give it characters, names here and then say it. So you
like the blues get near him, I knew you just stated and if there's a humorous s back to the net enters into two as it does in daily life, the activities don't want our time with their head down a certain sum. It gets a bearing. It's burning you sure. You know that It should he Henrietta gets about, gets body or gets ugly days. There laboured and hopefully again, you're. That's the best case scenario. So now, what's up we ve been about your relationship with the with Steve Goodman, ok, yoga, Steve Goodman, like. I didn't realize until this morning that he passed away so young and because I remember he'd, he had a records how'd. You know four for a cat who passed away thirty six, yeah. I can. I remember seeing him when I was a kid my parents took, we see and hear the city Neuro, as was the big song right right, an aim, but you you alive.
You with him, pretty early as Dear sir, and his as as a cohort right were Stephen was he was well into the Chicago focusing when I came along, I came what was it seen? Who was their state government Red Holstein, Eddie, Holstein hosting brothers? This was after in the sixties. Ah, there was a scene evidently in Chicago. Ah they require mirrored Greenwich Village, saying ah you know, and now from where I understood in this kind of died out in the late, these women like psychedelic music, get bearing arose and then say it out: music, one late sixties in early seventies, Steve Gemmen came along. I came along the focusing stirred combat gettin bay and
Are you guys we're just two different guys? We went wrong and I was thrown into the same well. Vague and Steve was candidate king of any new. We knew every club every club on or knew him near, and sleep came to check me up here so and he was like little Caesar. He religious they get good g ravaging the city was about five foot wine. Awe- and he work up to here and get writing your face. Poked his finger in your chest rings: I get to hear the ongoing. Who is this guy? I heard a tape of employee and setting new world picture. To my mind, the news a tower being pulled. The guy was alone goatee right near this. Loan guy comes in many ways, worm immediate bread and he started taking me around introducing new people. It was going to stay there. Then I got my first reckoned country. Oh yeah him before he did it,
his shining moment here opens infused with Christophersen. Increased diversion was blown away with Steve sizes. It man you need to go to New York and ragged contract is now. You need to come across time. Listen, my body job right. Really. There was a Ghana gag Stephen Hawking. I was his lightning bolt moment and he said no, no, you get getting a cab and humor barely he loves you really there and that's when he met Christophersen. Yoda too, I make press first came and listen to me. I had a club where a closed already they waiters,
we can't the Tipps floored been mapped. I was waiting to get pay, I'm a guitar case. Press comes in with a rush and we put forth chairs down and I stood it set reckon problem on a MAC and saying my set. He bought me a beer and say: would you get back up there and single sounds again and anything else you here and I did and press was this He was obviously blown away loved and at the time we were fan his a year and I couldn't think more of a person they want to play. My search for more a high risk of servicing sure I connected with is a step that he was country. Yet he was doing stuff thy Bob doubt tat. He was really Santa has eyes- and there is nobody has ever rather in a world famous eyes, were a very city govern dragged him in my lap and point
twice for their clear who is crazy. Who's the around here are your memories of that night, clear they are, I got home. I sat on the edge of my bed at my first wife she's asleep. She woke up and legislate men. Yes, you leave. This happened to me as a Christmas tabs and heard my size than anyone assume all over again as they actually like me. Yet what she says, she's ok, will read Mauritania whatever's as made. It was a moment Press was one in introducing an about turn back in nineteen seventy. Why have that? Go there? I always said now faces the Hague Moreover, thirty Simon governing shows me crazy. Priscilla. Tomorrow we currently face he using as a mere won't. You meet
mean Goodman go over there and we therefore have ours a knock at the door. He loved me yeah. And he had been seen in public for about five years- no kin, yeah yeah the accident rate. He was free trade, he's out. I'm Woodstock, Then you will need fireplace begging, averted by the Congress, closed area and he comes in and we start fares and a guitar around and about a third song. I seen above start singing with me today. My razors virgin lino myself did Joe Works Euro Atlantic Cinema, a freak out
oh yeah, I mean a renewed words from my side check it out the competition I mean, render phone booth and Co. I don't know who we're home into what I'm doing. This is still the purse record yeah. This is when this before, everything mirrored slowly for me, egg, I'm sitting in New York, see famous, as of that date, usually that's crazy, Chris was my biggest importer Chris. I gotta say that I didn't realize, isn't version the music business Unaware Chris didn't introduce me, do is manager eating. Do me, dues, publisher, his leg he didn't drain, steer me anywhere except towards good people, and is that things are does happen. Yeah yeah, you know, and I dont know many people in the music visit. Wouldn t say a word:
come on. You know with the aim of rubbish amusing at first. Why do anything that good things to me oh yeah he's like. I have no sense of the ease of power, dude as a presence in as a third largest, certainly isn't as a human yeah. I have no sense Is it as a person? Does I gotta know him by no? Is His songs, I know, is acting work, and I know that, like he's a seems intimidating to me, but it is not really a meal, is just as that thing about their here. He wrote some good songs. Man, who are he should issue, did an issue for national back in a real good place
Eddie, Hausa vibrate no saw a high. It gave a new standard to open. Some doors are really for Nashville people whose name those country music, is very considerable. I'm not own floriculture right now. He was. It takes a lot to change back then. What's in Trans, first came along singing songs, not just love, so Besides about fever, Rien embed the attitude taken down about their right right. Yet we assume that dead that Georgian Tammy we're having a day and talk about the river from their dress, like urges Earthling sounds were, but they were still down. Yeah, and yet it sent me share within has much amasine is a kindred sphere where he did
it didn't? I didn't believe it happened. Just like a dream The average amazing and I imagine, Dylan like you, I can't get a sense of him. I have a. How can you you know what deal Are you deal with you now I either fascinating guy. These obvious, we written some great songs, but I imagine it Bob Dylan heard your songs in immediately knew it was something that he probably couldn't do The united mean that your Dylan Rights Dylan Songs, but your songs or so efficient in poetically, beautiful, an end and in full, an energy that is in verbal fireworks, necessarily, but something that kind of growth. As you hear it, I imagine he was like you know that guy just now in it and it's so tight but there's no way there there. I guess he whispered crystal our version of it. It Bob Dylan had come along and sixty and wrote those of the sounds he did before you sure trick.
An disturbingly ours. Not are you where you there there's no way our order were bluegrass, I'm sure, there's Anthea, I wouldn't have tried to go through life. He he never only opened the door for people who made their door behind said here. The door rising commodity. An egg there soon Can you imagine how many people wouldn't have taken a step toward the Tsar writers happen Bob end than at first right in the eye get, though you know like ie, is easy to forget that that Bob Dylan is done. Everything yes, I can only eight one of the things: where are you going to do it? You're going to do, and then you can look up the mountain that is Bob Dylan Ray and that's what that is lacking, as he did the he did, blot on the track national sky I need some very serve earnest country folk records and he had because he had a big love country, music,
ass, the others at the Vienna. I he's out there to these guys were eighty go, what everything they do, this for silver where's! He ll do, I guess it's true I mean what you say, you don't want to sit down now sit down, you can arise, see her. I do go away was the others that are know very well. What about just not work there? I do there very good, you go very. Do I'm gonna hiding, I leave the house, so it appears to my family that I'm gonna workers and don't come home to above, five per year in this way still looks like I do say so now, the other guy you came out is that users, you started a second wave pot. Folk revival of Answer Dylan was the first is how that works. That's the way I see it,
and her and who, as was in your your group, was TIM harden when you guys were because where's brother was bogged down and equal doses of a brain drain sure is a sham press, my daddy a shirt and no one do rockets. I wrote the sound paradise for my dad. I there was his story and I warn him to recognise himself in some ditty. He did he ate my dad dad dad about too much for my first record came out and I was able to play the ragged former took tape about take player and tickets. Never vital thing. My record yet they're, taking a height of form in Paradise, is the last song on the record and he got up when Paradise. Thirdly, left the room enable worked into our dining room, said in a dark and then came back in the room. I said why so, which leave the room forward up?
by your son and his allies for dinner is on the dude that I got here is a God choked up where he found me. Did you have to re? Write dreamer. Show me your term. I remember resume about four hours when the senior day just little kid next summer, debts in better this big radio down the basement disclosed the news came out gleams down here May I just say: thou have value? Is a guy for working working people yard you people here, he sang with their life, was well yeah, great songs, right, great great towns in English Why was it had that thing? You yeah yeah and use the woozy against twenty twenty seven at night that crazy, they really is come sooner. My great sounds: he wrote yet for AIDS, amazing what they
but even with the talking about Buddy Holly the other day who wrote some pre raising songs and a lot of songs, I think he was pretty young too was very young and elsewhere. Proper and done so cropper out at EU hook up with another, you decide to do a record Steve Cropper in what we are we trying to get. Did you want something? stack, sound and arab amidst the I guess I murmured here and got to talk with him and found out. He was still begging members. I made my first regular methods at the old american studios chips moment place. I liked them some about Memphis, yeah, sorry to her mouth national values, so Deborah Hausa, it's more and more members is more gipsy, pure air Nashville. Back then at least a den of bad more with the Charlotte North Carolina like South Eastern knocking Owen, Memphis
Zat me more big city in southern white wine to be he I wanna be right. Rang were a big southern said. Ah, now is. Firstly, it is, say: oh yeah, yeah yeah I've gone down the like crazy every day and surprise white has imposed into the studio. Yet I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jaguar have not read him yet no bread alone, lavish plain. Way out, usually easily get G unmarried being Yogi he'll. Have you come but for a one off of a single with the urgency. Gay people prefer Bompard into a material. But how do you not bump into that? Guy? well easier and we know em from about a mile away I do. I would imagine I am on the Isle. You do that record with their with Steve and what's your relationship? How much will it looks like you get Jackson Browser on their due in his back of vehicles and he's another guy. Imagine has a tremendous amount of respect for you enjoy.
It's in a new real early dispersed may gain through, should Glowworm played the little folklore bombardment and I get started ah TAT said, Ray before using yeah, oh yeah, and had a great song after another on raising so many a Jackson early on and he became a body. Urges the few tangible game their way early on in body and burning. Me by were buddies from get go. Yeah ways deter, heard her base their free bo Many headed dog named prune, and by he's rather Steve was were dragged the station wagon, you're, Inter together in just great, you have a guitar where a man, my body, was even at that age when she was in her early twenties a bottleneck, guitar ere. She was now.
As irradiated learned from the masters words, she come from bony. Dad was John rate. We at the wheel we musicals in a really jam again, he was the guy Nokia. Yeah so she's in New York it yet and they were quakers money. Was raised ever leave and then more out. This way, are, you know better, went to school around Boston Film, that Boston know what was left of the in Boston, which is a heavy vase blue Sylvia yeah yeah. That's why she picked it. She taking as interesting that their she comes from that my John Hammond Junior another I rarely You came here. Buying came from home amused but it was told there very tight temporary me. She just figure burn the blues early, I loved it loves it networks you want to do you know Johnny
Junior met John and seen him now in years, one hell of a player. We surely is loud and thank the vetoes son his day, yeah he's dead without it they had no Bob Dylan Nets. No Billie holiday is dead right up there with SAM No doubt we wrote those guys. Then you know to record the geniuses new musicians themselves rather intuitive to know in December, we really had sent a unique, never recognise it and given space to grow, so you and also the J D, southern other great songwriter, yes, J D, principal where's, damage J D with me, my kids, you were my boys rather with me. Let's go Is he remembered when snakes are playing a game? We meet my voice. Or negotiate there is no the eight right just relate to go down There's one other guys. Jelly sad and rigour
There were J D were what snake. It's weird odd moment, it is your brother he played on that record, do I believe, our assets. Yet the embassy Dave Freedom, a curve, Mercedes Dirty played on a common Dance here, yeah and indeed it was at. Did he ever music career of his own MAO's brothers, AEGIS Tat, an old timer band they played around Chicago's River My brother, the woods, Immunization Dave he's the caravan day was a whiskey a day, They are the brain of a man here. She went to college and go degree here. You know still around yeah. I knew he would luxuries retired now, but he still play music yeah. You guys
we played music there, oh yeah, with their music dance, family reunion together, I scratch anger at therefore curves gamer, I ask is that you get the relationship still how definitely web browsers and Emily I had three. We lost one cup years by five years ago, a rather Doug here, here's a retired. She gave a policeman o while living up in northern California. This prettier he was allowed whenever he dug written language to deal with it nowhere motorcycle driving one flag and push it puts read here, so we have to gave like when you made your own label like there I mean you see any still have boy records of that was after after storm. So everything after that is all you. Yes, yes, all your stuff. Yet now and in how, when you got a new record coming out and so
Here we are already dead, we're better worse, yeah, its a over boy girl. Do it here. I did there why, about fifteen years ago, clothes Madame herself would give wasn't send on that one. This issue is ours. There were here yesterday to the Hague, William Soldier, in she something he loosened. His other worldly, I believe, the poet in asylum writer, and here she is determined to see she goes out there. Yeah yeah. I had her in her she's out on the road all the time, tat she she's wonderful and whose, on this one This one is the house in grass irish demand. End of ours and Susan Dashi, no yeah. She came in with George Jones. I had never heard before no kidding color, the blues and men heard told Latin now she turned at being,
a good bodies. Now the out there was once a year and she's, just a great performer grating, here and there we got them. Miranda, Lambert, Casey, Musgrave, seven, new girls, he now yeah and catching whom I live in a hurry way and now she's ain't juniors there I have, I have a record, we dare sounded. Grandma was famous for a really good arteries, useless thing with the banks. But I'm telling you Oh yeah, I, as you and she burned out there was this merger decisions you just throw to be able to sing wherever grandma sweet. And now by our original material, what he turned out these days and very slowly drank it. Ten that I really like, hopefully, will begin next year, given that John Brown Regular there, you know I'll, tell you man,
it's like you Eve had it you ve had a rough go of it health, wise recently. Memory lucky with a two tier Europe. It sounds like you with some heavy stuff there. It was, but the time about where you got here, one cancer right earth a dead and it was night cancer. When she turned out the primary was at the base of my time, and so smart and ahead of appearance. I heard him a long time to get there he at once they did they didn't spreading. Moreover, they had to do so medical surgery, I'm a nagging already get rid of them.
Odin already been enacted right and I get a great doktor Dan, empty Anderson, Houston, Texas, Ma Am boy. He said, I'm gonna get this enamored staff of them spread, and this is what we have to do and once you find the right doktor when the doktor it you believe in there and you get somethin, lay anything related, the cancer, the attack for the elected that sure, because you can put yourself in their hands he I keep them develop like if you feel in two. Will you play that you're talking to the right person, go talk to some other way right is they have different ways? They weren't do the act as a scary and he didn't even get your vocal corridor anything. I know he knew out Zaire, but yeah turned out my radiologists. He has a fan anyone's both to tell me so he s very little shield just over my book,
port, we're Doin Uganda radiation here to keep the vulgar words from getting the hardest parlour the hardest part of the and money only he was doing that I said: have you ever heard me say because as bad as it abandoned talk after this as an agency, sound, hampered the devil boy, but I do say words and where, at the end of a drawer that people go with the end of it, Gary laugh at it at the idea, the turned at a rapid rate as great.
And in any guy with another one just about five years ago here with them, they seized with lung cancer, but is a mean vague, most declared it within a couple of months of a just start. Only because if you're a previous cancer be ass, you check that right leg out, like normal people, don't write, I will get a chest actually, every six months. For no other reason than you had cancer yeah yeah and they saw this right away. They as well I want to do, and I said please go in cattle. Tell me there. We'll get you no more. They were largely their rights, they do they limit, followed up with radiation and came out. It was that fresh new. Now kid I guess, unless you go irregular tests
you wouldn't get it then early. How lucky you are varied judgment extreme lucky with, but both ties with cancer get the red daggers yeah. You seem good I feel the area. So when you go Dolly would now it would woody out here for this time this damage is purely step, I never do it I'm doing interviews the eyes of their records is coming. And a long looking forward to it any any hung out sturdily other night. I great tat Sturges wonderfully year, made him a better. I guess it's just a year ago I heard his second ragged modern via another boy. This guy's he's on the seventh. It right he's really got it Reality is he's, got yeah real deal and I hear the up doing his latest ragged. In the studio there came a partner in a half an hour, I'll drive. You never want to learn here,
one day levers of steel. Fire in their here next day day, Orange ivy orange, and then I dropped it third Demi Remove synthesizer, In other words, there are you do at least get a vision, yeah yeah yeah mixing up. What is it? the crew down there that are really sort of like getting back? Not unlike, I think, the the folk review although there is, there, is a sort of true country, music revival going on with that Guy Cobb, the guy who, What's his name data data that seems to really get like what those George Jones Record sounded like and what those Wayland Jennings Record sounded like before you know. I think country got a little desperate commercially, that there was a way of producing country records that was clean, but yes typically country sounding- you see you here that are making that are not,
I do here with National became for ever commercial Mary they were ever. You make money doing that, no matter what they re doing. To keep on doing it entails Tasmania money yeah, but the girl. I agree with what you said about has come alone is wave of the observers. I Jason is we're here: the outer stable, didn't net. It's all. I truly believe in music goes in Ngos, verve area. People and take so much of each year wherever you right now. There is the risk that the union is commoner, of seventy this year, so I've seen it happen before it is. It takes a patient there. Waiter comes around again here do is unable to go any time and place merges Anwar or lose our
like you at the people are still out there. I hear those they love you. They love you and I as a real honour to talk to you. I thank you for coming back
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