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Remembering Fred Willard

2020-05-21 | 🔗

Marc revisits his 2012 conversation with comedic actor Fred Willard, in which they discuss Fred’s career in improv-heavy films and beloved television projects. Fred passed away at age 86 on May 15, 2020.

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Hey folks. It's me, it's mark, I'm checking in Monday. You know, what's going on, it's been a horrible few days but I think I'm beginning to come out of at least the shock part of and it's up and down on its waves. I've been very, is it because so many people have reached out of many thousands of people of reached out? And I gotta tell ya ya you people who isn't the show it shout if it helps me. And her family appreciates it. The people at work I appreciate the outpouring of law, and support sadness, it's it's helping and I- and I really want to thank-
you. I know this is gonna, be a long haul. I know, there's gonna be a lotta ups and downs, but I've been trying to keep busy. I've been trying to make myself available for the family and for whatever needs to be done. Friends have come over did do some social distance. Sitting with me in the I've gone to us one person's house a couple in another couple came over friends of mine and we were out back outside too in the grieving sort of food thing socially distant sooner, so there is human connection happening. The several people that I talked to on the phone every day, friends and then just the pouring of work from everybody My business people who I had no idea would know me or no win, but I just wanted to check and I can't go on too long on day. Here. It's gonna be been down, but I'm gonna, I'm going to try to stay engaged here I have a bunch of shows, I recorded before,
passed away. That will get too, but I actually have another reposed, a posthumous repost for Fred Willard, who died a few days. To go on the fifteenth evil great comic geniuses, when the great comedy actor is just a genius and we had him on the show em, I think did the interview, or in early twenty twelve, and it was put up, it was the posted on the March fifteenth, two thousand and twelve and its interests. Yeah. I remember doing it. This is fairly early on in the process of the pod, and I remember I work Some lesson from am I I couldn't fi. We re listening to the conversation again, but there was a question. I asked for a day a personal question, but it wasn't the nature of the question. It was, you know, I can remember what it was, but we I just realized in asking that he had never thought about it. The way that I was asking and accountable roadways, but we just moment. However, gentlemen that was already a bit older.
Who is for a sudden his way of thinking and just never thought about what I asked him the way I asked him to think about it in a kind of threw him and I realized There's no reason to push it because he can't process it and it was. A moment of boundary in a moment of respect that I really made note of an integrated in two, how my sensitivity to people involved? I just remember that, he's a sweet guy, very funny guy talks about his wife alive and she passed away in two thousand and eighteen. And I'll be in touch you guys. I'm gonna now going to keep doing this stuff and thank you for all other support. Thanks for being there I'll check back with you on Monday and this is my conversation with Fred wayward from two thousand and twelve Have you done many factors? Fred? I have done a few years ass, a little strange real. What are you doing here?
when you're being heard about going into space, but while we were recording it, but It must be fascinating that there this is. This, showed this partial business now yeah yeah is this. Where this is nuts dreaming. I remember I did now with a strange through me. Going out lie now. This is nice dreaming, but it's with its pretty pretty close to it. So you the funniest people alive. That's what I tell people and people can look at me. Funding as one is a lot of money but was it was this always did? Did the direction? Was this always the big plan? You know I was. I was kind of the class clown rise comics, whereas it is a key country, a grown up, and I do it for some reason. I guess out over they'd make some kind of funny remarks in school and I but I didn't know what I wanted to be all love comedy. I think it's it's nice release to do here, COMECON when go someplace and laugh where'd you go
from Cleveland Ohio when Cleveland was great. It was. It was at the time the called the best location in a nation steamships coming in There was a steel town in Gaza was yes air and I tell you it's it's. A little sad seems to be bouncing back a bet. There's a couple good restaurants, but I can tell it was a great city had at one time it was pretty booming. It was, I think, like the fourth or fifth largest city in the country. It was. It was right on the great lakes we had the Indians and we had the browns. We had done. Big, vibrant down town, and I don't know what happened, I think, are all the industries kind of folded and even moved to the suburbs right and now downtown. There's the centre, which used to be called a terminal tower yeah as now terminal towers, It is right, and then you go about eighteen blocks, east and there's a lot of theatres Summum that I used to go to his account. They have lived, shows you ve been of a movie and then Danny K would be.
There are Bob Hope was above I did see Our new members are Danny K. Really, how old were you arms or just a little kid is old enough to go downtown? I don't have to have a friend. Take me mother too, going. Downtown buyers have not really apparently realise these great moments and hang out by cleaving stadium. If I go to a ball game, even if I didn't Gothenburg, I'd hang out by the visitors exit, we get all the visiting players, autograph yea, I am a great deal. Seeing coming, I can imagine so they have the they'd have a movie and a comedian or short earlier, wasn't even the comedians. What Danny K Jack Vanni here, but I dont remember seeing stand up comics, whether would even that of form. Yet it was more. I don't think it was for the older crowd right go to Miami or grossing years. Here these older comics with it always with talks young and allotted jewelry on their hands.
And I was going to dinner or going to Miami resistant Miami, but I know that what impressed me the most- I don't remember, a spike Jones, the musical actual use huge any, is huge and very good musically and I went I I'd heard his records, and here he show came through Cleveland and I went down to see and I never seen it was a comedy review, but was based on music any due to take off saw now on songs. Hot tales for two with sound affect right and eat. They had, he had funny characters, Frederick Gas and he had a Harpers to just sat on the stage and you'd, never nimitti big thing of after you noticed that harpist at the woman had never play the harbor
sadly there and I was just a maze. This is comedy I had never seen before they were doing for radio. So was your watch yet a stage play almost well. I think he was doing his radio show, but I think he also did a stage bright ornaments, because I memory headed joke. He had a dwarf, who came running across a stage, pulling a rope and you why some dwarf pull a rope and kept watching the rope kept moving inherent a dwarf, again back here and as a kid you never seen like another dimension of comedy. Today, though your first dwarf experience Clearly? There is no money that no doors you don't know what that up. Until then, the jokes worthy, my mother law drove my cadillac on live mixed emotions and which is funny to me as mixed emotions. Clever,
What I always wanted to I was like comedy: it's kind of a release. I guess I was always Canada. A worried. Kidney still worry of a lot about things, so circuit some relief of relief and my parents were not very it wasn't. What not, alas, filled I m glad I had aunts and uncles who were funny. Thank God. Oh they come. Over- and you know my mother was very- not come down. I don't ever my father. What did you mean? I heard from school today that you had a and Am panic or reckoned with yeah, but I have these wonderful aunts and uncles, it would come over. My one uncle would return to steals Where was the sole I was laughed at their work on Iraq. It was your father and I'm not sure he was working for someone called Morris Land Bank. If something about movies, but he passed away
was fairly young, which is its always very emotionally. I was like Levin twelve years on. Any diagnosis is not really tough age, it is a big dose, a reality here, as you don't know yet none was gonna die Grandma died right and almost is really all. She was seventy five right now day. Seventy five then seeing that all right now is it leaves a kid. So I was a big void, yeah here. So then he I was wandering moral ass. Anything. It would be any right. So when he left Cleveland, I mean you, you grew up there and then what is the next step for you next step? Let's see, I went off I was sent away my mother remarried, two wicked stepfather. They decided that send me way to our yeah prep school military school, and I went away to a little more my last two years in in high school, which turned out to be a lot of fun. It was in Kentucky it's no longer there, but in the way
There are the selling point as they move the whole school down to Venice Florida. Ok for three months, and that was so great to be in Florida and then so then I decided to go. I said this is kind of fun and I took some kind of I q test. I turned out some test, I had the highest grades, are the highest iq of anyone in the school, because these were a lot of times or the kind of kids that are so workers are not doing well sure it's and I'd go into a very tough Highschool, even manage jail. Yeah yeah, I don't think quite on the brink of jail, zero that go in the army or go go, get it The errand groceries here so I was one of those- the brightest students. I went to a place called Virginia Military Institute, which is a lot. For then I thought is that like West point out, so was in uniform, yeah yeah, but I played sports there and I would hope. A baseball, and I got into cross country, which is a tough, were run and running of about five miles is a tough one.
Indoor track what look like you're pretty good shape now feel am I still try to be, and I still hope and maybe If they are, you know, I have a little expand. Coupled more expansion teams, I've given up hope, supplanted big league. Here's your liners. Why not? It is never too late, for that can high could double way or something like that dream. I do want to be a d age, but first basement play five or six settings and take the rest. The day off, that'll be fine, but ten yards one b, a baseball player, but then you got first, you see all these terrible injuries. Then you realize there's guys that aren't on the first string and they come out the Ball Park every day and sit on the bench for nine earnings, and then there are worth arrogant, be set down and I sat down and there isn't one. Seventy I gotta know that I would have been. I don't think I would have liked it done that I'm gonna glad I never got it. I was a kid. Josie three fifty zero star hero. How hard can it be ass or the ball over? The flank? Guess yeah yeah! So did you have gone in the military, have idea. Why aren't you
this new, always the army. I think it was our Tilbury and because at the time there's a draft some taken it. You didn't have to do anything. If you well our dinner, he ate. What no I didn't firing guns running, I gonna in some fashion, but I got to play. I was sent to Germany here and I played on the went out for the baseball team and I made the baseball team sort paid off in the thing is we're station in Germany went all around all these different cities play baseball Berlin, and how What year was that you think OZ and narrowly sixty, ok and I don't think, there's any military in Germany any more, I'm sure the Germans hated as well. They all used to be a team. I go: if you will spend time their Elvis was air. Germany was a big bay. Seventy ass right, we occupied Germany, is always a wheel. Previous army did end up going anywhere. You I didn't go. I came back and has now now. What do I do here will be an actor that can't be too hard
Did you see him about ways? I can actually work. Do an acting school. You do I did enacting school and when you go around in New York at the time everyone had seen, study window, seen, study, Hampshire and mine eyes. I delivered put on a show and invite agents. Oh no! No! No! You study, I finally found a place called showcase theater. I said what you do to other ten weeks. We play very theatrical at put on a show, the show was in their apartment was there they had an up to date on the area and we invite her. You know professional people, so I said this is for me, so I got in there and I did, and I find it you can't really teach acting with the best tool. Is the
just get up and do scenes, and you can kind of tell you if you're doing good or not centres are acting? Teach you drive me nuts, he was, he was you'd, get up, your memories are seen and you get up on staging to get one line out need stop you out. Had I not not want some business do them and I am wasn't Jesus. Let me just goes from this once and business no fortune, what are doing what is your intend here so, but I men, another guy who had a good sense. The yeoman we started joking around and we saw on ad in the trade paper trades and you're off Broadway show, is in development like backstage around Piazza yeah. The casting offices, please do not come in person, do not send pictures. Do not phone is widely. Why are they not letting let somebody's those do there? they we're doing a show comedy Anders wanted. So we went in it was on forty fifth street. A rehearsal hold no longer there in the guy said DOT,
do you have your own material? We said no he's, it will come back with a sketch, so every week would write a sketch and come back and they never put on the show. But finally we have so many sketches. The guy said, let's put on a show with just you guys, so we did a show who is yet again his name was VIC Greco still in the guy. I know I don't think so. I guess I dont need is a new Jersey or New York and dumb, but very funny man, and he made me laugh and we was it was out of a city like NED sparks remember that guy was cigar, we re sour favour, and He laughed and eventually we got an agent and we know just developed from there. We gotta do the show the chauvinism did we did our own sharia and then we started working the coffee houses in the village gathers the big thing you would get up and do we just do sketches, which is, I guess, was
We never talk to the audience. So I bought him line and went off the down the village, the village gator anything wrong, the village gate we played the gaslight. Our own lady, who is around the scene than so well, I thought Bob Dylan was Workin their Peter Poland marry you saw them, no, who wouldn't lot of folk singers, May comedians was Woody Allen Water. I think there was, but I think we little after him here so as it likes stay nine or on oh. No earlier than add, it was early white middle sixties, so must be pretty crazy. Day was great. It was just a great time we play a little club called CAFE, Chino, which I thought was named after cappuccino, or some guy's name was Joe Chino and every week he do an original little one at play. A heart of time, and now it's a restaurant. You go in its little tiny place, but we did they did a one hour when at pleasure we do our sketches
and a good response of great and always if we had very kind offbeat stuff new new stuff. I remember any of it. Oh yeah, I'm still Poland, some of it out and not doing a place, are really did little LE, but we're one that's easy describe. I would come up said of yours. I just say I've put my wrist watch on my ankle and waited have someone come by and get him to ask me what time it is. So a pull up my pants leg and say: oh look as for thirty years. The guy. Now I'm the guy came by waiting for a boss, I'd, say: G, it's a nice time a day is getting dark area. I am waiting for this process late. I dunno what Times Bus Moser I'm supposed to be here at five in the financing of the other,
the idea, what time it is now and he pulled up his pant leg and his wife it's for fifteen and that with a black out here, and we did some stuff in clubs, I'm one club honor. We addition and afterwards he said where measure its obscure humor do an obscure. It has also had the time there were pop? Your was after Martin Louis. So there are a lot of acts. Were the guy played a trumpet? None other I did the come alone there right, you don't say gotta, wacky guy generic ass. It were, I think one of our problems was neither one of us was the work it out there. Just sketch right right. You it wasn't it. A team dynamic in August of India is one sketch I'd, be the dumb guy than those gusher and then hard to sell that act as a nightclub back there was, and we would we would go into a club and bomb and go to the next club and just be great. We went to the old hungry I in San Francisco Cisco, as you really too
with this yadda yadda and at the time only about six comedy clubs was the hungry. I in San Francisco, the gate of Horn in Chicago places are gonna the bitter end in New York, which still owe their kind enough five or six others and we'd make that that tour and the two you did what yeah yeah, what you like about our one year and they haven't organise at all with wide open for some at other times other acted open for us you don't remember who I like it was around here. Any of those opening acts or Miriam a keyboard sent me a very pretty kind of african.
She's, a focusing array, yadda yadda, passed away in one day. This is not a sensor. Show is just one or even some. We were in Washington DC and a club. We were rehearsing and we were very ambitious. We going to club, we we opened one night and the next day we're in the club won't come up new matter and a guy came and whose watches he kept watch innocent. He said a loved your show. Last night I said oh yeah, I was pretty funny, he said
that Mary Marquis Bison, oh yes, she was going to be like a fuckin, oh yeah, what she was very guy. We thought he was there to watch our so anyway, like you were going to say, I call came. Let me go get her. Gallia will put in a word for but we'd go in a closet that smothers brothers it played in and I'd seen their act, and they were so good with music, and I shall do so. We did as these sketches, but people still will come up to me and remember. We had sketch where two mathematicians were we're having coffee and talking about Bernoulli theory of of physics knocking but began the big convention a mathematician. And the last year was wonderful, can because of professor zone so requested once twice three times the lady there was a, but then it turns out we're tend to pay the Czech. Let split the check here and it was twenty four fifty and we couldn't
What right wanted for the area, so we will have to tap, will leave ten percent and will we walked out and the waiters comes out just professors, ah dear they left me a hundred dollars nothing of his age. He had them guy and I forgot mad, but some someone reminded me of it in your wish. I'm still part of a sketch troop, my wife and I run. If we do, we just have to show last night at the second city theatre in Ali would about once a month. We we have a group of what forty people and at any one time, is fifty twenty and we do and evening of sketches animals. While someone reminds you know, I saw you in the village member that thing you do about them. Mathematicians real. I dont remember that I'd think about it and then I'd rewrite and we'll do it and the goal of a very well. We did one last night that I pulled out of the thing it's a ship well, ships where they're all rowing heaving, whipping them. Yes, a slave ship slaves and the guy
and he here so we say where this time. The mutiny. Are you ready? Are you with me we're going to take over the ship? So merely we grab the slave drivers time up when we get back to the oars and everyone's out of four, We hope you ve gotta, pull together landers one mile nor minorities size we need some of the leaders. I cannot do it who can and some others let set him you're, the guy who was weapon at him free and he starts whip earnestness, a free were free, but it's a good audience to a tour and this was done. That was some heroic Greco. Actually it was some. I did in the next group. I went to second city and the cargo failure you toward. When you start we heard from a number of years and its tough when you're working with one guy. Now you work alone yeah. So when you go off the stage, if you bombs you, I'm not you you probably very some bomb, but if you do, you probably hopefully say I was the audience already our school different. If it's a two man team, you kind of,
the other guy screwed, where this circumstance yeah need more people to blame. Shall we Eventually we we broke up the I rode all the material area. I wrote all material, we never wrote down. We did it matter. He was unhappy had a wife and kids on responsible we brought up. I got her to go to second serious long story at we went in, I would In addition with Robert Klein, when not what we did was second city than it wasn't it wasn't as big as it is today, it'd open on Broadway, it got a bigger claim. Monarch and Barbara Harris Severn Garden was at an end of the red that was before that Algeria, Burma, as words, calls the compass players. Ok, I did not know the better in the early sixties. They came to Broadway The review will reveal the smartest stuff yet every site, my
how in Oregon was Ellen, arrogant, Barbara Harris Smart. They all had beards and they were talking about, but it was all comedy all comedy: khazar darkness, whoever oh yeah, and so eventually they were Cassie more and when you there. I teamed up with another guy in another guy to try to get the old echo on it. Just doesn't work in the same bits. Yeah and they d Whizzer moments re like I miss Greco Home, my guide, yeah yeah. How and elsewhere is funny because you can build a room, went to work right. So I got I went down to audition for four sexy. They seen us when we ve been Ashikaga, so they went. I said I tomato. I can't do that stuff, it's very bright. If talk, but Turkey garden. So I went down its luckily. I just had a vain or what I,
I beg you to get to have his up. We improvised and they offered me a job and of course well, I'm not sure I'd only on dude some now so they they gave me a week to think about it. I went begrudgingly had the greatest time in my life and went for six months than they extended me for another six months with, Robert Klein you as you. So this was the the crew Bob Clia David Steinberg, while from Anna Maria who still do. Does it be easily director how yeah and Bob Clydesdale don't comedy you talk to rubber kind, still known as much I do he lives in New York. American fan, I of him who else is in their crew? No one you'd know Sondra Karen, whose living in England Judy grow Bart, Wonderful. She was like any lean. May vary goofy funny eyes and she married a guy named Bob. Did she have found a second city guy?
Then I went back to New York where there was that now, where we have these, seventy ok so Klein had not done stand up. You know when I inflows of he would in the dress whom he would do these funny bits. He don't you get to be Christmas in lean up against the walls. What is crucial is to me. I got no mother, I got no following an ordinary Dania and he'd make me laugh and ride, and every night coming Bob Christmas. I look or to Christmas is likely. I said about the Erasmus worries me and no one had he expanded. So one day I said Bob was Bob, and yet he I guess it was another Bob Klein it. So he had to change the invention, Robert. He told a very funny story. He was an actor struggling actor story, got Cobb Bob you ve, gotta come in, I've been looking for. Where are you where you been series? It? Ok, so we, when we his arms eulogiums? Oh no, I don't. I'm Bob
The other had about Gluck and I would say Bob you must do this stage, because I couldn't do stand up. I very easy and sketch I'm awkward instead, as you gotta. Do stand up phase, I tried it and so about a year to later I went back and he was in place all the apple tree and I went out with him to the two stage. Delhi and I said Bob. What have you ever done about your stand up here when you ask a Jack Rawlins the manager is, is managing. Meanwhile, we do stand up in fact, I'm Goin early Improv tonight to do at command a majority for Threeg. Original Improv blood Friedman Sola, whereas not Ethel Moon. That Miller was a waitress, sure sure and dumb Annie, Catherine, with only there the iron and maybe a little before him, and they started cabaret sort of feel right at the time were their singers. Now waitresses would get up now. The boy and I dont know if Andy, I think, before us more aware of Kaufman in L, a improv.
That's. So it's amazing how much you ve seen so you, you sort of influence rob recline a little bit too do stand out yeah and its second see now for before you went two seconds, your primarily working from skirt material, and now you know you sort of known as as one of the great improvising yeah. Where did that happen? Well said city I was you know improvised. So then I got a call them putting together a comedy group and I was in an off Broadway Plano in the village of little murders, which is directed by Alan ARC, and so he worked with him. I worked with him as a director. He was such a great directory sits very, very noncommittal, he'd look at the stuff. He says this is a great show
he's out of her what the basis for further the critics its Rachel and about three weeks in arrears. These I do not want to do rather worried over near someone had to leave. The deuce go, go around willing, ready and I lovingly so supportive in one night that up in a pre, MIKE Nicholls came another week of Might Nicholls. It was now directing I also the gradual their yeah. I think he just done catch twenty two says I in seventy one or some to seventy, one is wanted war Al Qaeda and he came to see we were at a party after that. Might Nicholls came up to me really really enjoyed your stuff. Where have you been and eyes what I've been doing sketch stuff he's a generally in Georgia, performers in this one scene? I have you thought of being more sunlight, concise eyes. It that's a good good idea, I'll think about. I did nobody method so the next day I
they always rehearsal lies, as it might Nicholls said. Who should I be more concise thinking out? I would of course he's how There might Nicholls give you a direction, I'm the director you're doing just resigned as a boy does. He have gone so. Anyway, I got a new call. They were getting together down at the bitter and call the ACE Trucking company yeah that'll windows sketches after the show at midnight. As that's great resemblance play right down the street. I saw some sketch ideas from second city, so we get up. We do scared. They sketches that. I would I would come up with a sketches but the guys in the group were so funny. They dig the flesh him out and then we'd improvise, and I guess that's how I but then we we started getting jobs and the guy who I am feeling with names. Dave fry. When I try I dont know
I did in recognition of the area payments for the next write. His manager came to see us, we were thrilled and he took a sober manages, got us on the Sullivan, show you have a name and we will be for how many worthy of you there were four guys in a girl is an amazing that that that was that happened on weight night television, because he would never see that now that. The heads of would say now: here's a groove, kids, yeah they're doing little thing in whatever they and there were no then, but we started than of a whole bunch of Improv Sketch groups? I know if you ve wanting aims. Oh my god, you York, stick ball commie outer space based. I had no idea and we did it. We did very well. We got where did solvent, we got in the Tom Jones Show and it is whenever someone we would do is show bia like forty minutes that material they had opened up for improves. We ask for a vote. We find the best what you're a pet peeves here and people, my pet thieves, are that of songs. We do
little improv about it, and if it was a fail, safe thing, because if they Improv wasn't going well, one of the guys put on a little a tiara and he had a one he walked out- is that I'm the bad improv Very- and I claim this improv is over and get a huge laugh and that we close with a sad peace. Anna the next thing. I know I was being ass. I did a lot of things and I got a call from Christopher Guest wants to come down and my manager, you ve gotta, go down by the way, as one do some when it wants to put you in a movie. What's the hurry, although he wants to see it today, so I dont know Christopher guess. I know who he was. I've been in spinal tap with Christopher. Right, but what avenue for wood tonight that period that was late semi, so it must become later yell of fir wood tonight, I mean like as our more than the right to free up about six years. There have it that's like a prison years, because that sort of set a new standard for television commune with you, because I beg Where is it that, because I was about thirteen or fourteen
and it was on wait right? What yes, I was: syndicated sort was on eleven o clock here, seven o clock somewhere else, and I was still a kid but I just remembered that there was this buzz around something different that something different ebony and it was what was leaked, the premise of it. It was what have you local talk show local radio and a little town called fern would write, which was the home of Mary Edmund Mary Hartman, and that became a spin off caress. Someone said: would it be funny they had a cable tv show in this town? What would it be like now, three or four people talk to me said it was their idea. I dunno, whose idea it was, but they called me to come and and do it and they were the psychic tomorrow, all side care was. It was hilarious God, oh my god. I didn't know him, but I got to see him in a club and as a boy, this guy's is very sharp. You didn't take easy, even make easy references area
they said you'll, be there you'll, be the admin man as apply to be that the EC really did you and I went in, and I said you know I can started naming people it would do better than theirs alone. Oh everyone says you ll be right. Look if you dont want to do it just come in for a week during the rehearsal here and warm up rehearsals till we get someone else. I said, ok so sit in, so I sat in and it was we left so hard and it was so funny. Do yeah how'd you develop their character like one now cause with firmly tonight. I mean at some point like this. Only fascinates me with the with improv actors in guys who do who do character work? Is that decent ye did. I dont know if I've been able to getting one to really define it. But some thing you do that you know it's funny that there's the I mean. I guess it's just something happens from from, but when you improvise you ve just got this tone like I think, infernal tonight, the kind of pointed a little like done
are the new area. I play a clueless, a kind of a clueless guy who has no is like almost like the what me worry guy right, which I love to do, because I'm just the opposite. I worry about everything, for I things are caught will happen like today. I just had such a day. I've changed my accountant night MIKE what force Accounting retired unexpected tax period last year was a nightmare. The new people lose. I got a new account on Sunday, getting a call from some some company that I've got to have some kind of texting and by October sixteenth side a Russian. I got this new account as what we're he's gonna leave to go out of town for three weeks as it what's the worst. If I don't get this thing in, there's no tax out here he's well the penalties, a hundred dollars a day as our God would be gone. Twenty one days I don't break twenty one hundred dollars is so either. I showed that I got home. My wife can find her passport jeez. Now, what might? What did you do with my passport? I don't so then I came here. I got lost companies. I worry about everything right, I'd love to be there I'm the guy who, just now
Rather it has border, goes through Customs tell em, who I am, I dont have a driver's license. I love to be the kind of guy you're. Not now not so I just I had a very well never resume that about you that you just toiling in panic and all the time I'm causally expected to be BT born as coming over quite a rainy day, come because expecting a truck to come out and I worry about that, but I worry about that when I walk into my house for some reason I have this concern that log into my house, opened the door and someone just gonna push me your Judea run into a yet wave. Put it's crazy giver of them. Were you sweeping newgate, hidden ahead, sleeping no one for you, I'm just lay in bed in someone's going to come in It means head now you that might know what you know, what I'm nervous, when, when my wife is away never nervous at all. But when your wife is gone, its dismay and I've been out with start lock in the front door,
guns and now got no, no, no guns. Now I got a nice when I have to report back to you. I dont think I'd use and surviving a reason with a look. I could never be a cop, I don't think you have what she's cop show here and the poor guy. You know the rules, fine and someone with a little marijuana workers in all man. I think I say go ahead, You know when they begged, I got no. No please go ahead. Go ahead. I think what I'd arrested, because they don't signal to you guys. Don't idea, really dont signal assured. And you're sitting behind him and I put on the turn. Then am I get my ticket for the poor guy with a little where one is may I want a legal or it seems to be legal, it's not legal or by some down the street. You need some known. That was never your boy, you're always arresting someone from Marijuana- I don't know I got enough- happens as much as they used to now at these dispensaries everywhere, but, like back in the sixties, it wasn't you thing either hanging around. I never really did not know. I took my eye was didn t matter
one day I didn't like it in here. I met a small girls. You woke an occasional cigar, but in They are wanted, hurt my lungs there. I took coke once doc, severance and we're doing the tonight, so he can only give us a little bit every little bit a coke hallway and I still stiffened up minority everything swelled up and I felt like I love you. I gotta lotta respiratory problematic. Now I don't know there's even getting part. I did not like the idea so back in the day, seventies likely that everyone was hopped up was hopped up at me. No, I haven't situations where you were very with this and a lot of drums. I didn't know what I thought I was having a good time: havin, fun, I've, seven and good. I will I will I'll, have a drink or to drink and occasional cigar and not what concerns, because we're flying
reinsurance. Where are you going? What I'm doing a job in in London, which should be very exciting if it's up is wooden, the people who did whose line is it anyway? What it is there going to have a celebrity? I'm gonna be the hosts interviewing the celebrity and has been before five improvised a while. I went to my first day. I went to high school and I forgot my pants fell down as a hare, guys, let's reenact that scene, where Tom thanks walked and eyes? He didn't have a belt. I always get it through them. Then they acted out. So I put it, they call ass cat over the you see beers where they have somebody duel. What monologue and then the improvised sort of God it's like yes, interesting, and I hope they don't hear about them because they know get I'm so surprised. They ask me they and I said to you. This is great, I didn't show like it a couple years ago in New York, NEA and others is the improvised. If such respect for the guys, I mean they just get up and implementing a quick
oh my god. So anyway, we're going over to do I'll, be there to two weeks, but my way we're gonna go to Berlin for a few days before anchors we're there, a year ago, two years ago and were only a couple of days and really loved. It is very unique sitting it some. It's almost all demise am a big fan of world war. Two, I loved all the history of world war, two and there's a few billings laugh Now that the Brandenburg Gate is there and now you can go to both sides without any view, Cambodia and all they talk about I was where the wall used to be the way I think that's so known as well. Where was Hitler I want to talk about it. You don't talk about the wall, so wicked that I'm coming down in earnest Hitler, but I've gotta go by and I didn't get a chance to see where his bunker used to be they built apartments over it. That's gotta be aware place to live there. We do believe in that kind of stuff. I think everything the people who live there. No that's kind of weird, would have been better for me like a jewish retirement,
something that would be a significant look for some years. Why I'll get you a good price. What what what could possibly be, even though the bunker oil that's where he ended than this- is where we started this, where they were so our support, Montenegro is a really like, as I remember that there is a just felt like dead at that time. You things were chain You can call me there's little more freedom. It was a little yeah orders and there seemed to be a new ruined town in Lycos ESA now started a yo not long out at that time. Yes, and it just seemed like the whole thing- was bustin open in the mid, though eight seventy four, yes and you are part of the crew, that's right and then linking Monty Python. We were in London, we ve got to go to London to do the Tom Jones Show and when they were also you I had a dinner party. Dorothy like Tom Jones could have been greater. I loved his voice. I love his music. He loves these old fifty Sonya Pixies, also in a ring him over easiest, a blue collar guy, and they put him
One of our sketches need stand earning. We do it form once he'd get in and he played along. He knew his lie. Complete gentlemen. I just I just love him and dumb as a big fat we run, the show was little richer was on this in We were five american sitting in his in this rehearsal. As little Richard. We are all trying to be cool and little Richard is up. Plan plays Amazon love it Tom Jones gives up to sing a duet were the only one I could If we could hold his own next, the little guy air and at the end of the the rehearsal Richard could we have a photo with you
sure everyone I'm a photo him, as he was just a great guy here and then a funny story. My wife and I went out for dinner and I'd still chicken myself the next day they said you should have stuck run little Richard invite as up to his hotel room. I can't believe it there. We were up there. We had drinks Lou Richard when, in the other room and brought out a book of just pictures of women's Vaginas element little Richard it. They said it was so we in his shoulders and so then he said maybe I shouldn't have been there. Maybe I will make them what is to sit in a row. But with little video looking vaginas anyway improbably saying like. Why can't I like these, we'll get myself like that. It's not what you assumed in Vienna fascination, but weird when they're just separate from the body practice video- and it was the weird thing
neither party that Little Richard rose a party and then the guy I then we would. We will come back to allay and the nice we're going to Stockholm, and I couldn't go my wife when we come in. We just had a baby, so I flew home and I should give me some of that- a porn artery as its back on we're. Sweden swayed sweet. Yes, we started furthermore, to grab magazine, my wife did like that. She's is in excess of what happened to I threw out the window open when porno maybe I have gone a little Richards room so that there is no money. Python was five you well. We do not use this money python right, never seen in because they were only in English. That idea, and then we decided we should you know what we should do. We should get hold of their material
and come do some of their material and our material on American TV show. So we got our agent, we try to talk in America and we took it down to some some network to buy it and which we showed him a Monty Python and they looked at they weren't they didn't laughing. Oh, it's like laugh in they just get Monday Piper. How could they compare money? I found the so a year later we heard the time life what Monday Python and then the rest is never meet guys. I met Eric idle through doing best in show. I didn't worked at my pardon. It show judging the the dogs, Jim political level, english actor you are aware is- and I thank you and he weird a party in here.
Eric idle. He knows all his eyes were met. Eric idle and I'll sit, and I dont know what is more exciting to sit with Little Richard or Eric idle. When you realize what Eric Idle, he wrote not only with with Monty Python but wrote the nudge nudge wink, we always he was the guy. You didn't any just a regular he's isa in just a bridge arena. We sit and talk for a long time and none, He tried to get me to do one spam aloud. He wanted to be a man and I couldn't do it. I would not have been as good as they these the guy from my rocky horror show not very curry was it then they want me to replace him, and I saw you I just can't. I was so slowly one we do, and I couldn't do that there too great a great voice seeing that liking throughout your career as you talk about it that you always sort of that
there were like, as in my mind and working without American, where we are even for a little while to me as I am, must have in fact in mind. Well, it was great and Anne and then to see where he went and then we went in EU both did our EU budgetary respected, but he still had this inwards, like with comedians, exile Garrick idle you, oh my god, it's Eric. I believe that your fan of his work- and you don't want you, try to you just for a minute or two and jokes and afterwards it. Let me just have a serious conversation with this guy these Robbie heard all the jokes right, nothing, I can say making, will very nice somebody allowed, but doesn't it on another subject. We talk about people in England and now was the real people think, as I definitely have conscious memories for real people's interesting? I gotta call one day from George Slaughter sure who had done speaking where then, then, everything else round? George Slaughter, what I'm doing the show called real people? I saw you on foreign. Would tonight and you you talked a crazy- like their normal and that's what I want to do and I said well, ok,
so you want. I really crazy right. Yeah yeah, real crazies and I've always wanted to talk in our view. If you find someone on the street, it was not you. I try to make a real conversation to see what what that I was something they have something in her mind it they're trying to express, I feel. Not the most have known, but he told me about the show I say and if they had a little more focused, they probably one year talking to the eye. So he said there either about the Sharia and was in see here and it was gonna, be six Reiser. Well, ok, so I did six eminent, it wasn't quite is cutting edge, as I thought you don't seem like for you. Do it didn't really. Were unable to use your chops yeah. And I thought I was going away, you're doing a lot of stories and he was adding this. I had a friend who was an editor on the show, and he said I saw the funniest stories come in and when they came out, they cut
who summit and then the showed always end up with its time has come to say good night. We want them to do in Gaza, It is a little too american pie in America in by wasted at you. Don't want to do that. Show don't do that, so you six I know I did six and after a couple years, then of course the show skyrocket, where's use, gives Stevenson Byron, Alan and who else are not wasn't Byron out? the I think Byron did come on Bill Rafferty, Bill Rafferty or rather damages girl, San Francisco yeah, and you know who else was on the little guys era- Purcell Sarah Purcell, yet the little guy from the Christmas story, who is now a big producer director, Peter Peter Billingsley? Ok, he's acutest little kid, the most precocious little kid and of course I love in the show skyrocketed. Not are you and you have quietness and about
three years in I'm a big baseball fan, and I read an article about this: ballplayer he'd played in a major league with one arm. His name was PETE Grey, and I read a story that he was still lived in his little town in Pennsylvania and play golf. He was by in the seventies I called George Slaughter. I said George. I would love to come back to just do a story on this guy with a plea for the Saint Louis Browns in nineteen. Forty five he's a one hour in plenary. We played you'd like to forty two fifty year, but it was war time, but he held his own and Georgia as a great story ice. Remember, though not holding a saint Louis. You will double line up the story. So then he called me a few days later is: is this guy doesn't want? Do the story doesn't why they do no story of his life and easy curmudgeon? These things on the bar, but come on in Aren't you about doing a few shows, so I went- and I did about ten or eleven shows a year ago for very good money, and if I hadn't was wrong with whose good money and I enjoyed myself and then the next year I said you know,
do the whole year really made good money. May I had money, it was like at the time like fourteen thousand a week which probably like thirty, forty thousand we now come to me and I said, let me do I'll do whatever you. I'll do. The whole show sudden when when I wanted to do at any rate of my age, and he says I want for others, I want to sign a three year contracts. I so the maiden. Let's do one year at a time that look like windows, major caneback should now George once three years I said. Well, I don't know what should I do? Should I go back she's nano he's withdrawn the offer. Yeah. I think he wondered teach me lesson because I want to do a year ago he got some other got any could eat, eat, fired Bill Rafferty he's a fight everyone on the show at one time. I was not aware this except Sarah Purcell right in We see what she wanted more money and NBC said you have to pay her more money. Could she was really great, very pretty and endorses. What are you prayer, the extra money now
now, I'm assuming your relationship with him anymore. I actually do. Sarah per seller has been invited. Me might me and my wife George his wife down to their their club in Santa Monica? I said what am I going to talk to about George George, with George Slaughter, did you ever ask him whether or not he Scrooge? video eyes and think he knows when it. But for me we went down and George had a drink or to our friend you're. My favorite comic, as is my favorite guy thank. You sincerely means that a heated someone once described Georgia's easier love. You for six months then turn on your, but he's a big is a big I in industry, and we had dinner and his wife is so pretty, for showgirl, and am we had a nice evening, an ever greater you gotta, get together for a Jack Daniels which were kept calling once one story I did form, which was not the funny story. I did I used The lack of a perpetual motion machine when I had plenty of hers but he's he's is legendary. Guinea
he really start at all this reality as a first reality shows for it. Now you ve been liking. Talking about, I mean you, ve been in show business along time and even that you ve done a lot of episodic work. You have done hosting work. You ve done movie work now like in packing about water and in talking about these decisions that you may do you career is your parties, things like I should add that I always read the report. I would never be any time offered some final reason. I I can't do it I've done something I loved I've. I fought to grant s seat if a member that sheriff Eugene Levy, you short, Ryan Candy. I saw them in Canada, we're marinas rigmarole e g Others were later. They came from the dead. The second city state, Rick, Grannis, came in like a year to into it. I love the shown I'd run into Joe Flirty, rising joy. I love that show. You ve got to get me that your router, got, and I was unreal people that idea they thought I was the big, because I was unreal.
Well then some little. So I did two or three of the shows. His great moment, then went on an alien think they're all canoe, Catherine, O Hara, Eugene Catherine Marty Short, so yeah and I just did Martin Shorty Distant, a new special up and trod on it. He had me do apart. I went up to that so that's how you got him with damages. You get me. God and without what and how much you do on second city, I did two or three episodes, and I really but I, my irish sincerely loved it sort, wasn't gonna, hey you're, the greatest I really loved and I were, beyond. I just love every every character and I could quote their lines back to the house, you're a fan, and how really wasn't I still am. I still have their to Christmas episodes and I quote lines to Eugene heavy, and he does not entitle us to Jean. You did that on the Christmas have all Europe is that we make Christopher Guest it seems like really does a lot of them to Christopher. I met when they did smile, tat, smile tab,
and I'd known him? I think he was an under study when I did little murders in New York use. Just probably young act and I didn't really know him, but I think you Jeanne Levy was more instrumental in getting me because you Jeanne Rights with Christopher, where did it come from? Chris? Were guest me where I mean what was in background. He was enacted at home in New York. As I found out, he was a full group in New York folks singer. Ah he was an actor. He was in the year. What's the thing, dear down what world arising stairwells animals that go off the run off following chancellors, Women's rights. Lemming is in their opponents. Why mix right. So he was era with all those guys with Lucy was in that values, and so he was part of that group known that Ankara to forget the Saturday night live, and I
was heard a rumour when we did, we were doing a mighty wind. Some told me that a crystal guess is very special by whom he wants in his it. I heard that Mary Travers from Peter Poetry had called him yeah and wanted to be in it, and he said no, so I ask him one time I said Tristram I ve got to ask you: did Mary Travers call you easy now. That's not true. He's is, but she did baby sit for me, but when using what he was again and then and then enters the mean either he grew up in it. Yeah because he's created this with the word for it is over our like Christopher gases created this. He seemed to invented this modern. It's it's a mocking memory which vinyl tat by, but some sort of amazing cinematic space for genius Improv as import improvise, yeah, and I think he did his first one waiting for government
while the first when he was in, but it was Rob Rheinart Spinal tap than he did waiting forgot your inspiring to have this final. They their military guy, huh yeah, without easy for you, various, because I have a military background. I do- and I thought no one's gonna watch this movie. They know Michael Machine and and Harry Sheer and in Christopher, and we took a few cut, but it was How do we know what the lines where are you guys are? All friends? Do you in here he and Michael Marquis, and I did not David Lander. They were in a group called it. The credibility gap right as big wanted they played at the improv in my group, was the ace Trucking company and I thought their group by our stands. They were so bright and he had a job in the Midwest in Chicago in Indiana, we're about eleven dates and toolbars. One guy was off too. From a movie and another guy was too and we need to replace those we had a castle group. I said why don't the two of us combined?
Harry Sure, Michael Mucky and David Lander combine our material, so I got to work with them and know them, and that was in the seven, it was in this policy's seventies. Yeah yeah enjoys I'd remains very good friends with all of my, I had no idea that there is a big sort of sketch comedy Improv seen that was what kind of thriving in away in the seventies yeah that there are several different groups in there. They didn't improvised. They were, they were very scripted, but they did very political stuff and they did a version of whose First, the me is self much funnier than aben Castelo cause it's it's, promoter who comes into a newspaper to promote his rock do in Iraq. Sure I done in time and the guises? Ok, let's start whose on first and because all you already know that, because it first group was who NEA, whose unforeseen that's right, no, who Yahoo? who is right right and there's? Ok? What's the second group guess who I don't know? Who I guess and a third group was yes
tell me the name of the closing air. Yes and is the schedule yeah, I saw you always seem to think the years gadget we're not as smart as very no doubt that smart but five strain, the one we combine our sketches. Our sketches went funnier than theirs, because there was little more thoughtful and our tsars. Or cartoon people running on and off the stand silly stuff, but I've move made very good friends with all of Michael MAX in David Lander Harry sure, and I'm such such a fan of all others. So anyway, worst of Christopher Guest started doing these movies waiting for government that the company Castle Rock was quite sure what they had. Then it would got cannon and inside moving, then they did
best in Shall which is very popular their mighty. When are you aware that you are hilarious? Now I got ass gay because to me like that there is a genius in a haircut yeah I mean with whose choice was my wife. This said it should show me a group of picture of an ogre about an old is poisonous somebody's rock groups. These guys were little to older. Look leather like that right, MRS, you should she's just die your hair blonde with dark routes. So I said: ok, I think I'll. Ask Chris and I said no better, not ask risk as in if it's not his idea, he won't like right. So I got my here died, the guy who does my area. And I went in and crystal oh god it's awful lion and that the Hare people were very support. We can bring the color down right and there it's funny. So as it I came in with some suit, I bought some suit suits and yet
full hawk thing. Had the events like for the next move, we, which was up for your consideration at that time, in the mighty wind. I said you know I'd like to wear a little early little uranium and no, no, no hearing. So the next move. The final movie was for your consideration is that I think I'd like to die your hair blonde. Give you a few HAWK and he's. I think at a little ear rings. That's bonkers! Then there was his idea. Tat was so hilarious because, if that character to me the whole, the the washed up comic element of that was yet that's what I thought he'd my character was supposed to be just a manager right. A volume of of of a musical group, I said, might be funny if he had a sitcom. The next comic right right had one year on a sit com thirty years ago thought everyone remembered his catch phrases, and now it's all you hear it was all young up with that yeah yeah. Why? I don't like it. I don't remember but others that time in that period with everyone
was catchphrase soldiers and actually icy competent, repeating it oh yeah identity, and I think I started my let's get it out of the way. Why, unlike German, Lula, so gas creates Ireland, where you can do that area very much so and he's very you know he tell you exactly what you have to get out what information yeah. He gives you your care and then I added a little too what it with a background and down and then the foreseen he sets the camera, and this is the interview and it went for twenty minutes and he just walk with whom he says. Well, that's half hour movie right there, but here we won't say it's funny was funny yell, it's! No! It's a then when you have cut down to a maybe a minute, but even get what you want and barbaric into may do. So
Therefore, when a committee, whether he is to write well, he is the perfection he fits everything of improvident try to top you heed and trotted state. He just becomes the character and if he gets a laugh, if not, he just becomes that characterises the perfect example of of of improv. Is that the trick to it when you doing like? As you know, I know that a lot of people know what there's a body improv groups in this and even back in the day you guys were playing improv games, but but but that's that stage at club improv. So when you do improvisational acting, what are some of the tools you bring to the table you ve got to do is theirs different, as you say club, and I
I cheated. If I try to beef- and I try to be funny- hey- let's get a laugh here here, but the ideal is just get in the scene and listened partridges like earlier, and I often tell people improvident thinkin improvise if you're starting out get into a scene and don't try to be funny just talk to the person you're gonna grows you, sir. I need milk at me, then some funny, I'm oh by the way, less time you bought milk, it was sour and then but I like it so Essie if they got sour milk GM just now, you come up with it, but don't try to be funny and right. There's some people can take to be very funny, some virgin. Funny being serious, so there's all all different ways and if you re can teach him because what we are causing the guy, like you know, you ve right, worked with a lot of cats in your life, where, within private cars there there, the there's almost a different set of personalities. One like there's the brash guy, verrier and but there's always to guide that under plays at year end
A kind of is a little stilted incomes with his own timing like this stuff in their best to show when you see in there. I was just talking about this for my friend that that the whole, like you, seem to build a pretty solid sense of past for these guys do you know you could just read into that guy there? You know he was sort of tv hack, the young you're, not a member, but every familiar with that guy and you have very sort of familiar kind of uniquely american disposition, yeah that that when you see the that the darker elements, guys orator negroes, even though its common out just trying to make conversation in an awkward situations, seeds vocabulary dude new, make certain choices about their life. You just have a couple of things to hang it on a year, and I think if someone asked me about them, you lot actors, you say the right a whole by all right. I never did there, but if someone asked me about my character, what did he do three years ago? I could tell you Thea:
you know, was emerging married once and then he got a divorce. Just it's it's kind of fits into the background you see as such or self in this situation. I guess that's how you do it in Christopher Guess will give you the here's? What you did you did this, that Europe against the sky and a barbaric ban as a perfect foil cause he's so seriously every him from Seinfeld where he played the head event BC. Scared me and what went in waiting for government there was a scene work, Cavanaugh Heron. I have become in the room, an audition for the Palais DE I didn't know. Bob Bela Ban was gonna, be in the room. Then he has ever look on his face like who the hell is this it's all in enough. I think it was best and I had go up and in an interview him so immediately. I got a brass side to me. He was doktor soldier, There was not a little pain in my upper up and loved ones. Let me cite, as is colder, and he just looked at MRS Well- I'm not that kind of doktor how he contrived to tee. Me? Isn't what even do it? But I am not just
No idea here, but he was so perfectly separately. Eugene levies that again to get well go he's like you, can just take advice as to in your contract. And I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, but it just let me I wouldn't say that to crystal again: do you Jeanne levies, character, no Eugene by rights, garret their fun people to work with its, I think, is Bob Alban's been around census, Sixty stand. He does every man every you see movies. He produces EAST Asia. He's a terrific. I work out from the Bell a ban, the archaic whatever bang, diet or family were ignored. Dad- I didn't already their daily- went away in key moment. Five according to tie tie and jack and adapt losing your tie? So in the big picture, things like you know after you get back in the army. He made this choice and we went out your family reacted at yet I could not. I didn't want to tell I got a job. My item stepfather
and you know you gotta go into business business, so I got a job in New York in an office but was a kind of job we it was. It was a credit, come he could go out on the street and got a different kind. Please get credit report so often those whenever an audition I could get up and leave, and but at night we are doing, is comedy act with my partner, and you know he is always really tough, but I couldn't do not leave a club at midnight agenda. It get home at one. He had to be up. It. Ain't been work at nine and my partner. Lost his job as a boy you're lucky you can sleep, but he had a wife here nosedive, whereas the you're lucky I envy and as making like eighty five bucks a week, but we finally audition for a company upstate New York, you heard about the cascade view, has not the cat skills is. Was they like the the the Goya but can't skills of more white bread, dinner theatres? it was good in theater- was repertory here and we auditioned. There was a first banana
I'm a name Larry Wild he's really evil. Eeg wrote all these books about the jewish, job book. The age armor makes it yeah verve very funny man, not that forty onstage. It was like, like Alan King kind of corny whom, but in person he was the funniest guy and he was the first banana. They needed a segment annesley hired my partner and I as second banana. While the good thing we got to get my partner job, I got to quit my office job. I had to go home and tell my parents Amity in show business and my my father being very supportive. You lot more unemployed actors in their our credit reporters and well in all in all. I know that You never get away with that. Guy now look back, he had a tougher. You know: you're stepfather, your mother marries another guy. I hate him, then he didn t care for anything. I
yet in here anyway, it's a long story, but he died and- and I look back and I said I have met- maybe he was not that ETA headed tough just a matter of approval of it was ok. She lived to be a good old, a good right by age. Ninety three Genji was it was you some your success. I saw some of my staff yeah. She was amazed, proud and see the house we live and which is not. That great is a nice house, but all she had to take pictures and show our friends and ass. She was great, she didn't quite get em and she had a pretty good sense of humour in she needed from cleave, and you have a good sense of humour and cleaning, though she was the least funny of all her brothers and sisters. We know Jack and winters comes from Clayton. Indeed they no longer ass. Does that Ohio Bob Hope here, Jack Reilly, guys I met out here is a clean, drew carry. I think I've. Actually when rocks I have you. Have you spend time with Jonathan Winter, a little bit he's alive
Beware the idle arouse, as others have done, and if you're with him long enough, you'll come down and just vapor etiquette As a young lawyer, I spent an hour. Daganu yeah further have always characters right sure yeah yeah, there's no eleven as he gets older. I think that day there he's right in their by its ease, got a hell of a memory I think so his eighties idea, like can do, is first radio bits do remember. Hearing on the radio is, I think, he's some of his first bits were on the radio. No evil of first I saw em. I was in a room and there was a Kogi comedy our something, ladies and gentlemen, Jonathan winners and he came out and he did a thing about a sword fight. I always make up near her and he went in the closing the sword in his she's here, but ah, like he stabbed him off firm Jonathan Winters. They commercial, the audience laughed and of the down. Then they start a laugh again. I'd, never scenery and the left adjust,
build and they know never seen anything like this he came along in that same wave, Shelly Berman, Bob Newhart. Lenny Bruce Jirga, designing those guys. I saw Shelly burn many times in person. Mort saw I Why does seem Lenny Bruce? I was at his famous Carnegie Hall concert: New couldn't wait. I effect. Because you didn't Giotto midnight. I've been greatly, was a midnight show up and was a huge snow storm right and he came out and you could hardly knows what are they What are you wild evaded nowhere in her, but then people from the balcony started a yell. We can't hear you worry about was screw. You you're not better seat shoes on a good long time, but it is very hard to hear him.
Then I came out to allay and he was appearing in them. The Hollywood canteen with little places longer and they re reviewed. His shall I go down. Assumes a small place. Very came in late walked in with a raincoat walked up on stage walked talked about ten and it is mad about some years ago. I got a swift and wait a minute. We did another ten minutes and split, so I never got to really see his act, but I got a Sancho CDS. Says he saw him and he couldn't hear him at the peak of his career and then he saw him and he was too fucked up the deal with hand as career, but I got a bulldozer book about six of his CD hounded some great area, half of which is Jesus other, have adjust blah blah blah air, who has Bob Newhart become a bit friendly with him? I did his shop sweet Guy, just a real high voltage. I too have nice guy, just the sweetest no work trying with very yeah yeah. Now, when you work with them, your guys, like you, did someone TIM and Eric right, yeah. I heard I never saw what I did.
I never heard of her shawl and young people would come up to me to manual and timid Eric here. I said yes, I was all great, so I called my age and I set of terminal- ever call tell me I'll be under showcase young people and I did a second. I think- and I did not understand what I was doing my piece together viewed in some areas, looking through a phone book for restaurants or something maybe it will please it s about. What's the point, we please together never side. I think I've finally sought a rumour some years feeding people are out of. Drop her. Second, he just went along when I went along with it, and I ask that this right is withdrawn, but their very popular really got into that comedy is, as is change like it became very open with Bruce. I am even talk about more mighty pipe. And came on and opened up sketch material out calmly material, because you could problem with someone could stand up in the middle
sketches. I saw em in the wrong sketch I'd. Never seen that. If you can you do that, sorry, I'm wrong schedule etc. There live as you done it. And then coming out blue and Alice which I love S blue comedy of it's funny David tell I've got a cd yeah of David. Tell that I listened to, and I won't let my wife listen because it so graphic, listen to them was wise. And very dirty, but in funding reserve its dirty and funny, and then them no comedy seems to be a lot of it. If dumb comedy, there's no job that's the job is no help and body. I feel so all I said I'm not getting it sometimes on selling, I live a watches sketches what what was the job here other times yourself. Funny there so bright. I love certainly, but we t vote in here. I love their chaos. There is great great Fred, artisan he's good huh yeah and there they do. I love it when he does
They don't lose sketch like the older Halloween Party, Vincent Price, and you know how crowd, doesn't know who they are these, but here was later I met him on the Jimmy Phelan showed Bill hatred, Atomizer, Jesus you're, so young and regular these fourteen years old and places great characters on a guy divert they're all funding so that our often do do you your improper, his answer. We started doing a little feeder on fresh eggs called Bang here, and we got this group's people right sketches. We started doing these shows we did him from six months once every month, every two months than second city got in touch with. What did you do it at our theatre? It's on Hollywood Boulevard, they ever workshops, Aaron and very nicely reacts about senator's son. You guys you monkey Duke govern these catches are wide good news sketches of this great. They have they come in with a new sketches and will yes great people and it started out I would write most of the sketches and now I'll do maybe one Skanska someone else
so funny up. We will add another year when a couple was grey talk, any afraid. Thank you for the think you and thanks for coming on and as a pleasure. They said my wasted boy, I'm glad you do March. It was very hip everyone in everyone's. I suppose this is great. I know mark and nerves. For some reason I thought I'd done your show, but I dont might have done by phone a year or so ago. Did you do some First, I think we did maybe some very America that might have been area for a minute or two, but their latest project read well right now, I'm now. Thank you. So much now, let's go to where we have Tom Cruise, that with Red Willard Fred. Well, I was less than it does in there. Did I do it? Was his only greater big fan- and I guess I, my leisure rest in peace, bread, wayward overspread, wayward from two thousand and twelve resting-
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