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Remembering Garry Shandling

2016-03-24 | 🔗
Marc’s conversation with Garry Shandling from May 2011. Garry passed away on March 24, 2016.

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Hey folks, its mark? How are you don't like to do this? I don't I don't like to have to do this, but we do this when somebody I've talked to here in the garage has passed away and down when the great great comics in comic mines. Has some has has died, gary handling has passed away. and it some it's it's. So it's you so sad. I did this episode in In may,. two thousand and eleven it was epochs. damn one? Seventy seven, so it's. It's only available behind a pay wan and out of respect for. four gary, I wanted to try to give it back to
anyone who has an herded into those who want to listen to it again because it was a Pretty amazing and sweet interview and I was very nervous about it, he would he was a very, am respected and- brilliant guy, I didn't know him: we were not close friends by but between his work as a stand up- and I know it's scary- showing show in and wary sanders of course, you die How? How could you not just be an hour a guy. What a hilarious and brilliant guy and when I I think judd appetite help me set it up and I remember was won the first times actually had so celebrities email other than judd's, and I you know how much I was supposed to pass through him or or whether we could make it happen. I remember going back and forth with him and then you know the eve. His emails were hilarious and I was like a year. You know any kind of place.
for a little while before we could actually do the show. He wasn't sure. If you want to do the show and at the time he got here. I was so beside myself and so nervous and didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if he was just going to you don't make me tat. You know fundamental time, I just had no idea because the thing that I knew from watching channeling from watch It shows and primarily merrily stand up. He said he Edith He was one of these amazing performers and mines aegis had his own timezone, he just unity are you existed in in it in and in just gary channeling timezone? And Timing on stage was, unlike anybody else's you're. His ability to prolong take two to sort of yards punch wines in it in a slightly stilted. causing way- statistically, which you so unique, and so right on the market so in the tradition of stand up of being a comedian. Now he was a a job
driven stand up with a truly unique persona. Point of view there is. There is roses that seem to operate at such an intense level. That it gave him an almost buddha alike nervousness if that's possible, and it was just such a thrill to watch him stand up in an obvious. We, you know with with Larry sanders. You know this is he reinvented the medium of television, the thing that you see on television that you like oh some debt to wary sanders. He reinvented it by carrying it open from the inside and creating this. This cast of characters who, whose depth, just Who's out of like their broken egos in this just, Subliminally hilarious way. You ve never seen a cast a characters like that in the comedy was so specific and so perfect. mine blowing and can t
needs to be mine, bone. I don't know man, you just don't expect people to die. I know we're supposed to expected, but we I don't expect it. And he was certainly young, he was sixty six. I believe in and. We should have for longer the thing that Everyone needs to realise a gary handling is that he was a truly regional comic genius. And he had a way of seeing and a way of doing in a way of of constructing comedy. in his act and in on television in a way that will, completely original and at that really such such a rare thing. And it's a blind man, the guy was fucking sublime.
but I want to share this sum this interview because One thing that amaze me about him that I did not expect to happen was how sort of how much piece of He had you know four for a from all currencies for a. Utterly neurotic jewish guy. Here he had an amazing piece of. and he seemed to be With himself he seemed to have wisdom around. how peace of mind is attained and any it definitely felt. the peace of mind the garish only had when, when I spoke with him, Was earned and that day He was vigilant about entailing that peace of mind and dumb I'm happy! I have this conversation to her to give back in M, I'm a little better devastated. That tone. I won't run into him again or see him around you just when those guys
I see em like I'd, get all excited. I got I'd want to run up to him and go hey. What's up? What's up gary how you doing and his watch him kind of new pull back a little bitten. Beyond nervous. At my weird lack of boundaries, india, aggressive energy resting he's gary shelling. You were you were you you're when the greats so here's my conversation with them with garish handling, may two thousand and eleven. come on. It's the future man
working from home gary? Oh buddy, yes, and I mean my buddy, a good friend of mine, has just said to me: let's get you on on your website talking something going yeah, so I've got to I've got to get. Do that or you think your mind that you have a friend who's an architect, or does he have a podcast? No, he just very, very smart, easy at harvard grad and we get along really well yeah and shot something for him, and so I'm what I'm saying is I'm trying to catch up to the future yeah. I am
into it. But but you know, lots of people told me about you. Yeah, like five yeah, that's a lion and then someone my buddy bruce greyson who's kind of one of my best friends, yak of artists yeah. He called me two nights ago and he sat down. Listen, there's this woman that I know who's really smart and especially creative, and maybe he mentioned her name yeah and she said you should listen to this guy and he does an interview show or something yelled and he goes mars at mar. I said it's mark marron Yeah yeah, that's it. I said, I'm doing it two days from now. He knew so that's really a severe coincidence. So I think people listen to it. I mean a lot of people seemed the government. I think told me Sarah was on my show. I talked to her for an hour. I think just told you and then you met me. Is it me you are we. I already taping sure we can start taking one annual yeah, I mean. Have you been here women taking this part? They were taking this,
ass? A guide our nobody me now you may like to starting now know is happening. I started it when I mention the driveway. Did you see twelve years ago when I met you in the bathroom or the governing stir. Well, you know one we're in the bathroom together. I forget where it is Can you remember that night didn't. I, where I met you for a very you'd, have to tell me because I'm a bad memory, but I remember just bumping into you, of course, in your driveway lay before just now by my remember me meeting you em pop I am sure that we met that, but I think that was the first time we actually met. I think I might I met you when you hosted the young comedian special in an aspirin, and I was just mad that I wasn't part of it not dare, and then I actually the first memory. I have a view. I was working, though back lot at the comedy store.
and I know you drove up in, I believe, a a grey porsche yeah is that possible yeah yacht and I I offered to park too. I I said that you won't be. You won't give me the keys and your you said. No left it. No that's a good impression because it was nottingham park. I mean I really don't care about material things. I just get concerned that vomit could ruin the paint. And once you take it into that backlot at the comedy store which smells like vomit, doesn't there's a parking lot, there's something wrong with that place: smelled like vomit in the back yeah. If it doesn't smell like pot, it smells like vomit. At times it smells like some strange mix. but you weren't. You are really working there at that time. That much I mean I seem to have gotten their right after everybody that really became big at that place left. I think you are practising too to host a shower presenting oscars. Thing I remember watching you unthinking like holy shit, disguise in a different time
John with his comedy and it's amazing, and then you after was like four minutes and in in a different time zone is a good thing. That's what I was wandering. Yes, I think if it brings me to the idea, jet lag. That's what you meant it didn't you know. Now I mean we have a very deliberate the style of timing that a you know is it to its it's it's completely your own and that's a hard thing to do. Yeah did you find out, I mean when you when you started out when were you more manic or at any other time? No, I think I was never really manic na. However, I think thea the idea of that slow paste, dialogue, in which I am speaking to you now, it's good ass, purely because I'm thinking is also sort of exaggerated, because I think there is a certain pace that
it is required on stage. On the other hand, on the other hand, I've been working sort of slower than ever recently and I'm trying to find a new style, newer style that sir, so conversational that people of participation when their supposed to be about, and the other thing is of course, Alvin access has a very contemporary slow, slow pace, the actual pace which, you you you and I both saw and I'm assuming you saw some years ago- people don't like how long he's been honing that style down, because he had a talk, show one time which was fantastic and never picked up for anyone, our vh one. He it. I thought it was good yeah. It was. It was twelve years ago the latter stuff goin on. there is. I remember that it was in it. It was almost like yours in a hanger space and there is a lot of
things and he was walking round the clipboard yeah yeah. I mean you know it's funny how that works, because if you thought of Zack Alfin act as having a talk show now you'd want you to meet it Yeah. Of course that's what happens? You never know who's going to sort of surface and and turn into something yeah. You don't it's kind of like trying to draft an athlete. You know out of college and you you try and figure out if they can make it in the pros and you know that's where they have the combine now in professional football behaviour, that I've been trust what they see they have to measure the. How long is is jump harassed as is hundred out that the aids it's gonna technical, sir, comes almost like a slave auction yeah in some weird that might be art, but I say now now my getting richer, I'm sure behind the behind och room, that's discuss, Z, high some of the planet
like some alone yeah agricultural option. It's almost like the same sense of of anime yeah you're measuring it yeah. It would be like taking us and saying here read these ten jokes right right to see if the, the funny delivery right and then ok give us for of your own and there I ve under some men, a score right, and then they go wait. What is is with the third reading? What's his parents without any errors funny in algeria and selfish, you salvaged you three generations back perfect now getting around the my family would knock me out with it. every day I would again arrived and I think they pass yeah. Oh, I cause. We are there at this moment, where I ve no would like I get this I don't know you that well, I always we ve never talk before, but I seem to think that you have answers and they have an acute sensitivity to to comedic personalities, because you said something to be about we're sitting on stage for the for the prevents, a thing and you
you mentioned there. You know he said day your mother, and I was like tat- was just a guess: Why a remark? I'm not I'm not a psychic, but I assume everybody. The mother now I can probably sure I think you can think you a mother issue from a father issue and in people when it sort of you can do you now, I'm not not always accurately in their so many, complicated the combinations there are forever. What do you think the idea, the most like the mother? Think, as I say, I never assumed that I was. Essentially a mother issue. What might not be? How was your dad he's manic depressive lunatic? but my mother was the one who were who made me afraid of food are so there both a little now yeah, you well
the father was actually a, I would say really completely normal, really yeah to a fault. No, I think a seriously. I think he he had his own business. He had a printing company. That was very success, I'm just going through it now in my head, I mean, I think, it's interesting. He he had his own, Isn't this what you think about it doing comedies your own business? What followed in his footsteps right, I just didn't, do it on the I didn't I didn't. I was ready to get my handcart press yeah. That's why I didn't follow him and yeah. I find the printing business interesting, but he was I go with a big company and very successful, so I think I m a quiet, quiet on the quiet sire, I think of integrity of and a sort of humorous I remember once some once we
in a restaurant. When I was a you know, certainly under ten years of asia, and this man said: hey earth, which was my dad's name, her handling and any play basketball. in high school and college he was a honorable mention all american beer with a kind of running the jumper. You know like the old old school kind of basketball and he said something like or have you know my wife Helen and he said hi and the guy said to my dad. Helens lost the ninety pounds and he goes wow and now she's right where she wants to be, and my dad said in that booth in the in the restaurant and I'm not saying like the funniest thing, I've ever heard by any imagination, but I will not be able to come up with something my country, my mother, said it's just whack behaviour. We are now
I think that there the turn of phrase and then the surprise ending, that's definite. I'm well crafted jochen. That moment, which shows that he was sort of witty yeah. Yeah I am your mom, nothing, no funny. My mom is a character that is somewhat stereotypical to the jewish mom, who I it, as you probably knows, am. I had wanted to marry me. Oh yeah events are completely conflicted because she wanted me to have kids, but not with another man right now with another level in this area. I am a very hard to get correct. Is there a site mother wanted me that two ways you go at the hildred, but the hat with her, nor with another man who had a leader way either way left buried in mommy added she. She doesn't want me away from her and her sister, I think, as a little Lupi who lose in chicago, because her sister said to her kids near if any one leaves evans deny automatically disown use.
Our kids grew up. It's a really. They remove robinson was a kind of nothingness. It's pretty knotty that that's it. weird kind of like a mashed again, don't leave me, canada, yeah, craziness, yeah yeah might and so I dunno my my parents were: how did your parents end up jews? Oh my my dad was a little quiet, yeah, no answer, but the question about how they ended up jews. I'm sure it was her. Fourth selection. He couldn't have been the first thing. He grew up with the southwest. I yeah so listen. This makes it so weird. So here's why I have been manic, I might have a manic habit had they lived in new york, but right where they were in chicago and moved to arizona. When I was two so I grew up in the desert yeah, I grew up in mexico. I did know that yes, stranded Jews. I mean it's like to me that meant that they needed to get a fiery eyes now, as they only do. I mean to don't ask, don't tell applied to me for fifteen years I didn't say I was actually really gonna cost. Say and on I'm out I wasn't celebrating the holiday. I had a cold pretty soon,
big, but now, where you phoenix tucson arizona. where do you have your family? The shadow is one of the original arizona Jews. I think that's probably right. I am like there's more now as it is they that they ve discovered again and- and you know it's that dry heat and am sure and I like to desert buddy. I think my dad was a tad quiet. Like me, and then my mother was very, very assertive, smothering yeah yeah andy. Eighty. What to do with that? No, you don't know what to do with that, because you can't he even in therapy. If you were to encounter that in a couple you don't know how to get the the person to stop. You know how to extract the person from the person has hiding behind her Sophia
my my mother was just an overly needy idea of the smothering thing was never an issue, it was just said. Never enough, I think, probably as I look at you, though now and just took a second year. I met you yeah and like you right away, I thought you rightly and that's what separated me from the others, there's no regular has shown that it is I mean yes, I saw a something I relate to, which is which is a compliment. I mean I, I sort of see a a a a a desire to rise above your crazy issues which, I think, by the way everybody has. I know you'd rather than shove them down right. You probably examine them to some degree, can you talk about it yeah I waited until we had common ground media. What was what's your process? I mean like on any given day like today. You know I got obsessed about something I I began
compulsively eating an end. I was anxious about travelling and end. It gets I get spun out. I mean: what do you do every day Well, how was your crazy manifestly like literally I didn't check in on you earlier yeah, you should have called me. I we did actually yeah. I don't. I don't have any real, compulsive, obsessive issue here, the neuroses The triggers are now and then I would get anxious about travelling yeah. I think a lot of people do, but I do really go over. I sort of get indecisive about which thing to to do, because I have a voice in my head that says you should do this right should do that. Writing, that's the that's the the these are the things I've tried to riser above and still tackle the issue of being free. To be exactly I am the paralysis of indecision. There is a paralysis, the indecision, yet a body might who knows you elsewhere? It there's a no win their because sometimes I take a decision and I feel that wasn't the right decision, but I've got a lot better without you
it's all right away. I two eyes: I saw the box about eleven years ago. Right to start the box and others are rooted in. The reason is a twofold: is one is out of my comfort zone completely. Never was a kid who got into fights and so the idea of really being in a ring were someone's gonna start, throwing punches and then really main reason. The other one is that you don't have time to. Thank. You have become completely intuitive sunrise, growing upon you after counter or you move, or you get here back for you then iraqi, but you can't think about it and when you land upon you can't think about it. I get good at it well I'm sure getting better than I was the which is better than getting worse. You were, headgear or do I do I wear headgear that goes. I were headgear that goes from my head down to my knees, it's quite along its biggest one when they signed
by and by the point of it. May I kind of dismay by insurance companies, I use them. by the full body mad now that the metal sweeping equipment on the beach. What are those yeah. What are they? My future, probably originally used for landmines, divine landline sure have until the first. I found a ring I do know when I get back to the states. This is again see the thing yeah, those are the things we start boxing and what that, but isn't like comedy a little out of the comfort zone. I mean I feel like that's very that's why I did comedy jerry, there's like in exactly what you're saying your experience with boxing is my experience with comedy. It's the only time I feel present. It's the only time where my reflexes take over ego and it's the only time I I literally feel open and pray and myself right. So
I would say to that is you should live like that. That is what happens is and the thing goes on in your life and you don't think of it as a in your life, if you're on stage, you don't have time to do anything with a heckler but say a few words. moreover, with regard to the next thing right, yeah where's, your obsession realise what what happens. What could happen notes changing a young, I'm not in a million growing. Are you wouldn't be that's right, talkin about right? Any! It's like I don't have time. Are the energy to beat the shit out of myself anymore. Well said I mean that it's weird as you get older sort of like you, get a each, is exhausting man right, yeah and an end. Even if I have, I guess what I did candy account when a welter wake. Oh, what a worldwide dealt for, beating the shit out of yourself rights, especially if you're not alyosha, heavyweight, higgs, narcissistic gap, boxing belt through, like even like yesterday did ferguson shown I hadn't done it before, and I know it was fine,
but I did that thing where I don't know who you are when you get off stage but had been a while, since I've done that, I thought I rushed through the last joke, the power was a little awkward because even though I think it's I like to have a free form. Conversation like we're having right now, but he does that with his panel, like he literally like just give him thirty things about you and then he's just going to talk yeah. No, I think, I think, there's a fair amount of shorter looking back and judging exactly what happened, because it also happens so fast. I mean, I think I am right with that. I look at the film of the game right, but I, but I didn't have a film I just had me saying. I don't even want to see the film right. I think there are two and I look and I'm walking off in it, and I did that thing where I got off where I haven't done, while I dunno. If I'll do this, where the guy comes up the the producer- and he says that was great I was really great in and then I say really was it because I don't want to take this. various away from you, because I dont believe what you're saying and I
bigger, went decorate, hadn't say that, but I said it by saying really hear those are taught us I actually had a your bandwidth. Out of anything to say I mean I hadn't I've done it were. I said something and I've done I haven't said something, but I'll tell you recently. I hear a talk show which will remain nameless for the moment yeah after I boost it up in the second half hour of the show I'll tell you, but the producer ran over to me at the end of the show and literally said to me, not your fault, oh yeah, and I and I actually think I know what he meant, but you know wondering about oh shit in category one, that's your file, that's a great one! Yet that diversity
as yeah, and it wasn't sort of an rv. It was an overall note right, it was, and you just did you your parse it in your head and find that it was I I had a hunch of what he was talking about, but it is still a can a can get you wondering for a second, but I knew the fellow well enough that we were able to talk it out so and by the way ye. May I say to you my dear friend: yes, sometimes it's not your fault, ok, so when those lights around, you know we're there, can we are now people dont know what exactly feels like it feels like it you if it you if you're you're me it feels like it's your fault sure I yeah, sometimes the items it isn't right. It's weird ain't. You know what you're saying is true, and I mean you spend a lot more time in front of the lights and I have, but it is in reality and in that moment all you're thinking is why don't even acknowledge that that you know you're in this heightened reality where you're talking to the host of a show and everything's happening in the minute, but when you're in it, you completely know it
yeah yeah there's no way not to know it. I think probably that's. Why mark I I lean towards using the camera when I do those shows, especially when I would wholesome sure I kind of look over to the camera here, because it's like you, know, hey yeah. I know we're all looking at this and we're all together. anderson I just screwed up or he screwed up or whatever you're great reactor yeah, I'm a good reactor is that was that a planting know. You can plan that anything relays. Oh god, hey trying to be kind of a wacky mom, so I can just fucking react Come out of the worms, annoying just work baffled and try to smile through it yeah that yeah I see I was given that choice from birth. I good, but that was a good. That's a that's! A that's! A life question! Yeah what you just said yesterday, just the barrel and baffled and smile through it yeah that's sound. Some people choose to live their life.
Area. There is on people generally, you live there like yeah yeah, but I gotta think of that. I'm figurative area, and then they want to blame others, but do have you got to the point where you can thank your mom like here like this, a gift I actually gave my mom a really nice. Thank you gift for her birthday. Once he and wrote a note on there saying I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you and she looked at it. This is true and yet at it and then took a beat and then looked up. We were alone in the kitchen, the oxygen and she said why. Why can't you say this on tv and I looked at her and I said well Let me see if I have this right would mean more to you if I set it on tv as opposed to right now, when I'm with you in the kitchen, in pursuit of speaking to you as your son. She said on tv and that
true like yeah. I don't want to hear you say. Oh my god, I never thought it was that big a deal until the item mars marin says: oh, my god did you wait, but then the question the like were for me like. If I like it, I put myself in your position. I would be like alright, ok, ok, ok, I'll, try to say it. On tv, I've seen my mom on tv yeah. I think it's followed by a unit to make her happy and which I don't remember the year, but in here I think the part of that is people get very confused with she's, also confused with what's real when I'm on tv or what I'm, which I don't think she knows, which one is real to be As I do, I can't separate the truth from what he sees on tv and so forth, and so or does she like the one on t v better? That's what I'm concerned with that would be your concern. Yeah, that's interesting! think about efforts and, like my mother, bury talks to me now she listens to the show twice a week. She listened to the show
he knows what's going on in my life we barely speak and everyone smile, god you're going to be like I got an email. Today's go you're going to. australia, and that's that's how we commute And what do you say to that? I dont respond. I know not. Why do I say again I am going away. I see the truth. Is we're doing the chauffeur your mother? That's right. It's also my hope. from having the young confront your mail people doing this showed to help you from confronting with your mother. That's what the whole subtext they show is. Isn't it could you say no undermining one high marks mom? I guess I e logic is of places plastered with your picture, how your heart- oh yes, he is, they will too hot. That's right there with me with a beehive hairdo on that desk over their me look yeah, that's that's what I had to live with. Well, you can't! You know you can't tell you how much photo because look at that haircut, harvey oswald doesn't look like such a bad guy. We're just look at this delicate issues as she's baffled cheese
ending like that always use? She is kind of it she's attractive, yet very attractive. I mean she's older. Now, where was this? That was my grandmother's house. New jersey, new jersey, sure sure whether generation and I had a dream. I actually had a dream last year that true that somehow I ended up in my mother's house in the thirty These are some piano and there was no sense of this was in my dream. There was no sense, of course, of therapies of self realism, anything worrying inward any, whereas there was no sense of it even in the air. I don't like that. We sometimes when you're in dreams, and in that moment, where you have absolutely no awareness of yourself, is welcomed. Beautiful man, tired, no no it's just struck me deeply that that's view in pan and that should go on a t shirt, not the archives.
Me again. Sometimes when you're in a dream or e mail causes of yourself is just beautiful. You have no awareness of yourself, so you always have an awareness of yourself that makes it that that brings. pain right. No, no. I feel better when you of you're, not conscious of yourself and a little bit of it yeah, I mean we can talk about other things, I think we can. I bet you one hundred bucks. It comes back to this. Every time, though I didn't bring you here to talk about me. I I was you did you said I think you know you have some answers. you seem to have them like when I started asking right. Well I mean the men were not what I want to know is: how do you evolve? You know into I out
okay, so the indecisive, the and decisiveness, and then the the sort of beating the shit out of yourself and you've taken action around that stuff. Your boxing, you always played basketball, know cause. I knew guys who play basketball with you and always thought that if I knew how to play basketball when I was younger comic, I could have met you sooner, but I didn't know how to play basketball and everyone's going over there to play basketball with you. I felt I felt like I blew an opportunity there cause. I knew people who play bass, so I think one mistake is thinking of it as an opportunity, because it's really just a life experience We play basketball, so you or your handmade or whatever it would have stood out that you felt like it, was an opportunity and will sit out cause. I don't know how to play with that too. So you'd have been you've been screwed, either way and yet they about like a lot of guys. You're lucky you didn't like playing the game. We ve it was a pretty competitive. Now I only wish to apply, but it did get an anonymous and now it's a fun games. I'll break eyes, though, if you could you please, I can't name them all, because it's kind of like private, ok, it is it's a bit of a sacred guys, should not get it
but when you started out you were you, do we weren't comic? You didn't start in I started as a writer I was brought on after college. I wrote for sanford and son was like twenty five years old. Did you think Fred red fox was hilarious? I thought red fox was funny, but I was learning to write scripts right and then, after I wrote three of them that were that they shot. I was confused because I was kind of wondering how you write more than three. Why do you write twenty? Why do you write forty right and I had a therapist nan, which was very fortunate and I said, I think, I'm something's wrong with me, because I why anyone would be happy to be working on the number one show at the time and be making really good money, and why am I here? She said your board and its. Me like, like a bike therapy, saying everything. My mother had never said that while it struck me right because
I was always taught that it was your problem. Right was, she said, you're bored and I never thought of it. That way, and that's when I started to stand up cause, I was bored and that's why the Larry sanders show, for instance, that really a formula series it was. I could I made it hard, but it was like a little movie every week as opposed to some formula, but when you deal with him again, once you figured out your comic voice, and you were me I guess hosting the tonight show and stuff like that was there did. You feel, relations with india. I get bored fast man, I would hope for a week and I went well. Why would you oh? Why would I do this for a whole year for thought me? It is very hard for a lifetime. and then and then the reward? If it goes well, you do it for a lifetime or something- and I utter envy, those guys who do it well, yeah, and I mean it's even the same with my stand up, which is why I'm in the middle, as I speak to you of trying to expand my style into something, that's current with,
how I think of life. Now, how are you approaching the change? It's really tricky, but it's a you know a bit of a conversation about the world and what to you know, I I saw a lot of this stuff coming with the world. I was a hippie and anti establishment and meander. This is a you know. This, a materialistic money run is dead, is a dead run and that's just what we're proving as we speak. I think the governments are conceivably bankrupt as of forty eight hours from now or something
as we speak, that's right, so it nothing surprises me like. I don't think the system works right, but in some ways I think the obstacle with that is is for enough people. It seems to work, ok and no one wants to fight it. I think they're are going to start, I think they're starting to flail a bit too. I really meant, but I think the masses are certainly flailing and I think they don't know what it is and they're not willing to admit that. It's all of us who have supported a false system and a big ass file system with a big spin right right, resize god, we trust with rising. It is not the case at all. Was the money, money and power matter whether the gun, It's been sort of functioning as a money laundering, but I think when you have to say that's right: it's one big ponzi, but I think when you, when you say the government, you have to understand that you have a responsibility in that. I think each
It's probably thought these are my values right the same as I want money, and I want a job- and I want this- and I want that too, and I want to write your car becomes hard to be to not be hypocritical, even if you're wrong anchor, that's correct, because everybody wants to be comfortable and then you, sir, to send money what charity of your choice and you feel like you're doing something where you're going, I always put in parentheses on those charity donations. I put loan and I never see the money again and I put I got frontages. It says loan. I really do want a little donated to the japanese earthquake data, the red cross. The eye money put loan in parentheses. I think they are you so much the awkward now when I meet anybody in the red cross. I don't know whether to say anything. I look at him go her when they were his anger. You know, I haven't you guys and he goes what he's talking about. Then I feel awkward its level of metal is a disaster is not the time to bring a money you'll get it back. Comically you'll, get it back. I think he's not the big plans, even how we get for pints of blood. The item
It's worth it when you needed so so you're trying to engage on a socio political level with people. Ngos are mainly emotional, psychological level, because it's really will we can't know what the problem is unless we know who we are so anybody I gotta know their true self. They can't know what the problem is. So there's no winning actually you know who you are and the only real change can come from within. So when we talk about a change right, yes, we can the people think of that, as outside themselves, change outside themselves. They it must change and become more authentic. This is why, when otherwise, the system is going to continue to fail. It's a it's an addict. It's an addictive culture. Bottoming out, I yeah. I completely agree. While they seem to understand that lindsay. Lohan has a problem. Bribes are, but they will not say I have a problem with some sort, but theft it's. What I say about charlie gene is how many of yours in denial and and have the guts to call D. Rehab center say help me. I can't stop watching charlie sheen
right, I'm always on channel seven hold the is I'm addicted to watch and charlie jean, because he eyed science we spoke with him and and the type of weird shamelessness around the insanity his experiencing to the actually is pushing out self awareness he said I will not be aware of what I think implies weakness. Well, he's he's he's he's not altogether wrong with many of the things he said. That's right the issue of his particular for lack of a better
word at the moment, be hit over his particular behaviour. Some of the issues underlying his particular behaviour are for him to discover and for his friends to help, as other friends would, but there too, to make it a freak show is, is, is, is falling into the trap of your file self because you false self, wouldn't be when watching that and win win you, wouldn't you know what's the schedule. Let's let me quite. Let me just understands only because I feel like we're on the same cause. Everybody everybody's an attic throughout something right, so you know, judge not less gb judge saying that culturally, we need to go through a crying stage. Culturally, we are bottom right, but you haven't. Even has the self awareness begin? Ok, I was afterwards because, once once you bottom out which, by the way, no one is willing to admit yet what we're doing
for fighting against bottomed out absolutely. I went charlie sheen fights against bottomed out. We call that weird bright, ok, But when america does it that's why and that's america's, the majority jeez. I was as I was Jesus I'm winning. I'm sorry isn't that. Bottle of the american culture were winners rowing into our third middle east country, north africa right. tree and middle eastern countries and pretty soon will be taken hawaii again just for the hell of it. Yet you to me looks like we're winning you're gonna be when you get an accomplice got it. We got hawaii, Mitya apple right, so that's america, but will where they can see it. Everybody can see it when Charlie sheen does it, but they can't see it when they themselves do it. So nothing can get raped
with the line continuing is no different than a family relationship or anything else. It's a lie in the family, which is I'm sorry, you're, you're, addicted you're, the one who's addicted to winning and to being the best and having the best religion and the best this best that and so there's no true he's. I would observe. There's no true humility ingratitude recognize what an attic ass to realise at the bottom and out place It can be driven by your ego, your false self, so I think america should be sort of allowed to bottom out because right, this is a I'm sorry, as as people embarrassing themselves trying to fight this bottoming out thing. yeah whites, iranian pounding, the problem right there, it's it's, white guy you're saying that america is like the emaciated crackhead was wild, eyed, saying I'm fine, I'm fine! I don't have a problem well, they're, saying in fact I'm more than fine we're winning we're winning we're still
number one right arm. You know, I don't think you can talk yourself into it, which is what spin is into it is supposed to do tat. We're gonna talk you into leaving but in spain is in tat part of the entertainment, complex part of that and not so much the spin but the way of avoidance. I mean that that there seems like a their pardon me thanks, I have it on the show before haven't we been entertained enough yeah, I'm going to leave now as a matter of fact, Are you nuts it? I bottomed out right now learned enough mill, you can't gallagher laptitza. That would be bad yeah I know I just me. I don't put myself above any of these issues, so we have an entertainment. Enough was your moment, though, where you have we forgotten that enough is enough. I write it just was the moment gary? Where were you know like you, did very in provocative and sort of groundbreaking things with television?
without comedy will be perceived and turning your television in on itself. Satirical and and sort of changing the game in terms of format, so eve eve achieved An amazing amount will communicate and in your profession, in your incredibly well respected by any still tell jokes, yes, yet so as you thing that you're talking about now always been kind of like eat net. You yeah now like I said, the earlier. I I was a hippie when I was in college, so I was er for some reason, a very anti establishment and if you look at Abbie hoffman and nineteen sixty nine and what they were saying, the abbey hoffman turned out to be exactly right. If it's good, if the, if the, if the united states continues to be about money, it'll be, sir downfall and we'd better look at the culture, and he was also very funny. He was really and he and he did at all without facebook by the way
yeah everybody that facebook has their own little revolution, yeah, and then people forgotten that in that chicago, sixty eight convention in chicago the tanks came in and be the start of beating the shit out of those people and- and we say, look at my god- look at look at what the egyptian government was doing to those people who were against the happened. Why freedom yeah? Yes, it happened here. For kill the can stay, and it will happen again if you actually were to do that, go out in the streets which you're doing a madison a bit and they're trying to shut that down yeah, and I I actually heard you talk a bit about that. There are any said you were a little confused, as am, I must say, that's the that's the most confusing the issue that I haven't. I haven't sorted out yet about the union's end. and the teachers, and then I thought why you why I like her thought when students get paid teachers should get pay. That's what I took it went promotes receive like make it funny
but you are not when you did, when you did Larry sanders, I mean, did you actually did you? How close for you, too, to being offered a regular, vision as I was, I had to make a decision right before I had to make us a simultaneous decision between the two nature between no at that point that tonight show at that point I was offered for for sanders. I was offered this show after the after letterman how often do you have to let him right? I think that a wider means all show. Letterman had already moved to see. Ok, ok, so your honor is often ever since right. They twelve thirty yeah and prior to that, was offered the original common o.
women, are going back going Iraq right so yak right. So I had to make a decision literally whether to host a talk show on CBS or do a show about a guy who hosts atocha right and so as we're sitting here. Having this discussion mark, it would make sense that you can see me choose the guy who hosts a talk choke, as I can examine all these issues, much more deeply right, and that interests me yeah, and so I stay true. I think to my myself I have no regrets about a porno as a child that that move, and I think that you would probably be sitting behind a desk hating yourself right now, if you'd made a different decision- and I think that's probably true- probably true, of course- depending on the guest list depending on the gas so on some level that was actually rebellious, show in your when you have everything well well you decide to do. Sanderson deconstruct the behind the scenes of
wait I think they're all rebellious shows that I that I do in a way yeah. I've never said it like that, but I think they're all a bit anti establish. Definitely by virtual, it's garry shandling show I was going to NBC, wanted to do it, but they said you can't talk to the camera. You could talk to a dog. Can you put a dog in the autumn dawn? That's true, so I wrote a script where I talked to the dog and it felt like a formula to me so, I said no and then showtime said you can talk to anything. You fucking want yeah. That was it. They also are very hesitant to. Let me play a comedian. I played myself a comedian who is, and they said you can't play the comedian? No one will understand that they don't understand what a comedian is and- and I said well, let's go through that- a minute there was the jack benny show the george burns show in the lucy show which dick van dyke show yeah there. He goes very good sitcoms ever yeah lucy, I think her husband was a ricky was in the bandleader who badly
I have the club here so uh. You know I thought that was not accurate, because I wasn't going to get into the into the minuscule kind of minutia of of comedy. If this was a guy about a guy now when you, when you deal with these executives- and they say things like that. Do you hear me: what's your your impressed, yeah having grown up with television, and usually there probably younger than me at this point- that there saying these things based on what their own fear dear, feel that guy, oh sure, I think that's the other issue that were all making decisions based on fear. We have to be very, very, very, very, very careful because the other thing aware addicted to in america is the is the idea of security and trying to make us everything, permanent and and solid and secure have been fact. My life itself is impermanent. The f
not solid, but purely energy. Yes, as proven by quantum mechanics and the idea of trying to make it something secure. Going as far as putting up walls around it is is his ignorance is just ignorance, and so were that's all based on fear. I mean we should do what we can to prevent terrorism, but this this incredible panic to to sense of underlying panic about protecting. What we have is, what a human being on his own can't do the deserts. Nowhere in any religion, any philosophy words has once you have the stuff, you make sure no one else gets. It know that we should be embarrassed yeah. That's it it's a power thing. That's politics, yeah! It's not a religion thing, so is that crazy? Am I crazy for that, because no one seems to now you would say: where does that lead what your vision yeah? Where does that leave,
you could say somewhat them. What would happen if you believe that way? Well, that's an addiction needing to know the answer is in a day. Should, but I think what you are saying is is not, unlike some of the more idealistic thinkers of of of the late sixties, where it's it's weird, Why can't the global human community behave like human beings and respect each other across the board because envy the the problem? that. I guess is that there's always going to be those people that want to take advantage, and I know the world is flooded with sociopath and others who will take advantage. I do need regulations we right now when you did win you do things like because I I know the of a lot of respect for for hosting and ford comedy that you have before you came more politically, where more in tune with these these issues within yourself, I think you exhibited a and
an amazing amount of vulnerability in your stand up, and I think that on some level that that also speaks of a human hearts, I I think these show Do you see that the throughout your career, that you were never an aggressive person, you never set out to hurt people an end? There is theirs, actually warmth there now did you If you're satisfied with that, when you were doing yeah, yeah, yeah and- and you know, marca, I have talks with the people that that will go unnamed right now until I get that drink that I've been begging for. I have no, not really I don't really drink, but it could be. You know something like
I got wind of what I'm going to give you a mug. I leave. I may add these mugs made it's nice. It's got my pick, my cats on it. It's got your character in my head, my head's on it too, over and they're very nice to have a good weight to them and you pour stuff in there sure your coffee or you can have that cocktail. Whatever you need. It comes empty tomb, empty yeah that says a lot yeah. Why not right there, but but we filled it with this joy watchful with joy, I'm gonna. If we get tat, nobody knew where I was that the joy warehouse
do you remember, yeah cause. I said a some people that go unnamed. I've had long discussions with them talking about that, it is actually about heart and really no matter what you think. I know her, no matter how clever and no matter how new and sort of an alternative the comedy is, it still is about heart in a very sub textual way and being a full human being is really comes across on camera and in in in life, and I think that's a
A great goal is to become a full human being and a willingness to to show your heart, and I would say probably that to my early comedy in which there was an enormous amount of vulnerability and self deprecation that it was a accurate, a good way that I discovered to be funny- and I you know I still possess that it just the way we haven't hit that point in our discussion. Quite yet where words come up, but I I still are definitely there yeah yeah. I think I can go as basic a part of my personality, but but it's bounce out, I think as I've gotten older, and so that's that's. What I'm exploring on stage now is a balance to it, and I think that's what resonates with with your comedy and always has with me, even when you are exploring somebody centred is very sanders that that the heart of it never came across as as now was very young. I ought to tell you, saw the mark seriously in that right
his room, the arches now bigger than the room we're in now yeah I speak to some some people mistakenly think that's a dark show about people. Trying to what they want so night. No, it is a sure about people trying get love right and that shit gets in the way and are trying to figure out? You know with little lack of awareness how to get back pass that shit to get to the love, and so I mean everybody, show is, by the way in reality were so close to each other in a very special way that no one will ever understand, because we were there on that stage in a really kind of experimental lab kind of way. We do now
name on the door of the big studio and all that, and it was about exploring feelings, and that was that was a party with was that a discussion that was had that was that part about that? Yes, I mean that's my my approach to it that then I would have to bring to the the sense of the show. So there was no confusion because I had where I've worked on shows of different kinds of shows an experience, so this was a show in which let's not that's, I think, of this as a show and that you have to do it right. This is about being who you really are and making sure every moment is honest and in that way, when I think people discovered actors and writers both to discover and myself discovered a lot about ourselves in reality, and I think you change your game with how you, people were willing to let moment sit with gaddi there, there on the very centre. Show where it would just be you and rip yeah standing there by camera. Yet why
seeing something on the monitor and then well, maybe looking away or what, but I mean they would hold for like twenty seconds or through that, because the the the truth actually is in the silence. That's right, so we come back to the other problem in life. Is people are afraid to have a silent moment like that there and in that silence, there is all the truth and all the wisdom in the world. I almost got I'd rhinos, leading us I'll fuckin, talking everybody's fuckin, talking nea jumping up and giving their opinion to quickly right the white. What is that you mean addiction, addiction to to preventing meath prevented me from having to discover my true self ass, a defensive, yeah action right too,
not going any deeper right self protective yeah? If only I will listen I'll, tell you this right now right was a railways, global warming, a friend of mine in the Jim said to me the other day, and you know I don't really care to use labels. I conservative and liberal, hey, I think, that's where the lot of the confusion comes from, but he's very committed, which is his choice to. I too believe that global warming is. Is it not true, which is a very complicated scientific issue, and he said you know these you're a snow pack. The younger set a record was a fifty foot still pack this winter. So how can there be global warming when there's a snow pact? It's broken the record and I said well, let's think about it. For a second, I mean how come you get the chills when you get heat stroke, anyone wait a minute. I know that's a good point on off. That's a good point. It stopped in death
understand. We still think it is obvious what he's doing yeah he's taking the concepts of hot and cold taking them literally, not realizing. They are two things on. The different sides of the same coin so that's one. One reacts, the other with there's a reaction to the equal on the other side of the coin, he's just sing hon cold and he says how can it be called when it sir supposed to be hot Well, then, how can you get the children you aged stroke, yeah right is it Oh you short circuited it, sir. It's completely our targeted, and yes, that's good! That's it's nice to be able to do that. I think that the idea of what happens in the ireland sort of, I think, you're right. I had a guy. After that thing, you heard about the madison thing. Some wrote me a letter about how they had some feasible to carry unions in that, if people can't carry their own waited is a free market system. The market will define the
bottom line in level. Everything often that's why it's so good, like three paragraphs of just very well stated conservative, but this we conservative talking point and in that I notice at the bottom easy and architectural firm. So all I wrote back was I understand period, I'm glad doing well perry high, and all he wrote back was crafty dot, dot, dot our craft he's a good reception, really banana. Well, that's that was this circuiting I was nice. Yeah was going on, but those are the moments I think, like you said, that was two sentences that got that's I think its art mark. I think it's aren't. That brings these truths to the surface. I don't think it's ever gonna be politics. I don't think it has been. No, I think I think the hard things where you're is is exactly that at the heart of the matter. We
Look at somebody like prior who somehow or another bridge racial gap that seemed unbridgable just by putting himself is emotions yo, opening himself up and taking that risk, that all of a sudden there was a communication that had never been then before between black and white ass. A good point I think art is marrying. Life is what the real definition of art is, and I think you know prior mirroring life itself, which was his life made. You feel compassionate in a way that you write it. You can view as you can go with you to and there's a lot of comics it don't have it there's. A lot of comic set are just telling jokes and there's a lot of comics. It are yelling, but to actually you know, take Motions risks that are genuine onstage. That's the fuck encourage! That's enough.
we're trying to do, and it's it's hard it's hard, because because they are emotional risks and I don't even know sometimes when I want to say in those risk. So that's what I'm dealing with that. That's why I sort of when you asked me to do this a couple months ago I said, give me a month and then it was give me another few weeks and then because I was still in a place where I was working on that pretty intensely and do you think Elam? Do you think about tv projects? I don't know I I don't think about and think about tv projects like every thirty days like it's, the closest I come to being a woman is every thirty days or they're cranky, and then I realize it because I'm thinking about tv and what should I, what I should do on tv? That's the truth. I dunno it's like. I can't put my finger on. I haven't, found an idea that I'm passionate about to do but we'll see if I, if I
come up with something and as I continue forward in this vein, that I've spoken about, do you feel, can you feel like a compulsion to do it or just comes and goes comes and goes yeah, but I can I talk to you about that moment, though, because I thought that, and I tried to talk to evaluate what was it again. I forgot it was just one of these and it was actually ever. Action on what you're talking about it, and I think you are too different point that I dont, but it was such a beautiful moment where where'd you, you are hosting the grammy's and Jack Nicholson was presenting bob dylan with the lifetime achievement of war. And bob Dylan played a song that no one could identify and you're in jack. You know you have your. You brought him to the podium and in in jack, was sort of in his time zone and and stilted and and then and then dylan takes the podium takes them. jack standing next to him and his long pause like awkwardly, we pause
indian indians has verges, like my father, always told me, and then another really long pause and they got said a lot of things, and then another long pause, and then he thanks the people any walks on and then they go to commercial and you come back on and say a jack Nicholson and bob Dylan our backs. They I just over her them back. They talking about how they want to do more television it within it was to me it was so hilarious fully. I would say in hindsight knowing them both knowing both personally and on the way and having to in fact explain that it wasn't an attack right, one of them, because I mean who, how can you loved any more than you would love
those two guys. That's right! That's how I salute we write on the line of, but that's it. That's a risk that having the right or completely greer authentic right that term. I think the the audience felt thing that needed to be commended? Our oreo would be in denial itself right and that way, if I'm not mistaken, of doing without really saying anything negative about those guys. You just true in a moment right but also dealt with women in itself as a medium is a undermines authenticity it require authenticity and for you to find out with wary sanders or were with other cars. I agree with you. I think even the reality shows, as we all know, or media that's right. The only time Hoddan added it really can we see authenticity is like one sum has been taken away in handcuffs and they're going there. Fuck you that bitch did it again. It's like. That's a real moment or when even I used to do a bit about that where that person then turns and winks to the camera,
these data, they ever know they still known on camera sure, and I think that, like in getting why, why do criminals put like jacket over the head when there's a television cameras covering the sure? Let me I don't need a gun in your house. You just need a tv camera would walk run with it won't run with a sheet over their head and go to kind of want. Anyone to see me publicly like I worked it out. Yeah, that's true! That's working on it! Give me a sec. Give me a second, so I think are it was about television not about. I love those guys at her authentic and sort of her rebellious and they may have issues to deal with sure sure but it is the human spirit and it is wrong answer so you know a raw human spirit is good. It may be developing that something may level off eventually, but it might not see it you have a relationship with those guys. Now I mean you, you ve been around a while some yoga
I like Dylan as a as a as a human being is, is, is completely fascinating and utterly self aware of what he puts out there in a way. Well, he's he's, he's utterly fascinating and he's a masterfully deserving of his privacy right, which will prevent me I'm saying anything working admire him we'll get through the garden. I find him amazing yeah. I you Seven amazing about him out is that he keeps working and that he loves the work apparent here that he lives on stage. They do you fight with that at all,
the desire to get on stage or knock on sage. No, I don't I don't have. I would say that term, as opposed to most of the guys. I actually don't love it. It's not like. I can't wait to get on stay right. However, there is a love of something if you can explain it to me I'll, be happy to listen but there's a love of some kind of expression and connection and communication and look man I mean I was I like making the class laugh when I could. I wasn't the class clown. You know that you I can picture it. It was more like just lay in a line in there when it was the right time, but I remember being a kid thinking. Oh I miss that moment. You can't go back and get it it's too late. So there was this innate sense of timing, so I would say it was it's my path. In fact, I say that comics are all the time that are starting out. You know it almost has to be a cop.
Why is it so hard? The idea I dont know it to be anything else. For me right me, there was never a second choice. I guess I think that the interesting part is wise at a calling. You know What for me, if you want to know I'll, tell you what what I've gleam from my relative obscurity, and my desire to continue to go on stage was that I never saw it as a career. I never saw it as a. I just wanted to be a good comic, but as I continue to do what I do, I I I had to transition from you know, in interacting with the audience in defining them too likely to develop that parental relationship. then I realized at all. All I really wanted was a point of view and I wanted to be seen like in. I think talk about our mothers that their needs overshadowed our identity. So I think there's some part of me.
That the only reason I'm up there is to be present and to be to have my space and to be reckoned with right. So I would, I would say to that, is a it's fantastic and probably in your private life than work on some of that need that you feel from your mother and not not expect the audience to give that to you. So they don't feel quite under the pressure that I understand that demands man. I urged by here to say that I am right now and you know what I mean is the ninth that gets fulfilled and somehow partly the hardly mean that everyone has. You need some of it yeah you got give it to yourself. I guess I think what you described. This is exactly what what did it when what is right now
and then then, once you get that out of the way, then you got to you know, share your personal truth and that's how I want to do yeah. That's all everything you're saying is correct, but you do have people that don't really like your personal truth. While you you don't carry any gun, you have no weapons or anything just my mouth yeah, that's it and I don't box yeah that miles can be a weapon boy yeah, it sure is. It threatens a lot of people, so dig it out. You're going to the club tonight, yeah I'm going to go to the club tonight. I actually went on stage last night to about thirty people. That, though, is not a hot crowd, and I wasn't really in the mood and was frankly awkward and I've had other times all last week that were fantasy. I stick and I thought something's really starting to form and last night I hit a little bumps on sort of never stops. We give. What did you feel today like I did last night? I actually I only thing I can your audience can't see this. I had my hands in my front pockets of my
in his hand, which I never do never do and and I was pushing down on the pockets- and I said my god, I'm leaning on my pants. Then it's a bad sign and I realize it I mean it's a bad sign. That was some reason I just didn't want to be there and you know there are nights wanna, be there, and so since I'm there just as a walk on I'm not advertise, so I sneak in so I can try some stuff. I Hannah wasn't in the mood really too be honest, it is it's like people, don't know alike. I mean even I dont know that I've experienced the things that I do now, because I have a choice whether to go on stay there and then I don't have to do the material that ends the show and sure sure and is whether pay for. I just really feel like communicating right. Oh yeah yeah. I did not want to really talk right and then they
bringing it out of me, which is not their job, which is not their job right and it was a fascinating and sort of awkward, the long distance phone call. How are those silences? Well, I said to them these these I said this is great. Usually makes me twenty minutes so get tuna honey this that require like this, but here we are in the first minute. Doesn't this feel great? This is where love is and since they were already choir, they actually did know how to get quieter. We could feel at ease rotting. you're about to get under the table were lower than those old black. Either love is under guy able to target that back and talk and tumble whatever the whole gay expression was who were the who are the guys it? Let me realize you could do it well, I'm carlin deserves all credit for reading my.
Cereal when I was nineteen, I hooked up into him in a club and naked short. I walked into a club in phoenix and he was there and I had written some material in his style for him basically, but knowing he wrote his own stuff for some reason, I knew that mia and I just asked him if he would read it and tell me what he thought he should have been in way back when I was first year of college and he said yeah I'll come back tomorrow night I went back and he had read it and is really shocking. There was my material sitting in his dressing room on it and a little table, and he said I read it and there's something funny and on every page and it's very green, but if you're thinking of pursuing it, I would- and I think that's what really I have made me go forward. I think I got really what made me go. For example, I move from tucson than to allay after I graduated from anyway and who were the guy's when we were kids major though it was
woody allen, yeah sure that woody allen and did you ever get to work with him. No sorry, that's a that's! That's right! That's when I put my hand in my pants yeah. I know I'm I'm tongue tied every time. I meet him, but I did a benefit in new york just a few years ago and he was in the audience and- and I got to say hello to him and to his face. I said he had he just input. Will we presented something of this benefit where he actually did five minutes of stand up, which is so rare to see what he do here? Any of the natural stand up and I went up to him afterwards in the in the break, and I- and I said, oh, my god to see you do stand up- was so fantastic. I I beg of you to stop playing the clarinet or something oh yeah. He plays the clarinet, I minute yeah and he he he laughed. I beg you, I beg you, stop playing the clarinet, the british
the thing that was the weird thing when he showed up on the oscars a couple of years ago: yeah he did that on the marquee. Sorry he walked out on the oscars and I am telling you I don't remember. I was sitting with a bunch of people. I don't remember, in the world? Do. As I say, I, though, a bunch of people now and I watched him, walk out stage. He was five strides into his walked in and I said, oh my god, he's gonna do stand up here and I still don't know how I saw it coming in any. It was almost like frozen in time. Mystifying. It was amazing. I could I couldn't believe what I was watching me too. I mean he's a master that people, just you know, thou see their there. You go well. There was a guy you'd like to see, do stand up just because you love it, and you know he he resists it and then so. How long ago was at six years ago, was it that long already five holy shit, I dunno I lose track. I do too, they say this as they say, time doesn't exist and how's that going well. Then I dunno what
wasting I'm totally confused. Then I'm wasting something marking, while this hasn't been wasted. Time is great now I mean I, I don't know how people feel listening to it, but I certainly have enjoyed targeted I was, I was nervous about it. I don't know Y know I would that be because ever speck for you, and you know you did a lot of great things, and I you know I didn't want to make it all about me and it was touch and go there for a little. While I love the interviews you do, though, where they are about you, I listen to all of them, I didn't listen to all of them. They probably all are, but a few that I listen to. I got such a kick out of it cause. I wish I could remember you're talking to Conan O'Brien like well conan. You remember when I did the show conical and then I and then I and that I am, and I and an and
that was up earlier now. I know because I totally relate to it. I actually listened to that and then I went man there've been a lot of times where I've talked about myself. I'm just I think you know wish I hadn't, but I think it's a cool way to do this. Show I'm happy to talk about you. Do you feel good about it? Yep? Well, thanks for coming gary, it's always a pleasure coming into this part of the
no, that's six aimed reply me up with line almost like a bill. How do you like galileo again and again, the news again? As you are aware, I will watch resembling the gamma handling
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