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Peter Fonda from 2018

2019-08-17 | 🔗

From Episode 930, Marc's conversation with actor Peter Fonda about childhood trauma, Easy Rider, and talking George Harrison down from a bad trip. Peter passed away on August 16, 2019.

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so nice to see you thanks for comin yes my pleasure i think this is my first podcast is that the first about that alright doesn't feel that unusual doesn't i think i miss you little cooler yeah i met you once well you know i remember what it was you'll never remember but i remember back in san francisco i don't know what you are plugging but it was a radio show alex bennett show in the morning alive radio show i expecting remember but you had a nice leather jacket on i remember complementing the weather check i don't know but when it would have been it probably would have been in the early 90s yeah i could have been it could have been like six maybe only seven i don't know ninety seven when i was promoting newly skull yeah man as if that was a big girl those are big thing that was like
back and you know what i never left i know i know that they love to say he's back yeah well i did you know i was living on my own sailboat was eighty two foot by twenty foot of beam yeah for so many years sailing around the pacific really oh yeah and don't you know everybody said oh he just don't out of his head out there saying around and you don't pull over and park at night that's right see you it's still early yet we had to grab now we have gps system every grab the section i'm celestial navigator oh yeah go ahead make the shot on the movie back in the boat gabby fell gabby is done by me but i mean it would seem that being out on the ocean is enough i mean why would you need to be high on top of that oh yeah that's the trip yet when did you start doing that while i began sailing a little boat when i was eleven oh so it was in the family it was something he always did yeah my dad
was in the navy here so i had this little it was called a catboat it had marconi rig which is you know it doesn't have the gaff yeah and it was like fourteen feet long thirteen one slash two feet long yeah and this was off the north shore of long island place called lloyd neck and i'd say loud there and you really learned how to get as close as you could on the wind with a very difficult boat right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it made miss it's just way up for it so you get a sense yeah you learn a lot about making way and not been get very close to the wind yeah so that's start there and then he loved it i loved it selfish here and then we went over to the medical and my father had it shipped over only problem was the french people wanted me to put a french flag on it because it was a nightmare
this is a buddy selfish you know it's like a surf board with the sale what do you mean indian flag on it is that a problem was it an international incident no i mean i just ignored them did you lived over there for awhile with your family yeah my father my second step mother and my how many jane fifty five stepmother is no forty three uh this for maine but he was married five times yeah and you know you and jane in the second step mother were in the mediterranean in france the second step mother yeah it was in france it was in france it was cut from which i mean picasso had so healthy head oh yeah and there was a swedish a sum school there yeah well he's swedish kids sure including car logo duffy was now king and sweet now that he was there he was the kid and you were going to school there i was no he was i was just
figure out how to steam i keep my head above water in this god family yeah but we would invite the kids down to the villa where we yeah my dad would be gone with my second step mothers and that was very good yeah is good when was gone these kids you swedish summer school over there and couple good looking gals and i'll get the stuff yeah you must have gained fifty yeah i the seventeen yeah and at one point there's this image coming the hedge greta garbo really now gustav is not you know yeah probably still has no idea yet this is great yeah she's got a baby capital idea in a big chair cloth robe yeah and she walked straight over said i'm going to go swimming now i said yes it's
you're perfectly fine and she just took off the york october totally absolutely by that time when she talked to me yeah ghost i've realized it was greta garbo yeah yeah wow jaw drop and she got in did fifty laps cut out put her back then went back she was from john gilberts avila nokia all it was amazing stuff happened and that guy something that could talk about in a good way yeah there was a lot of real bad shift was coined in terms of your family oh yeah yeah but what was it the old man was just an abusive dude i know not really his i think extraordinarily shy and he had a difficult time expressing love oh yeah in the sense that he did he became uncomfortable when he felt that he to put on some demand he had to respond here to some demand that wasn't really what was happening yeah but
regardless of how tough things were different times i'll tell you what i grew up the first eight years of my life yeah i knew nothing about race or color yeah i had no idea sure first african american high saw was nat king cole i saw the first black man i seen at your house at my so we had twelve acres out on tiger tail just went in but up in the hills yeah and that's it would come up here yeah one of them was this guy never seen him before i never seen a black man before he thought remarkable looking guy and then he smiled and he was just around with everybody else sure he was a guest yeah but he said down at the piano and began to play this beautiful i had to take piano lessons there looking at
so left handed not looking at eighty eight keys of right handed it's yeah but this guys he's doing he's smiling at me his smile is just yeah splosion of riot ethan whitening and i was staring at him and he said do you play i said well they make me take lessons yeah he got very is it you know never look at playing an instrument like some is making you play it have you got to think you want to play it as it will serve i'm very left headed there's a yankees right at him as he looked at me he said watch this it crosses hand over the place cow cow boogie and then he taught me how to play cow cow boogie woogie various when teaching teaching that raises the runners down in here the ports on the left hand yeah yeah right after the whole thing is on the left leg is such a fool and i only know him it was boogie woogie and not marriage adults and old you know it's a little yeah yeah right yeah great lesson to learn well
to tell him a little bit later that the first piano recital i had to do the song i was playing was ladybug ladybug yeah and so as i was playing it i wasn't singing yeah but i was thinking that ladybug ladybug fly away home her house is on fire your children were burnt wo that's terrible and in a sheer terror iran from the stage this little recycle united five years older so you're mine but yeah second of like she rock a bye baby in the tree tops yeah yeah when the wind blows a trailer yeah the kids going to win the race will falling out and you will i know what i don't like this idea folly right i have to have a you have man why don't i'm glad to know that your dad was shot because i got a i don't know the whole history of of your family go like there's that i'm what
okay movie was that he did with charles bronson the one at the end we stick the harmonic in his mouth i can't remember but it was like he had this look in his eye he was the heavy your old man right his name was frank yeah yeah just terrifying and i'm like i mean i hope that's not what they had to grow up with no but you saw well yeah i remember you know there were lots of famous people that were around all the time jimmy stewart causes dear friend and had been for such a long time john wayne yeah ward bond call scott somebody some good people in westerns another time one more i remember coming down for breakfast and there was ward bond and john wayne yeah hanging out and we're having practice we all get in the had a cadillac a4 four door cadillac convertible yeah
cream colored car with red leather seats yeah years later i reminded him of his my god you remember that it oh yeah i remember this and removed and they were finish in a film called fort apache oh yeah which was john ford film and it was four which version of customers step yeah yeah and my dad was custer but he was called colonel thursday and uh so when people say when i was like what was it like growing up with your father i said she ever see fort apache curl thursday that's what it was like because he plays is ramrod terrable person is he deserves get killed in yeah man i can't like plus you know what yeah that one lesson no bigotry no racism i didn't know yeah i had no idea sure so you so yeah there was somebody very different in that right but a person sure
yeah so you didn't learn it in other words into hate right so being as sort of insulated in a kind of hollywood world you weren't given any hate never got it yeah you know and we weren't that insulated and it away we would see different people come in they were all people may have to maine pedro the gardner sure he spoke different language when i tried to learn to talk with him but he could speak english too i had no idea that he mexican it's just smoke differently we all look alike yeah yeah it's good when your kid and you can hold on to that mind you know i mean we had a japanese made and we hit her during the war so she didn't have to go to detention cap oh yeah so of course i didn't know anything about that from i was one one slash two when really toward when my dad went to war i was three years old and then he was in the pacific as a sailor yeah he's already an actor right
oh yeah i have been inaccurate was very successfully had twelve acres of land up in it with him brent yeah he's been around a long time right did we say at most during the war they were called victory gardens everybody was encouraged to grow some food from themselves right we had a truck farm it was every vegetable you can imagine my dad made all the dirt through composting yeah i thought his job but i had no idea what he was doing yeah i thought his job was making the best during the greater ellie area and it was really good dirk as we had great veggies right right yeah so like do you live here you have a house here wait i have i'm i'm out call another building assignment at westside i looked and see the back of the getty villa oh yeah in and out and see the ocean in the palisades i think it'll castle in mario that's nice so you don't have a place in montana anymore no no i decided you know what i say is i don't want to
the mountains anymore right i don't want to see snow i don't want to try to blow snow out of uh quarter mile long drift it's ten feet high in the centre not more that i don't want to see the wind bringing dust in the logs of my house yeah i don't i don't want to wet a fly in the yellowstone river it i don't want it however if there's film in the camera in money the bank what time do you want me there right now flight very practical about that part so and he grew up here though like at what point because i've talked to guys like 'cause you talk about your dad's friends but you know you had a whole crew two from the late 60s in the 70s that were equally is you know kind of imp and in the big spectrum of is this a movie oh yeah and counter culture and a lot of those is there going away to now yeah something about getting older you lose more friends but i know it's so sad right
in a way i know it's coming yeah he right we all know it's common people say to me all and how are you today yeah i'm alive yeah and they think i'm being cynical right right now all the alternatives sucks yeah i'm on the right side of the graph yeah on although it's inevitable here at this moment unacceptable right so we keep trucking that's right there they are so if the drive by hits me and i'm out it's been a hell of a ride man right he has been right you that but they did it like i try i try to get a sense of what what what what teaching about how he went about show business is that you know when your dad was around it was it did you just to like what three four studios and then when you like started coming up it wasn't it's bigger just a new generation of people but it was still a small town kind of thing what it was and it must have been like it like everyone i feel like there was a real community and everyone kind of knew each other everyone who lives up in the 60s in the late 60s like you must have felt that
like when things started to shift 'cause you did a couple of straight up what were your first movies tammy and the doctor yeah yeah then the pictures of war is hell movie yeah but it was like straight up studio movies yeah universal in colombia right and then i mean so you were just at that pivotal point where she had started to break apart right you felt though and we should actually started breaking apart when i was six years old but we don't want to get into it sure we can get into it or you don't want it i promise you in two before i found that the name of what was fucking me up yeah what post dramatic stress disorder we had no name to why i was so up really what's track to like from what it starts
it starts when i was showing out of a barn window and fell eighteen feet to the ground hard packed ground on my chin and broke my neck i didn't know i'd broken broken until eighty five when it broke it the second time really yeah the older boys who were jealous is henry fonda son i mean that's how i was described i had no idea who he was so that was hard identity to live up to whatever you never sense of how big he was or what you know he didn't really yeah i knew that he made movies and i just didn't know how that worked he never talked about it they never talked about his job yeah uh we knew that he had friends they're all making movies but we weren't sure what movies we have to remember until do from forty basically i was born then that worst years of my life there was war yeah right
ration and all that yeah so we had only a couple of friends that we could visit with right there leland hayward three children she very good sullivan who is my dad's first wife this gets really weren't very and i have three kids and so they were like our best friends we were either at their house or they were at our house he stayed friends with her all that time yeah and leland had been his agent leland sold his agents list to lew wasserman and jill stein at mca when they came out from chicago yeah and that was a bunch of incredible factors for watching was an agent before he was the head of his music but it was uh music audition stuff yeah they decided where they wanted to be was in los angeles and he wanted to make movies you know i'm glad they did yeah so those are your peers those are the people that were hanging around and then
and then they three out of a barn well and i was sent away to school yeah i was austin powers and i was born big boy and i was in new york for eight one slash two weeks yeah there was nothing wrong with me yeah we have ten pound baby boy yeah but my father when he heard about it was hooping and hollering around the set of whatever movie was making and i probably would know about it i'd just prefer not to know what to say but i've got a full back for his son right when i was ten years old i was almost ten pounds still so i flunk that one right how did kate snowball back now they wanted me to become more of a man how much it was six catches let me basically no impact me off to this boarding school thank you can you nineteen forty six and yeah not too far from home for me it was like the others
world well you're living in new york then no you know no i was living here but it was still and and we we lived in this beautiful no all top area a lot of sun feels area there's enough veggies as i've told you and just great too this little school up into pangarap which is really weird to me was wondering why are we living like this through the floor was like the outward bound kind of thing was it supposed to toughen you up it was that kind of well that's where they send it to tell me but it was just a school where they are people in the industry are famous people drop their kids oh yeah that's where you got hurt yeah and that's very attractive post traumatic stress too that's the beginning it was compounded later that very year forty six was a hell of a bad year for this boy yeah any
let me just say that i i flew back e with my mother yeah and i thought i was going to go to a hotel i've never been in hotel at school and i look at this taxi cab be far out you know oh no right what do i know and later i would find there are people in hotels are come out and get your bags but my mom had her little case and i had my little you know small case in a teddy bear yeah and i won a while you know this call is rick is as far out right walked up the stairs and then flatten it more stares into this this the lobby right it was just all these incredible floors remember my mother said to my kids as i'm telling the story i can actually see her yeah in the black dress black hat and a white mesh veil it was just kind of the the thing that andrea
as you said you see right here someone will come and get you and i watched you go click click click her heels i can hear them hitting the floor as you walked away and i didn't know i see some measure yeah well i don't mind waiting my teddy bear hotel and so we finally came along right this way i got it elevator i've been in elevators before sure there we took me into my hotel room which was a funny green paint on it not bad with his metal table that swung over the bed a member of the table when i lost my tonsils i was three years old when i took my tongue so far you know you're in the hospital i thought i remember this kind of bed why we there because with those skinny they thought that i had a tapeworm
so all you have to do is to put two and two together figure how are they going to figure out if i have it sure where are they going to go looking to go digging around where yeah in your after you go and so i was mechanically raped when i was six years old and john hopkins hospital fortunately those guys are all dead now otherwise i would be a known murderer going to go and shift those those pitches i tell you that we strike too well yeah they didn't give me a shot of anything i'd remember i see i'm into the details which really dressed my family nuts he held on to all this i don't want to do it i just it's just there yeah i mean i wish i weren't holding on to it yeah so it was two thousand four i figured out hello no i was actually a psychiatrist said don't you know what's going on i said no i really don't know what's going on i'm really fuckedup and she said is what it is
these things happen to your mother died when you were ten you probably went on and on how she did know you can't that's big yeah she died of suicide but i didn't know it then i wouldn't find out about that until i was fifteen the first time then twenty where she died and then twenty five how she died so every bit every time i was being slammed again yeah yeah there is no word yeah she died in her name was never mentioned again in the house right yo man just shut it out yeah yeah and so that messed up a lot of shift in my life and then other things you know either i'm very fortune to be here i've got so many bullets yeah what i was much i have my 11th birthday in january ninth one thousand nine hundred and fifty one right i was a sunday and i was going trap shooting with two other young
or is my age tony avery and read armstrong and was on the kresky estate in new york so from greenwich ct or did the craziest dayton read armstrong it brought this little pistol with the middle twenty five caliber single shot but yeah and so we wanted to shoot it and i did i didn't understand the pistol thing i understand rifles and shotguns so i put the shell in and you're supposed to click the opening to eject last descent cards here and then you put the new one that's cocking the gun so instead of doing it smoothly but keep in the hand of the barrel in hand on the handle the pistol grip yeah i just slapped it barrel to go yeah it did spider my hands and blew off right into blew off the tip of my liver the top of my stomach and centered punched my left kidney jesus man so basically died three times on that operating table lost two
slide my heart stopped afuk and it's a wonder timing yeah and met the doctor later when i was twenty one i went up and drove up to see him as was charles clarke suite yeah and doctor sweet had told me that they saw this blood and they didn't understand about the tip of my liver being blown off and they just thought maybe my aorta abdominal aorta was hit or my heart because in the when they were looking through to try to trace the right bullet was stuck on and the end of my skin i'm back he had to be cut out it was just lying flat on it and as they were trying to trace the shot the heart there
it was the heart and they have down my order kept coming in because the hearts of 'em up it's a muscle that pumps yeah contracts he asked jackson so the bullet hit my rib cage is told to me i mean i didn't know right clark sweet told me it hit my rib cage and started tumbling so the heart was just that part of the ventricle it was controlling contracting here bringing everything lifting the aorta in the boat went flipping by that's called timing when does that really play yet that play pretty heavy yeah right but here's the here so i get out right now sixty five david crosby call me images come on we're going to oversee the beatles error upon benedict canyon right now is it cool yeah man
do you want me to bring anything he's not on bringing it not know dominated a stability right so i did i drove up i haven't had any jag i thought well come in that british racing green with your car pulled in i need the password i mean the hills are alive with the kids at best pretty frightening but we took acid so you go to crosby's house and you take gas and then we go to the house to be does it read it oh wow how long were they here i'm only try track in the day after okay i'm putting that that day or two yeah yeah thank you know there's a we go there and do that it's announce it really take acid yeah all the good the good g ousley no i was not much better than that however it absolutely straight out of center where send us so yeah really good the pharmaceuticals adds a little that was crosby's he had that yeah he got it for got it i just
yeah yeah and you know that's still dropper yeah yeah search shirt yeah you could actually put it in the palm of your hand away forty five minutes and he'll blast off yeah anyway we've all done this deed can everybody sitting at this big let's say they should be doing that yeah but this kind of a judgment i'm not going to call yeah finally because we came and found me yeah for some reason he should find you gotta go talk to george nothing so it wasn't well he thinks he's dying i said or cause that's what this drug is all about you know and your brains trying to stop the effect right but actually it's you're cutting loose and you're going to go out of freewheeling yeah tour of your brain handle it and then let so it sound to georgia georgia city with john at his table and and outside area we are disregarding the screaming kids i said we've got to prove that we're here and there not right
but they were killing people schedule was the oldest guy there right that's why i'm sent on this journey of goldman's in our with george so take care of georgie flipping out he's flipping and i went down i said george you know when you take this drug what happens is it's all cutting loose in your brain doesn't want that so your brain is hanging on and telling you i'm dying to can you stop yeah but don't do that just take brass just relax like george i know what it's like to be dead here yeah i've got my heart is stopped here three times so lost too much blood and i'll tell you it's just really cool there's nothing i know there's no light there's no tunnel and there's no people just nothing's really nice and i'm here to tell you about it so just let it go because i know what it's like to be dead right you know i mean when i was a boy in my i think we're
really all right yeah but you know everything was right but this was a mistake it was an accident yeah alright now we thought i'd tried to commit suicide george i hadn't it was a stupid stupid exit for little boy meaning was i was just oh boy but in everything was alright but an lennon looked at me he said what the fuck you who put all that shit in your head you know i know what it's like to be dead you make i feel like i've never been born i looked in that far out yeah let it go and the next year outcomes revolver with she said i know what it's like to you got it was like to be said and you're making me feel like i never when i the boy everything was right so it'd be part of it aw man man you landed right but the way i mean yeah that's pretty amazing but you also directed easywriter so well i know
i hired hopper to directly and that part that i hired him is what really pissed him off you should have hired me but you wrote it right yeah yeah yeah so like you dennis did some very clever stuff in there he did all the stuff with jack talking venusians shirt and all that basically the rest of it was so i could live but if you six thousand five hundred and sixty five you're doing the sandoz acid so you know that's before the ship blows open down here it's before it's before the what six thousand eight hundred and sixty nine where everybody's doing it right you're ahead of the curve oh yeah we do work that we deal with leary ortisei or any of those guys knew keziah nullary but i really wasn't on the same wave like i was closer to key easy than it was to live yeah in terms of sort of like get out in it not don't hold up yeah it out in the get out and do it yeah right yeah don't closet anything yeah yeah yeah i was all for that one
had learned that i want to do this as a job that means acting vacuum acid no no as a child i guess it was a trip for me to get there it wasn't just because my dad was in it at all right sure he never said one word to me about that or right yeah it was my discovery that all i really like this in terms of wrangling what was going on in the culture in him and sort of like i i i i have to assume that you didn't realize that that easy rider is going to blow up like it did right no i just knew that i was going to make money with because it wouldn't cost me a lot to make that that was and i thought that the tail was really commercial visually impartial yeah oh yeah sure yeah tyrod story well yeah i mean so i was in toronto on and i is a promoting the film that nicholson had written called the trip that carmen direct it was about taking lsd dealing with press
so i have a custom made for a double breasted suit yeah custom shirt hermes tie really looking fine no shoes and no socks so i sit in a room and its share there's lights people come into the room where the talk to me yeah our take me for radio whatever it is right the first thing they come in the room i just decked out till lines here and she said well they see the bare feet and that stops it and they lose their interview my interview i can say that the book i want to promote the film and then next that was the trick yeah because they couldn't handle that image whi does it have any shoes or socks it overtakes their minds right yeah yeah so the first day i was there there was a lunch with one thousand two hundred people maybe a bit more
all distributors and exhibitors yeah in canada and i was there with it at the a i p table which was not what it was and up there was a big under table with all the vips on it and then a dyas we have been talking and i'm going to check everything out people looking at my feet of course maya and this little short guy comes up and gets on the mic and he's he's uh lbj's guy in the motion picture he was the head of the motion picture association of america jack valenti he was then back then just just begin ok he was introducing himself oh yeah ok he says you know i'm the guy the guy and look and out at me on the floor is as it's time we
stop making movies about this is sounding like evangelical making movies about motorcycles sex and drugs and more movies like doctor dolittle which cost twenty seven million dollars and he started this little launch by saying my friends and you are my friends he said it twice why i don't know i'm there may be a second time maybe they didn't think we heard him as that's my tour i go back to my motel which was called the lake shore motel at that time real city joint i said so no more sex drugs and motorcycles for output that guy that's why now i have a job which is signing these black and white eight by 10s and we didn't posted so everything had a little piece of paper this guy on sixteen theaters he's got two daughters and now i would say whoever to ever and best wishes or whoever piece right peter fonda and then came one of these eight by 10s come
comes up in i'm looking at it and i know what the picture is in that eight by ten form yeah in the middle as maybe two inches of fully silhouetted motorcycle with two guys on it let's see who they are because the sun's bouncing all we're doing is writing it meatpacking bruce dern and running along the smit trail in venice beach it's a trick it looks like we're riding on sand but i've looked at that and i thought who in marketing pulled this is a subject for me because i'm from you know dear betty best wishes peter fonda where the hell is he what movie was it from it was from wild angels oh wow yeah i looked at it and they go that's it it's not a movie about a hundred hells angels on als angels funeral it's two guys riding across john ford's w yeah
my address to guide the coin e yeah they're going east where are they going to start your journey to the e as a little hermann hesse nod at school going to east and they're going to florida to retire and ok us what happens there and i've got these guys on motorcycles of course yeah and they get there and they get whacked right because they don't look right they got long hair right yeah ok that's beautiful now had to back it up to make it work and then i got it back to the beginning we're bringing from mexico or bring in a white powder we don't see what it is where i want the moral is to have the roughest time deciding about that and you didn't you didn't name it in your mind either no white powder white powder right dennis probably promise me it would be real cold but it was powdered sugar man that should burns in your nose no good you know in the cameras on pin my eyeballs yeah and
right that was the point and after i got it all together with a beginning a middle and an end here and the journey yeah and what we do and what we can't do we can go and eat in restaurants we can't we're not allowed to be in motels all this shit all this it's like racial profiling sure and we're going to see what's happening on in america yeah i knew what that last bit for the beginning of what i was going to do at the end that guy in that truck man yeah but you know the idea enter but i knew that this is a big hit i thrown sevens yeah and then i threw in between my legs still send over my back in the tub it didn't matter who i called up hopper it's four hundred and thirty in the morning in toronto yeah and i called him up and i said listen to this i had wake and him i know that but that's all rising was enough well
but again i don't know it's not a call i think like a guy didn't sleep much to me so i i am told the story yeah that's really great man what do you do with it i said well i figure you directed or produce it will both right in star in and we can save some money that way you want me to direct it sure man i mean you have the passion you know it you know framing better than i do this is you understand camera better than i do absolutely you're such with us we can do this oh man i'm so glad you called because i was never going to talk to you again we don't want to necessarily go back and explain that it's alright be writing about what happened he stormed out we had a he wanted to direct this album that i was going to make human tequila or is my guy and record yeah and he wanted to direct the direct album produce it
you know this is what he says come to my house i want to drink i said dennis you don't direct albums you produce in your range right that's what you wanted play on the magento direct them yeah i mean he started blowing off everybody steals my ideas that can't believe that everybody steals line thinking every i can't put it on and on until i found out i have to stop this year so for this it was a real to reel sony that look like it was an ampex is higher great and i just picked that circle he he ha yeah i threw it on the parking floor it broke i said when you can fix that yeah the only direction album that was it i can leave you did you see what you just did papa john's i mean anything that great man made and you did it yeah i can talk to you in a fucking child i'm i'm never going to talk to you again i'm i'm out of here he walked out and i'm
but you know i don't wanna talk to your fucking child i can tell him i'm walking away and never want to talk to you again to be so glad you called because i was never talk to you again it's hilarious did you guys stay friends things became attached stretched yeah he out of control during the filming yeah he stayed out of control for a but when he leveled off did you ever reunite i try our really thought i was successful from time to time yeah but i guess when you have he that i cheated him on i have tape of him being interviewed he said some that he was in a cadillac with his then wife and he said yeah cheating me out of millions and millions and millions of dollars you know come on you couldn't see that i held up three fingers there any rate i thought oh great if he helps me find it i'll get
a million half hour at it looks like you talking to me and he and he said that he and he along wrote easy rider so it's just big mega man yeah played heavy on it was too bad and the blow too i imagine for awhile oh yeah but i mean we tried to get him stop drinking yeah so he was going aa meetings or but he added value coke's pocket solving one problem right then and then he he got rid of that problem but the adventure man i mean the fact that you kind of be a blue out this you did easy rider you change the face of a of filmmaking and culture and everything else and then you're the guy you're that so then you sort of like near the biker guy which film i did i bought this script yeah and i didn't know i was going to produce inactive it yeah
this call a hired hand yeah and as i begin reading it more and more i saw more more of the stuff that yeah that i'd want to see and then i'll have the didn't do this all having to that of a rather the great will shoot over here and i'll be good because i know it's there and suddenly stop those which is again i'm the rude producer i can't tell the directory how to direct right god i'm going to have to direct this thing could you could visually see it right it first reading it was visual imprint on me that it was as strong as a visual imprint of the story i made up in toronto called later easy right yeah we didn't know what to call it first right so it's it's interesting though that the western was still around in here in warren oates you did a lot of movies at warren oates huh i loved him he was a great guy was like fine actor he had great very easy we going funny guy we got along so well and he didn't have to die no not like what about nicholson you guys still friends we are i don't see him enough i in fact have to call
check on him and see how he's doing yeah because i can imagine like you know harry dean's gun i know man well as we said earlier as we get older we lose anymore friends but i like you know like i always ask guys like you know he but there are guys you stay friends with you know throughout the time huh you know i through the whole ride yeah that's nice yanez you know i still know mcguinn and crosby oh yeah he's i had talked to crosby at my old house for a couple hours i think stayed for the whole day if i let him yeah yeah it is yeah it's a real sweetheart and the glen is too and you know going yeah how bout coming going talk to him i haven't seen him in quite a few years now pretty big money wasn't now you know you too well artistic
and that has its own story of how to how to get into the nineteen others for the pts part of it but just this book that i'm writing you write a book now yeah and again no more yeah because all what's happened since ninety eight better what's the angle well just in the what i'm talking about in pts starts off with the title objects in mirror are closer than they appear it's all about your past in the motto for pts people who are really sucked out by it is the only good day was today yeah did you try the mdr i tried everything how's it affect you what are the manifestations overview on a day to day basis what ptsd i mean once you never i never know
see a commercial that does a certain thing and it would just breakdown crying full on full on and and i've been after this for quite awhile i just didn't ten what i had i thought i was nuts and i better keep it to myself their level of with the net on me it's also sensitivity right i mean it's like a a like an over sensitivity almost right here or is it more of like you don't know like it's just such a trigger thing so been triggers it yeah and as as it could be a commercial here could be so but i see on the street yeah it'll be a phone call i get anything i hear you know if it deals in a certain thing that i get caught on yet done it's not a problem yeah so it so it you're gonna to discuss like you so you once you found out that's what you had to kind of kind of ran that threw you back loaded into your whole sort of past and well i i already was dealing with my past yeah
every day without understanding why right now i understood understand why why you hung up on the things you were hung up on know how i got hung up i mean i didn't look those things is hanging me up yeah but what was going wrong with my mother yeah later when i was trying to resolve certain crisis in my life about the mechanical rape i talk to people who knew my mother drain a particular time and these two women eulalia chapin ann marie and parker and they find a lot of stuff that went on and what happen about your mother's darkness but my mother artists in my father's short sightedness apparently he used to cuff me on the head or slap
yeah well i didn't finish my meal right hence my going to johns hopkins have looked for a tapeworm right create people mentally and of course it was one thousand nine hundred and forty six so i guess i got a little last lack there but not a lot because it fucked me up but how much of the you know like the psychological trauma do you think sort of like you know compelled you to if push the envelope with with drugs and doing all the other shit well i figured i was ben already so we're trying to lose do you looking for solutions you think in retrospect know on my third trip i really expanded my brain a lot and get in there but still didn't see the causal effect what was causing it i just i mean it intel i was fit fifteen or sixteen to realize what this term nightmare that i have every night was yeah not errors every night
that was the tapeworm it's really an gunshot and mothers death yeah sure so forth remember on my 50th birthday my mister jain wrote maine a fax i was making a movie in switzerland and it came back great until the bar like i came back to the hotel and there was sitting in the fax machine this fax from my sister and it was a poem and she she does the glass half full the glass half empty and it was kind of a but my response to that was my my sister didn't get it my class was overflowing with myriad of colors it all over the fucking place you know it hurts when yeah yeah yes and i never thought of this halfway i was all the way in yes why is this doing this
about colors so yeah it was overflowing and it wasn't half full or half empty and maybe i was half empty but i felt that was full yeah man do you get along with her still yeah that's good yeah she's so into what she she does yeah and busy she's busy yeah you know she's got her children and she's got grandchildren now but no tension you you're just you're cool yeah that's good we have to be yeah yeah yeah i have to think that way i thought you were great in this in this little movie even though you had a couple of scenes always nice to see you and you always pop up places you know interesting about that fact moment when i meet former christopher yeah because i've known him that in real life church i was eighteen i was able to to throw my hands into that situation and he just instinctual it
is this great shakespearean actor share man you know just in the americas on film or stage and he raps anywhere it's just so i'm using this history have her knowing it for so long that hung out with him a lot but your old man did not real no my first demo no and he was a wonderful young guy lunatic i loved it yeah and so here i am this fellow that i knew i just my arms around him it's just you can see it on film there's something about the way we hold on we just greet each other that makes ha yeah you relax everything's fine here i've been waiting for this bottle of wine now is a good time to verify and then we're down there vaping up yeah i thinking
so far out yeah i mean i could feel that like there's a looseness to it you know to find his shakespearean actor in the americas on stage or screen yeah it's silly pot easy rider hello that's a hook at the scene i yeah and you and you like your health is good everything else on my health is great you know yeah man but my metal of this but i you know i don't find as much darkness i'm getting just do it in a sense so it's easier for me to stop by from getting caught still barbed hooks not catching release and we should be catching release but i do have a great deal of empathy for our soldiers funny men and women and you know i didn't see a friend next to me get his head blown off yeah i didn't lose an arm and leg i almost lost my life but yeah i'd dodge many bullets here and
so maybe i don't have the right to have a tough time i mean i never had worried about where i was going to eat or sleep and still you gotta problem you're dealing with it yeah i now know about the the tape or something yeah i found out the reason my mother was there she was getting a hysterectomy because she was a bleeder she had heavy heavy and she was i now know postpartum you don't know you know and i took psychology in college i figured i better find out some more about me because is missing so that and that was with the track via the suicide to the post partum or i think that that's part of the while and and part of of my dad no yeah you know what is the divorce all he wanted to he won now i wanna marry younger woman my first mother whom i adore yeah yeah
i could look at that whole thing is saying she's the reason my mother killed herself right but it's not that and i could go spit on my father's ashes yeah but that's not it either right it's trying to understand that and forgive that yeah but before you can get to forgiving that you have to forgive yourself yeah how you doing with that that's the hardest part yeah man well you know you seem pretty hey how many actor i act like i seem pretty good no you know i think you heard a time you know how you doing i'm alive alternative really sucks although inevitable at this particular moment unacceptable exactly well i'm glad you're alive was great seeing you i don't want to hold you up because i know you gotta go get pictures or whatever i was told hard out and then it's only a matter of time before coming someone comes to the door yeah
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