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Remembering Louie Anderson

2022-01-21 | 🔗

Hear Marc's two conversations with comedian and actor Louie Anderson from June 2016 and April 2018. Louie died on January 21, 2022 at age 68.

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Hi people- another one of these great Louie Andersson has passed away and just want to say a few words about my experience with him when I was a door men at the comedy store in the late eighties I obviously new Hulu he was, but he was already pretty big by then he had it. He was even deafened We are very well established comic. A very anti voice. And a very funny guy for sure but I've never seen him before, and I was working the door but one watched him. it was one those lessons and stand up where you realize it's, it's not just about the joke, Louie Anderson was this amazing joke craftsmen, but he was also this. He was a guy that had his whole physicality sort of timed out an end, it was almost lyrical.
I mean he was able to you're, not just the river, a joke within physically enjoy the punchline. He had a way of phrasing things he had a way of moving. He had away. Of Pacing is act that didn't change and it was. It was amazing to see as a young comic as at your guide. I certainly I dont work that way, yeah. I guess you know I'm I'm so happy. but to see somebody as meticulous and articulate in his style in his structure and in his Physicality was really my blowing he really was the whole package and it was tight and was unlike anything else, it was school in a way. He was an amazing amazing performer to be that money and have that much pace and build? doubt really you peering, like you're trying it was just so laid back, and his own groove. It's it's a very sad.
I am very happy that you He had such a great kind of second act, and he's a very sweet guy. and these are two talks that I had with him. The first one in always before he won the Emmy for best gets and the second one was when he was here for his book. And he was always so nice to, and down it's sad. You know him am Bob. You know jester, there's always fun to see him. You know just to say hello. Rest in peace Louie Anderson are your hearing. How are you just, as I mean nothing boys are like? got you ve got I'm eating abstinence. Do you know what that means?
I've been in is that his drink a programme, a of food that I wasn't gonna eat right. You know fast food. You decide. I decide it's up to me Ok? But you know I gotta away, you know what that is sure yeah. I go there and that's where I learned about abstinence, where you pick a meal plan right and stick to the meal plan, Do you do great scale emitting? yeah, that's so funny Very many people know about the great. I know it's like the secret awakening yeah. I've done the grace the gracious in that It's like managing everything that goes on your face right, yes, that, strict, that's,
was invented by a priest in the sixties, really in a way yeah. I've done it. I'm basically doing that a little different cause I built into stacks and one those oh like no nothing good. Can I just say that, like hey an apple guys that new apple, The state of mind is really what it as its honest to God. State of mind you gotta get in. Stay in here you happen. This is for weeks, Yes is the rest of my life right, that's the because on baskets I had so much fun doing that media. But at that point there was a point recently why why and when you see yourself and you go Hall, oh god, you know like add, Seymour, I'm going up the stairs. That was difficult for me to go up the stairs, and I said I shouldn't it should be difficult for me to go up the steep.
And so I was going to have the sleeve operation, you know what that is where they cut your gauges cut your stay just take a piece of your intestine out: no, they cut your stomach in half; basically, they just throw it away. Throw it away, but never is that, like the most weird, so, there's a part of your stomach idea that has gremlins in the air think they're a hormone oh right and right o at night here. Those are the things ago. Hey MAR starving. Because state we didn't really start and now you get out those out really They remove eminent people, had tremendous success. Everybody I'm mad whose had that is. thus a hundred dawn in fifty pounds and a certain amount of data like when it with away like. As you know, I mean I know twelve step stuff, I mean well. What is it
look like for you when you're out of control with the food? Well, let's see not like The ever I do not I mean I am is just like it. Some like I could eat twelve pieces of toast. Buttered were a coffee In our view, do that slowly that doesn't seem like a big but it is a day. It's you. I guess it's in the morning and our you think our, but I mean you know you know what I'm talking about right. Yeah you make for. I will force lay so you make force life and then about him and then you put forward, is the bread in. So you can cut out who's there. What is more, we like them back and you know what I'll just have far more I think you're, not even yeah yeah, there's always a moment right, but now. This is a whole switch. You know, there's a switch in your brain weather
you're either in year, addiction or you're. Not in my right. That's absolutely right! I'm I'm I'm not in my addiction to real, not allow. Yes, such a relief ya like yesterday, I was an immediate and they had a cake stand of pastries at we now know now that really I used to say, I used to go to do so a meeting where everybody went to eat afterwards, and I got this isn't good We should be going to eat afterward altogether, yes, and Then you know someone's gotta be I come on. It is never a boot memorable, so what you re, as others, take a bunch of pastries on a cake thing, and I guess you know- and I looked at my adam- you know cause wanted to have what everybody does that you know a piece, down at her a slice of Martha Neuro all that stuff, and I just I didn't have it. I had a cup a cappuccino,
thank God. I am shoot my show now I have a compulsive eager to, but I'm just so broken heart and myself and I ate the craft services. I mean just isn't it The reason why we were so hard. I did on the South Africa's which I'm some harder myself and I go Louie Ear, don't be so hard on yourself, your dad's, here at the worry about taking the door of your bedroom, men and guy hey. Let's get a push up guy like you, but what I learned its the dad inside you yeah well you're that out yeah. It's the dad inside you that, though, that that's the art! That's a really good point like you that guy you I get. How do you get at it? that guided to die. I think what you have to do with him is. I stole me doesn't live, you know, Basically, as Nedda Yang you'd have it's the switch again yeah, it's the nor the ideology that you're not gonna, revisit that he has isn't self pity like one of the most beautiful things, comics love, but it's so appalling.
Why it's like they kill you that's really sad part and then have to be careful and then, when one is it when it's, when its escalates, it's just bitterness waking. I figured out of pity the angry void. Fucked us guy I'll kill, I replied around ay ay, doesn't. As you know, I always I get a joke allowed government for a long time. People say they know. People saying I was is by wolves. I go and I was raised by bakers and never got a laugh once and I wish that is that cause. That's a good job to me, but only if your fat person can you even around me. May I add that is worth I the other missing the peace, they don't color and you can't do jokes about addiction to Syria, the sleigh? Oh, yes, he yeah, then they get sat right, MA, ok, yeah! That's what you're ok shot. I wanted a laugh, only support. You know it is
Is it like? I get letters from people all the time I get letters like hey I'm reaching out to you, because I noticed you know that you're obviously unhappy and awfully big o my car and I If there is any way I can be of any help really swayed lovely. Good idea, there Jesus letters, either you ever a god. Yet lying failure, yeah yeah, but I I you know, like I always say to them, on good, I'm good with God. Yes, You know, I'm not. We have an understanding, EZ and he's obviously bestowed a nice gift on man. And a lot of luck, the so we I like. I have memories of you, like I'm surprised. You remember me from the communist or rang his men yeah. My little long haired sweaty man will relay almost out mark. You are always nice, though yeah there is,
There were a lot of nice comics, not you and I I'm nuts I'm putting you that we hung out together anything, but we both, I think, occupy. Spot at the comedy store yeah. That was, oh in those guys, yeah yeah. You know like why, no matter what we were like earlier, we can put China at some point. Yeah yeah, but like I was a doorman rhino when, when when I first got out, there was a door man- and you were that was nineteen eighty, seven, eighty eight, so you're pretty you know I was in it than your inner error. You know you you're really worth the top of the EU. Are the big comic in autumn I got yeah, I like you were popular and I remember First time I met you like you got, but like I made a mistake- and guy states. Still sorry still sit me like
you, I was working during the main room and a Europe whose on any account I in any- and I said whose you said: who's gonna next, I said Sancho right now away like want to said on MIKE and I bump them, and I was making sort of fat joke right in your right down. You ever, did I oh yeah, but just for fun, no, no, no you're, mad, you're sort. Put me in my place and he's right thousand. I dont know that guidelines that you did that impression on me, But I M not alone. He by hated bumping people- I dont like doing it. I don't know if I can do- and I only have one at that level yet, but I I'd always seem Rudy me. I guess if you're gonna do like seven minutes because you got to do with they. Allow would be there rather than one. I just wanna do go late and I wanna go after when somebody was really filthy. Well, then Is that and work at the store for that you after awhile? Well, sometimes, you know cause I'd go, you know somebody comes out and they go then I'd come up, go butter here
get out a airway. Butter, conversely, gives a net Louis. You wanna hear my thing I used to do with them, so SAM would kill a noble you want to follow the occasional you want out some one user. you make a mess of the piano he just crusher near, but even it, but even if you didn't kill he'd do what the fuck happened exactly ass. It was a different change the whole energy and then you can get Can I go SAM, bring em back SAM oh my god, everybody sand let's hear it. I keep a goin did, I say of Samuel, come back into saying other bout folk you'd, like that right yeah would like, and I keep Goin out until people right. Ok
If this were done with them? When I had then the other day added, because otherwise you know, but I've just do it, where are we going to find myself right away? I can you believe it. I go to the front row. Can you believe that react Cumbria and eat already hurrying back, don't blow you run around? visa fees a word, but that when did you wondered sort of jet where'd. You started Minneapolis yeah. yeah my little Clever Minneapolis, which one Mickey Finns yeah nineteen. Now seventy eight that would that while ago- and you grew up in Minneapolis, I I grubbin Saint Paul, but people still introduced from Minneapolis. Because no one has the same on their own. They are nothing to people but like in I was you like each family right now, Levin, kids, how that happen,
and my people say we, a Catholic. I don't know my dad was a musician. Was he tat? He is a pretty famous musician early in the nineteen hundreds believer in Y, see I can't I'm the second the younger Yeah, and so my dad was more nineteen o one. Do you like the the tenth kid? I was. The tenth kid out of eleven and my mom was obviously very fertile. She had sixteen children. Five died, two sets a twins and why the first baby dine, ah, you know cause babies dying back them. Was probably more common than so that you didn't know any of them, they down child, but I never experience any of that right. That was all long before me as the second to the last child. How old was your moment? She had you, forty one, I think tat. She must have two associate like one every couple years:
yeah. She is to say because it back, then you would they keep you in a hospital for weak ass if he had a baby here and she said that silly vacation I ever get is when I have a baby and I as the poor mom, she's the sweetest person yeah she's the model for that model for that character, I'm such a greater care Kazakh was like I hear a voice for my mother and Suchlike, Louis listen inadvertently, Louie Zeke ages. I was called earlier. that what it is not a funny thing work. I got a call from my Steve Levine great age. The icy out here, and he says Louis UK want your number and I shall give it. You know, Annie com. Ngos, Lui em with Zack and galvanise us we're doing to set common. We wanted a play, a part in Nagoya. You know those two people call you oh yeah, because we want to replace acts. Mom I go yes,
oh yeah, I've been doing my mom's voice in my act. Innocence, the beginning, yeah air, so you he's doing your mom. They understood my mom and dad and when he began, no problem with the at it seems to me that you really are enjoying it loving, liking. I grub with five sisters yet and a really sweet ma. this is the first time you sort of theoretical first time that I get anything except for down my rare and in one of his special Zia. I played the maid who came men so why he was sleeping right and he goes without Louie Anderson The average is that little tiny. The only time I ever saw you doing dragged random yet kind of, but I'd never looked at this drag out beyond the CE mark, nor I own I just tried to do as a character is like be real right now that sounds. Try and change the voice paper, loving people, yeah and its good jiving cry so yeah. You know here.
But I do know who he is poor, Landy Ojeda, who directed it. He dragged him all. The episodes and what did he what what was the direction? Dig you just they just what you do. What you want to do now is very specific thing in mind: really what we say. Ah, he said to me at the beginning of the project he said. Think of this as a three and a half hour movie and I thought that's a really good way of looking at all Syria, the whole Syria, and then He would never say it wasn't good, never NEA, never it, but he would say what. If what are we try it? rights are just some little always my new. You know it was minimal words and then, would say oftentimes hey, can I you say it all. My mom would there and that's where a lot of those words of come from. Oh yeah, yeah, like you know that whole hour
is there in a we had an arbiter. I was our first fast food by our how sure the curly fries all that stuff, I think its path breaker yeah yeah. Well, I always think paprika has the funniest sphere or out of words, of all this message, We want that regarding the no hideaway, every weather you're. Like a view, I feel fine wonders curly fries makers, I'd like to have one. I would like to know why? Wouldn't you like to have one I mean that the you'd be alone everywhere. I later, but I know, but now that you'd ever use it, but I still haven't you could just take it out of the drawer Piazza midwestern thanks you're here. Let me show you some. Why look at this? You know what it is now it's a curly fry cutter and then put it back? That's it! You have one! Now I didn't things. That's that's the essence of my mom. I didn't thinks but there is something about the mid west of this sort of sturdy kind of you know. emotional
the town that is very passiveaggressive in very supportive, like polite yeah, but a little Gabby. I I use you have been in my act, but nobody really liked me doing it. I do it were, amid westerners will cut you with a razor yeah, Oh, my god. Let me run then get my first aid kit NEA and then maybe bandage you up, I dont know what got into me. I guess was nervous and then, when I get it all bandage up. They all ripped abandoned job, a gal What did I tell you? Why did that acknowledges the account of it You don't know me I there so because I M the theory that they're in the house tomorrow. It's called interior in the house too long in you start thinking I'm having cabin fever cap fever, so you get what kind of musician ever had cabin now you never did my day. I believe it or not played with hoagie car. Michael big bang.
Big band and jazz. He was a jazz trumpet and coronet player really any tool. but he was a touring music. Lord, you know one time in the eighties I was opening fur crosbie, stills and NASH freely for a benefit. I was at a line of played the clubs I got really lucky. I went from the tonight show to the comedy start: the dunes and I get if remember this writers and the use a Vegas writer is Writers Street named after him there and he reviewed me- and it was such a great review that the next week I got a job opening for the Commodore is at ballots right in the van from, and I had an agent Frank Rio. We who handle Bob Hope, Marleen, Dietrich and lots of big artists, see how you know em what's his name? Johnny Math is and all these people, and so he
started getting me gigs. When I went from when from the Commodore as to the pointer sisters to Smokey Robinson, two Natalie call in Vegas or to all in Vegas Yama was our few touring like you know the eye the Westbury music there so I started getting those job Leah and they were real lucrative here. I was more money than I ever made like in a year or like you, let's go back in him and Riots EU deaths a year in Vegas in someone new, your dad or what there's a guy comes. The security comes to me. the show. There's a guy who Oh yeah had taught him trumpet lessons. I go back in good. We have no memorabilia. My dad. Did you know him didn't know the guy your dad got ya. I know my dad yeah. I wrote a book about my dear dear dead and ascended overtake oh good, yeah, yeah, so tat the letters I wrote to my at ten years after he died,
How old are you when he died? I was twenty seven we have now, and I know how and this guy came back and he said your dad. I could drop lessons from your dead. He was a great trumpet. Listen, I go oversee like he was hard, the staff. I got no use a brig ready and You know what I mean. I wanna I go. Goody wasn't just mean the media, but he brought me. poster. Would block print sure, Louie, Anderson and his orchestra. Why and look You know like I was named after him. Look like one of my posters from the eighties, and it was just so it was like. Oh my dec, as I have heard about all this night right, but it was real, my dad toward he was probably in these kind of player. So as a big thing to me so by
the time you d, you cannot have a memory or relationship with him. He was a was not working as a musician anymore. He was fifty when I was born right, so his head, he had false teeth. Unemployment losses lip aeroplane, the trumpet we yeah, but he would play Thou harmonica any would play the ukulele when my mom was mad at me. Are you going to learn, love song all really make it up to add to try and make it up so Your relationship with a movement- he was hard on you. He was an alcoholic sure. He was a mean mean violent. all at all every at me yeah, but he was very mean to my mom and hit by older brothers and sisters before I was really even in the So by the time you were awake, I view. As I heard he was, and I hear that about paranoid all the time now that they get exhausted, they get eggs. ah said and then, but you grew up in that chaos of environmental egg. Like one what's act like a nuclear bomb, I will tell people growing up in a
volleyed family here is one of the word. Is there is because there's is it's like being around nuclear fallout, yeah yeah, because later in your life, it starts. It comes up like you go. You know it really affect your whole life. We have only item what some abroad to me that I didn't really think about, which makes good sense is that when you have an apparent like that, you use don't What the hell's gonna happen ever right, like he s is no no is yards in right and when they're coming home, you're like what is we're going to be like you have that kind of burnt where he was by poor guy. Like you, Israel Attic wasn't alcohol bad. It was still. I say. Maybe though I ain't gonna blow up, is it because it was not much. You know is a doctor so when he was home like art gotta play
this came now. I hope I helped you can find everything these will hit towing around right right. You, God forbid, decides like where's that had no god where it on you know they do no purpose. It seem like, I know you know you just want to know your radio, for you know where it is. They know it, and there is even a hat may or may not mean that the area and then after he's made everyone cries. I I think I got rid of that, and then no no, no, no conscience about ready. But did you around this happen where you walked in the house, and you knew you ve picked up on immediately out seen anyone you just feel it just felt at the I like that, and I dont know if that was some you imagine an attorney. that way or if it's something you develop. I think you are you must have all, because I have the same thing now with them. Without it is a lot of times like now. Must have it. I mean comics, don't talk about it that much better than I can sit back stage, the main room
whoever Zalm before me, and here just in vibration might now. I know I know it or if you walk into a room, you're right now, there's a will badness here that at that table, as your problem, you can feel a vibe of it, sometimes I'm wrong rejected, but you know most times you're, not because I do it all the time I got. I hear some eager say the wrong way. There saying at the remoter, drunk right, right, right, I'll, make sure they're out by the time I get on there. I'm all about removing vapor yeah yeah yeah, I don't have any qualms we'll because here you here, you know you, your dear papa intention why would you want engage with that me some due to overcome the do that thing? I want to know why not why? Why don't want anything to do with them? I'm a sensitive, John unsteady. I am I'm not the guy who cause I get to mean and people go God he can be mean. Gigawatt regime may be, but I get my God go. Hey hey
I think we should be kill hecklers raw. change, comedy people run, they wouldn't fuck around that's funny, because you're you're tone is so sweet you. So why are they demand and there's a province layer by Theo? You should go to make and then they will go on press Louie anymore. Now I count as well go out and there we are about how he's bad inside guy don't give him the pie afterwards. It doesn't deserve weird, though that so when he wrote the book to your father, you are yours sort of reckoning with your feelings, and I was on tour media that the summer as you know, that is a more walking the outdoor thing riddle I don't work for ever the worst for the numbers at the worst and I was an access, was in the stall next amazing they were planned. Why was talking you know? Which was so? There were two stages there. There were like two or three state us
the worst and area was data here and be warlike walking through you carry unless you lazy. That is our right here. Right now, I carried out of our people, therefore, neither disabled it's over. It's always that, can I get weird drunken land is walking. I want too little attention. Are you here some drive and nodded their work and drunks were avoid been hitting drunk, see I'm gettin a car right out too, though doubt yet, and I get back it up and while doing that we I go, this is my ears, like my life, might with my dad as passenger you're. Here I was in the back seat. Inner get no right back to the right where they have the owl, ensures that take you back in there he's gone legged, alleys, drugs and Maria, and
now get back, and I write a letter to my dad. I guess I don't know why I just had journal, Nigh wrote in an ice, wrote a letter here and I said, hey. I just finished this and blah blah blah dispelled it out and I wrote like Gun he's already passed, he's already dead, tired right now. I just kept ready. these letters on the on the tour filling up these journal, yeah and people magazine Todd Gold is gonna. Do an article on adult children of alcoholics. So I said they said you wanna do oh dear anything. I have these letters and I gave a few of the letters and I get such a response from people. Writing then that I was the process of doing autobiography near for Simon in Schuster. Here again,
I said I don't want to do that. I want to do this book and they said we all want to do that, but in size that long I'm not doing it the YAP. So I went to my agent Foamy Penguin YAP and they did the book and it turned out to be a vessel. Its Andrea Amazon. Now it's finally on Kendall did you do of of a book on tape? I did do a book on tape. that was very emotional lots, crying and really yak, as this book is emotionally in order of course, I completely take the journey find out who my dad really was very like. I went my dad was a fascinating. I that I didn't know sure he was raised. His father was great inventor. He invented, like fifty things, early fry corral data higher and higher, even at some sort of deep by reacting way, bang and he was alcoholic and he sold them all to lawyers other patents.
yeah and then him and his wife would go on these cross country, train drunks and leave the kids and on one of the trips It was a murder in the house and by a swedish gang on the train, now your house, no in my dad's hop growing, not ok. His parents four gong and there was a murder and as a swedish gang in Vienna Soda, which was a weird thing there and they took all the kids away, including my dad Then you know that as they were baby, has they weren't there right and there was a murder right who met, who got murdered. Somebody it somebody at the hall, I don't wasn't one and then they got Marty right. The daughter who was in charge of them killed herself out of became? yeah at a shame and then my dad got adopted out. You know it. They ve got put it
for adoption. You know how that works. They put people the where that term comes from put you up in front of the congregation at the church really and people would pick her. They wanted wow and there was a service. So again they do. I mean like in a we was good and above nobody was a good idea, but it was good and bad. You know, like the kids didn't have a place, so the community was trying to be helpful by parents loath, the area, and so I think there were friends, I'm sure yeah, but my dad and his sister got split up. He had his sister, who was very close in his age. He went one place in she one another and destroyed him, and he got adopted by a german family who worked dumb as a farm hand any state in a different part of the house, any different food Serbia, he any never the men had fifteen. He went and made them sign a thing he goes.
I'm gonna, I'm going I want to join the army, he's a you have I want you to sign this and SAM all not to join the army. Did that and they dead end He became a bugle player for worldwide. wow, yet it one while it was like nineteen, sixteen and eighteen. Seventy, it's crazy story, There is now so I m. Sorry, though, and so I figured that I go. Oh my god, my dad at a most miserable thing, you know he and he was a better person. Then his parents were in some you no good. Task way right. What there's a journey to it. Like in as an analog I humbly journey out of an alcoholic, you know you ve got others resentment. You known, you got all ve got all the shame, India, all this stuff, that you hold them responsible for their monsters in your eyes, and it sounds to me that the process working through this in finding more out about him, allowed you to to see him a person and maybe forgive them. I did forgive him the book as all above forgiveness
now get ten thousand letters from that book. I have all the letters, Sellen, storage, people there, like you, re at a much worse yeah but had much worse lives? And I like I'd, read those letters and go: oh, my god, this guy one guy sent me when he was beat by his father with by a to buy for home again as a child, and he still what a sale of this holler. We we need them use their you. You did your father there, your father itself up like my dad. It is, but this is why we say to people even I mean this is how damage people get damage like when people when why husbands and wives, the board here. even though my dad was a monster. The fact that he stayed together was better than had. He left. Right on somewhere deal The answer is: isn't that the weirdest thing like this
The sunshine you need to get from your father's, you know, being there near, is so necessary. Even if he's a man well here's. What is the advent of you heard this, but this was like I just read about this recently is at the thing is about loving the monster. You're a kid is: what happens when you were little kid? you know that there some wrong right right, but where your dad right, so you love em right rights. Are you like well, then, who is that If you love your dad, that's your dad in you. You have to love them because it's it's your nature and he's a monster who gets to blame for Feelin shitty you're right, I am so create. Yet cause. You are the reason they drink. When you go you're the reason your dad was bipolar right. If he wouldn't had you, If we were to just had the other kids, I mean
Some people do it there or just a fact, like maybe a maybe I feel weird, I feel emotionally abused or earlier. So it must be my problem when it's real, because they're emotionally incapable, so you blame yourself, and then you can you make this week parent inside of you that can barely handle you're right. It's I don't know if it gets a little crazy bite, but the good thing is for both here is how many jobs could we have done? do you know them say, look at you. You have the number one pot gets in the world because of that miserable father. To say that I and I have the same thing, because my crazy mother, my miserable father like right you know it's what they give? The just keeps give and take giving and take it, but you do think about that. Like I dont know when I c p
who have regular jobs and stuff? No god bless him. Yeah, I'm glad there do no cable like I would not fit into that environment. I dont know how to behave like a person but I'll ask you a question. I was asked when the book him well would you trade at that time I've heard for normal, bringing now I said, yeah yeah, I picked out because I you want. I think that's the right thing to say, because irony at this, and this was an easy, not easy. So Oh, yes, I, like other people, also don't know how to deal with it because they go. Are you? crazy right and you go yeah yeah and they go cause. There's you know like the whole thing is for our family did you have. This were secrets? Were currency there like power like the power in the family, you, like you, don't talk about your family? Being? You know right right? Well, you couldn't have friends over right now, I'll your dad was gonna write. You know
planting rights, my dad cause he would yell Adam in the art of they walked on his long right they also to embarrassing old, completely embarrassing, yeah and you know why you're dead to be drunk in a chair, My mom was all more embarrassing that my dad, because my dear boy, but like but secrets it turns out, what's weird a secret that, like you know with your father, like we get you a certain age and if they live long enough, then I'll be at now. You know some when I don't think so, because D, Artagnan, sheer yeah, like you know it in and their such where's. Your mom, like my mom, was a lovely person, but she enabled a lotta this sure they ivy right. My dad quit drinking that six nine in nature and my mom turned to me and said I told you quit and I call my I read oh my god, I couldn't even like. I guess was an idea. You say anything to her. I just walked in My room, I think indeed, when oh my god, this is what you got. This is
this denial? She thinks that he got him declared at sixty sixty nine. How did your other siblings fair? They all suffered? Yeah, there was drinking people who were lot like my dad and physiology. The physiology became somebody, hey Malka. How are people who were like my mom which is me According to that now, Jago dependent those kind of thing here enabled people hung in, but how many of them around. I only have there's only five of us left close eleven. Are you quota? super clothes, I'd, get yak as we're all like man they up, and we know that. Don't you
we have made in is out there Minnesota Wisconsin North South Dakota, my mom Grubbin SOB Dakota, my dead grub really come in West, We are very mindful on follow you're, not a bunch of nephews and nieces and twenty seven. They all. My god is in twenty two great nephews and nieces, so big family stuffing them that's. Nice ran. We just had a hundred A hundred and some people show up for US summer, little reunion really nice, and it's really fondest, how they're doing better we how they have escaped yeah. now like sound. I think the dna spreads the little yeah so that its so I brought down a little, but do you know every alot of people went through drug use of addiction and then those addictions, r, R sneaky
They do run in families, they do run in family. So let's go do like what's track the comedy live. When did you decide to be entertainer now. I just you're used to watch the two nature of my dad, indeed with that yeah because he was musicians round Doc severance YAP, trumpet and down, then let me stay up and watch the comedian always want to watch the committee. Oh yeah and Johnny in and Jack Fanny was a big. I was a big jack benefit loved him. Yet as timing, I just yeah yeah, so beautiful tat. No one does I like. You was really but it really is a rare thing. Do yeah now days, I dont think very many people do it and Jonathan winners I was, I was infatuated with his crazy. Ah Bob Hope Johnny Carson, richer. Prior and and Jackie
Vernon. Did you? I love. You is one of my favorite. Why my baby, I sing song me I so sweet to their summer in great. He was a sad Zack. He was that's an innate, which is exactly what my my character has been often, yeah. I mean you think I think so you know you are bad guys right. I kind of outside character. Yeah, if I just did by you're, used to you won liners a great day. Long remain between meals, to do that I go. I went to a fat camp, broad jump. I killed her. You know I just fat Joe yeah yeah. It was a soul, was a fat character. So that's what you started. Diplomats are now and I was a very deliberate like hope in the delivery boy. That's that's! It and it was very efficient and pace than I did that and then I was kind of a Rickles Comic. I would whatever, whereas starts a year. You watching that when you were a kid you gonna. How would I get a? Dare I wasn't gonna be a comic book. Semi dared me to do it because I thought it
we would always lie when how old you I was twenty five. Do you go to college? I got it place called Antioch community the city on the community method. Error then, was sixty seven days. They. You know where that kind of the all in all the poor area, for a very poor, really yeah, they grew up. They had these came university near where and it was all. I think me and my brother were the only white kids in here and they had like an Angela Davis D, who married a white lawyer, and it was just like I go anywhere. I rarely radical. I learned a lot. I was political science major and then I guess I robbed such beds. yeah and I don't want to read all this. I want to just saying around
I just wanna comics is why hang a refuge for? I think I had a little learning disability reading near cause later when I got found audio books. I wish I was voracious and my yeah my reading, but to re comprehend, I had a problem with that. so you have anything twentieth, I didn't dare where an ad making an uncertain, sent drama in this little fifty see bar there with a gesture being our skies Hansen Gary Johnson. These are all Alex CALL says our It was there yet or not, but he's a Minneapolis, he gave boys Canosa, buddy, kinda, Minneapolis and Alex Coy thing. I recognise that now eggs call Scott hands in the great big guy. Who did you ever work with him on now? and we really do to be known. We only had like we,
this I'd like six or seven people? We are so that's when the show was over so we'd. All do you know fifteen and I became the m- see cause I said I'll be in them, so you started the comedy, see none. I was want. No, they started by came very shortly after and on the day, the first time you did it how to go. I killed it just because I had all my friends there I dad was there. Was there so was, just gonna- be a one time thing. I've been reside opened my kind of thing it was an open MIKE. I did like three minutes and you have an idea I said this is fine in somewhere legs were shaking and the guy said- and I was way to get the mic. Like my friends I hold, at Louis, I can. I go I'm doing the best I can. These are the best jokes. I have it out. We are trying to be funny and then adjusts the felt so comfortable.
And so you started off the first yokes. We euro always relate the running the first ones. I can still be a. Let me move this, so you can see me all right that I was a kid most were voted most likely to become a group. You know the idea, my I was there. I was when I was born. I wait sixty pounds real Urim entry, the doktor, to bring it. an endless, let my ah, you know those the idea that you just look back and go while complete South Africa GAD complete self deprecating, then one day you know it I love to work, and so we worked seven days a week we had a very vibrant comedy, seen a mini up, as it was just a little club in the arts, the dollar and will do so happy to split it up. Billboard Ah, if he ever member Melbourne, they'll bar was a great God rest. His soul is a great continent. So one day a guy was with a ghost your dad,
Guess I your damn near Eugene, nice, his eyes, a nice guy my dad. He was a nice. He never had, as he just carry a gun area, and then I did you never how did he gout and then I hit on that vein? I mean I started we, the idea, the family failure, guy who are working with Norman, a Roman. They care little guy who played a tiny harmonica, said Lou If you do that family stuff and You have a clean act, you'll become famous every some reason that stock when he said it I mean you know he was an older person. I felt we must know something. Is here he's a schriner. a man that was really wonderful thing to stumble on the family staff yeah. You know my mom and there I just told things about. Might the real things about my mom and dad yeah and penal loved and people like that cause I do their voice and-
my main, my dad a real mean guy, and yet it was he all the time he didn't Wanna be bothered. You know that hang with a dead like that, but even a lovely person here, if you Eve, you, madam? He would be very nice to ensure they always our yeah allowances area at the door clauses. Parties, overhead parties over where's, my ranch, it was always I when you said that it had. I wait. We do you know it was. It is like me with the terrorist yeah you're right, you just see here. The sounds of things were Eureka. Is I got a cartoon areas? It is I got it. What is the Tasmanian Devil rights? Slowly, strolling Ziad Ally they did it. We have ended up again and again. And then- and you know, Kara is everyone and then we'll eat
yet in my mom would very frightening Amazon premier. So when, you go to allay. When did you decide now? Who else was there? Who is so? You name some of the guys was a gesture baino right who still working doing com a scam hands is still doing comedy. I think, has got him Camp Alex CALL, yeah, yeah, yeah justice area, an area yeah, Joel Hodgson came in he. He did it I am sure MRS Lynne, winds, tat, eventually joined them. I'll grew yet again, it was so really. It was a good scene like because Minneapolis has more theatre seats. yeah. I now lover I inside of vine in the yard, audience grain audiences they're not mean now they're lovely people, that's why they taught me how to really do the stand up, really we're afforded You know that luxury
of having a polite. Painfully polite people will well they give you a shot yet right right, but they did they didn't like it. They and laugh right here, recognized right there. and you know I met all- I met some really important people, my comedy life, Marianna Sky. There are many Appleton I a mat Leonard, are. Who is very nice to us, we're right hand, man, you have to be no Israelis mighty goes bring Leonard Byron people now he is unwell, pay him and then you know right will be out able to perform Then we brought Hannah young men in Ghana than any other men really like me, and I wrote for him for a while. You did now this terrible writer, but he liked me yet a heavy grandson. Larry Kelly became a good friend of mine and I wrote drugs for his good. goes right. Some of those that drugs remain your answer. Get out of it. Now he was really three men. Rodney here came the town,
There's celebrity Carlton room. The carbon celebrity room here and we all went down to see. I might go, let's go see him and lively, Rodney yeah nice. I read about that. He like scotch, so I bought a bottle of Glenn live, it's got area and we brought it home with them and, for some minutes out. We brought balloon in Attica. Gradual However, I now so so yeah, and He was so please he was so moved by that and he never forgot that I brought him that scotch. and then go see him over the years. Yes and then human performed at our little club and put us on the map. I called the press and I add in all, Rodney is gonna, be there are Jeff? Did somebody called the prow great? Was it to watch? ok yeah, because we all went on first they had watched us and then he got up and went boy play this club. Major got no act here You know really let us now, I think he's one of their like he does not literally does not get the respect that it deserves and I dont know why-
you need the same. Would SAM Yogi, given the same? Was my thing among comics? They get the respect, I guess so because people you know, comics know exactly if somebody's gutter, Nokia and comics don't deny that here, but the public they will measure all the other things about sex. we're out measure all the other things about rotten, righteous measure. I mean I don't know Rodney, the last great character dynamic. Do you live? I knew him round. Me came to our club, that was in the air, and then he called me after that when I came there lay area had I want you to do. The young media, special rights and SAM was on Russia, and that in one of these was that was an unbelievable experience. as he said. I want you to go on last kind of lesser. As a complement to me. This show a danger failure- and I said- ok- but I don't wanna- go online.
Third, the courage, if they re always the best, we just go on thirty. You guys can there be warmed up and then I can leave zero sanguine on fifth with Oda. so as you, I am DOM yeah. Harry Basal Bob say get YA reader, Radner, IA, Howie, gold, wow Bob Nelson, not at all, I think was not in that one and say might have been the lab saying a bizarre. I think I got everybody on there, but I may I probably misunderstand and SAM So I could just be the ones Amazon I'll, be his. What happened was salmon on fifth year and nobody had ever seen SAM Yards here I went beyond from our, but I mean he. He completely killed the room then I well know it.
yeah. I ever saw somebody brand new yet like and they went crazy. They when crazy and all you thought about is am I fuck am I right, but luckily I will act out because after four more people they had it ebbs yeah regroup like I had a good set, but I still never for God. That was the first time I saw us a phenomena happen in front of me, SAM. Yes, yes, that was the first time I saw like truth like when people must Assad Robin right right, right, you're angry is gonna Miranda off yet Reiner I made yet or Elvis right. It was that kind of Ethiopia was like an Elvis layer. I think among Comic SAM was, can centred like one of the last groundbreaking people know why I
wonder- because I guess you are young, commenting in everything else in the other heroes are a little different and a while, and I think that something SAM was us. I don't think you could be. He could be our hero because I don't think we could. emulate here right because he was a little like he was a little wrong minded, but stylistic is wrong. Minded is exactly right as a really great way to put an end point lifestyle. Basically, you know you listen to that. First record, like hotter than how'd you like holy shit, no one is on the e on Hicks was his own thing and they knew each other, but you're Hicks went highbrow and away but SAM within a satirist. Yes, lately SAM was performed Asia clown in my right yeah. You know you. I think it is a preacher, but but he areas living yeah, yeah dish, Dick. He added definite to any in either a rock star come right, but when ok, see you come to allay what year, eighty one, oh, my god, really air and then when did you get in at the store Jimmy
Parker. Finally, Maiden Missy watch me really yeah, year, eighty two in that it was a I think of as eighty two yeah and then what He's gay. The sweater comment I go away. you're, a sweater conquest sweater. Nowhere Jack air I am here in the MID West and energy pinch, my cheek and when the MID west I love myths, ear was always nice and hers sweater. I had it in the car Did she go wages, sweater godson, the guy you I'm gonna, get it now where it next time. Because I don't wanna, whereas whether I don't want to wear the sweater and she she told me to wear a scarf. She did not see worsened. power. You should wear scarf of kind of amazing now. It is when that happened. When I started doing more worrier. It was good
It was good for me because I was that I was never caught up. Luckily, I was never caught up in all the bullshit various kinds yeah. I just didn't get it in. I guess I know it is get my time. I'd always hated Debbie. Who was upstairs Give me an earlier time. If he can, I want to get in and get out. That's what I do. I don't give me that Gimme, the thirty four outright and you know what that place works like after ten thirty yeah waiting times. It's like I still gets. Weird, though, is going to be. When you know the alarm is still like you, you now how good they said. Anthea, if you go to the hour, I don't care what the crowd idea it. Is it really true? Oh yeah, in your amateur HIV dinner yeah, you any heated easily with just a piano player you could get out of here in disco good, so I went there near worked. I was always first, second or third on near
and I was always early myths. You just put me on early visa and how'd you get the tenaya was you know that was a bitter pill for me, I d for admission for two years, Jim Macaulay said you're, not you not dad Johnny Wooden, like you, you're, not praetorian material for two years and then the Letterman people book me and then that tonight so called the next day and said We want john- and I thought, but I saw I did it- can I wonder, do Johnny Carson show not anything against Dave, but that cause me dearly with David. Did while for a couple years, realer user wooden, the producer, wouldn't have lab Now, as a woman, I can't think of her name. She apologized to me later in life, nowhere, I ran into a once. You get I'm sorry. I did that we are so mad at you and I go I wrote David note I think, once a day even you would have picked up and do you get back.
then I was on shortly after that, so Dave Hannay changed it and the day he was already gone by the time you get to restore the right idea. He was gone, he has gone, he wasn't there. So what was it Don't Johnny for the first time in Vienna, that stage was your dad so around now he was gone, but my mom was so. That was a good thing and was a great enola, so great about the tonight show was I was so prepared. Guy had nine tonight chose prepared. When I got the first and I had nine already marked that's when I left you that's what I only said: I'm gonna have yeah, I'm gonna get on the Can I from more than once, hopefully here so I finally got on and here's what I noticed, how little everything was back a little stage and I was behind the curtain. Yeah that curtain that I watched labour in my whole life. How cheaply made it up
closed yeah, and then that ban come back and I could hear the pencil hitting that- and I am here Johnny so the next. This next young man Megan, is National television debut will be opening the comedy start, the dunes out there tomorrow night, please, Louis Anderson. And then really I don't know what really happened- May I do, but it was almost like an arrow body experience. There. and I had a killer. Sat shook Johnny's hand. And frame may change your life The next day I gotTA holding deal from NBC and arm. The changing audience coming, like the people, show up, not quite yeah right. You know, because I mean it did. It did at a club or some it did at the club and then I did like nine tonight in six months. Why are there? You have you, and I really liked me Jimmy. I really liked me,
and I didn't realize how much you like that I wish. I would have been more conscious of that, and I was so full of myself when I get to the girl react as you I can do no tonight show you know what I mean by actually take ourselves seriously when it is a huge mistake. You know you should really that's why this second wave of success I'm having them in the shower. is so I have a really your humble yeah, not reading the reviews right, you know that stuff. Well? Everyone loves you yeah. I've been very nice to me about it yet, but that tonight show That was the pivotal point in our lives near the that era. Don't you feel we are like that was the thing to do, and then a ladder meant, of course was a lot of people picked Letterman. They want to be Letterman comics. Then They didn't really wine but I'll I don't know that I wanted to be a Carson com. I was too late for Carson. You're too late for what I somewhat when I united get my first waterman till long after a lot of my Instead and it was so thrilling I give
it doesn't matter like it. So like it's, such a personal journey for Israelis and first tonight show the first letter men so amazed at a personal unite. Now like a lot that stuff doesn't really matter and like it and by, but it too you like do Letterman that was one of the things you reward the touchstone, that's a matter that was our american idol yet well, it was but there's a comic did he was valid, write them pass rage, ass, a shred of patenting evaluation you're one of my first letter momentum roused up any day, and I love that party show business like even when I knew in utero club, where your backstage, like this garbage like this place, is fond of. Art visit like those who would like sad food there and who's this guy holding the thing in, but I would be at stage. There's that moment right. This is really the Dirty party show business is that this is a lot to the to the clean. Are you to write and then back, I walked back to the dirty re. Examine any did the thing
what I was so ecstatic every I did. Let him know I was ecstatic and the one time that I was able to sit and talk to him. I couldn't I was I but even believe it was happening. and it was not long. Did you just keep looking at him when you're gonna look him right near. It is now you're lookin like that. Oh he's gone out of the jury d known I mean always so thrilling like it was the only time I did panel and it was only a few years ago. I told the story about now books and call Reiner Keziah, both in my podcast in it, that's some real laughed and you know and end. The producer was happy Guy Keith, great Gazprom, like I just in time for it because we want to be a panel comic. I did that were Coney area, but like it for me, watching Letterman, enriching Louis, her J or even George Miller, the panel Isler right, I loved you, I just above the panel guys, the guy who had that dynamic with the host. Annie? I got here. He gear comes right. What what's goin out this guy now always want to be, and in other, though,
Skies were naturalisation, you're. Not I mean like the Steinberg, and that was the Blake I knowed sit with Johnny Round Rhino. Do is they re right. George Miller was a genius abba. Some people were really good at it. I was more like a joke and I didn't I got my power was good but of his joke or any right sure I wanted to share of sure I didn't know how to really interact with Johnny. I was terrified NEA had I would upset M desirous it there for a minute. oh yeah yeah. I know it's nice talk to them. How are things going to goes good good? I got there good thanks to you Johnny here. I don't thank me. Never
big any credit for anything when you when you, you said you can do a lot of clubs. Do your opening for musical acts and bigger venues. I get fine certain clubs. I did all the time later, though comedy works. Can I have neither the janitor that one with the coming too must encourage is like you, you kill an iron. You like I wasn't even ahead. Shale gas drew it so good, you're feeling almost every chance like. I can't. I can't trust that its true though it is, then you try it later and nodded. I nothing hey. What about bad? I get a big laugh and that by now that that now not hear some magic about that ITALY will. I think it was the distant tat, though dealings a real love. Thy airs like this. It was like an apathy area will teeny earlier. Dear amphitheatre. I knew just that the laughs. All right now immediately. I wasn't gonna loud and you can still like snow amazing. You could kill it so do damage Emmy data
do now did you Vegas? You do a run on earth and south, and primarily I still do. I don't do that. I quit their. Geller shown Vegas near as guy. Oh yeah, I get time you know like yet Twenty showed your competing were near you now, and I guess I just said and I got this show and I just said onto this onawandah to live there to fly back and I live there. I'd rather I've lived there for it. You stay away there. I've had to show their for ten years in Vegas yeah. So you with their now. I live there. Now you just in town for a couple, then I mean here yeah. I just came in to do some. My preference son people want to talk to me because they think I'm fine I know, but you know I was there. for ten years. Nobody call, I got it, I got it I would address on Everybody- wants a dog to be
through the item. I'm happy, but I know what it's like. I mean you know like I've. Always I would talk Jerry Time now, for they drank you very much. You have the same age is Bob. Did you ever spent time of Bob hope? I did. I tell you above Javier. so I met ballets Bob never played this stage in vague yeah. That was beneath them. We are as agent in here someone, so we do corporate. So I know- and I said to my frank- I gotta me bubble by working and valleys at the same time? Yes, yes, I I I I go with you gettin for this cause us wouldn't how many swiftly it he's gettin to an in fifty thousand Larry. I got really for just doing this he's getting. Just a corporate I go. Can you get me one of them? What I'll do I'll do a series of things for two hundred fifty three and now so I go up there. I finished my show I'm up there in the back watching them from a table after that. How was he then, like?
aid is gonna, be yeah yeah. He looks everything? I tell you now a time anyway, I do the job and I do not have killed that guy. They were crazy, lad grade a man now and I'm just met in these John It's going to ninety minute that he's up that real and I'm I'm super impress. Oh yeah. I got nine men he starts with that. hey. I me let me bring my wife Yoda laws and then do the song You know what I mean. It's amazing ad You know now I desire eggs for them area videos crazy, so Anne Frank signals we he's about. If you get off now come back and- You know how a makeshift staging a banquet right now, but a Bob hope make right they rational.
A little different. Yet you know any calm seas finished he's done at any cost. arms and you know how you you're, coming to a real. You know like a staircase right down from the plaza down the platform and he comes and they got how as a bad bad day. I met I she's gonna fuckin cord going out there, and I could have been found I can kill the whole time he was out there for ninety minutes we have been waiting, be yellow somebody about a gourd yeah and he was so hot you I mean I break my neck out there and I just go Obama yeah sellers in Georgia that one and then break Rio goes. This is a young comedian Louvieres someone to major kid anyway
anyway, I'm everybody knows beg sure those cards are never out their high kid Rosa though there was it I can, but I really appreciate sometimes it's fun, with comics where they occur, I welcome you and he ever heroes in stopping in like there was not like I couldn't be prior. couldn't like when I was a month coming sure why I was there. He was, he was a very fine. No he's very aloof. You! Nobody here. I think he was in his head doing his thing or you didn't want to talk. I just remember like he came after a burn himself up and he got out and rebuild. When did the oh? I was when I was a dossier in any, but do you know any had a part time without some audience mirage these girls ere? They were all excited because there are some rock band who are just watching. And they knew they were distracted, enrich, did everything in these very vulnerable really is, labour by innumerable it was. It was really a lot and I watched him the one, my heroes, just where I have a hard time
and he got a stage in the smoking. A cigarette now just watched him like walked down the hall with Messy and it was like it was enough. You know what am I gonna do. I was a bit of that's a beautiful women read their eyes of it. I didn't say anything: either MIA is at Yale yeah. You guys were argue Rodney. I met once a minor valued above do about over the funny story about of Iranian SAM kiss him Sam, had a relationship later. You know when Roddy was how old SAM had been up for a few days car. I can't remember exactly the story, but you know he SAM now he was, I am had been. Sam- had been up He was Conrad needed was in trouble, some guy and he always looked like it. Looked after two days of that shit now Distrait Party in any, I guess what I was there and sound was heard in writing Why did you who look a little Nero? Roger was the bad ass. I was good friends a throne and you are,
I was with when he died. You weren't ass, Bulgaria, oh my god. Really. I was there for thirty days with Joan and he had lately later in life, he had gotten on medicine and he felt better writer you yet like even greater. They did a surgery and he didn't come out of it. A real they were going to fix a I figure, vainer and aneurysm. my following any hammer in ever regained consciousness? Ah, you know he was up there. You know, need Donnelly's habit He had a life, but it was how I was happy that, like it seemed that he had found because they re going the reasons he gets a little over. Does it wasn't a social guy, Ok now you were here user Kramer's right before our social media really, but like with other key. makes it seem they knowingly. Of dumb, headed by the left guys and he was heavy, may arrive. Richard wooers he's a say, he's too called depression. The heaviness rising as having he said to me one time you know you're all right cause. You know yourself you're a guy
you gotta, go ahead because I'm a Jew I gotta do had I'm fucked, I'm fucked as I gotta do ed. I love em and ideas that I love you. I d because do you can't days allotment hospital I'd how gummy hated being They argue a monkey Do you know remind him? I think I got my generations equivalent. I said I tell ya a very similar. I agree with the air I loved tell I love and great tasks such as such a great shout. Oh my god, standing he's one, those guys we're just watch I've known forever. Are we talk more than three minutes, I quite unlike nothing, how you doing new yeah. I like that about. I like people that are really real like that.
Oh yeah he's a beginner. I always admired all the colleagues who chose a course that they could live with, even though it wouldn't be the most lucrative course, and it would probably a harder rode on how things have a choice. yeah. I think well in their mine yeah, maybe in their mind, but you know they're. Just there really kind of heroes, they are heroes higher in their thing, like I don't care, I don't care. If you like Mary, I, like those yeah, yeah yeah. I don't care. If anyone likes me, I rod me he. I think he liked being light Yet what can you tell me? Do you guys is hardly get our ear. He goes on ride me, love comics would hang around me. I would you know he was always the prize that he was so famous yeah. Do you know that Anna he was surprised? He was really you know I d like a pretty girl Georgia, but he was
waste. Rarely sir, is really sweet. He was really sweet. Ask adhere yeah. You know the greatest thing about our businesses that we're all pretty connect: Then we are it's a secret club and even if we don't like each other for whatever reason you see each other is no alive alive. Your eye, whatever that other guy no good at said is true. Is that it's weird? But I love you and I you know you're you're, one of the great comics and I love talk in accommodating was great taught me if you like, we did it give yet we did it. Ok, good! we'll do it again will share and I I'd love tat. I love to talk about more stuff, ok thanks though it thank you. First of all, congratulations on this. What is it? The third season now gathered season of baskets and whereas some people say I love you, I'm buckets, I'm buckets and dear. You want Amy Right first,
I first year, Evelyn Mammy nastier drop one, the Emmy Trump one. I mean Baldwin, that's right, Baldwin, that's right, yeah, but so you did the third season, people love it and then, on the cover year and drag on the cover of the Buddha yeah, hey MA, it's good as an idea is. That is that's the episode I won the army for the Easter brunch epoch. Oh yeah That is a ray of, is a lot of fun. So how did the books were? How did you come to be? I was overwhelmed one day after playing a park playing the part, basically or feeling and I said feeling like different My mom and you know, cause I'm playing a mom yeah and I went home at night in my foot on route. I just started writing a letter to her. Hey mom, the area here, I'm sorry ever written for so long ass. She had been gone from. on twitter by hat, I hadn't, I talked your wallet I am you. Do you now yeah talk to people in all my dad.
My mom really my brother and sister when near when you just at home You know what I'm out somewhere. I MIKE earlier. This set up her prey: dad. Let us set up huh, you need ten minutes in here. Dad you could get this all straightened out. He's got a mishmash. I don't know what he's doing with these things reaching said Scientology is China got obsessed with the sound? That's your dad dad like this said what is it Is this a crass of in house there so dingy and dark? For God's sake, get open up. At least part of the roof begets dab lighted and my mom would go hey. Whichever consider down that rug here, while kid that's a beauty so you nine by twelve as if the guy you say, and I have a perfect spot for that ever gonna- get ready that I wish you would just let me know your parents existing you all the time. All the time that's an eye
ever thought about the that the practical therapeutic benefits of that. It's good. because you know I have actually thought you know I just, was mean to that person dad cuz of you cuz, you were mean. That's how I got that boy yeah, I never had was mean yeah you were mean, then I learn how to be mean, and now I mean It's really you yelling at the person at the airline. That's interesting! You now our to explain that to the person at the airline by Bay. They I always have to go back as my mother, in God. Listen, so sorry ease I guess it's really took his eye. I will always go apologizing to listen. That was me. That was just I'm really sorry, I don't know I got into me a fat, yes hungry. In its I'm hungry, I'm hungry, which I hate that extra angry but tat but
That's interesting idea: you you're in constant conversation with these with the parents that have been gone on hand, but your brothers and sisters to write and my brother and I have yet we ve lost seven believe it or not at eleven were half so so, I'll say I wish I would have done to help you. I wish I could help to be healthier. I wish I could say Do you know because I am you know when you grow up in a big family like that's kind of growing up in a communion yeah yeah. You know these are gravity. Has their play sun and year part of all them. Like I'm part of you know my sister Mary hullo, the eight and my mom who loved to eat. You know, and I I'm part my dad, who loved the indulge hon alchemy. I know that addiction I have for I own compulsion we in any, so I feel like I'm. I just feel so great for that feels at a right. Yak has eased like I still size, all the food I come across
no I'm a hotel and they have free a cauldron of pretzels here that you, in cake here and then they have a cauldron of cookies, negative, the cauldron, a pretzel pretzels. I guess for a healthy or not healthy joys, and then they have all the free so does juices in a little refrigerator, they can just take me. I can just take it. I thank you, Take all you want every could. I because I'm a poor kid, like I'm, never going to happen if and so, but I have to talk to myself about that about one, that's in the room man. What about when I have it in the right, but I dont know that many bar thing, because it's a rip off in my man more so that I guess I'm not gonna and also, if you don't have- anything in the menu bar, then that's the key or empty. I always empty. Nobody always take everything out and put my water and stuff in their derive ridge. But like
after a show, you don't go back and eat the candy merit our yeah. I don't know what else to do HU? I dont giant Ezra reward myself. Well, I always have the protein births with me, Maria, which wife Quest usually caused the least good taste not I mean in a bad way we, the least sugary right right right, there's one. grandma sugar and myself as yes and like twenty eight grams of protein, o Koyo, I need at cause I cause when you're in not when you stop com possibly eating yeah. You forget to eat really yeah, because you you're either all at all in or out see. I have to have a schedule in that, but the high hard parties when you're on the road or when you're doing a book tour. You know that here you're going everywhere in one day when going too over one hundred place here. and doing three bookstores doing drugs. If I kind of like a drug type, a thing I went out
the junk. It thinks it you re Aisha. Then he got a store and then you gonna do a dinner. What are you know? My yes, but no I mean you go radio. Then I go to a radio. You do a tv you go do apply I'm casta! Then you go, then you you said? You'd airplane luncheon neck. As you know, the agents, and managers will fill up all right. They don't how about you yeah yeah they I'm not getting the boat out yeah. So this book yeah, What did you learn about yourself? Do in this? What how angry If I was to my mom times by. I also understood that I was good to her. To buy. I learned mostly, man, you better, you should ask your parents what you want to ask em we're, because you won't get. If they when they go, you don't get a chance like ours,
like unknown. My might have said, like a hundred. What was it with dad? Who? Why just stay out of this young Esther? That long was he was it as the time thing were when you have eleven children in the sixties. Yoga TAT fifties Utah, damn where you gonna go with ten and yet a right in what he can. The other he's gonna take in there's no shelters back than short, and what are you gonna do your life. I was a bit Kwannon and my mom. This is a great. This is this is one thing about my mom when my dad quit drinking it when he was sixty nine, my mom turned to me and said I told you eat quit. and I said, that's even bad. Even then I knew that was that was the really the apology of our family as long as it works out at some point,
your validated validate. She she won. I guess I guess she never gave up in. Did you become a better person after equally is being under no ones that he would get one Amy Data when I don't need as lacking ay, and then we had to quit going down on cuz he quit going to. Could we didn't have any strength that you know we drove with alcoholism every everything works off the alcoholic alcohol. Is it all fuels Rhino Europa, like when you get home, you say you think, he's Rincon when you walk in your big question right, that's an unfortunate thing to grow up with Ireland say it's like fall out here you know of our like shrapnel yeah. It is vital that what is at me me, lily lazy human beings were right.
and I go well. Thank you, father does is not a man now, those very bad and then my mom would join men while you did say world Andy and if he were I wouldn't that be something she had it all worked out. My mom was a lovely as they would allow my mom honestly, you alone. So you have good part of me. I every good part of me is my sweet, but you by rights. Are you a worry me? Quick are now on the after easy way to one aliens gave us he kind of through a bucket of water on all that you have a buggy you can we need now waiting to have any self worth. Yeah yeah owned Oliver. He owned all of us right. You know, I wish my mom what it kept going. I think it could have changed her. Maybe he could she could have left him or This gig add mad a little more boundaries for herself By putting all you you know, and then you know people who quick drinking finding ways to be meaner in some.
There is a high if they all through the other work if their dry drugs, Oh dry, myself, are you these days yet been going to meeting now your meeting tonight because I said dammit, to the meeting and now look at where it was, and I wait you're still by the traffic gears almost unbearable, I dont a hobby. Will he would go out of their eyes. If I had a job, I just quit it. I wouldn't dr everyday, like that the worst. I would enable zeal in horrible no rhyme a reason to it. It's every day, all day long, let's go back to work. Nay were odd and even days I let you right if you go out late at night, I like when I drive home from the comedy store night on a Tuesday. I'm like this is how it supposed to right. This is how it was when you move tear you remember, I remember in the eighties, who is really not too bad, not too bad. Now, when I come here, I just go. How did they do? I don't know what the hell's going on is not getting any better and you can't get me.
anyone really now it cause you're on this. same bow yet is its despair gives? is a change, it doesn't change and that's when you might yell at your mother, if you had to be in the car with her, He was going on those type. My mom would go. Well look at this, no cars that lily- Why aren't you angry you? My mom was just here. I gotta read how you have I don't care. I don't get along with. Her is good, as I want to one should become friends with her and stop thinking of early Your mother sat was always the problem. Yes, we can go with you, never thought of various, your mother. How are you some lady? I grew up with listen. Can I tell you how valuable would be you gotta start hang out with a yet a bite, the bullet and this and she put up with you all those years time. What is a young boy, though? Didn't change TAT S? When you see, I think she ye, I mean one or two have those conversations, because you know about you.
gotta, pull out, intake, go to the dinner and said through it and you're gonna, like God, she's just, everything about you and she knows everything you need to know everything about her. I'm trying you can get, I'm not telling you do now, but she came all over. I get because I got the new house in it. You gotta guest room. I thought this will be good. Its grown up. Something for my mother to stay. I can't wait for the complainant. She died. No. She didn't know she was very she so scared me that she did was to walks on eggshells so, but she came out in a like. You know my gathers. The room is nice and after it like, I immediately got physical when she got here. I was like after two days like I was Justin like now. Never gonna get her to state at a hotel. but where does she live far? Ah, yes, you, but I wanna she must have had. No, no it fine. I just like it. I guess it's just hard, because it's not that we weren't close but
don't quite know how to be around for more than a day, because you are selfish and you what She liked to do you find out what she likes doing go. Do I bought her purse? That's nice yeah! Yeah! shopping. We went to see art There you we we did stuff, you did. What is her hang around thing in Florida No, I didn't play cards at all. Did she do any kind of thing? She likes to walked out of her dogs in energy desert exercises. She goes to the palladium, nay go sit at the pool; sometimes maybe they play cards at or maybe it sounds like you and you are in euro- is hard on yourself, but that's it yeah. I It was rather sad that I got ill like litter and I don't think it was her fault, but she got here the day after a yell of physical easier and I felt bad. But then I behind take care of you know. That's that's her things. Like I'm not dead, that Florence Nightingale things not for me. Did you say that she said it all my life, you have to talk to her about the. Why not
I don't like what isn't the right thing to say my? What does that mean that reads? I've never dare say that really scary. Does she has of debt? The stage of data that I'd gas algae says now using just sorry, I know, but why she's got better good, Maybe she was trying to make you stronger. I think he just didn't know how they want to do and Amy know it. You know, did you ever ask or how it was for her? He I talk about so that must have been hard. We, I think, with my parents generation, they did not be parents, they both income, natural listening, because I was there. I don't think it Mary after all, they were raised by people who just kind of pushing mountain the yard and so get get it? a long time it right right. In those days, yours, you had a bunch of short my dad talked about like he had built a house So did I the additionality and now this labour, not everybody
not everybody has won the floor and I go why, I didn't know you were, was goin dark. Actual argued about Garrick, are you here plain and stirred we add dirt and I guess I used up buddy- I didn't know he was somebody I thought he was giving us now. It was dared lily. A friend of my ad Assad, rough edges, but he was an area that has been such a good thing for me. This book, this book in that regard, all the stuff I out all the stuff in the valley and ready to get an emotional ice, you should hear the ADI. I cry through the whole thing. I write a lot in yak, as I said, May I do not cry, I mean you can still hear it, but you can understand, but I I I cry more meat, crime or two heads good furs. You know if,
a cry well I'll eat here? and I'll be mean is better for me to get that in its laws that we're dealing with Yeah, you know we're really what we lose. What are we grieving? The lack of a good childhood yeah friend, you know your mom didn't take care of my dad didn't ever. I don't remember him saying I really love you. I m really proud of you, my mother. I can hear our eye. You gotta point lily. It's too bad at the top of your head users. my mom actually he's gotten. Does she does it now? I'm proud of you. I love you Richard Bay, you, I did all right now. Are you alright, I heard your bill Simmons I can't hear just so good and it was so interesting to hear the to evaluate you. Dead were hungry at it and what you did I love I loveless am, I think, he's innovated like you are. It was injury as nice, as I think he is he already nice guy.
and he's a whole snide right. He snide my eyes when he's really like to know is a real Boston, guys you I'd he's got worse and I, like all of your group, may I go away group they may and yea all those. I those guys who you no camels great, would shave your hat. Sharing my ears very vigorously pursuing we got drunk. They rightly ass, aide right on your face. And I were I would never do- but would think that would be fine, but I would feel terrible you be the guy going like no do it. I don't owe you timing. I need got. Let me put the exclamation judge. I put the exclamation point how it Jake like the the show. How are you doing dates and in how is it changed the more people coming out or what, yet again how I can't tell I got I crouched yet than I hear every show it I'm. You stayed a really love
from basket ere they really love that character. Oh yeah, they aren't I was a unit outcome and people will just hug me sometimes in an airport and guy gets luck is doing and I got the time you said. I know that's, but there's a lot of fun yeah but imo, but Europe, we're both the lot of our parents ensure the area where what book did we have to choose from? Www came now be here. We begin to I'm fighting it, though you seem to like allowed it to happen. I just I put the dress like I didn't know what this carrying it was going to turn into my mother. I'll, be honest. That just happened.
as I started Santa Jonathan crisis, great director and a great friend rate great really knows how to make stuff. You know Portland. Yet what ensures the idea he I'd say I'll, say I'd say on hey. Do you mind if I try it like my mom indeed always going out, and that was the right thing cause I was just trying to find out who was visa and kind of make myself disappearing? It was so much fun. First of all, I were. I really appreciate what women must go through, because you know men Not we dont get out that get up and all men in ages smell your clothes. Make sure that their as this will ye ll ask other people's us. Look all right. I do anyway, I dont know I am pictures for me in the eighties. That looks like a minute clown outfit, because I guess I did it s a pretty collar shared.
I appeal to you to be a tv in about different cloud of its edge crazy. I don't have a clue. What was I thinking can chauvelin men give every day I had striped Bell bottoms onwards. I look like a first we'll get out. Carousel. That's like it carousel, like a carousel, going around pictures pictures. Ah, how lucky our way, though my knees nineties thousands in two thousand Ten years on, we worry. We did as forty years right. We already years Amis Bomber brows here, as if my forty a year of stand up in, I think through the first job, I see I started working in eighty eight. Ninety eight votes So I'm with area your thirty years, yandah area unbelievable, unbelievable. It's crazy at remember how hard it was well oh yeah I mean I was. I was kind of driven, though, and I
And I had a little pocketful of agile, clear and boy. Everybody loves yeah you're, sorry soil. He's got on with her sure yeah you now and then evolved. I always ask to be the M c, because I knew I'd have I could use that time to develop myself in no, no one wanted at you. No one wants to weigh the many of us in Minneapolis wants to be the embassy. I want you because I have that. I could try out in a stupid. Ideas. Are they'd come am I at do you remember Tom Arnold from Ashley just worked with him a couple weeks ago. He is doing. I did some benefit or something at the store and he was on before me to bring. He's so good? He such a study and everything, and I don't know, what's going on, but he's tried. He basically did you, the OECD, truncated. His one man show that, basically,
ends with, I think his dad dying of cancer or something I so he's doing at twelve minutes set any get in any geike. He's got cancer in it at the and then I go up next to my Jesus Christ. some Yale doors. They did of course idea. I sang and start with cancer. And then with them I'm meant to be a maybe exit man, Florence Nightingale I'll, buy that glad, well, look there. I'm excited for you, I'm excited about the book, I'm glad you came by you make me laugh and it's going great. You know it's always great to see you and thank you for I wanted to mention PS when I did your podcast ass. I had so many comments and people we are coming up to me about us. Talking odds Granada our dad and our experience all ya. So thank you so much. I helped you people it helps and it helps us here. I think
yeah. How cap I can. I can I Gimme your mom's address and now send her the book. I got a date. me five will let me Simon for reality saying this one. Ok, I think so. I think.
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