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Norm Macdonald from 2011

2021-09-14 | 🔗

From October 2011, Marc's revelatory conversation with Norm Macdonald about life, comedy, gambling, death and Rodney. Norm died on September 14, 2021 at age 61.

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Norm Macdonald in the garage nervous, how could you be nervous? I mean, do you always get nervous? I get several someone nervous about things like everywhere, you ve done so much as doesn't go away it hasn't with me. I mean I don't get stumbling and it's you know. I'll open. Like this, I think I've a weird memory of you there. You probably one remember. I think I was in. I think I was in your hotel room right when you were watching. I showed up your hotel room when you just on your first Letterman with Caroline re yeah yeah in I think
that I actually watched you not watch your person Letterman and how is that possible something I would know. I would not larger. This version is like nineteen. Eighty nine is out about right, yeah, regulating, I probably, but that is not a desire. I know Caroline, and I remember you and I remember, Caroline I was members are so vague right. What was weird because I barely New Carolina and we were sort a hang around in here with this group economics and I had a car and she goes Go though tell my friend norm, adjusted Waterman tonight, so we go over there and I now first I've ever met you not an out and out much even played this day. Because it was, I don't know, any comedians from the states as my problem right, and so I got to this room, I meet you in your about doing Letterman and I'm standing. There were Caroline and you are on your bed face down with your hand hiding your eyes for it
entire time that sounded like a real bad out? I could answer that way. You know is when you know that you are in did you know I mean I why I know that's how we perceive ourselves. I don't know if it's really true, you did well right. Well, we're we can probably probably no more than another. Now we doubt about ourselves. I know, but I mean how can I get? Are you not able to watch yourself now? that's pretty hard like you know- because I really like comedy like I love calmly, like I guess, archimedean, whenever Butscha, it's always the you always think Europe better than when you see yourself the idea in the moment it feels like you hurt if one per and then you watch it like a. Why am I doing that with my breath, and I ve got a library here, your fuckin voice, Highness, I mean yeah cuz. I don't think I sound weird, but then people try to be glad. I can do an impression of you and I
sounds like a reader. Its money. When you have a weird voice, he asked a lot of times. I don't give a fuck why people have argued, but I have always been very like a material dependent. In my stand. I work like a mother fucker to, ass by the River Gallagher. You can just time with your weird voice online. I can't you just maybe you think that shit, but I mean when I do like as when I first met Ellen. I do additions and then I would have thus material of the ten guy I will get the most last year, but I would never get hired here and then I realized. Why ask as they want the fuckers. We can now get ass without material. I can't do that. That's You need for Sitka right. If you of your right get, you now have a sick, commune and a guy
some good jokes. While you can hire him as the writer here, you have a big fuckin guy errors, Matic now her Jerry Letter. That seems Evan emotional range exact. They when I made my first, the comedy festival thing at Montreal thing: what year was at fault. I gave my seven dates now it was the rather and how long you been doing comedy at that point. Six months, really: but I was Canada, so we gonna that was like Lord then in an american years, that's for years and not obviate, because the much account of vessels in Canada right a quota we fail. I would never got not advising the set but ass. I got my five minutes. Just out wrote know enough to areas do comedy. I memorized every fuckin way and so I had it all figured out share and so can I go there. I mean Sinbad Sahara I don't know who said and we're ease,
plainly relax now mom Joanna above some sort of one piece outfit you did I his hair matched is here and there about or NEA so then he said that he was just so relaxed and said the palest go yet some socks, and so we got this fact and store when we first into the store there? No one there, the Astor there was no one there, the Ladys in the back here so he takes a minute to come out and is likewise at least Do you know when nobody here whenever you, I am sure that he gets a slack? In fact nothing happens. So then that night at the gala. I do my carefully constructed material yeah Sinbad comes out. He goes what the because not another, he doesn't swearingin here. What's going on with these stores with socks and my holy shit and then he's like you'd go. The store and
They don't know one there, and then people are agreeing with my my wonder, exclaiming anything other than anything except though he destroyed and I didn't that's when I realized that, then I will is missing how much a staff, because I guess it. Firstly, thank your good and stuff oh, you are good, but I think that the fact is really. If, if you were to look at in another way that people are able to do in impersonation of you, that means you have defined style, whereas, like I guarantee you, there's not a lot of people that condition bad though you did just get one hour ass dry. The dirt is unrealistic. Indicates that, but now I think, like I don't know that much doubt, but I I think that would stand up a lot of people. It's hard for a person that creates material is usually a cab sensitive shy. Kind of person, at least in my experience. Yet whether you would I have not we
Where would with yourself idea? I was, I was crazy out of it. So and also very self conscious of living like an idiot, so I couldn't go on stage and run around a death. So when I see guys that can do it like when I see John, please via this brilliant Maya and then he can do everything can area there. That's amazing, and also of course, prior to the and on this it so Weird Zalm, exact same way. I have not think I've talked anybody on the show that has that same thing, where I am envious of a lot of comics that people would dismiss yeah only because it's really like well, how do they not feel like they be afraid they didn't? Look like a dick
why are you like issues? I've ever done anything physical? If I even think about it for a second I'm like an asshole, and they don't laugh like this region I was on found in so how did an impulse I saw you incurred was very funny, never done that came out of nowhere. I didn't second guess it's fuckin work, but if I would have said like for the Prime minister was sitting inducing cooked and maybe your embodying did Kurt right and in that I actually had the confidence of data. ass, ours on this point and I was like you, I'm envious of people that condemns the I use be frozen, onstage ray, I still don't take them out of the stand when you did so, you did comedy six month in Europe, the Montreal. What is it the canadian scene is so different, as I talked Russell peers recently and theirs is weird work at that if you're one of the guys up there you're gonna work in your I work for one guy, you're gonna work. It was a great place to start
as the first of all, there is no industry in Canada. has no movies or television is narrowly. In doesnt, there might be now, but when I was doing it, there was none, because it's horrible. If you stay there long enough and you don't leave that you will be given a television show of some kind, rye bread, a certain amount of ah they're off clad in everything about can Canada is the tax rate. well in terms of our time it yeah like all. Entertainers leave and most them no one ago Muslim are mad because they because they were ready, now, as in Canada, the idea behind the set but but are we didn't anyway? We didn't have a movies or tv to do here, and so we just did stand up and without that's all there was just one of which was fun. I just being stand out and gone around the country doing stand up, and then now when I got to allay, I suddenly eyes like holy fuck, you isn't was handsome
river. Enhanced economic order rose to be handsome Louis. You get one said that to me like a furious at some point, when I think, when J more first started doing com, they happened right when J more showed up on the scene, This is not meant to preserve J Morn anyway, you're Louie was aggravated cause he's like if it wasn't for their good lookin. I just wanna do Letterman before and fat and Paul. That is very true. Handsome I use a really have problems with handsome people live, friends. You know we outward bother me so much I watch rancid Ursa. I said factories at the funniest super handsome. people argue that who are your guidelines apply harder to so fuckin handsome? We have because people expect you to have you shit together, so I think that's hard to sell for handsome peoples live. My life is thought doves. I hear. How is that possible? Can fuck really is your life bad? You can count on your hair. Ass ought not to be a sympathetic character when you really attractive
as it is. When you started out over your guys like over the guys you hung out whether they still around is to keep in touch with them and Canada. There, like the guys that, were most people Canada's like it's same with every fuckin, goddamn city I go to. Airbus, like this is the first I can best comedy city and I sure, share an mri beyond the road where the fuck you are united in Dallas, I will man is the funniest guys ever waiting
and there's over. There is always everyone. Mythic guy are yet go fuck and canny that guy a funny guy ever but he's a harrowing radio. If he wakes up he's hilarious and then he would shambling on Saturday says about AIDS was, let me go. Let me see nobody. I guess he's funny of you know. That's all areas, the local here, oh that could never get out. Six men like you, went whenever there passed that, prime of whatever made them popular had small scene and they finally go. I could going to do it. I'm going to go to a labour ropey men is, I know, you'll be the guy that it wasn't really the guy I met the ruddy Dangerfield is out. Do you remember the book I think? Was the last laugh or something out Lenny? Yet there was a Second Erika recited rumours now Joe something there is. There is a Karen J, Ai Weiwei, s answer
join your answer, so I'm ready. I read. The book was like the Bible when the Wendy Bruce Biography by our gold. I go minor yet, and so answer was the funny guy right that never went on stay. That's right, a brilliant funny! Guy right now I begin I Madame Dangerfield you did Dangerfield came and its Aaron alive and joy. Frances limousine Joyance again, and then I waited of about two hours former say anything funny There was a gun or maybe just fucking God. Drugs for them is about, or maybe just took longer back then maybe it wasn't so that laugh efficiency is where I am Ebby also. He was stuck in that time. Maybe Lenny Bruce like if we were re here now, would not be very faint, but you know I think that book. I think, Goldman, probably exploitive. That because, like my mind behind every genius are some dude gaunt that Fucker stole my shit yeah You know and usually there's a reasonable. What, then, why don't you get on stage? I gotta do daddy, I shut up and also the odds, don't know shit. We're like you every time they do a fuckin article that come to you.
I'm sure that articles you and then, if you try to tell them, you like. What's the real story, yeah and they still fuckin right what they want like what they had already seen it and they take it I've contacts they ran away. They wanted a veto out of experience with a little bit like a people. I've there was a time when I was assigned either one hated him when they were doing up day there they headed five. There were sailor and finally you mean critics critics It was pretty raise its debts around their knowledge, and so they came and the guy had an agenda. Obviously- and but he was very unfair, like Sandler is very, very funny nobody's one. It was funny Farley and then he presented as if these guys roused you and stick and ever was looking away embarrass me. I'm gonna and I remember him laughing. it was very for us
crazy back in they made file and never forget, has uncovered New Yorker magazine and they had file your photos. You were hit a television on his head and I was gonna fly Farley's do in a big I get crazy physical thing with this big tv S head and then they put on the current said. Is comedy coveted dad, he responded, he wanted beat up the guy Laurent learns that are really can be carried out and get rid of it. the air, the reporter, but he was really that angry here he was so he was more angry because they are not for him, but because they attack Sandler. Actually he was very protective. Will that do screw you are. You are part of the crew that they seem tighter than most personnel crews like Farley Sandler, spade like it you guys seem like a real kind, rap pack of a computer
because we're except for Farley, we were all stand up so contrary to know how to effect an accurate and lie before us closer to, or now Chris Iraq, IRAN, Iraq was there to hear us in our ongoing hoddan. Had your character, women I saw. We knew how to directly talk into the camera. In writing. As the only good thing, we're, gonna and better The rest of it was was was real and so I wouldn't, I would plead with people not to put me in sketches. You know because some as I think it, a good idea and write, the sketch knew how to do it. But but I was so bad but aim as the the point is like before us. There was, this great cats, and even now is this great cast of actors right which prohibition, we were Sarah life does not yet have the matter very. During all acting should probably preclude stand up for the most part. But now you know, there's a there. They know how to talk to each other ass gently man's Baden Self by when the maiden
care about that. I can imagine that the cynicism approaching a sketch with you guys. No that's what we must do is red Span, the first half of the night, writing the sketch and sang and have an eye crumpling sang shadow, because this is another thing that I know is coming from stand up to. Because I was never at any desire to be anything other than a stand up everything else who just accidentally happen from the stand up But some for some reason in Hollywood they go guy gets gotta bill, Costumier, remember or some people has rice and stand a big well, he can he can be managed with building around you, do anything just that and obscurantism children throwing a living room, an experiment that word what was that Party Laurens thing? It was not the season worries like. What's he lets you stand up yes or no that seen in the right stuff words like you, I won't test pilots. I won't stand of comedian,
Indeed I did. What was a struggle like our often did you deal with Lorn around their stuff? while the greatly were learn as it do you. You could do anything, you want it. He would tell you what wise, like this Whenever you like, I will Buddha guy right, hath desire, it did ever make sense or Janata need always walk away on water flocked. Other villa then, like everyone's everyone to me, this is actually what we can update. They want me to do it and update with a lady mere like her to us and, as I have a slight shut on funding, I should like I'm like a lady in adieu. My would remain in front a local news, known always like. Were you be? He had some crazy you're like a regular, It makes us I didn't understand where his time like a because you'll be afraid of stern sheets.
ginger, you give her the I'll give her comedy. I shall give you the sex and as the dance it's fucking time. I rise. I got our fucking, the lady Le Frank and do so frightened was going to do. It was frank and me some I give them that's about it. So I could just stand up it. Well, as is funny like Steel Martin walked into the hosting near and learn to bear, Let's see what Steve links about and Steve Martha FUCK because no one stood with the lady in the precinct. but long experience demands completely many interests. Said and dragged into something. No part of that. Luckily, he forgot to set out of the blue goes up. because I did this award- show assembled broad and- arabic paired be up there and she fucked everything up.
What does this document then learn as all go to some support from an unexpected? You got that soya day. Yes, learn here to learn a bad experience with within it I shall get to run and so on. They update us that's fucking good moment, but I would have been in big trouble with the lady, but then later he did they did it with a lady in a dude because he gave us an all. Remember casinos, airline, like all of us and he's like remember, remember, Jan and Jane, and do and then- and I was I was shit like, I remember January ignorant slut right, but I also remember other s: a fuckin shit like he. a head on and pretend to be from the late. They played character yet, and I wasn't not interested, not because damask. Change, the two Dennis Miller were we do Joplin, did you so you, don't you not doing a parody of a fuckin did know what what
the reaction to you when you first took up uptake, I remember, and it was you definitely made your own because you're one, those guys you're sort of the estate, pushing here that you can only do what you do now, I cant do well. I can't the big Roma guess with me without data's, I'm not politically aware at all so like you, I can't be political rife in Canada. But it was interesting, though, because Europe Day and the way you do comedy their ears, I'd that line of like you you're almost like the thing that makes it so cutting and shocking. Is it so fuckin plain, he said that what bullshit I know, but it's a good thing, That was my plan. Have you know how to cut through the bull shit yeah? I thought because I don't like cleverness that much like I, I was again an example of that like sexual innuendo ran and sexual. Like you know me, I don't like that. My mother can giggle at some joke, unwilling, grace and then
consider nano. You know that means raise our falconer, fuck em out again, he asked me. I should like to say how can thing like I just version Why can't they just say you going to fucking in the ass and you get the same line or something cowardly about like locking it or send it right, no psychological ship. It must be some- dissociated yourself slightly from what you actually from the truth like the internet, like innuendo, protects you from seeing the reality enables you to laugh at it yet I have a. Why need a good god in these days? Why would you need anyone Leah nowadays the activity of shock that anyone thinks you could be shocked? Where are you I find that now the only thing this shocking, as when someone tells the fuckin truth narrowing, which has happened, that guy can't come back later update as Alexander. I said. The perfect joke would be if the punch and the set up were almost identical, I know if I think we ever get a job right out of the closet than we are
they d get one. Georgia was pretty close, not perfect, but it was lie. I love it is lie eleven ends and Julia Roberts are getting a divorce and you know people close to the couple say. The reason is because He'S- I love it is very closely and I set up the funds. I advocate that that was the grail. It had an average completely out of the window that Youtube thing that was gone arriving or is it? What were you at? What we're was that we did the old jokes at the rose. I have a rusty. What what was the? What was your agenda behind that I mean were you thinking because it like a very popular name, everyone thought it was so fucking. It was like they put a building. Genius. Probably wasn't no! No! No. I wasn't there wasn't genius, but I just want to know why you did it. the route. We re the railways and discuss it with a certain arrest for Bob sag right who is a friend of mine, and I don't have it.
I guess I don't like roasts yeah, but am I mean I I I should say that I guess I'd my regret. I dont really admire it's. A certain style, have to accept that these targets at it can you come and Roseman Sagoth like a really nice guy flag and make us come on computer? Why keep pushing it there sunlight was the night before and so this guy Sandy Gallon. Who is the pretty these roast, since our Joel Gallon, I don't know they're. My only did one in that was all I could take stock, and so he said I sent out, and I do so because just be shocking and so a luckily when he said shocking. I thought oh well. if do the opposite, unites us heard people. I got it, I know what the fuck is to get yeah like its Arab with great three
simple, it's not so you're sure your choice we just to be like I'm gonna. Do these old, beautiful jokes just around your act of all the bullshit arose. There was jokes that my dad it when I was a kid, my dad starting comedy he gave me a book is very touching. You give me a book of that. He had a joke you there are people at there, retirement Bernie really to help me get it. S very touching was closed like one, one- that one hundred and one joke anything. So so that's where I got the job in a lot of them are like so antiquated why I said the other guys, like you you're my driver,
because your head is under word, neck is under a silly and they re also where everyone was laughin there ass. I know there were four when I went you're standing up their first of all. You can hear how, when you said, you can't see the whole audience. You could just see those. Where did you do occurs when I did you mustn't two thousand fuckin people out of work in this Hilton ballroom. It was her rent or takes wherever here by because otherwise I get I could see was the angry eyes of alum thick referred to observe. Being angry areas, greater shocking do because I like it You know I was worried about that is that people forget that I was literally dives cry. Is the area where does like. I understand if you don't like it, I might not even like I don't know if I would even like Canada shit and I could go out self indulgent bullshit, but to actually fuckin think I'm like
serious in our yeah, I've gotta get what they people have to do. That I mean. Did you watch you, Charlie Sheen, one? Yes and very well body like it? I mean why, because like a lot of people are saying that that was just its no line whatsoever and Yet it is something other than just being funny and that it's gotten yoke I've just brutal and and painful to watch. Well I like isn't it, you know when we get interviews. Comics, like our people, our colleague, is there any line we can now. But there's lines, of course, is fuckin lines. Libya of yours. There were you again, but I remember their dying about William Shan arose already told me this that lawyers, partners. Fuckin wife had just drowned in a pool here three months earlier in and they had to get all the comments you gotta go. Look no jokes about his wife, drowning in an alibi fuck. How are we gonna do now? I'm not like you wanted even occur to you. Two fuckin do thou drink. I still wearing black ribbon in his clothing is torn loves for treason at the eye is
laboratories yeah he's great and he did it. I never saw gotta. Did the Russo good you here, as he didn't do all that would mean that line is interesting because it really personal line, a meme when you're comic, you know when you ve crossed the line. I mean That's really! The line is like. What can you? What can you get away with Why? Yes, the lines up to you right now as to whether you know when I was ass, an alley stir to read an update, you, Sir, to read newspaper articles and forget that their people, you know right and help me with this a private citizen? I never do joking here by a private citizen after them better. Someone had there been hit on the Brooklyn Bridge and the story, as funny, because their liver was over here and then their spinal column is over. Here we asked he asked across the bread right joke, the Jaguar he's recuperating and then in the hospital
fine, you know better subservient elements, Burma Anywise, then I got a phone call off alcoves real persons, render father founded on my mother. Their flag and husband, GAD torn apart on the Brooklyn Bridge than ever. I turn on the tv to get their mind. Offer thing you know: you understand, after that, even with politicians like this to human beings and yet barely yeah there's during the worst kind of fucking people in the world, all of em They will enable diagram glad to hear you say that, because everybody thinks you're left us Why me in the EU? I definitely land on the left side of things on your ideological terms, but I found that from doing political, talk. Radio just being
yo carrying water for any of em. You just gotta realise equality, a people you're dealing with your dealing with fucking corporate whores who are operated by business interests. So you really come down to However, you view politics. The question is: do you give a shit about poor people and and and are we being taken advantage of now, if but want to frame that, as you know, Obama's communists in training. As of our lie, we had well that's your pretty your delusion and in that's fine I mean by, but I just got disillusioned with all that, because these are not quality people I mean I did it. joke about Michel Bachman, I'm on real time. I say, then I was getting flag from this. Only a very small portion of the right, that they were like huge got: he's a massage innocent, like she's, a fucking pig she's, a fuckin politician how the union can you need me to politicians at command any respect whatsoever? Why do we resolve these people? These people are car salesman, their idiots there.
they're more disingenuous in anybody is performers and they basically figured out a way to bake in placate morons into your voting against serve their self interest That's an amazing skill, but is it respectable? I don't know. Do you respect a guy that sells you your horse, shit in the guise of a health supplement? I agree with you. I mean I think politicians are more terrible. Might I mean people tag. Evangelists wireless Evangel suffers something right body the day after the immediate relief of someone's, you no pain, an aggravation with another line, a bullshit but but none yes, I mean they're pretty evil to well. I mean with politics. It's like yea either. I don't want to get into it that much any of those negotiations. Nobody can say people not laugh now know anything their laughter, but you know, I know that you ve gotten into a little bit of flak around it, but you you're you're background or in politics,
What do you mean what you say PETE, you ve said things that people have reacted too, but you you're not like a political com, not political. I've said I've only said things on purpose to provoke people right once in a while, when I love you like doing that, once in awhile, I've never been, but I've never because I don't know enough because I M, because I don't respect political humor when it's nothing we're gossip yet most. We comics from people like us, you know people who were obvious. We first amendment warriors to a certain degree. We like living the way we want to live. That's really just gonna come down to two money. How do I keep my money? I mean that's the biggest political question that most Fridays as ourselves as I'd like to keep as much money as possible, and if that's if that's a minority opinion. How do we get this majority of poor people to get me to keep my money and believe that they're doing the right thing? Yet
fuckin thing, because if every apparently I read as if all the money in the world was equally divided among everybody, everybody did fuck it. Yet others like there's these moments relate I. Don't talk about measures are used within. There is right, there's moment three like there's a moment that I could I was on it. Fucking radio show the other day when this was An interesting came because it's about professionalism, yeah, I don't. I don't. Do political talk, radio, you, I've got my political views and and in their fairly general, I'm not trying to support any politician, but yet I have. the way I think about things, but there are politicians that represent the opposite of the. What I think. So on this talk show with a guy. It's ox affiliate, begging on their blood. My comedy and talk about my podcast Gaston be funny with his duties. A talk show hose he's a radio professional. He run an entertainment show for the most part, but he's been dying, talked ran Paul about the bridge situ
because I'm in Louisville Kentucky he's a fucking senator they got bridges fallen down and I been trying to get this guy on the show and the guy just calls in when I'm there. You know. like now? I've got like if I was doing political talk. Radio I mean it. Would have been like you know what the fuck are you thinking, you know you and your would return bullshit and we can pay for the like. I would have jumped in you and done that. But there is this moment where it's like I just on a segment with his radio professional. He was like ours. to talk to a guy knows how to be on radio revenue behind hold on the centre is on the phone. I gonna sit there and go. Do I do here here- would it be worth it to sabotage effort lefty after you? No credit put the credibility, and then I realized I do you know he's radio guy, you're comedian, you I'm a good conversation, he's trying to talk to the sky, but a local problem just shut the fuck up and and let him do his job and then, when you come back here, you know get back to what you were talking about and I chose to do
that's what I did walk out saying like you pussy you had such an opportunity. There has on politically incorrect a couple times, man are. You are. You have to have an opinion about every goddamn thing, Annetta, Sir, or you can just do your homework and write some jokes for those. I'm a red. The brake, like Skype, gotta, go now for the job I love her girl. I grew fuckin, but I'm very unlearned, and so were before but the show smacking manner, the video say. I had another area, so he said what do you think about China and Taiwan and seriously only. I only know those words enough says, like I don't know anything like any others. So anyway, then we get our agendas brisket, because Bill believes this. It was when we get out the fuckin there were in introducing the guy beside me, the smart guy. He wrote a book on China and Taiwan re sofa bill. Mary starts with me, as well as the China Taiwan,
I gotta figure. Has this guy. What do I mean? I call him comic. Well, I guess maybe laugh with actual everyone's opinions. Equal right. You know where I like a nightclub, calm again an expert and then I don't think I find myself unable to choose their community try to be very serious and then the serious gather trying to get Choky. I urge the aids- and I have not always are better, show you. How do I do I build up now? those great at what he does. I guy he's he's it. He started out straight up, joke dude and he knows it shit in its. pretty amazing on its way about him. I don't know if I should say yes or no. But I'm here he's probably aware of it He does his model and who knows what it does is monologue. He does a Johnny Carson, No yeah now definitely vehemently model whereof. I thinking, I think, he's that's when it's time for a long time have only takes the posture, but I find it very funny because you know he's got the posture in their time in everything and then she can.
When a space you know about it, you crazy word Carson would have loved to have done that. Perhaps they were so when you grew up, I mean why what was what what what? What was a story in terms easy? You dad gave you a joke, but but we guys you got along with your folks in everything I I when I was very young I was very, very, very shy and very afraid everything I mean people say there shy when their kids, but I was like the others of pathology, she still afraid everything I am I mean I'd, try, try hide it and deal with it, but on a day to day basis. I know I'm not afraid of everything, I'm afraid of very few things like what illness how to get how'd. You get peace of mind out of the other shit well when I was when I was very, I will visit. The weird thing happened to me when I was younger. I don't know if this means mother, I remember it, but it was a moment I had that was wasn't religious, sir.
A fanatic or anything, but I've had transformed me to some degree, as announced Ouse, fuckin, so afraid of everything. If I went to the store and have to walk around forever before I could even face of a person in the store to buy pack of gum. I don't know why the fuk I was like this But here s what has nine? There is a lot we lived in Rural Ontario, there's a blind friend of my dad's here that I had to heap said, take him to the store as I what the fuck like everything is fine and I'm already shy, and so on taken him to the store, and then the fucker wants me to explain everything you describe everything to her, So, unlike others, some grass over here and now there's a lamp post, and these guys are happier like about the lamp was amused, suddenly appear. So, because I know, but some thing here Benjamin during its south bizarre. but something happened to me, whereas actually, instead of ours looking inward, which I think I'd always done before that. One time
as an outward anyways while I was talking to him, I certainly had a sort of it Hysteria like I was laughing assert laughing at the, and I don't know why I'm remembering this, but I started laughing about everything. and everything seemed like a very funny to me, and then a couple weeks later I saw homeless guy and he was talking about. He was whose talk you start talking to me and he was talking to me. John D Rockefellers. I gotta Johnny Rockefeller funeral Alicia Ass laughing. We should then he's their latin and I was like it's a whole fuckin crazy, like someone came to me here where I started and do so now. I find anything funny accept like fuckin, real like I'm, no fear of nazi driver death and shit. right. So, but the other thing I but the problem with laughing is, I will get
Oh builder hysteria, sometimes that I have to crank a couple of benzene you had a panic, it's actually really yeah. I can give you lack yourself into an anxiety tat. Absolutely I start laughing. I get out of control like his hysterical it SAM. I still am. Extreme sensitivity to two things like. Oh, I can there. not too, nor not life things here. The two like literature I somewhere that I haven't credible sensitivity. I kind of have to stay away from her like what's an exam but like a painting or a fuckin paintings like I don't know anything about her, nothing at all really I have had fallen experiences that have been so hard on
like when I was in New York and I suddenly driving your Fuckin ART museum, which I hate our air ass. Look at this picture. This girl and I was like falling in love with her she's, a fuckin beautifulest fuckin guy, Fuckin picture here and there a guide some fuckin thing was written drawn the sixteenth century. Obviously, ladies, dead. Why did your? I am fallen in love with her here, and so am I gonna fuck. It was like so hard for someone who do so. I try Two sounds crazy. not really, I can be very sounds. I got to have very good painting. There has been like I you know, I mean I mean, cried and grab my dad's. You know, they're, like real life, stuff seem so pretty after me that had never really touches me see ever sensitivity towards why I mean that's what art supposed to do on some level. I guess for people like me that can react.
Their feelings are not there yet may well yeah I mean I get that with you. I can get there were television commercials, sometimes from not protecting myself. Oh you mean like where they really can manipulate. Will you jerk me round, but, like I remember, the result can be manipulated without and no I'm being manipulated ya. Like some movies, you just let it go like you have my girlfriends for Affright, afraid of something or need some help and my own, which is, as is crazy, I mean maybe friend. I can't remember because were relevant fantasy I guess I remember kid when I was in a great school We read all the ehler and the dog gets than that
gotta put the dog downright at another. Behind this kid, Jeff was just like company of sobbing uncontrollably as he read out loud, and they had to take him to the nurse because he could include together our God I gave so that certain called Stendhal Centre is. It is also a name for wilder. There is apparently there was this guy existing stendhal or something some sixty everybody had an art museum of Soviet out enough. It's anecdote, oh, but is an art museum where people command and now have nervous breakdowns from the view but that can go either way with you can be laughter or sadness. Yes, it's mostly laughter the Santos doesn't throw me into anxiety, the laughter. What's that feeling no idea. I get a joker you with friends or something and you just can't you can't get it out of your head, how funny it is and then you get anxious gives you can't stop. Laugh again. I guess it's. A guy laugh a lot like a book in great as a comic
yeah I'll, give it a try and never trust the people who don't laugh like I work done chosen. Shit sitcoms over the weather the third and last year is the head right area, a millionaire laughing at nothing at all math to him. Yes, man like high cures and like the but the best guys are the guys it are able to laugh and second? So what with So when you grow up what your folks do, well? My dear, were real. I real poor and staff, but later my daddy Haliae teachers of yellow, better money, we live like a rural with animals. Farm was dead farm. Here it was my father's fathers farm about by this point or become dead, but it was interesting, as everyone is old, where I lived except me and my brothers aside, I was with old men Alla time he liked them yeah, I like them. These still, like all people, love them I love several people,
like it helps you perspective. You know I'm in yeah yeah, like there's a fact that there is a thing like our countryside measure, but there's this myth about all God. Never forgot about the girl in his drink and last night when you meet all be heartbroken they charge you not. I don't care how you remember. I can't do that together. I should this morning everything's gonna they have incredible dismayed and then, as us negative you're only get that perspective instantly. Just pretend you're fuckin old man
and forget it instantly. What's so funny that so many young people dismiss all people as as burdens are you know and dies in the house, any more everybody's I went out to pasture somewhere and like I have to fight. Sometimes when I see really old people, I my media with the I get this visceral kind of, like God, they okay, so that they may die that they might I or that, like you know, like I'm gonna, be that, like you, I'm lucky, I get to be the guy that might make it across the street you. You know that that's a big pay off in like an idiot fuckin throws my mortality might in my head. I understand you have likewise. I mean I'm not saying I like, and firm people are being death, not right! No, and I what you mean but like if you like, when you talk to all people that they ve lived through things, there were perspective, wisdom from actually living life and like you, don't learn a lot from an old, Igor Phobic. We're not! I remember. What's his name around me, Dangerfield said a great thing to me:
I mean he was allocated to us. Airline romani show this picture. I have him every idea and I never met run here, so it can do so Tunisia refine? What is when we are backing, where I mean really glance at around he's gonna be interpreted. Monopoly did always do that. We would have to some have forced this person on up data. We would know how to do it. You have respect for him. I love you, I love run so give daddy. Was a great writer Harvard true intellectual dear. And he says I have we're gonna do Randy. And then so he had an idea were hour ago run you, ve, been in the business now fifty years, and as a guiding, as I got no respect, no respect an area into a couple. just like. I can't believe what about here. Certainly your children, have you speculate as what what what your bar hey I'm in here and it's my Barton gazing, earnestly doubly rhetoric. I look like me. I can't believe this, your own bar tender, so that was my
Thirdly, the right daddy fishes running over the phone arrows, here's, what like a target. But let me talk to Norm energy use out makers. Who is this fuckin gag? Does he know my old? There is no respect. Lugging colleagues are good things that I told out. He said yes, I grant. You just thinks. I'm a writer is a guy of paint. Five bucks, you re bears radically show and you had a real area of dress rehearsal here then the shoe says I went. the farmer to address seriously, as I can't run here, where'd you arrived. You dress, Rehearsal united, oh my fuckin jokes. I just got an Iranian like he does. It have to do fuck it should in areas where does it say. Katy Gazelle, waitin, analogous fuck it s. Your movies are shit. You know all you do is focused on a trailer weightiest fuckin tv is shit, dissolve shit and I guess you'll always remember this and he likes me the IRA, because staff, that man stand of the only thing, then there's like a two minute:
you stand up. Slackened. Shit is alone in a rumour them aside: egg, as it is the integrated the entire world The first is. The thing was the Josh Josh is with us here was: was an internet Sarah lie, so Yes, I have a better cruelties, announce in Madrid I should tell as to how this joke to me I'm going to tell his jerked everywhere. It's funny Maria and say adjust azeri tax. These regular bear he regards there's two guys and now I'm gonna wanna gas goes the other guy haven't you game, for you hide and seek I'll hide. You try to find me and if you find me I get to fuck, my ass could be behind the couch,
others regard a juggler, so vague, Delara, arrested over surfers, the gray asthma flagging Ronnie were still stuck in this real narrow. How I hear us those then, and there are curmudgeon and he's right, twitching moving around of rock and the idea that job just stumbles through the jug riding accent of yours. I tell you kid, I'm not much more jokes again, most for most of our jobs in the history of ever, we hire weakling about Rodney like more. I in I never really met him, but I was right in Niger Oviedo, but I mean I like, because I wasn't established comic. You really like. I work the door at the store and he came on wise. I used to see him around a bit, but, like we're broke, my heart was this weird: they did this roast of him. Like a tribute the Aspen Comedy festival there and they then they do.
Did they got on. It was like Paul Rodriguez. I think Zagat was Erin, there are three or four the guys- and I had this weird moment where I realise that yet he was sort of a market your character within his own generation comics, where he was so depressed. And miserable, truly rarely Ryan and in like I just have this moment. I rise. Oh, my god, he's like a lone wolf. Like he's, got like his p Here's aren't even like they couldn't get anyone else to fly in an chosen. I love that IRAN, Libya, the elder right where the deeds of his generation then start to realize you never see him on the roast or anything that he must have been this. This wound fucking, Wolf out there Just with his own misery. Nothing Karla both said. Was there that's? The best thing I ever heard it was you I had will bow in here an Rodney you're too. The liking Kennison younger, always sends best friend and I remember on these two call Kennison when this before he was on medication, is, I think, the last decade of his wife. He was medicated. I think he had some peace, but but
early like Kennison, been up for two days and yet was doing Kennison there. I just sit there and in Roddy, walked in it at all look a little Nero. here. I believe, like any just shine at all. It is a rare elegant, always amazed gash as not aeronauts admirable, but because I work with drugs. Will have ten, Some fuckin thing. I got scared immediately in a written this gang. What drug did you do it, and I am exaggerating, but anyone has very, very young. I got very frightened very quickly and but I'm always I wholly what with because all gassing orgies rice, the camera you you went through all those coke I think, you're gonna die and you're still doing themselves a man with him, yet he had a hell of a constitution dared to put him. But after that, whenever Sagoth owe me one day,
flag and remember when he had a heart attack on a brain, fuckin aneurysm at the same time or sub than he was in the hospital in death, and he just left the thing I would like whether the garriga so said he. Why did this? With two days earlier had been in this major operation? He said he said he saw. I to like hookers in her and running was waiting for IRAN, Jeremy to show those duties ever and he seventy sag its said, Rodney. How have you doing and is ready? How do I do it because I'm with The two horrors for a guy who can suck his own dig you doing what the fuck classic and one of the fucking Kai like when I think of like as everybody else. It asks you who the best comics our energy and, of course you might ask, goes to prior and those guys. But
the US forget about what you I remember when I was a kid I was written in my favorite joke section of the parade magazines come in the Sunday supplement and these that this last page wishes comedians jokes and I remember reading his and I still remember you know yet some of those jokes. What was like the one that I never for for some reason sticks out my miser guy get no respect. I woke up this morning. You I got out of bed, I put my hand the bathroom door. The knob, though off I think he I put on the false it the false it handles. Though up I gotta tell you I was afraid to go to the bathroom yeah. You know where it's gonna go, but regional and realizing that people actually wrote those chosen liking over a guy like that. Does the underground white think they like? he. Probably. I think that he had a young people. They give him joke. I may I read what it s like. You know these guys that famous then every job. Is attributed like gradual marks on the earth, and yet
It happens. All the time. Did you have that the aura yogi bearer like every regarding everyone ever says they deserves every, although it used to be something it bothered me about this idea that even the there's a blind side, even very intelligent people when they watching a steward or or bromar anybody on Tv Dennis Miller their liking. It's amazing always jokes. How does he right only colonel? He does it have gone further than you know any like you know, there are some party when the writer strike hit where I'm like. I felt like there now they're gonna cats added a hare. Who's gonna write their own jokes. Now I don't know what I am interested because rather ruins I think a lot of them can and I do not begrudge genuine have writers. Did. I think when you get to a level like coming you. Obviously, when you did a day, people wrote jokes for Europe, but if you're a guy, that's got that defined of boys I mean it's a gift and if people connection right for you than its great beautiful thing? It's We got easy to write for something like the earth and sit cows which I have no fuckin. I dont like them, but I
Were you on one? What will you do want three seasons right, get it runs was calling and norms. So it went down with your name on it. As you well know, I didn't I I don't know I've been as well. Are you? Are you not the only thing I said as well Seinfeld as a sick, I think I can act as a good sign you got it, and here the biggest has examined the world here and I go. I never thought I'd be. I can't I, but are you I surrender myself that doesn't it was better than me when I started writing sitcoms cause you when you come from stand where the fucking joke ass, to be good. I started writing. I rode on Roseanne and I'm. If I look at the sky like a holy fuck, it
a whole thing's gonna Bob. We have risen to reboot. The jokes were so vast shit because you know a stand up and say fuck and hard to get a joke together here and they're gonna idle work and then, of course it works as a ladder up the audio and they loved those characters and they love the carrier. And that's that That's also the day about people.
I can create a sick, I may create carriages. Never then you ve got rights very easy to write territories that are already. I think, sitcoms are all about the relationship between the characters. People gravitate towards the emotional dynamic of a non sombelene its net. Again, nothing do a joke. I don't got? U S, honeymooners again, no jokes at all, not just love! The couple of that agency are Carney and listen. You have it. I remember my shaggy care. We think up some fuckin situation. Thanks was be a situation kind. I fear and the situation you're coming up with his I'm Dayton, a girl, that's his fuckin. That's the unease situation I set out our member fuckin ridden like you could read a thing of the honeymooners and fuckin be smile. You ral, thinks he's. A millionaire isn't funny like like on France's leg. Jennifer think she might have feelings for man. That's what I think it's funny mother.
So, ok. So what happened? This word show that today that hate you pretty hard The agenda structure question insensitive, I heard it in Athens because I never expected says you. Don't you never know just but you know, but you can always go back to stand up and you're. That's my luck. We were out of that review. Did you stop for a while? I was there. I mean I did less of it, but I would ask you now: as especially to ensure that it lacks the assets good to go on the road and because you have can can complete control that thing you can be funded via on your terms and there you ever die by what, because it is a very odd experience to be saying to be being not funny in front of a crowd. that is laughing hard at your fuckin, not funny ship.
You know it's just sick. You feel holy fuck man, it's like you're in a fuckin nightmare, What is going on here, like a leaden fuckin that wasn't funny and they do wait till you stop talking. They laugh because their participants, these on the other doing their part do their part right. You know that's what I love about Serna alive is they could fucking things could bomb like really only Sarah alive and early Letterman. You could see people fuckin bar, oh yeah. I know and there's no other place on tv. Every other place. Everyone every joke were it's amazing moment, even when you watch all decathlete shows like, and that was a popular show and you're watching. If you watch him now, the audience almost does nothing to get a joke off any sorry you're, not because people didn't have the same expectations that they do now. These fuckin people who run that risk
on tv, maybe like the threat that yeah there's something about. You can be funny without there being a ridiculous, moronic joke every fuckin, thirty seconds you Brian it can accept people just being people for a minute sure, The harbour you wish taxes would- maybe you can do this, but the You know, Carson see the audience now never see the audience. Now you listen to ninety audiences. we have already there are touching the audience. I mean that was the first thing that I notice about J and I've never done a show and I got no beef with them. I just don't want to show all the studies out their touching people about what you're doing it is. It's a zoo, because Letterman Angeleno do that and really the guy who, where do we, doesn't touch him? What but I mean they're they're they're like he's leaving a theatre, it feels like a real thing. It is, but it's not completely safe. Like I'm late night, right, we're there up
a little pen likely old, Conan, you're wearing audience Europe there and there s the six feet up in their back there in a box and just talk about it now. I think probably the guy who would change did indeed, at the best was if Vulcan Arsenal he was, the real gather could again there. That's the only time this is being said in this country. Right now. Nobody you know. Leno is like so early afterward slapping people's hand. You know I'm in this I was the genius at doing the monologue that were I don't even remember jokes. I think you just do topics yeah. He was just talk. He was not anything, it's not about saving us a moment. the audience they audience imagine was so into the sell part of the show. You know. So now what would happen with this torture? Oh I don't know I was just there is uncommonly central and I watched it was funny and sports guy you're funny you wish That's nice man, it was, This was because
I don't know, I don't really give a fact, but it was really don't give a fuck Magyar fag about too much that other, I think I should like when I got tired and I still get a smartass, and I think thanks for not asking me about a while now I just but like a fire rationale, people still ass. We laugh don't you hit. The guy was now he was the hidden that's funny! I get it vanished and also there's so much politics involve net bullshit. I got actually a weird question. I don't love you can answer for me, but I'm obsessed with at night and discuss it with people that have been announced and obey, but you come into it specifically there before you got fired, there was a point there where you are now oh, she aiding and that you might not go back to the show correct. No, there was never point where you were sort of like me are not decide. whether or not you are going to renew your contract Melina, why we will not be they brought me in either. like I met with war, and I did the high junk. What are ya
jump you all the hoops really I was. I was the that you're the guy, but what I but like what I understood later, I just I didn't get it obviously, and I went nowhere regarding right, but I, like someone, came up to me a fucking writer who are members name, but he had written. He was like a. He was on the beat back then get members name, but like you know after I went through all that you, he came up to me and said yet they were just tryin to pressure norm, no, that's not true ogier, because I told you I don't learn on one point. I do it for ever as a lever like Walter Cronkite, as for much my address wagon, just due to have sixty five. I was here but no that couldn't have been out, but it could have been. It was probably there ready to to get rid of me because they are us pretended. It was done all Meyer, but I think, goes around. That's too just think it was in house. I think with everybody I wrote because there is a particular thing where we had a lot of autonomy and update
For this reason they tried to title Jane everything else added up annually and what also. We you Jason, was a business decision, I think well I think it was that we had a lot of autonomy and update which didn't make the other people feel very happens. Like the news to me Here we lay network, don't touch my dear european as labour, and we urge your daddy was me. A german Jim was very large vessel, like you know, rightfully respective of Jim an alleged zone, so anyway, I think the whole show is tired of not taking marching orders. Now Mavericks like learn without law, alarm hints at things like you were Gallagher. I don't know if you really deserve I'd, do Michael Jackson, justice and because I don't really know if you want Michael Jackson to you, wanna lawsuit by Michael J.
Adjusting passed as your that's cool, like a return of disaster has quoted, I gotta be fun, cruel, Michael Jackson, soon I'm in court rhythm and never get stuff to later than I am so he would say basically in in a slightly passiveaggressive way. Maybe you shouldn't do that word and I'm such a retard pass of aggression does not work and I need a gradual. What's at it in you, endo thing ever prom with you just say: I don't do thy seriously and I keep missing and I wish the guy or just go, don't do it. I wouldn't do buddy his as they say. just when I arrived at all areas. So are you working on some now as they stand ever been as ours like theirs. I was in the poker thing. Any more targeted thing now do I don't know fuckers illegal now, some measure its illegal the shadow on the site, so so,
You dont, with acting ethical ambling half year, gambling is, I don't know you know, I cannot let go my broke like the times when I actually had lots of money, gambling three tat gambling with gambling and I mean broke Dedbroke like go Adam. so what you guys yourself degenerate, gambler. Lotta degenerate as a negative, certainly compulsory and better what it was like. I'm not a psychiatrist, but I do know this when I will go back because this again as well is our seem to me, but I will say the three times I went broke for life money, I had a very freeing feeling I would go to the coffee shop and have a cough nothing. I allow a lot of me is trying to get the fuck as ascetic, as I can
Life go resources. Anything this is like. You would recommend. If you wrote a book on Zan, it would be like go out and make a bunch of stupid bet, lose everything and enjoy then, in the end of the day, but I'm not because it's a brain would be a piece of minor anywhere, because every every when I'm gonna buy a house for the first time ever hear, and it was like us whirling myself, into a fuckin miserly emerson of a sudden I'm when he had money. Fuck, like I don't wanna, be here here a bunch of stuff to have two fuckin, most guys, I've. Yes, I don't want to have a faggot footstool Cosette after clean in right now,
right. I feel the same way ass, what's exhausting because there is no end to you. You you become tethered to at me worry about it. You gotta house, it's like who's going to fix that light right. I got a call, a guy you, I got a higher guy to call the guy and I'm sure you know- and I know guys guys we're not rich, but we know rich guys the massive asses and and shed any go fuck. It seems like a nightmare. What do you want? I realize I just realized that two days ago I can I gotTA to Belgium House here and if you notice, when you went to p, that second bedroom just got a bed in my girlfriend shit in it all over the floor in and in the fact that there is nothing in their everyday. It's like a curse I want by that, like I don't know what to do with that room like like I'm worried. I think that my entire house, I got it. I found a little termite damage. It look like fifty years old and MIKE is there even would underneath is stuck hours or just sort of like brittle, for I don't know, what's anyways, are you adieu rent? No, I
when this fucking like place, I beg of you read, you could move that enough, worse records, but I didn't I bought yeah. I bought a house like about the single nobody told me to buy right, I bought needs, it was building nineteen twenty four in you like, but that's nice is it. I dont like before, is not insulated. It's a fucking oven in their when its hoddan when it's cold. If you like, and women in a fridge rater, I just had a rat die under my house for three days and that that's a kind of hers. Ireland, like the rats in under, did I know, there's a dead man there, but I don't want to fucking crawl under their get this dead thing. So, unlike all right it out, how long did it take for two completely decompose? I can live in this shitty smell and then get that then eventually I call my gardener and, unlike you know, a guy, they do not like. Oh my god for fifty boxy climbs under their opposes fucking right. without Num. Like you take sixty, I like on sport used in hours more were taken twenty minutes to do something, I'm too much of a push you to do it, but but I, but when I realized two days ago, if you mean Can twenty million a year to pay
a guy, a hundred thousand dollars to watch your cars, nothing. I sixty thousand dollars a year to cook every fuckin meal for you in and spoon feed it which they'll do for sixty thousand hours is meaningless. So I it's really about that its but I do have a mind that works like that. I want to be part. I want to do it all myself. The IRA Mexican guided the foregoing to my house sure, but I feel bad about a garrison water. Yet you know but buddy if you have enough money to did not give a shit. Just pay p, wipe your ass for you that you ve earned it? I guess there, your big pay up over. You got another you can live with that. now, that would be fine, for me was the biggest bet you ever made. One time them in the most I lost in one night. Work is three times. Alas, everything that I've ever had, how do you do that? I mean that morally, but I mean like how do you,
does it later we'll yeah I mean like you know you like you, make one more like what is the process of that? What's the evolution because it's the IRA to a psychiatrist said like us like ACT as MR gambling effect on other things. I owe you gamble to avoid life. I'm late, but my my meeting was way is no way to everything in life let us do painful. I do so. I said, but painful to think about better because it would be nice to have the money back you just lose it by. It's just like any escape. I yes, because I was never drugs or alcohol guy but like when I watch a game and have a bunch of money on it. Then I can understand. What's going on nothing's ambivalent think about it and if in their stakes their stags, you know
exactly the rules. We completely near completely escaped from your life of the Rio, the real, the real fear in I'd. I'd rather fear losing money and a football game, then ruminate I'll fuckin night about about my upcoming, show illness at their mercy. My biggest problem is ruminating about death. If I could get over that somehow Are you do that regularly? I tried I read fuckin books about it. We read that Backer birth denial death. Besides my finger,
yeah I have both have always books online and goodness knows what he's dead, the Beggar foundation as help me a little, the laudable that the idea, that is, the transparency that you agreed to feel part of something bigger than yourself there on your wife, and you can do with that. What you want- I mean it's better, if it's God and gambling, I think in some God is the best yeah. Someone that's what I'm trying to get to his God. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's get to God, piecemeal! So like You don't want me through losing everything Well, how you do you think I like em Incas, like you, you ve, got a house. You ve had a lot of money saved up any in in the night, so you make one bed and then you realize you're you're about to seven do make phone calls to people saying like I just need a little more. I mean well, You know you kind of at the end of it. You know what's happening
I guess it's like. I've never had subsidies problems, but I guess it's like people that no they're gonna head bottom and kind of wanted, because does get it is it gets exhausting yet to be obsessed with right, so You are, I guess, I M trying to do it, trying to finish it right. Fine, right here. If you have four hundred fifty thousand in the back yard circular, and then you lose one thousand your fuck it fuck about fifty thousand. Remind me. I don't want a minor reminded one letter. So what are you doing? Less aid needed at three times three as I live in and how long have you been off it after five years
you're trying to get tat some spirituality, nearly I'm trying to, because all I, the only real joy I get other. I love watching company but add anything deep That is real lot of literature and stuff. I'm not I'm not educated, like I never had any schooling MA and I don't read nonfiction much by relapse, literature and, like who Tolstoy, oh yeah Faulkner, but the faith keeps coming up in these matters. Others are smart, I mean you know like outlay priors slackened, most deep profound. Forget her. They ever my little perspective now son read books of holy FUCK this. Guy knows everything later. Austria is a fine one word in one sentence, but then, as lay at, why are all these guys? It all comes down to faith. You know it seems to everything
great. Now I read, it seems, like faith is the only salvation yeah so but how do I get it? We're here, I don't know how to just suddenly believe surrender the out of it. Don't do that. I'm not I'm too too stupid her, proud or pretend I'm smarter and horror phrase very afraid to cigarettes. Dare to surrender. it's. It's like this equation that your brain has to do where you realize that you have very little control over anything. that that moment, where you realize, like you know just about all of it, is out of control and There's only two things you can do in that moment, which is either I'm fucked or its okay and how you support. It's ok is with some kind of thing. I guess I guess I've come to a long time ago that I have no control over, but I am I've been struggling with faith
others throw myself into religion, sometimes with it. I was with that is then you get into churches and staff, and then you get into men and stuff I dine on him in an enemy It's it's very easy to follow the trap of going like religions, bad Ermengarde, gods, bad, because this fuckin priest factor. We ass, retard deriving by them, a God bad riding, fuck, insensitive means of people. That representative here quite honourable, so you know So then, if you going to any church, obviously it's led by fallible man and you can't believe in them. So you got a kind of come. You know come to it yourself somehow, but I really don't have the answer of how Do that or anything where, yet with it now, The only thing I've ever explored, as is Christianity, and that kind of lighter. but it's just extremely hard to to keep believing it's really fuck her.
Yes, it's the hardest, I believe- and I think I'm not deep enough at another sure. I think that you have just by nature the fact that you're a comedian in that part of the way you understand things it by cutting through bull shit. You know with oaks, eminent especially you I mean you cut through bullshit, I mean you know you call bullshit on just about anything very concisely and invite be funny way that one you're sitting here trying to sort of like you stay in a place of faith. Indeed it is the ability of the sort of the Jesus saying in that year. The in whatever your choosing to hang that faith on there's gonna be party you that thinks, like that's bullshit
especially when it specifically, then I don't wanna, be a fuckin idiot. There goes like yours already be people there, like I'm spiritual, you like what you like. I have my own thing. Are you? Well, you work a burger king, you figure of fuckin, hopefully by yourself here whether they ve got their own thing that enables them to work a burger king with a hanging themselves. That's a pretty, carefully, I don't wanna undergoes. Certainly if I'm not going to accept Christianity, another except some fuckin said Junior, all girls fucking idea, maybe she just get a job, a burger king, maybe the humility of that war, will yet a little white dislike cause. It's exactly the same feeling Thank you probably had when, when he had to deal with the black guy that Universal then go outside of you. There's there's bigger struggles. But her had by many people and eight they seem to survive. I have actually about working with blindly, because it because I look back on that time and it will
It was the first time you really look outside yourself. It's pretty incredible the things that you observe. Even as a writer or anything, I think would be incredibly import more think. That's important for, like a spiritual thing, too, is did not think about your son. First yeah, I think most spiritual people eagerly, we re at, but I think a lot of people go. That's the way to find is to look inside yourself, but I think you're right. I think it's not it's too look outside rates. If it's a try to get past your ego Yad, to get that being hammered down to two, almost nothing to where you do. You actually think about the better of somebody else over years off and never really ferko whenever it right that's very contrary to like there's this other home movement. Now the positive thinking people- the do throw that's which man everything's ok don't be negative outcome can't deal with that shit, but you but you can see in acting or in committee that works. I know
why the version the Gaza Cool ever is very good, that it is a pity. I that's like its horrendous, but is it really I mean just because you're denying your flaws and in everything awesome you can sort of fake it too. You make it her there's a lot of slogans, act as if, whatever it is, but but still striking, and they say that eventually this will just kick in earnest, and one day, you're like it's not taken in top and you guys misled mean fuck, all you. The truth is its dark and horrible and we die alone fuck, you, the other, the as the what is called if we act as if act as if I am not sure but I guess it here, but all these books and all these things you know the Bower cancer- has read the book, having read anything cancers egg. Whenever someone like you, people start talking about organs. African check out I can handle a dark she at noon. I can fulfil my head with stuff when people start saying like I,
kidney failure. My colleague, that's why those lacking The scares me results to mirror the Cronan Burg movies how's, the insight ass. I was, I allowed our thinking about the fly Rita. I you, like, that moment words like Greece, climbing up the law and is pretty weird like, oh god, and then when he breaks up, partners a giant, finds item. Can we turn this? round, Samantha my act when I do my idea had ever think of a flag and ending here just to wriggle out of me to those on ragging. Guess it's weird! You done! That's gonna, be ok with what happened here every week. I do you do that they re like it's like. Ok, I've done in our fifteen, and I don't know they do you know how it structured really matters.
like I don't know about ass, they lose the matter with him. One guide you do know came in. I really. I am glad you are menaces us, and this is so sorry so high that Soku it is that's cool! You got this thing, that's you brown and you don't have to listen to No one can really tell me what to do except bad mark. I try to Bob causes and It has been a sports fair, but now I'm very sorry Nobody has baseball, is flagging, baseball guys know over the possession of firearms. He said. Ah fuck, you guys are not as easy as I got. People may hear these producers. Tell me, am I you do like he calls me despite even he's got fucking guys like they say. This really here says be worse in his ears in his exile as nonsense. Shit now, sir, it's nice that you have a place where a guy doesn't go. Ask him,
no it's. It's I'm very grateful that is working out. My love doing it, but I do have a guy within me. That says I go and they are issues gonna drafted, how lucky but the third, but something is gonna. Gunnar Burma to be with their love. You I love you. Do it.
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